Burn Your Maps (2016) - full transcript

A family in emotional turmoil is taken by surprise in this quirky adventure where an eccentric 8-year-old American boy, Wes, has an existential epiphany - He believes that he is in fact a Mongolian goat herder.

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Come on, I'm open!
Naty, over here!

Give me that.

We were just...


Here! Over here!

Is someone else
gonna turn Priscilla?

Me, too! I'm open!

Come on, I'm open!

Pass it!

Amanda, here!

How about Wes?
How's he doing?

He's still Wes.

He has no friends, really.

Just kind of on his own world.

I wish he played a sport.

But he doesn't want to.

I know that. I was just saying.

- I wish he did.
- Well, stop.

Why do you keep forcing that?

No, I'm not forcing it...


just expressing a desire
shared by many fathers

to see my son
do something athletic,

which I expressed
because I was told

that's what we do here.

- Express. Safely.
- Sorry.

Okay, sorry.

And Becca?

Um, she's walking on air.

She just got accepted
into two different programs

at Northwestern
over spring break so...

- Fantastic!
- Yeah.

Except the 1,200 dollars
of cost that we don't have.

Ballet and Computer Science.

But she has to choose one so...

We're hoping
that she chooses ballet,

that's what she wants to do,
ain't it?

Yeah, I just, she just gives
herself so much shit.

For the other girls in the class

being so much taller
and thinner.

And if it were my class,

I would tie
those skinny bitches down

and force-feed them

How's the physical intimacy

I told him that I would provide
oral gratification

any time he wants.

Just say the word, down I go.

Well, that's very generous.

How did that make you feel,

He doesn't think
that's physical intimacy.

I say, if a blowjob's not
physical intimacy, what is?

Can we speak
in slightly less graphic terms?

What? You don't think she knows
what a blowjob is?

I wasn't always old,

or a lesbian.

Have you considered
Alise's other suggestion?

That I find a girlfriend?


- A, I don't think she means it.
- I mean it.

And, uh, B,

I don't want a girlfriend.

I wanna have sex with my wife
that's why I'm here.

Not that I don't appreciate
her offer. I do.

But, uh...

I wanna make love again.

It's time.

Alise, how you doing?

Why is it time?

It can take years to recover
from the loss of a child.

And disinterest in physical
intimacy is not an...

Why do we have
to keep going over all of this

again and again? Why?

If I could give him
what he wants,

then I would.

But I can't.

I'm just not ready.

It's a good thing I'm patient.

Just, please...

Just find someone else.



Wes, honey?

Dad has AA,

Becca has rehearsal,
and I have to teach class, so...

He's not coming with me.

Okay, dance rehearsal.
Your sister is out.

That leaves sober drunks
or class with me.

Your call.

"...and when you are packing
for arrive in America,

be sure to bringing..."

Be sure to bring.

"Be sure to bring your bible

because it is hard to find
in Lozi language here.

Signed, Nara."

That's terrific.
Thank you, Nara.

Uh, let's see.
Ismail, you're up.

Um, I'm not now speaking
with my family in India,

so I'll be writing letter
to my friends.

It's okay?

Is this okay? Is it okay?
Yes, that's fine.

"Dear friends,

do not come here.

This place is where
the heart is breaking

and where dreams is exploding
into little pieces like stars.

Stay home, please.



Hi, um, I'm making a film
and, uh...



This is my son, Wes.

Your letter was sad.


You walking? I'll walk with you.


Uh, America, really,
it is not like I'm think.

Not like I thought.


One time I am a little boy,
I know I will be coming here,

and I'm also having map
of this country on my wall

for many years, everything.

But it's only disappoint
since I come.


Sorry, my English is sucking.

What did you come here to do?

I'm come to make films.

True films, documentary.

Oh, are you working on one now?

Uh, I actually cannot discuss
in front of little boy.

You'll, you'll forgive me, no?

It's fine.

Why is America so disappointing?

- Girls.
- Goals?

- Girls.
- Girls.

Yes, they are much,
much difficult here.

Oh, come on. I'm sure
we're difficult everywhere.

I'm sorry, I'm not think of lady
as old as you as girl.

That's weird, you know?

Anyway, we are still
Rudram Indian but...

India is never my home,
you know?

I'm Hindu with Muslim name,
I'm just...

not belonging there.

Can we give you a ride?

Oh, no. I'm living right there.

It's okay. Carwash.

You live in a carwash?

Yes, it is belonging to my uncle
and I also work there so...

Shalom. Good night, huh?

Esteemed teacher, teacher's son.

- Bye-bye.
- Good night.


Sister Ruth emailed me
and said you haven't told her

what you wanna do
for Heritage Day.

If this is Grandma pushing you
to do Jewish again

because Grandpa Ezra died,
don't let her.

It's your decision.

You come by you're Italian,
Jewish, French Catholic,

mutt roots, honestly.

You get to represent
whatever part of that mess

you want, okay?

Love you.

- Night.
- Good night.

Excuse me?

- What are you doing?
- Hi, uh, my name is Ismail,

and I'm making a film.

And I would like to ask if,
uh, you like to be part in it.

Is, is it okay?

What's the film about?


It's about normal,
healthy Hindu boy

who meet the American girls

and resists the sex
because he loves God.

...and when England
wouldn't let them

practice their religion
the way they wanted to,

the pilgrims decided to come
to the new world.

So on 1620,

they sailed from Plymouth Rock
across the Atlantic Ocean.

Things weren't easy
for them at first.

Where is he?

I don't know.
He should be getting ready.

I counted 56 crucifixes.

Haven't even turned around yet.

Mom, stop.

...is why we...

...have Thanksgiving.

Everyone started
to get better.

I mean, get along better,
and live happily,

except we still killed
the native...

...Americans sometimes, anyway.




My name is Wes.

And I am here today to represent

the wandering nomads
of Mongolia.

What'd he say?

These are Sindek and Notai.

My goats.

My people
weren't just Mongolian.

We were shepherds.

For centuries, the goat
has been an essential part

of Nomadic life.

The animal,
along with the horse,

is a Nomad's
most prized possession,

considered almost part
of the family.

Which is why, when the time
comes to slaughter the animals

for food
and other necessities...

it is done swiftly,

and mercifully,

by slicing up
in the animal's belly,

and removing its heart.

That's gross.


Life here can be harsh,
but also beautiful.

Afterwards, the Nomad
will pray for the animals.

Which is how I like
to use the rest of my time.

Oh, and also like to pray
for my Grandpa Ezra.


You are so weird.

Becca, stop.

What was that?
I thought you were doing Jewish?

Mom say I didn't have to.

Sister Ruth was upset.

Oh, honey, they wanted you
to come dressed as an ancestor.

She told Ricky Scar
he could dress as a GI Joe.

Well, I bet you he was adopted,

he doesn't know his ancestors.

Well, whoever they are,
they aren't action figures.

Mongolians are real, at least.

Yeah, but you're not from there.

- Take care, sweetheart.
- Bye, Grandma.

Are you taking me home
or am I walking?

Good job.

I don't care
what anyone else says.

I loved it.

I thought it was
an impeccable presentation.


Oh, hi.

- It's Samantha.
- Oh, Samantha.

- How are you?
- Oh.

God, one year of Europe
was one too many for us.

And the kids are thrilled
to be at Saint Mary's again.

Oh, the baby. How's the baby?

She must be running
all over the place by now.

She's fine.

- Hm.
- You can't be late, Mom.


- Oh, well, I'll see you around.
- Oh, sure.

Thank you.

My name is...

Why are your blankets
on the stairs?

'Cause then I can sleep
on the steps,

that's were Mongolian's live.

It's steppes, honey.

As in high, flat grasslands.

I know what steppes are, Mom.

But we don't have them here
so I'm improvising.

Where are you from?


What is your name?

We have a sleeping Mongol
in our son's bed.

Count your blessings,

he wanted to sleep
on the stairs.


It's not that weird.

Developing brain is wacky.

Well, the barefoot lesbian
agrees with you.

- You called Maureen?
- Mm-hm.

That a problem?

Anyway, she says we have nothing
to worry about.

I was not worried.

Goats, Yamaanuud.

Has anyone see my iPad?

Becca, now.


- What are you doing?
- What?

Did you know about this?

and put on your uniform.

Oh, my god. Are those my Uggs?

Go change, now. We're late.

Why can't I wear this?

Because the nuns will kill you,
you little jerk.


Do you wanna call Goker all day?

He's just never met
a Mongolian before.

Neither have you, chew-paca.

I'm not gonna ask you again.
Will you say something?

All right, I'll get the uniform.

- Thank you.
- I don't wanna wear my uniform.

I tried it on,
it didn't feel good.

It made me feel really strange.

Oh, okay.
I'll tell you what.

Okay, you wear that
until you get to school.

And then change to your uniform
in the car.

Get his uniform,
and get in the car, both of you.

I want my Uggs back.

Turn around.

You're my teacher's son, no?

Why, why are you dressing
that way?

I wanna be a Mongolian.

Mongol... Like from Mongolia?

Poor city, ugly Mongolia.

It looks okay in pictures.

Pictures lie, my friend.

With countries,
you must trust the, um...

What do you call the...

tubes inside?


These do not lie.

Intestines in Mongolia,
they're like...

wet shit explosion.


What are those?

These are my goats
and those are my eagles.

But I can't figure out
how to make them fly.

Why you here?

You said that you didn't belong
in India.

Hm, so?

How did you know?

It is a feeling.

You know?

Then, I'm seven-year-old boy
in New Delhi,

and I'm watching your, uh,
the Titanic,

and the ladies face Rose

when she crosses, uh,
the Liberty Statue.

I am that face, Ismail is Rose.

And just like Rose,
Ismail want to come to America.

And then, 11th birthday,
I know I must come here.


I see a sign.

What kind of sign?


On the day I'm turning 11,
I'm watching a stupid, uh,

American football.

Which is not really football,
it's not football.

Right? Anyway...

And Michael Jackson's sister,

she shows me her tit on TV.

I see Mrs. Jackson's tit,
I'm like... Oh!

For definite, America's my home.

I'm sorry. I must work, okay?


That's where I'm supposed to be.

But I don't know how
to tell my mom and dad.

I found it stuck
in a book at school.

I couldn't stop looking at it.


I think that's the name
of the boy in the photo.


And Jargalant
is where it was taken.

It's a village in the west.

Nomads have been there
for thousands of years.

Why do you say
you belong there?

Like you said,
it's just a feeling.

But when I look at it,
I always think it's me.

Like I'm on the horse.

You can ride a horse?

Not yet, but I will.

And I'll ride the horse
to the top of the mountain,

- and I'll look out...
- Hey, hey.

- ...and I'll see my home.
- Wait, wait, wait.

Here we are.

Okay. Okay, okay, uh...

I wanna film you.

Uh, say the whole thing
to me again, it's okay?



Remember, huh?

You will not ask
for permission, okay?

You will ride your horse home

and you will tell your family
who you are, okay?

Who are you?

I am a Mongolian.

Again, again, again.
With your testicles, come on.

I am a Mongolian!

Excellent. Okay, good.

Now begin your new life,
my little brother.

What happened
when you told your parents

you wanted to be American?

Oh, uh...

They are making me sleep
with pigs

for three months, but...

it's okay,
you have no pigs, okay?

Come on.

Come on.

I should...

Hey, wait. Wait, wait, wait.

Wait a minute. Okay.

- How was AA?
- Fine.

What are you doing?

Nomads are called Nomads
because they move around,

so I'm gonna sleep down here
for a while.


What's happening?


- What do you mean?
- Well...

the clothes, the room,

toilet paper all over our house.

Heritage Day was fun.

It was weird, but fun.

But now, it's over.

It's time for you to come back.

Dad, I don't think
that's gonna happen.

I'm on that horse.

There are goats everywhere.

I'm looking at those mountains.

And I'm the happiest ever
in my life.

Please make my dream come true.

Please send me home.

You should look at this.

I downloaded a book
on obsession in children.

Maybe you should download one
on buzzkilling.

Kids are laughing at him
at school.

Yeah, but he doesn't care.
Why should you?

Guys, you're about
to start fighting.

Why don't we agree
to see differently?

You see a problem,

I see a kid
with a vivid imagination.

He didn't say he was pretending
to be a Mongolian,

he said he is one.

Okay, and when you were nine,
did you say,

"I'm pretending to be a cowboy."
Or did you just shoot your gun?

It's like you're not even
in this house

seeing what's happening.

We decided at Maureen's
that it's okay to disagree,

as long as we respect
each other. Fine.

I don't care why he's doing it,
I don't care what it means.

Now you are fighting.

- Becca!
- Quiet, Becca.

I used to climb trees.

Every day, for years.

I don't know why I did it,
but I know it was fun,

and then,
one day it just stopped.

Why can't he just climb
a goddamn tree?

I'm fine seeing things
differently, Alise.

But it wouldn't be bad
to find one thing,

just one, we'd see the same.

Mom! Dad!

Put it down.

Wes, what have you done?

Since they won't let me
be myself at school,

I'm gonna be myself at home.


The latest research
actually suggests

that fixations of this kind,

can literally reshape
the landscape of the brain.

Reshape it how?

As the child exercises
the fantasy,

the brain creates new pathways

to neurologically justify
the gap between what's real

and what isn't.

Hello, Ismail.

Oh, where are you?

Why do you wanna know
where I am?

And I have had some success
with SSRI's

in cases like these.

So I probably recommend
starting him

on a very low dose of Celexa.

And you're taking Lexapro
right now, Alise?

Twenty-five milligrams
is quite high.

They wanted to know if we were
taking any medication ourselves.

I also think
we really need to consider,

in all honesty,
taking away the costume.

I know it seems a bit extreme
at this point...

Do you have any children?

Yes. I have a two-year-old

And do you experiment on her
as well,

- or just other people's kids?
- Alise.

She's a doctor, Alise,
and she's giving us her opinion.

Which, the surprise was,
happens to be your opinion, too.

He threw his clothes away,
so, what?

He didn't throw them away,
he burned them.

Well, you burned all
our old tax stuff a week ago.

You know, I'm sorry.

You don't...
you don't know my son.

I do.

Then I suspect you'd agree

that he doesn't
come from Inner Asia.


I'm... I'm not saying
the doctor's the way to go,

I'm just saying we need to get

some perspective
on what's happening.

You're medicating me,

you're not medicating my son.

No one medicated you, Alise,
you medicated yourself.

Can we just have
a conversation?

I don't want Wes
on medication either,

but it doesn't matter.

Because we don't even know
what the problem is.

The problem is,
there is no problem.


You won't even need
fake goats anymore,

because you will be having
real goats.

- Excuse me.
- Hi.

You must be Ganzorig's father.

- Hi, esteemed teacher.
- Hi, Ismail.

- Who is this?
- He's a student of mine.

Something amazing happened, Mom.

Yes. We're making
enough money now

for Ganzorig's film
of our journey home.

I'm sorry, what?

We have title also now.

Lost Boy of Mongolia. Great, no?

And also, donations coming
more than I'm asking for,

so I'll go ahead,
I'll buy camera also.

But how did you know
about Mongolia?

- Did you know about this?
- Ismail.

Answer me.
Did you know about it?

No. It's not a conspiracy,
so stop yelling.

You're gonna be amazing,
little brother.

You're making a movie
about Wes,

and I know nothing about it?


You can't do something like this

without talking to us
about it first.

I am talking,
that's why I'm here,

I would love to come to talk.

Why are you making sad faces?
This is great news.

Ganzorig sees place
of his dreams,

you guys is making uh...

and I make better film. Right?

I mean, come on. Think about it.

A film about triumph
over temptation. Come on.

It's stupid, you know.

In honest, it's a lie.
I'm a young man.

Right. Why say no to temptation?

If I'm lucky enough
for temptation to come to me,

I'm gonna say yes!

And I love goat. Right, buddy?

Correct, not correct?

I'm on that horse.

There are goats everywhere.

I'm looking at those mountains.

And I'm the happiest ever
in my life.

Please make my dream come true.

Please send me home.


So, where do we start?

How many times
have we talked about

putting things up
on the internet?

He didn't put it up.
Ismail put it up.

And, you know,

and why are you acting like
he's such a creepy weirdo?

- He pays money...
- Because that's what men

with planned trips with children

without their parent's
permission or call.

Why don't we take turns talking?

I don't want to go to Mongolia.

I especially don't want to go
with a lunatic from India.

He's my friend, Dad,
and he's not a lunatic.

He's an artist.

He's an adult.

An adult.

Ganzorig, what is it about him
that makes him your friend?

His name is Wes.

Do you own shoes?

He knows what it's like
to be born

in a place you don't belong.

Could you wait outside a minute?

I asked you when this started
if it came from a student...

It did not come from Ismail,
it came from Wes.

Did you listen to him?
Have you listened

- to anything that he said?
- Yes, I have.

And I just heard him say
he was born in the wrong place.

- How is that not deeply...
- Stop it!


Stop managing us! Stop it!

And now I feel like...

Like I have, I have...

I'm in a dark room.

And somebody has finally, like,
turned on the light.


he's turning it off.

Wes is waking up.

Finally. One of us is waking up.

It's like, think about it.
When is the last time...

that anybody in this family

really felt alive, or,
or was excited about anything?


that was before for Lily.


Wow, you're unbelievable.

Why does that upset you?

I'm not doing this anymore.


I am awake, Alise.

I even got dressed
and left the house a few times

in clothes I don't sleep in.

I even got back to work,
have you?

And teaching English
six hours a week isn't a job.

You don't think
I'd like to sit at home

and not go out into the world
where I have to pretend

- everything is normal?
- It's not fair.

As if that's
even remotely possible.

It was also not fair...

being told that my son
playing dress-up...

is the only one in my family

moving on
since my daughter died.

Because I've putting one foot
in front of that fucking other,

every day for ten months!

And I'm doing it alone!

- Is Dad home?
- I don't know, honey.

Will he be mad
I'm wearing my clothes?

I'm sure it's fine.


I'm sorry, Wes.

- No!
- Okay.

- No, Dad!
- Stop.

- Alise.
- Stop!

Let go of me.

Dad, you're scaring everyone.

Stop! Please!

You want your goats?


You can leave the hat. Hm?
Fair trade.

You get your flock,
and I get to see my son.

Goats for the clothes.

Wes, do we have a deal?


My name is Ganzorig!

I hate you!


Come here.

- I love you.
- Have fun at Computer Camp.

I'll see you in a week.

- How's Wes?
- He's asleep.


I'm sorry about last night.

Let's go, Dad.

Alise, Alise.

- Yeah?
- Uh...

Your husband, is he...
jealous man?


Yeah, does he know
you're taking travel trips

with a single young man?

And I know you're too much old
to be my girlfriend

with a jealous man,

and, you know,
he may not know this.

Connor is not jealous of you.

And if you call me "old"
one more time,

I will beat the shit out of you.


Dad, stop.

You already apologized.

And Mom just needs some time.

You know how she is.

- See you in a week.
- See ya.

- Dad?
- Hm?

Did Mom text you, too?

"Off to Mongolia to climb trees
with Ganzorig"?

"See e-mail."

Stop that.

Stop it right now.

Road blocked ahead!

Uh, we stop.

It's easy
to just do a little dance,

uh, show them your goats,

tell them why you want to be
a Mongolian, okay?


It's very unusual to see a Nomad
on a tourist bus.

Only way to get him home.

To Jargalant.

Okay. Come, little brother,
let's go.

Create some money for our film.

- I'm Victoria.
- Alise.

- Mind if I join you?
- No. Please do.


- Give me money.
- Oh, so...

What brings you to Mongolia?

Little boy dancing.

Well, this, uh, might be obvious
over there.

My son has decided
that he's a native.

So I see.

- Uh, yaks?
- Goats.

Travel size.

We have several dozen
larger models at home.

And you? What brings you here?

I'm just wandering.

Enjoying my retirement.

Nice. Retirement from what?

I was a nun for 25 years.

- Oh. Catholic?
- Mm.

I was raised Catholic.

I don't remember nuns retiring.

Though I do remember
wishing that, uh,

some of them would.


Very nice, Nomad boy.

Oh, my goodness.

- Yup.
- Aw.

must go back to Ulaanbaatar.

New bus tomorrow!

Please come in!

What are we gonna do?

You know, there's a campground
not far from here.

At least you wouldn't have
to ride back to town.

She said there's
going to be a festival tomorrow.

Just tell me they have toilets.

They won't.

No units available.

They said you can pitch tents.

You said you had tents. Plural.

As in more than one.

And you said they were roomy.

Yeah, it is roomy.

There's much room.


I tell you this again, okay?

I am a safe man.

I have no feelings for you.

If you think
I have feelings for you,

I have no feelings for you.
I'm sorry. It's too...


You're, uh...

all welcome to share mine.

That's okay. Thank you.

It... it's all right, really.

I'm an anarchist.

It's against the rules
to have private property.

- You're welcome too.
- Oh.


- Come on.
- Yeah.

Uh, hi. Excuse me, hi.

Uh, my friends are trying
to get to, um...

- Jargalant.
- Jargalant.

- Do you know where that is?
- I do.

Not so fast, buddy. How much?

Also, I don't want
American price.

I'm a poor filmmaker from India.

And I'm paying for this,
so you deal with me, okay?

The price is the same
for everyone.

It's a hundred dollars US a day.

Includes this beautiful ride
but not the petrol.

Yeah, buddy.
But you're not even Mongolian.

This is true. I'm a Puerto Rican
from New York,

but you know what?

That's not a real beard,
so we're even.

Excuse me, sir, we're not paying
you more than 50 dollars.

Okay. In that case, you're gonna
want to talk to my friend Santé,

But it's gonna take you a little
bit longer to get there

depending on how much
you like to push.

How long till we get there?

Do we have a deal?

You okay?

Oh, my god.

- What was that?
- You okay?

Salsa, in Mongolia.




He's Mongolian.


Don't look
in the camera.

- Don't look in the camera.
- Okay, Ganzorig.

Even the best shepherds know

they gotta keep
their football game sharp.

Come on.

All right.

Let's see what you got.
Let's see what you got.

Here we go, Ganzorig.

There it is, buddy.

What are you doing?

Go get the ball.

That's my favorite ball.
You don't... go.

So, what's up with the clothes?

Why are you dressed like that?

I feel more comfortable
this way.

You do know that nomads

are into T-shirts and jeans
nowadays, right?

I guess.

How long have you lived here?

Ten years.

Well, doesn't make you
an expert, buddy.

Yeah, and a camera
doesn't make you a filmmaker.


Why'd you come?

Why else?

A woman.

A Mongolian woman?


Jargalant's just over there,

We'll be there tomorrow night.

And don't worry,
there are five million goats

in this country, all right?

We're gonna find you some.


Is that your girlfriend?

My son.


He lives in Moscow
with his mother.

- Is she Russian?
- Mongolian.

But her new husband is.

He was a client.


They fell in love.

Well, you're taking it well.

You can't control who someone
falls in love with, right?

Anyway, it was two years ago.

It must be hard,
being so far away from him.

He has a good life there.

But do you see him?

Look, I'm sure that you remember

Americans have
very strange boundaries.


Like none.

I can't give him
what he has over there.

You know, and, uh,

the Russian prick's
actually not a bad guy.

To be honest,

I wasn't trained to love the gig
by my old man.

So, it's probably for the best.

Hey, Ganzorig.

Remember how to say "goats"
in Mongolian?

No, no.

Give him a minute.

This is his.

Whoo! Yeah!



Whoo! Yeah!


Get the goats, get the goats,
get the goats.

What's wrong?

- Thank you.
- Here we go.




- Hurry.
- Okay.



No, no, no. Don't touch it.






She's having another one.

Help me.

They're not supposed
to give birth near water,

the kid could drown.

Oh, man.

I'm right here. I'm here.
Calm down.

Calm down.

Calm down.

Calm down.

Ismail, help them.

Are you crazy?
And not film? You help.

How do you know how to do this?


Try to hold her head.


That's good.


That's a good girl.

- How's it going?
- Oh.

Oh, my goodness.


- It's coming, it's coming.
- Here it comes.

There you go!


Good job!

Oh, my god, Wes.

Oh, come,
look who's here.


Wait, wait, wait.

Hey, she's going.
Where is she going?

- Hey.
- Come back.

Hey! Hey, Mrs. Goat!

It's okay.

What'd I miss?

Hey, hey,
why you drive so fast?

The babies,
we need to get them milk.

Okay, Ganzorig.
What are you gonna say?


Yes, sir. You got it!

Hey, Ganzorig!

We're home, my brother.

Go on.

He's saying that
they're not his.

We can keep them.

What? No, no, no.

No, no. Um...

They, they not us.

Um, they are for you.

We just helped deliver them.

Would you say something?


He said, in three months,
you can eat them.

I mean, you could eat them now
but they'd be mostly bone.

He did also say
the kids can nurse

with his mother goats.

Oh, tell him thank you.

Thank you.

He, uh, he wants to know
if you'd like to ride 'em.


It's, uh, something
that knows what it wants.

Your son has...

And a lot of...

Very simple.

You have camera.

Like this, big camera.

And, first,
you'll see something.

Right? Okay?

Then we came all the way here.

- Where is this?
- Up there.

- Where there?
- Right there.

We gotta go back.


Camera will put into computer,
and then you and me, we can see.

Yes. Mm-hm.

- Wow, oh!
- This is my favorite.

- Thanks.
- They got married.

Oh, they married?

They together, those two?

You know what I mean?

What's he saying?

Well, he's inviting you
to go see a shaman.

It's like a, like a priest.

- Oh, okay.
- But we can't go, buddy.

Because I gotta get
you all to Ulaanbaatar

to catch your plane.

Don't worry.

You're coming back, all right?

- Yeah.
- It'll be very easy.

So, picture.

Picture go into camera,

camera go into computer,
computer you, I.

Camera, camera.
Computer, computer.

Nothing. Okay.

Never mind.

Oh, yes, yes.

What's this?

You took?


Oh, my goodness.

You're amazing.

You're amazing.

Oh, my god.

You're amazing.

I don't blame you.

Oh, stop.

We can look.

He's beautiful.

You're a weird nun.


So, spill.

Why'd you leave the church?

It was time to go.

And after a time,
I realized that

I was looking for someone.

A man.




Not just a man. I, uh...

I want a husband.


I wish yours was here,
to see all of this.

He wasn't invited.


Oh. well.

It's, uh, its' been bad
for a while.

I'm so sorry.

So, do you wanna call Kenneth,
or should I?

No, I will.

All right, let me handle
the contracts, then?

- Excellent.
- Okay.


- Hey.
- Hi.

What's up?

I, um...

What, what are you doing
after work?


I just thought that...


We could spend
some time together.

What are you doing?

Come here.


You take care of our goats.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- You're leaving?
- Yeah.

Well, where you going to?
We can give you a ride.

That would require
knowing where to.


I miss wandering.

- Thank you.
- Mm.

For being a good shepherd
to mine.

- Be safe.
- Mm.

I hope you find him.



Thank you.

He, uh, he said
the little one will die.

- He wants to know if...
- Why are you whispering?

No, no.

That's okay.

But thank you.

Hey, Dad.

Did you see what Ismail sent?

I've watched it
a hundred times.

I can't stop crying.

He actually did it.


I think there's something wrong
with the goat.


Yeah. Oh, yeah.


- This will warm you up.
- Yeah.

- There you go.
- Thanks.






He's a, uh,

he's a great kid.

You know,
you might not be as bad

at "the dad thing",
as you think.

So, what do you normally do when

you're not driving around
confused mothers

of sudden Mongolian
goat herders.

I drive around

women that aren't as confused,
that's for sure.

The water is beautiful.




I haven't done anything
stupid since...

I don't know when.

I don't know.

Um, do you mind if,
if we just kissed?

You know, like,
all I do is kiss, is that okay?


But could you unbutton
your shirt?

Because I've been thinking
about your chest,

and like, like,
might as well see it.


You know my husband's chest
is more the aspirational type.

You know, I mean,
he goes to the gym.

But like, nothing ever grows.

He's probably doing it wrong
I could...


What are you doing?

Uh, what are you doing?

I think the goat's...

Why were you kissing him?


Oh, stop.

Wes, Wes.

I don't want to talk to you.


Why were you kissing him?

I don't know, I don't know.

It, it was so stupid.

Are you gonna tell Dad?

Look at me.

Your dad and I
are not doing very well.

Because of me, isn't it?

No, no.

It's because I want to be
a Mongolian.

No. No, it's not true.

It has nothing to do
with you, okay?

It has nothing to do with you.

I promise, okay?

I just wanted to tell you
that the goat was sick.

Ismail, give me the camera.

- No.
- Ismail.

- Give me the camera!
- No!

I shoot everything
that happens, okay?

That was the deal.
This happened.

Oh, god.


- I'm sorry.
- No.

You did nothing, all right?
It was me.

I'm the one
who should be apologizing.


You gotta go.

You know, you can't be here

in the morning
when Wes wakes up.


I go here.




Hey, Ganzorig!



Stop that truck, man!

Hey, stop the truck, buddy!
What are you doing?

Hello? Hey!

Ganzorig, get off.

Get off now, man.

Ganzorig, get off.


- Get off, Ganzorig.
- No!

Ganzorig, I'm serious.
Get off, now.


Hello, Alise?

Alise, this is Ismail.
I'm with your son, Ganzorig,

and we're stuck
on some big truck.

- What?
- He says he's going

to meet Gantulga in Tolbo,

and he's just not listening
to me right now

What are you talking about?

He, he's going to meet Gantulga
in Tolbo.

The Mongolian boy?

He's taking...
He's going to the shaman.

Ismail, what...


- Hello?
- Alise?


Are you there?


Just come to Tolbo, okay?
I'll text you where.

And please, bring my camera.

Oh, damn.

All right. Hello,
is this Ganzorig's father?


Your video was incredible.

Oh, thank you, sir,
but I'm calling

because your son here and I
are coming back to bring

to his mother.

- Why isn't he with his mother?
- I'm not knowing, sir.

I'm only knowing
that we are going to Tolbo,

and, uh, we will seek goat.

What goat?

His goat, sir.

Put him on the phone.

He will not talk to you.

He's, uh, upset.

Upset about what?

Yeah, you will be seeing movie
eventually, so...

his mother said
she's kissing guide, um...

a short kiss,
but I got good angle, so...

Put him on the phone!

Sure, sure.


Wes, I dunno what's going on,
but you've gotta go back to Mom.

I can't. I'm on a truck,
and I'm going to Tolbo.

- It's not far.
- You, you're going where?

I can't hear you, Dad.

I'm on Ismail's phone,
and it's expensive.

- So, I have to hang up.
- No, it doesn't matter.

- I have to go.
- Wes.

Tell Mom we're going to Tolbo.

- But we'll be back.
- Don't go, Wes...


Oh, god.


- Hello?
- Are you gonna tell me

you lost our son?

He called?
Tell me he's okay.

Well, I have no idea
if he's okay, Alise.

He's on some truck with Ismail
and a goat.

you're making it worse.

Get a pen
and write this down.

We're about to get on a plane.

- What plane?
- To you, Alise.

Becca and I are already
in Tokyo.

We were coming
to surprise you both.

Now, we're coming
to find my son.

We land in Ulaanbaatar
in six hours,

and then, get on a plane
to Khovd.


It's the closest airport
to Tolbo.

Get a car and meet us there.


- Connor, I'm...
- Khovd Airport, at nine tonight.

And don't expect.


Hi, you rent cars?

I'll take that one.

Sorry. Car is hungry.

- Hungry?
- Yes.

No food in car.

You mean gas?

No gas in car?

Car food, no have.

No. What about that car?

Cheap car, sick.

Cheap car, sick?

Cheap car, sick.

Little car, hungry.

You take moped, moped.

No, no, moped, no.

I, I, when small car food come?

'Cause I have to go far,

and I need a car.

You know, I have a goat.

No, no trade goat.

- No, I'm not trading my goat.
- Money.

- Money only.
- No, this is my goat.

I'm not giving you a goat,

but I need a car.

You're beautiful.

Well, if you come near
this goat,

I'll rip your wings off
with my teeth.


Climbed any trees, Mom?

Do you think I lived here
on another life?

Well, you...

ride horse like Mongolian,
eat like Mongolian,

pull baby goat out of
goat's vagina like Mongolians,

so, yeah...


I'm happy I'm gonna see
Gantulga's sister again.

She's pretty, you know.

I guess.

Do you think she's pretty?

Well, brother,
she does things to my body

I can't even talk to you
about yet.

Like what?

It's a tickling feeling.

- Like this?
- Yeah.


I bring this to you.

You're welcome.

That's beautiful.

Can I help you?

My name's Ganzorig.


Why do you come here?

I wanted to asked you if you
could keep the goat from dying.

The goat is already dead.

I know.

But can you tell me
if he is okay?

Yeah, he's okay.

And then he'll come back
and have another life?

Yes, that is what we believe.

Would you like us
to say a blessing for him?

Can you also say a blessing

for my grandpa
and my baby sister?

They're dead, too.

I'm sorry.

Come inside.

Come here.

Did you just say a blessing
for them?


I'm sorry.

It's all right.


It's all right. All right.


I wonder if I could speak
to your parents alone

in a minute?


is that really his name?

It's... it's no.

we've been here a long time.

So, when Ganzorig grows up

and if he still wants
to sign up,

we'll probably still be here.

In the meantime,

maybe we could, uh...

make him an ambassador
for America.

I think that he would like that
very much.

Thank you very much
for talking to him.

Thank you.

Excuse me.

He asked the child's name.

Oh, before? Uh, Wes.

No, the other child.

He also mentioned a sister
who passed.

Uh, please?


Lily Paperno.

He asked when you saw Lily last.

We, we lost her...

on April 3rd, 2015.


And when did she come to you?

Six months and two days earlier.

Her visit, it was short.

Yes, it was.

Why you say "lost"?

I'm sorry?

Why do you say "lost"?

You said you lost your daughter.


He says you did not lose her.

You found her...


She grew in you.

In your body...

she came.

She was here...

and she went away.

She is not lost.

You are lost.

You are...

...both lost.


I think we are.

He said it is okay.

We are human.

We're all lost.

It is how it is.


I, I...

wonder maybe you, me, we...

you know.

Ask, I think maybe I...

...I'd like to stay here
for some time.

You and I see if there's any,
you know...


It would be amazing for me,
but I don't know if you want...

me, you...

together, you know, stay here.

- Something like that, yes?
- Mm-hmm.

Oh, thank you, lord.

Amazed where we are?

We can't send Wes to the store
for milk.

He came 200 miles to get here.

Ismail said
you kissed your guide.

What? Eww!

Huh? Just a kiss.

I kind of felt his boobs, too.

Oh, my god.

I'm not listening to this.

It's been a weird week.

Why aren't you more angry?

I did what you asked me to do...

while you were gone.

And how was it?

Completely sucked.


Hello, Ganzorig.

I'm guessing
from your email that it's hard

for you to be there
when I'm here, and...

and I understand.

Just remember,
I'm living many, many years

before I had a place
where I belong.

You know.

I'm here now.

One day, you will be, too.

You know, patience,
my little brother.

Our film is almost done.

I guess it's coming to you
as no surprise

that it's actually
about two lost boys, not one.

The reason I'm sending this
to you is because, uh...

...one of those boys
is going to be a father.


We're, uh...

having a son.

And we decided to call him Wes.


Your father told me
you're going to a new school

and learning Mongolian.

Which is the other reason
I'm sending you this.

I have a favor to ask.

A friend asked me
to write a letter to his son.

A boy who isn't born yet.

I've decided that's what
I should read tonight.

Oh, and his name's Wes, too.

If that ever happens,

if you ever realize
you're not where you belong...

don't be afraid.

Pack your clothes,

and all the things you know.

Pack what other people know
about you...

then leave it all behind.

You come with nothing.

Leave your maps behind, too.

Rip them up.

Burn them...

and come.

Even when it's far away...

...even if you don't understand.

Even if it's only in a dream.

One day, you'll be there.