C.R.A.Z.Y. (2005) - full transcript

Born Christmas Day 1960, Zac Beaulieu is the fourth of five sons of Gervais and Laurianne Beaulieu. Zac feels somewhat disconnected to his brothers, all of whom are different from each other. They include the bookworm Christian who is the eldest, the dumb jock Antoine who is third, and the youngest Yvan. But Zac has the most contempt for his second eldest brother, the shiftless druggie Raymond. To his devout Catholic mother, Zac is her miracle son, both for being born the same day as Jesus Christ (a fact which Zac has always hated), and because a Tupperware-selling mystic once told her that he has the power to heal. Laurianne has always coddled Zac, the two who have a special if unspoken bond. But Zac wants more to please his father, who wants more than anything in his sons that they grow up to be man's men and not sissies. As Zac goes through his mid-teens to early twenties, Zac isn't sure if he can live up to the ideals of either his mother or especially his father. A young man with stress-induced asthma, Zac just wants to be what he considers normal, which includes getting rid of his asthma. But more importantly, he wants to get rid of the underlying thoughts that he has and which most going through puberty have, but that for him are becoming more prevalent as he grows older.

As far as I can remember,
I've hated Christmas.
What does it say, Christian?
Gimme my car!
Christmas 1960
It should work.
Stop picking your nose.
It's working!
There we go.
Mine's not moving.
How are you feeling?
He's so cute! Look, kids.
It's your little brother!
- Baby Jesus! - Let me hold him.
Here you go.
He's beautiful.
Let me see!
Christmas 1966
Not only would my birthday always go unnoticed,
but it had to start with midnight mass.
Midnight mass is too long!
Go home and open your presents!
On the contrary, you're lucky to share his birthday.
That doesn't happen to just anyone.
It's special.
Hence the birthmark on your scalp. Hmm?
It's a sign of being gifted, you know.
At least, after mass,
there was the Christmas Eve party at Grandma's.
Hello, my beautiful Zac.
The only advantage to having one's birthday on Christmas
was getting a bigger present than everyone else.
He likes it, huh?
But I especially hated Christmas because I never got what I wanted.
It's what he wanted.
So? It's not up to him.
You want to turn him into a fairy?
- Stop it. He's only five! - He's almost six and looks seven.
- Oh, come on! - Never mind "come on."
Now return it. Go on.
It would make you a laughingstock, son.
Daddy doesn't want that.
Daddy isn't trying to upset you.
He loves you far too much.
Hence the hockey game.
So he can play with you.
Go to sleep.
Mommy will have a nice surprise
for you soon.
- For my birthday? - No, after. You'll see.
Go to sleep.
What's a fairy?
Go to sleep.
I knew very well what a fairy was.
I especially knew...
I didn't want to be one.
Want to play, Zac?
Unlike my friends' fathers,
all of whom were ordinary and uninteresting,
mine was the best in the world.
He has Patsy Cline's, Buddy Rich's
and Aznavour's entire collections.
He fired a machine gun in the army.
Our secret side trips to Norm The King Of Fries
made me deliriously happy.
For a few precious moments, I was his favorite.
Take me
To the ends of the earth
Take me
To Wonderland
It seems to me
That misery
Would be borne more easily under the sun
- You didn't bring any back? - What?
Fries, you moron.
You can smell it a mile away.
We didn't have any fries.
Did we?
My three brothers were morons.
Starting with Christian,
the egghead,
who read constantly -
anything, anytime, anywhere;
Antoine, the sports nut, a walking stinkbomb;
- What're you looking at? - And Raymond,
my sworn enemy.
Get lost, you pisser.
Dad, Raymond called me a pussy!
Not a pussy, a pisser.
I could understand him
being proud of Christian, or Antoine.
But Raymond?
Aren't you going to introduce us?
My dad.
- You're going out, Raymond? - The little bastard's a Casanova.
But he asked for more ironed toast!
Hi, pretty baby.
After nine months of prayer...
and superhuman feats...
the good Lord would finally give me...
Another boy?
What kind of lead you got in your pencil, Beaulieu?
What can I say? I have a surplus of male hormones.
- A surplus of hormones! - That's irrelevant.
He has to change positions
once in a while.
Yeah, well, I've tried that.
What can I say? Five boys - you take what you can get.
Come on, Zac.
You like my surprise?
Christmas 1967
Take me
To the ends of the earth
Take me
To Wonderland
It seems to me that misery
Would be borne more easily under the sun
Drop by sometime.
See? Look. Again.
Zac has a gift. I'm sure of it.
His colic stops whenever Zac holds him.
I'll go see Mrs. What's-her-name, the Tupperware lady.
She, too, has a gift.
She can staunch bleeding, heal burns and everything.
She'll tell us if he's gifted.
No. You've seen how he plays the drums.
A regular little Buddy Rich.
Music runs in his blood, I'm telling you. That's his gift.
He gets that from his old man.
Hi, pretty baby.
Mommy's little darling.
I can still remember the snow slowly melting on his face.
I had just turned seven and, unwittingly,
declared war to my father.
Are you crazy,
dammit?! What are you doing?!
Roll that window back up, you nitwit!
Do we have to tie you up?
Here, buckle up!
Use your head, you nitwit.
Stop slurping, you pig! Don't be such a sissy!
Eleven bucks!
An imported collector's record.
You'll each reimburse me if the guilty party
doesn't come forward. I'm warning you.
I'll teach you to take responsibility for your actions,
dammit! - Gervais!
I didn't do it.
It was an accident.
Scoot, you three.
You'll not only pay for the record, but your lies, too.
I'll teach you, you'll see.
Go to your room!
He said it was an accident.
What in heaven's name did you do to him?
Zac. He's changed.
He's a crybaby, he dresses like a girl. It's not normal.
Get over it. It's you who's not normal.
He's a child, for God's sake. Let him be.
"What did I do to him"!
- The others weren't like that. - Each of them is different.
Zac is more gentle, that's all. More sensitive.
He's not gentler, he's softer.
God, please don't let me be soft.
And return my dad to his old self.
Shut up.
Use your head, you nitwit! Don't be such a sissy!
I did it on purpose.
I'll tell Dad, you pisser.
When will I stop wetting the bed? I've been asking him a long time.
Never mind - no harm done.
Hmm? You're not alone.
It'll stop eventually.
Keep praying. You'll see, Baby Jesus will hear you.
Especially you.
You were born on the same day.
Sweet dreams.
Big chimneys, huh?
Where are we going?
You'll see.
Mrs. What's-her-name, the Tupperware lady,
had realized my mother's dream:
she had walked in Christ's footsteps.
Try to trust your feelings.
You can feel things others can't.
You mustn't fear it.
He's been blessed from on high, Mrs. Beaulieu.
The good Lord chose him
knowing he was strong enough for what's expected of him.
But give him a chance to grow up a bit. Hmm?
So he better understands.
He's a good-looking boy.
He'll go far.
Christ...mas, I'm bushed!
I've got news for you.
Your son has a gift.
A family's seventh child of the same sex is gifted.
With my three miscarriages, that makes Zac seventh.
Who says your miscarriages were boys?
They must've been. That's all you can do.
We knew he could stop colic, but he's otherwise gifted.
Gifted people can pass their gift on to others,
if they're of the opposite sex and not related.
Mrs. What's-her-name passed all of hers on to him.
Oh, Jesus.
How much Tupperware did that cost you?
None. She didn't try selling me any.
I bought some. It's different.
This is no joke.
He's truly gifted!
Can your gift cure my headache?
What's this?
It's not my birthday, as far as I know.
Your record's unfindable. We bought another.
It's the same thing!
I know. I already have this one.
The sound's not the same.
An imported collector's record isn't the same.
It's the thought that counts. I'll just return it, then.
Raymond, Antoine! That's enough!
Christian! Supper's ready.
Come on, boys. Let's eat. - Coming.
What do you think about that?
What did Mrs. What's-her-name tell you?
I'm not allowed to say.
But she told Mom that if the good Lord gave me a gift,
I had to use it.
That I could help a lot of people, even save them.
Tell him to think of him.
Think of Uncle Lucien. He cut himself eating steak.
They're not going to start calling for every little booboo?
Turn that music down.
All I had to do
was silently recite the secret little prayers imparted to me
by Mrs. What's-her-name, which consisted not of asking,
but of commanding God to heal.
Remember, you can't use your gift for personal gain.
Or to harm others.
What a shame.
What's he saying?
He's not allowed to say. Stop it, will you?
From now on, it'll cost a dime every time you pick your nose.
You'll be rich.
You must know how ketchup's made by now,
you've been reading the damn label for half an hour.
Another pest who just cut himself shaving.
Okay, I'll tell him.
Uncle Lucien's bleeding has stopped.
Well, I'll be damned.
Great. He'll be thrilled.
Yes. Thank you.
What is it?
Your lucky brother
is going to summer camp. - What?!
I wasn't allowed to go at his age!
You got yours. Stop complaining.
We've never sent our children to camp.
He'll sleep there?
Of course. He'll make friends, have lots of fun...
It'll be a good experience for him.
- He'll always remember it. - I don't wanna go.
Oh, come on.
I don't wanna go.
I don't wanna go!!!
God, please don't let it happen.
Go to sleep.
God, please,
don't let it show.
I'll never miss mass again.
Midnight mass was so short and sweet
now that I'd become an atheist.
I'd kept my promise, though.
I'd never missed mass... midnight mass.
Once a year.
It made her happy.
It kept his mouth shut.
You dragging your trash around, brother-in-law?
It's your present.
Well, if it isn't Zac!
What, no girlfriend yet?
Christmas 1975
Nice paper.
Every year, I told them:
No Christmas wrapping paper for my birthday presents, okay?
That's not what matters.
After the drum set, accordion, guitar and violin...
a banjo.
You said to surprise you.
It's so hard to know what teenagers want nowadays.
You try to please them...
Some fantasies are worth keeping.
Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!
You know what time it is, Raymond?
You're late.
I was starting to worry.
- Hi. I'm Doris. - Good evening.
- Merry Christmas. - Take off your boots.
- How are you? - Hi, Dad.
- Merry Christmas. - Pleased to meet you.
I'm Raymond's mother.
My family always appreciated gourmet food.
Did you at least make a wish?
It won't come true, he can't get it up yet.
My brothers hadn't changed a bit.
Dad, Zac gave him the finger!
- Except my darling Yvan. - Such brotherly love!
And how polite they are in public.
Turn that music down.
Every Christmas,
the bastard barely stayed an hour.
Just long enough to stuff himself...
and to piss me off.
Here, buy whatever you want.
Happy birthday.
I loved daydreaming about my mother.
Picturing myself wealthy,
so that, one day, I could spoil her.
Merry Christmas!
It's beautiful. Thank you.
Oh, what a lovely dress.
My cousin Brigitte had just dropped out of school
to devote herself to social dancing full-time.
At the age of 15.
I can dance too, you know!
But it's not my specialty.
Back by popular request...
No getting around it.
It's your birthday!
- You've really changed. - Yeah, you too.
This is my boyfriend, Paul.
My cousin, Zac.
He has his driver's license!
I'm stealing one.
- You don't smoke? - Never touch the stuff.
Good thing. If it was up to him, he'd be smoking nonstop.
We go to the movies, he wants to smoke;
we go skating, he wants to smoke...
You skate? Roller-skate?
The guys' turn, full blast, music blaring, really stoned -
you let yourself go... you can hear everything,
and feel like everything around you is moving in slow-motion,
like in a movie.
A stoner movie, yeah.
Try it.
Give me a shotgun.
No way.
Are you nuts?
I burned my tongue last time.
I thought of you and it stopped burning.
He has a gift for healing burns.
- What? - And staunching blood.
It's true! Tell him!
My mother got that into the whole family's head.
You stop your girlfriend's monthly bleeding, too?
That's it, make a fool of me.
I don't believe in that anymore. Sorry.
That doesn't mean you've lost your blessing.
You blessed fool!
You want a shotgun?
Boy, have you changed!
Well, well... if it isn't the lovely Michelle.
- Hi, Mr. Beaulieu. - Hi.
I'll finish up later.
No problem.
- Is she really on the pill? - Enough about my cousin.
I'm not the one who wants to sleep with her.
That's the last time I confide in you.
Why are the prettiest girls always the dumbest?
You've never seen her.
I've seen her picture. Enough said.
Don't be jealous.
You're dumb too.
I see her once a year. How am I supposed to sleep with her?
Anyway, she's got a boyfriend.
Older. As dumb as she is.
Not as dumb as you?
It'll ruin our friendship.
That's not what you said last week.
Stop it.
See what happens?
Absolutely nothing!
Don't tell me he groped her.
You done imitating that fucking fag?
Huh?! You're making us look like a bunch of idiots!
Get outta here!
It's my room too!
C'mon, Toto, ask him for an autograph.
Got a problem?
Having a crazy brother also had its advantages.
- Always ready to help... - Pay up, you little bastard.
... for the modest sum of $2.
We were here first.
Shut up, faggot.
What did you call him?
Apologize and switch back to his show.
Apologize, I said!!!
It's okay, Dad.
Go on!!
What's for dinner?
What happened to you?
Just a hockey fight.
- Didn't you have practice today? - Yeah, yeah.
You fought with a teammate?
It was just a scuffle. Didn't even drop my gloves.
- Who with? - Tremblay.
You got beaten up by Tremblay's little fag?
What, you four-eyed fag?
What's with you always calling each other fags?
You'd swear we're nothing but a bunch of fairies!
anything but that.
Sorry about last night.
You know I don't like you talking to your brother that way.
Okay, see you at work.
Careful, now.
Please let me bump into them.
What're you doing here?
- Just in the neighborhood. - God, you've changed.
What'd you do to your hair?
It's cool.
You alone? - No, I'm with...
my new dance partner.
He's Italian.
Thank you.
This is my cousin, Zac.
Okay, well...
I'll be off.
Change... Change...
I would be cured of my asthma...
if I only managed to get through.
For the second time of my life...
I was declared clinically dead...
for three seconds.
Thank God you were dedicated to Virgin Mary.
I can't believe it.
It's a miracle.
You know you made your father cry?
Don't ever scare us like that again.
Feel like talking?
I'll come back later.
While my mother performed charitable works daily...
her Baby Jesus had only one thing on his mind.
You asshole!
What're you doing?!
Fucking liar.
The hottest was a black chick.
It was like she'd never eaten before.
Mind you, they smoked a couple of joints. Makes you hungry.
She sucked him like a Hoover!
He held her head, thrusting as deep as he could.
The harder she sucked, the more he screamed.
The more he screamed, the harder she sucked.
Ever had a blow job?
What do you want?
I was wondering where my shades went.
Going somewhere?
Boy, is this gonna cost me!
I didn't ask for nothing.
Your neck still sore?
We're out of HP Sauce.
You get a 2-for-1 special today.
You'll learn to drive properly
and how to make your father's world-class spaghetti sauce.
Let's go, before your mother catches us.
Go ahead. Turn the key, put it on "D.”
Good. Slowly, now. Go ahead.
- HP Sauce? - That's my secret.
Watch where you're going and shut up.
Lesson number one: shut up and drive.
Go ahead.
Slow down! What are you, nuts?
What are you doing?
The school principal just called.
Seems your son's been spreading rumors about Raymond!
I won't stand for smut around here!
Much less drugs!
If I have to call the police to make Raymond understand,
I'll do it this time!
What's all this about?
What's this?
His little brothers live here!
Stay away from me, I said!
I didn't rat him out.
He's already gone. I didn't even say goodbye.
Could be the wrong time, but can I have his room?
- I want it! - No one's taking his room.
Especially not you.
Does this mean we're not just friends anymore?
I dunno.
What do you think?
What's he doing here?
Toto the Weirdo.
Forget him.
Peeping Tom.
What're you looking at?!
She's so excited. I couldn't get a word in edgewise.
She went on and on about Brigitte. We'll never hear the end of it.
Seems she's putting together a big show with her boyfriend
this Christmas Eve.
- With the Italian? - No, she's back with the other.
The mambo dancer?
He missed her big knockers.
Who's the pig who ate all my lard spread?
Think of your little cousin Daniel; he burned himself.
Too bad!
Rutting teenager in his natural habitat.
Shut up!
What teenager?
You didn't come just for my Tupperware?
How are you coping with your gift?
Beautiful story.
A man dreamed he was walking with Christ on the beach
while watching scenes of his life flash across the sky.
Upon turning around,
he noticed that throughout most of his life,
there were two sets of footprints in the sand,
his and those of Christ.
Except during the worst times of his life,
when there was only one set of prints.
The man said to Jesus,
"You promised you would walk with me always.
Why did you forsake me when I needed you most?"
Jesus replied...
"There was only one set of footprints in the sand
during the worst times of your life,
because I carried you."
I want to be like everyone else.
Thank God, you never will.
What got into you?!
You have to learn to control yourself!
I'm not going to the Christmas party this year.
The guy was twice his size.
The little bastard's got nerve.
He gets that from his old man.
He's been doing well lately, huh?
You call that doing well?
A little fight's no big deal.
We should get him something special this year, don't you think?
He just needed a girlfriend.
Michelle's a nice girl.
He said she invited him over for Christmas Eve.
He'll be 16.
We can start cutting him a little slack.
You didn't agree?
I said we'd discuss it.
She can join us, if she wants to spend Christmas with him.
She can't take him away from us on his birthday.
He can do whatever he wants when he's older.
In the meantime, we celebrate Christmas as a family.
What about a new stereo for his room?
I can't believe what a good ear he has.
He gets that from me, too.
- I didn't do anything. - Don't take me for an idiot!
What you did was wrong!
I didn't do anything.
- A liar, too! - Let him explain.
See what that pram business and your mollycoddling does?
He's never to set foot here again! Is that clear?!
If you can't choose the right friends, we'll do it for you.
Fucking little faggot.
And you, you sap, get dragged into it!
- Let him speak! - Stop defending him!
I know what I saw!
What you did was wrong. You don't do this.
We went in to warm up, that's all.
Did we ever beat you?
Do we have to start, so you stop mocking us!
I'm sorry.
I don't understand.
After everything we've done for him.
This shouldn't be happening to us.
It can happen to anyone. It's no one's fault.
Father Carbonneau says we mustn't seek to lay blame.
Father Carbonneau?
I had to talk to someone.
- What am I, chopped liver? - You're impossible to talk to.
- The whole neighborhood will know. - Of course not.
No one else is to know about this. Is that clear?
This is strictly a family matter.
What did the priest have to say?
It's a sin, yes, but not the end of the world. He's not alone.
The sin is in the act, not the inclination.
Look who's talking.
Him and his cassock!
Don't start.
He says he knows a priest who's real good with teenagers.
Forget it. It's not a priest he needs.
Sometimes I wonder why we pray to a long-haired guy
who hangs out with a bunch of guys in robes.
- It's fishy. - Honestly!
Why are there no female priests, then?
They're starting to get on my nerves.
Anyway, we'll take care of his problem immediately.
It's all in his head.
Abnormal people get treated.
People aren't born that way, they become so.
It's up to us to make sure that our son doesn't.
Nature doesn't make mistakes. There's no in-between.
It's one or the other - a boy or a girl.
I'm willing to pay for a shrink if necessary.
Our boy is a boy.
No way I sired a fairy.
We'll wipe any such notions right out of his head!
You have to be sick
to spend your life sticking your pecker up someone's ass!
You've got a short memory.
That was different.
And we only tried it once.
Once or twice. I don't remember.
Well, I do.
I'm not seeing a shrink. I'm warning you.
I don't have a problem. Understand?
He does take after his father.
He's freaking out over nothing.
Nothing happened.
We didn't touch each other.
We jerked off in the same car, no big deal.
Why do it together,
Watching him excited you?
I didn't watch him.
Do I look like a fag?
Do I talk with a lisp? Strut like a peacock?
Nice idea of homosexuals you've got there.
They're not all like that.
They all become that way.
Sooner or later.
This is a waste of time. I'm not a fag.
I'd rather die.
It's just a figure of speech.
Isn't it obvious?
Being happy and healthy, or miserable and fucked-up?
It's a no-brainer.
A subconsciously deliberate mistake.
He says I deliberately did that in your car so you'd catch me,
find out I was gay
and accept it so that I could.
Twenty-five bucks for that hogwash?
You didn't buy it, I hope?
- 'Course not. - Unbelievable.
"A subconsciously deliberate mistake"!
He'll deliberately reimburse me, believe me!
What do you want?!
You want to take this in to him?
He'll be glad to see you.
I'm sure he's forgiven you.
How are you?
Come in, come in.
What're you doing? Get out of here.
I don't have time.
Your brother's waiting in the car. I'll take a rain check.
Hey, bro.
How you doing?
So, you take my room, you little bastard?
Oh, Dad, I almost forgot.
Can you lend me a few bucks?
I couldn't cash my cheque. I'll pay you back tomorrow.
Better than nothing.
See you.
I would be cured
if I could simply make it through the storm.
Happy birthday.
Christmas 1980
Fall on your knees
O hear the angel voices
O night divine
The night...
When Christ was born
Yesterday when I was young
The taste of life was sweet as rain upon my tongue
I teased at life as if it were a foolish game
The way the evening breeze may tease a candle flame
The thousand dreams I dreamed the splendid things I planned
I always built alas on weak and shifting sand
I lived by night and shunned the naked light of the day
And only now I see how the years ran away
So many drinking songs were waiting to be sung
So many wayward pleasures lay in store for me
And so much pain my dazzled eyes refused to see
I ran so fast that time and youth at last ran out
He wrote that for you, Zac.
Yesterday the moon was blue
And every crazy day brought something new to do
I used my magic age as if it were a wand
And never saw the waste and emptiness beyond
The game of love I played with arrogance and pride
And every flame I lit too quickly quickly died
The friends I made all seemed somehow to drift away
And only I am left on stage to end the play
There are so many songs in me that won't be sung
I feel the bitter taste of tears upon my tongue
The time has come for me to pay for yesterday
When I was young
Happy birthday, my man!
The old man's still got it, huh?
It's been a while since I've seen him with an inhaler.
He got rid of it.
Since when?
- Almost a year, I think. - He didn't tell us?
I said nothing, okay?
I don't know about cake.
I overate.
We've got news.
I don't want to steal your thunder, bro, so I'll be quick.
We're getting married.
You hear that?! They're getting married!
I'm very happy!
This calls for another bottle!
How about a double wedding, honey?
Sit down and shut up.
You look like a damn fool.
What's the matter?
What's going on?
Tell him to go to hell.
Shut up, fag.
You shut up.
You seem to be sniffing a lot for someone in detox.
Did I miss something?
Two subjects had become taboo at home:
and Raymond. - Sucking cock's made you a prick?
That's enough!
Your ass must've been raw after prison.
He'd done a year for beating up a junkie who tried to steal his coke.
You'd have enjoyed that, huh?
That's quite enough!
It's Christmas!
Can't we eat in peace?!
How sweet life was
since I had become so happy and fulfilled.
Aw, Mom!
Yeah, that's right.
Don't call me back to say she's stopped bleeding.
She'll stop anyway,
whether or not I think of her.
If I truly had a gift,
by dint of being his instrument,
perhaps he would one day answer my prayers.
Had I known, I wouldn't have come today.
I think...
you won't come much anymore.
He says it's just for a couple of weeks.
Just long enough to get back on his feet.
To run through our savings, you mean.
Anyway, he seems determined. I've never seen him like that.
I think, this time, he really wants to clean up his act.
Please, make an effort. Your brother needs help.
So Michelle's well, then?
I brought your records back.
- Coffee? - It's okay, Mom, I'll do it.
What's new?
Not much. Classes, work.
So, were they a hit?
Your brother's playing my old records at his club.
Can you believe it?
If that's the nutcase, I'm not here.
No, he's busy. Can he call you back?
That her?
It was for Yvan.
Is Doris the "nutcase"?
She was nuts to put up with you for six years, that's for sure!
I'm sorry, Mom.
I'll be out of your hair soon.
I missed...
your delicious ironed toast.
I love you, Mom.
Any bacon left?
Well, I'll be going.
- Need a ride back? - Never mind, Dad.
I'll go.
It's disco?
Not just disco.
I play a bit of everything.
Anything unusual.
I'll come see you at some point. I'll make an exception.
I don't drink anymore, so I avoid bars.
I don't drink, smoke or swear anymore.
Fuck, I left my bag of weed at the pub.
You can drop me at the corner.
I know I haven't always been cool with you.
I need money.
I'll pay you back. I don't know when, but I swear I will.
You're asking me?
The old man brags that his little pet makes more than he does.
If he's got a pet, it sure isn't me.
Don't be a prick, I'm in a jam.
Even if I was a millionaire, I wouldn't lend you a dime.
Antoine and Christian did. Even Fatty spotted me 20.
Come on!
Do I have to give you a blow job?
That's it, go kill yourself.
Aren't you in bed yet?
Someone left this for you tonight.
You want to get things hopping, give this tape to the DJ.
- Do I have to wear this? - I want this off, too.
Bunch of nitwits. A tux without a bow tie isn't a tux.
We're all dressed the same. That's the beauty of it. Huh?
Very nice.
Where have you been?
- Goddammit, Raymond! - I'll pay you back.
Aren't you going to introduce us?
My mother.
My brothers.
My father. Min.
What's that?
He takes after his old man!
Is that idiot gonna play my tape or what?
Not dancing?
I'm waiting for my song.
By popular request...
Shall we go smoke one outside?
Good idea.
You two go ahead. Michelle and I will have girl talk.
What is it?
Your girlfriend's nice.
She's cute, too.
You want a shotgun?
A coke.
I'm very proud of you.
What's so funny?
Check those two out.
Little Zac sure seems to like his cousin.
Talk about keeping it in the family!
He's not after his cousin, but her boyfriend.
I saw them French-kissing in the parking lot earlier.
So it's true.
Junior's a fag.
Looks like it.
Ah, damn.
Don't touch me!
Are you okay?
Keep dancing.
Just a little misunderstanding.
The wedding goes on. Keep dancing.
No, everything's okay.
Keep dancing!
I'm sorry!
What's going on?!
Give us a minute?
On your brother's wedding day!
Raymond causes trouble and I get in shit?
What happened was your fault. Your brother was defending you.
You were being called a fag!
They saw you in the parking lot with your cousin's boyfriend!
What did they see?
It's not what you think.
We were smoking a joint.
We just gave each other a shotgun.
You're a born liar.
Nothing happened!
Be a man for once in your life
and tell the truth!
What do you want to hear?!
That I'm gay?!
A fag?!
That I suck cock?!
Yes, something happened, but not with him!
You know with who.
Nothing happened earlier.
But I would've fucking loved it if something had!
Fucking right!
Go away!
Forgive me, Mom.
I know you'll be sad I'm gone.
But I know you'll be glad to know where I am.
Don't worry.
Your God is watching over me.
Raymond made me realize something the other day:
I've never told you I love you.
This side trip to the Holy Land, before Europe,
would make her ecstatic.
Walking in Christ's footsteps certainly intrigued me...
but I hadn't crossed the Atlantic
out of Catholic faith.
Zac, are you there?
I love you, sweetheart!
God works in mysterious ways, my mother always said.
The good Lord brought you back. It's a sign.
You'll heal him.
Thanks for coming, Christian.
I'm so happy you're staying.
I want to know everything.
Dad coming down?
He's in bed already.
- Good night. - Good night.
I found him lying there,
with a syringe in his arm.
I think it'll be a while before I get that 20 back.
You lost that 20 long ago.
If you ask me, it was no accident.
He'll pull through. He's tough.
I know I'm not a perfect father.
You certainly wouldn't have the problems you do otherwise.
Raymond, either.
I'm trying to understand what's happening to us now...
It's not easy.
I know I'm partly to blame.
I'd like to redeem myself,
but I don't know how.
I don't know what to tell you...
to make you understand you're not what you think.
You can't forsake life's greatest pleasure -
having children.
There's nothing more beautiful...
more powerful.
And that really hits home when you come close...
to losing one.
there's no greater pain.
The good Lord must surely be trying to tell me something.
If you think it's a lost cause...
that you can't change...
I can't accept that.
I can't.
I'm sorry.
Oh, my God.
Oh, no.
Even in the face of death, we have faith that life goes on,
for it comes from God.
It is to him that we now turn in prayer.
Our Father
Who art in heaven
Hallowed be thy name
Thy kingdom come
They will be done On earth as it is in heaven
Give us this day
Our daily bread
And forgive us our trespasses
As we forgive those who trespass against us
And lead us not into temptation
But deliver us from evil
You spoke well.
I was deeply... touched.
Ciao, bro.
See ya, kid.
Mr. Beaulieu...
You'll come visit us, hmm?
Bye, Dad.
Take care of yourself. Mom, too.
I don't know if it was Raymond's passing, or if time heals all wounds,
but my father had become my father once more.
Although it took him 10 years
to allow me into his home with a lover.
And we've never mentioned our differences since.
Nor Patsy Cline.