Burg Theatre (1936) - full transcript

Burg Theatre

This film doesn't tell the history
of the Burg theatre.

Its stage ls only the setting
for a story whose theme resounds

whomever actors give
according to their calling:

Their life devoted to art

This film is gratefully dedicated
to the eternally young theatre

Fault I (In his study - chorus of angels)

Why, here In dust,
entice me with your spell,

ye gentle, powerful sounds of Heaven?

Peal rather there,
where tender natures dwell.

Your messages I hear,
but faith has not been given;

The dearest child of faith is miracle

I venture not to soar to yonder regions
whence the glad tidings hither float

And yet, from childhood up
familiar with the note,

to life It now renews
the old allegiance.

Once heavenly love sent down
a burning kiss upon my brow,

In Sabbath silence holy;

and, filled with mystic presage,
chimed the church-bell slowly,

And prayer dissolved me
In a fervent bliss.

A sweet, uncomprehended yearning

drove forth my feet
through woods and meadows free,

and while a thousand tears were burning,
I felt a word arise for me.

These chants,
to youth and all Its sports appealing,

proclaimed the spring's
rejoicing holiday;

and memory holds me now,
with childish feeling,

back from the last, the solemn way.

Sound on, ye hymns of Heaven,
so sweet and mild!

My tears gush forth:
the earth takes back her child

Being able to perform
down there just once

God In Heaven!

I'd give my life for it

So what, I'm going to Graz,
the theatres there are quite good, too.

Here you won't get
an engagement anyway,

unless you come from another
famous house or have a protector.

You'd better have accepted
the engagement to Olmutz.

Everybody running with the head
through the wall, what's the use?

I won't get an engagement
here anyway, no no.

I'll rather go to Leibmeritz, my dear
I could play the big parts there

Romeo, Ferdinand,
and what will they offer you here?

If you're lucky on Tuesday at the
audition, a servant, a riding messenger.

'The horses are saddled'

I only want to stand
down there next to him

acting next to him,
learning from him.

I know I'm still young,
but I know my abilities.

If they only gave me a chance, a chance.

- Good evening, Baroness.
- Ah, the Director

No first night without
Vienna's most beautiful woman.

Have a seat

This seat isn't taken.

As always!

A pity that your husband doesn't share
his charming wife's passion for the arts.

It's just a matter of different tastes

He entirely understands my lack
of interest in horses and the country.

My compliments for the performance.

Mitterer again ls ravishing.

Why does he never come to your "jour"?

All the other member:
of the that! are always than.

I always send him an invitation, but...

He never goes out, Your Highness,
he's an eccentric par excellence.

He comes,plays,eat
always alone

- Interesting.
- I adore him.

If It wasn't so absurd,

I'd wait for him at the stage entrance
with a bunch of flowers.

That would be of little use in you.

I'll be betraying a deep secret, but"
It won't be repeated?

I give you my word.

Every night after the performance...

Vivat Mitterer!

You can drive homo,
I want in walk a bit.

You, Baroness.

Seegasse 43,please

I bog your pardon,
but this ls my carriage.

We could quarrel about this,
but what's the use?

It'll be a pleasure to
drive you home, Herr... Mitterer

Allow me to introduce:

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.

Sedlmayer, the Burg theatre's prompter

I almost forgot

Nepomuk, my tomcat

The lady?

Remains a secret.

Tell the lady why you always
drive In my carriage In my place

Well, if I...

Because we don't like...

in be made a spectacle of.

We don't like it.
we have work to do.

The theatre isn't over for me
when the curtain falls.

It begins at 10 o'clock in the morning,
and it ends never.

The solution of the riddle,
Madame, I beg your pardon.

You haven't disappointed me,
if you're thinking of that

And I have no reason any longer in...

Keep your secret, I'm not interested
in it as much as you were in mine.

But It might embarrass you,
should we meat again.

But I do hope so.

You Invited me In,

you didn't even offer me a chair,

and now you even throw me out?

I didn't mean It like that

You did, but I shall not take offence

If you grant me a favour.

Allow me to return your hospitality.

Or could you be so ungallant
to let me plead in vain?

I don't can in play a role In society.

An you modest or VIII]?

And you think life has
nothing to offer you?

I have work to do

All right, I'm leaving, I'm leaving.

My uni?

And you'll come
when I send the Invitation?

In God's name, you.

Such a pushy person.

She spoilt all the baked potatoes

I could only save the top layer.

Too tiresome, it never
happened to me before.

Well, I'm not accustomed to ladies'
visits in the middle of the night

The chamomile tea ls coming presently.

Baroness Seebach?

Again that mad ambitious woman

Will she never leave me alone?

Sedlmayer, all this was a trap,

a base plot to get me
into her stable of celebrities.

And I've been so foolish to accept

I wouldn't dream of going now

Do you hear this?

The bells.

Real bells.

Under a spring sky.

Such things really exist.

And, filled with mystic presage,
chimed the church-bell slowly,

and prayer dissolved me
In a fervent bliss.

A sweet, uncomprehending
yearning drove me...

I don't need your prompting, Sedlmayer.

I can feel it

A church behind which
the empty stage doesn't lurk.


if it isn't absolutely necessary,
I'd rather stay outside.

My "rail" has such a
delicious "pull" at the moment

I wouldn't want in min...

- A good day, Herr Sedlmayer
- God's greeting, Miss Leni!

By Heaven, this child ls beautiful.

A saint, Sedlmayer.

"Saint" would be exaggerating a bit.

She's a very nice sweat girl, but...

She's the tailor's daughter,
from Nussdorf.

Tailor, that's what he calls himself!

Tailor,if you please

Look at the trouser: he made for me.

Cut all wrong!
But he asks 2 gulden for it

I always have to pull them up at the
knees, so they won't split at the seams.

I am really furious about that person,
he'll never see me again

Never again

Careful with the knee measure,
Herr Schindler.

Otherwise the trouser:
will be too tight again.

This pair of trouser:
might be your good fortune.

That Mug.

That picture.

Is that your daughter?

You, that': my daughter Magdalene.

Where is she now? That Miss Leni?

She must be back any moment

She went out to deliver something,

but once a young girl starts
looking at the shop displays...


Herr von Mitterer can trust me entirely

When shall I call on you
tomorrow for a fitting?

Thank you, that's not necessary.
I shall be coming here myself.

I shall be back tomorrow.

Herr von Mitterer, but
that's unnecessary.

It'll be an honour, Herr von Mitterer

- Goodbye, Herr von Sedlmayer.
- God's greetings!

Very well.

There she ls - Miss Leni!

Let me present...


Yea, please. Who ls It?

It's only me.

Miss Leni!

Look what the critic wrote about me.

About you, In the mm"

Yes! That is, not my name.

But he meant me. Lines:

"The theatre needs young talents whose
youth makes up for some lack of skills."

Youth I have, and skills too, but
the critic doesn't know about that yet.

He writes: 'Youth is irretrievable.
even Mitterer was young once.'

A gift from Heaven,

since I have an audition
the day after tomorrow.

Then It has already worked.

What has worked?

You'll only laugh at me ll' I tall you.

Did you flutter your eyes
at that critic?

But no. Only...

I anointed a necklet
to St. Anthony for you.

So that It may help you.

You use, mm you're laughing at me.

And I'm really serious.

Oh no, Miss Leni

I would never laugh at you.

You're sweet.

Tomb“; smut.

And I thank you for the necklet

It'll surely bring me luck,

the day after tomorrow,
at the audition.

Romeo and Julliet (transl. Schlegel)

With love's light wings
did I o'er perch these walls;

For stony limits cannot hold love out,

And what lave can do,
that dares love attempt.

Therefore thy kinsmen are no let to me.

Juliet:If they do see thee,
they will murder thee.

Alack, there lies more peril in thine eye
Than twenty of their swords!

Look thou but sweet,
And I am proof against their enmity.

Juliet: I would not for the word
they saw thee here

I have night's cloak
to hide me from their sight

And but thou love ma, let them find me here.

My life were better ended by their hate

Than death prorogued,
wanting of thy love.

Juliet: By whose direction
found'st thou out this place?

By love, that first did
prompt me to enquire.

He lent me counsel, and I lent him eyes.

I am no pilot; yet, wert thou
as far as that vast shore

Baroness! What a pleasant interruption!

Am I disturbing you?

You never do,least of all now

Thank you! Very well.

Excuse me, I haven't finished yet.

I said, thank you. It': enough for me.

The next and

How can I be of service, Baroness?

I would like to ask you for a favour,
Director, but you mustn't refuse.

You know I could never
refuse you anything.

All the better.

Then you'll come to my next "jour"
and give it the director's blessings

You're In for a surprise.

I won't say anything more.

Don't be hurt.

I know that person, she's capable of much worse.

Who Is she?

- You don't know her?
- No.

But that's the Seebach woman.

What? the famous Baroness Seebach?

In whose salon all
the great actor: gamer?

Not all of them!

We have refused every time so far.

Ah, the Baroness Seebach!

Sends us an Invitation,
so that we won't forget.

Such a pushy person.

I'm not going.

I should never have gone there.

I see,to the tailor

Well, mm you're duck
with the trousers.

- And you are going in pay for them.
- I am?

You, you are. Go in him,
pay him and get it over with.

At once?

You. At once.

Th!!!“ manned you?

Engaged? Don't make me laugh

Nothing. It': aver.
Thank you, the next one please.

Thanks for the necklet, Miss Leni,
it didn't help.

But all one must do is believe in it!

Believe, believe,
what should I believe In?

In yourself, Herr Rainer,
In your talent!


I need a protector,
an invitation to the Baroness Seebach!

But you only got this ll' you're famous.

And she even interrupted me,
right at the most beautiful moment

I could have killed her!

Don't be and,
I helluva In you so much.

I wish to God I could
help you only a little bit

Thank: for everything, Miss Leni

I'll sit again in the market

and wait till some theatre agent
comes up to me and says:

'Come along, Herr Rainer!
You're a genius!

The trousers, the trousers...

Al if Herr Mitterer went to a tailor
in Nussdorf just for his trousers.

But yesterday at the flitting
he was very pleased.

Pleased? you fool

He didn't even look at the pants,
only at Leni's picture.

He ordered the trousers
because of the girl,

and since she wasn't in again,
he stayed away today just like that

But he might still come.

Now, at 4 o'clock?
When he said he'd be here at 12?

He won't come again, I'm telling you.

He'll never camel

But Leni shall deliver
the trousers to him.

On other days, father delivers himself.

But he and: hi: greetings, and
you're in fly on the trouser: once more,

to see if it has to be altered

To be altered?


I'm content with the way It ls.

That's him It must be.

It's beautiful that you've come.

If mother hadn't sent me,
I wouldn't have dreamed of coming.

So your mother sent you?

She did. But I enjoyed coming here.

- Very much.
- You did?

I am so happy that I may sit here,

and talk to you.

Same with me

Tell me,Herr von Mitterer..

You're such a famous man,
and play such great roles...

Have you seen me perform?

No, never. Mother doesn't
allow me to go to the theatre.

And I would love so much
to see Romeo once.


I've played him too.

You have?

You must have been wonderful as Romeo.

What makes you think so?

Because you've become so famous.

Toll me...

Did you also have to struggle so much
to get an engagement?

Why 'also'?

Because... I mean...

It must be terribly hard
to become as famous as you are.

Why do you want to know that?

I'd really like to
how to go about It to become famous.

But it's utterly unimportant
whether I'm famous or not.

I don't want in be famous,

and I don't even want to think about It,
the theatre, work, the parts.

You don't know how happy I am
that you know nothing about the theatre

and that you have never
seen me perform, and...

That you're sitting here,
here, in my room

May I offer you something?

Something to drink perhaps?
what will you have?

A raspberry soda, if I may.

Raspberry soda?

Sedlmayer? No, one second,
I'm alone, I...

I'll be back presently

I need a protector...
an invitation to the Baroness Seebach

I need a protector...
an Invitation to the Baroness Seebach

Baroness Seebach invites to her 'jour'
on Friday, 4th May 1898 at 5 o'clock.

'In one you forgot.'

I'm desperate,

but there's neither raspberry
nor soda in the house.

And I don't darn offer you
cold chamomile ha.

But no, thank you,
I have in leave anyway.

But do stay, It has been
such a pleasure for me.

No no, I've stayed far too long.

Am I never in see you again?

Herr von Mitterer
are you free on Friday, at 5 o'clock!

Friday, at 5 o'clock!

Would you come and
visit us,in Nussdorf?

For: coffee?

Or am I being too forward?

Too forward? I'm coming!

Thank you.

There you are, Miss Leni..

Now I've gone all In vain
because of those stupid trousers...

I've brought the trousers.

Have you...?

Have you talked with Leni?

Oh well.

I'll have a look at than trousers,

whether they've fumed out any good,

so that at least something useful
has come out of it

Well, I don't know,

they seem vary narrow to me.

But I don't even have to take measure

ll' you please, mm really...

But I told him, you heard me...

24 cm width at the knee.

No, no, he doesn't listen!

How can one be so stubborn!

And he calls himself a tailor, no, no,

he Insists on making them so tight
that one again has to pull them up,

so that you won't have a mishap
at a certain place, when...

when smug drum.

I wish he'd stop with his Goethe act
and we'd have our peace again

Let me tell you, Herr Mitterer,

there wouldn't have come any good
out of it anyway, no good at all.

It would be better if you stuck to
Hamlet and chamomile tea

And you've told me yourself

that you could be her father.


you're an Ignorant fool.

She Invited me.

Invited you?

Now It': happened.

Herr Josef Rainer, Vienna

-Any mail?
- Yes a mail to Mr Rainer

Here you are.

Have a nice day.

Come In.

Here's a letter for you.

Thanks, put It than.

Aren't you going to open It?

It won't be anything pleasant anyway,
I'm used to it

Miss Leni!

Pinch me so that I awake!
I must be dreaming!

Why, Herr Rainer?

Do you know what this it?

An invitation!

An Invitation from
the Baroness Seebach to me!

But she doesn't know me.

Miss Leni!

Do you remember?

Yesterday at the audition,
and she Interrupted ma,

and I thought It was all over.

Nothing was over, It all began!

She wants to see me

and so she sent me an Invitation.

Yea, Indeed.
So she sent you an Invitation

You see Miss Leni,
your necklet did help after all

That's what I told you:
all you have to do is believe in it.

Yea that's hue,
that's how It ls In life:

Sometimes you think
you've no luck at all,

while it's standing
right next to you!

All you have to do ls
grab it, hold it tight!

For which data ls the Invitation,
when will I have to go?

Friday afternoon at 5 o'clock.

Friday afternoon at 5 o'clock.

No, no, I won't reveal anything!

Don't trouble yourselves.

Baroness, I'm dying of curiosity!

But wait till later, my dear colleague,
or you won't be able to profit from it

Secrets can only be enjoyed
as long as they are kept.

The eternal critic!

But my surprise will have
a special flavour for you In particular.

Is that so? You make me curious.

Pardon, one moment

A new one? I've never seen him
at the 'jour' before.

You certainly haven't
seen him at the "jour",

but he isn't exactly new.

Rather too old for such
a beautiful woman,

as a husband.

Excuse me, I just wanted
in speak in you for a moment

OI' course, chin.

But you always pick
the wrong moment for a tete-a-tete

You know I have my "jour" on Fridays.

Friday and all the other days, my dear.

With all those artists coming
and going here daily,

I very rarely have
the pleasure of your company.

- Wouldn't you like to stay?
- No, I don't want to disturb.

I just wanted to say farewell

Why? Ara you leaving for
the country already today?

Unfortunately it can wait no longer.

A pity that I couldn't convince you
to accompany me just this once

But chin, you see him
Indispensable I am here


How do you do, Director.

How do you do, Baroness.

I've kept my promise

Where's yours?

Your invitation,Sir?

No. 12 K.u.K. Court actor Herr Mitterer

I must ask you to
wait here for a moment

Excuse me, one moment

Why so exalted?

I ask you, stay calm.

- What's the matter?
- Mitterer won't come.

He turned us down?

Not even that
It': an unheard-of affront

He passed his Invitation on
to someone else.

- To whom?
- To some young man.

That's the llmltl

My dear Madame Baroness!

Rainer. My name is Josef Rainer.

I am so grateful to you
that you've sent me the invitation.

You can't imagine how much it
means to me that you've noticed me.

The other day, In the theatre,
I thought everything was over.

And mm...

Now I'm here.


Now you're here.

What was your name again?

Rainer, Josef Rainer.

Your arm, Herr Rainer.



After all that curiosity with which
you've been waiting for my surprise,

each of you certainly expected
that I would introduce a celebrity.

But I'm asking you:

would a celebrity among
so many celebrities be a surprise?

Bravo, bravo!

I'm glad you agree with me.

I didn't expect anything else.

A surprise In my house could only be
the non-celebrity, the not yet renowned,

youth before which lies everything
that you have all acquired long ago:

recognition, triumph, fame.

May I introduce a young actor
whose talent raises the greatest hopes:

Herr Josef Rainer!

You'll introduce yourself, won't you?

Don't get UP-

Why so sceptical?

You yourself wrote in your review
that the theatre needed young talent

You use, I read your reviews

Certainly,of course,
It was only the surprise.

But that was just my intention.

I had no Idea that you knew him.

But Director I wouldn't presume
to anticipate your judgement

Let me present the gentleman myself.

The Burg Theatre's Director,

the New Vienna Journal's critic.

- Have a seat
- Thank you.

I guess I'm superfluous mm
In this circle.

But who ll he?

I've no Idea.

And you're turning him
into a a sensation?

Why not, my dear?
'Any port In a storm'.

You know, Baroness,
that was a stroke of genius.

Celebrities all the time,
that becomes stale.

Herr Court Singer, was that
Intended as a compliment?

But so that It won't become stale,
because I'm afraid that

the Interest In non-famous people
can't be sustained for long,

come with me, please.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Our esteemed Court Singer
cannot be restrained any longer.

But don't worry, this time
he won't sing the "Waffenschmied"

but a Viennese song.

Say "servus" quietly
when saying farewell

# not "lebwohl", not "adieu"

# those words only hurt.

# But the little word "servus"

# ls a last dear greeting
when having to part

I Your In, your out
than': new wine,

# and new love affairs.

A really nice young man, your protégé.

SO talented.

I hope so.

You know, I have a confession to make.

I really thought your surprise
would be Mitterer himself.


I never even thought about him.

# there's no music for ever,
no happiness for ever,

# that's life.

# And that's why
eternal love cannot exist.

# For everything there's
the final station,

# you simply change your mistress

# just as you change
your favourite music each season.

# Say "servus" quietly
when saying farewell,

# not "lebwohl" not adieu,

# those words only hurt.

# But the little word "servus"

# ls a last dear greeting
when having to part

# year In, year out,
there's new wine

# and new love affairs

#Say "servus" quietly
when saying farewell,

# and even though
there won't be a reunion:

# it was so beautiful once.

Tell me,Herr von Mitterer

I'd like to know vary much whether
an actor could be really In love.

Be really In lave?

I mean, ll' an actor embraces someone on
the stage and In life, Is that the same?

The same? No.

The one thing means nothing,

and the char mm
must be heaven.

He lava you,

doesn't love you,

lava you...

But that': not him It goal

It's like this: he loves you -
from his heart- with suffering -

a “the - or manta“.

He lava me - from hi: heart...

With suffering...

a “the - or manta“.

Herr Mitterer!

Its high time,
at 8 o'clock "Faust" begins!

He loves me fom his heart

- with suffering...
- Already?

with suffering or nothing

- Cheers, Miss Leni!
- Cheers, Herr Rainer!


So am I,infinitely so.

When your heart ls full with joy,
you cannot stay alone.

One needs someone to share It with,

who understands one.

I thought only about you
the whole afternoon

# Say"servus" quietly
when saying farewell...

She ought to stop
that sentimental tune!

I'd like to hear something cheerful

Don't I love this song so much.

When I hear It, I'll always
remember this day.

What a day Es beam

And tomorrow morning I'll go
straight to the Burg theatre,

to the director, and sign my contract

And than I'll pay a call
to the Baroness to thank her.

Josef Rainer?

Ah, yes-

What does he want?

He probably want in thank you,
for yesterday.

My Interest In the young man
doesn't go so far

as to allow him to
Invade my home now.

After all, you're under
some sort of obligation to him.


Very well, and him In.

Let's finish this once and for all.

And ll' It takes too long you'll
announce that the carriage ls walling.

I'm engaged!

My congratulations!

By the way, good morning

I beg your pardon
a thousand times, Baroness.

But I'm so happy,
I have a part, Don Canon.

Carlos himself? That was fast.

Well, not exactly Carlos
but the officer of the guard.

That's nice, too.

For a beginning, at the Burg theatre,
it's splendid!


ls there anything else
I can do for you?

You've done so much for me already
that I don't know how to thank you.

Don't cause me any trouble or scandal.

That's all.


Thank you.

Well,please have a seat

I'll makes me proud
to speak to you, Baroness.

You won't have bestowed your favour
upon an unworthy person, believe me.

Don't be so ardent, young man.

What is your line of roles?

Youthful heroes and lovers.

Youthful heroes and lovers, I see.

You, pardon me.

But I still can't quite realize
what's happening to me.

It's like a miracle.

I've hoped and prayed for so long
for it to happen,

till I lost all faith

And than you came along, Baroness.

You believed In me.

I owe everything to you.

You're wonderful, Baroness.

How old are you, anyway?

23 yearn.



But didn't you say yourself
that I had everything before ma?

That was the most beautiful thing,
Baroness. I'll never forget that

And I used in hate you so much.

You hated me?

When you entered the theatre
and interrupted me, at my audition,

just during Romeo's
most beautiful love scene,

at the passage where I'm best
"with love's light wings"

- Do you have a moment?
- You, but...

With love's light wings
did I o'er perch these walls;

For stony limits cannot hold love out,

And what lave can do,
that dares love attempt.

Therefore thy kinsmen are no let to me.

Then Juliet: if they do see thee,
they will murder thee.

Alack, there lies more peril in thine eye
Than twenty of their swords!

Look thou but sweet,
And I am proof against their enmity.

Then Juliet...

Ono moment

All right, let me have it

Thank you.

There's the passage.

I would not want for all to see you

I have night's cloak to
hide me from their sight

And but thou love ma,
let them find me here.

My life were better ended by their hate

Than death prorogued,
wanting of thy love.

By whose direction
found'st thou out this place?

The love, that first did
prompt me to enquire.

He lent me counsel,
and I lent him eyes.

I am no pilot yet, wert thou as far
As that vast shore

wash'd with the farthest sea,
I would adventure for such merchandise.

Fain would I dwell on form

fain,fain deny what I have spoke

but farewell compliment!
Dost thou love me?

Is the young man
still with the Baroness?

- I think so.
- He's still here?

Then go In and announce
that the carriage ls walling.



I beg your pardon.

The carriage ls walling.

Thank you.

That's all.

A pm]. We never been berm.

I'm so sorry that you've been
Interrupted for a second time

But you may come and
see me again, some time


You, soon.

Perhaps tomorrow?

Well, ll' you're that Impatient

Very well, tomorrow.



I congratulate you
on your first performance.

In such a small role.
Did you even see me?

You were were good and you looked very
handsome as the officer of the guard.

Standing aside, having to watch
somebody else play Carlos,

and always having to think 'why not ma?'

Can't you wait,
you ardent impatient man?

Does everything always have
to happen the next day?

GO! In.

I'll take you home.

You've brought me flowers.

And such beautiful flowers.

They are the most beautiful
flowers I've ever received.

You don't know how happy...

No, today you mustn't
run away again.

And no theatre will call me
away from your side.

Please, grant me this evening,
I'll talk to your mother.

She mustn't be angry with you,
and you'll make me very happy.

Tonight I want in be among people

I want to listen to music!

Café house - tonight big military
concert of the K.u.K infantry reg.

Hoch u. Deutschmeister ll4 -
conductor Wllhem Wacel

Good evening, every!!!”-

Jesus, the Court actor!

So you're honouring us again!

I kiss your hand, Miss.

It's been an eternity since
I saw you last, Herr von Mitterer.

Let me use, It': been

Don't count the yearn, my good friend,
I don't want to hear about them.

That which lies behind ma, tonight
It has died, ls buried and forgotten.

From now on, you'll see me more often
have a glass of "Heurigen"

A good wine this year, isn't It?
It goes down vary well.

Kiss the hand, Madame.
At your service, Herr von Mitterer

Let's drink a toast, Miss Leni

To youth, and to this beautiful life

which has so much to offer to us still

always new, unexpected,
felicitous things.

Cheers, Miss Leni

Cheers, Herr von Mitterer

What's the matter?

What's the matter with you, child?

It's nothing, Herr von Mitterer
don't look at me.

It': just the song they are playing.

I always have in cry when I hear It.

#Say "servus" quietly
when saying farewell,

# not "lebwohl", not adieu,
those words only hurt.

# but the little word "servus"

# ls a last dear greeting
when having to part,

# year in, year out, there's a new wine
and new love affairs

#Say "servus" quietly
when saying farewell

# and even though
there won't be a reunion:

# once it was so beautiful.

Goodbye, thank you, Herr von Mitterer

Please, I must go home new,
otherwise mother will be angry.


Good night

And you atom angry mm me, are you?
Barnum We chad mu mm


My child...


I'm not young any more, but...

I am your friend.

A friend who... loves you.

And who wants to give you
everything you could wish for.

If I could make you happy...

I would be overjoyed.

You're such a good person.

She lava me.

She lava me.

But Mitterer, be reasonable

We're In the middle of the season, with
a new production of Hamlet coming up.

You're a pillar of the repertory,
Don Carlos performances are running

Who's to play Philip?

All right, I'll play him once more.

As a farewell performance.

But without the press, speeches
and ceremonies.

I want to disappear
just the way I've lived,

mysteriously and without any fuss

Are you ill, Mitterer?

No, neither Ill nor mad.

I feel completely healthy, as strong,
as young as never before.

And you want in lot me dorm?

Do you want to force me to
fight you with contracts,

and all that which we both don't like?

I can't let you go like this.

The general management, the Court,
what am I in tall them?

Tell them, In God's name,
that Mitterer has gone mad.

He': no longer Interested.

Ho': through with the heats.

He has other longings, other hopes.

He's retiring into private life,
as long as there's still time

And nothing in the world
can keep him from being happy.

We can't count on Mitterer,
It's no use arguing about it.

The Hamlet rehearsals
will be cancelled

Well than, a new play.

Something we haven't
done for a long time,

needing few rehearsals.

Something our actors have studied.

Your suggestions, please.

Kabale und Llebe.
(Schiller: Love and Intrigue)

And who': in play Ferdinand?

The new one.

Which new one?

What was his name again?

- Rainer?
- Not a bad Idea.

That boy has got something,
at least temperament

And ambition.

He storms my office dally.

Let him have the chance.

He's young,all right

Seems to be the ardent type, too.

Why not?

Because of a change of programme -
tomorrow at 10 o'clock

Sings rehearsal "Kabale und Liebe"
all of Ferdinand's scenes

Oh well

How did Rainer get
the part of Ferdinand?

Where do you live? On the moon?

He's having an affair with the...

You doth saw

What's the matter, they've
cancelled Hamlet, all of a sudden?

And a newcomer playing
In Kabale und Llebe?

But my dear colleague...

One had better keep quiet
about such unpleasant affairs.

I'm sorry, but as a friend
I felt obliged to tell you.


Phenomenal! Right into the black!

I'm afraid of nothing

Nothing but your love's limits.

Let obstacles rise between us,
huge as mountains.

I will look upon them as a ladder by
which to fly into the arms of my Louisa

The tempest of opposing fate
shall but fan the flame of my affection.

Dangers will only serve to make
Louisa yet more charming

Then speak no more of terrors, my love!

Trust thyself to me!

I will throw myself between thee and
fate, for thee receive each wound...

Linen, something terrible
has happened.

Your husband!

...and bring has In the bowl of lave.

This arm shall support
my Louisa through life.

Fairer than it dismissed thee,
shall heaven receive thee back,

and confess with delight
that lave alone

I kiss your hand, Madame.
Did I do fine?

Very nice, but don't be so ardent

You're always out of broth.

Huh, ham

Herr Sedlmayer, what do you think?

It was quite all right,
good luck, break a leg.

But you must learn one thing:
speak distinctly!

Out front, here!

You're mumbling, you know.

That one “no...

I didn't understand It at all.

This ls how you must speak It

[Marvellous Moser Mumblings]

Um that, you know.

Tell me everything Herr Sedlmayer,
I have so much to learn

But mm I'm hungry.

Come to the Café Dobner,
we'll play a game of piquet,

you awe me a chance
in got even anyway.

Thank you, Herr Sedlmayer.


Herr Rainer, something
unpleasant has happened.

Herr Rainer, Café Dobner,
I'll wait for you.

I'll be with you presently

You were at the rehearsal?
Are you satisfied?

I'm so happy, believe me I won't put
you to shame tomorrow at the opening.

Move along, please!

I must talk to you.

- My husband rammed unexpectedly.
- And?


It's embarrassing that I have to come
to you, while you have other worries

I beg your pardon, but I
don't quite understand, Baroness.

I don't understand It myself.

I'm surprised myself,
I never would have thought that...

But you know how people are,
they talk and talk,

and drag every beautiful
feeling into the dirt.

My husband has a suspicion.

A suspicion? What does he suspect'?

You and me.


What ls there that he mustn't know?

That you've helped me,

that I'm grateful in you?


I use, of course, that': It.

What also should It be?

Nothing has happened,
nothing at all.

But you see,
people are like that

Once they lay on your knees before ma,

then the door opened, and already...

But Baroness, that was only Romeo!

You, you. Romeo.

So much the better.

I don't want to keep you.

Café Dobner is waiting,
and Herr Sedlmayer.

- May I accompany you?
- No, no.

- Thank you, you just go.
- Klan the hand.

I would like to speak to Herr Rainer.

Herr Rainer ls not at home.

Can I take a message?

Where ls Herr Rainer now?

I don't know where Herr Rainer
spends his time nowadays.

He used to be in the
Café Dobner at this hour.

Cafe Dobner

Well, you're not a great artist
at playing piquet.

If you play Ferdinand as badly as
this game, you won't get good reviews.

There's the Queen of Hearts.
Trump it, if you can.

Just be patient, Herr Sedlmayer.

I'll learn It yet.

That's stupid.

But not like that
You can't play that card!

One pays, the other pockets.

Again an eavesdropper.

We'll play our next game at my house.

I don't like It when somebody
looks Into my cards.

Do you approve of
the card I just dealt?

He's got a thick skin,
he won't move away.

“That's there to think about?

That's my trick!

It's impossible! Something like this
has never happened to me before.

How can you play ll' somebody keeps
looking Into your cards?

What? You have a King of Clubs
and don't play it? - But I do

What do you mean, clubs ls trump!

And the ace has already been played.
This ls so mean.

Such an ignorant amateur,
can't play at all and wins!

Over. I won't play any more.

I can't play if somebody keeps
looking into my cards

So him much do you got?

Nothing, I'll give you
nothing at all now!

I don't have any money with me.

I didn't know I was going to lose.

But I can give you a chance
to get even, Herr Sedlmayer.

A chance in get even? For me?

Al you wish.

I can lose with dignity.

I'll get the money
back somehow, next time.

Nut Maw

Today somebody has marred It for me.

Have a nice day.

If you want, I'll play
another game with you.


- Rainer.
- I know.

You're in deal.


7 clubs.

What do you want from me?

I want in play card: with you.

The quieter the better.


I said 7 clubs.

Tara good

You've visited my wife daily
during my absence.

And 14 kings.

- Yes, but...
- No but Fine

- Fine!
- Fine, then.

Even if that is all there was to it,

It ls enough for me.

You compromised my wife.

No scene, ll' you please.

And 60.


Wrong! That's my trick.

I wish to avoid any scandal.

- I don't have...
- Be quiet.

Listen to me carefully

ll' you dare once more
to come near my wife,

if you have the insolence
once more to enter my house,

I'll throw you down the stairs,
you lout!

You'll give me satisfaction for this.

You want a duel?

That's funny.

But you're lucky,

I don't duel with a common comedian.

Just because of your wife,

only because of your wife

I let you insult me here.

What do you know at all?

You've cheated!

What's the matter, gentlemen?

Who cheated?

Let me see than cards.

But you didn't want a scandal

- He added a King of Heart.
- Where did he hide it?

In his sleeve probably.

And of course they
will say: 'those actors!

A card-sharper in the Café Dobner

What were the mks?

Say something!

A nice scandal.

Scandal In Actor's Café.

A well-known café on the Getreldemarkt
has been the setting of an interesting

affair between a young actor of
the K.u.K Court Burg theatre, Herr R.,

and a well-known member
of Viennese society, Baron S.

It was only about a game of piquet!?

But even if the young Herr R. could
acquit himself

of the suspicion of cheating at cards,
even more interesting aspects

on the background of this case
might be revealed

But it isn't true!

I only kept quiet to
avoid a scandal which...

I don't want to know why you
kept quiet, Herr Rainer.

It's your private affair,
and shall remain so.

But this, this scrap of paper
it speaks out loud

And It speak: against you.

All Vienna talks about what
the gutter press write.

Had van; mm; for you, but

as a director, I am responsible
for the house's dignity

and cannot talents that a member...

You must understand me.

I thank you, Director.

I know what I have to do

Announce me to the Baron!

But it isn't true

All this isn't true!

Yes I know. It was my fault.

How could It come in that?

To such a scene,

which could have such
unpleasant consequences.

I lot my rage got hold of me.

It's not my style
to let my feelings run wild, but...

Strange that this embarrassing situation
forces me to confess something to you,

a confession suitable
for a more pleasant occasion.

You must know, I lave you.

Herr Rainer wants to see the Baron.

You, I'm coming.

He's walling In the small salon.

Baht have Mn ma.

I'm bother at this.

Please sit down.


It has all turned out
different than we expected.


and I.

You have suffered a wrong.

Both of us have suffered a wrong,

and you took It upon yourself.

Baroness, I...

I know.

You did It for me.

Of course you could have demanded
satisfaction, rehabilitation, anything.

My husband bears all the blame.

He insulted you,
provoked a scandal,

and you saved him from It.

Him, and myself.

By remaining silent.

You behaved wonderfully,

you ware a gentleman.

And mm you're playing such a
bad part In the ayes of the wand,

but not in mine

Baroness, you misunderstand me!
Your husband...

I understand you

But now you must try to
understand my husband.

Because he, too, did It for me.

Ho... lava me.

And I'm his wife

Our marriage, our name In society,

all this was in danger
of being dragged into the dirt

My husband has asked me
to thank you for this,

that you kept your composure
when he lost his for a moment

I understand...


Then you have it

What's the matter, mother?

What the matter ls?
He's given us notice, that Herr Rainer.

Written on a place of paper, with
pencil, so that I can't even read it.

And a boy brought it, because he
doesn't dare come himself, the gentleman.

We were good enough to feed him
when he was penniless,

he made you sew
the buttons on his trousers,

and now I'm to take the rent
out of his savings box,

and to send his few belongings
to Graz, to his mother.

He won't come back at all?

Now you're surprised, aren't you?

He didn't even any farewell in you.

If you start to cry, you'll get a slap!

That I have given birth
to such an utterly stupid girl!

You could have become the wife
of a K.u.K. Court Burg Theatre actor.

- Stop that nonsense
- You shut up!

Whit I know, I know.

She could have become
Frau K.u.K. Court Burg Theatre actor

and she only made a heel

I wreck my brains to get you a husband.

It': no wonder ll'
you become an old mild.

You don't want that one,
the other one doesn't want you.

Shop that snivelling!

I'm not crying.

I haven't thought of him
for a long time now

I hope sol


- God's greetings!
- Herr von Sedlmayer

Such a rare guest!

Just now my Leni told me
what a pity it ls

that Herr von Mitterer hasn't come
to see us for such a long time

But you mustn't cry because of it,
we've been talking a lot about you.

And your can must have
been ringing from It.

Frau Schindler,

Herr Schindler,
I want to speak with you in private.

Leni, run across the street and bring
a mug of beer! Or would you prefer wine?

Take it easy, don't go into
any trouble because of me

I'd prefer some wine.

But of course, have a seat,
Herr von Sedlmayer.

What's It all about?

Well, Frau Schindler,
you're a clever woman.

Did you notice something?

My God, Herr von Sedlmayer,
why are you being so mysterious?

What should I have noticed?

Ah, go away.

You must have noticed that
Herr Mitterer liked to come here a lot

and not because of the trousers.

They don't fit anyway,
mine burst..

Well, that just as an aside.

The reason why he came here
is Miss Leni

I admit, she's an
honourable, decent girl

On that point I haven't been able to
answer anything back to Herr Mitterer.

And Herr Mitterer, we don't
have to mention it,it's obvious,

even ll' he isn't a young man any more.

But most men at his age
are much older than he ls, and...

Anyway, he's at!“ a man
who (an make a woman vow happy.

I'm here on his behalf
to ask you whether...

What am I saying, not ask,
just a formality...

The whole affair is sheer luck
for the girl, for Leni, it's an honour.

I hereby acquit myself
of my charge and ask you

In the name of the
Court actor Mitterer

for your daughter Leni's
hand in marriage.

The Court actor want
in many my daughter?


And if Miss Leni consents,

then Herr Mitterer sends her this ring
as an engagement present

Jesus, Maria and Josef,
all diamonds!

Look Leni, what the...

What's the matter with you?

Something terrible has
happened to Herr Rainer!

There's been a scandal...
It can't be possible

What's written here isn't possible!

Father, Herr Rainer isn't
a card-sharper!

What's the matter again
with this Herr Rainer?

Let me speak, mother!

All this can't be true!

Whore I: that place of paper?

Dear Frau Schindler,
I'll vacate my room

Send my things to
my mother In Graz...

. money for the rant"
'I'm not coming back.

Thank you for everything.

Give my love to Leni,
she has always been good to me.

Do you realize what this means!

Are you blind?

He'll harm himself!

I know him, I can feel it!

I felt that something was wrong.

But child, what must
Herr Sedlmayer think..

I don't care, everyone may hear it,
I'll shout it to everyone

Herr Sedlmayer!

You know him, Josef Rainer.

Tomorrow he ls to play Ferdinand.

Do you helluva him
in be a uni-sharper?

Help him, please!
Tell me what I shall do

Where is he? He will harm himself,
I must go to him

He mustn't
God In Heaven, he mustn't

I lave him so much.

Linen, don't cry, Min Leni, and...

He won't harm himself.

For he has to perform tonight

In Canon.

Go, dear Marquis,

give this bosom peace,

and bring back slumber
to my sleepless pillow.

Sedlmayer, where have you been?

Sedlmayer? Do you hear me?

I do

Why do you keep me walling?

What look did she show when you
bold her? What did she say?

I mean...

what should such a young girl say?

She was vary upset, and she...

Sedlmayer, are you
concealing something?

- She didn't refuse, I hope?
- No. no. She didn't refuse.

Tell me one thing,
did she keep the ring? The ring?

The ring?

She did?

She did.

She kept it.

She kept it
That's all I wanted to know.

Announce me to Herr von Mitterer

To Herr Mitterer?

Yes,to Herr Mitterer!

Tell him, Miss Schindler
must see him at once. Leni Schindler.

Very well, but you'll have in wall.

If you would come
with ma, Miss Schindler.

Herr Mitterer will see you now

Please go In.

Excuse me, I wanted
to see Herr von Mitterer

But my child, don't you recognize me?

Look at me. It': me.

Come close

It's only a costume, a mask.

A bit of make-up, false hair, but
all this will be over by tomorrow.

Herr von Mitterer

But don't look at me
In this strange fashion.

SR drum. . mean.

Like this.

You see, this is how it looks like,,
the theatre.

Till now, I've lived here and
I've believed that this was life

But It only looks like something.

Now you're sitting here,
and it's all nothing.

Herr von Mitterer

you've told me once
that you were my friend,

a friend whom I could mm in

when I'm utterly lost.

I did.

A young actor ls engaged here,

don't believe anything
they say about him.

Something terrible has happened to him,

and I can't go to him,
they won't let ma,

and he won't listen to me anyway.
Who am I? I am nothing to him.

But he would listen to you,

you're the only one of whom he always
spoke highly, whom he admires so much.

He wanted to become
such a great actor as you are,

and he has so much talent

He's still so young, 23 years

He'll harm himself
ll' you don't help him now



But what? How to help?

It's all my fault
that It has come to this.

I got him the Invitation
to the Baroness.

Don't be angry,
I stole it from you that afternoon

I made a men of everything,

and now he needs me
and I cannot help him.

Nobody can help him, concept you.

I beg you, Herr von Mitterer,
I beg you


Who Is this... gentleman?

Rainer ls his name, Josef Rainer.

He play: the officer
of the guard tonight,

and he's to play Ferdinand tomorrow.

No, no. What Is he to you?

No, dent

Don't cry.

Don't cry!

Be quit.

I'll talk in him,

to this Herr... Rainer.

Thank you.

Thank you!

Hurry up, please, it's high time!

Miss Leni?

Miss Leni!

Herr Sedlmayer, into the box,
the last act is about to begin

If you please, may I wait here?

Sure, sit down over there.

What! Will no one make reply?

Each aye upon the ground,

each face covered!

My sentence ls pronounced.

My sentence ls pronounced.

My sentence ls pronounced.

I read It here proclaimed In
all this lifeless, mute demeanour.

This is rebellion!



Fly,sire! They are in revolt!

Rebellion! Where is the king?

Madrid's in arms!

To thousands swelled, the soldiery
and people surround the palace

and reports are spread that Carlos ls a
prisoner - that his life is threatened.

And the mob demand to see him living,
or Madrid will be in flames.

Defend the king

Stands my throne still firm?

Am I sovereign yet aver this empire?

No! I'm king no more.

These coward: weep -

moved by a puny boy.

They only wait for
the signal to desert me.

There! Fling yourselves down there

before him -
the blooming, the young king;

I am nothing mm

but a defenceless old man!

Hasn't Mitterer been marvellous again?

Again, my dear? I found him
convincing for the first time in years!

This time he even played
with his heart in it, and feeling.

Has Miss...

Has Miss Leni been here?

Did she, I mean...

What did she any?

What she said?

That she lava me, she said.

That I'm everything to her.

The only man in the whole wide world
who could make her happy.

For whom she had been walling.

You utter fool!

You fool!

All right, where is this..

Where is the garde-robe
of this Herr... Rainer?

It's on our side, up on the
fourth floor, the last door.


No, no. I cant

I can't do It.

What also?

I am 1:0 talk 1:0 him?
To him I am to talk?

Perhaps I am to throw him
into her arms, too?

What also I: demanded of me?

I mean...

- Perhaps he'll harm himself.
- No, he won't!

At 23 years one doesn't harm oneself!

I'm more than twice his age,
and I don't harm myself.

And I don't know why, either.

Good evening.

You, wait, I'll be
with you In a minute.

Role: Ferdinand
Hans J. Rainer

To Mr. Josef Rainer,
Esq., Vienna

Under the circumstances
the management of the K.K. Burg Theatre

ls obliged to end your
engagement as of today.

You are forthwith forbidden
to enter the backstage areal

The Burg Theatre's general management

Here - where I wasn't allowed to live -

I want to die

Fly loft! 4th gallery
Entry strictly forbidden!

Is somebody there?

I'm asking, ls somebody there?

It's alright, leave me
alone for a minute

You don't have in light my way.

I'll leave through the main entrance

Walt, lot me have the torch light


A big scene.

Really a big scene
you've invented for yourself.

Young actor throws himself down
onto the Burg theatre's stage.


Is that the only scene you
have to offer the theatre?

To be allowed to die here,
that must be earned!

Do you know what that means,
being allowed to die here?

To show the audience down there
how beautiful it is to live

Come dour“

But take the stairs

Tell me, is Herr von Mitterer
still inside?

Ya! ya'

So you're that young, Herr Rainer?

That young

That insolently young.

And you were going to
throw it all away like this?

Because something didn't
mm out the way you wanted.

23 years and away with it like that

I don't care what the reason was.

Whatever It may have been,
I would change places with you, my boy.

I would change places with you!

Be silent!

Because you weren't allowed
to play here, big parts,

because of this
you want to get out!

Oh queen!..How lovely still is life


With love's light wings
did I o'er perch these walls...

Didn't you?

I scarce, my liege, had
numbered twenty years,

Beautiful, isn't It?

It's beautiful everywhere, my boy,
not only here.

But on every board
set up on a few barrels.

Today you died.


Here, in your heart,
you died a bitter death.

But that you've survived, my boy,

that, only that, will help you to
become what you wanted to become:

a great actor.


This belong: in you.

Let the girl sleep.
She didn't wait for me.

Someone else will wake her.

Just walk your rounds first,
the two need need and rest.

Lock the heats.
Good night

Forgive me.

I did you wrong.

I thought of everything,except you

But I've always loved you. Really.

Now I know it

And I'll never leave you alone again.

You must my with me always.

And when I get those
crazy notions once in a while,

than all you have to tall me ls:

'Look, I do helluva In you.'

That'll help me.

You've always believed In me,

and you've always helped me.

And, filled with mystic presage,
chimed the church-bell slowly,

And prayer dissolved me
In a fervent bliss.

A sweet, uncomprehended yearning

drove forth my feet through
woods and meadows free,

And while a thousand tears were burning,

I felt a wand arise for me.

These chants, to youth
and all Its sports appealing,

proclaimed the spring's
rejoicing holiday;

And memory holds me now
with childish feeling,

back from the last, the solemn way.

Sound on, ye hymns of Heaven,
so sweet and mild!

My tears gush forth:
the earth takes back her child

Sound on, ye hymns of Heaven,
so sweet and mild!