C.A.M. (2021) - full transcript

Disease control discover that food at a local meat processing plant has been contaminated by a rare parasite. Trainee tactical police are sent in to evacuate the workers with a civilian camera crew to film the operation. All is not what it appears, for what they discover could have disastrous repercussions on a world wide scale. Based on actual footage from Military and Police operations that took place last October.

[upbeat synth music]

[upbeat synth music intensifies]

[ominous music]

This is the location

where I met and interviewed
the medical worker

that brought us a
shocking found footage

of government experiments
a few years ago.

[ominous music]

The world has
changed since then.

I'm here today to look
back on what he had to say,

and the video footage that
he wanted to warn us about.

[Interviewer Recording] Hi, and
thank you for talking to us.

You want to keep
your identity secret,

but you were there when
the outbreak started

in the meat processing plant.

[Medical Worker Recording]
Yes, I remember. I'm sorry.

I've had a lot of
things in my mind.

Sometimes it's hard
to think straight.

They come at night, you know?

Yes I know.

We haven't got long.

Tell us who you are.

[medical worker coughing]

I'm one of the medical workers.

I've lost everything.

My children, my wife, have
left me. God I miss them.

Nothing will stay the same.

People blame me.

But they told me that

everything was going
to work out okay.

They told me I was going
to be looked after.

But the one thing that's
for sure is the lies.

They lied to us, all of them,
and they're still lying.

We have very little time.

They will come for us.

You have to tell your story.

You owe it to the people.

Do you really need
that bottle of whiskey?

I'm sorry.

I can't do without it now.

It's all I have.

Tell us what happened,

and how the footage was found.

How it started?


[gunshots exploding]

[men yelling]

[gunshots booming]

[Interviewer Recording]
That's how the footage begins?

[Medical Worker
Recording] No, it didn't,

it didn't start there.

We were all brought together.

Tactical trainee, police
teams, co-commander,

and a local camera crew.

We were sent to a local
meat processing plant

that had an outbreak of an
unknown virus in the meat.

The regional CDC
Officer was Dr. Fisher.

He was there to
oversee the operation.


They thought it was a good idea

for those local filmmakers
to film everything.

That's how it started.

Yeah, it started with
those local film makers.

[eerie music]


Right, ladies and
gentlemen, Kyle Cam.

It's freezing cold in the
middle of the countryside,

early hours of the morning,

and I'm waiting for Jo.

She's late as always,

and there's nothing else I
could do apart from wait,

and yeah, though.

She's here now though, good.

Let's see if I can wind her up

a little bit about
her being late.

Oh lovely to know that
Jo has finally arrived,

I'll get the door
for you your majesty.

- Thank you very much.
- Right.

Let's get you in.
- Lock my car.

Oh, all the thieves
in the entire world

are gonna want everything
that's in your car.

- Yeah [indistinct].
- Yeah, no bullshit.

Let's have a look-hold on.

What's in that bag?


Look, hold that.

Hold that against your face.

Hold it against your
face really high.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Jo, the camera woman has
got this much equipment.

That's all I need!

Oh, bullshit.

Don't you start mate,
you've got the same bag.

No. Yeah, you wait and see.

Right, let's get inside.

It's fucking freezing
out here, let's go.

[camera lens whirring]

This is nice, isn't it?

A dreary little basement to
stick the camera crew in.

[Jo] What the bloody
hell have you brought?

Uh, all sorts, really. This...


Are you alright?

Do you need help?
- Yes thanks. You know, fine.

Thanks for asking.

Oh good.

- Yeah, microphone.
- What have you...

Indoor camera,


cables and shit.

You'll need that one.

Outside camera.

Do you think you got enough?

Yeah, much more.

You know, plenty.

Better than your
probably little,

little like kids' camera.

Might as well be a toy.

Um, I've got more
than I need in my bag.

Dunno what you brought.

Keep telling yourself that Jo.

Fucking exhausted already.

We haven't even
started. [chuckling]

[ominous music]

[Kyle] Okay here we go.

Let's hope this
briefing is brief.

Okay. Good morning guys.

Dr. Fisher from disease control.

Is going to explain the
situation to you, Dr. Fisher.

Good morning gentlemen.

We believe that this
contamination of meat

is caused by an insect.

I don't suppose any of you
have heard of Chagas disease?

[Kyle laughing]
- Yeah.

Well, that's not surprising,
it's not native to the UK.

But Chagas, we'll give
it its full Latin name of

Trypanosoma Cruzi, is a parasite

which is released into
the victim's blood stream.

But I'm not absolutely
certain it's this, I mean,

it could also be a mutated
parasitic organism,

such as Toxoplasma Gondii.

An infection from that
can be obtained by

ingestion of raw or
partly cooked meat.

Especially pork, lamb or venison

are containing the
toxoplasma cysts.

But we just don't
know at this stage.

The good news is,
it's not airborne.

So there's no danger
to any personnel.

It spreads like the AIDS virus.

Unless you're bitten
or bodily fluids

enter into your system,
absolutely nothing to worry about.

Once it does get
into a living body,

these organisms multiply.

That can have various results.

Acute toxoplasma infection

sometimes leads to
psychotic symptoms.

Also, if it manages to penetrate

the amygdala limbic system,

extremely violent
behavior can be seen.

If somebody has been infected,

there's no way of telling apart
from the flu-like symptoms

and maybe a slight
swelling of the eyes.

Okay. Well thank you
very much Dr. Fisher.

Okay, well obviously we have

heightened security
measures here today,

and we always have to
think of the possibility of

terrorist involvement.

The operation's gonna
be in two stages.

The first will be to
evacuate the villages

to a pick up area.

The second will be
to evacuate people

from the meat processing plant

so that Disease
Control can go in.

Uniformed officers
will make contact

and you are there
to back them up

and to encourage
residents to leave.

A medical team have already
been sent in with vaccine

for people who think they
have been contaminated.

Trojan Team will also
take an additional

camera operator to record it.

And well, just regard this
as a training exercise.

Full briefing
package will be given

to each Bronze Team Commander.

And, that's it.

[ominous synth music plays]

[Interviewer Recording]
You didn't go with them?

[Medical Worker Recording] No.

I was told to set up a perimeter

at the edge of the Woodland of
a vaccination and test area.

The trainee and
technical Police team

went with the camera crew;

all of the cadets with
the lowest of the class.

Do you think they expected

to find what they did?

Not a chance.

[ominous ambience]

[Kyle] This guy.
How are you doing?

I ain't here to answer
your questions, man.

Well, I'm just doing my
job sunshine, same as you.

And I'm doing mine.

And, and you, I have
one question for you.


How's it feel like having
a camera on your head?

Don't even notice it.

Well it look, it looks
good. You look great.


Jo, they're all a bit hesitant.

I can't work out if
I like them or not.

I think I like the,
the, the good looking one.

Which ones that?

The one, the good looking one.

Pretty one.

The pretty one. [chuckles]

Not princess, but
the pretty one.

No, the other one.

I don't-
- A shotgun eh?

They're all a bit
too serious for me.


[Jo] Maggot. You normally
get operations like this?

Nope. This is my first
one actually doing this.

Your first?

Mm hmm.

Is it just you
that's your first? Or?

No, no. The other two guys.

It's their first time too.

Oh, yeah.

Just done two years since
training up in London.

Pretty much training
for a moment like this.

Well that seems all right.

Yeah, it's pretty cool.

We need to get you, Maggot,
with the rest of the group.

I need some more shots of that,

because I know she's beautiful.

You're beautiful.

Put your gun away,
'cause I need...

I'll just stay at the
back and keep watch.

[Kyle] Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Oh yeah, yeah yeah.

C'mon Joseph,
Josephine, Jo-Joseline?

I dunno.
- Who are you talking to?


You're getting all involved?

It's my job.

It's my job to
document everything.

Every single thing around.

Same as mine, but I'm not
getting in your business.

Look, all right?

You might think that you
are my boss right now,

but at the moment, you're not.

I've got a camera.
You've got a camera.

We're all filming our
babes in the wood.

It's not a good
idea to piss off a man

when he's armed, you know?

Oh, it's not like you're
going to shoot a civilian.

I'm not worried mate,
don't worry about it.

[ominous music]

[Interviewer Recording]
When you saw the footage,

did you think it was real?

[Medical Worker Recording]
[sipping] I'm not a person that

watches reality, constructed TV.

I knew what I was seeing
for God's sake, I lived it.

I just never
realized the outcome.

Why would you? Wonder where
are the bad guys out there?

We live in the world
where we believe

what our governments say.

Everything the foreign
government says

we achieve by mistrust.

They are the bad guys.

Well, our governments, we
believe, are the good ones.

They do what's best
for the people.

Who would think otherwise?

But if only we realize that
government's made of men.

Men are corrupt.
Men of any country.

Did our government lie?

A man cares about
one thing. Power.

Governments are just people.
Do you understand that?

We're all just people.

How many people do you trust
in your life? How many?

People that won't hurt
you, rob you, cheat you.

You know what I'm
saying is true.

But we trust what
we see on the TV.

It's all so fucking
true. [laughing]

TV common myth.

They never lied to us.
Never cheateth, do they?

Did you lie to us?

I told the truth as I saw it.

[ominous music]

Let's go up ahead a
bit, get some shots.

[Jo] Wasn't there
meant someone meetin' us?

I dunno.

[leaves rustling, crunching]

[Jo] It looks deserted.
Where is everyone?

[Kyle] It doesn't
surprise me one bit.

[ominous music]

[Trainee] Is this it?

Strange. Should be
someone here to meet us.

Where do you think
they've got to?

[Jo] Who's supposed to be here?

Supposed to be?

Some head guys here.
They're not here.

This isn't normal is it?

Get you settled in. You
aint gettin' through that.

All right. You
go round that side.

You take the right.

[Jo] What's going on?

Control from Trojan One.

No visible sign of
civilians to gain access

to meat processing plant.

Request permission to gain
access through breaching doors

or maintain position over.

Control to Trojan one. You
have permission to proceed.

Okay, been advised, out.

Located an entrance
about 50 yards down.

[Trainee] Nothing on
the right hand side.


We've been given full
clearance by Silver.

We dunno what to expect.

If we encounter any
resistance from civilians,

we use hand tactics.

[ambient music]

[camera buzzing]

[ambient music continues]

[ambient music intensifies]

[ambient music]

I don't like wood.

I've decided there's
way too many.

[both laughing]

What do you mean by that?

There's-No. There's
way too many leaves.

Leaves? Trees.
- There's lots and lots

of wood around here.

[camera buzzing]

Where were you born?

In the city.

In the city. There we go.

So you've never seen a,

like a nice big rustic
countryside before.

These guys aren't used to it.

How long they gonna be?

I have no idea, they
could be any number of time.

If we're not allowed in there,
we're not allowed in there,

but just be ready.

Ready on camera.

When they come out of here,

get up in their face,
ask 'em some questions,

find out what they saw.

All right.

That's what we're after.

Well, let's hope they're soon.

- All right.
- Absolute bollocks,

what are we doin' here?

Hey, what are we doing?
A complete waste of time.

[Kyle] What did
you see in there?

Not a lot mate.

There wasn't a lot to see.
All a bit fuckin' odd.

Look at us all. Look at us.

Look, fuckin' helmets,
cameras on them.

- Princess.
- Guns, everything.

Look at all this fuckin' armor.

Why do we get dressed
up for, right?

We go there, there's
nothing there!

It's a waste of fuckin' time!

[Kyle] Princess, can you just

answer my question for a second?

What's got you so riled up mate?

You can fuck off.

[Interviewer Recording]
Were you surprised

they found nothing at the
meat processing plant?

[Medical Worker Recording]
We were told there would be

unexpected problems.

Unexpected problems?

That's what they called it.

People look at me now and say,

"You must have known
what was going on."

"He must have known."

But we were just doing
our jobs with no question.

And that is what we do.

Were you monitoring
the live video footage?


I never saw it 'til much
later, until it was discovered.

As I said, it was just our jobs.

We were told it was
some parasite or virus

that may have
infected the workers

at the meat processing plant.

But we did what we were
told, that's all we knew.

And what were you
told about the workers

at the meat processing plant
and why they had disappeared?

Look, I just did my job.

What do you want me to say?


I don't want you
blaming me for anything.

Do you know what I've lost?

Everything. Everything!

Do you know how that
feels? Do you? Do you?

I didn't mean to offend.

Please tell me
what happened next.

[ominous music]

[birds singing]

Control from Trojan
one. We have a 10-26.

No one here.

No visible sign of any personnel

in the meat processing
plant, over.

Control Trojan one, over.

Composite down check your radio.

Control from Trojan one.

Control from Trojan
one, do you copy?


Get up top so you can
get reception up there

and meet us at the
pickup point, okay?

Control Trojan one,
we have a 10-7.

We cannot read you. We are
going onto the pickup point.

Okay, let's go.

[Trainee] Okay Kyle, come on!

[Kyle] Yeah, yes, sir, sir.

God, something
consistently rubbish about

moving through the woods
with these particular people.

Carrying a camera the size of
my bloody skull on my back.

Shut up.

Yeah, you can shut up.

- Keep up, you.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[ominous music]

Jo, look, I'm curious.

How did you get this demotion?

Well, my boyfriend- or
boyfriend at the time-

and his dad was high up in the
government, got me the job.

But you know, after
the breakup he made,

like everything quite
that much difficult.

So you know, I, I
enjoyed this job and then

now look where I
am, here with you.

[both laughing]
- Fuck you.

Oh bollocks.

Jo, my battery's running low.

- Battery?
- Yeah.

Do you have any spares?

We only have three
left mind. Here you go.

- Thank you.
- All right, come on.

You know, I'm
thinkin' I should invest

maybe some, like,
long live-ing-fuck.

Long-lasting batteries,

because the ones that
I use at the moment

just keep running out so fast.

The bigger the camera gets,

the more energy it
consumes and the fast...

You know like,
batteries aren't cheap.

Wish they were cheap.

Like you.
- Shut up.

[leaves crunching]

[Kyle and Jo shriek in fear]

It's my sister!
[indistinct frantic speaking]

I don't know! I
haven't seen her!

Jo, what's she want?
[indistinct frantic rambling]

Where are you going?

You've got to help
me! I just don't know!

[Kyle] No, no
no no. Just stay-

Stay where you are!
[frantic rambling]

- Come on.
- It's down here!

[Kyle] Guys get over here,
this woman needs our help!

Come on!


Fuck's sake.

[frantic rambling]
Come on guys.

Come on. Where are we
going? Where's your sister?

[Panicked Woman]
It's this way!

[Kyle] This-This
isn't a good idea Jo.


God I'm fit.

[Interviewer Recording]
How do you think

they felt at this point?

[Medical Worker
Recording] I wasn't there.

I dunno how it felt.

I could only guess,

but they must have known
that something wasn't right.

That everything for them
was going to change.

It's okay looking
back in retrospect.

But I think they knew that
something was transpiring.

Something different
was happening.

Something stranger than
anyone could expect.

[ambient music]

[camera buzzing]

[Trainee] Kyle stay
here, don't film.

[Kyle] Well, I, I'd
rather keep filming.

[woman panicking]
- Who's this?

John! John? He wasn't
here earlier I don't know!

He wasn't here earlier!

Kyle I told you to stay out.

No, I think needs
to be documented.

[all frantically speaking]

[Trainee] Are you all right?

[indistinct speaking]

[Kyle] What's wrong with him?

John. John! John.

Who is he?

He works in the
meat factories. Yeah.


We all live around here.

I didn't mean to
hurt her, I'm sorry.

It's all right, calm down.
[all panicking]

Calm down.

Sorry I didn't mean to.

[Panicked Woman]
What's he talking about?

I don't know!

All right, calm.
[man sobbing]

[all panicking]
Just stay there,

everything will be fine.

It's all fine, it's all fuck-

It's not fine at all!

Calm down John. Calm.
[man hyperventilating]

This is not helping
the situation!

You need to calm!
[man rambling angrily]

Do you understand me?

[panicked woman screaming]

[trainee yelling angrily]

Get off!
[police baton thuds]

And stay down!

[Kyle] You need to
keep away from him!

He's, he's crazy!
- Stay down!

Stay down!

I will bat you. You move
to me, I will bat you!

Do not do it!

John! Calm!

[bat thuds]
[man groaning in pain]

Right. We're
getting out of here.

Right, get her up on her feet.

[Panicked Woman] No.


[panicked woman

Please get up.

Yes. Right.

[woman shrieking]
[Jo screaming]

[indistinct panic between all]


[door slams shut]

[Kyle] Jo, go! Follow me!

I forgot my camera! Kyle
I need to go get my camera!

Just be careful.

[woman screams]

Jo grab the fucking camera
get your ass back here!

Come on we're
getting out of here!

[woman screaming]
[both panting]

I'm already far ahead of you!

[eerie ambient music]

[camera buzzing]

[Jo] We're lagging
behind, we better keep up.

Yeah fuck it.

I mean, it's not like we're
gonna get too far behind

from anywhere,
they're not that far.

Well they're not
hard to miss anyway,

in that uniform.

[chuckling] Yeah, they're
packing some serious heat

that's for sure.
[Jo laughing]


[loud thud]

God, the camera's
all right at least.

[giggling] Are you okay?

I'll be fine. Phew!


Scare number one down.
[Jo laughing]

I think there's worse
things to worry about,

to be quite honest.

I wouldn't worry
too much about it Jo.

I mean, you hear all
sorts of stuff like this

on the news reports happening
with people going a bit mental

with those bugs, viruses, flu.

I mean, that's practically
what the AIDS virus

was in the first
place, you know?

These, these people are crazy.

- Yeah.

But so are people with
rabies, Jo, you know?

Yeah but...

People with rabies are crazy.


Not people, like dogs or like-

mind your head.

Because there's lots of uh...

Thank you.

That woman, like,
that was not normal.

The way that was all...

Jo, define normal for me.

Well, it's not you.

[both laughing]

But define normal.

Well, it's definitely
not someone going crazy.

People with bipolar go crazy.

Whether it's a virus or not.

People with schizophrenia,
that's normality,

but it's still a mental illness.

They're just ill, okay?

Do you reckon these
could be like parasites

or something getting
into their brain?

Yeah, sure.

I think maybe you've been
reading too much on the,

on the internet.

[distant scream]

Get that?

[Kyle] Uh, yeah.

Yeah, guys look, I don't want-

I don't mean to be the bearer
of bad news or anything,

but that sounded an
awful lot like a scream.

What you're getting scared Kyle?

Yeah. Yeah, of course
I'm getting scared.

There's a derelict like meat
processing plant back there

and we are all acting cap...
- Remain calm.

[distant scream]

[loud scream]

[Kyle] Fuck this.

[birds chirping]

[Kyle exhaling deeply]

All right let's carry on.

[Kyle] What the boys in blue
seem to be forgetting though-

[camera buzzing]

That we've only got
cameras to defend ourselves

against those, like
those screaming sisters

back in the house
whereas they are armed

to their fucking teeth.

[Interviewer Recording] Please
tell us what happened next.

[Medical Worker
Recording] Well, all we know

was there was a virus
infecting the workers

at the meat processing plant.

You're told things,
you're given things.

It's how it is at the CDC.

No one knows anything,

but we all think
we know everything.

So clever we are.

So well informed, so
powerful to the people.

I don't want to be rude,

but you're not answering
my questions directly.

I drink two liters
of whiskey a day.

My life has been ripped apart.

What else do you need?

[eerie synth music]

So what happened next?

Look, can we stop this
interview for a moment?

[eerie ambient music]

[camera buzzing]

[camera buzzing]

[eerie ambience]

[Kyle] Jo?

Oh fuck. Just stay there.

[eerie ambience]

[eerie ambience intensifies]

Control from Trojan one,
control from Trojan one.

We have a 10-7.

If you can read me, we
have multiple deaths.

[Kyle] Great.

That's, that's just perfect.
- Control from Trojan one,

We are heading back
to the briefing area.

[eerie ambience]

[leaves rustling]
[camera equipment clunking]

[Jo] God.

This is absolutely
fucking mental.

[suspenseful ambience]

[woman retching and moaning]

[Kyle] Jo, keep behind me.
[woman retching]

But make sure you
keep on filming.

[suspenseful ambience]

[woman shrieking]

[Trainee] Stay where you are!

Maggot, get back!
[woman growling]

Don't get close.

Don't move back!

Maggot, lower your guns!

[woman sobbing]

[Kyle] [indistinct] Completely
different from last time...

[Trainee] Are you okay?

[woman screaming in rage]

[Maggot] Jesus!

[woman sobbing]

Fucking stay back!

[Kyle] Keep that
bitch away from me.

[distant shriek]

Fucking noise.

[woman sobbing]


[man screaming in distance]

[Jo] Kyle?

[piercing scream]
- Shh!

Where's that?

[Jo] What the hell...

Okay, Jo?

We need to go back.

[leaves crunching]

[suspenseful ambience]
[Jo hyperventilating]

[Kyle] The fuck...

Fucking loads of them!

[Kyle] Just...

Just standing there like
dotted around the woods.

[suspenseful ambience]

[distant shriek]

[Trainee] Fucking hell
they're coming out everywhere!

[distant scream]

Get back, get back!
- [Jo] Kyle...

Kyle, get back!

[distant screams continue]

Get back, who are you?

Who are you!

Get back!

Get back!

I told you to fucking get back!

[baton thudding loudly]

[Maggot] Sir! Sir
there's more of them!

They're coming from everywhere!

[Trainee] Get back!

Go on get back!
[Jo panting]

Stay where you are!

[Kyle] Shit...

[Trainee] Stay where you are!

[man groaning]
[baton thudding]

Get back!

[woman retching]

[Maggot] Sir what do we do?
[distant scream]

[screaming and
retching continues]

Fucking loads of them!

[intense music]

Fuck out of here!

[woman shrieking]

[screaming continues]

[leaves crunching]
[Kyle panting]

[Jo] Kyle we need to get inside!

Come on!

[woman shrieking]

[camera buzzes]

Recording] From a virus

to zombie-like meat workers?

Am I missing anything?

[Medical Worker
Recording] It just shows you

how quickly things can evolve.

One minute you're
choosing the dinner

you have on your table,

What vegetables, your meat.

And then suddenly,
the disturbing future

that's totally alien to you.

I have to ask you once more.

Did you know about
this beforehand?

Fuck you. It's easy to blame.

Look at your history.

And you, you have to ask
yourself who really is to blame?

Who brought about
the Nazi party?

Was it Hitler, or the
people that let it happen?

We knew something wasn't right.

We signed up for it.

But you don't blame.

You believe in the ones,

the ones that have
the power, to control.

I find it hard to believe

you didn't know
what was going on.

Fuck you.


This interview is over.

[eerie ambience]

[Kyle] Yo Princess,
where is everyone mate?

About two hours ago, there
was a room full of people.

And from what I've
just seen out there,

I'm willing to bet very
safely that they're outside,

either with them, or
struggling hard against them.


Kyle do you not think you
should put that camera down now?

No, I think now more than ever,

I should be filming because
if this, if this gets out...

This ain't no normal
situation we're dealing with.


It's all clear, sir.

[Jo] Where is everyone?

[Kyle] Well, they're
just upped and left.

Upped and left.

It's you know, we came in here.

Jo, back in the woods.

You were saying about
all those incidents

where people had
gone crazy and stuff.

And I was like, pssh.

There was that incident on
the news wasn't it like,

that guy that ripped
that fella's face off.

And when the police came by,

they shot him and he
didn't go down after like,

fuckin' like a whole
empty magazine into him.

I said that to you.

Yeah, yeah, and I dismissed it,

but I'm just saying now.

Now you believe me.

[Kyle sighs]

Right, nobody else is gonna
ask it, I might as well.

What the hell just
happened out there?


What the fuck happened?

Who was that woman?

Who, who, who are they?

What are they?

Well, you know what?

Maybe now is the time for
more answers of yours,

your fucking questions.

Maybe we all just
need to calm down.

What we gonna do if he is?

It seems to me you
weren't quite answering,

but asking your damn questions.


How about you
answer some of them?

Yeah Princess, I'm not
fucking like, I'm not-

[clattering in distance]

[chair thuds]

You, on the floor.

Show me your hands.

Show me your hands!

Show me your hands!

Get up, put that down.

Put that object down.
Drop it, drop it.

Stand up.

[item clangs and chatters]


Slowly, walk this way.

Right, who are you?

Who are you?

I'm a medical worker.

All right. This way, please.

This way, please.
This way, please.

This way, please
sit on my chair.

Sit on the chair, please.
Sit on the chair, please.

Okay, now.

Where are the others?


- Dead. How?
- [Jo] Dead?

I don't know.

What do you mean you don't know?

Did you see them?
Did you see them die?

- Yes.
- Right.

Was it those fucking
weird people out there

that got them?


Please put the gun down.

No, never mind the fucking gun.

[Princess] All right,

just drop the gun.
- I'm a medical worker.

I'm a medical worker, all right?

Yes, yes.

I'm a medical worker.
I don't hurt people.

All right? I don't hurt people.

Right so, how are
they gonna get you out?

How are they getting you out?

You're getting
me out, aren't you?

Oh, fucking hell.

We can't get you out, we
haven't got a fucking way

to get out of here!

How are they getting you-

What have they told you?

Well how did you
get in here then?

You're gonna get me out.

Were you in the
fucking briefing?

Calm down, sir. He's one
of us, he's on our side.

But you're gonna get
me out of here, right?


We'll do that.
- Okay, so that's your job.

You're gonna get me out of here.

Yes, yes yes...

Well then get me out of here.

Yes, now shut up.

[Jo screams]

[Jo] What's wrong with him?

Now, who are you?

I'm not telling you.

The infected.

Why the fuck is everyone running
around infected out there?

Tell me. Tell me now.

All right!

All right.

The parasite.

I don't think it's in the meat.

I think it's in the
vaccine, all right?

Chris! Get back.

I didn't fucking tell
you to interrogate him.

Get back in the fucking chair.

Stay there.

All right, what's going on?

[Kyle] Mate. You've
gotta answer now, mate.

What's what, what, what
parasite, what vaccine?

Look, look, it's population
control. All right?

They're testing it out
on a small population

to see if it would be effective
on the wider population.

If they do that, they can
cut down the population.

This is what this is.

This is a test.
- Are you part of that?

I'm just a medical worker, mate.

I'm a medical worker.

Cover your fucking
mouth when you cough!

[Princess] He's infected sir!

Stay fucking down you bastard!

[man screaming]

Back back back!

[man retching]

[Kyle] Look just put a
bullet through his brain!

Wait. I need to
tell you something.

I need to tell you something.

Right, if he coughs...

Listen, listen to
me, just listen to me.

All right? Okay, the parasites.

They're not in the
fucking insects, right?

They're in the vaccines.

I'm sure they're in the bloody
vaccines. I injected myself.

I didn't get bitten by
anything. All right?

I have protective clothing
on, they didn't bite me.


The parasites...

Stay down.

Stay down! Stay down!
[man yelling]

[Kyle] Put something on
him guys, just get him!

[screaming continues]



Help me out!

Just get me out of here!

Don't fucking move!

Get me out of here!
Just take me away!

Don't fucking move!

Fucking stay there.

[hand cuffs clicking]

Right, take this
fucker over there

and cuff him to the radiator.

Sit up!

Need to ask him
some more questions.

He said about a population...

Cutting the populations
in a, in a tight community

to see if it'd spread out into
the wider, into the wider...

[gun shot bangs]

[Interviewer Recording]
You say you're not to blame,

but the vaccines must
have been supplied by you.

[Medical Worker Recording]
We thought we were

protecting the meat workers
and the medical workers...

We had no idea.

And the suppliers were
all companies abroad,

we never tested them ourselves.

The film mentions
population reduction.

Do you think it's a good idea?

That's, that's an
important question.

It was something we had
to do something about.

Part of our times...

Who are you then?

Some of us thought,
maybe, that we had a future.

But now I've lost everything.

And there is no future.

[camera whirring]

[Jo] Oh, god...

I wanna get out of here.


[Kyle] What we gonna do?

That's up to him, isn't it?

He's the one in charge.

Radio... Radio's not working.



Princess, you, you
all right mate?


I'm sorry. I don't, I
don't, I don't know how...

I'm sorry, man.

Yeah, I'll, I'll
leave you to it.


[footsteps tapping]


Look at me. Okay?

I'm gonna get us out
of here, alright?

I've got a plan and
you just need to,

you need to stay calm.

You need to stay collected.

[slamming on window]
[all screaming]

[all yelling, panicking]

[doors thudding]

[all yelling]

[door rattling]

Hold your fire.

[Kyle] What the hell.

Let's go! [indistinct,
panicked yelling]

Shut up, Kyle! Shut up!

We've got legs, let's use them!

[all yelling]

[door rattling]
[Jo sobbing]

[Kyle] Oh God. We gotta leave.

Princess. Pretty boy.

Let's get out of here.

Sir, we need to go!

[Jo] Let's get out of here!

Sir what do we do?

[Kyle] Come on, your
training leads up to now!

What do we do?

[Jo] Go, lets go!

[Kyle] 'Cause whatever's
out there, it's coming in.

This is what I'd do.

Keep yourself safe, sit down.

We're surrounded, yeah.

[Trainee] Just calm down.

[Kyle] This isn't what I'd do.

This isn't who I am.
- Kyle, calm down!

This is who you are!

Be cool.

Just stay calm.

How do guys do it?

Kyle! They can
hear you, probably.

What do you mean,
they're already outside!

Yeah, well don't-

They know we're in here!

I could yell, top of my voice,

Come and get me you fucks!
- Kyle!

Makes no odds.

This is mental.

[Jo] This is too much, Kyle.

Just waiting here.

I just wanna go home now.

Really? Really,
really waiting to die?


What the fuck.


[footsteps tapping]

How much longer
do you need? Huh?

You ask 10 seconds to
make the snap decisions,

but it's been, I don't know,
like two minutes since then.

How much longer do you need?
Do you need half an hour?

Do you need an hour to
make that snap decision?

Shut the fuck up!

Jo? Jo!

Right. Cover the fucking
windows. Cover the fucking doors.

I'm going to get her.

You! Stay here.

[Interviewer Recording] So
those people in the woods,

what was going on?

[Medical Worker Recording]
The pathogen mutated in them,

changed their DNA.

The blood flow to the brain.

Everything was in flux.

I was there.

I was there.

They're coming for us.

Who are? The mutants
or the government?

Doesn't matter who
is coming for us,

but they will come.

And they want a world
more stable and organized.

Do you agree with that?

I'm not sure I'll
be around for that.

[footsteps tapping]

[Jo sobbing]

[door creaks open]

[sobbing continues]

Don't move. Don't move!

[gunshots sounding]

[all yelling]
[windows smashing]

[gunshots booming]

[all yelling]

[gunshots continue]

I don't know...

[loud thud]

[Jo sobbing]

What was that?

[loud thud]

Sounds like they're
coming down the stairs.

I've got nowhere to go.

[door knob rattling]

[banging on door]

[banging continues]

[man groaning angrily]

[Jo sobbing]

[leaves crunching]

Where am I?

Oh my god.

Where even am I?

Oh my god.

[indistinct frantic rambling]

Where is this place?

I can't stay here.


[Jo shrieks]
- Jesus...

- What's wrong with you?
- Jo...

[Jo] Where have you been?

I don't know...

We got split up.

Where is everyone?

I don't know, Jo!

It's all gone to shit out there.

Kyle, I'm scared.

Yeah, yeah. I know...

Just keep in.

How long have you been here?

I don't know, a while.

Good. Well, well,
we'll keep in here.

Keep it calm.

Oh God.

What's happening?

No idea.

I don't get, I don't
get what's going on.

Jo, please. None of
us know what's going on.

Where are the others?


Gonna have to relax.

That's all we can do now.
- I can't relax.

- Just relax.
- Relax?

- Keep it down.
- You're joking?


I'm not relaxing.

Not when there's
something out there.

You've seen people
we've seen them dead!

Jo! Listen to me, okay?

We're gonna get out of
it. We're gonna be fine.

But the louder you make,
the more noise you make,

the more chance that someone
out there is gonna find out.

And if it's infested
in the woods

with whatever the hell
those fucking things are,

you and me need to keep it down.

Keep it quiet, and
keep it together.

Okay. Okay.

You're okay?


Just get this camera down.



Watch out.

Can't hear a thing.


As long as there's...

Is everything okay?


[loud thud]
[Jo screaming]

Kyle! Kyle!

Kyle. Kyle?

Kyle what's out
there? Come back!


[Interviewer Recording]
The virus is in the vaccine,

It wasn't in the meat?

[Medical Worker Recording]
It's hard to believe

that our government
would experiment on us,

but really we should.

The German nation found
it hard to believe

that their government
would test and experiment

on its own people.

The greatest number of
murders in the world have been

carried out by governments.

And, and you know what gets me?

As a prime minister
or president,

you are more likely to reelected

if you start a war.

[eerie ambience]

I dunno where I am.

I'm on my own.

Kyle, the film,
the guys have gone,

and they're, they're
nowhere to be found.

And I don't know what to do.

I'm hearing things. And
there's something out there.

And I dunno whether to
stay here or find the guys.

And I just don't
know what to do.

I just don't know
how to find them.

[leaves crunching]

Oh jeez.

What has caused them to go mad?

Is it the vaccines?

Who told you that?

The medical worker.

We were to infect
the small community

and see what would happen,

how a tactical police
unit would cope.

And if it could be contained.

This is mass murder.

Don't you get it you
stupid little girl?

Population has to come down.
[suspenseful music]

Population control
has to happen.

There's no choice.


Is there any way I
can get out of this?

Please. Please.

If you make it to
the edge of the forest.

There might be a way.

Please get me out of here.

[Jo sobbing]

[Jo hyperventilating]

[keys clinking]

[loud thud]
[Jo screaming]

[window smashing]
[Jo screaming]

[man groaning]

[Jo screaming]

[distant screaming]

[Kyle] Jo!



No one's getting
out of here, Jo.

We're all as good
as good as dead.

What happened to that person?

You didn't kill them, did you?

Everyone has to die, Jo.

I'm scared, Kyle.

They're trying to kill me.

Don't worry.

I'll kill you myself.

You're infected aren't you?

Please Kyle, fight it.

All I want is one taste.

I just wanna taste...

I just wanna bite off your neck!

Please, Kyle no!

I just want a taste Jo!

[Jo screaming]

I just want to
bite your lips off.

- No!
- I just want a taste-

[Jo shrieking]

Chris, what did you...

We need to get out of here.

Just stay by my side, okay?

Where are the others?

They're dead.

Those bastards out there ripped
my whole damn team apart.

Plus our Sergeant
was a fuckin' idiot.

We're not going
to make it, are we?

Those things out there,
they're not zombies!

They're not the living dead,

they're just crazy
infected people.

But they die, Jo.

They die just like
everybody else.

Have you got a gun?

No, but they sure as hell

don't like this fucking baton
wrapped around their heads.

So they, they set us up?

It was in the vaccines that
were given to everyone.

It's all about wiping people
out with this infection.


What do we do now?

Look, Jo, we're gonna
get out this, okay?

Stay close to me.

[Kyle groaning aggressively]


Jo, when you get the chance,

just get the hell
out of here and run!

Come on then Kyle.

I've been waiting a
long damn time for this.

[both groaning]
[Jo screaming]

Not so mouthy now are ya?

Chris. Chris we need
to get out of here, now.


Oh Jesus!


Jo get the hell
out of here! Run!

Jo run!
[Jo sobbing]

Come on you fuckers!

I'm gonna take each and
every damn one of you out!

Come on!
- Chris!

[man growling angrily]

[Chris groaning in pain]

No! Chris!


[mob screaming]

[gun shots sounding]

You been infected?


Right, stay
close. Come with us.

Pete, cover the rear.

[leaves crunching]
[Jo hyperventilating]

[Soldier] Keep up.

I'm trying.

[Soldier] We've got a vehicle.

You're safe now.

What's your name?

I'm Jo.

I'm John.

What's happening?

I've come here to
take you to safety.

[Soldier 2] Sir.

Sir, halfway clear
to the Jeep sir.

[Soldier] Good.

Let's make a move.

Where are the
others? Are they-

[Jo screaming]

[gun shots]

[Soldier] Go, in the Jeep now.

Where are we going?

I'm driving you to
the evacuation center.

You're safe now.

[eerie ambience]

Look. It's okay, it's okay.

This compound here is to
evacuate everyone not infected.

Everyone has to go
through infection control.

It's very simple, you
just receive an injection.

What sort of injection?

It's just a vaccine.

No, no no.

Nothing to worry about.

Calm down.
- You don't understand.

No, no! It's in the vaccine!

Okay guys, look, can
you come over please?

No! It's in the vaccine!

I need a vaccination here, now!

[Jo frantically rambling]

No! No!

[Jo screaming]

No! [sobbing]

Okay. That's it.

We're locking it down now.

It's time to leave.

Dr. Fisher?

It's all clear.

[camera buzzes]

Let's get to the transport.

[suspenseful eerie music]

This is Dr. Fisher.

That is the last
of the survivors.

You can close the perimeter.

[rain falling]

[camera buzzing]

[eerie ambience]

[medical equipment beeping]

[Jo screaming]

[eerie ambient music]

[intense music]

[Medical Worker Recording]
We've been here too long.

We have to go.

[Interviewer Recording]
There's nowhere to hide.

I'm just like you.

Fooled as you were.

Doctors, nurses.
We were all fooled.

And the girl from the camera
crew, what happened to her?

She came to us and we
processed her like anyone else.

We tried our best
to keep her safe.

And the vaccine?

No-one realized the
virus was in the vaccine.

When she turned, we were
told it was still the virus.

That the vaccine was safe.

It didn't take long
for us to realize

that the viral strain in
the vaccine was mutating.

It became very contagious
and aggressive.

That's when the world changed.

And what do you think
the reason for this was?

Some end game? Or
just a mistake?

Do you believe it's depopulation

as mentioned in
the film footage?

I believe in depopulation.

It's been in the minds
of governments, scholars,

and sages for many years.

I agree with it.

But not in this way.

I'm not to blame.

I didn't trick anyone.

But now, they want
someone to lynch.

I'm in the front line,
but none of it's my fault.

What do you think
is next for us?

I've taken the
experimental vaccine.

So there is no future for me.

But for you, future is this.

Hunger, power cuts,

all kinds of contagious,
aggressive mutations,

like a cancer spreading
around the world.

A living hell.

I have to go now.

But there's still more
questions to be asked.

I think the time
for questions is over.

It's up to you now.

Please, give us one last answer.

What should we take from this?

They're coming for us.

They're coming for all of us.

Save yourself. Don't
listen to anything.

You've been warned.

[suspenseful music]

[radio clicks off]

[distant screaming]
[gun shots]

[screaming continues]

Things have changed.

There's nowhere to hide.

You have to come
to terms with it,

as everyone has joined
up with the program.

Do I stand out and resist,
or go along with it?

How much more of
this can we take?

Is resistance futile?

Is life still worth living?


♪ When the world
comes to an end ♪

♪ And there's no
love in the sky ♪

♪ As I look deep in your eyes ♪

♪ Loving you to the end ♪

♪ And the skies begin to fall ♪

♪ The sun no longer shines ♪

♪ Don't let fear
into your mind ♪

♪ We know how this must end ♪

♪ When your world keeps
crashing down on you ♪

♪ When the walls of this
land just keep falling in ♪

♪ I'll be here, there's no
fear I love you 'til I die ♪

♪ Don't be mad, don't be
sad, don't be cruel to me ♪

♪ In this life say a prayer,
nothing's new to me ♪

♪ Pull me near there's no fear
it's the end of the world ♪

♪ It's the end of the world ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ When the world
comes to an end ♪

♪ And the day turns to night ♪

♪ It's too late
to just pretend ♪

♪ I'll love you for all time ♪

♪ When the moon begins to fade ♪

♪ And the sea turns to dust ♪

♪ Teardrops falling
down like rain ♪

♪ As my world slips away ♪

♪ When your world keeps
crashing down on you ♪

♪ When the walls of this
land just keep falling in ♪

♪ I'll be here, there's no
fear I love you 'til I die ♪

♪ Don't be mad, don't be
sad, don't be cruel to me ♪

♪ In this life say a prayer,
nothing's new to me ♪

♪ I'll be here there's no
fear it's the end of my life ♪

♪ It's the end of the world ♪

♪ The end of the world ♪

♪ When the world
comes to an end ♪

♪ When the world
comes to an end ♪

♪ When the world
comes to an end ♪