Bully (2001) - full transcript

After finding himself at the constant abuse of his best friend, Bobby, Marty has become fed up with his friend's twisted ways. His girlfriend, a victim of Bobby's often cruel ways, couldn't agree more and they strategize murdering Bobby, with a group of willing and unwilling participants in a small Florida town. In the midst of their plotting, they find themselves contemplating with the possible aftermath of what could happen.

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I want you to suck my big dick.

Marty honey, dinner.

I want you to lick my balls.

His cock?

His cock was beautiful.

And he ate me out for an hour.

Lisa, you know,

it's all about attitude.
If you want it, you can get it.

You just got to get your fuckin' ass on the beach.

- Work for it.
- Whatever.

Excuse me, sandwich boy?

Aren't you supposed to wear gloves,

'cause I don't know where those hands have been.

Fuckin' pigs, man!

- My name's Marty, what's yours?
- Just give me the sub, asshole.

Ask the bitches to meet us, fuckhole! We'll party.

We're going surfing, at 3:00.

If you want to meet us at North Beach.

Maybe we'll think about it.

Great, babe, you can be my date.

My friend here will take that one.

Hey, fuck you, man.

- Those guys were fine.
- He was making fun of me.

No shit. He was just being
an asshole. Guys are like that.

But the other one, the shorter one--

- The cute one.
- Yeah, Marty.

He acted like he wanted to meet you.

- Meet you, you mean.
- No, his buddy's got dibs on me.

His buddy's the boss.

I've never been around such a hunk.


- Cute butt.
- Yeah.

He's sweet. The other one's an asshole.

You wanna go to a party?


- You're a pretty hot surfer.
- Thanks.

You could go pro.

What planet are you living on?

Earth, fucker!

Compared to you, he's fuckin' Kobe Bryant.

- What do you guys want?
- Go get a bottle of tequila.

Can you give me some money? I only got six bucks.

What was that, boy?

Was it "Yes sir, boss. I'll buy
that booze for you now?"

What I thought, bitch!

You're an asshole.

Baby, you know what I like.

Come on up here.
I'm starting to dig you a little bit.

Damn, baby.

- Welcome to the party, bitch!
- Fuck!

Take your pants off.

Come on, baby.

You're fuckin' beautiful.

Back up.


Good morning.

- I got a new boyfriend, Ma.
- A new what?

- A new boyfriend.
- A boyfriend?

What kind?

A hunk.


Yeah, you're gonna meet him.

I hear your cute friend gives good phone.

Marty's the best. He'll make you come in two minutes.

- Can I call him?
- No, he'll call you.

He lives with his parents, you know.

Okay look, right now...

$100 if he gets on stage and dances.

I hope you know you're getting up there.

No way, man. No way.

Come on. A hundred bucks is a hundred bucks.

I can make the money somewhere else.

Get the fuck up there right now, it's $100.


Get up there.

Make 'em proud.

160, 180, 200...

Plus what you got, that's 300.

What's the matter, man?

You enjoyed that, back there, didn't you?

Hell no. I ain't queer like those guys.


Bullshit, I think you like dick.

Ain't got to lie to me, boy. I know you like dick.

Fuck you!

- Look out!

- Man!

You fuck, you fucked up my fuckin' car!

- I'm sorry.
- Fuck!

Watch the fuck out! You're gonna make me wreck!

- You stupid fuck!
- Oh, fuck!

- You piece of shit!
- Motherfucker!

- Fuck this goddamn shit!


Hey, get in the car.

Fuck you, man.

I'm sorry, man. Let's just go.

Let's go, I'm sorry.

Get your fuckin' hands off me, Bobby.

I'm really sorry.

You're my best friend.


Coming inside or what, Lisa?

No, I'm waiting for my new boyfriend.

You met Marty, haven't you, Claudia?

No, I don't think so.

- Is he cute?
- He a hunk.

- Aaah!
- What the fuck?!

I'm next!

Lover bug?

Oh, my God.

Can we move?

Haven't we already discussed this?

Can I have a car, then?

Why can't we just move out of this dumb neighborhood?


we can't just quit our jobs and leave
because our son's having problems.


Fuck it!

Maybe we could hang. My cousin gave me some weed.

That's cool.

First time I ever smoked weed,

it was in the eighth grade,

and I knew a lot of kids who had been doing it...

but I was always afraid to,

'cause I was raised strict Catholic.

I was taught that the worst
thing you could do in life,

would be to make your mother cry.

She always told me if she caught me
messing with dope it would kill her.

But Bobby... he was always bugging me about it.

It was so fucking important to him.

If he did it, I had to do it.

So one day...

we were at the bus stop, waiting for the bus,

and I smoked some with Bobby.

And he told me the shit was, like, weak.

That I'd barely even feel it.

He must have fuckin' dusted
that shit or something, 'cause...

the whole fuckin' world warped around me, man.

I had no idea how to handle it.

The only thing I could think to do was run.

I take off, Bobby's running
behind me, laughing like crazy.

I get home and I get in my bed and
I pull the covers over my head...

Like bury myself under a pillow.
I was so fuckin' scared.

Bobby yanks the covers off of me.

- You know what I did?
- No.

You know what I did?

What baby?

I fuckin' pissed all over myself.

I love you, Marty.

I love you so much I can't even
believe how much I love you.

I would do anything for you.

Hi Lisa. What's up?

Oh, man!

- Whose is it?
- It's Marty's.

Shit. Couldn't it be Bobby's?
Haven't you fucked them both?

No, it's Marty's.

She says that like she actually knows.

Watch what he does. Holy shit!

Watch, he's not done. Eat his heart, Derek.

Hey, asshole, I don't know
how to eat his heart, nobody does.

I know who your girlfriend is, your right hand.

- Derek, I need a ride.
- Can't you see I'm busy?

I need a ride over to Marty's.

Okay, let's go, cuz.

I need to talk to you.

- Later. I'm busy.
- Now!


- Hey dude. What's happening?
- Nothing.

Come on in, let me show you
what me and Marty are working on.

It's definitely cool.

Come here, man.

Take a look at this.

We picked up this guy from the Copa.

Got him to do all this fucked up shit.

I can't believe you got a guy to do this.

Yeah, it's fuckin' disgusting.

It's nasty, Dude.

- You and Marty did this?
- Yeah.

We're gonna sell this to porno shops.
They'll pay top dollar for this.

This is gross, dude. I'm gonna wait outside.

You don't like our fuckin' tape?

No, it's gross shit, man. I don't like it at all.

I don't. I'm gonna wait outside.


I'm not ready to be no dad, Lisa.

Let go of me, please!

You'll the money and get it fixed.

You fucking hear me, God damn it?

- Huh? Answer me.
- Let go of her, asshole!

- We were just messing around.
- You're just messing around!

Does this look like messing around, asshole?!

I'm sorry.

Jesus Christ, you call this messing around? Look!

- I said I was fuckin' sorry!
- Fuck you!

- Motherfucker!
- Fuck you! Get out of here.

- Bring it, motherfucker!
- Fuck!

- Motherfucker, bring it!
- The fuck is with you?

She's fuckin' pregnant, man.

She's fuckin' pregnant!

It's fuckin'...

Little motherfucker!

I'm sending my goddamn brother over there.

He's gonna beat the shit out of him.

- I mean beat the living shit--
- No Mama, please.

I love Marty. I love him more than anything.

I don't understand this.

I don't understand what is going on with you.

Maybe I don't wanna know.

Please, Ma, don't get Marty hurt.


You need a bath, young lady.

Clean yourself up!

It's Bobby.

Oh, fuck!

I paged my dealer. It's gonna be all right.


Where you've been, bitch?
I've been calling you forever.

I've been hangin' out with
this guy Donny who's totally hot.

You're still fucking that surfer?

I heard you're fuckin' pregnant.

Yeah... we're totally happy.

Guess what? His friend Bobby is so hot for you,

he wants you to come down and experiment and shit.

He's into some spooky shit even you wouldn't believe.


I'll see.

Is Bobby nice? I mean, can he be?

I don't know, you met him.

He was an asshole when I met him.

Bobby and I have been friends
since we were almost born, and shit.

Then he must be nice.

Yeah, I guess.

I haven't seen your friend, lately.

I said, I haven't seen Marty lately.

That's good.

He's probably too busy with his surfing.

A game that children play at the beach.

It's a way of life.


Did your friend Marty tell you that?

What kind of life is...

splashing around in the waves and saying " Wheee!"?

May I be excused?

No. Son, you are smart,

you have ambition, you have presence.

Your friend Marty is living
a life of complete aimlessness.

I don't know what happened to him.
He used to be a good kid.

He's got no ambition, no fire in his gut, nothing.

I don't want you spending so much time with him.

I will move this family far away from here

before I see you waste your life away.

- Is that understood?
- Yes, sir.

I booked a piano lesson for you Thursday.

That fit into your schedule?

It's good.

♪ Nowadays everybody wanna talk
like they got something to say ♪

♪ But nothing comes out when they moves their lips ♪

♪ And motherfuckers act...
like they forget about Marty ♪

♪ Somebody you hate. I'


You remind me of my ex-husband.

You're married?

Was married, like three months.

You got any kids?

A little boy, but it's no big deal.

My parents take care of him.

Okay. That's cool.

I'm going to college soon.

- Really?
- Yeah.

I got like four credits before I graduate.

I've got like a B average.

No shit.

♪ Motherfuck the Police. ♪

That always pisses me off, man...

They always take the motherfucking good words

off the fuckin' videos, man.

What are you gonna do after college?

I don't know. Me and my dad might
go into this business together.

Like one of those window tint sound system places.

Oh yeah, those are cool.

So you'd have your own one?

Yeah, he could set me up in one.

He's always on me about it.

That's cool.

I mean, like he wants to help and shit.

Yeah. My dad's pretty cool.

- Watch this.
- Oh, that shit is gross.

- You know that turns you on.
- No, it's just gross!

You can tell your daddy. Watch it. Watch it!

- No it doesn't, it's gross.
- Come on, just watch it.

Get off me.

Watch it. Fuckin' watch it!

No. No.

- Wanna get fucked?
- Fuck you.

- You want to get fucked?
- Fuck you! Fuck you!

- Say I'm the best you ever had.
- Fuck you!

- Say I'm the best you ever had!
- Fuck you!

Fuckin' say it!

Fuck you!

- Fuckin' say it!
- Fuck you!

- Say it!

Fucking like that!

Say it! Say it.

Say I'm the best. Say it--

You're the best I ever had.

- Say it!
- You're the best I ever had.

- Say it louder!

- Say it louder!
- Best I ever had.

So, how was it? I told you he's a stud.

Yeah, more like a goddamn queer.

The fucker just raped me.

Shit, Ali, make up your fuckin' mind.

I told you he was kinky.

- Hi, Mr. Kent.
- Where's my son?

God damn it, he probably showed her that queer shit.

I told you not to hang out with him and I meant it.

- I'm thinking about selling the house.
- No, please, Dad.

I won't hang out with Marty anymore.

- I promise.
- Can't you see he's dragging you down?

Dad, yes I do.

I promise I won't hang out with him.

- Just give me one more chance--
- He didn't even finish high school.

I know, he's a loser. I know that, I see that.

They came over to say hello. That's it, I swear.


Hey Bob, you know...

I saw a stereo place for sale on the way home.

It was like the one we talked about,

only it didn't have the window tinting.

Bobby, you can do it.

You can do it, Bob. I know you can.

I can help you. I'll get you all set up.

Bobby, it's the best future
you can have in this country.

To be your own master.

If I do this for you, can we hire Marty?

Wow, you're really good.

- Where are you from?
- Michigan.

I used to be better when I was competing.

Why did you stop?

I don't know.

- You be good, little man, all right?
- All right. See you.

What do you want to do?

I wanna ask you something, Marty.

Why do you let Bobby treat you the way he does?


Why do you let Bobby treat you like he does?

Hit you and stuff and make fun of you?

He disses you right to your face
in front of everyone.

Derek thinks you guys are queer for each other.

Derek's an asshole.

You know what?

- I love you.
- Shut up.

I do. I love you and I care about you,

and I don't want to see you suffer.

I don't wanna see Bobby picking on you ever again.



He's been like this since
we were little fuckin' kids.

He's always been like this.

He's always beat the fuck
out of me, whenever he wanted.

There's not a goddamn thing I can do about it.

I begged my fuckin' parents to move--

You could move away yourself.

I'm not even a high school graduate.

Yeah, I know. Tell me about it.

So there is nothing we can do to stop him ever.

We could kill him. That's about it.

That's what I was thinking.


What are you talking about?

- Bobby.
- What about Bobby?

What if he was gone?

What kind of weird shit are you talking about?

What if we killed him?

Are you fuckin' nuts?

He treats everyone like shit.

He's always mean, he's always cruel.

Beats you up.

He's even too weird for Ali
and she's into everything!

He's the source of everybody's troubles.

And even still, he's gonna finish high school

and go to college and probably get rich.

Yeah, and I'm gonna be delivering
pizzas to him in Weston.

How would we get a gun?

My ma has one.

Shit, that motherfucker...

has fuckin' dissed me...

and treated me like shit my whole goddamn life.

Let's kill him.

No shit!

- You are one crazy bitch.
- No I'm not.

No I'm not. Marty agrees with me.

This is the way for everyone
to take care of their problems,

because Bobby is everybody's fuckin' problem.

What do you want me to do?

- Come down and help us.
- Oh, man...

Wow. What are you gonna do it with?

I don't know. A gun or a knife, I guess.



- What are you doing?
- Just talking to my dog.

- Are you high?
- Not enough.

My mom's in here and she's like--

she's like making plans for my 18th birthday party.

She's gonna have a cake, a clown and all that shit.

You know, like when you were a kid.

I think she's happy here.

I think she likes it a lot better than New Jersey.

I need to talk to you about something.

I've got to go to Fort Lauderdale

to help my friend Lisa kill this asshole named Bobby.

I like it when you pull my hair.


Shut up. You won't kill this guy.


- No.
- Yeah.

- No.
- Yeah.

Kill him? Like kill him in real life?

- Kill him?
- Yes.

- Like kill him, he's dead?
- Yes.

- No.
- Yes.

Whoa, Ali. That's some heavy shit.

- You want to go with me?

I got some really good dope in.

- Well okay, sure.

I'll go with you.

- Hello?
- Hey!

Where the fuck are you, bitch?

Back in rehab.

I'm kind of messed up, Ali.


Listen, I gotta go down to Fort Lauderdale,

to help my friend Lisa kill this asshole named Bobby.

But if you want, I can come pick you up.


What if we drive by his house,
when he's in his yard or some shit?

Shoot him down.

Cops will think it's a gang thing.

Shit, Lisa. That a fuckin' great idea.

Ow! Fuck, man!

Thanks for getting me, Ali.

I stick with my homies.

Is that joint all you're holding?

We've got a glove box full of acid.

Any tweak?

How was rehab?

Just about raped Ali last time she came.

He beats me. He's raped me.

The worst part is the way he picks on Marty.

He treats him like a dog or a slave or something.

Pisses me off so bad I can't stand it.

So, what are you gonna do, Lisa?

I'm gonna kill him.

- That's some heavy shit.
- Yeah, it is!

How are you gonna do it?

Why are you guys so serious?

We're gonna fix Bobby Kent's ass.


Holy shit!

Can we get some napkins?

- I'll be back.
- And a straw.

How are we gonna do it?

I was thinking, we could drive by his house,

when he's in his yard, and shoot him down.

The cops will think it's a gang thing.

Oh, no. Somebody will see us.

I know. We can go into his house while he's sleeping,

and stab the fucker in the neck.

- I brought my survival knife.
- He's got a doberman.

The best way is just to shoot him.

- How do we get a gun?
- My ma has one.

We can't bonk him over
the head and drag him off somewhere.

How come?

He's too strong.

Wait a second. Haven't you even met him before?

- No.
- No, me neither.

- What's this guy like?
- He's an asshole.

Holy shit. What he fuck is that for?

To kill Bobby Kent, don't you remember?

Oh, yeah.

Hey, won't that get blood everywhere?

Yeah, we're gonna have to plan
where we're gonna do it.

- Hi, kids.
- Hi, Mrs. Connelly.

These are my friends from Palm Bay.
This is Donny and this is Heather.

- Hi, Donny. Hi, Heather.
- Hey.

- Did you kids have supper?
- Yes ma'am.


Are we really gonna do this?

Jesus Christ, Ali, can you get this guy to shut up?


- Shut up, Donny.
- You shut up!

We'll have to find a way to get him alone.

No shit, he's gotta be by himself.

It's easier to kill someone
when they're by themselves.


Ali, what if you offer to fuck him again?

Wait a minute, isn't this the guy who raped you?

What do you mean... like bait?


It's not enough for him to go.

What if I offered to let him dog out my 5.0?

- Excuse me--
- And then offer to fuck me again.

He can drive you out to the barrens
in Weston by the Glades.

Wait a second... Okay?

If Ali's supposed to be banging Bobby,

then what the fuck is Donny doing here?

Seriously, the guy's just gonna go and kick it,

while somebody else screws his chick?

Nobody's that big of a dweeb.

- He's right.

Holy shit, I could--

We could say that I'm Heather's boyfriend.

You know'?

That's good, right?

- Hey?
- Hey.

- What're you doing?
- Homework.

No shit.

Well, I'm over at Lisa's house,

and that Ali chick is down here.

- I think she wants you.
- What are you taking about?

Hold on.

Hey Bob, what's going on?


You're not pissed off?

No, I liked it, actually.
I've been thinking about it.

Maybe we could get together.

We could take my 5.0 out
and get ballistic or something.

What's up?

Marty, what's with this shit?

I don't know. I guess she digs you.

You got me jealous over here. She's fuckin' fine.

Hey, you're there with fuckface?

- Yeah.
- Oh. Sick.

Okay, we do it and just roll the body into the canal.

That's out by the Glades.

The gators will eat his ass for lunch.


What are you giving me that for?

You're in the best position to do it.

You fuck him, then right when he's gonna come,

- you blow his brains out.
- Oh, shit.

- That's cool.
- You're the one that wants him dead.

You want him dead too.

It's too risky if I do it.

I'd have to follow him. He might hear me coming.

Here, take it.

I'll be close by.

You shoot him, we'll ditch the body.

All right, fuck it. Let's go!

Hey, Bobby. I'm Heather's girl--

boyfriend... Fuck!

Hey Don-- uh, Bobby--

I'm Donny, this is Heather-- I'm-- I'm her boyfriend.


- That's good?
- Yeah.

I was thinking we'd go out to Weston

and mess around in those new developments

and dog out my 5.0 or some shit.

I'll give these two a ride back.

Wait a second, you're not coming?

No, man. I'm fucking worked.

What about her?

- I'm coming with you.
- No, man!

I don't want your bitch coming along with us.

Come on, Bobby. She's my homie.

I haven't seen her in a long time and...

we need to talk about some shit
on the way out anyway.


Hey, Bobby.

I'm Donny, this is Heather. I'm fucking her.

Okay, whatever, I'm driving.

Goodbye, asshole.

You don't want to dog it out some more?

- I mean, it is a 5.0.
- This ain't a 5.0, bitch.

How about I dog you out? Huh?

What the fuck did we come
all the way out here for, then?


How about you give me a fucking blow job, now?

What are you fucking bitches talking about?

I'm going for a walk.

Shit, you got a fuckin' irritating laugh, bitch.

- ...Miss Tennessee.

- So, is he dead?
- Nope, Lisa chickened out.

Fuck I did.

Yo, Marty, check out Miss Texas.
She's so fuckin' hot!

- You couldn't do it?
- No, I just thought of something.

On "Homicide" they can take a bullet out of the body

and trace it back to the murder weapon.

If I use my mom's gun, they can find out I did it.

- So then toss it!
- Toss what?

The gun, into the ocean, and
then they can't trace the bullet.

I can't do that. My ma'd kill me.

You're bullshit too, bitch.

- I am not.
- Are so.

I think you're all fuckin' bullshit.

You guys need professional help.


What's this shit?

- I thought you were professionals.
- We are fuckin' professionals.

Why are you giving us shit we can't use?

- Who is it?
- Some girl named Ali.


Hey, Ali. What's up?

Sure as hell don't sound like a sanctioned hit.

You can come over to talk about it,

but nothing's set in stone, all right?

All right, cool.

- Hey, it's me.
- What do you want?

Derek, I need you for something big.

- My truck's broken.
- Fuck your truck, I need you.

Then I need a ride.

Come on, come on.

- You're in, dude?
- Let's go.

Hey, I'm Heather.

You wanna hit this?

So what do you do, man? What's your thing?

What do you do?

- I do "Combat."
- Oh shit, "Combat"?

I fuckin' love combat. I like to drop acid and play.

That's cool.

So. You got a place to play at?

Yeah, DNA Comics.
Across the street from Lisa's house.

- Got any acid?
- Yeah I got some acid, bro'.

Open... aaah.

Here you go, man.

All right. Take us to DNA, Heather.

- Blasted!
- Wasted!


I think these guys have been experimenting

with some controlled substances.

You aren't just whistling dixie.

Come on, get the fuck out of the way.

Big floppy donkey dick bully.

Choose your fighter.

Fight to the death.

- You're Marty, right?
- Yeah.

I've watched you surf North Beach.

No shit?

I like to rollerblade down there a lot.

Look like you get a good workout from rollerblading.



You gotta get back to work.

I'll be there in a minute, man.

I've never rollerbladed before.

We'll go sometime. I'll teach you.

Here, let me give you my number.

Please do.

What about your chick at home, man?

That fat bitch with your baby?

I mean it's--

Well I guess I should be going now. Bye.

I work right here.

This is my lunch break,
if you ever wanna come visit me.

What a cunt!

- Fatalize.
- Fatalize, fatalize.


He's gonna hurl. Oh, shit.

I got it. I got it.

Fucking A, man. You fucking fatalized the guy.

What the fuck, man--
What the fuck does fatalize mean?

- Does it mean death?
- No dude, it's worse.

Way worse, because you have to live, man.

You have to live and you're like a fuckin' baby.

Fuck, man!


- Let's go help my cousin.
- Let's get the fuck out of here.


Ew! Gross, yuck!


What's up, guys?


Go away. Go away right now.

Go away? Give me a kiss.

No, eeww!

Jesus Christ, you guys
should have seen what Derek did.

He turned this guy into a baby.

Close your mouth when you eat, Jesus!

Is this like a joke or something?

No, it isn't a joke. I know this guy, he's in a gang.

A hitman?

No doubt.

- Damn it!

I got it, Dad.

Shit! Lay off the horn.
You're blasting my whole neighborhood.

What's up, Ali?


We need to know if you can
get those guns for us, man.

You need to give me a little time.

Can' t just snap your fingers and shit.

- Guns are hard to come by.
- I can get you some money.

Oh yeah? Whose piggy bank are you gonna rob?

Come on, you know you can trust us.

Why do it with a gun?

It just seemed like the easy way to do it.

You need to chill out
and plan this out a little better.

No, I wanna do it now.

God damn it, I want the son of a bitch dead.

I want his sorry ass dead tonight.

Do you understand me?

All right, look...

maybe I can help you, but I don't know.

First you guys need some weapons and shit.

You should think about planning this out better.

Then, when you get all that done,
then you can come see me.

I have a window around the rear.

Just come by and knock a little lightly.

I'll be there.

Like a signal, right? Like in Tom Sawyer.

My normal suppliers, they won't
help out with this shit.

Maybe I'll just come and supervise, I don't know.

But either way, you got a weapons problem.

I swear to God, I can't wait
to stab that motherfucker.

Slit his throat and bleed him like a pig.

I'm gonna slice his guts open,

spill his intestines out on the dirt,

beat him in the head with a baseball bat

until his eyeballs fall out.

If you won't do it, I'll do it.
I'll cut the fucker for you.

I'll do it. I'll fuckin'-- I'll kill-- I'll--

I'll do it if you won't do it.

So weird. This shit's so weird.

- Hey, Derek.
- Hey, Aunt Mo.

Still here, Ali?
Don't you have a baby to take care of?

- She's on her way back.
- She should get her stuff and go, then.

You guys don't work.

You don't go to school, you don't do anything.

All you do is lay around and drive your cars,

and eat us out of house and home.

You know how that makes me feel?

- Mad!

The fuck are we gonna do now, man?

Just calm the fuck down.

- Ow, my butt!
- Fuck, Ali. This sucks.

Don't worry about it.

We'll park around the corner until Lisa's mom leaves.

You're not with Ali, are you?

- Not unless I lose some weight.
- You've always had common sense.

I'm glad to see you hanging out with Lisa.

I'm surprised, but glad.

You like her friends?

I don't know.

I mean, they get a little crazy, sometimes, but...

I'm just hanging out.


You know, when we lived in the Bronx,
at least we had a family.

Family kept things tight and safe.

Down here in Florida, nobody's tight.
Everybody's just... whatever.

Don't Ali's parents wonder where she is?

I don't know.

I'm going over to your mother's, play some cards.


What's the matter?

Nothing, I love you, Ali. I truly love you.

I do too, Ali.

We're gonna be okay, guys, you know?

We're gonna get this shit behind us and...

we're gonna be back in time in Palm Bay,

for Denny's birthday at his mom's house.

Shit, I never knew nobody who killed somebody.

Me neither.

Just my grandpa. I never knew him.

No way?

Yeah. My grandpa was a bad drunk.

Really bad.

He'd rape anyone dumb enough to walk by his room.

One night... he got...

really pissed at my grandma and
he took a claw hammer to her face.

After that, he locked himself up with her...

in his room for two whole days...

and he kept drinking and having sex
with her after she was dead.

My mom was in the house the whole time.

- Fuck.
- She was only 15.

Holy shit.

You know, it really messed with her head.

After that, she only hung out with guys
who beat the hell out of her.

And then, when I was little,

she'd get drunk and she'd drag me and my brother

out of bed at four in the morning and...

she had all the news clippings about my grandpa...

and she'd read them over and over again.

I knew every word before kindergarten.

I think that's how I learned to read.

She's gone. We should go.

That chick Ali gave me a blow job, last night.

- And I fucked her.
- Cool.

She called again.

Says you all are going back out to Weston.


Yeah man, that's the plan.

Are you going out?

Hey, man? You're my best friend.



Okay, we're picking Marty up in 45 minutes.

Derek, what's up with the baseball bat?

Come on, we need more weapons.

- What's going on?
- I don't know.

- My ma said something?
- No, it's just--

Never mind, everything's okay.

My back hurts. I have a tension backache.

Derek, will you give me a massage?

Me too, my back hurts too. I want a massage.


- Like that?
- Hmmm!

Watch it!

I guess I'll--

Okay, I guess I'll go do something about the bats.

Good idea.

Okay, there's one thing left to do.

- What's that?
- The hitman needs a ride.

Where are you going tonight, Bob?

Going out with my friend.

Need any money?

No Dad. I'm cool, thanks.

Marty, could I use your bathroom?

- Number one or two?
- One.

Just go in the alley.

- What's up, man?
- How's it going?

CMF, CMF, what the fuck? What does that mean, CMF?

Didn't we already tell him what it means?

What's with this guy?

- What does it mean?
- It means Crazy MotherFucker.

It's like "The Godfather"...

- A division of the Davy Boyz.
- Oh, shit!

Fuckin' Godfather, Crazy MotherFuckers. Holy shit!

Crazy MotherFuckers, huh?

- Holy shit!
- Hey, man?

- Think this is heavy enough?
- To kill a guy?

- Yeah.
- Maybe, if you hit him right.

You mean in the back of the head or some shit?

It don't matter. You just gotta hit him hard enough.

Yeah, I guess that's the key.


You can't just smack the motherfucker,
you've got to really wack him!

It's not like in a fight and you're mad at him.

You're not trying to hurt him.
You're trying to kill him.

I got something else.

See, that's cool!

It's Marty, right?

- Yo!
- Yeah.

What about this shit? This shit is good enough?

Right here, right here.

What the fuck for? You're gonna play baseball?

- No!
- Then why the fuck you got a bat?

What are you gonna do with that?

- For the guy!
- What guy?

Bobby Kent!

- What about Bobby Kent?
- The guy we're going to kill!

Is this bat good enough to ram his fuckin' head in?

- I don't know, man.
- How about this knife?

This knife is good, right?
I tried to sharpen it but--

- I don't know, man!
- All right, fuck!

Are we going just to fight this guy,

or are we gonna kill him?

I want him dead tonight and
I don't want any bullshit!

Yeah, I mean, this is
the son of a bitch that raped Ali.

- He fuckin' raped her!
- Yeah, just think about it.

He won't even let Marty have a life.

He beats him every time he does
something Bobby doesn't like.

Do you fuckin' mind?

He won't even let him see his own family.

That sucks.

This guy deserves to die.

He does deserve it. Agreed.

So we're not just gonna scare him.

- We're gonna kill him?
- We're gonna kill him!

I want this motherfucker dead, you understand me?

I want this motherfucker dead.

♪ Let's fuckin' kill him, fuckin' kill him! ♪

Dead! Let's kill the motherfucker.

- Dead! Dead! Dead!
- Dead.

Dead! We're gonna kill this fucker.

Dead! Dead! Dead! Dead--

Oh, shit, sorry. Go ahead. I'm gonna fuckin' lose it.

Go ahead.

You people need to understand some shit here.


This isn't a game.

We're not a bunch of kids playing make believe.

- Who says we're playing?
- Come down, all right?

You guys got to understand that me and my people,

we're what you call serious people.

And you do know what I mean when I say serious.

- We understand what you--
- What does it mean?

- Enlighten me.
- It means you ain't playing.

I said from the beginning that I'd kill this dude.

I was the first one to say it.

So don't fuckin' treat me like I'm a kid, okay?

What about you?

This guy? Dude, this fuckin' kid is cold, man.

I've been hangin' out with him
for only a couple days,

I've seen this guy do shit you wouldn't believe.

He's cold.

All right, that's good.

- Yeah, that's real good.

- Hi, Mom!
- Hey, Loverbug.

What are you kids doing tonight?

Probably going to the movies.

- Drive safe, okay?
- I will.

Be careful with my car, honey.

Okay, Mom.

What's going on, man?

You tell me, dude. Who are these fuckin' assholes?

Just some fuckin' dudes
Ali brought down from Palm Bay.

Some dudes. What the fuck, man?

I thought you said she wanted to fuck me.

She does, dude. That's the fuck she wants.

That's all she's been talking about.

We're just gonna dog out the rides.

See if the Mustang can take my old lady's ride.

That's fuckin' stupid.

What kind of race is that, man?

Why don't you chill, Bobby? Goddamn, dude.

We'll go out to the dunes
where you guys were last time.

You didn't do so bad then, did you?


All right, man.

Get in the back, bitch.
I'm driving this piece of shit.

Damn. Keep you in mind.

Show me how to shift this thing.

- You're so hot!
- I'm not hot, baby, I'm just big.

That guy's an asshole to be driving like that.

Tell me about it. We've got to kill that fucker.

- All right, I love these dudes.
- I love them too, man.

They're so good. Did you see them
when they were down here?

Fuck yeah, man. You?

I went down to the show with my friend
and we got so fucked up.

So did the whole fuckin' crowd, man.

They had this fat Chinese guy on stage with them--

Buddha dude! Buddha dude!

- Yeah! Yeah, yeah.
- He was a fuckin' Buddha dude!

He had this huge marijuana leaf
on his stomach, you know?

Yeah, man. Then they played this one song...

and the whole fuckin' crowd lit up at once.

Marijuana, just fuckin' smoking, everybody.

I lit up too.

- Right on.
- We might as well get high.

What did that dude mean earlier when he said

he had seen you do some amazing shit?

Me? I don't know what that dude thinks he saw me do.

- Could be anything.
- Yeah but what exactly?

Did you do somebody or something?

I kind of got down on a guy earlier today.

You killed him?

No, it wasn't anything like that. It was at the mall.

I put a little disciplinary action on him.

Disciplinary action.

I like that.

You put some disciplinary action on him.


What's your deal, man? Huh?

- What?
- Why are you here?

I am...

He's Heather's boyfriend. He's here with her.


- You live in Palm Bay?
- Yep.

So why-- I mean what's your--

What's your deal? Why did you come down?


I don't know.

To see what a fine looking man I'm going out with.

- Yeah.

- You call that going out?
- I don't know.

I call it a fuckin' blow job.

Damn fine blow job, but a blow job all the same.

What do you mean by going out?
What the hell's your definition?

I don't fuckin' know.
What's your name again, Feather?

My name's not Feather, it's Heather.

All right. Let me ask you a question, Heather.

Are you a hooker here, like your friend?

- Oh, shit.
- Shit.


You know what? You better watch your mouth...

or my boyfriend will be real pissed at you.

Who's that? Lonny back there?

You're talking about Lonny in the back seat?

He's gonna get mad at me and then what?

What's he gonna do then?
What are you gonna do, Lonny?

It's Donny, dude.

It's definitely Donny.

Yeah, whatever. You know your girlfriend's a hooker?

For real.

That teen prostitution bust, two years back?

They were 14, they got busted.

That was these two holes turning tricks

for crusty old men at $100 a pop.

For real.

Marty tells me you guys have turned
a few tricks yourselves.


Is that what Marty Puccio said about me?

So? We're gonna beat
the shit out of this guy or what?

I don't know, bro'. They say they want to kill him.

- How do think it's gonna go down?
- You're talking to me?

Yeah, we got what? You, me, Donny and Derek.

Wait, who's Donny?

Ali's boyfriend from Palm Bay.

Geez! That guy's fuckin' retarded.

No, he just gets high a lot.
He's as normal as you and me.

Shit, that may not be saying too much.

We brought you here 'cause
you're supposed to be the gangster,

- and the hitman and all that.
- Yeah.

- Well?
- Well?

So, what do we do?

We're gonna need a plan, like a signal.

The fuck you mean, like a signal?

You get the guy out here
telling you're gonna race cars,

but the real reason he's here is for the bitch.

- The bitch?
- He thinks he's gonna fuck Ali.

We need to get Ali to lead him off somewhere,

and then we'll sneak up from behind.

- Then we give the signal.
- And then what?

Then we kill him.

- So, what's the signal?
- I don't know.

We'll have to wait 'til I get there,
so I can check out the scene.

This has to be done right.

Let's take a walk.

Let's do it.

He's gonna tell us what to do.

Yeah, I got a few ideas.

I can't believe we're doing this. My adrenaline's--

Shut the fuck up, Donny!

You shouldn't yell like that.

It's not like someone's gonna hear us out here.

You know what? You shouldn't yell...

because someone could hear and
think someone's getting killed--

I'll keep that in mind, Heather.

Who else has a weapon?

You still got that knife?

- Yeah.
- So get it out!

Do you plan on doing anything?

Fuckin' right.

So what? What do you want us to do?

I don't know. What do you wanna do?

- I want this fucker dead now.
- I understand that.

Here's what I think we should do.

We're gonna need a signal, so Heather...

you walk down there like you're gonna talk to them.

When you see that everything's okay,
that he doesn't suspect shit...

then you yell out "Are there
any alligators down there?"

When we hear that, we'll know it's time.

- Alligators in where?
- In the canal.

It's a signal.

Just say something about alligators,
all right? Then we'll do him.

I say "alligators" and then you'll come.

Yeah, it's a signal.

- You.
- Yeah.

Go down there like you're her boyfriend,
hold your hand or some shit.

When you hear that signal, do it!

- Okay.
- So, go!

All right!

- What do you want me to do?
- You back 'em up.


We'll back them from up here, so he can't get away.

Uh, yeah...

Are there any alligators in there?


She asked if there were any alligators.

I don't know. Why don't you go
skinny-dip to find out?

I asked him if there were any alligators in there.


God damn it!



Please Marty, please!

Please, whatever I did, I'm sorry!

Just go!

He can't get away!

Get him!

Finish him! Go, go!

Turn your goddamn lights off, Ali!

- What do you want?
- Get out.

Get fuckin' out!

Help me carry him.

Why are you standing around

instead of doing what I tell you to do!?

- Is he dead?
- Shut up, Heather.

- Help me pick him up.
- Why?

Because we gotta get him out of sight, asshole!

- Is he dead?
- The fucker's definitely dead.

They just beat his head in with a baseball bat.

- What the fuck are you doing?
- I don't wanna get blood on my shirt.

We're not gonna hug him, asshole!

Grab his feet, I'll grab his arms.

What do you wanna do with him?

Throw him in the canal. The gators will get him.

By the time anyone gets here,
there'll be nothing left to find.



- Can we go?
- Just shut up!

- Now what, asshole?
- What?

This is not too good.

Why isn't he dead?

Just throw him in the water, man.
This kid isn't gonna swim.

Is he dead yet?

Getting there.

Take me home now.

Where's everybody going?

Where do you think we're going, Disneyland?

- We're going home!
- Bullshit!

Let me tell you. We better get our alibis straight.

- I ain't having this pinned on me!
- Right, but we gotta leave

before someone finds us.

We'll go to the mall near my house

and chill out there and get our stories straight.

Marty, you're okay?

That shit didn't go down right. People weren't cool!

We can't go to the mall.

There's too many kids hanging out there.

How about North Beach?

We chill out and get our shit
together about the alibi.

You better tell them.

North Beach.

You shouldn't feel bad, Ali.

He deserved to die.

He would have hurt you, or your baby.

What do you mean?

I don't know. I don't know, I--

I just don't think you should have
a guilt trip or something.


It smells like blood.

What? You're crazy. I don't smell anything.

It smells like blood. You can smell it.

I don't smell it.

Lisa says she smells blood, then she smells blood.

People are different.

It fucking stinks.

What does blood smell like, anyway?

I don't know. But it reeks!


What is it, baby?

I forgot the sheath to my diving knife.

No, you put it behind the bushes, I saw you.


- You didn't get it?
- No.

- I can't go back.
- You have to.

Marty, they can find the fingerprints.

But there can be people there by now.

Jesus fuckin' Christ, what now?

I got to go back. I left my sheath back there.

We're gonna have to go back anyway.

We didn't cover the tire tracks,

people might have left other shit out there.

We just freaked! We left too fast.

- I can't go back there.
- We're not asking you.


You were his best friend.
You'll be the number one suspect.

That doesn't make sense.
I should be the last they suspect.

You're not a cop! You don't know how they think.

They suspect you even if you look
like the most innocent person.

The more innocent you seem, the more
they get off on fucking with you.

They get off on that shit.

We're here.

- Do you think there's--
- Shhh!


Let's make this shit fast.

Police planes stealth around here,
looking for raves and vandals.

- Sorry.

Jesus, man! Don't do that.

- Any luck?
- Yeah, let's get out of here.

We need to see if he's still there.

- What the fuck are you--
- No man, we're here right now!

We need to see if anybody's found him yet.

Over here!

- Fuck is that?
- Crabs. They're eating him.

- That's fuckin' sick. That's gross.

Nature sucks.

There is blood on my shoe.

There's blood on my fuckin' shoe!

Some dog is gonna come down and dig this stuff up.

People do that. They bring their dogs here.

Even though it's illegal.
The lifeguards don't do shit.

If someone finds this stuff.

- If someone finds this stuff--
- Chill, Lisa.

You didn't do anything.

I was there, you didn't do anything. Neither did I.


I definitely didn't.

- What?

I didn't kill anybody.
I just went along for the ride.

- You fuckin' drowned the guy!
- I only helped carry the body

'cause that Mafia guy was gonna beat me.

- I didn't do shit.
- Neither did I.

- You stabbed him first!
- Fuck you!

- The blade went in like that much.
- What about the other 10 times?

God damn it, Lisa! Give me the bat back.

I got to return it or I gotta pay for it.

Where are the knives?

- I threw them in the ocean.
- You threw them where in the ocean?

The bitch's been going postal ever since you left.

She's crazy, thinks she's gonna get caught.

No, I didn't do shit!

If anyone gets caught, it'll be you.

You stabbed him first.

Shut up! I didn't do shit.

So we've been talking about
getting caught, and who did what.

That's a great talk to have.
We need to have that talk.

So, what have you decided?

You, doper? What do you think?

Did you kill that motherfucker?


I mean, I stabbed the dude. I admit that.

Everyone saw me do that. But I didn't--

I didn't actually kill him.

He was still alive after I finished sticking him.

You saw the fucker run.

And you?

You know I didn't kill him.

Who helped me drown the son of bitch, then?

- He was dead already.
- Oh, he was dead?

He was so far fuckin' gone, man.

I just picked him up to help you move him.

I didn't-- I didn't kill anybody.


Of course not! You had nothing to do with it,

you were just our dates, correct?

Me and Mr. Marty have spoken...

on the way to retrieving the sheath
that was left at the scene.

The murder scene. You understand
that we murdered somebody?

We took your friend's life!

I wanna make sure we're on the same page.

I know you fuckin' smokeheads.

You're having your thrills and shit.

This is no fucking video game.

Your friend you were so very pissed at,

he's lying face down in the swamp,

with his eyes hanging out and the crabs eating him.

I don't intend on going down for this shit.

If any of you take me down,
I will kill his ass, or her ass.

We're gonna sit on this beach, right now,

and work out this alibi until I'm satisfied with it.

You've reached the Kents.

Please leave your name and number at the beep.

We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Have a good day.

Bobby, this is Marty Puccio.

I called you.

You asked me to call when I got home, so I'm calling.


You think they could say I was guilty of it?

I guess.

You stabbed him in the heart.

When you were on top of him and he was on his back.

No shit! I had that Mafia guy with a baseball bat

telling me what to do every minute.

Yeah, that's true.

I guess they'd say he did it.

No shit, Lisa! The guy bashed
his brains out with a ball bat.

Oh shit!

That was so gross!

And the guy goes like-- and the shit just--

That was so sick!

You don't think I could get in trouble?

For what?

For being there, like an accessory?

They could say that you were
a witness, but that's about it.

That's no big deal.

So, how do you feel?

- If we don't get caught?
- Yeah.

Shit, babe! I feel like
a ton of bricks got lifted off me.

We did it.

We killed a guy.

Hey man, I heard. You're off the chain!

- What?
- You're out of hand.

The fuck you're talking about?

Fatalize, man. Fatalize.

I don't know, man. I'm just so uptight.

I can't sleep or do shit... It's like--

I'm worried they're gonna find
some shit that's gonna give us away.

I'm gonna... get caught.

I'm so fucked! I just--

I just can't stop thinking about it.

You didn't kill that dude, did you?

No! Hell no! I didn't have shit to do with it.

But I was there.

Someone could say I was a witness.

I don't know. Maybe if you just know
that something like this happened,

and you don't tell the cops,
they have some fuckin' law,

some fine print that could get you in trouble.

Like leaving the scene
of an accident and not reporting it.

Yeah, they have that in driver's ed.

I know. So, shit!

It's like... I just--

I need an alibi, man.

I need someone to say I was with him, so--

so, I could be like,

"No... I wasn't anywhere near
those assholes that night.

I was nowhere near them."

Say this to who?

To the cops.

I need someone to say I was with them.

What kind of asshole is gonna lie
to the cops about a murder?

Hey Lisa. What's up?

You're not gonna believe this shit.
You're not gonna believe it.

We killed Bobby.

Pardon me?

We killed him, he's dead. We did it.

You should've seen it.
Marty stuck him right in the heart.

Lisa, what are you talking about?

No shit, listen.

You know that guy Donny?

You know, the loser? You met him.

He stuck him right in the back of the head.

Lisa, what?

It's so weird.

This hitman, right? He takes his baseball bat...

and right when Bobby's on the ground--

he's like gurgling like a baby--

shooting blood and his guts are hanging out--

and his eyes--

It was so sick, his eyes were
popping out of his head.

He takes his baseball bat and he swings it,

and he half caves in his head.

You watched this?

Yeah, I was there. And Ali and Heather.

We were all there.

And we saw it, most of it.

Heather, you met her, right?

She's so strange.

She gets that blank look, like she's not even there.

And she starts hugging her knees and rocking...

like she's totally fried. And then, after...

she just shrugs and says “Fuck them.“

- Lisa--
- Listen, Claudia.

I'm really worried about how we left him.

He's just out there, where anyone can see him.

I can't stop thinking about it, you know?

Like someone walking up and finding him.

We should've hid him better,
pushed him in the canal more.

At least the gators would've got him
or he would have sunk, but--

That's why I came over.


Claudia, I need to go out there.

Can you borrow your mother's car? I need a ride.

I need someone to help me move it.

- It?
- The body.

- You murdered Bobby Kent?
- I didn't say I murdered anybody.

They killed him. I won't even say they murdered him.

- He was fighting back.
- He was?

Yeah! He was trying to get away.

Begging Marty. You know,

saying, "I'm sorry, please.
I'll do anything, don't kill me."

Right when he said that,

Marty walked up to him

and whacked him in the heart with his diving knife.

The whole thing was just totally extreme!

Oh. Wait.

You want somebody to take you
out there to move a body?

I don't" anybody crazy enough to do that--

Fine, fine. We won't go move it.

We'll just go out there see
if the tire tracks are gone.

No way, Lisa. No way.

- Come on!
- No!

Look, I gotta go. I'm late for work.

I'm supposed to be in Pizza Hut in half an hour.

Well, screw you, Claudia. All I wanted was a ride--

I hope you have a problem someday,
so you can ask me for help.


You don't have to make a federal case out of it.

I just asked for a fuckin' ride.

Claudia, keep your fuckin' mouth shut.

Was that Lisa leaving?


- Is everything okay?
- Yeah!

- What's going on?
- Nothing.

- What are you up to?
- Nothing.

I gotta go to work, Mom.

Mom, what if you witnessed a crime, like a murder,

and you called the hotline but didn't give your name.

Would that be legal?

I don't know what you mean, Ali.

What kind of a crime?

A murder, I told you.

What are you kids up to, Ali?

I was just asking, for Christ's sakes.

I mean, would it still count?

You could still say you reported it, right?

If you saw a murder, and just called the hotline,

and reported it and didn't give
your name or anything,

- would that be enough?
- Would it?

I don't know the law, but... I don't think so.

I think you would still have to say who you were.

- But why wouldn't it--
- Why are you asking these questions?

Why wouldn't it count?
You could still say you reported it.

Ali, are you talking about a "murder" murder?

I guess. This guy kind of got killed.

Why would you just call a hotline?

I was just asking, God!


Marty, where have you been?

Somebody made an anonymous call to the cops.

They know about Bobby.

- Have they found him?
- I don't know.

Somebody told them he got murdered.

- Murdered?
- That's what they said.

- They used that word?
- Yes!

Did you fuckin' talk to somebody?

No, I didn't talk to anybody, Jesus!

- You're up early.
- I'm going to the skate park.

What did you do with the earring?

It fell out.

I love you, buddy.

Yeah, I love you too.

Who the fuck did you tell, Lisa?

It wasn't me, bitch. For all I know, it's you.

The cops are onto us, we have to come up there.

Not with police on you, you don't.

You gotta hide us.

They know how Bobby died and everything.

We're all in this together, right?

- Alice, geez!
- It's okay!

It's all right. I've got it under control.

I don't want them to know where I sleep.

- This is going to stop, right now.
- Move me in my own apartment then.

- An apartment?
- Godfucking damn it!

We need to hide because they're
gonna come to your house.

Baby, who are they?

Alice seems to think that
some of her friends killed somebody.

Who in the hell, Virginia?

- That is something for the police.
- No police, because

a Mafia hitman did this.

He said that if we told anybody, he'd kill us.

Is this about getting your own apartment?

- No! I don't want an apartment!
- Hey! Honey, hey.


- Don't touch me!
- Baby--

- Baby!
- Don't touch me!

- Ali, chill!

- That's it.
- He's not in the Mafia.

You don't know what you're talking about.

- He must be protecting you.
- Protecting me?

I'm his brother. That lazy fucker protects dick.

He doesn't have a job.

What about the Crazy Motherfuckers?

He wanted to be in Davy Boyz but chickened out.

Got the tattoo instead.

You ought to turn yourselves in.

But if I turn my self in, I may go to jail.

She's afraid they'll put her in jail.

- Tell her you'll write to her.
- Hey man, I'll write to you.

- Good toss, Laura--

Sheriff's office! Where is Marty?

Where is he? Let's go!

Sheriff's office, don't move.

- Where's Marty?
- In the bedroom.

- Sheriff's office!
- What's going on?

Does the name Bobby Kent ring a bell?


I'm due in seven weeks. If it's a boy,
I'll name him Marty.

Will you send me a picture?


Are they gonna let you out to have it?

Shut up, bitch. You're a fuckin' snitch.

You cut a deal. We all know that.

Is it true?

Shit, Ali. You don't know that yet?

Jesus, who is your lawyer?

Her and Dumbo here have been
snitching on us to save their asses,

otherwise we wouldn't be here today.

Psst! Sorry ass snitch motherfucker!

I know what you're doing.

- You're gonna regret this.
- Leave him alone, asshole!

You've done enough to ruin his life.

Shut the fuck up!

- Your fat cousin ruined it.
- I don't know what I'm doing here.

I didn't do shit. I don't know why I'm here.

You stabbed him, dude.

What are you crying about?

- Shut the--
- You shut the fuck up!

♪ Under the big bright yellow sun ♪

♪ Under the big bright yellow sun ♪

♪ Under the big bright yellow sun ♪

♪ Under the big bright yellow sun ♪

♪ Under the big bright yellow sun ♪

♪ Under the big bright yellow sun. ♪

♪ This recording is 38 and sinkin' ♪

♪ Funkier than Pepe le Pew so I was thinking ♪

♪ About dropping this single on the charts ♪

♪ Letting you know, "Hey, the kid has heart" ♪

♪ I never deny myself as being dope ♪

♪ But in my last jam, niggas slept in my notes ♪

♪ You thought I was weak? Let me speak ♪

♪ My rhymes come funkier
than your grandfather's feet ♪

♪ So listen, Mister, don't you ever forget ♪

♪ The rhyme is dirty, you couldn't
even clean it with Comet ♪

♪ Or even Borax some try Ajax ♪

Only mix with the best 48 tracks ♪

♪ I get down with the ace all sounds ♪

♪ Lyrics that be coming from miles around ♪

♪ So let the music shut your ass up ♪

And pull the uppercut that will make you fall-- ♪

♪ M-M-Master I'

♪ Break it on down ♪

♪ Fall on your butt, your ass won't hurt ♪

♪ They call us ringworm 'cause we master the skirt ♪

♪ I act like a jerk but I'm out for the dough ♪

♪ Fool master the funk master the ho's ♪

♪ Only master plays the fool ♪

I work hard and pay my dues ♪

Tony Snatch here plays the fool ♪

♪ That runs with it, eat it and give you the bone ♪

♪ I'm in the club with No Wa Di ♪

♪ They're gonna have to close
the club up messing with me ♪

♪ Dirty and stinky stuff ♪

♪ We some dirty du luh with some stinkin' nuts ♪

♪ Last call, now drink it up ♪

♪ Me and Dirt on the prowl for some stinky sluts ♪

♪ Last call for alcohol ♪

♪ Everybody out the door,
get your back up off the wall ♪

♪ Last call for alcohol ♪

♪ Everybody out the door,
get your back up off the wall. ♪

You're gonna visit your car ♪

♪ It's one of my peeps ♪

♪ With a blow to your head ♪

♪ Is that what you're needed? ♪

♪ You're probably bleeding ♪

♪ Is that what you needed? ♪

♪ You're probably bleeding ♪

Just like a movie ♪

Just like a movie ♪

Just like a movie ♪

♪ Life doesn't move me ♪

♪ Life doesn't move me ♪

♪ I keep with you now ♪

♪ Here in your car ♪

♪ Left the bar ♪

♪ Playing the Big Part ♪

♪ Keep complaining ♪

♪ It's probably raining ♪

♪ It's one of my peeps ♪

♪ With a blow to your head ♪

♪ Is that what you needed? ♪

♪ What you needed ♪

♪ What you needed ♪

♪ It doesn't move me ♪

♪ It's like a movie ♪

Just like a movie ♪

♪ It doesn't move me ♪

♪ Move me ♪

Just like a movie ♪

♪ It doesn't move me ♪

♪ It's like a movie. ♪