C U Soon (2020) - full transcript

Jimmy meets Anu on an online dating website and decides to marry her. Jimmy's mother entrusts his cousin Kevin to get details about Anu. Now its Kevin's turn to search for his cousin's ...

Sorry. I don't have WhatsApp.
Google Chat?

What do you do?
Work? Family?

It's a boring job.

Client executive, Union National Bank.

Parents... I only have my mom.

Father died.

Oh, no! So sorry!
Are you okay now?

He died when I was a child.

So it's all right.

This is my mom.

Your mom's looking good.

So I am not good, is it?

Didn't find an older photo?

I'll send... Wait.

Wow! Did you click it now?

You're asking for everything too quickly!

This is enough for now.


I thought you wouldn't come.

Can't you speak softly?

I can!

Had dinner?


I can eat only after having
a couple of drinks.

Do you booze regularly?

No. Not very often.

I just had a break up.

I started drinking after that.

Will anyone drink for all that?

What is it?

Do you want to try?

I don't like its smell.

Not that.

I asked if you want
to try out a relationship.

I'm feeling sleepy.
I'm leaving.


This was a surprise!

I called because I saw you online.

I'm always online
once I reach the office.

Oops! Then I'm hanging up!

Is it the phone?

It will keep ringing.
That's fine.

Don't hang up.


- Get up! It's 11 a.m.
- I'll call later.

Hello! Client services.


Are these your colleagues?

There are many people for company, huh?

Oh, no! Old photo again!

Who is this?

Do you play the guitar?

A little bit.

No, please. I can't.

Hello? Did you go?

Hi. It's just an attempt.
Don't make fun of me.

[sings an old Malayalam song "Thumbi Vaa"]

Don't call me without warning.

It's really hard for me
to attend calls.

It was you who made me call
by showing me that.

- What?
- You were awesome with the guitar.

Are you learning to play it?

I learned from YouTube.

What are you cooking?

Chicken curry.

Who adds tomato sauce
in chicken curry?

Who taught you that?

One day I'll make chicken curry
with my home recipe for you.

- There's some curry there.
- Where?


Come closer.

Come closer.

Can I kiss you?

When are we going to meet?

Anu, Anu.
Don't hang up. Please!

Okay! All those who are dear to me
are here now.

And I wanted to ask you something,
in front of all of them.

Jimmy, you're serious, right?

I'm serious.
Don't mess it up for me now.

Okay. Mommy, this is Anu Sebastian.

I'm deeply in love with her.

I actually haven't spoken seriously
to Anu about this, but...

I think today is the day!


Will you marry me?

So, dear...
You'd like to marry him, right?

Shall I start talking
to your family?

Will you really marry me?

If it was for fun,
why would I involve my mother?

Will you tell your parents tomorrow?

What say?

Sir, as per our previous discussion,

right now, we're only taking the data
of people with more than 500 followers

on Instagram and Twitter.

Sanjana, this data leak is a huge problem
for people in our country now.

People say that even the Aadhaar data
is not secure, right?

How many years has it been
since you became a U.S. citizen, sir?

It's almost ten years now.

So what, Kevin?

Yet, you took the Aadhaar when you came
to India last year, right?

Well, if they say that
I need an Aadhaar

to sell my property there,
what else can I do?

You have a U.S. passport,
yet, you have an Aadhaar card.

The security guard of my apartment has
been trying to get it for six months now.

And he hasn't got it till date.

Then how will people believe
that it's secure, sir?

Kevin, that's your game.

You have to convince them
to get the information.

Sir, that's okay.
Kevin, I will deal this.

- You needn't interfere in this, Kevin.
- Sanjana...

He still works for us!

It's his responsibility
to get the information.

I've told you. Don't send me pics
of girls while I am at work.

No. But he can't be saying
these kinds of things.

What? Get lost!

Call me after two days.
It will be a different girl then.

No, dude. This is serious.
Mommy will call you.

Please deal with her.


I had no idea that he'd propose
to that girl over the phone!

They haven't even met in person yet!

Before he does anything further,
get me some details of that girl.

I can't, aunty.

Hacking someone's privacy is like...

What privacy? Even Trump won
the election here like that.

This isn't bigger than that, right?

Check on social media
to see who are her people...

Just find out
if her family background is genuine.

Has your mom gone crazy?
You deal with her yourself.

Kevin, please. Just show her something
just to convince her.

At least, get her
tonight's search history.

Your mom won't understand
a damn thing if she sees all that.

You get that girl's call history.

There's a problem.


She doesn't have a SIM card.

There has been
some issue in the family.

She has a phone, Facebook and internet,
but no SIM?

How do you always find such people?

Does your mom know this?

Try to have a video call
with her.

Somehow have her
show you the modem.

I can get the IP address
if I know the model.

You said you'll call after dinner, right?

I just had dinner.

Spoke to your parents?

I will speak.

I need to see her modem.


I will talk, Jimmy.

The video is getting cut. Can you move
to some place where the signal is better?

But I can see you.

I can't see you.

Why are you always
sitting inside your room?

I like it here.

I'll call you later then.

- Jimmy, don't go.
- I can't see anything.

Step out and talk. I haven't seen
the rest of your house yet!

I'll go.

Go and stand near the router.

It's so dark.
Is everyone asleep?

Show me where the router is.
I'll just check the signal strength.

I don't know where it is.

It's there, below the TV.

Go near that.

Yes, that's it.
Show me.

Aunty, I've checked
in every way I could.

She seems very authentic.

136 friends on Facebook.

She's not online much.

Her family has been in UAE
for the past 20 years.

And the main news for you is that

they are Catholics.


You're making me do even
a marriage broker's job now.

Shut up!

Who else is there
in our family to help me?

You go to sleep then.
I'll take care of the rest.

What? Aren't you going?

Is there anything
that can't be told to mom?


Any other relationship
or something?

So, you are a suspicious fellow!

Loyalty is your main problem.

If I send your list to that girl,

she'll dump you
that very second.

She's using that phone
without her family's knowledge.

- Buy her a new phone.
- Why?

I got all these details
after cracking her IP address.

It would have leaked already.

Kevin, don't go to sleep.
One second!

Hey! Just one more thing!


Pick up the phone, you scoundrel!

What are you doing here?

You're stalking random girls,
under the guise of "work from home"?

- What are you saying?
- You're a fucking pervert, Kevin.

I don't care if you ignore me.

But don't fucking lie to me.

Whom did I stalk?

And why the fuck
are you monitoring me?

I know everything about you, Kevin.
Stop acting!

You were searching for some
stupid girl from Dubai for 36 times!

An Anu Sebastian for 36 times!

It's none of your fucking business!

- Just get out!
- Aren't you ashamed?

Get out!

I'll go, but remember that we both
are working under the same firm

- and I'm sitting on you!
- Just get out.

Don't touch me!
I'm leaving.

Didn't I tell you that we needn't
say anything now, Jimmy?

I can't stay here, Jimmy.

Anu, what are you saying?

I'm calling you now.


Anu, what happened?


Anu, look at me!
Tell me what happened!

Anu, what is this?

Who did this?

Jimmy, didn't I tell you?

Didn't I tell you that
we needn't say anything now?

I can't stay here
any longer, Jimmy.

Was it your dad?

Can you step out from there?

Can you take me away
from here, Jimmy?

I'll come.

Hey! This is serious.

Take her to the emergency section
in Armada now.

Anjana has night duty today.
She'll be there.

I'll tell her.

No, man!
I can't do that.

If I go to a hospital,
I'll have to report this.

Tell me the matter.

This wound doesn't look like an accident.
She was hit with something.

Tell me the truth.

Did you lay hold of her
from somewhere?

Even if it was her dad
who hit her,

how long will you stay
without taking her to the hospital?

Have you lost your senses?

Prashant, try to understand.

Anu doesn't want
to trap him in a case.

You just give me a solution
for this now. Please.

It's getting better.
Much better.

Anu, just try and see if you can open
your mouth fully.

Try it once more.



Hey! I don't think
she's very happy.

She's not in a mood to go out.

She will take some time
to get over that shock.

Would her father have complained
to the police?

So what?

She came to me by herself.
Out of her own will.

I have my parents' consent too.

I've decided.
I'm going to marry her.

Make it fast then.

You know, right?
Living together is not legal here.

So, next Friday!

I'll see you both
in the club at Dana.

You need to introduce her
to many people, right?

Stop it, Doctor. Bye.

Anu, where is your passport?

So you met her on Tinder
one week back.

She's in your house now.

She has no records
and you want to marry her!


She was beaten
by her own dad, right?

Ask her to go home, fall at his feet,
and get the passport somehow.

Jimmy, I'll call you later.


That's just his way of talking.
Don't mind it.

Come here.


So what if you don't have a passport?
Let's click a photo!

Look at the camera.

Hey! Keep quiet!

Hey! You're the only one
in our family who knows about this.

Don't tell mom
and mess things up!

I'm not going to say anything.

Why are you scared, Chechi?

Jimmy has told me everything.

Don't you recognize me?
I'm Jimmy's youngest cousin, Neethu.

Didn't you see me
on the video call that day?

You don't remember?

Chechi, you are awesome.

I wish I had someone who'd take me away
from here at night.

Yeah, right!

Do you drink, Chechi?

Chechi, it was Jimmy
who made me to start drinking!

What about you?

My dad.

I guessed it.

Why don't I have all this?

You know?

I am always like this.

This hostel room of mine...

I feel suffocated sitting here.

I wish I had someone who'd take me away
from here at night.



You know what?

You're very lucky.

She's exactly your opposite.

That might be the reason
why you got along.

I'm getting bored. Come!

Let's chill here.

Get your car and come.

Don't end up puking.
Go to bed!

Good night.

Okay. What am I seeing?

A chicken curry
made with my home recipe.

Didn't I tell you that day?

How does it look?

- Now, shall I tell you what I saw?
- Yes.

I'm going to ask him
why he hurt you.

Jimmy, don't talk to him now.

Jimmy, we've left it, right?


What's wrong in that?

And I'm going to tell him
that I'm going to marry you.

- Jimmy, don't talk to him now.
- Let him hit me if he dares!

Jimmy, listen to me.
Please! For my sake!


See! There's no problem at all.

We had a coffee together.

And he apologized
for hitting you.

He took your new number
from me, so...

I am recording
an emotional moment now.

Isn't it?

A father and daughter reuniting.

Jimmy, I'm so glad to meet you.

I did it
out of the heat of that moment.

I need your parents' number.

Let me call and talk to them.

Please ask her to come back to us.


Anu would like to stay with me.

Anu, why aren't you
picking up the phone?

Is there a problem?

What did your father say?

Don't forget to take your medicine
in the evening.

Sorry. Unfortunately, the invoice
has not been approved by my director.

Yes, Mr. Fareed.
I'm sorry to hear that.

I know, it's sometimes
out of your control, but...

Is there a query with the invoice,
that it's left unapproved?

No. Not to my knowledge.

Okay. Well, in that case,

can I please request that
it gets approved today itself?

It's already overdue.

You're seeing all the messages, right?
Then why are you quiet?

...get in touch with me
by phone or by e-mail, okay?

Say something, Anu!

Uncle left saying
that he'll talk to my mom.

Everything will be all right.

Jimmy, why are you always calling me?
I am having a tough time here.

Rajini ma'am, this is really serious.

The invoice was kept on hold

for the past two months
under my personal request.

I can't do that anymore.

You know how much I helped you

to present
your U.S. immigration form, right?

You still wish to go to the U.S., right?

I'm representing you in court.

You're my client.
Don't forget that.

Anu, stop this!

Rajini ma'am,

why are you calling on my office phone
and discussing personal affairs?

This is not the place!

You are staying with me now!

Please understand my situation too.


After all this is resolved, I'll send you
an updated invoice. Is that okay?

Yeah, okay.

Thank you.

Call me when you are okay.

I'll reach the apartment at 7 p.m.

Sanjana, is Kevin late even today?

What's the point, Sanjana?

You present it.
Let him come when he wants to.

I know, sir. Can you please hold
for five minutes. I'm calling Kevin.

What's this? Do you want to humiliate me
in front of everyone?

One who dares to keep her name alone
on the project, need not feel any shame.


I'm presenting this, right?
And I'm leading the team.

And...what's in a name?

It concerns me.

The files I developed
are on my system.

Do you want me to quit?

Okay, tell me.
What do you want?

I just want my credit.

Re-draft it,
and send it to them.

I'll join once you do that.

Let's start.

All of us have
the correct document now.

Sirs, it's pointless
if you guys sit in America,

and call us for meetings every night.

I need to go out,
meet my friends.

Get a drink...

And get some good sleep.

Kevin, this is an official meeting.

And we head this firm.

What about the deadlines?
Who will take care of them?

I'm not gonna work
on deadlines anymore, sir.

If you want to say anything further,
you can talk to that bitch.

I'm out!

Don't ever try fooling around with me.
Whenever you get horny, you come to me.

You need me then only!
You loser, asshole!

It was me who recruited you here,

and I have the full authority
to fire you too!

Hey! I am in serious trouble.

The police will arrest me.

Jimmy, I'm sorry.

I have no other option.

Didn't I tell you
not to meet him?

I can't live here anymore.

I can't live here anymore, Jimmy.

This will be my last message.

Don't hate me, Jimmy.

I'm sorry for all the problems
you had to go through because of me.

- Kevin...
- What happened? Where did Anu go?

Anu is gone!

If there's a police inquiry,
they will arrest me, Kevin.

I have no idea what to do.


What happened to Anu?

Did her family come?

No. I met her dad today
and spoke to him.

I have no clue
what happened after that.


She doesn't even go out
without asking me, Kevin.

Would she have committed suicide?
I'm getting scared!

Suicide? She must have gone home.
Where else would she go?

You don't get it. When the cops called me,
they asked me only about her.

You sit there.
Just tell me about this whole thing.

She must have done something drastic.
I'm really scared.


Help me, man...

I don't have anyone else to ask.
Please, just...

I don't know what to do.

How can someone with such a history
go back home?

Is it her dad who's hurting her?

I met and spoke to him unnecessarily!

He asked me for Anu's number
and I gave it. After that...

After that, there has been
no response from her side.

She won't commit suicide
just because of that.


Try to understand
what I'm saying, Kevin.

Look at this.
She has left midway while cooking dinner.

You don't know her.

Jimmy, you calm down.

First go and see
if her stuff is still there.

Jimmy! Jimmy!


Will someone pack their luggage
while going to die?

You calm down.
Sit there.

Did you guys have a fight?

No, man.
There were no such problems.

Did you go
to her parents' house and enquire?

Kevin, she won't go back
to her dad's house!

Did you enquire or not?

I went to the apartment.
I don't know the apartment number.

What the hell is this?

I picked her up
from the basement!

I went there and asked the security guard,
no one has any idea.

Call him!
Call her dad!

Call her dad!

I don't have his number.

You met him today.

You gave him Anu's number.

You gave him your mom's number.
Yet, you didn't take his number?

I didn't think of it
at that point.

Do you know
any of Anu's friends?

Any idea where she might have gone?

People she'd meet up with?
Anything at all?

What the fuck
do you even know about Anu?


Don't cry, Jimmy!

Leave it.
Let's find her.


I'm just getting out
of a police case.

I can't handle another one.

I must find out
what happened to her.

What did the police ask you?

They asked only about Anu.

About her injuries, and...

They asked me
to define our relation and all.

What did you say?

I panicked, Kevin.
I told them that she's my wife.

What the fuck!

Why did you have to lie to the police?

Now they will be monitoring
your phone calls,

where you're going
and whom you're meeting!


What did the police say, finally?

They asked me not to go anywhere
leaving the apartment.

Can you access
the CCTV of your apartment?

Not here.
The server room!


There's no staff here.

That's okay.
Show me the server.

Go down.

Do you have a pen drive?

In my apartment.

Get it quickly
and connect it to the USB slot.


Today's date.
20th July.

20th July.
Copy that folder.

- What's your floor number?
- 13th.

When did you call her last?

Around... 3 p.m.

Kevin, that's him.
Anu's father.

That's Anu's laptop bag.

Why did Anu give him
the laptop bag alone?

- What could be in that envelope?
- Would it be money?

Let me see.

Wait! Wait! Wait!

Anu has put something
in the dust bin.

Hey... This is Anu's SIM card.

- Whose name is it in?
- My name, with my Emirates ID.

You can get its call records, right?

Yeah, I can.


Kevin, it's the police.

The police are here.
They're gonna arrest me.

Open the door.

- Don't panic. Open the door.
- They will arrest me, man!

Jimmy, just open the door, man!

- Peace be upon you.
- And peace be upon you, too.

[speaking in Arabic]

- What's your name?
- My name is Jimmy Kurian.

[speaking in Arabic]

- What are you doing here?
- Nothing. I'm just home.

I was asked to stay in the apartment.
I haven't gone out anywhere.

But I haven't gone out anywhere.
I was asked to stay at home.

Kevin! Hey!

Let me speak to that...

Hi, Jimmy. What happened?
I can't reach you on your phone!

Jimmy, what the hell is this?

I had warned you that day itself
to report Anu's case to the police.

They had called me now
from Al Gharb police station,

asking if I was the one
who treated her.

I have attached the prescription's copy
to the mail.

I'm coming there
with the original.

My dear, Jimmy...

Please don't mess with them.

I'll have to bear
the brunt for it.

Jimmy, where are you?

Hey! It's been a quite some time

since they brought me
to the station for enquiry.

They haven't told me anything yet.

They haven't spoken a word about Anu,
and they took my phone, man!

Please do something!

Call someone.
Just help me!

Get me out of here!

Get me...


Hello, Kevin.

I am Jimmy's friend, Prashant.

- Hi, Prashant.
- Hey.

He bought medicines for Anu
with my prescription.

The police have found out that Jimmy
and Anu were in a live-in relationship.

Actually, that's not legal here.

But the police are asking me
only about her body injury.

And the injury which I treated
was not the only one.

The issue is quite serious.

- Would Anu have done something...
- Chances are there.

But we still don't know.

The police here
won't tell us anything.

Can you inform his mother?

I'll inform her.

Sorry, Prashant.

Anu was using a SIM card
in Jimmy's name.

I had asked for its call records.

He had told me.

Let me try, Kevin.
I'll call you.

- I'll get back to you.
- Thank you, Prashant.

13... 13... 13...

Satish, please enhance what the girl
in this photo is holding with her hand.

Not the lettering.
The object alone is fine.

Do you even have a conscience?
Why are you doing this to me?

Oh, is it? What happened?
Didn't get anyone for tonight? Huh?

No one's as good as you, right?

Are you still in the office?

Of course. If my partner ditches me,
I'll have to work alone, right?

Ok. Have you ever checked
that Anu Sebastian's profile?

The day you came to my apartment?

Did you install
anything on her phone?

I mean, some malware or something?

Haven't you left it?
Why? Are you planning to shift to Dubai?

It's not for me.

She's my cousin Jimmy's girlfriend.

He was with some Punjabi girl, right?

That was two weeks back.
She's the one now.

Complete misogynistic family.

That's not it.
He's in trouble.

This girl had been staying with him
for the past one week.

She has gone missing,
since today.

She must have
gotten fed up and left.

No, Sanjana.
Try to understand.

That girl recorded a suicide note
and sent him before leaving.

Can you help me get
more details about her?

Kevin, that's an Indian passport.

It has the lion's symbol. See!

Sorry. Don't see this as infringement
of personal security.

It's because I don't trust you.

Great job!
But this is the wrong person.

This is useless for me.

What are you saying?
This is not the girl.

This ID has been created
from the same IP address you tracked.

And you were searching
all about an Anu Sebastian.

Who else could it be?

Can you get me the files
from that phone?

I had trashed it then.
Let me check in the drive.

Yes, Kevin.

Hi, Prashant.

We were released
from the station.

But the police seized his apartment
for forensic examination.

I'm taking him to my house
for the time being.

Thank you so much, Prashant.

Is Jimmy with you?

Yes. Jimmy!

It's your cousin.
Talk to him.

Yes, Kevin.
Tell me.


Does Anu have a sister?

No. She has a brother.

He's working in Bangalore.


Nothing. You take rest.

I had asked Prashant
for the call records.

Call me when you get it.


Hello! Can I get Dr. Nikhil Sebastian's
personal number?

Sorry, sir. Doctors' personal numbers
are not supposed to be shared.

Dr. Nikhil lives in our staff quarters.
You can...


- Hello?
- Hello. Is Dr. Nikhil home?

Chettan is at the hospital.
Just call on extension 32.

Thank you.
Sorry. Are you Doctor's wife?

No. I am his sister.


Yes. This is Anu.

I didn't get you.
Are you my brother's patient?

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

But some links
are still confusing.

I've sent the files from that phone
to your Google Drive.

It will take ten minutes
to get downloaded.

Should I come there?
Did you eat something?

No, I am good.
Thanks for sharing.

I'll call you later.


You said you'll call
after dinner, right?

- I finished dinner only now.
- Spoke to your parents?

I will speak to them.


I will talk to them...

Show it. Show me
where the router is kept.

Let me check
the signal strength.

I don't know where it is.

There. That thing kept below the TV.


I got the call list.

- And?
- My...

It was my mom
who called her last.

What should I do now?


Call aunty and ask her
what they spoke.

And tell everything to aunty.

Bro, one packet
of Kings' cigarettes.

To 12C.

Thank you all!
I am leaving, finally!

Jesna Sebastian - All the best, dear.
Call once you reach. I'll pray for you.

Anumol Sebastian - Miss you
and mom, sister. I'll call once I reach.

Your number is switched off?
Where are you? I'm worried.

Dear... Where are you now?
Have you eaten something?

Why aren't you saying anything?

Say something!

Dear... Have you reached?

Is there a number
to call you on?

Mom is really worried.

Call me soon.

I have reached, Chechi.
I can't call.

I'm using the airport Wi-Fi.

They have taken my passport.

They're asking me
to give my phone too.

They said they will put
a new SIM and give it back.

I'll call you after that.

Okay, dear.

I'll pray for you.

I haven't had any food
for two days, Chechi.

I was given only water.

I am at a new place now.

They are asking me to sleep
with people who come here, Chechi.

Can you please tell mom?

I want to come back.

Can you please ask Uncle Rameshan
to talk to the agency?

It's your mom, dear.

Try to hold on somehow, dear.

Rameshan is not agreeing to anything.

We made a mistake!
What can we do now?

If we inform the police,

everyone in town
would come to know.

They said they will send you back,
if we pay the full amount.

I'm trying to sort it out, dear.


How are you, mom?

I'm unable to bear this, mom.

Despite me crying and requesting so much,
they are not returning my passport.

I am at a different place now.

I got a phone from here.

But I can't make calls.
It doesn't have a SIM.

They are making me
do very bad things, mom.

Did Uncle Rameshan call?

When will the money be ready?


This is Jacob sir's daughter.
I am at his place now.

Her name is also Anu.

She is in India.

I can't bear it here any longer, mom.

They are hurting me, mom!

They hurt me every day.

I want to see you, mom.

Take me back
from here somehow, mom!

Please, mom.

I will die here, mom.

They will kill me.

I can't stay here any longer, mom.

Ask someone to help me, mom.

Take me home, mom.
I want to come back.

I don't want to stay here.

I can't bear this, mom.

I can't bear this...


Didn't you say
that Anu would be okay for me?


Kevin, didn't you say that
Anu would be okay for me?

Didn't you say
the same to my mom also?

What the hell did you enquire about her?

What do you even know about Anu?

I had to hear from my mom

that I was sleeping with a call girl,
you know that?

Come here, Jimmy.

- Jimmy.
- Sorry.


I thought at least you
would be there for me.

Come, Jimmy.

I don't need anyone now.

I was going to marry her.
You know that?

You come!

I was in love with her, man!


I think Anu was faking with him
in some other identity.

He is angry because of that.

But still, if Anu has committed
something serious,

Jimmy will be in big trouble.

Are you sure?

I will check, Kevin.

I'll call you tomorrow.

Kevin, you heard everything, right?

Jimmy doesn't need
to stay in Dubai now.

His visiting visa is valid anyway.
I'm bringing him here.

Sorry, aunty.

I couldn't check in detail.

That's enough.
I've spoken to that girl.

I've told her not to try to speak
or meet Jimmy hereafter.

What did she want?

A passport to go home.
She has got that.

She has promised me that
she won't trouble him hereafter.

In case, Jimmy calls you,

tell him I've sent him
a ticket for today.

Ask him to get on that flight
and come here.

- Understood?
- I...

Kevin, this is the link
of a press meet

of Dubai consulate.

I have a doubt that
it's Anu who is with them.

Good conduct certificate has just come
into being from August 15th.

On our side,
what I can say is that,

we have something called
a police clearance certificate.

The victim is 25,
who is from Kerala...

She has managed to escape
from a brutal sex racket,

which was operating from Dubai.

She has given proof
of evidence to Dubai police

about nine Keralite women
who were forced into sex trade

after they have reached here
on the basis of maid jobs in Dubai.

Right now, the case
is under further investigation

with the UAE Police Department.

Sir, just one question to the girl.

Can you tell us how you escaped?

She's not in a situation
to take any questions from you.

The only positive news
we can assure you is that

she will be sent back to India
today itself without any further delay.

Thank you.

The case unfolded when police
were alerted about the gang

involved in the flesh trade
by an Indian woman,

who told them
of being held against her will

in an apartment
leading to the police raid.

Four bars and two
massage parlours were closed

after a major
prostitution ring bust in Dubai.

Dubai police have arrested

11 people,
including the alleged mastermind,

Joseph Tharakan, in connection
with the human trafficking ring,

that allegedly saw a girl, as young as 16,

forced into prostitution.

The accused and his racket
got the victims jobs in their hotels.

And later forced the trafficked women
into working in dance bars.

And soon, they ended up
getting involved in prostitution.

Investigations showed that the accused
had turned an apartment, here in the city,

into a brothel where they forced
the trafficked women into prostitution.

The alleged gang leader
of the sex trafficking racket,

and his partner
were charged with trafficking,

running a brothel
and forcing women into prostitution

through violence and intimidation.

Over the course of the last eight years,
the gang forced hundreds...

I think Anu was trying
for a safe escape route to Kerala.

Anu must have reported
to the police station first.

And they must have
shifted her to the consulate.


She must have said that
she was under treatment at Jimmy's house.

Maybe that's why the police asked
for my prescription.

Many such cases happen here, Kevin.

At least that girl
would reach back home, right?

And Jimmy?

Does he know all this?

I should have checked
more thoroughly.

How can I change that?

Airport. Didn't mom tell you?
Going back to her.

What question?

Hey! Jacob Sebastian was a pimp.

It was her passport
in that envelope.

And the laptop belonged
to Jacob's daughter.

He must have had
some important documents in it.

So it was more like an exchange.

So she made use of me for that.


She did it to escape, right?

If it was just to escape, why did she stay
with me for so many days, Kevin?

Couldn't she have left earlier?

And she was using me.

I don't know, Jimmy.

Maybe she wanted a safe place.

Do you still love her?

I want to meet her once, Kevin.

I want to ask her
why she did all this.

Is it possible?
Tell me.

Which is your boarding gate?


- Why?
- Anu is in D-11.

Her departure is at 2:20.

Go and ask her.

Excuse me. Sorry.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Sorry! Sorry!

Excuse me.




Her flight has departed.


I should have attended
your call a little earlier.

It's okay.
You tried, right?

Now, tell me.

Where is she from?


A major sex racket led by Malayalis
in UAE was busted by the police.

A woman who escaped
from the group told Asianet news that

a travel agency from Thampanoor
transports women there

with the help of few officers
in Thiruvananthapuram airport.

After 40 days of hell,

activists intervened and got them back
through Indian Embassy.

I had finished
half of my B.Sc. course.

I went there because we didn't have
any other way to survive at home.

It was a visa to work as a housemaid.

A salary of Rs.40,000 per month
was promised.

As soon as I reached there,

they seized my phone and passport.

Then, I had to go
wherever they asked me to go.

There were nine of us
in an apartment.

All of us landed there
and got trapped like this.

I had informed my family
but what could they do?


Is it Anu?

If it's from the media,
I don't have anything to talk now, sir.

I am Kevin.
Jimmy's cousin.

I know this Anu.

I just want to ask you one thing.

I'll promise that Jimmy won't know.

You must call me back.

If possible, a video call.

It's not to collect any evidence.

I just want to see
the real person.


What do you want?

Didn't I say that
I won't trouble anyone?

I just want to know one thing.

You could have left earlier
if you wanted to, right?

Why did you live with Jimmy
for those many days?

At some point, I thought I would be
able to live with Jimmy.

Jimmy loved me very much.

I've taken Jimmy's money
only to buy the ticket.

Tell him that I'll return it

- Anu, come here.
- Coming, mom!


This is Jacob sir's daughter,
whose place we're at.

Her name is also Anu.

She is in India.

Doesn't she look like me?

Call her and talk to her.