Burning Flowers (1987) - full transcript

The film is about the teenager Hermann (Hølmebakk) who develops a relationship with the middle-aged Rosa (Fjeldstad).

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English translation by MKej for KG.

- Hi!
- Hello, Herman.

Do you want to pass me?

That's the idea.



- Here's one more.
- Last one today.

- Will you come on Friday?
- Yes.


Flower delivery.

Flower delivery.

All right, come in.

Is this a spare-time job?


Every day?

- Do you have the time?
- Not every day.

I work: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

One moment.

For my bearer of good luck.

Thanks a lot.

Come on, Herman.

Do you have sex education?

- Sex Education?
- I think I need it.

Okay. Bye. I'm off.

The bank expect us cashiers
to have manicured nails.

His jacket was crumpled too.


Our club is collecting clothes.

You should've seen him.
He was steaming.

You're always well dressed.

The clothes
Herman's grown out of...

we may as well give away.

He can't pass them down.


It's just good manners.
What would customers say?

Isn't money enough
for them to think about?

Hasn't Pim had any water today?

I'll get you some.


Hurry up!
It's past seven-thirty.

I'm not feeling well.

Are you sick?

I've got a temperature.

Let me feel.

You're on fire.

- Is your throat sore?
- A little bit.

It's all that cycling.

You must dress warmer.

You'd better stay home
from school today.

Get some sleep and
I'll make some hot chocolate.

Is it contagious?

There's a school dance
in three weeks.

I'll have my pay by then.

What are you going to buy?

I want to buy the
latest Beatles LP.

And go to the liquor store.


I must copy your essay.

Anton will notice straight away.

Anton's too dense.

I'll just change the
beginning and the end.


Who's going to the
liquor store for us?


Do you have that book?

It's up there.

Look at that.

What boobs!

Far out!


I think you should go now
so Herman can get better.


I think so too.

See you Willy.


Plans for the future.

They do your have.



Nothing less than..




Ole Jonny


Medical missionaries...

Engine driver...


You guys are..

Really the most stately..



You don't have to write
all my writing errors..

It was just luck that
Anton discovered it.

He's not that smart.

You didn't have to write actor.

I was the only actor in the class.

What are you doing here?


What have you done?

Copied the essay from Willy.

And the teacher got us.

Hello! I have another flower
delivery for you.

Haven't you been here before?


What's your name?


I once knew a man named Herman.

You're soaking wet!

Come here..

I'll give you something to warm you.

Wait and I'll get a vase.

Isn't it beautiful?


Don't stand there getting cold.

I'll get your a towel..

And some hot chocolate?

I have to get back.

I thought
I was the only one getting flowers.

I work for a florist.

I know.

You have to sign here.

Thank you.

Along the belly..

Like this.

No, no, no!

Don't hold it like this
when you cut it.

Only I do it like this so
you can see how.

You should be able to find

the heart, swin bladder
and the liver.

Then draw them in
your books in colour.


The swim bladder...

The heart...

The liver...

Must be...

Handed in...

On Monday...

"Are you going to the dance?

Signed, Britt and Unni."

Unni, I think you could need
some cooling off.

Would you please
moisten this sponge?


- Why does the cod have a beard?
- Because he is a cod!

I asked you to find the
bladder, heart and liver.

Can you believe it?

Pop musicians getting medals.

Remember this jacker, Herman?


From Queen Elizabeth

It's unbelievable!

Of course you remember this.

You wore it in on graduation day

Playing the flute.

I can see why war veterans
returned their medals.

Those long-haired creatures.

You're due for a haircut.


Of course you remember it.

Lot's of people would be
happy to have it.

Still as good.

Bend, two, three.

Stretch, two, three.

Bend, two, three.

Stretch, two, three.

Bend, two, three.

Stretch, two, three.

Bend, two, three.


Now do 20 sit-ups.

Come on, move it!

There will be bouncers
at the dance.

Wow, is there a war on?

We must hide the bottle
outside the school.


We mustn't tell a soul.

Of course not.

Sagene (a district in Oslo)

That's two kroners, eh, Herman?


Frichs Street...

Is that one or one-fifty kroners?

I got one-fifty before.

I have no choice then.

Let's see...

one-fifty then.

That doesn't leave us much.

Now that you're rich,
won't you spend some on me?


One hundred.

And one hundred and twenty.


Mandalay Florist!

Hello, Mrs Stern.


That will be fine.

You can't wear out
records all day long.

You either buy something..

Or get lost..

I want "Help!

The Beatles!

Yes, please.

I'd like a Golden Cock (liquor)

A whole or half bottle?

A half.

English or American?


With or without?


Get out of here, squirt!

Where is it?

They didn't have any.

They were sold out.


Rolf and John are drinking
in the men's room.

Rolf smuggled in a bottle.

There are the girls.

Shall we go to the men's room.

Are you deaf?

Did you say men's room?

All clear, boss.

Hey, flower boy...

Can't you afford to buy
your own liquor?

They were sold out...

The gym teacher's coming!

What are you all doing here?

Get out!

Where is everybody?

Is the party over?

Did they go home?

I'll do it if you do it.


Would you like to dance?

I wish I also could find a job.

You become more independent.



How come?

You can do what you want.

Can you lock your bedroom door?

Lock my bedroom door?

There's a keyhole there,

but I don't know if I can lock it.

I locked myself in on Sunday.

Did the lock stick?


I did it on purpose.

And then my parents
had to, break it open.

Why did you do that?

I felt like it.

I wonder how Will's doing?

Britt's ready for him.

Look out!

Have you heard the latest
Beatles' LP?


Not all of it.

Do you have it?

- Yes.
- It's quite good.

Come over and listen to it
if you'd like to.


Do you like flowers, Herman?


Do you think I have
lots of flowers at my home?

I don't know

Not a single stem.

When people ask me why, I say,

"Does a baker have
his house full of bread?"

I can't stand flowers.

They take time...

They stink...

They wither...

We can't afford to sit her
and philosophies.

Well, here's
a good route for you.

Niels Juels Street.

Briskeby Road.

Gyldenloves Street

And Oscar Street.

You've been there before.

Rosa Stern.

The poor thing always
gets flowers.

Don't just stand there.

Get going.

- Bye.
- Bye

Go in and sit down.

Would you like
Coca-Cola or Solo?



Why are the curtains closed
in the middle of the day?

I don't like the light.


You know some flowers need the
light and others prefer the dark.

I can't stand the light.

Don't you ever go out?


How do you get food then?

The grocer bring it here.

Do you think I'm pretty?


Don't mind me

I say lots of strange things.

What's this?

My work.

I glue them...

and thread them on like this.

The grocer picks them up
and brings new flags.

Who sends you all the flowers?

- You name is Herman, right?
- Yes.

I used to know someone
called Herman.

A long time ago.

He didn't look like you.

Herman's an unusual name today.

I was named
after my grandfather.

He died during the war.

In the resistance?

No, he fell of his bike.

Hit his head against the wall...

Rosa isn't a common name either.

I wasn't christened Rosa.

It's my stage name

You know, when I was young...

was my hair like a bonfire.

Like a flame

That's why they called me Rosa.

My real name is Sigrun
but I couldn't use that.

No one could say it in French.



is who I became.

What did you do abroad?

Shouldn't you be going?

You can't stay too long

I'm sure your parents
are waiting for you.

You could come again if you like.

With flowers?

Even without.

Fredrikstad beat Lyn! (football teams)

You didn't expect that, eh?

It's the same thing every year.

Suddenly it's here.

It's strange that we
don't get used to it.

Right, Herman?


The snow.

It must come on day.

What's a 10-letter word for
"uproar" ending in "n"?




Yes, that's it.

How's school, Herman?

Good, I think.

You think?
You should know..

It's good



This one is worth 25 kroners.

Herman, you have a visitor.

Who is it?

We're not finished yet.
What about the Dutch ones?

What are you thinking about?


That's not possible.


Think about nothing.

Like I said, it's impossible.

You try.

How do you do it?

Sit like this.

- Like that?

Now shut your eyes.


I did it.

- You didn't think about anything?
- No.

Are you quite sure?

One thing that
wouldn't go away...

A little elephant in the corner.

You're kidding around.

Did you get a key to your room?


Britt's having a party
after the exams.

Have you been with many girls?

- Why do you ask about that?
- I was just wondering.

A few.

- Don't you dear to say?
- Sure.


I guess it will be four then.


What a surprise!

Are you working overtime?

- I'm not delivering flowers today.
- No, I know.

No! Not there!

I'm glad you came.

Have you got visitors?

No. I'm just celebrating
a special day.

Are you always alone?


How do yo pass the time?

You get used to it.

Time passes on its own.

I just sit here and
notice the time passes by.

You haven't always been alone?

Is it disgusting to see an old
woman drinking alone?


I haven't always been alone.

But it was a long time ago.

People were everywhere.
Too many at times.

Couldn't get time for me self.

There were always...

performances, parties, travels.

So now I've got time to myself.

What did you do abroad?

I was an trapeze artist.

There was myself,
a Spaniard and two Germans.

I wasn't afraid.

I never was because...

Bruno, one of the Germans,
who was really from Italy..

Had such strong arms.

Like two steel cables.

He caught me up high.

I didn't shut my eyes,
so I saw everything

It was like a dream.
The drum-rolls... The public...

I was never afraid with Bruno.

He took me..

And suddenly was I standing on
the platform, listening to the applause.

After that..

So much happened.

We traveled all over Europe.

"Cirque d'Hiver".

That's where I got the name Rosa.

Rosa. That's my name.

Bruno's arms...
His hands...

I can still feel them
taking hold of me...

the split second
before we met...

It was as if our arms
and hands were fused.

I slowly floated
up to the platform.

Like this.

This is how he held me.
Like this.

Where's Bruno now?

We got married in
Munich in December 1938.

It was so cold.

We wore thick furs on
the way to the church.

And out clown,
a little Polish guy...

he had such strange eyes.

He wanted to sprinkle
sawdust on the church floor.

Very good, Herman.

Herman, it's for you.

It's Unni.



No. I can't tonight.

I have to study math and the rest.



Where are you going?

To the movies.

- What are you going to see?
- I don't know yet.


I didn't expect you back.

I can do your shopping
and leave it at your door.

No, thank you.
That's not necessary.

I'm so tired nowadays.
I'm not sleeping well.

I lie awake thinking.

Is there much snow outside?

No, not very much.

I can't think of anything more
unsavory than snow.

December is the worst month of the year.

Why do you come here?

What do you want?

I'm sure you have a lot of
friends and a girlfriend.

Why do you visit me?

I like talking to you.

And listening to you.

The others just talk
about nothing.

- Sorry. I didn't...
- It doesn't matter.

I intended to show it to
you anyhow.

Did you know I'd come back?


Copenhagen in the spring.

My debut with the circus.

What happened afterwards?


Yes, after you'd been
to that hospital?

Did I tell you that?

I'm so clumsy.

Hang on and I'll dry you off.

These hand of mine...

I can't control them.
They slip away from me.

What will your mother say?

- You haven't told anyone?
- No.

- You mustn't tell anyone about me.
- No.

Where were we, Herman?

You said you went into a...

You were in a sanatorium.

Oh, yeah

That's right.

Next to a beach.

I used to walk there.

A sandy beach.

Several miles long

It was always foggy.

The summer houses were shut.

Ant the war was on.

Isn't it strange?

A full-scale war was on
and I didn't notice a thing.

I just waited for Bruno.

Bruno became a soldier.

He sent me a photograph.

I never saw him again.

I died in the war too.

But I only noticed it afterwards.

Go home now, Herman.

Can't you hear me?
Go home!


- Where have you been?
- At the movies.

- You're lying!
- I've been at the movies.

- What's that on your jumper?
- I don't know.

And who would know?

It smells like gin.

- Have you been drinking?
- No.

Someone at the movies
spilt a bottle over me.

I don't know what it was.

You needn't keep
secrets from me.

Have you gone home
already, Herman?

I think he's gone home.

Can any of you see him?
I can't seem to.

Would you give us
a little sound?

A little sign of life so
we know where you are?

No, no, no!

Remain quiet and seated while
I collect your papers.

And no talking!

Herman, wait!

Don't you have time
to talk to me?

- I have to work.
- You're always busy.

I study at night.

Are you going to the party?

I'll try.

I saw you that night...

you wouldn't come out.

You were running
and looked stupid.

- I had to deliver flowers.
- That suddenly?

Everyone wants flowers
around Christmas

Sometimes I'm not home before 10.

Then say so instead of lying.

I've got a room key now.

Where have you been?

Delivering flowers.

It's past ten,
and you haven't eaten yet.

I'm not hungry.

I said I'd be late.

You could have rung.

You know where I was.
Should I ring half-hourly?

Don't be a smartass.

It's good that you work
and earn money.

But we still get anxious.

I rang the florist
over an hour ago.

And they said you'd left!

Yes, with four deliveries.
One of them miles away.

- Have you been smoking?
- No, I've delivered flowers.

Herman, don't lie to us!

I'm not.

Do you want to see the receipts?

What do you really do
in the evenings?

Willy has rung
and asked for you.

What's happening to you?


- Going to the liquor store?
- Yeah, we are.

The queue's not that damn long.


- Want another?
- Okay.

Cheers, Willy.

Cheers, boys.

I told my folks.
I'm staying over with you.

I said that too.


- That I'm staying with you.
- I hope they don't check.


When did you arrive?

I've been here all along.

I didn't see you.

I sat right there in lounge room.

Me too.


What is it, Herman?

What do you mean?

You seem so strange.

- It's nothing in particular.
- It got to be something.

I'm with someone else.

You're rotten!

- Have you been drinking much?
- A little. I'm not drunk

Would you like one?

I hardly recognise you, Herman.

- Where have you been?
- To a school party.

- So you're stopped by on your way home?
- I'm not going home.

What happened to Bruno?


I never saw him again.

He was probably killed in action.

And then you left the circus.

I should have. But the manager
persuaded med to stay.

Everything had changed.
The old one's had gone.

Bruno and out clown
and everyone...

There was a new troupe.

We no longer traveled
from one town to another.

We went to military camps
along the front...

entertaining the soldiers.

The German soldiers.

I had to find Bruno!

It was my only hope to
one day find him

among half-dead
mutiladed men.

Boys sat on benches staring at me...


I still remember those laughs.

It was full of fear.

The soldiers weren't
much older than you.

Two trucks carried out out gear

And when we..

Arrived, it always
smelled of wet soil.

It was always raining.

I sat up front and saw
soldiers along the road.

Sometimes I thought...

I was almost sure..

I got the driver to stop
I ran out...

But when he turned around
it was always somebody else.

And then the laughed.

I wore high heels.
There was mud everywhere.

Mud and blood.

Fred Astaire entertained
the Americans.

I became afraid.

I knew it would happen.

It was as if I knew.

I threw myself off the trapeze.

He was too late. I felt his
fingernails scratch me

And then I fell.

I could never perform again.

That's my story.
Now you must go.

Can I stay here tonight?

Is that why you came?

How did Bruno hold you?

- Did I scare you?
- No.

I'm ugly, aren't I

Don't you even want
to look at me?


I have to go now.


Your father and I overslept.

My dear Herman...

Did you have a good time?

Want yo go skiing with me today?

I don't think so.

- Have you had breakfast at Willy's?
- Yes.

You can't go around with
fingers like that. Go wash them.


Have you locked your door?


Unlock it!



Many thanks!

Christmas is a special time..

Where we live in peace with
ourselves and others.

But it's also a time
to remember the four H's.

The cornerstones of our lives.

The four H's are...

A good heart,

good health,

able hands and a bright head.

But we got to remember there's
a time after Christmas too.

- What happened to you at the party?
- I went home.

I felt Britt's boobs.

Inside her bra.

Do you hear me?


- Cheers, Hermansen!
- Cheers, Osvaldsen!

I'd like to buy some flowers.

My dear, you can have some.

Isn't this one nice?

Yes. But I'd prefer those.

But they are summer flowers.

I'd like them anyway.

And a rose

- Like that?
- Lovely.

Are they for your girlfriend?

There you are.

How much?

- You can have them.
- I want to pay. Ten kroners?

If you absolutely insist.
Five, not a penny more.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!


My hair was like a red flame...

because Bruno...

He caught me up high...

I didn't shut my eyes,
so I saw everything.

It was like a dream.

The drum-rolls...
The public...

Like this.

This is how he held me.

Have you told anyone about me?

English translation by MKej for KG.