Burnt by the Sun 2 (2010) - full transcript

A look at the horrors of the Eastern Front of World War II from the points of view of repressed soldier of penal battalion and his young daughter, who stayed behind enemy lines.

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Second film

Leave it!
- But it´s a mosquito.

Quiet, it´s our russian mosquito let him suck.

How interesting, the mosquito will feast with my blood now...

Have a feast
- And fly back home to his lady mosquito...

...to his lady
- She-mosquitoes do not drink blood.

Only females drink.

Only females?
- Yes.

- She-mosquitoes.

Nature is full of wonders.

Women suck their men´s blood too.

What? Well, I never...

Guys, I was killed.

I was just killed... look were my head was... And all the three bullets

Two in my eyes and one in my forehead...

To be frank, Yuri Ivanovich,

I didn´t think they would promote you to general.

What? You didn´t think they would give it to me?

Because you promised to seize that darned citadel

by the first of may, the International workers day

So what?
- You didn´t seize it.

So, cool dow, I beg your pardon.

Go away.

So, you say I gave my word and I didn´t keep it?

But I... what?
- Have you lost your tongue, coronel?

- Yuli Ivanovich...

Be quiet, I said!

Be quiet! Samuilych, put a pillow on his face

Did you and General Lipakov seize it?

He was being beated with you here for six months.

Until I took over. Did he seize it, eh?

There it is.

To show you how to fight it? Now I'll show you.

Penal Battalion commander, get up!

Raise your soldiers!

Here is my combat task: to seize the grounds in front of
the citadel.

Anyone who reaches the Citadel will be awarded the medal of "Hero of the Soviet Union!"

You do it and then we will ask for reinforcements.

It concerns all of you.

One hour to get ready. Fulfil the order.

What? Is it some kind of a joke, General?

Joke? Do I look...

Do I look like a clown to you, Captain?

Absolutely not, General. If I understand correctly,

You want me to lead ...

the convicts in a frontal attack?

That's right, frontal attack!

Led by you heroic penal Battalion.

Have all of you filled your glasses?

Comrade General
- What?

We won´t even last 30 meters. It´s just a waste of people.

Even ten battalions wouldn´t manage.

They´ll kill us like in a shooting gallery.

You darn Suvorov, trying to teach you commander?

It makes no sense, General.
- Fuck you!

Captain! Looking for sense in the order of a general?

Where is my holster?

What nice personel I´ve inherited from you and Lipakov!

Talk about sense!

Give me my weapon.

Shut up! Next time, let them vote in the trenches

To fight or not fight?

Comrade General...
- Another word

and you will no longer need to go to the shooting gallery

because I, here, in this place I'll shoot you.

As a coward and a traitor.

This is an order, Captain.

You will go and do it. Is that clear?

I cannot hear the answer.

Yes, sir.

To cheer you up

there will be an anti-retreat unit waiting in the trenches

Not a step back, see?

Order 227. Go ahead soldier!

Go and earn your medal!

Lipakov didn´t teach you guys how to battle.

Is there anything unclear?

Nothing. Melezhko will teach you.

But he was right. He's right, you know

We will not be able to destroy their gun posts

because they changed them since the last attack

Great, here is a chance to spot them.

Set up an observation point

to trace their gun posts

during a probing action.

Double portions of alcohol for the convicts!

All the anti-retreat units

will be ready at their positions. That´s all!

Do it.

We´re gonna engage soon.
- I saw a fritz...

We should be ready in one hour.
- Salute, Commander.

Things happened here.
- Soldier

Take twon men, unload canisters with alcohol.

Commander, I say...

Wait a minute. Bogdanov!

Yes, sir.
- Come here...

Give out the alcohol to the soldiers.
- Yes.

Attention. get ready to engage.

Commander, what happened?
- Reinforced ammo.

- Ready in one hour. Order of Major General Melezhko.

Commander... Vanya, tell him

Come on.
- Sit down, I say!

Stop snivelling
- What happened?

The order

...for the Penal Battalion

...is a frontal attack on the Citadel


- One hour readiness

Is he groggy or what?
- Plastered.

Darned General.

Son of a gun!

What is this?

All right, they demoted me, put my in the Penal Battalion

...but I am an officer. This is shameful!

This glade is all sighted!

They treat us like cattle, like animals... I´m not afraid
to die

But to die like this, like a damn nobody, like a dog

what a shame, especially in front...

of the germans who´ll watch our humiliation!

Ain´t gonna do this, I´m not going.

I'll stay here.

With the anti-retreat unit?

Are you deaf or what?
- Do not shout.

I tell you, I´m not afraid of death

but do not want no part in this disgrace. Got it?

Kolya, why are you saying this to us?

For two years we´ve been on this shit. Now you wake up?

Why are you telling us? Say it to Melezhko, he'll understand.

He´ll have you killed by your own people!

So what!

They would not kill me in there?

The germans would not only kill me

but tell me what a moron am I!

What, Kolya, what?
- Cool down.

Former major Kolya it´s a moron they´ll say!

A russian imbecile. But I´m not.

I do not want to shoot like that!
- Here you´ll be shot for sure

and there maybe you won´t

You may not get shot.

You know very well that 15 seconds from a mound to a mound

make an eternity. 10 seconds from a mound to a tree make
a whole life.

A soldier´s life consist of such little fragments.

If you don´t like it put a bullet through your head.

Maybe I will!
- Go ahead.

As if you didn´t know there are important an unimportant people in this war

bad luck, we are the unimportant.

We don´t like it. Oh, we don´t like it!

But we are alive, alive

And we should stay alive till the end of the war

or, at the very least, till this evening.

Your documents, please.

Where is the HQ? I came to General Melezhko.

Sorry Colonel. It´s that way...


You know what,

I'll go for a walk.
- Where?

Take this, you´ll answer with your head for this.

Shall I go with you?
- What, are you scared?

Just feeling uneasy. We are alien in here.

Of course we are.

It´s our job Ryabov, no friendlies for us.

Not even when we retire. The clipboard, Ryabov.

Attention, everyone!

As we arranged.

In 23 minutes we will begin massive attack.

And where are the convicts?
- We are all convicts here.

I need Kotov.
- No one with this name on our squadron

Where can he be?
- May be in the second company.

Where is it, Lieutenant?
- Over there.

What are you staring at? Get ready!

Have you seen Kotov?

What´s the matter?


Is this the Second Company?

Hello, Kotov!

Where are you going?
- Colonel, duck!

Are you crazy, Kotov?

Let me pass, please.
- Where to, pops?

Let me through!
- Kotov!

What´s the rush?
- Let me, bro.


No! Let me pass.

Where are you rushing?
- Sorry! Let me pass.

Kotov, come back! Please!

- Sorry. Let me through.

Let me ... Sorry.

No, no, no! Let me pass.

Let me... ah, no way out

Kotov, wait! Why do you run?
- No! No, no, no...

No? No what?
- What?

No what?
- No nothing, okay?

No nothing, nothing! Let´s go! Let´s go! Gu-ga!

Let´s go!

Kotov, wait! Has everyone gone crazy?

I don´t understand.
What´s happening?

Stay! Where are you going? Where you going?

To attack.
- Let´s go!

What? What is this? There was no command!

Major, what the hell?
- I do not know, General.

- Who knows then? Who?

- I didn´t issue any command!

All right, go and raise everyone else.


A flare!
- Charge!

Charge, on the double!

Stand by to open fire!

Do not shoot! I´m a NKVD colonel!

Up yours! all colonels are over here. Forward, you hero!

Go ahead, motherfucker!
- Just a second.

I have orders from Stalin.

We all have orders from Stalin. The Number 227: "Not one step back!"

Go ahead, bloody hero!
- Cannot hear you, sorry.

- Charge, hero!

Damn, the surprise factor, we screwed it!

What people I´ve to deal with!
- What´s going on?

General, whats going on?

My commander is there, bring him back.

What commander?

NKGB colonel. We urgently need to bring him back.

General, do something.
- Colonel?

And why on earth did he went there?
- Don´t know

but if something happens to him we´re all in military court.

I cannot see any colonel.
- What?

Maybe he didn´t go there after all.

He that dwelleth in the secret place
of the most High...

shall abide under the shadow
of the Almighty...

Oh Lord... l forgot...

Oh my Lord...

I forgot...

He that dwelleth...

You forgot the lines, Mitya?
- Kotov?

- I´m Kotov. Kotov. What are you doing here?

With epaulettes?
- I was looking for you.

Why did you run away?

I´m fulfilling orders.
What are you doing here?

This is my territory, mine.

There is an anti-retreat union back there.
- They opened fire,

I couldn´t even say a word.

It´s death on both sides and I´m between them.

And all wish to kill you. You had it, man.

Are you scared?
- Yes, I am!

Me too, Mitya.

But don´t be scared,
I ain´t gonna kill you.

No chance you´ll die
like a hero. Let´s run?

A tour on memorial places?

Imagine its a stadium.

Let me...
- What are you doing?

Hide them.

Bullets are attracted
to this kind of stuff.

Here you go.

Oh, Mitya...
- I don´t need this.

You need it, Mitya.

It´s a hello from the other world. Put it on, man.

Now we will scamper along.
- Where to?

A tour
- I´m not going anywhere.

- Indeed you are.

Like everybody else. Come on! Just calm down.

Come on, shout something.
- What should I shout?

Like something.
- What are you doing?

Come on, hit me! Shout!

Fight me! Shout!

Let´s go! Go ahead. After me, Mitya. Follow me!

Let´s go! Lie!

Now that cannon. Do you see it?
- No.

Do you see the dead bodies?

- Over there.

Where are we running to?
- The citadel.

Not a step back! Charge!

Let´s go!

Roll over!

Range - 1 2 points,
distance - 2 points.

4 degrees to the left.
Another large-calibre one

Yes, 4 degrees to the left.

Live and learn. Even if our attack chokes

we'll know the exact location

of their fire posts!

Easy. You made it? Good for you.

Distance 1 1 00,
fire rate 20 a sec. Understand?

I do not understand.
- Relax.

If you want to survive,
do like I do.

I run - you run.
I hit the ground - so do you.

Go! Gu-ga!

Roll over.

More and more ...

Get the car!
- How would you go there?

People are dying, and you...
My car is broken

How do you think we'll go in such a car?

But what about me?
- No, you must!
- I ain´t going anywhere.

- Go away.

No, you must! How dare you?

Go away!
I can't start the car, see?
The engine is boiling!

Get out of the car. Quick!

Get out of the car.
- You bitch!

Dont you curse me!

Go away! Hey, what the hell?

Who are you?
Mind your manners!

What's going on?
I can't take you with the ammo!

Where shall l put it?
- In the car.

I was driving here
for 24 hours, go away!

Step away from my car!

Go away!
- You must take the wounded.

Step away from my car!

Go away!
Step away from the car!

What are you doing?
- Everyone, step away!

Get out!

Murder, murder!
- What's going on?

What happened? Who did this?

He did not want to take the wounded.

He said he came for the ammo,
but he was lying
- I see. Who was shooting?

Comrade Commander, I was fulfilling my duty, and she...

...she killed me.
- Sergeant?

- Kotova. Senior Sergeant Kotova.
She is concussed.

She hears, but cannot speak.
- St. Kotova, next time

you should shoot him
in the forehead.

Why do you stand? Go!
Go back to your cars
and to your carts!

Someone put a bandage
on my foot!

You still here? How many times I've said it? This is not a maternity ward.

It´s a military hospital.
- I understand, then give me a lift.

Where can I put you with this stomach?

There is not enough room,
even for the wounded.

Everyone who can walk
gets to the railway station on foot.

How can I deliver my baby
when the Germans come?
- Major!

Major, the documents ...
- In the cars!

Quick! In the cars! Everyone!

- Me?

You wounded me in my leg. How do you expect me to drive?

I'll do it.
- Wait!

Do you know how to drive?

Go back carefully. Go.

Brothers, out of the way!

Come on, let´s go.

Come on!, come on!
- Where are you going? Where?

The truck is full of people. We gotta move, fast!

Where are you going? Who are you?
- I´ve permission.

I´ve permission.
- She´s pregnant. Carefull! Come on.

Everything is fine.

Thank you. Hello.
- Hello.

Pedal to the metal! Towards the forest line!

Wait, dear.
- Go faster! Come on!

Stop the car. Stop!
- Go to hell!

A woman is in labour!
- Do not listen. Go ahead!

Stop! Woman in labour, stop!

What are you doing? Drive on!

Drive! Go!

Just wait ...

A woman is in labour!

Where are you going?

Take cover!
- We´re being bombed!

Give me your hand.

Oh my god!

I cannot take it!
- Give me the spirits!

Pull down your pants, pulled them down!

Has she peed in there or what?

Give me a hand, bro.
- What are you doing?

Where are the spirits? Give them to me!

- Come on, the spirits!

Pull down your pants. Pull them down!

Pour it in my hands!

What are you doing? No, no!

As if I haven´t seen things. Come on!

What are you doing?
- Push!

I cannot!
- Come on.

Well, come on!

Give me some thread.
- What?

Just any kind of thread
- Be quick.

Quick! Tie up the umbilical cord!

Good, tighten it up!

Tighten it up!

Don´t squeeze it too hard!
- Don´t you teach me. How many kids do you have?

- And I delivered all my five kids!


Cut, I say!
- What I´ve to cut?

Shucks, take out the razor.
- I don´t have any!

In my pocket. Cut it in this place!

I will not do it!
- Come on, cut it, I say!

I will not do it!
- Cut, come on!

Give me your shirt. Faster!

- Now.

What is it? A girl?
- No!

What is it then?
- A goat in a coat, you moron!

I´m an idiot because I agreed to go with you.

It´s a boy!

Enough already!

Is it ours?


You slept with him? He raped you?

Kill him then...
- You crazy cow!

I tore up my shirt for his sake, and you...
- Stop it!

What's your name?
- Nyura.

And how shall we name him?
- Hans.

Iosif. Like Stalin.
- And the patronimic?

Vissarionovich. Now tell me who is the idiot here.

Iosif Vissarionovich. Yes!

Are you crazy? In front of a woman.

Big deal! She didn´t wait, why should I?

Sorry, miss.

Cannot wait to pee
and to deliver a baby...

Why is he silent? Has he died or what?
- What are you talking about?

He is being nourished.

Oh my god, it looks like he saved us all.

- Baby Iosif.

Look around you.


Well, thanks Iosif Vissarionovich.

We are the more fortunate fools...

Take out some spirits

You´re so hot. Why are you so hot?

Are you ill?
- No.

- Honest.

Daddy, I´m so happy to have you.

- Yes.

I´m so happy to have you too.

I feel so peaceful with you.

I feel so in calm.

I love you so much.

Rise and shine.
- What happened?

What? Don´t you remember anything?
- I remember one drunken general

that shouted something. And why am I handcuffed?

Don´t you remember that you almost killed Melezhko?

- You amaze me, Kotov.

Melezhko was yelling at the battalion commander

because he came back alive. The order was to die.

He said "fuck you" and melezhko took out his gun.

It misfired two times and meanwhile

you kicked him in the balls.
- Me?

Convict Kotov kicked General Melezhko in the balls.

Come on!
- Do you remember then?

I remember nothing.
- He fell down

and you sat in top of him.

Grabbed him by the hair banging his head against the ground.

They surely would have killed me!

One of them nearly did, but I stepped in.

Said you were my client and get you into the car.

Listen, Colonel. What´s this ride all about?

Where are you taking me?

You came for me?

Are you taking me to Moscow again? To the Lubyanka?

What are you doing? Listen Mitya,

it was not my fault that they didn´t kill me in the campa as a 58-er.

Try to understand...

The camp commander ... Mitya, what are you doing?

Mitya, where are you going... Listen, Mitya.

The commander burst into the barracks and shouted:

all the 58-ers except Kotov
to the sawmill!

I thought they were going
to kill just me

but instead they killed
everyone but me!
Everyone but Kotov!

But it was not my fault!

I told them: "I'm a 58-er".

And I surely couldn't tamper
with my file!

Someone did it. I did not.

But you know everything, don´t you Mitya? You know.

Try not to drown, Mitya!.

You think my life is
so precious to me, Mitya?

Why should l need
such a kind of life?

Nothing I have left. Neither daughter no wife, I have nothing.

Who needs such a life?

You've beated the evidence
out of me.

What else do you want, Mitya?

I signed everything
what you told me to, eh?

Now I have been turned into dust,
lower than the grass itself.
What bloody need
do you have in me?

Send me somewhere from where
there is no coming back, Mitya.

Only I cannot go back to prison. Anything but prison!

You do't know what its like,
to be afraid of one's own fear.

Anywhere at all, except prison.

Get out.
- What?

Get out.

Forward march.

To the forest?
- To the forest.

Yes, sir. It's all too logical.

Let's go.

How was the water?
- Refreshing.

It was along sands like these, back in 1919, near Bezhetsk.

that I was taking a monk
towards his death.

Father ... Andreyev, no... Yes! Father Andrei.

He had been hiding
a White officer in his cell.

He walked in front of me,
muttering something,

smiling, squinting at the sun. And I followed him with a sabre.

Then we came to a glade,

he suddenly stopped, turned to me,

winked at me and said:

"I know, soldier, the sense of my death

therefore I´m not afraid. But when your time comes,

will you know the sense of you death? And he stuck out his tongue at me.

You killed him?
- What?

Did you kill him?
- I killed him.

With a sabre.
- Well done.

Give me your hands?
- What?

I say give me your hands.


If I wanted to put a bullet in my forehead,

it would be after the war, not now. Not yet.

You think so?

I told Marusya
how you betrayed her.

- Marusya knows about your testimony

against her. I told her everything.

- In June of 1941.

Before the start of the war.
- What are you talking about?

She was dead already.
I received a death note.

It was me who sent this death note

She is alive then?
- Alive

Of course she is.

You know how interesting it was to see

how legendary Division Commander Kotov,

from that same box of chocolates ...

a beloved husband,
the stalwart of the family,

gradually turned before my eyes into shit.

Kotov is dead!
- Mitya, it hurts...

Do you hear, he was shot four years ago.

He doesn't exist! He´s gone!

- It hurts! Let me go! Stop the car!


You're stupid. A Hysterical fool.

Biting the hand that feeds you.

What´s going on with you?
- No, what´s going on with you?

You forgot everything but I didn´t!

You were the wife of an enemy of the people. And your daughter,

oh this little piece of shit, loves to play
Till Eulenspiegel so much.

She is a daughter
of an enemy of the people!

Mind you, the wives and daughters
of the people's enemy

of our wonderful and beautiful people, travel in other kind of cars

and live in camps
other than pioneer camps, don´t forget about this!

I´m covering your asses,
risking my life every day!

Because you and Nadia wear my family name!

Mitya, I did not want to...
- Of course you did not want to!

You've been my wife for four years and still

we live like complete strangers!

because for four years your Seryozha walk with us along the same streets

listen to all of our conversations, sleeps in our bed!

But he is no more.
There are only two of us!
He is dead!

Please, I don't want
to talk about this!

But l need to know
how we ended up like this.

I remember how we were sitting
on the terrace listening to Scriabin,

and suddenly, everything froze,

and tears started to well in everyone's eyes. And you sat there,

and the next moment you were crying like a child. And in that silence...

he was sitting across the table,
eating an omelette
with onions right from the pan.

Thinking you were crying because
your shoes pinched your feet.

Of course, why should he care
about Scriabin's music?

And l have nothing
against an omelette with onions.

Oh, we love him and
make allowances for him,

because he is a hero. Steel eyes and muscles.

Scriabin has nothing
to do with all this,

when he puts his horny hand
into your panties!

Oh, he is strong like a stone wall!
But he is no hero,

nothing of the kind.

He is a nobody! A weakling!

How dare you say such things?

I have every reason for it.


He couldn't write
something like this.

He could!
- No!

Please, don´t!

He did it, yes. He did it!

Mitya ... Mitenka!

Pull yourself together.

Ryabov, why are you standing there?



Do you still live with her?
- No.

- What is this?

Open it and see.

That´s it.

Come, on come on!


Go there, come on, stay there.

Where are you going? Stop!

Stop, bastard! Where are you going?

Go, go ...

Give us a hand, we´re stuck!

Get in the car!

Why are you standing here? Come on, do something.

Come on, faster! Don´t stand there!

Why didn´t you bring my epaulettes before, Mitya?

I was hoping you´d get killed
- I see.

Why did you run after me?

I was hoping I´d get killed.

What if I killed you
one hour earlier, in the forest?

I was sure you would do this.

So what do you think about division commander Kotov?


I think the war can't be won
without such people as Kotov.

Did you really meant
what you were saying?

No. I was just saving my skin.

What if they found out I had

a paragraph in your sentence?
Why did you do this?

Why did you save me, Mitya?

I do not know, Sergei Petrovich. I do not know.

Anyway, you didn't kill me either. Why?

Let´s go?
- Let´s go.

I live in an atmosphere of complete terror.

Now it's that unbearable squealing...

And I can't take a bath
because it is occupied
all the time!

Something is being soaked there and I walk around
wrapped in a bed sheet

like a Roman emperor in a toga. And nobody pays attention to it!

What if l choose
to walk around naked?

The sight of a naked old man
will maybe wake you up.

There is no need to get naked.
We're filling the bath
for you already.

Oh, really?
- Yes.

But maybe I'm not in the mood now.

Vsevolod, stop being capricious

like a small child.
- So, a small child can be capricious,

but an old man,can´t?

"Which is allowed to Jupiter it´s not allowed to the bull."

Oh, God! Vsevolod ...


Here I am.
- And here I am.

And me, too
- Us.



Masha! Actually ... This, of course, f. ..

- Forgive me. Tea?

Maybe you drink tea?
- We welcome the tea.

Well, not only tea. We have many other things.

Hello, girls.
- Hello, Mitya.

General's ration.
- Unbelievable!

And what wine!
- Shall I help?

No, thanks.

Take off your coat.
- Right now.

Mitya, no one has played that for a hundred years.

Let him play!
- But...

What do you want?
- It's all dusty!

Please, play!
- Olga Nikolaevna ...

Olga Nikolaevna!
- Yes.

Here ... there were two pictures.

There were two photos on the wall,
where are they?

Marusya, remember? Were are the two photos?

I put them away in the chest.

They are in the chest.
- No, they are not in the chest,

they are in the dresser.
- Of course, hidden away.

They are in the dresser. No, over there. The second drawer.

How many things there.

Arrange them carefully

to not let anything ...
- Marusya!

I'm thisty.

Enough is enough.

Wow! Sausage, canned meat, wine, candy.

It's all very nice.

You said he was dead.
- But he isn´t.

What have you told him?
- Everything.

- That's right

Why did you bring him here?

Here, I found them.

I found them.
- Great!

One of them used to hang here.

How long will you stay here?
- Forever, it seems.

And the other one here.
- Wonderful!


Masha, you drink too much.
- I get pleasure from it.

You came here for the pleasure, right?

The pleasure it´s rather questionable.

And besides, my dear Marusya, acording to red army regulations

for disobeying your commander orders you´ll be...

- Exactly. Shot to death.

It was an order, Marusya.
- As always.

What as always?
- You, obeying orders.

Gee, what a banquet today!

Must be Nadya´s

- No?


You´re right! Year 1942.

Toy crafts, team 9. How interesting,

someone making toys
during the war.

Life goes one, right?

Kirik brought this.
- Seba!

Seba...what? Again I say something out of place?

Kirik brought it
from his work.

He worked there.
So he brought it here.

Say, if he worked at the cannery...

...then he would be bringing cans.
- Cans.

By the way, where is he now?

Where is that busy loafer?

What is .. He what? Is he alive?

What happened? Is he fightning? Injured? killed?

Oh no, he is free now.

Free? Was he in prison?
- Oh no, God forbid!

And what then?
- He is free from the service in the army.

Ah, I see.
- He is flat-footed.

- And he has diabetes ...

and flat-footed.
- He is very ill.

Flat-footed... Yes, of course.

And where is this invalid?
- Working.

- Yes, as a projectionist.


Projectionist. Yes.
- Works as projectionist?

So now he's pilfering films for you?

Of course.

I thought...
- We'll have a wonderful life now, Vsevolod Konstantinovich.

Wonderful indeed.

Wow, the music is playing.

What's going on?

- Dmitry Andreyevich,

can't you see that I'm perfectly able
to feed this family

by myself?

- What is it?

What made you so frightened,

Hi ... Hello!

But you were supposed to...

You're alive?
- I'm alive.

I'm alive, Kirik. A little battered but alive.

What's going on?
Where are you?

Why were't you at work?
I called you.
- It´s my lunch break.

Didn´t you see Mokhova?
- No, I dropped by at the post office.

Babysitting and shaking all over.

Why did you keep mum about it?

Why were you hiding her? Mokhova! Mokhova, you ...

Where did the child come from?

Who is the father? The professor?

Kirik? Kirik, you?

Yes, it is my child. Ours.

Oh, you bastard!

Oh, you flat-footed bastard.

So, you climbed on that hen,
you drilled that pearl after all?

Off you go. We're laying the table here.

- What's happening?

Dumb ass idiot! I told you to ...

What is it? Marusya, we always ...
- Stay out!

It was me who brought her.
- Stay out! And you?

Why did you come?
- And where else did you want me to go? I live here.

To the film booth, to the railway

to the devil's den! Give me the child.
- What's the matter, Marusya?

Come here,
don't stand there like a statue!

Marusya, what happened to you? What happened?

What do you want? You want to know what happened here?

My dear relatives,
can't you explain to him

what happened? Not? Well then.

Then I tell him myself. Yes, my baby

Look at him! Kotov, look. This is my child,

Mine. Born from this man.

You see? What's so funny?

He is the father of my child. What did you expect?

That we'll just sit here

waiting for you to come and
wind up the spring of happiness?

No, Kotov.
Nothing of the kind happened

It couldn't have happened otherwise
to Maria Borisovna Kotova, an english spy

Couldn't have happened otherwise. I read your dirty wrapper.

Why did you sign it, Kotov?

Because you loved me so much?

You wanted me to be happy?
- Marusya.

What, Mitya?
Wasn't you who gave it to me?

And what happened
in the car after that, remember?

Was it also
because you loved me so much?

Shut up, Mummy .
What are you cackling, my dear hens?

My dear ladies-in-waiting
and my dear doctor of the Roman law.

l remember
how you were deciding my fate.

Sitting in my father's room,
so kind-faced and kind-voiced:

"The divison commander means safety,
privileges and power!"

"we want you to be happy,

Of course you want my happiness you bloody samaritans!

Of course, happiness.

And that's why you have to...
Hug him, he is crying!

I beg you, Marusya!
Pull yourself together!

Masha, Marusya, Mushenka!
I've been hearing it all my life!

I didn't forget anything!
And then, again in the same room

with the same faces
they sat in a row,
my dear grannies!

That´s all! You can bring the division commander back and
Dmitry Andreyevich means safety,

power and meals. Does he! And me? What about me?

I' m not a victory cup,
not a pennant to put on the shelf

or upon that wall. I'm alive!

And then, upstairs, when this Dmitry Andreyevich

did that to me, what did you say?

What did you say? Nothing!

He is a family friend. Do not worry. Never mind.

Everything will be OK. Everything will pass, will be forgotten.

That's all you can say, my dears,

to a person, trampled
into the mud up to their ears

And this man, yes, this very man,

who is neither a great commander,
nor a great musician,

he just sat next to me,
held me by the hand...

Give him to me, please...
- Maria Borisova

Maria Borisovna, I'd like to explain...
- Shut up, you freak. Shut up!

How did you dare to come here after all?
You! Who ruined everything!

Who threw me yourself
under that man!

You, who threw me to hell!
You, who betrayed our daughter!

Kotov, no! Stop!
- Sergei Petrovich, I beg you!

What are you doing?
- Please.

Give him the child.
- Why?

Give him. The baby's crying.
Give it to him.

Give him the child.

What did you call him?


Come with me.
- No!

Let's go. Come along!
- No!

Sergei Petrovich.
- Stay where you are!

- Come here.

Don't do that, Kirik, don't. It will be bad.

- Bad.


Come on! Come on!

Come on! More ...

Come on, come on!

Come on!

Oh, if only you knew ...

If you knew ...

Dmitry. Give me the revolver.

Hey. And how many bullets? One?

Yes, one.
- To shoot yourself?

- Or maybe two?

Give me two.
- To kill Marusya and the general?

Yes, Marusya and the general...
- Or maybe four?

For Marusya, the general,
the baby and yourself.

What about eight?

- How why?

You'll do them in, all of them!

But there will be no bullets
left for Mokhova. You'll have to butcher her
with an axe.

What are you talking about?
- And you? Why should you need a gun?

How is it possible...
that he... and I...

Because we thought...
he was missing.

But there he is.
- Kirik, have a drink.

You could have warned us...
- Could.



click your tongue.
- What?

Click your tongue,
like you used to.

Remember how you clucked? Could be heard throughout the house.

Nadya adored this trick of yours.

I can´t.
- Come on, click. Give it a try.

I can´t.
- Click, click ...

Go, go!

Not like that. Come on Marusya.
- I can't do it.

Get it?
- Come on, click!

Do you remember?
And Nadya would thrill
with laughter

when you clicked, remember?

Oh, my God

You will never forgive me. Never.

No, Marusya. It´s you who will never forgive me.

I understand. I can imagine.

No Marusenka. You can not imagine that.

When your own people, Marusya ... our own!


Sign up!

That´s it. Over ...

That´s it, Marusya.

What's going on downstairs?
- Well.

What's downstairs
is in the past, Marusya.


What's downstairs
is in the past.

When did you find out

about Nadia?
- In 1941

Read it in a newspaper.

a barge with pioneers
was bombed by Germans.

Give it to me.
- Here.

Drink it.



What is that?

- Hello.

- Kissing the cup? Nice pastime.

I'm doing nothing wrong.
Such a sweet wine.

Do you want some?
- No, thanks ...

It's very sweet.
- I've had not a drink since I was a child.

It narrows down your rosebud...
Sorry, glands.

You couldn't be drink
ing in your childhood,

because wine is forbidden
for children.

I'm trying to read music here,
and it is awful.

I wonder who can have
such a bad taste!

It must be that gentleman who...
They all have left.

Who has "left"?
- Everyone.

- All of them. And I stayed here ...

Where is Marusya?
- Marusya left.

They all left for the station. To your health!

Everyone here? Let's go! Come on, come on!

I have a standing reservation.
- Mom, let´s go?

Stay here. I'll go and find out.

We'll go and collect the tickets.

Hey, wait.
- What?

Come here for one sec.

- Go!

- What shall l tell to my bosses?
Tell them you lent it
to General Kotov.

Go, go, go!

- But l have some money left.
- Put it away.

...seventeen rubles.
- Kirik, come here!

We need two tickets.
- Quiet!

Three tickets.
Kirik will buy the other two

Mitya, dear, please. Thank you very much.

Now go home. Please! There is a grandmother, Vsevolod.

They will wake up and... please.

Come on! Go!

Kirik, look for number four!
- Carriage number four.

Wait here, I'll go and bring the tickets.

Kirik, be quick!
- Where is the feeding bottle?

Kirik left it at home.
I only packed the diapers.

You were supposed to pack everything!

Make way!

When is the train leaving?
- In seven minutes.

Make way!

Hold this for me.

We are lucky, nice car.

Kirik, where is
the feeding bottle?

We won't make it.

Kirik, the feeding bottle.

Here it is.
- Give me the tickets.

Here are five tickets...

Sergei Petrovich,
let me explain...

Let me explain why...

Where is... Kirik!


Sergei! Sergei, let him go please!

Sergei, please!
- Sergei Petrovich, you are a big man,

you can stop the train.
Please let them go.

Let him go, please. Sergei!
- Let them go

and I stay here.
- Kirik! Sergei, please.

Please. It is not necessary!
- I will go anywhere:

to the front,
to a plant, anywhere!

Marya Borisovna, please.
Take her away!

Let us leave, please. Let us leave!

Please, Sergei! Let him.

...to the front, to a plant,

I understand.

Just let them go.
Not now, not here.

A toy?
- Return it to the owner.

What is the toy for?
- Go!

And what about you?
- Go!

Sergei Petrovich,
you are an important person... you are a very important person.

But important people have to know
that if it was not for us little people,

they would never know
that they are important!

The time of the little people will come,

then the important ones will regret
not being the small ones.

Uncle, tell me, what time it is?

Five minutes to seven...

That´s a general's watch, dude.
- I'm a general ...

Can't be!
- Don't you believe it? Honestly.

Dude, this watch is not for you. Come on, give.

And you give me a cigarette.

- Deal.

I'll give you a cigarette and you...
- The watch.

Why are you not in the front?
- I am blind, can´t you see?

- Yes.

Give it!

Son, Come here. Where are you going?

Come, come here! Where are you going, son?

Where are you going?
- Quiet!

Can you imagine that?

A man in the ladies' booth.

It´s occupied!
- Occupied, occupied...

There's a man in there

What is your name?
- Vasilisa.


And now it´s my turn.

Look, guys! It's like riding a sledge
when we were boys.

Don´t do it!
- Get out, get out I say!

Come here! Sit down.
- Don't.

Sit down quickly, I said! Sit down.

Ready everyone! Go, go go!

My dear...

It is... a wedding?

Arishka, fill the glasses!

Come on, come on, come on!

Pour me some. Is it a wedding?

A wedding.
- To the newlyweds!

And what about you?
- Me too.

What's your name?
- Arisha.

What about a chaser?
- Here.

Do you have a husband?
- He was killed at the war.

So, you're not married?
- No.

Quiet! All stop! A toast!

Where is my mother?
- Here she is.

Nah, I already drank to your health.
- Drink to my health!

Go away, Uncle Lyosha.

To victory!
- To victory, hooray!

Hush! Attention!
And where is the "kiss the bride"!

Kiss the bride!

Kiss her!

Bottoms up!

Let's kiss.
- Oh, no.

Come on.
- It's not our wedding!

Kiss the bride!

What's the matter?
- Why?

What is your name?
- Seryozha.

Where did you come from?
- I'm an amateur artist.

Kiss her!

Is your hand a prosthesis?
- No, the prothesis

is not here,
it's here...
- Really?

Kiss her!

Soldier! Take this!

Take the general's watch. Take it, for the wedding.

Take it, soldier!
- The general's watch!


Sit down, sit down ...

I know what you are going
to ask me now: "Why?"

You want to know why. Why you, a legendary division commander,

Civil War hero and, in the end, my friend

was thrown into prison

like a convict
where they nearly killed you?

Comrade Stalin, I ...
- Then you wanted to ask

why were you released
with all the medals returned to you

and why were you made
a lieutenant general?

But it would be wrong
to ask
"why" and "how come", Kotov.

One should only ask
"for what?"

So we could release you
in good time.

You know that during the first two weeks of the war we lost more than 1,000 aircraft,

several thousand tanks and nearly two million of our soldiers

were taken into captivity.

A ferocious enemy
invaded our country.

There are those who think that can remain in the holes

They don't care who will be in power; us, the germans...

They just want to be left alone.

They do nothing
for our victory and that favors our enemy.

What to do with such people, tell me Kotov?

And what will happen when we defeat Hitler?

what will a soldier,
someone crippled by the war,

say to a neighbor who has sat the war at home

in his warm robe and slippers? Will he forgive such a person?

How can we ever forgive
such people?

And there will be millions of these cowards

who stayed low during the occupation. And what will happen then, Kotov?

Another civil war?

Tell me, Kotov, 15 000 men. It is many people or not?

No, do not tell me anything. Maybe they are in terms of one sector of the front.

But in terms of the country...

I read your plan, Kotov. Yes.

You can outflank the citadel, cut off their supply ..

Please, sit ...and one day they will surrender.

You are right strategically

but wrong politically.

You, Kotov, will send ...

this 15,000 cowards who waited in the rear

to storm the citadel.

This will be a terrible attack, I agree.

but the Germans will spend
the bullets on this black infantry,

the bullets meant for our earnest
Soviet soldiers.

These 15,000 will set
an example to millions.

It will make them wake up and realize

we have only one way: the road to victory.

Move your cup closer.

When the citadel falls

the sight of the photos
of 15,000 dead citizens

will shake the world.

Europe will wonder what is waiting for her if we do not win.

And will let certain people
in our country see...

You want sugar?

..see what awaits them
when we win this war.

There will be no orders.

Neither written nor verbal.

The whole operation, Kotov

will lie within your sole responsibility.

You want to know,
why it's you of all others?

When you were 17,
you took arms to
protect the revolution.

In 1919 ...

you personally killed a priest

from the Bezhetsk monastery
for hiding
a White Guard officer.

In 1921, near Kerch ...

you sank barges full of Whites officers.

And in 1922,
you used poisonous gas

against the recalcitrant peasants
in the Tambov region.

who rose against Soviet power.

And you did right, Kotov.

Who else could do such things
so bravely?

General Melezhko,
who was demoted for debauchery?

No, Kotov.

only you can carry out this operation
, "Black Infantry".

After that, you will receive an army.

What a delicious drink the tea is,


Can I have more?
- Of course.

- Allow?

The arrested is here

Bring him in.
- Come on!


Hello, Ryabov!

Citizen Captain ...
- What?

Prisoner, address me
according to my rank,

"Citizen Captain."
- Please, excuse me,

Captain citizen ... Ryabov.
- Sit down.

Have you taken to smoke?
- No surprise that I have...

Oh, Hi!
- What?

Listen, citizen captain ...

let us settle all questions
once and for all.

I know the procedure,
I know all the papers are ready.

So, for you and for me, too,
not to take pains...

I'll just sign everything.

Will you sign?
- I'll sign.

And the investigation period?
- How much do you need?

A week.
- And the date?

What date?
- What date is today?

The twelfth.
- Bravo, twelve plus seven makes...

Makes what?
- What date?

- The nineteen.

Bravo! I'll sign all the protocols per the 19th.

Read it.

I Arsentiev Dmitry Andreyevich, a Colonel for the NKVD

admit that I was working for the german intelligence ...

..for a merchant named Henry von Linke... All right!

It prepared the assassination of, among others, Comrade Stalin ...

I had access to his Cabinet and to other members

of the leadership of the Red Army. Nice report!

The report weighs about 9 grams, eh?

And you will not sign it.
- I will sign it.


Yes ...

Written by my words ... September 19, 1943

So. Very good.

So, so ...

You missed it, missed it!

September 19, 1943. Done!

So, a spy, a diversionist, an enemy

who devours pioneers and a sorcerer.

What's wrong with you, Andreyevich?

That´s it!

That's it.

Open the wagons. Faster!
- Quick, get out of the car.

Go ahead! Faster!

Leave everything in the table.

My mum fetched me all this stuff,
a sackful.

Leave your private belongings here,
they'll be returned upon arrival.

We've been living together for
10 years, and it didn't work out well...

Leave your belongings...

I tell you, we are attacking. Everyone will give us some...

- Comrade Major,
may I have a machine gun?
We'll give you a machine gun,
you'll get it there.

The accordion, give!
- What?

I will not give it to anyone!

Ok, go fight with the accordion.

Tyulpanov, check the last wagons. Next!

Leave all unnecessary stuff!
- Calm down!

He told me go to fight with the accordion...

Kotova, what are you doing?

There will be a battle.
We're making everything ready.

There will be many wounded.

None of you will go there,
until the end of the attack

Nor will you need your bags.
- What?

Aren't we going to pick up
the wounded?
- No. There is an order

to pick up
the wounded only after the battle.
- But during the battle...

- Dismissed...
Make the surgeries ready.

Come on! Quick!

Take! Take it!

Down there! Go take one, faster!

Where? To the slaughter?
- Go ahead!

I have poor eyesight.
- Go, go!

Minus seven.
- I said move on!

You promised me a machine-gun.
- You'll have it..

Take this. Move on!

- Fill it.

Here you go.

Where are you going?
- Don't you touch me!

- I'm a musician, not a soldier.

Take your instrument and move on.

But, Major...
- Go, go!

Anti-retreat units are ready, sir.

Good. Not yet.
- Yes, sir.

There may be panic.
- I said, not yet.

Old man... It's surgical spirit, sir...

Follow me!

Don't do this, sir.

They'll lynch you, sir. Sir!

General, this is madness!

They said we were going
to the front,

but you're turning us
into fodder meat!

Sir, what are you doing?
This is insane!

General, I beg you, let me go

My mother is waiting for me.
I only left her groceries
for two days.

I promise I'll be back.

My daughter is little.

Let me go, please.

I can't let you go.

No one would let me go either. Get it?

Please let's go away!
God knows what they can do

They've nothing to lose. You can
issue a command

from the battle HQ.
- Hey, you wolf, you Red bitch!

I hanged no end of you!
I wish I've hanged more of you!

I wish I could reach
your bloody throat!

You damned bastard! Bitch...

I'll kill you if you let anything
like this happen again.


This is all wrong, Lieutenant General.

You, a commander,
should not confront people

which you condemned to death.
Please, leave the trenches.

You belong at the HQ.
- Oh, really?

Do you play?
- Yes, sir.

Play then.

Old man, no!
- Freeze, everybody!

Should anyone move my way,
I'll pull the trigger

Give it to me...


I think I'll take a walk...

I'm going. Give it too me.

I´m fuckin' going!

Attention! Not shooting without without orders!

What's that?
It looks like we are being
turned into castigators.

But we'll have to open fire.

Otherwise these men with clubs
will enter the citadel.

Let them pass another 500 m,
and then open fire.

I'll go to my room.
I'm a career officer, not a butcher.

What is it?

An insect.

Where are you going? Stop!

Take up defence!

Open the door!

Seventh section. Bunker Ten.

Open the doors!


Come on, come on!

Come on, faster!


Follow me! Hurrah!

What is it, Nadya?
- Daddy!

It´s mined!

Hold her!
- Daddy! Dad!

It is forbidden!

There are mines! Stop!


Daddy! Dad!




Lieutenant, I'm sorry...

I took you for someone else.


Hold it right there! Stop!

Do not move! Do not move ...

Do not move! Stay quiet! Stay!


- Daddy!

Stay ... Quiet.
- Dad.

Do not move. Come on, quiet.

Quiet ... Do not move.

It´s a mine, but don't be afraid,
don't be afraid of anything.

Fear not. Take off your foot.

Calm, calm ...

Come on! Slightly. Let's do it.

- What is it? You ...

No, no ...
- Quiet.

If you stand on it for ten minutes the safety catch will click back.

Take your foot out of the boot.
- But ...

You are a lieutenant,
so pull yourself together.

Good girl, now do it.

Nice and easy...

Very carefully!


Good! Come on.

So, so ...

Quiet... and step back. Go!

But th ...
- Come on.

Quiet, quiet...

Let me give you something.

Not ... not ...
You need it?
No? Never mind.

Here, it'll come in handy

Now, about face! And make
twenty steps

following your traces. Twenty paces. Go!

Daddy, no ... How do I ...
- Please.


Don't you know the regulations?
It's the general's order.

That's it!

About face!

Make twenty steps,
following your traces.

I will count.

- What?


And watch your feet under!

Come on, keep going!

Five! Watch your feet!



Where? Where are you going?

Come here, you fool!

What are you doing, madman?

One day they'll kill you!

Stop! Stop, guys!

Don't shoot!
He is sick and harmless.

Don't! Quiet down, honey.

Please don´t. He is not a German,

he is just a soul. Go on, guys. There are lots
of Germans

who are in one piece,
but this one isn't.

The war robbed me of everything. And it robbed him of his wits.

I was bereaved of everything, too.
Bereaved of my four sons and my husband Fedor.

It's only me and him now,

Brandishing his stick all day.

Now he is angry, but then
he has a spell of a headache

then he lies down, crying.
He has an iron plaque in his head.

So he cries.
He was abandoned by his people.

They thought him dead.
I was passing by and...

My God, he was breathing. Brought him home
and cared for him.

What do you want? What's wrong, honey?

Go, son. Walk, do not stay here.

Please. Go home.

Commander, there are enough Germans
left for you

who are in one piece, but he is not.
He won't live long

on this earth.

lf you kill him now,
I'll have no one to talk to.

What? No? You have to?

You can't just leave? I see

Yes, I understand. I understand ...

Well, if you have to,
it can't be helped...

Then kill me, too, for Christ's sake.

You darned fool,
what have you done?

Didn't I tell you to stay at home,
near the stove.

We are... we are going...

We're going that way. In that direction.

We're moving towards Berlin.
See this sign?

We need to go to Berlin.

Did you hear? I said it, I said it!

Daddy, I can speak!

Did you hear? I said it!

l told him where we are going!