Buonanotte... avvocato! (1955) - full transcript

<Alberto: Dearest!
Good morning, lawyer!

Dear lawyer Broggi,
the sentence is very hard, huh?

But whoever lasts it wins!

Don't block me, please!
I have the eleventh. Call me!

<Alberto! - Vittorio!
- When does your wife leave?

- At 12:30.
- And when do we meet?

- At 21:30!
- Why are you running away now?

- Eleventh ... I have a hearing.
- What cause is it? - Won! Vittorio!

Nice guy, huh?

- Poor thing compared to tonight!
- At 21:30! - Compared to the evening!

- Do not disappoint me!
- Ad maiora! (LAUGHS)

- Sibenik lawyer?
- Yup?

- 250,000 lire.
- Uhè, Bicini! The thief's father, huh?

- My son is innocent.
- Yes, but he has the face of a thief!

They also said to me that I have that
face and instead I am a gentleman.

See you, Bikini!

- Is this matter resolved?
- You're taking it away today. All right?

- Lawyer! Lawyer!
- Yup?

- The lawsuit begins!
- I come!

- Lawyer. - Yup?
- I'm not telling you anything.

And what do you have to say?
Be quiet! I have the case in hand!

Bicini, come and hear!

> President: You got away with it this time
. But watch out next time:

... you will be indicted
as a false witness! I got it? Street!

<The floor to the Public Prosecutor.

<PM: While we are convinced of the
accused's full awareness ...

... having no
evidence of the crime at our disposal ...

... we ask this court
for absolution for lack of evidence.


<The defense of course
has nothing to add.

- Yes Yes Yes. - Lawyer,
acquittal has been requested!


...Mister President...

... the prosecutor asked for the acquittal
of the accused and so far we are in agreement.

But he asked
for it due to insufficient evidence!

And on this we are
not and cannot agree!

We reject any compromise!

Or acquittal with full formula
or condemnation! Either innocent or guilty!

This is the point.

And if, in his unjust request,
the prosecution was influenced ...

... from the face of the accused ...

... I can assure you
that the face of a thief does not make a thief.

An individual with this face is
completely unable to steal!

Mister President...

... people, when they see it,
immediately put their hand in their wallets!

And this when he steals?


To steal, my lords ...

... it takes an honest face
like hers!

Pardon! Like mine,
like that of many others.

Therefore, having regard to articles
6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 ...

... and 36 of the criminal code ...

... I ask for absolution
with full formula ...

... because the face
does not constitute a crime!


In the name of the Italian people, the Court, having regard
to art. 624 of the penal code ...

... declares Federico Bicini guilty ...

... and sentenced him
to one year in prison.

All right?

Basins: Piece of ...

Antonia, please:

... before you leave,
prepare dinner for the lawyer.

<Well. - Then he, of course,
will tell you not to come these days.

- But you come anyway.
- At 8:00! Don't worry, I'll take care of it!

- Ah! Is the bar cabinet closed?
- Here's the key.

- Are you staying out long?
- Tonight we arrive ...

... there is the ceremony, the services
tomorrow and the day after tomorrow I'm here.

- He has arrived!
- Is that you, honey? > Yes!

- And do you carry an umbrella?
- Yup.

<Here, lady. - But no,
I'll leave it at home. So much, I lose it!

No, take it! Water and laughter
come to the unexpected .

So I'll bring it!

> Clara: Alberto!
- Yup!

I come!

- Alberto, hurry up,
or I 'll miss the train! - Ah, yes, go!

But how can I stay
a week ...

... without 'is my Capoccetta?
- But I'm only gone two days!

- There are too many!
- But also three!

- Only two!
- Ah, two! Thank god!

- Let's hurry up, two days
pass quickly! - Thing?!

I'm kidding!

- And how did the case go?
- Come on, you miss the train!

- You lost it.
- Not at all! 50,000 lire!

- Only 50,000 for a criminal case?
- A causetta! 5 minutes of speech ...

... 10,000 per minute! And even if
the prosecution got swayed ...

... from the features of the accused,
I can assure you ...

... that the face of a thief
does not make a thief!

- Six months!
- One year. Here we go.

- I want to see when you win
a case! - If I didn't speak ...

... who knows where that was!
- At his house!

What was it? Another unemployed?
What do you do? Considerations?

- I?!
- Yes you!

- The ticket!
- What's up? - The ticket!

- Hurry up, it's late!
- There's time!

- You're not coming tomorrow, huh?
- I already knew that.

Here we go?

- And the Pirani hasn't arrived yet?
- I did not see her.

- Look,
all the banners on your head, huh? - All right.


- Clara!
- Yup!

- It's all OK. The suitcases are
in this compartment. - Good.

Now the other ladies arrive. Try
to be friendly, you know I care.

Why, haven't I been?

Even when you introduced me ...

Yes, the countess Antonella Chiaramonte.
But you've been a little too hard!

- Sure, she's pretty!
- Ah, is she pretty? I do not remember?

- Ah, you don't remember, huh?
- No...

- Oh, Mrs. Sibenik!
- Dearest!

- Here too! I thought I didn't see her.
- Countess ... My ...

These husbands are tyrants:
They would never want to let us go!

Wow! That says? I'm glad
Clara is distracted! Go!

- Is your group complete?
- Only the Chiaramonte is missing.

- Ah, missing? - Yes, missing.
- D'Alessandri was looking for her.

- And where?
- He's leading with the banners.

- So, excuse me, but I have to go.
- You are welcome! - A tout à l'heure! Countess ...

- Always being funny, huh?
- Because?

- Look, wives
always know everything. - But what?

So, even if they aren't there,
try to go straight!

- And don't look like a victim!
- Oh well ... - That I know you!

Even the last time,
when Antonia came in the morning ...

... did not find you at home.
- Yes, you believe her! She hates me!

I'll let you find it swaddled!

- Where are you going tonight?
- And where? To sleep!

- Good boy! - You, rather,
do not be the gnoccolona!

- In the carriage! - Have the heavy banner
carried to the Countess!

- Be calm!
- Hello.

And be careful where it goes!
Easy, Capocce '!

- Alfonso, take care!
- I'll miss you.

- So, are you staying home tonight?
- Yes! - Good boy!

Alfonso, why don't you see
the lawyer? You would keep company!

- No, Clara?
- Of course! Is an excellent idea!

Yes, you can go to the cinema
or cafe to watch TV.

- Great idea!
- Countess, of course!

Will you allow me to introduce myself?
I'm the President's husband.

- Šibenik lawyer.
- Very pleased. - Me too...


- Hello! - Gas, remember!
<I recommend!

- Hello, Capocce '! - Hi dear!
- And good evening! - Goodbye, dear!

- Hello.
- So, are we going to have the evening together?

- Shall we go watch TV at the bar?
- Thing?

Shall we go watch TV at the bar?
Or do we go to the cinema?

- What are we going to do? - What do you want?
- His phone number!

(imitating him)
Ah! Doesn't my number have it?

- It's ... 44444.
- You're from zone 4! - Yup.

- 44444. - If someone else answers,
give him his address.

- (imitating him) So, let's go watch
TV at the bar! - Yup!

(Husband laughs)



Not bad, huh?

The petite danseuse has something exotic about it!


- I called the sylph ... - What?
- I was speaking metaphorically! - Huh?

- Isn't this friend of yours coming?
- Yeah, he still doesn't show up ...

I'm going to give him
a wake up call.

But is he sleeping?

- (laughing) Darling, I was
just saying so ... - Ah ...


- Alberto, I'm waiting for you!
You do not come? - Yup...

... in a few minutes I'll be off!
Listen, is Elvira coming?


But how? I do it just
to be alone, I can ...

... and you let me spend
the evening with Maria?

So, I prefer to
be with my wife!

Don't be funny!

Ah-ha! And laugh with Maria!
I like blondes!

I like tall and blondes! Tall,
blond and not looking like Maria!

Eh, we hope! Hello!

Did you think I was staying at home,
just alone, good good?

I've been waiting for
this opportunity for months !

"Oh, how tyrants are these husbands:
They never let us go!"

I, tyrant ?! For me you can go
every day, even on holidays!

You left the note, huh?
You remembered that!

"First point.

Damn, even the points!

"Remember to dine at home
and not out with friends.

Yes, I go to dinner alone,
crying ... Uh!

"Second point. Tracing
the various notes in the kitchen.

How many? Shall I go
on a treasure hunt?

"Gas, cage, canary, etc.
Follow the instructions carefully.

"I'm far away, but I'm vigilant.

Watch, watch! Farewell, beautiful!


<#Tango, tango,
full of passion ... #

#My dear Elvira, tonight
I will steal your corazón! Zam-zam! #

It allows me? Ah-ha!

Here is the dinner
that my Capoccetta prepared for me!

Capocce ',
tonight I only eat alone!

(inhaling) Mh ...

Ah, another note!

"Remember to take the medicine
before meals.

Of course? How many drops are there,
Capocce '? Are you, are you?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Here!


Dr. Jekyll. Third!

What have you prepared for me, my Little Head?
Let's see!

Mh ... how hungry!

Ah, steak!

Steak ... Salad?


Anyway, I never eat it!

Very well ...
Is the salad dressing?

Eh-eh! The salad should be seasoned well!
A little vinegar ...

... and a lot of oil! There!

Steak ... Remove the bold,
which I don't like.

Here is the bold.

There! A bit of bread...

It's ... It's ... It's ... It's ... Ecco!

Some fruit?
No, nothing tonight.

So ... very well ...

Nice dinner ...

There! Tiè!
Antonia, you spy!

Boccuccia ...

Wipe ... Ah, a little wine!
Wine is needed! Here.

#Tango, tango,
full of passion ... #

#Mia cara Elvira ... #

"Gas: Close the taps
and the chain.

Yes, because I'm stupid!
I don't close chains and taps!

One and two.

Want to try?

Because you can't joke with gas.
A lot of times...

Life is in the way!

Many families have died with gas.

Oh God! Have you seen?

Have you seen?
I was right to try.

At times I was dying.
And am I stupid?

Pippo, there is something for you.

"Change Pippo's water.

I change the water for Pippo ...

Goofy, good,
I'll change your water!

Goofy, Goofy!

#And Pippo, Pippo doesn't know ... #

Oh, Pi ...

Pippo, please!

Where are you?

Pippo, don't move. Return
to your beautiful little house ...

Foo! Who feels the next one?

Pippo, don't move I'm
calling the hunter!

Ah, I got you!

Oh God!

Pippo, do you know what I'm telling you?

Go to hell,
bad bird of ill omen!

Will you make me late?
But, meanwhile, don't get out of here!

"Hold the canary! It's so cute!"

That's rude!
I've always said it!

It makes me late!

"Watch out for the canary!"

Good evening.

- Excuse me.
- Mrs! Why is he here?

- That kills me! - Who?
- My husband! He is jealous!

- His husband?
- Shut up!

- Sst ...
- It's him! It is going up.

- But he doesn't come here!
- He was chasing me, he saw me enter!

- And what are you doing here?
- Kills us both!

- Madam, you'd better get out.
- But don't you understand that I'm afraid?

And she doesn't understand
that I'm afraid too?

A window!

No! Life is sacred!

- But right from my window?
<But what did you understand? I see if there is!

- Don't show up!
- No, no.

- Don't show up!
- No, no.

- There is?
- No.

- Thank god! Come away.
- God, he'll be on the landing!


But why did she take refuge
in this building?

- I live here, upstairs.
- But really?

Why, my roommate!

Who is it?

- (sighing) It's the phone.
- My phone...


- Yup?
- Alberto, what are you doing? do you come or not?

But I'm here! I also remedied
the tall blonde, a marvel!

Ah. Did you succeed?

Yes, but ...
maybe I can't, you know?

<Do you want to wait? And wait!

He was a colleague of mine.

- Ugh!
- This time it's the door!

- It's him, we're lost!
- How are we? What do I have to do with it?

Do not open! If he finds us here,
what happens?

Nothing! Calm down, calm down, calm down!
Let's not panic.

I open it, but I don't let it in.

I would like to see!

Stay here and don't move.

This is my home!
Are we kidding?



- Say.
- Good evening. - Good evening. Say.

I am the tenant

- Pleasure, but there's
no one here . - Ah, then there is

- No there is not anyone!
- Exactly. Where is it? - Who?

- I'm looking for my wife!
- His wife?!

And here are you looking for it? There is not even mine,
let alone if there is his!

- But how ... his wife?
- Excuse me. - You are welcome.

- What are you doing? But she can't!
- I know I know.

"I know, I know" and meanwhile it can!
Ruin my curtains! One does so much for ...

Where it went? Hey!

What are you doing?
This is housebreaking!

Open the closet?

Are you looking at me under the bed?
But this is my room!

- My wife could have been there!
<Yes, but there isn't!

- But there could be!
- She said it!

Oh well, but there is underwear!
I don't like it! But, sorry, is this your home?

- Come in, go out, do what you like!
- All right.

- I had to go out.
- That's enough. Sorry. - You are welcome. Good evening.

What does it do?


Are you happy?

- He's been looking everywhere now.
I think there's no ... - Not yet.

Not yet?

- The living room is almost like mine,
a little smaller ... - Ah.

- It will be the curtains. I have no curtains.
- No?

And does he want to turn
these upside down too? Face, face!


And this is my firm, lawyer,
because I'm a lawyer.

- I know.
- Remember! Lawyer! So...

- He said the curtains, huh?
- Who said that? - She! - I?

(shouting) No!

- What screams? Don't scream!

I don't scream ...

I scream! I want to scream!
I'm in my house and scream as much as I want!

- No! No! I want to scream!
- Alright then. She will have gone to her mother.

Go find her there!

Dear lawyer, with women
with an iron fist and velvet gloves!

However, I will not be looking for her,
but the reverse!

- Yes. - And wherever she went,
I wait down. - Yup.

- Arrive, lawyer,
and congratulations on your house. - Thanks.

Good evening.

- Went!
- Thanks.

I am grateful to you.

Please take a seat!
But what about? Nothing, dear!

I don't hide from you, however, that
there was a moment ... Damn!

He was mad at my tents!
But what's he got with the curtains?

He knew what a character!
With that air of command of his!

- Energumen, huh? - He
claims to treat me as he treated his soldiers.

- Colonel? - No, Captain.
- Army or Navy?

- How difficult it is to live there!
- I Infantry, Additional Officer.

- What do I do now?
- Well ... it depends ... What do we do?

- I'm going to my mother.
- No! At this time? With your husband down?

- But, lady!
- But I can't stay here!

Why not?

- She is alone in the house!
- Well?

If I stay, what will people say about me?

- And if he doesn't stay, what will he say about me?
- Don't joke!

It is a terrible situation!
And he doesn't know what my life is with him!

Eh, poor dear, I understand you!

If I go out, I go to my lover.
If I'm at home, I'll wait for a call.

If I'm sad, I cheated on him.
If I'm happy, I'm going to betray him.

So, merry! Cheer! Cheer!

- But what's his name?
- Bianca Maria.

- Bianca Maria!
- What are you doing?

No, I said, let's have something,
a liqueur, a sherry, a cognac ...

- No thanks.
- Something, Bianca Maria!

- If you really want to
offer me something ... - Yes.

... give me a glass of water.
- A glass of water!

Something strong!
I'll handle that! (Laughs)

I have so many liquors
in the bar cabinet that ...

So ...

What is it?

Is closed?

It is Antonia who closed it.
I'll kill him tomorrow! (Laughs)

But please
make yourself at home!

Does he compliment perhaps?
Bianca Maria!

- Did he ask for a glass of water?
- Well ...

I'll go get it right away.



Bianca Maria ...

It is small because the caissons have
dried up. They are modern buildings.

But it is fresh, from the cave!

A cigarette?

- It's empty!
- It's empty?!

(laughing) It's empty! A joke!

Who is it?


- The phone!
- Ah!

The phone!

Still impressed?
Close to me?

Iron fist and velvet gloves!

I come!


- Yup?
- Hello, Alberto?


Do you decide or not?
I am waiting!


But yes, there is the blonde,
the brunette, the brunette!

You won't tell me now you want
a short fat one, sorry!

I'm telling jokes,
I'm drinking. I do not know what to do!

- But is anyone home?
- Fool! I tell you I'm alone!

But if you want to wait, wait!

- The importunate again!
- It's always later. I have to decide.

- But he has already decided! Stay here!
- No, I can not. I have to go.

Bianca Maria!

Bianca Maria, where are you going?
He is down! He is waiting for you!

- This situation is terrible!
- But what's terrible?

What are you afraid of?
Bianca Maria, I am a gentleman ...

... man of the law!
- Yes but...

Come on, take a seat!

She is mistress in this house
and I will only have the duties of the guest!

Do you see? I bet his house
is the same location as mine too.

Does your room face west?
It is furnished with simple furniture ...

Is Baroque to your taste?
You're welcome ... She goes here ...

... and take a nap
until tomorrow morning!

- It is not possible!
- And why?

- But then, your wife?
- Well, there isn't!

- He might find out!
- And even if he finds out?

We are free
in our actions.

I don't want to know what she does
and she doesn't have to know what I do!

So you don't get along
with your wife?

And how could I?

I love family,
work, home.

I also wanted
a baby so much and ... instead ...

How did she find me?
I was putting out the bucket!

I'm not ashamed to say ...
I had to wash the dishes too.

But my wife ...
Where is my wife? Where is it?

Do you know where she is?
I know where that libertine is!

Greedy for pleasure, a
lover of luxury, splendor ...

... spend every night
between dances, sounds, songs ...


Actually she seems so pretty,
so serious ...

- It's retouched, very retouched.
- You don't think so.

- Bianca Maria, I need a lot of
love. - Don't be a baby!

I don't even have
a mom and a dad!

Come on, ban on sadness!
If you need anything ...

... here is everything: Brush, comb,
mirror, everything. And fear not ...

... I am a man of the law!
- Okay, okay!

- Where do you sleep?
- Do not worry about me!

Look! Do you see this bed?
Do you see how big it is?

Everything for her!

I put myself here.
A little bit ... The lace ... Okay?

Bianca Maria, okay?

Bianca Maria! Bianca Maria!
Bianca Maria!

- Bianca Maria, what are you doing?
- What are you doing?

But what did he think?
I would have slept on the sofa!

- No, I'm leaving.
- But with the danger of your husband?

Between two dangers,
I always choose the lesser!

But this is the minor!
I will sleep on the sofa.

- Yeah ... And who assures me?
- I. My word of honor.

- Word of honor?
- Word of honor.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Bianca Maria ...

... a wall separates us.
Sleep peacefully. Good night.


Done on purpose! A joke!


- Yup?
> Bianca Maria!

- Good night!
> Good night! - Good night!

And don't be a baby!

The telephone!

> Telephone?
- Yes, the phone.


> Can you answer, please?



- The usual importunate? - A long distance.
- A drawstring failure.

An intercity ?!

(falsetto) Hello?

- Hello? Who's talking?
- Who's talking?

Who is on the phone?

I get it.
But who is on the phone?

- Yes, it's me! It's me!
- Ah, it's you!

Is it possible that you always
have to be witty?

He is always in a good mood!

- Okay, but
I almost fell there! - It is my wife.

He wants to say good night to me
with friends.

When evening comes, she
is beset with repentance.

You did not exit? Didn't you get
along with Signor Alfonso?

They didn't go to the cinema.

Dear! Say, do you miss me?


Have you eaten?
Was the meat tender?

Did you change the water on the canary?

Good boy! Remember the gas!

Listen, Mrs. Pirani,
our dearest President ...

... he told me to call
Mr. Alfonso ...

... to tell him that the trip
was great ...

... and that now we go to bed
because we get up tomorrow morning ...

... and there is immediately the function.

Do you remember, huh? All right.

Now I salute you because many ladies
have to call.

Goodbye, honey.
And goodnight. (KISSES)

Good night!

Good night. (KISSES) Can
you hear me?

- Good night! Good night!
- Good night. - And goodnight!

Good night!

Bianca Maria!

- Bianca Maria!
> Yes?

- Then I go. > Bravo!
- I'll sleep on the sofa. > Bravo!

I'll be uncomfortable, I know,
but don't worry about me.

(laughing) I have enough
spirit of adaptation.

And thanks for the trust!



What is it?

What does it mean?

Even in bad taste!

"Have lunch alone, not with friends!"


Bianca Maria, do you want something?
Would you like to have a snack?

> No, thanks. I have already eaten lunch!

Already had lunch!
I, on the other hand, did not eat!

(snorting) I got hungry!


"He wants something?"

But what? I threw everything away! Imagine
if Capoccetta left anything!

If there was a chicken!

Pippo, you are my chicken!

My Pippo, I forgot about you.
Do not move.

I'll put some salt
on your tail.

But will this be true of the salt?

Pippo mio, don't move.

Ah! Game
is a delicious thing, you know?

But what game!
How dry you are!

Pippo mio,
you come in front of me when I'm hungry!

Ah! You took a small risk!




#It is midnight... #

# ... and everything is silent. #

#Everyone sleeps in peace ... #

# ... in their white beds. #

#While the echo resounds outside ... #

# ... of an old bell tower! Din! #

#Three, four, five, six
you hear ... #

# ... seven, eight, nine ... #

# ... up to twelve shots
without ceasing ... #

<Young: If we found a house
in the suburbs that cost little ...

... in the kitchen we could put the
full set of American drums ...

... that they sell.
Stop with your hands!

After the bedroom ...

... there may be another room
with a buffet and counter-buffet ...

... which also serves as a dining room.
Stop with your hands!

<And if we take it in installments,
they also give you a discount.

<I told you:
"Stop with your hands!".


- Bianca Maria!
> What is it?

I need a cover,
a pillow.

I also have my pajamas there.
How you do it?

> Do good!
He will do without it for tonight.

Yes, they are good, but a pillow!
What it takes, it takes!

Where do I put my cartridge?

> Put her in the shower, it
will do her good!

- But, Bianca Maria, a pillow!
- Yes I understand.

- He understood, but he won't give it to me!
> Good night!

- But a pillow!
> Good night! - And what good night?

Good night...

Good night!

I haven't eaten,
her husband kills me in moments.

I didn't go there.
That had brought Elvira too!

Good night...


- But Bianca Maria!
> Enough! - And vaf ...



We were at the station.

I am the husband of the President
of the Ladies of Charity.

- So much pleasure! - And I said to him:
"Lawyer, give me your phone."

- And he told me 44444. - And did
n't you know it's the number of firemen?

No! We were supposed to watch
TV in the bar!



Sir, it's late. It's 5:00,
it's almost dawn. He asked for the bill, didn't he?

- And do it. - Sorry to
interrupt the fun ...

(WOMAN 3 yawns)




Oh God! Help!

Bianca Maria!

Bianca Maria!

Bianca Maria!


#The sun shines
on the golden curls ... #

# The day has come,
wake up, darling ... #

(shouting) Hot coffee!

Bianca Maria! Shall we have
an early morning coffee?

Bianca Maria!

White ... White ...

Bianca Maria! Bianca Maria!

Bianca Maria!

Bianca Maria!

Bianca Maria, is she there?
Are you taking a shower?

I don't hear a rumor!

Bianca Maria! Bianca ...

Bianca Maria!

Bianca Maria!

Did you run away?

But why did you run away, Bianca Maria?

Silly! You missed
a great opportunity.

Kill how hungry I am!

Which is? A note!

Even Capocce 'writes the tickets!

"Excuse me if I run away like a thief,
but it is necessary.

"Thanks for everything,
Bianca Maria.

"Like a thief ..."

What do you think you stole from me?
My heart?

Little naive!

What have you stolen from me?

What ... did you steal from me?

You stole my 200,000 lire!
The 200,000!

The 200,000!

250,000 gave me.
I showed 50,000 to you ...

... 200,000 I didn't show you, they
were hidden here. Do you remember?

don't remember because I didn't show them to you.

This one came, all perfumed,
saying: "Help!".

"My husband is jealous, he chases me!"
Her husband with that thief face!


He said he lived

But is it possible?


Oh, santo...




In short, where there is a woman
, the doors never open!


Bianca Maria!

What do you want?
Tear down the building?

You open!

The elevator!

- Good morning, Mr. Advocate.
- Say a little! Who lives here?

She was the only tenant who
hadn't asked me about those two yet.

Oh yes?

- And what do you know about them?
- Nothing.

How, nothing?
You only read my mail, you?

They are people who have recently come.
He never receives mail!

People who run away,
people I don't like.

- Not her either, huh?
- Come on, the lady ...

- What kind of people are they? - Who goes in, goes out,
without even looking at you.

- Besides, do you know where they get
all that money? - Why, do you know?


- And about the grandfather, do you know?
- What grandfather?

- Live with the dead!
- (wincing) With the dead ?!

- Yes, he has a
very profitable funeral home ! - Oh yes? - Yup.

- Grandpa has pumps, huh?
- Yup.

And where is this
funeral home?

At the end of Via Mastrelli,
in the old quarters.

Yes I know. You and I
have never talked, understand?

- Ah, lawyer! - That?
- In confidence ...

... I like the lady.
- Orc! (WHISTLE)



Funeral home ...

Undertakers ... I'll call Vittorio.
He'll still be home by now.


She is back!

She is back!

Bianca Maria!

Oh! What are you doing here? What are you doing here?
How did you introduce yourself?

Not introduced? When the door
is open, anyone can enter!

- I come for my duties.
- I told you not to come!

- The lady told me to come.
- I don't need you ...

... and your control!
- She didn't spend the night here.

The bed is intact
and has the eyes of lust!

Antonia, I forbid you
to speak to me in this tone!

Eh ... raise your voice!
I will speak very low to the lady ...

... in this tone, shut up!
I take note and report!

- What are you referring to?
- I report what I see!

- That you see? - Sofa in turmoil,
traces of revelry.

The glass! A glass of water
with a lipstick stain!

Look, it's true, I slept
on the sofa last night because she was there.

- She.
- She ... There was ...

- Her.
- Who her? - The other one.

- She, who? My wife?
- The woman.

- Was my wife there?
- No, the lady wasn't there.

So, I slept here.

I tried to get into the room,
but I couldn't.

Without my wife,
I cannot enter my room.

And then I'm forced to sleep here.
Did you understand why I slept on the sofa?

Antonia, do you understand? Here ...

... because I slept on the sofa.
- Oh, poor young man!

- Eh, love, what love is!
- Have you ever been in love?

Love and youth ...
what was was!

- Are you romantic too?
- Not at all! - Antonia!

Say this, shut up with my wife!
I don't want you to worry.

I'm going out, Antonia!

We usually consider
women a fragile object ...

... worthy of all respect,
but when this woman tries ...

... with deception
and takes other people's stuff ...

... then she is a thief and as such
must be harshly considered.

<We don't get used to looking
with an eye ...

- Hello. - You
made me do a clown figure last night!

- I have to talk to you.
- What do you mean?

- It's important.
- Not important?

- They stole 200,000 lire from me.
- What am I interested in? Go to the police!

A woman
who slept with me last night stole them from me!

- What was it like?
- What do I know?

You have to advise me.
See you at 3pm.

- I can not.
- At 16:00. - All right.

- Was she pretty?
- Not pretty! She was a thief!

She stole too.
I would give her 30 years!

- Ahó! My guild is innocent!
Did you understand? - Yup.

I always say that ...

... that, when talking to customers,
1st and 2nd class should not be specified!

- Okay, it will be done.
Welcome, gentlemen. - Eh ...

- What can I do for you?
- Get up, I do.

- Are you Bianca Maria's grandfather?
- Do you know my niece?

Yes, he lives upstairs.
I met her tonight ...

... in a
somewhat unfortunate circumstance .

- Something serious?
- Yes, quite. You see ...

... my wife left me alone.
- Poor!

And she understands
that when a man is alone ...

... needs comfort.
- And call it comfort!

Bianca Maria arrived.

Oh! My niece is always like this:
As soon as such circumstances arise ...

... she is always ready. - And where
is he now? I would like to thank you...

... for what he did for me
because he is not at home!

There is no reason why
a little trouble has happened .

And when a hindrance happens,
he takes refuge from his mother ...

... which is my home.
- Yup? And where is this refuge located?

A little far, out of the way ...
in a small villa in Via dei Tigli 76.

Via dei Tigli ... the refuge is there.

- Via dei Tigli 76. Let's go!
- Look how accurate this is ...

But are his wife's funeral
taking place?

Tiè! Let's leave!

- Have you seen? Pain drives
people crazy . - Sure!

And what's crazier
is my nephew! Has a death below ...

... and does not feel the duty to inform me!
- You're right, Commander.


- She stopped near the phonograph!
- But who?

- Marilina, Bianca Maria's sister!
- Ah! - Invite her! Can't you see that she is alone?

I don't like dancing.

Dear Mrs. Broggi,
I'm sorry if I leave you alone ...

... but there is always a lot to do
in these holidays!

- But do you think, Donna Elvira?
- And your son doesn't dance?

Yes, he danced so far!
He's getting some rest.

What a dear boy!

This youth
would never stop!

My daughter Marilina would
dance all day!

- Besides, I'm not letting you
leave the house. - Sure!

Better at home,
with safe friends!

- Now excuse me, I have to go. Permission.
- You are welcome. - Hi Massimo.

Have you heard?
She is also a decent girl.

Then, Bianca Maria is married
and all the stuff will be hers.

They even have the
cemetery lighting contract !

That's 6 million a year of income!
Not enough for you?

I don't marry for interest and I do
n't even know if I will marry in life.

Ah, who is holding me back?

- Madam, will you? - No thanks.
I don't dance. Excuse me. - You are welcome.

These too.

- That's enough?
- Yes thanks.

- I still insist.
- I told her no! - Oh, no?



- You dance, right?
- Yup.


Vittorio, do you understand these?
With grandpa's pumps ...

... and the taps of Bianca Maria,
what a villa! Look'!

Which is?

If this is the house of the dead,
I'll shoot myself right away!

Really! What is it?

- Excuse me, do you have a match?
- That? - A match.

- No.
- Well, better. So I don't smoke.

This is badly resurrected!

Welcome! Do they want to have a drink?
Without compliments!

- Dance? - No. There's someone else
dancing here tonight.

- I want to talk to Bianca Maria.
- But that's my sister!

- Oh yes?
- I'll call you right away.

take the gentlemen's coats ...

... and tell Signora Bianca Maria
that friends want her.

- Immediately.
- With some urgency.

- Meanwhile, we dance.

What do you want?

- Man: Do you dance?
- Yup.

- Dance?
- (wincing) Oh my God!

No! I am waiting for Bianca Maria.
Who is she? Another sister?

No, a friend of hers.
So, can't you dance?

Child, I like you!


A little mambo!

- Your name, please?
- Marilina. - Oh, Marilina ...

- And its? - Victor,
but friends call me Baby

Have you seen that how fast it is?
He immediately courted Marilina.

- Dance with her and you sleep!
- I'm not sleeping?

- What are you doing here?
- How, what do I do? - Yes, what does it do?

- You don't know why I came?
- No, say.

Not here.

All right, take a seat.

Well then?

So what do you want?

- Have I come to return the visit?
- What are you doing?

If my husband comes, you know him.
It's terrible!

Listen, baby ...

... the story of the terrible husband
with me no longer attacks.

- There's only one terrible here,
and that's me! - For charity! - Sst!

- Money out!
- What money?

- Night fairy, 200,000 lire ...
I need it! - 200,000 ?!

- But what does that mean?
- What went wrong this time!

You were unlucky.

Grilla, look at my eye!

You see it?

But who did you take me for?
For one who flies over?

You sneak into my house ...

mind your own business, lock yourself up, leave me fast and I have to suffer?

Undergo what?

- Well, who gives me this money?
You or your husband? - What money?

200,000 read.

So, it's blackmail.


And think how different it was last night.
Go away! I'm not giving her anything!

And who gives them to me?

- Your husband?
- My husband?!

- It's monstrous! - And do you notice now?
You could have thought about it before marrying him.

If it's a joke,
it's bad.

Please, be good, stop.

I understand that you like me as a man.

Hunt the money
and do what you want with me.

- You leave me! And stop calling me you!
- Give me the money and I'll give you her.

I have only 50,000 lire.
Are they enough?

Deux cents! I need them all.

All right, he will have the 200,000 lire.
I'll get them.

- Wait here?
- No, over there.


... we do not make other escapes, that
I kidnap all the guests there!




Oh, my child, there are so many!

That's equivalent to two
first-class funerals . Huh?

But can you know what
all this money is for?

Grandpa, I can't tell you,
but it's very important. You have to help me!

I do nothing else!

Your sister and your mother
have something important every day!

People don't die
and where do I find this money?

Come on, grandpa, please!

- 100,000 is enough for you?
- No, no, 150!

So where do I go?

- Tango! - Ugh!
I want to dance, don't go up the stairs!

He didn't understand my style.

- Oh!
- Oh!

Vittorio, come on. Let's go away.

- Then?
- Let's go out.

- But how? Already goes away?
- Who is this sucker?

Yes, mom,
the gentleman has to go away!


Bianca Maria, why did you send
a friend away like that?

That is not a friend, he
is a scoundrel.

- Come on, Vittorio!
- Alberto! - Here we go!

But why leave so soon?
It was so good!

- We could have stayed!
- But why? He gave me the money!

- She really was a thief, huh?
- Well no?!

Strange, however,
with this beautiful house ...

Go understand!
She will be a kleptomaniac.

- Too bad because with Marilina ...
- She's another kleptomaniac.

- Come on, for your own good! Come away!
- Sin!

Come on, make up your mind!
She was left alone again.

- But it's a fixation, yours!
- But you could settle down!

They have a villa, shops,
the lighting contract!

- Franco, you were right to come!
- Is Bianca Maria here? - Yup.

Nice party, huh?
Youth ... have fun!

- Not at all ... It's up, poor thing!
It hasn't even gone down. - "Poor!"

- You always have the answer ready.
True, mommy? - Hello Franco!


- Forward! I came to get you.
- I do not come.

- You'd start all over again.
- Because? If you don't give me reason ...

Jealousy is always for no reason.

Anyway, I'm your husband
and I'm ordering you to go home!

And I'm not coming!
I want to stay here!

- To continue doing your convenience!
- Can you see you're starting over?

Stupid me
who came to beg you!

- I didn't ask you to come.
- But it's the last time!

- Either come away now
or you'll never see me again! - I hope!

- Bianca Maria!
- Franco, I don't ...

- "Not me" what?
- That's enough! I can not stand it anymore!

- Don't raise your voice!
- I can not stand it anymore!

- Lower the tone!
- Yes, cry, cry!

- What are these screams?
- What yells?


Do you feel?

It will be my sister with her husband
who joke.

And do they always joke like that?

- Because? Do you think they are bickering?
- No...

- Touch me, if you are capable! -
Would you like to see me go to jail, huh?

Get out!
Go away, I don't want to see you anymore!

> Franco: Don't make me talk! Stop that!
> Speak!

> Don't make me talk!
> Come on, talk! > No!

- Good evening, lady, and thank you
for a nice evening. - Can you imagine ...


Seen? They are all gone.
That neurasthenic ruined everything for me!

Just tonight
I could find the boyfriend!

- Patience! We will have another party.
- Yes, you are right!

What is this screaming?
What happened?

Franco has arrived.

- They're reconciling.
- Ah! Thank god!

Farewell, Bianca Maria.

- What are you doing? Are you leaving?
- Yes, I'm leaving.

- And the lady stays here! - Calm down,
Franco! I'll talk to her, I'll fix everything.

Tell me one thing: So are
you doing the company's interests?

Should I kill people
to get jobs?

You don't have to kill her, but when,
with God's grace, someone dies ...

... right in your palace,
you might as well warn!

- Who died?
- The lady who lives below you.

The lawyer's wife?
But that's not possible!

- Why, is it immortal?
- And who told you?

- He? That his wife died?
- And who was telling me? The deceased?

- He came here or to the shop.
- To the shop!

- And did he ask you about Bianca Maria?
- Yes, and I told him he was here.

They think they're being smart, huh?
We will see it!

- God what a day!
- And what a night!

- Alberto, you are too impetuous
with women. - Sit down, sit down!

You have to know how to wait, to play
like a cat plays with a mouse.

- Wait ... then at a certain point ...
- Can't wait?

A man is alone in the house,
suddenly a fairy arrives:

... "Help! My husband is following
me! Protect me!". It holds me tight.

- I was immediately impressed.
- Sorry, she did the shot!

(laughing) 200,000 lire!

- 200 ...
- Not at all 200,000? You look stupid!

- The swag is here, oh!
Are we kidding? - After, after ...

What a woman! What an adventure!

- (laughing) What an adventurer!
- We were like that.

Vittorio, we were like that,
like you and me now.

She was sitting where you
and I are next to her.

I look into her eyes and say:
"Let's take something."

"No, thank you.
Give me a glass of water."

"No water? We need fire,
something strong!"

I open the bar and give her a little
witch, a sherry and an anisette.

Streghina, anisetta, sherry,
Streghina, anisetta, sherry. Oh!

After five minutes, I had her head
on my shoulder.

So, she, silent, devious, puts
an arm around my neck ...

... it clings to me, I shut up,
I pretended nothing happened ...

... I look at her and caress
her velvety hand.

She tells me: "Alberto ...". Ah!
I release it, I take the initiative ...

... I grab it, pull it to me and ...
- Good evening!

<I kiss her!
<Good evening! Good evening!

Not good evening!
It's the truth, Vittorio! Good evening, oh!


- But what, are you back already?
- Alberto was teaching me ...

... a Japanese wrestling move.
- (laughing) Japanese!

You know, it's big!


- He's a fool ...
- He's the fool!


- Hello.
- Are you back yet?

Well, the flood came down,
a stampede ...

... the banners got wet ...
- (laughing) The banners ...

- But good! I see you very cheerful.
I am pleased to! - The Vittorione is here!

Sorry, Alberto,
I should tell you something.

And you allow? True, Vittorio?
One minute!

Come on, dear!

Alberto: What is it?

One minute!

What's up?
Heads, what is it?

- What is this?
- What's this? What do I know?

- It's a hairpin.
- And, if you know, why are you asking me?

- I found it above the desk.
Whose is it? - Whose is it?

- It will be yours, right?
- Never wear hairpins!

- I don't wear them either! It's mine?
It will be Antonia's. - About Antonia ?!

By Antonia!
When he comes tomorrow, ask him!

- Do you need anything, madam?
I finished it. - Nothing! - Calm down!

Sorry, Antonia.
Come a moment?

- Is this fork yours?
- It's yours, tell him!

One moment, lady,
let me observe.

Frivolous fork ... never worn!
I use these bone.

Frivolous fork, perfumes, lipstick ...
Go retro, Satan!

I beat my chest.

But why don't you send her away
with all these proverbs?

She will say the proverbs,
but she doesn't tell lies and she is honest!

In this house another
would be enriched with someone like you!

- What does it mean? - In this house
there is money scattered everywhere!

Money? What money?

- For example, those who were
in the card holder! - In the por ...

(shouting) But why are you rummaging?
Who gives you permission to search?

But who searches? I was writing
the memos for you, I saw them and ...

- Why did you take them?
- And I got them ...

... and I made them safe!
Here, look! I rummage!

- What a villain you are!
- Fry ...

She took them ...

And these? Oh! Oh God! Vittorio!



- Vittorio! We are ruined!
- What's up?

My wife had put the money in the drawer before leaving!

wasn't the adventurer a thief?

Not a thief! She gave me the money
thinking I was blackmailing her!

The adventurer ...
It was the long-awaited adventure ...

... and I stepped on her, outraged her
He loved me!

Oh well, you're a blackmailer.
Go to jail, article 315.

- But I'll defend you, don't worry.
- Yes, you defend me!

Do you defend? I will bring back
the money and I will be forgiven ...

... she will believe me. I will tell you:
"Bianca Maria, forgive me!".

- Come! Come!
- But where?

- But where are you going?
- Let's go to Bianca Maria!

- But what about your wife?
- I'm going to Bianca Maria!

- Who is this woman?
- What woman?

- Were we talking about women?
- Not me. What women?

- I heard Bianca Maria.
- Eh, the accountant Biancamaria.

- Biancamaria & Company.
- The company Biancamaria & Co ....

... which has a lawsuit against itself.
A strange cause of Alberto ...

Woman! He's a man
with such a belly!

- Let's go to Via dei Tigli, right?
- Come on, it's late!

- Good night!
- With that character of Biancamaria!

- Good night.
- Hello, Capocce '. Here we go.


Biancamaria ... an accountant ...

<Antonia: Madam,
I'm done and I'm leaving. <Yes.

By the way, everything is fine this morning.

The lawyer was alone in the house
and the bed intact.

- And where did he sleep? - I think
on the sofa, everything was in turmoil!

- I wrote down and report!
- On the sofa? And why?

Spouse without bride
in bed does not rest.

- I wrote down and report.
- Thanks. You can go.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.


Just a moment!

Just a moment!

- Good evening.
- Good evening. Who are you looking for?

- Is there ... the lawyer?
- No, the lawyer is never here.

- Ah. But last night there was.
- Last night, yes.

- The Lady?
- The lady is there. - I knew it.

- Isn't she dead?
- Dead ?!

Here we are all alive and well,
and strong, thank God!

I am pleased to. Do you want to tell her that
the tenant upstairs is here?

- All right. - Thanks.
- Please, take a seat.

You are welcome.

I'm going to call her.

There is the gentleman on the second floor,
the condominium!

- Good evening. Are you looking for someone?
- Good evening.

- I'm the tenant upstairs.
- Ah.

- Pleasure.
- Pleasure.

- But is she okay?
- Yes thanks.

- I was looking for your husband.
- And wished? - Information ...

- On what? Maybe I can give it to you.
- No, she wasn't there.

- When?
- Last evening.

Excuse me, may I know
what it is?

He will tell him
if he thinks it appropriate.

Can you tell me where it is?

- Well ... in Via dei Tigli, it seems to me.
- Via dei Tigli?

- Yes, from the accountant Biancamaria.
- From the accountant Biancamaria ?!

- He knows him?
- No, but he's a client of my husband ...

... a fat gentleman
with a belly.

Does the accountant Biancamaria know?
She is my wife!

- And this time they won't escape me!
- As? Wait a moment!

- I'll get dressed and go with her.
- Yes, but hurry up! - Very soon!

Doesn't seem the case
at this hour ...

But how? I have to apologize,
she took me for a blackmailer!

- Go to court, I'll defend you!
- Not at all!

You stay here, rather, and watch over, in
case the husband comes! Stay here!

But, Alberto, if the husband comes,
what should I do?

- Make a signal and warn me!
- But no! You get in trouble ...

... and then you involve me. I'm not!
- Don't get too involved!

Ma ...

Alright then!


> My dear lady!
- Ah, no, huh?


- Mrs!
- Well, what do you want?

I have to speak to Bianca Maria,
it's urgent.

- At this time?
- Yes. You need to talk to her.

Don't insist:
Bianca Maria can't and doesn't want to.

- Because? Did he say anything to you?
- No, but a mother always understands.

A married daughter cannot receive
strangers at this hour. Go!

- Sorry!
- What a hell! - Sorry, ma!

- What are you doing here?
- Marilina! I accompanied Alberto ...

... is talking to Bianca Maria.
- Sst! Thing?

- I accompanied Alberto, who
is talking to Bianca Maria. - Sst!

- Wait for me beyond that!
- Where is it? Over there! - There?

Mommy dear,
but why does she persist in not understanding?

But, in short, how should I tell him?
Bianca Maria is married.

- But I'm married too!
- Huh? - Yeah.

- Well, that's another thing! - Ohà!
- But what makes me say?

Bianca Maria loves her husband
and will never cheat on him.

- Okay, but I ...
- What more do you want from me?

What are you still looking for here? I told her
not to show up again. Out!

- Do you feel how he treats me?
- Bianca Maria, be kinder!

After all, he has the only mistake
of being in love with you.

- Not in love! This
is not a gentleman, he is a ric ... - No!

You talk like that, because you don't know,
but you let me explain.

- Well done! Explain!
- Thanks, mommy!

- We have nothing more to say to each other.
- Nice! Bianca Maria ...

... do you recognize? It's hers, it belongs to her.
- But what does it mean?

A crab, a big crab.

It was a rash gesture,
but let me explain.

Does that friend of yours always have something to say to Bianca Maria?

- Is he in love with her? - Mystery!
But I have so many things to say to her!

I really wanted to see her,
to see those eyes, that little nose again ...

... that mouth, that mouth ...
I like it so much ...

- But Victor!
- No, no. Call me Baby!

- Baby! What an enterprising!
- C'est amoour!

#Love, my dear love,
we will always love each other. #

# This is the beautiful song
of a girl and a boy. #

Clara: Alberto is here for sure,
because his car is out there.

You watch the exit, I'm going
to close the back door.

Do not move.

- Do you understand, Bianca Maria?
- Well, now that it's all clear ...

- But, for this very reason, I'm staying!
- Let's not joke! Go now ...

... my husband could come!
- Well?

I hide
like you did last night ...

... she hunts him like I did,
I stay, she gives me her room ...

... but I don't lock myself
like her! I have faith ...

- Be nice, go away.
- No! Don't let me out!

Don't you understand that I'm afraid?
My wife is jealous, she chases me!

- He can be out here!
- Don't be a baby. Go away.


It's a joke!

- No, please! - Alberto!
- Ahó! Who is it? Mamma Mia!

- Long last! - Rogue!
- Now you will not deny anymore!

- Good evening, dear.
- Let me explain! - One moment!

You have nothing to explain.
It is I who must speak and I will speak!

- Permission. Ah-ha, if I speak!
- Hurry up.

- Do you hear it? He is in a hurry!
- Hurry up!

Ah! He also has the courage
to raise his voice!

Respect this house ...

... who saw his wife as a child,
then a young girl, then a woman ...

... but always honored and respected!

- And that's not all!
- I'll kill him ...

Silence! I'm your wife's lawyer
and you have to listen to me!

- Legal ?! - But there came a day,
a sad day ...

... that she asked her in marriage!

But he didn't offer her
a happy, peaceful life, no!

He offered her a life of fears,
doubts, subterfuges, nocturnal escapes!

- Of nocturnal escapes, huh?
- Silence!

You speak when questioned!
But are you hindering me? Shut up, right?

But she was not a husband, no!
You were an inquisitor ...

... a spy, a spy,
who followed her every step of the way.

And instead of appearing humble, repentant
or begging for forgiveness ...

... also has the arrogance
to assume tones of arrogance!

However, it will be included in the documents
we will present in court.

- Court?!
- Yes why?

Yes, in court! Because there he will have to explain
his tyrant behavior! Ah-ha!

And I want to see
how he will explain it!

<Gentlemen, the lawyer has finished,
but under the toga is the man ...

... the man who has a heart,
a soul, a sensitivity ...

... the man who picked up
a poor wife's cry of pain!

What are you doing? Grimaces?

The cry of this poor woman ...

... frightened and groaning,
annihilated and distraught ...

... from the dull suspicion of her husband!
Yes, the nuptial bond is sacred ...

... and indissoluble,
but it must be founded on affection!

True, dear?
And not about slavery!

<Bravo, colleague!
- Thanks!

- Am I right? Is the concept right?
- Exactly!

My client,
forgive me the comparison ...

... has a life similar to that of a dog,
chained by the owner.

KISSES ) Canuccio ...

<And it's about the life
of this poor chained dog ...

... that I bend down with moved pity
and make him mine ...

... and I cry.
- Good boy!

- Piangi, piangi...
- Thank you very much!

But look at it! Observe the
ferocious and malicious flash of his gaze ...

... the cruel and merciless twist
of his mouth!

<He is silent, yes ...

... but perhaps in his silence he meditates
other reprisals, tortures ...

... against the poor animal
that awaits mercy and mercy!

- Very good! - We are
from the same school, modestly!

Silence or I clear out!
Ahó! Shut up!

Are you going to be kids?

And I don't need to dwell on it ...

... to show you that all the elements
are in my client's favor ...

... and that the Court cannot fail to
recognize his sacred rights ...

... to a legal separation.

- Bianca Maria, what's this
separation story ? - Legal!

- What are these speeches?
- Will you, lady?

You don't have to answer,
I'm your lawyer.

- Talk to yours, you! - Not a
lawyer? I don't intend to part!

And then she just has to cry,
like her illustrious colleague ...

... the one with the black face
and all curly. - Who?

Othello, who like her was the victim
of that insane jealousy!

But she doesn't even have
the comfort of Verdi's music!

Stop, don't move!

- Bianca Maria, please ...
- Don't give in!

<Bianca Maria,
you can't want such a thing.

I recognize my wrongs,
but I cannot part with you.

- Don't give up your freedom!
- Madam, you'd better give it up ...

Your husband seems sincere to me. He understood
that his suspicions were unfounded ...

... and my husband too, as a lawyer ...
Since he's your lawyer, isn't he?

- Yes. ... advises you
to forgive him. True, Alberto?

Yes, yes.

As a lawyer, I should insist
on a separation ...

... but as a man and as a husband,
I must tell you: Forgive him ...


Return to him!

<Go back
to your married house!

- Above us, right?
- Over U.S. Here we go.

And now, we can leave the classroom.

- Bianca Maria ...
> Alberto!

- I'll call you, then.
- When you want. - Excuse me.

Was your friend's wife having a funeral?

But which funeral?
But think about life!

The funeral!

You have been a great speaker.
You managed to convince everyone ...

... certainly because the cause interested

- You didn't know me
in that respect, huh? - No...

Sometimes one judges lightly,
has suspicions ...

- Because? Did you have any suspicions?
- Sometimes...

... especially when I was leaving.
I was afraid of some escapade of yours ...

... and, instead, you only thought about work.
- Work work...

... for me there is nothing but work.
- Yes, now when I leave ...

... I will feel calmer.
- Why are you leaving?

Sure! With that downpour the work
of the congress was suspended ...

... and we will have to take them back.
- Oh ... with this congress ...

- And now you leave again?
- Why are you sorry?

But how, you ask me?
Sorry, yes!