Cabin Connection (2022) - full transcript

When lifestyle writer and committed bachelorette Hannah Monroe inherits her late-grandmother's cabin, she hires her widowed neighbour, local handyman Cole to help get it in shape to sell. But as Hannah and Cole spend time together...


Thank you.

Can you scan these over?

Hey, what did she think?

Walk with me.

Oh no, she hated it.

No, not at all.

This is my first big
article that isn't a

"Which breakfast food
are you?"

quiz and I totally blew it.

You did not blow it.

But she didn't hate it,
she just, she just thought

it was a little one-sided.

Well, it's an opinion piece.

Yes and it was very

I mean, everything you
write is good.

It's just a little cynical.

- What?
- Take the title for instance,

"Marriage, is it compatible
for the 21st century?"

I mean, that question in
itself already implies

you think it's out of date.

Okay, I mean, that's
a good point.

I will change the title.

And it's not just the title.

Oh boy.

This is not an academic study.

It's a lifestyle magazine.

We want real stories,
romance sells.

Okay, fine, however, people
who choose to stay single

are worthy of having their
opinions heard.

I'm not trying to
sell some fake image here.

Real love, successful
marriages, they do exist.

Weren't your grandparents
married for like 60 years?

- Yes, but...
- Ah, see?

Look Hannah ever since
you and Kyle broke up,

you seem kinda down.

Oh, come on that was
two years ago

and I'm the one who ended it.

Yes, but every breakup
is hard in its own way,

especially when you
were engaged.

I just really don't think
I'm letting it

affect my work that much,

but I get it, you need something
different and it's my job

to deliver so, consider it done.

You are going to crush it.

It's just the first draft,
you can fix it.


Okay, yes, you're right.

Oh shoot.


Oh, I was supposed to meet
my Nana's lawyer tonight,

but, I can cancel it I'm
going to work on the article.

Absolutely not, go.

We'll talk some more later.

Thank you.

Mr. Singh?

Oh, hello.

Hi, I'm Hannah Moore.

Ah yes, the elusive Ms.
Moore, please come in.

- Have a seat.
- Thank you.

I'm not sure if you got
my voicemails,

but I'm the executor of
your grandmother,

Rosalyn Moore's will.


Mrs. Moore was, a
wonderful person.

Yeah she was, thank you.

And she clearly felt the
same about you.

She left everything
in your name.

What? Are you sure?

Yes, not many cash assets,
but she did have this,

her cabin in Sherbrooke falls.

Did you know about it?

Yeah, um, I thought
she sold this years ago

when she moved to the city
after my grandpa died.

No she refused to, even
when she probably

could have used the money.

She was adamant that
you have it.

Well, we just need
a few signatures

to make it all official.

She also left you this.

And here's the key to the cabin.


I know.

Have you read it?

Um, no, no yet,

I feel like I should
save it for something.

They're her last words.

Oh, that's understandable.

What about the cabin?

Wasn't that the place
they used to go to

every summer when we were kids?

Yeah, but I haven't
been there in 10 years,

between school and then work.

They always came to me.

Man, I loved it there.

So what are you going to do?

I dunno, sell it.

Be a shame to let it sit empty.

Well, why does it have
to sit empty?

Maybe you should go.


This could be good for you.

I can't, between work,
the article.

I've gotta submit it
in two weeks.

You can write it from there.

Half our staff works
remotely it's not a big deal.

I'll clear it with the magazine.


I mean, you haven't even
unpacked since her funeral.

Go to Sherbrooke falls.

Spend some time surrounded
by Nana's stuff

and rest, heal, write?

You need a chance to
process all of this.

It does sound appealing.

You know, you're basically
my therapist now.

And bestie and boss and
workout partner.

Just not lately.

Go repack your bags and
I'll order us some takeout.

Okay, fine, but it's on me.

Thai food or Chinese?

Danny the store is on fire!

Oh, ah...

I told you not to track
dirt into our store.

Come on, gimme a break.

Plus, as soon as we open,
they're going to be like a dozen

people trudging through
here making the same mess.

Mm yeah, well there is a
mop right here

with your name on it, so.

- Fine.
- Yes!

Oh but first, we have
that delivery to unload.

Are you gonna give me a
hand or am I gonna have to

call dad out of retirement?

No, no, no, no, don't
do it because you know,

he's just gonna backseat
drive this place again.

Messing the whole place up.

- Right?
- Yeah.

Okay, come on. I'll make
coffee while we're at it.

Okay, that about does it
for the dairy products.

Hey, what is this?

Oh yes!

Aw, these are so cute.

See, I thought these would
be perfect for in front

of the cash, you know
great impulse buys.

Or more like a bunch of
dust collectors.

Dust collectors, ah,
you are such a downer.

I'm just trying to
balance the books.

Yeah, well maybe if you'd
let me update the website,

we could actually attract
some new customers.

We don't need a new website.

We are doing just fine as it is.

But we haven't touched it
in years, in the tech world

that might as well be a century.

We should get with
the times cause

I'd love even an online store.

Okay easy now, let's
start with the mugs.

You can put them wherever
you want, but please,

no more website talk.

Okay fine, but promise me
we'll talk about it soon.

Okay, I promise, but not today.

But you know what you can
do for me today?

Call my friend Rachel.

She's free this weekend.


What? Rachel's amazing,
she's a teacher,

she's sociable, she's single.

She sounds great.

But? Oh, come on.

I Know it's weird, but

Olivia wouldn't want you going
gray in that cabin by yourself.

She'd want you to put
yourself out there again.

Danny stop, can we not speculate

on what Olivia would've wanted.


It's okay to move on.

I know and I'm good, honestly.

Okay, okay fine.

You got to check these out.

Now what do you have in there?
Matching hats or something?


I mean, they come for the food,

- but they stay for the flare.
- Yeah.




Hey there, do you need a hand?

Um, yeah, do you have
any of that stuff

that they use to fill
holes in the wall?

Drywall paint?


- Right here.
- Oh.

You doing some renos?

Yeah, sort of.

Thanks for this.

Do you have any
sandpaper or a scraper?

You're gonna need that
if you're fixing holes

or anything.

Uh, yeah thank you.

We paint here too, these are
the selection these days.

Thanks to the house
flipping craze.

I'm not flipping houses.

Sorry I just couldn't help

but notice that you
were perusing

the real estate
section over there.

Yeah well, I was just curious.

Right of course.

He's not giving you a
hard time, is he?

No it's fine.

Perfect, so what brings
you to Sherbrooke falls?

I'm staying at my Nana's
cabin for a couple of weeks,

getting some work done.

- Great who's your Nana?
- Rosalyn Moore.

Oh, I read her obituary in
the paper the other day.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Thank you, did you
know her well?

In passing, you know,

when you're one of the
only stores in town

you get on a first name
basis with people

pretty quickly.

And Cole, actually, he um,

he used to love her
blueberry scones

that she used to hand
out to all of her neighbors.

He tried them once and
hasn't stopped

talking about them since.

She was an incredible baker.

Well, if you decide to whip
them up while you're here...

I will let you know.

Packed up, okay so did you
get everything you need?

Um some white paint.

Yeah, sure.

Hey Cole, why don't you
grab her some paint?

Eggshell finish work
for you? Eggshell!

Alright so all together
we've got 53.40.

Okay, perfect.

That's fine.

Thank you so much.

You need a hand
bringing the paint

you don't need out to your car?

No, thank you, I am fine.

See you around.

What's with the grin?

Nothing. I forgot to ask you
to bring back my roasting

pan though.

I left it in your place
last Sunday night.

And Aaron needs it for
pot roast tonight.

You want me to go get
it right now?

Yes, please?

Fine but you still
owe me a coffee.

Yeah, it'll be ready
when you get back.


Thank you.

Oh come on.

Oh come on.

What are you doing here?

I live here.

You live in that house?

Yeah for the last five years.

The real question is
what are you doing

breaking into Mrs.
Moore's place?

Well, I'm not breaking in,

Mrs. Moore is my grandmother
or was my grandmother.

Oh, I'm sorry.

You know what let's start over.

I'm Hannah Moore.

Cole Walker. Nice to meet you.

Now I can either give you
a little boost

or I can help you with
the front door

if you'd like dealer's choice.

Well the door would be nice.

So you work at the store?

I own it with
my sister, Danielle.

It used to belong
to our parents,

but they're retired now.

That's nice.

What do you do outside
of not flipping houses?

I work at a lifestyle magazine.

Oh you're a writer.

Oh, well, if you've
ever taken a,

'which pasta noodle are you'
quiz then

yeah I probably wrote it,

but I'm actually working
on something new.

It's my first big gig.

That's awesome.

Should we give it a whirl?

Yes please go for it.

Okay, well.

Thank you very much
for all your help today.

- You're welcome.
- Yes I'll see you around.

I'll see you around.

Thank you so much.

And there you go, enjoy.

I just sold another
set of mugs now

I don't want to say
told you so but...

Very funny.

I had to seize the moment.

How do you manage to turn every
conversation into a setup?

I don't know It's a gift.

Don't you have anything
better to do?

Yeah I do.

That's why you should be honored

that I'm so focused on you.

Well what did I say
about meddling?

Uh oh.

What's she got you
pulled into now?


- Because I won't bite.
- Attaboy.

But he should.

I have some restocking to do.

I'll see you later.

You bet.

Okay bye love you too.

Hey, I know you guys
have a special thing

going on between the two of you.

Maybe it's time you let it be.

Is wanting him to
be happy really

such a bad thing?

No, but maybe he
should come to it

on his own terms, you know?

Okay yeah you're right.

It does happen on occasion.


You ready to go?

Yeah, yeah I'm just going to

close up here and I'll
meet you outside.

Sounds good.

Hey, I love you.

I love you too.

It was so humiliating.

I mean I was basically
halfway through the window,

which by the way, I was
never going to fit through.

That does sound like you.

I know I mean, it was

especially after how smug
he had been at the store.

What do you mean by smug?

He assumed I knew nothing
about basic home repair.

Well, to be fair you
don't really.

I have lived in New York
city since I was 17.

Yeah which means you're
strong as an ox,

but you're on the phone
with the building manager

anytime there's a problem.

Now let's get to the most
important part.

Is he cute?


- Is he married?
- Why would you even ask that

because I'm definitely
not going to.

Interview him for the article?

Oh, well.

- No, I would rather not...
- Because you like him.

Okay I've gotta go there's like

an insane amount of
dust in here.

Yeah, me too.

I'm meeting Simon for drinks.

Oh, Simon huh?

Sounds like it's going well.

Don't jinx it, okay?

I'm going to call you
during the week to check in.

I want an update on
those interviews.

Okay you got it, have fun.


Hi I was wondering if someone

could come over and
assess my property?

- Hi.
- Hi.

Danielle, right?

Yes yeah.

Good morning, I'm sorry to
just show up like this,

not interrupting.

No, no, not at all.

I'm Aaron from Welling
ford real estate

also married to this one.

Okay, Aaron nice to meet you.


When he you told me you called,

I figured I would just
come make the introduction.

Cool well do you guys
wanna come in?

I was just about to
make some coffee.

Love some.

Okay, come on in.

Sorry about the mess.

I promise when we
have it listed,

it will be spic and span.

Alright not a problem.

It is so beautiful.

Oh, well thank you.

My grandfather was
actually a carpenter.

He built it for my
grandma back in the day.

Were you close with them?


No it's okay.

Yeah, I was, yeah.

They were sorta like a
second set of parents to me.

Is that them there?

Yeah that's them.

I feel like I recognize him.

Did he used to drive one
of those really huge cars

from the sixties?

Yeah, the beast.

Oh my god he loved that car.

The thing was so loud.

You could hear it coming
from 20 miles away.


Are these your family
members here too?

Uh, no.

Those are people that
I'm interviewing

for the article that
I'm writing.

You're a writer?

Yeah I work at fifth and
Madison magazine.

What! That is so cool, we
sell that at the store.

What's the article?

Well, it's actually an
investigative piece on marriage.

Yeah, I'm interviewing all
kinds of folks.

Serial bachelors,
married people.

I'm just trying to get a
full range of perspectives.

Asking if people think
marriage is actually worth it

in this day and age.

That sounds really juicy.

Hey, do you guys know anybody

who may be interested
in getting interviewed

for the article?

You could interview us.

- No, no thanks we're good.
- Don't be so shy.

I'm not shy, just busy.

Hey if you change your mind,
let me know.

And if you think of anyone else.

Oh, I'm on it.

Well, shall we take a
look around?

Yeah what's upstairs?

Um, okay.

So they're all antiques?

Most of them I think,
over the years.

Overall the place looks good.


It could use some upgrades
if you wanna get top dollar.

Are we talking big
renovations or...

I suggest cleaning the gutters.

Then fixing the front door,

boosting the overall
curb appeal, you know,

add some evergreen plants on
the porch and stuff like that.

And inside give it a good clean,
some fresh paint.

Fix those shelves if you can.

Just stuff to make it...

Function on a basic level?

Alright well I'm on it.

Yeah, no more breaking
into the windows for you.

Oh yeah, so Cole told you
guys about that did he?

He did yeah!

You know, come to think
of it Cole's pretty handy.

He, does all the
repairs at the store,

electrical, plumbing, all of it.


He could probably help you out.

No I mean, I'm sure I can
figure it out.

But you're so busy
with the article

and he'd be happy to do it.

Let me, I'll just go ask him.

- No
- Yeah, yeah.

- No.
- Uh...

- Cole!
- You really do... it's fine.

Cole! Cole!

Hannah needs help
fixing up her cabin.

And I told her you
know everything,

even though it annoys me
to know when to say it.

You're planning on selling it?

Potentially, I'm not sure yet.

Aaron says it needs some repairs

and Hannah's got a lot
on her plate.

She's a writer.

Oh, well I still have
the store to look after

and I'm really not sure I'm
the right person for the job.

See I totally
understand he's busy.

No I make his scheduling
he's not that busy.

You're not that busy.

You said you had other
contractors in mind?

Well there's Mr. Collins.

Mr. Collins is 83 years old,

Well what about Ron?

Ron is a dud.

Oh he's not that bad.

You know the kind of
mechanic who tells you,

you need a new engine when

all you really needed was
an oil change?

Oh that wouldn't be good.

So you'll do it then?

We can probably work
something out

if that's what you want.

You know, I think I could
really use your help.

Alright then.


Thank you.

And hey listen,

if you need any design inspo
or you just give me a call,

there's some great
stores in town.

There's this cute one on
the main strip

that just sells the
cutest stuff.


- Hi.
- Hi.

Hey, what are you doing?

Oh I'm just fixing your door.

It looks like the trim
is coming loose.

So water and ice are
probably getting

in the frame and
warping the boards.

That's why the door is sticking.

I see.

But I may have to tackle

some of this from the
inside if that's okay.

You don't have to do
that right now.

You're probably really busy.

Oh no it's no problem.

I'm here and I've
got my supplies so...

Or I can just come
back another time.

You know what it's okay.

Come in, come in, come on in.


- Woah!
- Yeah.

Yeah, I just closed the door
and the whole thing sort of

crumbled like
a shortbread cookie

Well you can add this to
list too, if you want.

I see why Danielle hires you
out to every stranger in town.

What's going on in here?

Oh, I'm making my Nana's scones.

Oh yeah, she made me a batch

when I moved in all
those years ago.

I didn't know her all that well,

but I do remember these
being legendary.

Okay, well don't get
your hopes up

because I haven't made
them in years.

Oh you don't bake
much in New York?

Ah, no, not anymore.

I used to do it all the
time as a kid with my Nana

it was kind of our thing,

but I haven't bought
a bag of flour

in years so hence the massacre.

Well, no matter how it
turns out I'll eat em.

I'm game for any kind of dessert

cake, pie, trifle you name it.

Trifle huh? You don't hear
that every day.

Oh yeah, it's the most
underrated dessert.

If you ask me cookies,
custard fruit it's good stuff.

Even if they turn out
like hockey pucks,

it's still a great distraction.

From work?

Danielle says that you're
writing an article,

something about "is
marriage still worth it?".

Yeah, pretty much.

It's my first big shot
at the magazine.

And if I do really well,

then it might mean a
permanent promotion.

I'm going to be cubicle bound
for the foreseeable future

and have really
disappointed my friend.

Well, I'm sure you'll
pull it off.

Hey, you don't happen to
know any married couples

that might let me interview
them for the article, do you?

Maybe even you.

Oh, I'm not married.

But my parents, they've got
that whole storybook romance

thing going on, 40
years and counting.

Wow unicorns do exist.

You could ask them, they're
probably at the store.

We could put in an order
for some supplies

for all this while we're at it.

Yeah okay that would be great.

I'm confident that the
kids have this covered.

Yeah I think it'd be nice
for the 40th anniversary.

The store is doing a great job.

You know, Danny, I like
this display,

but I think you should
add a few more items.

You know, I think
cross-merchandising potential.


Old habits die hard, honey.

Alright, alright.

Okay forget it.

Dad you reorganize
the store yet?

Oh, hey how you doing?

Hi honey.

Mom, dad, this is Hannah

she's Roselyn Moore's

Oh the writer, Danny said

that you just moved in
next door to Cole.

Oh yeah, temporarily.

Welcome to
Sherbrooke falls Hannah.

Thank you it's a
really lovely spot.

Now let us know if you
need anything, okay?

Actually there was something,

I was sort of wondering if
I could interview you guys

for an article that
I'm working on

and speaking to a
bunch of people,

getting their personal
opinion on marriage

and Cole here told me
that you two

are celebrating your 40th
anniversary this weekend.

We are.

Yes, yes this is perfect.

Oh you've got to do it.

Well, you don't have to.

I've always wanted to be
in a magazine.

What do you think, Frank?

Yeah we'd be honored.

Wait is tomorrow too soon?

Tomorrow's the winter
picnic sweety.

Yeah, but Hannah should come.

No I don't wanna impose.

Oh not at all we would
love to have you.

Okay yeah, that sounds
like fun count me in.

Excellent and Cole here
can give you a ride over.

Sure. Sounds good and
now if you'll excuse us.

We have some work to do,
this way.

Thank you so much your
family seems amazing.

Hey you're welcome. I'm glad
it worked out.

Ah here just take a look.

So I just finished a
building for another client

in this color, what do
you think for the shelves?

I like this one.

Oh, you're right.

Timeless is better
it suits you. Good, um

anyway, I'm just
gonna call it in.

Oh I can order it online
if that's easier.

Well, we're kind of old school.

The website doesn't
let you do that.


I know Danny's been getting
on my case about updating it,

but I don't even know
where to start.

Well maybe I can help.

I had to learn a lot about
website design when I was

starting out as a
freelance writer.


Yeah do you mind if I
take a look?

That would be awesome,
thank you, be my guest.


That's a cute picture.

Do you guys have another sister?

No, uh that's Olivia my wife.

Oh, I'm sorry I thought
you weren't married.

I'm not, at least not anymore.

She passed away a few years ago.

Cole I'm so sorry.

Yeah thanks.

Is that all you need from me?

Yeah I think so.

Okay well I'll head out.

Thank you.

Nice to meet you guys.

What happened?


Don't look at me.

You know, I could probably
find my way there.

You don't have to drive me.

Don't worry about it,
come on hop in.

I bet my mom has got prime seats

and hot chocolate already
waiting for you.

Oh no I don't wanna intrude.

It's just a ride Hannah.


It's cool... well here we are.

I know it's probably not what
you're used to in New York,

- But...
- It's perfect actually.

I used to build campfires with
my grandpa in the summers.

It's really bringing me back.

He was a scout leader.

Oh, I see.

So if I ever get lost in the
woods I'll know who to call.

Oh yeah. You need
somebody to read a compass

or build a campfire

or sing a jingle, then
I'm your girl.

I'm sure you don't really need
help with that kind of thing.

Well what if I still want to
see your skills in action.

Oh, okay so you're
challenging me?

Oh maybe.


First, you gotta start
with the base.

See some people prefer
this tent shape,

but this is much sturdier.

It's like a chimney.

It's called the log cabin lane.

Ooh so you remember the name?

Two more logs on top.

And then light the match



Jeez you're a baker, a
girl scout, a web designer,

a writer, what other
random tricks

do you have up your sleeve?

I also cross-country ski.

Is that random enough for you?

Yeah it's okay.

Hey, Hannah you made it.

Hey, hi Mrs. Walker.

It's so great to see you.

You too I suppose.

Hi mom.

Hot cocoa, my secret recipe.

Yes, please.

Um listen I know that
you're really busy

so we can do this whenever.

Oh no, it's great.

We can do it now.

- Frank!
- Coming.

I swear it's like herding
calves with him sometimes.

Thank you guys so much
for agreeing to do this.

I really appreciate it.

Oh, sure.

We're happy to.

Do you mind if I record it?

No, go ahead.

Alright, so I usually start
by asking how you two met

and how you got to
know each other.

Well I met my Kimmy at
the local fair.

She was new to town
I'd seen her at school,

but I never had the
courage to talk to her

until we were both stuck
in the fun house.

You know, those rooms
with mirrors and clowns

and ball pits that they
have at local fairs.

Oh yeah.

Well we were both trying
to find our way out,

but we couldn't and
well you know,

the hallways were all leading
back to the same spot.

I'd never been so lost or
embarrassed in my life.

I turn around the
corner and suddenly,

there she is, well 12
of her actually,

thanks to all the mirrors, most
beautiful sight I ever saw.

And I was never so
relieved to see a person,

any person, I latched
on to Frank,

we left together and we've been

joined at the hip ever since.

Did you know right then you
were going to marry him?

Honestly, no.

So you're not a believer
in love at first sight?

Yeah, I am.

But it took a while to
get her on board.

Well, I happen to believe

that love is more than
just a feeling.

It's a commitment that you
make every day.

Is that what makes it
last in your opinion?

Yep, you got to wake up
every morning

and decide to choose
that person.

Do what you can for them.

Forgive them when you have
to love them unequivocally

and have fun whenever you can.

The fun part's really important.

So was there ever a time

where you two thought it
might be easier to just...

Oh break up? No.

Because life is never easy,

anyway whether you're
married or not.

I think marriage is
like a sailboat.

Here we go.

Sometimes it's calm waters
and it's all smooth sailing.

Then sometimes you get
caught in a nasty storm.

And when you do you feel
like one of them ropes

that's being stretched
to its limits.

And the wind is ripping
at your sails.

Most people are searching for
a means to end that tension.

And they see cutting off their
spouses as a way to do so.

But they may not understand
that what they might be doing

is cutting off their anchor
instead of their sails.


Our kids know that one
off by heart right Cole?

- Yeah.
- Well,

I don't blame you
Frank, it's a good one

I think our readers are
really gonna like it.

Did all the other couples you
interview wax this poetic.

No, I've interviewed people

who prefer the single life too.

I'm trying to get both

And what about you, what
side are you on?

Um, I'm on the fence.

Yeah, I was engaged for
a little while.

And now it's just me and I
think that's pretty great too.

You know, there's
room in the world

for all kinds of folks.


Hey, you should come
and have Sunday dinner

at Cole's we're celebrating
our anniversary.

Oh, well I don't wanna impose.

Oh, no nonsense we'd
love to have you.

Oh no mom don't pressure her.

She doesn't have to come
if she doesn't want to.

I'm not pressuring honey.

I'm just asking her.

Okay yeah.

Yeah you know what

I've got so much work to
do this weekend,

but thank you so much
for the invite.

Well the offer stands and if
you change your mind, great.

Hey, anyway I want to
introduce you

to a donut over here
with cinnamon.

You're gonna love it.

- You got a sweet tooth?
- Ah, yes I do.

Do I have a choice?

Ah well if you don't have one

you will have to eat this donut.

Hey, uh can I give you a hand?

Uh, yeah thank you.


After you.

- Here's okay?
- Great.

It's freezing out huh?


About earlier, I didn't mean

to imply that you
shouldn't come for dinner.

I mean, you absolutely should

if you want to.

It's a bit weird though right?

I'm really sorry.

It's just, we
haven't had a guest

for Sunday dinner
since Olivia died.


I hadn't even thought
about that fact

until they invited you.

And then, I was like a deer
in the headlights, you know?

Yeah I can imagine.

At the end of the day though,

it's just dinner, people
sitting around the table

and sharing food and honestly

it would be great if you came.

I don't know.

Danielle and
Aaron will be there.

It'll be fun I promise.

Can I think about it?

Oh yeah, absolutely.

Okay well, goodnight.

- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.

Is that the last one?

Yep I gotta hand it to you.

You were right about those.

Wait, what's wrong?

What do you mean? Nothing.

You just said I was right
about something.

Oh yeah, well give credit

where credit is due
and all that.


You're upset about something.

No, I'm not I'm just...

Is this is about the
Sunday dinner freak out?

Mum called and told
me immediately.

I didn't freak out it
just took me by surprise.

Whatever you say, but the
fact that you feel bad

about it, that's interesting.

I feel bad for making
our neighbor

feel unwelcome that's all.

So apologize.

I did.

So apologize better.

Okay how?

I dunno, do something
nice for her,

maybe take her out to lunch.

I dunno lunch kinda
feels like a date.

That would be great.


Fine, I'm sure you will
come up with something.

- Hi.
- Hey, is it a bad time?

Nope come on in.

I thought I'd put these shelves
up once and for all.

Thank you.

Do you need some help?

Yeah, sure.

I just need to get these,
on these brackets here.

Alright just angle that in
then slid it off the back.


Couple of screws and
we are done.

Okay I will hold it steady.

Oh perfect.

Now this side.

Sorry it's an awkward
angle here.

And we're done.

I was kinda actually
going to go get some air.

Oh yeah same.

I know this nice trail
we could go for a hike.

How about something a
little more fun?

Alright you're on.

It's been a while since
I've done this.


Not as good as I was when
I was six, but...

So how's the article coming?


Don't be too hard on yourself.

No well, I just don't want
to disappoint your parents.

I'm sure you won't.

I don't know, it's funny.
I usually don't get so worried

about what people think,

but I just want to do
right by them

and their relationship,
you know?

They're pretty inspiring.

Yeah they definitely
set the bar high.

What about your parents?
What are they like?

They're good people, but their
relationship is different.

I think they're more
friends than anything.

That part's important.

Yeah, but what if
that's all you have?

I mean, when I was a kid,

I remember them being so
much more affectionate

and well I guess things
are bound to change right?

Is that what happened
with your fiance?

I don't know I guess
I just woke up one day

and realized we were coexisting.

I remember thinking, is this it?

Isn't it supposed to be better?

I don't know maybe I'm crazy.

You're not crazy.

Life's short, don't settle.

How did you know
Olivia was the one?

I don't remember one
exact moment.

I just knew that

coming home to her was always
the best part of my day.

It must be really hard.

I'm getting used to it.

Think you will ever get
married again?

I don't know, never say never,

but I sometimes wonder
if it's possible

for me to get that lucky again.

How about you, ever think
you'll take the plunge?

I doubt it.

Is that because you think
it will just fizzle out?

Well statistically about
a 5050 shot at making it.

Love's a lot more
complicated than statistics.

About Sunday dinner
you should come.

I want you to come, I'm making
this big feast at my place

my mom would bring you
leftovers anyways.

So you might as well enjoy
it while it's hot right?

Well, I guess I do have
to take their picture

for the article.


You can do it there, two
birds one stone.

Okay but only if I'm
allowed to bring dessert.


Okay then.


Hi finally.

How are you?


About the article?

I thought you found a couple.

No, I did I'm just
still struggling.

There are so many thoughts.

You fell for the hot
neighbor didn't you?

What? No.



Oh boy.

Yeah, I know it's a disaster.

Why cause he's a widower.

No, well maybe I don't know.

I just... so much to consider.

Why do I always do
this to myself?

Why am I always choosing
unavailable men?

Because you self-sabotage.

Being alone is
your comfort zone.

That's what he said.

He said that?

Well I mean not in so
many words, but yeah.

Sounds like he's clearly
paying attention.

Okay yeah but his wife?

Well just because he's a widower

doesn't mean he's unavailable.

Sounds like he could be
ready to move on.

And how do I know?

You ask?

Are you crazy?

Okay well Hannah if
you're not gonna

put yourself out there, maybe
you should write about it.

Carmen, I can't do that
without his permission.

Well, I don't mean to publish.

I just mean for you to
sort through your thoughts.

Writing's always been
how you process things.

I don't know it feels weird.

It's just to get things
flowing again.

It'll be good for the article.


Hi I'm here.

Hi hi hi sorry we're early.

Mum told me that Hannah
said that a photographer

is coming tonight to
take a picture of them.

And I just, I wanted
to make sure

your place was an order,
but Jesus,

its spotless.

Did you sweep?

Danny let the man be.

Do you guys want
anything to drink?

Yeah, I'll take one.

What is he making?


This is impressive,
look at this.

All right here you are.

And the sparkling water
for the princess.

Mm thank you, haha you
tucked in your shirt.

Yeah it's Sunday dinner.

I've seen you eat dinner
with sawdust in your hair.

I am sorry in advance.

- I knew it.
- Calm down.

He's not even denying
it, this is amazing.

This is so amazing.
Right babe?

Yeah man, whatever
makes you happy.

It's just a friendly
dinner guys.

Knock knock we're here.

Oh hey!

Mom, you look gorgeous.

Doesn't she?

Thank you. You look lovely hun.

Thank you, mom.

I just need to go outside
to get some more firewood.

I'll be right back.

What's going on?

What do you got there?

Trifle, some guy told me
it was pretty good stuff.

You don't mind if we skip
the dinner part

and just go right to
that, do you?

Whenever you want.

Hey dad, did you get
the new smoker

Oh yeah, we used it last
week turned out great.

You do know that every
meal that he cooks

from now and it's going
to be smoked.

Unfortunately yes, but it's

so hard to say no because
he's so enthusiastic.

You know, we got some
space in the back yard.

No, absolutely not, no.

If you spend our hot tub
savings on a meat smoker,

I swear, where this is.

Do all couples you
interview bicker like this?

Oh I wouldn't call it bickering.

I would call it healthy debate.

Ooh! Okay you know,

I read something that said it
was a sign of a good marriage

couples that can disagree
forgive and move on easily.

Oh well, then you and Aaron

have the healthiest
marriage of all time.

Though in all seriousness,

you guys seem to have it
pretty figured it out.

I've interviewed a lot of
couples in our generation

who are having a really
hard time with marriage,

you know, between the
rising cost of living

and new stressors at work

that we experience in our
generation that just didn't

exist when our
parents got married.

Do you think it's harder

to have a successful
marriage nowadays?

Well, I don't know.

I'm not married, but
what do you guys think?

I think we're not the first
generation to have hardships

being granted there's been some

unprecedented challenges lately.

No, I think humans are
hardwired for love.

No matter what the state
of the world is.

Well there are some people

that think love isn't enough

to make a marriage work.

Sure it is.

You just have to make
sure you fall in love

with the right person.

But how do you know it's
the right person?

Well, this is not
scientific or anything,

but I would say if that person

makes you feel like home.

Anyway, it looks like you
got an interview

out of us after all

and Aaron didn't have
to say a word.

Well that, I mean
that was great.

Do you mind if I use
some of that?

Oh, I would be honored.


Who's up for dessert?

Oh me.

No, I'll get it. Sit, sit.

Coffee anyone?

Always honey.

Just have one Frank, you know,
you'll be up till 3:00 AM.

That's what naps are
for my dear.

So Hannah, how is the cabin
renovations coming along?

Aaron been able to list it yet?

Uh, no, not yet.

I do have someone interested
when you're ready.

That's good to know.

Look at this magical thing.

Oh my gosh trifle, that is
Cole's favorite.

Did you make that?

I did yeah.

Well now.

So who wants some?

Thank you so much for this.

My parents are really
enjoying all the reminiscing.

My mom must have redone her
hair like five times in there.

Are you kidding? It's
my pleasure.

Your family, they're
incredible people.

And I think they really
like you too.

So how do I look?

- Perfect
- So where do we sit?

Center of the couch
would be great.

Hey, Danielle, Aaron, why don't
you guys hope in here too?


Yes grab a seat.

How's my hair?

Oh you look great.

Don't just say that.

I'm not you look fantastic.

If it's, I don't want
to mess everything up,

but maybe we could get one
with me too for the website

The website?

Yeah Hannah agreed to
help give it a facelift.

Yeah but we can use the
old photo too.

No I think a new photo
is a great idea.

- Let's do it.
- Okay, alright hop in.

Thank you so much, Hannah.

That's incredibly nice of you.

Are you kidding?

You guys have done so
much for me.

It's the least I can do.

Okay here we go guys big smile.

I mean, I don't think
it's going to get better.

You get out of there.

Danielle, Aaron, could you
guys look at each other?

Mm-hmm that's
beautiful. Love it.

- Happy anniversary!
- Happy anniversary!

I can't believe your dad
ate much of this trifle.

It's seriously impressive.

Oh, you know how
they met at the fair,

well, the part that
he'd left out

was that he had just
won a hot dog

eating contest,

like 20 minutes before he
went into the fun house.

Luckily for my mom, he
can hold his food.

Otherwise Danny and I
might not even exist.

Okay well that's an
important detail.

I promise not to include
in the article.

Oh no you should,
my mom would laugh.

Thanks for having me tonight
I hope it wasn't too weird.

Oh no, it wasn't, it was great.

You're welcome any time.

Well maybe next time I can host.

Oh, you wouldn't want
my whole family

in your place messing it all
up they're like a tornado...

I was thinking more you and I.

I'd love that.


Is tomorrow too soon?

No that's perfect.

All right, I'll see
you tomorrow.

Good morning.

Good morning.

How are you?

I'm good.

Hey, do you guys have
a printer back there?

I just got to print
off my article,

do some editing, the whole
red pen thing.

For sure yeah.

I also wanted to tell you,

thank you so much for coming
to dinner the other night

and for the awesome photo
shoot, I had a blast.

Yeah, I did too.

So all of our real estate info

is just over there on the
community board.

Hey hey!

Hey, what's going on over here?

The gossip train leaves
the station...

Don't flatter yourself.

Uh, is Aaron around?
That lady wanted

to talk to someone
about real estate.

Oh yeah he's at the office.

I'll let him know.

Maybe you won't have any
trouble selling your place then.

Yeah, I don't know, I forgot
how much I like it here.

I'm not so sure I'm
ready to sell yet.

Okay Hannah I think I
got everything.

Perfect. For the flowers.

Thank you very much.

Good luck editing.

Thank you.

I'll see you later then?


So you're seeing Hannah later?


As in for renovations or?

No we finished most of those.

Oh great.

Okay I can't take it anymore.

Are you going on a date
with her or not?

It's happening?

It's really happening?

Calm down.

This is perfect. I
can't believe it.

It's just dinner right now.

Yeah but you like her.

I do, yeah.


Miracles do exist.

Don't ever tell me
miracles don't exist.

I'm really happy for you Cole.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Come on in.

Yes thank you.

The place is really
starting to come together.

Thanks. I've been
meaning to pick up

a couple more things to
finish it up.

Oh, uh

just going to check on dinner,

but please take your coat off.

Make yourself at home.

How's the article coming?

Good, yeah.

Down to the wire I've got
to get it in first thing.

Well, if you need
another set of eyes,

I could always read it for you.

I'll keep that in
mind thank you.

Cole and Olivia, what's this?

Oh, that's nothing...

Did you write about
Olivia and me?

No, I just printed it
out by mistake.

Is this for the article?

No, it's not for the article.

I was just...


Uh, well, I was
just trying to sort

through my feelings
about all this.

So I wrote it out.

It was supposed to help
give me some clarity.

What does that even mean?

I was just confused
and overwhelmed

by everything that was
happening between us.

Look, I'm sorry that
you even had to see it.

Us? There is no us.

We just had one date.

Um yeah, I know.

I'm sorry.

I just gotta, I gotta go.

Cole wait.

Hi Aaron it's Hannah.

I was just wondering,

is your buyer still
interested in my place?

Okay that would be
great thank you.


Hey, thank you for having
us on such short notice.

No problem, you can
head on in if you want.

I hope everything's okay.

Yeah just time to go I think.


I hope she likes it.

You and Cole did a great job.

I'm positive she'll
make an offer.

Thank you Aaron.

You're welcome.

So you want her to leave?

I never said that.

Well Aaron just got an
offer on her cabin.


Okay, that's your answer?

It's her decision, what
do you want me to do?

Well, forgive her and apologize

yourself for storming off.

I didn't storm off.

Well you kinda of did.

Don't let a
misunderstanding ruin this.

You guys are a great match.

It's not a misunderstanding.

She wrote about Olivia.

She wrote about our marriage.

Yeah, for herself,
not to publish.

And can you blame her?

I mean, you always keep
things so close to your chest.

How is she supposed to
know how you're feeling

or if you're ready to move on?

I'm pretty sure I
made that clear.

Okay sending signals is
not the same thing

as talking about it...

I talked about it.

You talked about Olivia or
about your feelings for Hannah.

Don't give up so easily.

It's not that simple.

Just call her.

She may be great, but that
doesn't make us a good match.

She prefers to be alone.

People change all the time.

You were a lone wolf
too once before Olivia.

Just think about it.

Aaron hey.

Yeah I am just filling
out the paperwork

and signing it right now.

I will get it over to you
in two seconds.

Okay, thank you.


Hey, did you get the article.

I did.


And it was fantastic.

You really think so?


And I also wish the
walkers were my neighbors

like, come on.

Are you okay?

No it was just so unlike me.

I know you convinced yourself

that your life is supposed

to look different or
that you're doomed

to be alone ever since Kyle,

but it's okay if you want more.

Yeah, but he's right

I mean technically
there is no us.

Love does not care about

Well, it doesn't matter anyway,

I just accepted an
offer on the cabin.

What, why?

Because I'm not going to use
it and it was a good offer.

Hannah come on you just
did the best work

of your career there.

You fell in love.

Are you sure you
want to sell it?

Look, I know that you're
trying to help

and I really appreciate it, but

right now I just want
to wallow in my sorrows

and eat junk food
until we pass out.

Okay I'll order us the
biggest pizza I can find.

And we're gonna watch
true crime documentaries

all night long until
we fall asleep.

Thank you.

My dearest Hannah, by now

you know that I am gone and
you may be holding the keys

to the old cabin in
Sherbrooke falls.

The place that houses my
most treasured memories,

Oh boy.

But a house is just four walls

If it's not filled with
the people you love.

She always knew what to say.


you know you have to go back
and profess your love right?

What if it doesn't work out?

But what if it does?
There's always risks

nothing's a sure bet.

Even Nana had doubts.

You're not going to know
unless you try.

Yeah but Aaron already
sold the cabin.

Well you're gonna
have to stop him.

Come on.

You're right.


Uh, okay!


Wish me luck.

You're not going to need it

because no matter what happens,

it's gonna be okay.

I met your grandfather
in that town when I was 21.

I know to you, that
must seem young.

But back in my day,

reaching that milestone without
any prospects of marriage

was cause for concern.

But I was committed
to my freedom

and I wanted nothing to
do with marriage.

And then I met your grandfather.

I worried that my affection
would fade and that I might feel

trapped, but as luck
would have it,

my love for your
grandfather only grew

and our life didn't
feel like a compromise.

It felt like home.

It gives me great comfort

to know that there will
be a place for you.

Should you decide to keep it.

I adore you Hannah.

And you can bet your
bottom dollar.

I am missing you at this exact
moment, wherever I am.

All my love, Nana.

It's so good
right? Check this out.

Isn't that great?

You look fabulous.

Cole. Hey Cole, come
check this out.

What happened?

Hannah's article came out.


But don't you want to read it?

I don't know.

Cole you have to read it.

We'll cover for you here,
take your time read it.

I'm good dad.

Oh, for Pete's sake,
just read it you dummy.

She loves you.


Read it.

So, Cole?

It's a great article.

She's a good writer and you guys

she tells your story better
than you do I'd have to say.

It is it good isn't it?

Did you read to the end?

Yeah, I read it.

Okay let me. And I quote,

"One can't help but wonder"

if the Walker's marriage
is the exception to the rule.

An out liar in a
downward facing trend,

but then you meet
their children.

Who in spite of their hardships

have refused to
succumb to cynicism.

Spend enough time with them,

"and you too may become a
believer in lasting love."

She loves you.

That's not what that says.

You need to go find her.

I don't know I just...

Honey it's okay to be scared.

It's a big thing, moving on.

But it's worth it.

She's worth it.

How do I know where to find her?

Aaron probably has her
address on file somewhere.

I can get him
to text it to you, go.

Are you going to be
fine here though?

- Go ahead.
- We'll be fine go.

Cole go!

Good luck Honey.

Cole! Cole!


Come on.


Aaron! Hi.

What's going on?

Listen I changed my
mind I don't wanna sell.

But I thought you said...

I'm sorry I know it's crazy,

but I want to
stay here, my house.

But we just finished the
final inspection.

Is there anything you can do?

Well, technically they
haven't signed

the contract yet since
it was based on

this final inspection.

So meaning?

I think I can talk
her out of it.

Thank you. Thank you
so much.

- You got it.
- Okay.


Cole, hey!

What are you doing?

My key got stuck in the thing...

I actually came to see you.

Hannah I owe you an apology.

- No you don't...
- Yes I do.

I know that you were
never going to publish

that piece about Olivia and me.

Just in the moment there was
so much going on in my head.

I think I was scared about
what was going on with us.

Felt like an out, so I took it.

I'm so sorry Cole.

Don't be, look I never planned

to fall for anyone after Olivia.

I didn't even think it
was possible.

And all of a sudden,
here you are.

And I'm thinking about
you all the time

and I'm coming up with
excuses to see you.

And I wouldn't let myself
admit what was happening

there was an us

because it came with all
these other feelings too.

Bottom line is, I think
I'm falling for you.

And I really don't want
you to leave.

Please don't go.

You know I spent so much time
trying to convince myself.

That what I was
feeling between us

was just a flash in the pan.

Bound to fade, because, Cole
that's all I have ever known.

And the more time I
spent getting to know you

and your family

The more it felt like home.

And I started thinking
maybe I was wrong.

You know maybe he
could be different


we could be different.

I am not going anywhere Cole.