Cabin Fever (2000) - full transcript

A large family is going to the mountain for their christmas vacation, in a rented cabin. Problems occur on Christmas Eve when the father gets drunk and his alcohol problem comes to show. We get to learn a lot about the family's background, and secrets are revealed. If you look behind the curtain, they've got a whole other story to tell than what it looks from the outside.

Stay here!

Hello, my boy.
Nice tan!

-Those are the presents.
-In plastic bags?

New car again?

-You were late.
-Thanks to the pre-Christmas chaos.

-I'm glad we're leaving.
-I wish we could stay home.

-I can't hear you through the door.
-Close it! I'm freezing.

-I hope we'll have a nice time.
-Me too. Here we go.

Hi, Siri.
You can stay put, mom.

-Hi, Morten!
-There's grandma.

It's cold in here.
Close that door!

-Per Arne speaking.
-Morten can catch a cold.

-Quit smoking and give us a hand.
-Stop nagging!

I need to be able
to see out the back.

We're all stressed out.

-We can't bring the kick sled.
-You talk to her!

-I thought we could use it.
-Stick it on the roof.

I'll call you when we get up there.

You're route today
has been from there to here!

Where are the keys? We can't leave
without locking the door.

Don't get all stressed out, Siri.

You'll get cystitis
in that ridiculous outfit, Siri.

Put on Morten's seatbelt.

-Turn off that music, mom.
-I think it's nice.

Is the stereo
supposed to be on, Siri?

This is Fredrik's, and only
Fredrik's, answering machine.

Leave a message for me
after the tone.


Here it is.

Wait here with the kids.

Hold the flags up.


Hi, mamma!

Go and greet them.

My, how you have grown!

My pleasure!

Is it always this cold here?

-How is your mother?
-Fine. She's with grandma in Poland.

-Here is my car.
-Congratulations, my boy!

It's only a rental, dad.


There they are!

Hi there, sweetie.
This is going to be great.

It is so good to see you, dad.

Great to see you.
You just cry, sister.

Such a beautiful woman.
Don't cry!

-He speaks German?
-Learned it from Hitler.

I also speak a little German.

Martin, put on a coat
so you don't get sick!

Why is that dog here? We agreed
Lucaz' asthma was more important.


You unlock it.
My fingers keep freezing.

Thank you.
Norway is a beautiful country!

-But very cold, right?
-Very cold, but very beautiful.

-Screw it!
-Let's unpack the car.

Mother of God!

Don't worry.
We have plenty of space.

Soon they will offer us a drink.
This is a hospitable country.

-Where should I hang my coat?
-Throw it on the bed.


And Morten!
My, how you have grown.

Kari, pull yourself together.
It doesn't help to cry.

Eivind, get rid of that dog!
Haven't you trained him at all?

You're the one spoiling him, dad.

Come meet my mother.

No water or toilet,
nowhere to hang my clothes...

Don't worry, mamma.
I want you to meet Liv's mother.

Mother-in-law Astrid, mamma Irena.

Come eat, before it's too late!

Jumble broth.

It is based on pork grease.

It is a Christmas tradition
for Norwegian men.

-You rinse it down with aquavit.
-Thank God!

Finally we are gathered together.

Irena and Olek, who have come from
Poland to spend Christmas with us.

In our small, independent country.
I'm proud we rejected the EU.

When are we going to eat, dad?

Here's to Irena and Olek.

Welcome to our family.

I am grateful to have you
as my son-in-law, Stanislaw.

Cheers and Merry Christmas!

-What are you whispering about?
-Nothing, mom.

Isn't that right, Liv?
You should have been a teacher.

And I should have been a doctor,
but had to take over dad's business.

Bedtime, boys.

Tomorrow Santa comes,
so you need to be rested.

-Can't Astrid stay with Gunnar?
-She wants to be near Morten.

Martin, how are you feeling?

-Not well.
-Take the inhaler.

Gunnar said
the dog had slept in here.

That dog better stay in his room.

Now what?

-Is that because of Lucaz' asthma?
-Unfortunately. Dust and dog hair.

-Don't worry about it. No problem!
-I'll keep the dog in our room.

-Who are you bunking with?

Good luck!

What's so funny about that?


And another,
and another, and another.

Here is an extra blanket.

-Are you warm now?
-Nice and warm. Good night.

May I come in, mom?

There is frost on the walls,
but at least your father is sleeping.

-The fireplace will help.

-I said it's not serious.
-Not serious? Look at this, Gunnar.

Figure out what's wrong,
or Morten and I are leaving.

Call the owner.
Find out what's wrong.

We had trouble with our furnace.

The repairman said
it was about to explode.

And the insurance
could have paid for the renovation.

That's all you think about.
We could have died!

Hi, Jensen, this is Hansen.
Sorry to bother you at this hour.

Our kerosene burner
is burning a little black.

-I'll look at that.
-Tell him to come up here!

One moment, please.

-Tell him to come up here!
-You want to take over?

Hi, it's me again.

-Don't forget the propane.
-Just a second.

I haven't forgotten it!

We don't have any extra bottles
of propane, and if we run out ...

We have a Christmas dinner to make.

Yes, I see.
I understand.

I'll take care of that.
Sorry to bother you.

Merry Christmas.

-You sure were nice to him.
-I can't yell at the owner.

But nothing works here.
Would you rent out a cabin like this?

-What about all the smoke?
-We can get propane at the hotel.

The kerosene burner
has been defective for 15 years.

-Kerosene gathers on the ...
-On what? Be specific, Gunnar.

On the elements.
And it starts smoking.

Either way, it's no good
for our asthmatic friend.

Then open some windows!
I'll look at the burner.

I'll help you, dad.

-Maybe this is ...
-Stand back!

Look at all this kerosene ...
Get me a paper towel.

At least we can sleep safely now.
I'm going to bed.

Good night.

-Good night.
-Good night, dad.

It's good we're still in love.

Quiet! Don't open the door.
Go to bed.

Please, Moi.
Go to bed!

Good morning!

This coffee tastes good.

-Hi, Morten.
-How did you sleep?

Look what grandma has for you.
Isn't this nice?

There's no styrofoam
on the toilet seat!

-Have you seen a teapot, mom?
-I don't think so.

-You seem to be in good shape.
-I swim a couple of times a week.

-You look tired.
-Now I can finally relax.

-You take such care of your family.
-Shouldn't I?

Stanislaw is lucky,
the way you have taken to his kids.

That's called love, mom.

-Need any help?
-No thanks.

Good morning!

It's freezing out. I need
to get back under the covers.

The Christmas tablecloth
is for dinner tonight.

Here is hot water for you.

We weren't supposed to make
a big breakfast.

Soup for Christmas, that's ...

Per Arne, breakfast ...
Don't you feel well?

-That damn jumble stew!
-Merry Christmas, Per Arne.

-Let's go ice fishing.
-And sledding!

Kari, Liv and I
can take care of dinner here.

-I have things to do.
-Could you go out with Morten, mom?

For a little while.
Then I have to take care of dinner.

-Are you all right, dad?
-This is great!

Finally some fresh air! Now
we can get rid of that smoke smell.

No complaining.

-We need some music.
-There's no radio.

-There's no radio.

Did you bring that?

The summer of '72!

Time to clean up, girls.
Get those curtains down.

-Are we going to redecorate?
-Get those chairs and that table.

-Let's turn the table that way.
-Turn the table?

So we can look at the fireplace.

Too bad we couldn't
go to church today.

This isn't bad.

The fire is ready!

Hot dogs!

Sorry about that, Morten!

-Don't forget about dinner.
-Don't ruin this for the boys.

I didn't mean it like that.

I think I'll have a hot dog.

-Liv, ask her when the soup is ready.
-Ask her yourself.

-She doesn't understand me.
-What's the rush?

We have to boil potatoes.

Is the soup ready soon?

She wants to know if it smells good.

-Have you locked the door?
-I'm getting changed!

Relax ...

I have to put the dog back.
Does it take that long to change?


-Stress isn't good for your heart.
-I need to change too.

Hi, honey!

Could you get
some strong coffee into dad?

-Is he drunk?
-That's the tradition, isn't it?

You seem unaffected.

I'm not,
I've just lived with it a while.

But this Christmas
was supposed to be different.

It's impossible to talk to him
about these things.

Kari, can you help me in the kitchen?

It's time to get started.

-Time for Morten to get dressed.
-Can't we relax for a while?

It's Christmas Eve!
Why can't we relax?

Sit up.
Let me pour you some coffee.

Drink this, and you'll be fine.

-I love Christmas.
-I know. Drink.

-I feel so alone in the world.
-But you have us.

-I have no parents to turn to.
-This looks wonderful, Siri.

Don't lie down.

We've been through this before.

Siri, where is his outfit?

-Did you forget to pack it?
-I can't remember everything!

You can do it.
Here, take this.

Come back here!

There are some presents in that
basket that you can open now.

Come here.

Hold onto me, and we'll quietly
walk over to the bedroom.

Into the bedroom.
The bedroom!

You just take a little nap
before dinner.

You're nice, Liv.

I love you, dad.

Here's some more snow.

He's asleep now.

Do you want to go outside
and get some fresh air?

-Sure, after I get the fish.
-Are you leaving me alone here?

-Was there someone else?
-I don't think so.

What happened?

-Now I'm too old to have kids.
-My older girlfriend just had a boy.

You are so incurably positive, Liv.

You should shut up, when you don't
know what you're talking about.

You just have good advice
for everything, don't you?

Have kids yourself,
if it's so important to you!

Why are you crying? I'm the one
that's supposed to be crying.

What's the matter?

I miscarried two weeks ago.

Now it's my turn to apologize, Liv.

-But you can try again.
-I love my husband.

You are a great couple.
His parents are so cute.

And he dragged them up
into this hell.

-Olek is wonderful.
-He's taken by you, too.

-Even though you cry all the time.
-Not all the time.

Hold the mirror for me.

Not easy to get dressed
in this rat's nest.

-What a lovely suit!
-You have seen it before, mom.

It looks so much smaller.

Impertinent as always, mom.

I'm just being honest.
You've never been this big before.

-Does Liv like that stomach?
-Yes, she does.

You look nice.

Thank you.
So do you.

What's the matter?

Mom didn't like my dress either.

Dinner's ready!

How beautiful everyone looks!

Sit wherever you sat yesterday.

Look at all those presents!

Wake up, Gunnar. It's Christmas Eve.
The children are waiting.

-How are you feeling?
-Merry Christmas.

Try to get up,
and we'll go eat dinner.

Everyone else is at the table.
Try to stand up.

Did you bump your head?

Splash some water on your face.

Let me get my pants on.

Here's some water.

Did that help?

I'm fine.

Nothing but soda water tonight, OK?

Ask Gunnar to sit next to you.

Gunnar, over here!

This is the body of Christ.

Take a piece, give it to your
neighbor, and wish each other well.

-On which side?
-Just make sure everyone gets one.

Break it in two, give it to someone,
and say something nice.

Who did you get that from?

Here you go, Gunnar.

Now you can make a wish.

You can begin pouring wine.

Here is some soda for dad.

-It smells delicious, mom.
-Here come the potatoes.

here's some more soda for dad.

Dear family ...

I liked that tradition
with the bread.

Nights like this
bring back so many memories.

Of those who are no longer with us.

The Christmases of our childhood.

Because Christmas
is for the children.

It is so great
to have you here with me.

And now we have the new
additions of Lucaz and Martin.

Since none of our children
seem to be ... fertile.

Except for you, Siri.


Let's hope our children will become
as productive as we were.

Cheers, and Merry Christmas.

Will you read
the Christmas Gospel, Kari?


"There went out a decree
from Caesar Augustus -

- that all the world
should be taxed."

"This taxing was first made when
Cyrenius was governor of Syria."

"All went to be taxed,
every one into his own city."

"Joseph went out of the city
of Nazareth, into Judaea, -

- unto the city of David,
which is called Bethlehem."

"To be taxed with Mary his wife,
being great with child."

"While they were there,
the days were accomplished -

- that she should be delivered.
She brought forth her firstborn ..."


Stop it!


-Was it because of my phone?
-Stop it, Kari!

Let's sing a song.


We have visitors here, and you're
joking and ruining everything...

We want to have a nice Christmas,
but you keep giving him drinks!

You're trying to get him drunk.
These foreigners understand nothing!

The food was delicious.
Cheers, mom.

-Is everything my fault now?
-No, mom.

-Can't you talk to her, dad?
-She always loses it at Christmas.

She isn't the only one.

I found the almond!

Martin gets a present!

I'm going to move the car.

Cheers for Martin!

-Hi, Santa!
-Hello, everyone.

Have you children
behaved yourselves?

-That's good to hear.

How about you adults?
Have you behaved yourselves?

-Have you been a good boy?
-Yes, I have been so nice.

I have come all the way
from the North Pole.

"To Martin, from Liv and dad."

"To Morten, from Liv and family."

To Lucaz.

A rock?

"To Gunnar, from Olek and Irena."

Lets put it over there.

-I'll take that!
-What did you get?

To Stanislaw ...

To Astrid ...
Who is that? She isn't here today.

"To Kari, from Siri."

A bird box!

Not a bird box!

-It's time for Santa to leave.
-Thank you for coming, Santa.

Thank you, dad.

The other one was from the
whole family. This is just from me.

Let's dance
around the Christmas tree.

Let me organize it, dad.

Let's clear some space, and dance
around the Christmas tree.

Hi, mom.
Thank you for the beautiful present.

-Look what I got from Liv.
-Did she make that herself?

Here's something for you.
From her.

Look at that beautiful color!

-Worthy of a queen.
-How does it look?

Come out and join us.

How could he ruin
this Christmas too?

Don't let him run your life.
He's an alcoholic.

Don't use that word.
I can't enjoy myself out there.

-You just walked out.
-I had to.

-Now everyone is waiting for you.
-Let them wait.

Tell them I'm fine in here.
I might as well have gone to Spain.

No one would have missed me.
Just tell the kids grandma's fine.

Maybe you could clear the table
while you're relaxing?

She never thinks she does enough.
Treats them like kids.

-You're oversimplifying, dad.
-Don't snap at me, Siri.

Time for bed, Morten.

You can bring that into your room.

You can get the rest later.
Come on.

Good night.

We're out of propane.

I'll take care of it.
We can boil tea water over the fire.

Sure that plastic handle
is OK in there?

I'll get some more liquor.

Need any help, Liv?

-Are the boys asleep?

Why don't you go get Astrid,
clear up the misunderstanding?

-An interesting question, Stanislaw.
-I'm calling it a night.

So soon?

Don't go yet, Eivind.
I have something I want to say.

Dad ...

I just want to say ...

That I love you all so much.

That was touching.

Back to your question, Stanislaw.

Are you and Liv happy?
Do you respect each other?

I've never been good enough
for Astrid. Never!

Isn't that right?
Isn't it?!

-Cut out that drunken drivel, dad.
-Isn't it true?

-Cut out that drunken drivel.
-Don't talk like that to your father.

-You have no respect.
-Show something worth respecting.

Are you that much better?

Lower your voice, Gunnar.
Think of the kids.

-What's that?
-Calm down.

Why should he?
You do whatever you want, dad.

You get more confident by the bottle.

I'm not the only one drinking.

You aren't an alcoholic.
You're just different.

"Don't tell anyone what it's like
at home." We learned that early on.

-Play, Olek!
-Sit down, Siri.

Sit down!

Suddenly my drinking
has become interesting.

You and mom
are so amazingly selfish.

Do you remember when you pulled
me out of bed on a school night, -

- just because you wanted
some peace and quiet?

-Turn off that damn phone!
-I have a job to think about.

-Who works on Christmas Eve?
-It isn't Christmas Eve everywhere.

Cell phone idiot!

We were talking about
why Astrid ran off to bed.

Maybe she just felt tired.

I've worked my butt off for you,
and all you do is complain.

We're the ones
who have worked our butts off!

To keep your drinking a secret.

This is beautiful.

That's how it will look at home.
White walls, no paintings.

But you love
to fill your walls with paintings.

We are done painting!

The paint hasn't dried
before you want to change it.

-I'm not wealthy.
-I'll take a second job.

You're uneducated.
Only Liv has an education.

Liv ran away from everything.
You needed me, dad.

-Maybe I should have run off, too.
-Why did you run off, Liv?

Why did you leave your family,
when they need you so desperately?

-Don't blame her for this.
-You said she hurt your feelings.

I told you that in full confidence.
Should I tell them about you?

-You have the same background.
-Nobody here is interested in me.

-She's lucky to have you, Per Arne.
-Not much of a catch.

An empty, cowardly,
piece of shit cell phone loser!

Hiding behind
that bogus bourgeois facade.

He has given me a hundred times
more security than you ever did!

You call that security?
You never even touch each other.

-Get yourselves some real men!
-I can't believe you!

Let's try to clear up
this misunderstanding.

Please! Another person
who wants to save our family?

-No problems of your own?
-Not right now.

-Why couldn't you talk in here?
-Because you're yelling.

Turn off that phone!

Stanislaw, what's the matter?
Come sit here with me.

My darling, don't forget me
Though I'm heading off to war

As often as possible I will sneak out
Of the forest and come to you

If I die in battle
You will always find me

Among the stalks of wheat
In the field

They want more, dad.

They shall get more,
but first I want to tell you something.

Get me something to drink.

Sing more!

I killed a woman once, my boy.
During the war.

She conspired with the Gestapo.
Was an informer.

Many Poles died because of her.

She was so beautiful.

It was an order, my boy.
I was only seventeen.

An order ...

Thank you
for sharing that with me, dad.

Sing ...

My darling, don't forget me
Though I'm heading off to war

As often as possible I will sneak out
Of the forest and come to you

If I die in battle
You will always find me

Among the stalks of wheat
In the field


The more we are together
The happier we are ...

What were you telling Stanislaw?

Nothing important.

What have I said about alcohol?

I am an adult.

-Take these.

They will help you sleep better.
You are troubled.

Troubled ...

The more we are together

The happier we are

My friends are your friends
And your friends are my friends

The more we are together
The happier we are

-Why can't you stop?
-Stop crying, Siri!

I have had enough of you!

Pull yourself together, dad!

I'll kill you!
I swear, I'll kill you!

Let go!

Let go of him!
You'll kill him!

Shouldn't we call dad?

Let go of him!

Someone's at the door.

Stay where you are.
I'll get the door.

Thank you so much.

Merry Christmas!

From the neighboring cabin. They
came to wish us a merry Christmas.

-You aren't my dad! I hate you both!
-They had candles and little outfits.

-I never want to see you again!
-I love those old traditions.

One comes, and one goes.
A changing of the guard?

You can't leave, dad.
Sit down!


You sit there
and pretend like nothing.

-You don't love me.
-You're right about that.

Why did I give you another chance?
I want a divorce, Gunnar.

Discuss it in the bedroom.
I want to have a good time!

Think about Morten.
Don't yell.

Mommy, I have to pee.

-Aren't you asleep?
-He keeps making noise.

Stop it, Martin.

If it snows all night
we can go skiing tomorrow.

-Yes, I want to go skiing.

Want me to sing a lullaby?

Yes, sing that "lo lo lo" song.

The heavens sweep by
Full of glittering stars

The children wake up
Sit up in bed

And don't want to sleep anymore

They want to sit and watch
The glittering heavens

Moving slowly by ...

-I heard a loud noise.
-Are you awake, mom?

Gunnar got drunk,
and there was some trouble.

It's normal to get drunk
on Christmas Eve.

This isn't Poland, mom.
Gunnar has a drinking problem.

A drinking problem?
Don't they have any real problems?

Is dad asleep?

Sound asleep.
I gave him some sleeping pills.

My boy, are you sure
you are happy with these people?

Liv is my most prized possession.
Sleep now.

Good night.

-Are they asleep?
-Not mom.

She wondered
what all that noise was.

We should never have come here.
I only came because of you.

I told dad to rent a nice cabin,
but he wanted this familiar place.

-Make me a gin and tonic, Eivind?
-Relax, Eivind. I'll do it.

Does anyone have a cigarette?

Thank you.

Get yourself a family, Eivind.
Something else to think about.

-What are you talking about, mom?
-Someone to share worries with.

-Have to find the right one first.
-Not everyone does.

-You know all about that.
-40 years we've been married.

But this was
our last Christmas together.

-He's the father of your children.
-You don't know what he has done!

-Why didn't you leave him?
-I did everything for the kids.

-How did we end up like this?
-This trip wasn't my idea.

-You haven't helped matters.
-Shut up, you little schoolmistress!

Your dad is right.
You don't respect either of us.

Are you blaming us?
You pussy!

No wonder Fredrik dumped you.
You couldn't even have kids.

Since she was forced
to have an abortion at 16.

-Had you forgotten about that?
-Slow down, Liv.

Could you help Kari remember, mom?
Or are you also in denial?

-What are you raving about, Liv?
-Remember my breakdown?

-Breakdown? You had the flu.
-You gave me Valium.

-You were ashamed. You cried.
-Stop it, Liv. I can't take anymore.

You are lying, Liv.
You have always lied.

I'm not lying.
You have always been in denial, mom.

What has happened to you?

She never had a breakdown ...

Where are you going, Liv?

Merry Christmas.

-I'm Lars Lundström, your neighbor.
-Liv. Hi.

We were sitting around
and ran out of ...

You wouldn't have any schnapps
to lend us, would you?

Is the whole family here?
And you have music.

Thank God.

-No, Polish.
-I like Polish vodka.

Excuse me.

-This is Lars from next door.
-Lars Lundström.

He wanted to borrow some alcohol.
I told him we had plenty.

You seem to be having
a wonderful time.

-Is this the mother?
-Astrid. Nice to meet you.

He's asking you to dance.
Aren't you, Lars?

Apparently so.
May I?


I had a terrible nightmare,
but woke up and heard the music.

I would love to dance.

-Would you? Ask Kari.
-Should I?

May I have this dance, my dear?

With pleasure, sir.

-Where is your husband?
-He is asleep.

He always sleeps well
after a nice Christmas dinner.

Should we wake him up?

My daughter is a little... different.

After being forced
to become an adult at age 11.

-Are you a doctor, Lars?

Is it normal to treat the flu
with Valium?

She's preoccupied with Valium.

Do you have a big house
and a nice car?

Yes, I have a house.
A house and a Volvo.

Mom has been on the lookout
for someone like you.

You should have seen me
almost kill dad, a little while ago.

Let's just dance.

Quiet down!
I'm trying to sleep!

-I'll be leaving now.
-Who are you?

My name is Lars Lundström.
I am from Uddevalla.

What were you doing with my wife?

We were just dancing.

Just dancing? I'll show you
a dance, you damn Swede!

Take it easy.

I've had enough
of your damn neutrality!

I sure as hell would never help
Germans across the border!

-Your liquor.
-Never mind.

-What are you doing with that?

Merry Christmas!
Sorry about this.

-Are you giving away my liquor?
-My liquor, dad!

We used to respect our parents.

-What is it, Lucaz?
-My inhaler.

-Where is the inhaler?
-I don't know.

-Where did you have it last?
-In my jacket.

Could you open the window, Liv?

A washcloth, Liv.
A washcloth!

Deep breaths.

It's OK, honey.
Try to sleep.

I love you.

-Wipe it up!
-Now what is it?

I have had enough!

-He pissed on the wall.
-Wipe up your piss!

Let's all go to bed.
Eivind, put him to bed.

I have to share a room
with this pig!

-I want to go home.
-You have to sleep first.

Let me help you.

I want him out of this cabin,
into the snow. Will you help me?

Go to sleep.
Good night.

Grab his legs.

Open the door.

Grab him under his arms.

Good morning.
Did you sleep well?

I missed you.

I missed having you next to me.

Is Lucaz better?

Nice weather.

Hi, girls.
Did you sleep well?

-Help me with breakfast, Kari?
-Let me go to the bathroom first.

-Perfect weather today.
-Let's go skiing.

-I can make hot chocolate.
-We don't have any more propane.

-Can't someone go get more propane?
-On Christmas morning?

Did you sleep well?

Yes, thank you. And Olek
told me all about the dancing.

Your husband dances very well.

And I thought
he had slept through the night.

Can you take these eggs, Kari?

-What's the matter?
-I'm leaving. I can't stay here.

What are you whispering about?

Stop whispering! Why can't you
talk to me too, for a change?

Sit down, everyone!

-Everyone feeling good today?
-Was that a joke, you little monkey?

-You are a spoiled bastard!
-What are you talking about?

-Everyone is so self-centered.
-You are feeling guilty.

-You were out of line yesterday.
-You are looking for a scapegoat.

Can everyone please be seated?

-What are you doing?
-We're leaving.

-We have the cabin for a week.
-We don't want to stay any longer.

-What about breakfast?
-We'll eat on the road.

I didn't even want to come here,
and now you're abandoning me?

-Weren't you here last night?
-This is none of your business!

This is my business.
I love Liv, you are her mother.

You shut your mouth,
or I'll ... I'll leave!

Leave then, so that we can
celebrate a nice Christmas here.

You hate me.

I'm leaving.

I'm ... leaving.

Damn door!

-Never apologize, mom!
-Shut your mouth!

-Nothing beats Christmas breakfast.
-After a night like that.

A perfect ending, if you ask me.


-Who's going to go after mom?
-Let dad do it.

-Where is he?
-Probably asleep.

I'll wake him up
so he can go after mom.

He isn't here. He wouldn't leave
without telling us.

-Who saw him last?
-I'm sure he's fine.

What do you mean?

What do you mean?

Per Arne and I dumped him
in the snow last night.

You carried him outside?
In that cold?

It wasn't that cold.
He's used to being outside.

Have you lost your minds?
Where did you put him?

We tossed him off the porch.

We have to find Gunnar.
Stay here.


-He isn't here.

He is gone.
What if he has frozen to death?

He is hiding just to punish us.

Punish us? You pulled dad
half-dead into the snow!

I should have done it
a long time ago, Liv.

-Let go of my arm.

Let go of my arm.
I want to eat in peace.





He isn't here.
I can't find him.

What if he's gone through the ice?


Dad, come back!

I'll do anything to bring you back!

He wasn't at the neighbors either.

Why does it take a man's life
for us to learn our limits?

Don't be so dramatic.
We're leaving now.

No, don't leave!

Dad may be dying out here!

He isn't, Liv!

We know dad. This isn't
the first time he's slept outside.

Let go of me.

-Are you washing the floor?
-We're all leaving.


Do you realize what you have done?

Do you realize how stupid it is
to attack a half-dead man?

Do you realize what you have done?

Take your family
and go back to Poland.

You don't know dad.

He probably woke up
and went for more liquor.

Do you realize
that you have killed him?

The cabin is clean now.
When are you leaving?

-No one leaves before he is back!
-He'll be back.

He'll be back to get his things.

Good-by, Olek and Irena.

You have seen
the worst of our family.

No one leaves before dad is back.

Don't be so melodramatic.

We can make coffee now.
I got propane.

Thank God!

-You're alive!
-Why wouldn't I be alive?

Is something wrong?

Let's heat up some coffee.

Dad ...

Liv, we want to leave now.

We aren't making any coffee.

Let's leave.

But we rented the cabin for a week!

It's for the best, dad.

Something smells burnt.

Stay away.
I'll take care of this.

You can't all leave.

What should we do, Stanislaw?
It's dead.

Want me to tow you?

But we have all that food,
and a warm cabin.



Let me pull up to Stanislaw's car.

Let's go!





Subtitles: Nick Norris