Bunni (2013) - full transcript

Following a Halloween party, an attractive girl and her friends must fight to escape the nightmarish dwelling of a twisted killer with a dark secret.

about the damn movie.

So its all just
a big movie, you're the star.

No, hell
no, you're a damn psycho.

Oh, he
thinks you killed somebody.

I don't
want you near me.

Are you crazy?

Shit, he ain't crazy, are you?

See, he ain't crazy.

- Justin?

- What?

- Have you been cheating on me?


- But, I saw the phone bill.

Who's 828-1321?

- Hey baby.

- I don't know.

It was probably just
a vendor or something.

I mean, we do own
a fucking business,

we get calls all
the time, stupid.

- But it's not a vendor.

I checked all of our lists.

But, but,

I don't know.

I guess I was mistaken,
who the fuck cares?

- I called the number, Justin.

Who's Bunni?

- But what about Lisa?

- Eh, don't worry about her.

- I'm not.

- How should I know
who the fuck Bunni is?

Well, I didn't,

- So fuckin' what if
I'm cheatin' on you?

What difference does is make?

- Shh, you don't want
to wake up your son.

- Why don't you just go in there

and tell him the truth,

that mommy is just a
stupid fucking ass bitch

who don't like to
give it up for daddy!

- Justin, please.

- When was the last
time we fucked?

- You sound like a girl.

- You fucking bitch!

Justin please!

- I am so sick of your
fucking shit all the time.

You're such a cunt!

I fucking hate you!

- I've been so good to you.

- Listen, Lisa, btich,
we never have sex

and when we do it's always
the same boring shit,

over and over and fucking over!

- I can't believe you.

- You fucking bitch!

Hey! Hurry up!

Paige, hurry up!

- Hold on Haley, it's my house.

- Mom, will you tell
Paige to hurry up.

- Honey, your sister has
to get ready too, okay?

- Fine.

- Boy, you look cute, Paige.

- Slutastic as usual.

- Thank you, so much,
for bringing her here.

What's wrong?

- Nothing.

My mom and sister are over
here passing out candy.

They're driving me insane.

don't stress too much,

I'll be there to
save you in a bit.

- Is Ashley going?

Yeah, Ashley
and Rick are meeting us there.

- Okay.

- Rick, put the camera down.

I will in a minute.

- Come on, fuck me already!

Oh don't worry, I will.

- You better not
show this to anybody.

Rick, just fuckin'
fuck me already.

Come on.

Or what?

- Come one, fuck me hard.

Or, too, I'll be comin' for you.

Oh yeah.

I'm coming for you.

Oh Rick.

Oh, shit.


Does that feel good?

- Yeah.


- Like that.

Oh yeah, oh fuck, yes.

Fuck, you like to fuck me?

Yeah, you like,

- Ah, yes, ah fuck.


- She is even hotter
than the last chick.

- Eh, I've had better.

- Shit, you need to spread
the wealth once in awhile.

- She's in the other room.

She's been passed
out all fucking day.

- You serious?

- Don't be stupid, jackass.

So you doin'
anything cool for Halloween?

- Yeah, I'm supposed to
go to some stupid ass,

bull shit, party thing,
I don't, I dunno.

Yeah, no,
I was gonna go to a party

tonight too, but they ended
up calling me into work

and it really sucks
because I have this

Spongebob costume
I was gonna wear,

but Jason's cousin said she
was gonna go as Spongebob

so I couldn't do that, it'd
be really lame, I think,

you know, especially since
a girl and I'm a boy,

it'd be kind of, really,
really stupid to have us both

dress like Spongebob,
it wouldn't even make

for cool pictures or anything.

But there was this
time that last,

- Party? I wanna go to a party.

- Oh, hey there um,

- Destiny?

- Yeah, whatever, um,
that's not gonna happen.

- Come on, please?

Come on.

Are we dressing up?

Is that your costume?

I wanna go.

- No!

I already told you I've
got a bunch of shit

going on tonight.

You should've been
gone hours ago.

Bill, do me a favor,
take her home.

- For real?

- Yeah, get her the
fuck outta here.

- You don't have to
be a dick about it.

- Will you just take care of it?


- Hey baby.

Are you feeling any better?

- What?

- You said you were
sick last night,

that's why you didn't come over.

- I'm fine.

- What are you doing?

Just getting
ready for the party.

- I know, aren't you so excited?

- I'm pissing my pants.

- Okay, hurry up
and come get me.

- I will be there later.

- Okay, please hurry.

- Hey girl.
- Hey!

- Where's your boyfriend?

- I don't know.

- Hm, why am I not surprised.

- Here, live a little Paige.

- Uh, no thanks.

- What's the matter?

- Nothing, I just don't
feel like it tonight.

- Are you sure?

- It's all you turtle man.

- So, Rick, why haven't
you called me back?

- I don't Nikki, I've just
been busy with stuff, you know.

- Well, let's get out of here.

- Sure, what did
ya have in mind?

- My place, you drive
and I'll give you

a little preview on the
way, how does that sound?



- Um, yeah that's
a great idea, uh,

I'll be right back, I
gotta go take a piss,

okay, I'll be right back.

- Yeah, I pretty much
work out everyday.

Did I tell you I run
my own business too?

- Hey, buddy, how's it going?

- Pretty good, just havin' a,

- Fuck off!

- Whatever, brah.

- What the fuck was that?


- That fucking douchebag
you were talking to.

- Baby, he was talkin' to
me, I didn't say anything.

- Yeah.

- That's it, you're cut off.

- That's what you think, bitch.


Come on,
let's get out of here.

- Oh fuck I'm drunk.

- You should be, after what,
like 12 shots of Jaeger?

- More like 20.

- Oh, baby are you okay?

- Do I'm look like I'm not okay?


- You were the cutest
bee at the party tonight.

- Chris, I was the only
bee at the party tonight.

- Well you were
still the cutest.

- Oh Paige you're the cutest,
no Chris you're the cutest,

I'm a big fucking bitch, well
my vagina's bigger than yours,

no my vagina's bigger,

- Hey man.

- I'm sorry, I know that
your vagina really is bigger.

- God Rick, why do you
have to be such a prick?

- Yeah, Rick the prick.

- Feelin' tough, fucker?

- Hey, lay off, he
was just joking.

Rick was
just joking too.

- Shut up.

- Ashley, why do you
put up with that?

- Put up with what?

- Nothing.

- I love you baby.

- Yeah.

Come on.

- Ah man, look at this.

- Look at what?

- This!

- What is it?

I haven't seen
one of these in years!

- Oh, look its a
fucking shitty building,

I haven't seen one
of those since uh,

three seconds ago.

No, no, no,
this is a Wild Flings.

What's a Wild Flings?

- It's this, they sell
like costumes and movies

and sex toys, it's just awesome.

- It's where he
gets all his dildos.

- No, no, me and my cousin
Vinny A used to go here

all the time, they always had
the best Halloween costumes.

- Better than Rick's I'm sure.

- At least I'm not a Bee-otch.

- Let's go check it out!

- What?

Are you crazy?

- Come on, what if they still
have some stuff in there?

- Chris you're gonna
get us arrested!

- Somebody help me with this.

Hey, I think I've almost got it!

- Hey!

Get your hands off
that board, turtle boy.

- I'm sorry sir,
do you live here?

- Nothing's alive in there.

Not the way you think.

- So what's the problem old man?

- Rick!

- You don't wanna go messing
around in that place!

It's closed for a reason!

- And that is?

- Go on now!

Get away from there!

- Listen here, you
smelly bastard,

you've got about three
fucking seconds to get

your ass out of here before I
shove this cart up your ass.

- It's your funeral.

- Man that guy
gave me the creeps.

- Me too.

What are you doing?

- I don't care what
some homeless man says,

I wanna see what's in here.

- Oh my God.

- Shit!

What's your
fuckin' deal Nikki?

- Rick is my fucking deal.

- Well, what do you expect?

He's back with Ashley, remember?

- And that didn't
stop him last weekend.

- So what, you're his
new fuck buddy now?

- It's none of your damn
business who I fuck.

Yeah, actually, it is
my business when you use me

to flirt with some dude's
girlfriend while you go off

and try to fuck him.

- Like you wouldn't have
taken her home, you jackass.

So? That's me.

Besides, you're my sister.

I just hate when
you act like mom.

- Fuck you, I'm a big
girl, and I can do whatever

or whoever I want.

You know what?

I'm fed up with his
shit anyways, fuck him.

- See, that's the problem,
you won't stop doing that.

- Seriously? I am done with it.

- Sure, heard that before.

Shut up.

- Well, speak of the devil.

- What?

Fuck you, Rick!

the hell was that?

- I don't know, just some
fucking drunk, stupid bitch,

I don't know what the fucking,

move out of the way.

Oh fuck!

- Oh my God, baby are you okay?

- Yeah, I'll live.

- Yeah, this place
sure is awesome, Chris.

- Whoa.

- It smells funny.

- I don't think we
should be doing this.

- Hey, if Chris wants to try
on this old dusty lingerie

I think, uh, just fucking
let him, right Chris?


- Chris?

- Chris?


- Chris, where are you?

Chris, you
in here jerkin' off?

- Chris?

- Hey you there!

- Oh my God, you jerk!

- I'm sorry, there's just
so much awesome stuff

in this place.

- You scared the shit out of me!

- Me too!

- Where were you?

I was
just looking around!

- I guess this place is okay.

- Yeah you would think that.

Alcoholic asshole.

Oh my God.

- This is great!

- Oh, oh honey.

- Huh, that's pretty old.

- Yeah it is.

- Hey Chris, Zack Morris
called, he wants his phone back.

- Who's Zack?

- Did you hear that?

- What was that?

- I don't know, it
kinda sounded like foot,

- Shh!

- Oh my God it's killing me!

Ah you,

- Shh! Are you fucking
crazy, somebody's up there!

- No one's fucking here,
remember all we had to do

to get in?

I heard footsteps.

- Electricity, that usually
means somone lives here.

- Are you all shitting me?

Besides if there's
someone living here

it's just some fucking hobo

and where there's
hobos there's booze.

I fucking hope
someone lives here.

Ashley, come here.

- Oh, okay baby.

- Ugh that fucking prick!

What does he even see in her?

- Well,

- Don't even!

Take me back there.

Hell no.

- Take me back!

- We're not going back.

- Then pull the fuck over.

What are you doing?

- I'm gonna beat
that bitch's ass!

Stop it Nikki,
you're being insane!

Fuck you
and your mustache!

- Don't be callin'
me from jail, bitch!

- I love you.

- I love you too.

Hey, why don't you, you know.

- Here? Right now?

What if they walk in on us?

- Then they walk in.

- That's sick, Rick.

- Bae, don't make
me ask you twice.

- Fine.

- I don't know what
Rick's deal is tonight.

- Rick's an asshole, this
isn't new information.

- Yeah, but he is
my friend though.

- He is not your friend.

He's only a friend to
himself and he treats

everyone like shit.

- He's not that bad,
anyways, it's all gonna

catch up to him sooner or later.

are you going now?

- Come on, don't you wanna
see the rest of this place?

- No, I wanna see my
place, my own bed,

with you and me in it.

- Come on, just a
few more minutes.

- Fine.

- What was that?

- Stop being retarded.

Babe, no, that's gross.

I gotta piss.

- Where are you goin'?

- Do you want me to
piss in my pants?

Do you want me to piss on you?

- No!

- Well, then I need
to find a toilet,

is that okay?

- Jeeze, I was just asking.

- I think you're
still a little drunk.

- No, no, I'm good, I'm good.

- Mhm..

- Why didn't you have anything?

- I just didn't feel
like it tonight.

So, are we still going
to my parent's tomorrow?

- Okay.

- 'Kay.

God, my feet are killing me.

So, when am I gonna
get to meet your mom?

- I don't know, soon.

- We've been dating for
like six months now,

I feel like you're
trying to hide me.

- No, Paige, I'm crazy
about you, it's just,

mom's been kinda weird
since dad passed.

- Ah, I know.

I'm sorry.

- No, it's okay, she's
good, she keeps busy,

I just try not to think
about it too much.

- I know you do.

Come here.

- This place fucking sucks.

Fucking shit.

Who the fuck is this?

♪ Suck my dick, bitch

♪ Suck my dick, bitch,

Stupid bitch.

Babe, I'm pissing.


Fuck me.

- Rick! You better bring
that bitch out here!

I gotta cut this shit out.

- Paige?



- Oh, Rick, where are you?

Come out, come out
wherever you are

and bring that bitch with you!

What the fuck is this shit?


- Can we leave now?

- Okay.

Let's go find Rick and Ashley.

- Probably off somewhere,

oh my shit.

Wow, nice.

- We gotta get outta here.

Why? This place rocks.

- Are you on crack?

- What?

- Somebody obviously
lives here, idiot.

- How's that possible?

We could barely get
in the front door.

- I don't know but you're
stupid if you think

no one lives here.

Why are the lights on?

The TV, the DVD player,

- Hey, maybe there's some porn.

Of course
you would say that.

- See?

Told ya.

What are you doing?

- Nothing, what the
fuck are you doing?

Just looking at you.

- Well, just, just quit.

No, I have
a surprise for you.

- Well, what is it?

You'll have
to come find out.

- Well, show me now.

Okay, follow me.

- I've got something
really fun planned for us.

Are you ready?

- Okay.

Sorry about the other day.

You just make me mad, sometimes.

I know, it's okay.

- I mean, you do
bring it on yourself.

- I just want you to enjoy this.

- Come on, get to
the good stuff.

are you putting on?

Oh, nothing.

Take off your shirt.

- Whoa yeah, here we go.

- Whoa.

I don't think I've ever seen
this side of you before.

It's about time you
did something good.

- Shhh.

What are you doing?

- Don't worry, this is
gonna be great, I promise.

Just one more thing.

What's that?


- Calm down, just relax.

Are you ready?

- What the fuck is this?

- Oh damn.

- Turn that fucking shit off.

- Oh stop.

It's just a movie.

- No, this is not just a movie!

This is real, look.

- It's just a B movie, people
make them all the time.

- And your dumbass
wants to watch it.

Come on, let's go get Ash
and Rick and leave, please,

let's just get the
hell out of here.

- I paid your precious little
Bunni a visit the other day.

You were cheating on me with
a mother fucking stripper?

- This is retarded.

- Oh come on.

- I want to be home.

- Fucking watch.

Hey Lisa,
how's daddy's little precious?

- Good.

Can I go outside
and play please?

- Later sweetheart,
daddy needs some sugar.

- But I don't feel good.

- Now Lisa, you feel good
enough to go outside,

Daddy needs his sugar, okay?

- Okay.

- Fuck you motherfucker
I fucking hate you!

- That's it, this is bullshit.

We need to leave, now.

- What the fuck?

Rick, hey Rick.

It's not funny man.


Rick, open the door.

let us out asshole.

- Rick, come on, it's
not funny anymore.


- Rick, open the door.

Come on man, open the door.

Any thoughts?

- Hey Bev, this is Darrell,
uh, looks like somebody

broke into the old sex shop
down here on Cedar Street.

I'm gonna pull in here real
quick and check that out.

Hey Darrell,
can you repeat that,

I was on a call.

- Hey, looks like somebody
broke into a sex shop

down here on Cedar
Street, I'm gonna go ahead

and check it out real quick.

Do what?

- Police!

If anyone is in here, you
better come out right now.

- Rick!

What if someone's
here and they heard you?

- Yeah, Rick and Ashley are here

and I want them to hear us.

Don't you?

- Rick!

- Ashley!

- Rick!

- Wait.

Fuck! Try your phone.

- Crap, I left it at the bar.

Are you serious?

Check your pockets, all of 'em.

- Damnit, yeah I remember
setting it down on the table.


Is there
anyone in here?

Ma'am? Ma'am can you hear me?

Can you hear me?

Are you okay?

273 radio, we need a ambulance,

- Did you hear that?

That sounded like
a gunshot, Chris.

Something's not right!

What is it?

Come on guys, let's go!

- What was that?

- I don't know.

But I'm freaking the hell out.

- Oh you've just seen
too many scary movies.

- Yeah, and right about
now is when someone,


Oh God!

Ashely, no!


What's happening?

- Hey, come on,

- No, no we have
to help her Chris.

- What can we do?
- We have to help her!

I don't know!

- What the fuck
can we do about it?

- I don't fucking
know what to do!

- How the hell are
we gonna help her?

Oh my God!

What the fuck?

Chris what's wrong?

The door won't open!

Why won't
the door open,

we have to get out of here!

I don't
know it's just,

it's stuck on something.

My God
we have to get out!

God damn it!

Oh my God!

Oh my God!

- Okay, this isn't working.

- I know it's not working.

- Well we have to find,

Okay we have to find,

- Shh!

- We have to find
another way out of here,

another door, another
window, something.

- Chris, I am not
going back there.

- Well, if we
don't go back there

we're not getting out of
this fucking building.

- Fuck.

Is there a way out?

- No, it's just a closet.

- Fuck!

What if we just scream,
let's just scream

and whoever's outside
can come and help us.

- Yeah, and let whoever's
after us know exactly

where we are?

Besides, nobody's gonna
be out there this late.

- How do you know?

- Because it's late.

The bars are closed, nobody's
gonna be walkin' around.

- Fuck.


- Maybe there's
something this way.

- God I hope so.

Chris I just wanna give up.

I don't even wanna go anymore.

- Okay, well that's not
really an option here,

we have to get out.

- I can't do this, I just can't.

- Okay, you're gonna
have to calm down,

just a little bit.

I mean we have to find
a way out of here.

- What if there is no way out?

- There's gotta be a way out.

There's not just one
fucking door to this place.

Okay, you have to pull
your shit together, Paige.

- I don't know if I can.

- Okay, you're gonna have to.

Okay? There is no can.

- Okay, let me check
my phone again.

Shit, now my battery's dying.

What the hell was that?

- I don't know!

- Oh my God, why is
this happening to us?

- I don't know.

- Well, find something
we can use for a weapon.

Oh my God.

Is that your phone?


- What?

You have signal?

Let me see your phone.

Let, let me see your phone.

Chris, what's your problem?

Oh my God, you fucker!


No, let me go!

- Hey, hey, I'm sorry, it
just has to be this way.

You see?

I told you, mom just
hasn't been the same

since dad died.

You and me, we're too
close, you'd just end up

hurting me anyway.

No, no.

- Yes you would.

- Don't worry, Chris, daddy
can't hurt us anymore.

When you care about
someone, sooner or later,

they'll hurt you.

That's why you need
to hurt them first.

Remember that, Chris.

- Mom knows best.

She's just looking out for me.

Remember, you said it was
gonna be quick, right?

Listen, I'm sorry, it
just has to be this way.

- Why?

Please, Chris, why
are you doing this?

Please, just let me
go, I'll do anything.


- Paige, it's not
going to hurt much,

it's going to be quick.

- No! Please, let me go!

Chris, you don't
have to do this.

- Yes, yes I do.

I'm still crazy about you.

I love you, mom.

- Somebody, help!

Help! Somebody!

- No, wait, please stop!



Stop, please!

Wait, there's something
you should know.

I'm pregnant!

And it's Chris'.

He didn't know.

I just found out yesterday.

Please, I'm gonna
name it after Chris.

♪ I'll take my
anger out on someone

♪ Who doesn't deserve it

♪ I'll take the
lives of every person

♪ Because it's worth it

♪ Trust only me myself and I

♪ That's my only motto

♪ I'll take my gun
my knife and fist

♪ That's the life that I know

♪ No one knows what I go through

♪ No one knows what I go through

♪ You try walking

♪ A day in my shoe

Hail to the queen, bitch.



- Oh, what's the
matter with you?

Come here.

Yes, are you hungry?

Hm, you hungry?

Get some food.

Are you hungry?


Yeah, you're a hungry boy.

Let's go get your
bottle, you're hungry.

Yeah, be right back, I'll
get your bottle, okay?

Hey, mom.

Hey, honey,
how you holdin' up?

- I'm hangin' in there.

the nightmares?

- Sometimes, yeah I'm
still having them.

you sure you're okay?

- Yes mother.

Baby, this
is a tough day for you

and I just worry
about you so much.

- I know, I, I've just,

I know things have
been hard but,

I'm starting to handle
things differently now.

Well, I'm
just now leaving the store,

I'm gonna stop by for
a bit if that's okay?

- Yeah, it's fine,
we'll be here.

I'll see ya in a minute.

- Okay, bye.

Yeah, you're hungry, hm?






Trick or treat!

- Trick or treat!

- Ya'll want some candy?

Alright, here you
go, some for you,

and there's some for you.

You all have fun!

Thank you!

- Thank you!

- Bye!

Hey mom, are you okay?

- I guess we're even now.

This is going to hurt.

A lot!

Don't worry, mommy
won't hurt you anymore.

- No!

- Whoa, stop the camera

I think about how
it looked when I,


Like, look at me.

- What if someone's
here and they, fuck!

I can't get it

- Hey guys!


- I'm not,

on the screen.


we are professionals.

- Rotation, booty sensation.

- I've never been
stabbed before so I don't

know how to scream
like I'm being cut.

Right, creepy shit?

- You bastard you've got
about three fucking seconds

to get out of here before I
shove this cart up your ass.

It's been like four seconds.