Burning at Both Ends (2021) - full transcript

A small group of dissident survivors who, caught behind enemy lines, must use a radio to broadcast a message of hope to fellow survivors.

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Good evening, my friends.
I pray you are well.

Tonight marks the dubious honor
of our third anniversary.

For three years, we have
ducked, dodged

and cheated the machinations
of the Nazis' evil empire.

And for three years now, I have had
the privilege to be a voice in the dark.

We, the foreigners and the Jew,

the weak and the infirm,

we are all being hunted,
make no mistake about that.

The places we once lived...

the cities and towns we
once called home...

have turned against us.

The buildings... gardens,
and schools.

All these familiar places are now
dangerous and alien.

This is hostile territory.
But you are not alone in this battle.

There are others out there
who are kin to you,

sharing in your burdens,
delighting in your victories,

keeping the flame of hope alight.

Remember to trim your wicks, my
friends, for the darkness will soon pass

and it is our duty to keep
the lamp burning.

No, you are not alone,

and all the darkness in the world

cannot extinguish the light
of a single candle.

Stay safe, my friends...
and God be with us all.

Alexie Diuo! You're under arrest!

This is my investigation, Hauptmann.
I put a lot of work into it.

And you failed to get results.

This is my investigation now,
Inspector. You will wait outside.

He told me everything
he knows about the voice...

which is nothing.

He's useless.

Good evening, my friends.
I pray you are well.

Thank you, Inspector.

Dirty collaborator!

Our cause is the same today
as it was in 1940:

survival and resistance.

Do you know who I am?

The enemy believes us defeated,
but they are wrong.

In the face of impossible odds,

we have borne the banner
of human dignity high,

and we will continue to do so.

I am Hauptmann Klaus Jager of
the Geheime Staats Polizei.

And you... are a liar.

Stay safe, my friends.
And God be with us all.

Our broadcaster's name
is Jacques.

Ha-ha, finally.
Yanko got home an hour ago.

Maybe 30 minutes.

A Reichsmark.
Very nice.

-You didn't steal it, did you?
-Who cares?

I found it.

-You're short.

-Your payment. It's short.
-You mean my pay, which I earned?

Call it what you like. It's short.

We won't have enough to
save to get out.

That Reichsmark is worth
at least three loaves of bread!


-What's this all about?
-She's withholding money from the box.

-I am not.
-You were late for work.

Keep your voices down.

What's all this about a Reichsmark?
-I found one under a table.

Well... if the coin goes towards
the savings for the papers,

then that more than makes up
the difference, does it not?


All right, let's all get some sleep.
We need it.

Yanko, douse the candles.

I'm sorry about the money.

I... hate this attic.

You, uh, wanna be on time.


I need a new vacuum chip from the
store. You know where to get it.

Make sure you check the new one.
The filament isn't broken.

Uh, don't stay in the room too long.

Remember to lock the
door behind you and...

Papa... I know what to do.

I'll be all right.

Be safe, yeah?


I said hello, mademoiselle.
My name is Alfred.

What's yours?

I'm sorry, Sir, but I--
I can't be late again.

I thought you couldn't be late.

No one's supposed to be here.
Caught you.

What is this?

Hey! Hey!

Cut her off.

-Hey, stop!
-Move out!

Leutnante, may I help you?

A young factory girl, no more than 18.
Have you seen her?

In my office? No.

You can eat. Don't mind me.

Excuse me, Leutnante,

Generalfeldmarschall von Rundstedt
is going to be here any minute.

So, is there anything else?

No. Apologies.


My name is Andre.

What's yours?


It's a pretty name.

Why are you running, Camille?

I should go.


Thank you.

This is only a storage room.

We had no idea there was radio
equipment in here.

-If we had...
-Where is the girl?

Um, she hasn't shown up
for work since.

Is that so?

Where does she live?

I don't know.

She-she said that she was
staying with her aunt

near, Parc Blandan.

But the girls say that when
she leaves,

she always walks towards
Rue Bancel.

Thank you, Monsieur Manuel.

Arrest him. He's either
a fool or a traitor.

Hauptmann... Hauptmann.

Please you let me out--
Hauptmann, please let me out.


-What are you doing out here?

I was watching but you never
came back. What happened?

I'm okay.

You're gonna have to explain.

Juliet... what happened?

"The Lord is my shepherd.
I shall not want.

You maketh me lie down in green
pastures. You leadeth me in..."

Bertrand, please stop.

Stop what?

He leadeth me...
In the paths of righteousness

for his name's sake.

Yeah, though I walk through the
valley of the shadow of death...

Bertrand, please?
We're praying.

Fine, I'll stop.

Agnes, wake up. Come on.
Let's get outta here.

Come on, we're getting out.

-Where are we going?
-Anywhere but here. Come on.

Bertrand, we can't. Please stop it.
This is our home.

Bertrand... Bertrand, stop it.

You're not thinking clearly.
You need to listen to your wife.

No! What I need is to get out of
this God-forsaken country!

Because if we will stay here,
we're all gonna die.

Bertrand, we have a plan.

Not this. This is our plan?
These measly four francs, uh?

Will it buy us our papers to
get out of here?


We need to stick to the plan.
We're all in this together.

-Are we? Are we really?
-We're hiding, as surely as you are.

No matter where we go,
no matter what we say,

or what we do,
we can't hide.

But you, if you just keep your mouth
shut, you could walk free like a bird.

If you don't like living here with us,

then you can just leave and be rounded
up with the rest of your people.


How dare you.
-You go too far.

Does she, Jacques?

Because your people are
not made to wear these.

There are hundreds of
Jacques in the city.

How are we supposed to
find the right one?

Heil Hitler.

Werner, have you triangulated the
broadcast signal yet?

I'm afraid not, Sir.

The best we've been able to
do is, is this area.

The broadcast continues to
be too short for us

to triangulate more accurately
than this.

You have thousands of people living in
this section of the city, thousands.

Inspector, the signal has
been measured, yes?

It is strong, which means we are
searching for a large antenna.

It's really quite simple.

-It's Bomelburg.

Yes, Sturmbannführer?

Well, since I have taken command,
we have had positive results.

But, uh, the locals have yet
to become accustomed to our methods.

But I can assure you they will.

Yes, Sturmbannführer,
you have my word.

Thank you.

Is everything all right, Sir?

Why do you follow the Führer?

It's not a test.
Answer the question.

Well, Sir...
When I hear him speak,

I feel my heart swell with pride.

I feel the need to act, to follow.

-Yeah, to emulate, yeah?

This man...
has the same effect on our enemies.

They resist all the more because
they are inflamed by his words.

Never underestimate that power.

History has been changed
more than once

by the wrong sentence
at the right time.

Now, I want you to plot every large
antenna in this city

on this map by this afternoon.

Inspector, I want you to
call the mayor.

And I want to interview with every
man called Jacques in this city.

We will not rest until this man has been
captured. Do you understand?

-Get to work.

The last of our wine.

We both need to go before the Lord.

Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name;

thy kingdom come;
thy will be done

on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread;
and forgive us our trespasses

as we forgive those who
trespass against us.

JAnd lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.

Forgive our sins.


Her fever is worse.

Assuming you could get it,

how much would something like
aspirin be on the black market?

A lot more than this.


Get everything you can.
Medicine, blankets, something for soup.

Anything warm.

We'll do what we can.

Hello, my friends.
I pray you are well.

Often, we find ourselves struggling
with feelings of helplessness.

Caught in the jaws of dire need,

we must rely on the help of
others to survive.

Will this food be enough for our
family? How long must we endure?

But even as I share in your pain,

I pray you also share in my

There is hope, dear friends,
and why not?

We have a better chance of finding
medicine if we split up.

We don't have enough.
Medicine is not easy to come by.

We have to try.

You go get medicine.
I'll work on the food.

Any bit of comfort offered,
any word of encouragement given,

any slim hope for tomorrow is a ray
of light in the midst of darkness.

We must all do whatever we can,
no matter how small.

As the light fades and comforts flee,

we must reach out to those the Lord
has brought into our lives and trust.

Stay safe, my friends.
And God be with us all.

Yes, the estate is wonderful, Friedrich.
I have not been back yet, no.

I wanted to let you know that the funds
will be managed, the painting as well.

I'll have that to Zurich
at the end of next week. Good.

Wonderful, Friedrich.

Okay. Wonderful.
Goodbye, Friedrich.

Sir, sorry to bother. But this girl is
insisting that she is your niece.



Where are my manners?
You must be chilled. Sit by the fire.

My daughter is always cold,

so we make sure the best
chair is by the fire.

It's been several weeks since I've
seen you. Are you well?


It's my friend.
She's sick. She needs medicine.

What is her ailment?

Cough. Fever.

She's getting worse every day.

Wait here for a moment.

My assistant is going to
fetch the medicine.

It may take all day,

but you're welcome to stay here
and have some tea with me.

Camille, sit.


My name is Juliet.

Wait here. I'll come back down
for the other crate.


What happened?
Where were you?

I was getting help. I found someone.
He's going to help.

Who are you?
What do you want?

My name is Andre.
Andre Eerikäinen.

-A German?
-I'm Swiss.

What do you want?

I brought food and... medicine.

Juliet, who is this man?

Open the door!

Put that down.

What are you doing? Out.

Go, go. Out, out!


Come here, come here.


-We go together, we go together.
-Just go.

-No, no. You're coming with us.
-Yeah. Yes, you are.

You have to help us.

No, I don't.

Please. We need you.

Thank you for your efforts, gentlemen.

And here is the stipend for completing
the work on such short notice.


Medicine, Sir.

Proper introduction,
I'm Andre, as you know.

This is my retainer, Jorn.

Uh... this is Yanko,

Agnes, Bertrand...

And this is my daughter, Juliet.

My name is Jacques.

I think I can speak for all of us
when I say, thank you.

You've taken an extraordinary risk

bringing us to your...
magnificent home.

Well... um...

we'll stay here tonight.

And tomorrow, we will decide
what to do with you.

For now... perhaps some baths.

It's a tradition, whenever my family
and I first come to the country.

Our meal is cheese, wine, and bread.

Although they're not here, I would like
to continue that tradition. Please...

Bless us, Heavenly Father.

We thank you for the safety
of this sanctuary,

the love of this family, and the
courage of our new host.

Bless us and keep us as we
partake these gifts.

Please... join us.

This is good wine.

We have detained a number of
families from the raid.

They are being questioned now.

This won't stop you...

will it, Jacques?

Feels good.

The sun, in my face.

Thank you for the...
the loan of the clothes.

They're a little big.

Agnes is looking well.

Thanks to the medicine.

Why do you radio?

Are you part of the Maquis?

No, I--
I just broadcast from time to time.

Who listens?

Someone, anyone.
Resistance maybe.

All I know is there are
others like us

who need to know that they're not
alone, who need to hold on to hope.

It's easy to get lost alone in the dark.

Bertrand thinks I'm wasting my time.
No one is listening.

Perhaps Bertrand needs
your message most.

Don't judge him too harshly.

His animosity is his armor
against a world that hates him.

For him and Agnes, it's...
never been a question of,

if they'll get caught, only when.

So, uh... what will you do with us?

There's a freighter to Spain.

The papers will take some time.

Thank you... for your loving kindness.


have you made a decision?

I'm concerned about raising

There are so many mouths to feed.

I'll be purchasing triple
my usual at the market.


you know, Jorn?
You're not the best cook.

If you noticed, well,
it's very dusty everywhere;

the garden is swallowed
by weeds right now.


The house does seem a bit

Oh... that's very nice.

-You look amazing.
-Yeah, you like it?

The tanker will stop two
kilometers offshore.

When it arrives,
you'll have to row out to it.

What is the name of Bertrand
and Agnes' daughter?

Ruth. She played cello alongside
Agnes in the National Symphony.

Where is she now?

They purchased her passage to

-It must have been very difficult.
-They spent every penny they had.

Oh, Papa. Look,
isn't it just lovely?

Yes. Very.

And all these.

You're, uh... too generous, Andre.

It's very nice.
Any word on the travel arrangement?

Not yet.

You like them?

Well, I...
I must be getting back.

Juliet... Agnes needs you in the
kitchen when you're done here.

He just isn't the same without his radio.

He does seem a bit lost.

A pastor without his pulpit.

The sooner we leave, and he can
broadcast again, the better.

Do you want to leave?

Well, that

was Mignonette's favorite.

...fraternity, stay safe my friends.

You are not alone.
And all the darkness in the world

cannot extinguish the
light of a single candle.

Stay safe, my friends.

That is enough of that, Werner.

Enough of that.

Let's... let's listen to a little
music. Shall we?

Do you enjoy Wagner, Inspector?

I enjoy music.

I... love Wagner.

I fought in the Great War;
you know? A leutnante.

At the Battle of Verdun...

we were meant to break the
French in a massive assault.

My father died in Verdun.

And our kommandant was playing
this very song for us...

before we went over the
edge of the trench.

He spoke to us of the glory of

of the insignificance of our lives

in comparison with that
of the Fatherland.

I was filled with passion.

I... I understood my purpose
I charged forth.

But my comrades... they didn't
seem to have the same resolve.

They only cared about themselves.

I broke through the line...


I was captured.

I was tortured.

I was ridiculed by inferior men.

Had my brothers not been so weak,

had they charged alongside me...

we would not have lost the battle.

We would not have lost the war.

We have the broadcaster's radio.

There is no way we can
track him now.

You French.
Always capitulating.

Never underestimate my resolve,

That should do it for the antenna.

This model has a range of
over 50 kilometers.

Does it really now?
That's impressive.

Thank you, Jorn.
-Thank him.

Yes, thank you.

I was able to acquire
a portable model.

We'll put it in the boat.

Perhaps you can use that
in Spain to broadcast?

Not sure I want to know
where you got that from.

Let's see if we can get
this thing working.

How did you learn this?

My father ran a radio repair shop

before the Reich confiscated it.

Tell me something, Andre.

Why are you doing all this?

Food, clothing, shelter, medicine,

safe passage to Spain?

Now all this.

Not easy to come by, and...

certainly puts you at a higher risk.

So, I have to ask... why?

Because Juliet asked.

Andre... why do you never
speak of your family?

Because they haven't spoken
to me in seven years.

I see.

Back in 1938, I was a pastor of a small
congregation in Alsace-Lorraine.

To my eternal shame, as the
Nazis rose to power...

I chose not to speak out
against the Reichskirche

even though I knew it to be
evil and heretical.

My wife Camille, though...
beautiful and full of conviction,

refused to stay silent.

While she spoke the truth,
I tried to quiet her.

She wanted justice. I just wanted
things to stay the same.

Then one Sunday morning

da mob entered the church

and, uh... they, uh,
they took her away.

I was beaten, stripped
of my parish,

and threatened with death,
and that's how I was...

how I was left with this
little memento.

You need to broadcast.

Please be brave.


Lord, guide me with your voice.

Show me the path to
righteousness and I will follow.


Forgive me for my absence,
dear friends. I am well.

I have much I wish to
share with you tonight

but I'm afraid I must be brief.

Though our enemy hopes that the
weight of suffering will crush us,

it has instead brought us
closer together.

Our enemy hopes suffering will
beat us, but it will not.

We can and will overcome.


Equality, fraternity.

Stay safe, my friends.
God be with us all.

The signal's coming from outside the
city. We have a direction.

Good, good. Let's have a car
outfitted for fieldwork.

We will follow Jacques and
catch him on the run.

Pick a card.

Any card?

Insert that card anywhere
into the deck.

If you don't mind,
what was the card?

Um, uh, Jack of Hearts?

Excellent choice. And fortunately
for me, very easy to lure back.

How did you do it?

Tricky. Very tricky.


What did I say about lazing about
and playing cards?

You're distracting the others
from their work.

Now get back to it, all of you!

I'm so sorry, Monsieur.
How may I help you?

My name is Friedrich Dollmann.

And you must be the lovely Mignonette
I have heard so much about, huh.

Your father tells me that you're
studying at the Beau Soleil?

-I was.

Uh, I'm--I'm visiting.
It's a pleasure to meet you, sir.

My wife attended the school.
Yeah, small world.

I heard they have the same head
of a Headmistress there.

What is her name?

She, you know, has the face that
disgusts jackboots off her soul.

Sadly, she's still there, yeah.

Madame Bluet Ferrigan.

Of course.

Mignonette says she does not look
one day over a hundred.


Generaloberst Dollmann.

What a pleasant, pleasant surprise.

And I'm so happy for you to
meet my little flower.

You have been naughty.
Hiding out here away from me.

Can you blame me?
These views are lingering.

I could tell this estate was the
perfect gift for a man of your taste.

Very generous. Always too generous.

Let us go to my study and drink.

Oh, this place is so beautiful.
They look lovely.

They have the cognac here.

I left you four bottles of the '47.

Ah, you remember the last time
I was in this office,

we shared a bottle of Champenois.

Emmett, close the door.

Sorry to have dropped in
on you like this.

But as I said, some of the
others were getting worried.

You have only picked up
one deposit in a month.

I-I understand. I'm sorry.

I haven't been well.

My doctor suggested the sea air,
and it has helped, it has helped.

So, I bring the deposits Monday
morning and we will take care...

No, no, no. Monday is too late.
We are down here now.

We shall come tomorrow
night here for dinner.

Say nine o'clock?

Wonderful. And please
tell your daughter

that I look forward to seeing her
tomorrow night.

My wife would be eager to share
her stories of her school days.

Of course.

Tomorrow night.


We have a dinner party
tomorrow night.

-This place,

this place was a gift
from the Nazis?

-Does not matter.
-It matters very much!

-You lied?
-I do not lie.

What are you ferrying for those

I'm their banker. And I deposit
money for my clients, that's all.

-You're a Nazi.

I deposit for them. What they do
afterwards is none of my concern.

It is your concern!

Where do you think that money comes
from, in this god-forsaken place?

-I am neutral, I provide a service.
-For the Nazis!

I'm helping the Jews
if you haven't noticed.

And now you want us to help you
in your filthy little business.

-And you need to play your part.
-Play our part?

So that we can make them rich?
-No, so you can live!

If you run... we won't be able to
get you out of the country.

I'm sorry.

Jacques, he's lying.
He's not gonna do anything for us.

-We--we could take the boat.
-Papa, he'll hang if we go...

I understand. I do.

We all need to survive.

And the freighter is the best chance
we have of getting out of here.

If we do this, then Juliet
cannot be a part of it.

There is no other way.
Friedrich is expecting my daughter.

She is not your daughter!

For all intents and purposes,
she is my daughter.

And if we are not as believable
as possible tomorrow,

we will all be dead in the morning.

I cannot allow it.

This is not a conversation, Jacques.
She will be at that table.

It's too dangerous.
There has to be another way.


Juliet, I'm sorry. But I need you
at that table tomorrow night.

If the general thinks anything is amiss,
we're all at great, great risk.

She can hide and play sick in her room
until your associates leave.

Papa, I can do this.

I know you can, my darling,
but I don't want you to.

But I want to.
It's what will keep us safest.

I trust you with everything, Papa.
Trust me with this.

I won't let you down.

Then it's settled.


Oh, thank you.

How about you?
-I don't smoke.

Been a while for me.

Do you know the, um, biblical passage
at the church at Laodicea?

I do not judge.

God punishes them
for their neutrality,

says that because they're neither
hot nor cold... He will spit them out.

We are not one-dimensional
creations, we humans.

We can either be lions...
for the cause of good in some arenas,

or lambs led to the
slaughter in others.

I've never been much of a lion...

I did not expect to see you.

I'm sorry. I cannot stay.
I'm just dropping off.

Oh, it's a shame. Jorn will show you
the study for your deposit, yeah?

Right this way.

Wilhelm. Good to see you.

Trisha, ravishing as always.

Sir, your briefcase.


-How can we help you?
-I'm looking for Andre Eerikäinen.

Yeah, regarding what?

I'm afraid it's Gestapo business,

Very well. Monsieur Eerikäinen
is inside, I'm sure.

-Come, I will introduce you to him.
-Thank you.

Werner, stay with the equipment.

Friedrich, welcome.

And your lovely wife.
Pleasure to see you again.

A friend, Friedrich?

No, no. Hauptmann Jager
is here on business.

Good evening.
I'm sorry to disturb you.

But there've been numerous
unauthorized broadcasts in the area,

and I wish to find out
where they originate from.

And your search has brought
you to Andre's home?

Andre, where are you
hiding the Jews?

-In the attic.

I see you have guests.

Surely you've driven a long way.
Please... stay for dinner.

Thank you.

Beautiful! Classic.

Montaigne, isn't it?

Ready for demo, you know.

And, um, how many
generations would it take?

It's three to four generations
depending upon the purity of bloodlines.

I'm sure you recognize
Mr. Konrad Stubbendorf.

He won double-gold in '36
with his horse Frey.

What a pleasure.

I've heard as much of Andre
Eerikäinen in the city.

Yeah. That is why I spend
so much time on the coast.

Mignonette, tell me more about Beau
Soleil. Which dormitory are you in?

Wonderful views of the
western slopes.

I know that house, yeah.

Try to get her to focus
on her school.

Madames and Monsieurs,
please be seated for dinner.

I would like to begin this meal
by thanking Andre for hosting us.

In business and in private, you are
truly an asset to the Third Reich.

To our friend, Andre Eerikäinen!

To Andre!

The first course coming up.

Yeah. Go, go feed the animals.

So, Hauptmann, tell us about this
signal you are searching for.

Ah yes, it's this broadcaster,

he's some sort of propaganda rebel
who quotes God to incite rebellion.

What do you know about him?

My lips are sealed, Generaloberst.
Thank you.

You have a lovely house
by the way.

Business with the Reich
must be quite profitable.

Now, I'm tempted to encourage
Friedrich to switch professions

if it means luxuries such as this.

Me? Banker?
Too many Jews.

Right, Andre?

How many did you know, Monsieur
Eerikäinen, before the war?

You are a banker, after all.

-Quite a few.
-Must have been awful.

Actually, they're quite good
at what they do.

Although I must confess,
I'm happy not to have the competition.

Dr. Astor was telling us about
a fascinating idea he has.

It's the elevation of inferior stock.

-What did they say?
-You don't want to know.

Sounds complicated.

Sounds like basic animal

It would be...
if we were speaking of animals.

What else is there? Plants?


Allow me to explain.

Jews, Slavs, gypsies, cripples,
sexual degenerates,

all are condemned to failure
by their genetic destiny.

But, while we may not be able to help
these particular individuals themselves,

we can offer help to their children.

This is absurd.

To the contrary, it is loving.

Where are you goin'?

Just as the Icelandic horse was
bred with a Peruvian Paso

to produce the modern
German Aegidienberger,

so might we breed these unfortunate
humans into something more noble.

More Aryan.

What do you think, Mr. Eerikäinen?

Um... I'm allergic to horses,
I'm afraid.

I'm a banker, I'm not a politician.

Don't be so modest, my old friend.

The contributions of many of
us at this table,

I'm not just talking
about the pocketbook.

I'm talking about the war effort.

Even so, it's not just
politics, it's science.

Surely you have an opinion
about science.

I think it's bound to fail.

The subjects would never agree to it.

Even if the power of the State
were used to force it?

I think the power of the State
is best served for other tasks...

like winning the war.

Who do you think will win the war,
Monsieur Eerikäinen?

We will.

Of course, we will.

And to the victor goes the spoils!

-What are you doing?
-I'm gonna kill them all.


-What are you doing?
-Get out of my way. Get out of my way.

Where are you going with that?

Something I should have
done a long time ago.

We're all gonna die
so they're gonna die.

-Give me the gun.
-With our cause had polluted genetics

four or five generations
back and it has all...

-I'm gonna kill them all!
-Stop it. Don't. Are you crazy?

I'm gonna kill them all!

Give it to me!

You'll get us all killed.

You please go back out there.
You're raising suspicions.

-You stop!

I find this all very fascinating.

You're probably not even following the
conversation. More wine!

Surely there is a better solution
for the next generation than killing.

And that is
exactly what I am proposing.

I don't think you're gonna convince
her about it, Doctor.

I wonder, why such keen interest

in a softer solution for these

What? Because it is the most
loving thing we can do.

We do not blame the dog
for being a dog.

No, we train it, we teach it,
we elevate it.

And I believe that if we breed these
inferior unfortunates

with the appropriate bloodlines,

teach them the greatest
scientific truths of our age,

and convince them of their civic duty
to Germany and the human race,

they can be made into productive
members of society.

No, they can't. Their very
existence is counterproductive.

Can you blame a man
for his genetics?

But we imprison psychopaths.
We hang pedophiles.

Are not their crimes
incited by their genetic flaws?


Mister Eerikäinen, have you read
Reichsführer Himmler's

Der Untermensch?
Subhuman? I have not.

But you are aware
that any means of integration

have been deemed inadequate
by our Fuhrer.


The subhuman is the greatest
enemy of mankind.

It must be culled from the herd.

-Isn't that scientific fact, yes?
-Well, there is--

Would you breed... a German
stallion or an Icelandic mare

with a dwarf pony
or a mule.

The dwarf pony does not
produce war horses.

The subhuman
must be eradicated.

Hear, hear!

In fact, my nephew will be leading a
pilot program for the Einsatzgruppen

to a small village nearby here
called the Ramatuelle

which is rumored to be housing
resistance fighters and degenerates.

It would be cleansed
of both by sunrise.

And by cleanse,
do you mean murder?

It's only murder
if they're human, little girl.

I'd like to change the subject.

It's something that seems to
upset my daughter.

How very Swiss of you.

You must be very careful
which side you're on during this war.

Anyway, our host was asking about
the Summer School comedy.

It's a lovely film. Has anyone else
seen it? It's really quite funny.

Do it.


You must warn the village.

This is an urgent message for anyone
listening in on this frequency.

If you live in the town of Ramatuelle,
you must evacuate immediately.

The Germans are sending a death
squad to clear your town

of resistance fighters and Jews.
You must evacuate immediately.

Repeat, evacuate immediately.

-Thank you again.
-Congratulations, again.


You will come to my office
tomorrow morning.

I have some questions for you.

Thank you for an entertaining supper.

The Eintopf was a wonderful
reminder of... Fatherland.

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself,

Good luck with your investigation.

Thank you.

Thanks again for another
wonderful night.

Be safe, my friend.

What did you just say?

I repeat, anyone in the village
of Ramatuelle, you must run.

If you're near the village of Ramatuelle,

the Germans are sending a death
squad tonight to clear the village.

Why is the signal so strong?

We're right on top of it.

What is it you just said?

Stay safe.

Stay safe, my friend. That's it.
Curious expression.

Do you hear it often?


Every expression comes from

Yes, I suppose so.

You have a diverse staff,
Monsieur Eerikäinen.

-I travel quite a bit.
-You are fond of foreigners?

You're being rude, Hauptmann.
Come to the point.

You're certain?

You had better explain
yourself, Hauptmann.

Andre and I are going to have a
little chat... Generaloberst.

Why don't we all have a
drink in my study?

I have some very good cognac.


I'll have a drink.

it's time to go home.

Just a few questions.

After you.

You must hide! Now! Now!

If anyone is listening on
this frequency,

if you are living near the
town of Ramatuelle,

please warn the residents.
They must evacuate immediately.

Drink, Hauptmann?

Yeah, banker.

Where is he, Monsieur Eerikäinen?

Where is who?

I know that you handle finances for
very powerful men and

they value this service,
therefore I value it too.

Give me Jacques...and I will let
you continue to serve the Reich.


As promised.

Good vintage.

This is an urgent message
for the people of Ramatuelle.

You must survive.
Death squads are headed your way.

Your enemies may believe
you're subhuman,

but I say flee these monsters.



Open it.

Ah, welcome. Good to see you.
Please, please come in.

What have you done to him?

No, no, no.

Take your hands off her!

Thank you, Werner. The door, please.

You know, your father and I were
talking about loyalty.

Weren't we, Andre, huh?

I need one answer to one question,
and he will be free to go.

Where is Jacques?

Where is Jacques?


Where is Jacques?

You must evacuate...

Where is Jacques?

Where is Jacques?

Where is Jacques?

Well... I see where your
loyalties lie.


Do you have a cigarette?
I'm going for a smoke.

What do you want me to do
with the house staff?

Kill them, and bring the
girl for questioning.

You, up. Up.

Oh, my god!


We have to stop the bleeding.

And we have to get him out of here.
Come on, help me. Get him.

No, no, no. You have to leave.
You have to go without me.

-What do we do?
-We can't leave him.

That man is gonna be here
any moment.

-We have to go.
-No, I can't.

Bertrand, Agnes...

look after her.

Like she was our own.

No, no, no!

-I can't leave you. I can't!

-Listen to me.
-I can't leave you.

Listen to me. This man, this Klaus,

he will stop at nothing
'til he catches me.

I have to protect you,
do you understand?

No! I won't.


tonight, my little girl stared
the enemy in the eye

and did not back down.

You have your mom's courage,

and I couldn't be more proud
of you than I am now.



Jorn... get them out of here.

Hurry! The back door.


I pray you are safe.

-If you have not left already,
I say it again, you must evacuate.

I'm af--I'm afraid this is t
be my last broadcast.

And I want to spend it remembering
a complicated man.

For a little while now,

I have been living under the patronage
of a man called Andre.

Andre did not need to take me in

nor provide for me in any way.

There were no familial ties, no...

debts of honor,
no, no profits to be made.

No reason to take me in...

except the most important reason.

That it was the right thing to do.

And for that show of charity,

he gave his life.

No greater love has a man
than this, the Christ said.

In this moment,
I understand those words

as as I have never
understood them before.

I want to leave you now

with a poem by Edna St.
Vincent Millay.

It was...
my wife's favorite poem.

And has given me much

And now I want to pass that
blessing on to you.

"My candle burns at both ends;

"It will not last the night;

"But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends

It gives a lovely light!"

I now realize that in
all this time, I've--

I have never told you my full name.

My name is Jacques

and I look forward to meeting you all,

my invisible brothers and sisters.

Long live France.

Long live liberty, equality,

Stay safe, my friends,
and God be with us all.

This is Hauptmann Klaus Jager,
of the Geheime Staats Polizei.

Jacques Christoffersen's voice
has been silenced forever.


Jacques, my friend.

I'm not sure if you can hear us
anymore, but I want you to know

you saved us. My name is
Theo, and I'm from Ramatuelle.

Papa, I can do this.

I know what to do.
I'll be all right.

There are some others
here with me

that would like to express
their gratitude.

May their voices find you in heaven
and God be with us all.

Hans von Dohnanyi
was my husband.

He is survived by
his wife, Christel,

but Jacques gave me hope,
and I will carry on.

God be with us all.

I trust you with everything, Papa.
Trust me with this.

I won't let you down.

Henryk Dobrzanski. Died a soldier
while resisting the Nazis.

Survived by his son Ludwik.
God be with us all.

Tonight, my little girl stared the enemy
in the eye and did not back down.

Jacques' broadcasts are the reason
I fight on.. God be with us all.

Olivier Bernas. Survived by
his wife and four children.

God be with us all.

I'm alone. Jacques gave me hope
I will carry on. God be with us all.

Jacques Christoffersen,
our invisible voice of hope.

He's survived by his listeners.
He's survived by his family:



Yanko... Jorn...
and by his daughter, Juliet.

No! No!

We will carry on.
God be with us all.

Henri Rousseau,
fallen at Verdun.

Survived by his son,
Inspector Gerald Rousseau.

God be with us all.