C.S.I Sanatan (2023) - full transcript

A CSI agent investigates the murder of a company's CEO. As new information about the victim and the five suspects who are his employees comes to light, the case gets more complicated

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Do you want to become
a millionaire with only ten bucks?

Want to get unimaginable profits
through chit funds?

Tired of paying interest and
want to get interest-free loans?

Then you are invited.

VC finance company is waiting for people like you.

Just this one announcement
created a revolution.

Once I used to be a worker.

Now I have become an owner because of Vikram Sir.

Due to taking a loan from VC company,
we are studying our son abroad.

Earlier, I was not the breadwinner of our family

But now I am supporting my family because of him.

Because of Vikram Sir's grace,
our children are getting good education.

We have started a ten-buck scheme in the
names of our children in the VC company.

The VC company fulfilled my dream of buying a car.

He is our God.
-He is our God.

Thanks to Vikram Finance Company.

Do you know who he is?

The famous entrepreneur of India,
Mr. Vikram Chakravarthy

Recently, he was placed on the
world-famous Forbes Top 50 list.

But there are many alligations
against that company.

This VC company cheated by charging
interest on interest.

He will be punished
for what he did.

Vikram Chakravarthy, you will be destroyed.

He did not respond to any of these criticisms.

Fortunately, for the first time...

he is going to respond on our channel on the
weekend Guest with Roja talk show.

Hi Sir! Welcome to my show.

Hello! Thank you.

Kudos to you, Sir.

Can you tell us your success strategy?

My success strategy is simple.

My investors and our services.

What is the difference between
your company and other companies?

Why should we take a loan
only from your company?

Why should we invest 10 bucks?

Trust is the first thing.

The second thing is 0% interest,
low investments, and high profits.

You are giving loans to middle-class
and lower-middle-class people.

Also, you are choosing them as investors.

Don't you ever feel that they cheat?

Middle-class people don't know
how to cheat except being cheated.

The Indian economy will grow only
if the poor rise.

That's why my target is poor people.

But if they invest 10 bucks daily,
you will get 3650 bucks per year.

For five years, you will get 18,250 bucks.

But how can you give 50,000 bucks?

Even after the scheme matures...

why are you extending the amount for another 5 years by saying
that you are transferring it to another scheme?

If we update the scheme, then it means
that it is a benefit for our investors.

They are investing in us by trusting us.

We are here to show our gratitude
towards our investors every day.

But it is said that 35% of people are not
satisfied with your company's services.

What's your answer to that?

These ratios change frequently...

just like your TRP ratings.

On the positive side, 65% of people
are happy with our services.

Customer service is our top priority.

Actions speak louder than words.

Actions speak louder than words.

In 2009, we introduced the 10 buck scheme.

It was a great success.

And after that, in 2010,
we introduced 0% interest loans.

That too was a success.

We are seeing consistent growth over the past 13 years.

We are in Forbes top 50 list.

But why all these controversies against you?
Didn't you make any mistakes?

If you prove that I made any mistakes...

I'm ready to hang.

Uh... What's your next venture?

Electrical Auto mobiles.

I'm going to the UK within
a few days for that purpose only.

Sir, there may be a threat to your life
due to this revolutionary project.

I'm ready to face... Anything.

Great! I truly admire you, Sir.

Thank you for your time.

Let's congratulate Vikram
on entering the Forbes list.

Let's enjoy the party!

"I need some space,
because I want to fly."

"I want to get somewhere,
where I can rise."

"No matter how far we go,
I have no fear of dancing alone."

"Dance and let go..."

"Dance and let go..."

"Dance and let go..."

"Dance and let go..."

Gun Shot

Gun Shot

Gun Shot



Police control room!

How can I help you?

Sir, someone killed our CEO.

Please come fast.

Don't panic.

Don't touch anything.

We'll inform the police station near you.

Is this CI Rudra speaking?



We got information that VC company CEO
Vikram Chakravarthy was murdered.

Hold on! I'll put the Commissioner
on a conference call.

Okay, Sir.

Hello! Sir!

It's a public attention- grabbing case, you know.

We have to deal with it very carefully.

We need the best crime scene investigation officer for it.


call Sanathan.

Okay, Sir.

Let's go.

Sir, where are we going?

We must visit the VC office.

Is Vikram Chankravarthy dead?

Why are you feeling sad?

We invested in a 10-buck scheme
in their company, Sir.

The money is due next month.

But Vikram Sir is dead.

What about that money, Sir?

Not only you are affected,
but so many others are as well.

Breaking News!

Vikram Chakravarthy, CEO of VC Finance Company,
was murdered in his office a while ago.

It is not yet known who committed this murder
and what the reasons behind it are.

Phone Ringing

Traffic sound


you have to come
to the VC company urgently.

For what?

VC company CEO Vikram Chakravarthy was murdered.

We'll investigate the case.

I'm on my way.

Sir, who is Sanathan?


Crime Scene Investigator.

I heard about the NIA and CBI.

But what is this CSI, Sir?

CSI handles the evidence
discovered at the crime scene.

Once they give the evidence that they found
to the technicians in the forensic lab,

they examine it and solve most cases.

For example, food prints, finger prints, hair, DNA, etc.

CSI's speciality is investigating crime scenes.


And my friend Sanathan
is the best at that.

We both prepared for police job.

But unfortunately,
he didn't become a police officer.

He did criminology
at Delhi Forensic University.

He placed first in the investigation.

His way of solving a case is unique.

What do you mean, Sir?

A few years ago, the daughter
of the Home Minister was kidnapped.

We were all trying
to find the clue.

I'll update you, Sir.


-Okay, Sir.

Hi, Sanathan.
How are you?

I'm fine.

How is your criminology going on?

I've been doing some project work recently
about updated crimes.

In that...

What are you doing?

How many people have you sent?

I told you to send
3 more teams, right?

Don't spare even a single vehicle.

What are you doing?
It's been 10 hours.

Higher authorities are pressuring me.

Give me updates regularly.

It seems like you're stressed.
What happened?

What should I say?

Someone kidnapped Home Minister's daughter.

We got some CC footage.
It's of no use.

Hold on!

We can do something with that CC footage, right?


Can I go through?

I mean, I solved this type of case in Delhi.

Sure, let's go.
- Okay.

- Hey! Hi!
- Hey Rudra! How are you?

I'm amazing.


He is Sanathan.

He recently completed criminology.

Play that CCTV footage.

One more!
- Yes, Sir.

One more!

One more!

One more!


Hey!!! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Zoom in.

A little bit closer.


I think this footage
has been tampered with.

How can you say that confidently?

Whatever is in this world, be it human, plant, or object...

as long as it is 4:30 PM, the shadow direction is left or right.

But in this footage,
the time is 4:30 PM.

And her shadow
is under her feet.

That means the sunlight
is directly on her head.

So, the kidnapping was done between 12 and 1.

Sir, the kidnapper very cleverly
tampered with the footage.

In which area
did the kidnapping take place?

Near Gulmohar Apartments, Lingampally.


Check if this car is stopped in that area
between 10 and 12 in the morning.

The car stopped 18 times in that area.

But the car stopped
at only one place.

The kidnapper was seen
smoking a cigarette near the car.

Pause it.

Zoom in.

Little bit closer.

This guy?!

What was his last location?

Sir, it shows that his last location
was Lingampally, yesterday evening.

From then on,
there was no signal.

Rudra! We need a hacker.


Keep me updated.
-Sanathan, come.

Hi, Sir.

This is Krish.

Hacker and data analyst.

You have to hack
one mobile company's server.

It's impossible, Sir.

And it's complicated too.

We need access and approval.

Hey! You are illegal
and you're talking about legal things?

Just do what we say.

We'll get the approval.

We were able to track the location
of the kidnapper till Lingampally last evening

With the latest technology available now,
the location is known even...

if the phone is switched off or the signal is lost.

It is not possible to do it legally.

The location can be tracked even when the mobile
is switched off through the IMEI number of the phone.

We don't have to wait until
the phone is switched on.

It takes so much time
to do this process legally.

We don't have much time.

In the meantime, the kidnapper can do anything to her.

I can use this process illegally
by hacking the mobile company server.

Give me a minute.


there is one process to trace out your daughter.

But, we can't do it legally.

It's your wish to do it legally or illegally.
My daughter is important to me.

I'll take care of anything that arises.

Okay, Sir.



Let's do it.


Let's start the mission.


Sir, I hacked the mobile company that you told me to.

What's the number you want?

It's an IMEI number.

Check that server.

Sure, Sir.

Yes, Sir!

We got the location!

How dare you kidnap a little girl!

Will you be like this for the rest of your life?

Nothing will happen to you.

Let's go.


Thank you so much, Sir.

All credit goes to Sanathan.

Young man!

You solved this case intelligently.

Thank you.

Sanathan, please share your experience in
criminology with the department.

Sure, Sir.

In this world, there are four motives for committing a crime.




ego, domination, etc.,

and revenge.

Seeing a crime as it is different.

Imagining something that is not there is different.

We'll find new ways through imagination.

If we think from the criminal's perspective,
we can solve the case easily.

We have to investigate
a case through 5 theories.





What is the reason and the motive behind the crime?

And the most important thing is that it's not
only about knowing about the crime

but how to stop it from happening.

And I'm writing a thesis and a subject on this topic
in the form of a book called "How to Prevent Crimes."


police car siren

Now I want to see him after hearing everything about him.

There you go...

he is Sanathan.

Let's start the mission.

Let's go.


Be quiet


Hide yourself


Don't make any noise

See, CSI's God came...

Trouble! Trouble! Trouble!

Get lost from here, my friend.
He's entered the scene

Rubble! Rubble! Rubble!

Hit him with it, he'll live like a king.

Double! Double! Double!

He derived from a strong war machine.

Rebel! Rebel! Rebel!

Not gonna quit till he knocks off unseen!!

Oh! Oh! Oh! CSI

Oh! Oh! Oh! CSI

You never know when he gonna fire
Be cautious, my friend!! You got to retire!!

Don't worry, he's gonna be our savior.

Don't mess up, mess up.
He's a destroyer.

Man on a mission
Got another name?

He's got a vision
Always in the game

Wild beast
Not to tame



Good morning, Sir.

How long has it been since you came
to the crime scene?

It's been 30 minutes, Sir.

Don't get mesmerised
by his cuteness.

Looking at the manner of this murder,

it seems that someone has suffered a lot because of this.


Sampath, turn off the lights.

Sampath, turn on the lights.
-Okay, sir.

Who saw this body first?

Hello, Sir!

What happened last night?

Last night, everyone was drunk at the party.

I don't know what happened,
but everyone was intoxicated.

Suddenly, a loud gun sound
was heard from Vikram Sir's cabin.

Vikram Sir was dead
when I went to see him.

Okay, okay. You can go now.
- Okay, Sir.

- Yes, Sir.

All three bullet caps are 9 mm...

which are from Vikram's gun.
-Okay, Sir.

This 4th bullet cap is 3 mm.
It is from another gun.


Send that 3 mm bullet cap to the ballistic report.
-Okay, sir.

There are lipstick marks and semen on his body.

So, he could've had sex before he died.

Send that body immediately to the post-mortem.

Okay, Sir.

And one more thing:
don't contaminate this crime scene.

Hello, Sir.

Play last night's CCTV footage.

Hey! How much time do you take?

Krish! Check it.
- Okay, Sir.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.
- Okay, Sir.

Rewind it.

Sir, footage is till 10:30 only.
After that, there is no more footage.

Sir, in Pa...Pa...Party...
- Shut up!

Irresponsible Idiots!

Collect the footage that is available.
- Sure, Sir.

He is Mr. Aravind, the ballistic officer.

The reason I called him was because
we found three bullets.

The bullet missed in this spot.

Did you find anything at the crime scene?


Vikram died of the first bullet itself.

But I don't understand why he shot 3 times after a gap.

The first bullet was missed.
Shockingly true.

How can you say?

Because of the wound size.

It differs from the angle and size of the wound.

The size is smaller if the man was shot after he died.

If he is shot while he is still alive, the size will be larger
because of the presence of blood pressure.

But how can a bullet miss?

Which type of bullet is it?

Let me explain.

Bullets are of different types.

wooden bullet, iron bullet, plastic bullet,
ice bullet, and bone bullet.

He must have used these kinds of bullets for the crime.

Looking at the bullet wounds,
this murder may have been committed by two people.

How many bullet caps
did you find at the crime location?

We found four bullet caps.

But only 3 out of 4 have matched
with Vikram's gun.

9 mm pistol.

One was different.

We sent it for a ballistic report.


I'll go to the ballistic office to examine it
and send the report as soon as possible.

Sir, Vikram Sir's wife is here.

Okay, Sir.

Sorry for your loss.

We'll handover your husband's body
within a short time.

At least in this way,
my husband will be with me for a while.

What do you mean?

Nowadays, Vikram spends more time with Divya than me.

Both of us have quarrelled many times over this matter.

But he didn't change.

Who is Divya?
- She is the Co-founder.

I and Vikram got married five years ago.

She and Vikram have been running
this company for 12 years.

I found out about their relationship recently.

She is a slut, Sir.

She could've done something to Vikram.


Let's go.


where is the receptionist?


How many employees are there in your company?

Total of 200 employees, Sir.

How many were present at yesterday's party?

30 members.

Why didn't the rest of the staff come?

Because it was all of a sudden.
That's why they didn't come.

I want these 30 employees' details.

Sudiksha, right?

I thought I should not see her again in my life.
She appeared again and stood in front of me.

She disappeared from my life a long time ago.

How are you, Rudra?

Why are you here?

I work here.

Why is he behaving as if he didn't know me?

Is he still like that?
Is this how he will behave for the rest of his life?

After you left...

his whole life changed.

Door open


Except for training time,
have you ever come to meet me at the correct time?

It's not like that.

You are as important as my training.

Both are my first preferences.

See, you said, both are my first preferences.

But you didn't say that I was your first priority.

It is naive of me to expect that from you.

Hey! You still loved me even after knowing
about my work, right?

At first, you said you'd support my work.

But now why are you blaming it?

You mean I am blaming your work?

It's my fault.

Sorry, Sir.
It's all my fault.

It's my mistake to love you.

I think we need...
We need to end this.

Let's break up!

Listen, Sudiksha.

I don't want to listen to you.

I can't take it anymore.

A girl loves her partner as much as she loves her parents.

She expects the same amount of love from him.

But you are neglecting my love.

You are ignoring me.

You're just assuming that we're in a relationship,
but actually we are not.

Then why should we be in a relationship?

Sudiksha! Should I order your favorite cappuccino?

First, tell me the date that you proposed to me.

I'm dead now.

When was the American ruthless killer
Ted Bundy hanged?

It's Okay, Sir. Tell me.

It's January 24th, 1989.

That's it!

This guy!

Do you know why I told you to come before 10:15?

10:15 was the time you proposed to me.

I thought it would be a memorable day.

But it ended up being a breakup.

Sudiksha! Just listen to what I'm saying.

It's enough.


Hey! Why are you irritating me?

Hello, Sanathan!

We learned about kidnapper Malli.

Is the information correct?


I'm solving the unsolved cases
on his list while I am in police training.

Today's case is Operation Malli.

He is a drug dealer.

How much time will you take?
Make it fast!

What happened, Sathi?

Is he coming?

Let him come!

Let him come!

Hello, Sanathan.
- Hello!

Where are you?
- Operation Malli.

Just let it be and come to KIMS hospital first.

What happened?

If we leave him now,
we will never find him again.

Listen to what I'm saying!

Just let him go and come here first.

What happened?

Sanjay died.

Sanjay is my elder brother.

I suddenly lost this world
learning that he had passed away.

Bottle breaking



You are aware of my fire phobia, right?

Sanjay, it's small.
-However, I don't want to.

Just try it once.

Goodness gracious!

Come on! Come on!

Hey! You have to become a police officer.

Get up!
Come on! You can do it.

Focus! Focus!


How long will you suffer like this?

You being like this bothers Sanjay.

I lost my brother whom I cherish the most.

And the girl who loved left me alone

I couldn't write the exam for my dream job.


my life is gone.

Don't let your past
steal your present.

I know a professor named Raghunandan
at Delhi Forensic College.

Once, he told me about criminology.

If you enroll there, it will be a perfect fit for you.


introduces investigation
from different angles.

You should try that.


How many days have you been
working at this company?

It's been 8 months.

What happened at the party last night?



How did you decide that
these people were the suspects?

Benefit of doubt.

Identification of a suspect is more
important in a crime scene.

We can recognise them based on their actions

and body language,
whether they have committed crime or not.

Not making eye contact, looking around...

not focusing on anything,



twitching fingers, stuttering in response to the question.

So we can consider the accused
with abnormal behaviour as a suspect.

I divided the first 15 members
based upon their body language.

And five of the remaining 15 members
joined this company recently. I mean one year back.

If the rest of the staff wanted to kill,
parties like this would have been held a long time ago.

But this never happened.

Vikram was about to fly
to the UK in 2 days.

So, in the meantime, one of them
might have planned to kill Vikram.

Looking at their body language,
it seems that they have done something wrong.

They're hiding something.

They could've assisted in the crime
or been directly involved in it.

Your explanation is extraordinary, Sir.

But how to find the criminal among these 5 members?

To know about that...

Let's start the investigation.

Everything is ready, Sir.

Are you Divya?

Yes. I am Ms. Divya.

Why did you kill Vikram?

What! What do you mean?

I mean, what you have done.

Okay, what kind of person is Vikram?


He is a perfect gentleman.

Through this company, he helped so many poor people.

What's the relationship between you and Vikram?

Vikram is a friend, philosopher, and business partner.

That's it?

Of course!

What's your opinion about Vikram's wife?

Vikram and Sony
got married five years ago.

But I and Vikram started
this company 12 years ago.

I am the Co-founder of this company.

Why should I think about her?

Have you and Vikram committed physically?

What the fuck!

Excuse me!

This is a part of investigation.
Please cooperate.

Just answer our questions.

It's personal.

What about murder?
Is it personal too?

You are talking way too much.

Why will I kill Vikram?

Because you have your benefits.

Since Vikram is your partner,
you conspired and killed him,

hoping that if you got rid of him,
the entire company would come into your hands.

Am I right?

Did he get to know about our personal things?

How can this happen?
What if he dies? Still Rajavardhan is there.



Who is Rajavardhan?

Oh shit!
I think I'm stuck now.

Rajavardhan is the minister of labour and agriculture.

He is also one of the partners just like us.

You mentioned starting a company with Vikram.

But now you are saying Rajavardhan.

Why didn't you say it earlier?

Rajavardhan is our sleeping partner.
That's why I didn't say anything about him.

What happened last night at the party?

We enjoyed the party normally.
We had drinks.

Rajavardhan also came.

But he left in the middle of the party
because of some work.

I saw Vikram talking very seriously
with our auditor, Pavan.

I don't want to see your face.
Get out!

What do you think of yourself?

Sir, Sir, Sir, Please.
- Speak up!

Sir, what I'm saying is...

Why do you want our personal information?

I don't want to see your face.

Get out!

Sir, that's not an issue.

Vikram sir got angry with me.

What was the reason?

I'm an Auditor.

He asked me to calculate
the share value of the company.


I couldn't do that
as the balance sheet was not tallied.

Why did he ask you specifically?

That is...

Actually the accountant Lasya has to do that.

But he didn't do it for some reason.

So, he told me to complete it.

Was there any strange activity at the party last night?

Vikram Sir pours his drink on Lasya intentionally.

He pretended to be cleaning,
but I saw him touching the girl in the wrong way.

Lasya was hurt because of that.

She even cried in the corner.

Vikram misbehaved with you so many times.

He even harassed you sexually.

With that grudge...

you decided to murder Vikram.

You chose party to implement your plan.

You mixed drugs in everyone's drinks,
entered the cabin silently and killed Vikram.

Am I right?

Vikram Sir misbehaved with me many times.

He is a womanizer.


This is not the way to behave
with an employee, okay?

I held this information to myself out of fear that
he would harm me if I told anyone.

Whom was Vikram close to?

It's Divya, Sir.

But a week ago...

when some customers had a quarrel with the company,

our company R.M Salim solved the problem.

Since then, I've seen Vikram being close to Salim

Many problems used to happen in customers accounts.

They would call and argue.

I used to solve them.

It happened many times.

That's why Vikram Sir used to like me.

Mr. Salim...

what were you doing in the security room
when everyone was enjoying the party?

I didn't go there, sir.

Think thoroughly and then answer.

Did they get to know
the company's secret?



They used to call and argue that the same company
had taken fake loans in the names of some customers.

I asked them what happened and
calmed them.

Have you noticed anyone
suspicious near the security room?

I didn't observe, Sir.

Think thoroughly.

Has anyone looked suspicious?

I saw a person with a black hoodie
in the security room.

But I didn't observe clearly.

And after that,
I never saw that person again.



However, I caught Divya and Vikram making out.

What's your opinion about Divya?

She is a characterless person, Sir.

Many colleagues used to talk.

She fired two coworkers
under the POSH act.

You may go.
- Okay, Sir.

POSH act!

Sir, what is POSH act?

Protection of Sexual Harassment in Office space.

This implies that if someone engages
in sexual harassment at work,

this act can be used to terminate the offender's job.

So far, many such cases have been registered in India.


Divya misused this act.

Don't you feel like asking how I am,
at least as a courtesy?

What do you know about
this company and Vikram Chakravarthy?

This company has so many loopholes.

And there are so many allegations against Vikram Sir.

Then why are you working for a company
that has so many allegations against it?

Hey! Wait, wait, wait, wait.

But after studying MBBS,

why do you work in a finance company?

Because of some financial problems,
I had to do this job.

Have you ever seen...

Vikram in a panic state?

He's always cool.

But Vikram, Divya, and the office
employees behave differently...

when our company's sleeping partner,
Rajavardhan, comes.

We all are afraid of him.



It's been 8 months since I joined here.

The three of them used to go to the first
and fifth floors and talk whenever Rajavardhan came.

Once, I urgently needed Vikram Sir's signature.

So I went to the ground floor.

And I saw that those 3 were arguing seriously.

I called Vikram Sir.

Then Rajavardhan scolded me
and ordered me to leave.

Get out! Get out from here!


What happened at party last night?

I... I don't know.

Does that mean you didn't attend the party?

Sudiksha! You're still doing work?

All are enjoying the party.
Let's go.

Please give me 5 minutes.

Okay. I'll be at the party. Join us.

I told him that I'd come after 5 minutes.

After I drank the water given by the office boy,

I don't remember what happened.
I became unconscious.

After sometime...




Getup! Someone shot and killed Vikram Sir.


I was in a shock.

Nice story.

You pre-planned and avoided the party...

and killed Vikram, didn't you?

No, Sir. I...I didn't do anything.

Didn't you kill him?


- Okay.

You may go.

Okay, Sir. Thank you.

5 suspects!

5 different opinions!

Party started at 9 PM.

Rajavardhan came at 9:30.

At 10:30 Rajavardhan left.

CCTV recording was stopped after 15 minutes.

We have to find out what happened between 10:45 and 01:00.


Who is this Rajavardhan?

What kind of relation does he have with Vikram, Divya?

What was the motive behind Vikram's murder?

When there is a murder...

then there will be a murderer.

The Murderer is among these five members.

We need to find out.

Sir, what about the ground and fifth floors?


We are missing that black Hoodie.


We need to trace out.

But before that, we have to find out
about the first and fifth floors.

Let's move!

Magnifying glass!


Entomology means the study of insects.

Maggot insects are mainly seen in dead bodies and dead cells.

The maggots develop wings a few days
after they are born inside dead bodies.

So, if there are maggots with wings,
it means the dead body has been there for many days.

Maggot insects!


I'm Ballistic officer, Aravind.


Sir, three of the four bullet caps
you provided are 9 mm.

The other one is 3mm bullet cap.

Wall breaking

Also, it was not made of metal.

That's why it disappeared
from the body.

Vikram was shot by that shotgun.

It's a rare gun from the British era.




We came to investigate Vikram's murder case...

but why is there another dead body here?

What's happening here?

Is Vikram good or bad?

Who is this dead person?


the real investigation starts.

See this bone
in this decomposed body.

This is called sternum.

It is connected to the rib cage
and it protects the heart.

Due to the breakdown of this bone,
his heart might have stopped functioning and died.

It's a kind of gruesome murder.

Sir, now how to identify the face?

We can find out using face reconstruction.

But it takes 24 to 36 hours.

I can still remember that body, Sir.

How can a person
kill someone so brutally?

Are they even humans?
They are beasts.

To find out more about them,
we must investigate the sixth suspect.

Sixth suspect?


He is a minister.

He is not an attender who works in Vikram's office.

It's not easy to investigate a minister.

Make a call to ACP once.

Yes. Sanathan.

We have to investigate Minister Rajavardhan.

There are some rules and regulations
for investigating a minister.

We have to break the rules
to get clues.

We don't have to break the rules.

There is a proper way for everything.

So find out what that way is?

Home minister!

Hello Sir!

I'm CSI Sanathan.

Hi Sanathan!
How are you man?

I'm fine, Sir.

Sir, I want to talk to you for 5 minutes.
It's urgent.

We went to Rajavardhan's house at 4 PM.

He is someone
who has a short temper.

He doesn't have any of the qualities
that a politician should have.

Be careful!

Hello Sir!

How are you, Sampath?

I'm fine, Sir.

Because of you,
I bought land in Kokapet.

He came to investigate you
about Vikram Sir's murder.

Take your seat.

Vikram is my good friend.

He is from my constituency.

He wanted to do something for the people.

That's why he started VC company.


I never thought he would die like this.

It's very sad.

Even you are the partner of that company, right?


I joined as a partner in that company
because of his dedication.

After that, I became closer to people.

I like Vikram very much.

If it is true, then why did you argue with him
and leave the party last night?

It's my personal.

Rajavardhan Sir, I'll ask you a question.
Just answer it.

Whenever you came to the VC company, why did the
three of you talk either on the ground or fifth floor?

Three members?

You, Vikram and Divya.

You are hiding something.

And you know it very well better than us.

So reveal it.

Hey! Who are you?

He is Sanathan, a CSI officer that
the Commissioner has chosen.

Even that commissioner is nothing in front me...

so who is he to argue?

Why did you leave the party yesterday?

Just answer to my question.

I won't let you be in this department.

You can do that afterwards...

but tell me what you did.

He is the person with short temper.

He doesn't have any of the qualities
that a politician should have.

Be careful!

You couldn't bear how much fame and money
Vikram has earned in such a short time.

You pretended to be Vikram's friend
and partner and killed him.

Am I right, Mr. Rajavardhan?

You are acting well by covering up
the fear that the truth will come out.

And finally...

you and Divya did this with the hope that if you kill Vikram,

you can own the entire VC company
and Vikram's properties.

Am I right, Mr. Rajavardhan?

Seenu! Get them out of here.

Because of the respect I had for the Home minister,
I made you sit for so long.

Otherwise, I would've shot and thrown you away.

Just like you shot Vikram, right?

You left the party like this yesterday, didn't you?

For God's sake,
please leave, Sir.

Please, Sir!
Please, Sir!

I won't leave you.

I've never seen Rajavardhan so angry.

I thought he would die
if you asked one more question.

What happened, Sampath?
He didn't respond to Kokapet land.

About that...

Rajavardhan started a venture in Kokapet.

I had some problems related to land,
so he solved it.


Yes, Sir. It's a big Venture.

It's worth is between 8000 million and 10 billion.

Stop here, Sir.
My house is nearby.

What's the relationship of Rajavardhan
with this venture?

- Yes, Sir.

You should urgently go to the Crime Report Bureau

and check if there are any cases against Rajavardhan
and update it to me as soon as possible.

- Yes, Sir.

Sir, Sir, Sir, Sir, can we leave?


Sanathan! Sanathan!

Thank you so much for your cooperation.

You have to come whenever
we call for an investigation.

You can't go out of the city
without our permission.

Why again?

The case is not solved yet.
Please cooperate.


Sanathan! I need to talk to you.

I won't talk to suspects
while I'm investigating a crime scene.

I want to discuss some crucial
information regarding this case.

Let's discuss about it at the coffee shop
where we used to meet regularly.

Let's go. Please!

"You are my dream,
That's why we met."

"You're my better half,
That's why we became together."

"Has this world stopped rotating?"

"Why do my eyes that look at you become dizzy?"

"This heart has come towards you."

"Beauty is ashamed of itself this minute."

"I love you, Miss.
I love you, Miss."

When I saw you,
I couldn't stop myself, not even for a second.

"I love you, Miss.
I love you, Miss."

"And from that moment,
My world has stopped."

"I dream about my wishes."

"You're that beautiful wish,
that became reality."

"Beauty means you."

"There's no me, without you."

"Everything seems to be magic"

"Every step that I take is strange"

"Your beauty pulled me like a magnet
and I came towards you."

"I love you, Miss.
I love you, Miss."

"When I saw you
I couldn't stop myself, not even for a second."

"I love you, Miss.
I love you, Miss."

"And from that moment,
My world has stopped."

"I love you, Miss.
I love you, Miss."

"When I saw you
I couldn't stop myself, not even for a second."

"I love you, Miss.
I love you, Miss."

"And from that moment,
My world has stopped."

"I love you, Miss.
I love you, Miss."

"And from that moment,
My world has stopped."

How is your life going on?

Just like this.

What about you?

Not bad.

I can say that you're not
the same person who you used to be.

Even in the morning,
when I asked you a question, you simply diverted it.

Now tell me.

Why are you working in a finance company
after studying MBBS?

My father took a loan
from a finance company.

And the amount was more than ten times
that we were supposed to pay.

They created so many problems.

Because of that, my father was disturbed mentally...

and committed suicide.


I'm sorry for your loss.

What was the information
that you wanted to tell me?

I...In office, Vikram...
- Hold on!

Rudra! tell

Come to the forensic lab immediately.
We found some clues.

Okay! I'm coming.

Sudiksha! I have some important work.

She is a medical student, right?
Maybe she can help us.


Come with me.



Why is she here?

She is a suspect, right?
Then why did you bring her?

She is a medical student.

So she can help us even though she is a suspect.

Let's go.

This decomposed body's face reconstruction is going on.

It will take some time.

And we've got red and blue threads
in this decomposed body.

According to my medical knowledge,

everything that is present on a decomposing body will
decompose completely including clothes and threads.

But I'm not understanding
why these threads didn't decompose.

She is right.

He is Devan, the Fabric forensic doctor.

I can confirm that the threads
we've got here are made up of synthetic fibres.

Because if it were natural threads,
then they would've melted.

Since these are made up of synthetic fibres,
they didn't melt.

Only the colours have changed.


Red and blue are primary colours.

The secondary colour we get
after mixing these two...


That's right.

These threads are used in yoga mats,
floor mats, car mats, and door mats.

We've got these synthetic fibre threads
in this decomposed body.

There is a J symbol on these threads.

So it must be the company's brand name.

Why are there so many
puzzles in this case?

How should I break it?

How should I solve it?

Think, Sanathan! Think!

What are the fabric products
that come with the J alphabet?

Jessy fabric?
- Jyothi fabric?

Jack and Jones?

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Why are we thinking about fabric products?

Where can these fabrics be used?


office buildings?

Shopping malls?



Like car or bus.

What kind of vehicles have
the letter J on them?




So now we're finding
the interiors of violet Jaguar car.


We need a customised Jaguars car list
in the city radius, immediately.


- Yes, Sir.

Send the details of the customised Jaguar car list immediately.

Okay, Sir.

Quick. It's urgent.
- Okay, Sir.

We got it.


First... Bhanu Prakash, businessman.


Second... Padmaja Reddy, Lawyer.


Rajavardhan, Minister.



Come again.

Third... Rajavardhan, Minister.


Yes! My predictions
are always correct.

Caught you!

- Yes, Krish.

I inquired about Rajavardhan,
as you said.

He was involved in many cases

But I'm not understanding
where to start.

Check whether there
are any recent cases?

There is one case.

That's nothing but

Rajavardhan's PA Chota missing case.

Even her wife complained
against Rajavardhan.


Send the FIR copy immediately.

Okay, Sir.

I'll send it to you through WhatsApp

The decomposed body's face
reconstruction is completed.

You can check it on the screen.

Rajavardhan's PA Chota?

Sir! That's a great breakthrough.


We can't arrest Rajavardhan
with these threads.

He has so many FIRs against him.
But there is no solid proof.

If we want to arrest him...

we should have either strong evidence or an eye witness.


we need strong evidence to arrest Rajavardhan.

Why are you sitting here?

I'm not understanding anything.

What's the status of the case?

I'm totally stuck.

It seems like I know everything.
But something is missing!

You are waiting for that one clue.

But you are not searching for it.

Where did he start?

Do his complete background check.

VC finance company says they have paid the amount.

But it is showing a zero balance in our bank accounts.

We don't know what to do, Sir.

It's the amount that I saved
for my education.

My life will be ruined if I don't get this money.

They said interest-free loans
when the company was started.

Now there are no loans
except interest.

We don't know what to do.

We are here to show our gratitude towards
our investors' integrity.

He wanted to do something for the people.

That's why he started the VC company.

Vikram is a friend, philosopher
and business partner.

What's happening in this company?

Why is there so much hate for Vikram?

What's happening?

Something wrong is happening in this office.

What could it be?


Did Vikram try to help people...

or try to cheat them?

Rajavardhan's PA Chota missing case.

Even his wife complained against Rajavardhan.

- Yes, Sanathan.

Call Chota's wife to the police station immediately.


I am on my way.

What's your name?

I'm Sirisha.


I'm Chota's wife.

Ms. Sirisha,
Sir is calling you.

Are you Chota's wife?

Yes, I am.

How was Chota's behaviour towards you?

Did he text you
the last day that he left the house?

He likes me a lot.

He didn't tell me anything
when he left the house.

Did he call or text you
before you filed a missing case?

He used to call me
and talk to me and our children daily.

But after he left,
there was not even a single phone call.

That's why I filed a missing
case after a week.

But no one cared.

Your husband was not missed.

He was murdered.

We have proofs.

If you want to hide the truth about your husband,
it will be a loss for you.

If you want justice,
say everything that you know.

These are the proofs
related to my husband.

Your husband's dead body
is in a forensic laboratory.

You can go and collect it.

- What?

What is this!

Did the lives of Divya and Vikram,
who speak posh English, start like this?

I can't believe this!

What we saw and
what we knew were different.

Reality is totally unpredictable.

Good morning, Sir.


They're Vikram and Divya, right?

What are these getups?

Hey Krish! Hold on!

Yes, sir.

Be like that.

Give those here

What happened, Sir?

There are clues behind these photos.

Chota wanted to convey to us something.

I saw this somewhere.



Sir, it's a QR code.

The data that used to be saved on hard discs
and pen drives is now being stored in QR codes.

Why is there a QR code
on these pictures?

Nowadays, fraudsters are securing data like this.

Sir, hold on!

Recently, all the information on each grave
in Japanese graveyards is in QR code.

This is the way to hide secret.

Got it.

His name is Vikram Chakravarthy,
who scammed many people.

He established a company named Karkakkaya...

applied for loans from the bank in the names of the villagers,

took advantage of their innocence,
fooled both the bank and them,

and then came to us that day with 50 million.

Hey! Stop!

I want to meet him.

He is busy.
Where are you from?

Even he is from our village.
- We don't care.

Hey! Who is he?

Hello! I'm Vikram Chakravarthy.

It seems like you don't have anything to eat.

But your name is Vikram Chakravarthy.

What's the matter?

I want to personally discuss something about business.


You misunderstood me.

I don't have time to do that.
Just take that and leave from here!


Nowadays each and every idiot is speaking in English.

Just Go!
-Please! Please!

Hey Chota!

Just leave!
-Who is he?

Hello, Sir!

Since then, he has been trying to meet you.

Sir, I want to talk to you for 10 minutes.
It's an important matter.

Slow! Slow!


turned fraud into a powerful force

and became a public representative
who ruled people from the grassroots level.

The arrival of Vikram coincided
with his urge to develop.

Hello, Sir.

I'm Vikram Chakravarthy.

Divya attracts everyone.

She exploited her attractiveness as a weapon
and dreamt of becoming a millionaire.

At that time, Vikram appeared like a reality to her.

I also belong to your caste.

Oh! I see!

What is in that bag?

I'll show you.


Why is there a gun?

It's my personal, Sir.

You don't use it on me, right?

S..S.. Sir..
Why will I...

You are my God.

You are my inspiration.


What is in that bag?

Who is he?

This much cash!

50 million bucks!


Poor people are our weapon.

Sir, he seems to be a big fraudster.

Show me at least one person who did not do this.

So, what do you want to do with this now?

Sir, I have an idea.


Let's listen what it is.
And we'll decide what to do after that.

In our country, there are people without property,

but there is no one who is not greedy for money.

That greed is our foundation of growth.

Your idea is fine.

But who's going to believe us
and give us the money?

To get what we want,
first we need to give it to them.

We have to make them believe in us.

After that, no one cares, even if they are sold.

I think this man is useful to us.

These 50 million bucks will be given to all
the poor people in our constituency.

That will increase your leverage among people.

It will also be useful for your political future.

That's great!

Without someone like you by my side,
I continued as an MLA all this time.

Tell me more!
Speak up!

From 1 billion people, if 100 million people

give us ten bucks a day of their daily earnings,

how much will we get?

It's 1 billion bucks.

If we feed the poor man's hunger,
he will remember us till his death.

But what if we feed the whole family?

He will build a temple for us in his heart.

Sounds good...

but will it work?

It will, Sir.

To do that, we have to start a company.

Even if there is a case against us,

no one can hold us accountable
as the investors are in millions.

What if the investor gets to know
the truth and starts a revolt?

If we shut the mouths of ten people,

the eleventh will automatically shut theirs.

Sit here!

Ok sir.

Not there.
Sit here!

Come on! Sit there.
-No, Sir!

Hey, sit.

No sir.

Just do what I say. Sit!

No, Sir.

Tell me.

No, Sir. No!

Take it.

Take it.

Tell me!


We have to give importance to...

caste in the business that we are going to start.

In our country, caste, religion,
and God influence people like nothing else.

That's why we should make that
invisible cast our weapon.

We have to make them believe that...

we are of the same caste as our customer.

There is no one who
is not a slave of the caste.

Even if they have committed so much fraud,
no one has complained.

What is the reason for that?

What else?

Cowardice that cannot question.

The main cause of everything which poverty
and the fear in it.

What's the relationship of Vikram
Chakravarthy with these suspects?

Something is there.

Ma'am, parcel.

In whose name?

It's Satya.

What! it does not mention a Surname?

How can you tell a person's identity
without a surname?

This parcel doesn't have any surname.
It's mentioned only Satya.

Are you Satya?
- Yes. Thank you.


How will a person get a surname?

It will come from either the birth place
or the parents.

So, Krish!

Yes, sir.

Come here.

Sit here.

Hack VC company details immediately
and give them to me.

Yes, Sir.

Make it fast, man.


- Yes.

They started VC company 10 years ago.

Vikram, Divya, and Rajavardhan
are partners in this company.

There are 200 employees in this company.

Their investment is ten million.

Their annual income is fifteen billion.

But recently they haven't made any transactions.

But a few days back, they booked tickets to go to the UK.

The most important thing is that
this company has so many fake accounts.

Check the qualifications of our suspects.

How, Sir?

With their profiles.

Okay, Sir.

Their jobs are not related to their qualifications.

They got these jobs through consultancy and backdoor.


Check if there is any match in the
employee list with their surname.

No one is matching, Sir.

Shit man!


My investors and our services.

Middle-class people do not know how to cheat
except being cheated.

That's why my target is poor people.

Think, Santhan! Think!

Customers and Investors.

- Yes, Sir.

Once, match the suspect's surname
with the company's customers and investors.


The family members of those four suspects
had already invested and taken loans in this company.


But now they are dead.

That means...

Vikram was killed by one of the four members.

Am I right, Sir?

Intelligent fellow!

Thank you, Sir.

Everyone has a dark side.

So many broken lives.

A life for a life.

Our suspects are the victims.

The victims are our suspects.

What's the purpose of this meeting, Sanathan?

In Vikram's case,
we've been blindfolded up until now.

It's time to remove that.

Vikram didn't do business.

He committed a big scam.

What are you saying?
- Yes, Sir.

He is an intellectual fraud.

Before telling you about his scam...

let me tell you about another scam.

Ponzi scam.

What is Ponzi scam?

Charles Ponzi started this scam.

Let me tell you.

Person A invests first.
Then B and C joins.

When A needed finance, B or C would
provide finance from their investment.

So when B wants A or C would provide.

When C wants B or A would provide.

But what if all three want to pay at the same time?

That's when the company will collapse.

This is Ponzi scam.

After this scam came to light,
the US government sentenced Charles to prison.

People governmentaised that idea
and made it into an insurance policy.

Many countries are legalising it
and doing insurance business.

The concept of the VC finance company started
by Vikram is also indirectly the same.

A minimum payment is the worst scheme...

to loot from the public, Sir.

I used to see ten bucks as cheap.

if I have ten bucks...

I feel like I have the whole world at my fingertips.

From where did you get so much intelligence?

Society teaches us everything, Sir.

In this country...

There are more weak people than strong in this country.

If they hear the word "discount", our people will
form a queue for anything from cars to vegetables.

Investors of Vikram Company are growing fast
in Andhra and Telangana.

Only in Andhra and Telangana?

That's it?

I expected so much.

Not only in Andhra and Telangana...

but each and every poor person from every
state has to become our investors.

And they will.

This company is mine.

It's not yours or mine.

It's our company.

This company belongs to all of us.

There may be a village without roads...

but there should not be a village without our investors.

VC finance company!

It's not just a company...

it's a power to loot people.

That's the scam Vikram and Rajavardhan
did it in the name of a scheme.

The laborer's hardwork, the poor's hope,
and their investment.

He planned to fly to the UK next week.

Why do people believe so easily?

Trust is in our blood, Sir.

We have always believed
and have been deceived.

But we'll start to form a queue if we see words
like "minimum payment," "discount," or "free."

Because our country is based
on middle-class and lower-middle-class people.

So many people are being scammed by paying money
to companies like VC company and chit funds.

There is only thing.

That is hope.

Our people are being scammed for their desire
to do something for their families.

Who would have killed such
a smart person like Vikram?


I want to talk with all of the suspects once again.

Please give me your permission.

Sanathan, I'm giving you full freedom.

It's not wrong to kill someone like Vikram.

That killer did a good job and saved the country.

This is just my opinion.

Go ahead with your investigation.

Thank you, Sir.

A personal agenda
is a way to commit any crime.

Here, all of them
have an agenda and a motive to kill Vikram.

But who would have killed Vikram?

Sudarshan, who took a loan from this company,
committed suicide as he was unable to repay the loan.

He is your brother.


Sunil was unable to pay the loan given by this company.

So some goons belonging to the company
came to his house and beat him.

He committed suicide because he couldn't bear it.

He is your elder brother.

Fathima Begum...

She bought a plot of land with the loan
she took from the VC company.

She was unable to pay the interest
on the amount given by the VC company.

Because of that, the VC company's
management forcibly took the land.

She couldn't bear the pain and died of a heart attack.

She is your mother.

Your dad, Shiva Narayana,

took a loan from VC company, right?

You all killed Vikram together.

No, Sir! We didn't.

No, Sir!

I joined this company to kill Vikram.

But at the party, we became dizzy
due to something in the drink.

When we woke up, Vikram was dead.

But I couldn't kill Vikram.

I'm upset, not because Vikram died,

but rather because I was unable to kill him.

You're not telling me the truth
even after asking many times.

Let's test your brain.

Rudra! Get that Visual polygraph.

Such technology does not exist in this world.

We know.

But they don't know, right?

Excuse me, what is Visual polygraph?

It scans criminal brains like you and show us visually.

Divya, tell me the truth.

You killed Vikram, right?

There were your fingerprints in the gun.

You are caught.

Tell me what happened that night?

So, what's the plan?

Not now.


I want to discuss something important.

Our company has a value of 50 billion bucks.

In that 40 billion is mine.

And the other 10 billion...

is yours.


Remember from where you came.

Don't forget the days when you said I'm your God.

You came all this way by eating the food I threw at you.

How dare you talk to me about the business deal?


Mind your tongue.

I invested my intelligence and brought
the company to this level.

I am the face of this company.


Is it?

I thought you would be like a dog at my feet.

But you are as smart as fox.

Don't act smart with me.

You'll die.

Vikram! Vikram! Vikram!
Please. Please.

How dare you raise a finger against me?

Vikram, no...

Do you think I'll be scared
if you show me a gun?

Show your tricks to the children.

Count your days, you bastard!

Get out!


Vikram! Vikram, relax!


Vikram, please sit.

Relax, Vikram.

What about me,
if you share it only between you two?

Doesn't it have my contribution? Huh?

What about my share?

You can only seduce me.

Don't think about share.


are a bitch.



I worked so hard for this company.
And at the end, is this what I get?

Did he call me a b.. bitch?

You... are a bitch.

How dare you call me a bitch?


How dare you call me a bitch?

You are son of a bitch.

Why did you kill Vikram Chakravarthy,
who was a very close person and a business partner to you?


He used me in every way possible...

and finally labelled me as a bitch.

I killed him.

That's why, I killed him.

Why did you kill Rajavardhan's PA Chota?

For what?

Chota asked that he also wanted a share in VC company.

That's why.

Is it done?

How did you kill....

Sanjay Kumar, who works in your company?

He got to know all the frauds that are happening
in this company...

and he threatened us that he would
give a complaint at the police station.

If that happens, the company
will get a bad name and collapse.

That's why we killed him.

Rudra! Arrest her.

Shocking news about Vikram's murder!

Vikram's death turned out to be a good deed.

If he had not been killed,
our country would have faced a big scandal.

The police arrested Divya and Rajavardhan
as accused in Vikram's murder.

- Hello, Sir.

Sanathan's call is not responding.
Is he there?

Yes, Sir. He is here.

Vikram's case is solved and Divya is the killer.

No, sir. Case started now.


What are you talking?

We found double DNA in Vikram's body.

It's of different probe.

I don't understand.

Vikram has been killed by a bone bullet.

Santhan! Dhena called and told me that
Vikram had been killed by a bone bullet.

I know.

I know.

Did you know?

Rudra, tell me.


I need to tell you something.

Sanjay's death is suspicious.

In the postmortem report,

it was revealed that a drug attack
led to cardiac arrest.

Someone killed Sanjay wantedly.


Why are you sad?


It's just office stress.

Something wrong is happening
in the VC company.

That's why I'm nervous.

We prepared Sanjay's drink
in a way that caused a cardiac attack.

That's why Sanjay died of cardiac arrest.

Sanjay's death is suspicious.

In the postmortem report,

it was revealed that a drug attack
led to cardiac arrest.

On the occasion of the completion of your training,
I want to test your capability.

This VC company has been doing
a big fraud in the name of finance

and playing with poor people's lives.

In that, my childhood friend Siva Narayana
has been killed.

This is a very rare gun.

I got it from my ancestors.

I thought I would give it to my next generation,
but I have no heirs.

I never had a need to use it.

I hope it'll be the same with you in the future.

This is not only Sanjay's revenge...

justice should be done to everyone
who has been harmed by the VC company.

The amount should be returned
to everyone who suffered because of that company.

This is my target.

Sanjay, I'm going to delete that person from this world
who took you away from me.

I'm not doing this only to take revenge.

I'm doing this because I feel responsible.

I turned you into my weapon.

I won't be the one who's going to kill.

It's you.

It is wrong if a human kills another human,


there is no wrong with killing
if the same human becomes a monster.

This is not something I'm saying.

It was all written in mythology.

I hope your soul rests in peace, at least in this way.

Now is towards the virtue.

In Kurukshetra, Shakuni used his
father's ashes for evil.

But I'm using my brother's ashes
to protect virtue.

That is this bone bullet.

Who are you?


Is he still alive?

I'm not the one who's going to kill you.

It's San...jay!

Sanathan! You have to come to the
VC company immediately.

For what?

VC company's CEO Vikram has been murdered.

We need to investigate the case.

I'm on my way.

The government advised people to be careful
not to trust such fraudulent companies.

The government congratulated CSI officer Sanathan
for successfully completing the Vikram murder case.

The government deposited the money in their accounts...

through the company for the families
who suffered financial loss.

I did the investigation with the right motive,
and Vikram got punished as he deserved.

I have taken over this case so that people should
know about Vikram's scam.


I investigated this case with interest and
attention to learn who fired these 3 bullets.

Looking at the bullet wounds,
this murder may have been committed by two people.


Are you ready for your next crime scene investigation?

I'm ready.