Cabarete (2019) - full transcript

A teenage kitesurfer from the Dominican Republic sets out to compete professionally in the coastal town of Cabarete, but soon gets caught up in an endless stream of hard partying that attempts to get the best of him.

Slow down son! Slow down!

This engine
can't handle that. Take it easy!

Inspired by true events.

Put it in the water.

Rinse it. Now pull it out.

- What if a shark comes?
- We fish it.

Heck, now that
you mention it, it could happen.

And it can rip your hand off.

- OK Dad, can we go?
- Wait.

- Let's go!
- What's the rush son?

- Hurry up.
- Now we can go.

Hey, Hey, Hey!

Where are you going?

Leave it, I"ll take care of it.

If you fished like you surf,

there wouldn"t be
any fish left in the sea.

- It's kitesurfing dad!
- It"s all the same thing!

Damn. You Sankies
just drink all day.

Oh yeah? It"s happy hour bro.

And all you do is kite. What"s
the problem with that my nigga?

Kiting is a way of life man.


Hey Somi!

Hurry up!

Sniff this.
Gaby let me touch it.


Ready Gringo?


These rookies...

Hand him the board. There it is.

- Everything OK?
- Yeah very good!

- Thank you!
- No worries!

Is that a rental? I can't see.

Yes, he's falling.

Come on.

Oh yeah! There he goes.

- Are you with Big Willy?
- Yes.


- OK. Very good!
- Thank you.

Do you take a tip?

Yeah, yeah! Somi grab it!

Thank you.

Great! Now you'll see.

- Rock, paper, scissors!
- I won!

You better do
something out there!

Watch this trick.
Maria is gonna get wet for me.

Go! Before
Big Willy finds out. Let's go!

Go! Go!

You kidding me? She's not gonna
get wet with a trick like that.

Now do a real trick.

Finally, showing some moves!

Shit! You stole my kite!
You little bastards!

- We're just borrowing it.
- Is that how it is now?

- Just for a little while.
- I'm too old for this shit.

Fuck this. I"m calling the cops.

You're not calling anyone.

Go Somi!

You little fuckers!
Give me that kite!

You know how much that's worth?!

Come on Big Willy!

Fuck you bastards, go steal
a kite from your grandmother!

You're such a party pooper!

Come on man!
Help a bro make it big.


Come. There"s someone
here that you want to meet.

Shit. And just like
that... he's settled.

And I have to stay here
with a fucking boner!

You think he's fucking Maria
and keeping it all to himself?

Let"s go find another Gringo.

Look who"s there.

- Is that Bibby?!
- Yep, come!

- Come!
- Wow.

Hey Bibby!

You know who I am?
You must like kiting a lot.

Are you kidding me?
I"m one of your fans.

I see you everywhere.

- What's your name?
- Somalia.

I saw you out there.
Saw some moves.

I'm trying,
but this is no way to do it...

borrowing kites.

Borrowing kites?

That's nothing to worry about.
That's how I got started.

And during
those days... it was great.

I want you to train me.


- I want you to train me.
- Train you to do what?

To kite well,
and learn the tricks.

I don't know man.

I don"t have time
to be training anybody.

When I have a competition
right around the corner...


The wind was nice.


I would even by willing
to go to Cabarete.

- To Cabarete?
- To train with you.

The only thing is that
I don"t have a kite.

But, I"d be willing to go.

Look. I take this very
seriously. You got that?

Tell me now if you"re
gonna be in Cabarete tomorrow.

Because I ain't gonna walk with
two kites strapped to my back.

I'm telling you, I'm serious.

- Sure?
- Of course.

OK. Let's do it.

Man. Let me get out of here.

Bro. Tomorrow,

9:30 a.m. I"ll see you there.

What did he say?

Do you think a champion,
two time winner in France...

is gonna come here,
to the chiringuito?

- Talk! What did he say?!
- Yeah, tell us.

He invited me to Cabarete
to train with him.


You gotta be fucking with me?

Somi with Bibby Burgos.
Can you believe it!?

Get the mamajuana Maria.
Time for a drink.

Never Mamajuana.

Hold your horses.


And how do you plan
to get there?

He's right.
You don"t even have a ride.

The bike.

You have to fish with
Don Bartolo tomorrow.

You're not going anywhere bro.

Jesus Sixsix, leave him alone.

Don"t stress Somi,
they"ll be others.

- Wait here.
- Cool.

Hello Don Miguel.

- Take this.
- Thanks.

Maybe if you fish
early you can make it.

Forget it.

There's no chance I can fish
and make it to Cabarete.

- Aren't you Bartolo"s kid?
- Yes.

He was one
of the big ones from the hood,

from Puerto Plata.

He made it to AA.

Pay attention to the game.

Bartolo threw 90mph,
How much are you throwing?

No, I don"t play.

Hasn"t he told you why they
called him "“the coconut guy"”?

Yeah, all the time.

Capicua twenty five.

Bro, did Don Bartolo
really make it to AA?

Nah Bro, I don"t know shit.

How come?

He never talks about it.

Do you really think
that if he had signed,

he'd still be fishing here?

Probably never made it anywhere.

Relax man.

- Dad.
- Yes?

I was with Victor
at the market...

and the folks there
wouldn't stop talking about you.

They said they used
to call you "the coconut guy."

Who said that?

The usuals there. They were
listening to a ball game and...

they said that back in the
day nobody could throw like you.

Why don't you ever talk about

Dinner is ready. Where's Ramon?


Come! Finish up there.
Dinner is ready.

- Time to eat.
- Finally.

Wait Bartolo! Wait!

In the name of the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


Now you may dig in.

Guess who I met today.

You still messing
with that kite shit?

Ramon, shut up. Bibby Burgos.

One of the best
kitesurfers in the entire world.

And can you believe
he's Dominican?


You don"t have to be an
athlete to be important.


What truly matters

is to be someone with integrity.

Devoted to work.

Dad. Slackers
can"t understand that.

Look at Dr. Ramirez,

or Mr. Perez, the architect.

Who's from Puerto Plata.

Mr. Perez, the architect?

Yes, they are great examples.

He invited me to train
with him in Cabarete.

No. Cabarete? Oh no baby, no.

Forget about it.

Are you hearing this?

Tomorrow we're going fishing.

But why can"t Ramon go?!

Ramon works,

and you know it.

Are you outta your mind?!

It's just for one day.

Listen to me.
You heard your father.

Honey, there will
be another day.

- Another day?!
- Yes!

People like that
never come here.


- Give me that.
- What are you doing here?

I hope that fucker Sixsix
doesn"t fuck up at the market.

I got him to cover for me,
to help out here.

- For real B?
- Yeah.

But you gotta teach
me those tricks later.

Thanks B.

Today for you, tomorrow for me.

- Shall we go Victor?
- Yes Don Bartolo.

One thing...
how am I gonna get there?

Easy son, on foot.

Hop on your majesty.

You had it all figured out...

- Today for me,
- Tomorrow for me.


- Farewell son.
- Thanks Dad!

You gotta
tell me everything later.

You got it.

Thanks Maria.

Don"t you go crazy out there.

No. You know me.

Victor will pick you up later.

- Alright.
- Talk to you later.

Hey Somalia! What"s up brother?

Here it is. As promised,
I brought you the kite.

Time to practice.
Grab your line, your bar...

- Shit! This one is brand new!
- Yeah, what did you think?

Now let's see how it flies.

So tell me...

How's the kiting on this side?

You'll see. It's a good spot to
practice for the competition.

Master of the sky.
Cabarete edition.

Somalia, Somalia!

Fill up your kite.

Is this where you got started?

Yes. Here is where I took off.
Cabarete! The best kiting spot!

Got it.

Hey, focus!
The beach is this way bro.

This is what we're here for.
You look distracted!

You gotta
teach me that double KGB.

Nice, you got it.

Hold on, wait for me.
Check out this jump.

Watch this.


What about this one?

Hey Somi!

You surprised me.
You got some decent skills.

More than I expected.

I told you, I"m in all the way.

I'm glad.

You think I have a chance
to compete and get sponsored?

Concentrate on kiting
the rest will find its way.

- Just focus on the kite.
- Got it.

Hey, you!

I hadn"t seen you around here.

You wanna grab a drink with us?

Give me a minute.

Did you hear that B?

Those girls
are waiting for us in there.

Tempting Somi...

But I have to return
the scooter. Let"s go home.

B. You go ahead.
I"m gonna check it out.

If I leave you won"t
have a ride back.

But I see you've
made up your mind.

You made me come
here for nothing.

- You owe me a beer.
- You got it.

Come, come over here!

Don't be shy.

What"s your name?

- They call him Somalia.
- Somalia?

I'm an atheist Somalia.

Do you know what that means?

- No.
- It means that...

I don"t believe
in anything I can"t see.

But today...

Fuck! I was impressed.

With your talent, Somalia,
I"ll get you out of here.

- Show you the world.
- The world?

- Don"t laugh.
- For real?

How did you learn to do that?

I don't know. I just got in
the water and it kinda happened.

- Where are you from?
- From Puerto Plata.

Puerto Plata...
a local kid, that"s good.

Do you like it here in Cabarete?

I like it a lot,
the wind... the beach...

The girls...

I was 16 once too.

I like Cabarete as well,
How it feels... the energy.

I want to be part of
everything in Cabarete.

And I think you can help me out.

Have you heard about
the "“Great Wind" ” Tournament?

Of course. That's the main
competition every summer here.

I want to win that tournament.

You're a kitesurfer?

I"m the wind.

I have a great idea
with Cabarete Somalia.

It'll be for Kitesurfing what
Montecarlo is for Formula 1.

I know a lot of people
in the kiting world.

Listen. You kite for me,

and I"ll pay
all your entry fees.

I"ll get you the best equipment.

This is your house now,

but win me that tournament.

Of course.

- How does that sound?
- Sounds interesting.

Remember Somalia,

Everything in life
is a competition.

Those who win
are those who fight.


Ok, let's go.

Are you with Gerard?


I"m not with anybody.

- Do you want a drink?
- Sure.

Gerard pays for everything.

A mojito for me.

What"s up man?

So now you"re
in the sankypankeo?

Yeah bro, give us the tips.

Hey! Give me three shots please.

Good. To loosen up.

Bottoms up.

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

Later fellas.

So, are you another
kiter from the area?


How do you take
that beating every day?

Don"t you like to chill?

You like Ibiza?

Is that a drink here?

Yeah, a drink...

Can you get me one at the bar?

Sure, why not.

Tell them to order
a "Barcelona".

Give me a "Barcelona".

You had to fuck things up.

Stop making fun of him.
Leave Somalia alone.

Fuck you Manuel.

I"m outta here.

You gotta understand that
we the Dominican barracudas...

have to watch out for
these white sharks.

So, what's the deal?
Are you fucking her already?

No. But... I like her.

Be careful.

The party continues at the hotel

Gerard believes in you.

You impressed him out there.

He wants to help you.

For real?

Do I look like I"m kidding?

- What time is it?
- Early in the morning.

- I have to go to work.
- Work?

Manuel will take you.
Don't worry about it.

You have to come tomorrow.
It"s important for your future.

The fisherman"s beach
is the next turn.

Really?! Dude, I know every
corner in Puerto Plata.

Listen, you gotta come back.

I don"t know if I can,
I gotta be in Puerto Plata,

- fish with my dad.
- Somalia, what"s your plan?

Keep selling little fish
at the market?

Look, Gerard went crazy
with you on that kite.

Riding that kite thing...
you can make a lot of money.

You can even buy
your dad a new boat,

and hire a couple
of guys to fish for him.

I don't know what I'll do man.

Should we go?

You told me you
were going to practice...

What happened?

I was practicing but...
then it got late.

Listen Juan,

The only thing that
matters in a man,

is his word.

And if he loses that,

he loses everything.

That man that brought you here,

he's not honest.

- But you don"t even know him.
- No.

But I know
what I"m talking about.

Now it's too late to fish
the buoy and the shore.

- You know what.
- What?

What if I handle the buoy
and you take the shore?

- Are you sure?
- Positive.

Victor! Victor!

What's up?

Bring it closer! Lift it!

- Here it is!
- Yeah!

This one wants
to get away. Gotcha!

What's the matter
you scared of fish?

Hit it!

Hold on!

- Hello.
- Hey. All good?

I brought the catch, very fresh.

Ah, that's nice.
A beautiful Dorado, good.

- How much?
- Gimme $30 for the big one.

- I can offer you $20.
- What do you mean, $20?

- That's all I got.
- Gimme $25.


- All good?
- Thank you.

- Should we take off?
- Hold on.

- Here you go B.
- What's that B?

That"s for you.

That"s from Don Bartolo"s sweat.

You gonna make me beg?

No way, a favor's
a favor, I won"t accept it.

Fine. Let's get outta here.

Move it! Give me that.

So you were in a party...
with a pool and everything?

Fuck Man! We grew up together
and you don't even invite me?

Bro. In Cabarete the kites
cover the whole sky.

Somi even met a gringa.

Is that so...
you met a gringa? Tell us.

Victor is just talking shit.

I'm focused on kiting.

So that's why you haven"t
checked my ass lately.


- Hey Somi, pay attention.
- It's your turn.

Guys, the trials
are in three weeks.

And I liked how
you all did it last time,

that you helped Victor,
and Victor helped me.

I need your help again.
This is important.

This fucker, you give him
a lift but he wants the wheel.

Look, if I win, I"ll get a kite,

and you won't have to steal
Big Willy"s anymore.

What do you have to say to that?

You're still
a long way from winning.

You're asking for too much...


Let"s help Somi so
he can train with Bibby.

If he does well, we all do.

- I support you Somi.
- Capicua.

You asking Victor
to fish with your dad now?

It's only for a few days. He's
covering for me while I train.

A couple of days?
And how much are you paying him?

Or is he doing it out of love?

- What's it you, man?
- Juan!

Sorry dad.

Listen, you should help
your dad out with the fishing.

Juan went one day to Cabarete
and came back wasted.

- That"s what he's gonna do there
- Ramon!

Juan is a very
responsible person.

If he says he'll practice,
he'll practice.

- You have my permission.
- Thanks Dad.

Juan, back by sundown.

Let me know
how the fishing goes.

- What's up?
- You trying to crack a joke?

Hey, Bibby!

- Somalia. Grab the lines.
- Sure.


Somalia! Bro! Stay on track!

Shit. It looks like you
have a fan club in Cabarete.

- Nah man, I'm focused.
- Focused?!


A lot of people come to Cabarete
wanting to become a pro.

Only to throw it all away.

If you want to
land a legit sponsorship,

you have to practice
and put in the time.

So they don't fuck you.
Like they did to me.

I"m just trying to help you.


Your tricks are improving.
The landing is clean.

You have to work
a little on your pop.

And check your bar.
It looks a bit off.

Hey, Somalia!

Look around you.
What do you think of this hotel?

It looks very good.

Upwind hotel.
Do you like how it sounds?

Sounds good.

Awesome! Of course,
I came up with that.

But I have
something much better.

Upwind Kite...


Do you like that?

Of course, I love it!

And you could be
the face of my brand.

- Would you like that?
- Yes.

You have to win me
the tournament, of course.

We can"t have a loser among us.

- No, not that.
- Of course not.

But to begin...

I need something from you.

What's this?

Don't worry, it's nothing.
Look at your face.

It's a formality.

It says that - I'll represent you.
- Just sign it.

But perhaps,
you don't know how to write.

Look, look.

Take your time,
it's an important decision.

For now, it's time to have fun.

Eh, girls?

What's going on here?

Look at your faces.
It's a place for fun.

You're back from Filzmoos.


One Hundred dollars.

If you jump into
the swimming pool.

I want to jump.

But you have to jump with me.

- I love that.
- Ah yeah? Let's go.

I have to jump.

In this swimming pool, or...

or the one on the roof?

Come in!

- Oh Somi.
- Hey.

Are you enjoying yourself?

You want a drink?

This party continues
tomorrow at 8:00 a.m.

Right after
my yoga class. Let's go.

Come on, come on.


Not you!

- This is your room.
- My room?


Surely, she stays with you.

What happened in there?

You don't care about
what happened?

You just want to fuck me.

OK, you don't want to talk...

I'll take off then.

OK. Don't go.

It"s just that...
things are a little...

complicated for me right now.

Why don't you tell me?

Hello, hello. Rise and shine.

How"s the prince?

I can"t remember anything.


At first,

I was afraid.

With all that down there.


But then I...

I started to get along with it.

- Really?
- Oh yes.

I spent two hours

on top of that horse.


You believed me?

You were completely wasted.

You got me, but OK...

Shit, is that a new kite?

"So you don't have to keep
borrowing Bibby's"

It's new. Right?

And he wants you to sign it.


What do you think?
Should I sign?

- Me?
- Yes.

Depends on what you want.

Don't you think it's better...

to wait until
after the competition?

I think that...

you should trust the people
who've been with you,

since the beginning.

Let me see.

Why don't we get
out of here today.

Away from Gerard,

pool parties, clubs.

I want something real.

What"s up, you're tired?

We could keep going, over there.

No way, that"s where I grew up.

- Really?
- Yeah.

OK, I want to go.

No, let"s go somewhere else.

- No.
- Yes, yes.

No, no, no. Somi, I want to go.

I"m telling you,
there"s nothing there.

I know what I"m talking about.

OK, then I'll go alone.

Where are you going girl?

Hey. Hey. Come here.

Somi! Somi!

Let's keep going.


To a cool place, you'll see.

- That's it.
- There?

- No, not there. There!
- Over there!

I would love to have this.

If this were the
only thing you had...

you wouldn"t be saying that.

Yes, but...

this place is
a true home for you.

I grew up in a place where

people spend a lot of money,

and everyone I know
belongs to this world.

I've only known
a safe little bubble.

Don't listen to me.

I'm talking nonsense.

I'm a spoiled gringa.

And I'm surrounded
by many people.


I feel alone.

But you can do
whatever you want.

You know?

And in Puerto Plata,
people never go anywhere.

My dad, almost became
a pro baseball player.

He almost got out.

But he never made it.

He stayed here.

No one ever gets out of here.

Maybe you're right,
and there's nothing out there.

But I want to see it
with my own eyes.

I want to know.

Do you want to go?

And see the world?

Of course I want to go.

You think we can help
each other get there?

- Sure.
- Yes? How?

Come on, let's go in.

I'm game... if you're game.

What are you doing?

- Somi.
- You gotta trust me first.

Don't you dare!

- Be careful!
- Jump!

Come on! Jump!

I can't.


Open your mouth.

It's good. Right?

Close your eyes.

What about this?


You've been
kiting for some time.

A day or two.

Is that you?

No. That's one of my idols.

Don"t you think you should meet

more people in the kiting world?

A sponsor, or a brand?

But I already know Gerard.


But you only know Gerard.

Forget about it.

No, no... tell me.

- It's nothing.
- Tell me, what's on your mind?

I've known Gerard
a long time. And...

he doesn"t care about people.

It's like a hobby for him,

and I'm just like him.

I don't think so.

Yes, be careful with me.

You're nothing like him.

At first,

I was only hanging out with you
because Gerard asked me to.

It doesn't matter.


I am Bartolo.

And I'm Francesca.

- Hello.
- Hello.


Who's that gringa?


I thought you were
training in Cabarete.

And instead you"re
chasing women.

Are you listening to me?

Don't test my trust.

Look Somalia.
This is Sashimi, SA-SHI-MI.

A delicacy.

That's just raw fish, but OK...

And you Francesca?
Where were you last night?

- Have you been avoiding us?
- It wasn"t a night to go out.

We were touring Puerto Plata.

Splendid, do tell.

Somalia, the contract, yes?

Not yet.

Don"t tell me Bibby's
been messing with your head.

He doesn't have the faith
that I have in you.

Somalia, I've already
spread the word about you.

I have locked in bets.
I even ordered T-shirts.

I'm taking a risk with you.

So it's time, sign my love.

So that we can show
the world your talent.

Embarrassed? I don't want you
to be embarrassed. Hold on.


I don"t know how many more

of your little
projects I can take.

Gerard, these Dominicans
are beginning to bore me.

Hey. Shut up!
This is none of your business.

I gotta make a name
in the kiting world first.

After that, it"s just
working with the stars.

No more dealing
with the Somalias of the world.

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

Blue or Grey?

Whichever you like.

This one.

And now, a swimming suit.

No, I have one.

Super ugly.

This one's in fashion.

Let me see.

This one too.

I don"t even recognize myself.

I love it.

What's up Somi.

Somi, I see you hustling.

Look at that flow.
You gotta keep us up to date.

Let"s take a selfie.

You still have a long
way to go to reach me.

But, you look good.

OK, ladies, gents!
Today we celebrate!

Just three days away
from the competition.

But we have the champion!


- Somi? What's wrong?
- Nothing.

Don't be afraid.

Let me do it.

Hey, Somi!, Somi!

Hey! What's up?

What are you doing here?

Bro, it's Maria's
birthday today.

Don't you remember?

Hey there, congratulations.

Any of you want a drink?

Dude. What's with that outfit?

It's for the sponsors.

Oh is that right...
the sponsors...

You look like a Sanky Panky!

And who do you think you are?

Get the hell outta here,
you fucking shoe shiner.

Hey! Stop it! Stop it!

I'm leaving.

Bro, come with us.
Let's get out of here.


B, you know I can't leave.

You can, you just won"t.

After all I"ve done for you?

We're all busting
our asses for you.

That's right...
your father fishing everyday;

while I make deliveries.

Just so you can get fucked up,
with your shitty gringa.

Don't fuck with my gringa!

Somalia, don"t worry about them.

You don't need them.

Dance with me?

I"m late, I gotta go.

- I gotta go practice.
- Huh?

- I gotta practice.
- No, no.

Victor was right. What's
the point if I'm not kiting?

I gotta go. I'm sorry.

But I"ll come back later.

My friend! What's up, all good?

I'm ready, let's hit the water.

Yesterday you didn't
come and today you're late.

Let me explain...

I thought you were
serious about this.

But you're just distracted,

drinking and partying
all the time.

Bro, it"s not like that.

I"m super committed, we gotta
train for the competition.

Dude, the competition's
around the corner. You feel me?

And you couldn't care less.

B, don't leave me
like this. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry,
but I can't practice with you.

I even have a contract now.

I can't believe it...
with fucking Gerard.

I"m ready B.

- Ready for what?
- To train with you.

Can"t you understand? I'm not
training with you anymore.

Gerard is gonna fuck you.
That's what he'll do.



It won't happen again!



Hey! Hey! What"s going on?

Nothing. Right Francesca?

Just talking about the past.


I'm just handling the
situation, there's a difference.

You'll appreciate it
after you sign the contract.

This is a business that
requires special skills,

to avoid people taking advantage
of you. That's why I'm here.

Yes, Gerard is right.

It's a business
that requires special skills.

Very good my love.

I"m not gonna sign any contract!

Thank you for your offer!

Thank you for my offer?!

You fucked me Somalia.

Now you're gonna
get fucked in Cabarete.

Do you like all this?

Take a look at it, Somalia.

It'll be the last time
you"ll be in a place like this.

Let's go.


To a hotel, where else?

- A hotel?
- Yes.


I'm not getting any
money from my family.

It's been months since
Gerard pays for everything.

My bikinis, my room,
my mojitos, everything.


So, without Gerard I have
to say goodbye to all this,

and fly back to Paris.

Calm down. We"ll get
a job and it'll be fine.

Calm down?!

We'll get a job and you
won't have to depend on Gerard.

A job?

I've never had a job.

What do you expect?
You want me to fish lobster now?

- Hey. Take it easy.
- Easy?!

I'll get the first place
in the competition.

Get the prize money,

and we'll go anywhere
we want, just you and me.

You haven"t even qualified.

You don't even have a kite!


That's not a plan,
that's a dream!

- You don't believe in me?
- Yes...

- I believe in you, if not...
- You have to leave.

Don't touch me!

Let's go.

Victor and your friends told me
they're done helping you,

Because you're just
partying day and night.

You wouldn't understand.

No wonder you never
made it playing ball.

Watch it, damn it.
Don't change the subject.

This is about you,
being reckless!

I"ll show you in the qualifiers.

We can crash here
for as long as we need.

So you made it.
I heard Gerard kicked you out.

That's why I came.
To see if you could help me out.

Oh, the most talented guy
in Cabarete now needs my help?

Bro, I need
a little cash to get a kite.

Kites are expensive.

And tomorrow are the qualifiers
and Gerard took my kite.

I can"t lend you,
but I can help you.

- Cool.
- Give me a second.

There's fifty in there.

Bro, I don't sell drugs.

You don't do this...
You don't get the kite.

We have a deal.

Take care Somalia.


What the fuck is wrong with you?

Dude. We're gonna
have to report you.

- We're fucking with you.
- What's up guys?

Just hanging...

How much for one of those?

You know what?

This is selling like crazy.

- They are $20 a pop.
- $20?


Anything you sell on
top of that, it's yours.

Give me that. Let me see.

- Let's do this shit.
- Cool.

Hey blondie!
What"s up with you? Wow!

So fucking hot.

Get out!

Grab your shit!

Hey, what"s up? You want a pill?

I'll give you three half price.
They're cheap.

Is that what I think it is?


Do you want one?

Give me five.


There's a lot
of people here. Follow me.

Where's the money?

Hey, can I use your kite?

Please? Hey you!

Ladies and gents.

Welcome to this edition
of Master of the Sky.

Today are the
qualifiers and we'll get to see

who gets to advance
in this incredible competition.

Man, lend me your kite.

The conditions
are perfect. 20 knots of wind.

Can I borrow your kite?

Bro, let me use your kite?

No bro, get your own kite.

Hey. You need a kite?

On its way to the water.

A local from
Puerto Plata, Juan Rodriguez.

There he goes!

Known around these shores as Somalia.

Promising talent.
He's a serious contender.

The expectations are
high, let's see what he can do.

He's making use
of the ideal conditions.

Go Somi!

A great jump folks. Impressive.

We see confidence building up,
this kid's on fire...

He's going for
the big jump and...

Terrible crash for
the favorite from Puerto Plata.

It seems he
might have gotten hurt.

Unfortunately that's it for Somalia.

Coming up, we
have Siu Chiang from Hawaii...

Bibby Burgos better watch out.

The scouts are in the area,

looking to establish a
connection with the kitesurfers.

Cheese and eggs Empanadas,

- What do you have in there?
- Cheese and eggs.

Give me one.

Not now.

Partner. How's it going?

Hi, Somalia.

Manuel, yesterday...

Yesterday? Give me a second...
Yesterday... right.

Where"s my money?

Well, about that...
I don't have it. I got mugged.

You got mugged, right...

Listen, I"ll give you two
days, because I like you.

And if not... take a look.

Nothing good is coming
to you and your family.

Hey, give me one
of those empanadas.

- Which one?
- Whichever. Let's see.

grabbed her bags and left.

She left
with a man in a new car.

Didn't say anything.
She simply left.

I'm sorry son.

Perhaps, it wasn't for you.

Where's Dad?

He's at the beach with the yola.

What happened?
Everything alright?

What did you do, Juan?

What did you do?

I told you that man wasn"t good.

What? Did you sell the yola?

Now I"m fishing for another man.

That's not fair.

At least we don"t owe that man.

I'll pay for the yola.
I'll work double.

Those are just words.
Simply words.

Hey, hey, hey.

You know that's not free.

Big Willy.
Give me a break. Please.

Just because you're
one of the good ones...

I"ll lend it to you.

Fuck it, let me help you.
Grab the line and start walking.

Just remember, that
gear's expensive as fuck.

Who do you think
fixes the lines everytime

you break them and run off?
Me, that's who.

I should smack you right now.

But I don't. You wanna know why?

Because you ride well.

- It's nice seeing you ride.
- You're like a billboard out there.

I'm fucked.

Why, 'cause of the
competition in Cabarete?

I fucked up.

You're 18 bro.

You're supposed to fuck up.

That's life. Just keep going.

Like my dad? Who
never made it in baseball.

And now everyone just
talks shit about him.

Are you listening to yourself?

Stop believing everything
you hear at the market.

Your father was the best.

He had an offer
to pitch in the U.S.

But he chose to stay here.

Are you for real?

Point is, he had the
chance to choose.

All the guys just want
to leave... but not him.

And you also get to choose.

Because you're talented.

How's that drink?

Damn good.

I really screwed
things up, didn't I?

We've survived much worse.

Tell me. Cabarete...

was it worth it?

You think?


When we go fishing...

You know the location
of the buoy. Right?

Wrestling with the sea currents
is part of the journey.

Any fisherman who doesn't
get that... is fucked.

I heard you had an
offer to play pro baseball.

Everyone loves that story
here in Puerto Plata.

- Why did you do it?
- Leave pro baseball?

No. Support me with Cabarete.

Juan, you had to go. Even
if it was just to regret it.

If you hadn't gone,

you would've never known
if you had it in you or not.

You know from experience.

That's right.

Would you give me permission?

To leave fishing
and pursue kiting for good?

You don't need
my permission anymore.

The corals are over there.
Careful going through them.

Also watch out
for those rocks...

Maria! Maria!

Hey! That's my gallon.

- Did you order the water bottle?
- That's right.

- OK.
- B?

What do you want man?

B. I know you've helped me
a lot. Now it's my turn.


I have a brand new kite!

Aren't you in enough
trouble already?

Without having to steal kites.

No man. Now I'm working for
Big Willy. Training Gringos...

Good for you. Man, you
don't have any friends left.


- Come on...
- Ah! You fucker!

You're learning how
to hustle properly.

- Damn!
- Brand new!

Look at this beauty.

- Today for you.
- And tomorrow for me.

Bro, what was your
obsession with the gringa?

Was she a good fuck? Is that it?

She drove you crazy.

Forget about that.
Come, let's head out.

Come on! Let's go!

So who's fishing
with Don Bartolo?

Now that you're here
kiting with the gringos?

He's getting by with Ramon.

It was cool, all those days
messing with kites.

Bro, come to Big Willy's school.

We'll kitesurf every day.

Nah man.

I gotta manage the market now.

Is it true they're
serving warm beers?

Bullshit. Stick those
complaints up your ass.

I'll earn the big bucks
and spend them here with Maria.

I'm going to the finals.

- You wanna come with me?
- Why do you want to go?

I want to go.

Support Bibby.

He was good to me.

What an spectacular landing.

Folks, we're getting closer to
the end of this ninth edition.

Master of the sky.
We have our finalists...

Bibby, I hope
you do well in there.

Thanks man.

We had a good time
out there, practicing together.

- Thank you for the lessons.
- You got it.

We also have Fer
Rivas, the surprise of the event

Ivan Herrera, and Siu Chiang.
Whose had a great run...

And it's the turn
of Siu Chiang from Hawaii...

The audience is eager

to see the verdict
from the judges...

What a skill
level among the kiters...

And we have
a fall, how unfortunate.

Where's Juan?

It seems he left.

- What do you mean he left?!
- He did.

What's left now is to wait...

and see
who'll emerge as the winner.

The judges
have a tough decision indeed.


It seems there's a rogue kiter.

Who hasn't noticed
there's a competition here.

Oh, look it's Somalia.

Ladies and gents,

let me clarify that kitesurfer
is not competing.

He positions himself
and delivers a fascinating move.

Incredible achievement.

That's the kid I told you about.

He has a lot of talent.

Not sure why Somalia
is doing all these great jumps

since he's out
of the competition

- but the crowd is cheering.
- He's a pro.

I was the one who trained him.

And I can spot a
couple anxious sponsors...

And just like that
the participant walks away.

what we've seen today.

See you in the big leagues.

Good Ride!
And that's what matters.

The best one!

- Did you see that?!
- He's a pro.

Somi! Somi!

Well done.

Come! And...

Have a drink with us!



And with me.

Take care Francesca.

I hope you find
what you're looking for.

Adeuri Corniel,
who plays Somalia,

is a real kitesurfer
from Cabarete.

After filming,
Adeuri went on to compete

in the Youth Olympic Games in

and won the gold medal. He
became the youth world champion.

- My name is Adeuri.
- Where are you from?

I'm from The Dominican Republic.
I'm 10 years old.

You gonna go ride?

Yes, I go.

- Where are you from?
- Dominican Republic.

Alex, don't
record my girlfriend!

Adeuri Corniel
from Dominican Republic!

Adeuri Corniel,
champion of Cabarete.

I want to sponsor The Ozone

I want a kite 7.

What's up. If you don't like
looking at me, get the hell out.

Bye. The next time you see
my facebook... Adeuri Corniel.