Burn (2019) - full transcript

When a gas station is held at gunpoint by a desperate man in need of cash, a lonely and unstable gas station attendant, tired of being overshadowed by her more outgoing co-worker, finds an opportunity to make a connection with the robber.


This is your last chance!

Do not fuck with me!


Many times
we limit ourselves

when we think about
what we deserve.

We forget what we want.

Our imagination has
been traumatized

and relies beyond what
others have laid out for us.

We become reactionary.

♪ The more you feel,
the less you know ♪

♪ You can't be the only one ♪

♪ No I'm not the only one ♪

♪ There's nothing else bigger ♪

♪ For us than the sky ♪

♪ The stars are alive,
baby close your eyes ♪

♪ Make that switch ♪

♪ I give you the sign ♪

♪ I know, I know at
the end of the day ♪

Excuse me, sir.

I'm sorry, but it's against
the rules to smoke near a pump.

Well what do
you want me to do?

I just lit this.

I know, and I have
nothing against smoking.

I smoke too.

It's okay to have one
over there by my van

if you want me to show you.

Nah, I'm almost done here.

It's just really dangerous
to smoke by the pump.

The whole gas station
can light on fire.

I'm not a fucking
idiot, all right?

What do you think, I'd take
this and stick it in a pump?

I wasn't trying
to be mean to you.

You don't need to yell at me.



Diane left again without
cleaning the bathrooms

or restocking.

That's okay, I'll do it.

The pistachios are
really amazing.

Oh, my bad.

They're my favorite
nut in the store.


If you don't like them,
I'll give you a refund.


My name is
Melinda, by the way.


Whoa, Jesus.

Is this the ladies room?

No, you're in the right place.

This is the men's.

I was just cleaning
the bathroom.

Oh you can go ahead and use it.

You know, you really
ought to put a sign

if you're gonna be in here.

Is the coffee ready?

Yes, here you go.

How do
these skanks do this?

Left, right,

left, right, oh yeah, left

- Do what?
- Right

Here, watch my ass.

Do you see it?

I think so.

Okay now try flexing your
ass cheek one at a time.


Just try it.

Okay, go left, yeah,
right, left, right,

left, right, yes, left,
right, keep going.

I think you're doing it right.

Yeah, left, right, left, left...

- Wait you were filming?
- Left, keep going.

Keep going.


People need to see this.

What do you mean, people?

Wait, people coming
into the store?

What, no.

Sheila, can you
please delete that?

What are you doing?

What do you care, no
one knows who you are.

Please can you delete it?

Oh god.

You take this one, okay?

Oh, what are you doing, freak?

I don't want
anyone to see that.

All right, I'll delete it.

Hi there.


Uh, hey there.

How can I help you?

Um, what's her name?


Sheila, right.

Hi Sheila.

Uh, I was in here
a few nights ago.

Do you remember?

It's Fred.

No, I see a lot
of faces in here.

Hi Fred, my name is Melinda.

Um, we were talking and
you were telling me how

your feet hurt so much from
standing all night and so um,

uh, I thought these might help.

They're padded insoles
for your shoes.

I'm guessing you're
uh, size nine?

Here, you should uh, try em out.

Wow, these look
really comfortable.

She's right, after a long
shift, we all have aching feet.

I'm not a size nine.

Oh well that's okay because
you can cut these down

if they're too big.

Okay, okay, stop,
stop, stop, okay?

- You could get planters...
- Just stop, stop.

I don't want your
foot pads, okay?

I don't want anything from you.

Well they're um...

Sheila, I think
he's just being nice.

I don't care how nice
he thinks he's being.

He comes in here every night.

We're not gonna have
some sort of thing

happening between us, okay?

You understand?

Excuse me, is there
another register open?


Fred, your insoles.

I swear to god, he's pathetic.

Can I get two
of the Lucky 7 scratchers

and two of the Platinum Payout?

The insoles fit
my shoes perfectly.


It's like Cinderella.

The shoe fits.

Your insoles fit my shoes.

Hi there.

Let me know if you need
help with anything.

My name is Melinda, I work here.

Hi Melinda.

Um, that's very kind of you.

Is everyone else that works
here as nice as you are?

Not really.

Sheila over there
can be quite mean,

but that's because
everyone talks to her.

I understand.

She's very pretty.

Okay, um,

maybe you can help
me out by telling me

where the cigarettes are?

Oh that's easy, the cigarettes
are always by the counter.


Don't you wish people
picked up after themselves?

I guess that means you
wouldn't have a job then.

How are you, Melinda?

Everything good tonight?

Yeah, everything's good.

Is that your new car?

Yes it is.

It's my first night going solo.

Does that make you nervous?

No, I've been training
for this for a long time.

Feels great being by myself.

Looks powerful.

Do you need help?


Zero to 60 in 5.3 seconds.


The back of it kind of looks
like a robot with sunglasses.

No I'm uh, just
looking for condoms.


You've been looking
for like five minutes,

do you need me to
assist you with that?

Can't imagine how
you could.

Are the windows bullet proof?

Like, if bad guys
were shooting at you,

would the bullets
just bounce off?

No, they'd hit me.

I can take my break right now.

Can you take me for a ride?

Here, these should work.


I'll ring you
up at the counter.

It's amazing,
it's like an office.

Yeah, it is.

This is one of the newer models.

What about the parking lot,

can we just go around
the parking lot?

I wish I could, but I really
need to stay on schedule.

Maybe I could get
arrested and then you could

take me on a ride
and do your job.

What if I took this?
- No!

I'm sorry.

I'll take you on a ride later.

I promise.

I'm gonna go get a
coffee, stay on schedule.


Hi Sheila.

Hi Officer Lou.

That's $9.45.

Hey you know what,
uh, keep the change.

You sure?

I believe in karma.

So is there a
bathroom I could use?

Yeah, right around the corner.

All right.

How's everything tonight?

Ready to go home, but I can't

because Perry's being
an asshole right now.

He just does not care that
he's late everywhere he goes.

I'm sorry to hear that.

This cracks me up.

Fast action, extra
stimulating sex enhancements,

100% guaranteed.

It's always about
sex with you boys, isn't it?

Oh I, no, I don't,

no, it's not me.

Oh, I see, you've
never had that problem.

No, no.

Melinda, what the
hell are you doing?

Were you just taking
pictures of us?

I wasn't.

Officer Lou
is a police officer...

I wasn't.

That's so inappropriate.

Sheila, Sheila,
it's okay, relax.

Is your phone all
right, Melinda?

show us your phone.

Oh, that's not good.

I broke my screen as well.

Attention all units,
we have a 503 in progress.

Suspect, white male,
he may be armed,

last seen in a gray sedan
driving south on 93.

That's me.

Sorry about your phone, Melinda.

I gotta run.

You are so creepy.

Who else do you take pictures
of when they're not looking?

Do you take pictures of me?

Give me your phone,
Melinda or I'll report you

and you'll lose your job.

Show me your phone.

I wasn't taking
pictures of you.

Oh, just Officer Lou?

That's fucking creepy, he
probably thinks you're so weird.

I would.


Oh my god, you have an
entire album for him?

What do you do?

Do you go home and rub yourself
looking at pictures of him?

Officer Lou?

Don't tell me you're some
kind of weird virgin.

Stop it, Sheila.

Oh my god, are you
holding out or something

cause I'm sure one of
these truckers out here

will bang you in the
bathroom if you ask them to.

I can probably set
something up for you.

You sick bitch.

Uh, did you just hit me?

Hi Melinda.

Don't be afraid, okay?

I was just in the middle of
explaining to your friend,

Sheila here that I am
not here to hurt anybody.

That's not why I'm here,

but I do need your cooperation.

Can you follow some
simple instructions?

Yes, great.

Would you mind going over there

and standing next to
your friend, Sheila?

She's not my friend.

Okay, regardless,
get over there.

Where the hell were you?

I'm not even
supposed to be here.


Okay, now listen, no one is
going to be getting hurt,

all right?

I am not some evil criminal.

Do I look like some
evil criminal, Melinda?

No, great.

I am just in a
little bit of trouble

and I know that it's
not your guy's fault,

however, I will be
needing your cooperation.

When this is all said and done,

you are going to have one
hell of a story to tell.

There are some very
unreasonable people

who are trying to kill me

and it wasn't even
my fucking fault.

I did lose my
temper, but anyways,

I'm sure that you ladies
wouldn't want a face like this

going to waste on a dead man.

Right, Melinda?

Can you hurry up?

You're robbing us, right?

That's what's happening?

You need to calm
the fuck down.

Okay, now,

neither of you two ladies own
this gas station, correct?



That's great news.

That's great news, cause you
know why, this is not personal.

Okay, I'm not robbing you
guys, it's not your money.

Everything inside
both the registers

and everything in the safe.

Well, we don't have
the keys to the safe.

Only the managers do.


Okay, then just give me
everything in the registers.

It's less than $100.

People really don't
pay with cash anymore.

Well, except you.

Here, you want your change back?

You're really being
a buzz kill, Sheila.

Well, you're the genius
trying to rob a gas station.

Is that thing even real?

Fucking asshole.

Shut the fuck up!


Melinda, could you please
tell your friend here

to quit being so
fucking difficult?

She's not my friend.

Sheila, stop being
so fucking difficult.

Hey, fuck you.

Okay, that's enough, all
right, here, thank you.

Money, bag, let's go.

What are you gonna
do with the money?

I am going to
go pay off my debt

to these fucking stupid bikers.

Is this gonna be enough?

No, apparently not.

There's more
money in the safe.

I can get it for you.

You're gonna
help this asshole?

Sheila, he has a gun.

I have a gun.

I'll go get it.

How much do you need?

All of it.


Shouldn't you be wearing
a mask or something?

Uh oh.

you fuck around.

Okay, I need this money.

If I don't get it, I'll
kill everybody in the store.

I don't give a shit,
you understand?


Yes, okay, got it.

- Evening.
- Hi.

That's $12.45.

Oh, we actually don't
have any change right now.

You don't have
any change for a 20?

We just counted the register
with the new shift person.

Can you ring me over here?

That register's
not open right now.

Sorry, it's a really
weird situation.

Credit card, is that good?

- Yeah.
- All right.

Do you know how to get
to Wrightwood from here?

There's no service.

It's a few miles, right?
- Yeah,

it's just a few miles down.

Hop on 18, right,
it's only a few miles?

Yeah you just, um.

Just a couple of
miles down here.

Where were you trying to go?


Oh, Wrightwood is simple.

Just get on the 18 east
and you'll be there

in about 12 miles,
you can't miss it.

All right, thank you.

Come on, let's go.

What was that?

I have the money
all ready to go.

Thank you.

Melinda, you're an angel, thank
you for making this so easy.

Can I have the backpack?

Where are you
headed to after this?

I'm gonna go pay off my debt

and then get the hell out of
wherever the hell this is.

Can I go with you?


Can you take me
with you, please?

Are you out of your mind?

Melinda, come on.

You know what, you should go.

- No, no...
- You two belong together.

Come on, come on, Melinda.

Are you being serious?


Melinda, just give me
the backpack, please.

Take me with you, I'd
like to go with you.

No, that, that's
not gonna happen.

Okay, just give me
the fucking backpack.

You don't want to
get involved in this.

I do want to get involved.

I can be useful.

Melinda, I have no
use for you, okay?

Give me the fucking money.

You do have use for me.

I just got you the
money from the safe.

You wouldn't have
gotten that without me.

Yes, and I appreciate that,

but Melinda, I don't
have time for this.

Give me the fucking backpack.

Melinda, just
give him the back...


Melinda, give him
the fucking backpack.

Give me the goddamn backpack.

Melinda give it.

God, you are such
a little bitch.

Yeah, you're just a
little bitch with a gun,

bullying two girls.

You call yourself a man?

When did I ever
say that I was a man?

Oh good, cause you're not.

You know what your
fucking problem is?

You don't know when
to shut the fuck up.

Yeah, you think
I'm scared of you?

Shut your fucking mouth.

I'm not trying to be
tough, I was nice to you.

What are you gonna shoot me?

Why are you being
so fucking difficult?

You're lucky my boyfriend
isn't here right now.

Oh wow, am I?

Yeah, the fucking boyfriend...

Yeah, he's got guns too,

definitely has a
bigger dick than you.

Why the fuck are we talking
about your boyfriend's dick?

You're not tough.

You want to see tough?

I can...
- Take your money

and get the fuck outta
here, like a little bitch.

I fucking told you!

I told you!

You made this happen!

I was trying to be nice and
you wouldn't shut the fuck up!

Melinda, lock the door.

Lock the fucking door, Melinda.

You need to learn how to
fucking talk to people.

I would have been out of her

if you would have shut
your dumb fucking mouth!

Give me your phone, Melinda.


Go in the bathroom til
I tell you to come out.

You know what?

I'm gonna fucking teach
you how to talk to people.

Get up.

Get the fuck up, get up.

Come on.

Get on your knees.

- Now fuck you!
- Get off me!

- Dumb ass!
- Fuck you!

I told you to wait in
the fucking bathroom!

Melinda, Melinda
you're stupid.

Stupid idiot.


I wasn't going to shoot her.

You can clean up all
you fucking want,

but it's your fault.

Why are you cleaning it up?


What are you going to tell
some bullshit story to the cops

when they get here?

I wasn't going to shoot her.

I'm not a murderer.

All right, what are you
going to tell the cops

when they get here?

Fuck, did you throw
hot coffee on my face?

It's fucking on fire.


What, what the fuck
are you looking at?

Just looking at your face.


Yeah, well I'm sure it looks
pretty fucked up, thank you.

Why didn't you want
me to go with you?


When I asked to
leave with you,

why didn't you want
me to come with you?


That's fucking crazy.

I don't know you.

There's no reason for
you to get involved.

This didn't have to
be this complicated.

I didn't think
Sheila would get shot.

That wasn't what I wanted.

Well you made it happen.

Okay, Melinda seriously,

you gotta let me outta here.

Okay, I'm not gonna hurt you.

Okay, I just need to
give them their money

or else they're
going to kill me.

Who's gonna kill you?

The bikers.

The fucking clown
stupid assholes

who care too much about
their dumb motorcycles.

Okay, well they know that
I'm robbing this place

and if I don't give
them their money,

they're gonna come
here looking for me.

Well, why didn't you
just leave with me then?

You haven't called
the cops, have you?

What's your plan?

I'm not sure.

Listen, Melinda,

you and I are in a lot
of trouble right now.

At this point,
you're my accomplice.

You helped me get the money.

Because you threw hot coffee
on my face, Sheila is dead.

And at some point,

someone's gonna figure
out that Sheila's dead,

so let's get out of here
while we still can together.

Look, I know I can trust you now

because we're on the same team.

But I was always on your team.

I got you the money
from the safe.

You're right.

I just didn't want
you to get in trouble.

I didn't want you to get hurt.

I didn't want
anybody to get hurt.

Except Sheila.


Instead of leaving with
me, you decided to stay

and try to have sex with her.

I wasn't trying to
have sex with Sheila.

Melinda, I lost my temper.

Okay, it's a problem that I have

and it's something
that I'm working on,

but what were you gonna do?

What, you gonna come with me?

To deliver the money?

I mean, come on, if those guys,

if they saw you, a pretty,
pretty girl like you,

with me, they could
have murdered you.

They could have raped you,
just to get back at me.

I didn't want that, okay?

I mean I guess, also
why I didn't say yes was

I didn't believe you.

Believe what?

Believe that you'd actually
want to leave with me.

I wasn't lying to you.


Yeah, no, I believe you now.

It's just, it didn't make
sense to me at the time,

why you'd want to
come away with me.

I'm breaking the law
because I have to.

I don't want to be
doing this, okay?

And it didn't make sense
to me that someone like you

would want to just
throw their life away

and take off with a
stranger with a gun.

I mean, I know I'm
handsome, but.

Unless, you were just planning

on robbing the place yourself.

Or you're just
that unhappy with your life.

Are you?

Are you that unhappy
with your life?

I mean you do work
at a gas station.

There's nothing wrong with
working at a gas station.

I meet a lot of
interesting people.

Gas stations are community
gathering centers.


There was this
famous architect

named Frank Lloyd Wright,

everyone thought
he was a genius and

he was obsessed
with gas stations.

He even built this really
artistic one in Minnesota.

He said in the future,
gas stations will be

where every town would
gather to socialize and talk

and get to know one another.

I'm going to visit it one day.

Wow, that's very interesting.

I didn't think of it
that way, I guess, yeah.

I mean on a busy shift,

I usually meet
around 240 customers.

Some of them are regulars,

but I'm always
meeting new people,

unless I work a graveyard
shift like tonight.

After midnight, I sometimes
only meet like 20 people.

And then you meet
an asshole like me,

but hey,

I'm glad I met you.

People don't usually give me
the chance to get to know me.

They usually want to
get to know Sheila.

Fuck Sheila.

Melinda, I've met
1000 girls like Sheila

and there's nothing
special about her.

But you, you and I?

We're a lot alike.

In a good way.

We go for what we want.

I would love a cigarette.

Do you have a cigarette?



I still can't believe

you threw hot coffee in my face.

Burns like hell.

It's not a bad thing.

I burn myself all the time.


You're just feeling
a quick change.

I know it hurts, but it
doesn't have to be a bad thing.

Fire just forces things
to change really fast.

Like when a forest burns down,

it all just grows
back even better.

And the fire was
just turning it back

to what it used to be
in the first place.

Okay, Melinda, you
know how

I really want to keep
talking with you,

but I could use some
Advil or something.

If you wouldn't mind.


I'm really sorry about all this.

You deserve better.

I wish I would have
just left with you.

Oh, thank you.

Mm, mmhmm.


Hey, you know what
I was thinking?

I really want to go see
that gas station in Montana

you were talking about.

That sounds so cool.

All right, once we
get out of town,

that's the first
place we're gonna go.

I want to leave with you, but

I just need to figure out
what to tell my boyfriend.

You have a boyfriend?

I do, yeah.

Has he, will he be
worried about you or...


But I don't care.

I want to leave with
you like you said.


it just makes things a
lot more complicated.

It's not that big of a deal,

I don't really like him anyway.

Okay, uh, okay yeah,
but how about this,

how about I go alone
to give them the money

and then you stay here
and you call the cops

and once they get here,
you can just tell them that

somebody robbed the store
and then shot Sheila

and then once that's all sorted,

we'll meet back up and
then we'll get out of town

before anybody
realized what happened.

Don't you want to
leave together still?

Yes, but you have a boyfriend.

Is that gonna stop you?

No, but Melinda,

it just makes things
really complicated

for us to leave right now.

Does it still hurt?

Uh yeah, yeah,
thanks for reminding me.



Melinda, you know what?

Look, if you really don't give
a fuck about your boyfriend,

then let's do it, let's go,
but only if we do it right now.


Come on,
what are you doing?


My heart.

Okay, Melinda,

Did you fucking drug me?

Oh come on, Melinda.

Stop fucking around,
okay, let's go.

Let's get the fuck
out of here, please.

Oh no, no, no.

Stop please, please
stop, please.

No, what are you doing,
what are you doing?


Look, we can do
this later, okay?

Just, let's get out of here.

I know you're lying to me.

I know you don't like me.

The second I untie you, I
know you're gonna kill me.

I know this is all a lie.

But I'm going to
be okay with it.

God, fuck!

Fucking bitch.

Since when the hell

do you all close at night?

I've been out there 10
minutes banging on that door.

Hey where's the regular coffee?

We don't have any right now.

have any right now?

You're a damn gas station.

Can you make some?


We have iced coffee and
energy drinks in the fridge.

Energy drinks?

That's goddam ridiculous.

No hot coffee.

I can't have energy drinks.

I can get a damn heart attack,

lose control of the wheel,

hit a bus.

What the hell?

I don't even know what
half this shit is.

What ever happened to coffee?

Why do we have to have choices?

This whole country,

this whole country is
going to hell in a handbag.

Look, I don't know
what your issue is,

but I just want some coffee.

Can I pay for this?

Please just take
what you want and leave.

Look, I'm not asking
for any handout.

Please just leave me alone.

Filson County,
911 where's your emergency?


This is a 911 operator...
- Hey, Melinda.

What are you doing?

Where's Sheila at?

She's not here.

What do you mean
she's not here?

What'd she leave already?

She's not here anymore.

Uh, what's the matter?


Trying to call her
for like an hour.

She knew I was
picking her up, but

what, did she get a ride?

Who the hell gave her a ride?

I don't know, I didn't see.

I just know she's gone.

Well what did she say to you?

Well was she mad at me?

I told her I was
finishing up at the shop.

Dammit, she always
does this shit.

If I see her,
I'll let you know.


What is that?


Is that her phone vibrating?

What's her phone
doing on the ground?

She can't go two minutes
without her phone.

Where is she?

She still here?

No, she left.

You're, you're not
lying to me, are you?

She's not like in the bathroom
or in the back or something?

Because if she left,
she's gonna realize

that her phone is missing
in like two minutes

and come back for it.

Why do you keep crying?

I'm sorry.

Look, hey, hey hey, Melinda,
listen to me, it's okay.

All right, this is my
girl we're talking about.

All right, I just,
I don't give a shit.

All right, if she's mad at me

or if she got you to
lie for her, all right?

I just need to know where she is

all right, and that she's okay.

That's all that matters
to me, all right?

That's all I care about.

Look, if

if you're lying to me and
something happens to her,

Melinda, I swear to god...

She left

with a guy.

Shut up, a guy?

What guy?

I don't know, I'd
never seen him before.

What do, what did,
what did he look like?

Some guy, had like
a jean jacket on.

Well, did she know him?

Were they like touchy
or something together?


I think they went to
a motel or something.

A what?

Uh, did you get his name?

Was he named Devon,
was it Devon?

I didn't hear it,
I'm really sorry.

What motel did
they go to, Melinda?

I don't know.

Everything just
happened really fast.

Okay, okay,

I'm gonna, I'm gonna
go to the Motel 6,

on the 18, all right?

If she comes back for her
phone, you tell her I have it.

All right, she better
wait here for me.

All right, do not let her
leave before I get back.


All right, thanks for
telling me, Melinda.

Can I help you guys?

Yeah, we were thinking about
going in the store and uh,

buying some things.

I'm sorry, I'd really
like to help you guys,

and normally I would,

but right now, the
store is closed.

The sign says 24 hours.


but not today's 24 hours.

Did something
happen here tonight?

No, nothing happened.

I'm just cleaning
up a little mess.

We're looking for
a friend of ours,

little wannabe cowboy type,

bout this tall with
his high heel boots on?

You'd know him if you saw him.

Do you guys do illegal things?

Of course not.

You don't
accidentally kill people

and get rid of dead bodies?

What kind of
people do we look like?

We're just looking
for our friend.

I haven't seen him.

How are you so sure?

Well he said I'd
know if he came

and I don't know if he
came, so nothing happened.

I'm gonna get some smokes.

Uh, excuse me, I
said we're closed.

You can't go in.

In fact, I was just
going to lock the door.

You can do that
right after I get my...

I said you can't go in.

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

Have you lost your fucking mind?

It's very possible.

Now can you please just leave?

I am, I am just really,
really busy right now.

Put your pieces down.


You heard me, put em away.

There's cameras everywhere.

No need to make a scene.

She says the store's
closed, I guess it's closed.

We're gonna take a look around.

And if we don't find our
friend, we're coming back.

Maybe the store will
be open by then.

Oh, Melinda.

Are you okay?

Is there anyone else
in here with you?

No, it's just me.

here by yourself?


Did you notice

anyone suspicious come through?

Uh, I don't know.

Who's suspicious?

You can put your hands down.

There's a gray Toyota
Camry in the parking lot,

right next to your van.

That's the stolen
vehicle I'm looking for.

Did you notice it outside?


Keys were still
in the ignition.

When was the last time
you looked outside?

Maybe 20 minutes ago?


Check the tapes.

Tom 66, 1124 on the 503, copy.

Uh Lou, you don't
need to use codes every time.

Just say it.

Stolen vehicle abandoned
at Paradise Pumps on the 63.

Suspect missing, I'll
clear the location.

Melinda, you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I don't think we can
look at the tapes though.

I can't access them.

Well who has access?


Yes, but she's not here.

I hate to have her
drive down at this hour.

Eh, I gotta do it.

What's her number?

Uh, she's
definitely sleeping right now.

I hear what you're saying.

I hate to wake her, but I'm
just trying to do my job,

you know, just follow procedure.

What's her number?

I actually,

I remember now something
suspicious happening.

Oh, okay, let's
call Diane first

and once she's on her way,

then I want to hear what
you have to tell me.

That way we're firing
on all cylinders

and not wasting any time, okay?


They should really
give you the keys.

You're the most
dependable one here.

And I think you're right.

She's probably asleep.

Yeah, she was really tired,

plus I don't think you'll...

Hold on, let me try again.


Sometimes when you, it
takes a couple of tries.

You know, when you call twice,

people generally take
that as an emergency.


Hi, I'm sorry to wake
you, this is Officer Lou

of the Filson County
sheriff's department.

Yes, hi.

Uh, we have a situation
here at the Paradise Pumps

and we're gonna need to see
the surveillance tapes ASAP.

Yeah, Melinda's right here.

She says you're the only
one that has access to them.

Uh huh.

I'm sorry, Diane, I
know this is unfair,

but we have a situation...

I'm not authorized
to give you a raise.

I personally can't compensate
you to drive down here...

As a police officer,
I'm ordering you

to come down with the keys
and show me the tapes.

Is that clear?

Thank you.

She's a very negative person.


So what were you saying?

I was saying that I remember
something suspicious now.

About half an hour
ago, someone came in

asking about the nearest
hotel and I told them

about the Motel 6 by the 18.

He was the last person I
saw since that car showed up

and I think he left
in a green Jeep.

And you're saying this
person was suspicious, how?

He was just suspicious.

You can take my word for it.

Okay, um...

Sorry I couldn't
remember that earlier

when you were pointing
the gun at me.

I apologize about that.

I didn't mean to scare you.

I'm fine.

You might actually be
able to catch him still

if you leave right now.

Did you
get a license plate?

Uh no.

Well, that's one
hell of a first night.

Tom 66, possible
suspect in a green Jeep,

be on the look out for all
green Jeeps near the 18.

All right, I'm gonna go
check out the Motel 6

and by the time I get
back, Diane should be here

and we'll check the tapes.

I'm just gonna do a
quick sweep of the store

just to make sure
we're all clear.

Quick sweep.

Yeah, it's just procedure.

But I said he's not here.

Melinda, is
everything all right?


You keep asking me that and
I keep telling you, yes.

Do you not believe me?

Hey, if there's
something you know

or is there something wrong,

you know you can tell me, right?

I just want to make
sure you're safe

and I don't want anything
happening to you.

I care about you.

You don't need to say that.

Say what?

I know you're
just doing your job.

You're always just
doing your job.

You don't need to say all
that extra stuff to me.

You've never said
it to me before,

you don't need to say it now.

It's too late.

I'm sorry, but I mean it
when I say I care about you.

You don't even
really know who I am, so.

It's not real.

I'm gonna go
sweep the premises.

All right, everything
looks good.

I'll go check on the Motel 6.

Who has the morning shift?

Uh, I'm not sure.


I'll go check on the Jeep.

I'll be back.


You didn't find
anything strange?

Nope, just like you said.

I believed you the whole time.

If you see anything
or need anything,

my cell phone
number's on this card.

You can call me directly.



This is your last chance!

Do not fuck with me!


Okay, stop.

Can you just stop now, please?

I'll burn this whole
place down right now.

The floor is covered
with gasoline.

Give me the fucking backpack.

You can have it
if you let me go and

and if you don't tell
anybody what happened,

I'll give it to you.

What's going on?

What are you doing?

Uh, it won't open.

The security locks the
doors when the power's out.

Why is the power out?

Did Sheila come back?

Melinda, is Sheila



Where are you going?

Hey, who are you?

Listen you...

Whoa, whoa, what
happened to you?

You've got to trust me...

- Back up.
- Okay, okay.

She's fucking crazy, man.

She burned my fucking face.

She tied me to a chair,
she tried to rape me.

She shot her fucking coworker

and now she's gonna burn
the whole place down!

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
what'd you say?

I said she's gonna
burn the whole...

No, no, no, no, about
her coworker, what'd ou...

She shot her fuckincoworker.

She's out of her fucking mind.

Her coworker...

I don't fucking believe
you, what do you...


What are you talking about?

Are you fu...

I'm staying back...

What are you talking about?

I promise, I promise, okay?

What's he talking about?

I'm just a customer, okay?

Where's Sheila?

Where the fuck is she?

Did you do something to her?


Did you fucking shoot her?

No, no, it wasn't me.

Why did you hurt her?

- I was just trying to help.
- Tell me the truth!

He's the one that shot Sheila.

Hey stop it, just, you
can have it, just leave.

You can take it and leave
just like you wanted to.



Stop it.

Officer Lou?

Hi, it's Melinda.

No, it's not okay.

Lou, can you please
just come back, I...

No, just listen, I,

I lied.

I lied about the guy, I...

Yes, I think so, but
the door's locked

and the power's out
and I can't get out.

The money's right
there on the counter.

Please, you can just
take it and leave.

I'm sorry.

I really didn't mean for
all of this to happen.

Please, I'll burn
the whole place down

and we can just forget it.

You were gonna take the
fuckin' money and run,

weren't you?

Yes, but I thought you
were dead and I just figured,

but you can have it.

It's all there, I promise.

Oh and your gun,
don't forget that.

You can have that too.

Look the police are
gonna be here any minute.

You, you called the police?

Yes, but you still have time.

You can just leave.

You can just leave.

This didn't have to
be complicated, Melinda.

I know.

You made me into a killer.

I don't think I
made you kill anybody.

I mean, you definitely
didn't need to kill Perry.

He was just really
in love with Sheila.

You're right, I'm
sorry, I screwed up.

Stop with all your
fucking, I'm sorry's.

You drugged me and
tried to rape me.

Do you think that you were
just gonna get away with that?

I just,

I just wanted to
be with someone.

I just I just
forgot what I wanted.

What, what are you gonna tell
the cops when they get here?

Are you going to
tell them about me?

Are you going to
tell them about you?

I'll tell them the truth.

All of it.

The truth.

Hm, no.

No, that's, that's
not gonna be enough,

not after what you did.

Melinda, Melinda,
come on, come on.

Come on, got you.

I got you.

I got you.

I got you.

Okay, here we go, let's go.

Come on.

Okay, don't be scared,
we'll get you to safety.

Come on.

Watch your head,
watch your head.

Hold tight here, everything's
going to be okay.

Help is on the way.

Tom 66, we have a large
fire at Paradise Pumps.

I have a conscious adult female,

severe burns on the legs,
I need EMS immediately.

Oh my gosh, I'm so
sorry, I'm so sorry.

I shouldn't have left you.

I was just trying
to follow procedure.

I'm so sorry.

What can I do?

Tell me, what can I do,
how can I help right now?

You're telling the truth.


Melinda, what happened tonight?