C/O Kaadhal (2021) - full transcript

A heart warming film that explores the concept of romance with episodes involving four sets of people of different age group.



Here you go.

If you had gotten married,

your wife would've made
tea for you, right?

Yes... But where can I find someone
who makes tea as good as you do?

You keep giving excuses
like this every day.

People in this town are already tired
of trying to get you married.

I don't think you'll ever get married.

Why are you bringing it up
so early in the morning?

Get back to work.

Fine, even I don't want to start my day
with your problems.

Hey, Palani.

Hey, Maari.

-How are you doing?
-Forget about me.

Is that thing working for you?

Nowadays, I don't use it much.

I'll test it tonight
and tell you in the morning.

Get married fast and put it to use.

Otherwise, it may become useless.

Disgusting fellow!
This is all he ever talks about.

Disgusting fellow!

Hey, Palani!

Going to work?

Oh, my God! You're becoming prettier
by the day! What's going on?

Have you all already started
your gossip session?

Of course. Why don't you tell us
your story too?

-Are you boiling it or frying it?

Don't make it too spicy. Your husband
is already hot-tempered.

Mothers! Fathers! And sisters!

I am here to inform you

that there will be a gathering in our
village for the Swachh Bharat campaign,

also known as the Clean India Mission.

On behalf of the village council,
I request all of you to participate in it.

Hey, pal.

-Where are you going?

-To the office.
-What happened to your cycle?

I got a flat tire,
so I left it at Selvam's shop.

Okay, I'm late, bye.

Hey! Why are you in such a hurry?
Wait a minute.

Generator sales have declined.

Do recommend if anyone wants one.

I'll ask around.
Can you drop me at work?

-I asked you to drop me off at work.

Yeah, right!
Like I have no other work!

Keep walking. Go.

That will help you with your hangover.
Go on.

-I'll deal with you tonight.
-Let's see that. Go now.

What is this, sir?

All of you look very handsome today.
What's the reason?

Well, a lady officer from Kerala
is joining work today.

That's why we are dressed up.

Is that so?

Oh, no! The manager had asked me
to buy a bouquet. I totally forgot it.

Mom, I am leaving for school.

Hey! He hasn't eaten anything.
Stop him.

-Wh... Where are you going?
-I can understand.

-Eat and go.
-I haven't eaten.

-Today's the first day of school. Bye.

Ea... Eat and go...

No, Dad, I'm late.
It looks like it might rain.


Okay, I will eat something on the way.

-My friend is waiting, bye!
-Ve... Ve... Velu...

Buddy, come fast.

-Hey, Muthu! Could she have gone?
-She'll come. She's a girl, after all.

She has to do herself up.
That's a lot of work!

She will come slowly.

-You think so?
-By the way...

You told me your dad gave you two rupees.

Where is it? Give it to me.


-What do you want?
-Here. Give me some bananas.


Hey, Velu!
Come on, let's eat some bananas.

I don't want it, you can eat them.

Thank God!
I was scared he would ask for it.

-Hey, Sakthi!

Sunitha is here.

Hey! Why is she ignoring me?

How will she notice you?

We sit in the back row, she will talk
only with the front row people.

-I couldn't eat the fruits because of you!
-What do we do now?

You like her, don't you?
Go talk to her.

-No, I don't want to.
-Why not?

Is this why you dragged me
all the way here?

-Hey, Sunitha!
-Dude, shut up!

Don't call her. Stop it.


Okay, sir.

We can do it.



I'll take care of it.
Okay, sir.

-Tell me, sir.

During our boss' meeting yesterday,

someone from the opposition party
has spoken ill of him.

They never check on the people
who are attend the meeting .

Then they call and irritate us.

Okay, go and get the details
about this guy.

Sir, his name is Seenu.
He's from our village.

The opposition party is dealing with their
men the same way we deal with ours.

Then do this.

Ask Joseph and his men
to give him a beating and warn him.


Pay up next week.

-Sure, sir.

-Okay. I will see you tomorrow.

-Have you been waiting for long?
-No, dear, I just arrived.

-Shall we leave?

Joseph, don't let him get away!
Catch him!

-How dare you mess with us!
-Hey, stop!

Don't let him escape! Catch him!

-Break his limbs!
-Kick him!

Drag him here.

-Kick him!
-Punch him!

-Hit him!
-Kill him.

Dad, stop.
Pull over, Dad.

-Four men are hitting that poor guy.
-Don't go.

Listen to me.



-Hey! Stop it? Rascals!
-Listen to me.

Four of you are beating up one guy!
Aren't you ashamed of it?

-Have you lost it?

-What are you staring at?

-Don't get involved in this!
-Wait, Dad.

If we don't get involved,
they'll keep doing this.

Are you a kid? Do you have no brains?

Listen to me.

What are you glaring at? You wastrel!

Go make yourself useful.

People like you bring shame
upon our country.

Keep quiet, Dad.

If I see you again, you're done for!

Look at his face and his hair!
Go away from here!

Will you leave by yourselves
or should I make you?

-Good morning, madam.
-Good morning.

My name is Palani. I am the office peon.

I completely forgot
that you were coming today.

I was late to buy the bouquet.
My boss yelled at me.

-Here you go.
-Thank you.


I forgot your name...

I don't understand Tamil.


No, no. I am from Kerala.
My mother tongue is Malayalam.

But you can talk to me in Hindi as well.

Even I know a little bit of Hindi.

Many of my neighbours
are from the north.

I picked it up from them.


Ma'am, your signature.


If you need anything, just call me.
I'll be at your disposal.

-Thank you, madam.

Wait, wait. I will give it.

Brandy? Give him a half-pint.
Here you go.

-What else?
-Make it quick.


-...five, six, seven...
-Sir, here's the money.

Hey! Be patient. They are getting it.
Wait, here you go.

Hey, don't be impatient...

Give him a half-pint.

-Hey, what are you doing?
-I don't understand.

-Thaadi, your darling is here.
-See what it is.

Hey. Give him a half-pint.

Here's your half-pint.

Don't forget the cash.

Excuse me.

You've to pay ten more rupees.

Liquor prices have increased.


Damn! Get back to work, guys!

Hey, Thaadi. Did you talk
to her at least today?

I did.

Wow! So you confessed?

Yes, I told her the price has increased.

Not that, you idiot!
I am talking about your feelings.

To hell with that. I start
shivering the minute I see her.

How can you be like this?
Confess your love soon.

Only then will you know if she loves you

or someone else or if she's married.

Even I want to tell her,

but I can't meet her anywhere else
but the liquor store.

Hey. Don't delay it.

Knowing that she buys
liquor from here every day,

four Muslim boys from that street
cornered me and asked for her address.

I told them that I don't know.

But beware.
You have a lot of competition.


Am I the same as them?
You're comparing me against them?

I love her sincerely.

There is no point in telling me,
you have to tell her.

I will tell her.

This is what you say every day.

-He shivers at the very sight of her!
-Okay, bye.

-Hey, just a minute.
-What is it?

The thing is...

Hey, get lost.

Why should I go?
I'll stay here.

Just leave. Go.

-Why are you pushing me away?
-Just leave. Go.

You are planning something behind my back.

I'll find it soon.

Well, after closing
the store tomorrow

I want to bring
a call girl to your place.

So? Are you okay with it?

I will fix it as a package
for you as well.

No wonder! I was thinking
why the guy who always mocks me

is being so nice today.

So this was the reason.

-Okay, bring them.

But don't stay
the whole night like last time.

I'll get in trouble
if the landlord finds out.

She won't stay the night. There won't be
any problem. Don't worry, dude.

-Okay, let's meet tomorrow.
-Thanks, dude.

Serve it...

Pour it in this.

Hey! My daughter has had twins!

You just need a reason to drink!

-Yes, buddy!
-Let's have fun!

Pour it! Pour it!

Come on, give it!

Pour it, man.
It looks like imported liquor.

-Pour some more.
-Enough. Give it to me.

Hey! Don't forget to get
two rupees from your dad today.

Good morning, Teacher!

Good morning, sit down.

Thank you, Teacher.

She is Miss Usha.
She will be teaching you math from now on.

-She is your class teacher too. Okay?

-Okay, you can start taking the class.

-Hey! Sit straight.
-Okay, ma'am.

Ma'am, I have a doubt in math.

Not today. Since it's the first day,
let's get introduced to each other.

My name is Usharani.

My favorite color is black,
and my hobby is playing badminton.

Now all of you introduce yourselves too.

Start with your hobbies
and then your favorite color.

Let's start with you.

My name is Veni.

My favorite color is red.

I... No, no...

I like to play pallanguzhi and hopscotch.

Very good, sit down. Next.

-What is it?

Velu, I'll give you a fantastic idea
to win Sunitha over.


-Will you give me Rs. 2 tomorrow?
-Tell me the idea.

Listen to all of Sunitha's favorite
things and you repeat the same.

She will fall for you on hearing it.

Are you sure?

I am damn sure!
I swear on your grandmother!

My favorite color is sky blue.

Okay, sit down. Next?

My name is Sunitha.

My favorite color is bright pink.

My hobby is listening to music.

Name one of your favorite songs.

I like the song, "When The Lamp Was Lit"

from the movie, Munthanai Mudichu.

I love that song too. For my sake,
come here and sing that song, please.

No, ma'am.
I don't know all the lyrics.

That's fine. Sing as you please.

Students, Sunitha is going to sing now.
All of you, clap for her.


My man arrived at the time
When the lamps were lit

As I was hiding and looking at him
He said he was thirsty

I served

He drank

In that moment
There was a rush of emotions

-Why did you stop? Is that it?

We shouldn't leave the things we love
incomplete. You must learn it completely.

Next time,
you should sing the whole song.

-Okay, ma'am.
-Go and sit.


Tell me.

My name is Velu. I...

This unlucky fellow will never find love.

Okay, I will get to know
the boys tomorrow.

The class is over.

Hey! You've promised me.
You have to give me Rs. 2.

Oh! You have come all the way to my house!


None of you are going back.
I am going to show you who I am.



Sir! Mr. Shiva!

What are you doing here?
Checking me out?

Why do you talk so much?

Beat them up!
They shouldn't dare come back.

Break this guy's hand. He's the one
who tried to hurt me. Hit him!

Whack him.

Rascals! They came all the way to a girl's
house to hurt her. Break his hands!

Beat them black and blue.

-Oh, Lord!
-Beat them up!

Don't let them escape.
Catch them!

Try coming here again, you rascals!

Hey, dude, how was it?

Give me that.

It's your turn now.

-If you're done, send her back.
-What! Don't waste the money. Go.


Then next time, you will give lame excuses
blaming the landlord.

Hey! Come fast, a wealthy customer
is waiting for me. I have to leave.

Please wait,
you can leave after ten minutes.

What do you mean?
Come and lie down.

No, no. I'm not going to do anything.

If I leave immediately,
my friends will doubt me.

I will leave in ten minutes.

Didn't you say
that there are three men?

That's right.

Then? Come on, do it.

No. I did not come to do anything.


Do you have any problem?

Tell me, I have tablets.

No, no. Nothing like that.


I am in love with a girl.

I am in love.
It would be wrong if I do this.

Don't be so dramatic.
That's different, this is different.

Come and do it!

Why are you talking like this?

Will I be able to bear it
if that girl makes the same mistake?

I won't be able to. So I should
also not make those mistakes.

Who is that girl?

Who is that lucky girl?

I work at the liquor store nearby.

She comes there every day to buy
half a pint of brandy.

I have been handing it to her for a year.

Love at the liquor store, huh?

So is your girl more beautiful than me?

She wears a hijab all the time.

So you fell in love with her
without seeing her face.

I have not seen her face,

but her beautiful eyes
have set my soul on fire.

So you fell in love looking at her eyes.

Have you confessed
your love to her yet?

Oh, no.

The minute I see her eyes, my heart
starts palpitating and I start sweating.

Then how do I confess my love?

Hey! There are men who use women
for sex in the name of love.

But you, you really love her
but haven't confessed it yet.

Okay, do you drink?

Cool. Then drink your booze,
it will help you muster up the courage.

Then you can confess.

Very funny!

Azhagar, didn't she come today?

-I don't know.
-He knows everything, sir.

-Hello, madam.

Can I sit here?

-Please, join us.

Do you like our office?

Yes, it's very nice.

-What's your name?
-My name is Kalyanam.

-What about you?
-I'm Azhagar, hi.

I remember your name. Rajesh.

That's a lovely name.
I really like that name.

My brother's name is also Rajesh.

What a coincidence.
Your brother's name is also Rajesh,

my name is also Rajesh.

But that doesn't mean you're my sister.

He is the King of all kings

-Don't bow your head to anyone...
-Hey, Palani, you look very happy.

I got my salary.

Is that the reason?

Yes, sir.

Why are you sitting there, Mr. Palani?

We have place here. Come and sit here.

Madam, he's an attender.
So let him sit there and eat.

How does that matter?
I don't like all this.

Come and sit here.

Let it be.

I got used to eating here
for the past 10 years. You carry on.

Come here and sit.

Hey, come and sit here.
She is insisting, right?

So tell us about yourself.
Where are you from?

-What does your husband do?
-I am from Alleppey.

My husband passed away.
He is no more.

What is it, sir?
What does her husband do?

He passed away.

Sorry, madam.
I didn't know.

That's all right. It's been a few years
since he passed away.

I have a daughter.

She is so brilliant.

Really? What's your daughter's name?

-Oh, very good name.

-Madam, where are you staying?

Where? Andalpuram?
That's close to where I live.

-Is it?
-Hey, keep quiet.

So where is your daughter?

After my husband passed away,
she grew up at my brother's place.

How many children do you have?

I have one daughter.
She's four years old.

-What about you?
-I have two boys.

They go to school.

What about you?

Four children.

Four children?

Very, very good.

Palani, how many children do you have?

He? He's not even married.

Listen, the statue must look beautiful.

It should look very realistic
during the veneration.

Don't worry about that.

Rasaiyah's skills are extraordinary.

Even before the idol is complete

you'll feel Lord Ganesha's presence.

Don't I know about our Rasaiyah?
He was with Nandagopal.

After he left, there are no skilled
workers nor good statutes.

That's why I came looking for him.
I'll take your leave now.


-See you, Rasaiyah.

The five feet statue
in the corner is my brother's.

My statue should look
better than that. Okay?

You... don't... wor...

Okay, fine. We will be talking
until evening at this speed.

I... will...

I have work. I'm leaving.

Why did you call me urgently?
What's the matter?

Why are you so serious?

Hey! Why are you crying?

From the past three months,
a guy named Ashok from my college

has been torturing me,
saying that he loves me.

-What are you saying?

In the beginning, he was fine.

Then he started giving letters every day.

Then I told him up-front
that I'm not interested.

Since then,
he has started torturing me a lot.

He's been spreading ugly rumors about me

amongst everyone in the college.

Do you know what he asked me yesterday?

He asked me to come to his room
in front of everyone.

Hey, stop crying.

Why didn't you complain
about this to the principal?

He's the principal's son.

I was scared that I'd get into trouble
if I complained against him.

I am planning to tell my parents
about everything.

What is the use in telling your parents?
Don't you know who we are?

Belt. White belt.

What can they do?
They will go to a temple

and pray that the guy mends his ways.

That won't suffice for this guy.

We need someone to thrash him.

What should we do?

If we work out like this for six months,

we will have a physique like our boss.


Who are you?

My name is Bhargavi.

I have come to see Mr. Durai.

Bhargavi... Who...

-From Simmakkal?

Oh! He just left.

You can sit inside.
I'll get him.


Why did you bring me here
for this problem?

Because Mr. Durai will deal
with this problem perfectly.

Just wait and watch.

Who is this Mr. Durai?
How do you know him?

That's a long story.

A day before my physics board exam
in 12th grade,

one of our relatives suddenly passed away.

So my father left for his hometown.

I was home alone, studying.

Suddenly Mr. Durai came inside
and locked the door!

I got scared.

Before I could scream,
he begged me not to

and that people were trying to kill him.

He requested that he wait there
for a short while and then leave.

I had tears in my eyes.

His full body was soaked in blood.

After a while,
all his men came and took him.

Before leaving he told me,
"My name is Durai

and I live in Meenakshipuram.

You'll be able to find me easily there.

Whenever you have a problem,
come and see me."

I don't have any problem.

That's why we're here to solve yours.



Don't worry about anything, Bhargavi.

Our boys will be there,
they will take care of this issue.

He wouldn't even dare
to look at you again.

-I'll make sure of that, okay?
-You won't come there?

Well, the thing is, I'm planning to run
for Councilor in the upcoming elections.

So I don't want to get involved
in such petty issues now.

But don't you worry.
This is a minor issue.

My men will handle everything.
Don't be scared.

-What is it, sir? You sent for me?
-Yes, Joseph.

-How are you?
-I have no worries, I'm fine.


Why is she here?

-Sir, is he the one who will come there?
-Yes, why?

Do you already know him?

Know her?
I was waiting to corner her.

We shouldn't let her off easily.

Hey! I'm standing right here.
What can you do?

Sir, he and his friends got beaten up
by my neighbors.

Hey, don't act up!

That was your area,
so we let them beat us.

You've entered the lion's den now.
If you act up, you won't walk out of here.

Hey! How dare you threaten her
in front of me!

Apologize to her.

-No, sir... She...
-Shut up!

I don't care about what happened
between both of you.

I'm sure Bhargavi was not at fault.

But I'm sure you are.
Apologize to her.

No. It's not like that...


-It's okay.

Sit down.

Did Kumar brief you?

Yes, he did.

Okay, go with them.
They will show you the guy.

And then you put an end to it.


You can collect Rs. 500 from Kumar.

If he acts smart with you,
let me know, I'll handle it.

Thank you, sir.

Why are you behaving like an outsider
and addressing me as sir?

Call me uncle.

Thank you, Uncle.

Why are you still glaring at me?
Come on.


Hey! That's him!


What... What did you say?
Say it once more.


She said thanks, dude.

You hurled insults at me
when I was hitting someone else.

But you're thanking me
for beating this guy.

That day, all of you ganged up and beat up
one guy badly. I felt really sad for him.

So I got carried away and yelled at you.

Not just yelling, she got her people
to beat us up. Remember?

What do you expect when you
follow a girl to her house?

Forget it, it's all in the past now.

Okay. Sorry for the mistake I made then,
and thanks for helping us today. Okay?

Excuse me. We did you a huge favor

and you're trying to get away
with a thanks.

What else should we do?
You're not doing this for free.

Mr. Durai asked them to pay you
Rs. 500, right?

Hey! Do we look like henchmen?

He always gives us that amount.

It's not for beating this guy.

Okay, dude.
Let's not fight amongst ourselves.

Since you helped us, we'll throw
a party for you next Sunday, okay?


So do both of you drink?

No, no. Not that kind of party.

I'll throw a party for you guys
in some bakery

with some snacks and soft drinks.

That's my kind of party.

Any kind of party with girls
will be fun. Let's go for it.

-Let's go for it...
-Say yes.

Okay. Fine.

Hit it harder. Jump!
Jump and hit!

Hey! Pass it fast...

Watch out! Block it!

Hey! Hit it! Hit it!

Jump and hit it!

What an attempt!

Why are you nagging?
You try jumping then!

I should not jump at this age.
Everything I have will come down.

Hey, Palani!

You're already 49, and still unmarried.

Why do you talk about jumps?
Shut up and leave!

They don't treat elders with respect.

Worthless fellows!

All the guys are talking
only about my marriage!

-Hey, Palani!

I just checked my horoscope.

Apparently I will live
just for another year.

I would love to attend your wedding.

Oh. You will live for one more year?

Then I'll marry you only.

You can give me a child as well.

Let's see if that shuts people up.

I can't. I won't be able to. I'm scared.

Then shut up and go.

Stop nagging me about marriage.

Marriage, my foot!

Pay up. How will they give you
liquor if you don't pay?

Pay up, come on.

-Hey, are you drinking like she said?

Sir, your girl is here.

-Is she here?

She's waiting outside.

Hey, go.

-Are you going empty-handed?
-Come on.

Take something with you.

How will I know what she likes?

Okay, do this.

She buys half a pint of brandy, right?
Give her that.

-Okay, move.
-Hurry up.


Go. Your girl is waiting, right?

Mansion House...

Okay, don't forget to get the money.

Come fast.


Why are you following me?

I have no bad intentions.

I want to talk to you.

What is it?

I've been looking at you for a year.

I really like you a lot.


I mean...

I really like you a lot.

I'm not like other men.

I am a decent guy.

I can see how decent you are.

Are you drunk?

Oh, no! Don't mistake me.

I drank to muster up courage
to talk to you, that's it.

You also drink, does that mean
that you're a bad person?

Okay, let that be.

If you agree, we can get married.
What do you say?

Listen, hundreds of guys like you
come after me.

Does that mean I can marry them all?

Why should I be bothered about them?

If you marry me,
I will treat you like a queen.

Excuse me!

You haven't given me an answer.

You have just confessed it.
Let's wait and see.

Excuse me! Just a minute.

Now what?

What's your name?



You're a Muslim?


Excuse me...

What is it now?

Can I see your face just once?


you're getting respected like an officer,
thanks to her.

You're sitting as an equal to us.

-Are you asking me to get up and leave?

I was kidding. Sit down.

You're all laughing.

-Was it a good joke?

Mr. Azhagar cracked a superb joke,

so he can't stop laughing.

Is that so?

Madam, you've joined our office recently.

Here, have this sweet.
It's our specialty.


No, thanks.

Just have a bite.

I'm diabetic.

What? Diabetic?

How old are you, madam?

Hey, Palani!

Where are your manners?
Are you out of your mind?

How could you ask a woman her age?

Keep quiet.

Tell me, how old are you?

Forty two.

Forty two! Look at me. I am 49.

I walk, jog and I do yoga as well.

No blood pressure or diabetic issues.
Follow my routine.

I also keep thinking of doing it,
but I don't get the time.

Now that you've said it, I will do it.

Yes, do it! Do it!

I will.

What? I told you
that I will tell you later.

Go, get back to work.

Ho... how... ma... many...

d-days under you...

-Hey, Subbhu.

Read this for me.

"For how long
are you going to postpone it?

You've been paying me the same salary

for a year now.

But you earn so much thanks to my skills."

What's your problem with that?
You think only you're skilled at this?

You think I can't get anyone but you?

I can bring 100 people like you!

R-Read it for him.

"Okay, try bringing them.

You also know the pathetic situation
of my previous workplace after I left it.

You also know how sad the owner is now."

How dare you talk to me like that!

I will beat the hell out of you!
You bastard!

How dare you push me!

-You little...

-I'll teach you a lesson.

Sir... Sir...
Stop it, Rasaiyah.

Sir... Sir...

Get lost! Leave!

If you set foot here again,
I will chop your legs!

Get lost! Beg for a living!
Only then will you know my value!

N-Not... necessary...

Re... R-Read it.

"I don't need to beg...

If I want, I can start my own business

and become more powerful than you.

You will start begging."

Start your business then!
Let me see.

You think business is like painting?

Do whatever the hell you want!

G-Get lost!

Hey, you want to write?

What have you done? I gave you
the order only because he was here.

Don't worry.
He is the one who made the idol for you.

Even if he hadn't done it, I would've
hired ten people to get it done.

That's my colleague from Kerala!

-Good morning, madam.
-Good morning, Mr. Palani.

-So you go for a walk here?
-Yes. How come you're here?

I stay close by.

Oh, right.

Yesterday, you told me
to walk in the morning.

-I'll start from today.
-Good, good.

Come, let's go together.


Not like that.

Swing your arms while walking.

Why are you here again?
You ran away the other day.


You really shocked me.

What else would I do?

Since it's me, I have come back.

That's what I'm asking.
You ran away.

Why have you come back?

Well, I thought about it the whole night.

Whatever it is,
I've decided that I will marry you.

Did you see my face properly in the dark?

I took this decision
only after I saw it properly.

You quit this job.

Let's get married.

I'll treat you like a Queen.

Get married?

What do you think of yourself?

Bloody show-off!
You want to give me a life!

Get lost.

Go and get married to a good girl.

I don't care what you say.
I don't know about right and wrong.

I do what I feel is right.

What nonsense!

You saw my face yesterday,

and today you want to get married.

It's not about your face.
It's your eyes...

Didn't I tell you
that I fell for those eyes?

Is that so?

You saw my eyes the other night as well.

You couldn't recognize me
since they were a whore's eyes, right?

And you claim you're in love.

Okay, I couldn't recognize you.

Despite knowing
that I was talking about you,

"Go confess your love to her."

"If you're scared,
drink to muster up courage."

"Your love is pure..."

Didn't you say so?

How do you justify that?
Tell me.

So far...

Men have only asked me

to sleep with them.

No one has asked me...

to fall in love with them.

Just to see how that would be...

This is how it would be.

You saw it now. How is it?

It's nice.

Whatever I do will be nice.

Now tell me, shall we get married?

Okay, you're being very stubborn.

Let's do this.

I need to trust you.

So, let's hang out for a few days.

If I trust you then,
I will tell you myself.

Then I will marry you.

Until then,

I will continue doing my job.

Why is that?

Well, after we get married

and you have satiated your desires,

how can I be sure that you won't talk
about my past and torture me?

Now tell me.

Yes or no?

Okay, what else can I say after this?


Then there are a few conditions.

Every day, I wait for customers
near the old market.

You should drop me there in your cycle.


Yes, you.

You have to take me to your friends
who were there that night

and tell them boldly
that you're in love with me.

To them?

Then? Can't you even do that?

You're scared to even tell them
that you're in love with me,

how can I be sure that you will marry me?

Tell me.

Okay, I understand.


I have a few wishes.

You should make them come true.

What are those? Tell me.

I want to eat in an expensive restaurant,

but you should pay the bill.


I want to go to the movies,
take the balcony seat

and whistle.
I really want to do that!


That's it for now.

If I tell you everything at once,
you'll get scared.

Go home now. Meet me here
at six in the evening tomorrow.

You've to drop me, okay?

Okay, I'll see you tomorrow.


Oh, no! I forgot that.

Hey, Salima!

-I forgot the most important thing.

I love you.

My friend told me

that when we confess love, we should
get her something that she likes.

You buy brandy from us every day,
hence the gift.

He decided to start his own business
and quit his current job.

-That's why I'm scared.

You can't say that, Mookamma.

I'm getting him this contract
because I know his skills.

T-Tell her...

Look, Rasaiyah, if you don't finish
the idol before the season ends,

give it to me in writing
that you won't ask for the pay.

And tell him that we won't pay him
if the idol doesn't come out well.

-I agree with her.

Go ahead and sign, Rasaiyah.
We'll figure it out.

-Please give me a pen.

Wait. I have one.


H-Here you go.

G-Give me that shirt.

This shirt?

-T-The... one... below...
-This one?


T-This... shirt...

This shirt isn't nice, Dad.

I-It's n-nice...

I don't like this shirt.

T-That Grey c-colored shirt...

I want that one.

-This one?

The one below it.

-This one?

T-That's not good...

P-Pansies wear that color.

It's not good.

I like it. I want this one.

G-Girls like this color.

-It's not good.
-I want this one only.

Buy me this one or forget it.

Hey! V-Velu!

"I'm in love with Sindhu,
the Indian badminton champion."

He wants to get married..."

Mr. Palani.

I've to go to
the Pazhamudhircholai temple tomorrow.

You need
the Pazhamudhircholai temple's address?

No, no.

Let's go together
to the Pazhamudhircholai temple.

Me too?

Okay, let me know when,
I will take you there.

If we board the bus number 44,
we will reach in an hour.

Not by bus,

I want to walk there.

-I want to reach there by foot.

Oh! You want to make a pilgrimage on foot?

There's a shortcut
through the mountains,

I will take you that way.

Don't worry about that.

The only thing is we should
leave early in the morning.

What did you say?
I didn't understand anything.


I said we should start
early in the morning.

Oh! Your Malayalam is too bad

that it is actually Talayalam!

In that case, what you speak is Mamil.

Pray and shower the flowers
on Lord Ganesha.

If you have any wish,
pray to Lord Ganesha,

He will make it come true.

Dear Lord Ganesha, I have started
this business on an impulse.

If anything goes wrong,
my family will end up on the streets.

Please take care of us.

For the first time, my husband
is running a business on his own.

You've to see to it that
there are no problems.

Lord Ganesha, no matter what I do,
Sunitha doesn't talk to me,

please make her talk to me.

-Hey. Look at his shirt's color.

Hey, why did you wear such a color?

Everyone's making fun of you.

This is Sunitha's favorite color.

That's why I bought this color.

It looks disgusting.

I'm ashamed to sit next to you and eat.

I am going to move a little further.

Why did you come back?

Dude. Dude.
She's here.

Hey, Velu.

What is this?

This shirt that you're wearing
looks girlish.

Have you gone mad?

Hey! Don't say that.

Velu, the color of your shirt is awesome.

Bright pink is my favorite color.

Sunitha, we did a puja
of Lord Ganesha in my house.

Here. Have some sweets.

-Thanks, Velu.
-Why such formalities between us?

It's yummy.

Why haven't you signed up for the singing
competition on August 15th?

I don't know the whole song,
so I didn't signed up.

But you sang it in the class.

I sang because our teacher compelled me.

Sing the same song.

I don't know the full song.

Then learn it.

If you sing, it will be really nice.
You will surely win the first prize.

I've tried many times, but in my house,

if I listen to these songs,

my father chides me for listening to it.

So I never learned it.

If you get the lyrics, will you learn it?

Yes! If I get the full lyrics,
I will sing it.

Dude, where are you going at this hour?

I have an important work.

-I need to go.
-Hey... Hey!

Sir, do you have the lyric book
for the film Munthanai Mudichu?

Look for it.


Here you go.


We prayed this morning, right?
Where are the photos of God?


Oh, it's over there.

Okay, continue with your work.


Lord Ganesha,
I prayed to you in the morning,

and you made her speak to me by noon.

You truly are a powerful God!

Sunitha is going to participate
in a singing competition,

that's why I bought this lyric book.

It's all Your doing.
Somehow make her the winner,

and also make sure that we get together.

Dad, is the statute
going to come up here?


How tall would it be?


-Thirty feet?

Okay, do it well!

Students, those who want to participate
in the programs on August 15

please come and sign up.

Today is the last day.

Today's the last day,
go and sign up.

I don't know how to sing the full song!

Ma'am, Sunitha is going to sing.

Sunitha, very good.

I was disappointed that no one
from this class was participating.

I told you that I don't know
the whole song,

then why did you sign me up?

Wow! The lyric book.
Where did you get it?

How does that matter?

Thank you.

Don't mention it.
Just practice and sing.

For the sole reason that you
bought me this, I will sing well.

But if I practice at home,
my dad will yell at me.

What do I do now?

I'll participate in the chess competition.

-Very good. What's your full name?

I have a superb idea.

Silence! I'm going to start the class.

Hey, Velu. This time, she will surely
fall in love with you.

All thanks to the Ganesha idols
that my dad makes.

If you love any girl,
you can come and pray.

He will definitely answer your prayers.

Jack and Jill went up the hill...

I learned the rhyme in childhood,

and it comes to mind
only while climbing the mountain.

All thanks of you, madam.
Keep walking.

Come on.

Come on.


-I can't.
-What is this? We just started.

You're already tired.

It is only 45 minutes away. Come on.

It's so far. No way!
I won't be able to do it.

I need to sit.

Okay, sit down.

I knew this would happen.

That's why I got you some sugar water.

Sugar water.
You're diabetic, aren't you?

You remember it?
You didn't forget that?

I remember. You will get
some energy. Drink it.

Come on, let's go.


Come on, madam.

Mr. Palani,

without you, I couldn't have
seen the deity today.

Thank you, sir.

It's all right.
I hope everything went well.

Yes, everything went well.
But why didn't you come in?

Inside the temple?

Inside the temple?
I don't believe in God.

-Then who do you believe in?
-I believe in human beings.

They influence the good
and bad things around us.

So you pray to human beings?

Not really.

Being kind to one another
is more than enough.

They can give you much more
than what the God can offer.

Take the barber, Saravanan.
If I need Rs. 1,000 now,

he will give me.

Then there's my landlord.

Even if I delay paying the rent,
he won't say anything.

My priest says a special prayer for me
every day without my knowledge

along with some special rituals.

My friend who's in the generator business,
got me this job 10 years ago.

People around me help me this way.

Compared to them,
I don't find God greater.

Mr. Palani, your philosophy is amazing.


"The Supreme court has ordered..."

Mr. Palani.

Will you teach me Tamil?

Tamil? Sure, I will teach you.

What do your parents do?

They passed away when I was a kid.

So, what do your parents do?

I don't know who my father is.

What do you mean?

My mother was also like me,
she was in the same profession.

Where is she now?

She is dead.


What's that?

Be careful.


Sunitha. Velu.


What is it, madam?

It has been 15 years
since my husband passed away.

I have a daughter who is 20 years old.

On top of that, I'm diabetic too.

At this age,

is it right to think
about another marriage...

or to get married to someone?

If you like someone and he also likes you,
then you should definitely get married.

There is nothing wrong in it.

Then, do you like me?

Bhargavi, my wife and I
fell in love and got married.

At your age, everything will look rosy.

Look, Uncle, before you start advising us,

just listen to me for a while.

I'm in love with Joseph.
I will marry only him.

After my studies are over,
I'll tell my parents.

So you giving this advice is a waste.

You won't understand me now.

But I don't get what you saw in him
that you're head over heels in love.

What did your wife see in you?

Okay, let it be.

I understand.

Anyway, please be careful.

Don't believe that your love
will keep you happy forever.

There are sorrows too.

Anyway, I wish you both a happy life.

Hey! Take good care of her.

-Okay, sir.
-You understand me?

I understand.

Enough of this henchman stuff.
Find a good job.

Only then will it be respectful
to ask for Bhargavi's hand in marriage.

I understand.

It's a good thing that Mr. Durai
got to know about us.

Even I was a little scared
that he came to know about us.

Thank God. I'm at peace now.

Okay, you leave. I'll go to Meena's house,
tell her about this and then go home.

Okay, let me accompany you to her place.

Don't go overboard just because
Mr. Durai approved of us.

Leave. Let's meet next Sunday.

Next Sunday? Next Sunday is not possible.

Why? Why not?

I have to go for mass.

Mass? Where?
I'll go with you.

Why do you want to go there?
You'll get bored.

Why? Don't you get bored?

I don't.

Because I am converted.

So what?

I'm going to convert after marriage.
Let me get used to it from now.


Come to the old bus station
at 9 am coming Sunday.

-I'll come and pick you up.
-Okay, take care.

-So what did you say?
-What could I have said?

-I got scared and left.
-Oh, no!

Hey! How could you leave a girl alone
and run away like that?

He's such a spineless guy!

Excuse me, is she a girl?
She's 42 years old.

-No one would bother her.
-Shut up.

Does that mean it's okay
to leave her alone and run away?

Because it's me, I just left.

If it was someone else,
he'd have had a heart attack.

-If you were in my shoes, you would know.
-Okay. Relax.

Why does she want to get married
at such an age?

As if she's a teenager.

Hey! What's wrong in this?

-She's past her prime...
-She confessed her feelings.

-Right, Iyer!
-What do you say, Palani?

Hey, I'm 49 now. Just imagine
if I want to get married now.

I'll become a laughing stock.

Forget about the town,
what do you feel?

Do you like her or not?
Tell me that.

If you ask me if I like her,
I will say that I like her.

You're blushing too much!

Should he blush or not?

Nonsense! He likes her, it seems.
Aren't you ashamed to say this?

What is there to be ashamed of?

Have your drink, man.

You say that you like her,
then why are you hesitating to marry her?


Nonsense! She's 42. On top of that,
she has a 20-year-old daughter.

How can I marry her now?

You're talking as if girls
in their 20s are waiting in line for you.

You're 49 now,

Everyone here knows your situation.

A few of them even think you are impotent.

Why are you glaring at me? Am I lying?

You can't find a girl at your age.

Luckily, she is interested
in marrying you.

Grab this chance and agree to it.

Otherwise, you'll never get married.
Mark my words.

It's up to you.

If not for the people of this town,

I will have ten weddings...

Ten weddings...

Hey! Who is going to stop me?

Madam, I really like you a lot!

But I'm also scared.

Because I'm just a peon
and you're a high-ranking officer.

That's all right, madam.
Our wedding will happen.

It will definitely happen.

Whoever tries to stop it,
I will deal with them.

I will take care of it.

Hey! I'm a man.

I'm a lion.

I'll give them such a slap
that their jaws will be dislocated.

Our wedding will happen!

Why are you all crowding here?

Hey! See what your friend has done!

Hey, Palani, why are you sleeping here?

Hey! I'm asking you.

Hey, Palani!

Madam, your signature.

Sir... Wait, sir.

Hey, Palani!

Here, drink it.

Attention, everyone!
Ladies and gentlemen,

brothers and sisters.

Palani is 49 years old
and he is still unmarried.

Women are spreading
all kinds of rumors!

Men are running away in fear.

Our elders are coming together

to arrive at a sensible solution.

I request you all to participate in it.

Hello. What?
I'm coming right away!

Sir, I have to go urgently.

If the manager asks, please tell him
it's an emergency.

Madam, there's a small problem.
I will call you later.

Why do you set up a committee
to discuss my marriage?

Hey! Everyone is calling you a pansy.

What else do you expect us to do?

-What are you saying? I'm pansy?
-Yes, you are!

How old are you?

You're 49 and still unmarried.

And you're


I have enough proof.

You did something
with the boys at the liquor store.

You felt up their muscles at the gym
in the name of massage.

Yesterday, a young boy was sleeping alone.

You slept next to him and molested him.

His mother filed a complaint against you.

We have ample proof. We aren't
doing this without any reason!

He's just kind towards the youngsters.
How could you label him as a pervert?

Why are you getting so worked up
instead of him?

-Has he satiated you as well?

Excuse me! Mind your words.
We also live in this town.

Why should we give you any respect?
Worthless fools. Lowlifes!

How dare you insult us!

You swindled our money
in the name of a village council.

We don't fool the public like you do!
Mind your words.

-How dare you!
-Mind your words!

Don't you dare...

Stop it! Stop fighting!

All of you are just fighting...

Sit down, all of you! Sit down!

Mariappa, explain the issue to them.

Hey, Palani.
We know that you're a good man.

But since you're unmarried
and hang out with young boys

people doubt you.

If we continue receiving such complaints

we have no choice but to banish you
from the town.

Are you going to get married

and prove that you're not pansy but a man?
Or shall I ostracize you?

Make up your mind.

He humiliated all of us!

-Hey! What did I do?

Hey! Shut up! It's all because of you.

You're still going around unmarried.

Because of you,
everyone is calling us pansy.

He'll let you stay here
only if you get married.

The guy who said that is a moron.
No one will marry him.

Hey! Forget it.
We have lost face.

Hey, Palani.
Please listen to me.

Get married to that woman
before she changes her mind.

Only then can you stay here.

What you're saying is correct.
This is your last chance.

Listen to me--
See! It's a sign, the phone's ringing.

Dude! It's her.

-Answer it!
-What do I tell her?

"You asked me if I could marry you.
now I want to express my consent."

-Hey, I'm nervous.
-Give it to me.

-Hey! Hey! Buddy, give me the phone.

-Let go of me.
-Keep quiet.

Just wait.

Marriage? Mom, have you gone mad?

Do you know what you're saying?

I made this decision
after thinking it through.

Is it enough if you decide?
What will people say?

What will Uncle think?

I don't care about what others will think.

What do you think?
That's important to me.

Don't talk rubbish.
Uncle and Granny will come now.

-Let go of me.

Do you know what you're saying?

You always talk about being a feminist.

Where is your feminism now?

Don't shout.
Please don't shout.

Everyone will hear it.


Where is that man from?

He is a local. Meenakshipuram.

I need to meet that man.

Chapter 4, verse 40, by Luke
in the Bible says,

When the sun rose,

people who were affected
by various diseases,

and people who were possessed
by various ghosts were taken to Him.

No one should be distraught in life.

No one should be discouraged.

He kept His hand on each one of you,

and blessed you.

He will love each one of you
with kindness.

Similarly, He touched everyone that day...

Mr. Moorthy told me that you're going
to take a scheme. That's why I came here.

I had asked for you.

Did you get the form?

I brought it.

Every Sunday, such a noisy discourse
is a real headache.


Tell me your name.

Paul Rajesh.


Sorry, sir, I said it by mistake.
Please forgive me.

That's fine. I'm used to all this.

Fill the application form.


Let it be. The past is in the past.

Let's rid ourselves of sins
and follow His path.

All of us who are affected
by diseases and ghosts

shall kneel before Him,
asking to be forgiven.

He will not let us down.
He will watch over us.

He will touch each of us
and give us His blessings.

He will protect us.
He will never let us down.

Join me, let us pray together.

Let us pray to Him.

All of you please close your eyes
and think of Him.

-Are you Palani?

-You are Ms. Radha's daughter?

Sit down.

Sit down.

My mom told me everything.

Is that why you called in the morning,
asking me to meet you?

-Go on.

Do you like my mother?

If you ask me that,

yes, I do like her.

Hey. Why are you wriggling?
First, sit straight.

Why are you wriggling like a woman?

Did you tell my mom
that you will marry her?

She asked it first, and then I agreed.

Are you trying to say that
my mother was smitten by you?

No, no. Not like that.

Let it be. Why are you still unmarried?

Nothing worked out.

-What do you mean?
-It means that nothing worked out.

How can I explain that?
There were many personal issues.

Okay, I won't interfere
in your personal issues,

but I have a lot of questions for you.

Ask me whatever you have.

We see it on news every day.

Nowadays guys profess love, get married
and then run away.

What if you ditch my mother after getting
married to her and satiating your desires?

You're a peon. Just a peon.

Your monthly salary is just Rs. 12,000.

But my mother is a high-ranking officer
in the same office.

Her salary is Rs. 40,000.

I have a doubt that you're
marrying my mother for money.

There's nothing wrong
with what you're asking at your age.

Any other questions?

I have a lot of questions,
but first, answer this one.

Yes, I will answer.

For this question and all the questions
in this book, I have just one answer.

I am not a teenager to cheat your mother
or use her for her money.

I'm 49 years old.

At this age, whether it's my wish
or your mother's wish to get married,

it's only for companionship,

and no other reason.

You're a young girl.

If you have to understand our feelings,
you need experience.

Both of your horoscopes are matching.

If you two get married,
the marriage will be a success.

This Monday, on 17th, you can go home
and explain everything to your brother.

Everything will work out fine.

Will my brother agree
if I tell him on that day?

Come on.

Nobody in Madurai
can match my accuracy in fixing dates.

You can tell your brother everything.

After that, you will come running back
to me to fix the wedding date.


See, it's a good omen.

My words will come true.

-Hello, Mom.

-I'm with Mr. Palani. I spoke to him.
-What do you think of him?

There is nothing wrong
with him. I think he's a nice man.

Not just you, he will take
good care of me as well.


But... Will uncle agree to this?

Forget about your uncle.
You tell me. Do you like him?

I have no issues.

Okay, that's good.
Let's discuss the rest at home.


I gave my consent. Happy?

If you ask me like this, I feel shy.

-One more thing.
-Tell me.

Ever since I was young,
I haven't called anyone dad.

So it will take some time
to call you like that.

I need to practice, right?

That's not a big deal.
You can call me Palani.

I won't mind it.

Both of you will get married very soon.

Dad, are you making
fried potatoes today?

Don't touch it.

What happened? I just took one piece.

It's so late. Where are you coming from?

From Meena's house.

There's a temple of Lord Krishna
near her house--


You're lying!

Is her house in Meenakshipuram?

Are the Christians having
a discourse on Hinduism?

So you saw me.

So what? Yes, I went for the prayer meet.

So, why did you go there?

I went there with a friend.

Who? That guy who was sitting
next to you and grinning idiotically?

I just told you.
He's just a friend.

If he's just a friend,

why would he sit holding your hand?
That too by the roadside.


I was going to tell you
once I am done with college,

but it looks like
you're not going to wait.

I'll tell you now.

His name is Joseph.
Both of us are in love.

I will marry only him.

Shut up!

Why are you hitting me?

I won't spare you!

Being born into
an orthodox Brahmin family,

you're telling your father
that you love a Christian!

You are human, but you differentiate
people in the name of religion,

aren't you ashamed of it?

Look, this is your final warning.

If you go to that area anymore
or talk to him,

I won't spare you.

Listen to me carefully.

I will love him and I will marry him!

Dear, if something like that happens,

I will hang myself in front of your eyes.

Are you threatening me?

It has become a trend for parents
to threaten their kids.

So, you think I won't do it, don't you?

You have no idea about your father.
You want to see?

People who really want to die
won't keep saying it.

Hey! Look, I won!

Get lost.

Hey. Joseph, why do you look so dull?


I have to get a job.

What? It looks that our boss' words
are haunting you.

Nothing like that.
Even I feel the same.

I have let life pass me by so far.

But after my wedding,
I have to take care of my wife.

I should look for a job.

Okay. What do you plan to do?

That's what I'm confused about.

What are you going to do?

I have no worries.
My dad's got a salon.

If he's unable to work,
I have to take over his business.

Then I'll work as a barber,
settle down and pass my life.

Nothing wrong in it.

What about you, Iyer?

You just called me Iyer.

My father is teaching me the Vedic chants.

If I learn that properly, he will make me
a priest in some temple.

After that I will get very busy.

Hey, play the next card.

You guys are really lucky.
You will live off your dad's legacy.

I have no one. I don't know
how I'm going to survive.

Hey. Why are you worried?
Mr. Durai has got a job for you.

-What is it?
-A very good job.

He is friends with a guy named
Narayanamoorthy in Kodaikanal.

He owns many cottages.

He needed a trustworthy person.
Our boss has recommended you.

Are you okay with it?

No doubt in it.
I'm more than happy to do this.

Okay, then. He will inform you
in two days. Be ready.

-You'll have to go to Kodaikanal.

-You guys carry on. I am leaving.
-Good night!

Dude, tell this to your girl immediately.
She'll be really happy.

Yes, she will be happy.

But Bhargavi's got her final exams
in the coming month.

"I want to study, don't disturb me.

If I wish to see you,
I will come in person."

She said so and left just now.

If what Kumar said comes true
and I get this job,

I'll work very hard.

And if I stand in front of her
with my first month's salary,

how will it be?

She will be very happy, won't she?

In case she comes searching for me
before that, please take care of it, guys.

Sure, we'll take care of it.

God is there. He's taking
everything forward correctly.

For me, He has come
in the form of Mr. Durai.


-It's time. Go and bring Sunitha.
-Okay, ma'am.

-The song--
-Sunitha, our teacher wants you there.

You're up next.

Velu, I'm scared.

Why? You have practiced
singing in front of me.

Sing like that.
Come on, let's go quickly.

My man arrived at the time
When the lamps were lit

As I was hiding and looking at him,
He said he was thirsty

I served

He drank

In that moment,
There was a rush of emotions

As the scorching sun fades...

-She's singing beautifully, isn't she?

With those moist lips

Even the green grass feels like a mat

-Yes, sir?

Give me some soda.


-Here you go.
-Why is the school looking so grand today?

They are celebrating
Independence Day today.

They've made it an event.

All this while, the students were dancing.

Now they are singing.

Even now, a girl is singing beautifully.

She is in the eighth grade
and her name is Sunitha.

I served

He drank

In that moment,
There was a rush of emotions

How many times have I told you
not to sing?


She sang so well.
Why did you slap her, sir?

Is this a song fit for children?

It's just a song.

Today, she will sing it. Tomorrow,
she will want to know the meaning.

After that, she will want to know more.

You don't know the struggle
of raising a girl child.

-I should have slapped you first.
-Sir, mind your words.

I won't.
She needs to be taught a lesson!

-Hey! Hey!

Go and stop him.
He's beating her and taking her away.

Hey, that man looks very scary.
Do you want me to get a beating too?

What a spineless coward!
Why are you even in love?

I'll kill you! If you speak
one more word I'll kill you!

Why are you screaming like this?
What did I do?

You've learned Tamil well from that guy.

Aren't you ashamed?

Everyone will spit on you for this!

Why would they do that?
What mistake have I made?

How dare you ask me that!

You have a 20-year-old daughter
and you want to get married!

What will people think of me?


-Even I'm in love with a guy.
-What the heck!

Are you both playing with me?
What happened to you?

Why? Shouldn't I fall in love?

How old are you?
What do you know about love?

Okay, at this age, I don't know anything.

So you're telling me
I shouldn't fall in love.

Okay, I'll stop it.
I'll forget that boy.

But she is a matured woman.

Are you saying that even she
doesn't know anything?

Girls my age don't have the right
to take their own decisions

nor do women of Mom's age.
Am I right?

Then when do we make our own decisions?

Get lost!

-You come inside.


-Let go of her.
-Let go of me.

-Let go of her.


Listen to me.

I raised your daughter because
you were widowed at a young age.

I know Palani very well.
He's a worthless orphan.

You have no one but me as your family.

If you decide to marry him, I will
cut ties with you and your daughter.

Then both of you will be orphaned.

Think about it.
Hey! Come on.

It can't be this one...

This is my girl's saree.



Hey! What?

What are you doing here?
You've come to my house!

Stop laughing. Come.


Why did you come here?

It's nothing serious.
I have made all your wishes come true.

I have one small wish.
Will you do it for me?

What is it?

Just once, I want to...

drink with you.

Is that all?
I thought it was some other crap.

No. Let's do that after marriage.

Okay, but there is no liquor at home.

I know that.

Soda or water?

No. Only water.

Okay, wait, I'll make an omelet.

You're already sloshed...

-Pour it.

It's empty.

Pinch me.

Pinch me here.

This is the first time
I'm drinking with a woman.

Drinking with men is nothing new to me.

I know that.
I know everything about you.

What do you know?

No... I didn't mean to offend you.

I meant that you're lucky to get
a guy like me who understands you.

Eat your omelet.

The first time you came
to the liquor store,

all the guys were looking at you weirdly.

But you didn't even spare them
a second glance.

You just bought your liquor and left.

That's the day I was stumped by you.

You're someone
who lives life on her terms.

I'm also like you.
I also live the way I like to.

Don't change.

If I don't see these eyes
even for a day, I go crazy.

In this one year, you didn't come
to the liquor store for 29 days.

I went searching for you everywhere
on the days when you didn't come.

In the hope of seeing you.

But I couldn't see you anywhere.

My heart used to ache.


What is this? Sunitha has not come
to school for days now.

You knew that this would
happen to her if she sings,

then You shouldn't have helped me
find the lyric book.

Okay, God, let bygones be bygones.

Please make Sunitha
come to school tomorrow.

You just got transferred here.
How can you ask for a transfer again?

I will look into it after ten days.

Come here sharp at 10 a.m. on the 3rd.

I'll complete the formalities quickly.

Bring two garlands and the people
who will sign as witnesses.

Okay, sir.

How many people know
about your story here?

A few people know about it, Dad.

Everyone would know it by now.

Go. Don't miss anyone.
Give it to everyone.


He's going to be
the next Mr. Tamil Nadu.

-Definitely. He's worked really hard.

-Be with him and take care of his diet.
-Okay, sir.



Didn't I ask you to come to me whenever
you have a problem? Why didn't you?

-I never got that opportunity, Uncle.
-Come, I'll talk to your father.

We can talk to human beings.
You can't talk to my father.

I'll just shake him up a bit
and make him agree.

-He has literally hanged himself

and made me agree for this wedding.

Then what about Joseph?

-I'm leaving.

You're leaving just like that.

He has a good job now.

Let me make a call to Kodaikanal
and ask him to come.


Didn't he tell you anything?


He has got a very good job.
He's drawing a good salary.

He's not like before.
He has changed for your sake.

Tomorrow morning is the wedding.
What's the point in calling him now?

What? The wedding is tomorrow?

And you are telling me now.

Had you told me earlier, I would
have done anything to stop it.

I was in a situation where I
couldn't leave the house. Goodbye.


Bhargavi. Bhargavi.

Why is your father being so stubborn?
What's his problem?



Brother, if we let her continue,
she will never change.

Let her come today.
we'll put an end to it.

Don't say anything. Let her come here.
We'll teach her a lesson.

Hey, why are you getting so serious now?

She's a woman. We should try
and make her understand.

That's what I'm saying.
We won't say anything.

He will do the talking.

We will just stand there quietly.

He will take care of everything.

There she comes.

Excuse me.
Wait a minute.

You go to the shrine
in Shanthi Nagar, right?

-What's your name?

Why do you want to know?

Karim Bhai has told us.
Your name is Salima, right?

We know that you're a Muslim.
We see you every day near the old market.

-What work do you have there?
-I have never been there.

Hey, stop lying! We have been
following you for many days.

What's your problem?

You were born a Muslim

and yet you're doing such a dirty job.
Aren't you ashamed?

Hey! Don't say anything.

Karim is talking, right?

You tell her.

Listen carefully.

You're a Muslim girl.

What you're doing is a grave sin.
Don't make such mistakes hereafter.

-Listen, I don't know who you are.

What's your problem with what I do?
Just leave.

Hey! How dare you touch my brother!

-Why isn't your girl here yet?
-I'm wondering the same.

She should've been here.

-When do we have to leave?
-We have to be there by 10 a.m.

It's already 9 a.m. We might get late.
Let's pick her up.

-She doesn't like all that.

She didn't let me go there last time.

She is worried about her neighbours.

Shut up. The wedding is in an hour.

Stop this nonsense. Let's go to her house.

Come on.

What is this, Roja?
Isn't my wife ready yet?

Hey. Come fast.

After screwing around everywhere,
she suddenly died.

Now they want to investigate her.

Go and bury her.

You know Ramaswamy from Mela Theru?

Yes, sir.

-Just give him something.
-Okay, sir.

Check who it is.

-Sir! How are you?

I'm fine.

Come in.


Come in. Sit down.

Have some sweets.

What's the occasion?

I got my first salary.

How's your work?

You got me this job. It's very good.

One month just flew by.

Okay. I'll take your leave now.

Where are you going?
Are you going to meet the guys?


It's been a month since I met Bhargavi.

That's why I wanted to meet her
with my first month's salary.

Joseph, please sit down.

-Please sit down.

Tell me.

The thing is...

Bhargavi is married.

-We can finish it in two days.

After that, we'll talk to Shanmugam.

-What do you say?

-Who are you?

I am Sunitha's classmate. My name is Velu.

Is Sunitha there?

What do you mean by that? Why?

I came to get the math note book.

Sunitha hasn't gone to school in ten days.

No. I haven't been taking notes
even before that.

Look at this.

Teachers don't even care
if the students take notes or not.

How will students grow
in a school like this?

Let me check. Wait.

-Which notebook did you want?
-Math notebook.

Here, the math notebook.

Sir, isn't Sunitha there?

Why do you need Sunitha?

To thank her for the notebook.

No need for all that.

You can keep that notebook.

Then what about Sunitha?

I've sent her to a different school.

-Sir, have you changed her school?
-Yes, I have changed it.

I am a government servant.

I wanted to set an example
by sending her to a public school,

but I failed to check
the standards of the school.

I've sent her to a good English
medium school in Delhi.

In Delhi?

Yes, in Delhi. She will be there
until she finishes her studies.

Why are you still standing here? Leave.

-What I'm trying to say is...
-Tell me.

We should talk to Shanmugam
and finish it in two days.

When they pay us tomorrow

let's go and buy clothes
for the three of us.

Let's do a puja as well.

Look how proud you are!

It's been so many days
since you slept well.

Why don't you sleep?
I'll wake you up in the morning.

Ve... Ve... Vel... Velu?

Velu has gone out
to play with his friends.

He will come now, you go to sleep.

Stop acting crazy and go to sleep.

Why did you do this?

I begged you so many times
to get Sunitha and me together.

Now Sunitha's father
has sent her somewhere else.

I want to see her now. Show me...
Show me your power!

Do you know how I boasted
about what a powerful God you are?

Nonsense! You have no power!

Sunitha has gone far away,
and it's all because of you!

-This festival is going to be great!
-Let's see it.

G-Go... See it.

Of course. Isn't that a given?


-We should show them who we are.

It's our pride, isn't it?

What is this?

Y-Your... Sta... Statue...

There's nothing left to talk about,
let's go.

We'll be back by 1 p.m.
If you don't get it ready,

we won't give you a single penny!
Let's go!

Hey! What have you done to this?

We are fools to have trusted you
to make the statue.

What have you done!

I... d-don't know...


Both of you leave the house immediately!
You've ruined my name!

We are leaving.
We're not homeless.

So get out right now!

-Let it go. Come on.
-Talk to your elders with respect!

How could he talk like that!

-You've let him boss you around.
-Let it be.

Why should we?
What is our mistake?

I made the mistake.

I shouldn't have come to this city

nor should I have met Palani.

We wouldn't be in this situation.

Okay, forget it. Where is your phone?

-Who are you calling?

-Yes, to run away with you.

What are you talking about? At this age?

-Give me the phone.

-When you fell in love

you didn't know how old you were?

Just sit down.

-Aditi... Give me the phone.
-Stay quiet.

What is this?
She is calling at this hour!

-Hello, Dad.


Who are you?

Stop acting innocent.
And stop with your overacting too.

Who else will call you from this number
and address you as dad?

-Yes, it's me.

What is it?

Come and take my mother.

Take her? What are you saying?

I'm asking you two to elope.

Nonsense! Do you know what you're saying?

Why should we elope at this age?

People will laugh at us.

Now I can understand
why everyone calls you pansy.

That's what you get for being a coward.

Look, stop talking to your elders
so disrespectfully.

Why are you yelling?
Did the truth hurt you?

If you cross your limits,
I won't keep quiet!

If you really have the guts,
take my mom and run away.

That will prove you a man.

What? Do you think I can't
elope with your mother?

If I get angry, I'll tie the knot
and take her away!

Stop spinning stories.

Take my mother with you.
Then I'll believe you.

I'm coming. You think I'm scared?

I remained patient as you're young

but you're going overboard.
I'm coming!

See what happens today.
I'm going to fix this.

What is the problem?
Isn't it over?


Hey, Palani!

Hey Palani!

Where is he going
without even responding to me?

He is going towards that woman's town.

Judging by his pace,
he's up to something.

Come on, let's go.

-Come on.
-Come fast.

You carry on. I'm coming.

-What is this?
-Careful, Mom. Climb down slowly.

If you were really scared,
you wouldn't be climbing down like this.

Just follow your heart.

You've decided to leave.
Shut climb down.

Come down, madam.
Come down.

Your daughter is going overboard!
Come, let's run away!

Shut up. I won't keep quiet
if you speak ill about my daughter.

Uncle will come anytime. Go fast!

Get down!

Rajesh is here.


Come. Come fast.

Hey, stop!

-Why did you sit down?
-I can't run. My stomach hurts.

Oh, no!

I came because Aditi provoked me.

Otherwise, I wouldn't have come.

You are diabetic. I'm old.

Why do we do this at this age?

Madam, they are coming. Let's go.
Come on...

Hey! Come fast, guys.

If we cross that gate, it's my village.

They won't be able
to do anything. Come on.

Let him go, Rajesh!

-Stop it. He's innocent.
-Get lost!

Get lost!

Beat him up!

Let him go, Rajesh!


-Leave me.
-Get lost!

-Hey! Beat him up!
-Let him go!

How dare you!
What do you think of yourself!


Why are you sitting over there?
Come and sit next to me.

It's my first time. So I'm shy.

Aren't you?

This is my second time.
Why should I feel shy?

It's all right. Come and sit here.

Oh, no! I'm feeling shy!


It looks like your village people
like you very much.

Yes, that's true.

You saw the whole village
assembled to fight for me, right?

From the very beginning,

my village folks were more excited
about my marriage than me.

I don't know why.

Okay, that's fine.

I have a small doubt.

May I ask?

Go ahead.

Even after turning so old,
why didn't you get married?

How do I put it?
I just stayed like this.

Was it because of a love story?

If you ask about my love story,
I have to say yes.

When I was in school,
I fell in love with a girl called Sunitha.

She was very beautiful.

I was around 22 or 23 when I fell in love
with a Brahmin girl named Bhargavi.

But I couldn't marry her.

Then around 33, I started losing my hair.

At that time, I fell in love
with a Muslim girl named Salima.

But she died.

Oh, no! How?

It happened that way...

I don't know why.

After that, I couldn't make up my mind
about love, marriage, or anything else.

Until I spent time with you.

Every street I walk in my village,
it reminds me of my past.

Be it a school-going kid,

a guy in his 20s
or even a guy who is losing his hair,

I just stop in my tracks when I see them.

That's why they call me pansy
in the village.

That's a different matter.
We don't need that now.

Why are you laughing?

If you had been branded like that,
you would have understood the pain.


Okay, sleep now. We have
to go to work in the morning.