Bureau of Missing Persons (1933) - full transcript

Butch Saunders has been transferred to Missing Persons because he was too brutal in other police work. He regards the assignment as "kindergarten" work. When a young woman asks him to help locate her husband, Therme, he learns that she is really Norma Phillips, wanted by Chicago police for murder of her husband. She escapes, but Saunders borrows a corpse from the morgue to arrange her fake funeral. The trap brings the woman and Therme to the mortuary out of curiosity.








all time any new customers

yep five last night three suicides the

other two we don't know what happened

okay I'll take a hinge at him right


I can't recognize this guy what hit him

the subway train he jumped off the 42nd

Street Station last night

hello oh yeah mr. bloom yes we have a

report on your case we've located your

wife in Philadelphia

she's had a hotel over there oh I'm

sorry I can't mention names over the

phone you better come down here we'll

give you the details all right goodbye

have you had any news from my Klara

yes who's handling your case and mr.

Conlon if you'll just step in there I

think you'll find mr. calm thank you

this is mr. Thompson Gordon and a press

agent mr. Engel where did you locate

miss Gordon we found her hiding out in

the form of near Albany miss Gordon you

have God's considerable time and expense

looking for you why did you disappear it

was a publicity stunt a scheme my press

agent invented to get my name and

picture in the papers I'm opening in a

play on Broadway called the blue moon if

we could have kept her hidden for

another week she would have landed on

the front page of every paper in the

country this department is up to its

neck trying to be a service to people

who need us badly

we knew waste the time of my men for a

cheap stunt like this I ought to throw

you both in jail please don't

we were only trying yes I know trying to

fool a lot of people including a police


well I'll forget it this diamond get out

when did you say she disappeared mr.

Newbury Meg before last

she was your housekeeper you say yes

miss Wilson had been with me for nearly

six months sort of looking after things

for me you're a bachelor yes did you

trap ah nothing

I mean did she take anything with her

you know she was not the kind of a woman

who'd steal she was a good Christian

woman went to church every Sunday

morning and pray I'm meeting on

Wednesday nights you said you had some

news for me captain yes I think I have

at the same time I hope I haven't that's

why I brought you out here I don't

believe that y'all wife is in any

condition to be a much help to us now


that body was taken out of the East

River this morning that your daughter

we found you right at this address we've

had a talk with her and she's willing to

come back I think you better go see her

no I can't I can't do it

after all the trouble we've had to find

her you won't even go and talk to her no

I'm afraid pray to your wife no afraid

of myself afraid I might kill the guy

that took her away from me what dirty

rat give me that address she's a medium

height about 36 years of age auburn hair

and brown eyes that's right what were

your relations with this woman is she

she was my husky purr that all you don't

think for a moment that I'd have

improper relations with my she was a

good Christian woman went to church

irregularly these photographs are all of

the same woman this is the fourth time

she's pulled this stunt sure I would

suggest that you forget all about miss


but I was very fond of her I don't

understand no of course you don't this

is simply her formal record she finds

herself a nice lonesome bachelor such as

you are losing none of the respectable

title of housekeeper yes but it's all

right it's all right

I have no wish to pry into your personal

relations with this woman that's none of

my business I'm simply telling her when

she grows tired of one man she

disappears and finds herself another but

she was a idiot I know I know she was a

good Christian woman

hey what do you think you're going

looking for - plans got a white horse

hey wait a minute you can't go in there

I'll bet you got a sixpence

hiya skipper Oh detective foot Sanders

in the flesh can you imagine that

there's a game out there don't even know

who I was you want an apology

no that's all right captain let it pass

well how's the kindergarten getting


kindergarten hmm oh we're doing all


you know the trouble with this joint is

you're just soft around his Bureau you

waste a lot of time looking for runaway

guys and after you find me act like he

was doing you a favor they're up against

hoodlums and gorillas it's like we on

the robbery detail they are shooting

slugs and ask questions later

yes I understand you're pretty good at

that sort of thing me I'm the best kind

of robber detail when they send me after

anybody I bring em in I got five notches

on my gun and plenty more on my knuckles

I can go out congratulations and get

your feet off my desk where do you think

you are at home okay chief tell me I'm

supposed to come over and see you what

do you got a tough pick up a something

tomorrow was willing to oblige thanks

that's splendid

well make it snappy I gotta get back to

the piper nine handle a couple of cases

over there you got to get over a 50-foot

robbery detail yeah this is your

department what do you mean I've been

transferred yes you now belong to the

kindergarten you don't seem very

enthusiastic husband double-crossing me

I think it was a fella by the name of

her butch Sunday's huh

have you any idea why you've been

transferred sure those monkeys are

they're afraid of me then I got too much

on the ball I'll tell you why Saunders

you're a good hard-boiled two-fisted cut

that's right but you're bullheaded

you're stupid you know all about locking

a man's teeth out and dragging him down

and throwing him into the jug but you

don't know anything about using your

brains why I got the best record for s

in the department oh I know more arrests

anybody in the department unnecessary

arrests many of them our business is to

protect not persecute the public anybody

ever tell you that

yes paragraph three instructions for


oh you read the book and splendid

Sounders I'm gonna give you a chance

learn a little discipline here I'm gonna

give you a chance to learn to use your

brains and if you don't learn I'll

transfer you right down the line you've

probably wind up as a night watchman

somewhere what am I supposed to say

thanks they might be better if you

didn't say anything once again like if

we're gonna work together let's get a

few things straight you know we're not

dealing with mugs and gorillas all

together in this department we very

seldom make an arrest we don't have to

our business is to find people who for

some reason or other have lost

themselves we restore them to their

friends their families and their jobs

and that doesn't require strong our

methods that requires brains so you'll

probably do some of your best work

sitting in a chair thinking it's great

desk job I know I work very closely with

the men that are assigned to me and I

like to feel it we're all friends so how

about you butch let's check with me good

and another thing I am the head of this


I don't always tell all I know so until

you're the head man here I make all the

decisions got that oh that's all right

captain it won't take me along what

won't take you long become head man here

hey how many eyes and murder - yeah yeah

that's why two

amen we've got a new boy in school

this is detective butch Saunders I just

been transferred to this department so

get your eyes open butch see what you

can pick up around here kind of

familiarize yourself with the files

current cases maybe I'll assign it to a

district that your days right chief

you look at probably Joe okay chief you

want homicide man now robbery the guy

you're replacing was a rape man he was

no good on this stuff too much of a

one-track mind yeah I always hate to see

homicide and rape men come in here

Waddell came over from assault but he

got over it he's a jigsaw puzzle expert

oh we had to do jigsaw puzzles too well

sometimes we get an unidentified body so

badly cut up it's a puzzle to put them

together again I had a beautiful case

this morning man

take a hinge at that you'd never think

that was a human body would you all

chopped up and stuck in a suitcase when

I put it together any of the honey we

identified us with the gold fillings on

our teeth if you ever get one like that

hang on to our teeth I still think it

might be gwyndolin yeah don't wish she

got a mole on her chin I know Gwendolyn

want a limb Harris thanks been looking

for over six months

she disappeared the night after a

wedding still might be Quinlan she might

add that nor remove by electricity

electricity would I left the sky anyway

she's a blonde she don't mean anything

does it go away

I'm working on a case now maybe you can

be of some use to me look see this guy

yeah he left home a couple of days ago

said he was going on a business trip

what he didn't his wife and kids are

taking it pretty hard

we haven't given to the papers yet

because captain Weber's got a hunch on

this one he thinks the guy is right here

in town with a lady friend I get it

works on hunches does he well I found

out he's got a little blind uptown I'm

going up to see em now

I got an idea that guy is right up there

doing a hideout

you mean Caesar Paul the boy violinist

yes and we demand that he be found


can you imagine finding me hold was sold

out for tonight and now we have to

return the money how old did you say he

was 12 a baby he knows nothing at all

about the world we brought him up so

carefully little hmm he becomes more

ungrateful every day I'm grateful for

what I'm grateful for for all we've done

for him we've made him the greatest

violinist in the world he's played

before kings and now he runs away and

treats us like this is this description

of him correct yes I'll send out a

general alarm calling all cars calling

all cars missing person caesar paul boy

violinists age 12 height 5 feet weight

between 90 and hundred pounds dark curly


hey you

we're looking for a guy named King what

a-poppin is he in I don't know

don't kid me that some what's going

weird easy well your guys running a

school for pansies King was in this

joint and I'm gonna find him come on

then I'm gonna put you in trade no

speakeasy where's this guy's a problem

you mean the big dog there maybe that

guy right there

I don't know you squirt out for so late

at night wait I tell you apartment 21

sometime he come there 21 huh

Alania say so come on I'll get a cab go

I'll handle this


no don't go don't be silly dear no one

knows who I am here


who is it

come on King man open up


come on hurry up you're gonna open up


what do you mean by breaking in my

pocket today I called the police and had

your breakfast I'll save you the trouble

now where's Kingman I'm sure I don't

know yes you do come on Alison when the

land where's the boyfriend come on let

it go no anything about it keep your

hands off me so you got him up did you

well you're not as dumb as you look say

young fella what right have you to an

audition she and a guy named Kingman

been playing house and I'm gonna find

who are gonna pay for that door sure I'm

gonna pay the war debt too but I've

gotta find the Airedale that was in this

room I won't stay with this chick the

committee one I'm going to move please

miss playin sister you're going bye-bye

what do you mean taking you down to the

department you mean you're resting oh no

we're going out come on I won't go I

don't have to I've done nothing

you're going places hey Archie the guy

took a Potter but I brought the

girlfriend so you'll run out on me that

you remember Sally just a minute very

young woman you know this gentleman

no I never met him before in my life

look the most things don't being thing

that ever happened to me well why you

two brought this girl here why you want

to find Kingman don't you she knows

where he is

here's this pajamas thought up in her


this is mr. Kingman right here never

mind Alice I've confessed everything I

had to will straighten everything out

you had no right to annoy this young

lady I am very sorry this happened

and I think Saunders that you owe the

lady an apology apology made certainly

you brought her here against her will

that was quite unnecessary mr. Kingman

was missing not the girl well I I'm

sorry babe

I'll take you home in a taxi not while

I'm conscious now go now certainly Thank

You captain

- no I think you'd better wait well


you know mr. Kingman we still have your

case to settle very kind of you to come

in with mr. music and explain your

disappearance well I I had no idea it

would cause so much trouble I must have

been mad to have done such a thing

unfortunately there are those who love

you very much if I should report this

incident it wouldn't do my department

any good and it might ruin the happiness

of your wife and children I know a lot

about human weaknesses mr. Kingman but

is not my business to blame your condone

what you've done my business was to find

you now we've got to find some means of

restoring you to your family without

them knowing the truth that that's very

considerate of you I'd like to keep the

truth from my family if it's humanly

possible there's a little town called

Allendale about 60 miles from here you

buy a ticket to that town I'll see that

the Avondale Police pick you up it's an

amnesia case then I'll notify your wife

and you'll be sent home as a man who has

temporarily lost his bearing through

overwork your family would be so glad to

see you they won't ask me questions and

you can go back to being a model husband

again well that's that's the most human

thing I've ever had happened to me

I I won't forget your kindness to me no

no I'm trying to be kind to your wife

and children

well skipper we sure solve that iterate

Italy yes for only one day in the

department you're making quite a showing


I guess there's any chance to do a thing

the wrong way you overlooked it's

because the day's too short your little

crime for time

do you know Saunders you're getting

nearer that night watchman's job pick up

and I thought you dropped that cigarette

on the floor pick it up and put it in

the basket missing persons Bureau yeah

detective Hank Slade's bigger huh what

was his name

Godfrey well that'll be fine when did he

disappear yesterday afternoon uh-huh all

right what you might give me a

description of me yeah black hair brown

eyes yeah small years yeah what did he

have on Oh a little blue sweater mm-hmm


black curly tail yeah all right just

j-just there ready first of all what you

want is a dog pound

oh by the way have you ever found any

trace of ghrelin Harris no neither is

anyone else I don't know there's a new

unidentified body at the morgue you

might check up on it I think I'll get my

family and move over them all well you

never can tell one of these days you may

find her just like that yeah when I do

I'll break her neck just like that








me oh I just dropped in to sort of talk

things over this is my place you get out

of here

is it good hideout - I'll bet you a

dollar six best nobody could find either

one of us here you hiding out - yeah but

don't you tell anybody what do you got

there that's fine where'd you get them

yeah can I buy you a drink

all right thanks oh you been up here

ten days I'm glad you're tired of it

nah it's marvelous when night comes I go

down join the fellas and we have lots of

fun you do

doing what stealing and fighting


that's see you got a good list I look -

of the gang last night oh you don't want

to go around using your fish well I'm

gonna use your brains like I do I'd

rather be a big show

well you're a big shot already aren't

you I got two more guys to look first

Caesar Falls a big shot that's you yeah

yeah no no all right well husband

husband when Lynn Harris

are you still looking for that Dane give

my right eye to find her you couldn't

find a Chinaman in Shanghai

oh yeah well here he is well young man

how are you I'm all right I guess

glad you pick him up which oh I found

them over their tent laughs and you're

hiding out on the roof why'd you run

away from your mother and father I got

tired of practicing everyday and I hate

to play at concerts too you should be

glad to play in a theater before all

those people you know you're a genius I

don't want to be a genius I want to be

like other kids I never have any fun

I've always got to be dressed up I think

it's pretty nice to be dressed up play a

violin like you I hate it

my mother and father made me practice

all day I never get to play baseball or

roller skate like other kids

that's why I ran away I see I see

well I'm so glad you found him oh my

poor darling do you realize that you're

gonna pay with the symphony tomorrow and

you haven't practiced for ten days

I won't play anymore don't tell me what

you're doing what you won't do we've got

contracts oh wait a minute mr. poor

watch you leave him alone for a while

what do you know about music well I'll

never mind the music why don't you give

the kid a break

let him be a boy don't play with boys

I'll have some fun once in a while

you're driving the kid away from you

I think we've successfully raised this

genius without your help thus far young

man come darling we'll go home now and

get a nice bar and some nice clean

clothes now look what you did come on

well believe me if I'd have known they

were like that I'd have left the kid on

the roof

excuse me please I want to see detective

which Saunders and it's awfully personal

well if it's personal I can wait all but

it can't wait

I haven't seen him in a long time and I

want to surprise him you know how it is

when you haven't seen anybody in a long

time all right I'll tell him you're here

oh no no that would spoil everything oh

come on now please all right he's in

there Thanks but you Margie

oh I certainly will inspector yeah yeah

I'll be done in about five minutes and

about that other matter we'll wait a

minute will you get out of here can't

you see this is important

Oh flatfoot I'm in again why don't you

break out what the hives and scratch

yourself to death let me get out of here

all right just caught up with you yeah

and I'm sick of you catching up with me

what do you think this is I think it's

payday oh listen Belle why don't you

give me an even shake I'm gonna be an

important guy Ron if you let me alone

what did I ever do to you you married me

I sure didn't know what I was doing that

night uh you don't want me and I

certainly haven't gotten the end for you

and I want to - give me a break

every time I give you a break you tell

me I broke you are listen Belle why

don't you and me get a nice quiet

annulment or something you know call the

whole thing off I've been doing come

across if you don't lay off of me I'm

gonna put your ears off oh no you're not

you wouldn't want me to start a scandal

around here would you or have you a jug

for non-support I know be so good for

your job you're such an important guy

around here come on but should be nice


how much do you want how much have you

got you sure you can spare this haven't

you had any news from my Clara yeah I'm

sorry mr. Gilchrist we haven't heard a

thing Oh Jo you haven't heard anything

have you about - no sir but I'll

telephone you soon as we do here and

you'll keep looking

thank you sir certainly thank you

I found her Clara this morning you did

we're in jail over in Brooklyn they

pressed the last night for left my guys

wallet I didn't think you'd want to tell

y'all go no no hello is this the morgue


misty take the Frank Slade yeah you got

a stiff down there but I never quit on

the Harris Oh

Gwendolyn Harris hey man don't let me

know she turns up

goodbye darling see you soon

bless of you you let that Damian her

again and out could I speak to you

minute what I said I'd like to speak to

minutes well I was just poking at this

young lady ah she's so busy and I've

been waiting here an awfully long time

oh you mean I'll do doesn't make any

difference who I speak to as long as

someone the bureau who can help me okay

beautiful you're a cinch come on in

this is Theodore Arnold captain we

located mr. Arno in Galveston Texas he

was running a small candy shop their

cigars it on his daughter thank you

here we go tell me I want to speak to

mr. on all alone

well mr. Rallo taking us over here to

find you this is one case I can't figure

out your wife tells me that you were

married for ten years

happy and contented and good income in

fact I understand that your wife is a

very lovely woman very devoted to you

that's just the trouble sir she was too

devoted oh I wouldn't call that trouble

this is a little embarrassing to explain

but I'll try you see sir my wife is 15

years younger than I am she's youthful

relation we married 10 years ago but she

never seemed to realize that our

honeymoon was over I was an accountant

it's hard work long hours justice to

both of us I left my wife would seem to

be the only solution yes I think I

understand what can I do if I return

home the same thing is bound to happen


oh no no you go back to your wife and

have a talk with it tell her explain

that you both grown up tell her that you

still love her but she was settled down

her quiet normal married life under

those conditions you be satisfied to

remain at home she must face the facts a

honeymoon can't last forever I'll try it

I'll go back to her and have a talk good

I should be glad to hear from you thank

you very much goodbye

well captain web and the web does mrs.

Roberts she and her husband are up from

Baltimore they had a little fight in the

hotel room last night you know the guy

walked okay

I don't know lots of husbands acquire

other wives now turn up four to three


did your husband drink much no he's very


he's a to attacks of an easier boy talks

about going on a ship I've been watching

the docks all day

you afraid that's what he's done I must

find him I never should have let him out

of my sight this is serious have you

been married long no oh oh bride and

groom it have you will photograph of

your husband that might help us identify


that the best one you have so I have

here that's a false mustache he's

clean-shaven that might be a picture of

anybody well you couldn't do much with

that sorry just give detective Saunders

the details of how your husband was

dressed 30 marks of identification and

we run the circular without any picture

come and see me when you through what's

your full name Norma Norma Robbie's mom


for this birth what's your husband have

on his clothes are gone I don't know we

usually wears tweets how about a sign

great hair dark blue great the temples

except when he dies it hi about six feet

wait Obama 185 I guess about his team

fair go filling in this one I mean he

marks or scars you know tattoo marks I

don't think so

vaccination I guess so

guess so Donna's rider his left arm or

on his leg I really don't know you don't

know you never a good look at this guy

did you oh yes John we will need a thin

gold chain in his left wrist

no Masonic rings are up Steve anything

like that no what do you smoke tobacco I

suppose yeah I know that but I mean

cigars Piper corn silk Oh

cigars great a little and he sware Oh

well that finishes that but aren't you

gonna do anything now

sure I'm gonna do plenty I mean now this

minute where'd you go to the docks to me

tonight there's ship sailing well I go

with you

listen beautiful I'll go anywhere with

you how about having dinner with me

tonight if you only go to the docks with

me no you know first docks afterwards I

got to talk business with the captain

tell you what I'll do I'll pick you up

at 7 o'clock what do you say it's a date

can you imagine my husband running away

with my cook we'll do everything we can

to find your husband never mind about


I want my cook okay then there's all the

dough and this rappers husband gets but

I gotta work on that I don't know what

I'll let you handle this this is not in

your district you know which Jay I've

gone this far with it I certainly would

appreciate if you let me go through with

it do you think you can handle it

I'll bet you a dollar six bits you seen

her taking a lot of interest in this

case well I suppose I would to verse 20

years younger

all right hop to it thanks Gavin


what do you say beautiful let's go in

and tie on the nose pray I'm not home

well maybe you're not but I am come on


give me cigarette with you okay

beautiful dad you like onion I'm not

hungry I asked you if you liked onions I

don't care I'm only trying to put a

little hot food in do you're tired will

do you good

Joe hamburgers with onions a couple of

Java's hey pudding slip is the salt with

you right thanks hey what time is it

no it's about 12:30 hey lady

let's get sugar will do

say listen

you know this thing I hanging around the

dock saying two or three ships off every

night isn't gonna get you anything we've

got every dot cover and it can't be in

seventeenth edges at once yeah but I

just can't sit still in a hotel room

there are a hundred ways you might get

away god I think I'm doing something

anyhow those men of yours hardly looked

at the people going up the gangplank

tonight Oh No

well don't catch yourself hey buddy tell

us the ketchup put it right

hey do you ever find many people that

get lost that way sure about 90% of them

yeah but they're also you don't find

often say well you quit worrying about

that slug you with me now

well I gotta find suppose me a dog

listen you don't know what I means to me


she certainly must be swell have

somebody care for you like that I wish

it was made you were looking for hope

you know I appreciate all you're doing

for me ah forget it I can't forget they

want to tell you something I'm gonna

keep right on looking for this guy but

it's one time I hope I flop what if I do

flop it'll be the first time in my life

sugar salt pepper ketchup


now Joe this is mr. case you remember

mr. cases son disappeared about ten days


yes sir he disappeared on his way to

Atlantic City today mr. case received

this note and these pigeons

that's a hot one how you gonna get a

line on them listen I want your type

paper instead of money to the legs of

each one of these pigeons chowder a fast

plane release the pigeons take a couple

of men and follow these birds by plane

to the hiding place what chief I'm a guy

with both feet on the ground the minute

there's nothin under me I get sick all

right all right never mind

Cullen you'll handle this but step on it

all right mr. case you know every time I

get in one of those bird cages I feel

like a canary so tell me something what

are you living on a joint like this for

so I can aboard besides I don't be here


you order say it's awfully late I don't

think you gotta come in oh that's okay

beautiful I know the house take July

looks like it's haunted


yeah the Austin moon



how about having breakfast with me in

the morning they aren't you tired of

seeing me day after day

no I'm bearing up under it pretty well

how about you well I'm getting along all

right but I can't expect you to make a

career out of it

why not I'm young and ambitious I'll

start at the bottom and work up sorry

listen when that dumb cluck of yours

disappeared that I leave any money to

live on

not very much leave you enough to paper

this rat's nest you will and what ideas

for money oh the manage will trust me

I'll send it to him when I get back to

Bald War

why don't you leave it on me Oh butch


oh but no you can't do that I'll bet you

a dollar six bits

go on leave it'll mean I'll fix it so

the manager won't bother you anymore

Thanks whoa wait a minute come here

don't rush off I want to talk to you

Seiler can't you forget this guy for a

while you know let's not mix business

with pleasure of which don't



what do you say you and me go out and

get plastered well what else is it I do


tough break beautiful your Marin's so my

we both draw blanks oh it's okay

we've been separated for a year she

don't mean a thing to me look

the only reason I'm telling you this is

because I want to be on the level with

you because well I'm nuts about you

and I I hope to kind of like me to do


do you

of course I do but what you like each

other don't we



oh you don't know how impossible it



duh come on baby don't be that way

can't you forget that other ducky for a

while I'm sorry puts no use you might as

well go well that's a fine have yet been

said lesson beautiful

how about Kissimmee good night all right




hi chick well butcher come here come on

you know whose picture that is sure it's

Norma Roberts yeah

alias normal Williams what what is her

husband's name third-term Roberts she

murdered him in Chicago ten days ago

shimmer yeah that's impossible she

couldn't do that you couldn't do that

what she did do that we're gonna do

about this

oh I don't know I don't get this at all

afraid you'll have to pick her up you'd

like to make a rest here's your chance

captain do me one favor will ya hmm

a Chicago with a whole story on this oh

you still don't believe it huh

well I don't know who is the guy she's

looking for if it isn't time Roberts Oh

probably the accomplice or a boyfriend

or nobody at all turn this all over the

Homicide Squad let them worry about that

which should go along with you show you

where this girl is all right I'll send a

couple of men with it well well get


that's too bad madam when did your

husband leave you three days ago three

days and the last thing you said to me

before he disappeared was if I hung any

more the baby's diapers on the ready a

that he'd leave me and now he's done it

now he's done it will you put an ad in

the paper tell him I won't do it anymore

if you just come home alright no diapers

under radiated



you got the keys this room yes but never

mind open it up hope you won't disturb

any of the other guests

open it up nice looking here well come

on out what did I tell it for isn't

which I can explain it to your bust I

can but don't don't take me don't let

him take me all right I'll be back now

she's not in there let's go

yeah the only thing we can do is to just

stick around the waiter she comes back

oh yes oh you won't have to do that go

on back to the department send out your

alarm now stick around see if we can't

get a lavender boy here now

come on doing it you will do this as

quietly as possible won't you sure there

won't be any trouble you hotel and I'll

thank you

well butch that's the matter with you

you seem a little ragged do you have a

day mckussic arania not lately well

believe me I'll get them Dame I'll get

up it's the last thing I ever do

why I look at 150 suspects in the last

12 hours have an IV please taking this

town I've seen all the students I want

to see the rest of my right except the

right one normal Williams and when I

catch up with that double-crossing

two-timer pocket hello captain where I'm


where Brooklyn Pier 3 tell him to hold

everything just it is I'll be right over

well butch that may be your answer they

just found some woman's clothing in a

doctor book and pr3

a hat and a coat in the handbag with

Norma Williams caught in it ok give me t

Chopin the rivet just possible lets us

take a run over there

where's the watchman the founders

government Oh Tom come here

when did you find this clothing this

morning right here on the top you see a

woman on the dark last night no sir she

could have come out you when I was at

the other end you know it's Norma

Williams all right

I recognize the hat in the bag are you

sure yeah absolutely

I'll get the dredging company to drag

the river bring this stuff along what is

it Joe remember that Fritz Redmond who

said his wife walk down on you mean the

night watchman at the slaughterhouse

that's the guy well last night I went

down to the slaughterhouse to have a

look around they got a big machine down

there where they grind up all the bones

to make fertilizer I found this piece of

corn with a wedding ring I thought you

might like to have a look

that solves the disappearance of mrs.

Erdman better take his stuff over the

Homicide Squad Joe tell them where they

can pick up Richard Minh for the murder

of his wife yes

well butch you look at all your thinking

I hope you wait a minute I am thinking

about what normal Williams Oh have you

found her

no well maybe the tide carried the body

out they say a body comes to the surface

and nine days is that right captain

usually well this one won't what makes

you think it won't that Dame is too

smart to jump in the river I got a hunch

it's a phony yes I was thinking the same


I'm checking every means of her leaving

the city well she'll overplay our hand

if we give a time he's not so far away

and if you let me do what I want to do

I'll find it so what do you want to do I

want to borrow a body from the morgue a

body but for funeral Bartol one they're

gonna bury anyway then they don't to

plant something in the morning papers

now she's around town she's gonna be

reading the papers very carefully did

you ever see a woman that could stay

away from her own funeral

come on captain give me an order on the

morgue butch I think you're beginning to

your head come in the office I'll give

you the order

that's a swell idea I couldn't have

thought of a better one myself hey is

everything ready down there

all set I'll see it the funeral parlor

well be on time if the phone starts at

two o'clock okay oh but you want to you

Oh how's my darling unwrap yourself you

walked a puss what's she watching how

did you get in here no I'm gonna show

you right out of the opossum

oh no you know are you gonna stop me

yeah I'll stop you and I don't mean

maybe that bankroll you gave me was

nothing but a bunch of one's wrapped up

in a 10-spot to make it look big oh you

can get away with that I give you all I

had and that's all you're gonna get now

get out of here I'll go when I get my


thank you darling sweet


did you show up yet yeah she's late late

for all sure

but I want you morons sure this kind of

thing always George flies well it's a

better funeral and Clara could have got

any other way Clara who what you know

who you got in that box sure some stiff

they set up from the morgue yeah you

remember mrs. Gilchrist the little old

lady who's always coming into the

department I'm looking for a daughter

yeah well Clara's her daughter no kid

sure she died the Hopf joined the other

night we couldn't turn the body over to

the old lady because she had a found out

what her daughter was doing so we're

giving her a funeral anyway I get it

this funeral was set for two o'clock

it's after 3:00 now what are you going

to do oh I don't know well can't we go

ahead with it looks like you'll have to

wait a minute where's your telephone

when there's one in the back room there

okay how's business these days as a

depression bothered you much

hello captain Webb is butch yeah well I

guess I'm licked no no she didn't count

all right chief I'm coming in well can

you imagine spending 200 bucks in a

funeral the Dame don't show up well what

are you gonna do about it I can't wait

any longer

well has nothing much to do about it but

go ahead with

come on yo

sitter you dirty double-crosser no I'm

not I can explain everything uh

everything you told me was a pack of

lies and I fell for him because it was

nuts about you

how did giving you anything in the world

you know that don't you yeah I know yeah

and then night we were together another

one of your lies putting your arms

around me and telling me that you loved

me and the next day you let me risk my

job to save him you will and out left me

holding the bag play me for a sucker

what's your racket come on Tom I haven't

got a racket butch I mean everything I

said to you uh-uh don't give me that

listen you found out I was wanted for a

murder I didn't commit I didn't want you

to turn me in while it was still a

chance of proving it so I ran away won't

you believe me why should I believe here

sit down here I want to tell you this we

want to tell you for a long time well

come on let's have it

you better make it good I worked with

erm Roberts he was investment broker in

Chicago I was his private secretary so

what well I discovered quite by accident

that Roberts had a twin brother the

exact likeness of himself was being kept

out of the way I went to Robert's house

one day to take dictation and I saw him

for the first time he kept twisting his

mouth and blinking his eyes and then I

knew why Roberts kept him locked in his

room he was an idiot a foolish gibbering

idiot yeah yeah well Roberts put him in

the bird house how did ashamed of it you

want to keep it a secret all right go on

well one day I was called into Roberts

private office I saw what I thought was

Robert sitting there at the desk and I

was talking to him and then suddenly I

realized I was talking to a dead man

somebody left a gun beside him I picked

up the gun and while I was holding it

the police came in of course I was

confused and dazed and they arrested me

and now I looked more closely at the

body and I realized it wasn't mr.

Roberts at all but that of his insane

brother dressed in mr. Roberts clothes

and therme Roberts was gone they kept me

in jail for three days and all the time

I was convinced that Roberts had killed

his own brother and put him in his place

to keep from being arrested because I

knew he was wanted on charges of


did you tell all this to the police yes

of course but they wouldn't believe me

they didn't even know Roberts had a

brother well one day they released me in

custody of the attorneys and the firm to

be questioned about books and

transactions of the business and I got

away from them and I started out to find

firm Roberts he's the only man in the

world that can save me now you do

understand don't you what did you tell

me therme Robert was your husband

so I asked you to help me find him if I

told you the truth then why you to set

me right back to Chicago so you've been

smokin hot

no listen butch and know it sounds

impossible but it's the truth

well if you're looking for Roberts what

are you hanging around here for today

define Roberts thought he might have

read him a funeral then watching for him

in the drugstore across the street all

day then well my curiosity got the

better of me I want to see what I look

like in a coffin oh you do believe me

don't you butch no you're giving it to

me again honestly I'm not well I still

think you're playing me for a sucker but

I'm gonna find out come on


see that man what about him that's their


I tell you that they're robbers I'm not

but they didn't get away




come on mother step on it


listen you stay here that's Roberts is

liable to start shooting be careful with

your food remind me it's you I'm worried


can I trust you to stay in wait for me

sure okay be on the level with me just

for once with you

all right you hold the cab wait a minute

I want to see you go on get back in

there what's the matter

you know hurry what is this who are you

what do you want well you want to know

well I'm awfully sorry but I don't well

your will as soon as that gets it down

to headquarters headquarters there must

be some mistake

who are you looking for I'm looking for

a guy named Tom Roberts

well I'm awfully sorry but my name is

not therme Roberts no how do I know that

well why don't you go through my

personal belongings perhaps that will

convince you you ever been a Chicago yes

several times how long since I don't

know I think the last time was in 1923

why did you run away from here saw me

chase it and yes yes

but I've been receiving threatening

letters from a gang it's been after me

because I have a little money I was

packing my things I wanted to change my

room on that account well somebody's

lying and I'm gonna find out who it is

and you're going with me my friend I

have positive proof of my identity right

in this room I don't know anything about

the man that you're after so there's no

point in my going with you all right

supposing I don't take it down to

headquarters I got a gal downstairs says

she knows you says you are at them

Roberts will you go down and meet her

yes I'd be very glad to

but alright come on

well where's the girl

well she's supposed to be here that's

right where I left her you know this

thing is a joke don't you think it's

gone far enough

you'll pardon my saying so but you don't

seem to know who you're looking for

goodbye I'm very glad I met you

hey wait a minute

I still got a butcher term rabbits and

you're going ahead corner oh please hey

will you go now so must I slug you you

mean to tell me you can't find Gwendolyn

Harris after six months of looking I

tell you mr. Harris I've looked

everywhere I've searched the entire city

hotels hospitals the more young women's

Christian Association old lady's homes

Harris today I give up I'm only human

Ranger than Gwendolyn where have you

been why did you leave me oh I couldn't

stand it what darling

oh you were always eating crackers in

bed darling I haven't eaten a cracker in

months are you Wendelin Harris yeah what

are you gonna do about it

oh nothing much honey I made up my mind

if ever I found you I was gonna break

your neck


hiya T hey what happened to you well I

thought you were having trouble what if

the cab to look for a policeman well I

got back he'd gone yeah well what about

this guy he says he ain't been in

Chicago since 1923 miss Williams do you

know this man course that's Therme

Roberts I don't understand who is this

young woman why was I brought here you

know very well who I am I never saw her

before in my life take a look at that

brown hair she used to be a blonde I'm

Norma Williams

let me anything to you normal Williams

pardon me would you tell me what this is

all about please what is your name

Julian C Forbes where is just possible

mr. Forbes is the case mistaken identity

but we're going to ask you to cooperate

with us for the sake of justice

certainly you can of course prove your

statement why of course

don't you believe it captain Webb ask

her about that gold chain in his left

wrist well I don't deny that I wear a

gold chain in my left wrist same as

thousands of other men in this country

hmm if I have a way to settle this

hello McGuire get Chicago on the wire

tell them to send me immediately a

telephoto of therm roberts i'm holding a

man here in the office waiting port sit

down make yourself comfortable mr.

Roberts yeah pardon me mr. Forbes


thank very sorry to annoy you further

but will you have all the evidence we

require in the very few minutes fortune

can I talk to you minute

go ahead what was the blonde that came

in this morning and called you witchy

would she know Watson no they young fell

outside for one is this huh yeah that's


butchy watch it hey you why did you get


that's my wife she's disappeared your

what my wife what's her name

Belle Howard I'm mr. Howard Homer Howard

how long you been married two years and

a half two years in a head oh that's

marvelous thing that's fine that's great

yes but she's always disappearing and I

can never find out where she goes also

there's wonderful autism that's awful

give me your address here's my quarter

no that's fine I'll tell you what you do

you go home and by tomorrow morning I'll

have your wife in your arms you will I

certainly what you really wanted don't

you oh yeah well brother you can have

her and take it from me never let her

out of your sight again

get me ha thank you so much oh you're



butchy butchy here butch

let me have that

oh so this is theorem rabbits good work


I thought

all right

I am therm Robert this is not a

particularly good picture of him must

have been taken when you were

considerably younger she might have

autographed it Joey that's it

take this man up the Homicide Bureau

come on no no don't take any chances

well chief we sure put that one over ten

we know miss Williams that practically

substantiates your story then I'm free

no no not exactly it just it would be

necessary for you to go back to Chicago

and testify in the meantime I'll place

you in the custody I'll look after

captain you think you can handle it no I

bet you dollar six bits can never thank

you're not kept it's all right miss

Williams all right let's go ahead come

on beautiful excuse me for a minute I'll

be right back well well well how do you

do good I mean well thank you well what

can I do for you my little buttercup I

want my allowance hmm you want your


well baby you're gonna get your


give me Circle three four three seven

six yeah hello oh hello hello is that

you Homer

yeah this is Homer well uh I found your

wife yeah yeah she's had a slight


hmm no no no nothing serious just a few


oh I think you'll be able to recognize

her mmm goodbye Homer mm-hmm what

happened in there say do you like onions

what I said do you like onions well sure

if I got a steak to go with them you're

a cinch beautiful come on we're going