Burn Out (2017) - full transcript

To save his loved ones, Tony must use his motorcycle talents for drug deliveries.

Subtitles by explosiveskull

Tony Rodrigues takes the lead.

What a damn shame.

With the right bike,

you'd have won.

Mike Paterson.

I'm starting a new stable with Ducati.
We signed Chris Walker.

We need a second rider.

If you're interested, come for the trials.



Sorry, I couldn't get away.

I told you I had an interview.

- Want a lift?
- What do we do with him?

Three on your bike?

We've done it before.

Forget it, I'll manage.

Put this on, honey.

I'll call you tonight.

Up you get.

Your feet.

Are you sulking, too?

Pity, I had a surprise for you.

- What is it?
- I won't tell you now, sulky face.

C'mon, Dad!

Is Mom still with that guy Samir?

He doesn't come over much anymore.

Do you still scowl at him?

- Yeah.
- Show me what you do.


Great. Thanks, girls.

Hi, honey. You're OK?


- Hey.
- You're OK?

How was your interview?

I don't know. We'll see.

- I'll just take a shower.
- OK.

- Pick him up on Friday at 6?
- Yeah.


Gentlemen, welcome.

Our goal

is to win the Superbike Championship,
then the GP.

So, we need the best of you 4.
We'll work you hard.

Caroline will do the paperwork,

then you can warm up on the track.

Hey, you can't park there.

- How's it going?
- Good, and you?

So, you're turning pro?

Who told you?

We haven't forgotten you.

The way you used to burn up the tarmac.

- So, are you in?
- Not yet.

They'll keep one of us.

I can deal with 'em.

I'm joking!

- How's your Mom?
- Fine.

- She's happier there.
- Tell me when you go.

- OK.
- Portuguese chicks love me!

- Tell her I said hi.
- Sure.


What happened?


- Hey...
- Get off!

Talk to me, dammit!

- What're you doing?
- Calling the cops.

Hang up.

- So, what happened?
- I've been hiding drugs here.


You heard me.

You're shitting me.

It was only temporary.

Just a few months.

Till I got a job.

Why didn't you tell me?

I'd have helped you.

You're broke, Tony.

You spend your money on your bike.

Do you realize what you've done?

Did you consider Sofiane?

Since when have you cared?

You just care about yourself.

Why did they hit you?

The drugs were stolen.

I'm sure it was Samir. Only he knew.

How much was there?



I have a week to pay or they'll be back.

We'll work it out.

You can stay at my place.

You can't stay here.


Here are some towels and pillows.


If you need anything...



- Want weed?
- I wanna see Moussa.

- No Moussa here.
- I know him.

You don't get it. Fuck off.

You fuck off.


Drop it.

- Looking for your bike?
- Yeah.

It's not safe here.

Max, go get his bike.

- You OK?
- Can we talk?

Guys are squeezing you out.

Yeah. So?

You do nothing?

I can't stop the gypsies.

Leyla's in trouble.

What kind of trouble?

She owes them money.

I wanna meet them.

Moussa, please...

It must be Jordan.

He works for Miguel.

Miguel's a big shot.
Only works with his own.

You can't get near them.

- Jordan got a tattoo on his neck?
- Yeah.


- I need to talk to him.
- Forget it.

And forget the cops.

I know how it works here.

What are you talking about?

You grew up in a nice house.

- Not in the hood, biker boy.
- I'll handle it.

- Will you?
- Yeah.

- Leyla has to pay them back.
- She can't.

- So, I need to see them.
- Are you deaf?

So, where can I find them?



I'm looking for Jordan.

No Jordan here.

I'll have a coffee.

What d'ya want?

It's about Leyla.

Got my money?

No, that's just it.

It's not her fault.
Her ex stole your gear.

Oh, OK.

I don't give a shit.
She shouldn't let bums fuck her.

She can't pay.

She owes me. Period.


That's a fine bike.

- It must go fast.
- Yeah.

Your back tire is bald.

Do you race your friends?

Yeah, sometimes.

So, you wanna help your girl?

She's my son's mom, not my girl.

- She's your son's mom?
- Yeah.

You OK with her stashing gear?

Not a great role model, is she?

Look, I'll soon be a pro racer.

I can pay in instalments.

Over 10 years, every month?

Think I'm a bank?

Give me time to find a solution.

Start by selling your bike.

Your girl could work for us.

Jordan said she's pretty.

Think it over.

Need a hand?

No, it's OK.

Are we in the way?


I'm glad you're here.

Are you sure?



I don't know.

You usually tire of us fast.


Come see what I've done.

OK, honey.

- Hello.
- Still wanna help her?


Sit your ass down.

Come on.

- What?
- I said, come on.

Leave your helmet. Follow me.


Get in.

I said, get in.


- Where are we?
- Don't move. Wait here.

You gotta deliver this

to the tattoo parlor. In two hours.

Rotterdam is 10 kms away.
There's the highway.

120 kms away,
don't stop at the toll booth.

Speed through the right lane.

There's a rest area just after it.

Our guys will fill your tank.

Got it?

If you're late,

if the gear gets lost or you get caught,

they'll waste your girlfriend.

Hurry the fuck up!


You're late! What're you playing at?




Give me that.

Get the fuck outta here! Fast!


You're late, kid.

It's not all here.


It's all I was given.

- You were given more.
- No.

You did a detour.

No, I came straight here.



Make your kid some cakes.

Work two months and we're quits.

- Two months?
- Yeah.

One of my drivers is on maternity leave!

Two months and we're good?

I just said so.



Keep this with you 24/7, OK?

When we call, you pick up.

Thursday, same time, same place.


I know. Sorry.

Yeah, yeah.



We're waiting.


What were you playing at?

You gotta be more precise on the bends.

OK? See you tomorrow.

I saw how you took the last bend.

Well done.

- Thanks.
- How old are you?


You're lucky to be here.

I know.

Gotta make sacrifices to be on the team.

Yeah, I realize that.

- I'm committed.
- Good, because...

you're the oldest.

If I invest in you,

you'll have...

five or six years at the top... at best.

I'm looking for young people
with potential.

I have potential. I'll be the best.

From now on,

you'll beat them by half a second per lap.

Got it?


By the way,

I was told you have a job.

Yeah, part-time.

Quit it.

You have no time to lose.

A small guy.

He rides bikes here.

Check instead of staring at me, bitch!

What the...

I told you 24/7.

- We need you right now.
- I can't.

- You can't?
- No...

- What...
- I warn you.

- We said Thursday.
- I'll call on your chick.


So, move your ass. Now.

Quick! Cops are after me!

The cops are right behind me!

Come on, come on!

It's too long. Stop it!

He's here now.

Wanna talk to him?

I'll put him on.

It's Miguel.

Gimme the bag.

- The key.
- It's there.

- Hello.
- Was it a close call?

Yeah, very close.

I can't carry on like this.

- Why?
- The bike's speed restricted.

I need full power. 100 HP is no good.

I need a second bike, too.

It's the only way not to get caught.

We'll see. Put Jordan back on.


What? He doesn't know a thing.

I'll find someone. No need for two bikes.

Why not a bus, too?!

I told you I don't trust him.

OK, I'll do that.


Miguel doesn't want this here.
See you at the hideout.


- I woke you?
- I couldn't sleep.

Where were you?

Standing in for a colleague.

Sorry, I should've told you.

What is it?

I went to see Moussa.

Your problem's settled.

He knows people. We worked it out.

What do you mean, we worked it out?

You don't owe them anything.

Leyla, it's settled.

I'm sorry.

For getting you involved.

- Thank you for your help.
- No problem.

I was sick of you
walking around in your panties.

Are you OK?


- I'll go.
- OK.


The hairdresser has 1.75 euros.
And the storekeeper?

Hey, champ.

I'll be right with you.

What calculation is that?

- It's a subtraction, isn't it?
- Good.

OK, work it out, son.

I'll be right back.

Want a drink?

No, thanks.

I ordered a new bike.

Aren't you pleased?

- I am.
- You better be.


With 2 bikes, you can carry more.

- I'll have to see.
- No need.

You can carry more. I'm telling you.




It's been derestricted. Happy now?

- Yeah.
- Here.

Hang on, look at me.

- Look at me.
- What?

You look beat.

- No.
- Wait a minute.

Take this.

What is it?

It'll keep you awake.

I'm OK.

- It'll help.
- No, it's OK.

- Go on.
- No.

I lost one driver. So, don't be a jerk.

Take it.

There. That's good.

He's here. He's leaving.

It'll be fine. Why?

What do you want?

You're pissing me off, Jordan!
Stop all that!

Don't go on about Farid.
I won't work with the Arabs.

What's so hard to understand?


Why are you still here?

Jordan's waiting. You got two hours. Move!


Accelerate hard out of the bends.

OK, guys.

Tomorrow's the big day.

You're all in with a chance,
so take my advice.

Give it your all.

And rest up tonight.

OK, see you tomorrow.


Can I have a word?

What's going on?


I thought you were the best.

I don't recognize you.

Wake up.

I will.

It's your last chance.



Yeah. Through the bridge.

Come in.

We'll do it my way. It's tonight.

Because I said so.

Don't get carried away.

I didn't want to work with you.


But the amounts we discussed interest me.

And Jordan is vouching for you.

I don't care what you think, Farid.

I'll call you.

Look at those animals.

They're savages.

My kids won't mingle with scum.

Tell him.

With all those fuckers rioting,
no coke is getting into the hood.

We're gonna pay a guy I know

and they'll raise hell
in one part of the hood.

That'll keep the cops busy.

You're gonna do the drop.

What bike do you need?

A T-Max.

No, a dirt bike.

11 PM tonight at the parlor.

Jordan will pick you up.



How's it going?

I don't believe it.

You're Miguel's bitch now?

I know what I'm doing.

Let me handle it.


Move, Moussa.


- What's he doing here?
- Nothing.

Son of a bitch!

What's that, negro?

Moussa, please...

Go back to your corner boys.

Hey, Farid.

Yo, man.

- Your delivery boy?
- Yes.

Miguel, it's great to work with you.

Arabs aren't usually your thing.

- Ready?
- Yeah.

It's simple.

Go along here to the bridge,

through the tunnel,

then turn left.

Keep going to a red lamppost.
Dump the bag there.

- By the lamppost?
- Yeah.

Repeat it.

The bridge, the tunnel, turn left,
red lamppost.

There's 50 grand in there, so no fuck-ups.

We won't stay here forever.

If you're not back in ten minutes,
we'll go, you're on your own.

Out of the way!

Out of the way!

Ready to charge!


- Come back!
- Drop the bag!

- Drop it!
- Get him!

- You fucker!
- Come here!


He's coming your way!

He's coming your way!

Drop your bag!

He's coming your way!

Catch him!

Where is the sonovabitch?

He went that way. Come on!

We'll get you!

- You can't hide!
- We'll find you, you bastard!

We just want your bag.

You sonovabitch!

If we find you, you're dead!

You're dead, you hear?

- Where are you?
- I got shot at.


They shot at me.

Shit! Do you still have the gear?

- Hey!
- They're gonna kill me.

Get me out of here.

No, it's in lockdown. We can't get in.

You're on your own.

What can I do?

Tony, are you there?

Bring me that fuckin' bag.

- I can't move.
- Get outta there!

Come back. The red lamppost...



He's back there!

Come back, guys!

Come back or you're dead!

You fuckin' bastard!

Drop the bag!

There he is!

Get in!

Go, go!

We're safe now.

I'll kill your fuckin' Farid!

He set up the deal.

Tarek tried to screw us.
We were delivering it to him.

He took advantage of all this mess.
Farid is legit.

And are you legit?

- What?
- Why defend him? Are you on the take?


I'm on the take?

- I'll call him and ask.
- No!

I don't wanna see him.

But you find me Tarek.

Tell Farid he owes me for the bike.

It'll teach him not to treat me like that.


He's over-confident.
We'll have trouble with him.

Where to?

Nowhere. Sit down.

What's wrong?

- Gonna cry?
- Jordan.


- What?
- I need to talk to Tony.

- Bye.
- What the fuck?

What's up?

Nothing. What am I doing here?

I want us to work together.

If you want to carry on...

...we can work it out.

You're good.

You're reliable.


It's not for me.

What is, then?

Miguel, just keep your word.

We said 2 months.

It's my last delivery.


I'll keep my word.

But think about it.

There are more and more unemployed.

You have a kid. Think of the future.

So, think it over.

Sofiane said you're not working.

Did you get fired?

No, not at all.

Tony, what's going on?


Moussa told me what you're doing.

You shouldn't have.

You needed help.

Tell them you quit.

- I'll tell them.
- Leyla!

Listen to me.

I only have one delivery to do.
The last one.

Then, I'm done.

Let me be there for you.


- I'm outside.
- See the Audi?

- Go under the metal shutter.
- OK.

Hurry up.


Tell Miguel we'll order more now.

- More?
- Yeah.

- How much more?
- Double.



- Check they've gone.
- What?

Through the hole.

Miguel, it's me.

Look, the Bellata brothers
want double now.

OK, up to you.

You got it.

They've gone.

I'm going, too.

9 PM tomorrow.

What did you say?

The parlor, 9 PM tomorrow.


We said two months. I've finished.

You haven't finished. You carry on.

You don't understand.

I have a deal with Miguel.

- Call him.
- Shut up!

Shut up.

If I say you carry on, you carry on.
Now fuck off.

Screw you.

Here's this shit back.

I say when you've finished.
I say. Have you got that?

Don't play tough or I'll kill your chick.

I'll kill her!

What d'ya want?

The phone.

Get off.



Can you hear me?

What a mess!


You're in the shit.

Think Miguel won't find out?


Wanna take Miguel's place?

I can find his hideout.

Where he hides his gear.

You know?

I know how to find it.

Get his keys.

Do as I say.


Get his keys.

- What is it?
- Are you alone?

- Yeah.
- Upstairs.



- Have a look.
- Why?

Come here.

What happened last night?


What happened with the Bellata brothers?

It went as planned.

No problems?

Did they pay up?


I was with Jordan when he called you.

What's the problem?

Where's Jordan now?

I don't know.

- Where is he?
- I don't know, I swear.

He's not home. His phone's off.

- What happened?
- The guys left...

I know. I called them. What happened next?

I left.

And Jordan?

Jordan stayed on to see Farid.

To see Farid?


- Been to the hideout?
- No.

Let's go.

- Come with us.
- Why?

Don't argue.


Find Jordan and his pal Farid.

Find them fast.

And call me back.

Not too close.

Go on.


Go onto the sidewalk.


Have you lost them?

Where are we going?

Come on.

It's all here.

Right here.

Where the fuck are they?!

What's up?
Wasn't that one of Miguel's guys?

- The guy that just left?
- Yeah.

- He was looking for Farid.
- Really?

Overtake this fucker!

- Yeah.
- Problem.



- Yeah.
- I can't find Jordan.

But I found his pal Farid.

- Where?
- In jail.

He's been there for 2 days.
So, he didn't see Jordan last night.

Do you hear me?

- Hello?
- I'll call you back.

Go to the Aubervilliers warehouses.

- Yeah.
- Get out!

Get out now!

Come here.

Get out fast!

Come here, you fucker!

Open up!

Stay with me, stay with me.

It's over. It's all over.

Finish him off!




...to you

Happy birthday dear Sofiane

Happy birthday to you

What about Mom's Portuguese accent?

She's worked at it!

What's my birthday present?

You'll get it at home.

We'll have a party later.

I'm going to bed.


Oh, yeah?

I'm watching this.


You're taking Sofiane tomorrow.

Yeah, I know.

I bet you fall asleep on the sofa again.




Subtitles by explosiveskull