Cabaret (1986) - full transcript

University student sax player gets a lesson in the hard-boiled noir life.


Thank you again.

Give it to the sax player.


Shun, for you.

What is it?

Tip from the man in the reserved seat.

Oh, Mr. Takigawa.


I don't want it.

I don't want anything from a yakuza.

Just take it.

He's high up on the totem pole.

- You don't want to make him mad.
- That's right. Just take it.

I wonder why he always
requests the same song.

"Left alone?"

He listens to that one
song then quietly leaves.

It's eerie.

Midori's going to sing
her usual. Get ready.



Wake up!

Good morning, Kubo.

How long are you going
to sleep? You'll rot.


I went to sleep at dawn.

I couldn't sleep because
the drunks were noisy.

Let's go to the bathhouse.

Go alone.

- About that...
- I have no money.

Just 1,000 yen.
For a bath and a beer.

And I'll feel I can survive another day.

Please help me out.

- No request yet.
- "Left Alone?"

He must be busy.

There are rumors that the rival
gang's been bothering him.

You're well informed on yakuza affairs.

The Kikukawa family
only deals with gambling.

Everything else was out of the question.

But then, the Hokuyu family came in.

Hokuyu is one of the largest
in the Kanto Alliance.

You know them, don't you?

- I've heard of them.
- What the hell are you doing?!

You'll damage me if you touch
me with those bulky hands!

Keep away!

What the hell?!

Get him out.

You need to be careful.

Can you play "Left Alone"?


"Left Alone.”

Are you all right, Shun?

Don't worry. I can do it.


I lost my drive.

I'm sorry.

A pity. You started great.

Don't pity me.

I'm still an amateur, just as I thought.

Can you please play "Memories of You"?

Hey, I heard there was an incursion.

Really? That's something.

A man intruded into Takigawa's
gambling party with a 100 yen coin.


A young man from Hokuyu.

Hokuyu sent a youngster to stir up trouble?

Seriously? That's a declaration of war.


Wait, wait, Shun!

What is it?

Thanks for earlier. You saved me.

It wasn't me.

You tried to. That's good enough.

I want to repay you.
Let me buy you a drink.

No need to repay me.

Oh, no. A couple.


Yeah, here.

Three years ago, Takigawa killed a man here.

He'll probably use this place again.


What do we do?

When Takigawa arrives,

we'll use our cars to attack him from
both sides and lead him down the pier.

We get as close as we
can and pull the trigger.

That's all.

There's no escape.

Won't he shoot us before
we get close enough?

He won't.

Takigawa doesn't carry a gun.

Because the cops are watching him.

At the very most,
his men might carry knives.

I'm surprised. Have you
been practicing all night?

Mr. Takigawa.

Are you going to the pier?

It's dangerous... if you go.

An ambush?

Go home.


Get out!

- Please don't kill me!
- Jump on your own.

Just as I expected.

Just as you expected?

Do you know them?


You know, don't you?
It's written on your face.

I don't know.

Who are you?

Hi, Shun! Did you wait?

Sorry I'm late.

Hi, Detective. Long
time no see. I'm...

I know, you're that Stardust girl.


He's in our band.

He's new.

He's from Tokyo and doesn't
know much about these parts.



Did he do something?




Shunichi Yashiro.

Shun, you're killing me.
I'm old, you know.

That's right. Be considerate.

Save your energy.
We can't keep up.

Amazing! You're on tonight!

No, I was only trying to be.

Want something?

Mr. Takigawa wants you.

A drink?



Leave us alone.


I don't understand.

What is it?

You're playing the same song,

but it sounds different tonight.


Like the album I heard before...

Waldron and McLean?

Not sure.

Your sound tonight was...

gloomier than usual.

It reminded me of the album.


I saw three dead bodies at the harbor today.


I can't get over it.

Maybe I shouldn't have told you.

Then you would have seen my body instead.

Simple as that.

Excuse me.

The cops are outside.

It appears it's Kosakai.

I have your gun.

That's what he wants.

I'm sorry, but can I ask you a favor?

Hello, K's Bar?


Can I speak to Kei?

Who is this?

I'm calling on behalf of Mr. Takigawa.


I don't know him.


Are you Kei?


Where are you calling from?

The Stardust at Morishita.

Hello? He's in trouble.

I passed on the
information. Goodbye.


Take off your sunglasses first.

You killed a man?



You're lying.

I know you.

I can see through you for some reason.

You win.

What do you want?

Will you keep it for me?

Who do you think you are?

What is it?

He's playing jazz...

the sax player.

I asked him to call you.

Is he good?


We hear you have a gun.


Three Hokuyu men were
killed, and they're irate.

You must be carrying a gun.

That job was beautifully done.

Three at once.

So like you.

Any proof?


That tells me you did it.

May I go?

For now.



Doesn't that feel great?

How would a yakuza's woman know about jazz?

She runs a bar. K's Bar.

Name's Kei Nanbu, so
K's Bar. Nice, huh?


Her brother's dead. He was
a famous alto sax player.

Mei Nanbu?

He played in New York with Miles Davis...

and died of drugs.

He was more popular in the States.


Are you OK?

I'll take you home.


I'm no good.

No talent...


Don't blame yourself.

You're talented.

I'm touched whenever I hear you play.

They all say the same.

Stop trying to make me feel better.

It hurts more.

He was a genius.

I'm trash.

I want to die.


Let's go to my room...

love me.

Forget jazz.

Just tonight.

Slept together?


We happened to meet here.



What'll it be?


We met at the harbor.


Takigawa's friend?

No. He's our customer.

A strange guest that requests
"Left Alone" every night?

He killed those three men.

Tell me what you know.

Shunichi Yashiro, 19,

a sophomore of Joumon University.

Your father is a wealthy CEO.
Your home is in Denenchofu.

This is no place for a
spoiled kid like yourself.

On top of that,
you slept with a slut like this.

Quit picking on us, cop.

Picking on you? I'm questioning him.

You have Takigawa's gun?

No way!


By the way...

Yasuhara's going to be released soon.


Know Yasuhara?


The dope-pusher?

I don't know.

He's Eiko's pimp.

He got busted, but...

if anything's going on between
you two, you better tone it down.

Thanks for waiting.


Don't leave me!

I have somewhere to go.


None of your concern.



Whiskey, on the rocks.


This is Mei Nanbu's sax.

Wow, I'm impressed.

He's unique.

His sound's delicate...
no, that's not it.

More like it's exposing
his shaking nerves...

like reaching the extremities of sound.


He wanted to go farther.


Then it wouldn't be jazz.


So he took dope.

He could get along with jazz
while he was numb and tripping.

That's enough.

You won't find a gun here no
matter how hard you search.

I was surprised to find you're
still faithful to Takigawa.

- You've got to be kidding.
- No joke.

Why else would you help
him by keeping his gun?

I told you.

I don't have his gun.

What a leech.

Hey. Enough.


He killed his first man ten years ago.

I'm not interested.

It regards "Left Alone."

The murder scene was a game hall.

There was a jukebox playing.

When I arrived it was still
playing in a pool of blood.

The music got in my head.

And Mr. Takigawa?

He had an alibi.

He had been with a woman.

This woman here.

This woman brought in many witnesses
and protected him until the very end.

Long, long ago.

I forgot.

If you're through with
him, tell me the truth.

There's still time to get him.

Society has laws and justice.

If you're not gonna respect
it, you're the same as them.


The jazz that I love

has no room for snobbish
justice and arrogant laws.

Same as them? That's fine.

Me too.



You came to talk to me?


I wanted to ask what's wrong with my sax.

But now I understand.

You do?

It's a matter of heart.

All I have is style.

You have heart.

But it hasn't bled or cried.

It only sings.

Have one more drink before leaving.

Been waiting?

Idiot. You'll catch a cold.

I don't care if I catch a cold.

I don't care if get a fever and die.

Come in.

Is it OK?

I was born here.


At a harbor nearby.

There were more ships then.

I was born on one.

I grew up in this town.

I'll need to leave soon.


My man is getting out.

I'm sick of being taken advantage of.

I'll find a hideout.

I have to leave Yokohama.


Will you come with me?


Never mind.

You prefer jazz over girls.

We'd better not meet.

I'm afraid I might get you involved.

This is the last time.

It must be Kubo.

Hi! How are you?

Fine. What brought you here?

Nothing. I just wanted to see you.

You need nourishment.

But you look fine. I'm glad.

Care for coffee first?
I know a nice cafe.

I bought some coffee.

I'll get it ready.



I'm leaving.

Thanks for last night.


Living together?
Or a one night stand?

Nothing like that.

You're in the lower depths,
just like you wished.

I don't think so.

You said the university
was too clean for jazz,

so you left to go find your own jazz.

This place looks kind of like Harlem.

Jazz corresponds with Harlem,
whores and the smell of narcotics.

Coltrane died a miserable death.
Billy Holiday got hooked on drugs and died.

How's everyone else doing?

Fine. The "Swing Journal” said

we're the best school jazz club.

They're all great players.

Tanokura plays bass like a guitar.

Like a pro.

They all have good technique.

Tanokura warned me once.

He said I'm antiquated.

Drugs, alcohol addiction...

that believing the spirit of blues
is always born from misery

is an antiquated illusion.

Don't you think it's time to get rid of it?

I've just found my sound. I'm a baby.

I want to grow up.

He proposed to me.


He got an offer from Mitsui Enterprise.

That's why.


So he'll become a decent,
prosaic office clerk.

A regular businessman who never
reveals his old passion for jazz.

Who'll sometimes plays at
office parties just for fun,

and who'll be popular with the girls.

Can't jazz be a hobby?

Not to me.

I see.

I'm going home.

Have that girl cook the stuff I brought you.


It's been a long time, Boss.

Have you been doing well?

Yes, sir. Mr. Takigawa has
taken very good care of me.

You've been trained well.

- You did well, Takigawa.
- I didn't do anything special.


I learned so much just being at his side.

All right, you may go.


- Welcome.
- Wild Turkey, double.

Yes, sir.


- Yes?
- What is it that you want?

Just accept this without saying anything.

From now on, please forget
that we were brothers.


I joined the Kanto Alliance.

I had to. They're a big organization.

We're a small family of 20.

They could smash us if they ever wanted to.

Which family did you forge a bond with?


Hokuyu? Then...

We're enemies now.

Now I'm speaking for the Kanto Alliance.

You'll be boss of the Kikukawa family.

We won't stop you.

What does that mean?

Let the Alliance deal
with dope in your territory.

If I say no?

Then Koide will be the boss.

Boss Kikukawa is sick anyway.

We'll make him retire.

Koide can't cut in front of me.

You won't be alive, then.


The Alliance wants
a deal. Please agree.

Please, Takigawa.


Next time,

I'll kill you.

What can you do alone?

I won't.

I chose you as my boss.

You belong to Shirae.

He's my enemy now.
So return to him.

But that means...


Get out.

Get out!


Was it a bad time?

No, it's perfect timing.

He's a bit upset tonight.


Did something happen?

It's none of your concern.

I'm sorry.


On the rocks.

- And...
- What?

Let me hear Mei Nanbu.

I just want this sound.
Just once in my life.

I never knew...

you went there to listen to his sax.

"Left Alone.”

What does it mean?

She left on her own.

There was a black singer
named Billie Holiday.

When she died, her pianist,
Mal Waldron, composed it.

And I ended up hearing that
song at that particular moment.



For you.

Thank you.

Yashiro speaking.

Shun? It's me.

He finally got out.


Yasuhara got out of prison.

I'm on the run.

I can't return to my place.

Will you let me stay at your apartment?

Only tonight.

I want a proper farewell.

I'll be gone tomorrow.

All right.

I'll wait in front of your apartment,
so please come right away.


Go on, she's waiting.

Thank you.

Be careful.

You're their target now.





Shun, run!

- How many times did you sleep with her?
- Stop! - How many?

How many times?!

- Stop!
- Go!

Stop it!

Hurry up.

Stop it!




Eighteen months.

I've been thinking about her, yet...

she never came!

Stop! I'm the one who enticed him!

- Stop!
- Shut up!

All the while, you were
having a good time with her!

How many times?!

Who are you?

Flinging a knife around?
What family do you belong to?

A loner?

Damn you!


Keep away or I'll stab you!

I love this girl.

I want to stab you.


I don't understand why Takigawa
loves a kid like you when he has me!

Does a sax mean so much?!

- Stop it!
- Come on.

Come on!


Watch me.

I'm this kind of woman.

Men dote on me.

Watch it.


I went to your apartment.

What for?

Can we talk?


The Dolphin night club offered me a job.

It's a place that provides decent music.

Sounds like a good offer.

But they have one condition.

The leader of the band must
be you: Shunichi Yashiro.

Eiko's gone.

It's about time to leave the Stardust.

What do you think?

I don't know.

It doesn't matter, either way.

I was just thinking about quitting jazz.

Quitting jazz?

What happened?


You can't quit jazz. Impossible.

You didn't choose jazz.

Jazz chose you.

You can't get away.

Get away?

I would if I could.

I finally realize where I stand.

You grew up.

Every boy has to become a man someday.

The day has come.


You agreed so easily.

I'd like to have another chance too.

I'll see you tonight.


It's me.


It's a bit early, but let's go see
the owner of the night club.

Shall we go?


Hey, you.

You know this cabaret
is in Kikukawa territory.

I'm sorry!

Forgive me!


Was threatened.

They threatened me and
made a generous offer.

I got carried away. Please forgive me!

Mr. Takigawa, please explain.

What is this?


Your ignorance amazes me.
You know nothing but music.




- You did a terrible thing.
- What?

Moving to Dolphin at a
time like this is crazy.


The Hokuyu family runs it.

I didn't know.

That won't cut it.

They're trying to put us out of business.

It'll be a war.

They're backed by the Kanto Alliance.

The Kikukawa family will be smashed.

You were used to light the fuse.

Gen said he wanted to play real jazz.

You're naive.

That won't save you.

If you lose a finger, you won't
be able to play sax anymore.


You did something that
could cost your finger!

Come on! We have requests.

All right.



What is this?!

Be quiet!


Sit down.

- We can't give you the band.
- We'll get the band.

The musicians signed a contract.

They'll stay.


I'll buy the contract.

If I refuse?

You want a war that badly?

A million for each band member.

Another million for commission.


We'll do it this time to save your honor.


next time, you can't settle it with money.

Thank you.



Please forgive me!


I'm sorry!

Please forgive me. Please!

Stop it.

If he loses a finger, he'll
be finished as a musician.

- Please stop.
- This guy...

he tried to sell you to Hokuyu.

You're cruel.

You're no human.

I'm a yakuza.



So they sent you to kill me?

Because I know where you go.

If I kill you, I'll be a big shot.


Or you'll be shot.


It's the boss's order!
I must obey! You taught me that!

Shoot, Shoji.


What kind of man is Mr. Takigawa?

What do you mean?

To us, cutting off a finger is murder.

He's a murderer.

He's killed many men.

Does it thrill you?


it sure did.

You thrill me, too.

- Me?
- Yeah.

You and him have something in common.

I don't kill.

No, but there's something inside you
that's similar to what murderers possess.

Takigawa here?



Another murder.

He killed his henchman, Shoji.


Being a yakuza...
it's a stupid line of work.

I have a hunch. I don't like it.

He'll die.


He's at the edge already.

Every time he kills someone,
he kills something in himself.

He gets thinner.


he'll break.

That happened to my brother, Mei.

He sacrificed part of himself to obtain
a better sound, but he couldn't stop.

He wanted more of it.

It consumed him.

I think it's all right.

He chose jazz because he
was that type of person.

You might be able to
become another Mei Nanbu.

Takigawa killed Soma
ten years ago, didn't he?

Won't you tell me about it?

You can save him that way.


This is a bar.

You can't get drunk by only drinking water.

Come upstairs.

I'm cold.

Ten years ago, he killed a man.

The victim's name was Rokusuke Soma.

Soma was his henchman.

Soma fell in love, wanted money,
and pushed dope against the rules.

He couldn't forgive him for that.

Why tell me this story?

Am I his substitute?

No one can be his substitute.


- Yashiro.
- Yes.

It's a wake for Shoji.

Can you please have a drink for him?


Me too.

You're a heavy drinker.

I heard it again.

"Left alone?"

When I shot Shoji.

Mr. Takigawa.

Why not get angry with me?

I slept with Kei.

You didn't cut my finger when
I tried moving to Dolphin.

Who knows.

Hokuyu and Shirai officially tied the knot.

They'll have a party the day after tomorrow.

The head of the Alliance will attend.

So what?



To be honest,

I still love her.


It's his goodbye. He plans to die.


Where are you going?

- The police.
- What for?

I'll tell them Takigawa
killed a man ten years ago.


Let them arrest him, and he'll live.

He won't have to die.

What'll happen to Mr. Takigawa?

They'll catch him.

Shirae joined the Hokuyu family.

Takigawa's going to the party, without fail.

On his own?



The Stardust will close.

The band will have a farewell session.

Gen can't play,

but we'll play jazz for the last time.

Please come.

Without customers, the stage looks odd.

Bare and dusty.

It suits us.

Shun, shall we begin?


Without the bass...

"Left Alone" is odd.

It suits this cabaret.

Are you waiting for someone?


She won't come.

Let's go.

- Let's do this.
- OK.



Let me join you.

I can't play well, but...

it's better than nothing.


I told him.

It's our last performance.
Why not all together?

Mr. Kim, thank you.

I hope he won't hold you back.

If you're affected by something like
that, you won't make it as a pro.

Here we go.



Let me congratulate you.

Mei Nanbu's back.


I heard you're going to New York.

If I ever make it there,
will you see me again?

Better not...

see me anymore.





Still working at the cabaret?


It folded.

Going home?


What'll you do?


You're great.

Come to the school's club.

Let's play together.

I'll walk alone.

All alone?