Burning Days (2022) - full transcript

Emre, a young prosecutor newly appointed to the small town of Yaniklar, finds himself being pulled into a political conflict during his first criminal investigation.

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How do you find it, Prosecutor?

It's scary.

But beautiful.

Judge, I'd like to
consult you about something.

The mayor has been
inviting me for dinner.

I've been finding excuses not to go.

This is a small town Mr. Emre.

Such occasions are normal here.
So don't worry.


Come, come. It's here!

Come on!

Did the sheets fit your bed?

They did Mom, don't worry.

I'll send new ones if they didn't fit.

They're very cheap here,
I'll get one if needed.

Don't buy that junk.
I'll send you some, there's a lot at home.

Alright, Mom.

So, how was your day?
Did you get used to being there?

So so.
I'm starting to get used to it.

Hang in there, son.
Your dad and I moved all over the country.

You gather so many friends,
so many memories...

There's someone at the door, Mom.
I'll call you back later, bye.

Who is it at this hour...

Good evening, Mr. Prosecutor.

Good evening.

Aunt Naciye sent this.
She said she told you before.

What is this?

Rat poison.

Are there so many rats out here?

Yes. Houses are so old, that's why.

Will you put it everywhere?

You need to put it in
all the hiding spots.

You want a beverage?

Some Coke?


Want some cold Coke?


I'll set a trap in the basement.
That's their main point of entry.

Okay, send them in.

Come in.

-Mr. Prosecutor?

I'm Şahin Öztürk. Attorney.

Kemal Gürçay, dentist.

Please accept our little gift.
Our famous dessert.

It's a sweet.

That's very thoughtful of you,
thank you. Please, have a seat.

-Thank you.

Excuse us Mr. Prosecutor,

we weren't able to pay you
a welcome visit until today.

You're here now.

-How do you do?
-I'm well thank you. And you?

-Thankfully well.
-Very well, thank you.

Once again accept my welcome, Prosecutor.

Thank you.

Mr. Prosecutor, did we scare you a bit?

In what way?

I mean, they must have mentioned.

From time to time boars overrun our land.

So, we go on boar hunts
once or twice a year.

We got a call
that boars had come to the orchards.

We chased after them, but somehow
some of the group went into the town.

We followed them.

Then some kids gathered around.
They need some fun, you know.

I see.

But there was gunfire
on the streets, Mr. Şahin.

No, not really. How could one
shoot boars in the middle of the street?

The guys fired some shots
into the air to scare the boars.

Also for fun.

I see.

But Mr. Şahin,

you are an attorney.


It is forbidden by law
to fire a gun in residential areas.

As men of law, shouldn't we know that?

Of course. Due to our profession,
we should know best, and we do.

Hunting is very common here,
it is a long-standing tradition

so people are used to it.
It's not a really big deal.

What if one of those bullets
hit someone on the balcony?

No, no.

With all the kids around,
Mr. Kemal. You said it yourself.

No, we know where to shoot
and we never miss.

Don't you worry Mr. Prosecutor,

rest assured, we're very cautious.

At the end, no one got hurt.
Isn't that so?

Let's not make a big deal out of it.

How do you mean?
Am I making a big deal of it?

-No, I didn't mean it that way.
-You said not to make a big deal.

-Did I hear it wrong?

No, he means...
It was just an expression.

An expression? I don't get it.

I mean, I didn't say it to offend you.
Don't take it literally.

-He means, not a big deal...
-Yes, exactly.

It was fun for the crowd,
nothing dangerous...

You say it was fun.

So, you call that scene fun?

Do you think kids should be
exposed to that kind of atrocity?

No, Mr. Prosecutor, but I have to say
we have nothing to do with that.

What happened is,
the guys wanted to remove the dead boar.

-To move it out of town...
-Put me through to Sergeant İlhan.

The method used is not
a method that can be approved...

-It is wrong.

But to be fair, our town is
used to seeing dead animals.

-Guns aren't uncommon either.
-Does that make them less dangerous?

-No, he didn't mean that...
-I assume no one here is immune to bullets?

Of course not, Mr. Prosecutor.

Mr. İlhan.

I had ordered an arrest.


Yes, I understand.

Yes, but when I saw them here now...

Ask me before making any decisions.



What is it Mr. Prosecutor?

Is there a problem?

I mean, what is the arrest case?

Yanıklar's very own,

Selim Öztürk, candidate for mayor.

Another term with Selim Öztürk...

Hello Mr. Prosecutor.


I'm Murat Körükçü,
owner of The Voice of Yanıklar newspaper.

I saw your car while passing by
and wanted to warn you.

About what?

It's dangerous here.

The bottom is very soft,
it'll draw you in like quicksand.

There's another lake
where the locals swim.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

So, do you like Yanıklar?

Yanıklar is alright,
but I'm quite busy with work.

Sure you are.

There's plenty of animosity here.

Especially cases between
the people and the municipality.

I hope they all conclude soon.

I hope so but,

the former prosecutor left the town
hastily before his term expired.

He did?

I find his departure a little intriguing.

Without saying a word,
the guy vanished into thin air.

So, the water trial is hanging in the air.

It isn't Mr. Murat.

It isn't. Don't you worry, okay?

He told his landlord
that they would poison him.

He was pretty sick in his last days.

They say he was as pale as a ghost.

If you'll excuse me.


I just wanted to inform you,
no one would have told you this.

Thank you.

Don't come here again.

It is dangerous.

Next time, you go to the other lake.

Naciye's house is good Mr. Prosecutor.

People don't appreciate these old houses.

As if the apartment buildings
are any better.

You did the best.
These houses stay cool in the summer.

The new buildings
literally soak up the heat.

The courthouse is just like that.

This place is left from my father.

I gave it to my son.

It's relatively cool.

Yes, it is.

The weather is fine and all
but we have a water problem.

-Unfortunately, Mr. Mayor.
-It's an age-old issue here.

But thankfully,
we are very close to solving it.

I mean, you are now familiar with it.

Our main water source
has always been groundwater.

So it's nothing new.

When the town's demand increased

we wanted to lay a modern pipeline,

but we had bad luck,

a sinkhole swallowed
a stable and animals perished.

Your predecessor
filed for a criminal case.

When you drain groundwater,
supposedly, you cause sinkholes

and this poses danger to
residential areas and people.

There've been sinkholes
since my childhood.

But Mr. Mayor,

sinkholes are extremely dangerous.

Sure they are, don't get me wrong,
of course it should be investigated.

We know best when it comes to
the dangers of sinkholes.

We did municipal research about it.

This has nothing to do with groundwater.
It's a totally natural occurrence.

The expert's reports point to this,
you read them.

I did.

Luckily the judge
didn't enforce precautions

and the project is ongoing.

But unfortunately, there are many people
who'd be happy to see the project halted.

It's all about politics.

Never mind, I told you all this
because the topic brought itself up.

I hope you don't misinterpret me.

We respect any decision
issued by the court of law.


Anyway, the aim was to welcome you.

We didn't get the chance
since you started duty here.

-Better late than never, thank you.
-Then come on, cheers.

Mr. Şahin didn't mention
he was your son yesterday.

That's why I was
surprised to see him here.

You visited Mr. Prosecutor yesterday?


We went with Kemal.

Good job!

You usually don't do
such things unless I say it.

Excuse me.


Where, when?

We have power here.

What do the technicians say?

Where is Mr. Selim?

Don't ask, he had to leave urgently.

There's been a problem at the power plant.
He conveyed his apologies.

No worries.

That's my father, he works at all hours.

Such a pity what happened.

Yes, here you are.

-Have a taste of this raki.
-You poured some more?

-This is too much for me.
-But you promised.

You need to taste this Mr. Emre.

Come on, cheers.

Come on.

Our garden is beautiful.

Feel free to come over whenever you want.

Thank you.

If you want to bathe...

Excuse me?

I heard you went to the lake today.

For God's sake!

The news spreads fast here.


There's no need to go to the lake.

You see,

I installed a water tank on the rooftop,
it's made my life so easy.

Now I have water all day.

Please come over anytime you need a bath.

Thank you.

Sure. In fact, if you'd like to cool off,
take a shower right now.


-Shall I get you a towel?
-No, thank you.

-Come on, it'll be refreshing...

Thank you.

I insist because we're used to being
without water, but for you, probably not.

Bravo guys! Hello.


I've been trying to amuse Mr. Prosecutor.

Come, sit there.

-Hello, Mr. Prosecutor.

-Mr. Kemal, what's all this?
-Some small entertainment for you.

You must have put in so much effort.

Not at all, it's no big deal.

Thank you so much,
but I have to leave shortly.

-There's work tomorrow.

-You can't go Mr. Prosecutor, no way.
-Won't you let us host you properly?

There's no need for all this trouble.

This is routine for us.
We do this three nights a week.

Anyone fed up with the heat
comes here to cool off.

Believe me. If I could,
I would curl up and sleep right here.

But when the control tower
orders me to come home...

I'm talking about my wife, get it?

As soon as the Minister of Interior calls,
he's out the door!

Come on, cheers.

Come on. Welcome Mr. Prosecutor.

Mr. Şahin,

this is too strong.

It's our locally distilled raki.

It's strong, but very good.

Let's take the city boy
out of you, Mr. Prosecutor.

Yes, let's toughen you up a little.

-First we'll go on a hunt.
-That would be awesome.

-I have no talent in such things.
-It's simple, you see it and you shoot it.

My father has some great guns.

We'll give you a good rifle.


no hunting in the street right?

Mr. Prosecutor!

God forbid, no.

Of course not. We're going
this weekend, I hope you can make it too.

It'll be really good.

-What're we hunting?
-Partridge. You must come.

-I am not sure.
-Make sure to come, it'll be really good.

We'll see.

Umm, is there someone there?



What's up Murat?
You're lurking in the shadows.


Are you recording us or what?

No, I just heard your voices and came.
Good evening Mr. Prosecutor.

Good evening.

My home is right up there,

I heard an unfamiliar voice,
it turned out to be you.

Is the mayor not here?


Yeah, it wouldn't have been appropriate
with Mr. Prosecutor here.

The elections are coming up,
so is the water trial.

You're the two opposing sides
of the trial, isn't it so?

So Murat,

anything else?


You enjoy yourselves.

-Good evening Mr. Prosecutor.
-Good evening.

Shut the gate on your way out, will you?

Who is he?

He's the oppositional
journalist of Yanıklar.

He's the adopted son of Mr. Rahmi,
one of the former mayors.

With the upcoming elections,
he's trying to find our weak spots.

-Wherever I go, he appears out of the blue.
-Take caution and don't let him near you.


He's not approved of around here.

In what way?

Morally, let's say.

How so?

He's a marked man.

He was the sweetheart of raki nights.

He was up to anything with anybody.

You didn't have any salad.

Here you go.


Take the shot!


Show the one from Beldibi.

It was awesome.
We shot thirteen of them. Thirteen!

It's no picnic.


Turn the volume up.

See how it rolls down.

Look! What the fuck!

-Wait and see.
-Nah, he's not good at it.

Now watch. Here it comes.

There it is!

Kudos to Tuncay, you blew us away again.

-Enough, Kemal.
-Here's a single.

How's this a single?
You're gonna make me drunk.

-That's the plan, isn't it?

Get used to it, we're gonna
have plenty of such time together.

The nightlife here is very vibrant.

Don't underestimate our town,
we have wild parties here.

You'll see for yourself.
Come on, bottoms up.

If we stop, we fall.

Şahin, did you hear?
A new troupe is coming in.

I heard, but

let's hope they're not like the ones
from last time. It was pathetic.

Nah, they're coming from Ankara.
Right Tuncay?

-From Ankara.
-Oh, good.

Sorry about that Mr. Prosecutor,

this is a small town,
so this is our way of having fun.

We have this place and
once in a while a troupe comes in.

We'll invite you when they come, okay?

What kind of troupe?
Theater or something?


No, it's a folk dance troupe.

-I guess it counts as theater.
-It does, right?

Love, lust,
stories about going back and forth.

Blood, sweat and tears.

The actors don't speak good Turkish,
but we don't care.

Nema problema. Tap it.

Diction is not that important,
what matters is body language.

Bless you for making us laugh.

Mr. Prosecutor,

by troupe... we mean ladies, get it?

Sure I got it, I'm not stupid.


You're not mad at us, right? Come.

Why would I be mad?

I mean why would I?

Of course.

-But, it's not nice.
-It isn't.

Would it suit the state prosecutor?


I am here on behalf of the state.

We ate,

we drank and laughed a bit, but that's it.

That's where I draw the line.

Prosecutor, apologies for this.

Us, we're frank people.

But we know to apologize
when we do wrong.

I apologize, Mr. Prosecutor.

-No need...
-I sincerely apologize.

No need for an apology.


for a prosecutor,

to act inappropriately...

What if people talk?

-Come on!
-Would it be agreeable?

Shame on you.

I don't get why you’re making
such a big deal out of it, Mr. Prosecutor.

And I don't get
what you don't get, Mr. Şahin.

I told you already,

would it be agreeable in the public eye?

Why does it matter?

Is it forbidden? We're men after all.

My reputation is everything, Şahin.

We've had such talks
with former prosecutors.

I've never gotten this kind of reaction.

-You don't like it?
-We do, Prosecutor.

-This is how I roll.
-Bravo to you.

-Mr. Kemal, this is how I roll.
-Yes, I understand.

Well would you look at that!
We are rebuked again.

-What're you saying Mr. Şahin?

I'm saying we are rebuked
at our own table.

We aren't Şahin.

-Again with the rebuke.
-It's okay, Prosecutor.

"Other prosecutors take it well,

you don't."
What is he implying by this?

-What are you implying?

I'm not implying anything!

Maybe it's against my moral values.

You are right Mr. Prosecutor.

Can you please explain
what exactly it is that you’re implying?

-I don't imply anything!
-You do!

-No, I don't.
-Yes you do.

-I said I don't.
-But you do.

-No, I don't.
-You do, Mr. Şahin.

-I'm not implying anything!
-You are!

Pekmez is here.

Oh! Pekmez, what're you doing here?

-Şahin, did you call her?
-Nope, she came on her own.

What good timing.
Guys, what're you waiting for?


Come on.

Come on!

Play harder!

Are you alright, Prosecutor?

Okay let it out.

Easy, Prosecutor. Easy.

Let it out.

Are you done?

What happened to you?

Did you drink too fast?

The raki seems to have hit you hard.

Come on.
Would you like me to lay you down?

Would you, Mr. Prosecutor?

Come on, let me lay you down here.

Watch out for that step.

Okay, that's it.

Are you okay?


You are, you are.



Good morning, Mr. Prosecutor.

Good morning, Mr. İlhan.


-When did it happen?
-About half an hour ago.

I heard a noise earlier, it must be this.

It must be, Mr. Prosecutor.
It was very loud.

Were they home?

Yes, and they were very scared.

Okay, let's get their statements.

-You took pictures, right?
-Of course, Mr. Prosecutor. Furkan!

Go fetch Mehmet Kocaman.

We have one more case, Mr. Prosecutor.

It was reported early this morning.
Can we stop by the hospital after this?

Sure, what is it?

A rape.

There's this gypsy girl. A half-wit.

They call her Pekmez.


Those bastards beat her up pretty bad.


Sergeant İlhan!

You had promised!
You said it wouldn't happen again.

What happened to that promise?

Do you have no pity
for my poor girl? For us? Huh?

-Are you even human?
-Yavuz, Yavuz!

-Do you believe in God?

-God damn all of you!

-I hope you don't see a day of peace.

-You sons of bitches!
-Don't curse in front of the prosecutor.

Fuck you and your prosecutor!

Fuck you motherfuckers!

Aren't we human?
Will anyone get punished for this?

-Fuck your justice!
-Yavuz, don't get me started, shut up!

I won't shut up!
That uniform of yours, fuck...

Shut up! Make him shut up!

None of you have honor!

-Fuck you!
-Yavuz, stop!

-Fuck you motherfuckers!
-Yavuz, shut up!

Sons of bitches!

-You disgusting bastards!
-Yavuz, shut up!

Mr. Prosecutor,

these gypsies
have been here since I was a child.

They moved here years ago.

You must've seen the tents
around the upper neighborhood.

Some made money and bought houses.
Some still live in those tents.

They play instruments
and dance at events like weddings.

Okay, let him in.


Sorry Mr. Prosecutor.

I wasn't aware of your presence.

When I saw what they did to her,

I lost it.

Tell me.

Who could've done this?

How would I know that, Mr. Prosecutor?

We're just simple folk.

We mean no harm to anyone.

But they abused us as we stayed silent.

She had a baby from the first rape,
three years old now.

What if she gets pregnant again?

How many times has this happened?


This is the third time.
I mean that we know of.

Maybe there's been more.

Hello, Pekmez.

How are you?


What happened last night?


Last night,

what happened?

Who beat you?

Beat me.

Yes, so who beat you?

My sister.

Your sister?

I broke the jar.


She says she broke the jar
and her sister beat her.

No, it's not that Pekmez.

Last night,

they did something to you.

Do you remember?


Doctor, Mr. İlhan,

can you please excuse us?

It's crowded here,
maybe she's not comfortable.

Of course, Mr. Prosecutor.

Come in.

Doctor, were you able to collect
the semen samples from the girl?

Yes, Mr. Prosecutor.

Alright then.
Send it to the forensic lab right away.

Sure, the samples will be there today.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

-Yes, Mr. Prosecutor?

I'm requesting an arrest.

Şahin Öztürk, the attorney.


For the rape of Huriye Bozok,
known by the alias Pekmez.

But how come Mr. Prosecutor?

Didn't you hear me, shall I repeat?

No, no but...

So we arrest Mr. Şahin, the attorney?

Yes, exactly.

Based on Huriye Bozok's statement.

Mr. Prosecutor,

did Pekmez tell you this herself?

I mean, her word isn't exactly reliable.

Is that so?

Whose word is then?

-Mr. Prosecutor...

It's me who orders the arrest.

Yes, sir.

Mr. Prosecutor, hello.

Hello, Doctor, Mrs. Zeynep.
Wouldn't you join me?

We wouldn't want to bother you.

We'll sit over there, thank you Mr. Emre.

Dear, take a seat.
I need to talk to the prosecutor.

-Sure, good evening.
-Good evening.

-How are you?
-I'm fine thanks, how about you?

I'm fine, too.

You're the talk of the town.

Word spreads fast.

You'll likely decide
after the interrogation but

do you plan to request remand?

Well Judge,
things seem to be heading that way.

I'll have a better idea
after reading the statement.

But you know,
they say Pekmez is mentally disabled.

Can her statement be trusted?

I think,

a baby, even an animal
would recognize whoever hurt them.

If we think she's not even fit for that

we'd need
a medical council's report proving it.

You're right,
but all these things take time you know.

It could be better to consider
trial without an arrest...


there's an eyewitness.

Is there? Who?

I can't say right now.

Did he witness the crime?

Not exactly, but

he saw the suspect's
inappropriate acts towards Pekmez.

But not the crime itself.

Listen Mrs. Zeynep,

this has happened to Pekmez three times.

At least three times.

And it seems, if we don't pursue this case

it will keep happening.


Attention! The municipality
has brought in a water tanker.

Citizens can get water
in front of the municipal building.

For the attention
of the people of Yanıklar.

-Hello Mr. Prosecutor.

Mr. Prosecutor, let me offer you some tea.

-Thank you, I need to be at the office.
-I brewed a fresh pot.

-Thank you so much.
-Next time then.


Mr. Prosecutor!

Mr. Prosecutor, God bless you.

Wait Yavuz!

You're such a good man.

May God pave your way,
and bless you with the best.

-Okay, Yavuz.
-I hope... Mr. Prosecutor,

if you need anything, please let me know.

Thank you, I don't want anything.

Thank you.

We haven't exactly been
getting along, have we?

Please, just answer the questions.

When did you last see Huriye Bozok?

You know very well, when.

Answer the question.

Pekmez came to the garden.

We danced together.

Pekmez loves to dance.

She comes to dance now and then.
And we all have fun

in a harmless way.

We got tired and she left.

I have witnesses.

You are one of them.

Mr. Mustafa, write this down.

The suspect,

that night...

I admire your courage, Mr. Prosecutor.

What does that mean?

We were together all night.

It's brave of you to open an investigation

without thinking
this might also point to you.

How do you mean?

I mean,

if a crime was committed

you were also there.

You know very well,

that I left at some point.

And before that,

I was sleeping.

But you did wake up in between.

You joined us.

Then whatever we did, we did together.

And what was that?

Don't you remember?

Good evening Mr. Prosecutor.


I need to talk to you.

I have some papers
that I'd like to share with you.


Proofs showing that the geological reports
for the water trial were forged.

Some reports were swept
under the rug by the municipality.

These reports clearly indicate that

the overconsumption of
groundwater can cause sinkholes.

Apparently, the municipality switched them
with reports that favor their case.

They presented
the forged reports to the court.

Didn't the prosecution
request a new expert report then?

As I mentioned, the prosecutor
left the town in the middle of the trial.

There're also reports from
the Chamber of Geological Engineers.

I already published them in my newspaper.

Will you publish these too?

I don't think now is the right time.

Why not?

The elections are next week.


Selim has been blaming the opposition
for hindering the water project.

If I move forward with these,
it will look bad and

he will use it to his advantage.
Hot and dry summer hit people the hardest.

So you want me to do your job?


You want me to do it for you,
so you don't lose popularity.

What does this have to do with popularity?

We're talking about people's lives.
The sinkholes have reached the outskirts.

Are you aware what'd happen
if they reached the town?

-So you're worried about townspeople?
-Of course I am. What else?

How should water be supplied then?

From the Gorgum Creek, but it's
more costly and Selim doesn't want it.

He wants to
cut the costs and get the votes.

Selim's era is coming to an end.

People are fed up.
With Selim and Şahin,

with their criminal ways.

He's been holding his office
for years with the promise of water.

-I'd like to ask you something.
-Sure, go ahead.

This place of yours,
how close is it to Şahin's place?

-The one in the orchard?

Pretty close.

So you'd hear if there were a noise?

Yeah, sure.

The other night
I heard voices and came over, you know.


that night what else did you hear?

Especially later in the evening.


I went back home,
shut the windows and went to bed.

I did hear some singing but


I see.

So, any arguments,
a scream for instance?

-You didn't hear anything?
-I didn't.

I must've been deep asleep.
But I did wake up to your voice.

My voice?

Don't you remember?


You were outside, crying loudly.

Crying loudly?

Don't you remember?

Well, not clearly.

It must be the raki I drank.

I remember bits and pieces,

but not the whole night.

Well, I woke up to
someone crying under my window.

It was you.

I asked you if you were alright.

You said you weren't.

My goodness!


then what happened?

I took you in.

-Into your home?

I took you to the bathroom.



I took off your shirt.

I took off your trousers.

I splashed some water on you.

That's how you came to.

Is that so?

So you don't remember anything at all?

I wouldn't say that, but I seem
to have blacked out at some point.

They slipped drugs into your drink.


Has something like this
ever happened when you drank raki?

No, but that raki was so strong,
that's probably why.

If I were you, I would have a test.

-Come on, no way.
-Don't brush it off,

drugs are quite popular here.

Probably they took something as well.

Good evening Mr. Prosecutor.

The upcoming hearing is crucial.

-I hope for the town's sake...
-Good evening.

Good evening.

Murat, take off your pants too.

Come on.





Are you awake?


you woke up right on time.

Come on, prove the rumors wrong.

Come on.

Come in!

We brought Pekmez.

Come, have a seat.

Here, sit.

Girl, where're you going?

Don't be afraid,
the prosecutor will just talk to you.

Don't be afraid,
I'll be right out the door, okay?

Come dear.


Pekmez, we'll talk a little, okay?


Are you afraid?


Are you afraid of me?

Don't be.

I didn't do anything to you.

Isn't that right?

So, don't be afraid of me.

-Mr. İlhan.
-Yes, Prosecutor?

We will make another arrest.
Kemal Gürçay.

Kemal the dentist?

And, let's assign two officers to protect
the tents of Pekmez and her family.

Of course.




Mr. İlhan, for two days,
I've been getting texts from strangers.

I want these people to be
identified as soon as possible.

Do you like it?

The soup is delicious, thank you.
It reminds me of my mother's cooking.

Honestly, we don't cook.

A lady comes in during the day,
she cooks it all.

We only heat it up.

No matter how hard I try,
I can't cook like this.

Being single is hard.

If I were single,
I would never cook at home.

Do you plan to get married?

Not at the moment.

I'll bring the pastry.

I'm surprised no one's trapped
you into marriage yet.


-Yeah, no.


You've certainly caused some stir
among the young girls here,

that's what they say.

Are there young girls here?
I haven't seen any.

They see you.

Who knows?
Maybe you'll end up marrying a local.


Someone from here?

You'd better drop this attitude
when you work in rural districts.

Otherwise, you'll have a hard time.

What attitude?

Your neck healed.

-There was a redness on your neck.

Yeah, it healed.

Mr. Prosecutor.

Good evening.

I saw your car.

I'm doing an inspection.

At this time?

Where's your home exactly?

Right up there.

It's pretty close.

So you heard nothing that night?

As I've said,

when Şahin parties, I shut
all my windows and go to bed.

Are there no neighbors close by?

There aren't many people left.

Most left their old houses and
moved to the upper neighborhood.

Come in, have some drinks.

Nice place.

It is.

But I can't stay long.


This house is left from Mr. Rahmi.
The man who raised me.

Also a former mayor.

How did you inherit it?

Mr. Rahmi adopted me
because he had no children.

When he died, he left it to me.

But his brothers filed a lawsuit
claiming inheritance.

Why did he adopt you?

My family was poor.

And I was good at school.

But my family
couldn't afford my education.

-That is why Mr. Rahmi fostered me.
-I see.

-And the newspaper?
-That too is inherited from Mr. Rahmi.

He wanted me to keep publishing.

-Who was your biological father?
-I don't know, he died when I was three.

It must've been hard on your mother.

We had some hard times, indeed.

How did you make a living?

By doing all sorts of things.

Can I go out on the balcony?

Of course.

You can't see Şahin's garden.

You can't, but you can hear the voices.

You think it was them who raped Pekmez?


How can you be so sure?


You're awake?


Come on, come quickly.


I remember some things from that night.

From this house?

From the garden.

Then you can testify.

Not preventing a crime
makes me an accomplice.

You were drugged.

But, while drugged, what if...

-I also...
-Mr. Prosecutor,

you were here that night.

I took you

into my home,

and you were with me all night.

You put me in the shower
with my clothes on?

I said I took off your clothes.

Wasn't it hard?

A little.

So the water was running?

It was.

It came back on at midnight.

The first phone number is
registered to Hüsnü Yildirim.

Who's this Hüsnü Yildirim?

A wholesaler.

He has a store downtown,
you must've seen it.

Which one is he?

That one, Mr. Prosecutor.

Who's this?

Refik Gür.

The postmaster's son.

Take them to the police station.

Mr. Prosecutor...
After all... These photos...

I mean...

-Let's not rush to judgment...
-Never mind.

Bring them here directly.

Good morning.

Good morning, Judge.


Did you see the newspapers?




It says you'll request
a new expert report.

Did you ever say this to someone?

Of course not.

-Whose newspaper is this?
-Mr. Selim's brother-in-law publishes it.

I will refute this news.

Who do you think is the source?

There's no source, Judge.

They're trying to
pressure me before the trial.

They think they can distract
people's attention away from Şahin's case.

Take a look at the second page.


You mentioned an eyewitness.

I wonder if it is you.


how could they dare
to do such a thing in my presence?

I left early that night.

At what time?

Don't worry,
I have an alibi for that night.

-Is this an interrogation?

I brought some more poison.

Did you put poison in the breadbox?


So they eat the poison first
when they come for the bread.

This Murat...

Which Murat?

The journalist.


He supports the other party.


They don't want Mr. Selim to bring water.

Because if he manages to bring water,
they'll never win an election again.

Where's this coming from?

I'm just saying.

Everyone says Yanıklar
was so bad before Mr. Selim.

Do they? Who says so?

Everyone, I said.

Murat is trying to take revenge.


He hates Yanıklar.


Why would he hate it for no reason?

He doesn’t want Yanıklar to develop.

-Is that so?
-Plus, he's immoral.

He's tricked a lot of people.

-What does that mean?
-He's seduced and tricked many.

Both women and men.

He seduced Mr. Selim's ex-wife.

Who told you this?

Everyone knows this.

He seduced Mr. Selim's ex-wife
to steal the municipal files.

Mr. Selim divorced his wife after that.

-How did you know I was here?
-Everyone's talking about you.

You've gotten quite good at
making people talk.

-Thanks to you.

Why's that?

The article about the expert report,

how did they know about it?

How would I know?

If it wasn't you, then who leaked it?

Why would I do such a thing
right before the elections?

It's obvious that Selim
will use this as leverage.

That's not the point,
it's what you're doing.

What am I doing?

You've been bringing in
prominent people for interrogation.

Congratulations for
being so good at making enemies.


Did I disturb your old friends?

No, it's just that I'm curious.
Why dig up the old stuff?

They were trying to influence me
by sending photos.

Photos of you when you were just a kid.

You think this is the first time
those photos have come out?

They contain elements of crime.

I'm a man of the law,
I can't turn a blind eye.

Man of the law?

Mr. Prosecutor,
you seem to be jealous more than anything.

What are you trying to say?

I don't know, maybe it's just me.


what are you implying?

You gave Selim and his gang
a perfect opportunity to play the victim.

You're obsessed with the elections.

Selim's spreading lies that if he's
not elected, there'll be new arrests.

-What's that got to do with this?
-You are not smart enough to get it?

Don't talk to me like that!

You have no idea
what people say, do you?

What do they say?

People think I influence you.

Is that a lie?

Aren't you trying to influence me?


Why are you trying to convince me
I spent that night at your place?

Because that's the truth.

And I will buy that just
to clear myself, is that it?

So this is how you manipulate people.

Oh yeah? How?

By pulling powerful people to your side.

Is that how you remain
untouchable in this town?

I guess that's what
you've been doing your whole life.

Is that how you seduced Mr. Rahmi too?

Doesn't the engine start?

I'm sorry.

-Good evening, Prosecutor.
-Good evening.

The water tanker overturned,
the road is blocked.

You need to use
the lower road to the town.

Thank you. Have a good one.

Who threw that?

I asked who threw that?


You mentioned it a few times

that there was a massive turnout...

Mayor Selim!

-Good morning Mr. Emre.
-Good morning Mrs. Zeynep.

Upon their appeal,
I lifted the arrest of Şahin and Kemal.

I saw him just now.

So, won't you ask why?

It's your decision.

The semen analysis came in.

The DNA doesn't match either of theirs.

-What do you mean no match?
-Yes, that's the case.

-I'll have the test repeated...
-Mr. Emre, the results are from Ankara.

I should've collected
samples from the musicians, too.

What about yourself?


Since you were also there that night...


left early

that night.

-You have an alibi.

-Is your alibi the journalist?



Stay away from that man, Mr. Emre.

He could cost you your career.

And you don't need him anymore.


You don't need an alibi.

Şahin and Kemal have been acquitted.

The crime clearly
didn't take place at the orchard.

Thus, you don't need an alibi.

Why would I have needed
an alibi in the first place?

Listen Mr. Emre,

a new era begins.

Let go of all animosities.

Start a new chapter in Yanıklar, okay?


-Welcome, Mr. Prosecutor.

This house.

I counted five holes,
but I'm sure there're more.

They shot about ten, fifteen rounds.

Prosecutor, the locals say
boars ran towards here.

-Then the hunters...
-Were you home?

Yes, I stayed down on the floor,
and waited until they left.

Collect the empty casings.
Take the hunters into custody immediately.

-Prosecutor, now...
-For attempted murder.

Throw it down!

-Did you hear that?
-Hear what?

They barged into our newspaper office
and pillaged it, burned everything.


-Mr. İlhan what's going on?
-Things have gotten out of hand.

Why's there still gunfire,
haven't you arrested the hunters yet?

Sir, I'm afraid we couldn't.

-People are not allowing us near them.

Not allowing?

They are a big crowd.
They won't go without a clash.

-Haven't you called the Gendarmerie?
-We have, but

they can't get close either.
It's a tough situation.

Did you ask for backup?

The district governor did,
they're on their way.

Don't mess with our water,
don't test our patience!

Don't mess with Yanıklar,
don't test our patience!

Who's there?

-Who's there?

Emre, come here.

-Mr. İlhan,

come here quickly,
they're gathering around my home.

-Your home?
-Yes, they're right outside.

-Do you hear it Sergeant?
-I do, sir.

-Come on, be quick.
-Alright Prosecutor, you're at home right?

Of course!
Haven't you been listening to me?

Alright. Stay there, we are coming.

Pervert prosecutor!
You shouldn't have messed with Yanıklar!

You shouldn't have
messed with our water!

You'll be punished for this!

Is your lover with you, Prosecutor?
What do you guys do at night?

Shame on you!

-Filthy degenerates!

You filthy degenerates!

Don't mess with Yanıklar,
don't test our patience!


Judge, they surrounded my home.

I heard, Emre.

The windows are shattered,
they could break in anytime.

İlhan is on his way, hang in there.

Tell him to hurry, please.



İlhan will pick you up
and take you to a safe place.

Where? The station?

Into custody.

Custody? What do you mean?

Pekmez gave a statement a short while ago.


She changed her statement and
identified you as her assailant.


No way!
What's this nonsense?

Unfortunately, this is the case.

No! Listen Mrs. Zeynep, it's a lie!

Sergeant İlhan is on his way,
please don't resist him.

Mrs. Zeynep, this is not true.

Emre, tonight
custody is the safest option for you.

You hear me? Emre?

When things settle down, you'll be out.

This is Yanıklar, there's no way out!

This is Yanıklar, there's no way out!

What's the rush? Going to the lake?

Did we interrupt your party?

Murat, why don't you
invite us to the lake?

Yanıklar will have its water.
We won't let you stop it!

Forget the rest, Mayor Selim is the best.

Run, run! Go to your car, go!

They're coming after us.

-Where to, Prosecutor?


-Let's do an interview, Murat.
-Prosecutor, we're coming to you!

Don't run, you can't get away!

Where are you going you lovebirds?

You can't run from justice, Prosecutor!



I'm here, Dad. Kemal?

I'm here. Enver?

-Salih's not here!

Man, someone fell in... Who?

-Görkem, are you here?

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