Burnt Offering (2018) - full transcript

As four teenage graffiti artists run from the police, they hide in an old abandoned schoolhouse. They quickly discover that someone else is already using the building for their own dark purposes.

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♪ Lord, I miss them all

♪ Your demon, yeah

♪ Shadows on the wall,
your demon yeah ♪

- Shut the door, shut the door!

- Oh! Carry me!

- I'm trying,.

- Wait, what? Back here?
- Mmhmm.

- Back here, in the parking lot?

What if someone comes
back here?

- What if they do,
we'll give 'em a show.

- Hey, you two
can't be back here.

- It's just a security guard.

Hey, mind your
own business, man.

- I don't
think you heard me.

- No, I don't
think you heard me.

Hey man, what the hell?

We're not doing anything.

Hey, are you even allowed
to have that thing?

Alright, Shannon
come on, let's go.

- Whatever,
Kyle. You can go.

- Come on,
I'll take you home.

- I just really love
a man in uniform.

- What the fuck, Shannon?

Fuck this. Fuck you.

Find your own goddamn way home.

- Ok, I think you've had a
little too much to drink.

I'm gonna call you a cab, ok?

- My hero!

- Ladies first.
- Thank you!

- Pack it up,
pack it up, come on!

- Hey, you kids,
stop right there!

- Hello Officer can I help ya?
- Shit!

- You scared me! I
didn't even see you there.

- Oh, ha! Sorry!

- Some vandal suspects ran
into your property over there.

Crazy kids had me running.

- Yeah, no, that
happens all the time!

Oh yeah, kids love
abandoned property.

But you know what?

I can take care of it for ya.

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Normally I just threaten
to call their parents

and they just go
running scared home.

- You sure, you don't mind,
I'd sure be appreciative.

- Yeah, no problem, like
I said, happens all the time.

It's nothing new.

- Well, look, I got
something to handle anyway.

I appreciate it.

- Yeah, okay great, well,
have a good night, Officer.

- You too.

- Stay safe out there.

- Dude, it
is not a big deal.

Stop being such a pussy!

- It is a big deal, asshole!

If that cop calls my
mom, that's it for me.


- How is he gonna call your mom

when he doesn't know who
the fuck you are, idiot!

- Don't worry, man.

That fat fuck isn't
gonna do anything.

He probably had a heart attack.

- Hey, Marcus.

- Yeah.

- You still got those cannons?

We should bomb this shit.

- Hell yeah.
- Totally.

- Yo.

- Look, I'm only giving you
this if you promise none

of that toy shit, we
taught you better.

- Man, that's whack.

You haven't seen my new tag.

Let me throw one up right quick.

- Let's see it.

- Check it.

- That's not bad, man.

- That's my boy!

- Yo, mad props dude.

- Hey man, you wanna' keep
that black book close.

I wish I still had mine
from when I first started.

- No you don't, you were
total crap back then.

- I was better
than you at least.

- He wasn't.

But like I said, we
all start somewhere.

So just be proud, little dude.

Take Marcus here.

When we found this guy, he
was trying to paint this lame

mouse thing over
Krog Street bridge.

- Hey man, that was
one of my characters.

- Oh yeah, Marcus
has got characters.

He's supposed to be the
next Walt Disney someday.

- Stan Lee, man, I'm gonna
be the next Stan Lee.

- Whatever you say, dude.

Hey, what is this place?

- I don't know, somewhere
to hide from the cops.

- Well, yeah, dude,
but what is it though?

- Who cares?

- This is an insane asylum.

Where people go in, but
they never come out!

- I say we go see if this
place has any bigger rooms.

Got a new piece
I wanna' try out.

- I'm down for that.

Maybe afterwards, when
we're done we can stop by

Vic's house, grab some grub?

Hey man, that lasagna your
mom made was off the chain.

- Man, you guys got me in
trouble with my abuela.

- Aw, not your abuela.

- No more stealing
from my place.

- We can go to Pizza
House on Edgewood.

This chick Julia's
working tonight.

She'll give us the hook up.

- Yeah.
- I'm down for that.

- For the pizza, or Julia?

- Both!

- Me too!

- You guys act
like you know what

you would do with
it if you got it.

- It's pizza, you eat it.

- Let's roll out, guys.

♪ Yeah we just broke
in, now we explorin' ♪

Hey, it's a school.

Or, it was.

- The fuck?
- I'm not goin' in there.

- Yo that
shit's creepy, bro.

Yeah, I'm not goin'
in there either.

- Why not?

- It's probably haunted by
like, ghost kids or some shit.

- I know, right, boo!

- Man!
- Let's keep moving.

And nothing.

Yo, Luke!

That looks like some
of your work, bro.

You been here before?
- Fuck you, man.

That looks more like
Marcus's comic book shit.

- Hey, I like my comic shit.

- Why does the snake have balls?

Why does he have balls, Marcus?

- Hey, yo momma likes balls.

Yo Jay, if you
needed some help you

could've just asked me, man.

You know what?

I got the perfect little throwie
for this exact situation.

- What is that?

- Fuck that.

Hell no, hell no.

I'm out, dude. Let's dip.

- Yeah, I second that.

- It's a fucking doll,
you pussies oh my God.

Here, look. See?


- Fuck you, dude!

- You should see
your fucking face.

You guys are mental, alright.

It's a fucking doll!

- It's the fucking cop.

- Nah, it wasn't the cop.

We would've heard
his fat ass feet.

- Yeah...

- Hey, where'd that
creepy ass doll go?

- It's right there, alright,
which one of you fags took it?

- I didn't take it.
- Me neither.

- Hey, don't look at me,
I'm not touching that thing.

- Well I sure as
hell don't have it.

- Can we just go now?

- You wanna'
check downstairs?

- Yeah, sure.

Oh man, I bet this
place is full of rats.

- Oh yeah, it has to be.

- Rachel or Katie?

- Katie.
- Ooh.

Katie or Kiara?

- Mmm, Kiara.

- Now, Kiara or Emily?

- Not Emily, Emily's
a little bitch.

- You motherfuckers.

- Did you guys
hear that just now?

- Rat?
- Maybe.

- Man, I fucking hate rats.

Woah guys, that stuff moved.

- What stuff, what
are you talking about?

- That.

- Holy fuck.

- It's a person, you
guys, it's a person!

- It's a girl, she's tied up.
- Ok, we should go, now.

- What about the girl?
- What about her?

Man, let's move!

What are you doing, I said
haul your asses, come on!

- It's a girl, dude,
she's all fucked up.

- Yeah, we can't just
leave her like that.

- That's exactly what
we do, let's move!

- That's fucked up, man!

- Hey, I'm gonna take
this off you, ok?

Vic, gimme your blade.

- Yeah.

- Are you fucking kidding me?
- Luke, just shut up.

- I told you assholes
not to touch her!

Who knows how long
she's been in here!

- Ok, you kids
have had your fun.

Time for you to go home before
I have to call your parents.

- Hey man, what the fuck?
- Open the door, man!

- Motherfucker, fuck you!
- We didn't do shit!

Watch out, move.

Fuck, he locked it.

Back the way we
came, come on, go!

Come on, quick!

- Fuck, man,
we forgot the boards.

- We'll come back once
this rent-a-cop is gone.

- Dude, what was that?

Luke, what's out there?

Luke, guys help me,
something's wrong!

Oh my God, Luke, Luke!

He's dead, he's dead, he's dead!

- Go, go, go Marcus go!

What the fuck?

- Somebody killed Luke,
man, somebody killed him!

- Just hold it together,
Vic, we have to think.

- Goddammnit,
there's gotta' be an exit.

- Yeah, it's
a school right?

There has to be a fire
exit or something.

- Yeah.
- We're all gonna die.

- Yo, shut
the fuck up, man!

- Alright, let's stay together.

Vic, you good?

- Fuck no, I'm not good!

What the hell is this?

What's happening,
what about Luke?

- I don't know, man. Come on.

We gotta' go though.

We gotta' go. The gas station.

It had a pay phone.

We can call someone from there.

Come on, come on.

- It sounds clear.

Let's go!

- Father, I accept the tasks
that you have given me.

I will continue the
holy work that you have

ordained me to do.

I ask for your
forgiveness for the sins

that I have committed,
and for the sins that

I must commit in the future.

- Fuck these windows, man!

- There's gotta be a
window without bars on here.

- Yo, look!

- What is she doing?

- Let's go see.

Hey, look, hey.

Do you know a way out of here?

- Our friend just got killed,
and we need to get help.

Do you know where we
can get help, please.

- I don't think
you understand, ok!

Our friend is dead.

He's fucking dead, ok!

And we need to find a door,
or window, or something

and get the fuck out of here!
- Marcus!

- What?

- Just calm down,
dude, just chill out.

Hey, is this the way out?

- Move, move.

- What the hell?

- This is bad, this
is real, real bad.

- Amy, Amy?

- We're not staying in here.

Tell me how to leave,
how do we fucking leave?

- We have to help
my sister, please.

- Just shut the fuck up!

Tell me how to leave, now!

- Hey calm down, the fuck
man, you gonna hit me?

- Both of you stop it!

We have no time for that shit.

Luke is dead, and
there's something really

bad happening here.

There's a fucking girl
on a fucking cross!

- I'm sorry, bro,
it's this place, man.

It's fucking with me.

I just gotta, gotta'
get out of here.

- It's fucking
with us all, man.

- Please help me get her down.

I'll tell you where
to go, just help me.

- Yeah yeah I have a knife here.


Amy, hey, Amy, Amy,
it's me, Shannon, Amy?

- Holy shit, dude,
this is that girl.

- What? What girl?

- That girl, man, on the news.

She got kidnapped or
ran away or something.

Some senator's
daughter or something.

- No way.

- Yes way, man.

My mom makes me watch that
shit with her every day.

I remember her face.

It was a long time ago.

- Shit man, we gotta'
get to a pay phone.

- It's me, Shannon.

- You told us that you
would tell us where to go.

Now, where do we go?

- I don't know.

- You don't know,
what do you mean--

- Stop!

- I don't but she does she's
been here longer than me.

- Hey.

Your sister said that you
know how to get out of here.

If you tell us where
to go, we can help you.

You can go home.

- She says she can show you.

She says she can show you.

- That works, too.

- No, don't touch her!

- Ok, ok, I'm sorry,
I didn't know.

- Ok, hey we won't
touch her, I promise.

We can help you.

We just need to get out first.

We need to leave this place.

So can you please just
tell us where to go?

- Yo, yo guys, my knife!

Yo, where's my knife?

It was right here.

- Look, I don't know
man, but we gotta' go.

Let's go, come on!

- Father, fill me
with your spirit,

and give me your strength.

I will bring your
righteous vengeance down

upon these sinners,

I am your instrument.


Thank you, father.

- This place is wrong, guys.

This whole place is wrong.

Did you see her mouth,
it's all fucked up.

- It's that guy, it has to be.

He killed Luke, and he's
doing some crazy shit

to these girls.

- Look, we're gonna call
the cops when we get out.

The cops, FBI, all of 'em.

We're gonna bring a shitstorm
down on this fucker.

- I hope this girl
knows where she's going.

- How big do you think
this school is anyways?

- It's too
fucking big, man.

- He could be anywhere.

- Look, there's three of us,
there's only one of him, ok?

- Yeah.

- He won't get the drop
on us like he did Luke.

- He's gonna pay for that.

- Hey, look!

Motherfucker, that's
our boards, man!

- Chill out, he
can hear you, calm down.

- Oh shit, oh fuck...

That's Luke, man, oh no.

- What, where, what
are you talking about?

Dude, dude, what?

- The shoes, man.

- Where?
- Dude, what?

- No.


- Luke, man!

Let's go.

Keep going, go.

- Wait, were are
we, what is this?

- Yeah, what the fuck is this?

- What the hell are
we listening to?

- Hey hey hey what's happening?

- Fuck this, man.

Hey, this isn't the way out.

This isn't the way out!

Show me the way out!

Look at me, you stupid bitch...

What the?

- Oh God, oh God!
- Oh God, oh no.

- What did she do to me?

Marcus, I can't see!

- We're here we're right here.
- I can't see anything.

What's, what's going...

- Hey, man.

Look, our friend,
he needs a doctor.

If you just let us
take him to a doctor,

we won't say anything, ok?

- Marcus!

- May he free you from your
sins and grant you relief.

Naomi, Martha, come here.

Martha, do you know why Naomi
was in the penance room?

- Yes.

- Yes, and yet, you
still released her.

- Yes.

- This death is
your responsibility.

This boy's blood
is on your hands.

- You're the
one holding the knife.

- You know, I find
it interesting that

the first person to
promise not to say anything

is usually the first person
to open their mouth to show

that saying anything is the
first thing that they'd do.

You know, Naomi here had
problems saying things too.

But we fixed that
didn't we dear.

You still have a lot of work
to do with your self control.

Martha, Martha!

Take Naomi, and go to your room,

and get cleaned up and wait
for me in the sanctuary.


- Yes.

- Go, go!

Are you both aware that
trespassing, vandalism,

and drug use are
criminal offenses?

So you know this, yet you
continue to do these things.

God himself will provide the
lamb for the burned offering.

- Go! Go!

- Which way?
- I don't know, man!

Any way! Just go!

Come on!

- Fuck, man, fuck!

Where's he going?
Where's he going?

- I don't know, man, just
keep running keep running!

- Stop it!

Stop it, stop it please!


- Get up, please, so we can go!

- Stop!

- Martha, you need to be still.

- My name is Shannon.

- Your name is Martha.

- Shannon.

- Shannon is a whore, a
harlot, and a jezebel.

Martha is pure and obedient.

That's a good girl.

Now we can move forward.

Naomi, take this away now.

- Yes, father.

- I'll be right back.

- Amy, Amy, Amy...

Help me.

Amy, help me.

- What did you say?

- Help me,
help me, help me...

- Shut up shut up shut up shut
up shut up shut up shut up!

- Naomi!

Go to your room!

I will be in to
hear your confession

and accept your penance.
- Yes, father.

- No, no!
- You will never be rid of

your sins unless you're
cleansed, Martha.

I have to put the Holy
Spirit inside of you.


Hey here, listen to this.

It's ok.

Come on, we need to go.

- Should we keep going this way?

I don't know where to go,
man, I don't know what to do.

- It's gonna be ok, it's ok.

Look dude, we have to
find a window or a door

or something and get
the fuck outta' here.

- Fuck, fuck, fuck this is some
devil worshiping cult shit!

Come on, man.

- It's ok, it's ok,
come on, come on.

♪ No way in and no way out

♪ My life is no way
in and no way out ♪

♪ My life is no way
in and no way out ♪

- Fucking bars!

- Come on, man,
check the next room,

check the next room, come on.

♪ You don't stop

♪ We raise hell till the
motherfucking gangster drop ♪

♪ Oh yeah, hey you don't quit

♪ Fuck around with your
handle on some gangster shit ♪

- Damnit!
- There's no way out.

- Gotta' keep looking,
man, what about downstairs?

- If there was a way out,

don't you think she
would know about it?

- No, no.

Come on, gotta' keep
looking, come on!


- You hear that?

- Hear what, man?

All I can hear is
that damn song.

- No, that.

- Oh shit, go, go, in here!

No no no no no no no!

- That's
Father Joseph.

- Father, he's a
priest, that psycho?

- Father Joseph.

- What is he doing here?

- He's helping us.

- Helping you?

How is tying you up and
beating you helping you?

- I don't know.

But he says that we
have to trust him.

He knows how to
make us pure again.

He's teaching us.

- Teaching you, with this?

- Those
are the holy words.

- Look, I'm no priest,

but I've been to enough
Sunday school to know there

ain't nothing holy
about this bullshit, ok?

And this, this is you.

Were you kidnapped?

- I think so, maybe,
I don't remember.

But, Father Joseph says
that we were chosen,

I wanted his help.

- Well, what about
all these other girls?

- Father Joseph says--

- Look I don't wanna hear what
Father Joseph has to say, ok?

He's not a good person.

He's a bad person.

He's evil.

He's a killer.

- I know, I know.

- Look, we need to get
some serious help, ok?

How does he get in
and out of here?

- There's a front door.

But we're not
allowed to go there.

He has keys.

- Keys, ok, well where's
he keep the keys?

- He always has them.

- Fuck, of course.

We have to get those keys.

And we gotta find Vic and
we gotta call the FBI,

we gotta get the
fuck outta here ok?

Do you know where Father
Fuckface might be?

- Maybe.

- Alright.

You coming?

This is Vic's, Vic, Vic!

- Ssshhht, that's not safe!

- You don't understand, he
wouldn't just leave this!

- No, you don't understand,
you will find him.

I will help you, just
please, we have to be quiet.

- Where is he?

We have to hurry,
we have to hurry!

Yes we do, come on.

- How long have you been here?

- I don't know,
everything's confusing.

I don't remember
much before here.

He gives me these shots,
and then it's all just...

- You don't remember anything,
what about your family?

- I think I do sometimes.

I don't really know
what's real or not.

- Back down!
- Wait!

Come this way.
- Why?

- Just trust me.

- No, no!

♪ Blessed dear Lord,
God of all creation ♪

♪ Thanks to your goodness
this bread we offer ♪

♪ Fruit of the earth,
flesh of our hands ♪

♪ It will become
the bread of life ♪

♪ Blessed dear Lord,
God of all creation ♪

♪ Thanks to your goodness
this wine we offer ♪

♪ Fruit of the vine,
flesh of our hands ♪

♪ It will become a cup of joy

Pray now brothers and sisters

that our sacrifices are
considered ample to God.

- Please
forgive me Father,

I sacrificed the other lamb.

Please, please Father
forgive me, please.

Please Father, forgive
me, please, please!

- Go to your room and
await your penance.

Therefore, Lord remember now
for whom this sacrifice is

made, Lord, especially
your servant...

- Please Father...

- Come here, here!

- It's ok, it's over.

It's ok.

It's ok.

We'll get the keys,
the keys, the keys...

- I can't...

- I'm gonna go get help, ok?

- My son has failed me.

Miriam, it seems we will
have to continue God's work

on our own.