Burning Paradise (1994) - full transcript

An exotic, legendary battle between the forces of good and evil comes to life as the celebrated disciples of the Shaolin Temple -- monks who practice a lethal and spiritual form of martial arts -- fight the evil followers of China's Manchu rulers.

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Don't let any of them alive.


Uncle, are you hurt?

My ankle twisted.

Does it hurt?


The soldiers are coming, let's run.

Let me help you.

Beast! You just care about your life.

Run for your life.

Uncle, I am not beast.

Alright, let's fight with them.



Make it another day.

Tell them then,

Fong, you've forgotten to get on the horse.

You haven't got on the horse yet.

Kid, tell me your name.

I am Fong Sai-Yuk,
the student of Shaolin temple.

Old jerk, leave your name.

I've searched you for a long time,

you can never escape.

Where are you going?


You are dead meal.

Fong, run for your life.

Do you want to escape?

Don't leave me alone,

I have to fight too.

So, you stay here.

Uncle, I will inform you next time.

Don't let them go.

Uncle, hide up over there. Let's run.

Uncle, are you alright?

Beast, I would have been killed

you beast!

It is a beast anyway.

Don't you consider? You are too heavy!

I don't recite Sutra

but I just eat and sleep.

That's why I am heavy.

How dare you tell the truth?
You are losing the face of monks.

Come on, take a rest.

I am your uncle,

please pay me some respect.

So windy!

This house is empty. It is waiting for us.

Right, quite nice.

Uncle, why are you that careless?

Who is it?

My student and I come here

to hide away from the Ching soldiers.

We will leave right after
my leg feels better.

Uncle, let me massage it for you.

Miss, monks don't tell lies.

Don't panic.

She has nice body.

Pretty legs.

How can you tell through her trousers?

You taught me that.

You are not a monk anyway, uncle.

How dare you tease me?

What a sin.

Uncle, sit here, don't move.

Isn't it comfortable?

The soldiers.

Don't panic, I'll protect you.

Fong, don't always want to be a hero.

You've to see how the wind blows.

Hide up first.

Uncle, hide up.

Hurry up, they are coming.

Miss, stay away from us,
then we'll be safe.

I have to hide up too.

Miss, it's not proper

for a man and a woman to stay so close.

Please respect yourself.

Damn it.

Miss, you are great.

Don't take my advantage.

Hey, cut the crap

hide up first.

Hurry up...

Miss, don't lean on me, I can't take it.

- Go in and search.
- Yes.

- Search over there.
- Yes.

What a broken house, it
is going to collapse.

Nothing is found, let's go.

Oh my god.

Don't lose your mind.

Don't think, keep calm.

How is it?

No one is found.

So, let's go!

Who touched me?

Who touched me?

Miss, you've misunderstood

I am a student of Shaolin temple.
Fong, a famous young hero.

He is master chi nun,
a respectable monk of Shaolin.


we won't do such shameless thing.

Of course, you won't admit it.

We didn't do it, how can we admit it?

Miss, you don't have any evidence

don't frame us.

Evidence? What is this?

My hand is not as big as this.

So you mean I did it?

You admit it yourself.

You are two of a kind,
you took my advantage.

Maybe it was too crowded,

it's an accident.

Miss, I can tell

you are a considerate person.

You won't mind this.

Please forgive us if we do any harm to you.

We will repay it in future.

Fong, we should not stay here any longer.

Let's go.

Uncle, you are smart, let's go.

Watch out.

Did you do that?

Uncle, don't frame me.

I am not scolding you.

I mean this Mark.

My hand is not that small.

So, just tell me you did it.

If not you, that must be her.


Stop making fun, let's go.

Are you leaving?

What do you want?

You promised to repay me.


My mom died for 7 days,

I wish you'd do a ceremony for her.

Count on me.

Miss, what's your name?

I am called Tou Tou...

I am called Fong.

I am called chi nun.

You have told me yet.

I am afraid you would forget.

His memory is not good

let me arrange it for you, let's go.

What a student.

Miss Tou Tou,

why are you here?

I escaped from the prostitute,

I wanted to go home.


I am a hooker.

3 years ago,

there was a famine in my home town.

I was sold to the prostitute
to feed my family.

Now, they were all dead.

So I don't want to be hooker again.

That's why you are that easing going.


Uncle, don't get nervous.

Aren't you?

Don't be that sensitive.

What a kung-fu master.

We have such poor fate.

We have no chance.

There will be winner and
loser in any battle.

Shaolin is ruined,

our fellows flee everywhere.

Fong, why not hide up,

search a nice place

to enjoy the rest of our lives?

Uncle, do you want to be a coward?

We'll be worse than a beast

if we don't face bravely to difficulties.

I am tempting you only!

But you take it seriously!

When I was in Shaolin temple.

I fought in the wooden men Lane.

I got proved by holding the fire basin,


Don't you believe? See!

Dragon on the left, tiger on the right,

it's burnt

let me take a look.

Do you want to burn me?

Why do you scare the fire?

You held the fire basin, didn't you?

I used my kung-fu, I was
prepared at that time.

But I did not just now!

I am a Shaolin student,

I have to save my master.

Of course, we have to restore Shaolin.

Have you held enough?

If you go on talking,
my mom could never reach heaven then.

Go out and pick some wood back.


Let me accompany you.

There is a wooden shelf.

Move it to that side.


Well, isn't it hard to be a hooker?

Isn't it hard
to practise kung-fu in Shaolin temple.

Of course yes,

see my rough skin!

Me too, not much difference.

Who did you do with for your first time?

An old man or a young man?

An old man of about 50.

Damn old jerk.

You don't know him,
how did you do that with him?

Just close my eyes.

Are you scared?

Of course yes.

After that, then?


What was the feeling?


aren't you the elite of Shaolin temple?

Why do you want to know the details

of such dirty things?

Right, I don't want to care about
such tiny matters.

I have to care about the country.

I don't have that ambition as you,

I just want to go home.

Tou Tou, I'll visit you when I have time.


Tell me your address.

What's the matter? Are you alright?

I am fine.

We are surrounded by the soldiers.

Hurry up, get out from here.

Hurry up.


Where is uncle?

Fong, come this way.


Many soldiers are around, what'll we do?

Set the position.


- Uncle.
- Master.

- Uncle.
- Master.

Uncle, hold it!


The soldiers are coming.


Fong, it is the end of you,

unless you can fly.

Tou Tou, take care of my uncle.

Just go ahead.

Let's see how capable are you!

Come on.

Leave now, stop fighting.

I will kill whoever dares to come.


If you don't want her to
be killed, surrender.

Will you let her go if I surrender?


How about the monk?

Take him away.

Crimson, don't kill my uncle.

I won't let you go.

Don't kill my uncle.

May god bless you.

No, uncle...

Thank you.

Don't push me.

What are you doing?

Keep calm.

Stop working.

Line up.

On you knees.

Elder kung,

monk chi nun was dead.

I've brought you

a small present.

Go over there.

You are the new prisoners

of the Red Lotus temple,

it's your merit for you
to reach here alive.

You are not allowed to practise kung-fu

and recite Sutra here.

You are no longer Shaolin students.

But you are the prisoners
of Ching government.

Shut up,

you son of a bitch.

We Shaolin students won't
betray our masters.

Good, what a loud voice.

But how about your capability?

Come on, I am well prepared.

Good, this Shaolin student is having guts.

Let him come here.

Yes, elder kung.


Who else dares to
admit himself as Shaolin student?

We are all Shaolin students, so what?

Yes, so what?

You have got guts.

If you can stand in front of me,

you can be whatever students as you like.

Set him free.


Fong, watch out.

- Come.
- Stop it!


Watch out.



Fong, watch out.


Hold my hand, hold it.


Brother - hold on.

Don't lose it.

Brother, hold my hand.

Don't lose it.




There are many traps in
this Red Lotus temple.

If you don't obey us,

even though you are invincible...


You will die anyway.

Even if I am going to die,

I will ask you to die with me.

Good kung-fu.

But, you are dying young.

Let's see who is dying young!

"Magnificent tiger's stance"

how dare you be that impolite!


Fong. I am no longer your brother.

I am the foreman of here,

you are the prisoner.

You betrayer.

If you want to be alive,

go back right now.

You have become their dog.

Well, I won't give you any face then.

No one can stop me from
killing you, evil bastard!

Come on.

Let me see your

"incredible crane's stance".

Show me now.

Not bad.

It's invaluable to see the

"tiger's and crane's stance" of Shaolin.

Go on.

Are you scared?

You are scared!

Come if you dare.

OK, come on.

Do you regret?



On your knees...


Everyone on your knees.

Who else is the student of Shaolin?

Any? No more?

Maser Hong, what a good job you've done.

You will be awarded with Luk.

Thank you, elder kung.

Arrange those useful men to work.

For those useless men,

throw them to the well of corpse.



I am master chi sin,
don't you recognise me?

Are you scared?

What do you think?

Of course, you did.

Master, you've to hang on.

I come to save you.

Long time no see.

You just come to tell me such craps?

It's too kind of you.

Make it clean.

Can you make it gently?

You hurt me.

Are you scared of me?

Worse to worse, it's death,

why should I scare?

I hate women talking death.

How is it? Isn't it comfortable?

It's my first time to bath

in such a huge basin.

What a waste of water.

It's spring water.

Not polluted at all.

It's itchy, I have just clean myself.

Whenever I first meet any woman,

I will send her a gift.

What do you want?



don't tell me that you want to leave here.

If you want to leave,

you have to leave on your own.

I don't want to leave,

I just want to beg you,

to let Fong go.

What is your relationship with him?

He saved my life.

A person who knows
how to repay her benefactor,

she must be a passionate one.

I love this kind of person.

Are you setting him free or not?

Once there is request, there is weak point.

Brooke, remember.

Yes, elder kung.

Master, why haven't you died

in this well?

It's difficult to die.

It's easy if you don't want to die too.

Master, you are father.

Cause I have no choice.

I have eaten too much meat, what a sin!

Will I have a complete corpse if die?

I eat the meat of rats only.

Someone is coming, pretend to be dead.

Sleep with the dead.

Nobody is more horrible than the corpse.

That's him, drag him out.


How can a dead body
has so many face expressions!


Sister Brooke.

Luk, go out.


Hung, what Luk can give you.

I can give you too.

Tonight, I am yours.

Don't think that I am that strong, I can't.

Don't be that nervous.

I want you to serve me.

You're bewitched!

You are the right hand of the elder kung,

you are respectable.

I am that cheap, how can I serve you?

Cut the craps.

I admire that you are a hero.

That's why I want you.

Since you are not a man of the world,

forget it.

I dare not.

I haven't prepared.


I know you are scolding me
as the dog of the Manchu's,

but dog is passionate too.

Please ask Luk back for me.

Mind your head.

Your highness.

How is he?

Not seriously hurt, it's alright.

I've heard that you saved my beauty.

Now, I repay you for that.

Now, she owes you nothing.

I am sorry

to let you suffer is order to save me.

Elder kung is a gentleman.

I just do you a light favour.

How are you?

Much better, but a little bit painful.

Let me see it.

Isn't it too painful?

You are so nice to me.

But the one behind you is a killer.

Don't worry, I will save you.

That depends on your power.

You must have many things

to talk with your old friend.

I am leaving, I don't want to bother you.

What do you want?

I just want to walk.

Don't, or you will have late recovery.

Help me, then I will recover soon.

Don't push yourself.
Can you make it?

I say yes, then yes.

See, it doesn't hurt.

I will show you.

I don't feel painful.

- That's lie.
- I asked you not to push yourself.

Every men loves to be hero.

Isn't it a hard time to serve the old wolf?

He hasn't touched me.

He is good at pretending.

Let's sit over there.

Sit, forget about him.


this woman is the pet of elder kung.

You'd better stay away from her.

None of your business.

Don't forget, this is Red Lotus temple.

You are not allowed to fool around.

Hung, you betrayed Shaolin,

you will have poor ending.

Close the door.

You are good at
making use of chance for your pretext.

I learnt it from you.


So nice to you.

Elder kung.

I am sorry to scare you.

You look pretty when you are scared.

You are disgusting.

You want it, I will let you take me now.

Do you want to trap me?

Damn it.

How can you be that easy going?

Speak up.

I dare not disobey you.

Why don't you resist?

I haven't told you undress yet,

why are you that bitchy?

You should resist by any means.

How can you let the man
take you that easily?

I won't take those easy things.

You let me down.

I was a great general,

I was always loyal to his majesty,

one day, I discovered

much white hair,

thus I know man will die one day.

Even you are rich and famous,

you can't escape from death,

the cleverest way is,

to enjoy as much life as you can.

I want to enjoy life,

even if it is inhuman,

I have to do it by all means.

So, I asked a transfer to Red Lotus temple,

I can make any order,

I am the most powerful one of here.

I can do whatever I want!

Even the emperor can't bother me.

Here, my status is even
higher than any god.

What's the use of power?

Woman, death,

I am locked here, I can't go out.

Red Lotus temple is really horrible.

Don't you scare of death?

I am scared of death, don't kill me.

Tung Tak saw my misbehaviour,

that was his bad luck.

You've to keep my secret.

I will, I will keep my mouth shut.



Does Fong want to take my woman?


I've let Fong go.

What you've promised me.

You have to do it tonight.

You look so pretty when you are scared.

Fong, how are you?

Close the gate.

Beat him.

Open it.

Who is it?


What have you discovered?



I'll search over there.

Or, you will die.

How dare you be lazy.

Go to hell.



Fong, drop the knife.

He worked a little bit slow.

Then you took his life.

In this place, there is no law.

If you want to be alive, drop the knife.


Step aside.

Drop the knife, or you will have no chance.


All squat.


Fong, it's you again.

So what?

What're you proud of?

You are alive because of a woman.

How can you claim yourself
the student of Shaolin?

What a shame!

What did you say?

Come and fight with me if you have guts.

To fight with you?

Are you scared?

Alright, I will give you a chance.

See you on stage.




Go over there.

Hurry up.

What's this place?

Here is an amphitheatre
for animal fighting.

The stage in the middle is for duel.

Who is going to fight with Fong?

Prisoner Fong, he offended the seniors,

he deserves to be killed.

If only you defeat the stage master,

you will be exempted from death.

Stage master please.

It's you? Hong.

Hong, you bastard.

Fong, you have to kill the betrayer.

What did you say? Shut up.

Crimson, you chicken.

If you have guts, come and fight with me.

You are a prisoner,

you are not qualified to fight with me.


Elder kung, what's your instruction?

I want to see your

"tiger's and crane's stance" again.

If you kill him,

this woman is yours.

Elder kung, I won't let you down.

Hong, you betrayer.

Although we are brothers,

but I won't give you any mercy.

"Incredible crane's stance",

let me show you something great.

How poor is your "tiger's stance"?

You don't even respect your senior.


Stay calm, hold my hand tightly.


Fong, let him down.

Don't be kind-hearted.

What I owed you, I am now repaying you.

Go up.

Fong, be careful.

Why have you become
the dog of Ching government?

It's not necessary for
me to explain to you.

Now, are you going to hell

or go up together, speak up!

Fong, are you alright? Come up now.


Hong, you are not loyal to me anymore.

Don't you think this map

can damage Red Lotus temple?

I can imagine Luk is good
at being a playmate,

and she is good at being an informer too.

Elder kung,

these Shaolin students are all useless.


if you kill Hong,

this bitch will be yours.

What do you mean? What do you take me as?


You are trapped.

Let's save our brothers
and get out of here.


Take the keys.

Hurry up.


You want a rebel?

Fong, Fong...

You bitch. You betrayed my brothers.

Fong, go...

Across the wooden bridge, run...


Run for your lives.

I want to kill you.



Tung, how are you?

So many stars!

So many soldiers, right?


Who squeezed my dick?

Stop fighting, we are on the same side.

Let's take a rest.

Take a rest.


I am not asking you.

Rush out.

Hurry up.


How is it?

Many soldiers.

Many soldiers, right?

What are you scaring? Go.

Hold the gate.

Take him out.

Let me do it.

Be careful.

There are many soldiers down there,
be careful.

Stay back...


Jump, hurry up.

Up there, go.

Don't let them escape, fire.

What do you want?

I want to play.

When I have had enough fun,

I will let my sub-ordinates play.

You'll be played

until you are not worth playing.

Then I will make you,

to a specimen.

And keep you properly as
an artistic statuary.

You are insane.

Dead people is more perfect.

They won't resist. They don't think.

Everything is so perfect.

Damn you monster.

You appreciate death so much,

why don't you die?

When we meet again,

you will know how nice I am.

Elder kung,

all the prisoners are locked up.

Those stupid fools.

If one can easily escape
from Red Lotus temple,

I'll be the first one to leave.

It's difficult to keep an obedient dog.

Hong wants to fool me.

But he is looking for death.

Brooke, keep an eye on her.

Don't make any more mistakes.


There is no way out.

What'll we do?


It stinks.

You came once.




Do you still remember your master?


Why don't you stay away?

You betrayer,

you killed your schoolmates brutally.

What's the use of letting you alive?

- Master...
- I wanna kill you.

Master, you've misunderstood brother.

Why do I stay alive,

because I want to

save all brothers out of here.

Are you that great?

There are many traps here,

so I pretend to be his fellow.

I just want to find out all the traps.

It's true, he drew a map.

But he is discovered by elder kung,

he took that away.



I've misunderstood you then.

It' doesn't matter, since
you didn't hit me.

But, you hit me.

Why didn't you

hide away from that?

Because you are much more powerful than me.

That's right.

Cut the crap,
let's find a way to leave here.

There is a gunpowder store here,

once we get the gunpowder,
& burn all the traps,

we will have chance to leave here.


We are locked here,

how can we enter the store?

Don't be nervous...

I was trapped here

but not just waiting for death.

Follow me.

You may go out from here.

How did you dig this?

You are wonderful.

Don't you think I am fairy?

I discovered that.

Master, let's go.

Go, master.

It is mess outside, here is safer.

If you can escape, come back to save me.

The restoration of Shaolin

is all depended on you.

This is quite a burden.

You'd not complain!

Master, you look great, we are leaving.

We will come back to save you.

We are leaving.

Go, be careful.

Red Lotus temple is as dangerous & evil as

the world of martial arts.

Once there are different parties,

there are struggles.

The winner will be the king,

and the loser will be the thieves.

That is the fact.

Why do you leave?

If you give up your identity,

Red Lotus temple will disappear.

You'd admit, once there is new ruler,
there will be new leadership.

If you don't wake up,

you are just looking for death.

Tou to...


No one is allowed to leave.

All sit down.

Why don't you go and save others?

Tou to...


Fong, watch out.

It's you again.

I asked you to hide up.

Fong, let me do it.


Brooke, can you let us go?

A dog won't bite its master.

Fong, come and save me.

They have gone, don't let them go.
After them.

Tou Tou said,
don't let anyone escape.

I don't want to kill you, go.

Can you? I'm afraid not.

Brother, are you alright?

I am fine.

You can't be kind-hearted.

Keep an eye on these women.

Hold it.

Hold it,

don't let it fall down.

It will kill me.

You women are troublesome.

Hold it.

Hold it again.

Let's see how can you stand it.

Damn you.

Go to hell.

You bitch.

Hold it.

Go ahead.

My leg!

I want to kill you.

Fong, stop fighting.

Her leg is broken,

it's useless for her to stay alive.

Where have you just been?

You asked me to watch over the women.

But you shouldn't stand still.

You know, I was in real danger.

I know, but I am puzzled.


Why shouted for help just now?

Help her up.

How are you?

Lighter, alright?

Tou Tou, are you alright?

I am hurt.

You seem to be fatter.

Set me free.

Why are you that rude?

You let me go once.

I'm paying you back now.

How to untie it?

It's easy, I will do it myself.

It's easy.

Why didn't you do that?

I am tied up, you fool.

I am really stupid.

So careless,

why can't you stay away from this?

Fong, come up.

Hong, there is poisonous air. Run.

Go now.

- Forget about me, go.
- Why?

So many people have seen you save me,

even I can escape,

elder kung won't let me go.

It doesn't matter,

it will be alright if
we can escape for here.

It works.

What's this place?


The rat is so thin, it must be starving.

You still have the mood to make jokes.

Who is it?

All are corpses.

Damn you old monster,

he did so many specimens.

This is like you.

Mind your tongue.

It's snake.

What are you scaring about?

The place of dead is so quiet,

at least, not fighting.

Can we stay away from fighting?

If we don't fight, how can we escape from
Red Lotus temple?

Can we leave here alive?

Don't worry, I will take you home.


I have never lied.

You said something wrong.

Get lost...

- It hurts.
- Come on, sit down. Don't panic,

just suck the poison out, that'll be fine.

The snake bit your toe!

Be serious alright?

It stinks.

Don't you save me?

Close your eyes.

No, it's itchy...

What are you laughing at?
I am saving your life.

How is it?

It doesn't matter.

Are there any traps inside?


But, the gunpowder store is so important.

It's not possible for elder kung to tell me
where the gunpowder is.

Where is the gunpowder then?

Just ahead.

Let me help you.

Turn right, then the door will open.

It doesn't work.

Turn it left, it works.

You've made a mistake!

Forget about it,

let's take the gunpowder first.

Hong, be careful.

Did I crash on you?


Hold me tight.

Hold my hand. Hold it tight, up

don't lose your hand.


See, the door is opened.

Just stop the water, then it'll be alright.

Let's go now.

I have to wear my shoes.

Lower your head.


I feel dizzy.


It's a real snake.

What are you scaring about.

Drop it...

Fong, do you want to fight with me?

Why do you leave?

Stop kidding.

Let her go.

Don't move, drop the weapon,
or I will kill her.

Don't trust him,

he killed your uncle last time.

Tou to...

You bastard.

This trick always works.


I wanna chop you to death.

I want to kill you.



Stay here and wait for me.

I know, you've to be careful.

Don't go.

Do you want to escape?
See where can you go!

I want to send you to hell!

Uncle, you may die in peace now.

It's opened, climb up.



Come this way, hurry up.




You are safe, that's good.

I miss you.

What's wrong with you?

Don't you think I'm rabbit?

My hand is dirty.

Master, we meet again,

I am so happy.

Are we waiting for death?

Master, this seems to be a dead end.

Let's go backward.

Why don't you say it earlier? Go.

Tou Tou...

Master, there is no way out.

What'll we do?

The Buddha is enjoying in hell. Damn it.



how can we get out from here?

Master, he doesn't care about us.

Maybe he is angry for

we are not Sincere enough.

Hong, burn the incense.

Students, listen

let's kneel and recite the Sutra together.

Are you ready?

It's alright.

On the floor.


You fools.

How can you claim Shaolin's kung-fu

be number one in the world?

You beg the help of this statue

before you death.

You know, this is built by me,

so he will obey me only.

I asked him to kill, so he kills.

Haven't you heard about

the Buddha is enjoying in hell?

You appreciate it so much,

see it in hell then.

Take care of master.

Come here.

Hurry up.

Hong, you make me feel disappointed.

There is no difference to work for

Shaolin or Red Lotus temple.

I will let you have prosperous life here,

what else do you want?

I will let you die now.

Old monster,

come and fight with me if you have guts.

Master, what are you doing?

Wonderful both of you come together.

It'll be more funny.

It's too boring to live here.

Old wolf, come out, come out.

Do you want to see me? Come to hell.

Over there.

Come to hell to meet me.

Come out.

I think he must be here,

let's search every inch of here.

Master, it's just a stone,

why do you worship it?

Now, the Buddha wants to test our faith.

On your knees...

Kowtow and say sorry.

Kowtow on the floor!

You needn't kowtow so hardly.

Watch out, master.

Master, see, there is sunlight.

We have a way out,

the Buddha is showing miracle.

Master, this hole is so small
how can we get out?

I have to chat with him again.

It's useless,

why not explode it and find a way out.

Why not explode the Buddha?

We should respect the Buddha,

what a sin!

Kneel down.

We've done.

Come on, worship again.

Have you got that?

We can't find the old monster.

What'll we do?

Forget it, save our brothers first.

How can you fight with
me with such kung-fu?

Old wolf, I am just careless,
don't be so proud.


don't proud of your young age.

Can you afford losing the battle?

Alright, I will let your youth

disappear in a few seconds.

Tiger's & crane's stances
are nothing to me.

Alright, I will show you my

"unlimited stance".

I want to show you rainbow!

Unlimited dimension.

Unlimited power.

Unlimited force.

Unlimited world.

"Tiger's and crane's stances".

I will write you a word, do you understand?

Unlimited? Damn you.

Fong, go.

Hurry up, spread the brothers.

Master, we are ready. Hurry up.

I don't know how to explain to the Buddha.

Cut the crap, light it, hurry up.

Light it.

I dare not.

You are young, the Buddha won't mind this.

Are you fooling me?


- Not me...
- Not me, I saw you did it.

Unlimited creation.


He has gone to hell.

Take care of my master, I wanna save them.


Go now.

Have you seen Tou Tou?


No way, I have to search for her.


Tou Tou, where are you?

Fong, I am here.

Tou Tou, I am on the bridge, where are you?

I am under the bridge, come and save me.

Stop screaming.

If you don't come to save me,
I would be dead meat.

Stop screaming, everything is fallen down.

I'm coming.

So high! I'll die if I jump down.

What did you say?

- I can't hear you!
- I said stop screaming...

Stop screaming... help...

- Fong, are you coming?
- Stop screaming...


- Are you alright?
- Why did you shout for help,

are you insane?

I can't imagine your screaming
is so powerful.

What'll we do now?

My leg is hurt, I can't walk.

What a bad luck of mine, I will carry you.

Fool, do you want to commit suicide?

Go that way.

Are there any way out?

From the first day I know you,
I know it's an dead end.

What's that mean?

You know how great is love then?

There is a great fire ahead,

let's go back. Hurry up...

Tou Tou, are you alright?

I am fine, you'd be blamed. What dead end?

Are there anybody up there?

Come and save us.

It's not worth for you to save me,

now we are all trapped.

The whole thing is none of your business,

you are the innocent one.

In face, he is the most innocent one.

He hasn't said a word.

It's troublesome to be common people.

Besides struggles,
there are still struggles.

Tou Tou, hold my hand,

even we can't escape.

I will take you to heaven.


Have you had enough romance?

Come up.

This is too tight.

Hong, it's so easy to break!

Quick, the temple is going to be exploded.

Show me your hand.

Don't touch my ass.

Why did you touch my ass?

I don't mean it. It's fat.

And me, don't go.

Hey, take your time to jump.

You are disgusting, you always disturbs us.

Over there.

Master, let's say goodbye here.

I will come back

after I send Tou Tou home.

Fong, there are still many harmful traps

like Red Lotus temple.

You've to take care.

I've got it, master.


take care, see you.

Come back

right after your wedding.

Stop teasing me, I have never lied.

Brother, take care.

Fong, don't hurry to come back.

Give me the horse, see you.

See you.

What a couple!