C.C. & Company (1970) - full transcript

Motorcycle mechanic C.C. Ryder joins "The Heads," an outlaw biker gang. Fellow gang members menace fashion journalist Ann when her limo breaks down in the desert, but C.C. comes to her rescue. The bikers disrupt a motocross event tied in with a fashion shoot, but C.C. enters the competition under Ann's admiring eye. His win puts him at odds with Moon, leader of "The Heads." When C.C. leaves with his cut of the purse, the bikers kidnap Ann, and C.C. races Moon to win her freedom.


-Excuse me.

-Yes, sir.

-Where are the cupcakes?

-11B, sir.

Right over there.

-Thank you.

-Not a problem.

-$0.10, please.


Thank you.


-Hey, man.

Looks like somebody lost
their new shiny limo.

-[LAUGHS] Finders keepers!

-Hey, what do you mean?
I saw it first.

It's mine!

-You guys going to sit there
like the wild one's, or are

you going to give a girl a hand?




-Oh, I'm stranded in the desert,
and, uh, Marlon over there

is laughing.


-[LAUGHING] Marlon!


Woo! [LAUGHING] Hey,
madame, madame, madame,

madame, yes, ma'am!

BIKER 1: Well, little lady,
what seems to be the problem?

-Yeah, little lady.

What seems to be the problem?

--[LAUGHING] Well, the problem
seems to be it just won't go.

-What, it just stop on you?

-Uh, yeah.

Yeah, that's what it did.

It just, um-- we
were just driving

along, and then, uh, nothing.

-What do you mean we?

Who's we?

-My driver and I. He
started walking back

to that little town
that we just past.

It has been quite a while.

He should be back with
help any time now.

-Well, you never can tell.

That's a long walk.


Hey, man, woo!


This would make one hell of
a dune buggy, wouldn't it?

CROW: Hey!

They got a regular
guy tavern back here.

BIKER 3: Yeah?

-May I pour you a drink, sir?

-Hey, it's a little early.

But I don't mind if I do.

Boy, give me some of that.

Come one, pour boy. [LAUGHING]
Hey, this is great, isn't it?

Hey what's this, here, huh?

Hey, look at that!

It's TV!

Hey, it works, too!


TV: Meep-meep!

-Hey, look at that!

The--the roadrunner!


-I don't enjoy watching
TV without company.

-Yeah, hey!

Hey baby!

Hey, come here.

You're missing all the
action, little lady.

Come here, will you?
Come on!

You see that?
You try to be nice and friendly.

You see what happens?
You see that?

We're getting snubbed, Crow.

CROW: Get her!

-I said come back
here, little lady!

I said come back here!

When I tell you to come back
here, you come back here.

You understand me?

Come back here, now.

Come on!


Wait a minute!

I think you've seen too
many motorcycle movies.

CROW: You're not very
friendly, are you?

I know what's the matter.

I know.

You don't like my
Yul Brynner look.


Come on, baby.


-What the hell do you
think you're doing?

-Man, you don't hit something
that looks that good.


-I'm going to hand
you your head, man!

-Moon ain't going to
like hearing about this.

-You know that for a fact?

-Yeah, I know that for a fact!

-So don't tell him.

He's got enough problems.


I guess I should thank you.

-Thank me?

How do you know I wasn't
saving you for myself?

-Well in that case,
uh, you better hurry.

Because the auto club will
be here any minute now.


-Win a few, lose a few, right?



-The Moon and his
satellites request

your presence at the throne.

-Three stooges don't
look too happy, do they?

You wanted to see me?

-Yeah, man, I would like
to hear your version

of what happened on the highway.

-Would you like me to kneel and
kiss your ring before I start?

-Rider, that mouth
of yours is going

to get you in a
whole lot of trouble.

-Look, man, we had a beef
over a chick, and I got her.

That's all.

So what's the problem?

-You seem to be, man.

I mean, like, we got the
club, here, see, huh?

And here you are way over there.

And they just never
seem to blend!

-Fine, fine.

Talk with the boys.

If you want me to
cut out, I'm gone.



-Hey, what's going on, man?

-Let's hear it for Pom Pom!

Her first bath of the year!



-All right, you broads
clean up a little bit,

because it's a work day.

I mean, 'cause the bank
account's a little low.

And it's time for you to
hit the streets again.


-I wonder if that includes
our dear little Pom Pom.

-Are you kidding?

That's Moon's private stock.

-The fact is, ladies, little
Pom Pom's Moon's queen.

And queens don't
hustle now do they?


You go get Pom Pom!

I mean everybody works!






-What's a nice girl like
you doing out hitchhiking?

-Well, uh, I tell you.

I need $15.


-Well hi!


Where you going?

-Down the road a piece.

-Don't see many
pretty girls like you

hitching rides around here.

-Is that a fact?


You a student?



--[INAUDIBLE] It's my
favorite thing to eat!

Look at that chicken.

Look at the vein licking
over the [INAUDIBLE] Black

meat on white meat.

That's a [INAUDIBLE]
Do you understand

what I'm saying to you?

You understand?

Chicken, Beef
Stroganoff, [INAUDIBLE]

with a lot of mayonnaise on
top, tomatoes, [INAUDIBLE]

But this is my favorite.

Doesn't give you calories.

Keeps you nice and trim.

Nice and trim.

How old are you?

-Well, I'm in my early sixties.







-Do you know where
all the parts go?

-More or less.

-Ah, look at Rabbit.

-What's the matter?

-He can go on like
that all night.

-Well that's why
they call him Rabbit.

Yeah, old Rabbit does all right.

-I hear you do, too.

-Oh, I try to hang in there.

-Oh, you've, um, been with
the group about a month, now.

And you've had your shot
at all of the other girls.

I figure I'm 29 days overdue.

-Well you just keep marking
your calendar, baby. [LAUGHS]

-New tattoo?

-What's it going to say?

-Property of the Heads.

-It should say this
property condemned.


-I know why you avoid me.

Because you're
scared sill of Moon!


-No, all the guys are!

That's why they stay
the hell away from me.

Won't you leave this stuff
alone and pay attention to me?

Damn you!


-Let's take a look!

BIKER 1: Hey, what's Moto-X?

-$2, thank you.


Hey, that'll be $20!



-Well, aren't you
glad you came out

to see what the other half
does on a Sunday afternoon?

-I never thought it would
be this exciting, but--

-[LAUGHS] Don't be smart.

-Uh, Larry and the models
are arriving tonight.

I'd like to bring them
here in the morning.

You know, just to get
a feel of the place.

-All right.

-Maybe we can get a
few preliminary shots

for the layout, with
just you and the girls.

-You got it.

-Oh, and please bring
your racing leathers.

-Yes, ma'am.

-Thank you.

-You're welcome.




-Those characters over there.

That's what gives
motorcycling a bad name.

-Hey, let's show
these mini-motors

what a real bike will do!

-Wait a minute!

What is it with you guys?


-They ought to have
their heads examined

taking Choppers on
a Motocross course.


-Yes, sir!

What can I do for you today?

-I'm interested in a dirt bike.

-Well, you've come to
the right place, son.

I'm going to make you a
deal you won't believe.

It's our current
inventory, and we

are giving our motorcycles away.

Did you see one you
liked in particular?

-Yes, sir.

The one on the end.

-The F5?

I can see you know
your motorcycles.

That happens to be the
best buy on the lot.

What do you ride?

-A Honda.

I just sold it.

-Yes, sir.

You won't find a better
buy for your money-- no.

Only $695 for a bike
that's like brand new.

Between you and me-- our
cost-- we won't make a penny.

-Can I try it out?

-Oh, I'm sorry, it's not
licensed for the street.

No muffler, no lights.

Strictly a dirt bike.

-Well, I never buy anything
without trying it first.

-I tell you what.

I'll load it on the truck.

We'll go out to the desert,
and you can give it a spin.

-How about if I just take
it around the building once,

just see how it runs?

-Well, no harm in that.

Don't gun it, though.

We don't want to
upset the neighbors.

Would, uh, you like me to
take care of that for you?


-Hey, come back here!


-What the hell is
he doing out there?

-Who knows.

There were a bunch of them out
here at the race yesterday.

They made asses of
themselves trying

to burn up the
course on Choppers.

ANN: Bonnie, a little closer.

Eddie, we need you.

-Uh, in a second.


ANN: OK, next change.

OK, around the bike.

Whatever you want to do.

Ok, Eddie.

Eddie, why don't you
put your helmet on?

Yeah, good.

Uh, Bonnie could you
move over next to Paula?

Yeah, good.

Keep Eddie and the motorcycle
[INAUDIBLE] Small world.

You're up early.

You out, uh, rescuing
ladies in distress?

-Well that's my thing.

I guess it's the boyscout in me.

-Mm, isn't it ironic how
our paths keep crossing.

-I have a strange feeling, man,
that you keep following me.

-I was here first.


-Excuse me.

-How do you like it?

-I like it.

-I'm the southwest
distributor for these.

That's our new model over there.

-The bike or the girl?

ANN: OK Paula, next change.

Uh, on this one we'll
just use Bonnie and Eddie.

-Didn't your mother
ever tell you

you're known by the
company you keep?

-Who's the guy in the leathers?

-Eddie Ellis.

He's one of my racers.

-Does she work for you, too?

-No, our company made a
deal with her fashion house.

Her clothes, our motorcycles.

It's good publicity.

You race?


-You ought to.

You ride as well as
anyone around here.


-Enter next Sunday's Motocross.

All it'll cost you
is a $15 entry fee.





-Wait for me!

-Hey, where did you
get the new toy?

-Oh, I came across a
deal I couldn't pass up.

-What are you going
to do with it?

-I'm going to race at the
[INAUDIBLE] this Sunday.


Hey, Moon, he's going
to race this thing!

I mean it-- let me ride it.

Come on.

-All right.

-All right, come on.

Help me with it.

this thing out!




-Number 10, next!


Thank you.

Number 11.


Thank you.

Number 12.

I hope it's a lucky
number for you.

-Thank you, ma'am.

-Bet you've got talent!

-Take a good look at his
behind, because that's

all you're going to see.

-Get on that [INAUDIBLE]

-Put it there!

Hey, put this on your head!

They don't know how hard it is.

-Yeah, baby!

Put that hat on!

Get that baby on!

OK, here go!



-The name's Selma!


-Well you get out and
get us some chow, Selma.

-[WHISTLES] Come on, Zit-zit!

-I see you took my advice.

Well, you got the right machine.

Good luck.



-You talking to me?

-Where's your friend today?

-I have lots of friends.

-Ah, the good looking redhead.

-I have no idea.


-OK, they're coming.

Eddie's in second.

Now let's see if you
can get a shot of him

in the air right
behind the girls.

-Hey, isn't that your
buddy in the zebra helmet?


-It's the last lap!

The last lap! [INAUDIBLE]
He's right in there!






-Do you see it!
[INAUDIBLE] third place!



-Hey, where you going?

-If you guys want to
watch this freak show,

man, that is your
hang up, not mine.


What a race!

-You got a machine I can
borrow for the next race?

-Come on up to the truck.

I'll give you Eddie's spare.




-Boy, you should've sett it!

C.C. walked off with
the whole spread!

Yeah, he got two second
place, and one third place!

44 on the point system!

-That guy got first place
in the other race, but C.C.

got the most points over all!

600 big ones, man!

The kitty's back!


Hell, it's pregnant!


-Moon, you should've seen it.

The dudes ate it up.

They really loved him.

-Yeah, show him, C.C.
Show him the bread, baby!


BIKER: Oh, Moonie!




-Where's the rest?


-Chow and booze, baby!


-You bought $175
worth of chow, man?

Come on!

-I'm keeping $100 for
my personal account.


Rider-- Rider I thought I
explained this whole set-up.

You see, in this merry
band, all the money--

I mean all the money,
baby-- goes into the pot.

See, it's like that--
share, share life.

Let's have it.


That's a nice contribution.

I'll keep this.

-Let me tell you something.

See, I'm giving the orders.

You just follow them.



-Here you go boy! [INAUDIBLE]

-How do you feel?

-Like being alone.

-Hey look, uh, Moon's a
lot worse off than you are.

You really cut him up.

-So what the hell
are you doing here?

-Man, you are really conceited!

I came all the way out here
just to find out how you felt,

and you start with that lip.

-I think it's the
Boy Scout in me.

-You-- Ow!




What do you want
me to do with this?

-Park it.

-Excuse me.

Um, do you know where I
can find Charlie Hopkins?

-Oh, well aren't you
even going to say hello?

-I always thought the
blondes had more fun.

-Mm, check with me tomorrow.

It's my first day as a brunette.

What happened to your face?

-It's nothing.

I thought your bag
was taking pictures.

-And the stories
that go with them.

Here, see anybody you know?

-What's this for?

-Harper's Bazaar.

Oh, and I'm glad you came by.


Sign here, please.


Well, what is it?

-A standard release
form giving me

the right to reproduce
your likeness.

-You get the release.

What do I get?

-Oh, your name in a
magazine, uh, fan-mail

from oversexed
housewives, a year's

subscription Popular Mechanics.

Anything but money.

-Is Charlie around?

-Oh, and I thought
you came by to see me.

-I came by to see
about getting a job.

-Doing what?

-Racing Charlie's bike.

-Well he's got a rider.

Eddie Ellis.

-So he gets two riders
for the price of one.

-Well the last
time I saw Charlie,

he was downstairs at the bar.

Hey, I need a release.

-And I need a place to stay.

You think we can
work something out?


-Wouldn't your
friends be jealous

if they saw how you were living?

-Not how I'm living so much
as with whom I'm living.

-Ah, it's beautiful, isn't it?

It's hard to believe
that by this time

tomorrow I'll be back in
that seventh avenue rat race.

-Then don't go.

-I have to


-You know, that's a
very good question.


-Can I ask you a
personal question?

-I wish you would.

-How did a nice boy
like you get involved

with a group like the Heads?

-I turned to them
after I was rejected

by the Daughters of the
American Revolution.

-Oh, wise decision.

No, come on, tell me.

-Once upon a time, I was
working in a bike shop.

And they came in
for some repairs.

-For themselves or their bikes?

-Don't interrupt.


-I did all this work for them,
and they didn't want to pay me.

So we got into a scuffle.


-I don't know, I guess they
liked the way I handled myself.

And then they asked
me ride with them.

-You just took off?

-My boss and I weren't
exactly on the best of terms.

And a couple of girls were
getting to be a hangup.

Leaving sounded like a
good thing at the time.

-How do you get along
without working?

-Just fine.

--[LAUGHS] You steal from the
rich to give to the poor?

No, I steal from the rich,
because the poor have no money.


How do you like, um, traveling
with a-- a group like that?

-You were going to
say gang, weren't you?

-Well I couldn't exactly call
them the Young Americans!

-I like being with them.

I dug the freedom.

No ties.

Something new every day.

Always on the move.

-You like just drifting around?

-I think "looking"
is a better word.

-For what?

-If I knew that I would
be looking, now, would I?

-And her friend Eddie
sees beautiful lady,

takes her in his arms, and--

-And smothers her with baby oil.

-(SARCASTICALLY) How romantic.

-What do you expect from a girl
at 10 o'clock in the morning?

-I'll settle for a cup of coffee
and a little conversation.

-Got it.

-You want me to do your back?

-Oh, yeah.

-I came by to see you
a couple of times.

But you've been busy the
past few days, haven't you?

-That's right.

-How do you feel about advice
from someone who's older,

and who has been
around a bit longer?

--[SIGHS] To be perfectly
frank, I prefer it from someone

younger who hasn't
been around at all.

Their advice is
usually a lot more fun.

-Ann, you know
you can't possibly

have any kind of
permanent relationship

with a guy like that.

-I'm not looking for
anything permanent.

Because nothing ever is.

-Beautiful, you are.

Practical, you're not.

-I don't want to be practical.

I just want to be happy.

And I find that when I'm
with him I'm very happy.

-For how long?

-Doesn't matter.

Hey, you don't pass on happiness
just because it might not last.

You take it while you can.

Cut, end of lecture.

-By the way, where is
Easy Rider this morning?

-Oh, he went down to get
some part for his bike.

-That figures.

-Where did you put that list?

-Above the telephone
on the wall.

-Milk, eggs, peanut butter
crunchy style, crispy critters,

English muffin--


-What'd you forget?


-Well little lady, I'll
tell you what he forgot.

-We were just admiring your pad.

It's really together.

-Yeah, sweet little love
nest you have here, man.

Cool it!

Cool it!

You chick is fine, man!

-Hey, hey, hey!


We'll show you, man.

Come on.

Come on!

Come on, we'll show you.

She's fine.

-Well, well, well.

So this is what
the C.C. digs, huh?

-Oh, fragrance divine!

A natural redhead, you suppose?

Only her hair dresser
knows for sure.


-Miss New York Hotshot
in all her glory.

-To each his own.

-Why Hello, my name
is Miss Pig, and I'm

the group recreational
leader here.

Would you like a
dip in the pool?

Badminton, bowling on the green.

Anything you like.

Don't you look lovely
in your little frock!


I used that for a bed
spread last year, I think.

Do you like that Lou?

Straight from the Goodwill bag.

Free, for nothing.

Straight from the
sewers, you think?

Could you use me on the
cover of your magazine?

We'll we're just dying to hear
your comments on our humble way

of life, as compared to
that of the fashion world.

-How do you turn her off?


-Look at the citizen!

Spiffing up your clothes
for you now, man?


Well, as you can
see, we've taken

very good care of
your lady friend.

And I mean it wasn't easy to
get the guys to lay off of this.

You know what I mean.

But I persuaded the
guys to lay off.

I mean until I talked
to you, at least.

-All right, talk.

-Oh, oh, wow!

I mean, can you believe
what the outside world

has done to this child?

Do you remember how polite
he was when he was with us?

Pom Pom went for a
midnight swim last week.

And when she cam back
to get her clothes,

the Club's money was gone.

And so was C.C. Now, I mean it
is bad-- I mean it is really

bad enough to leave the
gang and not say goodbye.

I mean it hurts.

But when you run off, and
you take the gang's money,

that is not a cool thing to do.

-You want the $500 back, and
the girl and I can split.

Is that the deal?

-Uh-uh, uh-uh.

I figure it's now
an even thousand.

-A thousand?


-OK, you let us split, and
I'll have the money for you

in the morning.


-No way, man!

You see this chick is what
is known as C-O-D. I mean,

you get her when
we get the bread.

-Where in the hell
do you think I'm

going to find that
kind of money tonight?

-Oh, I don't know.

Go see your boss.

I mean you're good for it.

I mean, you know
you're going to have

to keep on whipping them
freaks you call racers.

-What you're saying is, if I
was to race against a real man--

say, you-- I wouldn't have
a chance, is that right?

-Look, hotshot.

If I was to ride one of them
things you call a motorcycle.

And if I was to spend
some time on Motocross,

man I would whip
you and you know it!

-Let's talk about a contest
on a flat track with Choppers.

I've never ridden flat
track, and neither have you.

You ride your hog,
I'll ride mine.

-I mean, what the hell is this?

I mean what the hell is this?

I mean I don't go to do nothing!

You got to do something!

-I mean you got to come up
with $1000 by tomorrow morning.

And if you don't--

-I dig how concerned you
are with getting the boys

their money, man.

Let's talk about
getting them $2000.


-A flat track race,
like I outlined.

Double or nothing.

Why deprive the boys
of an extra $1000.

That's a lot of bread.

Unless, of course you're
afraid you might lose.


No, moan, I just--
I just don't think

you can come up with
$2,000, that's all.

-If you let me make
one phone call,

and I'll have the money
for you in an hour.

MOON: Crow,
Midnight, go with him

while he makes that phone call.


-Charlie, I wouldn't ask
for that kind of money

if it wasn't an emergency.

[INAUDIBLE] me out
of a lot of trouble.

You'll have the
money back tonight.

I promise.

He's on his way.


BIKER: $2,000, right?

-Hey Rider, you don't
get the inside lane

that easy on old Moon.

Listen, you flip a coin.


Call it.


It's tails, man, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to--

-Hey, well I'll tell
you one thing, man.

This ain't going to work.

I can't see a damn thing.


Rabbit, can you see if
you can find some lights?

Hey Rider, you
look a little pale.

How you feeling?

-Just fine.

My mother always did
want me to go to college.

BIKER: Look, 10 laps,
and anything goes.

Now if your bikes give out,
or you have to lay them down,

then you can grab any
other bike on the track.

You understand that?


The first one to past me on
the 10th lap is the winner.

You both ready?

You read?

You ready?

OK now, here we go.

Start them up!




-OK, here we go!




-All right!



-Moon, get up!

-Get up!

Come on! [INAUDIBLE]

-Come on, Moon!

Hey, let's go get it.

OFFICER: Hey, what's
going on here?

-Oh, nothing.

-It's for the shot.

-What are you talking about?

-No, listen, it's for the shot.

Now we're from the cinema.

And-- and we're filming
this here movie.

-Oh, yeah, I didn't
see any camera.

Where's yours?

-Oh, well, it's-- it's hidden.

Uh, it's cinema verite.

-Well, you see, sir, we got this
here youth orientated, socially

significant documentary satire
on those raunchy motorcycle


You know what I
mean, understand?

-Yeah, I'm mean it's--
it's a-- it's a cross

between Antonioni


-Are you sure you
have permission

from Maroney and Keyworth to do?


-Oh, yeah.

Old phony Maroney
told me to hop to it.

We're his A students. [LAUGHS]

-Really, man, and if
you don't believe it,

you can just call
him up and check.

-Yeah, check!

-You know, I think I will.

And right now.

Don't go away, right?








-Oh, my God!


POM POM: Oh, hurry!





-Come on, Moon.

Get up!

Get up!

Get up!

-Oh, Moon!

-Moon, no!

POM POM: Oh, Moon!

-Let's get him!





BIKER: Quick, quick, hurry!

[INAUDIBLE] Help me, will you?

Come on, help me!

[INAUDIBLE] Oh, my God!


-Where are we going?

-I've got to get Charlie back
his money, then drop you off.

-And then what?

-Then I got to
split for a while.


Remember we talked about
looking for something?


-Well I-- I'd like
to look with you.

For a while, anyway.