Bundy: A Legacy of Evil (2009) - full transcript

Based on the true story of one of history's most demented serial killers.

Come on.

Got a nice fire out here.

All right.

I built this nice fire...

just for you.

Come on.

Kneel. Come over here
and kneel.

Come over here.

Swear to God, because that's
what I'm gonna do to you.

After I kill you,
I'm gonna burn you like that.

I'm gonna burn your head in a fucking fire,
and I'm gonna watch it.

I'm gonna watch
your pretty face melt.

I'm gonna watch your eyeballs
fall out of your fucking head.


I want you to look up
at the stars.

Look at the stars.

I want you to see the stars
while you're dying.

See how beautiful they are?

Aren't they beautiful?

God. Look at 'em.
Look at 'em.

All right. All right.
We'll do this another way.

We'll do this a different way.

Where are you now, God?

You gonna strike me down?

Where are you now?

Where's your-your thunderbolt
to strike me down?

Where's the crevice in the earth that's
supposed to open up and swallow me?

Where is it?



Bundy, I wanna talk to you.

So nice of you to visit.

It's always good
to see a familiar face.

Cut the bullshit.

Did my appeal come through?

Doesn't look too good this time.

Three's a charm, I guess.

Yeah. Looks like your luck's
runnin' out this time.

Some say "luck."
Others say "fate."

Yeah, fate.

That's right,
you're a Christian now.

I'm amazed
how many of you assholes

don't find religion
till you get to Death Row.

Yeah. Must be fate, right?


Yes. What do you want?

Of course.

Haven't I already
confessed enough?

You can provide details
right till the end, Bundy.

- Right until the moment
of your... - My execution.

"Execution" is the word.

Families of your victims are
owed a lot more information, Bundy.

Now, if you're goin' down
that hallway for the last time,

what would it hurt
to give a little bit more?

Now, haven't I always
been straight with you?

I suppose.

Take the recorder.

You owe me.


It's quite a sight down here, Barbara,
as everyone's come down here

in anticipation of the execution
of Ted Bundy, convicted killer...

who began his killing spree
in Washington,

was twice convicted in Colorado and
twice escaped from Colorado prisons

and continued his killing spree
down and in through Florida.

These people...
I've never seen such a frenzied,

morbid celebration of hatred
for one individual.

In fact, I want
to interview one man

just to find out what it is
exactly that he's feeling right now.

Sir, what is it that you feel
about this man right now?

I'm feelin' angry all over

because he's taken advantage
of innocent people.

He should be doing
something else with his time.

Do you feel like
he's getting what he deserves?

I do. You guys feel like it?

Well, it seems like that's
the general consensus of everyone here.

To fully comprehend all of this,
you gotta go back a few years

to understand Ted Bundy,
what he did, and who he was.

this just peachy keen?

I'm sure Eleanor will tell us
sooner or later why we're here.

Sam, please be nice.


Well, hello.
Guess who decided to show up.

You know, I told you guys
again and again

that once you moved out,
I wasn't gonna help you anymore.

Hey, Sam, we're not
looking for your handouts.

The hell you're not.
Do you think I'm stupid?

Do you think I just came into
town with a load of hay on my back?

Look, enough... -
Stop it! The boy is gonna hear you!

I don't give a rat's ass!

I've had enough
of this charade. Teddy?

Daddy, you promised me!

You promised you would never
say anything. It'll destroy him.

It's not right.

Enough is enough. Teddy?

No! No, no! Please, no!
Please, Dad, no! Stop!

This ain't gonna happen.

Get out of my house.

And it's not gonna happen
in front of my wife!

You're not getting the top hand!
You are not opening that door!

you're not! Don't touch that door!

I can open that door.

Bastard. Enough!

Look. I mean,
I am his father, right?

Since when can a father
not talk to his son?

Look what you've done.

This isn't over, Bundy.

Nobody does this to Sam Cowell
and gets away with it!

It's okay, Teddy. I'm here.
It's all right, Teddy.

Everything's gonna be
all right. Don't you worry, okay?

Stephanie. Hey, what
are you doing later today?

I'm not really sure.

Well, we're gonna have a study session
in the library, if you wanna stop by.

Um... You know, can I
catch up with you later?

- Sure. See ya.
- Thank you.

How long you been
standing there?

Where? Over there?

Yes, silly. Over there.

I wasn't just standing.
I was, um... watching also.


Admiring your beauty from afar.


"See how she rests
her hand upon her cheek.

That I were a glove upon that
hand that I might touch that cheek."

I might've got it wrong.
Stupid Shakespeare.

That might be...

the sweetest thing anyone
has ever said to me.

No, I was
watching you, too.

No, you weren't.

Yes, I most certainly was.

So... have you told anyone
about us yet?

It's supposed to be
a big secret.

Sometimes secrets
are meant to be broken.

No, that's promises.

What about you?

Just my best friend.

Told her I was seeing
a younger man.

Guess this, "younger man"
has a lot to learn?

Walk you to your next class?

Yeah. I'd like that.

You read Shakespeare?



As You Like It.

"They are in
the very wrath of love."

♪ Skippin' a walk
down the old dirt road ♪

♪ Where the new church stands
The old church... ♪

So where did you
grow up, exactly?

North of Seattle,
on the islands.

That must have been nice.

I must say,
we had it pretty good.



My dad was an executive
at Boeing, so...

I don't know. He took really good
care of my mom and my sisters and I.

What about you?

I had a... stepdad.

Sort of a stepdad. I was,
raised by my sister, who...

Well, I mean, I had a real dad.

Sam Cowell, who...

little bit of a drinker.

But my sister
raised me. Yeah.

She moved us away from there
to Tacoma when I was really little.

She's, like,
15 years older than me.

And then that's when
she married Johnnie.

Was he good to you? Johnnie?

I mean, he wasn't
around very much.

My sister was, though.
She loved me very much.

Like a mother.
She doted on me.

Did he do all right? I mean,
did you have a nice house, car, all that?


No, Johnnie was a cook
for hotels, stuff like that,

and didn't make very much.

And then my sister
started getting pregnant.

I mean,
it was very difficult to make ends meet.

Sorry to hear that.

It's okay. I mean, we were mostly
happy. That's what counts, right?

Sounds like you had
some tough times, though?

Who doesn't?

I mean, so what?

We drove a Rambler
instead of a T-Bird.

That's life.

You're gonna get your makeup
all messy for our date.

I was thinking that maybe
we should just stay in tonight.

Have a nice...
quiet night right here.

In bed?

Yeah. In bed.

This okay? It's okay?

Yeah. Yeah. Just...

Just... Just... Gentle.
Just... Just be gentle.


♪ Love can seem so short ♪

♪ And life can be so long ♪

♪ But tell me in the end
When you see again ♪

♪ Does it really
matter at all ♪

♪ Please tell me how it feels ♪

♪ Will it take me higher ♪

♪ Will it be for real ♪

♪ Will you understand ♪

♪ When you're in the streets
in the dance of love ♪

♪ La da da da da
La da da da da ♪

♪ La da da la da da da ♪

♪ Love can seem so cruel ♪

♪ And we can play the fool ♪

♪ But tell me in the end
When you see again ♪

♪ Does it really
matter at all ♪

♪ Please tell me what you see ♪

♪ Peace and love
in your strange reality ♪

♪ Will it be for real
Will you understand ♪

♪ When you're in the streets
in the dance of love ♪

Don't make me say it.

Come on.


- Nee-how-my.
- Ha-ha!

Is that right?

- That's good.
- What am I saying?



That's Chinese for "nothing"?

It's Chinese for something.

But I think that the answer...

to your question...
is good.


Damn it.

Damn it!

You okay?

Just... I mean...

I just got too excited.

I mean, you're
just so beautiful,

and I just...
don't do this very much.

It's okay.
We can try again.

I mean... I didn't
even get my pants off.

What'd I do now?

Did I forget something?

Are you gonna give me
the silent treatment?

Hey, Stephanie,
I don't know what's going on here.

Seriously. I've absolutely
no idea. Did I do something?

Come on!

You're a flake, Ted.

You're immature.
You need to grow up.

I'm sorry. I'm just...
I'm so sick of your behavior.

Stephanie, what are you talking
about? Come on! My behavior?

My parents, Ted!
You stood us up!

We were waiting for you at the
restaurant for more than an hour!

Of all the people,
you stood up my parents!

You know what school
is like for me right now.

I've been so busy,
I haven't been able to keep track.

You could've reminded me.

I could've reminded you?


I specifically
reminded you yesterday.

I specifically
reminded you last night!

How many times do you
need me to remind you?

- It's obviously not important to you!
- Yes, it is important to me.

- No, it's not.
- It's very important.

You don't care about me
or my feelings.

Yes, I do.

You know what? There's something
about you that bothers me even more.



You're jealous.

You know,
since I'm being honest...

you ooze jealousy, Ted Bundy.

I'm sorry that you had
a crappy childhood.

I'm sorry that your father
didn't love you.

I'm sorry that you had to be
raised by your sister.

But there's only so much
I can take of your sob story.

- Sob story?
- And I'm just sick

of your lack of organization
and your lack of ambition

and your complete
and utter lack of romance!

I could have better sex
with a damn retard!

Stephanie, just stop for a second,
okay? Listen to me!

No. No, I need
a man in my life.

You're a boy.

You're a boy that will never,
ever, ever be a man.

I wanna talk to you, okay?

And you're not gonna
walk away from me

when I'm in the middle of saying something
to you that's very important to me.

Okay? Now, listen to me.

If you'd just give me a chance to explain,
it'll all be okay!

- It'll be okay.
- No.

You are the perfect girl
for me. Perfect.

Don't, Ted.

I am not some little girl that you
can just kick around. It is over!

I can change anything you want!
I can be different!

It's over!
This relationship is over!

Hey! Hey, hey!

Get over here!
Stop it. Stop it!

Listen to me.
Listen to me!

You're not gonna walk away
from me like that, okay?

We've been through too much.
You're gonna stay right here with me.

All right? I'm sorry.

No, you're gonna talk to me!

Jesus! Stupid...

Stupid, Ted!
You're so stupid, Ted!

That wasn't me. I didn't grab
you! I didn't mean to do that!

Stephanie! Stop it.

She's stupid.
You're stupid!

Just come back!

I'm Ted Bundy!
I can have better!

You're so stupid.

Can I help you?

Yes. I called
about the record?

Okay. We gotta go downstairs for that,

I'll meet you at the entrance
on the side over here, okay?

This way. Come on.

It's been a little while
since I've been down here,

but I got a little filing to do,
so you're actually saving me a trip.

- Got a little time for me?
- Whole lifetime.

I don't think we'll need that long,
but let's see what we got here.

"Cohen, Connor,
Cooperman. Cotchner."


Cowell. That's
my father's last name.

Wouldn't it be under
your mother's maiden name?

No, I have the feeling
it'll be under my father's.

That's odd, but they are public records,
so... feel free to have a look.

I'm gonna leave you alone.
Just call me when you're done.

I'm done.

Okay. Thanks.

Have a good day.

You're a boy.

You're a boy that will never,
ever, ever be a man.

You are the perfect
girl for me. Perfect.

I am not some little girl
that you can just kick around! It is over!

I can change anything
you want! I can be different!

Don't be scared. No,
don't be so scared.

What do you think I'm gonna do to
you that I haven't already done?

Please don't hurt me.

Don't do it again.
Please, please, let me go!

Listen to me.
Listen to me.

What do you think I'm gonna do?
What do you think I'm gonna do?

You're gonna rape me again.

Already raped you?
You think that was a rape?

Please. Please.

That was just a little foreplay.

- No. No.
- Yeah.

That was just foreplay.

Please... What?
Please. Please.

Please. No, I won't...

I won't tell anybody!

You like to be choked?

- No! No! No, please!
- Some girls like to be choked.

You like to be choked?


- Please, please...
- Go on. Get outta here.

What? What? What?
Really? Really?

- Go.
- Thank you. I won't say anything.

Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you, thank you.

Damn it!

You think it's that easy?


I just wanted you to know
that I loved you.

That's all. I just
wanted you to know that...

that you treated me...

I don't know
what you're talking about.

Like a fucking loser!

Like Ted was nothing!

No, I didn't.
I wanted to...

I am someone!
And I'll prove it to you!

I'll prove it to every
last fucking one of you!

I'm not that kind of girl.

Bitch, you're
so lucky right now.

You're so lucky right now.

You're all the same. You're all the
fucking same. You're all a bunch of liars.

- No...
- Always lying to me.

Lying to me
my whole life. Lying!

- No.
- Lying!

My whole life
filled with lies...

- No. No.
- From you bitches!

I'm not... I'm not...
I'm not like that.

- I'm a good girl. Please!
- You're a good girl?

Please, I'll do whatever
you want. Just let me go.

You're not like them.
You're not like the others? No?

- I just want to see my mom.
- Bullshit.

You're just like them. You don't
think that I'm gonna be anybody!

I don't think that. Please.
Anything you want.

I just wanna go home.
Please, can I just go home?

I just wanna go home.
I wanna see my mom.

I wanna see my mom, ple...

Can you go home?

I'll take you home.
I'll take you home.


I'll take you home.

What are you... What are
you doing? What... No...

I'll take you home
to fucking hell!

- No! What are you doing?
- Come on!

Please! No! No! No!

Come over here.

No! No... No!

No. No. No.

♪ I've
been livin' on memories ♪

♪ Of how it used to be ♪

♪ I'd hold you in my arms so
tight on a cold December night ♪

♪ Call this work
just to pay the bills... ♪

pressures of the world

can sit on your shoulder
like a thousand-pound weight,

but the world
has things to offer.

You know what I mean?

There's other things out there.
There's nature.

There's air, for God's sake.

There's something
as simple as air.

Just start with breathing.

Forget about all the other crap
and just breathe fresh air.

You know, I...

I just can't handle it anymore.

Just breathe first,
you know. Come on.

Take deep breaths with me.

Let it in, let it out.
You see?

You know, you gotta start
with the basics.

- Listen to your heart. You're alive.
- You're right, you're right.

You're alive and free to live
any way you want.

You don't have to succumb
to the pressures of the world.

- Do what you wanna do.
- It's a huge weight.

It's a huge weight on
my shoulders pushin' down.

Yeah, just drop everything
you're doing, you know?

Drop everything you're doing,
get in your car and go.

Just drive somewhere. Go
somewhere you wanna be, you know?

Yeah, yeah, you need time
to think. Think.

Yeah, yeah.

I've got it. I got what
you're talkin' about, yeah.

I see it, you know. I...

That's right. That's right. Clarity.
That's what we're lookin' for.

We're all just lookin'
for a little bit of clarity,

and sometimes it just takes, you know,
a stranger to call out of the blue

and, and remind you of that.

You know what I'm saying?

I see it, you know?

I can take myself... I can
just separate everything.

It's all that bullshit
going on. I...

You're right. I...

I don't answer to anyone,
anyone but myself, anyone but myself.

You have to take care
of yourself first.

That's first and foremost.

Your loved ones will be so happy
that you didn't go away for good.

I don't know what to say. I...

I mean, I didn't...
think it would be this easy,

just calling in like this
to one of these things.

You know, maybe...


- Thanks a lot.
- Yeah, you bet, you bet.

And you take care of
yourself first. Remember that.

You come first.

And then in a couple of weeks,

you call back here
and you ask for Ted Bundy.

'Cause I wanna check on you,
make sure you're doin' all right. Okay?

Ted. Thanks, Ted.
I owe you.

No, you owe yourself.
You owe yourself.

You're number one. You're first.
Remember that. All right? Take care.

I'm so hungry!

That was such a... That
was... That was amazing.

That was nothing.

No. It was
truly amazing.

You have a gift, Ted.

You have this ability
to connect to people.

You always have
the right things to say.

- Ya think?
- Are you kidding me?

I would've been on that phone for hours,
getting nowhere with him.

In five minutes, you not only
have him forgetting about suicide,

you have him becoming
a new and better man.

That's truly amazing, Ted Bundy.

- Seattle Crisis Center.
- Seattle Crisis Center.

♪ Heroes never die ♪

♪ They just fade
on photographs ♪

- ♪ Lovers never lose ♪
- Damn it!

♪ They just live
among the past ♪

♪ Fighters never win ♪

♪ In the end they have to
pay ♪ - Got 'em okay?

- Ho, ho!
- I gotcha.


Trying to get close
to Las Vegas.

- Vegas?
- Vegas.

- Excuse me, miss.
- Yeah?

- What kind of car do you drive?
- A '72 Gran Torino.

Thought that was you.
I'm an off-duty...

I fell down this hill right
into a freezing cold creek.

My gosh.
That sounds awful.

- Yeah. Thanks so much for grabbing those for me.
- Are you waiting for the bus?

♪ Love on,
my friend, love on ♪

- Let me look for them in the car.
- I'll grab 'em.

I don't see them.

Well, give it a check
and see if anything's missing,

and we'll just have to fill out a police
report, and you'll be on your way.

It's fine.

You're positive?

Well, thank you so much.

My name's Fred.

I'm studying psychology
over here at the hospital.

You don't have to
really do this.


- so much.
- Sure. Hop in.

♪ Then
when would we all die ♪

- ♪ If laughter never ceased ♪
- Nothing is gone.

You wanna just...
Can you step right over here?

Stand over next to the door.

♪ The world might never turn ♪

♪ If bad times never came ♪

Just look under
the front driver's side seat!

♪ How would we learn ♪

♪ That if music be
the food of life ♪

♪ Play on, my friend,
play on ♪

♪ And if loving be
the breath of life ♪

♪ Love on, my friend,
love on ♪

- Need some help? Good morning.
- ♪ And if living day to day ♪

- Morning!
- ♪ Is easier that way ♪

Get off!

You... I'm gonna
break your fucking legs!

Fuck off!

Help me!

Goddamn it!

Help me!

♪ Heroes never die ♪

♪ They just fade away ♪

♪ Lovers never lose ♪

♪ 'Cause you know
they live among the past ♪

♪ And fighters never win ♪

♪ 'Cause in the end
they have to pay ♪

Ever since Mr. Ford
took over the White House,

the Democrats have been
wreaking havoc all over Washington.

Well, folks, it's time

that we clearly impart
our wisdom on America.

And I think it's time that we
spread out to neighboring states,

set the record straight.

It's time to let every American
know that here in Washington state

it's not going to be
politics as usual.

Mr. Davis, I say we start letting the Dems
have it on the Roe versus Wade issue.

Ross, don't you think
it's time for a debate?

I say we go local first,

and then we attack
on a neighborhood level.

- Let's let the people of Washington choose.
- It's all about the numbers.

Okay, look, we have a lot of work
to do before the numbers mean anything.

In fact, I think it's imperative

that we let the Democrats
in Washington state know

that we not only plan
on taking this state,

but we are going to make
our stamp on Oregon, Idaho...

- California.
- Nevada.

- Utah.
- Texas.

I've always
liked Florida myself.

We are going to change this
great country state by state by state.

And we're gonna get
our asses out of Vietnam.

We're gonna make sure the
Russians don't have any nukes.

Yes, sir, but you're
just running for governor.

Marti, he may just be
running for governor now,

but he's also laying the foundation
for his future presidency, right?

We all know
it's a natural progression

to go from running a state
to running the Union.

If we all rally behind Mr. Davis here,
give him 100 percent of our support,

we may just find ourselves walking
the halls of the West Wing with Mr. Davis.

It's President Davis, Ted.

President Davis.

All right, now we are going
to give some assignments,

and I'm gonna start
with you, Ted.

I want you to go to Sacramento.

And I want you to tear into their house
of representatives and their senators

and let them know that Ross
Davis is not going to stand idly by.

No, sir, the Davis campaign is
about bringing Washington state

to the forefront
of the American psyche.

We're gonna do it with hard work,
dedication, determination.

What do you say?

- Right on. Whoo!
- All right.

♪ Renegade girl ♪

♪ What a curious obsession ♪

♪ You'll wrap
around her heart ♪

♪ But is she
to take possession ♪

♪ Renegade girl ♪

♪ An adventure
is what she needs ♪

♪ And the world
falls at her feet ♪

I have missed you.

But you're here now.
I'm so happy to see you.

You know, I've been following
your political career.

I read that you're a rising star
on the Republican scene.

They wrote that, did they?

You know they did. My father's
also been following your career.

He sees you
in a whole new light.

Well, I'm not that
20-year-old kid anymore.

No. No, you're not.

My first time in San Francisco.
You gonna show me a good time?

I can't wait. There's so many
things that I wanna show you.

First, we're gonna start with
the streetcar on Lombard Street.

It's so neat.

♪ For they lived no law ♪

♪ They lived no dream ♪

♪ But the renegade women law ♪

♪ Renegade girl ♪

♪ What a curious obsession ♪

♪ You know you'll
wrap around her heart ♪

♪ But is she
to take possession ♪

♪ Renegade girl ♪

♪ An adventure
is what she needs ♪

♪ And the world
falls at her feet ♪

♪ I'm a renegade girl ♪

♪ She's a maverick
She's strong and wild ♪

♪ And breaking ground
since she was a child ♪

♪ A renegade girl ♪

It's a very exciting time
right now for the Republican Party.

There's a lot
of reinventing going on.

So, to be a part of that "reinvention,"
so to speak,

of an entire party,
it's very exciting.

I mean, I really see a strong
future ahead of me in politics.

Sounds exciting.

Would you relocate?

You like Washington, D.C.?

I love Washington, D.C.


Well, I'm thinking
about moving there, so...


Listen, Stephanie,
I know that, um,

things have been going
very quickly for us.

I just feel like
this time around, it's right.

And I feel like I'm ready to take
on the responsibilities of a man.

Not just any man.

Your man.

What I'm saying here,

what I'm trying to get to,


Excuse me. Excuse me.

don't have to do that.

Hi. If I can just have your
attention for just a moment.

I won't take up much of
your time. I promise.

I... Theodore Robert Bundy...

would like to know if you,
Stephanie Anne...

would be my wife.

Yes, yes, I, Stephanie Anne,

will marry you,
Theodore Robert Bundy.

get it sized. Yes!

Thank you. Thank you.

You don't know what you've
done for me, Stephanie.

You make me so happy.

This whole thing
has made me very nervous,

and I have got to go
to the bathroom.

But when I get back, I have an
even bigger surprise for you.

Hey... do you love me?

I love you.
I love you.


Um, I'm sorry, miss,
but he's not in the bathroom.

Well, that's... strange.
Are you sure?


Can there be another bathroom?

No, ma'am, we just have the one.

Th-Thank you.

Um, I'm sorry, miss,
but we're closed.

I'm afraid I'm gonna
have to ask you to leave.

Unless you wanna help
with the dishes.


♪ Blacks and
whites and cold cell blocks ♪

♪ They got the cuffs,
they got the locks ♪

♪ Here they come,
they never stop ♪

♪ Every car behind me
is a cop ♪

♪ Every car
behind me is a cop ♪

♪ Against the wall
and don't you move ♪

♪ They always win,
you always lose ♪

♪ They got the law,
they got the drop ♪

♪ Every car behind me
is a cop ♪

♪ Every car
behind me is a cop ♪

♪ All the noise
and all the lights ♪

♪ Here they come
left and right ♪

♪ Every car behind me
is a cop ♪

♪ Jammin' gears
and hold on tight ♪

♪ Now they got one
in the sky ♪

♪ Every car behind me
is a cop ♪

♪ Play it dumb
or play it smart ♪

♪ Better hit the gas
or stop and park ♪

♪ Man, I feel
like I been shot ♪

♪ Every car behind me
is a cop ♪

♪ Every car
behind me is a cop ♪


♪ All the noise
and all the lights ♪

♪ Here they come
left and right ♪

♪ Every car behind me
is a cop ♪

♪ Jammin' gears
and hold on tight ♪

♪ Now they got one
in the sky ♪

♪ Every car behind me
is a cop ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ You don't know
the pain I'm in ♪

♪ My wicked ways
my only friend ♪

♪ I can't let myself
get caught ♪

You wanna roll
your window down, please?

What's the problem, Officer?

License and
registration, please.

Mr. Bundy.
You been drinkin'?

No, sir, no. I just
been driving all night

on my way to Utah
to go back to law school.

I understand.

You won't mind if I,
take a look inside your car?

Don't you need
probable cause to do that?

Well, let me tell you how it's
gonna be. Right here, right now.

You don't give me any of that
law school mumbo-jumbo bullshit,

and I won't shoot you right between the eyes
right here on this lonely desolate highway

and claim it was self-defense.

We see eye to eye?

- Yeah.
- Good.

Why don't you step
outside the car.

Still don't understand
what this is all about.

Put your hands on the front end!

I'm just gonna take a look.

If you're a good boy...

I'll let you go
on your merry way.

Now, if you're a bad boy...

well, then you're in
for a very long day.

- Now don't move.
- Okay. Okay.

You mind telling me why your
front passenger seat is missing?

I do deliveries sometimes.

I don't have a truck,
so I took it out.

I suppose you're gonna tell me you
deliver handcuffs to the local sheriff.

It's just a joke between me
and my girlfriend.

I mean,
I've never even used them.

Look, hey, I wear the beanie and the
gloves at nighttime when it gets cold.

I... You know, the...
There's a lot to be said...

Put your hands behind your back.

I'm a locksmith sometimes.

- Hey, hey! Hey!
- Put your hands in the air now!

Don't move. Put your hands on
top of your head one at a time.

Turn and face the car.

- I didn't do anything.
- Shut up, pretty boy!

You're under arrest.

- For what?
- Suspicion of burglary.

What did I steal? Why don't
you show me what I took?

I don't need to tell you what you
took. I got reasonable suspicion.

Anybody carryin' that stuff in
their car is reasonably suspicious.

They can't hurt
today. They can't hurt.

Somebody help me!


Please don't.
Please let me go.

Please, no!

Please! Please! Please!


This is Mark Phillips
with WLGA News.

Arriving shortly will be the infamous,
murderous, two-time escapee Ted Bundy.

Mr. Bundy was convicted of
kidnapping a college coed in Colorado.

He escaped twice,
but Florida authorities have...

There he is. Let's see if we
can get a comment. Mr. Bundy.

- Mr. Bundy, what is your case?
- Mr. Bundy, Mr. Bundy.

Mark first. Mark first.
Mark, how can I help you?

Who's going to be your attorney?

Well, I'm going to be going with the
only man that I trust, and that's me.

- You're going to be acting as your own lawyer?
- Of course. Why wouldn't I?

I'm law school-educated,
and I know my case better than anyone else.

- Mr. Bundy...
- Please, "Ted."

Call me Ted. Guys, come on.
Quit being so formal here.

Have you ever physically
harmed another person?

I have answered this question
many times over.

- And?
- Again, no.

Not in the context
of things you're speaking of.

- What does that mean?
- Are you guilty?

I know that you're all going to be
paying very close attention to the case.

In America, we all have
the right to self-defense.

Okay? And soon I will be defending myself,
and the truth will come out.

Now, gentlemen, ladies,
I have to leave you now,

but it won't be the last time
that you hear from me.

Mr. Bundy? Ted, I...

Well, there you have it.

Theodore Robert Bundy
will be representing himself

in the first of two
major cases against him.

He is charged with the brutal murder and
rape of Lisa Levy and Margaret Bowman.

All right, Mr. Bundy.
Now that our stomachs are full

and we're back
in the cool air conditioning,

we're gonna proceed with your
counter of Detective Jennings.

Detective Jennings, you may find
your place back on the witness stand.

And may I remind you,
you are still under oath.

That's very mature,
Detective Jennings. Very mature.

Yes, Your Honor.

May I continue, Your Honor?


Good afternoon,
Detective Jennings.

Hello, Mr. Bundy.

How was your lunch?


- Objection, Your Honor.
- Sustained.

Mr. Bundy, please.
Stay on track.

Just trying to make things comfortable
for him up there on the stand.

And I'm just trying to say,
"Stay on track."

Of course, Your Honor.

Detective Jennings,
I would like to start today...

by taking the court
back in time just a bit.

Describe for me, in detail...

what you saw when you
walked into the room...

of Lisa Levy
and Margaret Bowman.


Well, I was one of the
first detectives there that morning.

It was a gruesome scene.

The sorority girls
who lived in the house

were screaming, crying, yelling.

They didn't know what to do
with themselves.

I tried my best to console
the poor girl who came up to me,

but I had to get upstairs to see
what had happened for myself.

And why were you
in such a hurry?

It was my understanding that
there was girls dying in the house.

You understood that there
were girls "dying" in the house,

but right here,
on the, police report...

that you were
informed hours earlier

that the two victims
that survived the attack

were already transported
to the hospital,

and the only two people left
at the house were already dead.

Well, yes, but it...
I don't understand your point.

My point is, Detective Jennings,

is that you were not in a hurry.

You were trying to be a hero,

showboating in front of a bunch
of college-age sorority girls...

- Objection. He's badgering the witness.
- Sustained. Mr. Bundy.

Keep your personal opinions
to yourself, please.

We're only interested
in the facts here.

Of course, Your Honor.
The facts.

The facts. Yes.

So, Mr. Jennings,

if you will then, please...

tell me in detail...

what you saw when you went...

into the upstairs room of
Lisa Levy and Margaret Bowman.

In detail!

Well, I walked down the hall
to an officer standing at a door,

and when I got to the door,

I could see that the officer
had tears welling up in his eyes.

So I knew it must be a
gruesome sight beyond the door.

The officer stepped aside.
Neither of us said a word.

Please continue,
Detective Jennings.

Well, I opened the door
gently with my elbow,

making sure not to touch
anything with my bare skin.

- And...
- And?

And when I stepped inside
the room, I was shocked...

by the most gruesome,
heinous sight I'd ever seen.

Um... I'm sorry, Your Honor.

I-I just don't...

I don't wanna disrespect
the court or you,

but I don't understand why it's necessary
for me to go into the gory details.

Your Honor, it is necessary
because I am defending myself

against false accusations
of murder in the first degree,

- and if I believe that it is necessary
for Mr. Jennings - Your Honor, objection.

To testify about what he saw in that
murdered woman's room, in detail,

- Mr. Bundy!
- Then he must continue!

This is my courtroom...

and only I will decide
what is necessary.

Now, we're all givin' you
the benefit of the doubt here,

but you will stop with the outbursts,
or I will hold you in contempt of court.

Now, Mr. Bundy, I will let Detective Jennings
continue, but I am warning you, though.

Watch the antics.

Of course, Your Honor.

May I apologize to the court
for my outburst.

I will...
try to curb my behavior.

Now, Detective Jennings,

please continue, in detail,

what did you see

when you entered the bedroom of
Lisa Levy and Margaret Bowman?

When I stepped inside the room,

I saw Miss Levy's bed first.

Her bed was closest
to the window.

Her arms and legs were twisted
in strange positions.

Her white sheets
were almost entirely red

from the blood
that had seeped from her head

and from between her legs.

Where her weight was
heaviest on the mattress,

the blood had pooled and dripped
into a puddle on the ground.

And then I looked left
to Margaret Bowman's bed.

I didn't, of course,

I didn't know the girls'
names until later.

Miss Bowman's body was
lying in a prone position,

with her head upside down
resting backwards over the bed.

I leaned into
Miss Bowman's face, and I saw

what appeared to be multiple
major contusions to her skull,

her eye sockets and her jaw.

She was a mess.

Objection, Your Honor, I...

I-I-I-I-I-I move that the word
"mess" be stricken from the record.

It's subjective.

It does not accurately
describe a crime scene.

Mr. Bundy,
you asked the detective

for his description
of the scene.

Court believes
that the word "mess"

is part of the detective's
description that you asked for.

Please continue, Detective.

She too had blood all over her
sheets and her pillows.

Blood had puddled underneath
her head on the floor,

and she seemed to have a large
amount of blood between her legs.

It is ordered that you,
Theodore Robert Bundy,

be put to death
by a current of electricity

and that that current pass
through your body till you are dead.

Take care of yourself,
young man, please.

And I say that to you
sincerely. Take care of yourself.

It is an utter tragedy

to see such
a total waste of humanity

as I've experienced
in this courtroom.

You are a bright young man.

You'd have made a good lawyer, and I'd
love to have you practice in front of me,

but you went
another way, partner.

So take care of yourself.

You ever seen
an execution, Withers?

No, sir. I heard
it's not a pretty sight.

Ha! No, it is not.

But they all get
what they deserve, right, sir?

They didn't get here
by being Boy Scouts.

No appetite?
Can't say I blame you.

Well, after years of eating
my meals off the floor, Warden,

I've developed an acute
distaste for prison food, thank you.

I didn't think that I was going to
be able to hear them from here.

And they all want me to fry.
Every last one of them.

As if this is all my fault.

Well, whose fault is it, Ted?


Society made you murder
all those poor women.

Society and pornography.


That's a load of shit!
You know it and I know it.

Well, what do you think it is?

I saw your interview
with Dobson.

You really think
that in your final hour

you can lay down
your entire legacy?

I was trying to help society...

by explaining to them
how I became so...


You became so demented...
because of you.

You made every choice
along the way.

You could've stopped anytime,
but you didn't.

I'm not fallin' for it.

You're not mental.

You're not deranged.

You're the most normal,
intelligent man I've ever had on death row.

You know what you are?

What am I, Warden?

You're a whiny,
immature little boy

that never had the balls
to become a man.

You stop talking
into this thing,

and I'll make sure you and old
Sparky get to know each other real well.

Got it?


you asked for forgiveness?

Yes, Mom, I've asked
for forgiveness. I...

I have repented. I took my,
my First Communion last night.

Well, then God will accept you.

You'll be just fine.

And you be a good boy.

I will see you soon.

You don't have to rush.
I'm not going anywhere.

I love you, Teddy.

I always have.

I know.

I know.

I'll be fine.
Everything will be fine.

Bundy! Come on.
Get up. It's time.

What time is it?

It's 5:00 a.m.

Did my appeal come through?

Nope. In fact, the governor
just gave his go-ahead.

Sorry, Bundy. It looks like
this time's the real deal.

Come on.
We got a lot to do.

We gotta shave your head,
we gotta prepare your final meal...

I'm not hungry.

Well... we'll make something.
You can eat it if you want to.

Come on. You know the deal.

No, turn around.

Do it in front today.


God... God.