C++ (2019) - full transcript

A Seat-Edge Suspense Cyber Crime Thriller which exposes the dark side of Internet. It explores the dangerous CRIMES on Cyber Underworld(DeepWeb/DarkNet). Directed by a debutant Director "...


Tell me, what do you want to speak in personal ?

Sir, I'm suresh. I have done diploma in computer science.


Working as a Hardware Engineer in a private company.

Salary is 40,000 Rs. per month.

Currently staying in a rented house with my friend.

After marriage, I am planning to move to a new flat sir.

Why are you explaining me all these details?

What do you want?

Sir, actually me and you sister are in love sir.

Planning to get married.

Hmmm.... ooo it is you?!


My sister told me about you.

By the way your parents?

I am an orphan sir.

Grown up in an orphanage sir.

Hmm what is your salary?

40,000 Rs sir.

..Actually recently I got to know your sister is from a rich family.

Its ok, just asked casually.

My sister's happiness is more important than any wealth and money.

Still I need to discuss with my family,

give me a week of time.

Ok sir.

Ok thank you Mr.Suresh.

Thanks you Sir.

This is all I spoke.

I dont think your brother is a villan as you are thinking.

He spoke very softly.

You dont worry, we will get married.

It only a matter of week, lets wait. Be positive.

Vinay, did you pay electricity bill?

Yeah I paid it.

Still did not get ready for office?

Work from home.

Will you be late even today?

Haa might be 11 or 11:30, bye for now.

Hmm bye.

Hi Suresh.

Hi David how are you?

I am fine.

I have not seen you from long time.

Currently I am staying in my farm house. I'm working on my movie script.

Too much disturbace here. So I moved there.

Is it love story concept?

No, its based on Cyber Crime, related to Hackers.

Then, you know hacking very well.

Not so bad.

Going to the office?

Yes, to the office.

What happend to your bike?

Bike is parked at home. Due to back pain, I am travelling in bus.

I am going via your office, come I will drop you.


You won't get back pain for a day ride, come on.

Thank you.


Yes, get in

mm aaa.. mm

Hello who are you?

Where are you taking me?

Who are these two Sir?

Gang rapists, that girl was 10 yrs old.

#*$#$* die!

Sir what do you want?

Your death.

Why sir? What did I do?

Oo ****!! untie him

Come on


Hey I am you friend..

He is also your friend right?



one bad news

Suresh? He hasn't returned from office yet.

Who are you?

I am his collegue. He is in a problem, so need to talk about it in personal. Can I come in?

Come in..

What's that problem?

Today early morning, a honda city car fell down from Nagarabavi flyover and met with an accident.

Today early morning, a honda city car fell down from Nagarabavi flyover and met with an accident.

Person by name Krishna from mysore aged 30 is found dead. He is the owner of Swarga bar and resturant near kengeri

We have showcased krishna's death as an accident.

If this information is leaked out we will be in trouble. got it??

Yes sir.. how is our Boss now?

He is very upset. Krishna was his childhood friend.

By today evening we have to catch the person who killed Krishna.

Whatsapp his photo to all your contacts.

Search him everywhere. we need to find him as soon as possible.

ACP sir,

Adarsh Anandrao here.

You dont worry Adarsh, I guess he won't be knowing about you.

Anyhow I have shared his information to all Police stations and Media.

As soon as he contacts them, I will get the information. he will be trapped.

Hmm thank you sir.

Do you have any of your guys near that factory?

Hmm a person is there.

Good, because that factory was famous. It was closed just 3 years back.

I guess he knows that place. He may go to that place in search of his Friend.

Where is your boss now?

He is in the hospital sir.

Krishna's postmartom is in progress.

Excuse me.

Did you find who is that SI?



You hide from him, I will handle.

Can you identify any of these deadbodies?

No sir. I haven't seen them before sir.

Do you doubt any one?

No sir. Infact I don't have enemies.

Will you identify the person who kiddnaped you and try to kill?

I will identify them sir.


SI Lankesh?

Yes, who is this?

ACP Ram.

Sir, tell me.

I want Suresh.

Which Suresh sir?

Fellow who got you there.

That means you know this guy?!


Who committed these murders sir?

Why are they trying to kill him ?

Will tell you later. Get him to my home.

You will get promotion. But this information should not be leaked.

Yes sir, I will get him now.

Thank you.

Ok sir.

Who is it sir?

ACP Ram. He asked me to take you to his home.

He promised for a promotion and this information should not be leaked.

Hmm..something is wrong.

Do you have any personal issues with ACP Ram?

No sir, I have seen him only on TV.

Have you involved in murder, rape or robbery?

No sir, I have not commited any crime.

Then who are they? Why were they tourtured till death?

Strange!! What ever it is, murder is a crime.

Supporting criminals is also a crime.

ACP Ram is making a big mistake.

This information has to be disclosed to everyone.

What shall I do now sir?

Do you know any one in the Media?

Yes sir, I have a friend called Raghu, He is a reporter in Vartha TV.

Then meet him. If this information gets leaked in Media, then there will be an investigation.

You will get answer to all of your questions.

Ok sir.

Criminals will be punished.

Yes sir, but how did ACP sir get to know that we are here.

I dont know. May be CCTV...

...Or some one is watching us.

Better you leave this place. Come on, Run...

Sorry sir he escaped.

Ooo ****

Raghu, its me Suresh.


ACP sir, its me Raaghu, Vartha TV Reporter.

Tell me Raghu, whats the matter?

Sir, you kidnapped my friend Suresh yesterday,

Tortured him and tried to kill him.

Please tell me the reason behind this.

Which Suresh, What kidnap?

I am not understanding what you are telling.

That means you dont know anything!!?


Its difficult to convience my Editor without any proof. What to do now?

Raghu, does ACP has children?

Yes, he got a Son.

His name is Raghavendra. Vartha TV Reporter.

I have whatsapped his contact number. Trace his location. Its very urgent.

I didn't get original gun.

Duplicate will be fine. Just to make him scare.


Need to meet ACP Ram's son, Samarth.

One second.


One minute



I am Raghu, Vartha TV Reporter

Yeah tell me.

Your life is in danger.

What ?!!

Have to talk about it.

Yes tell me.

Its personal

Tell me, threat from whom?

From this guy.


Hello Daddy, two guys are threatening me with a gun.


Who are they? where are you now?

aa Dad..

Sir its me Suresh

You kiddnapped me.

I have only one question for you. Why are you trying to kill me?

If you didn't answer me in one minute, I am going to kill your Son.

I am ready to die.


I m not the one who tried to kill you.

Then who?

Adarsh Anandrao,

Printf software company MD.

Why is he trying to kill me?

Swear on god, I don't know.

May be old grudge on you. He helped me once, So I was trying to help him.

How can I believe you?

Search for Adarsh Anandrao in my facebook friend list, you will get to know.

Sir what do you need?

Your death.

Yes this is the guy.

Now you got to know about the kiddnapers,

release my Son.

Yes I will release him. Thank you Sir.

Sir one second, ACP sir is calling me.

ACP sir.


I haven't seen Adarsh till now. Why is he having grudge on me?

You will get to know. I'll meet my Editor.

I will show him ACP's call recording and will explain him.


For now you stay here itself. Keep this mobile.

If they ask you to come, I will give you a call. Now go and get refreshed.

Adarsh, I found out both of them.

I have updated their location to Surya. They are on the way to that location.

You dont worry. Suresh and Raghu will be caught.

Who are you? I will shoot you, Move.

Why are you people behind my friend?

Because he has killed innocents by exploding bombs.

He is a Terrorist. His real name is Abdul Razzak.

No it's lie. I won't believe.

I dont care about your belief, make a call and get him here.

Let us consider him as a Terrorist, hand over him to Police.

Court will punish him. Who are you to punish him?

We are real Patriots. We don't believe in this Court and Law.

But Suresh is not a Terrorist.

Mostly you people have mistook him with someone else.

See, you are Innocent.

I don't have any intention to kill you.

But, if you try to save a terrorist I might have to kill you also.

Call him.

Put on loud speaker.

Yes, Raaghu

Suresh, I spoke to my Editor about you.

You will be interviewed in a secret place. You have to come there.

Ok. Where should I come?

Ok I will be there in 30 minutes.

Give me the phone

Hello Raaghu

Hello Raaghu, is it audible ?

Yes, its audible, where are you?

I am near the place you informed, where are you?

Don't stand there even for a moment, run, you are in danger

A Sad news, Our channel reporter Raghavendra was killed by two Al-Kahida Terrorists.

These two Terrorists are based from Bangladesh, but settled in Banglore from past 3 years.

They are identified as Abhul Razak and Mohammad Rashid.

They were planning for bomb blast in Banglore. Police are in search of these terrorists.

Let us interview the Investigation officer ACP Ram.

Today evening, Raghavendra met me and gave information related...

...to these Terrorists. Immediately we did a raid on their house.

We found a laptop and raw material for preparing bomb.

Going through the laptop confirmed they were from Al-kahida Terrorist group.

When We were at their home, they came. Looking at us they started running. We chased them.

We were about to catch them but mean while they fired at us.

Those bullets hit the Reporter Rangavendra and he died on the spot.

Those 2 terrorists escaped. Even now our team is in search.

My sincere request to public that if you find these Terrorists, please inform us immediately.

Swore on our love, the information telecasting about me on the TV is completly fake.

You must believe me. Me and Vinay grew up in same Orphanage.

We don't have any connection with Terrorism.

If you have doubt, you can check in the orphanage home where we grew.

You can find many of our childhood photos.

I don't know why Adarsh wants to kill me, what benifit he gets!

Boss is very angry Surya. By now We should have had caught him.

We have searched entire Bangalore sir. We have watsapped his photo to all our known links.

I guees he is hidden somewhere nearby.

Is it possible to get his friends information? It will be easy to search.

Ok I will speak with my investigation team. Soon I will share you the details.

Yes, you are right.

If I meet Adarsh, all my questions will be answered. For that I need your help.

Adarsh has updated his phone number on Facebook. Using that number we should trace his address.

Ok thank you.

Share me his address to this watsapp number. I will be waiting for it.

Are police not searching him Sir?

Hmm even they have formed a team and searching him.

In case if they catch him, they will handover him to us.

I feel he might be hidden in any Mosque.

But it's hard to searching him there. We can search him with the help of police.

I will speak with ACP Ram. You continue your search.

If you find him give me a call.

Ok sir..


Please believe me.

I don't have any grudge on you.

I have done, what my Boss had informed me.

I didn't do any mistake.

Who is your Boss ?

Vikram... Vikram Vasudev. My company CEO.

Why did your Boss order to kill me?

Tell me Surya your opinion about terrorists.

They are poisonous snakes killing innocent people.

What should be done with these snakes?

Should be killed Sir.

Exactly! but should be torturing before killing.

Warning messages should be delivered to their leaders.

Innocent people should be saved.

For that, I need your help.

Let me know Sir, I am ready.

you should kidnap those Terrorists and handover to us.

We will torture them and send a warning message to their Leaders.

We will show our strength.

If you need, involve some more patroits like you.

I will pay you all.

Will it be possible?

Why not Sir.. I am blessed to do it.

But how do we identify these terrorists?

They will be disguised among public.

You don't have to worry about it.

I have a special Intelligent Team.

They will find these Terrorists and share their details with us.

We will share same to you.

You people should watch them carefully and kidnap them leaving no Trace and handover to us.

I will take care of any legal issues.

My boss shared your information as terrorist to me.

I forwared the information to my kidnap team. They kidnapped you.

Probably our Terrorist Investigation Team got wrong information about you.

Hmmm.. To which association you are working for?

No associations, my Boss is a Patriot.

Then why are you targeting Muslims?

No, we are not targeting Muslims. Infact, We have Muslims in our Team too.

According to us, all Muslims are not Terrorists, all terrorists are not Muslims.

We can find Terrorists in all Religions. People who kill Innocents are Terrorists.

Let them be from any Religion, they are our target.

We are not against any religion nor supporting any religion.

Why did you kill my friends?

No What mistake did they do?

I didn't kill your friends.

Then, who killed them ?

Your friend has killed my friend.

He should feel my pain.

Sir.. sir.. sir.. please sir.. sir no sir..please sir..

I am sorry.

You are in danger.

What ever might be your intension, it is wrong. Framing me as Abdul Razak is wrong.

Killing my friends is wrong.

You should be punished for all the crimes you have done.

Why did you inform him everything sir?

No no.. I didn't tell him anything.

Call was not disconnected, I heard everything.

Ooo what to do.. he scared me using gun.

Did you forget what Boss has warned?

What did he warn?

What ever might be the situation, Even if you are in death bed,

My name should not be disclosed. By chance if you inform.

I will kill you for sure.

I will talk to him.

Tell me Surya

Hello Sir.

Kill Adarsh


Lets put the blame on Abdul Razak.

Ok sir.


Surya listen to me.

Vikram is not a Patriot as you are thinking We are not killing any Terrorists.

He is misusing you guys for his selfishness.

Please believe me sir...

I am not a Terrorist. Infact, I am not a Muslim

Allow me to prove it.

Should I eat pork? I will eat and show.

Killing innocent fellow like me is not patriotism sir.

Its betrayal to our Nation. Please ..please

Open your pant zip.


Open your pant zip and prove you are not a Muslim.

You bloody.

Sir one minute

He is not Adbul Razak.

In fact, He is not a Muslim.

Just now he proved it. Somewhere something is wrong.

Yes you are right he is not Abdul Razak.

He is not a muslim too.

Then why did we kidnap him?

Because he is a Naxalite.

Only terrorists are not betrayal of our country...

...but also people who born here, grew up here but still rasing against our religion, our culture, rituals are also country betrayals.

Even these betrayals should be killed.

What do you say?

Correct sir.. what you said is right

Even these people are anti-nationals. These people should be killed.

What next?

Don't know

I am thinking..

Did you get any idea?


I need your help for that.

Tell me what can I do?

You have to hack Vikram Vasudev's laptop.

We might get some information on his crimes.

Need to hack?


I am not expert in hacking, as you think. I learnt few simple techniques for my movie script.

Using those techniques I dont think, We can hack Vikram's laptop.

If his laptop is installed with powerful Firewall, Antivirus then it will be difficult.

Why don't you give a try. If it works well and good, else We will think some other options.

OK will try. Get refreshed. We will have breakfast



ACP sir, did you get any clue about Suresh?

No Vikram. our team is searching for him.

If he goes to Media, we will be in Jail.

Dont worry he will be caught by today's evening.

Hmm ok fine Sir. Inform me as soon as he is caught.

Here my team is searching for him. If they catch him, I will inform you.

Ok Vikarm. Be cool.

Thank you sir.

David, there are many ways to hack. Which method will you try?

I will use RAT.

RAT means?

Remote Access Tool. It is a Software. Using this you can access remote computers.

I mean, if we isntall this RAT Server Software on Vikram Vasudev's laptop,

I can access his laptop using RAT client on my laptop.

Oo, how to install this RAT software on Vikarm Vasudaev's laptop?

Can install through e-mail.

I didn't understand.

I will merge this RAT software with a document..

...then I'll send this documment via mail to vikram's email id.

As soon as he click on that document,

our RAT Server Software will be installed on his laptop without his knowledge.

Then using RAT Client on our laptop, we can access vikram's laptop.


Thanks David. Download all.


I have donwloaded all. Check them out.

I think these proofs are sufficant to send him to Jail.

Hmm, life term punishment is gauranteed.

But it would be better if We get proof linking ACP Ram and Vikram.

Once arrested, Vikarm might disclose about ACP Ram. Anyhow I will search to get any further proof.

Ok, send these information to all TV channels.

I dont think its a good idea.

Chances are there for Vikam to escape once these information are telecasted on TV channels.

Better let us send it to Commissioner alone.

We will send it to TV channes if no action for taken.


Tell me sir

One bad news vikarm.

What is it?!

Someone has e-mailed all you criminals activties to Commissioner.


Those videos are stored only in my Laptop.

No one will touch my Laptop. Also it is Password Protected.

Someone might have hacked?

Might be,

but who might have done it? hmm was it Suresh?

Even I doubt him.

Did Commissioner got to know?

No. before he could know I have asked to delete it.

Now what to do sir?

Are there any Hacking Expert in your office?

Yes. Rohit.

We got him sir.

Check if his friend's list has person named Suresh?


Hmmm as I expected.



got to know who hacked my Laptop.


David, He is a friend of Suresh. Now both are together.

If we get to know where is David, We can easily catch Suresh.

OK OK, We can look into that issue later. Start immediately from where you are.

Why sir what happend?

The email was sent to Commissioner's personal email id also.

Commissioner is watching all your Crime Videos. Its a very serious case Vikram.

Chances of issuing arrest warrant is very high.

For now, you and your team hide in your friend's Garage.

That place is very safe.

Stay there untill you get the bail. I will meet your lawyer and discuss.

One more thing, leave your car there, and switch off your phones.

No one should suspect your hidden place. I will meet you in personal for any important matter.

Thank you very much sir.

Sir, after analyzing David's Facebook profile, I could make out He is a Film Director.

He is working on a movie based on Hacking.

Means He knows about hacking techniques.

Currently he is staying in his Farmhouse and working on a movie script.

He has updated his Farmhouse location.

Wow! Suresh, I got a solid proof about the connection between Vikarm and ACP Ram

Is it ? Show it.. See me...

Vikram!! Come come..

How dare you hack my Laptop?


Where is he?

No I dont know,.please.. I dont know,

You dont know? You dont know? Please

Criminal Vikram Vasudev has absconded and Police are searching for him

We should have killed him when we had a chance.

I made a mistake.

Yes sir, you did a big mistake leaving him alive.

ACP Ram sir.

Have a seat Sir.

Sir, what are you doing ?

Without my knowledge, you had recorded while I was taking bribe !!

Arrest warrant is issued in my name also. I will be jailed because of you.

Sir I think its not safe to stay here.

What shall we do sir?

Lets go to Singapore.

Hi to all.

I called this Pressmeet to disclose all the crimes committed by Vikram.

Then, how I was trapped in this Crime, the difficulties I faced, what all I've lost.

I'd already shared all the details and documents to Media via email.

I'm not Abdul Razak nor Terrorist. My name is Suresh. I'm a Hardware Engineer.

Two days back after completing my work at late night, I was waiting for a cab near a bus stop to go home.


Yes it will go, get in.

I'm not trying to kill you.

Then who else?

Adarsh AnandRao.

I did what my Boss ordered.

Who is your boss.

Vikram Vasudev.


you are right.

he is not Abdul Razak, he is not muslim.

Then why did we kidnap him sir?

Because he is a Naxalite..

He killed my Friend.

He should not die so easily. He has to get tortured and then die.

His death should be useful to us.

His leaders have nurture many naxals like him.

They are killing Police. They should learn the value of life.

I will inform them. They will watch his death in live.

Surya, you both go and search Adarsh.

definately he will go to the Police.

Before that I want him Dead or Alive.

Let him be here till tomorrow night.

We will show him how the hell looks.



Infact I should thank you

Please, tell me the truth now.

What was that urgent matter?

Why are you upset?

Love failure.

Why? Didn't she agree to marry you?


She is in love with some one else.

She is willing to marry him.

shall I elope her?

I don't want to marry her forcefully.

How will you forget her?

I won't forget.

I will lead a lavish life in front of her.

She ditched me because she is rich.

I have to earn more than she has.

She should feel jealous of my richness.

I am not getting profit from my software company.

I cant relay on this company to fulfill my aim.

So I am planning to start an illegal business.

What business?

Drugs business.


For a quick earn I don't find any other better way.

OK how can I help you?

I will get drugs from foreign.

You have to use yous boys to deliver them directly to the consumers.

You will get your share in profit.

But this is very difficult work Vikarm. The team already in drug business will not allow us to do it.

You don't worry Krishna.

We are not doing this business in Underworld, but in Cyber Underworld.

No one can make out who is supplying, who is ordering or who is delivering.

every one will be anonymous.

what is Cyber Underworld?

This Cyber Underworld is a part of internet.

Technically it is called Deepweb or Darknet.

The internet we all use in general is called Surface Web.

Users who access these websites can be traced out by Police easily.

So cyber criminals cant escape here.

But this surface web is only 5%...

...Remaining 95% internet is cyber underworld !!!

Our identity will be anonymous as soon as we connect to this Deepweb.

No one can trace our identity. No one can trace out the server locations.

Since this Deepweb is so secured, Many scary crimes are happening here.

If you need further info search for Deepweb or Darknet in google.

You will understand better.

OK, I still din't understand it clearly. I'll google and will find it out.

But how to do this drug business in Deepweb?


We have launched our own website in this Deepweb. Its called Smoothroad.

It is just like Flipkart, Amazon but this is a Black Market site.

Here you get only illegal goods including drugs.

We shall sell all the drugs at low price because We don't have to pay for Middle Men.

Consumers will access the website.

After registering themself to this website they will place the order for the drugs.

Your boys should deliver those drugs to the mentioned address.

But no one should make out who and from where these drugs are supplied.

Sir, how will the drug consumers enter into this Deepweb?

I feel, its not safe to explain here about how they enter.

Because many people are watching me.

My aim is to bring up an awareness about Deepweb to common people and but not to give ideas to the Criminals.

I too have social responsibility. Hope you understand.

I want to expose information about Cyber Underworld and the scary crimes happening inside it to the common people.

They will take the precautions that is needed.

How will the consumers do the payment for the drugs they have ordered?

Through Online transfer.

That means we can easily make out the bank account from where amount was credited right?

Then how will it be anonymous?

They are not transfering Indian currency but BITCOIN. It is a Digital Currency.

This currency doesn't belongs to any country.


I am not able to understand it.

Krishna you don't worry about the bitcoin. I will give your share in cash only.

That drugs should be delivered to the correct address with no interrupts.

Will it be possible?

Yes it is possible.

This drug business was running fine for few months.

But one day, four delivery boys working under Krishna flew away with 10 Crore Drugs.



10 crores worth drugs Krishna!!!

Its not a joke.

What ever it is, I need those drugs back. Your boys who robbed drugs should die.

At last We got our drugs back. Three boys elopped. One fellow was caught.

We tortured him and killed. I recorded and sent it to my Boss.

I was watching this video.

I got a brilliant idea to make money in a quick way.

What is that idea?


RED ROOM!?? What is that?!

RED ROOM is a reality show in internet where humans are tortured and murdered.

In this program they will torture the humans. Finally they are killed.

This program is live streamed in one of the website in Deepweb.

Since this show is in deepweb, its not possible to get the information about

the location where this program is shot, who is conducting this show,

the server which is streaming this video, and the audience who are watching this show.

Since you said they earn lot of money, So audience need to pay to watch it right?

Exactly! Usually Audience are Rich.

They will be in some country in their private place and watching this show.

Its unbelivable. Do such people exist to watch such program?

Yes sir.

Usually they are Psychopaths.

They will have distorted mind to watch people getting tortured in live.

These people will pay in bitcoin and register to such websites.

This show will be started at the announced time.

These psycos will have live chat with show organizers.

They will convey which body part has to be deformed.

Right hand wrist

Organizers will deform that part in the show. Psycos will enjoy watching this.

Different price for Deforming different parts. More price for killing to death.

O MY GOD. can't belive. Do such Psycos exist?


Its an entertainment for them. They are ready to pay any amount for this show.

How will these psycos come to know about our show?

How to find these psycos?

there are many ways.

You dont need to worry about it. you both should run this show.

Both of you will get good share.

what do you say?

I am OK.


I am also OK..

but whom will we torture and kill in this show?

We will be torturing ORPHANS.

Even if they go missing, no one should be there to complaint about their missing.

Even if someone gives a compalint, not a problem,

I can handle the Police.

Means we need to search those orphans ?

You don't have to search. My friend is a Detective.

He will do a research on orphans and will share the detail.

We will kidnap them and will place in this Redroom show.

But the major challege we have is kidnapping them.

For this work, I need 3 or 4 Patriots.

They should be anger on Terrorists.

Do you know such Fellows Krishna?

I know one Guy.

Tell me Mr.Surya, your thought about terrorists. I've an intelligent special team.

They will search those terrorists and share there information to us.

We will share same to you.

you should watch them and kidnap them and handover to us with out leaving any clue.

You were kidnapped because you are an orphan.

Got it.

Till now how many orphans have you murdered in RED ROOM?

Approximately 25 to 30.

its very Painful that we are misusing this technology.

Is your GPS on?

Just for the sake of money they have tortured and killed many innocent people.

They have killed my friends who have not done any mistake.

I request Police to arrest these criminals as soon as possbile.

These criminals should be hanged till death.

Even ACP Ram who helped them should be in prisioned till death.

I have full hope on our police and judiciary system.

I hope I will get justice. Thank you.


Who are you?

Abdul Razak.

OO is it you?

Where did you get his video?

It was in Vikram's laptop.

He has recorded this without your knowledge.

Did you share this video with anyone else?

To all news channels. Also to the Commissioner.

Why are you silent? Are you afraid ACP sir ?

Don't worry as of now I've not shared it to any one else.

But I've scheduled an auto-email for 10 PM tonight to all TV Channels.

I have attached your video in that email.

Vikarm has killed many innocent with no mercy.

You helped such a Cruel person. So even you might have to go to Jail.

Just imagine your family's life and your image if you go to Jail?

Please discard that email.

Delete the video.


I will discard this email.

I will delete that video also.

But you should do what I say.

Tell me what should I do?

Have a seat Sir.

Now you will learn the value of life.

To make money, you have tortured and killed so many innocent people.

you are a Psyco.

Even you should feel the same pain as they felt.

You killed my innocent friends.

People like you should not be alive.

you should die with tortue and pain.

Printf software solution company CEO Vikarm Vasudev ..and his team are hiding after killing many innocnet people ..in the name of red room show just for the sake of money.

ACP Ram who was supporting them is also eloped from yesterday night.

Home Minister has assured Vartha TV that very soon they will be arrested.