Burden (2018) - full transcript

Based on the inspiring true story of the bridging of one of the biggest racial divides immaginable. Mike Burden, an orphan raised within the Ku Klux Klan, attempts to break away from the Klan when the girl he falls in love with urges him to leave for a better life together. When the Klan seeks Mike out for vengeance, a black congregation led by the benevolent, Reverend Kennedy, takes in Mike, his girlfriend and her son, protecting them, and accepting them into their community.


Hey, Pa.

- Come on. You can do it.
- Whoa!

Okay, Mike. What you got for me?
Let's see what you done.

Check it out.

What y'all up to
in there?

this here theater.

Well, it's about time someone
opened something around here.

Cooper, don't you even
think about it.

- Come on, stop it!
- Hey.

Let him up, now.

I'm just playing.

How about I come in there and do
that to you, huh? Treat him nice.

Hey, Rock!
Stop messing with kids over there.

Help me figure out
this burp in this tranny.

- Hey, baby.
- Hey there, Dawn.

Oh, that looks so good.

What's going on?

Eat this pie
before it gets cold.

You getting to be
quite the man, ain't you?

I just want to get
the shop open, you know.


You hear that?


The sound of nothing.

Just you, me
and the crickets.

Yes, sir.

Now, you sure there ain't nothing I can do

to persuade you gentlemen
not to take my stereo?


Yeah, I'm real sorry

about skipping
the payments, boys.

Ever since I hurt my back,
I can't work.

I can't work,
can't make money.

It's all right.
We understand.

Sorry to have to
do this to you.

Uh, y'all sure you don't want a little
something to drink before you leave?

- Little something might be nice.
- All right, take it.


What the heck's going on here?

You and your buddies
hanging out in my house?

Can't a man visit his
boy when he wants to?

You know Franklin
ain't home this time of day.

What, your mama
ran out of whiskey? Huh?

I don't know what he done told you,
but he don't live here no more.

So y'all better
get to steppin'.

We're from
the Plantation repo.

Oh, for the love
of sweet Jesus, Dale.

Franklin's gonna be devastated when
he can't watch the race on Sunday.

Are you just gonna
fucking sit there?


Are you just gonna fucking sit there
and let them take all my stuff?

Well, I-I mean,
it's not really your stuff, now, is it?

I mean, y'all didn't even need to break
the door down or nothing, did you?

He just let you in,
just gave you a drink.

Oh, you just lay down.
You lay down, Dale.

- Yeah, why don't you just shut it?
- Lay down like you always do.

Just shut it!
Just shut it 'fore I make you shut it!

Oh, big man's got his whiskey
talking, huh, Dale?

When they throw me and
your son out on the street,

you're gonna be out there flipping
burgers on the fucking barbecue!

Fuck y'all.

Some of us got work
to get with, so...

Sorry to spoil your fun,

but, uh, this piece of shit's
done paid for.

Want me
to give her a try?

When it comes to stubborn
engines, got a good touch.

Keep doing that, you're gonna flood her.


Go on.


Thank you.

Hey, I'm sorry. It just feels like
everything's being stripped away.

Just pulled away, you know?

And sometimes I...

think how much we got to lose
before we got nothing left.

Maybe I can see if there's
something I can do for y'all.

Boy's into NASCAR, huh?

Yeah, he lives for it.

You just do what you got
to do with the TV, all right?

Don't mess yourself up
on my account.

I won't mess myself up.

Why you being so nice to me?

Let's just say you seem
like a decent person.

You know?

And I don't lay down.

Better get on now.

Well, thank you.

Hey, Clint, come on!
Let's go.

Looks like
you're a little light here.

Well, there's this person.

I was just hoping maybe we
could cut her a break just now.

Maybe talk to Stewart
or something.


So, uh...
this is a woman, huh?

It ain't nothing like that.

Well, sure sounds like
something like that.

Well, you never ask
for too much, so, yeah,

I'll talk to Stewart and get
him to cut this person a break.

If that's what you want.

- Ronny, why don't you hand me one of them.
- There you go.

♪ I keep blowin'
Down the road ♪

Here. Coming at you.

♪ Well, now, they call me
The breeze... ♪

Better finish getting
some of this shit out of here.


♪ I ain't got me nobody... ♪

You guys got all that rug?

Getting that carpet all set up?

Today is the first day
of a new dawn for all of us.

We'll remember it always.

All right, Mike,
put the cherry on it.

Yes, sir.


They saying we can't fly the
flag from the state capitol.


Well, tell the goddamn NAACP
this here's the new capitol.

Looking good, boy.

We're in the midst of an
epidemic right here in Laurens.

More than 150 years of injustice
from the plantations...

to where I stand today.

And I ask y'all
to keep silent no longer

and join me in this fight.

How can we prevent this kind
of thing from happening again?

Well, she could start
by bringing a receipt.

I seen three people ahead of me getting
no-hassle returns just like the ad say.

- Not a receipt in sight.
- Mm-hmm.

Now, how you explain that?

I tell you. They white.

Gina, tell her you didn't mean nothing
by it, and we can all be on our way.

I'm not apologizing
for doing my job.

Can we please clear this up?
We are getting slammed out there.

I ain't even got
an apology yet.

Jesus Christ, Gina.
I had to clock off for this shit.

On behalf of all the cashiers
in the world, I'm...

I'm sorry.

Let me do your return.

- God bless you.
- Mm.

At least one of you's
got some sense.

Y'all go ahead
and clock back in now.

Now, I hope you don't think that
giving her a refund is gonna fix this.

Gina, hang back.


I know you're not talking
about firing me because of this nonsense.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

I could hear it now. "The black man
gets the poor white girl fired."

Reverend, why don't you just
tell me what it is you'd like me to do.

Like you to teach your staff
to stop seeing color.

- ♪ Well, you know God's blood ♪
- ♪ Blood done made me whole ♪

- ♪ Done made me whole ♪
- ♪ The blood done made me... ♪

- How you doing?
- ♪ You know, God's blood... ♪

- Sister Grange, how you doing?
- Hey.

- ♪ Blood done made me whole ♪
- ♪ Well, if I touch ♪

♪ Oh, touch the hem
Of his garment ♪

♪ The hem of his garment... ♪

Scrumptious meal, Rami. Catch you later.

Hey, Reverend.
See you at the opening.

I'm expecting you
to be the first customer.

- Want some more?
- I'm good, Ma.

- You won't believe...
- I heard. Been getting calls.

- I spoke to the Mayor.
- Mm-hmm.

- To Councilman Edwards.
- Mm-hmm.

Called the NAACP.

There ain't no way
that Tom Griffin

is getting a business license
in this town for that.

It's illegal, then.

That old movie theater,
with it... with its...

- ugly history...
- Mm-hmm.

...of segregation,
with its "colored only" sign

on the side, still legible,

cannot be allowed to be
resurrected into an institution

celebrating the terrorizing
of our community.

What he's saying is
that it's not illegal.

Were you excused
from the table?

I know it's been
a crazy, crazy day...

but you missed his big game.

It's all right.
I got it.

- You go ahead, talk to him.
- All right.

You sure
you don't want no company?

Would you mind sitting
with me for a little while?

I'll check on Kelvin
and be right back.

Uh-uh. Here, baby.
Come on.

Y'all must be lost.

Sorry, miss.
We come from the rent-to-own.

We'll have to take
that television back.

But... But, well,
you see, my husband went...

Let me... Let me talk
to him real quick, okay?

Look, man, um, you think we
can let this one slide, man?

I, uh...
I... I just...

Mike? Mike Burden?

You don't remember me
from school, man?

We was kids together, man.

Sure about that?


Uh, Clarence Brooks, man.
I, uh...

I ain't see you
in years, man.

How's your mama?

Hey, Clint,
why don't you go sit in the truck.

I'll handle this one.


Yeah, it's been a while.
Things are different now.

My mama ain't been around
for a good long while.

Since I got back from the army,

got myself a job
at the rent-to-own.

About the only thing
I can do around here.

Yeah. Sure, man. I...

I got laid off when they closed
Groggins, man.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

But I got a job.

Uh, just, you know,
few and far between,

construction and...

You know, I got a check, man. It, uh,
comes the end of the month, and by...

Hey, look, I'm with you,
man, but this is my job.

If I don't do it,
my ass gonna get repo'd.

He said he got a check
coming from the state.

Yeah? Welfare check.

One, two.

These niggers,
always with their goddamn handouts.

So you and him
were buddies, huh?

Said I knew him.
Didn't say I'd eat with him.

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Freedom ♪

♪ Oh, oh, freedom ♪

♪ Oh, oh, freedom ♪

♪ Over me ♪

♪ And before I'll be a slave ♪

♪ I'll be buried in my grave ♪

♪ And go home... ♪

There is no fear in love,

but perfect love
casteth out fear.

Because fear cannot exist

in the same universe
of our hearts.

These forces are at war
with one another...

- Mm-hmm.
- That's right.

...and the weapons that we use
to fight fear...

- They're not revenge.
- No.

They're not hate!

- Right.
- That's right.

They are and will
always be... love.

Can I get a "hallelujah"
up there?


- Perfect love drives out fear.
- Yes.

- Reminds fear that it doesn't belong here.
- That's right.

- Tells fear that it's time to move on and go away.
- Go, sin! Go!

Go somewhere else.

- Get out, fear!
- Use him, Lord.

Go away, fear!

Hallelujah up there.


Hallelujah up there.

Come on, Ray,
get a little closer.


- Yeah!
- Oh!


Look familiar?

Damn it, lard-ass. Quit horsing
around, get them racks finished up.

I tell you,
we're gonna make a fortune.

Fifty bucks each.

Look what I found.

- That's amazing.
- What is it?

Well, it says right here.
Uh, "To Tom and Mike.

From the man who first
came up with the KKK

to the men who came up
with the first KKK museum.

- Good luck, Horace King."
- Horace King.

Well, look at that.

Okay, Mike, take it away.

- Put it somewhere special.
- Yes, sir.

That's hot. That's hot.

The timing belt
does exactly, but I know...

- Adjusts the carb.
- Yeah.

Looks like
that carburetor there.

- Yup.
- Says 101.

- Does it? 101?
- Yeah. You see it?

And then the red,
black and green says...

a hundred.

You're so funny.

Evening, ma'am.

Hi. Hey.

Saw you come up.
Figure I'd come over and say hey.

Well, I'm glad you did.

I, uh...

Well, you know, I didn't want
to cause any problems for you,

stopping by
the rent-to-own,

but I wanted to say thank you

for what you done
the other night.

It was no big deal.

Well, uh,
maybe I can return the favor.

Hey, y'all, uh...

want to come on down
to the pits with the guys?

- Yeah. That'd be so cool.
- Oh, yeah.

- Can we, Ma?
- We can.

You like that?

That's kind of you.

Come on, little man.

Thank you.

- Can we cross here?
- You're with me, you can.

It's not dangerous
or nothing?

Only if you eat
the hot dogs.

This is the
coolest thing I've ever seen!

- Who's that woman?
- That's her.

That's the girl Mike put up for
the other day at the job.

- This here's Tom, Clint, Ronny.
- Hey.

Got a name?


these are the boys.

- Make yourself at home. Want a beer?
- No.

Come with me.

Here comes Tom
Griffin's own car number four!

Can you believe it?

♪ We're ready for action ♪

♪ We're on the run ♪

♪ You can't catch us... ♪

Yes! Yeah!

Come on, boy!

Come on, we're going
to the winner's circle!

Wow, you actually
went for the hot dog? Oh.

Well, yeah.
Living on the edge.

Hey, little hoss,
why don't you come on down here with me.

You too, mama.

Thank you.

- You cold?
- I'm all right.


Put this here on.

Went for those dogs, too, huh?


- You want to drive this thing?
- Yup.

Why don't you
give her a spin.


- You say thank you to Mike, Franklin.
- Thank you, Mike.

- Now you get ready for bed.
- You're welcome.

All right
there, little Speed Racer.

Why don't you
motor on in, huh?

I'll be in in a minute.



I can't thank you enough
for tonight.

You know, seeing him like that with
all your friends and the race and all.

Well, thank you. That was... You have
no idea how much that means to him.

Look, I had fun.

You did?



Good night.

Good night.

Oh, hey.

- Oh, you can hold on to it.
- No. It's all right.

I don't know. One of us
had to do something.

They got the Martin
Luther King museum.

They got the Jew museum.

Hell, they got Armenian museums
and the Native American museums

and Hispanical cultural centers
right here on American soil.

- That's right.
- And here we are,

the chosen people
of God and Jesus,

fighting for the right
to celebrate the white man.


We're gonna fight for God's
will for racial purity,

to keep our families safe

- from dark-skinned murderers and rapists.
- Yeah.

- Keep our blood pure.
- Amen!

We're gonna fight for the Klan
museum with God on our side.

- Yes!
- Amen!

- And fire in our souls.
- Yes, sir!

And we are gonna do
whatever it takes

for the cause of justice
for the white man.

- Right on!
- That's right!


To God!

To country!

To Klan!

We will remember Saint Paul Methodist.

Yes, we will.
We will remember.

Mount Zion.


Countsville African.


And Century United.

Yes, sir.

Remember them?

- Remember them?
- Yes, sir.

And we must make sure
it never happens again.


- Hallelujah.
- In Jesus' name.

The church bombings.

of innocent children.

But in the midst
of it all...

- Jesus Christ said, "Love thy enemies."
- Yes, he did.

But when it's time to fight, we will fight!

- Yes, sir!
- Yes, we will. Yes, we will.

Yes, we will, now.

Come on, everybody, now.

- Jesus Christ said, "Rebuke evil."
- Yes, sir!

And the Redneck Shop is evil.

- In the name of the Lord.
- Come on!

They may set crosses burning
in the middle of the night,

but we will fill the night
with a different kind of fire.

- Yeah!
- The fire of love.

And it's gonna take all the love
in our hearts tomorrow, y'all.

Yeah, it is. You know that's right.

♪ Everybody's gotta ♪

♪ Pump, pump it, pump it up ♪

♪ Everybody's gotta pump
Pump it, pump it up ♪

♪ Oh-oh-oh ♪

♪ Pump, pump, pump
Pump, pump, pump ♪

♪ Pump, pump it
Pump it up... ♪

we'll pump some for real.

- Know what I'm saying?
- ♪ Pump it, pump it up ♪

♪ Oh-oh-oh ♪

♪ Pump, pump, pump
Pump, pump, pump ♪

♪ Pump, pump it, pump it up ♪

I'm so glad
to see y'all today.

Only people speaking up

and joining together their
voices will progress be made.

It is my honor
to bring to the stage

my dear friend,
Reverend Jesse Jackson.

Jesse fucking Jackson.

It's a nigger wet dream.

Damn animals.

Everybody on alert.

No telling what
these fuckers might do.

I spoke to Bob at the station.
They got it handled.

♪ Humpty, Humpty Dump... ♪

And I got the rifle
behind the register.

♪ Humpty, Humpty Dump ♪

♪ Tom Griffin gotta Hump
Humpty, Humpty Dump... ♪

Shut the damn door.
It's giving me a headache.

They're messing
with our business.

Well, you don't need to worry.

When all's said and done,
I guarantee

that Kennedy's gonna be the
only one out there come a month.

And if he don't
hush himself up,

he's gonna join
that uncle of his,

swinging from
that train trestle.

♪ Hump, Humpty, Humpty Dump ♪

♪ Tom Griffin's gotta Hump
Humpty, Humpty Dump ♪


What you doing?

I want to be Klan.

Want to be Klan, huh?


Come with me.

All you new guys,

take a look at everything
on these walls.

That's a dead nigger,
just hanging from that tree.

Best picture we got.
Now come over here.

And while you're here,
you realize you're making a choice.

You're gonna respect yourself.
You're gonna respect the flag.

Looks like we got a bona fide
recruitment magnet right here.

It's a good day.

Look around you.
Doesn't it make you sick?

Don't you want
that white American dream

that they're taking away
from you?

Now, I can't hear you.

- Yeah!
- Sure do, sir.

Not "yeah." Yes!

- Yes!
- All right. Very good.

Now, I... I need to make
an announcement.

Y'all know
that this day has been

a dream of mine
for a long time.

But this dream
would have been impossible

without a special person's
loyalty, hard work and vision.

And I believe
that in this life,

you reap the reward
of hard work.

I'd like to announce
that I am gonna give the deed

to this here building
to Mike Burden.

Go on. Take it.

That deed gives me a
lifelong lease on this shop.

At least I know that
when I'm dead and gone,

our legacy will continue.

Mike Burden.

- Yeah!
- Let's go, Mike.

- White pride!
- White pride!

White pride, yeah!


How's it going on
with you?

Just excited to see you
is all.

Hey, uh...
you want to get a beer?

Or coffee?

Or water?

You know...

Franklin's, uh,
at his friend's,

and I'm watching them both
tonight, so I can't, but, uh...

you can give me a ride
if you want.

Come on.

It's just right here.

Whose kid is Franklin
playing with, anyway?

Clarence Brooks' boy.

- Clarence?
- Yeah.

I told you
I wasn't gonna spray you.

Like that.

is Frankie's best friend.

We've been doing this
ever since they was little.


I'll call you later.


How are you?

What you doing with him?

Oh, you know, just...

spend some time. Why?

Hey, Toosie,
bring me a towel.

I know Mike Burden. Uh,
we used to hang out just like these two.

- Yeah?
- Yeah, a long, long time ago.

But things are different
now, you know.

Why's that?

Klansmen don't play
with no black man.

Oh, man,
I'm sweating my balls off.

- I'm sweating?
- A little bit.

The food's spicy.

- It's got a little kick to it.
- A little kick to it, huh?

Hey, it stings going in,
it's gonna sting going out.

It's good, though.

Can't believe
we haven't been here.


Well, it's right next door.

Tom and I...
we were thinking, "What the hell?"

- Now we come back here all the time.
- Yeah.

Most folks are scared
on account of Rami looks like

a-a mongrel, you know,
a half-breed.

He ain't.
He's a full-blooded Indian guy.

Speak of the devil.

Ah, Mr. Tom,
how is everything tonight?

Couldn't be better,
my man.

You sure there ain't
no dog in this?

No, my friend.
I think you think of the Chinese.

Oh, you got to be careful of them now. They're sneaky.

Remember that there
Pearl Harbor?

Honey, that's the Japanese.

Remember them Japanese in Pearl Harbor?

Okay. Everyone, enjoy.
Dessert is on my treat.

- Thank you. Thank you.
- Thank you.

Okay. So, this, um...

A woman goes into a welfare
office to register her dog.

And a woman
behind the counter says,

"You can't register a dog.
Dogs can't apply."

And the woman looks
in her eye and says,

"Why not?
Got all the qualifications.

One, he's black. Two, he don't do
nothing but sit on his butt all day.

And three, he has no idea
who his pa is."

Shoot, Mike,
if I didn't know better,

I'd say that woman
didn't like my sense of humor.


Michael, I don't like
that Tom Griffin.

Come on. He was just kidding.
Everybody's laughing.

Do you think it's funny?

Do you?

Tom's like a father to me.

He looks after me.

These people
are like my family.

And they're Klan, right?

My granddaddy was Klan.

All right.
So you know, then.

Yeah, I do know.

I can't, Michael.
I can't.

Hey, listen.

Come here.

Come here.

Yes, you can.

I can't think straight
around you.

♪ Oh, oh... ♪

No justice, no peace!
No justice, no peace!

No justice, no peace!

No justice, no peace!
No justice, no peace!

I don't see
anything wrong with the Redneck Shop.

If the blacks don't like it,
there are plenty of boats and planes.

They can go back to Africa
any day.

We'll take their
redneck asses to the hood.

- Shit, that's our Africa.
- That's right. That's right.

No justice,
no peace! No justice, no peace!

Well, why don't we
just ignore it?

Ignoring the problem just leads
to its growth, like cancer.

You got to attack it
where it starts.

And for the people of
Laurens who must explain why the KKK

is allowed to celebrate
this dark division.


The citizens of this town

should be able to
walk through the streets

without the looming presence
of hatred and bigotry.

Fucking niggers.

No justice, no peace!
No justice, no peace!

Yeah, I was just
calling for the reverend.

Yeah, I just wanted to, uh,
remind you that you're just a man,

and to my knowledge,
you ain't bulletproof.

You know,
he just outgrew them all.

Let me tally them up,
and I'll let you know.

- All right.
- Okay.


What do you think of this?

Oh, my sweet Lord.

What are
we gonna do with that?

What, Franklin don't fish?

Shit, when I was his age...

I'd go fishing all the time
for catfish.

My grandpa used to
take me out and he'd say,

"Look, if you could
sit on a boat all day

and not catch a bite,
you're gonna grow some patience."

Maybe he needs some of that.

What do you think
of this one here?

- Who, you?
- No.

- What do you think of it?
- For me?


I don't know.

You like it?

Yeah, I like it.

I'll get it.

- I'll get more than that.
- Mm-hmm.

$9.78 for all that.

Spent, like,
ten times that when I bought it.

I'll get him something
from the shop.

There's all kind of stuff
for him over there.

Uh, I don't know.

You really want to take
Franklin fishing, huh?


Where y'all go fishing at?

Over there
in Muddy Creek Lane.

We can't go
down there now, though.

Why's that?

'Cause all the niggers done taken
over that neck of the woods.

- Damn it, Michael.
- Oh, come on. I'm a Klansman.

You gonna drive all the blacks
out of Laurens?

I don't know.

Let's say they did all leave.

We'd still be white trash, with no
one to step on to make us feel better.

Yeah, get that re!

Oh, fader.

Oh, all right!
All right!

Let me see that ball.

Hey, Daddy.

- Gonna give it to me?
- Yes, sir.


- So you think I ain't got any.
- We gonna be here for a while.

I believe it.

Whoa! I made one!

There you go.

Ain't bad, Daddy.
It ain't bad.

God must be on your side
for you to make that jumper.

I'mma tell you. Hallelujah.

Hey, y'all.
We best be gettin'.

- Good seeing you, Mr. Hen. Yes, sir.
- Okay. Good to see you.

Everybody, keep y'all cool.
Stay calm, y'all.

Hey! Somebody call the zoo!
These boys done got out!


Hey, why don't you come a little closer
with that shit there, punk? What's up?


Know your place, boy.

Fucking niggers.

If them fools weren't Klan, we'd be dragging
their white ass through the streets.

- Kel, what's up, man?
- And guess whose black asses would be in jail then.

They got police ties.

Everybody, just relax.
Let's go home.

Okay. Hit the dump quick.
Meet you back at the store.

I'll be getting on.
I was thinking about surprising Judy,

picking her and the kids up
from school.

Well, why don't you
leave them alone for a minute?

I mean, they've been getting back
from school just fine all this time.

Yeah, you're right.


I was kind of wondering...

You know, I've always appreciated
having a place to live.

But ain't no place
to raise a family.

Well, I was thinking about
moving on in with Judy.

She's a little back
on the rent.

Well, I was thinking maybe I can help catch
her up, sort it out with the landlord.

Do my part.

Well, look,
I'll tell you what. I'll...

I'll help you square up
the landlord, and, uh...

It'd be, uh, good for you
to be the man around the house.

So, this is you
moving in, huh?


Hey. Who wants to go
catch some dinner?

Oh, my sweet Lord.

Hey. So, you really gonna take
Franklin down to Muddy Creek, huh?

Figure it was high time the boy learns how
to fend for himself in the great outdoors.


All right!

Fish ain't waiting on us,
you know.

Come on, D! The fish
ain't waiting for us, you know!

- You go on, then.
- Come on.

There ain't
snakes in that there water?

There any gators
in that there water?

Now, look,
when we get down here,

you guys keep quiet so you don't
scare the fish away, all right?


Don't cross me up there, hoss.

- You got something there?
- Mm-hmm.

Oh, boy!

Reel it in.
Don't horse it. Here. Here.

I caught a fish!

There we go!
There we go!

Come on, Duane.

Hey, hey, hey, hey. Hey.

You better scrub
those hands off, boy.

What? Why?

Didn't you touch that
black boy out there today?

Oh, you just think this is
some big ol' riot, don't you?

Yes, I do.

Yes, I do.

That one's mine.
That one's mine.

Everybody needs a big ol'
ice cream cone once in a while.

- Which one? This one here?
- This one. Yeah.

♪ I'm falling harder... ♪

Boom. Boom.


What's going on over here?

Check this out.

Just my mouth just ain't...

This here ice cream's broken.

- Better let me see mama's.
- I want my ice cream.

- She wants her ice cream.
- Give it back.

- I want that ice cream.
- Scoot down there, hoss.

Feel like I got something on my face.

Feel like
I got something right here.

Gonna make me choke.

Oh, you want to ninja?

You gonna ninja?

- I'm dizzy.
- Mike, they smashed up our fucking shop.

- What?
- Let's fucking go!

- I'll meet you back at yours.
- Hey.


Hey! Mike!


Rami called my dad
soon as he heard the crash.

Police are there,
the whole Channel 6 News team.

They smashed the whole front of the shop.

They catch 'em?

A dead nigger.
Better pray he's in police custody.

Is he slowing down?

He is.

This asshole's
slowing down.

That fucking coon
is mocking us.


Come on.

Come on, Clint.

Come on, now, get up.

I think it's better to do this
now than to have to look later

at the face of
an anguished black woman

whose son has been hung
from a tree.

Yeah. Nice how
you closed that shop.

And they're right.

and the destruction of property

never puts an end to things.

Come on, now.

Think of
the churches burning.

Bible says
an eye for an eye.

Old Testament thinking.

That's not the preachings and
the teachings of Jesus Christ.

You mean that blue-eyed Jesus white
folks got hanging on their walls?

I mean the Jesus
who's your Lord and Savior,

who says love your enemies and
pray for those who persecute you.

Oh, so you pray
for those assholes.

Kelvin, seriously now,
watch your mouth, boy.

See, Dad's saying that we're
meant to be praying for the Klan.

Is that what you want? What, you want
Ma using her prayer time on the Klan?

I don't need to be telling
your mama what to pray for.

Right answer.

I'm not even gonna comment on
Mr. Hunter's driving abilities.

All I know is that the shop is closed
right now, and that's what we want, right?

I mean, that's what you
asked us to pray for, right?

- Right?
- Right. Yeah. Yes, ma'am.


- Hello?
- Yo, man, it's Grant.

He got beat down real bad.
He in the hospital.

Yo, come right now.

We got to go.
It's Grant.

The kids
are playing in the back.

- You want to come on through?
- Yes, ma'am.

I don't believe you've
ever been here before.

Well, come and let me show you.
This is... This is our museum.

Isn't it wonderful?

Well, you know, blacks are welcome
here, too, just like the whites.

Blacks fought and died
for the Confederacy.

Where is Mike?

Oh, I'm s...
Mike had a tow, so he had to leave.

But the kids
are all in the back.

Okay, come on.

Stick it into
that dark meat. Go.

Go, go, go. That's good.
Stick it in that dark meat.

That's good, boy.

Stick it in there.

Franklin, here.

Come here.

You give that back.
Give that knife back.

Uh, no. That knife is a
gift to your son from me.

No, we don't need it.
You give that back.

No, it's fine.
A gift is a gift.

- Be careful.
- What?

Be careful.

Hey, baby.


What's up?
Hey, hoss.

Nice little bowie
you got there.

Tom Griffin gave it to him.
Told him to cut dark meat with it.

- Isn't that right, son?
- Yes, Mom.

Go to your room.

Just a figure of speech.

Are you out of
your freaking mind?

I saw Tom teaching him
with my own two eyes.

That is it. It's over. I don't give two
damns what you did when you was alone.

- You ain't alone no more.
- I know.

When that son of a bitch starts
messing with my son's mind,

that's where
I draw the line.

It's just a knife.
I had one when I was his age.

Look where it got you.

Straight in the arms
of Tom Griffin.


you know, I...

I know you're Klan.

I still love you.

Do you really think that Tom Griffin
would love you if you weren't?

I hate saying this because
I'm so afraid of losing you...

but you gotta choose.

No justice, no peace.

No justice, no peace!

No justice, no peace!
No justice, no peace!

- No justice, no peace.
- No justice, no peace!

- More love. More love.
- More love.

- More love!
- Hate won't win.

- Hate won't win!
- Love, not hate!

Love, not hate!

That's right. That's right.

Now, I was hoping

not to
be back at this place.

But here we are.

I think they was hoping

that we wouldn't be back
in this place, too.

Yeah, they were.

- But here we are.
- That's right.

Thank you...

- Be careful.
- ...for lending your body, not just in the protest

of the glorification of the Ku Klux Klan...

- ...and all the ugliness and hatred that it represents...
- Yes.

...with their history of murder, of rape...

- Yeah!
- ...of inciting terror

in the hearts of people
of color,

but towards the march
of equality...

...towards peace,
towards unity

for all men and women
in this great country.

That's right.

- There we go.
- Amen.

The niggers are coming.
They're coming up the street.

All right. Here we go.
Uh, Clint, you and the boys wait here.

Mike, come with me.

You're up on the roof.

Remember, a man has a right
to protect himself.


No, no, no, no, no, boys.
My brothers. My sons.

Calm down.
Remember why we're here.

Stay calm.

How long are we gonna
let this go on?

Either you protest peacefully
or you go on home.

Why don't you go on
and tell Grant about peace.

Son, what are you thinking about?
What are you doing?

Hold on.

Y'all want to go see the
museum, it's gonna cost you ten bucks.

Might want to stop by
the bank, though,

'cause we don't take
food stamps.

See, that's just...

- Hold on. Hold on.
- Right there, man.

Let's not do anything
before things get out of hand, now.

Before things
get out of hand, go.

Y'all heard Reverend. Go.

Hey, Kennedy.

You come to check out the merchandise?
We got some new stuff for you.

You can get your picture taken in
full Klan regalia for 15 bucks.

Only for you,
it's free of charge.

Don't you want to know what it
feels like to have the real power?

He ain't got no power.

Come on!
Give it a shot.

I bet your uncle would've preferred to be
under this hood than under a train trestle.

- Come on!
- Back up! Yo!

- Everybody, let's file out. Let's go on home.
- Y'all heard Reverend.

- File on out, everybody. Just go home.
- Let's go. Let's go.

File out.
Janice, get 'em on out of here.

♪ Kumba, kumba,
Kumba vista... ♪

Don't you be eyeballing me,
you fucking nigger.

What'd you call me?

- Kelvin!
- Come on, fucking nigger!

Let's go. Let's go.


Listen, Tom,
we're gonna take him down.

We ain't gonna process him,
all right?

So he'll be back
in an hour and a half.

Okay. Thanks.

Well, at least someone had
the balls to try something.

Just can't believe
it was Clint and not you.

I think your mama'll understand

when I tell her
we're having faggot for dinner.

I know you.

- Let me up!
- Fuck you think you're doing?

You forget good,
old-fashioned Southern hospitality?

Better late
than never, son.

You're out of order,

Fine with me.
I ain't no Klansman no more.

Now, you just
settle down, boy.

Don't go writing no check
your ass can't cash.

Michael, honey, maybe
you should just sleep this off.

There ain't nothing
to sleep off.

You want to leave?
That's fine.

Don't mean a thing
to me.


God help you, son.

When was the last time you saw
God anywhere around these parts?

I told you, Tom.
That Judy must've had some nigger in her.

Anybody else got anything to say?

Any y'all?

Yeah, that's what
I thought.

Hey, you stay here.

I'm out.

What's up, little man?

Go ahead.
Want to put this cable back on?

If I can reach.

I ca...
Yeah, I can't reach.

Never pull down.

That's the first lesson
of mechanics.

How about up and down?


And the back.

Y'all got to vacate
the premises

by order of
the sheriff's department.

- What are you talking about?
- Failure to pay rent.

That ain't right.
We're all paid up.

It's the middle of the night right now.
We got a kid in here.

You can take it up with
the judge in the morning.

Meantime, you got 30 minutes
to gather your belongings.

You got anything
in the kitchen you need?

Up we go.

Lion! We forgot Lion!

I'll go get it.

You're out of time.

- It's the kid's stuffed toy.
- Not my problem.

It's a fucking stuffed toy.

No, I think it's okay to go
get the kid's toy, but, uh...

we're gonna take
the keys to the truck.

Feel like
you got them all?

Why don't you
rinse that out.

Hold it
a little while.

That's good.
Now we got to check them.

You know how you check them?
Check them like wolves.

Do you happen to have any,
uh, jobs available here?

Appreciate you.

Do you happen to have
any jobs available here?

Thank you.

Yo, little man.
Thank you.

Welcome to Chicken Run.

Oh, yeah.
Thank you so much.


I got fired!

Klan's reach runs far.

It's gonna be weeks before I
see anything from unemployment.

I don't even have an address
to send a check to.

Maybe we should leave town.

Well, better the devil you know
than the devil you don't, huh?

Should've told me that before
you made me leave the Klan.

Well, I didn't.

Now we got to go to the grocery 'cause, uh, all
the food I got from the house is all gone.

I put gas in the tank today.

Are you saying
there's nothing left?

Maybe a little something
for Franklin tonight.

What about tomorrow?

All right.

You say "miss"
if she's not married.

- You say "ma'am" if she looks old and respectable.
- Drop it.

Hey, you got any change?

- Spare any change, ma'am?
- No.

Spare any change?

Got any change?

Hey, you spare
some change?

Hey, spare some change?

Hey. Spare some change?

Has the child and woman
eaten yet today?

Why don't you ask them.

All right.

That tapioca there...
that's my son's favorite, too.

What do you say, Franklin?

Thank you.

You're welcome.

You know, Reverend,
Mike here... he, uh...

he left the Klan for us,
and that...

that's why we're in this...

what you might call

Where y'all been sleeping?

In the car.

All right, then.

Am I understanding that you
would like a room for that man?

And his family.

You know who that man is?

I know him as a brother
in Christ, Alvin.

And I know him as a brother
in the Knights, Reverend.

I'm sorry.
I'm booked up.

You're booked up?

Can't do it, Reverend.

You be careful with
your new friend, Reverend.

- Dumbass Negro.
- I just want to say the pie was good.

Thank you very much.

- Yeah.
- How many pieces you eat this time?

Uh, that was him!

That's him.
That is you.

- Hi. What's going on?
- Hey, Daddy.

How you doing?

What? I got a booger
hanging from my nose?

This here's Michael,

that's Judy,
and this is Franklin.

They're gonna be
staying with us for a while.

Well, welcome.
Uh, let us get your things to...

I figure that, uh, they could
stay downstairs in Kelvin's room.

- Kelvin, you can sleep on the couch.
- My room?

Kelvin, go and help them with their
belongings and show them down.

Yo, we better go home, head out.
Thanks for dinner, Ms. Kennedy.

- Yup.
- Reverend.

Night. God bless.

I guess, just follow me.

I know, I know. I know.
You're probably upset

'cause they're under
our roof out of wedlock.

And I... I should've...
I should've called you

and told you that I was
gonna have dinner already.

Oh, shoot, David.

You miss two out of three meals
chasing the Lord's work,

but this, this is...


they're living
out of their car.

They got no food.
They got their kid.

You know that Clarence...
he knows her pretty good.

You and I both know we are not
talking about her or her son.

How could you let that man
in this house

and endanger your family
like this?

His woman said
that he's left the Klan

and that's why
they're in this state.

Did he tell you that?

I've been praying.

I've been praying
for some kind of sign.

Now, if this ain't a sign,
then I don't know what is.

I love your heart...

and you know I share
your faith in God,

but I'm just not sure
I share your faith in men.

Yeah, go talk to your son.

Hey, wait up there.

I know you must be
bothered, but he...

You know I don't agree
with your ways,

but bringing your almighty
struggle into our house?

- He left the Klan.
- Left what? You don't leave the Klan, Daddy.

It's in you.

See, you see nothing
from up in those pulpits.

I deal with guys like him every
single day on these grounds.

They hate us.

And now he's sleeping
in my bedroom.


You don't have to be doing that.

It's all right.

Come in. Come in.

Oh. What, he asleep already?

- Yeah.
- All right.

Try to get yourselves
some sleep,

and we'll... we'll see you
in the morning.

thank you so much.

All the praise go to God.

Michael, gonna tomorrow see if
we can fix you up with some work.

- Have a good night. You sleep well.
- You, too.

So, what did that little deer
ever do to you?

That's the best thing
you could do for him.

That's what my daddy
taught me.

One time,
we was hunting.

I must... must've just
been about Franklin's age.

I was out in the woods,
all alone,

and this deer
come right up to me.

And I was thinking,
how cute...

oh, how cute
this little thing was.

Like old Bambi and all that other
shit, you know?

And I knew in that moment
that he knew something about me,

that he could sense
something about me.

And I knew we was gonna be
friends, and he knew it.

And all of a sudden,
just bam!

My daddy blows its head
right fucking off.

And he called me a pussy
when I cried.

I realized then that's the worst
thing you can do for them...

make friends with them.

'Cause they get comfortable
with you,

they're just gonna end up
getting killed.

All right, then.
Start tomorrow.

Ma, there ain't no hot sauce?

I forgot the hot sauce.

You can't have no pork
chop with no hot sauce, now.

- I'll go get it. I'll go get it.
- What you gonna do?

Something's wrong with this.
It don't taste right.

What did I say, G?
You tell them what I said.

- Hey! It's good, though.
- Thank you.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Mike! Look who came for dinner!
- Y'all good?

- Hey, Mike.
- What's up there, little D?


- Hey, baby.
- Hi.

Can I get
the hot sauce, please?

- Hot sauce?
- It's hot, now.

I know. That's why it's
called "hot sauce."


I'll go wash up.

We got some plates in there
for y'all.

I'm not hungry.
Thank y'all.

- Be careful, now.
- It might be too hot for you, Franklin.

- Ooh!
- Oh, that's good.

Number four, Ronny.
He's finally gonna do it.

There he goes.
Waiting on the outside.

That's what you've been waiting for.
Look at him go. Yes, sir.

Oh! Couple more cars to pass
and he'll be in the lead!

Look at him coming back
right there on the front.

Can we go down into the pits?
I want to play in Tom's car.

- We got to sit up here.
- There he goes, folks.

- Now, you want to get some roasted nuts or something?
- No, I'm okay.

Another great turn.
He's making his final move.

And now he's got the lead, folks!
He's got the lead!

That's what I'm talking...
Oh! Oh!

...banks off the wall.

Stay back.

You sit right there.
You don't move, all right?

- Yes, sir.
- Keep an eye on him.

Well, they didn't say
a damn thing.

I got a feeling
if there was something bad,

- they would've come on out.
- Oh, good Lord.

Hello, Mike.

Come here.

Saw you at the races.
Hoped you'd come down, see if he was okay.

Well, no matter what's gone down
between us, it's still Ronny, you know?

Listen, I know I can be
a pigheaded son of a gun.

But when you split, I...

I mean, I'm just...
I'm just too old to lose a son.

That's how
I think of you, Mike.

So, come on home.

You don't belong
living with niggers.

I'm just here for Ronny.

- Hazel misses you something awful.
- Look, it's just harder now.

Yeah, of course it is. That fucking
Kennedy bossing you around and shit.

Christ, I thought you were gonna
get rid of him for this town.

Now you're his whipping boy.
Well, that ain't no way to live.

- Look, it ain't nothing like that.
- Yes, it is.

You hear that?

It's that old sound
of nothing... again.

The sound of nothing,

Man, your bullshit's so loud right
now, my fucking ears is ringing.


Hey, Burden!
Got a visitor!

- Judy?
- What you doing here?

Well, you know,
we had leftovers from the dinner drive,

so I thought
y'all could use them.

That's so thoughtful of you, Judy.
You shouldn't have.

Can't take all the credit.
Toosie and Jan cooked their behinds off.

Y'all enjoy your lunch.

- Yeah.
- Thank you.

Ah, appreciate you.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Seems like a good gig
for you.

- It's a paycheck.
- Mm-hmm. Well...

I'm real proud of you.

Tell your old lady
thanks for us.

- Appreciate you.
- One fine meal.

I'll tell her
you say that.

Fine meal from a fine woman.

Ain't no shame in that.

Man, you think
you're fucking funny?

- What you gonna do?
- Let that go, man.

Just keep your mouth shut about my
girl, everything be cool.

I don't think you get it.
I'm the boss here, boy.

I ain't nobody's boy,

Listen, it's been
one hell of a hot morning,

and we need to just chill.
Mike, chill out, man.

Al, come on, man.

Shit, I'm just
fucking with you.

But I'd sure love to tap that ass.

What'd you say, nigger?

Get off me! Get him off of me!

- Get off him, Mike!
- Say it again!

- Get him off of me!
- Say that again! I fucking dare you!

Chill out.
Chill out. Chill out.

- You out your goddamn mind?
- Did you hear what he said?

- Get him out of here.
- Come on, Clarence.

Let's get out of here.

- Come on!
- Nah, Mike!

Oh, fuck y'all.

He said "nigger," huh?

- Yeah.
- So, he got fired, then?

Well, yeah.

He needs to go back
to where he belongs.

- Back to the Klan?
- He actually said "nigger"?

Sister Kennedy, it weren't like that.
All right, so he...

I don't think the man know
what he saying half the time.

And it was over Judy.
It was all over the place.

Clarence, that man don't
know nothing but how to hate.

Can't get rid of hate unless you
replace it with something else.

H-He love Judy and Franklin.

That should be the first step
to help to let go.

The boy is Klan.

And he's not
all that smart to boot.

You know, I feel sorry
for boys like that.

They've been told that being born
white is the end-all, be-all.

But then they got to look
at their sorry-ass lives.

White, male, poor,

raised up in...
in brutality and addiction,

lacking education, lacking...

Lacking teeth.

What you gonna do?

So, what you gonna do?

I'm gonna pray.

Klan... bastard!

I do not want him here.


I, me, the man...

do not want that man
in our house.


this family, that man...

If I abandoned him now...

I won't be able
to preach no more.

Are you drunk?

More drunk than sober.
Not as drunk as I ever been.

Goddamn it, Mike!
I already got one child to deal with!

- I don't need a-fucking-nother!
- I was protecting your ass. None of this would've...

Protecting me by getting your ass fired?
By calling him a fucking nigger?

None of this would've happened
if you didn't come on down there

wearing that goddamn dress, trying
to flirt with all those fucking guys!

Are you fucking crazy?

Is that what's going through your fucked-up
mind? That's what you think of me?

You think I'm some fucking whore
trying to get over on your foreman?

Is that what you think?
Is that what you...

God. Yeah...
Maybe I should just...

Maybe I should just go and get
me another guy to get with.

Oh, yeah, you get yourself
another guy.

- It's like you ain't never had a woman.
- Well, I haven't!

I got all this shit
coming down on me!

How am I supposed
to deal with that, huh?

I don't even know
what I'm fucking doing here,

with you, Franklin and
all these fucking people!

Yeah, maybe I am crazy because
this ain't my fucking life!

This is our life! This is our
life, and you keep fucking it up!

Yeah! I'm fucking crazy, huh?
I'm mad! I'm bad! I'm evil!

Yeah, out of
my fucked-up mind, huh?

You stay...

stay away from me.

Been looking for you.

What you doing over there?

My uncle's grave.

On his birthday, I go out,
I throw him a little party.

Them flowers is from my wife.

He loved them balloon just about
as much as he loved that wine.

Is this your uncle
you said...

Was lynched by the Klan.

Aren't you ever worried
that's gonna happen to you?

Should I be?

Michael, if you truly
want to leave the Klan,

then your first step
is admitting what you done.

Here you go, uncle.

You know,
when I was growing up...

my mama used to take
the bus to work.

And on that route
she took home,

there was a dog

that was staked to the yard
of this man's house.

Many times, she'd see that dog
being brutally beaten by that man.

One day,
when that man wasn't home...

she got off the bus
and she stole that dog,

and she brung him home
and she named him Solomon.

That dog...
he was so grateful.

And if ever somebody
went through

the tiniest little squabble
with my mama,

she'd have to put Solomon
in another room.

Otherwise, that dog,
he would bite.

You can come with me
if you want.

Now, I could tell you
ain't had the best of life.

But you can't go through life
thinking like a beaten dog.

I ain't a thinking man
like you, Rev.

All I was trying to do was
just find a nice little place

for me and Judy
to just have a home.

Have a family.

So I don't have to keep
looking over my shoulder,

feeling like
I got to keep choosing sides.

Align yourself with love,

with God,
and there will be no more sides.

But you must take
responsibility for your actions.

Then you can repent
and find redemption.

I appreciate everything
you done for us.

I just know that being with
you, it ain't safe.

It's time for us
to just move on.

Saw a trailer
on the side of the street

that was selling
for about a thousand bucks.

I was wondering
if maybe you knew somebody

that might want to buy
a building for about that much.

Sir, if I call you my enemy,
I'll walk through Heaven

and I will punch God
just to get to you.

If I call you my friend...

I'll walk through hell
and I'll slap the devil for you.

Hey there, Bob.

Just in time
for the end of lunch.

Got no time
for the good stuff today.

I thought you ought to know,
your boy Mike Burden...

he done sold the deed to the
shop over to that church.

Well, maybe I got a minute
to get off my feet.

Want to go for a walk
or something?


♪ I'll grow when you grow ♪

♪ Let me loosen up
The blindfold ♪

Baby, I'm trying.
I know I'm all...

a little all over the place
right now.

Please forgive me.

♪ Wherever you go ♪

♪ Whenever we part ♪

'Cause I love you.

♪ I'll keep on healing
All the scars... ♪

Believe me.

♪ That we've collected
From the start ♪

♪ I'd rather this
Than live without you ♪

♪ Without you ♪

You ever get lost,
you just remember number two, right?


- Baby!
- Go check it out.

Find you a room.

♪ Well ♪

♪ I ain't got no money ♪

♪ No fancy car ♪

♪ Ain't got no excuses, baby ♪

♪ Hanging at the bar ♪

♪ I don't owe you
A thing, baby... ♪

The New Beginnings
Baptist Church

is now the new proud owner
of the world-famous

Redneck Shop and KKK museum.

♪ That's all right ♪

♪ Ain't got no credit ♪

♪ No fancy clothes ♪

♪ Ain't got no excuses, baby ♪

♪ But goodness knows ♪

♪ I don't owe you A thing, baby ♪

♪ I don't owe you a thing ♪

♪ I don't owe you
A thing, baby ♪

♪ I don't owe you a thing ♪

♪ Oh, we ain't
Getting married ♪

♪ I ain't buying you
No diamond ring... ♪

Get back, dude.

Block him!

Ah! Oh, no. He got it.
That's first down.

How'd you let him
get by you, Franklin?

I was over in the army.

I was parachuting down.

Landed on a big ol' tree.

Hit the ground pretty hard. Ended up
breaking almost every bone in my damn body.

Got titanium
in my knee here.

Broke my collarbone,
just like...

- Get the fuck up!
- Hey, man, get up!

Look at me. Look at me.

Well, this is
a pleasant surprise.

We was talking about you,
and here you all are.

It's a pity, though.
We were gonna have a bonfire,

maybe roast up
some marshmallows.

Because y'all is here,
there ain't enough for everybody.

The only way y'all burning
anything down is over my dead body.

Well, lookee here, son.
You might just get what you're asking for.

I ain't your son.

You're damn right.

All my life, I've been treated
like one of them pit bulls

y'all got
staked to your lawn,

grateful for everything Tom gave
me, snarling at nothing.

I ain't getting down
on all fours for you no more.

This time, you ain't
sneaking up on nobody.

You're right, Gus.

'Cause this time
I ain't raising a finger.

I like my marshmallows burnt.

Like that.

I said let him be.
This has nothing to do with him. It's me.

It's about him.
You ought to know that.

- No.
- You like that, you motherfucker?

- Fucking piece of shit.
- Let's get on with this.

I'll take that shit.
Now we're gonna watch them burn.

- No. Enough!
- What the fuck?


It's over.

What the fuck
is wrong with you?

Get the fuck out of here.

You think
you won something tonight?

You think this is
ever gonna end?

We ain't ever gonna stop.

That reverend,
that church, that boy...

we're gonna burn 'em down.

And that woman of yours...
I'm gonna enjoy that.

You're a poison
in the well of these folks.

Anybody who takes you in.

Can you please state
your full name for the record?

Michael Roderick Burden.

You are aware
that you're being deposed

in the case of
Kennedy v. Griffin?

I am.

In April,
do you recall Tom Griffin

signing over the deed
to the property

at 108 West Laurens Street
to you?

Yes, sir.

And while staying
with the Reverend Kennedy,

you sold this property to the
New Beginnings Baptist Church

for $1,000?


While you were
with the Kennedys,

you also informed
the Reverend Kennedy

about a plot to kill him
involving Tom Griffin?

He asked me to kill him.

- "He"?
- Tom Griffin.

Is there anything more you would
like to add to your statement, Mr. Burden?


June 23...


I beat a man real bad.

His name was... Grant Davis.

You realize you're
incriminating yourself in a felony?

I acted alone.

I am sorry.

♪ Take me to the water ♪

♪ Take me to the water ♪

♪ Take me to the water... ♪

Michael Roderick
Burden, our brother,

you have now been baptized

in the name of the Father and of
the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

- ♪ Take me to the water ♪
- Amen. Hallelujah up there.

♪ Take me to the water ♪

♪ Take me to the water ♪

♪ To be baptized ♪

Done a lot of bad things
in my life.

Things I now regret.

I've hurt
a lot of people.

Hurt a...

hurt a lot
of black people.

Hurt you people.

And I... I carried the cross,
wrapped the cross and lit the cross.

I was gonna kill
your preacher here.

Have mercy, Lord.

I was up on that roof...

rifle in my hand,
and I couldn't do it.

Thank God I didn't.

- Amen.
- Oh, yeah.


That's the truth.

So now here I is,
standing before you

as a man that can't go back.

Because I don't want to.

I want you to know
I'm sorry.

Hope maybe one day
y'all can forgive me.

Hope God can forgive me.



I don't like saying it, really.
They call me a nigger lover.

We see the Klan
moving and we see the skinheads

and the neo-Nazi groups
moving all throughout America,

and we get discouraged.

I bear witness in my spirit.
There's hope!

I see the other side
of Mike that no one else sees.

Behind closed doors,
he's a different person.

I can't see me hating someone just
because of the color of their skin.

She changed me.

She's the one
that started chipping

at that itty-bitty hole
that was in that wall.

And eventually,
that itty-bitty hole got bigger

and it got bigger
and it got bigger.

♪ Today is today ♪

♪ And it ain't yesterday ♪

♪ And tomorrow is a promise
We don't have ♪

♪ So we should say ♪

♪ The words
That we refuse to say ♪

♪ So we might find the good
Out of the bad ♪

♪ Lay down your burden ♪

♪ Lay it at my side ♪

♪ Lay down your hurt ♪

♪ Lay down your pride ♪

♪ And when you're lost ♪

♪ And can't find the light ♪

♪ I'll carry you ♪

♪ Through the darkest night ♪

♪ Lay down your burden ♪

♪ Lay down your burden ♪

♪ Lay down your burden ♪