Burning Land (1984) - full transcript

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Doron Eran, Yeud Levanon present
A film by Serge Ankri

Here, this way!

Don't let him get away!

Look, he brought us
to his house.

Burning Land

Tunisia, 1954

I hope their funeral
won't bring us the evil eye.

It would have been ok
had Shabbat been over.

During the holidays
they take the long route.

This is your land, isn't it?

Weekends are sad.

they remind me that my sons left.

The house has become too big,
like my clothes.

Hayat fitted these for me.

Look how big it is.
I'm swimming inside.

Hayat the father or the son?
-The father.

The son is also good.

Do you know what the word
Hayat means in Hebrew?

A tailor.

It means that their Hebrew speaking
forefathers wrote Hayat on the door

and that became their name.

This is from the ancient times,
when Tunisian Jews spoke Hebrew.

Do you know how long ago it was?
-No. How long?

How long? I don't know.
A long time.

What does she want?

I don't want to bother you,

but can you take care of
Gerard for a while?

A month or two.

Irene and I are going to Paris.

To visit your parents, Irene?

They haven't yet met Corinne.

And Daniel has to
take a course in France.

Where in France.

I got a job, as did Irene.

We will teach at the same high school.

This will be more practical.

Irene will go back to work?
-Yes. The children have grown

and it is no longer a problem.

She will work as a teacher.

Will you leave Tunisia?

Where will you go?
-Martigues. Do you know it?


Is it close to Irene's parents?
-Yes, that's better for the kids.


Will it be ok with Gerard?

I think there's no problem.

Fatima! Leave my child alone!

Yasmina, not Fatima!

What arrogance!

They smell independence.

Don't get angry.

Now you see why I'm stressed.

Soon, we will be in France.

We will hear about events
only on the radio.

Don't let her take care of Gerard
when we're away.

Bye, study well at school.

I don't want it.
-You haven't eaten anything this morning.

Check this out,
see who's coming.

An hour to go to school
and an hour to return.

We work double when he's not here.

Where will you go?

I grow olives.

I wasn't employed as a nanny.

Taking the kids to school
is a woman's job.

You say nothing?
Damn it.

Hush, hush.

The new Fassi
wants to speak to you.

I need to take care
of my olives.

I will invite them to eat couscous
at my house.

Why should he come to his house?
What is this?

He respects you.

He invited you to his house,
you can't refuse.

Tell him I am inviting him
to have couscous at my house.

This is no good,
it's not polite.

Not polite.

I'll give him the message,
I will tell him.

Let's see what he'll say.

When is he coming for couscous?
-Next week.

He has to confirm.

Stop playing!
I can't work!

What are you doing?
Show me.

It's a poem.
Do you want to hear it by heart?

Go on.

The doe cries in the moonlight

She weeps with eyes closed

Her charming fawn
disappeared in the dark night.

The doe cries in the moonlight.

And then?

There is a moral,
an end...

Is this not enough for you?

It might be enough for me,
but you only started to study.

Do you know about Judaism,
Torah, prayers?


I'll register you to Talmud Tora
with Rabbi Hadad.

I won't go! I don't want to learn Hebrew!

It will help you more
than the doe weeps.

What's this weeps?
What's a doe?

Its a French gazelle.
She is crying.

Gazelles don't cry.

Are you happy now?

This won't convince him
to learn about Judaism.

He is too young.

Too young?
I want my children to know their religion.

Dramas again?

Come on.
I love this song.

Take the bike.

Who want's to listen to Bambino?

Let's listen in my room.
-No way.

Not in your room.


If you want to listen to Dalida,
bring it here.

That's it.

Aren't you a bit like
your daughter in law.

Not in his room!

I'm not blind.

That's it.

Where is the cable?

This is how you spend your money?

My money?

What's left after I give you my salary
is my business.

If I had kept it like the French mechanics,
I could have bought a car.

I love this song.

I bought tickets for the show.


They are expensive.

No, I have enough money.

I'll ask you too.


It pays well to work in a garage.

Better than growing olives
with your father.

Enough, we can't listen.
-Invite your mother.

See how she enjoys
this stupid song?

Grandpa, if I go to Talmud Torah,
will you go with me?


I'm afraid to go on my own.

No, no, you'll see.

At first you won't be
the best in your class,

But you'll learn quickly to read
the Bible at the synagogue on Saturday.

Leave it.

I don't want to listen to Arabic radio,
I want Radio Monte Carlo.

This is my music,
it's my home.

I'll should pull your hair...

What's wrong with your parents?

Come on! come one!


What's going on?

What's this?

Go, Go.


Aren't you ashamed to take advantage
of the Rabbi's kindness?

Wait till I tell your parents,
wretched urchins!

Gerard, I didn't bring you here to
learn from these hooligans.

I'm not a hooligan!



Sorry, Rabbi. I apologize.

You are all hooligans!

You need to study.

I saved my pennies to study
in your Rabbi's class.

When I was your age
he was already a great sage.


Yasmina, what are you doing there?

Don't go in his room!

Ahmed returned and he'll tell me
when the teacher will come.

Yes, he's waiting for you there.

Look at my comics.

Such nonsense!

Like your grandmother's
Photo Novels.

It's a waste of time to read those.

Did you enjoy school?

We are preparing for Christmas
and I'm in the choir. -What?

Is it a Christian school?

No, it's for whoever wants it.

You can't go there.

Because you're Jewish.
Christmas is not one of our holidays.

There won't be presents?

No, It's a Christian holiday.

Will mom and dad come back
before Christmas?

I hope so.

So I will have presents,
because my parents are not Jewish.

God preserve!
Of course my son is Jewish.

I know Christian songs.
Should I sing you one?

No, no.

The holy boy is born...

The holy boy is born..

Are you tired, grandpa?

You're not feeling well?

Not well at all.

Why did you cut the tree?
to make a seat?

I'm not the one who cut it.

Olive trees live
for hundreds of years.

See these trees? They've been here
since the dawn of history.

From the times of Abraham,
Isaac and Jacob.

They will be here
after we are no longer here,

neither me or you.

Where will we be?

With Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

In books?

No. Those are the ones
who could read, the sages.

Can you read?
-Hebrew? Not really.

Do you at least believe in God?

-That's good.

I will tell you about a child
who couldn't read.

Is this a story that says
that if you can't read you go to hell?

No, listen.

It was between Rosh Hashanah
and Yom Kippur,

when people stand
to be judged by God.

Everyone is fearful.

They pray for God to be merciful
and forgive their sins.

Let's go, mom.

I can't find my bag.

Is this good, Yasmina?

Mom, hurry up,
the ride is waiting.

Is this alright?

Very good.


What happened, my daughter,
why are you crying?

I'm not your daughter.

I am treated like a servant.


Did grandma say something mean?

She hit me with a shoe.

with a shoe?

What did you do?
-I ran away.

I can imagine that.

But before you ran away?

I went into Andre's room.

I see.

Do you love Andre?

He's an egoist!
I hate him!

Why didn't he take me to see

He had three tickets.
I was sure he'd take me.

Why did you think that?

Why did you think he'd take you?

Because he's been nice to me lately.

How nice, like to a sister?

No, like to his Jewish girlfriends.

Yasmina, my daughter.

You have grown and become beautiful.
We need to think about your future.

Andre isn't part of your future.


You know Andre.
He's a Zionist

ever since he went to meetings
at that dammed Beitar.

You know I'm against it.

But today, young people do
whatever they want.

One day soon,
Andre will leave.

He will leave me here on my own.

So I will go with him.

The two of us belong to this country.

Me to the land
and you to its people.

Over there, there are other laws.

They want to make a state
that's the opposite of this one.

Here, everyone knows everyone.

There are disagreements,
but never wars.

There, there are only Jews.

And so, the Jews will constantly
fight against the Arabs.

You there...

Why am I an Arab?
I was born in your house,

I speak French,
I cook Kosher food.

But your mother, Yasmina,

Poor Fatima, God rest her soul.

Do you think she would want you
to be Jewish?

She'd behave like my wife,

She'd chase Andre with a shoe
if she saw him sniffing around you.

Go work, go!

All this work, because that pig
eats non stop.

This is our lot as women.

We work in the the shade,
they work outside in the sun.

The night and the moon for us,
as the saying goes.

You sound like an Old Jewish lady,

Why don't you wear a veil?

We don't wear veils.

When I married your father in law
and we lived in Haram,

we didn't have veils.

Maybe not there,
because of the European culture.

But the Tunisian women?

Exactly, the European culture.

To go out like this.

Don't start.

Do you think my dress
is too short?

No, I think it's nice.

The main thing is that my son
needs to like it.

Grandfather doesn't like it?

You have a husband,
leave my husband alone.

He doesn't think
you're prettier than me.


Me? Jealous?

Go set the table, go.

Do you think those things
still interest him?

He hasn't interrupted my sleep
in a long time.

Now, he's more interested in my couscous.

Your couscous is the best.

You can still learn.

For when he won't
be able to perform in bed.

A woman your age can't talk like this.


At your age you do,
at my age you talk.

You've read it in your magazines.

Yes, that's all I read.

I don't even know

if the idea is mine,
or if I repeat something I read.


What are you doing there?
Shame on you!


Where did you learn to read?
At school?

My husband taught me to read.

In my days, who went to school?

Grandfather went to Alliance Israelite
school by accident.

They wanted local kids.

He didn't want to go back.

Just to get me.

And then, he worked at Halfon's factory.

Then, he bought the house

and opened his
oil factory.

He can open his mouth
when he has a factory like Halfon's.

When Halfon has beautiful children like I do,
God bless them,

He could open his mouth.

Life is about more than money.

Yes. When I met Rene,
he was good looking.

Now he annoys me.
He is stuck, he doesn't progress.

His income is not good?
-It is.

He's afraid to take risks.

He won't want to go to France,
like Daniel.

Is it brave to depart and leave
his parents along among the Arabs?

The Arabs are better than you!

Miss isn't happy

because we didn't take her
to see Dalida.

What do I care about Dalida?

And you don't care about Andre either?

Enough, we can't talk about this.

Why? You read photo-novels
all day long

and don't want to hear about it?

You were never really young.

We marry among ourselves.

And aunt Marie?

Didn't she marry an Italian worker?
A catholic?

And Lillianne the sister of...

We don't need to seek far.

Didn't your son Daniel bring
a Frenchwoman home?

Irene is a good woman.

She helped during the war when he
went to France with General Leclerc.

But she's catholic.

And she makes faces at us
when we are together.

Mostly to Rene and to me.
Did you see how she looks at us?

I Rene had wanted,
he would have studied

and found a good position
in the council.

But no he wanted to get married
and open a business.

So it's my fault he's a merchant?

I'm the first who tells him to read,
to go forth.

But no, the only thing that interests him
is his work at the synagogue.

That's good.

At least he's not cheating.

Cheating? Him?
Don't make me laugh.

He doesn't take care of that.

Do you know how many
times we go to bed?

Yasmina, I swear that I'll go
and find her a husband tomorrow.

I don't need you to help me
find a husband.

If you have another one,
think about me.

Shut up!
If I hear that you cheated on my son,

I will rip your eyes out.

Grandpa sent me to say
he also wants to shower

and you're delaying him.

Yasmina, take care of Gerard,
then bring me the Henna.



I'll get you, naughty kid!

How is the Jewish community?

Thank God and the Bey of Tunis,
good, thanks.

And Rabbi Hadad?

Thank God.

But I don't see him anymore.

We used to pray together,
but I went to the French school.

The French...

They didn't bring us anything good.

What, you too want independence?
Did you join Destour?

With what's his name...

No, they are crazy.

Young people.

There are many Jews among them.

Bourguiba will only bring
bad things to Tunisia.

Bourguiba, that's the name
I was looking for.

He wants to change everything.

There are some sacred things
with which we shouldn't play.


Religion, the parents, the deceased.

Those are sacred for the Arabs
and for the Jews.


As to the dead, you have always
allowed Arab funerals

to pass through your land.

We have to thank you,
because it's probably a bother.

Not at all.

During Shabbat and holidays
you don't pass through my land.

Each respects the other's religion.

I don't complain.
-You don't,

but some Arabs complain that they
have to pass through a Jew's land

on the way to our cemetery.

A Jew's land?
You sold it to me.

I didn't steal it.

He wasn't in Algeria,
he doesn't live here.

But I have a contract signed
by the governor, Rest his soul.

We don't regret it, but we want
to expand our cemetery

and we're willing to buy your house
and the land round it.

We will pay for your house
and for your work,

but we need this land.

For what?
To herd sheep or goats?

To let it turn into a desert
as you did in the Holy Land?

I haven't come to listen
to Zionist propaganda.

If you are so proud of Israel,
go there.

You have a country now.

A country?
I've always had a country.

We've been Tunisians
for many generations.

My family has been here longer than yours.

So why did your son
go to fight for France?


If the Arabs were a bit nicer
to the Jews,

he wouldn't prefer the French.

That's not true.

You, the Jews,

always act according
to your own interests.

If you insult the Jews again,
guest or not,

I'll kick you out.

No need to kick.
We're going.

In your place,
I'd consider it.

You better sell now
and not have it confiscated later.


I was never afraid of threats.

Salam Aleikum.
-Aleikum Salam.

This came for you.

How are you?
-Good, thank God.

what does the letter say?

It doesn't concern you.

What do they want?

They want me
to go to trial.

I hope you go there.

Tell me.

Do you think we need
such problems?

Now, that we are old,
you need trouble?

First with our parents, then with
your brothers when you didn't want to leave,

with your son who went
to fight the Germans.

Only they didn't cause problems.

Are you starting?

Let us work, OK?

What's in the letter?

It's from Daniel.

This is what stressed you?

He said he'll come next week
to pick up Gerard.

That's why you cry?

On the contrary, we should celebrate
getting rid of that monster.

The Lord did for Sarah
what he had promised.

Sarah became pregnant and bore a son
to Abraham in his old age

at the very time God had promised him.

And Abraham named the child
born to him

By Sarah, Isaac.

Abraham circumcised his son Isaac
on the eighth day

As God commanded.

Blessed are you God,
king of the universe

Who gave us a truthful Torah

and planted eternal life
among us.

Blessed are you God,
the giver of the Torah.

He who blessed our forefathers...

Mom! Dad!

When did you arrive?

Around four. The airplane was late.

In the middle of Shabbat?

Planes don't fly every day.

Ok, We're going.

Irene is tired.

Come, kids.
-You won't tell me how it was?

How are your parents, Irene?
-Good, thanks.

We'll see you tomorrow, on Sunday.

I just came to fetch Gerard.

Say goodbye to grandma, Gerard.

Goodbye, I promise to see you tomorrow.

Mom, Dad, can we come in?

Seems like the morning snooze ended.

Can I come in?

Stop jumping.

Mom and dad have chickens
and rabbits.

Grandma also has chickens.

But not rabbits.

Corinne and her rabbits.

What did you do in order
to eat mommy's stew?

Dad had a rabbit
and he cooked it.

A cooked rabbit?
That's not Kosher.

Since when do you eat Kosher?

Since always, we're Jews.

So no more ham and shrimps,
that's also not Kosher.

In France, Jews aren't obliged
to eat Kosher?

France is the land of freedom.

And Tunisia...
Do you know what Tunisia is?


It is the land of Soccer.

Who's going to the game?


Do you have to go?

Yes, it's between the Arab school
and my school.




No, we'll look from here.

Why? All my friends are there.

They are not your friends.

Games bring trouble.

Gerard! Gerard!


Since when do you know
those hooligans?

From Talmud Torah.
Grandpa registered me. It's good for me.

You won't go again.

I don't want you with these kids.

But they are Jews, like us.

They are Jews, but not like us.
They are wild.

They have no education.

From now on,
you won't talk with them. Got it?

Let go, let go!

Andre! Andre!

I need to talk to you about
Andre and Yasmina.

I'm aware of it.
Your dad said it's nothing.

Where is he? I'll talk with him.

Daniel, your father has trouble
concerning the land.

Be gentle.

I'll get Yasmina married today.

Hello Ahmed.

You ok?

So, your olives will be
finished soon?

What happened,
did you fight with mom?

Are there problems with the Arabs?

I'm asking out of politeness.

I know why you're making faces.

I saw Annette and she told me everything.

She said they want to buy the land
and you...

If you know, why are you
asking questions

and wasting my time?

I'm asking to know if their offer
is serious, that's all.

Why? Do you think, I'll sell?

Yes. Why not?

You have a nice house,
you can ask for a good price.

What do they want to do?
-To expand the cemetery.

That's great.
It's an unexpected opportunity.

It will be hard to sell a house next
to the cemetery to a private person.

But this is great.

They really need your land.
You can get the best price.

No way.

Don't you get it?

Don't you understand this
is that last chance?

What will you do with this house?

Mom can hardly maintain it.

And the oil plant, if you worked
this much with Halfon, you'd get a salary.

Your small plant has no chance to compete
against the large factories.

Why didn't you want us
to expand?

Us, your sons?

Andre has only one dream,

to buy a garage.

Do you think he will
work the land?

And Rene?
Do you think he'll come back,

now, that his business
is picking up?

And you?

Look at you.

We fight to make a farm for you,
in order to leave the Ghetto

and make roots somewhere.

And within how long?
Not even one generation,

everyone has left.
Each one seeking his trade.

Jewish trades.

Dad, sell the place
and come with us to France.

You will be able to buy a house
and live like a king.

No way.

When a Jew has some land
and he works it,

he stops being just a Jew.

No. I won't let my land
become a cemetery.

That's a sin.

Are you starting with religion?

What else is left?

Don't be fatalistic.

Do you want to do something?
-Of course.

There are laws.
You know people.

You know French people.

I know, I even know the
civil manager.

His son is in my class.

Do you want us to talk with him?

How is my son doing at school?
-Very well.

He's one of my best students.

He just has to pay more attention.

In the land of the blind,
the one eyes man is king.

Something like that.

Beyond that, what brings you
and your father to me?

It regards my father.

He has a small problem
with the Arab community.

I thought you could,
if it is in your hands...

If you could officially influence...

What are we talking about?

In two words, the Arabic community

wants to buy his land
to expand their cemetery.

I see. And there is no other land
besides your father's?

This is stupid, as if there isn't enough
Arab land around them,

They want to buy the land
of a French speaker.

Don't worry, we will take
the necessary measures.

I need your father's documents,
his ID card,

his naturalization date,

and with this I will be able to act
vis a vis the Arab leaders.

Consider it done.

They need us at the moment.

My father isn't a French citizen yet.

Did he apply a long time ago?


Actually, he never applied.

Now, that's a problem.

Your father is still Tunisian,
and falls under their jurisdiction,


In this case, I can't decide
or influence.

You got to understand, with present
affairs and the issues with Bourguiba...

The Arabs are sensitive to any
interference in their affairs.

I'm am very sorry.

It's shocking. I was sure
your father was a French citizen.


Come see me
to talk about my son.

Sorry for having disturbed you.

But it's about my father.

He likes his country home.

Mr. Consul, I am sorry...

What are you sorry about?

Please, not now.

Father, please.

You fought for them.
The could have helped your father.

I didn't fight for them, I fought
against the Germans. It's not the same.

What are you doing?
Let's go!

Listen, try to understand.

This man is important for me.

I asked to move.

If I do nonsense,
I'll have to leave.

I can't bother him for nothing.

Dad, dad,
Gerard was hurt.

He threw a stone.


You've been to the wars?

They were playing near
the olive press.

We weren't close,
Gerard wanted to go further,

to the cemetery.

I told him not to go.

I'll speak with grandma.

She doesn't know.
I was there.

The little Arabs told us
to get out of there,

that we are dirty Jews and all that.

I'm was.

She ran on her own to call me.

She left her brother there,
I was worried.

Did you leave him on his own?

He didn't want to come with me.

He fought with the Arabs.

He threw stones.

Not true!
I didn't throw stones!

I told you not to fight
with the Arabs.

-Enough for today.

Let's not start things.

I hope so.
At any rate, it was expected.

I think it might get worse.

I'm taking the kids
away from here.

If you want to see them,
come to our house.

Come, get up. We're going.

Look at me.
All this for a stone?

He'll be hit by more stones
in his life.

If you want to fight,
go ahead.

But don't expose mom and the
kids to it.

Mom, pack your bag
and come to our house for a while,

Until this blows over.

I can't leave your dad on his own.

You're an adult and can decide.

Do as you wish.
Come, bye.

Do you think he's right?

He won't bring the kids here?

He's your child,
you're an adult and can decide.

This is blackmail.

Get out of here!

Come on!
Get out of here!

Mardoche! Mardoche!

Let me sleep.
-I heard noises.

Can you here?
Are you listening?

Probably cats in the rubbish bins.

But If I won't check it,
we won't sleep the whole night.

I'm afraid.

Don't go alone.
-I'll go check. I'm sure it's nothing.

Wake your son up!


Worrying like that!

Are you wounded?

No, they butchered Machluf.

God preserve us!

And if it will be us next?

This is what they want.

Let's leave.

From now on,
it will be like this.

They will come and butcher us.

Let's move to the city.

Jews always lived together
for a good reason.

Let's go to our son.

He's got rooms for us.

This is how old age begins.

You don't notice it... ever.

Suddenly it seems normal
to do what your parents used to do.

The Ghetto,
the old people in the hands of the young ones.

God sends these signs to tell you
that you're getting old.

The cycle is closing.

And when you
can't fight anymore,

death comes.

Boss, we wanted to tell you

That we can't work anymore
in your olive grove.

It's not your fault.

You've been a good boss.
We liked you.

Jews, Catholics and Arabs.

But the Arab leaders aren't
happy with you.

Boss, I'm not afraid of them,

But I have a wife and children.

It's ok. It's ok.

-Hello, my son.

Hello Dear.

Hello, boss.

I didn't go to school
because of my nose.

What happened?

Hello Simon,
how are you?

Hello, Mardoche.

Came for a haircut?

Tell me, what's happening?

I took my wife to my son Daniel's house.

I've been walking around the market
for an hour, looking for workers

and nobody wants to work for me.

It's dangerous to work for you.

What's wrong with all of you?

Obviously, you don't live here.

You do your nonsense
and sit at home, calmly.

You blocked the funeral, right?

It is my land.

Anyway, after the funeral,
they came here.

They raged.

They shouted and ran in the streets.

You know them,
much ado for nothing.

But it's scary.

They turned things over,
broke windows, threw stones.

A real pogrom, like in Europe.

The rabbi was hit by a stone.

Many people are fasting today.

He said it was a miracle that
they didn't desecrate our cemetery.

What? Rabbi Hadad?

Go see him.
Luckily, you had your Bar mitzvah with him.

If you heard him...
He said he'll go to Israel.

He's gone crazy.

Ok. See you, Simon.

God bless.
-Bye. See you.

Play fast, the radio show
is about to start.

We'll stop for five minutes
and then continue.

Will we listen to it in Arabic
on Tunis Radio?

No, it's on Monte Carlo.

If they expropriate my land,
will I get nothing?

Practically nothing.

The price of an apartment
or the equivalent.

Do you know how much that is?

Will it be enough for two
tickets to Israel?

Rabbi Hadad, Moshe, is going there.

A stone was thrown at him.

Ok, but they're taking my land.

Isn't that good enough reason to leave?

You've met the guy
from the Jewish Agency

and he brainwashed you, that's it.

I don't speak with the
Jewish Agency people.

They are all liars and scoundrels.
They have no religion.

How will you go with grandma
at your age?

It's dangerous there.
-I want to go.

I've had enough of the Arabs.

There, everyone is Jewish.

We also have to put an end to the affair
between Andre and Yasmina.

You've had enough of Arabs?
Come with us to France.

There, you won't be alone.

You will be with us
and with the kids.

The kids? You have taken
him out of Talmud Torah,

what will happen in France?

I don't want to see my grandson
forget that he's Jewish.

Your grandson is my son
and I will do as I wish.

If you want to come with us,
we'll take you.

If not, do as you wish, and don't
meddle in my son's education.

Did you hear that we'll take you.
They're doing us a favor.

Soon they'll send us
to a hospice.

We're going.

Where are you going?

Are you coming?

Don't take mom there.

I'm afraid.
I'm also afraid to go to Israel.

If the whole family goes,
I will be happy to go there.

But if we go alone, we'll be put
in an old age home.

I'd rather go to France and stay
with my children.

Come on, sit down.

The show is about to start.

Then we'll listen to it
in Arabic.

We'll sleep here tonight.
Tomorrow is another day.

Here, you need this.

Button your pants.

Are you not feeling well?
-Not at all.

You have broken my heart.

Do you ever go to the cinema?

No, why?

I'm not sure. The belt
and the broken heart.

It seems like a scene
from a movie.

What happens there?

Will you kick me out,
you saw it.

No, I heard about it
on the French radio.

It was a good bit,
with this actor, Marius.

No, Marius is the film.

The actor is Remu.

You'll understand that I won't say
what that guy told his son.

Remu was...


You know how you and mom
love each other.

The story caused you to react a bit...

I understand your situation, but...

What do you have against Yasmina?

It looks like racism.

Me, a racist?

I lived with Christians, with Arabs,
with Italians,

with Greeks and Maltese for years
with no issues?

No issues, but each to his own.

So what?
Why do I argue.

You want Yasmina?
Take here to Israel.

Go on!

But if you ask the man
from the Jewish Agency,

He's paid to recruit Jews for his country
and not Arabs.

So who is the racist?

I've raised Yasmina
like my own daughter.

How long can she stay with us?

If she waits longer,
she won't be able to get married.

She'll become like her Mother,
poor Fatima.

With occasional belt stories.

If we need to find her a husband,

can we wait until I go to Israel?

Ok, I won't touch her anymore,

thinking of her with another...

how can I put it...

You understand?

I'm an idiot.

I doubted what you said.

It will be painful, that's all.

There they are.

How was your morning?

It's calm.

We've been here since morning.

It's a German Shepherd.
You don't need to worry with him around.

I have to wait for him to grow u.
I have time.

Give him to me.
We need to get him used to us on the first day.

Go play with your cousins.

He has to get used to me.

I'm not sure how to tell him,
but he lost.

Do you think he'll accept it?
-He has no choice.

It's been expropriated.

I'm not talking about the trial.

If we decide something,
will he accept it?

After all, we are grownups.

We're no longer afraid of him.

We can at least discuss it.

I know, but not now.
Not now.

Here, drink this.

Tis will warm you up.
-Warm me up.


Come on! Come on!


My candle died, there is no fire...

Grandpa, will you give me the dog after.

After what?

After the Arabs take your house,
you won't need him anymore.

If you want to wait for them to
take my house,

You'll have to wait a long time.

Father said you lost the lottery

and that the police will come
to evacuate you by force.

What lottery?

Dad went to the court yesterday.

When he came back, he said you lost.

The trial?

Will you give me the dog later?

Yes, I will give it to you.

It's not so bad.
Dad has also lost in the lottery.

You'll buy a new ticket
next time, right?


For the director of music.
According to gittith Of Asaph

Sing for joy to God our strength;
shout aloud to the God of Jacob!

Begin the music, strike the timbrel,
play the melodious harp and lyre.

Sound the Shofar at the new moon...

What does it say?

To soldiers who died for France

These are men
who fought Germany.

Is dad written there?
-God forbid.

-But he also fought.

Those are soldiers who died for France.

Too bad dad didn't die.
Then his name would be here.

Hey, he's little and doesn't know
what he's saying.

Maybe, but he'll give us
the evil eye.


Happy new year, dad.

Happy new year.

Happy new year, children.

What's that?

We'll eat.
-What will we eat?

Blessed are you.... who commanded
the washing of hands. Amen.

Here, Gerard.

It's sweet.

It's to start a sweet year.

Because of your brother
I have to be the maid.


I've had enough.

I'm going to study in my room.
Don't disturb me.

I'll be on my own.

So is the USTS
a Jewish soccer team or not?

I know.

If you know,
do you think he doesn't know?

So what?

The Arabs won't let the Jews
defeat them

in the final Tunisia Cup game.

So the game is rigged
and there's no game. that's all.

We won't have peace with the Arabs.

You are a Zionist, relax.

Calm down.

Teach us a Hebrew song.

See if Beitar did anything good.
Teach us a song.

That's a nice song.
-And a dance.

I'll try to remember the words.

Forget the words,
we don't understand them.

Let us rejoice

Let us rejoice...
repeat after me.

Let us rejoice
Let us rejoice,

Let us rejoice
and be happy.



That means, to be happy.

Let us sing,
Let us sing,

Let us sing and be happy.

wake up brothers,

wake up with a happy heart...

Mom, Mom. -What?
-I want to play with grandpa's dog.

No, he asked to be left alone.

He's studying the Torah.

I won't disturb him.
I'll take the dog and leave.

Let me.
-No, let us sing.

No, I want to play
with grandpa's dog.

Daniel, see to your son.
-What does he want?

I want to play with grandpa's dog.

So go, don't bother me.

Grandpa, I'm taking the dog.

Grandpa, are you asleep?

Wake up.

Grandpa, are you dead?

For real or pretend.

Mom, Dad!

Grandpa didn't want
to give me the dog.

You were to take the dog
without bothering him.

He's studying.
-No, he's sleeping.

Did you hear? Grandpa said he's going
to study, but went to sleep

He doesn't want to get up
and give me the dog.

I think he's dead.

Enough with this kid's
morbid thoughts.

Didn't you get enough
at the synagogue?

Go check anyway.

It's strange he didn't wake up
from the noise we're making.

We're singing, he's crying,
the dog's howling.

Ok. Let's go.

Come dance, it's easy.


A step forward
and one back.

One forward
and one back.

Dad, are you sleeping?

What's going on there?

Take the kids.


More water!


Mom, take the kids and come.

Damn it!


Only fire@

Find Daniel.

Daniel, what are you doing?

Stand there, and don't let
anyone come in, alright?

No, I want to stay with you,
I'm scared.

Are you coming?

You came on time.

Close the door and don't
let anyone come in.

Our father is dead.

We'll take him to the car
and drive to the hospital.

Tomorrow, we'll talk with the rabbi.

What happened to your father?
-I can't!

Get back to the room!
-We can't the house is burning.

Are you coming?

Quickly! He is entitled
to die in his own house.

Go on!

Is it because of Andre?

Blessed is the judge of truth.

The Holy, Blessed He, called to him
Mardoche, son of Benjamin Cohen.

The fact he was taken on the holy day
proves the value of this righteous man

who died like Sarah.

Rosh Hashanah is a feast
of happiness and joy.

During these two days
nobody can mourn Mardoche,

nor move him nor
disturb the holiday.

Nobody will bury Mardoche today.

We will wait for the end
of Rosh Hashanah.

Dear congregation,
let's continue our prayer.

What's going on?
-You heard that?

They seek Sarah and Abraham.

There are some six million Jews

and they behave like idiots.

I've had enough of this religion.

Don't blaspheme!
Especially not today.

Father died today to prevent us
from mourning.

I will remain here,
At least one of his sons will respect his memory.

Don't you know that is about
the laws of nature?

How can you leave a corpse in that room,
in the heat, a whole day?

He'll start to decompose.

Go seek Sarah and Abraham!
-Did you make the laws of nature?

In the times of Abraham,
were there other laws of nature?

Why do you want to change
our laws?

Ok, go pray, go.

I'll take care of the corpse.
I'll even bury him myself.

But today, not tomorrow.

In the garden?

You know it will become
an Arab cemetery.

Or a Christian cemetery.

Is that what you want?
Listen to me.

You can assimilate
as much as you want,

but he lived as a Jew
and has the right to die as a Jew.

I will stay here with Andre.
Go home.

We can't leave the women
on their own. Come.

Go to your mother,
she won't budge.

Mom, be reasonable.

You can't stay here
a long time.

Come out.

The rabbi said that the holiday
must go on.

That he died this day
so that we won't cry.


Come on Daniel.

I don't know how.
You do it.

You have to do it.
You're the eldest.

I will help you.


Are you...
-Are you...

The Lord, our God...
-The Lord, our God...

King of the universe...

King... of the universe.

King of the universe

Who made the fruit of the vine.
-Who made the fruit of the vine.

Do you know the story
about the little boy who couldn't read?

Is this a story that says that if I can't
read, I go to hell? -No.


It was around Rosh Hashanah.

Between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur,
we are judged by God.

We are all fearful.

We pray for god to be agreeable

and forgive our sins.

One of those years,
the angels asked God

who, of all the sages,
prayed the nicest prayer.

God said it was a child.

Everyone was astonished
and looked for the child.

They found him in a small cemetery.

His father died when the boy was
too young to learn to pray.

He was only taught the
Hebrew Alphabet.

The little boy wanted to honor
his father's memory and pray Kaddish.

But he didn't know how to
to do that.

It is a long and difficult prayer.

And so, the little boy
said the letters of the Alphabet:

Aleph, Bet, Gimel, Dalet...
by order,

Until Tav.

And then he repeated,
Aleph, Bet, Gimel, Dalet...

And for God,
this was the most beautiful prayer...

Jewish Cemetery

It took Rene three years to leave.

Tunisia gained its independence.

He sold his shop for pennies.

He moved with his wife to Paris
and opened a restaurant.

Daniel managed to move to France.

He and his wife teach
at a high school.

Grandmother passed away at
the St. Therese Hospice at Clermond Ferrand.

At least she was buried
in the Jewish cemetery.

And I?
I am Andre from the story.

I worked for a few years
as a mechanic, in Jerusalem.

I became a housing developer.

At the place where an Arab house stood,
I want to build a new building.

The house belonged to a young terrorist
who attacked cars.

The army destroyed that house.

English: Oodee Eilat
Subtitles: Elrom Studios