Bunch of Five (1998) - full transcript

Jonas and Emir are members of a criminal gang of 14-15 year-olds in Oslo. Emir has slight brain-damage after being beaten by his father as a 5-year-old, and Jonas' biggest problem is ...

Emir was my best friend.

He has always been my friend.

He is 15 years old
and comes from Yugoslavia.

I have always known that he would
make my life a living hell.

It scared me out of my wits.

My name is Jonas,
and I am 14 years old.

I have always lived here in town,
and I have always lived with my mum.

I have never met my father.

When Mir was little,
his dad clubbed him on the head.

Now he has a right proper dent.

He had lain down on his bed
without taking his shoes off.

His dad was pretty aggressive.


Promise me that you will
never leave me behind.

Mir, there is just one problem.

How do I prevent you from hitting
other people in the head?


Jack is also 14. He is our leader.
He wants to be a gangster.

He always owes people money.
What are you up to, you little shit?

You'll get the money tomorrow.

Tomorrow. All of them.
Or else I'll kill you!

Give them to me, or I will cut off
your balls, you Paki bastard.

Hey, you. Get over here!

Who the hell is he?

Get over here.

You see that news stand over there?

Go and fetch me a pack of cigs.

You got that?
Move it! Hurry up now!

Or I'll smack you, you little shit.

Little Jan is just eleven.

But he is mature despite his age.

He lives with his uncle.

Get a hold of Emir. He should have
been here an hour ago.

Then there's Ali. He smokes and steals
everything he lays his hands on.

He is 14 and lives at a foster home.

Emir speaking.

Who was it?
My uncle.

The guy who owns a restaurant?

I have promised to help him.
When he was ill, he borrowed money.

I'll help him deliver something.
For whom?

The Yugoslavians?

He's a nice enough guy.
What will you have to do?

Beat some guy up and hand over
some dope to another guy.

The Yugoslavians? And you promised
your uncle you'd help him?

God damn it, Mir.
You will help me, won't you, Jonas?

You have to help me.

Can't you talk to Jack and the others
and hear if they'll lend a hand?


Repeat what I just said.

We have to beat this guy up,
and give this to this guy.

Deliver it to him, yes.

And we get the rest of the money
when the job is done.

Hurry up, Mir.

You have two different notes.
What have we got to do?

We have to give some dope to one guy
and give another guy a beating.

I was just wondering...

That's enough.

Can I see?

"The expert is back behind the wheel.

There's something wrong with the car.
It's got no brakes.

No wonder it's so dangerous.

Does the expert have everything
under control? I take that as a no."

Read on. Do they get caught?
Hold on.

What is "bonk" in Yugoslavian?
I don't know.

How about the Beagle Boys?
I don't know either.

"Ouch, don't hit me.

Help, I'm dying."

You can't die from that.
Sure you can.

If you hit a person right there,
they might die.

You stop the blood flow
in both arteries.

Here come the pictures.
Hey, it's a guy.

Where the hell have you been?
I've been so scared.

Oh, it's you?
Yes, it's me.

I can't stand being scared!

Why is it so dark in here?

Because someone forgot to pay
the electricity bill, Jonas.

It's lying around here somewhere.
But it's hard finding it in the dark.

How was I to know
that they'd switch off the light?

That's what they do.
That's what they do if you don't pay.

Have you been to school today?

Did you skip school again?
No, I was there today.

You're much too smart
to be hanging out with those kids.

That kid Emir will get hurt one day.

Please stay away from them.
They're the only friends I've got.

And you are the only one
I've got, Jonas.

Jonas, please listen to me.

Emir will get himself hurt one day.
Don't hang out with him.


Give me the note.

Which note?
The one with the big shot's name on.

You wait here.

Give me the package.

Why would a big shot live here?
He doesn't live here, you Paki.

Are you sure it's the right place?

Are you sure it's the right place?

Will you relax?

Hold on.

Check it out.

Oh, hell...

Are you Jo?

We've got a package for you.

That's right.

You did buy this, right?

And you've paid for it?

That's done then.

Hey, what are you doing?

Isn't throwing coins
into prison allowed?

We just want to improve their lives.
You just take it easy now.

And stop throwing those coins.
Get lost.

Damn pigs.

I missed.

When will we get the rest?
Of what?

Of the money of course.
They said they'd call.

But if we need the money now,
can't we just call them?

Will you stop talking about
that money?

In ten years I'll either be
imprisoned, dead or a millionaire.

Maybe I'll buy a calculator with my
share of the money. What do you think?

I think you should buy something else.

Give them a call now.

What did your uncle say?

There was no answer.
Maybe he's eating his dinner.

There was no answer?

Isn't that your uncle?

What are they doing?

I'm out of here.

What the hell?
Isn't that the guy we beat up?


You just stay put.

What's the matter?

You're just a substitute.
What's your name?


Were you born here in Norway?

I came here when I was five.

I have a constant headache.

My dad beat me on the head
with a stick when I was little.

I've got a dent. Want to feel it?
No, there's no need.

Go on, it's okay.
No thanks.

My dad will be furious
if I get another reprimand.

School isn't always a lot of fun.
I know, I've been there myself.

But it's for your own good.
I'll keep an eye on you from now on.

If you get your act together,
you will benefit from it later on.

Come on, everybody. Everybody from
my class enter the museum.

Come on, tag along.

Get the hell out of here!

Piss off!
You just take it easy!

Emir, stop!

Is he alright?

God damn it, you have to learn
not to hit people in the head.

Didn't you learn anything
when your dad clouted you?

But that's what works.
You will make people stupid.

Are you sure?

How often do I have to tell you:
Do not hit them in the head.

But that's what hurts the most.
Wake up.

How do you know?

If you break somebody's skull,
you will damage his brain.

But there's this shell around it.
Let me just feel your dent.

Yeah, I know.

You'll get your money today.

You will get them today. I swear.

Have you talked to them?
Did they call?

I need that money.
Ali, can't your brother get us a job?

I don't want to call him.
It's just so much trouble.

Ali, you make that call.

He's smart. He knows what to do.

Hi, it's me.


There he is again. The guy we beat up.

What's up?
We've got ourselves a job.

We just have to make
the burglary look authentic.

Haven't we been here before?

Clever you. This place has been
shut down five or six times.

There's no bloody point in
breaking into an empty store!

We're closed.

Sorry. We're closed.
We're giving the store a makeover.

Where's the money?
They should be under the counter.

Here they are.

I can do the counting.
Shut up.

It's 50 kroner short.
Will you give it a break?

Does your brother mean to trick us?

Your brother owes me fifty!

You're just as fucking stingy
as any senior citizen!

Soon you'll be taking trips
to Sweden to buy cheap cigarettes.

Shouldn't we get out of here?
I'm serious!

We have a job to do!

Police! Freeze!


What the hell do they get paid for?

They couldn't even bust us.

What the hell is he doing?

What the fuck are you doing?

Let me go!

Have you got any ID?

How old are you?

Anybody home?

The door is open.

Was it that bad?

We'll take him to
the juvenile detention.

I don't want to be here.

What the hell? Mir?

Mir, wake up.


Wake up. Come on.

Have you been sitting here all night?

What is it?

Mir? Tell me what's the matter.

Okay, so don't.

Come on, you zombie.

Do you know what that means?
Zombie? Sure.

We beat up the wrong guy.
What the hell are you saying?

And then we gave the dope to the guy
we were supposed to beat up.

I knew it.

Why didn't you say anything?

I thought they'd get mean.

Come on, Mir. Let's go home.

Come on. Let's go home.

Come on, Mir.

I'm leaving.

Can't we just talk to
your uncle in the morning?

Come on.

It was probably one of the guards
who took our money. Don't you think?


Where have you been?

Why do you think
I gave you that cell phone?

It's the middle of the night.
Why haven't you called?

I thought you worked night shift.
Nonsense. Who have you been with?

Did you hang out with Emir?


At the very least
you have to get back the heroine.

Does anybody know
you were coming here to see me?

Does anybody know
you were coming here to see me?

What can we do?

I don't know,
but you've got to find some heroine.

You can't stay here.

Get out. Out.

Shit. That bastard has taken
at least a hundred shots.


Stop it!

Take it easy! Are you crazy?
Have you gone mad?

Damn it.
Will you relax?

You fuck!

We're a fortune worth
of heroine short.

We can't hand over a half empty bag.
We need to get some money.


Hi there.

See that guy? He's nuts.

You just killed a guy!

Let's see some cash.
Take all of it.

You think I want to do ten years,
just because you fucked up?

Give me your jacket.
Didn't you hear what he said?

You think so?
He might not be dead.

Don't you get it?
Give me your shoes as well.

We need more money.

Take care.
Yeah, you too. See you.

You're not even 15 yet, are you?

Got any hair on it?

I'll give you money,
but you damn well better be good.

I've got a big cock.
But I'll pay you for it.

Calm down!

Your loss.

What happened?
"Dead Man Walking" himself.

Did he do you good, Jonas?
I didn't get any.

We still need some more money.
Did you hear? We need cash!

Have you got... Hold on.
I'll have a French Dog instead.

A French Dog.

That's fine. Have you got
any of that carrot stuff?


For the sausage? No, I haven't.

Beat it.
I've got pickles.

Hi, Jonas.

Are you here by yourself?

Is it enough?

You want to come to a party?

I'll have another sausage.
A wiener with everything on it.

You forgot ketchup and salad.
Have you got a pen?

I'll give you the address.

I asked for a wiener.

It'll be great. Plenty of girls.

What the hell are you doing?

Stop him!

This is all your fault!

Stay here. Let him go.

We should have stopped him.

What do you think he'll do now?

He'll get us all locked up.
That's his problem.

Just forget about him.

It's Emir.
Well done.

What the hell have you done?

Got us some money. Can't you tell?

Sure, but how did you get them?
Who cares?

Emir, what the hell have you done?

Got us some money. Can't you tell?

Answer me!
Leave me alone.

Cool, we've got enough.

850 kroner. Let's go buy some dope.

Have you got the dope?
I don't have that much.

You promised you'd fix it.
Relax. It's no problem.

I'll ask them to bring it over here.

If you take away the x
and move the "3" over here,

and then add them up,
you'll have the right answer.

No, that isn't right.
Sure, I've done this before.

You haven't got a clue.


That was the last bit.

Let me see the money.

Come on.

They'll be waiting downstairs.



Why me?
Because I say so!

You just wait here then, okay?

You want a fag? Go on, have one.

Fuck off.

Have you got the money?

It'll be fine, Jonas.

Are you angry?
No, I'm not.

This is how I look when I'm thinking.

What the hell happened to you?

Did you get it?
They took the money.

But did you get it?
They took the money.

I bet you tried to trick them!
No, I'm not a complete arsehole.

What are you laughing at?
You look like a girl with that hair.

You're to blame for all of this!

You're just a big jerk! You dimwit!

Don't ever call me a dimwit again!


Put it behind that headstone.


We'll leave the dope here tonight.
Wouldn't you say?

He's the one who fucked it up.

It's Little Jan.
Where have you been?

They sent me to a juvenile center.

But I left as soon as I could.
So you're on the run. A fugitive.

Nice, Jan.
I think I saw you in the street.

Why didn't you call?
They took my phone and my money.

Everything's fucked up.
You really made a mess of things.

What the hell do we do now?

How the hell did you get that money?

Answer me.

If you won't like the answer,
why bother asking?

Say something.

I've got to go home.

Hold on.

Nice car.

See you.

Did she make out?
What was it like?

Maybe you can teach me?

What happened?
Was it good?

Forget it.

Stop it, god damn it!

Emir, you prick!

What are you thinking?

All brawn and no brains.

Someone ought to
beat some sense into him.

He gets more and more sick.

He's always been dumb.

Forget about him. He's crazy.


We won't show up tomorrow.

Emir fucked it up, so he can hand over
that dope by himself.

Fuck it.

We missed the last train.

What are we supposed to do?
Now he's started attacking me as well.

He's out of control.

Jonas, you've got a problem.

You have to learn not to give a damn.
You got that?

What's the matter?



Did you see him?

What the hell is going on?
The police were here.

They were looking for Emir.
He hurt somebody.

You promised me!

The coppers always exaggerate.
How would you know?

I don't.

From now on you will not set foot
outside this flat. You hear me?

You stay here!


It's Jonas. Is Mir in?

He just left.

Jonas, if you find him,
ask him to come home right away.

He knew we were supposed to meet here.

Living Dead. Zombie.

And you're his dad.

He'll come.

Maybe he won't come.
Of course he'll come.

His mum said he just left.
It's his fault we're here.

This whole thing stinks.

He was the one who mixed up the notes.

He was the one who fucked up.
This isn't our problem.

They'll only beat up one of us.
Of course they won't.

Sure they will.

One of us will have to go.

I thought we stuck together.
I don't want to die.

I'll not sacrifice Mir.
Like hell I'll go there.

He's an idiot. Let's dump him.
That'll be the end of it.

Forget about him or get lost.

We go get the dope
and hand it over to Mir. Period.

How are you?

You don't have a headache?
No, I'm fine today.

Can I feel your dent again?

Leave me alone.

Have you found it?
I can't see shit.

Damn it!

Mir grabbed the dope.
What the hell do we do now?

God damn it, Jack.
I thought we were in on this together.

What do you think will happen to Mir?
You damn traitor!

What's that?

Bloody coward!

Mir and I...

We're still friends.

Jonas is here to visit you.

Jack was sent away to
some relatives in Pakistan.

After more than twenty charges
his parents had had enough.

Ali got caught with a TV
in a wheelbarrow

and was imprisoned
the day he turned 15.

He has 15 sentences for stealing and
enjoys only brief bursts of freedom.

Little Jan has 12 sentences, but he is
still too young to be imprisoned.

He was removed from his uncle and sent
to a foster home away from Bergen.

He doesn't think too highly of
country living.

Emir got an electric wheelchair.
He doesn't speak too well.

Jonas visited him for half a year
until he was sent away for treatment.

The parents often come to visit.

Jonas still lives with his mother.

He's turned 15, but it is as yet
unknown whether he will serve time.

He has shied away from crime now that
he knows he can be sent to prison.