C'è tempo (2019) - full transcript



- We can get in? - Yes, please.

- Good evening, home Maggi? - Yup.

There is an adult at home?

There would be Gladys, my babysitter, but does not speak Italian.

John, what happened?

"Happen... no good".

"Bad new".

What do you mean?

"I mean..."

"Father" e "mother"...

Bruno, I can not.

You have a son.

Tell her.

- What does that have to do with anything? It has three months. - Come on.

Look what you can tell me everything, I'm 13 years old, even if I do not show them.

We're sorry, but...

Luciana, you're fi xed with this story.

No, I can not stand anyone.

- Who? - Neighbors.

Which? We live alone, we have no neighbors.

The townspeople and shopkeepers.

Shopkeepers who made you?

What emporium asks to be paid for, and even the dry cleaners.

Every time I do a walk in the country risk stoning.

Stoning, who exaggerated!

For a few hundred euro we need a couple of shopkeepers!

Li will return as soon as possible, okay?

I will pay them when I fi nished to translate this manual cock.

At least I comfortable work at home, I go around like a top.

I the head gap with the quarry vehicles and construction,

He chased gii rainbows.

Do you know how they look at me when I say that my husband deals with rainbows?

How crazy!

I have given up everything, we were in Rome, I had a job!

A job? Do you think we campavamo with these things?

- We did the money? - I'm sick, I'm bored.

We get bored.

If I think about what I wanted from my little girl Pearl Vita ...

I was wrong to follow your dreams. They were not dreams but crap.

Should I apologize alia girl who was

because I have disappointed, and because of you.

You should apologize to me.

And then in Rome were saying the same things.

"The city is close to me, I want to go Via"

"I need space, I need my air pearl creativity."

You know what is the truth? You do not is never anything good.

I wanted to go to Paris, and you knew that was what I was hoping.

I went because of you, because you did not want to go there.

You are attached to the things you do, and no one ever wanted to this nonsense!

You're not a teacher, you're a bastard!

Yes, I'm a bastard.

11're married a bastard, but did you know!


Go, Stefano, go.

Good morning.


"Good morning".

- "Guten Morgen." - Forget it.

- I'm italian. - Thank goodness, because I fi nished languages.

Beautiful drudgery! Want some water? And hot it is spring, is good.

' - No thanks. - she came for him?

I take care of maintenance.

- Wants? Mountain Salami, very good. - No, maybe not.

Viganella, better known as the land where the sun never shines,

because from October to February is the dark.

This for eight centuries, fi ven in 2006 the mayor does build this mirror

which reflects the sun's rays, lighting the square.

- Yes. - Do you know where he got the idea?

From a story that he read about "Mickey" as a boy.

- It's incredible? - Yes, but I would ...

You want a picture? And a bright pink, but the picture is good if you put there.

- Listen to me, her and Stefano Orsoni? - Yes why?

They are the notary Lolotta Cortona.

- Lolotta? - Yup.

I need to talk.

Feel that happened to me this morning.

I go to the mirror, I had to check something.

At some point he get a chick dressed in ridiculous fashion.

It looked like a candy with heels.

him, thinking it was the usual tourist, attack throughout the explanation,

Viganella, the mirror, etcetera.

Instead, after a while ', I discovered that it is a notaia.

He came all the way from Rome to tell me that the inseminator died.

What inseminator?

The asshole who knocked up my mother and then ran off.

- That is your father? - Do not call him father.

In fact, do not call at all.

She tried to tell me the name, but I stopped her,

out of respect to my mother that I did not ever tell.

But it's a shame, it would have been an opportunity.

To do what?

I believe that many of your problems

arise from the fact that you never knew who your father was.

What problems do I have? It does not seem to have problems.

- Well ... - What has my father with this?

In short, the notaia he wanted from you? Why did you come looking for you?

By Way of carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide killed both, husband and wife,

at night, in their hut in the Dolomites.

I understand, but you wanted?

These two left a son, a boy of 13 years, alone.

No relatives, no friends.

In his will, it says

that the person appointed as guardian I am.

- You? But if you do not know you! - Exactly, it's crazy, I tell you.

- What did you say? - What do claws have said?

What is not talked about.

The children I've never been able to endure.

If I had been attached to the money, I would have sold mobile phones.

- It was not a bad idea. - Sure.

How the money?

Why do you talk about money?

Because they offered me a small sum,

is not that one does free tutor.

- What would be this small amount? - 100,000 euro.

100.000 euro!

In the situation where we have re fi utato 100,000 euro?


- Are you nuts? - Are you crazy? Are you crazy?

In a life of s fi ga it happens elo a stroke of luck you kick?

Fortuna? In your luck and bear a child?

You must take him to school, in the gym, on vacation,

exanthematous diseases, measles ...

Telo accolli you?

Not if it bears no one goes to college.

No, which college?

The will is clear: no college.

- The rules are very clear. - Well ... yes?

Even mine are clear.

You go to Rome tomorrow, you take it here elo ports.

After a few days he'll beg to go to college.

What happened to you? You've changed.

What do you want to do? The peaks, do you?

But no, it's a boy born in Rome, here it will never fit.

207 inhabitants, 30 km school, come on.

On recalls this notaia.

John, are you ready? The taxi waiting for you outside.

Say It Is not he tell me it's not him.

Stefano Orsoni? Giovanni Maggi? Revenue.

And he.


Since you, Mr. Orsoni, the only relative in Life,

Eva bears the burden to provide assistance and care to John

fi no to 18 years.


We are sure that you are 13? It's not that you drop the age?

The accused has asked me a question, I have to answer only to her, right?

Defendant? Mica are charged! Your Honor, objection.

"Objection," "defendant", "Your Honor," we are not in an episode of "Perry Mason."


What you have to answer only the questions of the judge

I learned from "The Night Of" I do not know if you saw it.

Yes, I have views and I loved it.

If you like the genre, watched "Law & Order".

You have fi nished? It's not that I wanted to raise a debate on the television series.

I just asked how old this bonsai.

The child, John, 13 years old, and would I please be more respectful.

She and your brother has suffered immense pain.

Excuse me, but who knows this nano high?

And least of his father, who you claim to be well mine.

That knocked my mother and ran like a cheetah.

If you can, the pain is not only his, but mine.

In one fell swoop I discovered a dead father

and a 13 year old brother alive than I accollarmi.

He realizes that in the hands fi nisco?

This gentleman should become my guardian, but has seen him?

- You Because You? - In effect it does not show up well.

It also puts her?

But he is a good person, and does a job ...

I make two.

Indeed, two showing great social and ecological sensitivity.

"Pija 'sti spicci".

His wife, who will take care of you, is a quiet woman and staid.

- Yes. - It's in my rights re fi utarmi?

I'm not good with their Baloo.

You can call me Baloo! The law is equal for all.

If I do not call it nano high he can not call Baloo.

- There is no alternative? - Yes, there is an alternative: the college.

You must ensure a standard of living adequate to John.


A Room of him, proper meals, studies, sport.

- John, which sport? - The paddle courts.

That practice Grumpy? Which is?

Okay, sorry.

Anyway, speaking of questions ...

Now I do not know if it's the right time nor the place, because ...

That question dell'appannaggio ...

The 100,000 euro Babycare pearl.

Now is "the baby"?

Before I was "bonsai", "the dwarf high," "Grumpy".

So it only does peri money!

He felt, I fi no two days ago did not even know you existed.

If I do this thing, and I do, I have to have the means to do so.

I make such a bunch, I do two jobs to get to end the month.

You have inherited, from what would my father well, a lot of money.

I also think it right that this lot of money I use

to raise him, for him to play "pans" and what they need.

To see the fi lm, that sucks, look.


He intended to demonstrate his poverty alia judge?

With this maximum we get to Piazza Mazzini, if not kin before.

"Dude," this is like a train.

If you do not like, go walk much with your legs make it.

Let's make one thing clear.

If you're going to break the balls for the whole trip,

I prefer to give up the money but I'll take in college.

In fact, I'll take you to Guantanamo.

She is aware that any mistreatment inform Ia judge?

He gave me his phone number

and he told me to call sele things do not go.

One word and "Guantamano" we defines her.

More than 100,000 Euros.

He is alleprato.

Get in the car, come on.

What did you say?

No, I have not spoken.

One thing very important, crucial.

What team are you?

They Are Juventus.

You seemed.

And she? For those fans?

Give me of you, otherwise I will anxiety.

I can not make it.

Someone like me, you think of what team can be?

I think she is Lazio.

Get off.

On these important things you do not mess.

You Juventus have you troubled childhood.

If a referee, which I'm not saying the complex marital Vicende,

had not canceled a very regular goal Turone,

in 1981, the Roma would Won the championship

and the history of Italian football would be completely different.

I was six, I was never resumed.

Some say that they are well greased for this trauma.

Turone was offside, it is shown.

Now can we go? Thank you.



Then, I take a lasagne, beautiful generous,

stuffed pig, always nice abundant,

as a starter and a nice platter of cold meats ...

Abundant? You want to keep light?

What are you laughing, Chinese? But look at this.

Well? Did you decide? You're putting a century.

His son can not choose?

It is not my son. A moment to decide, right?

Yes, for a moment, I'm thinking.

Just a moment.

Cinà, you can come back in three or four minutes.

I'm sorry but the kitchen is closing.

So no, I do not eat anything.

So I can not choose, we will never succeed.

What is this?

You are unnecessarily small.

What is the mythical stereos.

They do more by 83 but it still works fine.

Feel that stuff.

Che sound.

- Beautiful this ancient music. - Ancient?

" 'Cci your" old!

We just needed this.

- Good morning. - Good morning.

Beautiful car is running?

And Euro 6 or 6 euro?

He knows that not a stop work?

Maybe, but viewed from in front of me, how do you say?

She wants to question

My many years of experience on the road.

- I would not dare. - Brakes.

In fact it works, there must have been a contact.

- Come and see. - If I come there, who holds?

I understand, document, please.

License and registration, even the boy.

Get the documents eli by the agent, please?

- If you give me a moment to look for them. - Yup.

- And his son? - No.

- How come you travel together? - Because he's my brother.

- It would be my brother. - or would it?

And my brother, but I only discovered a few days.

Until a few days ago she did not know she had a brother?

Exact. Why does it call ...

How come it is his brother there dates of her?

Of her?

The little boy is told: "If you give me time to look for."

Why me of her? Give me of you.

Because if you have two brothers different surnames?


Because if you are inhabited brothers in two different municipalities?

- Why? - You have to make me talk.

- Speak. - Calmly.

- It's hot? - It's hot.

I also fi no to this morning I did not know that this man was my brother.

- Yeah. - Imagine my excitement.

But I have court papers that can confirm and explain everything.

Here it is.

We have the time to look at the court papers?

- We have time. - Like hell.

Did you understand?

- You see? Everything was fine for me. - See you then.

Although, I can say? It seems to me the boy's older brother.

- No offense. - No.

- Come on, Chinaglio on! See you later. - I followed everything.

I was in contact with the Central, we were about to snap the blitz with ROS.

- You risked. - How so?

- Joke! - You make me take shots.

- What line you are! - Lenza.

- Come on, Chinaglio. - Chinaglio is the name of oil last?

Chinaglio is the name, because the father was a great Lazio.

He too is, and I too. It's' see, it's your time.

- Very. - Do not pass anyone, fast!


OK Bye.

- Ah, I see with my eyes. - What did I do?

Here we have a small car full of wolves.

- cubs. - Yup.

- He's got with Lazio? - No.

- you still want to purge? - No, indeed, look.

I have always maintained that Lazio is a magni fi ed team.

Indeed, we Romans we should all be united against the common enemy

who are these thieves Juventus.

- My fi èjuventino son. - His son.

- huge. - huge.

- But really? - Here we go.

I can go?

How do you figure that stop do not work

looking at the car from the front?

So they made me pinned chosen.

We enter the same side?

Every day the same story for 20 years?

Then you say, "Why did I pinned chose?"

The air conditioning works?

- No no?

Yes, Luciana?

Yes, we have clarified with the judge.

But I wanted to say one thing.

I wanted to tell you...

You make me talk?

Well, if ...

He heard, there is the police, I have to attack, if not make me fine.

I'll call you, hello.

What a bore.

- The country is called Viganella? - Yes why?

- Calculating the distance. - We're not even going to Viganella.

I have to make a conference in Rimini, not I told?

- No, no one told me. - All right.

A conference, do you?

- No kidding? - But really?

Look who come from all over the world to listen.

They are a leading authority in my subject.

What would be his subject?

I am responsible for the National Research Council study of rainbows in Italy.

It 'a little' you.

- The study of what? - Of rainbows.

They come from all over the world to hear her talking about rainbows?

- Exactly. - The world is full of crazy people.

Instead of saying crap, you ever been to Rimini?


Where did you go to the beach?

There have been only three times.

All Mauritius, Oman e all Seychelles.

"Me cojoni".

Passoscuro from the child, maximum Fiumicino.

Of course it's incredible.

We had the same father,

just that you did swim in the reef, I in marana.

You will not incazzeresti?

The first thing that happened at the restaurant, you can not choose.

It only happens with food?

No, it happens with everything, and I do not understand why.

Because you're rich, you were born rich.

The rich can always choose everything.

What to buy, where to go on vacation, what to eat.

him in my life I could never do that.

I always had only one front door, never two.

You can choose that you can not, and I would like that I can not.

I noticed that you do not use social networks, why?

I do not use them because they scare me.

I have not heard.

If we stop to sleep in a little place?

So we arrive early morning in Rimini and maybe we can take a bath.

Would your first swim in national waters.

Okay, try on the internet, how many stars?

But which star? Stables, if anything.

I've already made arrangements with a friend who lives in San Casciano.

And on the road, that is, almost, in fact.

We sleep with her, so we save.

Then it's not really a friend, is a former. I had a very long history with her.

I will not deny that tonight maybe something ...

Please just do not make me do embarrassing fi gures.

I remind you also that she is a married man.

Let me see: you are Juventus,

six saputello, you're filthy rich and you're also a moralist?

If you allow, with my ex I doing what I want.

No, she is now my brother.

"Now it is my brother" does a lot of laughter.

However now I feel Michela we're coming.

But pull over, do not you call while driving.

My, my mom.


- How are you? - What surprises me do?

How much time!

- Hello. - Good evening.

- He? -Then…

I get it: you're gone all these years because you did a son.

You do not say I wanted it because you were afraid that I would have scolded you, right?

It's not from me.

- Then life changes, you know? - I know.

Here, in this regard,

I would like you to meet the person who changed my.

- So you've met one. - Not exactly.


She is Natalie, and French but understands very well the Italian.

After we broke up I realized that men are not for me.

Too selfish, arrogant, pushy, empty.

- I understood. - I could go on for hours.

- But stopped. - "Bonsoir".

- "Bonsoir". - After you've only been with women.

- So ELA before. - And I discovered the wonders, yes.

Indeed, you know that I have to thank for this?

Michela, please.

- I know it's not a compliment? - Shut up.

- We want to come in? - Well.

Here we go.

- Saw what is beautiful? - You say?

Honestly, no offense, I too with you two would choose her.

Sembra Natalie Portman.

Now you see a bit 'serious, but it is a fi lm fun.

- Yes, of course. - you will laugh.

- Well, hopefully. - Yup.

- you will laugh. - Hopefully at the right times.

Often the movies you can laugh in the dramatic moments.

No, here we hope that everything is in place.

The play took the virtue

to observe more closely the reality.

The Italian reality, the reality of the feelings,

the reality of man, of his daily life

and also his hopes and fantasies.

He seems like a smart kid, friendly, polite.

Yes a lot.

But you do not look very happy.

the children just do not ...

- Do not hate them, then you know it. - Yes yes, I know.

You have always escaped the idea of ​​a father.

And then I have not had the courage to tell you.

Which is what he did that guy with my mother.

But at least I did before, not after like him.

- What did you want me to say? - Let me in life I want to be alone.

That perhaps is why I go out looking for rainbows,

fi ngo to adjust a mirror on top of a mountain.

Because I can not be with others, even when I like.

How I liked you.

So why did you get married?

It may seem absurd, but not to be alone.

I have never been accustomed to crossing my life with that of anyone.

I was always alone.

As a child, if I had a problem, I had to fix it on my own.


And then I like to be alone.

The loneliness I do not like.

Good night.

But really?

If you are eating!

What have you done in the back?

Nothing, they fell as a child.



No, help!




Help, no!

What's up?

No! Help!

What happens?

Everything is alright.

- Excuse me, Stephen. - Shh.

You want me to make two steps?


Come on.

Everything is alright.

But you told me: "Excuse me."

You did it to me of you.

Come here.

What happened?

You care to tell me?

When did you stop being a child?

There is a day, a precise,

when you realize that it is infinite?

I do not know.

For me, maybe it was a day when I went to the zoo with my mother.

I realized that I did not care nothing of monkeys, elephants.

Oppure no.

One day I heard the desire and the need

to take a scooter and go.

Having my means and traveling.

And how was it?

It was the best day of my Life.

But there is time for you.

There's time.

Good people never really stop being children.

I do not want it to happen.

Everyone has always said that bigger look like my age.

The head, of course.

Maybe to be alone before it grows.

Maybe when I grow up they will say the opposite.

Then also you seem to me a little 'smaller than your age.

And this I do not know if that's a compliment.

But perhaps you, and that's okay.

The people who never stop being children have a defect.

You know what?

And they never stop playing.

- Staying children playing. - No!

If you are in a field and at the bottom there is a pool,

go to the pool and you jump in!

Wait up.

- Your father. - Yup?

I've never seen.

- Do you have a picture? - Yes, I have it in your suitcase.

- But it's our father. - Yeah, all right.

You have the same face, the same eyes and the same mouth.

- I noticed it as soon as I saw you. - You say?

Beautiful woman, your mother, much younger than him.

Yes, 18 years less.

Where did you here? Seychelles, Oman?

- Actually, I Mauritius. - Sure.

A five-star resort.

Buffet unlimited.

Animation all day.

Life's good?

Look who took me to all these beautiful places

but they left me alone with the babysitter.

Will I went swimming with Dad yes and no three times.

But once there was a turtle.

It was just us in the water.

We swam with her plan.

Dad told me: "Get his rhythm."

It was wonderful.

Let's go come on.

Here we go? Come on.

Mail ball drops?

Excuse me, I have the baby a little 'hot.

A Rainbow and Solero.

I do not know what the Rainbow, give you two Solero.

And give me two Solero.

- Thank you. - Thank you.

- What you wanted ice cream? - The Rainbow.

I do not know him.

I believe, and went out of production 30 years ago.

So why do you ask?

Why I wrote to Algida

saying it was a serious mistake to remove it from the market marketing

and I always hope that someday you rimettano.

But what was so special about this rainbow?

It was good, very good, then it was colorful.

And then I remember one particular day.

It's a good story?

- I'll tell you? - Yup.

- It gives me a Rainbow? - Immediately.

- Then pay mom. - All right, Stephen.

But really?

Since then, life has changed completely, forever.


- Are you enchanted? - No, no.

No no!

You had a fi danced?

Yes, in fifth grade, but we left after a week.

Why? What happened?

- You wanted me to kiss. - Well! So?

-I did not want to. - Why? Were you mad?

No, it seemed a bit 'unhygienic.

Were you mad.

However a rainbow I've ever seen.

Since I had one.

"Movies do not forget."

Here we go?

We will find place, in your opinion?

Do you want?

- No thanks, I do not eat at the movies. - In order not to disturb others, I guess.

He says here in this Fellini room, at my age,

He saw a lot of fi lm every day.

- FIG. - Think how nice.

See if transmit "Pig Robot".

First, it says "projected."

Then, the fi lm is called "Jeeg".

- Okay, is Equal. - It's not the same.

Today, however, make "The first quiet night."

It set here in Rimini.

- Never heard. - I had no doubt.

Look, there is also an exhibition of sacred art.

So funny.

And a concert at the Court of the Augustinians.

Who sings?

A girl, there's a photo: Simona Giannelli.

Simona Giannelli! And fi chissima! So all the songs in memory!

- Come on, take the tickets. - The fi lm?

So then you project it to your home on television, let's go.

But no, the fi lm ...

The most beautiful thing to see here was the cinema.

Watch the cinema, hello, beautiful, come on.

We're going to buy tickets!

It was your wife?

But you you love her?

What has this to do now?

You seem to always annoyed when calling you.

At first we had fun, always laughing, we were happy.

It was fine.

Then after the time he brought it boredom,

it is deadly,

and now we barely endure.

My did not laugh much,

but I think they got along pretty.

Yes, it is not that it is for all the same thing, otherwise it would be easy.

What do you say, gull, for you works the same way?

Did you hear what he said?

No, sorry, I do not speak his language.

You do not know the language of the seagulls? Impossible!

Then, he basically said ...

Never mind, the seagulls love do not understand us a ca ...


Bravo you're correct.

- Do you want to ask something to the seagull? - Not really, I abstain.

"Mi astengo"?

It refrains.

- But how you speak? Mamma Mia. - I speak Italian, really.

Yes, I speak Italian, however, as Umberto Eco, you know?

I do not know how to say "abstain" in gabbianese.

He does not know what it means, only you know that it means "I abstain".

You sound like a lawyer to 13 years, 35 as when you speak?

What did you ask him?

A secret between me andthe gull.

It 'also the child.

He was saying that you were right, I sometimes do a little 'baby.

But I do so, I am not the child

and you do it a bit 'more.

I am a child.

You must say it, because you can not see mica.

It is # #

# Both the night is day #

# Both of no return, go Street #

# Do not love me anymore, do not hurt me more #

# Esia #

# And do not say you love me, do not tell me you stay #

#Go away#

# # Do not love me anymore

# # Do not hurt me more

This girl is a bomb.


And a force of nature, you Seen as singing?

If anything I've heard.



Let's go dancing.

But that strange dream # #

# Of a volcano and a city #

# People dancing on an island #

# Suonava "Blue Gardenia" #

# # Un'orchestrina jazz

# The boiling water slowly to the east #

The explosion and then # #

# Sweet sweet #

A tan Atomic # #

# Among the sweet music, sweet #

Everything was going down # #

# While the TV #

He sang # #

# Drink it because it is Tropicana, y #

# # E Tropicana,

# E Tropicana, is! #

- Did you have fun? - "Avoja".

as well, I danced like ... Look who's here!

- What are they doing here? - I do not know?

We bet you have sisters?

I say that they are mother and daughter.

How can you tell? Do not you see that she is young?

At what age should have done it? He's coming here.

- Hello. - Hello.

- Good evening. - Good evening.

Francesca told me that you were at the concert

and that she knows all my songs.

I confess, I'm just a huge fan of yours.

- Sorry if I do of you. - God forbid, indeed.

The concert was amazing, we sang, danced.

- It was wonderful. - Thank you very much.

: Jokes? - And your son?

No, he's my brother. Instead the dancer?

- And Francesca, my daughter. - Here.

- Stephen. - Simona.

- He and John. - Pleasure.


- You sit with us for a drink? - Why not?

Come on, Francesca, bring my bag.

You are welcome.

- How old are you? - I'm almost 14.

She too.

But she demonstrates more, it seems much bigger.

Actually it's me that I look much smaller.

All right.

Sit down.

You said you went for a walk.

Yes, in a moment.

If you want, you can walk with me faria.

Yes, he is more than half an hour saying he wants to go for a walk, right?

- YUP. - Ok.

I recommend.

How cute.

But where are your parents?

They are for work parties.

- What are their jobs? - They are two architects.

I also want to be an architect.

Same father, different mothers, I guess.

Yes, I still look like the father of my brother,

you seem the sister of your daughter.

At what age did you do it?

-A 22.
-A 22?

But every day I thank my pearl unconsciousness.

You see it? You throw like a suicide bomber, if not the sons do not make them anymore.

- You do not have? -Not me.

There is this who do not want to be born, I am 25 years.

You never know.

But when they return yours?

Mom and Dad are not really parties, their ...

Francesca and her father are very close.

- He and Francesca? - Yes, we have separated three years ago.


No, it's a question, like: well? You are well separated, in peace?

Yes, it was a quiet thing.

Francesca has held up well because his father is very present.

- In fact, only too. - Of course, what you want to put to you.

- No. - Yes, but he's right, I understand.

It has a new girlfriend and a two year old who loves Francesca.

Bravo, so you do you: when you realize that something is infinite, and better than ...

And better than I am Shut up and mind my own business.


- Sorry. - Yup.

You too, despite the age difference, you seem very af fi atati.

If you consider that fi no to a week ago I did not even know existed ...


However all my favorite characters are orphans.

Oliver 'fiivist, Tom Sawyer, Dorothy

That of the "Wizard of Oz"?

Yes, then also Here, Dewey and Louie, all the Disney characters.

Antoine Doinel.

Even if a mother really have it, he is like an orphan.

In fact they send him to boarding school.

- Who is Antoine Doinel? - As someone who has?

And a character in various fi lm

a French director named Truffaut.

Wait, why you still watch the fi lm?

Why not you?

No, I mean, I watched them as a child,

Now I only watch the series, I am much better.

Have you ever made a midnight swim?

- No. - Me neither, you wanna do it?

The fact is that I have the costume, you know, do not have it.

- You have the pants, right? AI dark enough. - You say?

Yes, I'm going to ask my mother and your brother.

All right.

- But you live together. - Yes, but we're separating.

Maybe the baby's presence can help.

- You say? No I do not think so. - So what do you do with John?

My wife found this college who ...

A structure very serious, very organized,

Ela undoubtedly best for everyone.

For John, definitely not.

A child who lost his parents in need of a family.

Yes, but we're not a family.

- He knows the college? Have you spoken? - Not yet.

You know what?

I do not have the courage.

- Hey, so what? What did they say? - They said no.

Maybe we should not ask him?

No, in fact, it was better.

In addition to being the first to speak of sky brightness,

Moebius also studies the various cases of rainbow

depending on the diameter of the raindrops.


They are elongated, not of spherical shape.

- You did not have to leave? - I convinced Mom to postpone.

How can I make you understand? For example...

On a glass, or even a tear running down a face

we will notice that the direction of elongation

Ela same fall.

The same is not true pearl raindrops.

Those will lengthen

in the direction perpendicular to gravity.


We also know that two people nearby,

also very close together, shoulder to shoulder,

They will never see the same rainbow.

This escape any kind of rule of classification,

in my humble opinion,

It is the unique and haunting beauty


It appears suddenly,

a bit 'as a person

that at a certain point, unexpectedly,

He broke into your life

and nothing is as it was.

Then, for Viganella is 460.1 kilometers.

We will get about four hours and 44 minutes.

Sure, but if we take the highway ...

He felt, you wanna know my mother?

He lives with his sister, my aunt, Fontanellato, here in the province of Parma.

And the road, it would be only a slight detour.

It's OK for me.

This is Aunt Daniela, you feel like cooking.

- Aunt! - What a nice surprise!


Girl Friends! Again here with us with ...

- Glenda e...
- Kevin!

- Mum! - Stephen!

- Hello. - Hello.

- Why did you come here? - I'm going up to Viganella.

I'm a child, I'm not alone.

His name is John, then I'll introduce you.

First I wanted to briefly explain a few things.

- she came to me this notaia. - A notaia?

- Yes. - Did you do something bad?

No, Mama, quiet.

He just told me that there was this judge in Rome that he wanted to talk to me.

- Then I went down to Rome. - What time passes the primary?

That primary, Mom? What are you talking about?

I have no guilt.

I did what they told me to do.

I did the transfusion to the patient room 202.

I do not want you mad at me.

I know I'm not wrong.

You tell him, Stephen.

Mom, what happened?

It is at your house, there is no primary.

I'm Stephen.

God, I'm so confused.

Are you ill? Should you call someone?

Since I have moments a bit 'of time that I do not know where they are.

I do not remember the names, I do not remember people.

Come on, Mom, calm down.

We call a specialist now, understand?

These things can happen at your age,

it is perfectly normal.

Let's call a good one, the best of all,

I make a high-paying job, I can afford it.

No, they fi gured.

- Yes No.

- You do not throw Viai money. - But what?

I'm not a good investment.

It's like having an old car that you want to replace,

but then he does not hold the road.

What are you saying?

- That ate huge! - Really.

Here quail Parmesan cheese and more.

Because it takes so on

after three pounds of each lasagna that we have eaten.

But it's good. Do you want some'?

No thanks, lasagna filled me but it was really very good.

So cute.

Daniela, pass me the salt, please?

- You want some 'of ham? - No, thank you, really.

- Here. - Sure? - Sure, thank you.

I told you to pass the salt.

I want salt, fuck!

Mom, what is salt.

But who the fuck are you?

It's up to her to take the salt.


Here, ma'am, this is salt.

Are you worried?

But the appointment with the doctor you took.

Of course when you are angry frightened.

Were you afraid?

It did not seem.


No, come on, please, tell me, Stephen.

Do you really want to know what I think?

I thought you and I Now we made a crash here

and we left aI Almighty

no one would cry.

That's what I think, John.

Ela first time you call me by my name.

He felt, you who are familiar with the science,

You know what you did the wind?

The wind is the breath of the earth.

I understand, do not you know.

Instead I can do me a question?

Yes sure.

That wound you behind your back is bad, then.

But how do you fell? Where is it? How did it happen?

As a child, when I was seven,

They fell on the rocks by the sea.

- In Mauritius there are the rocks. - Yes, it's full.

You see? They are 20 km to Parma.

- Then? - Who's playing tonight at a club in Parma?

- Why do not you come in? - I do not know.

- Hello. - Hello.

Good evening.

Sorry, I have to give you an ad that does not please you, I know.

Our pianist has had a renal colic

and he was hospitalized.

We are forced to cancel the concert.


I promise that we will return.

I promise.

- Simona. - Yup.

- He felt ... - Yes.

Look, I know them your pieces, even with the piano.

- We want to do the concert together? - If you fi.

Ok, I think that maybe there is a solution.

- Here is Stephen, a friend of mine. - Good evening.

It plays the piano well, right?

- We try. - Thus he says.

- We try? - Yup.

So let's try. Let's try!

Bravo, Stefano!

To bad, we continue without piano.

Thank you!

Facciamo "50 Special".

- Yup? - Yup.

- Hue? - Re.

- Re maggiore, vai.
- "One, two".

# Rigged Wasps, 60 #

# Turn on the center s 90 fi praying #

# Red Fire, begins the dance #

# Of arrows stuck behind a license plate #

# Give me a Special, the summer progresses #

# Give me a Vespa and take you on vacation #

# But how good it feels to go around #

# Peri hills of Bologna #

# If you have a Vespa Special which takes your problems #

# The school does not go #

# But a Vespa, a woman I have not #

# I have a Vespa, Sunday is already #

# And a Vespa will bring me #

# You will, you will, will take #

# Out of town #

# Out of town #

# Out of town #

# Out of town! #

# But how good it feels to go around #

# With the wings beneath his feet #

# If you have a Vespa Special which ... #

Less is fi nished.

Sorry, I did get carried away.

Bravo, Stefano!

- Beautiful! - Look at that cake!

- A little thing. - It's big!

For her.

- Go. - Thanks.

- Thank you. - The we eat?

- The door so on. - He must not, really.

He is in love.

One thing I wanted to say.

- I wanted ... - One thing.

Even less.

I was talking.

How do you feel at the end of a tour?


- Which is? - Not bad.

- Good or bad? - Tonight a little 'drunk.

- That was me. - But they are not all Equal.

- No? - This one...

This one has gone particularly well.

And why? Why did you find me?

- Modestinus, they called you. - Modestinus! - You're modest.


Simona! Simona! Simona!

- No, guys, I can not! - Simona! Simona! Simona!

- Dai, Simona -! No!

- What should you do? - No come on!

- Sing Sing! - Can not be done!

- Come on, sing! - Sing!

- I fi nished now! - Simona!

- Come on then. - Come on.

- No. - Yes, stay calm.


Okay, okay.

- The make, make it. - All right.

But singing a particular song.

As I say.

Just one glass.

Tico Tico # # tick ...


Tico tico tac # #

- But really? _ "Yes".

# This tico tico put my heart while Micmac #

# And say hello Iorsqu'il iI mean love you #

# Lovers fi ed on him in my hometown #

# And when iI cries eight hours turning over in my heart #

# I go and come back as the early morning hours #

# When I'm cuckoo time but otherwise houhou #

# That it is nice and charming my hello #


# This is a bird that never gets caught #


# | I know all appointments, directions #

# And in my love affairs tico is still #

# Who says no matter the night or day #

# I hear my little tico calling me #

# | I seem to say this is to be faithful I'heure #

# It seems my heart is crack #

Tico tico tico # Co tico tico tac #

Guys, do not run, come on.

- Look. - Yup.

- I got to hear before. - At the concert.

- YUP. - Yeah, well ...

It is not his job, right?

- No it is not. - Better.

- What job does she in Life? - I do the rainbows observer.

Seriously, on that job?

Seriously, I do the rainbows observer.

I understand, I want to take peril ass.

No I would never, not even know her, God forbid.

What is she, a DJ?

It has an app, a start up? What is a blogger?

Who are you?

I am the President of the Savings Bank

which it has made this possible play.

What is she, a fi uencer?

But why at his age use these words that do not belong

and who knows not what they mean?

I was quite clear, are an observer rainbows.

- I do not see what's so strange. -I feel weird, you know why?

- Why? - Because I do a different job.

I do not watch rainbows, butterflies do not watch.

I am concerned about serious, concrete,

that they have to do with the lives of ordinary people.

Mortgage, fi nance, sponsorships, fi,

all things that have to do with this body here, the heart.

Apart from the fact thatthe heart is here.

If there is one thing that has to do with the heart, with the spirit,

with people's dreams is just the rainbow.

You know where I was this morning as she tried butterflies?

- What have butterflies? - You know where I was?

- Where was it? - In Paris.


Then they ran to the Louvre,

where I Vistula Mona Lisa and the "Mike" of Samothrace.

The famous statue with the sneakers!

I also realized one thing, talking about, because I reason, I think, always speak.

I knew suffered, as soon as I saw, framed.

Who would I be?

She is the classic fi dad's son, rich,

that can do the work of Ciufolo, and do not deny it,

because hail dad with his back covered.

- So. - YUP?

First, I'm not fi dad son dad because I miss I met him.

Second, my mother has done a bunch so.

It was the nurse at home because there was not any money.

To pay for my studies did everything, and it was not '68.

Third, shoulders covered will I have to agree.

I have a friend named Er Cupoletta, the leader of my neighborhood,

who tattooed "113 nun you I'm afraid."

If \ you want to call it, I'll introduce you. And my friend, my brother.

Whatever I ask him to do.

However, she does it work?

But really? I now put his hands on you.

I'm an observer of rainbows.

I make an observer shit rainbows!

- How do I have to say? - But it is a precarious job?

- Yes, it is precarious. - Elo says then!

- Elo say, it is precarious! - It precarious.

- It precarious! I said it. - It precarious!

- he wanted to say? It precarious. - I am precarious.

- And the concept that changes. - What changes?

I like a lot, precarious,

They renew the six-month contract in six months.

- What do I have to do? - We got there!

But the fault Ela yours!

For your fault also I do another job.

- you suck your blood! - Another job?

- Sure. - Dual working?

- Yes. - Dual Labor.

- What job is that? - And now who tells him to this?

I do a job, that is, I'm ...

A mirror...

- A mirror. - A mirror.

Yes, I take care of a mirror that re fl ettendo the sun's rays

It illuminates a country which would otherwise remain in the dark.

It's called Viganella, very nice, a hundred inhabitants.

You know what I regret?

You know those old mines than once?

- You are. - Coal, no?

Cobalt, which is down 30, 40 meters.


- There were carrioline on the rails. - Yes, I have this.

- The mine, I understand. - The mine.

- Do you know why the regret? - No.

Because I like you people send her there.

-In mine. -In mine.

-In mine. -In mine.

Behold, I send her there.

People like her I would send them knows where?

-In mine! -In mine, I understand.

Say that again with me.

| No mine!

- Understood? - I understood!

| No mine!

But she knows where to go?

A 'fuck. Repeat.

But look at this! Because if I was a miner I gave me iI changed?

Mamma mia, do me a favor!

Damn ... Where are these?

Yet this I have already seen.

And this beautiful, you saw? Very beautifull.

I may have found a solution.

No double, but a single there.

And a little 'small, with two beds.

- Very well. - I do not know if it's okay.


For her it is a bit 'cramped.

Chinese, but you laughing?

Now the '' 33 Trentino ". It intertwines the language and see who's laughing.

"33 Trentino Trento entered all 33 trotting."

Ela first thing they tell us Italians to catch us peril Job,

but we study them and give a damn.

- 333.
- 333?

A Chinese with an emphasis in Parma?


Good night.

Do you realize that incredible evening we experienced?

I've played in a concert of Simona Giannelli!

We are too strong couple.

You have heard that success, the applause of the people?

I am flabbergasted.

But their "stlettina stlettina", "Fuck them your"!

Where do we get here?

Okay, let's get to bed, put on your pajamas.

Who sleeps? I have the adrenaline inside moves.

I still want to play, sing, scream.

Then you will understand, I even pissed off the Chinese.

Now who falls asleep?

- Thank you. - Please Please.

However, last night you gave me a room that had a jar.

- I have not slept a wink. - You have not slept?

Excuse me, how? I do not understand.

Last night you were at the reception, you gave me the room,

six the night porter?

I? No.

- Not the night porter? - I? No.

And an incredible likeness, you're two peas, Equal.

I do not do the night porter,

the night I sleep, sometimes I make love.

Why, our goalkeeper and Chinese?

No, I mistook you for one of Avellino. Sure!

We are taken there a few days off.

We have a plane to Paris from Bologna.

- Francesca goes to see his dad. - Dad.

These days we would like to see something in this area.

We af fi ttato car, a bit of 'off we go.

- A car? - Yup.

- Why do you have af fi ttarla? - The car.

What does it mean? Why throw money? We've got us a car.

And even a spider.

A spider! That fi ed, Mom, let's go with them!

But really you? It is not that you have other plans?

Programs? You can?

- No program, are you, Stephen? - Stephen?

That? No!

Excuse me, I have the car!

I have a spider, I think.

I have an idea, let's go with mine.

'- Yes. - And un'ideona.

Excuse me, when I have ideas I get excited, I mess.

Where we are going?

We're going to the Labyrinth delia Masone.

I took the mazes mania

when I looked at the fourth "Harry Potter."

- Have you seen it? - Yup.

- Where we go? - Here.

- Where is it? - Here.

- The sun is coming out. - Left.

We could take a map.

The map! Inside the maze map!

Only you want the manual to turn in the maze.

The nice thing is precisely that: to get lost.

You know that if one does so raining?

- I'm full of leaves. - Everywhere.

- A lot of leaves. - Completely.

- You too. - You too!

Leave them, they're fine.

- give me? - Yes, they are beautiful.


Here, they run.

- Plan, though. - Guys.

Go faster than you!

- At a certain age you will see it. - Do not stray!

- Beautiful? - Yes, it's raining leaves.

Raining leaves.

Who it was to solve the problem to find his way in a maze?

Tom Thumb?

Not only him, there was someone else, a literary example.

- Hansel and Gretel? - Exactly.

- That did not work. - The known all.

For those of a higher level bit

there would be the labyrinth of Theseus and Ariadne with the Minotaur at the end.

I'm sure that John ...

- John? - Where is it?

- Is in front? - No. - Giovanni!


Stephen! Help!

Stephen, help!

Help, Stefano!


Where am I?



- John! - John!

I'm here.

Here it is, John!

John, I'm sorry, 'Come here.

Sorry, I do not leave you alone.

- You do not have to be afraid. - I have to tell you something.

Come here, shh, do not you nothing happens.

I not crashed.

It was dad to hurt.



- They have two bedrooms. - Well.

John? Where is it?

- He was here a moment ago. - There he is, standing there.

But they go great together.

Since there Giovanni

I realized how much Francesca must be broken before.

John also is more cheerful.

- After all is as it should be, right? - As well as?

You're happier when there is someone you like.

- We've been looking for. - I was watching this sign.

Do you feel like if we go to see what's there?

All right.

- How beautiful! - Superb.

- It's full of vintage gear. - It had to be a stable, I think.

Who knows how long these things are here.

Look at that tractor.

- But what is that? - I think it's "Twentieth Century."

I read on the plaque out there that have shot here.

You wanted to have fun? Well, now she cries.

The game is beautiful when short-lived. Leave her alone, it's been a while.

We know that the bastards grow all bad.


Who said you bastard? There are bastards in my house.

Olmo and brother of your sons because his father is one of us.


Dalcò Olmo.

Try to be more clever.


- Now that you're great ... - And you still dirty shit!

Come forward.

Remember this, you will learn to read and write,

but always keeps Dalcò Olmo, son of villagers.

A starved.

You're going to be a soldier.

You'll see the world.

- You will also need to learn to obey. - And to fetch kick your ass!

You shall take a wife and labor, to pull up your sons.

You will learn to be patient.

- But what will remain forever? - Dalcò Olmo.

Dalcò Olmo, villager.

Here she is.

I like Olmo.

You're stupid? What are you doing?

How are you?

Well, however, there is one thing.


him that night on the beach I heard you.

Stefano wants to put John in a boarding school and did not tell him.

He'll tell you.

I too am very sorry.

But we can not judge, everyone has his Life.

You still do not tell John, are things between them.

You look bigger, you know?

You're happy to be a bit 'with Daddy now?

Yes, although these days I'm just fine.

And nice, John, intelligent.

Pure brave.

You say how is facing everything?

His parents, what has happened?

Yes, but now I said it for something else.


He gave me a kiss.

Do you understand, John ?!

# A birretta ... #

- What do I do? - I do not know, there's too much stuff.

- Well, you choose. - You know I can not.

- It 'count, take what comes. - Come on.

Here, I choose, I go.

So let's talk about important things.

- How's Francesca? - And you with Simona?

So what does Simona now? We're talking about you.

Are you talking about me.

Mamma mia, John, relax a moment.

For once listen to me, I have to make an important speech.

Then, there are two types of men.

If you belong to the first category, that is, you are a fi c in the classical sense,

do not need to do anything, it's all easy.

Women fall at your feet.

But it's too easy, there is no fun, we do not like.

If you belong to the second category, that is, six in a co fi more alternative way,

like us, so to speak, you have to work harder.

The stun you, you gotta be hypnotized, but above all you have to make people laugh.

- Yes, but what for? - But how!

To achieve the main goal, to get to the number one goal,

that kiss!

So I know that I belong to the first category.

What do you mean?

In the sense that I've already kissed.


# There are night #

# Too many uncomfortable things to say #

# # To find peace

# There are silences disarming #

# In which we hide #

# To afraid to catch his fi ed #

# And to say I love you #

# Look at us, we delude ourselves to be free #

# Whirling between alcohol #

# # To escape the wounds

# To disinfect the bruises #

# Consuming loneliness #

# But we are just useless #

So tell me # #

# Tell me of your worries #

# Only two can shake #

And I notice # # holding you

# What we are fragile in love #

We mechanisms illogical # #

# But sometimes just a word #

Just one word.

She's gorgeous.

- Thank you. - Looks like you.

- I can? - Sure.

- So, do you understand this? - Yup.

If I think that I first kiss was at 19 years old!

- So soon? - What are you doing, sfotti?

- And she was drunk. - And what do you know?

- Intuition women. - Sure.

What's up?

Do you like something to drink together?

I'm falling asleep, then later, the bar will be closed.

For that matter, I do open in five minutes. Four.

Three. It's open.


The room I do not have it.

To do what she wants she has an attic.

Here are the keys, not his money I do not need.

I open the door.

Where is it? Here it is.

You are welcome.

- And why would that be? - How would that be? This is the bar.

Here is the space outside for appetizers.

This would be the bar?

Let's say it's a multi-purpose room, here.

Yes, but not the images you use.

See the women, sometimes? They always think wrong.

What then it would be rather well, for me its a huge fine.

But according to me also for you would be a huge asset.

Just do not yet you are aware.

And then maybe, if you give me a kiss,

I turn into a prince, what do you know?

Madonna, how beautiful you are.


Mamma mia, felt, wait a second here, dear.

- I go to the bathroom a moment, I go back suffered. - Ok.

Mamma mia, are in the fi nal of the Champions!


Tico Tico # tic #

# Tico tico tac ... #

Va beh.


Holy shit!

Not tonight, tonight, no!

Absorb, absorbed, he absorbed.

Filthy slut.


But for fuck's sake!

# Tico tico tic tac tico tico #

Tico Tico Tico Tico # tico ... #

Thou hast also stripped.

Mamma Mia.

Here I am.

Sorry, I took me a while 'to freshen up, I had a little problem to the bathroom

but it's all right now, I'm ready.

It seems that too, "killing" if you're ready.





It was wonderful.


As "it was great"? We have not done anything yet.

Are you kidding me? Are you kidding?

No, you're not kidding.

So I kill me though, so no.

And worst of the fi nal with Liverpool, is not done.

That looks nice.

- You're going to see? - Mom, can we go to?

- Yes, hurry. - Let's suffered.



Yes, hello.

John, I do not take it anymore, I have to tell you something.

It's a bad thing?

- I'm sorry about last night. - Me too.

- But I instill it was better that way? - Just as well no, come on, not for me.

I gave the foreman the wall all night.


There's this guy in Paris waiting for me.

I'll understand if you can be a true story.

- No, I think not. - But what do you know, I'm sorry?

- Then why not? - I know, you see.

And then I think he's gay.

And a very kind he chatted in Paris, "très talk."

You are an idiot, but risks to fail me.

If you knew you.

I hope you've changed your mind.

We can have the heart to dump him in an institution.

It is not a decision I can make alone.

Should I confront my wife.

- There you were separated? - Yes but...

- But you tell a lot of crap. - Yeah.

Here the boys.

So, we are ready, we want to go?

You're a liar and a coward, I with you not going anywhere.

- What you say, what happens? - But stop fi Ngere!

Do not fool me, I'm Dalcò Olmo and you are the bastard.


Yes, Luciana, ready?

No, we're going to Paris.

In Paris, you.

The first installment does not pay anyone because Giovanni in college do not go there.

No, I just do not want to conceal carry.


I am ashamed for having told all those lies.

Do not deceive children.

It will not be hurting him that we will return to love, right?

I do not care about the money, Luciana.

I'm an idiot?


I would be an idiot if I let him escape me now.

These days I understand that John is not only my brother,

it is something more.

You know who he is? He is Dalcò Olmo.

I know you do not know who it is, leave it alone.

It is not anyone's fault, but that's how things should go.


Ready Set Go!


You will understand that ... Boh.

Quiet, it does not last long, a summer storm.

The lords have decided?

Per me a croque monsieur, per favore.


Thanks to her, you also learned how to decide.

"In my opinion anch" però "three".

What are these "dry dog ​​foods"?

For me two eggs boiled alia.

"Coque" or "dry dog ​​foods"? I do not understand anything.

A ham and cheese crepe, please.

- Here's another. - Kisses.

Hey, you've never been to Disneyland there?


It's not fi x education as a person.

- But is he! - He who?

- And Jean-Pierre Leaud. - And who is it?

You're right, it's him!

And an actor who has made the fi lm beautiful.

So why did not you go to ask for an autograph?

Quite right.

No, I know I am shy and ashamed.

Sorry why? The he'll be pleased.

I once asked an autograph to Totti and he was delighted.

No, I am already so glad that I saw it.

Tell me some fi lm he did.

Well, he made "The 400 Blows", "Stolen Kisses", "Day for Night".

Ok, ok.

- What is he doing? - I do not know.

Good morning, Mr. Léaud, he's a big fan.

Is he from you, that's cute.

- "Hello". - "Hello".

- "Hello". - "Hello".

- "Hello". - "Hello".

Francesca told me I've Seen all my fi lm.

It's true.

- You have 13 years, right? - Yup.

Can I ask you for an autograph?

Are you kidding me?

No, I'm serious, they keep.

And what I write?

"A Jean-Pierre Léaud."

"By John,"

"Which in 13 years has already Since all of his fi lm."

Thanks, I'll show it to all my friends.

It is an honor to meet you, she does not know what it means to me.

You are my hero.

Look what I have on the phone.

Here is all.

In those five minutes, it seemed to stake all Life.

I played life and won.

- "Goodbye". - "Goodbye".

"Thank you".

- Beautiful? - Even the autograph.

- Here we go. - But where?

- Come with me, give yourself fi. - Why?

- "Goodbye". - "Goodbye".

- "Goodbye"! - Andiamo!

- Quick! - Where do we go?

Come, come! Racing!

Here we go!

Look what a beautiful fountain!

Dai, dai, dai.


But really?


Bring me the phone!