Bunraku (2010) - full transcript

In a world with no guns, a mysterious drifter, a bartender and a young samurai plot revenge against a ruthless leader and his army of thugs, headed by nine diverse and deadly assassins.

Long before the dawn of men...

Strife was already a major
component of life.

Wherever a creature shared
a piece of land with another...

It was just a matter of time...

until a struggle full resources
would ensue you.

Men was no different. Showcasing a
perverse fascination with violence.

Men and civilization brought forth more
innovative ways of taking human lives.

Than any other function needed for

There are more ways of killing a

Than there are ways of making

Or making love.

Where the latter 2 are quite
limited in scale...

Man has gone beyond imagination...

With his capacity to destroy life.

With one push of a button.

Between uncontrolled crime in the

And escalating war in the

It was all just a matter of time.

From the ashes a new world was

The surviving nations finally
realised that...

Men's unstoppable appetite for

Must be contained.

A ban on all firearms was strictly

And just as a sword gave way to the

The gun gave way to the sword.

Leaving the authorities to carry
the hope of their nations...

On a tip of a spear...

Little did they know that the self
destructive nature of men...

Could never be stopped.

There's not enough love in this

Not enough money to prevent this ancient
circle from coming around again.

When the time is ripe...

Evil will rise.

Personified in our case...

With a wood cutter.

Nicola is his name.

And this is his town, his land.

The God forsaken place where our
tale begins.

And as many ways as there are of
killing a man...

There are equally as many ways of
telling this old tale of strife.

Ladies and gentlemen!

Welcome to our show, the town's
midnight main event.

The occasional challenges are
already underway.

On one side in the gray suit, red
hat, is Killer # 2.

Representing the colossal
undefeated gang...

Along with 20 soldiers from their
red army.

On the roof, all in gray, a scout from
the proletarian league of defense...

And on the far side, in menacing
militant led by Valentine...

On the contenders of the hour...

Behold, men...

The buffoon who calls himself
Killer # 2.

Are you here for the ball,
my friend?

'Cos we're here to challenge Nicola's
reign in the name of the people!

20 men is the unwritten law
of this land.

So any gang in the province has a chance to
challenge The Woodcutter and take the town.

But as the leader
of the biggest gang...

and the cold often exceeds
the sporting gesture...

by sending only 1 killer
to defend his crown...


You can roll the dice and die with
your men or...

Take the safe bat and come back to
work for Nicola.

All this will be forgotten.

Even the buffoon part.

You want me to work for a

I call myself a killer win me a

How about...

Killer # 1?

What should we do with him?

Kill them all.

Another gang, another night,
another fight.

And when will the wind
bring a real challenge?

Ask the most powerful man
east of the Atlantic.

Rest assured, his wish will be

But although our villain is constantly
challenged in his own quarters...

It is quite unlikely that his world
order will be shaken from within.

For such a dramatic change to

An outside intervention is needed.

An intervention brought about by
some means of transportation...

Many a time... a train.

Much like this one.

And as always the case with such

There should be at least one silent
stranger aboard.

Or two.

But for now...

Mark the red suit.

Walking under the train with the
confidence of an oppressor.

Mark the gray people.

Cowering in their seats.

Mark a lawless town silently crying
for a hero.

You remind me of someone.

A good man.

He also had very quick hands.

A friend of mine recommended that I
come here.

I'm looking for a game of cards.


They're not in dope city anymore.

No cards here.

No gambling of any kind.

- You killed him.
- What was their prize on his head?

- No bounties here, Mister.
- No gambling?

No bounties?

What's alone man to do?

I'd say he's worth about a

That's a hundred each.

You're out of your fucking mind!

That's two thousand.

That's about nine ways.

That doesn't quite go in, does it?

Friday nights at the Russian

But it will cost you a fortune to
play in this game.

What's a fortune?

That thing that awaits you at the
end of the road, son.

I ain't your son.


I brought money.

They own this town.. If they want

They take it.

Just tell me.

Where can I find them?

Did somebody die?

Not yet. But the prospects seem

Yoshi is here at your Uncle's

This is my father's dying wish.

The 'Dragon' is just a piece of

Let me take you down to the market.

We can copy the medallion.

Your father won't know the

An honorable man...

Knows the right path.

Don't you think?

I am not like my father.

Not yet, you're not.

With violence.

For me...

Life is about...

The perfection of Jin.

Then you shouldn't have come here.

Enter Red Suits.

Red Suits.

Good evening. Can I help you?

Out of the 7 codes of Bushido. Jin
is the toughest one to master.

If only because a compassionate
warrior is contradictory in turns.

But Yoshi, perhaps despite his

He's made Jin his purpose.

And it's a purpose that makes
strong a vow...

At least strong enough... until

Do they know you're here?

I ordered the Japan for this month.

We came... for fish.

So why don't you run along to the
kitchen and I'll...

Chop off some.

Go on.

Chop chop!

Life... every man holds dear.

But the dear man holds honor, far
more precious than dear life...

Especially if that man happens to
be Japanese.


This is what Jin is all about!

Get out!



They have an office in the meat

You wanna speak to Eddie.

If things don't go well...

There's a bar in Little West-world.

You may be able to buy some
information there.

Things never go well before first
going wrong.

And then getting worse.

Which is one of many lessons our
silent drifter's been hearing...

For as long as he can remember.

- So, Mister, where to?
- Russian Roulette.

You're from out of town.

Aren't you?

Hold your head up high, keep your
eyes on the prize.

Never let your guard down.

The world is filled with bad

Hey, Mister, looking for a good


Hey! Where do you think you're

I'm looking for a game of cards.

Keep looking.

If you play your cards right...

You'll always be quicker on the


But live nonetheless.

She said every night.

Before putting him to sleep.

And he listened.

And she sung him a lullaby.

Can I help you?

What's behind the door?

- it'll cost you.
- How much?

$50, 000.


Got anything else of value?

Diamonds? Drugs?


My life.


This is the headman personal game.

No exception to the rule.

Is he here tonight?


Every Friday.

He hasn't missed a game in 10

Vote For the General!

Come on, come on, let's go.

Thank you very much for your
continued support!


So far, so good.

It's like kind ways or right way?

Or so it seems.

Out east, in the forest...

In between caves, cliffs and

The camp... the mansion...

The training grounds...

Red suits and killers are more
troubled to be found...

From a dragon for help.

We've only just begun.

It's Eddie, he said it was urgent.

Yeah, number 2, Eddie here, Sir.

It's a beautiful day, Eddie.

The birds are chirping.

There's a strange man here, Sir.

An oriental.

The birds, Eddie, they're chirping.

He says he wants to offer a trade.

- A what?
- Exactly.

Now, we had a little incident last

Some of our boys got beat up pretty
bad at a Japanese restaurant.

Does he look Japanese?

He looks fishy.

Fishy fish...

Hm-hm... Don't you think it's odd,

- Odd?
- Yeah.

Singing dogs are odd, Eddie.

An oriental stranger who's beating
up your men is not odd.

In the worst case, he's an
intriguing problem.

- Your problem.
- Yes, yes, I...

Great. Now, Eddie...

If you interrupt me like this

You will see the edge of my

Literally speaking of course...

Ah, of course, Sir.




Come.. Sit here.

- What's this?
- Just a precaution.

We've had quite a few mercenaries
come to town lately.

Every small syndicates think they
could just muscle in...

And take over the land.

We have to deal with 5 challenges
in the last 2 months alone...

Now, even the workers are
fantasizing it.

Almost like 16th century Japan

- Almost.
- Exactly.

What's your story, Yoshi? Who sent

Tokyo Yakuza?

I'm a villager.

My family will pay a lot of

For a... a dragon.


Hey, hey, hey...

Listen... I'm not looking for a

Passing the journey. If any of your
men identifies it...

He can make a lot of money.

An interesting character, Yoshi.

Next time, be a little more

Run ahead. Avoid unnecessary
trouble and most importantly...

Stay away from Japanese

A villager, huh?

Yoshi, Yoshi, Yoshi...

You're good.

But you can't beat me with a stick.

I'm giving you... one... last...

Red Sake.

Just give me Whiskey.

- What kind?
- Any kind.

How much is it?


For a glass?

You said any kind.

Very much.

A man needs a hobby.

- Mine's pop-up funnies.
- Pop-up funny?


- it's for children.
- No.

It's for people with imagination.

It's the myth of Arachhidiz.

In his youth, Arachhidiz falls into a
hidden cave and gets beaten by an arachnid.

An arachnid is... a spider.

Anyhow... as he grows older...

Arachhidiz realizes
the bite gave him special powers.

Spiders don't have special powers.

They walk on the walls.

- Funny.
- No.

Arachhidiz uses his newly obtained

To get far stronger enemies.

He realizes that his new power gives
him a responsibility to fight.

For the greater good.

And the weak men's freedom.

So, it's a story about personal

And then some...

- Why don't you drink the drink?
- The truth is...

I didn't really come here for the

I had a feeling you were gonna say

I'm looking for some information.

About a guy.

Named Nicola.

Good luck, friend.

Good timing.

Figured it was time for a drink.

Well, this one's on the house.

Who are you?

Either a friend or a foe.

Depends on who's looking.

- I'm looking.
- Maybe you should look somewhere else.

Something on your mind?

$48, 000 something to be exact.

Well, this might be your lucky

'Cos this fine gentleman here is
looking to buy some information.

About a fella named Nicola.

You think you might be able to help
him out?


You know this man?

What if I do?

I need to find him.

I need a loan..

Two days and I'll have it back to
you with interest.

After that...

I'll see what I can do.

What's in it for me?


And the ultimate power of my
negotiating skills.

[Yoshi Speaking in Japanese]

Are you gonna tell me what that means
or are you gonna leave me guessing?

It means you are...

A liar.

And a cheat.

And I don't see howl need you to
negotiate for me.

You guys wanna fight... Take it

The good mentor... Never forces
himself on the unprepared.

Steady opens the door...

And waits for the rain to push them
into his warm embrace.

Bravo! Bravisimo!

I'm sorry.

She said she'd tell Nicola I tried
to rape her.

You know me, I pay on time.


I found them in the back.

Messing with the ladies.

What did I tell you?

You know how she is.

Leave them alone! You degenerate

You don't run me.

You don't tell me what to do.

Take her to the camp.

Have them wash her down.

And get her ready.

You're nothing, but a dog.

Nicola's little poodle.

Your time is coming, pooch.

And I promise I'll be there when
you're finally stiff.

What about them?

It's not their fault our boss has
poor taste in women.

But, then again...

Someone has to take responsibility
for this fiasco.

Fix your hair.

Sword. rd.

A pure soul is like pure water.

And pure water has no shade and no

It only reflects what it stands
next to.

It's dirt, wind, and salt that
gives it character.

You don't understand. There's evil
inside me and it's kicking.

Life is tough.

But you've done well for yourself,

Why beat yourself up?

I could've been decent, Lady.

I could've been someone's woman.

And instead, I chose to be
someone's whore.

Good work.

We'll call it...


Cowboy and a world without guns

A samurai with no swords.

Team up to defeat...
A common evil.

What's wrong?

You don't wanna be just paper
tiger, huh?

You both fail to understand the
symbolic element...

Of good versus evil enhanced
through the embodiment...

Of the most ancient of human

Which is what?

To be the most powerful motherfucker
on the face of the planet.

There's no such thing.

There's always someone more
powerful than you.

That is a smart smart line coming
from a young young mind.

But, I was speaking metaphorically.

People need someone to look up to.

A hero is not always the strongest

Sometimes it's just the guy who
leads the way.

Sometimes it's just the guy who
serves the drinks.

I used to believe that once and it
nearly cost me my life.

What happened?

You're still alive.

He took pity on me.

Recon circumstances.

But I went from alive and kicking
to alive and limping.

- And it taught me a great lesson.
- Great lessons.

Are often found in defeat.

Love is temporary.

Hope is eternal.

There is no hope, everything is a

You know..
Life is not all about fighting.

Come on now, you know that ain't

I can see it in your eyes.


Guess we're up.

I can't loan you the money.

I'm sorry.

These are tough times to trust a

But let me warn you.

If you get in my way before I
finish what I came here to do...

That goes the same for you.

So, he lives in a countryside.

And the name's Nine Killers are
like some ancient clan.

- Killers? - When Nicola first came to
power, he led a small gang of only 9 men.

And they became known as The

No matter how big Nicola grew, no
matter how powerful he became...

He always continued to keep 9
killers around him.

When one dies or retires...

Nicola inducts a new no. 10 in his

And if they want to advance in the

They fight between themselves.

Like vicious watchdogs...
they are his close circle.

His elite force.

These guys are always with him in
his mansion.

And the rest? The Red Suits?

Well, they keep alert at camp.

Where they're all seduced in

Rumor has it, he's got his own
little army out there.

Where is this place?

It's out east in the forest.

Past the mountains.

And between caves and cliffs
and waterfalls.

Nobody knows exactly.

Those who belong, would never talk.

And those who don't...
know better to even ask.

And to top it all off...

No one actually knows what he looks like.
He never shows his face in public.

He never goes some?

People here only know him by his

What costume?

Long black cape...

And a broad brimmed hat.

Angel of death.

Symbolic to some.

- We're here, Sir.
- Send her in.

Look how beautiful you are.

I remember the day I first laid
eyes on you.

You remember that day?

One might say...

You possess a great enthusiasm.

The opportunity to escape a life of

It puzzles me.

10 years, you've been looked upon as
nothing but a cold high prized whore.

And yet...

I'd be sitting next to you,
unbeknownst to the onlookers.

And I would marvel at your smile
the most.

As if you possess some higher truth
about life.

Truth only shared by the strongest
of men.

And the most beautiful of women.

Was I imagining that?

So why do you look so miserable

At the very moment when I'm about
to bestow upon you?

The eyes of a man can bestow on a

At the very moment when the world
is about to see...

That you are much more than a whore
to me.

If I wanted to be that...

I would've stayed where you found

I'm not getting any younger,

A man of my age, my position...

Starts to think about what he's
going to leave behind.

Graveyards filled with monuments...

- in your honor?
- No.

After 10 years, a woman like you...

alive, can be a killer heels
for a man like me.

If I was to think...

That there was nothing left to

Out of our dearing relationship...

it's now time what I might be prone
to do.

Do it.

No bundle of joy is worth this much

What do you want from me?

I wanna love you as a free woman.

There are men trying to get me in
every corner.

And you are my woman.

You're the most powerful man east
of the Atlantic.

- What are you so worried about?
- You know I once killed a man...

After a duel...

And with his dying breath, he said
something to me.

And I'll never forget.

There's always someone more
powerful than you.

What are you covering your eyes

- The oriental, Sir.
- He wouldn't talk?

We didn't even get to that, Sir.

I see.

Well, I'm sure you did the best you

This is a private party.

Now, Eddie, does his edge look

He just put something in his eye.

Sir, the chief of police is here.

They're all watching us.

There is an oriental ninja
motherfucker walking around town...

Beating up my men.

I don't know if he's here for
Nicola or what his story is.

But considering you couldn't claim
it, I figure it best...

That I would have find out myself.


You hear that?


My bed's calling me.

- You have a lady in the house?
- Not anymore.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

All loans...

About all capitalism strange bed


She found a better provider.


Have you decided what you're gonna

I never wanted to come here.

It's my father.

He insisted.

And I had to respect his wish.


My father is a great man.

Then why would he send you on a mission
that had so much parallel line in its past?

Hey, you, are you the oriental who
calls himself Yoshi?

Mister... you just attacked
4 police officers.

It's me.

Our new friend...

He's in prison.

They're probably working him over
right now.

I thought you'd like to know.

You have a car?

Don't... look... down.

Keep your head up high.

Hold your eyes on the prize.

There is a time to fall.

And time to rise.

Happy Birthday, fucker.

Hey, hey, stop! Stop!


Hold it right there!

Somebody call for a getaway car?



They drugged him.

He's not as bad as he looks.


How can we ever repay you?

Oh, uh...

Ask him, I only drove the car.

Well, thank you for driving the

Thank you.


Little girl.

It's only a loan.

Why don't you wait 'til he wakes

Don't dishonor us, Momoko.

I don't trust him.

This man saved your cousin.


I don't seek much pleasure.

From the duel other than the...

Occasional visit from Alexandra.

This precious little entertainment
in my life anymore.

One lousy restaurant I like in this
whole God forsaken town.

One card game I attended...

Not much enjoyment.

For the man who has everything.

I can't go out and have a decent
meal now and again.

Have a card game.

In my own club.

Once a week.

Where's the joy in my existence?

When I put you in charge of my

It wasn't a contract for life.

Who was responsible for being
punished, Sir.

Don't do that.

Not in front of a lady.

Our new problem is actually affiliated
with your favourite restaurant, Sir.

It turns out that the owners have a


These men, in the box, they kind of
attacked him.

And then, at the Sheriff's office, they also
attacked him, they thought he was Yakuza.

- And?
- Well, he beat them all pretty bad...

So I told the Police Chief about it
and they locked him up.

- And?
- Some guy broke in last night.

Beat the men and checked him out.


The Japs obviously closed down
their restaurant, Sir.

Sir, about this game tonight...

Good luck.

We don't usually let strangers in
this game.

But you got our boss so curious.

The boss?

My assistant will be playing for
me. I hope you don't mind.

We play straight poker.

Any questions?

We play.

$5,000 a bet.

So why don't we all introduce

Wouldn't want our new friend here
to think us rude.

Deputy Major, nice to meet you.

Chief of Police.


I'm the Head of the Workers Union.

Quiet impressive bunch was around
wants a card table.

Things are supposed to be pretty
hunky dory in this puppet town.

From where I'm looking.

You know who I am?

Nicola The Woodcutter.

Most powerful man east of the

Never lost a game or a duel.

That's right.


- Two.
- So, who would you be?

I'm just passing through.




Flush, diamonds, queen on top.


Five thousand.

Full house.



I exceed your five thousand.

You play a tough game, Mister Just
Passing Through.

Sure you wanna do that?

I just did.

Playing with a full deck?

I think so.




Let's take a peek.

Of course.

No need to be aggressive.

You wouldn't happen to have a wrap
it up your sleeve now, would you?

Just a left.

From now on, you make sure you keep
your hands on the table.


I guess I'd better be going.

Yes, me too.

You ready to cash in?

I think I like you, Mister Just
Passing Through.

I haven't lost a game of cards in a
curious age, but then again...

I haven't had this much fun,

So on the face, all the answers.


I won't feel I've earned it
until I play face to face.

That would be a challenge,
would it?

Call it what you will.


The square.




Let him leave in peace.

I'll be waiting.


A hundred years ago...

My great grandfather came here to
fight in the war.

He died in one of the toughest

And our clans, Cha-Hawk.

A medallion.

A golden dragon medallion.

Passed down from generation to

Was stripped away from him.

Father and I saw it a few weeks

In one of Nicola's men in our

A big man with a big mustache.

You didn't happen to see anyone...

Wearing a golden medallion, did

Nothing rings a bell.

You're lying.

You should teach her to cook.

This medallion,

What's so special about it?

You wouldn't understand.

I guess I wouldn't.

I'm telling you there is something
in the air.

Both of these... characters running
around men are falling off fast.

So let me nip it.

Men like us... Number 2...

Why is it that we fight?

It's about how thin the air is at
the point of dying.

It's about how it feels to... breathe
even if it's only for a split second.

Fair enough.

You can reach this for this is

Not so to hope.

Number 4 will be watching you

We want to know who he is.

You can bring him back in pieces
for all I care...


- A lot for this.
- That's what we do.


# Stay inside. #

# I can help you. #

# You can help me more
by staying safe. #

# I know this town inside out. #

# Take her. #

# You ruined my business...
My home. #

# We have to hide here
like stray dogs. #

# Last week you almost
got yourself killed. #

# Is that not enough? #

# Or won't you rest until Momoko
follows in your footsteps? #

# I have an 'obligation'. #

# You don't owe anything
to this man. #

# He is a foreigner. #

# What happened to you? #

# Where is your pride.
Your honor? #

# Honor? #

# You stay here another day... #

# And someone is going o die. #

# Yoshi... #

# Your father #

# Didn't send you here... #

# For a medallion. #

# He sent you here... #

# To become a man. #

# His kind of man. #

# And this path. #

# Though glorified. #

# Leads only to destruction! #

Take off your hat.

Bad hand.

Bad timing.


That's what it's all about.

You duck keep hunch you stay alive.

Don't look at the cards big boy.

Nobody's that good.

Who's the fucker now?

Hey Mister!

Nicola asked me to inform you...

That if you really wanna beat the

You first must beat the odds.

The first drop of blood changes

Carrying an undeniable intention...

It is always a painful reminder that a
violent solution can never be realised.

Without putting one's life at

Where is he?

He's gone.

# Step aside. #

Nicola loves your restaurant
old man.

Likes those fish.

But me I'm a vegetarian.

Now where is Yoshi?

# Father! #

# Father! #

# Like an aged tree... #

# Which yields no blossoms. #

# Cheerful my life has been. #

# Bearing but a single fruit. #

You know kid I think I should keep
some of it for later hey?

I got me a little genius intrigue
has given me one...

Hot idea.

One more.

You wanna know what took me so

Not really.

Time to go gents!

Pull over.

What are you talking about? They're
right behind us.

The only place we're going in this
car is to a lamp post.

Never underestimate the power of
these wheels.



Play time is over kids.

Take it easy.

It's time to face the killers.

Time to man up.

Good luck gents.

Which one do you want?

I'd better take the swordsman.

Wait Momoko and your uncle
are they still at the hotel?


Momoko! Uncle!

My uncle... is dead.

Momoko... is gone.

This is not the way.

This is the only way.

They've got your cousin now.

And we can't kill what we can't


I think it's time you gentlemen...

Meet the general.

Get her ready for me.

Don't be afraid.

He may walk like a cock...

And talk like a cock...

And look like one too but from what
I hear...

it's all for compensation.

That's the spirit!

See tomorrow love...

I got a quick errand to run
a little thing called... death to deliver.


There's no messengers.

It delivers itself.

Usually in the most adequate way
when dealing with impersonators.

I bet that sounds much better in

Number 4 and 7 are dead Sir.

I couldn't fall asleep tonight.

That stranger was right.

I should've taken the risk.

As wrong fat and Lazy.

You mean... this card game?

I know what you're thinking.

You're thinking you'll stop them in
the cab.

They'll come for her and for me.

And you'll stop it right there.

Do you know what you want?

I don't know if you're trying to
protect me...

Or replace me...

Number 2.

- I would never...
- Never what?

You're just about running the show
right now.

The only difference is...

The risk is still on my head.

What do you think?

You want a shot at the title?

I didn't get to be who I am by

The costume is just a device to
prolong my rule.

Costumes never age.

People do.

You know...

There's a part of me...

And kill you all.

And that there's no one left for
them to fight but me.

And then if I die...

It will be like I always thought it
would be.

In battle.

While I'm still craving life.

Well they won't get pass the camp.

We'll see.

Either way...

You're staying with me.

How much longer?

A couple of hours.

You still haven't told me...

Why are you here?

I didn't come for some necklace.



Some people die for that rag
they call a flag.

Some die for a line in a map...

Some die for a necklace...

Others die for revenge.

But freedom...

Now there's an idea
you can sell to the people.

They call themselves the
proletarian league of defense.

- Who are they?
- Business owners sick of being extorted...

Angry fathers worried about their

Men and women who are all frustrated
by the incompetence of the law.

They come from all over.

Secretly trained here...

And they are finally ready to

We need information and weapons and
that's it.

Nicola has 120 men down there.

Now that's a lot to handle
even for the both of you.

There is only one man...

and it's gonna be a hell of a lot easier
to get through...

without this circus sluggish town.

What about my cousin?

Same goes for her.

What about them?

What about them?

Right now... They're your only chance
at a new beginning.

Excellent timing.

That's what every great military
leader needs.

A sense of timing.

The general is the only one who
knows the secret passages...

To the camp and cliff.

But he vowed he would never tell.

Before the right time came.

This is the right thing to do.

I'm not leading this army of clowns...
to the grim labor.

They've already made their choice.

Now you need to make yours.

Walk away and you may never find


They robbed my family of

They killed my uncle.

And still have my cousin.

And the man who leads them must
have done something to you.

We can end this!

Gangbusters huh?

Alright coaches.

Stop it.

You fool don't you want to live?

I'd rather die.

Let's give it a rest.


That's what we all should've done.

Get out!

Just get out!




- # Cousin.
- You okay? #

I'm fine.

Got a hundred men behind you now.

He could wait...

Eventually he'll have to come down.

All I want is my piece
of the bargain.

Some bargain.


There's a waterfall...

Straight up this road.

Can't miss it, just...
walk through.

He would've been proud of you,
you know.

When I was a kid
he was around, but...

He was a legend here.

You still want to get yourself killed
for some necklace?

Revenge is an act of style.

For all practical matters...

No one is known to come back
from the dead.

After being avenged
in the name of justice.

However so men can fight anything
but his nature.

An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth will
forever make better grammatical balance.

By turning the other cheek.

Up they go.

To face their own destiny.

Step by step.

Groan by groan.

Four down...

Six to go...

For Nicola and his killers.

To be no more.

He's mine.

I'd cook your own
yellow tail sushi roll.

Pretty optimistic aren't you?

To be worried about your mustache
when you're about to lose your head.

Been waiting long.

Who are you?

A son.

A friend.

A brother what does it matter?

It matters not if you die.

But if you live and not tell then in
years if you stab me in the back...

Unlike you I've never stabbed
anyone in the back.

You wanna kill a man like me son...

You'd better stab me in the back.

That's the catch.

Honorable men... well they die

But they fear dying.

It's men like me who survive.

And conquer.

Men like me who understand the fight is not
about who's right but about who's lived.

You see this hand son?

These hands have taken the lives of
a hundred men.

These eyes have seen the last breaths
heavy from a hundred chests.

And these feet...

Have stood over a hundred fools...

Who thought they were gonna kill

But my heart is still pounding.


For the day when it meets its

I thought you were different


After all...

You beat the odds twice.

But here you are...

Bleeding all over my floor just
like the rest.

Another fool in search of his ride
to the sunset.

Now you're gonna tell me who you

Or I'm gonna have to beat it out of

You wanna know the truth son?

It's all about the next day.

When the sun rises...

Can you smell the air?

When you realise life goes on.

There is no judge.

The air is thin at the point of

You want honor.

And I give you deception.

You want justice?

You want closure?

I'll give you this.



No... No...

Trying to teach you a lesson

And you learn nothing?

I'm gonna miss you son.

Last chance.

Who are you?

Someone who once told me...

There's always somebody more
powerful than you.

Problem is...

Where is he now?

When you need him most?

The man who told you this...

Was my father.

Are you sure about this?

We're gonna try something new

A bar that also serves sushi and

You know you could've been there.

You could've been chief of police.

Who me?

No son. I serve the drinks.

I always serve the drinks.

I fought so I can continue serving
drinks freely.

Not to take up arms for the rest of
my life.

See that's the problem.

'Cos everything is a circle.

Yeah but for every son of a bitch
out there...

There's men like you.

And you.

No balance is out.

So gentlemen...

Good luck on your journeys.



What are you going to do?

I'm the product
of a fucked up generation.

I can't even seem to find a sunset
to walk off into.


Is a new day.

Until the next time.

Tomorrow is a new day.

The sun will rise and set again.

In this endless circle of life.

And strife.