Bury the Past (2021) - full transcript

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(door closing)

(woman sniffling)


(doorknob jiggling)

No locked doors in this house.

Oh, baby.

Look what you made me do now.

I'm sorry if I lost my temper,

But you know how it is.

I wouldn't get so mad if...

If you...

If you didn't love me so much.

That's right.

That's exactly right.

I wouldn't get so mad if
I didn't love you so much.

This will heal.

All wounds do in time.

You can take
the week off from work.

Catch up on your shows.

How's that sound?

Sounds good.


Maybe when I get back,

You and I can make up
the old fashioned way.

Doesn't that sound nice?


I love you more than
anything in this world.

You know that, right?


(doorbell ringing)

Hey, man.

Come on. Let's got.
We gotta step on it. Let's go.

Why are you keeping me waiting?

I know, I know. Don't ask.


(car door closing)

(car engine starting)

(front door opening)

Hey, lizzie, just me.
Forgot my phone.

Now what do you
think you're doing?



No, no, no, no!

Get back here!

I'm in charge, I'm in charge!

You understand me?
Allen! No!


Get up, get up!


oh, god.

Oh, my god. Allen.

(breathing heavily)

(starting car)

Liz. Liz!





Hey, hey, hey.
Alice, you're okay.

You must have had
another nightmare.

You alright?

Yeah. I'm okay.

I love you.

I love you, too.

(doorbell ringing)

(phone vibrating)


Hi, laura,
I just got the manuscript.

How goes it?
It looks long.

Oh, maybe you can edit it?

Yeah, sure.
Yeah, I'll get to it right away.

(doorbell ringing)
great, let me know
when you're done okay?

Can I call you back later?

Well, yeah, sure.

Thanks, bye.

It's great to see you again,

It's a great
neighbourhood you got here.

It's really clean.
Really friendly.

Looks like you found yourself
a little slice of heaven, huh?

Aren't you gonna invite me in?


Nice place you got here.

What'd this run you
and your new husband?

Did you get a sweet deal
from your sister-in-law?

That's a rude question, sorry.

I already know
that answer though.

is that coffee I smell?

What, don't you have
any almond milk?

What are you doing?

Fixing myself a cup of joe.
What's it look like?

You know,
normally I avoid dairy.

So, if this plays
hell with my ulcer,

I'm holding you
personally responsible, liz.

I mean, alice.

Can I call you liz?

Seeing as we're old friends?

Can I--
can I call my husband before--

Before what?

Before you arrest me.

Arrest you?

I'm not even on duty.

In fact, I'm on vacation.

The water here is gorgeous.

I'm gonna do a little fishing.

You know, get a little r and r.

But if I was on duty,

What would I arrest you for?


that's right.

You murdered your husband.

My partner,
and last time I checked,

That's, you know,
that's a pretty serious crime.

It was self-defence.

He was going to kill me.

You're talking about
a dear friend of mine.

A decorated officer of the law.

That does not square
with the man that I knew.

You knew who he was.
You saw the bruises.

You were clumsy.

You were prone to accidents.

I heard those exact words

From that mouth

More than once.

He was a monster.

I'm not here to
argue with you, liz.

I do know that the authorities
would have been more

Open to hearing your claims
had you not fled the scene,

Fled the state,
created a new phony identity,

And landed yourself
a new husband.

How did you find me?

didn't you know that I would?

I mean, deep down?

You ever play with any
facial recognition software?

It's amazing.

Now, you've been good
about keeping a low profile,

But there was this charity
event your brother-in-law roger

Was involved with.

You weren't dumb enough
to pose for any photos,

But you did,
you slipped up just a little.

You were in the background
of a shot that was posted on

Social media,
and, well, here we are.

Luckily for you,
the lead detective on

Allen's murder case,

Not so tech savvy.

What do you want, ray?

I want a whole lot of things,

But, for now, I'll take a boat.


Yeah. $100,000.

I get my boat.
You get to keep your new life.

Win, win.
No, no. I don't--

I don't have that much money.


Look at this place.

I'm sure you can come up
with a hundred large.

No, I can't.

Well, I guess your new husband
will have to then, right?

'cause I'm sure that you've told
him all about your past life.


He doesn't know anything,
does he?


A good relationship is built on
the foundation of trust, liz.

Oh, I mean alice.

That's gonna take
some getting used to.

Where are you going?

Got some fishing to do.

Why don't you
work on that money?

I'll be in touch.

It's nice seeing you again, liz.

(breathing heavily)

(doorbell ringing)

(doorbell ringing)

Whoa, what's going on?
Are you okay?

Hi, carrie. Yeah, I'm fine.

You don't look fine.

It's nothing. I'm fine.

I was just feeling
a little nauseous.

I think I drank too much coffee.

But I'm good now. What's up?

Aren't we going on a hike?

Right. It's Thursday.

Yeah, but if you're
not feeling up to it--

No, no. A hike sounds good.
I could use the fresh air.

Just give me a minute.

So, roger got a new assistant

Who's not more than 22,

And he's already
flirting with her.


It's harmless. I mean,
if anything it's embarrassing.

She's way out of his league.

Does marty ever do that?


Does marty ever flirt with
other women in front of you?


Not even his secretary?
She's pretty cute.

What's her name?


No, no. Marty's not like that.

What you trying to saying?

You got the good brother
and I got the bad one?

No. I didn't mean that.

Alice, I'm joking.

What's gotten into you?

What do you mean?

Nothing. I'm just
distracted by the park.

It's so beautiful.

Really? You think?

Of course.
Yeah, just look at it.

I guess so.

You know, it's different
when you grow up here.

I always thought I would leave
this place and never come back,

But small towns have
a way of trapping you.

Haven't you ever felt trapped?

Yeah, I have, but not here.

I've never felt more at home.

Aw. Well, I'm glad
you found us.

Me, too.

I always wanted a sister.


Okay. Enough of all
this sentimental stuff.

I don't want to jeopardize
my reputation as a badass.


You here?



How was your day?

Better now.

(car beeping)


May I come in?

How'd you find me?

There are only
two motels in town.

You still drive the same car.

It's parked out
front of your room.

I thought I told you
I'd come to you.

Well, here I am.


Want an onion ring?


It's everything I have.

I want you to take it
and I never want to

See your face again.

I said $100,000.

I thought I was pretty
clear about that point.

Well, I don't have it.
So, you have two choices.

You can take this money

Or you can turn me in
and get nothing.


Times really have changed, huh?

You used to be such
a skittish little thing.

Afraid of her own shadow.

Now look at you.

Telling me what--

Don't touch me.



Yeah, that's the liz
that I remember.

Let go of me.
That's right.

You don't tell me
what to do, alright?

Do you understand me?

I'm the one in charge here,

And I want to hear you say it.

Say it!

You're in charge.
You're in charge.

I'm sorry. What was that?

You're in charge!

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

There, baby.

Now, I don't want
to hear another thing

About how you might not be
able to get this money, okay?

I've seen your house.
Your husband's car.

I've seen where he works.

That's right. Who do you
think you're dealing with?

Do you know the scumbags that
I come across on a daily basis?

And you really thought
that you can strong arm me?

Hey, I almost admire that
new-found confidence, liz.


I'm going to that this
seventeen grand as a per diem,

But I'm going to need the full
hundred tomorrow night.

I can't do that. It's too soon.
I don't have enough time.

Tomorrow. I'll call you.


And don't come back, okay?

I might not be in such
a good mood next time.

(car beeping)



It's okay.
What's wrong?

It's nothing.
I just didn't hear you come in.

How was your day?


Did you go anywhere?



Marty. Marty.

What? What's wrong.


(footsteps creaking downstairs)

Marty, wait--


Marty, wait.



Maybe we left it open.

No. I checked all the doors
before I went to bed.

Well, you know, it doesn't
look like it was forced open.

We need to get out of here.


Hey, what's wrong?


Hey, hey, hey. Breathe.

We're safe. There's nobody here.


Okay, breathe. You're okay.

No, I'm not okay, marty.

Come on, let's go to bed.

I'm not okay, marty.
Nothing's okay.


I need you to
tell me what's going on.


Can you sit down, please?


I don't know how
to tell you this.

Are you seeing someone else?

No. What? No, marty.

Can you just tell me the truth?

That is the truth.
That's the truth, marty.

It's nothing like that.
I saw you today,

Coming out of
some guy's motel room.

Oh my god, no.

What else am I
supposed to think?

What were you even
doing there, alice?

That's not my name.


I mean, it is now,

But it wasn't before.

Uh, okay.

What are you talking about?
I was married before.

Um, okay.
Why wouldn't you tell me this?

To a very cruel man.

You know the scars
on my back, marty?

Yeah, of course.

He hurt me, marty. A lot.

The first time he hit me,
I left.

We weren't married yet.

But he said that he would kill
himself if I didn't forgive him.

He promised that he
would never do it again.

And then he broke me down,
piece by piece,

Until there was
hardly anything left.

He isolated me.

Said that if I ever
told anyone he'd kill me.

Oh, my god.

And he had killed people before.
He was a police officer.

So, I couldn't call them,
'cause they were his friends,

They were his buddies,
and they wouldn't believe me.

And I couldn't tell anyone.

I am so sorry.

Was that him today at the motel?
Is he stalking you?

Because I'll make him stop,
I swear to god.

That wasn't him.

Then who was it?

It's his partner.


I gotta to sit down.
Can you sit down, please?

Three years ago,

I finally left him.

There was no plan really.

It was so impulsive,

So he caught me.

He told me he was gonna kill me.

He grabbed me
and I tried to fight him off

At the top of the stairs, and...

...He fell, and he died.

And I ran away.


So, I am a killer
and a wanted woman.

That's who you're married to,

And I know that it's
probably too late to say this,

But I am sorry. I am very sorry.

Listen to me.

It was self-defence.

You did whatever
you had to do to survive.


That's not my name though.

Yes it is. Look at me.

Look at me.

Your name is alice,

And you're my wife.

And I love you
more than anything.


I'll borrow the money
from my brother.

I can get a business loan,
it's just gonna take too long.

he'll come through for me.

What are you going to tell him?

I won't tell him anything.

You don't have to do this,
you know.

Any of it.

What are you talking about?

It's a lot of money.

It's not your problem.

Yes, it is.

Your problems are my problems,
got it?

And, yeah, this is a big one.

But we can handle it.

Look, I'll figure out the money.

It's a small price to pay if
it's going to save us, you know?

We'll get through this together.

A hundred grand?

What's it for?

I'd rather not get into that.

You want to borrow 100k
and you don't want to

Tell me what it's for?


Does alice know about this?

Look, the less questions
on this the better, okay?

Roger, please.

Damn. What kind of trouble

You getting yourself into,
little brother?

(patio door opening)

You guys need any more coffee?

No, carrie. I'm good.
Thank you, though.

So, what are you talking about?

Nothing, you know?

Just, uh, business.

Mind giving us a minute?


Look, I'm in a real tight spot,
and you know I'm good for it.

What kind of
interest you thinking?

Whatever you think is fair.


Okay. Fine. No interest.

On one condition.

Someday. I don't care when,

But someday you tell me
what this is all about.


But you cannot tell carrie,

That is not gonna be easy, man.

You know her.

Okay, fine.
I'll keep my mouth shut.

(phone vibrating)


Our husbands
are up to something.

What do you mean?

They were outside
talking together,

And then they left together.

Do you know what's going on?

It's probably nothing.

Yeah, but marty doesn't
usually just pop by for coffee.

I'm sure it's nothing.

It's probably just
some business thing.

Hm. Maybe.

(phone beeping)

Carrie, I'm gonna
have to call you back.

Okay. Let me know
if you hear anything.

I will.



We'll meet tonight. 10:00.


Maybe I should have come alone.

No way.

He's not gonna like
that you're here.

Yeah, well,
he doesn't have to like it.

Do you think it's weird that
we're meeting him way out here?

I mean, it doesn't feel safe.

I'm sure he doesn't
want any witnesses.

He's committing extortion,
blackmail, god knows what else.

Some police officer.

He and allen used to steal
money from drug dealers.

Are you serious?

He used to brag to me
all about it all the time.


Well, after tonight, he can go
back to shaking down criminals

And we'll go back to our life.

Aw, what a beautiful couple.

Be careful, marty.

She tell you what
she did to her last husband?

We've got your money.

Let's see it.

If we give this to you,
I never want to see you

Around her again, got it?

That's... That's really cute.

The fact that you think you're
actually in driver's seat.

We know who's in charge, ray.

Just take the money and go.

What was that?


Bring it to me.

No, no, no, no.

I want liz to bring it to me.

Alice. That's her name.

Well, you'll never
know her like I do, pal.

I'm the one
bringing this to you,

Whether you like it or not.

No, it's okay, marty,
I can do it.

It's okay, babe. It's okay.

Look at that.

Your brother roger finally
came through for you, huh?

Oh, that's right.
I know lots of things.

I'm very thorough.
That's why I'm good at my job.

You want this shaving kit back?

Keep it.

Are you sure? It's pretty nice.

Is that... Is this real leather?

Boom. There it is.
I recognize that look.

You're wondering if you can
grab my gun before I do, right?

No, I'm not.

No? Why not?

That's what a real man would do.

Let's go, marty.
Let's just get out of here.

You know,
a real man would not let anyone

Look at his wife the wrong way,

Let alone blackmail her.

Ray, stop it!

You got what you wanted.

Stop it, ray!

Go for it.
Stop it.

You've got what you wanted.

Come on.

Go for it.

You better go for it before--

Marty, no!

please, stop!

Marty! No!

marty, no!

Stop it!



(gun firing)

Oh, my god!

We have to go.

Let's go.

We need to go.

Are you okay?


Yeah. Yeah. I'm okay.

Do you think he's--

I don't know.
I don't know. I think so.

What am I going to do?

I should do it.

I should turn myself in.

I'm not going to
let you do that.

I'm not going to let you get
in trouble for something I did.

Alice, I shot him.

Might have killed him.

I'll tell them that I did it.

And I'd tell them the truth
and they'll believe me,

Because my fingerprints
are on that gun.

Oh, my god. I know I should
have taken it with us

When we got out of there.

I just wasn't
thinking straight, you know?

Cause you're not a criminal,

I can't believe
I got you into this.

Hey. This is not your fault,
you understand me?

And we're gonna be okay.

From this point on,
we're in this together, okay?


Any news?

No. Nothing.

So, what are we going to do now?

we just go about our normal day,

But I'm gonna drive past
there on my way to work.

Marty, no!

I have to.

The cops could be
there right now.

Yeah, well,
if the cops are there,

I'll just keep driving,

But at least we'll know
what we're dealing with.

I'm coming with you.

No, you just need
to let me do this, alright?

I promise I'll be careful.

Marty, are you there?

There's nothing here.

There's no car. There's no ray.

What? What do you mean?

I don't know. There's nothing.
(doorbell ringing)


Someone's at the door.

Don't answer it.
Alice, get out of there.

No, this is our house.

No, alice! Go out the back!

Alice, go out the back!

Does 3:00 o'clock work for you?

Perfect, no, this house
is absolutely adorable,

I've think it's
going to be the one.

Okay, sounds good.

Okay. I'm so sorry. I just--
I think I drank too much coffee.


Alice! Talk to me!

It's just carrie.

Oh, god.

You should go to work, marty.

I love you.

I love you, too.

So, did marty tell you what
him and roger are up to?


Well, did you even ask?


Why not?

Because I trust marty.

If there was going on
that I needed to know about,

He'd tell me.

Now you're just trying
to make me look bad.

no, I'm not.

We can't all be
as enlightened as you.

I hate it when I know
something's going on

And I don't know what it is.
It drives me crazy.

Afternoon, ladies.


He was pretty hot, right?

I don't know, I guess so.

(car honking)


You should really
get some spicy mustard.


Are you-- are you okay?

Now you're worried about
my well-being, huh?

Where was that
concern last night

When your husband shot me
and you left me for dead, huh?

Truth be told,

That hurt my feelings.

You reached for your gun.

That is not how I remember it.

Luckily, I was wearing
my kevlar vest.

I figured that marty
would do something stupid.

You know, you really should
keep your eye on that guy.

I don't think
he's right for you.

Let me get you your money,
and we can end this.

Oh, that's okay.

I already got it.

Why do you look so surprised?

It was in your dresser.

It's a good thing I got it
before some bad guy did.

Okay. Well, I'm sorry
about last night.

You're sorry?

Yes, but now you've
got what you wanted,

And now you can go.

Now, why would I do that?

Because you said you would.

you bought my silence.

I didn't say anything
about staying away.

Please, ray.

You know, the truth is,

I like this whole
small town vibe.

People are so friendly,
you know?

I'm actually thinking
of buying a place here.

However, I'm going to
need marty to help out

With that down payment.

Least he could do after
trying to kill me, right?

Why are you doing this?

Well, because I'm starving.

No. I won't let you.

You can ruin my life,

But I won't let
you ruin marty's.

Hey, where are you going?

To turn myself in.

(car engine starting)

(people talking indistinctly)

Here are the drawings
of the counter.

Thank you, josie.

Also, you do have a meeting at--
(phone vibrating)

Sorry, josie. Just one second.


Hey, marty, it's ray.

Your wife is about to
make a huge mistake.

Hold my calls.

What are you doing?

How did you know?

He called me.

It's the only way this ends.

He's not going away.

He already wants more money.

Okay, we'll figure it out.

No, I will not let you
keep doing this.

You remember those vows we took?

'cause I take them
pretty seriously. Don't you?

Of course I do,
but this will destroy us!

He's a sick man,
he was in our house.


That's right.

It's not just about money.

He's enjoying this.

Okay, so, maybe we'll, um...

We'll run away.


Yeah, you did it once before.
You didn't have a choice.

You'll do it again,
but we'll do it together.

Where would we go?

I don't know.

No, marty.

I just need some time to
think about it and figure out--

Marty. No.

Running away means leaving
your entire life behind.

You're my entire life.

No, I'm not.

You have a family.

Your parents.

Your brother.

You grew up here.

You have roots. A job.

I won't let you
throw it all away.

I'm not letting you throw
your life away either.

What are we gonna do?

I don't know,

But we'll figure
it out together.

(phone vibrating)

Yeah, this is ray.

Yes, yes. Thank you.

Thank you for
getting back to me.

The place looks
absolutely beautiful.

I would love to see it
as soon as possible.

Great. Sounds perfect.

Thank you.

So sorry.

Took me longer to get
over here than I thought.

Between you and I,
some clients can be so needy.

Well, I will not
be one of those.

I guarantee it.
Scout's honour.

Oh, I'm just teasing.
I adore all my clients.

Is that right?

Well, almost all of them.

I'm carrie agnello.

Well, nice to meet you,
ms. Agnello.

I'm ray simmons.

Oh, yeah. Detective ray simmons.


How exciting!

That's what most people think,
but I hate to break it to you,

The job is not really
that exciting these days.

It's just a lot of
internet research.

I'm sure you have stories.

I'm sure you do, too.

Honestly? I do.

Sometimes I feel like
I'm in a soap opera,

But I am very discreet.

I think you're going
to love this place.

It's perfect for a family.

Well, I don't have
one of those yet.


No, but I do have
my eye on someone.

Ooh, lucky lady.

Yeah, she drives me crazy,

Well, sounds like love.

Come on in.

If turn-key is what
you're after, look no further.

Everything's been updated.

The kitchen, the bathrooms
all the furnishings.

I just love all this
natural light, don't you?


Feels like home.

Well, I'm not one to hover.
Feel free to explore.

Alright, thank you.


Maybe it's time
to call his bluff.

What do you mean?

I mean, just tell him it's over.

Tell him he's not going to
get anything else from us.

If he turns me in,
we turn him in for blackmail.

I don't like it.

Why not? I mean, at the very
least he'll lose his job.

He's not gonna throw
everything away to punish me.

I hate to say it,
but I think that he might.

It's the way he
looks at you, alice.

It's like he's obsessed.

This guy is not stable.

God knows what he's
going to try to do next.

Oh, my god.
I totally forgot about this.


We're supposed to have dinner
with roger and carrie tonight.

I've lost track of everything.

I know.
I'm just going to cancel.

No. Don't.

You sure?

Yeah, I'm sure.

We can't let ray
control our lives.

I made that mistake with allen
and I'm not gonna make it again.

You're the strongest
person I've ever met.

I don't feel strong.

Yeah, well, you are.

I think, 5:00 will be fine...

(gasping, laughing)

I'm so sorry.

No, no, no. Don't be silly,
I just got startled.

So, what do you think?

Well, I think it might
be my dream home.

I love to hear that!

I mean, if you're serious,
though, about making an offer,

Don't wait,
'cause this is not gonna last.

(doorbell ringing)

Welcome! Come in, come in!

I hope you both
brought your appetites.

I got a little overly
ambitious in the kitchen.

You trying to impress us?

We actually have
a special guest.

It's going to be fun.

(men speaking indistinctly)


Alice, marty.
This is ray simmons.

Oh. Hey, guys.

Pleasure to meet you, marty.


Yeah, and alice, was it?

It's a pleasure.

So, ray is a policeman.

A detective from detroit,
but he's thinking of relocating

To fairview,
especially since his fabulous

Real estate agent
found him the perfect house.

Now, we'll see about that.

Don't be coy.

I'm going to get an offer out of
you by the end of the night.

Yeah, she will too, man.
You better believe it.

You have fallen
right into her web.

Hey, alice. Hi.



What are you two drinking?

Here you go.
Oh, excellent.

You know, I just opened
a nice bottle of white.

Do you want a glass?

Yeah? Beer?

Yeah. Beer sounds good.

I'll get you another
one for you, too, buddy?

Yes, please. Thank you, buddy.

You know, ray has been
telling us the craziest stories.

You would not believe
the trouble that some people

Get themselves into.

I don't know about that.
I think they might get it.

Actually, you two look
kind of suspicious to me.

(carrie and roger laughing)

My little brother
is plenty of things,

But suspicious
is not one of them.

No, I was the one always
getting into trouble.

He was mom and dad's
perfect little angel.

Well, now, you see,
those are the ones you gotta

Watch out for, you know?

The people who
seem the most normal

Will have the darkest secrets.

(roger laughing)
I love this guy.

Total ballbuster just like me.

(carrie laughing)

Hey, cheers?


(carrie chuckling)

So, ray, what made you
decide to leave detroit?

Well, you know, I've always
wanted to go to a small town.

You know, a place with a real,

Um, a real sense of community.

Small town's aren't perfect.

I'm not looking for perfect.

I'll settle for good.

But to answer your question,

A few years back something
happened to me that just

Changed me forever.

My... My partner was killed.

Oh, my god. I'm so sorry.

That's rough, man.

Was it in the line of duty?

Honey, I don't think he
wants to give us details.

No, it's fine.

Allen and I had more than
a couple of close calls.

We were shot at many times.

We were both stabbed.

In fact, one night a meth head
tried to slit my throat

With this broken beer bottle.


Yeah, I mean,
comes with the territory.

Gotta be a little crazy
to do this job.

Anyway, the sad part was that

After all those close calls,

He didn't die in
the line of duty.

He was, um...

He was killed by his wife.

My biggest fear.


He's talking about the death
of his partner, his friend!

You're right.

I meant no offense, ray.

I'm not good with this
kind of thing, you know?

I don't know know
what to say at all.

None taken, you know?

Nobody knows how
to deal with death.

So, why did she do it?


Why did she kill her husband?


Well, I don't know the answer
to that question, marty.

But she did run.

They never caught her?


That's terrible.

So, she's just
out there somewhere? Free?


That must be hard on you.

Yeah. It really is.

I'm not much of a religious man,

But I do believe that
our sins catch up to us.

You know, just a matter of time.

Unless, of course,
we atone for them.

(carrie, roger,
and ray laughing)

I'll drink to that.

So, now that it's just us boys,

Are there any other
stories you can tell us?

What do you want to know?

You know.
Did you ever do anything,

You know, off the books?

Are you asking me if
I did anything illegal?

Is that what you want to know?

If I broke my oath
to uphold the law?

Alright, I am so sorry,
I've had too much scotch.

Do you have any idea
how disrespectful that is?

Ray. Look, ray--

No, you look.


I'm just messing with you.


You are a trip, man.

I would not wanna be
a criminal in your sights.

I'm good.

Lightweight. Yeah.

Mm, you know what?
I do have one other story.

Kinda of a gnarly one though.

That's what I'm talking about.

The guy was a real pervert.

You mean like marty?

I'm sure marty's got his kinks,
but this guy was a pig.

He liked to abuse girls.

You know, some real sick stuff.

Allen and I,
we get a hold of him,

And he is just
this real smug guy.

You know, he's got money.

Instead of keeping
his mouth shut,

He's bragging
about his attorney.

I notice that he's got
these soft little hands,

And I started thinking about

What that smug prick did
with those soft little hands.

And so,

I take the left
but allen takes the right,

And we go finger by finger,

And we just start
snapping them like twigs.


And they start swelling up
like fat little sausages,

And he's screaming
and he's crying

And he's not talking
about no lawyer now, right?

He's begging us to stop,
and that is,

It's like sweet
music to my ears.

That's brutal, man.


But then I think,
"that's not enough."

No, no, no, no.

So, I got this
tool box in my trunk.

I given allen
the ball-peen hammer

And I take the needle-nose
pliers for myself,

And we start--

Marty? It's time to go.

I've got an early morning.

Yeah, yeah. Of course.

been a real pleasure, marty.

I'm sure I'll see
you around town.

You're not getting
another dime out of us.

She's my wife. You got that?

Yeah, man. I got it.
Loud and clear.

Alice, it was very
nice meeting you,

And I think you should drive,
'cause this guy's been

Knocking 'em back.

And, you know, you guys wouldn't
want to get pulled over.

(both laughing)

A little uptight,
that dude, man.

Oh, yeah. I know.

Okay, he is insane.

You can't believe the things
he was bragging about.

Allen used to do the same thing.

Babe, I am so sorry you had
to live with such a monster.

He's not going away.

Well, so, what else does
he want from us?

To make us suffer.
Yeah, but why?

Because that's what guys
like ray and allen like to do.

Okay, well,
maybe we need to go away.

No, I told you I won't
let you do that.

No, no.
I mean, like, on a vacation.

Let things blow over.

He'd going to get
bored eventually, right?

And move on, right?
No, he won't.

How can you be so sure?

Because I've lived
through this before.

He's not going anywhere.

And neither are we.

(phone pinging)

(phone pinging)

(sirens blaring)


Evening, ma'am.

Are you--
are you a police officer?

Oh, a detective.

That is correct.

Do you know why
I pulled you over?


You were texting and driving.

I am so sorry about that.

I promise I won't
do it ever again.

Well, as convincing as that is,

That is not the way
the law sees it.

I'm gonna have to
write you a ticket.

Wait, detectives can
give traffic tickets?

Do you think this is funny?

I need you to step
out of the car, ma'am.

But I was just kidding--

Not asking. I need you to
step out of the car, ma'am.

I'm so sorry, officer.
I didn't mean any disrespect.

You questioned my authority,

But you didn't
mean any disrespect?

Again, I'm sorry.

It's late and I'm tired.
Have you been drinking?

No. No.
You sure?


Well, that makes one of us.

I don't--

Come on.

(laughing awkwardly)

I'm just messing with you.
Lighten up.

What are you--
what are you doing?

You know whose fingerprints
are on this weapon?

Your boss. Marty agnello.

How do you know who my boss is?

Oh, josie. Josie, josie.

I know all kinds of things.

Who were you texting?

It was my b-- my boyfriend.

That's good. That's real good.

I'm going to need
you to call him back.

And I want you to
tell him that mr. Agnello

Wants to you, and that
he's acting a little weird.

And then you
tell him you gotta go.

Is that clear?

Josie, look at me.

I am not asking.


(phone dialing)


What's going on?

Mr. Agnello is
acting really weird.

You sound upset.
Is everything okay?

He asked me to meet him.

Listen, I gotta go, he's coming.

Wait, stay! Stay!

That was really, really good.

You know,
you should be an actress.


Can you do something for me?


No, honestly.
Can you do me a favour?

Please, anything. Please just--

Can you make a scaredy face?

Come on, josie.
You can do better than that.

Now, make a scaredy face, okay?

Come on.

Please don't. Please don't.

Come on, josie.


(gun firing)

(door opening)


What is it?

(rustling downstairs)

Wait. Wait!

Get out of my house!

Do you hear me, ray?

What is it?

I see him.


I'm not going to let
you do this to us.

You leave us alone,
you understand me?

You leave us alone!

Marty. Come on. Let's just go.


(birds chirping)

Are you sure you don't
want me to stay here?

I could just
work from home today.

No, we're not going to
let him control our lives.




You call me any time, okay?


Hey, man.

Mr. Agnello?


Detective morris. Fairview pd.

We'd like to ask
you a few questions.

Uh, sure. What's this regarding?

Your assistant. Josie benson.

Oh, josie. Yeah.
She's not here yet.

I guess she's running late.

Any idea why that may be?

(phone vibrating)

Marty? Where are you?

I'm at the police station.

What happened? Are you okay?

Josie's dead.


She was murdered.

It was ray.

The police think it was me.

What? That's insane!

Yeah, I know.

Okay, I'm coming down there.

Alice, no!
I'll tell them everything.

Alice! No!

Listen to me.

We can't panic right now, okay?

He tried to pin this on me,

But it's not going to stick.
There's no way.

I'm not going to lose you.

But they'll listen to me.

Listen to what
you're saying, okay?

If you come down here
and tell them that you killed

One of their own,
even if it was self-defence,

It's going to help me.

It's just going to
make things worse.

Alright, what I need you to do,

Is just sit tight
and please be careful.

Do you understand?

I understand.


Look, I gotta go.

I'll call you when I can.
I love you.

I love you, too.



(car door closing)

Oh, shit.


Are you hungry?

You know, it's nothing fancy
like your sister-in-law makes.

Just burgers and fries.

You know, sometimes it's
the little things in life

That make you happy,

And I sure would like
to make you happy, alice.


I see you found
my photo collection.


What can I say?

I guess I'm old school.

You know, I don't like to
look at photos on my phone.

I like to be able to hold them.

I like to be able to touch them.



Okay, honey. Have a good day!

Yeah, I could use some fresh
towels when you get a chance.


(car starting)

I'm detective morris,
fairview pd.

We have a warrant to
search the premises, ma'am.

After you.

Found this upstairs.

I thought you might want it.


Do you know where your
husband was last night,

Between the hours of
midnight and 3:00am?

He was sleeping with me.

You were sleeping or he was?

We both were.

Then how can you
be sure he was here?

He didn't do anything.

Marty would never hurt anyone.

That is not his gun.

Then whose is it?

(phone vibrating)


It's not alice.

It's liz.


I've missed you.

You have no idea how
much I've missed you.

Would you like to
come for dinner, ray?

What's the catch?

No catch.

You're the fisherman, not me.

I thought maybe
we could make a deal.

What kind of deal?

I'll be waiting.

That's a huge ask, man.

I mean, do you know
how much your bail is?

I know, I know, I know.

Not to mention that 100k.

You wanna tell me
what's going on?

Look, you know I would
never hurt anybody, right?

Of course.

All I can tell you is
that alice is in danger,

And I need to be with her.

If she's in danger,

Then you need to
talk to the police.

No, man. No.
It's not that simple.


Roger. I know how much
I'm asking of you,

Believe me, I get it,

But I really need you
to trust me on this one.


Okay. It'll take me
a little time,

But I'll post your bail.

Thank you.

(phone vibrating)

Hi, ray. Are you on your way?

Change of plans.

I want you to
come to my new house.


Your new house?

I'm texting you the address.

See you soon, liz.




(jazz playing on the radio)

May I take your coat?


Thank you.

You look very nice.

You do, too.

Thank you. Please, come in.

Is this all really yours?

Well, I'm just working
out the details,

But it's looking pretty good.

What's all this?

Just a cozy little dinner.

What can I say?

A man of simple tastes.

Relax, take your shoes off.

To better days.

(clinking glasses)

I think I understand
everything now.

You didn't come here for money.

You came here for me.

Ray, are you in love with me?

Now's the time for the truth.


Well, I think, in time I could--

I could love you, too.

But I need you to do
one thing for me first.


I need you to get
marty out of trouble.

How could I do that?

You could tell the truth

About what happened to josie.

Who's josie?

Come on, ray.

You know what I'm talking about.

You can call the police.


And then I'll run away with you.

We have more than
enough money to disappear.

You would do that?

If it would save marty,
then yes, I would.

So, this is about marty.

It's not about me.

After everything that
I've done for you.

What has marty
done for you, huh?

He's a good guy,

And he doesn't
deserve any of this.

What do I deserve?

I saved you, liz.


You still don't get it, do you?


I took care of allen for you.


Where is she?

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Buddy, buddy, buddy, hey.

Where is that bitch?

(screaming, grunting)

Sorry, partner.

(door closing)

He took you for granted,
he abused you,

And I-- I freed you of him.

That's real love, liz.

Would marty kill for you?

No, I don't think so, right?

That's why he is
where he belongs

And that's why we are
here where we belong.


Look at this place.

This could be
our house together.

I didn't kill allen?

Yeah, that's right.

But you let me think I did.


You manipulated me.

You tricked me.

You took money from me.

That's not love.

Oh, liz. You need to listen.
My name's alice.

(phone vibrating)

No, don't! Give it to me!


(phone vibrating)

Guess who?


Really should put your
cellphone on airplane mode.

This call just interrupted your

Little secret recording of me.

I watched you, liz.

I watched you get ready for me.

I saw you plant your
little hidden camera.

Where do you think I got
the idea for the candles?

It's a nice touch, right?


Okay, okay, okay. Look.

I forgive you, okay?

And, in time,

In time

You will learn to obey me.

Now, that is where--


Come on, man.
Let's, uh, let's get you home.



I got a message from alice.

She sent me an address.

(muffled screaming)

(screaming continuing)

Oh, my god, carrie.


He's-- he's gonna kill us.

No. No, carrie.

We're gonna get out of here.


No, liz.

You and I,
we are going to get out of here,

And we are going to run away
together just like you said.

Just let her go, okay?

She doesn't have anything
to do with this.

Yeah, I'll let her go,

But you have to promise me we're
going to run away together.


Okay, I will.

Alice, no.

Shut up!

you don't call her that!

Ray. Easy, ray.

It's okay. It's just you and me.

That's all that matters.

Please don't point
the gun at us.

What are you doing?

Please don't point
the gun at us.

Okay? Let's just--

What are you doing?

Let her go.

Then we can get out of here.

We can go wherever you want.

What are you doing, liz?

Finally, we can,

You and me,

We can be together. Please.

You mean this?


Yeah. It's going to be great.



(gun firing)


No! No!



(speaking indistinctly)

Oh, my god. He's alive.

I hope the monster rots in jail.

I still can't believe
everything you've been through.

I'm sorry you could
never confide in me.

It's awful.

It was, but it's over now.

The whole thing seems
like something that

Happened to me in a past life.

Hm, well, you really don't
look like a liz to me.

it's 'cause I'm not.

I'm alice.

Oh, hi.
Hope you're hungry.


Good work.

He's not bad on the grill.

Mm, grill king.

Pickles or mustard?

Yeah, can you grab those?
More for you.

Yeah, of course.