Burn It All (2021) - full transcript

With a history of men dominating her fate, a broken woman returns to her hometown to bury her mother only to find a violent organ smuggling ring already has the body and wants no witnesses,...

Thank you for your patience.

All suicide prevention hotline
phone specialists

are currently busy
with other callers.

If this is
a life-threatening emergency,

please call 911.

Otherwise, stay on the line and
someone will be with you shortly.

All suicide
prevention hotline phone specialists

are currently busy
with other callers.

If this is a life-threatening
emergency, please call 911.

Otherwise, stay on the line and
someone will be with you shortly.

This is your only chance to say
what you wanna say.

Is this
Alexandra Nelson?

Yeah, who's this?

I'm a paramedic with
Cumberland County Medic One.

I'm here with Margaret Nelson.


I'm afraid she's had
a major stroke

and you're the first name
in her phone's address book.

I haven't talked to her
in, like, six years, so...

She's likely to pass away
in the next few hours,

so, if you wanna see her,
you'll want to...

I can't do this.


Hi. Yeah, I think

you might have
my mom over there.

I don't know. She...
She might already be, uh...


Margaret Nelson.

Yeah, I can hold.

I'm so annoyed.
You're always up my ass.

Can we just get through today
without a blow-up?

If you can stop barking orders
at me...

- I didn't want to get strand...
- "Oh, we're gonna get stranded

"because we're
running out of gas.

"We're gonna die on the road
'cause we're running out of gas."

You don't have to be
so nasty all the time.

You don't have to be
such a stupid bitch.



Okay, yeah.

Thank you.

You okay?

None of your business.

What are you doing here?

This is my home.
What are you doing here?

- Jenny's room is next door.
- Come on.

Wait, you're a cop now?

County Deputy, actually, and, uh,
yeah, I'm kinda doing my job right now.

I guess that makes sense.
Power-hungry bully

who enjoys making people feel
small, hitting, punching...

You know what? I just got here.

- Do we need to do this right now?
- I'm sorry.

Wait, no, I'm not sorry, Travis,
'cause I'm not scared of you anymore.

What do you want me to do? Okay?
The neighbors called in a prowler.

Does it look like I'm fucking prowling?
This is my house.

Okay, well,
they don't know that.

And you haven't been here in, I don't
know, how many years and you just show up?

Oh, that's cute.
You've been counting.

Just... Maybe you won't have any
neighbors calling in a cat burglar

if you came home
every once in a while.

Why would I come home, Travis?

So I could bear witness to the "rags
to riches" rise of Travis Kinney

from a knife-hit novice
to police chief?

- Why are you so angry?
- Why do you care?

- You look like hell.
- Gee, thanks.

Maybe you should just get some
sleep, you know, before you...

- I was sleeping and then you...
- More sleep.

Your mom's probably
already cremated by now anyway.

Wait. Cremated? What?

What are you talking about?
Who made that call?

I don't know. Her doctor?

She doesn't have a say in
what happens to her own body?

That's on the doctor who was
in the room when she died.

So, take it up with him.

She actually had a family plot she
inherited, like, a hundred years ago.

She never stopped talking
about it.

But I guess that's something
I would know

as the person she gave birth to.

Uh-huh, well, she probably
changed her mind.

I mean, you did kind of
disown yourself from everybody.

Despite how you might
see things, Travis,

nobody owns me.

And although
she did take your side

when you knocked
the fuck out of me,

I highly doubt that she spent
her final days on the porch,

chugging back beers and
discussing her wishes with you.

What do you want from me? Okay?

Doctor had to have
been there to hear.

Are you going to get out of my way,
or do I have to solve a fucking riddle?

You know...

the funeral home
closes soon anyway,

so it's probably
already done by now.

Pick up the ashes tomorrow.

Travis, shut up
and get out of my way.

You're still like a cat, huh?
Scratch you too much, you bite?

You're still like an asshole.
Ain't nothing but shit comes out.

You know, we had
some good times, all right?

You're right.
We most certainly did.

And you could be so sweet.

But those times you took me
to Victoria will not make up for

the time that you
shoved me into the wall,

the time that you took advantage of my
little sister who was a fucking child!



- Sorry for your loss.
- Fuck you!


Uh, my mom was
cremated here today.

I know you guys are closed,
but can you let me in?

- Nah, it's closed.
- Yeah, okay, but I've been driving for, like, 14 hours.

Sorry. It's closed.

I just need two minutes.

We don't work here. You're not
supposed to be back here anyway.

- Dude, please!
- Miss Alexandra?

- Who are you?
- Curtis Lee. You used to babysit me.

- Dude, don't tell her...
- Curty, can you let me in?

Uh, I don't wanna be rude,
but, like, can you go?

Okay, seriously,
what's going on here?

- What's in your truck?
- Trash.

Yeah, it looked like
a dead body.

I don't know how else to explain it to you.
It's trash, okay?

- I don't believe you.
- Calm down.

Why are you so angry?

- Miss Alexandra...
- You need to stop calling me that, Curty.

- Please.
- What are you guys doing?


Calm down.

Calm down.

- Did you fucking kill her?
- No, man, I just choked her out.

Get her in the truck.

That fucking UFC shit
works, man.

You piece of shit!

Fuck you!

You're gonna pull a muscle.

You still cry
at lightning storms, Curty?

Yeah, go ahead.
She'll behave. Won't you?

How can I misbehave
when you have that

totem of insecurity
pointed at me?

I'm secure.

I'm sure every man
who shot his wife or girlfriend

said that right before
pulling the trigger.

Well, I can't apologize for
every time that's happened

in world history.

And I'm not about to get into
a gun control debate

with another terrified libtard.

Listen, I know that
today is not normal.

What's not normal about it?

Men asserting dominance
over my body...

insulting me verbally
and physically.

But I haven't been catcalled
today, so you might be right.

I am trying to
be civil here.

Can we be civil?

You had that pointed at me
a minute ago.

You need to figure out
how to calm down.

Maybe you should stop giving
me reasons not to be calm.

Why are you so angry?

Gee, you wonder why?

So what is it that you think
that you've stumbled onto here?

I grew up in this area.

We're still the number one meth
county in the country, right?

Maybe you've been out of town,

but you are in
way over your head, girl.

Yeah? Uh-huh, listen.

There were scarier meth guys
in my high school.

And frankly,
you remind me of the teacher

who liked to put his hand
down my shirt.

And much like him,
I'm sure you don't want

any extra attention
for your misdeeds.

So I'm gonna get
the fuck out of here...

You're cute,
but you clearly don't...

All right.

I can't let you leave yet.

Unless you want to
give me a ride.

- You're not going anywhere.
- Or what? You're gonna kill me?

You're not
a fucking killer, dude.

Stupid girl.

I fucking told you to...

You fucking bitch!

Bitch! Fuck!

Oh, God damn it!

What are you doing?

- Who are you?
- I asked you first.

We process organs
and tissue here.

How about you put the gun down?

How about you keep
your hands up?

There's no need for all this.

That's what the last guy said...

right before
he choked me unconscious.

Wait, don't touch that!

You'll contaminate it.

What the fuck is this?

A cadaver.

You said you process
organs and tissues?

Yes, a form of organ donation.

Did you touch her?

Did you put
you fucking hands on her?

That's necessary
when processing a cadaver.

- My mother.
- Excuse me?

This isn't a cadaver.
This is my fucking mom!

Technically, your mother ceased
to exist when she passed away.

This is really just
a bundle of meat, so...

You're really gonna mansplain
my dead mother to me right now?

I suppose not.

I thought
she was supposed to be cremated.

Let me go.

Get off me!

- Back off.
- Shit!

- Help!
- Put that down.

Or else what?

They don't let you two
have guns, do they?

- Did you know my mom was in there?
- What?

The woman who bought you an Xbox
game every year for your birthday.

She liked you, Curty.

Maybe rethink
your employment situation.


I have a gun.

Well, I don't.

- Do you have a cell phone?
- Sorry, not on me.

- Who doesn't have a cell phone?
- Uh, you?

Are you okay?

I mean, the blood and stuff.

I'm not the one bleeding.

Oh. Okay.

- I'm just trying to survive here.
- Me, too.

So I don't want to get involved in
whatever it is you got going on here.

Which way is it to town?

- Don't follow me.
- Well, I kinda have to.

You just said
you don't wanna get involved.

Home's that way,
and this baby's gonna get cold.

So, if any of those boys from the
farm back there are coming after you,

we'll just have to
deal with that as it comes.

- Wait, you know those guys?
- I do.


I do their housekeeping.

- Are you gonna tell them where I am?
- Probably not.

- Why?
- I just clean their buildings.

I don't go beyond
my job description.

I didn't chase down shoplifters
when I worked at Walmart either.

And with these guys,

I'd rather not get
more involved than I already am.

Have you considered
other employment?

The job market doesn't
really allow me to be choosy.

I got priorities here.


You don't have to walk so fast.

You know those guys
you work for?

One of them lost a lot of blood,

and they probably want to
talk to me about that.

So, yes,
I do have to walk this fast.

What? You want to find a phone
and call the cops?

Yeah, they have
my mom back there.

What? They kidnapped
your mother?

They didn't kidnap her exactly.

They have...
They have her body and...

Oh, they got her for that.



But listen... Calling the cops,
that won't work how you think.

I don't know a lot about
how these guys work,

but what I do know,

they got all kinds of people
on the payroll.

If the person answering 911
isn't in on it,

the cop they send out will be.

And there you go.

So did you get there before
or after they, um, you know...


Sort of cut up the guy
that was gonna do the cutting.

So, I guess I'll be cleaning up
your mess today.

Probably. Sorry.

Girl, I used to clean motels.

I've smelled smells that
don't even have names.

So you know these guys,

if you were me,
what would you do?

I'd get into town,

find the nearest phone,
walk right past that phone,

get in my car and drive
as far the fuck away

from here
as fast as I could

and never come back.


This is literally a choice
between staying alive

or getting dead.

These guys
don't fuck around.

They didn't seem so tough.

Yeah, the guys you saw
were the local yokels.

It's usually just
a couple of dickheads

doing the day-to-day stuff.

They set this whole deal
up like a chessboard

with different pieces
in a pecking order.

Now, I don't play chess,

but I know
the pawn's the weakest.

Saw the bishop once
before though and

he came across as a guy
you don't wanna come at.

You won't get anywhere
if you try these guys again.

Just go on out.

You got any kids?


Boyfriend, husband? Wife?

No. No.

You got your whole life
laid out at your feet.

Just go someplace
other than here.

Keep your head down
and try to be happy.


What's that like?

I know, right?

For me?

It's him right here.

He's my thing.

My thing that
keeps me from the brink.

One day,
his father showed up,

said he was gonna
take him away from me,

and I'd never see him again.

He recorded phone calls.

Where I lost my cool.

Said things
I shouldn't have said.

And he used that
to convince CPS

that I was
an unfit mother.

So I packed up everything I
could in the car and left.

Drove halfway
across the country...

'cause he's my thing.

The only thing.

Without him,
what's happy?

Beats me.

I've never
really been happy.

And last night,
I was convinced

nothing ever would
truly make me happy.

I was ready to quit.

And I know those feelings
don't just go away

if you don't end up...

pulling it off.

I'm glad you didn't
pull it off.


Me and my mom
hadn't been

on speaking terms
for a while,

so I never
really considered

what would happen

if she wasn't
around until...

she wasn't.

I still don't know if I have
the words for the feeling,

but I know if that
feeling wasn't there,

then I'd be sitting there,
right back to where

I was last night
before I got the call.

Going really hard
at pulling it off.

Okay, so this is
your thing?


Right now my mom
is my thing.

Just like that cute
little dude is yours.


Hold on a second.


Blood is not your color.

I'd offer you a ride,
but, you know.

Yeah, I know.

So just go down there,

take a right
and you'll hit Hedwards Road

and you follow that
down to the pits.

I know the area.

I smoked Escobar levels
of weed there in high school.

Yeah, I feel like
I got to say it.

Get in your car
and drive away.

Forget about all of this
and just go.

Oh, hey, hey.
Hey. Hey.

Hey, it's me.
It's me. All right?

Just take it easy.

You want this?


Got your keys
in there, too,

so you can thank me
for not letting tweakers

take your phone
and your car.

Yeah, can I get
those back?

First, why do you have
a fucking gun?

Why do you have one?

Because I'm supposed
to have one.

Wait, wait, wait.
What are you doing?

I'm calling the cops.

- Look, I am the cops...
- Don't fucking touch me.

You don't need to call
any more cops.

I'm calling
all the cops.

- I don't trust you.
- Look, I get it, okay?

We haven't seen
each other in years.

We didn't end on a
particularly awesome note.

I get it. All right?
It's just...

- Are you okay?
- Do I look okay?

- Just calm down.
- Calm fucking down?

Do not start with me
on that shit.

Sorry. Sorry.

Chopping up bodies out
past the mill and...

- That's crazy. What?
- Some guy has my mom.

And I got this
gun actually...

I can't understand
when you're like this, okay?

How much I care
about you understanding...

should be pretty clear
based off the fact that

I am calling
different cops.

Can you just
give me the gun?

Can you just call this in
to one of your buddies,

who's, like,
a non-corrupt...

whatever you call
a non-corrupt cop.

- A good cop.
- A good cop.

- I'm a good cop.
- I've never believed

anything less
in my life.

And even if I fucking did,

you couldn't handle
all this shit

on your own, Travis.

So can you please just call
this in as a favor to me?

For being
the world's shittiest

boyfriend or whatever?


Fine. Whatever.

- Where again?
- Out on Echo Lake.

It's past the mill
by the gorge.

There's a big farm.
They are chopping up bodies,

I don't know what for.



It's all called in.

They're on their way.

Now can you please...

just give me the gun?

Why? Do I need to show you
my permit or something?

- No, it's just that...
- What, Travis?

We've learned
shooting together.

I did also go
to basic training. I know...

And you had to get kicked
out for doing drugs.

What, do you think I'm gonna
cheat on you with a gun

- or something?
- Come on.

Come on, what?

Half the black eyes
you gave me...

were because you thought
I was fucking the neighbor,

- the mailman...
- Ancient fucking history.


It's like yesterday
for me, you know.

I have to relive
your bullshit...

- every single day.
- I wasn't that bad.

Every time I see
a girl in public

who looked scared
of her boyfriend...

You don't need
to do this.

Every time I see
a TV show about rape...

Okay, I get it.

Every time I wake up
in the morning

and my shoulder hurts

from when you threw me
down the stairs.

Okay, how many times...

do I have to say
I'm sorry for all that?

You could start with one.

Okay. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Okay, But...
just give me the gun.

All right?
'Cause when they get here...

and they see you holding it,
it's not gonna look good.

Okay. You happy?

All cops shoot white
people for no reason.

Believe it or not,
I don't want them to kill you.

Why would they?

You told them
I'm not a threat, right?


You're in on it.

You're fucking in on it.

You don't just know them.
You're part of this.

That's... that's crazy.
What? What?

No, No, I'm not crazy.

- You can't say I'm crazy anymore.
- You're wrong. You're wrong.

- Back the fuck up.
- Whoa, whoa. Okay.

Do you see a vest?

No. That's because
I came here trusting you.

We don't need
to do this.

What do we need
to do, Travis?

Get me all
disarmed and safe

for your body
snatcher buddies.

That's who
you called, right?

- You haven't changed a bit...
- Just grow the fuck up.

And by that, you mean,
accept my fate is dictated

by some dude who thinks
he has authority over me?

What then?
What do I need to do...

to get you
to be reasonable?

Nothing. Just give me
my fucking keys.

Your mom is dead
from natural causes, okay?

I had nothing
to do with it.

But you got here
real fast...

and I... Look,

I didn't even think
you would come.

And, you know,
it's gonna sound crass.


But a dead body's
a dead body

and there are people that
would pay really good money

for the organs
and everything.

All the stuff. Okay.

We have
a good thing going.

You're fucking kidding me.

But only
if we keep it quiet...

Okay? If there's
any exposure...

they'll leave. Okay?

They'll leave and they'll
take all of their money,

and everyone here loses...

including you.

What is it that you
think I have to lose?

How about your life?

They will take
your life...

if you fuck
with their thing.

They can't have my mom.
It's non-negotiable.

They already have her.

I'm trying to help you.

- You always said that.
- What?

You always said you
were trying to help me.

You always said what?

Even though you know
what you heard me say.

You always say "what,"
to throw me off.

You always said "what,"
like that word was a weapon.

You were never trying to help
me, were you?

Just calm down.

Stop fucking saying that!

They told me to try and get
you to listen to reason.

And if you
wouldn't listen to reason,

I'm not making
you do anything.

- This is your last chance.
- I'll shoot you.

I swear to God,
I'll fucking shoot you.

No, you won't.

- You can't.
- No, Travis, please.

Please don't do this to me.
Don't make me do this.

Just put it down.
Just... trust me.

No, I don't trust you.
You're a fucking snake.

I always told you your temper
is gonna get you killed.

You're a cunt.

I am sorry to have
to break this news,

but after tonight,

we'll no longer
need your services.

I figured as much.

We're not worried
about security with you.

You've been quiet about all
this since you got here.

And, well, you know that
we know your background.


We'll furnish you
with a more-than-fair

severance for all your
hard work and discretion.

Plenty to keep
you afloat for a bit

while you figure out
your next gig.

Look, you all have
treated me well,

probably pay me more
than you should.

But I knew this
wasn't a forever deal.

Didn't have any
aspirations of heading up

the janitorial
department and all.

Of course.

I don't want to be
insulting here,

but, uh, I have
to remind you that

ears will stay open
around here, so just...

I know, I get it.

How long do you think you'll
be until you're finished?

A lot of mess here. I don't know.
An hour or two, maybe.

Let's make it one, please.

There's only about
70 grand here.

Go, go.
Go away. Go.

Hey, I had a couple of
questions about the restroom.

- Okay?
- I haven't had to do that room yet,

you know, like, do it.

Well, we'll just have to
consider burning this place down.

Do whatever.
I'm just telling you,

with all this grout,
the nooks and crannies

probably can't get fully
cleaned of DNA or whatever.


I just want
my mom's body.

Can I do that?
Can I just get her and go?

Do not make me shoot you.

I don't want to shoot you.
I don't want to do this.




I'm really not
in the fucking mood.

Drop your weapons now.

Dude, this is not the time to
think of a fucking workaround.

All your buddies are out
of commission in there.

Take your weapons, toss them.

I said, I'm not in the mood.



No, no, no, no!


It's safe now.

You should
probably get out of here.

This is Jenny,
you know what to do.

Jenny, listen.

I'm sorry.

Okay? I'm really sorry.

I'm sorry I left you.

I went away
and I never came back

and I just left you here like...

I really thought it would
have been worse to stay around.

Well, where I went
was way fucking worse.

You know
how I get about everything...

obsessive about working out,

dating the wrong people,

drugs, alcohol,

Thought I gave
each one of those things

good, hard dedication
for years.

Honestly, I don't know
how I'm still alive.

I'm really sorry
for telling you this

in a stupid voice recording.

I really, really wish I could
see you just one more time,

just once, but I can't...

Because Mom's dead, Jenny.

She's dead and I had to put her in
a place so nobody would find her.

I don't even know how to explain it.
It's just awful.

So don't try
to find her because

this is just really
fucked up, okay?

It's so fucked up.

But I'm gonna go...
I'm gonna go for good.

I'm gonna leave
and I'm not gonna come back.

I'm so sorry, Jenny.
I'm so sorry.

We could have
marched up here in tap shoes.

Oh, you shouldn't have left
the engine running on the truck

with a GPS tracker
stuck in it.

Good news for you
is that your mother's body

is pretty much worthless to us
now, so she'll stay intact.

Without cold storage too long,

not a high-dollar cadaver
to begin with.

Bad news...

you and your little operation
ruined a very lucrative business

that's been running
out of that property.

Now I have to build back up
from scratch.

But I know that murdering you
right now

is the number one way to keep us
from finding out where your crew is.

The other guys?

Yeah, the other guys
with our petty cash.

There are no other guys.

Come on.

What? You don't think a woman
is capable of doing all this?

Does the thought
hurt your fragile little ego?

Uncomfortable memories
from when I beat your ass?

Cut it out.

Anything you can do,

I can do bleeding.

You may not care
for your life,

but what about
the people you love?

What about, uh,

your sister?

I haven't seen her
in years.

More bad news.

We have people tracking
her down right now tonight.

- That's not necessary.
- I think it is very necessary

until we get you
straightened out.

Just let me bury
my fucking mom, okay?

What if a mountain lion
digs her up?

Or some kid out working on
a wilderness merit badge,

stumbles on the grave,
then what?

They aren't gonna find you.

You don't need to bring
my sister into this.

You can either tell me
what I want to know now

or you can tell me
what I want to know

after I show you
some cell phone pictures

of what your sister looks like

without an ear.

I'm here all alone.

There is
no one else here. Jesus!

Well, how do I verify that?

How am I supposed to prove to
you that something doesn't exist?

I am the best person
to negotiate with.

Trust me.

I guarantee you some
of my co-workers...

will not be
nearly as diplomatic.

You call
all this shit diplomatic?

You're a piece of shit!

These two... These two
are majorly pieces of shit.

Frankly, everyone that I've met
today is a total piece of shit!

You know, they call me
when they need help.

I'm not here to hurt.
I am here to help.

So help me help you,
help me understand

why are you so angry?

I'm angry?

My life has been nothing

but dudes flying off the handle at the slightest
threat to their perceived masculinity.

Some guy standing here threatening
mutilation to me and my sister.

And he wants to know
why I'm so fucking angry.

I asked.

I remember
when I was a little kid,

my mom...

she started setting me up
on these stupid play dates

with the boy
across the street.

He was an idiot.

He'd, like, jump up and down
and wave his hands over my face

trying to get my attention.

And all I wanted to do
was play with my Legos.

I remember the shadow

from his hand on my face

'cause it would block out
the sun.

And my world
got a little darker.

The older I got,

the more boys showed up...

Waving their hands trying to
get my attention, you know...

Blocking out the sun.

Then I got older,

and the fingers on those hands

started to curl,
clench and restrain and hold me down...

And my world
got a lot darker.

It got to the point where
there was no light at all

because all I could fucking see
was fists

blocking out the sun.

And you...

another man with your fists.

You wanna know
why I'm so fucking angry?

You got me.

I'll assume I rudely
underestimated your prowess.

You got me. Fierce kill.

Could you do me a favor and toss me the
med kit out of the back of that truck?

I'd show you the wound.

But you just murdered
two of my guys,

and I don't think you have a very
high opinion of me right now.

I promise not to pull
a fast one.

I'm just bleeding here.

Drop that right fucking now.

I'm gonna count to one
and then I'm going to shoot you.

Whatever else you got, lose it.

I will fire at you, dude.

I don't doubt it.

How many more people
get to shoot him tonight?

I'm sure we can find
some eager volunteers.

There was a day
when I was young and spry.

And I wouldn't
have mentioned this.

I would have tried to find an
opening to disarm and disable you.

That day is

not today.

You're smarter than I thought.

Also, don't care anymore.

I'm a tired old man.

Still a man...

A man who tried to shoot me.

- We're not all bad, you know.
- You know, men keep telling me that today,

usually right after they've
threatened me with a firearm.

You did get me, though.

I just want to give my mom
the peace that she deserves.

The peace that you guys
didn't want to let her have.

- What about the theft?
- The money?

That money doesn't even cover the
shit that you've put me through today.

I don't have it
and I don't even care about it.

I mean, okay.

So you're gonna tell me
where my sister is or what?

I have no idea where your sister is.
That's not how things work.

Yeah, I don't believe you.

You know how Al-Qaeda works?

Terrorist groups,
splinter cells.

It's a great system.

You could stick hot needles
in my eyes for days at a time,

you'll never get a location
'cause I don't know it.

I report to rooks.
They report to the king.

King calls the plays...

I have no idea where
any rooks are right now

or where the king is.


If it's any consolation.

I'd tell you if I knew.

A true fucking gentleman.

I know I'm not really
in a position to make deals.

But can you promise me
a bullet right here?

Honor among...

warriors, whatever.

I'm a dead man, either way.

I'm not the only one that
knows about the GPS tracker.

Ah, blood loss doesn't do me.

They'll make it
slow and painful.

You know, as an example
to others.


I am not looking

for sympathy.

Do we have a deal or what?

Here I thought
you were an honorable girl.

Woman. I'm a woman.


One bullet to the head.

But I'm not your murder mommy.

Do it yourself, dude.

Hey, you need some help?


- Car trouble?
- Nope. I'm good. Thank you.

Hey, I've got some tools in my car.
I can take a look for you.

No, dude. I'm good.

Are you sure?
I know a thing or two.

Dude, you need to back off.

Wow. I was just trying
to talk to you.

I don't want to date you.
I don't want to talk to you.

I don't want to fuck you.
I have a boyfriend.

I have a husband.
I have a girlfriend. I have a wife.

I have an yeast infection.

Whatever it is that I need
to say to get you to go away

right now
is what's happening with me.

I'm a nice guy, you know.



He was a dream today.

- He is a dream, right?
- Mmm-hmm.

Best thing in my life.

- He had three BMs.
- Good.

Yeah, and I could have sworn
he was laughing.


Hey, do you know
your schedule for next week yet?

- I'll have to get back to you on that.
- No worries.

- Thank you.
- Oh, thanks.

All righty.

- See ya.
- Bye.

We're closed. Sorry.

Um... I'm looking for my sister.

She works here.
Her name is Jenny Nelson.

- I don't know.
- It's serious.

She works at one of these stands

doing whatever it is
you guys do.

Look, I don't know a Jenny.
Okay, I don't know her.

And doing whatever it is we do?

I get this shit all the time
from soccer moms and churchies

and other hypocrites.

This is a job, okay?

You think me showing some
side boob is less honorable

than restocking shelves
at the dollar store?

Fuck off.

Do I have to call the cops?

I take getting called a whore
when I'm open, but we're closed.

Oh, that's Sapphire.

I didn't know her real name.

Well, do you know
a phone number, address?

Maybe where she might be?

Her social media
is Sapphire Barista.

Okay, cool. Thank you.


do you want a coffee?

You look really tired.

Is Sapphire here?

Sapphire, is she here or what?

Why? Who are you?

Her sister.

Girl, you look fucked up.

She's in the back with Matty.



Is your phone even on?

Who are you?

- Alex?
- We really gotta go. Come on.

- What?
- Who is this?

Why are you here?

You can't just show up
out of nowhere.

I'll explain in the car.
You really have to go.

Who the fuck are you?

I'm not talking to you, asshole.

Why are you so angry?

Because I've been dealing
with dickheads like you all day.


Jenny, come on. Let's go.

Get the fuck out of here, bitch.

You need to back the fuck up.



You know how to use that thing?

Alex, what the fuck
are you doing?

It's a matter of life
and death, Jenny.

You can be mad,
but be mad in the car.

You're not getting out of here
with any teeth in your head.

You fucked up big time, girlie.

Oh, put your dick away, dude.
No one cares.

- What are you doing?
- Come on.

Have fun with that.

Got to keep the crackheads out.

Do they have guns?

What the fuck are you doing?
You are such a...

Do they have guns or not?

I don't know. They're not
a gang or anything.

They're just some fucking guys.
And this is Matty's dad's place.

He's gonna tear it down.

So, no?

I mean, I never see any here.

Okay, okay, okay.

Why are you here?
I haven't seen you in years.

And you just show up
waving a gun around.

Jenny, it's complicated.
It's complicated. Okay?

It's Mom and she...

Yo, bitch.

Get out here.


Hold on.


This is my sister, okay?

Clearly, she's had a rough day.

Can we just get out of here?

Something's going on
with our mom.

Fuck your mom.

Fuck you and especially
fuck your sister.

Excuse me?

Get that girl out here
right fucking now.

Or what?

Come out
and get your beating.

Fucking scared.

Got something else
to put in my fucking face?

You got ten seconds.

- Ten...
- What are you doing?

- Nine...
- No, no.

Eight, seven...

Six, five...

four, three...

two, one...

We need to call 911, now.

No, we don't.


What happened, Alex?

What the fuck is all this?

What happened?

Where's Mom?

What is that?

Jenny, get in the car. Come on.

What the fuck?

Jenny, come on.

What did you do?

What did you do to her?

I didn't
do anything, Jenny.

She died of a stroke last night.

We cannot be here.
We have to go.

She wasn't even sick.
I talked to her last week.

Stop fighting.

Why did you hate her?

We can have this conversation
in the car.

Imagine your own daughter won't
even talk to you for years.

Jenny, please.

You killed her.

I was a bad daughter, Jenny.

I was really bad to say.

But Mom was
a really good person.

Her intentions were good.

And I know that every single day

women will take

the word of a man

over the word of a woman.

Even if that woman
is their daughter.

I didn't know that then,

but I know it now.

It will eat at my soul
for the rest of my life

that I couldn't tell her that
before she died.

But it's gonna be
the end of my life

and the end of yours

if we don't get out of here

right now.

I don't fucking care.

Do you even understand
what I'm feeling right now?

Especially after
what just happened.

So what?

You're just gonna sit here
until they come and kill us?

'Cause all those guys in there
with the guns.

That's not the whole team.

Fuck it.

I'm not gonna let you die


like Mom.


Now what?

I don't know.

Now we should call the cops.

A cop was the first person
I had to...

...kill tonight.

You killed a cop?

He was drawing on me. Jenny,

I didn't want to, even though
I had every reason to,

especially after
what he did to you...



He's dead?


Miss Nelson.

Who are you?

I write the checks,

and right now
I'm writing checks

to more men who will hopefully

solve the problems
you created for me today.

There's always more men.

You don't have a play here

other than running,
and I have a lot of eyes.

I applaud your skill, though,
or should I say luck?

But the luck will run out.

We can find you
wherever you go.

You and your little operation

ruined a very
lucrative business

that has been running out
of that property.

Now we will have to relocate.

Should I let it play on,
Mr. Check Writer?

Or do you get the point?

You have what you wanted.

Your mother, sister.
And now you have collateral.

I have a lot of bodies

and two girls
threatening my business.

How about we sit down and talk
before this gets worse?

Why the hell would I want
to sit down with you?

Who else is there?

Do the math.

Okay, fine. But I want this
to be a grown-up conversation

without a bunch of children
in grown-up costumes

waving guns in my face.

Can you do that?

Are you the one man I meet today
who can talk to me

like I'm an actual human being?

Scout's honor.

Although I'd recommend against
any new gadget, please.

One call and we'll have
a manhunt on

for the killer
of a county deputy...

Woman hunt.

and political correctness,

is that what we're doing now?

Just tell me when
and where, dude.

You have an address now.

Condolences for your mother.

See you tomorrow afternoon.

I'm full.


I have to.

You have no idea
what you're walking into.

No. No, I don't.

But he's the guy.

Like 'the' guy

Why don't we
just fuck off?

Go to Europe for something?

With what money, Jenny?

If we ghost, he can get to us
if he wants to.

Like, we're in a grace period
right now,

so if we leave,

he's gonna have the cops
come after us for, like,

ten or 20 fucking murders.

You realize this is
my only option, right?


Our option.

You didn't do anything.
You had nothing to do with this.

You're not meeting him alone.

Yes, I am.

If he decides
to chop my head off,

I want you to take
the audio file

and send it to everyone.

Anderson Cooper,
the newspaper, whatever.

And I want you to camp out
in the most public place you can

and hope that
the least shitty cop shows up.

If he's gonna kill us,

the least that we can do

is make his life
really difficult.




I know.

No, you don't.

Look, I'm not gonna pretend
that Mom didn't hurt me

and piss me off.

'Cause she did.

Like, Mom and I

both took Travis's side
at one point or another.

I didn't wanna
sleep with him.

- He got me drunk.
- I know. I know.

He fucking raped you.

He raped me, too.

And I'm so, so sorry

that I brought him
into our lives. Okay?

I was stubborn,

mostly because
part of me thought

that I deserved
what he did to me.

I cursed and prayed
until the moment she died.

Because life fucking sucks.


And pride sucks, too.

I've been too proud
to give anyone a second chance,

especially myself.


it's not your fault.

I wish we had more time.

We will.

- We might...
- Hey...

I love you.

I haven't heard
that from you in...

I don't even know
how many years.

It didn't even hurt to say it.

You don't have to do this.

Look, I'm sorry
for everything, okay?

- Five o'clock, that's the cut-off time.
- Alex...

Get in.

Get out.

He's in there.

Over here.

You're much less intimidating
in person.

That's exactly what
a not intimidated guy would say.

Go ahead and have a seat.

Definitely not intimidated.

Now, you've seen
the sausage making

of organ transplants laid bare.

Organ transplants
for, uh, rich people.

You have this much disdain

for companies that offer
more exclusive versions

of cars, or shoes?

Are you really equating
body parts to shoes?

- I figured you could relate.
- 'Cause all women just love them some shoes.

All right, we'll skip the banter.
What do you want?

I want you to stop...

all of it, pack it all up.

And leave.

I'm a... big fan
of cost-benefit analysis.

Seeing if something's
worth the hassle,

even if it's a failure.

I figured this meeting
wouldn't cost me much.

Extra day, little moving around
of pieces.

Maybe I wouldn't have to
totally reboot this thing.

Save myself some money.

Well, a lot of money
if we're being frank.

That's what I thought
you're after, money, or...

safe passage out of the country
or something.

Maintaining discretion,
there's always...

an amount or price.

Wanting me to stop...

Uh, maybe
this was a waste of time.

I, uh...

...don't see much benefit here.

I'll be, uh...

fine taking this hit.

- I assure you...
- I'm telling you that you have a choice.

A choice to be better...

- Figured I'd be the first person to tell you...
- Choice?

You don't give
out the choices, missy, I do.

Can you at least leave
my sister alone?

- She wasn't involved in this.
- She's very involved.

She's involved, not vetted,

and somebody
whose trustworthiness, well...

- We just don't know about.
- Don't you have enough money?

What do you
get out of this anyway?

I don't think
you're my financial advisor,

so I'm not gonna take
your advice on how much money

I have or need, all right?

I have worked too hard

to just stop.

Can we just get this over with?

You're trying to
paint me as a monster,

in charge of an army of monsters
doing monstrous things.

You think the same of someone
who collects

aluminum cans to recycle?

That stuff is junk.
It'll just rot away in a landfill anyway.

When people die and they
don't donate their organs,

hair, skin, retina,

where does that stuff go?

It goes into a human landfill.

We are putting that stuff
to good use.

We are saving lives,
giving people

the ability to walk or to see,
to live a few extra years, yeah!

It's for people who can afford
it, but that's the world, honey.

You remind me of my daughter.

So confident...
in the idea she knows everything

about things of which
she knows nothing.

And when things don't work out,
she pouts and cries.

This is why I don't hire women.
Women are...

They're too emotional.

They make mistakes.

I don't think
I made mistakes today.

Today, you got lucky.

You really think
I'm stupid enough

to let something like that
happen again?

I don't know, maybe
ask your daughter.

You don't know anything
about me,

my daughter, or anything else.

I raised my girl
to be three times

the girl you are.

I teach her, I protect her,
I make sure she doesn't...

run around with the wrong guys.

Wouldn't want her making her own
boyfriend decisions, would you?

You of all people
should know that

girls date the wrong guys
all the time

and what they're after.

Oh, so, you're like
the gatekeeper of her vagina?

- Oh! Don't you dare talk about her...
- Her pussy?

Her pussy
that you feel the ownership of.

- Oh, you're pathetic!
- No, you're pathetic!

What kinda man treats his
daughter like livestock?

- That's not honorable.
- Oh, you don't know

shit about honor.

You're a life-long loser.

You're sitting there
all self-satisfied,

even though
you're one second away

from being body parts
on my shelf

and zeroes on my ledger.

Would you sell
your daughter's body parts

if she got a little lippy?

Sell her genitals
if they were tainted

by an unapproved man?

Shut the fuck up!

Stop acting like you know
how I run my family!

I'm so sick of people like you.

You think you know things.
You don't know shit!

My family, this whole thing,

I built it from the ground up.

It starts and ends with me,

you hear that,
you pathetic whore?

- Me!
- Oh, look, now who's angry.

Oh, you wanna know
what makes me angry, hmm?

Bitches like you
who poke and prod!

- You won't leave shit alone!
- I know dads like you.

I know the shit
that you do to your daughters.

You manipulate them.
You groom them.

You brainwash them to think
you know better than they do.

You make them second-guess their
life choices, their self-worth

- and then you touch them.
- Oh, don't you dare imply

I touch my daughter!

Nothing like sex
with random dudes

get the taste of daddy issues
out of your mouth.

Say one more word...

I fuckin' dare you!

I will beat you
till you shit out of your bones!

Women are too emotional.

Here we go.

You can walk away...

you can walk away right now!

You can get another job,
another life.

You have that choice.

But you need to make it
right now!

All right.

It's okay...

Are we free?

Like you ever had to ask.


Stay here.

Good morning, Ms. Nelson.

It's just me here today.

May I open the trunk?

Now, you can look at this

as a token, as an incentive
to keep quiet...

- or as a signing bonus.
- For what?

Excusing the man we allowed
to think was in charge.

You shut down a chessboard.

Not the chessboard.

You kinda made mince meat

out of a whole bunch of guys we
thought were good at their jobs.

So, I've been sent
to offer you a position.

- And we hardly ever offer positions to women.
- No, thanks.

Look, we know
that you know things.

And we also know
you're gonna keep quiet,

because all of those murders,

they can't all be
self-defense, right?

These last few months,
you've been allowed to exist.

That wasn't even guaranteed.

Management sees you
as a non-issue right now.

But turning down this offer

may result in somebody
way up the totem pole

changing their mind,

and a whole bunch of guys
might come through here

to clean up what's been
reclassified as "too risky."

Good. Bye.

You forgot your cash.

That's your cash.

I don't want it.

That cash doesn't even
put a dent in our slush fund.

Keep it.
Buy yourself something nice.

Maybe upgrade to a place
that doesn't have four wheels,

one of which is flat.

We know
where you are at all times.

There's really no reason
to rough it like this.

Good luck!

Do we have to go?

Not if we don't want to.

I'm reading one of the old books
in here.

It's about World War II.

There was this dude...

who was a total fuck-up.

Got discharged and they told him
to go kick rocks.

But he signed back up
and they let him in.

I guess, 'cause they needed
people real bad for the war.

And he lied his way into
becoming the official hangman

for the US military.

You know it's "hanged" and not "hung"?

Anyways, this dude,
he hanged, like, 100 people

and was super proud of it.

He bragged all over the place.

He loved hanging people.

Isn't that fucked up?

Who makes out their career,

like, who sits there as a kid
and says,

"I wanna be a murderer
when I grow up."

- What happened to him?
- Huh?

The war ended.

The hangman?

What did he do?

He was setting up some lights
on a military base...

and electrocuted himself.

Sometimes I wonder about
who our dads were...

or are.

Maybe one of them
is a sick bastard

who wants to be a hangman.

Or, like, is the guy who does
the lethal injections at prisons.

I mean, it's not likely, but...

I still do wonder
who they are sometimes,

what their story is...

you know?

Who cares?