Buoyancy (2019) - full transcript

14-year-old Chakra is sold as a slave labourer to the captain of a Thai fishing vessel. The captain's rule on board is cruel and arbitrary.

There's your girlfriend.


Where are you going?

Leave us alone.

Come on!
What are you doing?

No girl loves me.

They're too rich.

No chance.

Tomorrow you go to Sokun's to fertilize.

Kravaan can go.

I said you're going.

When does Kravaan work?

You'll do it this time.

You'll work for me one day.

I always work the hardest

and I don't get paid anything.

You have rice to eat,

a house to sleep in.

What more do you want?

Pay me, then.

I'll buy my own food.

Why are you being like this?

Why did you have so many kids?

Fucking cheat!

You're wearing boots!

What's Thailand like?

I thought you weren't interested.

How much can you make?

I made 8,000 baht a month.

- Construction work.
- 8,000 baht a month?

What was your boss like?

If you work hard, no problem.

How much do I pay to get there?

500 dollars.

But that's no problem.

Borrow off the broker

and pay him back
from your first wages.

I want to go.

Me too.

I'll contact them for you.

You should both ask your parents.

You have no hope of getting her.

Let your parents find you a wife.

You rely on your parents.

Not really.

My parents can't help me.

And I'm not going to work
for my brother.

We're fertilizing again tomorrow.


Where's your bag?

Are you going to stay here

and work for nothing your whole life?

We'll work for a couple of years,

make our money and come back.

You should stay here.

Don't go.

Everybody's going somewhere,
doing something.

I'm not staying.

I'm sorry.

I can't go.

Get out, hurry up!
The lady at the back,


Over that hill,
someone will pick you up on a motorbike.

You'll be taken to the factory.

Go, quickly!

Go, go, go!


I only have fifty.

- What about you?
- I was told I didn't need money.

You'll have to work
in a different factory.

You'll work a month for free
because you have no money.

- Hurry!
- What factory?


Quick, don't look back!

Wait up, brother.

- Did you come by yourself?
- Yeah.

How old are you?


Is it worth the risk?

I'm not going back.

I have to work for my kids.

We'll stick together.

Get in! Quick!


Hurry up!

Heads this way.

Get in, quick!

Lie down, head to toe!

You, lie on top.

Squash in, squeeze your legs in.

Cover yourselves with this.

You four, here!

Get in, quick!

Don't slack!

I'm leaving now.


We'll take the boat to the factory.

This is a trick.

I'm not going out there.

You're not going?

You're not going?

Get up!

Help with the barrels.

You'll take us to the factory?

Let's go!

Useless animals!

Waiting for your mothers?

Faster, faster!

We won't be out here long.

Come on, brother.

Get back to work!

He wants his mother.

Can't handle hard work.

Back to work!

Can anyone swim?

I can't swim.

I can.

Get ready!

Bring the net back.


Bring the net.

Thank you, brother.

What happens to this?

Food for pets.

Dog food.

I have to escape.

My family needs money.

We just have to work
and pay off our debt.

We will die before making it back home.

I'm going to need my strength.

Where are we?

No one goes ashore.


Get up here!

Smell good?

Let's go!

Drop the nets!


You wanna go home?

Swim to your mother?

The coast isn't far.


Stubborn animal.

I'm fucking sick of you.

You waste my food.


Why don't you answer?

Let's swim back!


Kick, stupid!

Back to work!

This is the sea of the dead.

You think if you're nice
they'll let you go easily?

We'll be dead.

You're dead!

I'm dead!

We're all dead!



You wanna die?

Yes, boss! Yes, boss!

We need to get further out.

Even further?

Too many trawlers here,
the fish can't grow.

When will our debt be paid?

Ah, you're getting better!
You speak more Thai now.


When we're back in Thailand
I won't see you again.

When I was your age,
I started on a trawler.

I used to bring the captain fish.

I've been on the water my whole life.
I can teach you everything.

I'm gonna look after you.

You want a girlfriend?



He'll jerk himself dry.

You are pretty

I am stupid

You are surreal
I never have enough to eat

You are high

I am low

You are sophisticated

I am weathered

You say we're too different
to love each other

You like to post on Facebook,
I like to get drunk

You like modern dancing,
I like traditional

I like to drink moonshine

And be rowdy

Oh, Angel

Please be kind and take pity

Throw a piece of love

To prolong the breath of

The waiting dog

Is a crazy dog

Crazy in love with Angel

Angel, the waiting dog's sweetheart

Another supply boat.

Have you been keeping up
with your study?

Don't lie to me!

Are you okay?

I sacrifice everything for you.

Do you appreciate it?


No more Khmer.

They're too soft.

Only Burmese.

I need two more.



Down here!
You're dead, you lizard!



I have friends who can fix that.

- You want the rope back?
- Keep it.

Don't do this.

There's no need.

Get up!

I'm already dead!
I'm already dead!

There's no need for this!

I'm already dead!
Help me!

Don't just stand there, do something!




My wife.

My children.


You're a man now.

I was smart to get you young.

The older ones know more,

but they can't survive on board.

Your friend was a coward.

But not you.

I've been through it all.
Even harder than you.

Hey, I've got an idea!

From now on, we only buy young ones.

Cut him some fish.

You already ate.

I knew it was you.

You continue to impress me.

Now you owe me one life.

This is your home now.


What are you looking at?

Back to work!

Give the ball back, kid.


Come here!



Hold it.

Go straight, follow the GPS.

Don't touch anything!

I need to take a dump.

I said not to touch anything!

What are you staring at?

Lots of fish here, no competition.

Hey, faster!


- Why are you in here?
- Engine trouble.

What trouble? Get out!

Look at you!

My boy,
you've grown up to be a man!

What are you doing up there?

Show your face!

Motherfucking animal!


They're dead.

Feed him to the sea.


Drop the nets!

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