Burning Kiss (2018) - full transcript

A hallucinogenic summer noir cocktail spiked with suspense is concocted as the unexpected arrival of a stranger ignites an inferno of secrets and guilt, complicating the relationship between a father and his daughter.

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(misty music)

(static buzzing)

♪ Beach beach ♪

♪ Na na wa wa ♪

- [Charlotte Voiceover]
The summers are getting

hotter out here.

(serious music)

I just know it.

- [Woman On TV] Call the live
one-on-one psychic hotline

for your private
reading anytime.

(expectant music)

- [Woman On TV] First,
we have the weather,

and surprise surprise,
it's gonna be hot.

(fiery rumbling)

(static buzzing)

(shining music)

- [Woman On TV] Aquarius,
with a new moon approaching,

it's your turn to
shine without apology.

(hypnotic music)

(doorbell ringing)

(deep rumbling)

(heavy whooshing)

(static buzzing)

(fire roaring)

- [Charlotte Voiceover] After
the accident that killed mom,

dad never walked again.

Sometimes I could feel
her watching over me.

I hated that feeling.

- [Edmund] Okay, let's
take it from the top.

- It's me.
- It's you.

- I'm the guy.
- You're the guy.

- [Edmund] And you're
handing yourself in?

- [Max] If that's what you want.

- Cut the shit, kid.

You tell me where you
really got this from.

- It was hanging from the
windstream wiper of my car,

next to your wife's back teeth.

- [Narrator On TV]
This of course meant

not only giving testimony
against Spesman,

but also any information
she might request

now or in the future.

Cassandra wasn't fooling
anyone but herself.

- [Max] I'm sorry.

(gunshot firing)

- [Narrator On TV] Addicts
have but one loyalty,

to themselves and their
all-consuming drug habits.

- Damn.

I missed.

- Still don't believe me?

- [Narrator On TV]
When circumstances

threaten their freedom
to pursue those habits,

behavior is motivated by the
most primitive and basic thing.

Self-preservation and
survival of the fittest.

- I can show you
where the car is.

(mysterious music)

♪ Oo wa oo wa oo ♪

- Stand up.

I need you to take him
somewhere, on your own.

- On my own?
- Yes.

Here, take this.

He does anything odd,

you sense anything strange,

you point and click.

- [Charlotte] Point and click?

- [Edmund] Shoot him.

♪ Wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa ♪

- No, fuck that, give it back.

(evil music)

Charlotte, you look
stupid, give it back.

He's gonna show you something.

When you get there, you call
me straight away, understand?


- Yes.

- [Radio DJ] Do you have a
prediction what the summer 65

FM top 50
is going to have?

(heartbeat pounding)

You and a friend could
be spending three weeks

in sunny Spain with 10,000--

- Dad said you had
something to show me.

- [Radio DJ] Break out your
crystal ball, tea leaves.

- [Charlotte] Well, get in.

In the back.

- [Radio DJ] To go
into the running

to win this tremendous
Spain trip now.

(car engine rumbling)

(strange music)

(electric whirring)

(birds chirping)

- [Woman On TV] Does
it feel like sometimes

your world is spinning
out of control?

- [Edmund Voiceover] What do
you do when you actually find

what you're looking for?

- [Woman On TV] Psychic powers.

Call the Live Psychic Line.
- Do you just stop?

- [Woman On TV] And talk with
a gifted psychic anytime,

24 hours a day.

- [Edmund Voiceover] Give up?

(mystical music)

Look for something else?

- [Woman On TV] Call the
Live Psychic Hotline.

Call toll-free,


and speak with a gifted psychic

who can help you
overcome your fears,

predict opportunity, and
help you find true love.

Psychic minds are waiting.
- I think you let it go.

- [Woman On TV] To
speak with you live.

- And you find it again.
- Now giving you the answers.

- [Woman On TV] And connect
with someone so gifted

by you're just talking to them.

Call the Live Psychic
Hotline toll-free,


(eerie music)

- There it is.

(mystified music)

(phone ringing)

- Is it there?

- Yes.

- Charlotte, listen to
me carefully, listen.

(spell-like music)

- [Charlotte Voiceover]
Sometimes when

bad things happen,

you don't see it coming.

(strange music)

Other times, it's in the air.

- You need to show me
exactly what you did

when you left the car.

- Why?

- [Charlotte] He wants to know.

(troubled music)

(Max sighs)

- What more proof does he need?

- He wants to know
how you did it.

- [Max] How I did it seems
pretty obvious, don't you think?

- How you got away!

He wants to know
how you got away.

- [Max Voiceover] How
I got away was so easy.

It was embarrassing.

I wanted to say
there was more, but--

- [Charlotte] Ran where?

- [Max Voiceover] It
just was what it was.

- Through the bush.

- [Max Voiceover]
Wipe down the prints.

Take the number
plates and serials.


- [Charlotte] Where?

- I don't know.

- [Charlotte] And
did you keep walking?

- [Max Voiceover] I even
got picked up straight away.

The hardest part was listening
to the truck driver talk

for a couple of hours about
fucking freestyle motocross.

- [Charlotte] Where
did he drop you?

(shadowy music)

- At a motel.

- [Max Voiceover] Then
I stayed the night

at a motel near the beach

and it was all over.

- [Charlotte] What
was it called?

(ominous music)

- The Sunset Shacks.

(luxurious music)

(thunder rumbling)

(creepy music)

(thunder booming)

- [Charlotte Voiceover]
The night of the accident

there was a thunderstorm.

Four inches of rain.

It washed half the town away,

and Max's tire tracks with it.

By the time the
police showed up,

they didn't even
know mom was there.

She was completely submerged.

In mud.

(thunder booming)

(mystical music)

- I've had some time
to think things over.

I've decided not to kill you.

Nor do I want you
to turn yourself in.

But at the same time,
you're not going free.

And you will be punished.

We're not so
different, you and I.

I've killed people
before too, you know.

I once shot a man
clean between the eyes.

Somehow he kept
moving and talking.

He even sat on a fucking
chair and tied his shoe laces.

(thunder rumbling)

(eerie music)

I've been looking for
you for quite some time.

- My name is Max Woods.

(voices whispering)

I'm a locksmith from
the Gold Fields.

I wasn't drunk.

I was just passing through.

- Any of your friends
know that you're here?

- No, I don't have any friends.

- [Edmund] Six years is a long
time to grow a conscience,

wouldn't you say?

You have an excuse for that?

- No.

(haunting music)

- [Edmund] Charlotte.

I know this is unusual,

considering the
circumstances, but

Max is gonna be staying
with us for a little while.

(shadowy music)

He's agreed to help
me with something.

Sweet dreams, Max.

(foreboding music)

(thunder rumbling)

You did good today.

I'm proud of ya.

I want you to have this.

(cheerful surf music)

- Thank you.

- [Edmund] Open it.

♪ Beach beach beach ♪

- [Edmund] You like it?

It's a uniform your
mother used to wear.

Try it on.

♪ Beach beach beach ♪

♪ Na na wa wa ♪

♪ Beach beach sha na na ♪

- [Charlotte Voiceover]
Dad used to be a detective.

For a while after the accident

he was convinced he
could find mum's killer.

♪ Beach beach beach ♪

♪ Na na wa wa ♪

♪ Beach beach ♪

- [Charlotte Voiceover] Nobody
took much notice though.

Part of dad seemed angry
that Max had found him

rather than the
other way around.

- Do you want me
to clean the house?

- [Edmund] No, I want you
to create a character.

- [Charlotte Voiceover]
Another part was excited

to meet him.

By the end of it they
both agreed on something.

I got that feeling she
was watching me again.

- [Edmund] If someone
wore that kind of uniform

and had that kind of hair,

what kind of person
might they be?

(creepy music)

- Maybe someone who's
hard on their luck.

Too many children.

Definitely a broken marriage.

She'd smoke too.

(veiled music)

Maybe she'd be French.

- [Edmund] (laughs)
No, she's not French.

- Bonjour.

- Charlotte, she's not French.

But she also knows
all about plumbing.

♪ Oh ♪

- Plumbing?

- [Woman On TV] That's right.

All you need to do is use
your extrasensory perception,

and you and a friend
could be spending...

(puzzled music)

- Put this on in case
someone sees you.

And don't speak to anyone.

(woman chattering on radio)

(curious music)

- You must be Charlotte.

Oh! (laughs)

Took me about two hours,

but I found the stuff your
old man's looking for.

Records from January
12th six years ago.

They're the only
ones that booked in.

- [Charlotte Voiceover]
I'd only ever stayed

in a motel once.

I was 11.

I remember a boy in
the room next door.

He told me the sun
made him blind.

- Which one is it?

- It's that one
there, the blue one.

- [Charlotte Voiceover]
During the day

he couldn't see at all.

In the dark he could
see like normal.

(knocking on the door)

(odd music)

Called himself Dracula.

(phone ringing)

Because he got up to
bad stuff at night.

- Joe speaking.

- Good day, Joe.

I'm gonna cut
straight to the chase.

My name's Edmund Bloom.

You ever heard of me?

- [Joe] Uh, yeah.
(woman moaning)

Nice on top, broken spine.

You've got a whisper?

- [Edmund] Aw, Joe,
that's a bit hurtful.

Now I need someone
to run a story for me

and who won't call me crazy.

- No promises.

(pleasurable moaning)

I had this dream
a few nights ago.

I know this sounds nuts, but

bear with me.

- [Charlotte Voiceover]
Living by the ocean is nice

if you can get used
to all the rust.

(woman moaning)

(weird music)

Even when things wash up dead,

it still looks right.

Like the sea has gently
placed them on the shore.

(fantastical music)

Inland is mostly roadkill.

That's different.

They look the way they should.

(pleasurable moaning)

Like they died painfully.

(woman gasping and moaning)

(mystical music)

- What are you doing here?

I told you not to
be seen by anyone!

Where's your hat?

- I just left it in the car.

I'm just seeing if you're okay.

- [Charlotte] It doesn't matter,

you did exactly what
I told you not to do.

- I was worried about the plan.


- That's for talking back.

And from now on you
do what you're told.


- [Charlotte Voiceover] I guess
most things die painfully.

It doesn't seem fair that the
last few minutes you've got

are probably filled with
terror, pain, or sadness.

("Follow Me" by Batz)

You go through your whole life

trying to avoid those feelings.

Then suddenly there's
a bullet in your chest.

Or you're being eaten alive.

- It says that

two people checked in the
Shacks that night.

Steve Linder and Jesse Atlas.

Your name's not even on here!

- Oh.

I wasn't gonna check
in under my real name.

I booked in under
the name Jesse Atlas.

I just took it from that
day's newspaper headline.

- [Charlotte] What
was the headline?

- [Max] Some kind of
tragedy from that day.

Maybe a boat accident or--

- Shark attack.

(perplexed music)


(eerie music)

(fan rattling)

Dad wanted me to
give this to you.

It's good.

- [Edmund Voiceover] Catching
a criminal can be difficult,

but it's never impressive.

I mean, who caught Ted Bundy?

Who caught fucking
John Wayne Gacy?

Who gives a shit?

- Hey sweetie, we have a guest.

Put some coffee in the pot.

- [Edmund Voiceover]
Ask any cop.

You've forgotten in a week.

- [Edmund] Come in.

- Detective Sophia--

- Yeah, I know who you are.

- [Sophia] Inspirational story.

Unfortunate victim standing up

against the lazy incompetent--

- [Edmund] No, you misread it.

It didn't say standing up.

- [Sophia] Sorry, rising up.

- [Edmund Voiceover]
What you want to catch

is people's attention.

A premonition or a vision,

a dream.

People listen to that stuff.

They don't necessarily
believe it, but they like it.

- [Charlotte Voiceover] He
knew there'd be no point

catching Max on his own.

People would always sooner
believe mum over him,

even if she was dead.

- [Sophia] Sophia.

- [Charlotte] Charlotte.

- Hey, did you enjoy
the Maritime Festival

the other night?

- Sorry?

- Opening night.

You were watching the
fireworks near the docks.

You were wearing a blue
cardigan over a pink dress.

But you had different
hair, short and dark.

- No, that wasn't me.

I stayed home all night.

- [Edmund Voiceover] Too
many facts obscure the truth.

Most cases are so
fucking boring.

A confession or a
witness account.

It's just forgettable bullshit.

People prefer a bit of darkness.

(ethereal music)

- [Edmund] You suddenly
fit the description.

Wouldn't you agree?

- Yes.

(dreamlike music)

- [Edmund] These are
your mother's clothes.


So, how do you plead?

- Guilty.

- [Edmund] I thought so.

(bewitching music)

- I'm sorry.

(twinkling music)

- [Edmund] Not yet you're not.

If you refuse to
stay in bed at night,

the punishment
will fit the crime.

(troubled music)

- [Charlotte Voiceover]
There's this place I try to go

when I can't get to sleep.

(Max grunts)

It's nothing special.

(celestial music)

It's just flat earth stretching
on forever around me.

(fan whirring)

(dreadful music)

No one can see me.

Nothing can touch me.

(woman laughing)

(woman moaning)

(electronic whirring)

(car horn honking)

(people chattering and laughing)

(eerie music)

(woman screaming)

(fiery rumbling)

Dad said the necklace
needed to look rusted

for the reporter and the cops.

It upset me to see it that way.

Especially since we'd
only just gotten it back.

- I try and remember more
about what happened that night,

and I figure if he
ran in this direction

from where he left his car,

it's possible he would've
hit this road here.

And the time that it took him
from where he left the car

means he would've got
there around 11:00 p.m.

Now, this is where
it gets spooky.

I had a dream last
night with Juliette.

I'm sitting out by the pool,

and she's got these
cards in front of her.

She turns over the first card.

There's a picture of a pendant.

Thing is, it's the same
pendant she was wearing

the night she was killed,

the very same pendant
that was reported missing

from the hit-and-run
scene six years ago.

- [Joe] That's very weird.

- Well it gets weirder.

She turns over the next card.

There's a picture of
a Great White shark.

And I look out into the pool,

the fucking thing's
in the water!

So next day, I
start checking down

some of these motels
and roadhouses

along this stretch of road

to try and get records of anyone

that booked in late that night.

And there was one.

In a place that
rents beach shacks.

Now, you ever heard
of Jesse Atlas?

- No.

- Well the poor son of
a bitch was attacked

and killed by a Great White,

bitten in half,

the very day before Juliette
and I were hit by the car.

- It's very strange, and all,

but I don't see as any relevance

to what we're talking about now.

- Well Joe, it just seems
that it would've been hard

for him to have booked
into a motel that night,

that's all,

especially being in
two fucking pieces!

Someone was booked in under
a fake name that night,

that they lifted from
that day's headline!

(creepy music)

(fan rattling)

Exercise time.

- [Woman On Radio]
Coming up next

we have a very special guest

who just had a
very special gift.


(heavenly music)

(voices chattering
over each other)

- [Max Voiceover] Edmund
was totally insane,

but he wasn't a total fool.

He had a plan.

- Now let's get
this story straight.

When you arrived at the motel,

you accidentally drop the
pendant down the drain.

- [Max Voiceover] And it
wasn't just this bullshit

about Juliette and
the tarot cards.

That was the sideshow.

Carnie showmanship for
the psychic TV crowd.

The real stuff would be found

in the book he was going to
release after I'd been caught,

which would explain
how he really did it.

Precise detective work
and endless research.

Which of course would
also be total bullshit.

And what does that matter?

He had me to help
him bend the truth

whichever way he saw fit.

People could put holes in
their stories and evidence

all they liked,

but as long as I was in of it,

no one would ever know
for certain how he did it.

- [Charlotte Voiceover] As
ridiculous as dad's story was,

it only seemed a fraction
worse than the truth.

Max had barely hidden his car.

He'd obviously faked his name.

He kept the number plates.

He kept the necklace.

Yet somehow, until he
showed up at our door,

not a soul knew he did it.

It was as if he hadn't
been running at all,

just waiting.

Waiting to be caught.

Waiting to be punished.

(fan rattling)

(feverish music)

(electric zapping)

- Fuck.

(sonic rumbling)

(ghostly breathing)


(elegant music)

(moves into dreadful music)

(fiery roaring)

- You've captured it.
- Captured it.

- You can kill him.
- Waiting for you.

- [Female Voiceover]
You've captured it.

- [Female Voiceover] I
don't deserve it though.

(female voices whispering)

(heavy breathing)

(crazy music)

- What are your thoughts?

- Hard to say.

Might've been six years ago,

but this place feels
like he's only just left.

(suspicious music)

- [Charlotte Voiceover]
There was a new story

about what happened that night.

- If you'd just killed someone
and horribly maimed another,

what would you do when you go?

- [Charlotte Voiceover]
This time when Max arrived

at the motel he accidentally
dropped mum's necklace

down the sink.

(scary music)

On the same day dad was
showing the reporter

where mom's pendant was,

a girl I used to
go to school with

had been found stabbed
to death in her home.

They caught the killer
in an old factory.

He shared the place
with the body of a girl

who went missing up
north five years ago.

Or what was left
of her, I guess.

- [Woman In Movie] She looks
so strange, with her eyes.

- [Charlotte Voiceover] Dad
was still the front page.

("Sid and Nancy" by Batz)

- Any searching that room yet?

- Uh, we'll be out
of your hair soon.

So um,

you haven't remembered anymore

about the man who booked
in here that night?

- Only what I told
the other cops.

He called complaining
about his television,

said it was broken.

- [Sophia] Which it wasn't.

- That's right.

When we checked it, it was fine.

- [Sophia] And you describe him

as an unassuming young man.

Are you sure you can't
remember anymore details

about what he looked like?

- It was six years ago!

Look, he didn't have a
swastika between his eyes,

if you know what I mean.

- [Sophia] What are
you doing there?

- Scratch and win.

- Are you sure you're
not just scratching?

- Gotta be in it to win it.

- What do you win?

- A million bones.

A big boat.

Home makeover.

You know, all kinds of stuff.

- Yeah?

Well what will you do
if you win the money?

- I'll fucking give it away,

to charity.

- Mm.

Well that's really nice.

- Mm.

- Good, good idea.
- Mm-hm.

- [Edmund] So what did you do
when you left the beach shack?

- [Max] I caught
a bus the next day

and I headed home.

- [Edmund] A bus?

- [Max] Yeah.

- Were you gonna
hide the plates?

- Yeah, it crossed my mind.

- Whereabouts?

- The Sun.

- Sorry?

- The Sun.

It's an old mineshaft
just outside of town.

(knocking on the door)

- [Sophia] Oh, hi
Charlotte, how's things?

- Hi, uh, great.

How are you?

- [Sophia] I'm a bit
stressed actually.

Is your dad about?

- Uh, he's, he's actually
busy at the moment.

- [Sophia] Yeah, well look,
I really need to see him.

- Um, I'll find him.

Um, I'll get him for you.

- [Sophia] Oh, no,
look, I'll find him.

- It fits together
like a fucking watch.

♪ Pray for me ♪

- Detective Valmont,
what brings you here?

- Our cream of the crop here.

- [Edmund] Uh, Charlotte,
could you please

show the detective
back inside the house,

and I will meet with her when
I've got sufficient Vitamin D.

- With all due
respect, Mr. Bloom,

you're going to have to
surrender the pendant

or it's withholding evidence.

- Hey.

My stuff is your stuff.

Look, can we please
talk about this

somewhere more appropriate?

Inside my own house maybe?

(strange music)

- [Sophia] Your wife
was very beautiful.

- Never heard a
bad word about her.

- [Sophia] People didn't like
you so much though, did they?

- Come again?

- People, they didn't like you.

- [Woman Voiceover]
Hold your breath.

- [Woman Voiceover]
Hold your breath.

(woman gasping)

- [Woman Voiceover]
Dive in, dive in.

- So have you got
another teaser for me

on what happens next?

- I don't know yet.

- Well I reckon that he
called public transport

the next day.

There's a bus that stops near
the motel and heads north.

- Or he hitchhiked.

- I don't think
so, not this guy.

I've just got a feeling.

(deep rumbling)

(ominous music)

- [Charlotte Voiceover]
When I was old enough,

mum made me learn first aid.

I only remember two things.

A fast heartbeat is
bad for snake bites.

And when people are
trapped in a fire,

they don't always burn to death.

(mystical music)

Sometimes their insides
get so hot and blistered

that their lungs fill
with their own fluid.

And they drown.

(electric buzzing)

(weird music)

(deep rumbling)

(fiery crackling)

(heavy whooshing)

(air sucking)

(Max coughs)

(suspicious music)

- You could've drowned
today, but you didn't.

You ignored that
voice inside saying,

"I'm just a worthless fuckup
wasting time and oxygen.

"Maybe I should just die."

That can't have been
easy to ignore, Max.

But you did.

You held on to see
this thing through.

I respect that, Max.

I'm gonna let you in

on a little secret.

Juliette's still alive, Max.

(mysterious music)

(Edmund laughs)

- [Max] You're fucking crazy.

(misty music)

- Come again?

- I'm sorry.

I'm pretty rattled after today.

Drowning's pretty exhausting.

- Yeah, you should try
getting hit by a car.

It's a fucking marathon.

I would've killed for
the pain to go away.

Until I couldn't feel my legs.

Now I'd kill for it
to come back again.

Look, Max,

I'm sorry I made
that joke, okay?

I do that sometimes.

It's just my way of, you know,
dealing with what happened.

Paramedics do the
same thing, you know,

to help with the horror.

- [Max] Yeah, well
whatever works.

- Yeah.


I'm off to bed.

I'll see you in the spring.

Max said he almost
drowned today.

You saved his life.

- I almost left him.

- [Edmund] I would've been
very angry if you'd done that.

After all, he's almost as
innocent as me and your mother.

He didn't know what happened
any more than we did.

He tried to get away with
it, but he manned up.

He came clean.

(mystical music)


Listen to me carefully.

(totemic music)

Tomorrow you take Max back
to where he came from.

(spell-like music)

I want you to follow him
to a mineshaft nearby

called The Sun.

(mythological music)

Don't be seen by anyone.

And when you get there,

you make sure he does exactly

what he's supposed to.

We're getting closer now.

The last clue's
been set in motion.

(hypnotic music)

People are starting to listen.

(fire whooshing)

Soon, they'll start to wonder.

(mystical music)



- [Charlotte] What
about that detective?

(perplexed music)

I'm just worried that she
might start to figure it out.

(sneaky music)

- Don't worry about her.

She wouldn't be able to figure
out a fucking egg timer.

Now even though you
don't deserve a reward

for saving Max,

I'll allow it.

- Can I have my pictures back?

- No.

You've well and truly
lost that privilege.

Because you did so well,

something even better.

You get to sleep
in my bed tonight.

(haunting music)

- [Charlotte Voiceover]
Mum used to run

a charity modeling competition
for the girls in town.

Somehow dad's story had
made her seem alive again

and him seem tolerable.

They asked dad to present
the winner that year.

They'd never done that before.

(audience applauding)

- Thanks, everyone.

Thank you all for the
support that you've given me

during these difficult times.

I just hope that I
can prove to you all

that justice is something
worth fighting for.

And whether you believe

Juliette's helping me
solve this crime or not,

just remember, love is
stronger than death.

("Racketeer" by Pow Negro)

Myth is stronger than history.

Hope is stronger than fear.

Wisdom is stronger
than ignorance.

And dreams,

dreams are stronger
than reality.

Whatever that means. (laughs)


tonight's winner


(strange music)

(audience applauds and cheers)

(balls clacking)



(siren wailing)

(car horn honking)

(tires squealing)
(Charlotte cries out)

(phone rings)

- [Edmund] Where are you?

- I'm heading home.

We just dropped off the plates.

- Where's Max?

- [Charlotte] I
dropped him at a pub.

- Turn around and pick him up.

- [Charlotte] But you said
I couldn't be seen with him.

- I don't care what I said!

Pick him up and
bring him home now!

("Gameshow Queen" by Batz)

(thunder rumbling)

- Maxie, sweetheart!

Give us a kiss!

I haven't seen you for a while.

Where have you
been, on holidays?

Well, guess that means

you haven't needed any
money recently. (laughs)

- Three years.

I haven't seen you
for three years.

- Well honey, you
are over 25 now.

What are you back for?

It's not to move
back home, is it?

Because I don't
live there anymore.

I found some somebody.

He sells jet-skis, you
know, really light.

- Some stuff's
happened recently, mum.

- What's happened?

- Stuff that's made
me want to talk to you

about a few things.

- What things?

- Like me.

And about the way that
you treated Mason.

- [June] Mason?

- The way that you left
me to look after him.


To look after him by myself.

Wasn't right.

It was the one time you needed
to step up, and you didn't.

♪ Gameshow queen ♪

♪ Everybody knows you're a
gameshow gameshow queen ♪

- I love this song.

Come and dance
with your mum, Max.

- I don't want to fucking dance.

- Come on, Maxy, it's
a fucking good song!

Let's go and dance!

It's a fucking good song!

Come on, Max!

- I don't want to dance.
- Come on!

You'll dance with
me, won't you, son?

♪ On a deal ♪

♪ Here we go ♪

- [Charlotte Voiceover]
It's as if she wasn't there.

(car zooming)

On another planet.

(engine roaring)

He wanted to break her finger
or slap her in the face

just to see if she felt it.

(engine roaring)

♪ We made a deal ♪

♪ Oh yeah we made a deal ♪

♪ Oh my deal ♪

♪ Yeah we had a deal ♪

- [Max Voiceover]
I had a brother.

He's dead now.

I imagine I would've
had more too

had mum not wised
up to abortions.

What can I say?

She loves fucking.

She had no choice really.

She was raised a
strict Catholic.

Every now and then
mum would get drunk

and tell me about my dad.

The story always changed.

He was a cop.

Then he was a marine.

He was even a fucking
secret agent once.

I eventually tracked him down.

He shot wild dogs for a living.

At least he had a gun I guess.

(chilled rock music)

(cigarette crackling)

- Who's Mason?

- What?

- Mason.

I heard you talking
with your mother

about someone called Mason.

(thunder rumbling)

Sounded like he's dead.

(glass shattering)

(nonchalant rock music)

(lighter flicking)

Who is he?

- My brother.

- [Charlotte] And?

- And he got sick.

- How did he get sick?

(voices whispering)

Did you poison him?


(voices whispering)

(haunting music)

(fire crackling)
(people laughing)

(relaxed rock music)

- [Max] He died
slowly and painfully

over six years.

(thunder rumbling)

- When did he die?

- What does it matter?

- When?

- Recently.

- So that's why you
never came clean.

You had to look after him.

(fire roaring)

(thunder rumbling)

- [Charlotte Voiceover] I like
to think that's the reason

why Max never came
clean about mum.

He never said that though.

I wish he had.

(fire roaring)

- Can I tell you a story?

(thunder rumbling)

(television zapping)

(scary music)

- [Woman On TV] Richard, do
you think the sheriff is right,

that the same person that
killed Bud killed Tom?

- [Man On TV] Not much.

If it's a person at all.

(mystical music)

(phone rings)

- Charlotte, where
the fuck are you?

- [Max] That's no way to
speak to your daughter.

- What have you done to her?

- [Max] Don't panic,
dad, she's sleeping.

Now what's the problem?

- Don't play dumb.

The cops have your fingerprints!

They were on the inside
of a television set

inside the motel room!

You opened it up to fix
the reception or something.

The point is the owner
still has the fucking TV!

Your prints on
record for anything?

- Yes.

I got caught with weed
when I was a teenager.

- Why didn't you
tell me about this?

Now everything's fucked!

Not gonna say sorry this time?

(laughs) That's a change.

Anyway, this is not over yet.

I'll think of something new.

We've just got a
ticking clock is all.

- I'm coming to kill you.

- What?

- I'm coming to kill you.

I've seen the newspaper articles

and I know that you're on to me,

so I'm coming to
town to kill you.

You have a dream.

Juliette tells you I'm coming

and that you'll
be waiting for me.

- [Edmund] And I disable
you in my own house.

- And then I confess,

you find the plates
to seal the deal.

- [Edmund] And then

you're finally forgiven.

- No.

You forgive Charlotte.

(mysterious music)

- What are you talking about?

- [Max] You know what
I'm talking about.

You blame her for
the accident, not me.

You're never to see her again.

She's free.

- You are a cold son
of a bitch after all.

- [Max] Do we have a deal?

- Any other terms?

- [Max] You do it now.

(spooky music)

- [Charlotte Voiceover]
Something washed up

on the shore once.

It didn't look like
anything I'd ever seen.

It was all spikes and teeth.

I couldn't tell if it was
that way to attack things

or to protect itself.

I would've killed it,

but I didn't want
to get that close.

I just walked away.

Hoping it would die.

(upbeat surf music)

- You okay?

- I'm fine.

- [Max] We should hit the road.

- Uh,

no, I,

I'm not gonna go
home for a while.

While I'm all the way out here,

I may as well look around.

No rush for me to be back.

- So what should I do?

- You can take the bus.

(chattering on TV)

(ominous music)

(contented surf music)

- You sure you're okay?

- Yeah, yeah, I'm
fine, just tired.

(cheerful surf music)


(fun surf music)

(chattering on TV)

(eerie music)

- Shit.

- No, I'm fine, really.

(knocking on the door)

- Oh fuck, it's mum!

- [Max Voiceover]
When I was a kid,

I thought seawater
was actually blue.

(knocking on the door)

- I'll get rid of her.

- No.

Don't worry about it.

Just leave it.

- [Max Voiceover] I tried to
take some home with me once,

but it just looked like
I was carrying around

a jar of my own piss.

I've got memories like that.

And they're beautiful,

but they change the
closer you get to them.

It's best just to
leave those ones alone,

let them live in the dark.

(knocking on the door)

(beast roaring)

(woman screaming)

(scary music)

(mystical music)

- [Edmund Voiceover]
Hitching to town,

try to be seen by as
many people as you can.

It won't hurt to be seen
around my place either,

as if you're casing the joint.

Book into a motel,

then go to a hardware store
and buy a hunting knife.

Pick the meanest fucking
blade you can find.

Meanwhile, I'll
tell the newspaper

all about my latest dream,

an eerie nightmare which
involves a death card,

a mysterious man,

and Juliette trying to warn me.



Something bad is coming.

(strange music)

- [Max Voiceover] The
plan was that I'd break in

through the front door

and head for his room

to kill him in his sleep.

(mystical music)

He'd be waiting for
me around the corner,

so as I'm about to knife him,
he puts a bullet in my head.

(mischievous music)

(gunshot fires)

Then as I'm down,

he calls the cops and tells
them he shot an intruder.

They show up, I get arrested,

and it's all over.

But I knew what he really
had planned for me.

(gunshot fires)

(eerie music)

(moves into upbeat surf music)

(thunder rumbling)

- [Charlotte Voiceover] You
can't remember everything

about someone when they're dead.

You try your best though.

Mum told me if I dropped my
comb while combing my hair,

something bad was coming.

I used to grip my comb so
tight my knuckles turned white.

I still do.

Once dad hit mum for
messing up dinner.

I remember crying all night.

Mostly because I felt
like she deserved it.

I have to hold on
to that memory.

Like the rest.

(phone rings)

- His name's Steve Linder,

an electrician from Jild.

Says he knows nothing
about the hit and run

and was merely
staying at the motel

on the way to the Southwest.

- But how'd his fingerprints
get in the television?

- Get this.

Says he was trying
to open the door

because he thought
it was his room.

When the guy answered,

he noticed he'd been pulling
his television apart.

He offered to fix it.

After all, he's an
electrician, right?

(phone rings)

- Motherfucker.

You knew they
weren't your prints

and you sailed me up the river.

Why'd you do it, Max?

As a bargain to
let Charlotte go?

You think you're saving her?

(Edmund laughs)

Creepy, Max.

Very creepy.

- [Max] I'm still prepared
to hold my end of the bargain

if you're still
prepared to hold yours.

- What, that I never
see my daughter again?

- [Max] That's right.

- You're obviously not a parent.

- What do you mean?

- Anxiety of influence, Max.

Everyone knows that kids
do the exact opposite

of what you tell them.

- [Sophia] He was staying
in one of the other rooms?

- [Joe] Yes.

- Where did he say he was
at the time of the accident?

- [Joe] On the road.

- He's telling the truth.

It's not him.

- But we've got his prints.

- It's not him.

- [Max] I just hope
there's not too many jobs

that need urgent attention
around the house.

That could be a real hassle
for someone like you.

- [Charlotte] Edmund,
please, I'm, I'm sorry.

(electronic whirring)

- I'll sure you'll
survive though, Edmund.

(electronic whirring)

After all,

no one knows better than I do

that you're a survivor.

She's not coming back.

- My pension will
barely cover her care.

You remember that?

Now it's only a matter of time

before they realize their big
arrest is a white elephant.

And you've been seen
all around town.

Every colonel wondered
what you were doing here

while I was solving the mystery.

So let's keep this ending, okay?

Did you get the knife?

- [Max] Yeah, I got the knife.

- Good.

Give it a couple more days.

Then we finish this thing.

- [Charlotte Voiceover]
Western Australia is famous

for two things.

Sunburn and shark attacks.

(upbeat surf music)

This makes the beach a
dangerous place to visit.

♪ Beach beach beach ♪

♪ Na na wa wa ♪

♪ Beach beach beach ♪

♪ Na na wa wa ♪

♪ Beach beach beach ♪

♪ Na na wa wa ♪

♪ Beach beach sha na na ♪

♪ Beach beach beach ♪

♪ Na na wa wa ♪

- [Man] You got the right idea.

- What's going on?

- I swear I saw a
massive shark out there.

- You're kidding.

- No.

Would've been about
four meters I'd say.

It's definitely a Great White.

It's gotta be the same one.

- [Charlotte] Same one?

- Well didn't you hear?

A fisherman got taken yesterday.

He got bitten in half.

- [Charlotte] Is that it?

- Where?

- Out there!

To the left!

It's heading out to sea!

- Listen, I, uh,

I don't normally do this,

but uh, me and some mates,
we're having a bit of a party

tonight out near the watchtower.

You game?

- Why not?

♪ Na na wa wa ♪

♪ Beach beach baby ♪

♪ Na na wa wa ♪

♪ Beach beach baby ♪

- [Juliette] I can
help you with that

when we get back if you want.

- No, that's okay.

I'll probably be asleep anyway.

You guys won't
get back til late.

- [Juliette] Are you kidding?

These police balls
are so boring.

Any excuse to get out early.

- [Edmund] Come on,
Julie, we're late.

- [Juliette] Okay.

Bye honey, I love you.

- Bye.

- [Edmund] Be good.

♪ Sha na na ♪

♪ Beach beach sha na na ♪

(waves crashing)

(cheerful surf music)

(moves into weighty music)

(thunder rumbling)

(phone rings)

- [Woman] I miss you.

(sirens wailing)

And I'm sorry.

- [Woman Voiceover]
You did this.

You did this!

(fire roaring)

(dreadful music)

(people cackling)

(ghostly breathing)

(birds calling)

(terrifying music)


(rapid thudding)


(sonic whooshing)

- [Edmund] Go farther.


("Ston Gon" by Faoul Duke)

Go to death right
in front of me.

I don't know if it was the
guns or it was not the time.

But for some reason
it gave me a hard-on

I couldn't get rid of.

Eventually I headed
for the red lights,

screwed everything with a pulse.

Even a fucking amputee.

Both legs.

I got mugged in the end.

Surfaced the next
day barely breathing,

covered in blood.

Do you know what para
siempre means, Max?


Para siempre was written
on the side of my cock

when I woke up in the Sun.

Do you know why I remember that?

Because the fucking
thing was still hard.

Hanged men would be found with
these irrepressible erections

after their necks had snapped.

Back in the day,

they called it angel lust.

You know how I learned that?

Because the same way I
woke up that day in Spain

was the same way I was found

after you left me in the
dirt with a broken spine.

Half dead.

But carrying a fucking hard-on

that would've frightened
the Spanish Inquisition.

Some things just don't die, Max.

Remember that if you
get any funny ideas

about what you're
supposed to do tonight.

I'll see you soon.

(dial tone beeps)

- [Max Voiceover] I could
no longer see any bad

in killing Edmund.

(knocking on the door)

- [Edmund] It's open.

- [Max Voiceover]
It was only good.

- We need to talk.

I'm at such a loss
over this whole thing.

I think it's time to
look to the stars.

(sonic whooshing)

- [Max Voiceover] There
had been a good side

to killing Juliette.

- Come on.

- [Max Voiceover] All my life

I'd always felt bad
about something.

- [Sophia] Don't wanna play?

- [Max Voiceover] Although
I wasn't really sure what.

(creepy music)

- Juliette, can you hear me?

- [Max Voiceover] From
her death onwards,

I had something.

I had her face.

- [Sophia] Has Edmund been
honest with the police

about this whole thing?

(mystical music)

- [Ghost] No.

(perplexed music)

- [Sophia] Did the killer
really drop your pendant

down a sink at the
Sunset Shacks Inn?

- [Ghost] No.

(suspenseful music)

- [Sophia] Were you ever afraid

of Edmund?

(eerie music)

- [Ghost] Yes.

(ghostly music)

- [Sophia] Did Edmund ever
give you reason to be afraid?

(spooky music)

- [Ghost] Yes.

(bewitching music)

- Would you like to talk about

his relationship with Charlotte?

(eerie music)

Nah, she doesn't wanna talk.

But she does have one
other message for me.

(mystical music)

- [Max Voiceover] The
electrician had my face too.

I bumped into him at
least seven or eight times

since that night,

all over the place,

mostly roadhouses.

(creepy music)

- [Edmund Voiceover]
Oh for fuck's sake.

You're a bitch.
(Sophia laughing)

- [Max Voiceover] He had
no idea where I lived.

We had no mutual friends.

And he knew nothing
else about me.

(vexed music)

But it wasn't gonna
take much more digging

to figure it out.

(upbeat percussion music)

Whatever happened,

I was definitely going down.

(vigorous music)

I just needed to make sure

I wasn't gonna be alive.

(squishy thudding)

(engine rumbling)

(suspenseful music)

- [Edmund] You're looking
for Max, aren't you?

- No.

- Be honest with me, Charlotte.

You've fallen for
him, haven't you?

(eerie music)

- No.

I just want you to
stop what you're doing.

You don't have to forgive him,

but just let him be
punished properly.

(gunshot fires)

- [Edmund] That's what
it's all about, Charlotte.

(misty music)

- Where is he?

- He'll be back here soon.

(door creaking)

Now what about you?

(untrusting music)

You wanna come back home?

Come on.

Help your old man upstairs.

We'll talk about it.

(spooky music)

(electricity buzzing)

- [Charlotte Voiceover]
I used to like the heat.

I hate it now.

The grass can't grow.

Cars break down.

(dreamlike music)

The sand hurts your feet.

(gleaming music)

The light hurts your eyes.

- I want a bigger room

and I wanna be able
to stay out at night.

- Now honey, you're
making me nervous.

Can you move me back
from the edge, please?

- And I want a
part-time job in town.

- Charlotte.

(empty music)


Wheel me back!

(ghostly music)

(voices whispering
over each other)

(heavy breathing)

(thunder rumbling)


(thunder booming)

- Where's Edmund?

- He's not here.

(ethereal music)

- Where is he?

- Does it matter?

You're free.

(dreamlike music)

- Free.

(floating music)

We had a plan.

- Forget it.

He canceled, he just
wants you to move on.

(mystified music)

(thunder booming)

- What else did he say?

- He said that it's
not your fault,

and even though you did the
wrong thing, he forgives you.

(eerie music)

- What did he say to you?

- He said that
I'm a good person.

And that if mum was still alive,

she wouldn't be angry
at me for anything.

(dreamlike music)

(deep rumbling)

- [Max] Do you forgive me?

(somber music)

- [Edmund Voiceover]
You're not a bird.

You're a mammal.


You're supposed to live
in a cave like a bat.

(sonic whooshing)

(ethereal music)

You can leave whenever you want,

but if this place
feels like a cave,

remember that it's also a home.

Once you break
through those bars,

you're on your own.


(tranquil music)

- [Charlotte Voiceover]
It only took a few days

after they found dad for
things to go back to normal.

(camera clicking)

People stopped caring.

The following week
there was a story

about someone who'd been
setting horses on fire

with a tin of gasoline.

(calm music)

(static buzzing)

He said at night they
looked like giant fireflies.

(ponderous music)

I never spoke to Max again.

I wonder about him sometimes.

(thoughtful music)

People always says they
don't want to die wondering.

(dreamlike music)

I think it sounds
like a nice way to go.

♪ Beach beach beach ♪

♪ Na na wa wa ♪

♪ Beach beach beach ♪

♪ Na na wa wa ♪

♪ Beach beach beach ♪

♪ Na na wa wa ♪

♪ Beach beach sha na na ♪

♪ Beach beach beach ♪

♪ Na na wa wa ♪

♪ Beach beach beach ♪

♪ Na na wa wa ♪

♪ Beach beach beach ♪

♪ Na na wa wa ♪

♪ Beach beach sha na na ♪

♪ Go to the shacks
bikini babes ♪

♪ Just having fun
out in the sun ♪

♪ Us holding hands ♪

♪ Your smile so bright ♪

♪ And you love me
holding you tight ♪

♪ Beach beach beach ♪

♪ Na na wa wa ♪

♪ Beach beach beach ♪

♪ Na na wa wa ♪

♪ Beach beach beach ♪

♪ Na na wa wa ♪

♪ Beach beach sha na na ♪

♪ Go to the shacks
bikini babes ♪

♪ Just having fun
out in the sun ♪

♪ Us holding hands ♪

♪ Your smile so bright ♪

♪ And you love me
holding you tight ♪

♪ Beach beach beach ♪

♪ Na na wa wa ♪

♪ Beach beach beach ♪

♪ Na na wa wa ♪

♪ Beach beach beach ♪

♪ Na na wa wa ♪

♪ Beach beach sha na na ♪

♪ Beach beach sha na na ♪

♪ Beach beach sha na na ♪