Buon Natale... Buon anno (1989) - full transcript

Gino and Elvira have been married for 40 years, but lack of money has forced them to part, and each lives with one of their daughters. They suffer from the separation although they often phone each other and secretly meet in hotel rooms. When vacation time comes, Elvira leaves Rome with her daughter and grandchildren. Alone in the city, Gino burglarizes his son-in-law's apartment to get money to join his wife.

My hair! Look at what he did, Mom!
I'll kill him!

I'll kill him! Look!

- It was covering your eyes.
- Just think if he'd done it to you!

- Dad, will you give a sign of life?
- Maybe he is ill.

- Open up. We must get dressed.
- I've finished.

- He ruined me!
- We must remove the key.

- What happened to you?
- I fell asleep in the bathtub.

- Dad, see what Grandpa did to me?
- I exist too!

As a man and a barber,
I can say you look very nice.

Go away!
You're no longer a barber.

You don't know what hair styles
are in fashion.

Remember that I won
the Golden Scissors 3 years in a row.

Giannina, you're telephoning?
I'm expecting a call from a customer!

- Dad, open. I must go to school!
- Who is he?

- Granddad. You don't recognize him?
- Who is she?

You ask that every morning.
It's me. Have I changed that much?

- Do they get married?
- Yes.

- Why?
- Because they loved each other.

- Then they had two little girls...
- And then me.

And then you, the best element
in the house!

- Wait. Where are you going?
- Edoardo's shoes.

Be silent and let her sleep.
Last night she was nervous.

Will they accept the report card
with your signature?

Of course.

- Thank you, Grandma. Bye.
- Bye, dear. Hey, wake up!

Behave, huh?
Dad is waiting for you. Hurry.

Put on your coat, Esmeralda.
Help your brother. Come. It's late!

- Hi, Mom.
- Hi.

- Is there some coffee?
- I'll bring it. Did we wake you?

I was awake. Pietro made noise.

If I think that tonight
we even have those two for dinner...

Pietro had a great idea
in inviting them!

I'm making pasta with eggplant.
Dad loves it.

- And chicken "diavola" style.
- Something more original is needed.

We can make vitel tonnè.
Dad loves that too.

What if we make liver with sage
and boiled potatoes?

Dad used to say I made it
better than restaurants.

Mom, I'm going to buy groceries.
Did you write everything?

Yes, it's all there. If something is
missing, I'll get it in later.

- Alright. Bye.
- Bye.

Remember to call the plumber
for the leaking faucet.

- I already repaired it.
- Really? Good girl!

- Alright. I'm going. Bye.
- Bye.

Please, leave the phone free
and write down the incoming calls.

- I'm expecting a customer's call.
- Yes, don't worry.

Let's go! Giannina, it's late!

Dad, on the table I left the list
of what's missing, and money.

It should be enough. If not,
you can put it on the baker's bill.

Sereno and Paolo are eating a
hamburger. There's some for you too.

Giannina, your father knows
what he wants to eat.

- They all left.
- Here too. How are you?

Fine. And you, Elvira?

Not bad.
How many cigarettes did you smoke?

- Three.
- I don't believe it.

- I swear.
- I'll bet you are smoking.

Do you smell it on the phone?
If you want to know the truth...

- You wouldn't tell me, anyway.
- How's it going with you?

So-so! They have a dinner tonight,
one of Pietro's colleagues.

He says he's important.
You know what I did today?

I fixed a faucet
without calling the plumber.

I changed the gasket.

- You should have been an engineer.
- If only had studied!

If you were an engineer, you wouldn't
have married a poor barber like me.

- How is work going?
- We're all waiting for a phone call.

Maybe he's selling the house in Via
Bradano. He works with a percentage.

We pray every night
for him to sell it.

- This morning I took a bath.
- The water wasn't too hot, was it?

You could faint.
Always keep the door open.

Are you mad? I close the bathroom
door or I'll be invaded.

They're all in a hurry to get dressed
to go out. When will I see you?

Maybe Saturday. Near here there
is a house that can interest Giorgio.

You could come with him
so we can be together.

- Otherwise?
- Take public transportation.

Three buses and a streetcar!
I must change four times.

The other day,
I left right after I arrived.

- What will you do now?
- Get groceries.

Cover up well. It's cold. Put on
your scarf and don't smoke.

- Alright. Bye.
- Bye.

- Hello?
- Who were you talking to?

Who was I talking to?
Nobody. I was in the kitchen.

- I was going over the grocery list.
- Dad, you were next to the phone.

- You answered on the first ring.
- What did you want?

- Buy vinegar.
- It will be done.

I hadn't written it. The red kind.
Cover up well when you go out.

- Put on a scarf too.
- Alright, thanks. Bye.

- Hello?
- Did he call?

- No. Who?
- The customer.

We sell houses in the morning.
The phone must be available!

- Who were you walking to?
- Giannina.

- What did she want?
- I must buy red vinegar.

They went out once a day.
Rain or sun, every day.

A ten minute walk and they returned.
They were always together.

They were too old to go to mass,

so the priest gave them a box
with blessed hosts.

"You can give each other Communion",
the priest surely said.

That's how it's done
when there isn't a priest.

Can you imagine?
They had blessed hosts at home.

Who died first?

Him, the day before yesterday. Her,
yesterday. She didn't resist one day.

Give me two slices of liver too.
Nice ones!

My wife used to make it
in a pan with butter and sage.

- No. I make it with tomato.
- Really?

Just think.
She died the following day.

- Solitude kills.
- It's true. Solitude kills.

It was fortunate to have 2 daughters
when we were left penniless.

One said, "I'll take Dad."
The other said, "I'll take Mom."

So we were all set.
Good thing we didn't only have one!

But with only one daughter,
you'd have been under the same roof.

Yes, of course.

Under the roof of the rest home.
We weren't foreseen in their homes.

They miraculously managed
to arrange two beds.

- I am with the children.
- Aren't you happy?

- They had you become a child again.
- Yes.

- Are they already out?
- The elementary kids aren't out yet.

You have to be patient.


- Hi.
- Hi. Good evening, Mom.

Mom, can you tell Esmeralda
to lower the music?

- What is it?
- Wine.

Esmeralda, Dad is here.
Lower the radio.

- Where is your mom eating?
- In the kitchen, with the children.

- Did you tell her to eat with us?
- Yes, but she didn't want to.

So much the better.

- You're not very kind.
- She doesn't want it.

Turn off the radio!

- The flowers looks nice, huh?
- Yes, very much.

- Why don't you eat with us?
- I prefer eating with the kids.

I am sorry.
You really won't think it over?

No, thanks.

Yes, I know.

I'll call you back. Bye.

Dad! I came down to buy milk.

Giorgio is glued to the phone
waiting for that call.

We can't ever call!
What are you doing here?

- I bought cigarettes.
- You shouldn't smoke!

Do you ever feel like
not going back home? I do.

It often happened to me
when Elvira and I lived together.

But I always thought
I couldn't leave her by herself.

But... I felt like sleeping
away from home.

Maybe in some hotel

or out in the open.
What's the matter?


Giorgio and I...
Giorgio doesn't know anything.

This situation has been going on
for 3 months. You don't know.

- Is there someone else?
- He works in the office next to mine.

We've been meeting on Wednesday
and Sunday afternoons

when Giorgio receives phone calls
in the office. It's a life of lies.

Giorgio didn't notice anything?

Do you love this man?

I feel like calling him,
and then I wish I never had.

It's a passing thing,
nothing serious.

Look... Enough.

You're not getting milk?

Yes, it's true, milk.

If I imagine myself married
to Giorgio,

I can see why you want
some distraction.

It was different with you and Mom.

- You were married and that's it.
- Yes, we were!

- What?
- No, nothing.

- Mom is different from me.
- You took after me.

- Mom has always been like that.
- Swear you won't say anything.

How can Giorgio not have noticed...

He didn't call.

- Who?
- The customer from Via Bradano!

I'll call.

Hi, Granddad. Mom, I'm hungry!
We're not eating tonight?

What if she lied to me
our whole life?

Actually, she is happy without me.

She never has anything
to say to me on the phone.

She didn't even say anything
when we had to separate.

Elvira, we must see each other
right away. Tomorrow.


A little wine?

Lovely strawberries!

- Here.
- Thanks.

Just a moment.

- For you. I'll have them call back?
- Yes. No, wait. I'll go.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

Hello? Gino, what is it?

Elvira, tomorrow I must see you.
I have some questions to ask.

- One moment is enough...
- Get to bed! It's late.

And no fuss, or you'll get it.

I have a thousand doubts
on an entire life.

I absolutely must see you.

What do you mean?
Tomorrow! Yes, I'm fine, I swear.

Talk to you tomorrow.
Bye, good night.

Take bus 81 up to the beltway
and then the 90 barred one.

At noon I'm picking Edoardo up at
school and taking him to the dentist.

What must you tell me?
Say it on the phone.

Let's not waste time arguing.
It's very important.

- Are you sick?
- No. Yes, I slept very badly.

Go out right away.
You must go to Porta Maggiore.

I'll wait for you at the bus stop.

Alright. Bye. Cover up.

Don't treat me like a child.
I'm not senile yet!

Please, sit down.


What is going on?

- Something terrible...
- What happened? Why are you crying?

- What happened?
- Something terrible.

She was next to me on the bus.
He smiled at her from the motorbike.

They were holding hands. They
loved each other. One moment later...

he was dead, run over by the bus!

- Just like that!
- Elvira, who were they?

Two very young kids...

Stop crying. Elvira, calm down.

- I thought of you all night.
- Were you sick?

No. I thought of you
and couldn't sleep.

I thought of you. I wanted to
talk to you and tell you things.

If you thought of me,
it means you are fine.

Come, come.

We must stay together
until we are alive.

Yes, let's go.

Feel better?

- Do you have some change?
- Yes, yes.

- Here.
- Thank you.

Here you are.

- Thanks.
- Oh, God, it's late!

I almost have to go.

What did you want to tell me
last night?


I wanted to see you,
but nothing important.

- It was silly.
- Tell me.

You made me come all this way.

I think of stupid things
when I haven't seen you for a while.

Don't smoke. It's bad for you.

It's just an idea
that crossed my mind.

After all these years together,
I thought that maybe

there was something I didn't
understand, that you didn't tell me.

Maybe an affair with someone.

That is what tormented me.
I didn't sleep all night!

What an idiot! At our age?

What does it mean?
What is so funny?

We were together 40 years.
How can you think of that now?

- Did you always tell me everything?
- Of course.

- Swear it. On your knees!
- Gino, don't yell!

- Swear on your knees!
- I always told you everything.

You must swear it!
Go on, swear!

- What should I swear?
- That nothing ever happened!

That you didn't have an affair
with anyone!

Well, maybe something little...

Oh, God! It happened so long ago.

Something of no importance.

Don't smoke. It's bad for you.

What did you do?

Go away! It hurts!

Gino, it was nothing.

- Let me see.
- No, let go!

Patrizia was just born.
You were always out. I was alone.

We went out once or twice.

- Once or twice?
- Once, twice. I don't remember.

- We didn't do anything wrong.
- What did you do?

Nothing. We took walks.
We went to a cafe outside the house.

Were you in love with him?

Well... a bit.

Don't get near me! Go back home.

I realized right away
that it wasn't important.

What about your affair
with that woman?

I told you. It's not the same thing.

Sure, when it was over!

What did you do?

We took walks.

- Did you kiss him?
- No!

Well... maybe once.

- Elvira...
- Yes?

Our marriage is over.

With our girls and our grandkids,
we'll pretend nothing happened,

but we will live separated.

We've been together a lifetime.
When will I see you again?


- Here. It's for you.
- What is it?

- A cake. I made it.
- Take it back home, ok?

I'll take him to the dentist.
We're just 15 minutes late.

- It's too late now. I'll take him.
- It's not late. We'll be on time.

We won't be on time.
I don't want to go to the dentist.

What did you have to do
that was so urgent?

I was only out two hours.
I had an appointment.

- With who?
- I saw Dad.

Why are you lying?

- Sorry if I'm late.
- This is not a hotel!


- What's gotten into her?
- She's not upset with you.

- She wanted to give me that slap!
- Why?

- I went out and was late.
- Where did you go?

You too? I saw Granddad.

- Why?
- I can't see Granddad?

Of course you can see him.

- He had a jealousy fit.
- Jealousy?

- Gino, where have you been?
- Walking.

- Dad, you scared us.
- I can't go for a walk?

I don't think he's well.

Maybe he has problems
and won't tell us.

- You don't let him smoke.
- It's bad for him.

The children
waited for you at school.

They don't want to come home
with me anymore. Isn't that so?

I'm big now and can go home by myself
and Paolo wants to come with me.

There! Are you convinced?

A girl at school said
I look better with short hair.

Don't be angry, Granddad.

Women don't have a heart.
Don't trust them.

No. Mom is happy
that you are with us.

You think? Anyway,
when I talked about women...

- I wasn't thinking of your mother.
- Who were you thinking of?

Your grandmother!

Granddad! Granddad!

- What is it?
- Grandma is on the phone.

I have nothing to say to her.

Granddad! She has
to tell you something.

I don't care!

Sunday we're all going to eat
at Auntie's home. You must come too.

- Did you have fun?
- Not at all.

We never do anything.
Esmeralda went out and I was bored.

Your grandmother?

Oh, right. I almost forgot.
She gave me something for you.

A cake and a letter.

Dear Gino. I haven't
seen you in almost a month.

Giannina says that you smoke
all day and it's bad for you.

We can't behave as kids
at our age.

I'd like to see you and explain
that I didn't do anything wrong.

I loved you all my life.

I'm sending you a piece
of apple cake that you like so much.

- You're not eating the cake?
- No.

I'll eat it.

- You're not coming to Auntie's?
- No.

- Not even for Christmas?
- No!

Merry Christmas!

Let's put the gifts here.

Give me your coat.

Give me your coats.

Let's give the children their gifts.

- Where should I put this?
- In the corridor.


Let's exchange gifts.
Merry Christmas, Dad.

- This is a gift for you.
- What is in the big package?

- You didn't even give me a kiss.
- How many did he give you?

- If you laugh, I'll kill you.
- Gino, at our age!

At our age, I'll kill you.

Here's the Ferrari! Go, turn, turn!
A real Ferrari Formula One!

- See that you got one?
- Beautiful, huh? Happy, Paolino?

I don't want this Ferrari!

- Auntie, we're toasting.
- I'll be right there.

To all of us, cheers and money

and love!

I would like to toast
to something of our own,

mine and Patrizia's.
- Pietro, please.

- What's wrong with it?
- You always decide everything!

When to do it, when to say it.
I don't want it!

A baby! What great news!

Patrizia, it is wonderful!

I want to toast
to this Christmas, too.

To our family. May there be
serenity and love for all.

And then...
I want to toast to my husband.

I loved him all my life,
without any interruptions.

Finally a happy couple!

- Best wishes, Gino.
- Kiss each other.

That is a kiss!

Excuse me...

It's just a passing moment.

It's that... I was thinking

of the other Christmases,
at our home.

How stupid of me!

It'll go away immediately...

Elvira, the children will think that
we obliged you to change homes.

No. You helped us.

Actually, you decided everything.

You said their house
had to be closed. I didn't agree.

- Pietro, please.
- There were debts and the eviction

for the rent not paid for a year.
- Giorgio, forget it.

- Your mother cries and I'm sad.
- I'm not crying...

Actually, the only one who has
a fixed income found the money.

- What do you mean?
- I signed the promissory notes.

Nobody wanted your signature anymore.

Let's leave! Children,
get your things and let's leave!

- It's my fault. Tell him something.
- What should I tell him?

- Do something. It's Christmas.
- It's a lot better to tell the truth!

I can't stand their airs,
the Ferrari and the rest anymore.

Giorgio, nothing happened.

Let's go!

- Can't you tell him anything?
- He won't listen to us.

Where are you taking my car?

- Bye.
- Bye, Mom.

Is Christmas already over, Dad?

What about Dad?

Dad? Dad, you must come with us.

- Let's go.
- Your coat.

- Bye, Dad.
- Bye, dear.

- Merry Christmas.
- Happy New Year.

Hello? Hello, who is it?

Who is it?

- I know who it is!
- Who?

Giannina or Gino,
but I'm not apologizing!

Your love for me is contagious,

I can't live away from you.

When I wrote to you from the front,
many letters were lost,

but I continued writing
just the same,

even if I was sure
they would never reach you.

I feel the need to tell you
the same things I said to you then,

even if you don't hear me.
That I love you. No, it's not enough.

That my flesh desires you
like my soul,

because you are
the most wonderful thing

that a man can hope
to meet in all his life.

You're all wet.
Why didn't you get an umbrella?

I was in such a hurry.
I was dying to see you!

- Where did you say you were going?
- To shave a sick man's beard.

At the registry office.
I said that I lost my ID card.

- Come!
- Where are we going?

- Where are we going?
- To a hotel.

I kept all the pension money.
It's nice, clean.

Gino, you're crazy!
I am ashamed of going to a hotel.

- Let's go to a cafe.
- What? Oh, Lord!

Listen. Please, Elvira.
I want to make love with you.

- I think of it constantly.
- I really can't, Gino.

What suddenly happened to you?
We haven't made love in 5 years.

I don't want to think about it
or I'll go crazy.

We were in the same bed
and could've made love every night.

- And we never did it.
- Sometimes we did.

I don't remember.

Elvira, you're so lovely.
If I had known...

Every night, 3 times a night!

Maybe I wouldn't have made it.

We are getting wet.
Let's go to a cafe.

- A room for my wife and myself.
- For how many nights?

For a couple of hours.

Give me your IDs.

Elvira, give me your ID card.

- Are you married?
- Of course, I told you.

- The hotel is all booked.
- It was vacant until now!

- Let's go.
- No. He owes me an explanation!

A couple who were husband and wife
already came once.

They had the whole family
come to the room, even the dog.

The police had to send them away.

We came here to be alone,
away from the family.

I can't. The management forbids it.

Let's forget it.
If someone is married... We can't.

Can't we?

A married man and woman

can't spend two hours together
in peace in this shitty hotel?

Don't get angry!

I don't know if you're married.
I only have your ID.

As far as I'm concerned,
the lady is one of your friends.

Room 37, at the end
of the corridor on the right.

Elvira, come.

- How much does it cost?
- What do you care? A lovely room!

There's a double bed,
two night stands and a closet.

What for? We don't have
any luggage.

Now we are free to do
as we please.

Gino... Gino, there's
too much light here.

You're right.
Let's close the shutters.

How long has it been
since they've closed this shutter?

Who cares about light
when there is love?

Someone is looking at us.

I'll pull the curtain.

What do you want to do?

My gosh!

- Did you hurt yourself?
- No. Everything is ok.

I am fine, I am fine.

- How do you feel?
- I am fine. It's nothing.

- My head was spinning a bit.
- You can't do these things anymore.

Come. Get on the bed.

We were right in getting a room
with a bed.

Here. Wait, wait.


- Do you feel better?
- Yes, a lot better.

If you come closer,
I will feel better.



You scared me.

What do you want to do?

Smoke a cigarette.

- Here.
- Thank you.

Thank you.

The night table in the bedroom was
on the left or right of the window?

What did you say?

The night table in our room was
on the left or right of the window?

On the left.

On the left?
No. No, it was on the right.

On the left.
How can you not remember?

The closet was there,
the armchair with the red pillow

and the vase.

I had removed the vase, Gino.

What is that?

A cake. You want some?

Let's eat some cake.

It's good.

They won.
There's nothing we can do.

We are husband and wife
and are old.

It's all over.

Why did we let them convince us
to leave the house?

- We couldn't pay for it anymore.
- We should have done anything,

even a rest home, but not be
separated like two packages.

I never felt old
when we were in our home.

I did. Every time that I desired you

but couldn't make it.


You want some?

- Get off. Don't accompany me.
- Why not?

- If you are late, they'll yell.
- If they do, they'll hear me.



- They stole my pension money.
- It was stolen?

I didn't even notice!
I don't have one lira left.

- Come eat.
- I'm not hungry.

- You went to the barber.
- Yes. Why?

Each has a right to have
his hair cut where he pleases!

You have a right to have
your hair cut where you please,

but I have a right to feel offended!

Your barber cut it terribly.

Has he become mad?
I think so.

Just put in 1,000 liras
and the juice is ready.

The machine...

- Granddad, they want to follow you!
- Oh, great!

- Where did you go?
- I had a date, my dear.

Sereno, I feel like a lion.

Do you have a girlfriend?

No. The girls at school disgust me.

What makes you laugh?

- What do you do with girls?
- Why are you laughing?

- Granddad, you can't do it anymore.
- Who told you?

A man does it at the most
until he is thirty, forty.

- And then?
- Then he is old.

Then I've been in mothballs
for 20 years!

Did you still do it with Grandma?

Sure! We did it every day.

Every other day.

Well, maybe a little less.
But when we did it, we really did it.

We didn't do it much anymore.

Maybe marriage puts a damper
on it after many years.

Who knows!


You have fever. See that it's bad
for you to continuously go out?

- I'll give you an aspirin.
- Thank you.

Give me a cigarette.

- Won't it be bad for you?
- No. Cigarette.

Give me a light.

Thank you.

I'm not calling them.

Me either. We must advise Mom.
We can't leave him alone.

Have Sereno call them.

Yes? What is it?

Call Auntie and tell Grandma
that Granddad is ill.

- Why me?
- You must do it, and that's it!

If you can't call,
I can't either. I am your son.

You want to leave Granddad
at home alone?

Eat something.

Hello, Auntie?

Mom said
that Granddad has fever.

They have to go out.
He can't stay by himself.

Elvira, I heard your footsteps.

I always hear them,
even when you're not here.

When you do housework,
I hear them.

Or when you're about to come to bed,
I hear everything.

I'll make your bed.

Sit there.

Watch out for your head.

You are so lovely, Elvira!
Take care of me, if it pleases you.

Hold still. You have fever.
I'll close the door.


Come on...

Gino, leave me alone!

Hold still.

What's with you?
They could come any minute!

So what? Lock the door.

Yes, yes. Behave.

What is it? Are they locked inside?
They are crazy.

I'm coming!

Hi, Mom.
Why are you locked inside?

I always do it when I'm alone.
Hi, Sereno.

Hi, Paoletto. How are you?

- How is Dad?
- Better, better.

Will you open, please?

- Hi, Granddad.
- Hi, Sereno.

- How are you, Dad?
- I am fine!

- Good morning!
- Good morning. The lady is waiting.

Thank you.

Good morning, Elvira.
Excuse me. I'm late.

What is the matter?
I couldn't go out.

Giannina was late in coming.
I had to watch the children.

I couldn't leave until she returned.
Always the same problems.

I can't always be at disposal.

- Why don't you get undressed?
- We can't go on like this.

What does that mean?

What is it? What's happening?
We can't see each other anymore?

Will you explain that?
At least give me an explanation!

I don't like meeting secretly,
and deceiving everyone.

When they ask me where I'm going
I don't know what to answer.

Elvira, you don't love me anymore.

What do you mean?

It's just that...
We always see each other in a hurry.

I know nothing about you anymore.
We never have time to talk.

Be patient. We can't tell everyone
we meet in a hotel

to make love.
What would they think of us?

Then we must give up
seeing each other.

We must be strong
and not meet anymore.

You don't like this hotel anymore?

Listen. We'll change everything.

We'll go to a beautiful hotel.
No, even better than that,

we'll go to a residence home
in a park.

There are many little houses.
We'll rent one for ourselves.

Two rooms...

Maybe one is enough.

It will be our love nest.

Would you like that?

These are our conditions.

Thank you very much.
I'll think about it.

Elvira, let's go.


- Well?
- They are crazy!

Close the door. I have to work.

Lower the television.
Dad must work.

- What is it?
- Give me a hand.

- What are you doing?
- Putting my pants under the mattress

for the pleat.

- Dad, I followed you today.
- You followed me? Why?

To see what you do during
the hours you are away from home.

- You did that to your father?
- I saw you go inside a hotel.


And Mom? She doesn't know.

When did you meet her?

A month ago.
She is 20 years younger than I am.

She's beautiful.

And I can't give her up.
We are in love.

It can suddenly end
but I want to live it till the end.

Mom must not know.
I don't want her to suffer.

You won't tell her, will you?

Dad, you and I are alike.

You must help me, Giannina.

I must be free to see her
or I will go mad.

I'll leave, and you'll never
see me again.

- Esmeralda, open. Don't act crazy.
- No, I won't open!

- I'll tell your dad.
- I don't give a darn!

- I'll try to calm her down.
- Whatever. I can't stand her.

Esmeralda, it's Grandma.
Open up.

Open. It's Grandma.

Where is the discotheque
where you want to go?

Everyone is going. Why can't I?

- Who do you want to go with?
- With my class girlfriends.

Listen. Saturday Granddad and I
want to go dancing.

You go to one place
and we'll go to another.

I'll tell Mom that
I won't lose sight of you one minute,

but you must not betray me.

You either.

Grandma, you're great!
Are you still in love with Granddad?

I am.

- The bus stop is over there!
- No. We'll take a taxi today!

- How do I look?
- You are beautiful.

Am I ridiculous
made up like this?

Women your age have liftings,
and you're ashamed of using makeup?

- No, It's that... I'd like to look
a bit younger.

Not too young,
or Granddad will look too old.

Don't get conceited.

What're you doing?
Stealing my lipstick?

Be a good girl.
See you at 8. Alright? Bye, Dear.

- Have fun.
- Of course, bye.


Excuse me!

Two, three, four!
Look at what I do.

It seems easy!

- What are you doing?
- Go on. Don't distract me.

One, two!

- Did you see? There!
- You are a mess!

I can't wait for August to come.

Patrizia and the kids
are going to Sicily.

I won't do anything for a month.
I will only stay with you.

Two apartments just for us.
We're not used to it.

One night we'll sleep in one

and the following night,
in the other.

For an entire month!

Will they ask you to go
on a cruise with them?

They didn't even pretend
to invite me.

They don't want to leave
the apartment unattended.

Yes, that's the reason.

When the thieves show up,
I’ll go boom!

And they'll run away!

What do you care who I am?
I want news of Mrs. Amelia Rocco.

- I'll wait on the line.
- Good evening to everyone.

- What happened?
- Granddad Amelia broke her femur

- Is she serious?
- Let me talk to the doctor on duty!

- He's in the hospital.
- Did you hear that, Mom?

Good evening, Doctor. I'd like
news on Mrs. Rocco. I'm her son.

- How long will she be like that?
- One month, I think.

- Then what will you do?
- I don't know.

I can't keep the kids in Rome
with this heat,

and I can't go by myself.
- Of course. I understand.

- The sea is bad for me.
- I know. I'm not saying anything.

I don't know what to do.

- We'll all stay in Rome.
- When will you operate her?

I can't leave Gino alone.
And I get sick at the sea.

- I know, you told me.
- I want to go to the sea!

- Me too.
- Alright.

Thank you, Doctor.
I'll call you back.

- I am leaving in 2 or 3 days.
- Remember to drive slowly.

- What is it, Mom?
- I'm going to get mineral water.

- Pietro bought it.
- It's never enough!

Come right back.
The train is leaving!

- I could feel you were still here!
- Elvira, don't leave!

- I'd like to stay, but I can't.
- Get in.

It was to be our month!
We had two homes, and you leave!

It's not my fault
if I have to leave you!

My love,
destiny is separating us again.

- I will think of you every night.
- I will think of you too.

Please, don't do this.

As soon as I arrive, I'll call you.

- Goodbye!
- Goodbye!

She must have arrived.
Why doesn't she call?

Edoardo, let's go.

- Pietro!
- I'm coming!

- Are we taking the rubber raft?
- No. It won't fit in the car.

- I'll bring it later.
- Thank you. Come on!

I forgot something.
I'll join you on foot. Sorry, Pietro.

- Bye!
- Bye!

"This is the answering service
for Giorgio Severini,"

"real-estate agent."

Leave a message after the dial tone
and you'll be called back.

Gino? I can't speak to this thing.
It ends before I stop speaking.

I am fine. No, I'm not fine.
I don't sleep much at the sea.

I wanted to say that we must live
united, even with little money.

I think of us every night,
but I'll tell you when you return.

Bye, my love.

Why are you never there
when I call?

- Oh, it's you!
- Yes, it is. What's so strange?

- Nothing.
- Why do you lock the front door?

- Nobody is here.
- I am! Open this door.

Gino? I can't speak to this thing.
It ends before I stop speaking.

I'm fine. No, I'm not. I don't sleep
much at the sea. I wanted to say...

Gino? I can't talk to this thing.
It ends before I stop speaking.

I'm fine. Not fine. I don't sleep
much at the sea. I wanted to say...

I shouldn't have argued with him.

Oh, yes!

Did any mail arrive for me?

I can't find my savings booklet.

Mr. Giorgio must have hidden it
for fear of thieves.

I can't phone.
He is on a cruise.

I know. And so?

Can you lend me a small sum.
Let's say 300 or 400 thousand liras?

I'll return it at the end of the month,
as soon as Mr. Giorgio returns.

I can't. I am leaving this evening
for Germany to see my son.

I need all the money
I withdrew from the bank.

Thank you. Forget it.

Sir? Try them.
They look good on you. Look.

- They are inexpensive.
- I'd like them, but I've no money.

May I?

Here! You are very elegant.

Yes, but I've no money. I'm broke.

Did they steal everything from you?


Would you take me as a partner
in your business?

- Are you looking for a job?
- Yes, it's urgent.

- You want to work at night too?
- In the day, at night... Yes.

Who is he?

A friend of mine, a big worker.

- No problems. You can trust him.
- I don't want him.

You can't trust white people.
He could report me.

I want black ones.
I want black ones.

Isn't his work "in black"?

Don't be a racist.
It is an ugly thing.

I guarantee for him.

No, Gino! You must not sleep.
Eat first.

You are too tired.

You haven't eaten anything
in two days!

Without your wife who cooks,
you can't make it!

Look, Gino.

Her name is Deguelle.
She's my wife. Magnificent!

- Very pretty.
- Magnificent!

You can only see her face here.
She's great! Great!

Magnificent, huh? Here, look.

Gino, wake up. We're eating!

We're eating.

- It's good for you. It's got meat.
- It's surely good, but...

Taste it, taste it.

It's good. Eat!

He is always hungry.
He always wants to eat.

Come here with your wife when
she comes back. We'll share expenses.

When I return to Africa,
the expenses will all be yours.

- You'll see that it isn't expensive.
- Fortunately!

What did you eat
that made you so sick?

- Please, take me back home.
- Right away, Gino.

They've all left.
Make yourself at home.

Gino, what did you tell me?
This home is immense. You're rich!

It may seem strange,
but I am not rich. I am poor.

It's difficult to explain.
You can't understand.

I am going to rest. I'm tired.

Sleep well, Gino.

You're a real friend, Abraham.

It's Deguelle, my wife.
Say hello to her.

Come on!

Good-day, madam.
Yes, I don't understand.

Pardon me? Yes. Yes, yes.

Yes. I don't understand.
My pleasure, madam.

- Where is she?
- At home, in Africa.

I have to earn money
to go see her.

Me too. The phone was broken.

No. They removed the key
so you couldn't call.

That pig Giorgio! I'd like to call
someone in Australia to ruin him!

I took it apart.
Now you can call.

Meanwhile, try calling your wife.
Go on!

- Hello?
- Elvira, my love!

Gino, how are you? I called you
many times. I was worried.

What did you want to tell me
in your message?

- What message?
- The voice mail was interrupted.

Oh, yes! I can't remember.

I need to know it. I'm going
crazy! I didn't sleep over it.

- Why are you getting angry?
- I want to know what you think!

I'm going crazy, and you don't
say anything. Are you having fun?

- No, Gino.
- That's it. Laugh again.

- I'll make some money and come.
- What do you mean?

- I'll be there in three weeks.
- You don't want me to come, huh?

- I do, but what about the money?
- That's my business!

- I've nothing, or I'd send it.
- Did I ever ask you for anything?

- I always supported all of you!
- Yes... yes.

- Are you ashamed of me?
- What are you saying?

- I'm saying what I think.
- I'd be happy if you came.

Really? It doesn't seem like it.
Did you get a total suntan?

Don't be silly.
I miss you very much.

Let's not talk about it. Just hope
you find me when you return.

I hope you will be more calm.

- Not that!
- We'll leave the record player.

- No. This is Sereno's.
- Who is Sereno?

Sereno is my grandson.
He's cute and a good boy.

He will be happy
to help his granddad.

How much will they give me
for all this stuff?

200,000, maximum 250,000.

I don't feel up to it.

I can't do this.

But Gino...
They have three tv sets,

four cameras, three record players.
Too much stuff!

What is this for?


They won't take the whole house.
Just this.

My three friends who are coming
are honest thieves.

They will only take what I say.

We'll reach an agreement.
They'll give us money,

take away the stuff
and break the door.

You'll return and say
that thieves broke in.

After which...

you will join your wife!
- What if someone sees them?

If they do,
they'll say they are thieves.

Didn't you say the building
was empty? No one will see them.

It's them.

Nothing doing if it's less
than 250,000. Tell them that.

How much did they offer you?


My God! My God!

Should I accept?

Yes, of course I accept!

Don't break the tv set.

Here. I am leaving.

- For you.
- It's too much.

Take it. This money is yours.

Thanks, Gino. When you return
from Sicily, show up.

- We'll do some deals together.
- Alright, thanks.

Without you, I don't know
what I would have done. Thanks.

We must be friends.
Life is tough.

Mr. Gino, what are you doing?

- A ticket for Sicily.
- Where?

- Cefalù. Is there room?
- What?

- I mean, how much does it cost?
- 46,500.

- What time does it leave?
- There's an express train at 6:30.

Mom, why are you already up?

I was thinking of your father.

He called me yesterday. I knew
the heat would be bad for him.

He says he wants to come here,
that he'll find the money and...

He's gone crazy.
I didn't understand a thing.

You see, I know all his faults.

He spends all the money
he has in his pockets.

That is why we were left
without a lira, full of debts.

It's his fault, it's mine...
I don't know.

I only know that he needs me.

Separating us as you did
is not right.

- Mom, I didn't want...
- Your father is my husband.

I need him as a woman.

Did you ever think
that I am a woman?

Mom, why don't you leave?
Go see him in Rome.

- What will you do?
- It doesn't matter. I'll manage.

Good morning.

- What is it?
- Nothing. Mom is leaving.

- She's going to Rome to see Dad.
- Can you make it on your own?

- Yes, yes.
- I'll tell Gino!

He's not there. No answer.

- Grandma, will you make breakfast?
- Yes, I'm coming.

- Wait. Call me if he answers.
- Sure.

- Let's go.
- Why this idea?

She is depressed.
She misses Dad, nostalgic.


We only left... Hello?


Excuse me. Who are you?

The doorman?
I am the brother-in-law.

Where is my father-in-law?

- A theft?
- Oh, God! What about Dad?

But is Mr. Gino alright?

He was with them?

Don't read, but eat.


- Gino wasn't there.
- I'll surprise him.

Come, come.

Gino, but...

I think I did something foolish.

He's crazy.

He is crazy.

How could you?

Do you realize what you did?

I could slap you.

How shameful!

Alright, I heard you.

- I'll go turn myself in!
- Eat and then we'll think about it.

- I'm not hungry anymore!
- You haven't eaten in 2 days.

I'll eat in prison!
Accompany me. I order you.

- I will pay for my offense!
- Look at what happened to me!

Your pizzas!

Excuse me.
Where are the Carabinieri?

Down there.

They locked the phone,
and left me little money

since the grocer
would let me put it on the bill.

As if man only lived
off of bread and baloney!

Alone, without being able to
communicate, with a plate of pasta.

The spirit has its needs too.

I can't live without you.
Come. Let's run away!

If the doorman reported me
to the Carabinieri,

Giorgio won't be able to do anything.
- He can withdraw the report.

Even if he did,
I would have to go back to them,

in front of Paolo and Sereno,
like a delinquent.

I can't go back to that life.

I want to run away with you, Elvira.

Leave on a boat
that will take us far away.

- Yes, far, far away.
- Where?

We looked everywhere.

In all the places where
we think they may be hiding.

Hiding? We're searching, but
they are not necessarily hiding.

Yes. We are searching
because they are missing.

If they don't come back, tomorrow
we'll start searching again.

You can't imagine the reason
they disappeared?

- Are they in love?
- Yes.

Are they minors?

Will he come?

Have faith, Elvira.
They said he comes every night.

How many cigarettes
do we have left?

A few.

Excuse me.
I don't know if I understood,

but I was told you can take us
to a place with a restaurant

and inexpensive rooms.
- The restaurant is mine

but there are no more rooms left.

Too bad!

There. We can go now.

But first I want to calmly
smoke a cigarette.

- You want one?
- Yes.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Every night when I come to
turn it on, I smoke a cigarette

and stay a bit away from my wife.
We've been together 20 years.

- That's too much.
- You come light it every night?

Yes, I have a license,
but I have a restaurant too.

I have to return here at night
to check that everything is in order.

They broke down the door
and ruined the machinery a few times.

They are ignorant and don't know
the lighthouse must be left lit.

May we stay here to sleep a night?

Sereno, open.


Stop with this little game!
Next time you'll stay outside.

- When you open, it's cold.
- Children, behave.

Who wants some "panettone"?

A toast! Who will open it? Me.

- Who will we toast to?
- To our grandparents.

Yes, the grandparents.

- Yes, a toast to the grandparents.
- Call Patrizia.

Patrizia, we're toasting
to the grandparents. Come.

We're toasting to
your grandparents.

Ready? Cheers!

Dear daughters, grandchildren
and sons-in-law.

I wish you a merry Christmas
and a happy New Year.

We are well even if it's cold here.
It's always very windy.

I feared the sea would be bad for me,
but we've become friends.

Our work is very simple.

At night we turn on the lighthouse
and turn it off in the morning.

The lighthouse custodian didn't tell
his wife that we are here.

He didn't want to give up his hour
of solitude. He comes every night.

When I think of it, I start to laugh.

He needs the lighthouse to be alone
and we need it to be together.

I like this work because it seems
as though the lighthouse goes far

in telling our story.
We hope you are happy like we are.

Together we are less afraid
of death.

We live with little and
our retirement money is enough.

Granddad is fine,
and has stopped smoking.