Burning Sensation (1989) - full transcript

A firefighter savages a spiritual shrine from an old burning building, which releases the gentle ghost of a Chinese opera singer who was killed in a stage fire 30 years before. Grateful for saving her spirit, the ghost falls for the firefighter and will stop at nothing to protect him from impending evil.

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"Invading Cathay is the King of Huns"

"With ten thousands
storming the Jade Pass"

"Our lady General and her warriors"

"Come to stop the invading hordes"

"And win her everlasting fame"

Crossfire formation

Maradonna, hose it


Up there is an unoccupied
condemned building

We must stop the fire from spreading

Remember, don't go in without my orders

Yes, sir

The Inspector said

Don't go in without my orders

Even under orders. I won't go in



What are you doing

There's someone up there


Crazy, impossible!

889, tell the crowd to stand back

Help, help!


Watch out!

Safety net

Are you crazy?

7022 reporting, sir

To you, even inanimate
objects look like women

No, sir, it's real

I really saw a woman

Well, sit down and tell me in detail!

Yes, sir

Not there, here

There's no chair here

Yes, isn't this a chair?

Can you see it?

No, I don't

You normally see things

we can't see, right?

Sit down

What's the Fire Brigade's
first commandment?

- Stick to rules; obey the superior, sir
- Right

- Now I order you to sit down. Sit down
- Yes, sir

Well, there's no chair here.


You told me to sit down

I suspect you're girl-crazy

And it leads to a split personality

You always have illusions

You imagine anything you touch

as the body of a girl

In medicine, it's called sex-forlorn

Have you heard of such a term?


Of course not

Are you questioning my medical knowledge?

I didn't say so

I can see it from your eyes

This is a telephone; this is a cup

Can I call this telephone a cup?

What do you say then?


Sir, sometimes a telephone
may be mixed up with a cup

Well, I won't argue with you any more

How am I to answer to the public?

I can't say you were possessed

Or you saw things

Due to excess energy?


What's wrong, sir?

Keep away. Get out

Get out

Yes, sir


- Take your friend along
- My friend?

Get out of my sight anyway

I'm giving you three months leave

Then you're discharged
for deserting your post

Get out

I couldn't care less



Get him

Listeners, the ghost
ombudsman is here again

Very boring

More boring

The heroine is the courtesan Piu Hung

On a very quiet night...

Enough, I'd better be off

Piu Hung will appear on

a starless night

You want to know what happened?

Miss, let me give you a lift too

Piu Hung was born, and died, for men

And she died a tragic death

Miss, where are you going

Anywhere you go I go

Even a love motel?

The decision is Yours truly, I'm lucky

I'm lucky

What are you doing?

My heart's beating fast. I feel unwell


Have patience. I'll find
a place to massage you

How lucky can a man get?

Even a high priest can't resist her charm

Let alone the licking of her tongue

Don't be impulsive

When you're turned on by her ogle

Death is beckoning at you

She may be a wanton killer

But don't blame her

We men were unkind to her first

So, listeners, don't let sex overcome you

I've found a believer at last

See you tomorrow night

I'm winning money again tonight

You can never tell till the game's over

Luck's against you tonight, you're finished

I have the inkling someone's at your home

Don't scare me, I'm alone

A thief then

I'll kill you, thief

What are you doing?


He's my brother. Don't hit him

Are you all right?

Why didn't you say so?

Your friend?


Sorry, I don't know

Only a misunderstanding

He's my brother, not a thief

I want to put this wine bottle
in a suitable place

Sit still

Fatty, get beer for yourself.
I'll talk with my brother

Come here

Sit down

Why aren't you on duty?

I'm taking my annual leave

Are you broke?

No, I've just got my pay

Have you got fired?


I brought you up from childhood

Don't lie to me

I'd like to have a change

Don't fool me

I no longer have to worry
about your getting hurt

You talk later. Let's play mahjong

Play mahjong now, come on

Don't worry, I can afford to support you


Hurry up

See who it is


What's it, sir?

It's after zero hour, you
may wake up the others

We haven't started yet

And you one player short?

Yes, how do you know?

That's a distressing situation

Shan, stop, come in at once

Don't obstruct me in executing my duties

Let's make it clear now: 8 rounds only

The wrong seat

This is East. You can't
fool me, though I'm blind

I won't fool you; go over there

Why is this side East every time?


You made me lose my job

Your turn, come on

Are you in a hurry to lose?

Can one with bad eyes play mahjong?

Not bad eyes, he's blind

So he plays with me

He won't know any conspiracy from you three

Your brother won't let us do it

Right, don't you know a blind man is smart?

I'm ready to call your bluffs


Brother, bring several cups of tea



What's it?

What kind of tea do you want?

Any kind will do

Sit down, don't be formal

Is it more powerful to stand up?
Your turn. Take

What are you doing?

Take it out and put it well. Don't break it


I got a flower, so I can't make a ping game

I've taken it out


We're playing mahjong, not a guessing game

I won't guess then

I've got it

Why are you so excited? Self-made?

No, it was the last North


Feet off, please


I'm cleaning the floor. It won't take long

Your brother is hospitable



You must take it as you said

Be fair



I take, don't go on. 9-number

Okay: What's so special?





Is it rally here?

Self-made, all of a
kind. Same for everybody

All circles, make sure you get it right


You have eyes, can't you see it?

Hands off, let me look closely

Pay, pay

Great. Mr. Chan, you've made it

As usual

I won't play any more

Here's $1,300, give me $20 change

I won't play any more

Go on

He wanted 5-circle and got it so easily

Well, I won't play too. We can't match him

I can tell him to go to bed

I don't feel like sleeping.
I can play overnight with you

Look, how can we match?

I give up

Collect your money

I didn't stop the game. A drink?

Let's play again some other day

Let me help you out


Your clothes, Mr. Chan

Thank you

Please put it aside for me

Playing with a blind man, you cheat him

People get cheated when asking
a blind man for fung shui

It's eye for an eye

Beware you may be cursed
during your last years


Who are you looking for?

Is Ma Hau-pau in please?

Ma Hau-pau?

He wants to see me. Ask him who he is

Who are you?

Mo Liu-tao

Mo Liu-tao


Keep quiet while I'm speaking on the phone

Mo Liu-tao, any new birds?

Some birds from Shun Tack

Shun Tack girls make good wives

You should have married long ago

Date them and let me make a choice

Listen, they're not too beautiful

I don't mind,

as long as she looks like a movie star

Don't be choosey; don't overrate yourself

Not for me; it's for you

You'll never find a wife without my help!



You're over 20 and you
still do household work

Would you do it if I don't?

Don't do women's work, I beg you

So you think you've great!

I won't help you again even if you beg me

Well, benefactor, I want him to beg you

Over 20, and you haven't
even touched a girl's hand

How can you ever get married
& have children?

How come there's no water?

Brat, what's wrong?
You've made a mess of the hose

Brother, come and lend a hand quickly

I won't, even if you shouted for help

Help, help!

What happened?


Why did you scream then?

Brother, come and help quickly

Don't scream for nothing

It's fire!



I told you not to smoke
when brushing your teeth


Ma Hau-pau, you've got V: D:?


You must've got it by accident


Could be worse

Have you seen Hunchback of Notre Dame?

Anthony Quinn immortalized
him. I want to copy

I think he is in bad luck.

Yes, he is.

Luck's against me. Even my
brother quarrels with me

Let me rearrange this to stop the jinx

A wok

It's bad luck to have such
a big work hanging here

Why's there water?

Let me hide inside the TV set

Why's there water?

How come? What kind of a show is that?

Well, are you going to play?

Let me help.

I won't play, as I've said

He looks ruddy like the legendary monk

You'll win heavily for sure

Stay, miss. What's your name?

When are you going off?
Let me give you a ride

You deserved it

You wouldn't play, and now you get beaten

I'd rather be beaten than to play mahjong

There's something you must believe

What is it?

You're lucky in love

I wish I was every night

You'll get it tonight

He thought I was joking

I'm taking it for a joke too

No, it's serious.

Believe it

When your girl friend appears

There'll be fireworks

Trying to pull my leg with this story?


Is this the girl you mean?

Do you believe now?

Yes, completely

It all depends on the vibe

I feel I have her vibe

You think that's vibe, idiot?

Are you sure you want to know here?


Pluck her hair for me

What for?

Have you heard the tradition
of marriage by knotting hair?


Pluck her hair

and I'll make you a couple

Will it work?

Don't you believe me?

I do, if you don't

I do. Don't do anything foolish

Did you fool that fatty?

No, it's true


Miss, you've dropped money

It's not mine

It must be mine then

Miss, you have beautiful hair

Many have said the same to me

May I...


I mean...

It makes no sense

All right

You're fantastic

What now?

Give me the hair

Curl it around your index finger

Then kiss her this way

And she'll fall for you

What then?

What do you want?

One of those things

One of those things?

Okay: One more kiss like I do

And she'll be turned on

She really is turned on

You promised to introduce
her to me. Let me kiss

How can I let you kiss my finger

Don't do it, too late

Miss, want a drink?

Not here, some other place


You drink this and we'll leave



Ma Hau-pau

You've wooed my girl friend

You may get a stroke or AIDS

A bad friend



Never mind, it won't take long

She can't understand. She's
all muscles but no brain

I forgot to open the door

How come there's no keyhole?

Drunkard, you're damned

Where shall we go for a drink again?

Found an accommodating girl so soon!


Are you drunk?


Thank you for escorting him back

Wake up

Sorry, let me help him get in

You really are handsome

Thank you

Where shall we drink?

I'll take care of him.
You go back. Thank you


Let's treat each other with respect

Let me see you out

You're rather direct

And I like you for that

You're well-built

I like strong men.

May I touch you?

I can feel your build and explosive power

You're hot like a dynamite

Hold me close

Hold me

I want...

Old men dream: Young ones do it

You must be a famous cabaret hostess

I'm passing out. Help me

You're clinging too close to me

I am not

Yes, you are

So what?

Sorry, let me open the door first

Who are you looking for?

Miss, who are you looking for?

Who are you?

Formerly a nice man, now a nice ghost

He's my benefactor

But now he's my prey

All dirty socks but no prey

I've been waiting for this macho



Sister, it's late, don't be in his way

So you're sisters


Sister, it's late, let's go

Please send her back. I won't go now

Hard to get a taxi at this
hour. I'll wait for her

Would you mind bringing us a cup of tea?

Aren't we not welcome?

Sit down. Let me bring you tea

Get this, he's mine sooner or later

You'd better stay out of this

You can get anyone as the
stand-in, but not him

If I can't get him, I won't give up

I'll be nasty

Is that so? I take carrot, not stick

I'm hungry. Got anything to eat?

Let me cook for you

Where's your sister?

She wants to take a rest

Take a rest. I'll cook noodles for you

This lamp is beautiful

You want to pull it down?

Yes, she loses her sense on
seeing anything beautiful

The noodles must be delicious

Taste it

It's nice

I didn't use MSG. Take it

What are you doing?

She dropped something

I'm picking it up for her


What's your sister doing?

Too hot. Please give her a glass of water


Would you give me another bowl of noodles?


You have a good appetite

What's it?

Let's go inside to get it


Need any help?

No, let me fix it

Has your sister left?

Yes, she didn't feel well

I'm going too

What's it?

They say Alan Tam's songs are nice

He's got a Concert in Hunghom

I don't have to cook
for my brother tomorrow

But the tickets there are hard to get

If I could get them, I would...

Nothing else? I must go

I'm stupid, I didn't even
know how to date her

Why are they so much alike?

If it were you, I would dare to date

Ling? Who's it?

That girl last night? Yes
that girl last night


Get up

I have something important to talk to you


Get up

Got 2 chickens, soup &
champagnes for tonight

Try to think what else we need

I'll return tonight to have super

Can you finish them all?

Still sleepy? I'm having candlelit
dinner with my girlfriend

Be smart and get lost. That's a deal

And, set it up in a romantic way

Romantic, surely!

What do you mean?


You don't even know that?

No wonder you're an old bachelor

Big brother wants to eat roast chicken

And young brother gets burnt because of it

Brother, can you return now?

I'm busy at the station, I can't return now

You eat with her first

You'd better rush back. I
don't know how to serve her

What? Isn't that so hard for you?

I'll return about 10. Remember
to serve her only

She could be your future sister-in-law

Don't fall for her

Future sister-in-law? Rush back

I will, as soon as I finish. Bye-bye

So soon?

How could it be here?

So it's you

Are you sure you've
come to the right place?

Are you wait for someone?


Why don't you invite me to come in?

Please come in

Is she my future sister-in-law?

So romantic! You really
know how to wow the girls

My brother told me to do that

He's got a good idea

Me, I wouldn't have done it

What would you do then?


So much the better. I can
look at you clearly now

So you want to see me clearly

Yes. How do you want the chicken cooked?

I like it any way it's cooked


Eat your head off

Let me make you a bad chicken

You're damned

I'll make you hot Indian chicken curry

I'll scald your mouth
to make you breathless

I'll scald your tongue to give you bad odor

I'll scald your throat
so no one would want you

Need any help?


We never need any female
help since childhood

You must be excellent at cooking

Yes. You'll have chicken
soon. Sit for a while


Cooking is my long suit. Hot suit too!

What is it?

I cut my finger

Let me bring you the medicinal oil

No need

You're bleeding

I already said "no"

Let me fix the chicken for you

Don't touch my chicken.
I need no female help

Otherwise, brother may scold me


I mean to help you

If I'm not welcome, I'll leave

I opened the door for you

And I cooked the chicken for you

Otherwise I wouldn't have cut my finger

Wait a while. You'll soon be served

You cooked a chicken for me

And got cut for cooking it

When your finger gets hurt, you can't cook

With nothing to eat, I'll be hungry

Will you let me cook it?

Show me the finger


This is our co-production

Try if it tastes okay?

It was specially made for you

Right, let's eat together


At worst we'll die together

A ghost doesn't eat a chicken this way

Is it okay?


It tastes a bit bad

Let me add some chilly oil

Why? No more chilly oil

Let's go on


Are you thirsty?

This wine is good

No need

Maybe your brother's returning



You open the door. I'll heat it up for him

Hide it as soon as possible

Madam, tell your child not
to throw chicken bones

Sorry, I'll remind him, sorry

You're gone too far

Where's my brother?

She found the wrong man

And I ate food for no purpose

You didn't but I've come here in vain

I was for a dinner with you
not with your brother

If you keep talking about him, I'll leave

It's terrible hot

Sir, your change!

Keep the change

Thank you

Brother, I'm back

Do you mean to surprise me?



Bad, even the chicken's finished

Could he be seeking sex after food?

Wine can derange one's mind

Even his clothes are stripped off


How could it be so tidy here?

A hair, curled

He's got no perm

Frolicking in water

You shameless adulterers


Bad, the aftermath of something serious?

She's no longer a virgin

You bastard must've done it

You must've done it, I'll kill you


It's me

Are you alone at home?

I mustn't lose my face

I'm having a good time

Darling, bring a glass of wine

How's it?

That girl last night?


Terrific, she needed it 7 times

She's got the make of a Ford
and the capacity of a Mercedes

I could never fill it up

Can you stand it?

I can't hold on any more

She's coming again

She pushed me down and kissed me

She kissed my cheek

She kissed my moustache

She kissed my ear

She kissed my neck

She held me down completely
I couldn't stand it

Well, even my forehead was nearly kissed

How do you know?

Is she Climbing up now?


Let me tell you, she's a virgin

I'm serious, I mean it

What's so funny?

Your girlfriend's seducing
someone in a bar, idiot


Don't drink too much

Girls are nothing. Lose one, take another

Don't talk about it any more

Let's go together

You go first

We'll go then


We're going. Remember not to drink too much


Waiter, half a dozen

Luckily you brought me here.
I didn't know the way

If you like, we can come here often



It's gloomy here

It's a bit old

It's the backstage makeup room

It hasn't been used for years


I want to talk to you. Sit down


You want to tell me a ghost story?

Are you afraid of ghosts?

Why should we be afraid of ghosts?

Uncle Lau

Don't worry, he's not a ghost

How frightening. I thought
I was seeing things

You really are

Uncle Lau, don't scare him

If I weren't so strong.
I'd have been scared

He's taking you for a ghost

Didn't you want to talk to me?

Not now, some other day

Let's go


Damn kid, come out quickly!

Have some wine to quench my thirst

Hands and feet stick, I
have feet without hands

I've decided to do without hands and feet

Scared? Don't fish for sympathy

Why did you do it?

Don't pass out

It's awkward

Don't push

Who are you talking to?

You, you idiot


Is there another idiot in this room?

Yes, my brother is more idiotic for sure

Your brother made it impossible

You know my brother?

Because your brother took our heroine out

The whole night, we couldn't go on singing

You're smart

Bring her back at once

Who's the heroine?

Fan Li-hua

Fan Li-hua? You take my
brother for her spouse?


Get up, it's not early

What made you over drink last night?

Don't sleep any more.
I'll make you breakfast

Come back


Whose shoes are you wearing?

My own

Why are you wearing mine?

Aren't your shoes here?

I don't mean this pair

I mean that new pair last night.
I didn't even wear it

What are your implying?

Where were you last night?


Any hotels in Laichikok?

I really was in Laichikok.

Believe it or not

I over trusted you

I put my girl friend in your
trust and you stole her

I told you to help her
but you took her to bed

You must be mistaken, it
was not your girl friend

Because she's now your girl friend?


I'm not the cuckolded brother

You're taking me for the Lecher?

I thought my girl friend was Yours truly

In fact, it's mine, not yours

Are you suggesting my girl friend

has now become yours?

You really are stubborn

I'll bring her to see you tonight

What did you say?

I'll bring her to see you tonight

Repeat your first sentence

You're very stubborn

A group of orphans
were learning to act then

She was the smartest of all

She was burnt to death at
the height of her career

See for it yourself

She looked every inch a human being


Had you not saved my shrine

I'd have even lost my form

Don't worry, I won't hurt you

But we can't see each other any more

Isn't that sad enough?

Don't worry. I'm already used to...

I mean myself

Don't you want to give up your life

Don't be silly, I'm not worthy of you

Any difference between men and ghosts?

Yes, your brother's girl friend is a siren

If she's not stopped, he'll
be a ghost, not you

Go and notify him at once

Don't worry, I won't trouble you any more

Hot, very very hot!


No, miss, what's wrong?

I want...

But this is a Men's Room

Your brother's bewitched by a female ghost

What? How absurd!

It's true

You believe me now

I only believe myself

I also feel something's gone wrong lately

Lots of eerie happenings!
Could it be ghost?

I haven't seen it myself

Could it have avoided you?

Right you are

Well, let's hurry back


This talisman is powerful

Men are horrible and ghosts are more so


Glad you're back. I waited the whole night

Don't care, I'll fix everything

Brother, what are you looking for?

I'm no good

Have you picked up a girl?

Let's talk about it later

Don't be nervous

She's a ghost

A ghost? Where?

Hit her, hit her

He wants you to hit her

Hit her

Why me?

Sorry, brother, it's better to let you die

Take care of him.
I'll finish off that ghost

Whatever happens, don't open the door

I'll take good care of him

Well, it's safer to post the talisman

Don't worry, I'll fix it

Nothing scares ghosts more
than light. I must get ready

What's it?

Brother, she's a ghost

Let me go, let me go quickly

Ghost? Where's she?

Look, he's bewitched again

Keep calm, brother, I'll
go and finish her off

You're safe with a tallsmen


Keep away!

Keep away!

You can't scare me!

What's he doing?

He wants to go out

Be patient, I'll kill her. Watch him for me

Remember to keep the door locked


Keep away

Why is the TV set on?

Mr. Ma

Keep away

Are you afraid?

Let me go in. time's running out

What are you doing?

Look's changed, there's no more hope

You can't scare me with that

Keep away

Brother, help!

I'm trying to! Quiet!

Keep away!


Brother, come in, help!


Keep calm, I'll cope with her

Not her

Don't move!

Brother, it's her!

I know, I'm getting rid of her

She can't wreak havoc when the day breaks

Watch out

Don't move

You're a ghost too?

Stab at her chest

Stab the sword at her

I can't hold on, you do it

What are you doing?

Come here

Stab her!

I can't do anything tonight

See how you'll protect him tomorrow night

Good, everything's okay now

But she might come again tomorrow night

With this sword, I have no fear

Your thing is good for nothing

Tomorrow night's her death anniversary.
She'll take Ken's life for sure

I have a way out

Let me go

That looks like a man

Not yet fixed?

I'm already fixing it

Hurry up! It'll be too
late when the day breaks

Are you sure you want to go?

I'll vanish if I don't

You can't see me anymore then

In fact, the TV set's OK

If that thing comes tonight
turn on the TV set

Then I'll come to help you

How's it now?

How's it now?

You've been turning a deaf ear

To what I told you the whole night

The Beauty Pageant is

getting worse each time

Don't stall for time.

Can you do anything?

If I can't, you wouldn't have come to me

To catch ghosts,

one must be calm, tough and precise

You must trust me

Don't worry when I'm in charge

I'm almost sure in ghost-catching

Let me change first

It means more harm than good

Ken, have you drawn up the curtain?


Is seems we're in for trouble

What now?

Apply glutinous rice powder all over you

Then we're invisible to that thing


You idiot

Vermillion mixed with glutinous
rice blinds the ghosts

Have you heard of it?


Nor have!

I concocted this only

After a long time

It means a wild guess then

How can we trust you then?

There's no scientific basis

Has the existence of ghosts
any scientific basis?


What are you doing?

If you don't trust me
I'll pack up and leave

You'll suffer then, not me

Brother, it's better to
take chances than to die

Do you trust me?

We have no choice now

Can you see me?


Of course, you don't

Brother, can you see me?

No, only a tile white

Can that thing see us?

If she does, she sees us for sure

If she doesn't, she doesn't see us for sure


Glutinous rice counters a ghost, it works

Where are you going?

That thing's coming

Why worry? We're invisible

Hush! We'd better hide

Good-looking only?

It works

Chan, she really can't see us

Don't worry

She really can't see us?

I already said it works

Come out quickly. I know where you are

Come out quickly

Your bottom

My bottom?

Not you

Pull down the curtain

Luckily I got off quickly

I kept quite when she kicked me hard


You've sweated much

I'd be finished if she saw me

Just wipe it off

You, too

She couldn't see me face to face, brother

I give up, it's no fun

You fooled us,

we're now like snowmen

You think it's now Christmas?

It's a flop. What now?

Keep calm, and forget what has happened

I can't do anything

Pretend to be on top. She'll be afraid

It won't work: What now?

Your head's white. What now?

You go first if you get the chance

What did you say?

Make a clean pair of heels, it's no fun

What? You've made fun of us the whole night

I lent you $20 for comics

You can tell ghost stories on TV today?

Would you have your day today?

Because I can't see,
you combined to fool me

Have you no heart?

Come on

If you don't play along, why should I stay?

I'd better leave

Chan, keep calm, sit down

What now?

I'll withstand from behind

It would be trouble if you can't

It's going to be all right.
Too many men will ruin things

One person less, the less danger


You withstand her first.
I'll switch on the TV


Brother, switch on the TV

Come on!

Well, are you all right?


Go now

Tse, chow, yun, mow

I'm Ken

You scared me. Where was I?

I don't know

What time is it now?

Going on twelve

Pull up the curtain at once

When then hour's passed
we can't wipe her out

Hurry up

Ken, help me, quick!


Brother, don't give up


Remember you're a fireman?


I remember now

Hot, hot



Not this way, eat, eat

The whole one, eat quickly

Eat quickly

What do you remember?

Chickens, girls

Eat now

Girls, chickens

I like to eat chickens, girls

Girls, no...

girls, girls

I like to eat chickens


Good, God's on my side

If I remember correctly

there was thunderstorm too

When that girl died 30 years ago

I wanted you to look after my brother only

He's lost his soul, not his memory

His soul entered that female
ghost 30 years ago

Why is this house decorated
like that of the 50's?

Could any of your doctor
revive your brother?

If it was not decorated like that age

He can't get back his soul

Could it be your imagination?

Stop nagging if you want him to recover

If I remember correctly

It should be 14/7/50

What time is it now?

1:13 a.m.

It's the right time

Switch on the television

Break into the fire

What are you doing here?

Don't go in, or you'll die

Never mind me

"Fan Li-hua, hold your steps"

"Ignore him and go forth"

"Step by step, stop and stop"

"Step by step, forth with you go"

"Bad! One wrong move and you're through"

"Keep the morale high"

"O Damn! I'm at my wit's end"

You'll die if you go in

"A false move, watch for my ire"

"You don't listen: I'm in a rage"

"You'll die if you go"


Can you remember how you died?

I'll be finished if you stay. Get away

"Attack! Over there! For glory!"

"Raze the enemy's barracks"

"Make you the eyeless fly"

"Regretting the day you were born"

"Ting Shan has hurt the morale"

"His complaints are inexcusable"

Soldiers, get rid of him

Soldiers, take him to
the Tower for discipline

Yes, General

Hold it!

I told you to hold it



What for?


What for?








Help, help!


Don't worry, I'll help you


Run, it's dangerous


Show me your hand

Let's go

Where to?

Go out

Get going

Chan, they can't come out

I sent him in without knowing how

It would be trouble if he can get out

Are you all right?

Break through again

Chan, they're coming again, do something

Try to break open the TV set

What if we can't?

You'll lose a brother then

We must take chances

I don't want to see it


It'll be nice to have such a wife

I'll get you into the TV set

Brother, her figure's first class

Don't watch TV now, see movies