Bury Me Behind the Baseboard (2009) - full transcript

A small child is trapped in a tug-of-war battle between his frivolous, but loving mother and an emotionally abusive neurotic grandmother, who wants to "shelter" her beloved grandson at all cost.

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Ministry of Culture of RF
"Globus" Film Studio

GRAND Company Group

a Sergei Snezhkin film


based on the novella by
Pavel Sanayev

Director of Photography
Vladislav GURCHIN

Production Designer
Maria GRIN'

Music by
Svyatoslav KURASHOV


Mikhail LITVAK


Grandson -

Grandmother -

Grandfather -

Mother -

Tolik -
Konstantin VOROBYOV

Well, didn't I tell you?
Cheese, that's the catch.

It was tempted by Dutch cheese,
but not by Russian.

Here you go.


What have you done, sadist?

Why did you kill him?

Well, you asked me to.

What did I ask you? I couldn't ask
you to do anything of the kind!

I thought he would get pressed just
a bit, and you got him cut in half.

And it's just a little mouse. It'd
be different if it were a big mouse.

And he's so little.

Look at him, he's happy that he
just killed a living soul.

And if somebody
would break your backbone?

- Where are you taking him?
- To the lavatory.

Don't you dare to do that.

Do you expect me
to take him to the cemetery?

Put him here.

Here you are.

That's it.
Poor little thing.

Wake up, you little monster.
It's 8 o'clock already.

Tonya is coming soon
to take your blood samples.


Get up.

Nina, I think the expiry
date is up. It has blown.


Good caviar. If you're given free
rein, you'll throw away everything.

Oh, I'll give it
to Galina Sergeyevna.

Granny, what day is it today?

What? Why?

Well, there's a pull-off calendar on
the wall especially for softheads.

Where's your "good morning"?

Good morning.

29... It's 29th today?

And who's going to wash up?

To the bathroom, quick!


This stinking old man
used this towel yesterday.

He's got athlete's foot!
Wash up once again!



I've caught the mouse.

- Really? Where?
- Over there.

Got you.

Why didn't you let Granny sleep,
running in the kitchen, you rascal?

Don't you dare touch him.

You don't need jaundice
to add to all your other diseases.

Granddad, what was the bait?

Dutch cheese.
He didn't like Russian.

Can I take him?
And bury him behind the baseboard?

- Where?
- Behind the baseboard.

It's just the right place
for him there -

it's cosy and I can always check
how he's lying there.

What an idiot! I wish I could put
all of you behind that baseboard.

You've murdered a living soul and
feel excited about it - murderers.

Why should I eat
these apples every day?

You silly boy, it's good for you,
it eliminates waste products.

- What waste products?
- All kinds.

But why are they grated?

Because you don't chew properly,
damn you.

You gulp down everything
so nothing is ingested.

Ungrateful piece of shit.

I'm sparing no effort for his sake
and he just turns up his nose at it.


Just three more pills.

Well, here they are.

You'll take Pancreatin first
and then Multivitamin. Understand?





Stick this present up your own ass!

- Have you taken your pills?
- Yes.

You have, haven't you?

I'll drink all of your blood,
lousy shrimp.

Just try to play this trick
once again, you louse.

I'll strangle you
with my own hands.


Go, do you homework!

Little scum!

- Yes.
- Don't you 'yes' me!


Bought a present.

Let her give it to her alky.

Why didn't you say it
to her yourself?

Well, you took the phone.

Thank you.


Can't see a damn thing.

Windows are frozen
and I'm frozen.


Why again?

I'm really cold.
Just 50 grams to warm up a bit.

- Don't you want some?
- I'm not cold.

And to keep up your spirits?

We're to see the kid.

Have you called?

I have.


I was told to fuck off.

What else could you expect?

Well, I will have some brandy - to
warm up and to brave up myself.

Tolya. Tolya!

- What shall we do?
- Well, call again!


Did you get through?

In two hours they're going
to see a homeopath.

Some brandy?

Come on, stop it,
you'll reek of alcohol on the kid.

It'll go away in two hours.

Besides, I'm not sure they'll
let you even near the kid.

I'm his mother.


Good morning.

Do you sell it?

- How much?
- It's not mine.

I'll give you 60 rubles.

Have you heard me?
It's not mine.

Do you have a present for him?

Here it is.

What's that?


See - 50 points.

Well, and what did he want?


He wanted me.

Me to come.

Found a laundrywoman
for their stinky underpants,

a free servant.

Well, doesn't matter,
my days are numbered.

What do you want?

- Granddad, what day is it today?
- Thursday.

And the date?


My birthday is on the 28th.

- Who told you that?
- Nobody.

I remember from the last year.

I've kept the calendar page
not to forget.

My mom must come
to see me on this day.

I don't know.
Ask your granny what day it is.

- I will.
- So go and ask.

- And I will.
- Do try.

I will try.

You deliberately tore off
calendar's pages

so that I don't know it's my birthday
and so that my mom doesn't come!

You know what, you little snot!

How dare you!

Get out of here.

What are you doing here?

He asked what date it was today.


He claims today is his birthday
and his mom will come to see him.


Your mommy is the Black Death,

if she ever comes,
it'll be only to your grave.

And your birthday will be
when I tell.

Have you done your homework?

- I have.
- Come on, I'll check.

The sun is rising...

Why is that here,
you scumbag?

Working only under
the whip-lash, scum.

I'll erase not this letter -
I'll erase you.

For the second year already
have been studying on razors.

I wish all these razors
would stick into your throat.

Throwing light from rosysy...


You snake!

Come here, skunk.

Come, or it'll be only worse.

Come here or I'll slice you
into pieces with this razor.

Come here, don't be a coward.



I won't do anything to you.

Come here, Sasha dear!
I'll give you a chocolate bar.

Come here.

I'll buy some toy carriages
for your railway.

And if you don't come, I'll buy them
and break them right on your head!

Come here like a good boy.

Come on,
I'll see if you're perspiring.

I won't!

Rosysy sunrise...

I wish you haven't seen
any more sunrises.


How can you torment me so
and suck blood out of your granny!

I kept telling your mother:
"Study, be independent"

I'm telling you the same -
all in vain!

You'll be just like her -
the same dependant piece of shit!

Are you going to study,

you damned scum,
are you going to?

Are you going to study...

Grandma, what's wrong with you?

Will you study well?!

Don't do that, please!

Please, I'm scared!

Go away, boy.
I don't know you.

I'm not your grandmother,
I have no grandson.

White ceiling, white...


So white...

Jesus Christ! Oh, my God!
My God!

What have you done to her, rascal?

I'll kill you like a rabid dog!

She fell down herself!

I'll call a doctor!

Call a doctor for yourself!

What's wrong with you?

He drove me mad,
that's what is wrong with me.

Well, let's go
and do your homework.

That'll be your place
as long as you live.

Your move.

Well, I'm bored
with this stupid game.

Why stupid?
You've been playing it for an hour.

Look, it's really been an hour.

I'll die from cold here.

- Give me some money.
- Don't have any.

- None at all?
- None at all. Where from?

Take it.

It's not yours, isn't it?

- Now it's mine.
- 50 rubles.

You said 60.

60 - when it was not yours.
And now it's 50.


Excuse me.

You should look in here.

Would you...

It's Foma's binoculars.

I'll buy him a new one.

- Where are you going?
- Just a second!


Stack of bones.

Turn around.



You know him as well
as any doctor, Nina Antonovna.

If not better.

Get dressed.

Oh, Galina Sergeyevna,
a poor martyr this kid is.

You know there's a saying:

This kid is paying
for the sins of his slut mother.

I see you've been crying today,
Nina Antonovna?

How can I help it?

Have I ever thought, when I got
married, what a life I'd have.

He promised me a rose garden,

and what an acting career I could
have had in Kiev, what roles!

Give me a spoon.

Open your mouth.


- Red?
- Yes.

Tonsils are enlarged.

Well, I'm running!

From the bottom of my heart,
Galina Sergeyevna.

Oh, no, Nina Antonovna, don't.
It's so embarrassing.

Don't mention it. It's nothing.
It's for your work, for your care.

All the best, Sasha.
Get well.

From your mouth to God's ears.

- See you tomorrow.
- All the best.

Thank you very much.

Soiled the floor, pig.
Even though she's a doctor.

Why are you standing
like a lamp-post?

Dear granny.

Please let it be
my birthday today, please.

Dearest granny, I'll do well
at school, do all my homework,

I won't hide under the bed any
more, just let it be my birthday.

Get up.

Never kiss the dust,

never behave like this slut,
your mother.

Licking that alky's feet so that
he wouldn't leave her.

I know why you want it
to be your birthday.

You want to see her, don't you?

- Do you?
- No, not at all.

I just want a birthday
with presents like everybody else.

I don't want to see my mother.
Why, haven't I seen enough of her?

Are you telling the truth?

- You're not lying to me?
- I'm telling the truth.

Just remember.

When a person is lying,
he gets scared

and his vessels get constricted
and his blood starts to rot

until worms get into his blood
and eat him up.

And you're already rotten within.

Do remember.

No one needs you except
your granny.

Only granny spits blood
for you all her life.

OK, we'll go to see a homeopath
now and then we'll see.

Where have you been?

I'm asking, where have you been?

Here you are.

I bought him a real present -
not some obscure tiddly-winks.

How much?

40 rubles.

Tolya dear...

Well, what?
We'll earn money.

It's not about money.

You'll give it to him.

- Well, I'm off.
- Wait.

Have you seen 300 rubles?

I haven't.

I stuffed it in here,
in this can.

My business is to bring money,
yours - to sock it away.

You must have stuffed it
in some book as usual.


I put 500 rubles in a book.

And 300 I placed in a can.

- When did the plumber come?
- On Monday.

That's him, Romka, the plumber.

He didn't even leave the bathroom.

O yes, he did fuck you up,
you senile man,

with his fishing stories.

And you softened up like
a piece of shit in a sunny spot.

In the meantime he sneaked into the
the kitchen and 300 rubles...

Have disappeared.

You see, and you accused Romka...

500. And where are 300?

Granny, you stuffed them
into the dog.

- What dog?
- Porcelain dog in the kitchen.

One, two, three, four -
four hundred.

And where are 300?

The doctor stole them!

Yes, it's her.

What a viper.

Sanctimonious bitch.

And I was wondering

why she didn't go to wash
her hands in the bathroom -

preferred to go to the kitchen.

And she bought a new coat.

Where did she get the money
for it with her salary of 100 rubles?

Nina, let's open a bank account.

Then you'll calm down.

You want to calm me down?

You don't have to wait long.

Want to whore with some young girl.

You, the idol of the millions,

you hope that your dick will get
a rise after my death?

Modern medicine is powerless
against impotence.

You want to put
all the money into a bank account?

All the money in one place?

Great idea.

I'll die and all the money
are right here on the account,

so that some perky tits takes it
and spends it.


Let her search,
maybe she even read some books.

Nina, I need to warm-up the engine.

Do it.

Oh boy, damn it.
The heater doesn't work.


Don't talk,
or the oil will run out of your nose.

- Granny.
- What do you want?

Let's take the mouse with us.

- What for?
- We can bury him in the yard.

Good idea.


How do you do!

What the hell have you come for?

It's Sasha's birthday today.

We want to wish him all the best.

We've bought him a present.

Why the hell have you
brought along this jerk?

Tolya also wants to congratulate him.
He bought him a present.

Fuck him, he won't see Sasha.

Let me try.

Dad, how could you?

It's the kid's birthday.

He has a birthday only once in a year

and where is his mother hanging
about for the rest of the year?

It's you who don't let me near him.

And we won't.
He doesn't have a mother!

His mother is his granny
who is slaving away

while you are with your easy-rider...

What are you doing, bastard?

All the drivers do
that when it gets frozen.

- See?
- I'll kill you, bastard!

Calm down, you!

Just look at yourself!

Calm down,
all the drivers do it!

Dad! Dad!

Call the police!

Let's go home.
Bugger off, you laureate!

Where are you going?


Don't you, slut, touch me!

You bastard!
What are you doing?

Are you hurt?

You pain in the ass
in a sheepskin coat.

You want this street to be
named after you, don't you?

Tolya, wait!

I'm not afraid of you, scumbag.

You don't have to be afraid of me.
Just remember me, you Party bitch.

Oh dear, I'm so scared.

I'll be the last one you remember.

Do go and have a drink.

I'll get you even
at the Novodevichy cemetery!


- You got it?
- You spongers.

You are living on my money,
and you dare to insult me!

Stinky scapegraces.

What money is he talking about?

I beg you, let's go.

And what money are you living
and drinking on all this time?

Hasn't she told you

that I'm sending her
100 rubles each month?

- Is it true?
- True, true.

The sheepskin coat
is bought with my money

and the boots, and the bra that
you're taking off her.

What are you staring at?
Don't like to hear the truth?

Here, choke on it!

Want the bra too?

Wear it.
We don't need your junk.

We'll pay you back.

We'll pay you back every kopeck.

We'll be waiting.

All your bloody money!

Why do you look so messed up?

The heater is broken.
I've been trying to fix it.

- What do you mean - broken?
- Well, it doesn't work.

Are you nuts, you old moron?

You want the kid to get
frozen in this fridge?

Well, we'll have to cancel
your visit then.

I'll go to a repair shop
to fix the heater.


It took me 6 months to get the
appointment, and he says 'cancel'!

Old fucker!
I'm going to cancel you forever!

Damn you, stinking moron!

May you be cursed by heaven,
God, earth, birds, fish, people!

Come here, you sluggish pig,

come on, you rotten shit,
sit down on your granny's knee.

Traitor. Even your car is black -
colour of villainy.

In 1937 they were taking away
people in such cars.

This is my mom's coat!

Shut up.
He saw the coat.

What are you babbling?
Do you have fever?

- It's her coat!
- He's got him frozen!

You've got your way -
got the kid frozen!

Old devil!

It's her coat!

You killed her, and took the coat
to sell it!

You killed her,
you damned stinking old man!

You've got to me!

Shut up!
No one killed your mom.

Who the hell needs her?

She's alive, alive. What
can happen to her with her alky?

She herself threw the coat to me.

True, it's Olga's coat -
as cheap as its owner.

Where did you get it from,
you bumpkin?

She was here.

Mother came to see me
and I haven't seen her!

Calm down!

Or I'll calm you down forever.

When did she come?

When I was starting up the engine.
She came with her alky.

And why did she give you the coat?
It's her coat, right?

Oh yeah, it's hers!
I gave her the money to buy it!

Bastard, I don't
allow myself any extra piece,

saving money on everything

to be able to pay
for the kid's medicines and doctors.

And he buys sheepskin coats
for some sluts!

My mother came!
My mother will get cold!

You've taken away her coat
so that she'll get frozen and die!

You're not my grandfather any more.
You're a bastard!

I'll glue up your mouth!

Son of a bitch. It's you
who is an ungrateful bastard.

And you're a scum!

- She won't get frozen.
- She will!

It's -25° outside,
you both are wearing fur coats!

Well, what's happened here?

Junior lieutenant Kruglikov.

So what? And I'm People's
Artist Savelyev. What's up?

You stopped in the middle of
the road - in the way of the traffic.

Excuse us, comrade militiaman.
You see, the kid's not well.

Please, let us go on.
We're going to see a doctor.

- We never penalize such people.
- Thank you, the boy is an invalid.

Comrade Savelyev played the role
of Militia Colonel in that movie,

where the diamonds were stolen.

Mr. Militiaman, they killed my mother!

He killed her,
he got her frozen!

Nina, do something, calm him down
or I won't control myself.

Let's go!

Hopefully motherwort extract
will take effect soon!

- Yes, go on.
- What are you staring at?

The child is hysterical!

Do we have money for a taxi?

8 rubles 74 kopecks.

Buy something for yourself.
I know, you want to.

It's OK, I'll survive.

Let's go home.
What are we waiting for?

They'll be back in an hour,
an hour and a half.

Haven't you had enough?

It's his birthday.

Let him at least see me
from a distance.

I'll wave to him with this box.

He'll understand it's a present.

And that I can't come closer.

What's that?

It's rice straw.

He perspires
and the straw absorbs moisture.

- Really?
- Yes.

And why is he so listless?

He fell asleep in the car,
he's car sick.

Oh, I see.

What's your name?


And what is your patronymic?

I don't have a father.

I've never seen him
and I don't know his name.

That's why I don't know
my patronymic.

How is school?
How are you doing there?

I study at home, because
whenever I go to school, I get sick.

School is full of bacilli carriers
and freaks that go there

in order to infect each other.

Happy birthday, chap.

Have I told you the story
how my mother had broken my leg?


I was about 8 then, just like him.

It was summer.

We were walking along Gorky Street,
she was pulling me by the hand.

Just for a second I stopped in front
of a showcase to look at a mannequin.

A very beautiful mannequin,
in a red silk dress.

But she kept pulling me.
I dug my heels in.

It was such a beautiful dress.

She hit me with her leg right here.

Oh! When did that happen?

When you fell down.

My last pair of pantyhose.

My God, what for?

Why is today such an unlucky day?

Shall we go home?

No, I shall wait.

My son has a birthday today.

And you may go.

And why are you so skinny, Sasha?

Because I'm very ill.

I have orange
pathogenic staphylococcus,

parietal antritis, sinusitis,
frontal sinusitis,

tonsillitis inveterate, pancreatitis,
congenital pancreatitis,

kidney failure,

and then something's wrong with my
liver, I don't remember exactly what.

That's a lot.

With my diseases I'm paying
for the sins of my slut mother.

You see? Just a kid,
but he understands everything.

She abandoned him,
exchanged him for an alky dauber.

Placed the kid
on my shoulders as a heavy cross,

and I've been carrying it
for 6 years.

I'll prescribe arnica
for the beginning.

And pulsatilla-6 as a depressant.

I give him motherwort.

- Don't give him motherwort.
- All right.

Is your mother an actress, too?

A shit of an actress she is -
from some dreadful theatre.

And why is granny saying

that you've made
a fortune on people's tears?

And built a palace with beads.
These beads?

Don't pay attention,
Aron Moiseyevich.

He's sick in the head.
Do apologize immediately.

There's no need to if he's sick.
He'll apologize when we get him cured.

Thank you, Aron Moiseyevich.

Stand still.

Wait in the lobby.

I need to talk to your granny.

What took you so long?
I nearly died from cold.

Now you know how cold the kid was.

He couldn't lift his ass
to fix the heater.

Never mind, you'll remember
this trip till the end of your life.

Get in!

I wish your fucking car
would fall to pieces

just like my whole life fell to pieces.

'T ook so long'

The doctor was examining the child.

What's this examination for?

Examine or not examine -
just a waste of money.


- Granny.
- What, my sweetie pie?

We wanted to bury
the mouse properly.

- Stop!
- Why?

Pull over by the park.

Well... That's it.

Throw a handful of snow
into the grave with your left hand.

What for?

That's the way it should be
done at the funeral.

Don't forget to do
the same at my funeral.

Is he going to be here all the time?
May I visit him sometimes?

He'll be eaten by worms or crows.

We should mark his grave
in some way.

- A cross?
- He hasn't been christened.

A cross is placed only on
the graves of Christians.

Here, we'll put a twig.

That's it.

You're my little mouse.

When I think of you in a grave,
my heart just sinks.

I just can't breathe.

Jesus Christ!

What is this kid suffering for?

O God, pass all Sasha's
diseases on to me.

Curse his mother,
this lustful shit,

may she suffer at least for one day

the way this child
is suffering.

Granny, I don't want
to lie in the snow.

Bury me behind the baseboard.

Worn out, worn to the thread.

Where was she roaming about in it?
Some back alleys with her alky?

Seams are all greasy
like a janitor's jacket's.

No dry cleaning will help.

That's what this bitch made
of an expensive garment.

My Lady Patroness!

Save and protect us!

Why didn't you buy her
a sable coat!

Hold on for a second.

And a diamond necklace
for her battered face.

I'm speaking with a film crew.

You should call the professor,
you old camel,

and not flirt with female assistants
over the phone.

Let me finish...

It was discovered that
your grandson has mucoviscidosis,

and he's blabbing off
with assistants director.

Let me finish
and I'll call the professor.

Go on, finish.

And I'll listen.


And what is it about?

Civil War?

Red partisans?
Good theme, a timely one.

Who's directing?

I don't know him.
One of the young ones?

Horse riding?

Let the stuntmen do the horse riding.

How many shooting days?

That's good.

Do you know my fee?


It was some time ago, now I'm paid
90 rubles per a shooting day

plus 75% for rehearsals,

and 50 - for voice-over.

And what have you expected,
my dear?

I'm USSR People's Artist, State
Prizewinner - not some fucking extra.

That's it.
Call me back.

For 50 rubles a day. They'd
better look for some other idiot.

Call the professor.



Well, Professor Kalish.

Another Jew.

Why a Jew?
Kalish is a Ukrainian name.

Look at his first name and patronymic.

Mikhail Semyonovich.

I see.

- Shall I call him?
- Sure, call!

He's a real expert
on mucoviscidosis.

You have to make an appointment
with him a year in advance.

Promise him anything -

tickets for any private screenings
in the House of Cinema, White Hall,

a voucher to Pitsunda resort.
Kiss his Jewish ass

but make him see us this week.



Have you had Jews in your family?

- Who?
- Jews.

I don't think so.
Why do you ask?

You look like a Jew.


The deuce knows.

Well, and if I do, so what?

I think that they've
taken you for a Jew.

Your old folks went nuts.

Let's take this sink
of degeneracy by storm,

take Sasha with us
and burn their apartment.

And where will my parents live?

Just where they should live -
in a madhouse.

Look, who was
your first husband?

A man, an actor.

And what was his nationality?

I'll go and try to call.

Go, go.

He was a nice, weak man.

And I'm strong and bad,
and look like a Jew.



Do I look like a Jew?

Not really.

Thank you.


- What's this...
- Mucoviscidosis...

Thank you.

Let's go.

What is it now?


Our Sasha has mucoviscidosis.

What is that beast?

I don't know exactly,
but this is something horrible.

Let's go.



- , please.
- Don't have it.

What do you have?

Some foreign pop-music.

OK, it'll do.


Sasha dear, where are you?

Answer me, you freak!

Are you hiding under
the bed again, bastard?

I'll kill you. Just wait.

Not here.

You're allergic to dust.

You'll have a rash all over again.

Where have you got this habit
of hiding in holes like a cockroach!


I knew it.

Hi, Lika. Do you have
a medical encyclopedia?

Will you please look up

I'll wait.

Sasha has it.
Today, Lika.



Doesn't sound nice.

Like an accident
at a grain storage.

Don't interfere.

I'm not interfering,
I'm thinking.

Let's have our own baby.

A boy or a girl.

And leave this one to granny

if she wants him so much.

Why should we hurt the old lady?

Why not?

We'll have a healthy kid.

Buy him good books.

"Golden Key",

about Urfin Jus,

and not those infectious
diseases reference books.

Can you come here?

- What?
- For a second.

Do you hear me, Olya?

Olya, I found this mucoviscidosis.

Had too much brandy, alky?

What are you talking about?

I was speaking not to you.

So, mu-co-vis-ci-dosis.

Cystic fibrosis of the pancreas,

a genetic disease,

affecting endocrine glands.

Etiology - mutation of genes.

Symptoms: Noisome feces,

there's a threat of the rectum


It's bad.

What bad?

Talk sense!

Most serious infectious disease

transmitted genetically.

Practically incurable...


Bad luck.

What do you mean?
Is he going to die or what?

What are you doing, you fool!

You've said
it yourself 'incurable'!

Think before saying. Whatever
you say is as if you're biting.

What have I said?

You'd better think about
what we are going to do!


My sheepskin coat.

- I'll put on a jacket.
- Wait.

So you will come there, and what next?

Are you coming?

OK, we'll come
and they won't open the door.

Let them try not to.

It seems like they've been trying it
for six years now.

And it looks like
they're very good at it.

It's immoral to criticize
without offering a positive program.

Speaking of a positive program.

Even if they let you in...

Go ahead, say it. They won't
let me have my son anyway?

Your mother...

To put it mildly, is a weird girl.

But now...

Especially with...

- With mucoviscidosis.
- Right.

It would be better for Sasha
to stay with her.

With them.

Are you saying I should
forget about my son?

Why 'forget'?
What role are you playing here?

For whom?

There're no spectators with flowers.

You'd better decide for yourself-

do you really need this kid
with all his diseases?

Are you capable of taking care
of him like this crazy woman does?


There's another way out.


We'll separate.

And you'll go back
to your family.

And all the problems will be
solved of their own accord.

They'll just disappear.

So you decided to run away?

What can I do with such a woman?

Can you make at least one decision?

For yourself?

For us?

For your son?

It's you who should
understand one thing.

Whatever I decide -
they won't let me have the child.

It doesn't matter...

...whether we're separated
or we're together.

They'll find some other excuse,
some other reason.

Because they hate me.


And here's an enema
with camomile.

Lie down on your side,

like a wolf in the wild.

I'll give you a camomile shot,
and no more fever you got.

Your granny is really something,
giving it out in verse.

Come on, turn around.

Tell me straight,

will I have a birthday or not?

Same old stew again?

Only healthy kids have


- Are you healthy?
- No.

Then what the hell
do you want from me?

So I'm not having a birthday?

- No.
- Never?

Well, maybe next year.

Though it's unlikely.

To live for one day with
such a diagnosis is good enough.

You should thank
your mommy and her lover for that.

It's him who infected you
with this staphylococcus.

How come?

He gave you some unwashed grapes.


He wanted you to die.

This scumbag has a wicked plan.

To move to Moscow and to lay
his hands on everything we have -

our flats,
your granddad's car, garage -

all our property.

And in order to do that, he needs
all of us to be dead.

So when I die,
what property will he get?

No property.

What property do you have?
Nothing but your health record.

Then why does he want me dead?

Because when you die, I'll also die,
and then the granddad will die.

And he'll move into our apartment

and sell all our belongings.

So for him you're
a pain in the ass.

And my mom?

Your mom is eating out of his hand,
she's in cahoots with him.

No one needs us, Sasha,
we're on our own.

In this world we're surrounded
by traitors.

We are both betrayed; your mom
exchanged you for this murderer,

your granddad has been cheating
on me all my life.

Do you think

that I've always been so old,
ugly and toothless?

You think that I've been screaming
and crying all my life?


I was an actress, yes.

The entire Kiev was going
to the theatre to admire me.

I was called " the hope
of the Ukrainian stage".

Then the Moscow Art Theatre
came to Kiev on tour.

That's when I met your granddad.

As an actor he was absolute zero.

But he looked so imposing.

So handsome.

Every day we had a date.

He took me to the theatre

and I took him
to Andreyevsky Spusk.

And to the beach.

Then it was time for him
to go back.

And he says to me...

"Let's get married

and I'll take you to Moscow".

I was already in love with him.

And I said: " Go to my parents
and ask their permission".

I didn't know, stupid girl...

...that he did it for a dare.

He had a woman in Moscow
who was 10 years older than he.

They had a fight and he bet that
he'd find someone better in Kiev.

And he did, the idiot.

We got married, showed the marriage
certificate to my father, and I left.

My father was running after the train:
"Don't go away, my little girl!"

As if he felt that I'd know
only grief and tears here.

I shouldn't have left Kiev
and my parents.

What a fool I was.

He brought me to Moscow
to a 9 sq. M-room.

We lived there for 14 years until
finally we got an apartment.

It's been such a trial living
with a slow-witted man, Sasha.

I was inquisitive.

I wanted to learn things,
everything interested me.

I asked him so many times: >

Gosh, had I been crying.

And my boy told me: