Burlesque (2010) - full transcript

The Burlesque Lounge has its best days behind it. Tess, a retired dancer and owner of the venue, struggles to keep the aging theater alive, facing all kinds of financial and artistic challenges. With the Lounge's troupe members becoming increasingly distracted by personal problems and a threat coming from a wealthy businessman's quest to buy the spot from Tess, the good fortune seems to have abandoned the club altogether. Meanwhile, the life of Ali, a small-town girl from Iowa, is about to change dramatically. Hired by Tess as a waitress at the Lounge, Ali escapes a hollow past and quickly falls in love with the art of burlesque. Backed by newfound friends amongst the theater's crew, she manages to fulfill her dreams of being on stage herself. Things take a dramatic turn though when Ali's big voice makes her become the main attraction of the revue.

Sixteen-fifty for you, 16:50 for me.

Loretta, I'm leaving.

What do you mean?

Soon as I get my check, I'm gone.

I'll be back.

Dwight, I need my
check before you leave.

Payday's at the end of the month.

You still haven't paid us
for last month.

I need my money,
Loretta's got a kid to feed.

Hey, you got a problem
with management?

Put a note in the suggestion box.

- Dwight! I'm serious. I'm quitting.
- I'll be back for the dinner shift.

I sure as hell won't be.

What are you doing?

I'm only taking what he owes me,
not a penny more.

You take that money,
he's gonna come after you.

- He's gotta find me first.
- What're you gonna do?

This ought to cover that bike you've
been wanting to get for little Keith.

You're late to pick him up
from school.

Go. I got everything covered here.

You're really going?

I'm really going.

That bike can wait till Christmas.

You keep what he owes you.
I'll deal with Dwight, okay?

See you later.

♪ Oh... sometimes I get a good feeling

♪ I get a feeling that I never,
never had before

♪ And I just got to tell you right now

♪ I believe, I really do believe that

♪ Something's got a hold on me

♪ (Oh, it must be love)

♪ Something's got a hold on me
right now child

♪ (Yeah, it must be love)

♪ Let me tell you now

♪ I got a feeling, I feel so strange

♪ Everything about me seems to
have changed

♪ Step by step,
I got a brand new walk

♪ I even sound sweeter when I talk

♪ I said... Oh, oh... ho

♪ I said, baby

♪ Oh, it must be love
(You know, it must be love)

How much to Los Angeles?

- One-way or round-trip?
- You're kidding, right?

♪ Let me tell you now

♪ My heart feels heavy,
my feet feel light

♪ I shake all over, but I feel alright

♪ I never felt like this before

♪ Something's got a hold on me
that won't let go

♪ I never thought it could
happen to me

♪ My heart was heavy when in misery

♪ I never thought it could be this way

♪ Love's sure gonna put a hurting on me

♪ I said... Oh, oh... ho

♪ I said, baby

♪ Oh... it must be love
(You know it must be love)

♪ He walks like love
(You know he walks like love)

♪ And he talks like love
(You know he talks like love)

♪ Makes me feel alright
(Makes me feel alright)

♪ In the middle of the night
(In the middle of the night)

♪ Na na na na!
(Na na na na!)

♪ Oh yeah

♪ Oh yeah

Hey, Coco. Coco Puff, you're on.
Come on. You're on, you're on.

We may not have windows...

...but we do have the best view
on Sunset Strip.

Twenty bucks.

What is this place, a strip club?

"Strip club"?

Honey, I should wash your mouth out
with the Jägermeister.

The only Pole you'll find in there
is Natasha, the short girl.

Baby cakes, I got a club to fill here.

Right, sorry.


♪ Show a little more

♪ Show a little less

♪ Add a little smoke

♪ Welcome to Burlesque

♪ Everything you dream of

♪ But never can possess

♪ Nothing's what it seems

♪ Welcome to Burlesque

♪ Everyone is buying

♪ Put your money in my hand

♪ If you got a little extra

♪ Well, give it to the band

♪ You may not be guilty

♪ But you're ready to confess

♪ Tell me what you need

♪ Welcome to Burlesque

♪ You can dream of Coco

♪ Do it at your risk

♪ The triplets grant you mercy

♪ But not your every wish

♪ Jesse keeps you guessing

♪ So cool and statuesque

♪ "Behave yourself," says Georgia

♪ Welcome to Burlesque

♪ Everyone is buying

♪ Put your money in my hand

♪ If you want a little extra

♪ Well, you know where I am

♪ Something very dark

♪ Is playing with your mind

♪ It's not the end of days

♪ It's just the bump and grind

♪ Show a little more

♪ Show a little less

♪ Add a little smoke

♪ Welcome to Burlesque

- Can I get you a drink?
- Only if you're buying.

- Welcome to L.A.
- Thank you.

- Where you from?
- Iowa.

- Kentucky. We're practically related.
- Thought you looked familiar.

Hey, sweetheart?
You wanna do your job? Let's go.

Who does a girl have to flirt with
to get from here to up there?

Is this you flirting?

With someone wearing more eyeliner
than me? Yeah.

Through that door over there.

Ask for Tess.

- She's your guy. Flirt away.
- Thanks.

- Iowa.
- Yeah?

Use my name.

Thanks, Jack.

Hold it! Hold it. That's good.

We're on in five minutes.
Five minutes, ladies.

- Get over there.
- All right, I'm coming.

Ladies! Let's move it, ladies!

Does anyone know where Nikki is?

Both spotlights are supposed
to pull in.

Hey Georgia,
your boyfriend is so cute.

So tonight, takeout and a movie?


- Casablanca and Oreos.
- Yes.

Tess! I lost a contact on the stage.

Okay, if you fall off the stage,
leg extended, boobs up.

Remember, you're a goddess.

- Thank you, Sean.
- You're welcome.

"Thank you, Sean."

Come here, give me.

- Wait.
- What? The foot?

Yeah, the foot, the back, the neck.

The hips, the breasts, the face...

Vince, the sink's busted
upstairs again.

I'm not calling a plumber, Coco.

Tess, have you read this letter
from the bank?

Vincent, how many times have I told
you no business during business hours.

- Marcus Gerber is coming in tonight.
- So what?

This isn't going away.

You won't talk to me before the show,
you won't talk to me after the show.

It's like you're avoiding me.

Well, I didn't divorce you
to spend more time with you.

I may not be "Mr. Tess" anymore,
but I still own half this place.

"Mr. Tess."

That is so hot.

Nice, but it won't pay the bills.

Wait. Wait. Zip me up.

Excuse me, I'm looking for Tess.

Hi, are you Tess?

And you are in my mirror because?

Oh, sorry. I'm friends with Jack,
and I'm looking for a job.

And where have you danced?

At home, mostly. But I can move.

Okay, give your name
and number to Sean

and he'll let you know when
we're having our next audition.

When will that be, exactly?


- Honey! Where the hell is Nikki?
- I don't know. She's late again.

Oh, I'm never late. Ever.

Alright, that's great.

Listen darling, we're trying
to put on a show here, okay.

So maybe come back another time.

I've just never seen anything
like this before.

I need a job and I wanna work here.

Great enthusiasm,
terrible timing, alright.

So leave your name and
your number with Jack,

your friend downstairs, okay.

And we'll call you. Okay? Promise.

Hey, can you fix this for me?

Let's move it, ladies!

- Hello.
- Oh, my God. Nikki.

You know, you're probably not
gonna believe this...

...but Sean and I were just talking
about you, and he said...

I said, "It's so sad that Nikki

couldn't join us for
the opening number...

..but it would be so great if she stop
by and joined us for the next one."

Paws and claws.
Took longer than I thought.

And so is finding a new job
when I fire you, late ass.

Yeah, right.

- Get ready.
- Yeah.

Hey. Bring me a Martini.

Extra dry, straight up, three olives.

- And hurry back.
- She doesn't work here, Nikki.

Well, then she's not busy.

Twenty minutes and we're back.

Did your mama ever tell you
it's not polite to stare?

You're just so damn beautiful, I...

Well, in that case, screw your mama
and stare away.

No one would ever know.

Know what?

That you're a dude.

- God.
- Can I use this?

Goddamn it! Don't touch my stuff!

Hey, waitress!

Sweetheart? Hey, over here.

One second.


- Ladies?
- I'll have a vodka.

What can I get you?

One shot of Patrón...

...and tough guy with the hat
over there, he wants a Cosmo.

- What are you doing?
- One night.

If I'm not 20 times better
than boobs-for-brains,

you don't have to pay me.

♪ A kiss on the hand may be
quite continental

♪ But diamonds
are a girl's best friend

♪ A kiss may be grand-

Isn't that the girl that was
backstage just a moment?

I think so.

Hey, Jack, what's she doing here?

She really wanted a job.

And so she is our new waitress.

And when did I make you
Head of Personnel?

She just picked up a tray,
started working.

- Really?
- Well, her name is Ali.


Hey, Ali.

Look, this is cute, but come on.

Push up those boobs.
Got them, show them. Work them.

And don't ever
go behind my back again.

- Yes, ma'am.
- And don't ever call me ma'am again.

- Yes, sir. I mean ma'am. I mean Tess.
- Get on the floor.


What am I, my mother?

Yes, ma'am.

Up yours.

♪ Tiffany's

♪ Cartier

♪ Black Starr! Frost Gorham!

♪ Talk to me, Harry Winston,
tell me all about it

Excuse me.

Dewar's rocks and a bottle of
your best champagne for the table.

Oh, and will you tell Nikki
that I'm here?

And you are...?

A member since '91.

Marcus Gerber. And you are?

- Ali.
- Ali.

I'm here.

You're late, you're late
for a very important date.

Georgia went on for you.

What is that waitress doing here?
I want that bitch out now.

What did she ever do to you?

She told me I look like a drag queen.

That can't be the first time
that's happened.

Get my spot.

Nikki, what are you doing?

♪ I've heard of affairs that
are strictly platonic

♪ But diamonds are a girl's best friend

♪ I've heard of affairs that you
must keep liaisonic

♪ Are better bets

♪ If little pets get big baguettes

♪ Time rolls on, and youth is gone

♪ And you can't straighten up
when you bend

♪ But stiff back or stiff knees
You stand straight at Tiffany's

♪ Diamonds! Diamonds!

♪ I don't mean rhinestones!

♪ But diamonds are a girl's best,
best friend.


Ali. Ali.

Ali. Ali. What do you need?

Dewar's rocks, bottle of Dom...

And keep it coming.

Yep. So he's a regular, huh?

Marcus Gerber, real estate guy.

Dating Nikki. This week at least.

I wanna be up there. I wanna do that.

Question is...

- ... do you have the talent?
- I do.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

- Positive?
- Yeah.

Good, because you're on.

♪ I got a dentist

♪ Who's over seven feet tall

♪ Ooh, I've got a dentist, baby

♪ The man is over seven feet tall

♪ His name is Dr. Long John

♪ And he answers

♪ Every call

♪ You know, I went to Long John...

It's simple.

I assume all
your financial obligations...

...buy you out...

...pay you a million
right off the top.

Five hundred each.

Where is the partnership that-? You
said there was gonna be a partnership.

How about a partnership?

Partnerships don't really
work so well with me.

- And that deal is-
- Very generous.

Good. Because I leave with
my final offer.

You know, not that I give a shit,
but why is it

that you want my club so badly?

I like it.

When I see something I like,
I have to have it.

Been that way since I was a kid.

That must have made you
very popular in the sandbox.

I did okay.

Do you know what you could
do with that money, Tess?

Do you know what you could
do with that money, Vince?

- Not now.
- Don't "not now" me.

The way I see it...

...you're in a fix
and I'm in a position to help.

We play this thing right,
and we all come out winners.


Remember, you got that balloon
payment due on the first.

Did you also tell him
I have a tattoo on my ass?

No. It's business.

I don't think you're gonna get
another opportunity like this.

So take it.

- No.
- She means not now.

No, no.
"Not now" means not now, Vince.

No means no.

Marcus, I don't care what
you're offering.

My club is not for sale.

Well, offer's on the table.


See you in the sandbox.

♪ When he got done drilin' he said,

♪ Ooh baby, that is gonna cost you

♪ Ten

♪ But if it ever starts in to throbbing

♪ Come back and see old Long John

♪ Again and again and again and
again and again

♪ Oh, yeah.

Wendy! Do you have my makeup?

Drinks, ladies.

All right, white wine.

Tom Collins.

Which one of this is Nikki's?

- Both.
- Shit.

That was my shot.

Here's mud in your eye, Nik.

All right. Now I got a buzz,
and you gotta change. You're on.

What are you, my mother?

In case you haven't noticed,
Vince was talking to Marcus Gerber.

Yeah! Well, that's because Marcus
is trying to buy my club.

Mother of God.

Tess? Probably not a good time.

I know you're real busy

and I don't mean to interrupt
you or anything like that.

Hey! Did anybody talk to Dave about
the new vocals?

Ha, that's what just I've been
thinking about... vocals.

- All the girls lip-synch, right?
- Except for Tess.

Of course except for Tess.

But wouldn't it be great if we
actually heard the girls sing?

No. It wouldn't be great.


People come here
to watch the dancers dance...

...and to watch them lip-synch
to the great singers.

Okay! I hear you. I get it.

I really think, thinking
of ways just to make it better.

And I just don't understand why
we can't just try something different.

You know why you don't understand.
Because it's above your pay grade.

I don't really get what that means.

- Just hear me out one more time.
- No! No...

- This is a really good idea and-
- Ali, Ali, no- No. No. No.

Stop. Take her and remove her.

Okay, let's go. Come on, let's go.

I'm sure they need you back on
the floor, but thanks for visiting us.

All right.
Oh, this is not for anybody.

You look so beautiful right now.
I can't even tell you...

And you are so full of shit.

Goddamn it!


You can just have a seat.

I'm gonna grab us both a drink, yeah?

Oh, and here.

Call whoever you want.

Long distance, whatever.

- I can't.
- What do you mean?

I don't have anyone.

No parents or siblings,
aunts, uncles, anyone?

No one.

So you're not here to use my phone.

No, no, stop. Stop, please.
It's gonna be all right.

You can crash here.

Just please, please, stop crying.

Okay. Okay.

I'll take that.



Just one night.

Till it's light out and I can figure
out my next move.


That's beautiful.

Who wrote that?

I did.

You wrote that?

Jack, that's... That's really good.

Thank you.

- You have more?
- Yeah.

Nothing that's ready to be heard.

Hey, Jack...

...why did you leave Kentucky?

Why did you leave Iowa?

Because I looked around
and realized...

...there wasn't one person
whose life I wanted.


Hey, Jack.

I'm really glad I don't have to
be alone tonight.

Get some sleep.


- Coffee?
- Black.

Like my soul.

I took the liberty
of making breakfast.

I hope you don't mind.
It's the least I could do.

Smells great.

She's pretty. Your sister?

- Fiancée.
- You're straight?

- You thought I was gay?
- Yeah.

- Wait, why?
- I don't know.

The day bed, the eyeliner.

It's a very straight look.

You know, it works at the club,
Tess loves it...


I should put on some pants.


So where is she, this fiancée?

She's in New York doing a play.

Now that you're straight
and engaged...

...I feel really weird I came here
in the first place.

I'm all right.

- I'll be out of your hair in no time.
- Really, you don't have to leave.

- Don't worry about me.
- I mean, it's pouring outside.

I got a plan.
If you could just get the door for me.

Thank you.

- You're welcome.
- See you at the club.

Ali! What are you doing?

Come back inside!

No, Jack, I'm fine.

It's pouring.

It's just water, for chrissake.

Damn it.

Get your ass back in my house.

You've done enough.
Just leave it alone. I'm fine.

All right, all right, fine.
Here we go.

Put me down.
What are you doing over me?

You have nowhere to go
and I have a couch.

Like it or not, you're gonna stayed
here for a few more days.

Hey, Natalie.

Really? That's great.



Oh, God, please don't have the flu.

Oh, God.

Please have the flu.

Why do they call it morning

...if it hits you at every fricking
moment of the day?

Have you told Damon yet?

No, not yet.

Well, sweetheart, you know,
at some point he's going to notice.

He's a guy.

He's not gonna notice
until my belly's blocking the TV.

Well, what are you gonna do?

I don't know, Tess. I'm really scared.

Oh, honey, don't be scared.

Whatever you decide,
we will take care of you. Okay?

But you've got to tell Damon.

I figured as long as he doesn't know...

...I can still pretend he's gonna be
excited about it.

He's gonna be thrilled.
Are you kidding? He'll be thrilled.

Excellent. That was great.

Thank you very much, ladies.

What happened to
all the great dancers in L.A.?

They're all dancing with the stars.

Call Andre and ask him.
He might have somebody.


Don't like her, I don't like her.

I don't love any of them.
She's the best one.

What is that?

What is she doing?

I think she's auditioning.

Hey, Dave, cut it!

Hold on a second, I can do this.

And I think that it's sweet
that you think you can.

Just tell me what you're
looking for. I...

I'm looking for someone who
can do the routine.

Excuse me? I'm talking to you!

Oh, shit.

Just tell me what you want.

I can't tell you.

Nobody can tell you.

You gotta make me believe
that you belong up there.

That you own that stage and that
nobody's gonna take it from you.

That's the way it works.

You wanna show me something,
show me that.

All right.

Which number do you wanna see?
I know every single one of them.

- You know every single number?
- Which one do you wanna see?

"Wagon Wheel Watusi."

What's going on?

Well, I couldn't keep my eyes off her.

Try harder.

You know,
you were off the whole last half.

Come on, Tess. Come on, I'll practice
till I bleed. I know I can do this.

You know, we have better dancers.

Well, then say thank you very much
and goodbye.

If you just give me a chance.
I swear to God I won't disappoint you.

Didn't anybody ever give you
a shot in like, please...

Please, I want this so bad.

- If you just give me a chance, I'd-
- All right. God!

You got the job.

What are you so excited about?
She's your replacement.

Thank you, Tess. You won't regret it.

I am so gonna regret this.

What is Ali short for?

- Alice.
- Alice?

Well, welcome to Wonderland.

Meet me upstairs in five.

Well, sorry for the short notice...

...but I quit.

It's okay.

And with my new raise,
I will be off your couch in no time.

Here we go.

Black corset, first number.

Second number, "Wagon Wheel,"
that's that.

Swarovski bustier,
that's for the third number.

And this is for "Miss Otis Regrets."

And remember, with that, don't...

...pull the trigger.

♪ Zephyr in the sky at night I wonder

♪ Do my tears of mourning sink
beneath the sun

♪ She's got herself a universe
gone quickly

♪ For the call of thunder
threatens everyone

♪ And I feel like I just got home

♪ And I feel

♪ And I feel like I just got home

♪ And I feel

You like her, admit it. I know it
kills you, but you have to admit it.

No. You know, she pulls focus,
she doesn't blend in.

A girl that doesn't blend in?

Oh, my.

That is so beneath you.

Here we go, here we go.
Don't lose those again, okay.

How you doing?

My boobs are pushed up to my ears,
my thong's a mile up my butt...

...and my eyelashes are so thick
they could kick up a stiff wind.

Fun being a girl, isn't it?
Come on, let's go, let's go.

- You guys wanna go grab pizza?
- Yes, please.

- Yeah.
- I'm starving.

Good, let's go.

My day was so long.

Ice cream sounds so good.

That's so bad.

- I'm gonna get so full tonight.
- What?

Where is everybody?

They went out for pizza.

I wasn't hungry.

That brush isn't working cause
it's too old.

Well, it's the only brush I have.

I'll let you use mine.

- Here.
- Thanks.

All right, here. Let me help you.

First of all, you gotta wet it if
you're gonna get a clean line.

Close your eyes.

When you are putting on your makeup...

...it's like you're an artist.

But instead of painting on a canvas...

...you're painting your face.

My mom was a model
and she was beautiful.

Tall, blond.

Not like me.

Body that could stop a truck.

And she had these girlfriends,
beautiful girls, Colleen and Shirley...

...and they would come over
in the morning...

...and they would all put
their makeup on together

before they went on jobs. Up.

We had a big window in the back
of our house with a ledge on it,

...and they would put their
mirrors side by side by side,

and put out their makeup.

They had lipsticks and blushes,
and it was fabulous.

And I kept thinking, "My God,
I cannot wait till I get old

enough to play with this junk."

Didn't you ever watch your mom
put on her makeup?

My mom died when I was 7...

...and it's my first lesson.

You know,
you won't be the new girl forever.




Ali. Did you use my towel again?

I found it soaking wet and
on the floor.

- I don't know. Maybe.
- How's that apartment hunt coming?

I've been looking.
Everything's over 1000 bucks a month.

How can you put a price
on privacy like that? Freedom?

Your own bathroom?
Your own clean towels?

Hey Jack! I get it.

It's Natalie.

Hey, babe.

Oh, hey. What about Beachwood Canyon?


If you have a car.

I mean, truth is...

...you really should get a car first.

I mean, this is L.A. after all.
You know?

I'll tell you what.

I'm gonna suck it up...

I'm gonna let you stay
a little bit longer.

Just throw in a little something
for rent, we're good.

A second ago you
wanted me out of here.

I really don't like
my towel being wet.

I don't like the lack of privacy...

...but you're in a jam.

And I'm the kind of guy...

...when a friend is in trouble,
I help.

It's just who I am.

What did Natalie have to say?

Nothing. No, she...
Wow! What did she say?

"Hi." I think that was it.

- And?
- And...

Her play got extended
three more months.

So she has to pay
everything there in rent...

...so I have to cover everything here.

So if you wanna stick around
and chip in, it would...

- Save your ass?
- Help.

Well, will you look at that?

The shoe on the other foot.

One minute I'm a freeloader...

...and the next...

...I'm the only thing standing
between you and eviction.

Just yes or no?

What's the proposal exactly?

Wonderful apartment.
Bathroom included.

I'm listening.

- Full use of the kitchen.
- Keep going.

Six hundred a month,
utilities included.


- Half.
- Oh, look.

"Fabulous apartment
with a great view."

Fine, fine.

The whole closet.

- I want the bedroom.
- No way.

Oh, look. "Hot tub, Beverly Hills."

All right. You can have my bedroom.

Are you in?

Oh, Jack.

See, I'm the kind of girl...

...if a friend's in trouble, I help.

That's just who I am.

Oh, boy.

Your dream is killing me!

It's killing me!

What was that?

And what's this?

It's something about the
two mortgages.

To be perfectly honest,
I haven't got a goddamn clue.

But if I can't raise
the amount of money...

...on that piece of paper by the end
of this month, I lose the club.

It's just money.

It's just a number.

I know...

...but do you think I could do it?

Okay, tell me a lie.

I need your expert sewing skills.

Tell me a new lie.

I don't love you.

Come here. Come here.

It's okay.

Stage fright.

Wait a minute. Hey, hey. Hey.
What's in that?

Iced tea.

Iced tea, my ass. Go home.

Yeah, right. I'm about to go on.

No! You're not gonna go on.
You're gonna go home.

Relax. It is one drink.
What is the big deal?

Ali, you're gonna take Nikki's spot.

- She can't dance my part.
- Oh yeah! She can and she will.

No, no, no. Oh my God,
I can't do that.

- No, no, no, wait.
- It is Nikki's number.

You said you can do any number, right?

Now, I just don't
wanna step on anybody toes.

Then don't.

I don't care...
Listen to me.

You're gonna go on,
and you're gonna go home.

Here, put this on.


Tess wants to see you.
Says it's urgent.

I can't leave right now.
I'm working, girl.

Don't say I didn't warn you.


Dave this! Dave that! Everybody wants
Dave to do something.

Y'all gonna have me singing
by the time I'm done here, Jesus.

♪ Ooh, ow... Well, I got the love
that moved the soul

♪ That show I knows how
to rock and roll

♪ I need a tough lover (yeah yeah)

♪ A tough lover (woo)

♪ He's a tough lover (yeah, yeah)

♪ A tough lover (oh oh)

♪ When he kisses me, I get a thrill

♪ When he does that wiggle...

Tess, what's up?

What the hell are you doing back here?

Nikki said you were looking for me.

Nikki said?

- What is going on, Dave?
- Nikki just told me that...

Lower the curtain. Come on, let's go.

Bye. Thanks for coming.

Hold it.

♪ Ooh, oh yeah yeah

Raise the curtain.

♪ I need a tough lover, yeah yeah

♪ I need a, a tough lover, woo

♪ I need a tough lover, yeah yeah

♪ A tough lover, yeah

♪ When he kisses me, I get that thrill

♪ When he does that wiggle
I won't keep still

♪ I wanna a tough lover (yeah, yeah)

♪ A tough lover (woo)

♪ I need a tough lover (yeah, yeah)

♪ Tough lover (hum, hum)

♪ The seven sisters got nothing on him

♪ I'm talking about a lover
who's fast as the wind

♪ Everyone will talk about
how he got me fixed

♪ It ain't voodoo,
it's just that twist

♪ He will be the greatest lover
that ever come to pass

♪ Don Juan ain't got the
half the chance

♪ I need a tough lover, yeah yeah

♪ A tough lover (woo)

♪ He's a tough lover (yeah, yeah)

♪ A tough lover (oh oh)

♪ Hey, hey, heyah

♪ He'll make me laugh,
he'll make me cry

♪ He'll be so tough
he'll make Venus come alive

♪ He'll do anything that
he wants to do

♪ Step on Jesse James's
blue suede shoes, yeah

♪ Yeah, yeah... woo

♪ A tough lover (yeah, yeah)

♪ A tough lover (hey yeah, yeah yeah)

♪ A tough lover (yeah, yeah)

♪ A tough lover (oh oh)

Oh, my God.

Am I the only one that has no idea
what just happened?

You know what, whatever it was...

Oh Tess, the music stopped,
I didn't know what else to do.

I... I had to sing, I'm sorry.
I know, I hope...

You never told me
you could sing like that.

I tried to tell you.

Okay, okay, all right.

This is what we're gonna do.
You guys know the songs, right?

- Oh, yeah.
- Okay...

So tomorrow we're gonna
rehearse all day long,

then tomorrow night you're gonna sing.

We're gonna go straight
through the show live.


- So any questions?
- No.

Okay, good. Okay, great.
Alright, you go with the guys.

Find out what keys you're comfortable
singing the songs you're gonna...

...and I'm going to go up to my office
and plan an entirely new show.

- Okay?
- Oh, my God.

Thanks, Tess.

I'm gonna build a show around her.

"They don't come to hear us sing"?

They'll come to hear her sing.

So... how do you feel?

- Amazing.
- Honey,

I've never seen anything like that.

Thanks. Are you sure Tess
really liked it? She wasn't...?

I was bringing down the curtain.

She stopped me.
She's the one who let you sing.


She wants to build the
whole show around you.

You're crying with happiness, right?

Good. Okay.


Clearly one of us
has underestimated the other.

I can't believe Tess has you
buried in the kick line.

She didn't know I sang.

Well, you certainly can.

And you are way too good
to be doing it here.

How about a drink?

The bar's right over there.

Tell Jack I sent you.

Where in the hell did that
come from tonight?

- Who knew that you could do that?
- Thanks, Jack.

Who knew any white chick
could sing like that?

How do you do that?

I don't know. It just happens.
I just do it.

I know how that feels.
I gotta pee again, so...


We're gonna go get something to eat.

You wanna come?

Yeah, I would.

Let's go.

Look at you.

What? What?

Well, no, just the way
you're gazing after her.

I have a fiancée, remember?

Yes. No, I do. I know.
Three thousand miles away.

We still talk every day.

You do? About what?

Let me guess, don't tell me.

About her.


And, I don't know...


All I'm saying is that,
that one there...

...is beautiful
on the inside as well...

...and she's not going to be
available forever.

Relationship advice from
Mr. One-Night-Stand himself.

That is...

Forgot my purse.

- What?
- Oh, no.

I was just telling Jack here how
every opportunity has a shelf life.

Come here.

Look there.

Awfully pretty, but too much.

See, I like that.

No, I'm not cutting my hair.

Who said anything about you
cutting your hair? You can wear a wig.

I'm wearing one right now.

♪ Where have I been all my life?

♪ The dress is Chanel

♪ The shoes YSL

♪ The bag is Dior

♪ Agent Provocateur

♪ My address today

♪ L.A., by the way

♪ Above Sunset Strip

♪ The Hills all the way

♪ My rings are by Webster

♪ It makes their heads twirl

♪ They all say, "Darling, what did
you do for those pearls?"

♪ What?

♪ I am a good girl

♪ The age I adore, the day oh no more

♪ Breakfast Polo Launch and pools
at the shore

♪ The Chateau for cocktails

♪ The Courtyard at night

♪ Downtown is for dinner

♪ The hell is divine

♪ You know I have found the
words goin' round

♪ They all say my feet never do
touch the ground

♪ "What?!" I am a good girl

♪ I am a good girl

♪ Ooh...ah, yeah

Hey there, big boy.

So, what do you think?

I think you look...

I mean, it looks...

Jack, we're friends, for chrissake.

It's not like we're brother
and sister.

No, we certainly are not.

I don't get why everyone's
having a conniption over her.

She's just a tacky farm girl
from Iowa.

And we know a cow when we see one.

Don't underestimate us farm girls.


This round's on me.

I don't normally do this...

...but, Vince, I'm doubling my offer.

It's either you or the auction house.

No, I am not selling.

Do you know what happens
when you default on a loan?

No, hum a few bars.

I'm not screwing around here.
Where's the money gonna comes from?

Ali's a hit.
We could charge 50 bucks a head now.

- Raising the admission?
- What...

That's not good enough.

You have been saying
that the sky is falling forever.

And everything always works out fine.

Tell that to the people
losing everything.

I don't wanna be one of them.

- I love this place too.
- No, you don't.

- I do.
- No, you don't!

- Yes, I do!
- Oh, no, you don't.

Look, you have many
fine qualities, Vincent.

And then you've got
some iffy qualities.

But you've never been a phony.

Just tell Marcus no.


Yep. Just got in.

I'm in here.
Can you come zip me up?

Hey, where you been?

Writing music.

Can I hear?

- It's not ready.
- It's not ready.

Who's that?

Me and my mom on my 7th birthday.

She died a few weeks later.

You must miss her.

Every single day something happens
that I wish I could tell her about.

And what happened today?

Nothing yet.

You should get that.
It's probably Natalie.


Hey, babe.

Yes, I know.

♪ A guy what takes his time,
I'll go for any time

♪ I'm a fast movin' gal who
likes them slow

♪ Got no use for fancy driving

♪ Wanna to see a guy arriving in low

♪ I'd be satisfied

♪ Electrified to know a guy
what takes his time

♪ A hurry-up affair,
I always give the air

♪ Wouldn't give any rushing
gent a smile

♪ I would go for any single who
would condescend to linger awhile

♪ What a lullaby would be supplied
to have a guy who takes his time

♪ A guy what takes his time,
I'd go for any time

♪ A hasty job really spoils
a master's touch

♪ I don't like a big commotion

♪ I'm a demon for slow motion or such

♪ Why should I deny that I would die

♪ To know a guy who takes his time

♪ There isn't any fun
in getting something done

- Check it out, girls!
- ♪ If you're...

♪ rushed when you have
to make the grade

♪ I can spot an amateur,
appreciate a connoisseur in his trade

♪ Who would qualify, no alibi,
to be the guy who takes his time

I'm starved. You ready?

I can't. I'm so sorry.
I have to do inventory tonight.

Want me to call you a cab?

No, that's okay.
I'll get a ride with Coco.


Watch your back. Coming through.

You ready?

- For what?
- I'll drop you off.

Coco left five minutes ago.

I was coming over to talk to you.
I caught the end of your conversation.

- Talk to me about...?
- Dinner. With me. Give me that.

If you ever expect to see
this bag alive again...

...you'll follow me.

Hold on a second.
Where you going? Hey!

Where are you taking me?
This is not the way to my place.

I told you. Dinner.


I'm not going to dinner with you.
You're seeing Nikki.

We're just friends.

Where I come from, friends don't
chew on each other earlobes.

Aren't you glad you left?

- Oh, damn it.
- What?

I just remember I gotta make
a quick appearance at a party.

You just remembered.

It's on the way. We'll be quick.
Ten minutes, tops. Do you mind?

And if I do?

Then you've been kidnapped.

Hey, Marcus.

Nice house.

What are you doing?
You can't just take that.

Put that back. You're gonna
get us kicked out of here.

Not if we sneak out first, come on.

Hey, hey. Greg, Marla, this is Ali.

- Hi.
- Hey.

My God, those are amazing shoes.

Aren't they? Louboutin.

Great party.

Always good to have you, man.

Wait a minute. You had to make
an appearance at your own party?

Would've been rude not to, right?

You'd like those guys.

Greg's an entertainment editor with
'The Times', Marla's a designer.

I'm gonna dream about those shoes.

L.A. looks gorgeous from up here.

That view cost me three times
what the house did.

See that strip mall down there?

You own that too?

No. I own everything above it.

- There is nothing above it.
- Exactly.

- So you own air.
- Air rights.

The guy that owns the strip mall
ran into some money issues,

almost had to sell.

Whoever he sold it to
would've put up a huge tower.

So I bought the air rights.

Now, no one can ever build
above one story.

Well, aren't you clever.

Mall guy gets to keep his property,

I get to keep the second
best view in L.A.

What's the first?

How many girls have you
used that line on?

None ever who called me on it.

What do you want, Ali?

In life.

And why should I tell you?

Because you're talented enough
to get whatever you want...

...and I'm smart enough to
help make it happen.

- Somebody got a package.
- Ali.

- Ali.
- Who's it from?

- Come on, open it.
- Let's see. Come on.

Oh, my God.

Those are so cute.

- They're so pretty.
- Those are so pretty.

Who's the sucker?

Let's go. Girls, please, break it up.
Come... come on...

Hey Coco, let's go.
Let's go! Five minutes.

Ali Cat, you're up next.

My nana used to call me Ali Cat.

Did she really? That's so fascinating.

- Why don't I have a nickname?
- Oh, you do.

- Well, he never uses it.
- No, I do.


When you leave the room.

- Slut.
- I heard that.

So sorry! I had no idea! Oh, my God.

Girls, come on! We have a show to do!
Let's go, let's go! Let's go...

- Okay!
- Hurry up! Come on!

♪ It's a cold and crazy world
That's raging outside

♪ But, baby, me and all my girls
Are bringin' on the fire

♪ Show a little leg
Gotta shimmy your chest

♪ It's a life, it's a style,
it's a need

♪ It's burlesque

♪ E-X-P-R-E-S-S.

♪ Love, sex, ladies no regrets

♪ E-X-P-R-E-S-S.

♪ Love, sex, ladies no regrets

♪ Been holding down for quite
some time

♪ And finally the moment's right

♪ I love to make the people stare

♪ They know I got that certain
savoir faire

- Hey.
- Hey.

You were out very late last night.

Oh, I got a ride home with that guy...


Went to a party.


New shoes?



♪ Fasten up, could you imagine
what would happen

♪ if I let you close enough to touch

♪ Step into the fantasy,
you'll never want to leave,

♪ baby let's give it to you

♪ It's a passion, and emotion,
it's a fashion, burlesque

♪ It'll move, goin' through you,
so do what I do, burlesque

♪ All ladies come put your grown up,

♪ boys throw it up if you want it

♪ Can you feel me, can you feel it?
It's burlesque.

♪ Burlesque

There's only one reason
a man buys a woman shoes.

So what if I'm getting
a little male attention?

You're getting a lot more
than a little.

Not from anyone that matters.

I just think you should be careful.

And I think that if you really
feel the need to tell a girl

what she should and shouldn't do...

...you should pick up the phone
and call your fiancée.

♪ I tease 'em 'til they're on the edge

♪ They screamin' for more and
for more they beg

♪ I know it's me they come to see

♪ My pleasure brings them
to their knees

♪ Fasten up, could you imagine
what would happen

♪ if I let you close enough to touch

♪ Step into the fantasy,
you'll never want to leave,

♪ baby let's give it to you

♪ [WHY?]

♪ It's a passion, and emotion,
it's a fashion, burlesque

♪ It'll move, goin' through you,
so do what I do, burlesque

♪ All ladies come put your grown up,

♪ boys throw it up if you want it

♪ Can you feel me, can you feel it?
It's burlesque.

♪ Burlesque

♪ Burlesque

♪ Burlesque

♪ Burlesque

♪ It's a passion, and emotion,
it's a fashion, burlesque

♪ It'll move, goin' through you,
so do what I do, burlesque

♪ All ladies come put your grown up,

♪ boys throw it up if you want it

♪ Can you feel me, can you feel it?
It's burlesque.

♪ Burlesque

♪ Burlesque

♪ Burlesque

♪ Burlesque

- That's major.
- My goodness.

Major? Check again. The only thing
major is the size of Coco's ass.

Monsieur Louboutin is at Table 18
and he's asking for you.

It's a weird angle.


I'm so glad you got to...

There she is, the girl of the hour.

I'm starting to think,
you'd go to any length.

I just made a call to Greg
at the Times.

I want you to meet a friend of mine.
Ali Rose, Harold Saint.

Harold-? Shut up.
You worked with Etta James.

Her. Chewed me up
and spat me out, that one.


You've got a set of pipes on you too,
young lady.


We have to do something about that.

You snooze, you lose, pretty boy.

Standing room only.

I know, doesn't it look great?

But I just got another notice
from the bank.

We would have to fill Dodger Stadium

for a month to come up with
the cash we need.

I just gotta figure out a way
to buy us more time.

- Hey.
- Hey.

That really is a great shot.

It's so weird seeing myself
in the paper like that.

Well, you might have to
get used to it.

I don't think I ever could.

You know, I don't wanna come off
like the wise old fairy godmother...

...but maybe you could learn
from my mistakes.

What do you mean?

You gotta learn who are the people
that you can trust...

who are the people who really
like you for you...

...and who are the people who
just want something from you.

- You don't like Marcus, do you?
- No, I don't.

I don't like him. I don't trust him.

I don't think you should trust him.

But is that really what's best for me
or what's best for you?

I don't know.

I hope it's best for both of us.

All right.

See you tomorrow.

There you are.

These babies desperately need
your glue gun, okay?

- Especially this one.
- Okay.

- Okay?
- Yep.

She's not going anywhere.

- Good night.
- Night.

Oh, hey, Tess.

I got that track you wanted to
rehearse for tomorrow night show.


Honey, I'm sorry. I've got a
million things on my mind

and I completely forgot.

It's all good.

If it's too late now, I guess I can
come in early tomorrow morning?

No, no. Let's just... let's just
get it out of the way.

You want a spot?


♪ Feelin' broken

♪ Barely holdin' on

♪ But there's still something
so strong

♪ Somewhere inside me

♪ And I am down

♪ But I'll get up again

♪ Don't count me out just yet

♪ I've been brought

♪ Down to my knees

♪ And I've been pushed

♪ Way past the point of breakin'

♪ But I can take it

♪ I'll be back

♪ Back on my feet

♪ This is far from over

♪ You haven't seen the last of me

♪ You haven't seen the last of me

♪ They can say that

♪ I won't stay around

♪ But I'm gonna stand my ground

♪ You're not gonna stop me

♪ You don't know me

♪ You don't know who I am

♪ Don't count me out so fast

♪ I've been brought

♪ Down to my knees

♪ And I've been pushed

♪ Way past the point of breakin'

♪ But I can take it

♪ I'll be back

♪ Back on my feet

♪ This is far from over

♪ You haven't seen the last of me

♪ There will be no fade-out

♪ This is not the end

♪ I'm down now
But I'll be standin' tall again

♪ Times are hard but I was built tough

♪ I'm gonna show you all
What I'm made of

♪ I've been brought

♪ Down to my knees

♪ And I've been pushed

♪ Way past the point of breakin'

♪ But I can take it

♪ I'll be back

♪ Back on my feet

♪ This is far from over

♪ I am far from over

♪ You haven't seen the last of me

♪ No, no, I'm not goin' nowhere

♪ I'm stayin' right here

♪ Oh, no, you won't see me fade out

♪ I'm not takin' my bow

♪ Can't stop me

♪ It's not the end

♪ You haven't seen the last of me

♪ Oh, no, you haven't seen
The last of me

♪ You haven't seen the last of me

- Tess, we need to talk.
- No.

- Yes.
- I'm tired, Nikki.

Well, then you can just listen.

We built this club together...

...and then some girl shows up
from out of nowhere...

- ... who hasn't even paid her dues-
How do you know what dues she's paid?

This chick doesn't sing that way
because she's had it easy.

"They don't come
to hear us sing, Nikki."

Or is that just bullshit now?

You're drunk.
Go inside and call a cab.

I will not be upstaged
by some slut within months!

Then leave.

You'd ruin our friendship
over some girl you barely know?

So much for loyalty!

Since when did you know
anything about loyalty?

How many goddamn times
have I peeled you off the sidewalk?

How many blackouts?

How many times have I held
your head over the toilet bowl

...while you threw up everything
but your memories?

Okay, fine!
But I will not stand in the back!

Tess, you need to fix this...

You think you're my only problem?
I'm about to lose my club.

I'm about to lose the only thing
that means anything to me.

I have more to worry about
than trying to keep you

from pouring tequila on your Cheerios.


- I quit!
- I'm glad!

Nikki, don't drive.

By the way...

...I slept with Vince
the night after your honeymoon.

You crazy bitch!


Do you really have to do that
at 6 a.m.?


No, but a little peace and quiet
would be nice.

You are a little overdressed
for breakfast.

My pajamas were in the bedroom,
which was occupied.

You're never here, so I figured it'd
be stupid for me to crash on the couch

when there is a perfectly good,
empty bed right there.

So, what do you want, the bedroom
back? Is that what you're saying?

Should be used by someone.

I'm home every night.

Maybe not when you think
I should be but last I checked,

you are my roommate, not my mother.

However, since it's such an issue...

What the hell. Take the bedroom.
I'll sleep on the couch.

- Fine!
- Fine.

- You're gonna have to move your shit.
- I realize that.

It is a total mess in there.

You got stuff everywhere.
Clothes, shoes, hair...

Jesus... Jack! What is your problem?
You're acting like a total prick.

Is there something you wanna say?

It's not just me.

The people that care about you,
are worried.

What people?

People, you know? People.
Your friends at the club.

We're like a family there.

And we look out for each other.

You all look out for each other.
Like Vince looks after Tess.

And like Nikki looks out
for everybody.

And Marcus?
He's gonna look out for you?

No, it's fine. It's fine.

He can make things happen for you.

So go ahead,
make a deal with the devil.

First of all, Marcus is not the devil.

He's a smart businessman who

oodly enough happens to be a gentleman

who knows what he wants
and he goes for it.

I'm just saying.
Life is about the choices you make.

The choices I make?

You're a
bartender-slash-piano player...

...who writes songs that
are never ready.


That's perfect. Perfect.

Please, try not to destroy
my apartment. Thanks.

I now pronounce you husband and wife.

You may kiss the bride.

Wait, what do you mean
you are still in New York? Why?

So you just decided not to come?

Why does every conversation we've end
up being about you and your future?

You know what, you're right.

We should definitely start thinking
about our futures.

And I might just be looking at mine
right now.

That DJ is hot.

You think so?

He keeps looking at me.

Maybe he's cuckoo for Coco Puffs.

Really? You think?

Yeah. I think.

He's gorgeous. I think he likes me.

He is gorgeous.

Who is paying for this wedding anyway?
This rental must have cost a fortune.

Damon's dad is loaded.

Is he single?

I'm just kidding. I'm kidding.

Guess Georgia's not as dumb
as I thought.

Would you ever do this again?


You know, there's
only one man that I can see

spending the rest of my life with.

And unfortunately, except for a really
drunk night in Reno 25,000 years ago...

...he bats for the other team.

Oh, no. He bats for the pink team.

Yes, fâcheusement!

That is tragique.

I know.

Well, it's like all
truly great love affairs.



It wasn't Reno. It was Tahoe, baby.

And it was lovely.

Get a room.

Get away.

Shot of Patrón, please.

Make it two. Make it two.

Looking kind of lonely there, Jack.

Liberated, maybe.

Liberated, definitely.

But lonely, no. Never lonely.



How's it going?

God. What are we, in junior high?

Iowa, are you still mad at me?

You know, because if you are...

...bring it on, baby.

Are you drunk?

Oh, I love this song. Yes!

Oh, you rock.

Yeah, baby. You rock.

I'm sorry for being a class-A prick.

You were.

I was.

And, as of about...

...some time ago,
I am officially a single man.

You and Natalie broke up?

That we did.

Which explains why I am here alone.


...why are you here alone?

Do I really look alone to you?

Come here.



Oh, my feet are killing me.
Take off these shoes, please. Help me.

Wait, wait. Be careful.

I got it. No. No.


Good night.

Here. Yeah.



Cute jammies.

My mother got me these,
thank you very much.

And I haven't worn them yet, so...

Go figure.

I forgot to lock the door.

- Got it?
- Good.

Good night.

Good night.

Back again?

Water. Don't want a hangover.


Good night. Again.

Night. Again.

Now, I know-
I know I forgot something else.

I remember I locked the door.

That's it. Hungry. I'm hungry.


- What is so funny?
- Jack! Well, you're...

Well, I never.

- Jack.
- Want a cookie?


- All right.
- Jack.

It's your loss.
You change your mind...

...you know where they are.

♪ Sweet love

♪ Trapped in your love

♪ I've opened up

♪ Unsure I can trust

♪ My heart and I were buried in dust

♪ Free me, free us

So it's official.

♪ You're all

- What?
- ♪ I need

- You are definitely not gay.
- ♪ When I'm holding you tight

- So, what about Natalie?
- ♪ If you walk

♪ away I will suffer tonight

Natalie who?

♪ I found a man I can trust

♪ And, boy, I believe in us

♪ I am terrified to love
For the first time

♪ Can you see
That I'm bound in chains

♪ I finally found my way

♪ I am bound to you

♪ I am bound to you

♪ So much, so young

♪ I've faced on my own

Do that again.

♪ Walls I built up became

Now come here.
♪ My home

♪ I'm strong and I'm sure
there's a fire in us

♪ Sweet love, so pure

♪ I catch my breath with just
one beating heart

♪ And I brace myself,
please don't tear this apart

I mean, I don't really know
what happened.

I had won the Nashville Teen
Songwriting Contest.

I even still have my little trophy.

So I took that as...

I thought I was supposed to do
something important with my life.

Then I got to L.A.

And nothing happened.


Well, you know what?

I believe your music is ready.

The question is...

...are you ready?

- For what?
- Are you ready? Here I come.

♪ Suddenly the moment's here

♪ I embrace my fears

♪ All that I have been carrying
all these years

♪ Do I risk it all

♪ Come this far just to fall, fall

♪ Oh, I can trust

♪ And boy, I believe in us

♪ I am terrified to love
for the first time

♪ Can you see that I'm bound in chains

♪ And finally found my way

♪ I am bound to you

♪ I am,

♪ Ooh, I am... I'm bound to you

- I knew it.
- Natalie.

You are a liar.
A pathetic, sneaky little liar!

What is she doing here?

I live here. What I wanna know is,
why you are here.

I can't believe I bought your
bullshit. "She's nothing."

"She's just some girl that I worked
with. She's not even pretty."

Well, at least you were honest
about one thing.

- You said that?
- I did not.

- He did.
- No, I didn't.

- Yes, he said that.
- Look...

I'm sorry, could you just give me
some time-?

You're asking me to leave?

- No.
- Yes, you. I'm the fiancée.

You told me that you
broke it off with her.

I did.

You think you break up with
a girl like me over the phone?

I'm out of here.
You told me it was over.

No! Ali, Ali... please.

What, Jack?

- I am sorry.
- So am I.

I'm out.

Ali, Ali... wait. Please.

I must have the wrong apartment.

Who are you looking for?

- I'm looking for Sean.
- Sean.

What's he look like?

Yea high.

Shaved head.

Brown eyes. Glasses.


I've been calling him John.

No, it's Sean.

Is that him?



- What are you doing here?
- It's a long story.

I shouldn't have come here.

I see I've obviously
interrupted something.

Might be a bad time.

No, that's okay.

I'm sorry. Ali, did you meet...

- ... Mike?
- Close. My name is Mark.

Hi, Mark.


Does anybody want any coffee?

Yeah. Why don't I go make the coffee..

...and you guys get better acquainted.

Sorry. Did I call you Mike last night?

Yes. Yeah.

- But I called you John, so...
- Really?

You liked it.

John was my mother's name.

- Hey.
- Hey, gorgeous.

Hey, Marcus.

You okay? You sound down.

I've been better.

Well, I have just the cure.

- What's that?
- Me.

Why don't you come over for dinner?

Okay, well...

- Bye.
- Yeah, bye. You...

You take care...

- ... Sean.
- You too. Okay.

Okay, bye.

Is Ali here?

Ali left.

She went with Marcus.

Is that true?


- What?
- She left a couple hours ago.

I told you that opportunity
wouldn't knock forever.

You're right. It doesn't.



It's Mark.


Do you want to have some lunch?

Yeah. Sure.

You're cooking.

I just wasted my whole
goddamn afternoon...

...talking with
the vice president of loans.

This asshole- No, wait.
He didn't even look me in the eye.

He just sat there, playing with
this wooden thingy on his desk.

- What thingy? What?
- The long wooden block thingy.

The nameplate?

Yes. Nameplate.

Yeah, and?

And he's not gonna give me the money.

- Are you sure?
- Yes, I'm sure.

I'm not a good risk.

And I've got two days
before the bank takes the club.

Well, then...

...I would say that the situation
is pretty bleak.

And I would say that you are a master
of the fucking obvious.

Why did you say that?

What do you mean, "Why did I
say that"? Because it's the truth.

Tess, it's not a judgment,
it's the truth.

You don't have any money.

The bank won't give you a loan.
It's the eleventh hour.


If I were you,
I would take Marcus's offer right now.


And you don't get to say that to me.

I can take "the sky is falling" from
everyone else, but not you.

You know, I need you to be the one
that says:

"It's only a number, Tess."

We have killed ourselves trying
to keep this place going.

How can you just walk away?

I don't care if you walk away,
I don't care what happens.

I will beat down the door
of every bank in L.A.

I will never give up this club.

Are you sure?

I will never give it up.

There she is.

I thought I'd lost you for a minute
at the beginning there.

You are such an asshole.

Thank you.

Hope you're hungry.

Steaks are on.

What is this?

Right now it's a model.

When it grows up
it'll be multi-use space...

...residential, retail.

But this is the address of
the Burlesque Lounge.

Best view on the Sunset Strip...

...with no windows.

When I'm through with it,
it'll have a thousand.

Does Tess know about this?

Tess knows I've made an
offer to buy her space.

What makes you think she'd ever sell?

I don't think she has a choice.
She's going under.

I've made a very generous offer.

It's a win-win situation for everyone.
It's business, baby, not personal.

I think it's pretty personal for Tess.

And for Coco and Sean and...

- What about me?
- Hey, hey, hey. Listen,

There are other clubs that you can
sing and dance in. Better ones.

You don't get it.

I don't understand. I'm trying to do
something that benefits everyone.

- How does that make me the bad guy?
- It doesn't, Marcus.

It just makes you the wrong guy.


So how'd it go at the bank?

This good.

You want a glass for that?

No, no. I am way beyond a glass.

- Tess, I gotta talk to you.
- Honey, not right now.

Marcus is gonna tear down the club
and build a skyscraper.

And how do you know this?

- I saw the model.
- I didn't know that you

and Marcus were that close.

We're not that close. I rushed
over here, so I could tell you.

Don't you think you're spreading
yourself a little bit thin.

Jack, Marcus, whoever.

Tess, I'm trying to help you.

- Ali, let it go.
- She's gotta listen to me.

Okay. Go! Let it go, let it go.

- She needs to listen to me.
- She can't right now.

Well, she's gonna hear me. Watch this.

Tess, I gotta talk to you.

You could knock.
This is still my office for 48 hours.

Well, then you really need to hear

- what I have tell you.
- No, I don't.

I am tired of talking.
I am talked out.

- This time you're gonna hear me out.
- No, I don't wanna hear you out.

Do you ever listen to anything other
than the sound of your own voice?


Have you ever heard of air rights?

No, I've never heard of air rights.
What are air rights?

Now, that's funny.

Jim, let me call you back, huh?

Please sit down, ladies.

A few years ago you wanted to buy
my club and I said no.

Yeah, and now you changed your mind?

No, no but just bear with me
for a second...

...because I promise this is gonna
have a happy ending for both of us.

How much are you planning
to sell your condos for?

Well, they start at a million and go
up from there, depending on the view.

That's beautiful.

So, what if I told you
that a 20-story office building...

...was going up where my club is?

That would block his view.

- Ten stories would block his view.
- Yeah. Gone.

The way I see it, your beautiful
million-dollar ocean and city views...

...are just gonna vanish
into thin air.

- Vanish.
- Yeah.

Because tomorrow I am going to
sell my club to this developer...

...and his 20 stories are
gonna be well

underway by the time
you start selling.

- Trying to sell.
- Yeah. Right.

And so I think that we should talk.

I'd listen to her.

We're gonna have to
auction off everything.

Anything you want me to
try and keep for you?


I just wanna try and do what's best
for both of us.

You gonna shoot me? Please?

No. I'm gonna buy you out.

In the next 24 hours?

No, in the next 24 seconds.

Where did you get this?

Thin air.

Oh, baby.

Thank you.

Just put it out in the universe.

What would really make me so happy...

...is to hear from you...

...a great, big, giant, fat:

"Thank you, Ali."

I didn't really sleep with Vince,
I just said that to hurt you.

I crossed the line.

You think?

I wanna come home.

Okay, you're home.

Now get your crazy ass upstairs and
get ready, you're on in 20 minutes.

And if you ever pull half of the crap
that she pulled...

..you are gonna be out on your ass so
quick it's gonna make your head spin.

Yes, ma'am.

And don't ever call me "ma'am" again.

I'm gonna go get dressed for the show.

Thank you, Ali.

So, this is what happens
when you get a little money?

You stop doing manual labor.

I'm back there with broken zippers...

...and ostrich feather fans
that won't open or close.

You have no idea what it's like.
No idea.

I quit. Quit.

- Can I use this?
- Don't touch my stuff.

I've been looking for you.

Well, you found me.

I wanna talk to you.

Jack, I really have to
get ready, okay.

I know I messed up, okay? Big-time.

When? When you lied to me
about your engagement being over...

...or when you kicked me out
of your apartment?

It really was over. Okay?
And she's gone.

I'm here to apologize.

No, no. Hey.

I never should have let you
walk out that door.

Go on.

I want you to come back.

So, what's the proposal, exactly?


...I still have that full box
of cookies.

And an empty day bed.

I want the bedroom.


So are you in or are you out?

Oh, Jack. Now, see...

...I'm the kind of girl that,
when a friend's in trouble, I help.

That's just who I am.

Shut up.

Okay, then. All right.


I finished a song.

I think it's pretty good.

- Can I hear it?
- No.

But you can sing it.

♪ Underneath the city lights

♪ There is a world few know about

♪ Where rules don't apply, no

♪ And you can't keep a good girl down

♪ She going through the club
looking for a good time

♪ Gonna make that

♪ Shake that

♪ Money on the dime

♪ Don't need a sugga daddy

♪ She can work it just fine

♪ Up on the table

♪ She'll be dancing all night

♪ Baby doll just come to life

♪ Under the spotlight

♪ All the girls wanna fall in line

♪ We say hey

♪ Here come the ladies
'Bout to give a little show

♪ yeh

♪ Here go the boys
They're gonna show a little more

♪ Hit it up, get it up
Won't let you rest

♪ Hit it up, get it up
This is not a test

♪ Hit it up, get it up
Gotta give me your best

♪ So get your ass up
Show me how you burlesque

♪ Hit it up, get it up

♪ Won't let you rest

♪ Hit it up, get it up

♪ This is not a test

♪ Hit it up, get it up

♪ Gotta give me your best

♪ So get your ass up

♪ Show me how you burlesque

♪ A little bit of naughty is a little bit nice

♪ She's a whole lot of glam, sweat,
sugar, sex, spice

♪ Go shimmy, shimmy, strut, strut

♪ Give a little work, what?

♪ Up on the table

♪ We'll be dancing all night (hee-eey)

♪ Everybody just come to life

♪ Under the spotlight

♪ All the boys wanna fall behind

♪ We say

♪ He-eh-eh-ey

♪ Here come the ladies 'bout to
give a little show

♪ He-eh-eh-ey

♪ Here go the boys we gonna
show a little more

♪ Hit it up, get it up

♪ Won't let you rest

♪ Hit it up, get it up

♪ This is not a test

♪ Hit it up, get it up

♪ Gotta give me your best

♪ So get your ass up

♪ Show me how you burlesque

♪ Hit it up, get it up

♪ Won't let you rest

♪ Hit it up, get it up

♪ This is not a test

♪ Hit it up, get it up

♪ Gotta give me your best

♪ So get your ass up

♪ Show me how you burlesque

♪ Ok girls, lets show how it's done

♪ It ain't over till we say

♪ And we've only just began

♪ Lemme' hear you say

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah

♪ Say yeaah, yeah yeah yeah

♪ Say yeah yeah yeaah

♪ Say yeaah yeah yeah

♪ Hit it up, get it up

♪ Won't let you rest

♪ Hit it up, get it up

♪ This is not a test

♪ Hit it up, get it up

♪ Gotta give me your best

♪ So get your ass up

♪ Show me how you burlesque

♪ Hit it up, get it up

♪ Won't let you rest

♪ Hit it up, get it up

♪ This is not a test

♪ Hit it up, get it up

♪ Gotta give me your best

♪ So get your ass up

♪ Show me how you burlesque

♪ Beautiful

♪ The girls are flipping their
hair back

♪ You see them looking so perfect

♪ Like from another planet

♪ All of the beautiful people

♪ Shining like diamonds,
they've got no problems

♪ Always smile for the camera

♪ Stealing the spot light,
living the highlight

♪ Because it's the beautiful,
beautiful, beautiful, beautiful,

♪ People they want

♪ It's the beautiful, beautiful,
beautiful, beautiful,

♪ People they fall

♪ It's the beautiful, beautiful,
beautiful, beautiful, beautiful,

♪ People they love, yeah

♪ Oh so you want to be famous

♪ And undeniable sexy

♪ You want to be so outrageous

♪ Oh oh, oh, oh oh

♪ All of the beautiful people

♪ Shining like diamonds,
they've got no problems

♪ Always smile for the camera

♪ Stealing the spot light,
living the highlight

♪ Because it's the beautiful,
beautiful, beautiful, beautiful,

♪ People they want

♪ It's the beautiful, beautiful,
beautiful, beautiful, beautiful

♪ People they fall

♪ It's the beautiful, beautiful,
beautiful, beautiful, beautiful

♪ People they love

♪ Because it's the beautiful,
beautiful, beautiful, beautiful,

♪ People they want

♪ It's the beautiful, beautiful,
beautiful, beautiful

♪ People they fall

♪ It's the beautiful, beautiful,
beautiful, beautiful, beautiful

♪ People they love, yeah

♪ Beautiful people

♪ Beautiful people they love

♪ All of the beautiful people

♪ Wanna be, don't cha wanna be like

♪ All of the beautiful people

♪ Wanna be, don't cha wanna be like

♪ Beautiful people

♪ It's the beautiful, beautiful,
beautiful, beautiful,

♪ People they want

♪ Its the beautiful, beautiful,
beautiful, beautiful

♪ People they fall

♪ It's the beautiful, beautiful,
beautiful, beautiful, beautiful,

♪ People they love

♪ Because it's the beautiful,
beautiful, beautiful, beautiful,

♪ People they want

♪ It's the beautiful, beautiful,
beautiful, beautiful,

♪ People they fall

♪ It's the beautiful, beautiful,
beautiful, beautiful, beautiful

♪ People they love, yeah

♪ Super beautiful,
get it I just want to be,

♪ Super beautiful ain't really
what it seems

♪ Everybody wants,
everybody wants a piece

♪ Of super beautiful,
they all want to be, yeah

♪ The beautiful people

♪ Show a little more

♪ Show a little less

♪ Add a little smoke

♪ Welcome to Burlesque

♪ Oh, everyone is buying

♪ Put your money in my hand

♪ If you got a little extra

♪ Well, give it to the band

♪ Jesse keeps you guessing

♪ So cool and statuesque

♪ "Behave yourself" says Georgia

♪ Welcome to Burlesque

♪ Oh, everyone is buying

♪ Put your money in my hand

♪ If you want a little extra

♪ Well, you know where I am

♪ Something very dark

♪ Is playing with your mind

♪ It's not the end of days

♪ Just a bump and grind

♪ Show a little more

♪ Show a little less,

♪ Add a little smoke

♪ Welcome to Burlesque