Bungalow (2002) - full transcript

A German soldier goes AWOL and returns home to more problems than he left.

May I? - Sure.



Just a second.

I'll take the train. Thanks.

Got a light?

A soldier without a light?
- I'm not soldier.

Paul. From Biarritz, you know?

I'm coming to Berlin tomorrow.

I see.

That's a shame.


Have fun in Spain. Bye.

Did you want to see me?

My parents are away on holiday.


Want to go swimming?


I haven't heard from you
in six weeks!

That's how it is with soldiers.

Why do you think
nothing's changed?

I've come to fetch you.
We're going south!

You want to
go on a trip with me?

Not a trip. We're flying
to Africa to stay there.

All we need now is a car.

- What's the matter?



Not now.

No, really.

I'll call you back later, okay?

Yes, bye.

I'm going outside.

Your brother's here.

I know. - Bastard!



A day off? - Yes.

So? - I didn't know you were here.

We're just passing through.

Hello. - Hello.

Bye. - Bye.

What's the matter? - Nothing.

Don't you want to go after her?

What's changed?

It's over.

Aren't you coming outside?

What are you doing here?

Have you seen the shit Dad's been doing?

Yes, he knows.

This is Paul.

Hi Paul, I'm Lene. - Hi.


I need a mirror!

How long are you staying?

We're going
to Munich in two days.

Lene's got a job there,
a part in a film.

Some go crazy.


In the army.
- Can't you take it anymore?

Says who?
I'm going to be a general!

Mum's been worrying about you.

Will you give them a call in Italy?

Shall we go and see?

We have to go shopping anyway.

This'll take ages.
Let's take the back roads.

Do you want to drive?

What's the matter with Kerstin?

I don't know.


Perhaps for her.

Got one for me?

And what's with Lene?
- Why do you ask?

You never introduced me.
- Well, you never come to visit me!

When are you moving in together
and having kids and so on?

There's your ex.

- Dunja.

Oh no!

Has she seen us?
- Don't think so.

She has!

Have you heard?
They've blown up the pool.

I was there.
- Really? And?

Don't know.
You couldn't see anything.

You didn't even ask?
- They still didn't know anything.

Peter says
they wanted to hit the prison.

Is he still going with Julia?

They split up ages ago.

Julia moved to Hamburg to study.
Now she works in Paris.

You see, grandpa?

Ever visited her?
- We've lost touch.

There you go!

Do you still work on a ship?
- Yes, sometimes.

Still algae? - Yes.

And when will you finish your PhD?
- It'll take a while.

And you? - I'm still
at the kindergarten.

I don't really know
what I'm going to do.

Then come round for a barbecue.


Yes, if you like.


Hang on!


Sorry. - It's okay.

Are you hungry? - Yes.

Are you going to call Mum and Dad?
- But you already have.

She wants to
talk to you. I promised.

Tell her I'm fine.

I'll call her.

Will you get the rest?


Max! - What?

What's an O2 simulator? - What?

She can't survive in "spice"
without an O2 simulator.

In "space"! - What?

She can't survive in space
without an O2 simulator.

And what's an O2 simulator?

No idea.

I'll help you later.

Where are you off to?

To make a call.

Yes, and the agreement?
Yes, the contract.

I wanted to go on with this!
- I don't!

Come on.
Together, we can finish it today.

In German?

But I'm an extraterrestrial,
who hardly understands anything.

I don't have many lines.

And what are the people like?
- the people?

You're always working!
- I promised my parents.

Have you called?

Have you?

It's okay!

Has he phoned?

Do you see the ligh?
- Light, "t", light!

Look at the stars, Kai.
Do you see the light?

Okay, once more?

Gagarin's fields
without an O2 simulator.

That's madness,
you'll never return.

I'm just three phaser hours
away from his heart.

Jelly, we're losing you.

Hello. - Hello.

Hello Stefan.
Paul's in his room!

Shall we play tennis tomorrow?
- Eleven o'clock? - Okay.

Jelly, we're losing you.

I love you, Kai,
but I've got to do it.

The monitor's gone blank.

Look at the stars, Kai.

Do you see the light?

He's sleeping.

Then wake him up!
- I'd rather not.

I'll tell him you were here.
- Okay. Bye.


Paul's friend?

Once more?

The army! - Where?

On the phone!



Sander, yes.

They forgot me
at the service station.

So I thought I'd go straight home.
I had a day off anyway.

Yes, sir.

What's the matter?


He's not on holiday.
They're looking for him.

But you're going!

I'll take you to the station.


You've only known him for 2 days.
On the third you'll want to kill him.

You want to kill your brother?
- Yes. But my mother loves him.


I'll find the platform by myself!

Fuck you!

Would you like a cigarette?

You're not at the barracks?

They didn't want me.


Shall I get it out?


I saw the two of you yesterday.

Here in the garden.

Are you famous? - No.

Not even a bit?

I was in Cannes
with a film once, but ...

But only famous people go there!

GĂ©rard Depardieu was there.

He's fat!

He's sexy!

You're sexy.

Will you tell Max?

- Wait! It's my turn.

What are you doing here?

Have you gone completely mad?

What's the matter?

So you didn't go?

Someone's coming.

It's your problem if you're lying.


Didn't you hear the bell?
- We were here in the garden.

And the barbecue? - In a minute.

Your girlfriend?

This is Lene. - Hello, I'm Dunja.

Did you meet in Denmark? - Yes.

You can't answer
the phone, can you? - No.

Are you here on holiday?
- Yes, it's very nice here!

Do you live here?
- I'm from here, yes.

We're from here.

Where's the grill, Paul?
- There's someone else!

That's Frank.
He was waiting at the door.

Have you got the bottle? Yes.

This is Frank. Lene.

How do you do?

It's for you.

Why did you lie to me? - What?

I've brought Frank along.

You knew he didn't call.
- Your parents?

Why did you lie?
- I didn't want you to get upset.


No thanks.

I wonder what they'll blow up next.

Who's "they"?

I don't know.

But we could see
what they say on TV.

Capitalism has no more
natural enemies.

Which idiot
would blow something up here?

And what did Mum say?

That you shouldn't
make such a fuss.

Are they having
a good time in Italy?

Mum's painting,
Dad's playing the Italian.

So what?

Nothing. I'm just sick of it.

And I'm sick of you!

This is getting on my nerves.

So you don't have any thoughts?

About the explosion! - No.

Are there any nightclubs?
- A disco?

You wouldn't like it.

Why not?

Don't know.

What's it called?


According to the police

the accident was
caused by damage to a gas pipe.

Preliminary proceedings
are being instituted

against the managing director.

Nobody was injured in the explosion
which occurred around noon

in the boiler room
of the public school.

Gas explosion!

Where are the others?
- They've left.

They weren't allowed in?

And? How long
have you been together, then?

For ages.

It's not like you think!
- What do I think?

Well, the thing with Arne.
- What? - Well ...

You can do what you want.

Want to come home with me?

Aren't you tired?

You're leaving tomorrow?

For Munich? - Yes.

I have to catch my UFO.

Goodnight. - Goodnight.

Up so early?

What are you doing there?

That doesn't bother anyone!

Are you crazy?


You know who that was?

They came for you and I had to lie!

I didn't ask you to!

I can ask Wolf
to put you on the sick-list.

Do something! They'll put you
in jail, you'd have a record.

I'll have a word with him.

Hasn't Lene told you?

What was she meant to tell me?

I'm in love. With Lene.

That's no reason to desert.

I went to bed with her!

What bullshit!


Lene speaking.

I needn't come?

Not tomorrow?

But you wanted to shoot
in three days!

And the contract?

Okay. Bye.

- Yes. I think it's off.

They don't want me
to come tomorrow.

Why not? - I don't know.
Because they're bastards.

We'll go there. You have to
talk to them personally.


Okay, if he doesn't want to.


Have they left?
- They've gone to Munich.


When do you have to go back?

I don't. I've deserted.
- Sure.

Tomorrow I'm off to the Sahara.

Got a job
as an instructor for soldiers.

You? - Experts are rare.

Could you hand me the t-shirt?

Got any plans for the summer?
- I'm going to a training camp.

Is that all?
- That's enough, isn't it?

You're getting fat! - It's all muscle.

Hi. - Watch out!

The military police
wanted to arrest me today.


I've deserted.

And what will you do now?

Press the clutch!

What was that?

Is everything okay?
- Everything's quiet.

What do
the military police look like?

I don't know anything anymore.

For breakfast?

It's half past one.

Want some? - No.

Eight calls.

Your mother?

She's looking for her car. Or me.

We can't stay here much longer!

Do you think
you'll miss this place?


Someone's coming! - MP!

Stall them!

Where are you off to?
- The hill.

Is Paul still here?
- Don't think so.

I do. Where is he?
- Don't know.

Hello! - Hello.

Isn't Paul at the barracks?

One day they'll lock him up.
And I don't care. - Bye.

Tell him ... Oh, forget it.

Shit, why aren't they in Munich?

Stop it!

Tell me where I'm going to get
dry clothes instead!


How are you?


Can I have it for free?

Not really.

Well, okay.


Have you had an accident?
- Just cut myself.

I can give you
a lift home if you like. - No thanks.

At school I heard you're in the army.
I could hardly believe it.

But I am!

Why didn't you refuse?
- My conscience wouldn't let me.

Where are you going?

Come on, don't be stupid. Get in.

Tiko! Tiko!

Did he wake him up? - It's alright.

The car key!
- Kerstin's mum said it's okay.

And why did she call to ask for it?
Come on, give me the key.

Hi. Can we meet?

No, not at home. At the quarry.

of the military police! Yes.

I want to talk to you.


I'll phone Kerstin.

Okay, see you later.


You're not meeting Max?

Not now. - Not now?


Max is waiting. - Why are you back?

Coming along? - To meet Max?


And the film?

No film.

I'm not going to Africa either.

Would you come with me? - Too hot.

You're meeting Max here?


I'm sorry.


What are you going to do now?

Can't you stay at a friend's?

Do you have a room?

I'll take a taxi.


Do you have to go?

I can stay a bit longer.

Too hot.

You're so quiet.

I'm an extraterrestrial.
I don't have many lines.

The day after tomorrow
I'm flying to Copenhagen.

I have to look for a job.

You don't want to stay?

I do. - But?

You can call Max,
but I don't want to see him.

I'll call Max.

Will you come downstairs?


Could you put me through to the
von Stein barracks?


I'm his brother. - Then come along.