Bunt (2007) - full transcript

11-year-old Dong-ku, who is retarded, is the school's water boy until, that is, the school installed a water purifier system. Disappointed, Dong-ku soon learns the school's baseball team ...


JUNG Jin-young

CHOI Woo-hyuk, YOON Chan

KWON Oh-joong
SHIN Jung-geun

based on a book by Wang Shu-Fen
screenplay by CHOI Suk-hwan

Hur Dong-ku! Open one of your eyes.
director of photography PARK Hee-ju

producer OH Sung-hyeon

written and directed by
PARK Gyu-tae

Service water

Darn, he's first again.

Are you the only one
in your class?

Why do you always get the water?

Dong-ku is always Waterboy!

Waterboy! Give me some water!

Waterboy! Water!

Who asked you to pour?

Here, dummy.

- Waterboy! Give me water!
- Me, too!


Come here!

Waterboy, over here!

Partner, your water.

Partner! Partner!


Don't follow me.


Don't follow me!


I hate you.

I hate that you give me water.

And I hate
that you're my class partner.

Don't ever give me water.

don't you have any self-esteem?

Stay away.

Stay away from me, you idiot!

Under Construction

Didn't you see the barricade?



Why'd he order my chicken
at your chicken store?

What are you doing here?

Well, Mina's dad ordered
some fried chicken from my store.

12,000 won.

Ask your customer for it.

You know that he has no money.

No, take one of
my chickens instead.


Come on!

Jin-gyu, come here.

Try it.

Come on, try it.

Good, huh?

They'd probably sell a lot of beer
since it's hot.

You think beer is all?

The chicken sells for even more.

This chicken store is
a hit lately.

It's that synergy effect.

Then go work for them.

Dad, what's synergy?

Being very pretty and smart
like my Mina.

That's synergy.

Dad, it's hot.

That's not the right way to greet.

Say 'I'm home, dad,' okay?

Dong-ku, come here!

Try this.

Good, huh?



Dong-ku, brush your teeth.


Then go to bed.

But be sure to do it
tomorrow morning.

Everybody does it, okay?

Do the chicken count.


One chicken jumps over
the fence.

Two chickens jump over
the fence.

Three chickens jump over
the fence.

Four chickens jump over
the fence.

Five chickens jump over
the fence.

Six chickens jump over
the fence.

Seven chickens jump over
the fence.

Eight chickens jump over
the fence.

Nine chickens jump over
the fence.

Ten chickens jump over
the fence.

Today we change class partners,
so do it quickly.

- Move!
- Hey, you don't have the right.

He promised to sit by me.

Move right now!


No, I don't want to.

You didn't
even sit next to him.

Because I didn't want to.
You sit down next to him.


Go sit somewhere else.

Good luck, dummy!

- Dong-ku! Sit down.
- Why don't you just sit down?

Stop wandering around.
Go to your seat.



Joon-tae, what's wrong?

Nobody wants to sit by you
but Dong-ku.

Let go of me!

Everybody sit down!

Hur Dong-ku?


We have an exam tomorrow.

Know what that means,
don't you?

Open your books.

How could his teacher do that?

Sorry to say this,
but I think she had no other choice.

His teacher this time
isn't so nice.

I told you to pamper the teacher
and slip her some money.

I feel like
overthrowing the school.

Mind your store first,
and change the sign.

'Mr. Hur's Chicken'
is so tacky.

Stop drinking.

Don't be so unfair.

I still have some in the glass.

Go home.

It's a sin to throw away food.

Don't tell me about synergy.

This is synergy.

It's okay.

You don't have to take an exam.

Waterboy also deserves
a holiday.

Dong-ku, try this.

How is it? Good?


Spit it out!


- Like driving with dad?
- Yes!

- Over there.
- There?

Hold on tight.

I'll have a lot of
products for you.

- Hello!
- Hello!

Jin-gyu! Jin-gyu!

Is my husband at your store?

No, check out the poolroom.

Dong-ku, you're not
going to school?

My Mina left already.

He's going to school now!


It's okay!

Who's stronger?
Me or your teacher?


Who's stronger?
Me or your teacher?


Dad! Dad!

It's dark.

The sun's not rising.

It's going to rise soon.

The sun's not rising.

It's going to rise.

The sun rises everyday.

Dad, the sun doesn't rise.

I'll make it rise.

Look up at the sky.

It's rising...


Repeat it.





The sun's rising...

The sun's rising...



- Rising...
- Rising...



It's risen.

It's risen.


It's Hur Dong-ku!

Dong-ku, long time no see.

We couldn't drink any water
without you.

Hi, partner.

Hur Dong-ku.

You're hopeless.

Ye-ryoung, what's wrong?

A frog...

It's true! There's a frog!

Mom, that Dong-ku in my class
put a frog in the pitcher.

What's going on?

Go back to your seats.

Class monitor.

Dong-ku put a frog in the pitcher.

- Hur Dong-ku.
- Yes?

Come here.


Hur Dong-ku.
Did you do it?

Did you put it in there?

Say something!


The city hall is building
libraries and schools

for the citizens, and...


Kids! Let's eat some chicken!

Choo-choo puff-puff...

I'm going to tell you
what all the teachers agreed upon.

Dong-ku should be sent
to a special ed school.

This school isn't here
just for Dong-ku.

Please think
of the other student's parents.

I'm a student's parent, too.

Mr. Hur, he has nothing to learn here,
and we have nothing to teach him.

All he does at this school
is deliver water.

He can't catch up,
and just bothers the students.

Then beat him.

Isn't it the teacher's role
to discipline the kids?

My son loves going to school.

He likes it more than his home.

I don't care about his grades.
He can live without them.

You have to send him
to a special ed school.

- If he's with...
- Special ed school?

You think my son is
that special?

He's the same as the others.

He's not so smart,
but he's the nicest in town.

He's so nice
that he can't even harm a mouse.

You're wrong, Mr. Hur.

Your son put a frog
in the student's water.

I'm sorry.
I'll scold him for that.

Who can guarantee that he won't do
that kind of thing again?

I will, sir.

The other parents
are terribly upset over this.

Frog water won't kill anybody.

Mr. Hur, don't be
so unreasonable.


Stopping a student who wants
to go to school is unreasonable.

It's already been decided,
so please leave.

No, I won't send him away.

He'll keep going to this school.


I'm not going anywhere.
I'm here.

Did you like the chicken today?

Did your classmates like it?


Yeah, be nice to them.

And don't put frogs
in the water.

I love the pitcher.

Yes, you love the pitcher.

Dad, I'm finished.

Paper as long as your arm.

As long as my arm.

Fold it twice.




And good-bye.

And good-bye.

It's not here.

Where is it?

That water purifier
is much better than you.

Go find the pitcher.

You're still here?

Class monitor.



Thank you, teacher.

Get out of here!

Dong-ku, what's wrong?

Did your teacher make you upset?

Did you fight with anyone?

It's okay.
People sometimes fight.


Then be beaten.

It bled.

Did you beat him?

You beat him a lot?

Where does he live?

Let's go.

Let's go.

Don't tell your teacher
about this, okay?

Go. Go.

Dong-ku, where are you going?


What are you looking at?

Like it?

Like it?

Like it?

Stay away!

Do you like it?

Like the pitcher?


Hurry back with
the water, will you!

I'm coming!

Like it?

The pitcher? The pitcher?


Everyday pitcher?

Yeah, I'm an everyday pitcher!

I quit!

What the hell is this?
Am I their slave or something?

What are you doing, Gun-wook?

Bring the balls
and set up the fence.


The game is coming up soon,
so why quit now?

Think it over.
Is it that hard for you?

Hey! Byung-geun!

Think you'll be out of my sight?

I'll change schools!

Everybody in line!


- One.
- Two.

- Three.
- Four.

- Five.
- Six.

- Seven.
- Eight, count finished!

Man, how can we play
with just eight players?



Who are you?

My wife is driving me crazy.

Selling insurance is her job,
not mine.

You know
that I can't beg anybody.

Please apply
for one more coverage.

Have a conscientious, will you?

I envy you for not having a wife.

Stop drinking my beer.

Don't be so stingy
with the beer.

Dad! Dad!


Do you know what baseball is?

Do you know what a hit is?

You don't know anything
about baseball, do you?

I heard a lot about you,
Think you can play baseball?

Do you really want to play?



Go-hyun, keep folding your arms!
Move your elbow forward.

Throw it towards the chest.

Use your waist
as well as your arms!

Coach, please do something
about him!

Hey! Stop feeding them water!

Hur Dong-ku!



Your son has a lot of guts
unlike the other kids.

Does he really play baseball?

Hey, kids!
Freshen up with some water!

His strong passion
reminds me of myself long ago.

Park Chan-ho
also started his career like that.

I'm sure he'll be successful.

Can he keep being the waterboy?


Oh right,
it's only the beginning.

it's part of the basic training.

So you mean
that he may not be able to play?


Well, what I mean...

We all take turns.
Sometimes I do it, too.

So Dong-ku can still go to school
as long as he plays baseball, right?

Of course!

The other kids are already set
for middle school.

Dong-ku's going to be a main player
from the next game on.

Trust me, sir.

If you trust me,
nothing will go wrong.

Hey, kids! Drink some water!

Dong-ku is such a good runner.

It's very hard to run
with the pitcher like that.

Go Dong-ku!


Baseball! Baseball!


Who told you to kiss Mina?

I can't believe this.

Why are you shouting
at my son?

He kissed my daughter.

They're just playing around.

Playing around?

You little rascal.

heard you're on the baseball team.


Do you even know the rules?

You know
how complicated they are?

You can't do it.

Why not?

He's a good runner.

Running isn't enough
for baseball.

He'll practice.


You need to be smart
to play sports.

If you're stupid like Dong-ku,
you can't play at all.

What did you say?

Well, I mean...

Come here.

- Come here!
- Time to go.

What did you say?
Come here!

- You bastard!
- I said nothing!

Don't come back again,
you bastard!

let's go buy a uniform!

are you on the baseball team?

Do you know what baseball is?

Yeah, baseball.

- What can you do with your IQ?
- Don't kid yourself.


Kim Joon-tae,
why don't you play baseball, too?

If this idiot can do it,
you can, too.

Yeah, and what are partners for?

Try it.

Hey, he can't play baseball.

That's right.
He can't even run.

Then you can be his coach.

Coach Kim,
where are you going?

Going to train abroad?

Dong-ku, go to your coach!



Don't follow me.
I hate you.


Don't call me partner.

- Partner...
- Stay away from me!

Forty two, forty four.


Kim Joon-tae.

I told you to stay back.

You can't run
with a weak heart.

Stay back.

Bok-dong and Tae-hi,
get ready.

Dong-ku, come here.

Partner, aren't you running?

mind your own business.


you've already run a lap!

Come back here!

I told you to run one lap.

Didn't you hear me?

Yes, I did.

Then why did you run
one more lap?

It's for my partner.

Jeez, it's so hot.

Are you crawling around?

Delivery to Hyundai Villa 302.

- But I just came from there.
- Go now!

Am I your employee
or something?

Get the phone.

Hello, Mr. Hur's Chicken.


Three spicy chickens, okay.

Pay me by the day.

Know how much you
and your daughter eat a day?

Are you alone?
There's no table left.

Are you Mr. Hur?

Can I help you?

I'm the owner of your house,
and I put it up for sale.

I can't move out of here.

Since I put it out for a cheap price,
it'll be sold soon.

This house is originally mine.

I've lived here for 20 years.

To pay his wife's
hospital bills,

he sold it to your father
five years ago.

Your father promised
to sell it back to me later.

I know nothing about that
since I was in the States.

And you're not the owner.
Your father is.

After my father passes away,

I will be taxed for
any inheritance.

So I'm going to sell it
as soon as possible.


I told you to concentrate!


Hey! Leave the bat!

Where are you going?

Run to second base!

Hey! To second base!

Hey, stop!

Listen carefully.

This is first base.

This is second.

This is third.

And this is home.


There's no fourth.

Why not?

It's just the way it is,
so don't ask me that.

- Okay.
- Okay, buddy?

Okay, buddy.


When I hit it,
you run to home!

Run over here!
Okay, buddy?

Okay, buddy!

He has a good voice though.


Here it goes.

Okay, buddy?


- Sir?
- Hey!

What are you doing here?

I'm not here to see you.

- Sir?
- He's unconscious now.

- Sir, wake up!
- Leave.

How could you do this to me, sir?

- Keep your promise!
- Are you crazy?

You know my circumstances!

Get out!

What the hell are you doing?

Know what
that house means to me?

Then buy it yourself!

Buy it before something happens
to my father!

That's all you can do.

Hey! Dong-ku!


Dong-ku, are you okay?

- Dong-ku!
- Dong-ku!

Dong-ku, are you okay?

Dong-ku, say something.
Dong-ku! Dong-ku!

Hur Dong-ku!


Partner, water.

Dong-ku, are you really okay?

Okay, buddy.

Are you really okay, buddy?

Okay, buddy.

- Who's he?
- Partner!

Are you Dong-ku's class partner?


Dong-ku, that's enough for today,
so go home.

You, take Dong-ku home.

- Okay, buddy?
- Okay, buddy.

Is your head all right?


What are you so happy about?


Come in, it's okay.

Know how to play video games?

Do you like it?

Go ahead and eat.
Eat a lot until Dong-ku's dad comes.

Dong-ku hasn't come back yet?


There's nobody at school.

Don't worry so much.

Don't you worry about Mina
if she doesn't come home?

Mina often comes home late
after playing outside.

Dong-ku and Mina aren't
the same!

Take this.


See you later.





Come here quickly!

He's in the drain.

This is crazy.

Come on out, Dong-ku.

Why is he in there?

Probably to avoid the rain.
This happened many times before.

- Do something.
- He's not coming out.

What the hell's wrong with him?

Shut up! Get out of here!

This isn't some sideshow!
Back off!


Daddy's here.


It's all right.


Come to my house.


Hur Jin-gyu?

How do you feel?

A little better.

I injected a painkiller,
so you'll feel better soon.

Get some rest.

It's dark.

Of course it is,
it's still night.

Aren't you going to sleep?

Go to bed, please!

- Count the chickens.
- Chickens?

What for?

Count the chickens.

One chicken, two chickens,
like this?

They jump over the fence.

The fence?

The chickens jump over
the fence?

Why do they jump over the fence
at this hour?

Have you ever taken
a medical examination?


You said you've vomited
very often, right?

The results of your blood test
is very bad.

Please take a closer examination.

There's nothing wrong with me.

Please don't be stubborn
and listen to me.

I have neither time
nor money for it.

Please do an endoscopy
and biopsy.

- I said I don't need them!
- Mr. Hur!

You could have cancer.

Eat slowly.

Don't spill.

Good boy.

The pitcher throws the ball!
Hur Dong-ku swings!

Too bad, another strike.

Hur Dong-ku is struck out again.

- Yeah! Strike-out!
- Yeah! Strike-out!

Hey, Dong-ku.

If the ball hits the runner
on his way to first base,

is he out or safe?

I don't know.

Idiot, he's out.

What if he reaches first base
with the ball?

Is he out?


Idiot, he's safe.

How could you play baseball
without knowing that?

Hey, isn't he out?

I thought it was an out.

I think he's safe.

ask your coach about it.

Listen carefully, you idiots.

If the ball hits the runner,
it's still in play.

So he's safe.

If the ball reaches the base
at the same time, he's out?

No, he's always safe.

Since the runner is given priority
for first base,

he's safe.

Go! Kim Joon-tae!

You have an exam
on Monday, right?

- Yes!
- Yes!

Study hard.

And don't play computer games.


Is Dong-ku not allowed
to come again?

Didn't you hear me?
I told you we have an exam.

Dong-ku also has the right
to take the exam.

Kim Joon-tae,
what's wrong with you?

Is it right that he has to sacrifice
for the class's overall grade?


Kim Joon-tae!

Dong-ku will get a zero score.

Want our class to be the last
because of Dong-ku?

What's so good
about being first?

Kim Joon-tae,
this is why you have no friends.

- You realize that?
- Both of you sit down.

If Dong-ku can't take the exam,
I won't, either.

Kim Joon-tae!

If you stop him from coming to school,
I won't let it happen.

I'll reveal it on the Internet.

Partner, do I take the exam?

Can I come to school?

Come and take exams
from now on.

I like school.
I like the pitcher.

What's your favorite number?

Dong-ku got a 28!

Moon Bok-dong got 18!

Are you happy?
Are you happy?

I took an exam today.

I studied a lot.

I'm happy.

I'm happy...

Almost done.
Close your eyes.

Water's falling.

Feels so good.

Close your mouth.

- Close your eyes.
- My eyes burn.

- Don't move.
- My eyes burn.

Got to wash the soap off.


We need to wash off the soap.

come here and wash up!

Hey, Dong-ku.

I said to wipe your belly and back
after your arms.

Since water flows down,
you have to wipe from the top.

You need to get this right
to play baseball well.

Be the best baseball player, okay?

And grow very tall.

Stand by the wall.

You've gotten much taller.

Dong-ku, you've gotten
much taller.

Go put on your clothes.


Yes, my boy is amazing.

Go! Dong-ku!

If you stand there,
you'll get hit!

Can't you see that?

Dong-ku! Come here!

Okay, Dong-ku.

So you're planning to get hit
in order to walk, huh?

That's the attitude I like.

Okay, right here.
It doesn't hurt much here.

- Okay, buddy?
- Okay, buddy.

Get hit and walk to first base.
That's baseball.

Get hit here, okay?

Okay, buddy!


He's driving me crazy!

the principal wants to see you.

Why? What now?

Mr. Gwon.

How many players
do you have on your team?


No, eight.


Eight and a half.

You went to this school, right?

Just between us
fellow graduates...

You see those trophies
back there?

Hey, Coach.

Know what the parents
are saying about your team?

They're urging me to change it
into a soccer team.

Then just do it.


Think I'm enjoying this?

There's neither school support
nor any interest.

No one signs up anymore,
and the good ones all transfer.

Think I have no place to go
but this school?

Whether it's soccer or football,
do whatever you want!

Hey, you!

Check the website,
and see what's there!

Know what the parents wrote?

If you lose again,
your team will be gone!

Got that?

He always calls me
before the matches.

What? Check the website?

Buy me a computer first!

Damn, it's hot.

Hey, Dong-ku!

Hey, Waterboy!


I'll show you
what I'm made of.


None of you can go home
until Dong-ku makes a hit!

Okay, buddy?

Okay, buddy!

keep your eyes on the ball, okay?

Don't close your eyes!

I told you not to
close your eyes!

Swing it!


I'll throw the ball slowly.

So open your eyes
and focus on it, okay?

Okay, buddy!

Open your eyes, boy!

Keep looking at the ball.

Swing it, boy!

Don't close your eyes!


I didn't throw the ball!

Keep looking! Don't smile!

One more.

You're really pathetic.

Please come on in.

The house is connected
to the store.

So it's bigger than it looks.
Watch your step.

Put some sand here.

Look at that.

It's perfect for a cafe
if we remodel the place.

You have a great eye
for business.

Recently, people tend to like cafes
with an old antique look to it.

You can move out in
a month, right?

What the hell are you doing?

The faster you move out,
the better.

Who told you I will?

Can we move in soon?

Sure, no problem.

You want to sign for it now?

- The earlier, the better.
- Shall we?

- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.

- And the rest?
- I'll send it to you on-line.

- Great, thank you.
- Good-bye.

Thank you.

Mr. Lee.

What are you doing?

Mr. Hur, it's over.

I'll find a cheap place
for you.

I don't want another house!

I know that.

I know your situation very well.

That's why I sold it
at a high price before!

That's why I should buy it back!

You have money?

Bring me the money first.

Step aside.

Hey, what are you doing?
There's no use doing this!

Sign a contract with me!

You'll have to pay twice
with the penalty!

I'll pay twice, three times,
four times, whatever!

I'll buy it back!
It's my house!

Don't cancel it, Jin-gyu.

It's not worth it.

And all the money you saved
would go to waste.

No loan, no guarantee.

I can't even cancel
my insurance.

What the hell can I do now?

Who knows what will happen?

What if you got into
an accident?

Yes, the motorcycle.

You're delivering chicken
at night like this.

Suddenly, a big truck heads for you
and you smash into it.

You get nailed on the spot.

No matter how lucky you are,
at least your legs will be broken.

And you'd have to walk Dong-ku,
crippling like this.

Why are you talking nonsense?

Don't bother your wife
while she's doing business.

What kind of
business crap is that?


Yeah, since I met
a crappy husband,

everything I do is crap.

What have you done for me
ever since we got married?

Did I say anything wrong?

- Or what if someone got cancer?
- Why cancer?

What's the insurance for?

To use it at times like these.

If you're diagnosed with cancer,
you'll get covered for all the costs.

Worth at least 100 million won.

- What do you know, you moron?
- Moron?

You have no respect!

Now you want respect
from me?

Then make money.

Open a tiny store
like this at least.

Forget the respect!
Go back to your business!

You drive me crazy.

- You're out.
- What?

You've struck out.

I'm not out.

This is crazy.

I said you're out!

You're out. Step off.

Move, idiot!

Hey, Dong-ku.

You can't play baseball
as long as you close your eyes.

Don't come tomorrow.

I want you off the team,
so leave.

And no more Waterboy
for you, got it?

Twist your waist some more.

When you swing,
lock your legs to the ground.

Coach, let me teach him baseball.


My heart is too weak to run.

But I can teach him baseball.

Let me teach him baseball.

First base.

First base.

Second base.

Second base.

Third base.

Third base.

Fourth base.

This is home.


Fourth base is home.

- Home.
- Home.

If you go around once to home,
you'll get one point.

This is baseball.

Don't get an out.
You must be safe.

If you come back home safe,
you'll get one point.

Partner, what's 'out'?

Out is death.

If you're thrown out of this team,
that's an out.

If you're thrown out of this school,
that's an out.

You want to hit the ball,
but you can't.

I want to run, but I can't.

These are all outs.


You see your school?


Go straight to the left,
and see a big street, right?


Next to it is the store
where you buy your ice cream.

- Yeah, I see it.
- And keep going.

You'll see our house.


Right there.

- There?
- Yeah.

No, there?

Can't you see it?

- Where?
- Come here.

Look over there.
There's our house.

I see it! Our house!

- See it?
- Yeah, our house.

It's our house.

Yeah, our house.

You've taken it all already?
Don't take too much of it.

What should I do
if I want to get cancer?

Darn it.

What? Cancer?

To prevent cancer, no burned food,
no stress, no cigarettes.

But they're not
all the causes for cancer.

If all drinkers get liver cancer,
and all smokers get lung cancer,

everyone would have cancer.

It all depends on one's destiny.

you don't smoke, right?

Guess you won't have to worry
about lung cancer.

Put your hands together
and hit harder!

Hit harder!

Dong-ku! Harder!

Think of it as the ball
and hit it!

Hit it harder!

Harder! Harder!

People make a fool out of you,
but you do nothing.

Going to live
like that forever?

Hit it! I said hit it!


If you can't do this,
you'll lose the water pitcher,

and get thrown out of school,
you dummy!

Open your eyes!

I said open your eyes!

No time for any water!
We have a match soon!

Back to your position!

Move the bat a little!
It's a bunt!


Yeah, bunt!

Don't swing. Just move it.

When the ball comes,
just put the bat in its way!

That's a bunt!


You're a good runner,
so just bunt to first base.

Don't be afraid.
You can do it.

It's okay. Open your eyes.

Don't be afraid.
Just move it a little.

Do as I tell you.

One strike is okay!


Two strikes are okay!


But the next is out!

You got it?

This is it! This is a bunt!


Yeah, bunt!






I like bunt.

You like bunt?
You want to do it again?


I like bunt.

Bunt it.


The breathing will get harder,
so breathe in slowly.

- Breathe in.
- Slowly...

Breathe in slowly.

Please relax.

Sir, it's me, Dong-ku's dad.

Remember me?

My son is very nice,
but he's a little slow.

I don't care that he's illiterate,
but he has no sense of direction.

It took me three years to teach him
the way home from school.

It's morning for my son
when the sun shines on the house.

He goes to school when the sun
rises up to the upper terrace.

My son can't live
anywhere else.

He can't even poo
anywhere else.

You know,
my son plays baseball.

As long as he plays baseball,
he can go to school.

In order to go to school,
he has to live in our house.

Sir, I'll buy it back before long,
so don't pass away.

Be strong.

We've done our best.

I don't know if you knew this,

but the means is more important
to me than the end.

But through our bitter losses
for the past three years,

I've learned the hard way

that my philosophy
doesn't fit with baseball.

I have good news though.

According to what I've heard,
our opponent is very nervous now.

The reason is...

It's because of Dong-ku.

They think that Dong-ku
could be a secret weapon.


- Dong-ku!
- Yes!

Chew it.

No, Dong-ku.

Make the ugliest face possible.



And fold your arms.

No, put one in.

Shake your leg like this.

No, shake just one leg.

Do it, good.

Whenever the opponent looks at you,
do what I told you.

- Okay, buddy?
- Okay, buddy.




- Yeah!
- Yeah!

And begin!

Nice batter! Nice batter!
Pitcher baby! Catcher baby!

The ball is good!
I like the ball!

Nice batter! Water-batter!
Pitcher baby! Catcher baby!

The ball is good!
I like the ball!

This is great!

Water-batter! Water-batter!
Water, water, water-batter!

Nice batter! Water-batter!
Pitcher baby! Catcher baby!

The ball is good!
I like the ball!

This is great! Water-batter!

- Dong-ku!
- Dad!

Do it right!

More strength in the legs!


Spread your legs!


Shake one knee!

- Shake!
- One, two!

Nice batter!
Nice batter! Water-batter!

Fold your arms! Nice batter!
Nice batter!

Nice batter! Water-batter!

Lift your jaw!

The ball is good!
I like the ball!

The other way!

Nice batter! Nice batter!

Nice batter! Nice batter!
Nice batter! Water-batter!

Nice batter! Nice batter!
Nice batter! Water-batter!

Nice batter! Nice batter!
Nice batter! Water-batter!

Go to sleep.

Aren't you sleepy?


You have the match tomorrow,
so go to sleep.

Close your eyes,
and I'll count the chickens.

One chicken jumps over
the fence.

Two chickens jump over
the fence.


Don't the chickens come home?


If they come home,
they can get one point.


I'll count them again.
Close your eyes.

One chicken comes home.

Two chickens come home.

Three chickens come home.

Four chickens come home.

Five chickens come home.

Six chickens come home.

Play! Play! Sadong!

Play! Play! Sadong!

Look at our son.



It's hot today,
so take care of yourselves.

Sadong attacks first.

This is a preliminary match,
so don't play too hard.

Both of you make fine plays,
and be safe.

Okay, let's go.

Play ball!

- Victory!
- Go team!

Let's go boys.

Grab your gloves.

Dong-ku! Get out of there!

Coach Kim,
take care of your player.

Gather around!

Dong-ku! Come here!

We have to win this game!

We have to win this game!

Nice batter! Nice batter!
Pitcher baby! Catcher baby!

The ball is good!
I like the ball!

Water-batter! Water-batter!
Water, water, water-batter!

Let's go!


I told you I can go alone.

Are you going on some date?

Get in.

Let's go.

Catch it! Catch it!
He should've caught it.


Good job! Good job!

You're doing great!

We got two outs. One more.

- What are you waiting for?
- Dong-ku!

- Good job!
- Out!

Okay, buddy!

Change the position!


Thank you.

What are you doing there?



Jin-gyu, never give up.

I'll pray for you.

I'll pray that you'll be fine.

I mean I'll pray...


It's like...

I can't believe
this is happening to us.


It's a good play! Good!

Strike one!

Strike two!

You're out!

Sadong 3 Jinbuk 0

Mr. Hur Jin-gyu!

Mr. Hur Jin-gyu!

Mr. Hur Jin-gyu?

Mr. Hur Jin-gyu?

Mr. Hur Jin-gyu, are you here?

Good! Good!

We can do it!
We're almost there!

Water-batter! Water-batter!
Water, water, water-batter!

- Go! Go! Go!
- Hey, are you Water-batter?

Go! Go! Go!

What did they say?


What happened?


What shall I do?

I don't have cancer.


I told you.

That's great news.

You don't have cancer,
so why are you crying?

Don't cry!

Is cancer a lottery or something?

Stop it!

You, psycho.

We're losing by only three points.
We can win this game.

- We can do it, right?
- Yes...

- Can we?
- Yes!




It's safe!

No catch! Safe!

Sadong 7 Jinbuk 6


Coach, please stop.

Time out!

A hit can make us win.

Win this game
and let's go eat some pizza.

- Coach.
- Yeah, what?

My stomach hurts, I can't.


How come you're suddenly sick?

I'm really sick.


Yes, that's it!

Coach, please switch me.

We have no relief.

If you make a hit this time,
you'll be a hero.

If not, I'll be a traitor.

Yeah! Okay, buddy!

Isn't he coming?

Yes, he's coming!


Just make a hit, okay?

Go! Go!

You can do it!

Nice batter! Nice batter!

Nice batter! Nice batter!
Nice batter!

Ball one!

What's he doing?
Pitch it right!

Ball two!


Ball three!

Ball four! Walk to first!

Dong-ku, listen carefully.

You want to keep being
Waterboy, huh?



You keep the pitcher,
and I keep my job.

We're at the bottom
of the sixth inning.

Two outs and bases are loaded.

The real game starts now.

Okay, buddy?

Okay, buddy.

Yeah, okay, buddy.

- Okay, buddy!
- Okay, buddy!

Go! Go! Go!


Jinbuk! Slogan!

Nice batter! Nice batter!
Pitcher baby!


Nice batter! Nice batter!
Water-pitcher! Water-pitcher!

Stop it!

Shut up!


Hit, please!

Strike two!

Time out!

Who told you to call time out?

What will you do?

Yes, time out.


Partner, I'm afraid.

Remember how, right?


Game's over.

Safe! Safe!


Dad, I'm home!
I got one point!

Good job, Dong-ku!
You're the best!

First base!

Second base!

Third base!

Here's your chicken.

I grilled it perfectly.
Come again, okay?

Very nice.

This store's not bad.
And there's a stream.

The sign still needs to change.



Was it hard getting home?

Did you follow the pictures?

Good job.
I've been waiting for you.

Change the sign.

Shut up!

Go play Dong-ku.