Burnt by the Sun (1994) - full transcript

Russia, 1936: revolutionary hero Colonel Kotov is spending an idyllic summer in his village with his young wife and six-year-old daughter Nadia and other assorted family and friends. Things change dramatically with the unheralded arrival of Cousin Dmitri from Moscow, who charms the women and little Nadia with his games and pianistic bravura. But Kotov isn't fooled: this is the time of Stalin's repression, with telephone calls in the middle of the night spelling doom - and he knows that Dmitri isn't paying a social call...

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You call this early?

Six A.M.!
What a time to come home!

A real kid!

Turn off the light.

What light?


How often do I have to tell
you? Speak Russian!

Your father hiked me in

Hired, Philippe.

O.K., hired.

Turn on the radio.

...from the workers' leaders
to the man who inspired...

...to the organizer
of our glorious...

You were just a baby...

He wanted me to speak
only French with you.

Were there many calls?


...the speech by the
USSR State Prosecutor...

...Comrade Vishinsky.

I've found it.

It's quite astounding,
as your mother used to say.

"Undesirable guests."

So... "Over the past two weeks,
there have been..."

"...in the Moscow area,
severan cases..."




"...of sightenings..."


"...od sudden fireballs."

"These undesirable guests
disappear as fast as it appears..."

As they appear.

"...after causing
considerable damage..."

"...to the agriculture,

"...and even life..."

"...of the walkers."


"The direction the fireballs

"...depends on the

"...that is given off..."

"...by narby abjects."


"...by nearby..."



"These phenomena are

"...the rosult..."


"...the result of a

"...diversionary operation."


It's me.

I'll do it.

Based on an original story


Screenplay by




Directed by





Take that! And that! And that!

Go on! Go on!


That's enough.
The machine is havong a rest.

Do the platypus.

The platypus?



Have you lost your mind?

Get the hell out of here!

Hey, son, stop!

Where's Zagorianka
or Zagorienka?

Never heard of it?


There's no such place.
Turn back.

What? Turn back?
You're kidding!

Seven in the morning,
and he's in a hurry!

"I'll wash it for you,"
she said.

Well, it's only a shirt.

Who knows what might be in it.

"No, no, I'll wash it for you!"

There could be money
in the pocket, or...

...I don't know,
important papers.

Who's there?

Where's Kotov?

The tanks are here!

It's early!

I'm taking my medicine.

Where is he? Quick!

The tanks are ruining
the wheat!

Turn back, son.
I won't let you do it.

You can crush me,
but not the wheat. Never!

Go back home!

Comrade Kotov!

You have to help us.
The tanks are in the fields.

What tanks?

Our tanks!

You're the only one
who can stop them.

The only one?


Thank you, old by... really.
It's my only day off.

The tanks...

you needed a scapegoat.

They're asking you to come.

Please, Comrade Kotov...


What use is your president?

He's in the balloon.


Yes, the political police
is here, the NKVD.

And he's shouting.

He's crying.

Ah, he's crying...

Only you can help.

Just one day off...
Ah, well. Where are they?

Take the horse.

Can you ride bareback?

After you.

When I think...
My day off...


No more steam bath...

Hi, there!

What's his name?


Gently, Boy. Gently.

Go on, go. Catch them.

Daddy, where are you going?


I never get any peace.

Only one day off.
No way!

The come and pull Kotov
from his steam bath...

What are you doing?

That's the people's wheat!
I'll drag you into the courts!

What are you doing?

They sowed this wheat! Hey!

- Turn back!
- It's not me!

- What?
- I've got orders.

What orders?

From my commander.

I've got you, pretty boy!

Don't tell me
a nag scares you shitless!

You've lost your mind, moron!

Get lost, or I'll slaughter you!

I'll wipe my ass with you,
Comrade Lieutenant!



- I'll show you!
- Show me what?

Don't you know me?

Don't you recognize me?

Like this?

You remember now?

Comrade Kotov!

Pull yourself together!

Who's in charge?

- Me...
- Who?

Brigadier Commander Lapine.

Lapine, that swine!
Right. Where's the radio?

What radio?

The field radio!

The planes! Colonel!

Wsitch on the radio!

The planes! Comrade Kotov!

They're up there.
They don't ruin the fields.

They're so beautiful!

Comrade Kotov!

Why aren't you advancing?

I'll tell you
why we're not advancing.

What? Who is this?

This is who!


Sergei Kotov.
Hi, Misha.



It's you, Sir?


I'm picking strawberries,
pretty boy.


Misha, maybe you want to
take prisoners?

Or drop some bombs?

The lieutenant agrees with me.


You know what, Misha?

Do you remember, me?

Very well, Sir.


Really, Sir.

Listen, tell your tanks
to turn back...

...and find something else.
Is that clear?

Yes, Sir.

Repeat it.

At your orders, Sir.


What's your name?

Your name. What is it?


No. Sorry. Kolya.


I was a little harsh on you.

Will you forgive me?

Why the stupid smile, Kolya?

Grow your ears a little,
if you want to see the road.


I knew him right away.

About face!

Why didn't you
go back to the house?

You were so coarse!

Who was?

My God!


What are you saying?

Nadya, was I coarse?

I didn't hear anything.

What are you saying?
Come here.

One day,
just one day a week...

...to be with my family.
Who told you to disturb me?

Who gave you permission?

What have I done?

He was all wound up, shouting:
"The wheat! The fields!"

"The kolkhoz!"

Why me, Olga Nikolayevna?

I'm not a miller.

It's amazing.

Orders have to be carried out,
my dear.

I'll look for fleas on them.

In fact...

...they can look for them on me.

They'd be right to.

Sergei, we've never had fleas
in this house.


What a family!

Your uncle has
a screw loose, too.

I don't know why they have to
wash in that wooden hut...

...when we have
a beautiful bathroom.

I know, I know, I know.

Kutuzov and Pushkin
used to wash in one, too.

I know all that.

But that child...

...that little child...

...has no reason
to be in there.


Why don't you
ever say anything?

You're like Switzerland!

Well-fed and apathetic.

I, on the contrary,
am starving and impassioned.

Like a gypsy.

Vsevolod Konstantinovich,
your legs are in my way.

Our colonel is right.

This place is a madhouse.

You've had your finger
in the jam again.

It'll ferment, and
the guests won't have...

All right, all right.

"Burnt by the sun"

"As the crimson sea did run"

"I heard you say, my dove"

"That there would be no love."

Masha, Gosha, hello!

Hell! Hands off!


...what are you doing?

Good Lord, why are you...?

But why?

You know why.

Boris brought this medicine
back from abroad before 1917.

Why throw it away?

Because it can't continue.


And all these herbs, too!

You know she's obsessed
with medicine.

When the doctor prescribed
iron for her...

...she boiled some nails
and drank the water.

She could have
poisoned herself.



Is this Zagorianka?

What's Zagorianka?

Or, maybe...


Oh, my God!

Young man!

Excuse me,
is this the SHAM?

You bet! A real sham!

What sham?

The State Home
for Artists and Musicians.

SHAM, for short.


Will you be much longer?


Nadya, get out of my armchair.

She's coming...

It's because of my eye.

"Confession is
the source of justice."

Who brought this?

The pioneers.

- For whom?
- For Comrade Kotov.

For breakfast.

Listen... "Confession
is the source of justice."

That took some finding!

Vsevolod! Your comments
will be the end of you!

Even a tiger is afraid
of a furious virgin.

She sucks nails.

One day we'll find her
poisoned to death.

Hello, everyone!

Happy holiday, gentlemen...
sorry... comrades!

Where's Mokhova?

Leave her.

Here are some biscuits.
My pleasure.

We're celebrating the construction
of balloons for... ?



What's wrong, Kirik?

It's the dance of the bird
arriving by balloon, my love.

My love from above, my dove.

Our language is so rich.
Isn't it, Sergei Petrovich?


Happy holiday.


"Oh," what?

Mother, he's teasing me!

You're wrong,
Sergei Petrovich.

Kirik never touches
a drop of alcohol.

Not one drop...

In any case,
today's a celebration.

And it's hot.

I remember...

...Prince Dimitri Pavlovich
giving him a drink...

...when he was little.

Oh, yes!

"Drink for drink's sake
means trouble."

Early each morning...

Vsevolod Konstantinovich...

...you remind me of
Petya Trofimov in Checkhov...


"The Cherry Orchard"!

...the eternal student.

You're at the university and
your friends are at the Academy!

No. They're not my friends.

My friends, as Pushkin said,
"are no more, or are far away."

Did you return the money?

What money?

To the soda water, saleswoman.

- Why the coat?
- I'm trying it on.

A coat in this heat!


I'll pay her tomorrow.
I promise.

"Burnt by the sun"

"As the crimson sea did run..."

Kirik, after
your morning port...

...do you still drink tea?

You know, Sergei Petrovich...

...you shouldn't
consider drinking a vice...

- How would you say? -

...a vice of the will,
but rather the elan...

...of a tormented soul.


My love...


My name is Lyuba Grucheva.

You should have told us
you were coming here.

I'd have driven you
on my "cycle".

It's romantic.

Especially a lady's "cycle".

Without a bar.


I don't know. I've never tried
without a bar.

Here he is.

How about a swim?


Coming for a swim?

Of course.

Kirik, you can be so untidy!

Such severity!

That's Comrade Kotov!

We've got his portrait
at the university.

On horseback?


On foot.

Have you got my portrait?

Who are you?


I am who I am.

You're a tease.

I'll explain it to you.

Oh, God! Oh, God!

What have they done?

Yes, Mokhova.

No more medicine.

Boris Konstantinovich used to
bring them back from France.

Don't cry, Mokhova.

I'll tell Daddy...

...to bring you some more.

Oh, a pioneer regiment!

Pioneers don't cry.

They're soaked.


The pioneers are here.

Is there a celebration today?
You don't know what for?

You know, I don't understand
their celebrations.

All I know...

...is that it's an important
Soviet celebration.

I'll lie down for a while.

My head...

...is spinning.

I'll lie down.

It's Nadya.

She's the one who knows all
the celebrations.


Oh, God!

What's that I smell?

Could it be little Nadya
who's going to be a pioneer...

...and the head of the class?

How do you know?


...why wouldn't I know
the most brilliant...

...of them all?

Are you the summer Santa?

Yes, Nadya.

I'm the wizard from Maghreb.

What's the Maghreb?

The Maghreb...

...is the land
where summer Santas live.

In the USSR?

Of course.

All the summer Santas
live in the USSR.

- And the winter ones?
- They, too.

Are you a doctor?


We need one for Mokhova.

She's still alive?


My great-grandmother
and Elena...

...drowned her medicine.

They're still alive, too?

And how!


This is Mokhova.

Away, white virgin!

Who invited you in?

"Lather makes
Marussya's skin soft."

As if we didn't have
enough lunatics here!

What do you want?

Silence, you polygamist!

What do you mean by that?

Happy holiday,
noble ancestors!

But I'm not even
a grandmother!


Who invited him in?

Stop stamping your feet!

You're here too,
you lover of sweet wines...

...and immodest young women!


34-15, extension 19.

What's that?

That's my old office number.



I just recognized you!


My God!

When Marussya was a baby,
Boris used to say to me...

..."Lather makes
Marussya's skin soft."

What a joker!

Dimitri, I must say...

Vsevolod Konstantinovich!


Mitya! You're back at last!

This is...

...Sergei, my husband.

This is the famous Mitya...

...of whom my father
was so fond.

And his best student.



Same here.

In fact, we've already met.

Of course, I remember.

You've met?

It was a long time ago,
for a short while.

And this?

This is our doughter, Nadya.

Nadya, call me Uncle Mitya.

Uncle Mitya.

Close your mouth.


Dimitri Andreyevich!

My immaculate...
Immaculate, right?


...why don't you dust

I don't dust properly?


Wait a minute...
On New Year's Eve in 1928...

...just before I left,
we had hidden all the gifts.

I hid a candy here.

It's not there now!

Look, it's here...

It's a celebration
for everyone except me.

Give me a glass of water.
I'm dying of thirst.

Is Philippe with you?

Yes. I'll clean up
and tell you everything.

This damn beard...

He must have aged?

In fact,
I never knew him young.


Are you married?


Have you got children?

- Yes.
- How many?



Do you still play the piano?


Do you still play?


...I must ask you...

...over all these years,


Nothing. Later.

Uncle Mitya!

Do you want tea with jam
of coffee with milk?

Coffee with jam.

Fancy that!


Yes, dear?

Uncle Mitya wants
coffee with jam.


How old are you?


Olga Nikolayevna!

One day, when Marussya was six
and I was sixteen...

...the Bolshoi
was performing "Lakm?".

Boris Konstantinovich
was conducting.

Mitya, I'm a bit short now...

...but tonight for sure...

Here we go.


I was giving him a towel.

During the overture...

...she said to me,
"I want to pee."

Thank you, Mitya.

I said, "It's only just
started." She said, "A pee."

I told her,
"Wait, I didn't bring a pot."

She said, "I want to pee!"

People started shushing us.

So we went out.

She said,
"I don't want to go alone."

The men's room made no sense,
and I couldn't go to the ladies' room.

I ended up taking her
to the men's room.

was just coming out.

He asked me, "Who's the father
of this lovely child?"

I replied...

"Boris Konstantinovich."
He said, "What a lovely boy!"

"Tell his father
to buy him some trousers!"

Coffee or tea?

I wanted water.
No, nothing, thank you.

Mitya, coffee or tea?

No, really, thank you.
Enjoy your meal.

That's Daddy's chair.

Nadya! Shame on you!
He's a guest.

You never let Kirik sit there.

Kirik should...

Because Kirik...



No, Olga. Don't worry.

In yesterday's "Pravda"...


do you want something?

Me? No.

What's that, then?


It's a glass.


Shall we go for a swim?


I'd love to.

- Where's your bathing suit?
- Over there.

Kirik, we're going for a swim!

Everything is
as it used to be.

You haven't changed at all...

...except for your hair.

None of you
have changed, either.

We're too old
to change now.

Today at five P.M....

...in the Storming-of-the-Bastille Park...

...there will be a

...of Communist composer,
Minayev's works...

...in honor of the sixth
anniversary of the celebrations...

...of the construction of Stalin's
balloons and airships.

Admission is free.

Happy holiday, dear comrades!

Hurry up, or the pioneers
will get our spot.

Stand up! Attention!

At ease, fellows.
Happy holiday to you all!

Here, Nadya.

Mokhova, put that doll away!

I'm not that little any more.

What else can I give you?

You're still young enough
for it. Stop acting up.

"Not that little"... Hah!

I really want to join
the pioneers!


To get up
at the bugle's call...

...swim at the whistle's blast...

...and get buried to music.
Who said that?



To get up
at the bugle's call...


...at the whistle's blast...

To march...

...to the drum's beat...

...eat in time...

And if you do all that,
you'll get buried...

...to music.


I'm going to the jetty.

Uncle Mitya...

...why do you say that?


Don't pester him.

I'm pestering him?


That's a good one!

Then, stay here.
I'm leaving.

Here, have fun.



Nothing... nothing.

Please return the poodle
named Philimon...

...to the janitor
of dacha number 17...

...the home of
Professor Kaluta.

Happy Holiday, dear comrades!

Why are you sulking?

What's wrong?

Mother told me off.

Mother told you off?

Mother told us off.

What a wicked mother.

You were pestering them...

...with questions.

They want to talk.
They're old friends.

They lost touch
for a long time.

And little poppet
starts pestering them.

Come on, let's take the boat
along the river.


I don't like that!
She can swim right here!


Just let us go. O.K.?

Leave us alone.

Lie there and sun yourself.

Wide, muscular shoulders.

Really, I understand.

A dazzling smile, his portrait
hanging everywhere.

And all that will collapse.

With one small flick.

"You ran off
to travel the world"

"And I followed,
true to my word..."



Why aren't you asking me
any questions?

Why don't you say anything?

I'm reading.

But why?

I don't want to know any more.

What do you mean,
"any more"?

Any more than I already know.

Well, well...

And what do you know?

What's that?

When did you do that?

- Back then.
- And?

They saved me. I didn't know
you had to do it in water.

To keep the blood
from coagulating.


Marussya! Mitya!




The Civilian Defense Regiment!

They'll try to train us...

...for gas attacks.

Leave, quickly!

Or they'll take you away!

- They're far away.
- They're starting again!

They'll put those pipes on us!

Olga Nikolayevna. I'm scared!

Then the masks,
and they'll pinch our breasts.

I'm going.

We've still got time.

The raskers will find us!

Not raskers... rescuers!

They pinch my breasts
and knees.

Any other woman
would be delighted!

What pretty feet!

So round, so soft,
so beautiful.

As for mine, look.

See? Like shoe leather.

As hard and rough as rocks.

Is it because
you've run a lot?

Yes. Run and walked.

Where were you running to?

Sometimes away from them...

...sometimes toward them.

Your feet will always
be like that.


They'll always be
this round...

...because there will be
many airplanes, cars...

...trolley cars, buses
and underground trains.

And roads will be
nice and flat...

...shoes will be

...and socks will be soft...



Because we're building up
Soviet power for that...

...so that, all their lives,
people will have feet...

...like yours.

To run
without having to flee.

Follow your path.
Follow it well...

...and, above all,
work hard.

Respect your parents...

...and cherish
your Soviet Motherland.

You're so hot!

Tell me...

You're not ill, are you?

You're sure?


You've no idea
how good I feel with you.

Is that true?

Me, too.

With you, everything is

...everything is easy.

I adore you.

Can we drift like this
for all our lives?

Yes, but with Mother.

Of course.
We won't leave without her.

I'm going for a swim.

Comrade... comrade!

What time is it?

What's wrong?

Help a poor invalid stand up.

Of course.

Half past one.

Thank you.

He dove in fully dressed!

A man dove in fully dressed!

The idiot!

All right.




- Were you scared?
- You fool!

- Were you scared?
- You fool!

Let go of me!

Your wife should be
scared for you.

Do you remember this place?

One month after
Boris Konstantinovich died...

...you caught your mother
with Kirik.

A terrible business!

Deeply affected,
you fled the house...

...and I found you here.

Right here.

It was cold...

...it was raining.

I told you to go back...

...but you didn't want to.

So I stayed, too.

Don't you remember?

"Ere yet the salt
of most unrighteous tears"

"Had left the flushing..."

Not even that?

And we spent the night
in the boatman's barn.

Our first night.

And afterward?

I had a volume of Shakespeare
with me, "Hamlet".

I read.

She cried.

You cried.

"Ere yet the salt
of most unrighteous tears"

"Had left the flushing

Do you know
what I remember most?

The mark of the elastic...

...on your belly.

It was as pink
as a baby's.

Why are you
telling me all this?

I don't know.


...I simply believed...

...that if that life
no longer existed for me...

...it no longer existed
for anyone else.

And that
everyone had vanished.

But here you all are.

And nothing has changed
for you.

It's just that I'm not here.
You've obliterated me...

...with an eraser.


Gas warning!
We're under attack!

We're under attack!

and the SHAM CIDER...

...against the
imperialist foe...

Happy holiday, dear comrades!

Civilian defense...

...is a vital cause
for the State.

- Put this on.
- What time is it?

Put on the gas mask.

I'm sorry, but I'm going to
miss my train.

It's the duty
of every Soviet citizen...

...to help Civilian Defense...

...in fighting the hydra
of world imperialism.

I've got your parasol.

Don't let a patriot down!


Don't you need some


I'm seriously wounded.

The stretcher!

Gas mask!

Yes, Sir!

Lie down.

Yes, Sir!

Forward march!

Just a second!

You, the comrade
with the trunk!

What about me?


I'm dead.

- We leave the dead.
- What?

A stretcher! A mask!

I'm wounded now.

I hurt all over.

Forward march!

Let go of me!
What are you doing?

What's your name?

How about that...

Where are they?

I've no idea.

Look at that!
They left their shoes...

...and the ball,
and the book, too.

And they left without us.


- Daddy?
- What, dear?

Where are you
running like that?


I'm not running.
I'm walking calmly.

But, Daddy...

I'll carry you.

Come on.

There, like that.

Let's go.

We'll try to see
where they could be.

If I was the one who...

...left books at the beach...

...think how Mother
would react!

Daddy, you're hurting me.

Where, huh? Where?
You have such a temper, Nadya!

Your mother's right.
You have a real temper!

Daddy, you're
squashing my tummy!

Daddy, look!

Uncle Mitya's pants and shirt
are hanging there.

Yes, you see,
he put them there to dry.

Here, hang it up.


Throw it.

Aim well,
you can do it.

How do you expect me
to do it?

That's good...

...that will do.

That will do. Stop.

Stop... I'm scared...


I remember
that Boris had decided..

...to give work to Mitya,
who was then a poor student.

He was supposed to make
Marussya work on her music.

When I was in the room with
them, they were serious.

legato... syncopated pedal...


But one day,
I'd only just left the room...

... when I suddenly heard...
- what was it, Mitya? -

A can-can!

Mother come into the room.
I was Nadya's age...

I thought I was going to

...and I was doing this!

And with great style, too!

They're dancing!

When you've got to go...

Sergei Petrovich!

Why are you eating alone?
Why not wait for the others?

I wanted to call them...

...but I don't speak French.

Not yet.

Hand me a napkin.

And you, Mokhova...

...do you speak French?

So, you, too...

...you can go...

Do you need help?


Let's all have lunch!

Where's Sergei Petrovich?

Sergei Petrovich...

...is already seated.

Come on, let's eat.

They must be dry by now.
I'll bring in your things.

My clothes are cold
and it's drafty here.

I'll be damned!

Hey, guys!

I have an adress here
that has faded.

Help me. What is it?
Zagorianka or Zagorienka?

I've been going around
in circles all day.

Where are you from?
There's no such place.

My wife washed my shirt...

Get out of here,
and hurry up!

Get out of here!


The address has faded...

Thank you.

That's wonderful.

It's like in Boris' day.


...I can still see Elena
singing that on stage.

Ah, what a time that was!

Things aren't so bad
nowadays, either...

...but it's the aroma...

...the taste of life
that has vanished.

For good.

Why are you arguing...

...dear comrades?


Do you know what you'd be
called in France?



No. "Nadya."

Well, "Nadya"...

...come over here.

I'm going to tell you a story.


Once upon a time,
in the land of Sursia...

...there was a boy...

...called Yatim.

He sang beautifully...

...played different
instruments and loved poetry.

His parents were friends
with a kind magician...

...whose name...

...was Sirob.

Did he wear a turban?


And kind Sirob
liked little Yatim very much.

He took him into his house
to raise him.

He started to teach him
magical music.

They loved each other
like a father loves his son...

...and a son loves his father.

There, Nadine,
the whole story.

Sirob had a daughter.


He called her...


Funny name!

Sirob had a big house,
a very bright place...

...a very merry and, of
course, very happy home.

Like ours.

Like yours.

But one day,
it all came to an end.

No more coffee
drunk from cups like these.

No more charades
and afternoon croquet...

...no more reading,
disturbed only by a cricket...

No more arguments,
laughter and all the rest.

It all ended because...

...war came to the land.

War against whom?
The nobbles?

That doesn't matter, Nadine.

What does matter...

...is that Yatim
left for the front...

...and that all the time,
in the frenches, in the hospital...

...in the lands he crossed...

...every day...

...and I mean every day,

...he would think of the big
house, the garden...

...those faces,
and even the old cricket...

...that everyone moaned about.

We've got a cricket, too.
He's over there.

That's not the same one.

This one sings happy songs...

...the other one
sang sad songs.

You want some vodka, Nadya?

You're crazy!

Come on!

Yes! And so,
for ten years he roamed...

Good health!

...he roamed far and wide.

He tried all trades...
taxi driver...

...bar pianist...

...street singer...

...cabaret dancer...

He even sewed slippers.

Thank you.

And all the time...

...he was fretting...

...as he thought
of that house...

I mean the house
where he had lived.

Then he came back
ten years later.

His parents had died
during the war...

...against the nobbles.

He had nowhere to go...

...and, from the station, he went
straight to his master's home.

It was winter...

...and, apart from the snow,
he recognized nothing...

...of his land.
It had changed so much.

Only the house was there,
like before.

He trembled...

...as he rang...

...the doorbell.

A young girl came to the door.

Yatim had never seen anyone...

...so beautiful.

Even though
he had traveled a lot.

"Who are you?"
Yatim asked in surprise.

answered the beauty.

"Good Lord, are you
the same Yassuram who peed..."

"...in her panties
and fell asleep..."

"...on her father's knees when
he was teaching me music?"

"Yes, I am she. Come in."

"We've been waiting for you
for a long time..."

"...even though our father
is very ill."

Yatim stood there,

...looking at the beautiful

...and unable to say a word.

I know how it ends!

Tell us.

They got married... and...

Well... no.

They didn't get married.

Why not?

Because they didn't have time.

One day, a very important and
distinguished man sent for Yatim.

Who was it?

Mr. Bogeyman?

No. He wasn't
quite that important.

An ogre?

Not him either. I've forgotten
his name, Nadya.

He summoned him
to the Big House and said...

"Comrade, my gentle Yatim!"

"Go to some place,
I don't know where..."

"...and do this there..."

I don't know what!

And Yatim said...

most distinguished Sir..."

"...I mean, comrade. I've
already traveled so much..."

"...fought so hard..."

"...that I want to live in
peace with my folks."

And he said...

"Those ideas, my dear

"...are middle-class..."

"What does that mean?"

"It means bad,
bad ideas, Yatim."

"You weren't allowed
to return to your home..."

"...to turn it
into a middle-class nest."

"Pack your bags..."

"...and write it down for me."

"I'll give you a week
to think about it, or else..."



So Yatim went home...

...very saddened.

He walked in circles.
He was down in the dumps.

He thought a lot...

...packed up his bags
and left.

Without a word to anyone.


Because he had
nothing to say, Nadine.

He had seen too much blood
and misfortune...

...and he didn't want...

...to bring them
to the house he loved so much.

And also, Nadine...

...because he was only 27...

- the age your mother is now -

...he really wanted to live.

What about the princess?

The princess?

The princess cried
a great, great deal...

...a great, great deal...

...and then got married.

To whom?

To the ogre?

To the other one...

...whose name I can't

"As the crimson sea did run"

"I heard you say, my dove"

"That there would be no love."

"As the crimson sea did run"

"I heard you say, my dove"

"That there would be no love."

"Let's leave one another now"

"I won't hold it against

Marussya, wait!


Wait, Marussya!

Stay there,
or I'll jump out the window!

Marussya, be reasonable!

There are people downstairs.

Marussya! There are people.

It would look bad...

Come on.

I'll say it again. Stay there!


Come here.
Come here, my love.

Come here.

Come here, my love.

After the siesta
we'll play soccer.


On the croquet lawn.

Soccer, you say...

And why not croquet,
like before?

Because Daddy says...

...that croquet and tennis
are bourgeois games.

Whereas soccer isn't.

He's nice.

Who is?

Your daddy.

Very, very nice.

Yes, he's always very nice.

You know,
tomorrow Daddy's taking us...

...to the zoo.
But you know...

...in winter I've already been
there lots of times.

But in summer...

...never, because we spend it
at the dacha.

MITYA, 1916


One day, in Moscow...

...the grandmothers were
brought home on stretchers.

They had fainted.

Just like that.

Because it smelled so bad...

...that no one could breathe.

It's the wild animals.

I can't stand
the polar bears and the seals.

"...Far off on Lake Chad..."

"...roams a majestic giraffe."


I'm there, too.




What's "Yadan"?

Yadan is... Think carefully.

You're the one
who smells of wine!

- I do not.
- You do.

Isn't Grandmother sleeping?

He's the one
who smells of wine.

You're eating
because you've been drinking.

You do the same.
You'd better obey.

Go and play with the children.

Do you want a spanking?

Mitya, you understand?
Do you want some?


Is it true that you're


So, you lied.

Well, yes.

Well, yes.

They're all asleep.

It's the realm of dreams.

Do you want a candy?

Do you remember?

You smoke now.

You vanished...
never a word...

Where do you work?

For the political police.

Stop teasing.

I'm serious.

Where do I work?

I performed in a restaurant
near Paris.

Now, here, near Moscow.

You could have said so.

That, I remember.

And you?


I'm a projectionist
in the nearby holiday camp.

- Go outside.
- No.

...you smoke,
but you have nice hair.

Not like me.

When did you get back?

Six months ago.

Why didn't you come sooner?

I had no reason sooner.

Are you joking, or what?

Do you know what she did?

Have you seen her wrists?
She slit her veins.

She waited for you a whole
year. No... more.

It wasn't until later...

...that the colonel turned up.

With flowers,
concerts, restaurants...

What do you expect? A hero!

Are you back for good?


So? And she?

Then again, my colonel
would look good with horns.

You're crazy. That hurts.

I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to.

Mitya... Mitya!

Tonight I'm going to work!

Wait, wait...


Come on. Come on...

My love!

My love!

- Try.
- All right.

Go on.

Was it you
who sent him there?

Yes. It was me.


He left alone,
of his own free will.

He had a choice.
Many of them had a choice.

It was that or prison.

We all have an alternative,

We can talk,
we can keep silent.

We can leave, we can stay.
We always have a choice.

But why him?

I was in the NKVD
only briefly, years ago.

Remember, we sent a lot of
them abroad...

...to embassies, consulates...

...as correspondents...
And besides...

...he already knew things.
He spoke their languages.

Tell me...

What if it had been you...

...if they had said that to
you, would you have gone?

Would you have left us?

Of course.

I'm a soldier.

Besides, Marussya...

...I would have left

...I love my Motherland!

Whereas he left because
he was scared. To stay alive.

You understand the difference?

My darling!

There's duty,
and there's fear.

You understand the difference?

Well done!

Tell me, Nadine, my friend...

...can you tap dance?

Can I what?


I'll teach you.

Let's go.

Marussya! Do it!

Go on.


Marussya, please...

I beg you...

Three, four...

No. Start again.

One more time.

Go on.




...I wanted...

Marussya, I understand,
I know...

I'll be leaving soon.

Ask Sergei to come down.
I'd like to talk to him.

You're leaving?

To be frank, Nadine...

I can't lie to you.

Tonight, a car
is going to come.

Hurrah! A car!

It's our secret, all right?

Mum's the word.
It's a military secret.

Well, Nadya?

- Go outside.
- No.

Well, do you know this game?

You have to hold the note.

You breathe in...

...then breathe out,
and I count.

I count.

Take a good, deep breath...

...and breathe out softly.

One, two...


You sent for me?

Well, what?


Not a word to anyone.

You're our guest.
Continue playing the game.

When the car comes,
we'll leave.

Today we're playing soccer.
Do you play?

I used to.

On Sundays
we always play soccer!

Sergei Petrovich,
have you understood me?


The car arrives in two hours.
Let's not waste time. Soccer!

Soccer! Where's the bird
who's leaving by balloon?

Daddy, Daddy! Look!

What, Nadya?

Well done.

That's very good, Nadya!

Daddy, Daddy!

Look what Uncle Mitya can do!

- Nothing at all.
- You can.

Stop it...

Daddy, tell him!

All right. Go on.

Show us.

Don't be shy.

All right.


Watch, Nadya.
Watch carefully.

Can your Uncle Mitya do this?

What's wrong?

It's the dance of the bird
who's leaving by balloon.


Hey, fellow!

Is Zagorienka in this


I'm asking if Zagorienka
or Zagorianka is this way?

It's not around here.


I was told that...

Who told you? That's Gribnevo.
My brother-in-law's there.

But I was told that...

There's no Zagorianka here.

I was told this way!

Fuck! Those fellows back

Look, baldie...

...come over here.

Listen carefully.
I'm not speaking Chinese!

If you go that way,
you'll end up in Petriayevo...

...then Kuzem, then Petrovo...

...and then Goriayevo.
There's no Zagorianka.

Get the fuck out of here!

Zagorianka, my ass!

Stupid bastard!

I'll make you eat your cap,
I will!


You'll see...


You know fucking everything!


You know nothing!

You sleep here, asshole...

...and you know nothing!


- Penalty!
- What hand?


Sergei Petrovich!

Have you got it?

The ball.

I'll get it.

Sergei Petrovich, perhaps...

...you haven't understood me.
You have only one hour left.

How will you spend it?

What did you think?
That I'd be burning papers?

Or that I'd commit suicide?

I'd like to know whether...

...or not you were forced to
come. Hans Christian Andersen.


You tell shitty fairy tales.

And why...

...why, in your stories,
didn't you say...

...that since 1923...

...you've worked
in counter-espionage...

...and that, as a so-called
"pianist" or "musician"...

...you fingered eight generals
from the White Army?

That, thanks to you, they were
brought here by force...

...and shot without a trial...

...as enemies of the people?

Because they weren't, perhaps?

They were...

...but I fought against them
for four years.

Whereas you were
on their side...

...and you fingered them.

All eight generals...

...Weiner, Machkov...
all of them!

Sergei Petrovich,
you know that I was forced.

By whom?

Who forced you, my angel?

In '23, I had never...

...heard of you.

We bought you...

...like a whore.

Don't speak to me like that!

I only wanted one thing...
to come back to this house.

They promised that to me,
and I believed it.

Your pals promised it to me.
"Do it..."

"...and we'll let you go
back." They lied to me.

And they took
everything I had.

My life, my profession...

...my love, Marussya,
my Motherland, my faith!

You took it all from me!

So that's why you came back!

To revel in it...

...to delight in your

To savor it, drop by drop...

...sip by sip.

And then...


"Citizen Kotov, I arrest you!"

In fact, I've committed a
crime of prevarication.

- I warned you.
- You're lying!

You're still lying!

You act like
the cheapest of all whores!

You lie to everyone.

So that afterward,
I'll take that into account.

You know how it will end?
Who'll dare touch me?

Huh? Who?

Me, a hero of the Revolution,
a colonel!

Who would dare touch Kotov?

I'll repeat that to you.

And I'll watch you closely

...in five or six days...

...you'll crawl in your shit...

...and admit, in writting...

...that since 1920 you've been
spying for the Germans...

...and since 1923,
for the Japanese...

...that you're a terrorist...

...and that you wanted
to murder Stalin!

And if you don't sign,
you scum, we'll remind you...

...that you have
a wife and daughter!

Daddy! Daddy!

The pioneers
are coming to see you.

Your pioneers!

What pioneers?

Where's Uncle Mitya?

Uncle Mitya found the ball.

Nadya, why is everyone
so cruel to me...

...in this house?

Daddy, hurry. They're here!

- Let's go.
- Yes, Nadya.

Let's all go.

Let's go.

The pioneer detachment
that proudly bears...

...Comrade Kotov's name...

...the glorious hero
of the Revolution...

...renowned Bolshevik
and legendary colonel...

...has come...

...to take an oath before the
one who honors them.

One, two...

"We young Leninist

"...of the detachment
bearing the name..."

"...of the legendary
colonel Kotov..."

"...hero of the Civil War,
faithful disciple..."

"...and brother-in-arms
of Comrade Stalin..."

"...renowned Bolshevik..."

"...decorated numerous

"...before all our comrades..."

"...and in the presence
of Comrade Kotov..."

"...solemnly swear..."

"...to be the faithful

"...of the Great Cause of
Lenin, Stalin..."

"...and the heroes..."

"...of the Great Revolution..."

"...to never betray..."


Is this dacha number nine?

Yes. Yes, you can see it is.

I've been expecting you.

Are you looking for
Uncle Mitya?

I'll tell him.

Uncle Mitya!

They're here!

This is it.

Uncle Mitya!

Uncle Mitya, where are you?

Uncle Mitya, the car's here.

It's time to go, then.
Where's your father?

Go and fetch him.

Uncle Mitya...

...can I get in the car?

Yes, you can.

Thank you.

I'm going to drive! Hurrah!


I'm going to drive!


Why did you
make up that story?

You know, one day I was at
your father's bedside.

He was already very ill.

He was raving...

...when he suddenly opened his
eyes, took my hand...

...and said...

..."It's annoying."

"I've had such a long
interesting and beautiful life."

"And, God, what do I see
before dying?"

"Trains with geese."

"It's annoying."

"Annoying and foolish."

I found out later that
those were his last words.

Why didn't you ever tell me?

There are so many things
I never told you.

Me, too.

Is she his daughter?

Who knows? Perhaps.

She looks as if she is.



Enjoy your meal.

I'll ride to the bend
with you.

We'll drive
through the fields.

I'll do the driving.

What are you chewing?

We're eating.

Do you want some
of Grandmother's cake?

No, thank you.


Don't tell anyone
that I came out.

I'm coming, Grandmother.
I'm coming.

She's a bold little girl.

I told you
she was his daughter.

- Grandmother, you called me?
- No, Daddy did.

Where is he?

Where is he?

You scared me!

A real tomboy!


Probably in his office.



Will I have to
wait long like this?

- I'm sorry.
- Why bother? It's already cold.



There you are!

Why is your cup here?

Have you been drinking?




And you've eaten nothing?


Where are you off to?

Are you leaving?

The car's here...

I'm going to Moscow.
I'm getting ready.

- And your car?
- It'll come tomorrow.

At nine o'clock.

I have an appointment at...


Come on, hurry up!

Uncle Mitya said
that I could drive a little.

As far as the bend.

Daddy, hurry. Come on!

Daddy, do you remember...

...Uncle Mitya's story?

They all had funny names.

Well, do you know...

...if I'd been in the story,
what my name would have been?

- What?
- Yadan.

What does that mean?

It's Nadya spelled backwards.

Hurry up.

You know, tomorrow...

We can't go to the zoo.
I have to work...

Don't be angry with me.

We'll go another time.

Do the platypus for me.

Oh, he's so pretty!

Can you play this game?

What game?


You plug up your ears
and you go "oooh".


Like this, look.


Yes, you plug up your ears
and you go "oooh".

- What's the game?
- To see who can do it the longest.

- Really?
- Yes.

Three, four...

I'm little, I get two chances.

Three times.
I get to go three times...

...because I'm little.

Three, four...

How about that!

Go on, say...

..."Grucheva Lyuba."

Grucheva Lyuba!

Very good.
Again, "Grucheva Lyuba."

Very good.
Say, "The colonel."

Colonel moron!

Shut up!


You damn womanizer!


...you're going to...
Whose car is that? Yours?


It's beautiful!

- Who are they?
- My comrades.


Come and have some tea
on the verandah.

We've got cake.

A very good cake.

Excuse us.

Elena, stop it.

You know very well
that the tea is cold.

I'll catch you again...

Someone has to sit
by the driver.

Daddy, sit by me.
You can watch me drive.

No, Nadya. No.

Daddy's going to
sit in the back.

He'll see you better.

All right.

Very good, Nadine!

Thank you for driving us so
well. Stop here, Alexei.

Hurry home.

Mother's waiting.

All right.
'Bye, Daddy!


Excuse me.

Were you ever at the zoo?


- The zoo?
- Of course.

Did you leave because
they didn't feed you well?


Is that any way
to speak to a grown-up?

- That's naughty.
- Sorry.

Nadya, let's go.
Run. Mother's waiting.

I have to go.

"Burnt by the sun..."

I have what you need.


- Calm down!
- Give me that.

You think I'll poison myself?
Not at all.

Want some?


As you wish.


No, thank you.

A drop of cognac, old man?

I don't drink
and I don't smoke.

Of course, I won't offer any
to the driver.

Well, you youngsters, enjoy
the holiday for the construction...

...of Stalin's airships
and balloons!

Are you armed?


Do you carry a weapon?

Have you lost your mind?
I'm a colonel...

Of course I carry a weapon.

Give it to me.

Of course.

Careful. It's loaded.
Do you know how to use it?


Where are we going?

Perhaps we could...

...go to a restaurant?

It's my treat.


Mitya, do you know
the phone number 24-37?



...you don't know it.

You couldn't know it...

...because it's
Comrade Stalin's direct line.

And tomorrow...

...no, today...

...I'm going to dial
that number...

...and, believe me, your
department will get hell...


Trains with geese.

The geese will be well-fed,
all right. We'll make...

...a special effort for you.

Who's that shit
across the road?


Yes, Sir.

Don't try anything stupid,
Sergei Petrovich.

Like what? I did the stupid
things ages ago.

I used up all my gasoline
driving around all day.


My wife washed my shirt
with the adress in it.

It was Zagorianka
or Zagorienka.

That's not around here.

No one knows anything!
They're all mongoloids!

They send you one way,
and then another!

I've been driving in circles
all day for nothing!

Hold on, son I...

I need a little gasoline.
I crossed the forest...

Where are you going?

Are you Comrade Kotov?

Hold on...

Are you going to Nagori??

- Perhaps...
- Hold on...

It's the other way.
I'll show you.

- Don't move!
- Are you crazy?

Sit down, damn it!


About face!

Comrade... comrade...

I've got nothing... Comrade...

I've... The adress
faded away...

I don't make much money...

My papers are in order.
I'm going to...


Hands behind your head!

Hands behind your head,
I said!

It's just that
the address faded, and...

Comrade, comrade...

I've got all my papers here...

Here, in the truck.

I've only...

The customer... the boss
is waiting for me...

He... he's been waiting
all day...

All my papers are in order...

Comrade, comrade, I...

Comrade Stalin...


Comrade! Is that really
Colonel Kotov in the car?

Is that really
Colonel Kotov in the car?

No, he just looks like him.

Your papers!


Your papers!

They're in order!

It's my wife who...

Why take my license?


Comrades... you...

Hurry, we're leaving!


Hurry... the tarpaulin...

Let's go.

Stand it up.

You're useless!

My nose is fragile...

Ever since I was little...

In any case, well done,
Dimitri Andreyevich!

I would never have guessed!

So much for studies!

A future enemy of the people!

Otherwise, we'd be
in his shoes!

To think of my jacket!

I don't like writing
these reports.

This is Radio Moscow,
seven o'clock.

Good morning, comrades.

It's time for
four morning gymnastics.

"Burnt by the sun..."

"As the crimson sea
did run..."

KOTOV, Sergei Petrovich,
Colonel in the Red Army.

Shot on August 12, 1936.

Rehabilitated posthumously
in 1956, 3 years after Stalin's death.

KOTOVA, Maria Borissovna.

Sentenced to 10 years deprivation
of freedom. Died in a camp in 1940.

Rehabilitated posthumously
on November 27, 1956.

KOTOVA, Nadya. Arrested with
her mother on June 12, 1936.

Permanently rehabilitated
on November 27, 1956.

Lives in Kazakhastan.
Works in a music school.

Dedicated to everyone who was
burnt by the sun of Revolution.