Bruce Lee - The Fighter (2015) - full transcript

A stuntman is mistaken for a police officer by an idealistic woman and begins fighting crime on behalf of the police.

Do not pray for an easy life, pray for
the strength to endure a difficult one.

This story is about a guy, who solves
his problems and wins in life inspired by Bruce lee,

Sister, come fast!
Dad may have come back from tour.


Dad, what have you brought for me?

Will you be quiet if I do not bring?

Son, I brought Encyclopaedia book for you.

It will be useful to gain your knowledge.

Here, this is called the scientific calculator.

It even solves the complicated
formulae very easily.

What have you brought for me, dad?

Barbie doll for you.

What about calculator for me?

Take from your brother when you need it.

You always bring it all for him
and nothing for me.



When have you come?

I just came bro,

come and have your seat.

I enquired about the admissions
in Delhi Public School.

Leaving the fees aside,

they consider only when the kid scores
above 80% in the existing school, it seems.

What 80% bro,
he always scores above 90%.

Dad, even I will join in Delhi Public School.

He should become a Collector baby
and thus I am joining him there.

I too will become a Collector then.

You would become the Collectorís sister.

All the middle class mentalities are so.

Though they have equal affections,
priority is always for the son.

You know that I wanted
to become a Collector, bro.

But was not possible
due to our conditions.

Thus I fixed very strongly
to make him a Collector.

Sister, you take all these.

No, I donít want

Take sister
Am I not saying no?

When I am saying to become the Collector,
they say to make you a Collector.

They want to join you at DPS.
All are only for you.


Ammulu has slept crying.

She loves education. Why donít you
join her too in that school?

Do you not think I want even her
to be in that school?

Affection is related to the heart. We do not
have the capacity to educate both in that school.

What can we do?

Goal.. means the aim.

Mother gives birth.
Education gives a meaning to that life.

Thus every human should have
a goal in their life.


What is your goal?

Engineer sir


what is your goal?

My goal is to become a Doctor Sir.


My sister becoming a Collector
is my goal sir.


What are these bloody marks?

35 in Maths, 20 in English
and 30% on total!

It is not getting into my brain,
how much ever I read, father.

Is it not? Is it not?
No dad..

What is that with a small kid?

How many hopes have I kept on him?

I thought to join him in Delhi Public School
at any cost. How now, with these marks?

Look at your sister scoring
85% in all the subjects.

I will join you in DPS, baby.
I will make you a Collector. Yes!

Are you feeling bad as your dad hit you?

Yes uncle.

Then why have you laughed just now?

I know that you study well.
Tell me the truth behind your low scores.

Dad cannot afford to join both at DPS.

If I get low scores,
he would then join sister there.

Please do not tell this to dad, uncle!

Make it fast, it is the bus time.

I am hubby!

It is Delhi Public School.

Sister, do not worry thinking it
as a new School.

Put this peacock feather in your books
and you get a good brain.

Thanks bro

That is your life. You got to sell peacock feathers
and others at the signals, you useless fellow!

Bye Dad
Bye Ammulu

Bye sister

Bye bro.

Enough of that waving. If you had studied
well, you would have got into that bus.

Useless fellow. See you brother.

All would run for their goal. But only
some stand back for their people.

You would stand forever, in a great
position that none can reach you.

Your dad would feel proud seeing you.

When the generation is so fast, why is your
girl so late even for these marriage looks?

That is, you first said 10,
then 12 and finally fixed to 11.

We are free and thus came in time.

Baby is gone to the office.

Have coffee
It is over.

Have the biscuits
I have diabetes

This has come in time.

There she comes.

Baby, he is Babu Rao
working as DCP in Badalapur.



She is Ria, daughter of my brother.

Though she does animation,
she has admiration on the Police

Thus has fixed to marry
only a Police officer.

I sent you my profile, right?
What is your opinion?

I felt hats off by seeing
the details in WhatsApp.


I want to ask you some questions openly,
if you do not mind.

Feel free to ask me..
open heart with Baburao

I like it.

Why have you joined in
the Police department?

For the income.

Not with a passion on the profession?

Fashion or my foot!

putting my efforts for the early morning
exercises and the NCC trainings?

Is it to wear the comfortless
Khaki dress and these biting shoes

For money!

Why only this department for that?

They file cases for doing fraud
in other departments.

Who files a case when I am in a department
filing cases for doing the fraud?

It is gone!
What is gone?

It is the game.
My son is crazy about video games.

I understood. No exercises for this idiot.

What would you do if you catch
the rapists of that Delhi case?

I would first ask, how much is in pockets.
Take that all and ask them not to repeat such.

That means you do not even
take a breath without a benefit.

Exactly! The major purpose of
this visit is a registration work here.

What is that registration?

Valid question..

An Ex-Minister threw his plate on ground and
his wife on to the wall as food was bad.

By Godís grace,
that murder case has come to me

and a sight of 1000 yards has come to
my name at Gachibowli for letting that go.

Game over.
Well played bloody fellow!

Help me..

Who is gone?
help me please..

Please leave my daughter.
I will pray to your feet.

Hey, you have not heard me
when I said to marry only her.

Thus I am taking her.

Hello, please do something.
But, I get nothing.

Added it is a risk.


Hello! Hello!

Please leave my daughter.. please..

Please leave my daughter.. please..

Hey, I did many crimes and kidnaps. None has
stopped till now. Donít try to stop me.

Whatever are the tricks and plays being done,
one should close it all once I am in.

Else, I will push to a corner closing the story.

I eyed on you when you threatened the girl of
Kachiguda Womens College to attack with acid.

Now you are caught.

No discussions, ask how much do you want.

How is that?

Tell what you want.
How is that?

Tell what you want.

Are you my cousin to take
whatever I need from you?

hey, clear the route.

You will not understand my stamina,
unless your stamina is broken.

Priest, how much time is left behind
for the muhurat?

There is only exactly five minutes left sir.

He would run away leaving behind
the bride in exactly two minutes.

It is on time, every time.

priest, you still have three minutes left
for the muhurat. - Thanks a lot son!


Sir, please forgive me.
I have done a mistake.

Will you threaten a girl to attack with acid
when she does not come with you?

I will go, catch her feet
and ask for an apology sir.

How is that?

I will go, catch her feet
and ask for an apology sir.

How is that?

We will go and hit ourselves
with sisters sandals sir.

You have now come into the correct track.

My work is done. I am in the uniform.
You make it ready.

Is it any wrong if a Police
earns some income?

Nothing wrong if you hit the same.

Police means the courage and confidence.
The one who works for the society is the Police.

Rubbish, you are saying a new meaning
for the Police department.

I may look to get polluted if I stay
here for some more time. See you.

Never ever come back again,
you waste fellow!

As said by him, will there be any Police
these days with the qualities you long for?

Why not uncle?
For example, you had just seen.

He looks like an address for the Police dress
and break anything for the sake of his duty.

Hey... super Bruce lee, super..
Cut! Shot ok.

David master, you are
the fight master and I am the director.

It is me who should tell ok.

Ok, you tell it sir.

Shot ok sir.

Hey get down man..

Super Bruce Lee. Excellent,
you smashed it up.

What is he smashing up?
He is just jumped,

I got up in time with a great hard work.
There would be a 90 as such to jump.

Still claps will not be registered at theatres
by not seeing him, you or that David fellow.

But looking at this blockbuster Brahmaji.
Come on do it.

He is egoistic.
No sir, he is sadistic.

You are fantastic.
Thank you sir.

It is ok Bruce lee.


Babaji, I am Brahmaji.

I have just completed a risky shot right
now like a whisky bottle.

My foot! Shameless fellow.

You put the fight by Bruce Lee
into your account.

Hey, get out from here bloody!
Ok sir

Not to you Babaji,
to that assistant of David.

Hey, come here.

I am already suffering because of the Hero
and the Director. Added you come late?

I already have BP and Diabetes.

How is that?

I already have BP and Diabetes.

How is that?

I am requesting you
not to put me into tension.

This is the right way master..

Thanks Bruce Lee.

It seems those idiots have been to the college
and apologised catching the feet of sister.

Not just your sister, but those will not
tease any other girl in their life now.

David master,

many would eagerly wait with many hopes
when there is a film coming from this Garapati.

I do not know how and what you do.

But, the climax should be a wow.

Nerves of those watching should be blasted.
Records need to be broken.

There will not be any content in the story,
but he wants everything in the climax.

Bruce Lee!

Show the fight I composed
to the director once.

How is that?

Yes, I was showing you to show the fight
you composed to the Director once

Sure master..

Thanks Bruce Lee. We would have
smashed believing that David master.

Fight planned for a week is
finished in four days because of you.

Thank you sir.

Thus here is my gift
along with your fees.

Thank you sir.

All the best.
Thankyou sir..

Hey call the Gimmy operator..
have to settle the amount.

A laptop for sister with this.
What about this?

Free count

Run, life means a race,
run It is the chase of your dreams,

Run.. Keep running till you win, run

do not stop anywhere,
run.. do not stumble anywhere, run.

Till you achieve, run

Hey life is a deer and you run like
the chasing cheetah, run

You run like the jumping tide
for the shore, run

You run like the clouds higher than
any mountains, run

Run, life means a race,
run It is the chase of your dreams,

Run.. Keep running till you win, run

If the earth does not circle,
it is said to be aged

If the lightening does not disappear
immediately, it is second looked at

If Sun does not come for a day,
they say eclipse is on

If a knife forgets sharpness,
life is unending sorrow for it

If human forgets the responsibility,
it is like breathe is stopped

Move on right now

Run, life means a race,
run It is the chase of your dreams,

Run.. Keep running till you win, run

Like an arrow with a sword in hands
Like a ball suppressed

You should bear with the pressure
To shake up any defeat

Once you start climbing
You should start forgetting to stop

Like the iron bar burning hot in the furnace

How much ever you burn,
life gets so colourful

Listen to this lesson and move on

Run, life means a race,
run It is the chase of your dreams,

Run.. Keep running till you win, run

do not stop anywhere,
run.. do not stumble anywhere, run.

Till you achieve, run


Come on.. move..

The person who opened fire at Grand Palace
Is the Al Jihad terrorist group member.

Six innocent people
lost their lives in this firing.

Their aim is to hurt by
creating a disturbance.

Catch everyone behind the master killer..

Many may have got Padmasri award
in the industrial sector,

but the award received by our Jayaraj sir, Chairman of
Vasundhara Pharmaceuticals is very special.

He is a great person not just producing
medicines for life taking diseases,

but also taking care of
his employees like his family.

It is our luck to be felicitating our
Chairman Sir who made us proud.

Sir will speak now. Sir please!

Excuse me,

Government has awarded you with Padmasri.
World has given you recognition.

But what I need to remember
and respect is every one of you.

I feel it justified to give this felicitation to
our plant manager Ramachandra Rao.

Madam, felicitation and for me?

Mr Ramachandra Rao, you have dedicated 25 years of
your life and service to our Vasundhara labs.

The response seen for the word of felicitation
to you says your qualification for this. Please!

It would have been good,
if brother too was here.

Yes mummy..
he missed it out.

I am still unable to come out of the
shock of felicitation yesterday,

We too are not able to come out.

When some other person got Padmasri,
no idea why was he felicitated.

Recognising the service and
hard work I put in.

How is that?

I was felicitated for all for the service
and hard work we all put in for the factory.

Is it?

Yes and the same way there were claps
nonstop for 2 minutes when I was felicitated.

First time claps in 50 years, right?
He is getting over excited.

There would be claps every day for the
jumps and glass breakings I do on the sets.

I get bored.

Are those and these claps the same?

Sound is the same..

Sound may be same,
but respect in the society differs.

Oh my!

If you listen to me at least now, I will tell my boss
and get you a job as a stores in-charge or a field officer.

You would get 8,000 after
all the cuttings to your hand.

I get 10,000 along with the fees for two jumps
and three glass breakings per a day.

Added we will have no cuttings.

Yes, there will not be any cuttings.
They will remove hand or leg someday.

The day you chose a route not liked by me,
you are of no interest to me.

I will not agree for even a single rupee
of yours to come into my house.

Baby Kavya!
What uncle?

As you were not home yesterday,
that courier fellow dropped this at my house.

What is that brother?

Our Kavya has won a laptop
in the quiz competition.

It is surprising brother, somehow
you always receive all the gifts she gets.

Thanks bro

Why do you thank him,
when you won it with your brains?

I dropped her there
at that quiz competition.

You had just dropped her. I have been driving
her towards the goal from last 20 years.

You know well bro that even
I was the same in childhood.

So many prizes like pencils,
erasers, geometry boxes and so on.

Ammulu is got all my brains.


Then you have such a great brain!

What if not?

If so, tell who our President is without
taking any turn or asking Ammulu?

Our President is Abdul..

How is that? Is it Abdul Kalam?

I was saying Abdul Kalam was there.
Now PratibhaÖ

How is that? Is it Pratibha Patil?

I am saying one should
have knowledge and capacity.

Why do you not tell if you have them?

Did you feel to become a Collector
with this chick brain?

If grandpa was alive he would have
hanged and died now.

I know that very well brother. But, as was
asked suddenly. You were confused.

Yes brother.

Are you fine, Kavya?
I am fine brother.

Hi bro..
Hi Kartik!

What uncle? Looks like, You or Me daily
Episode is in running from nine to nine thirty?

They just gave it a break.

Dad, I kept the lunch on the table
and medicines are just beside.

Do not forget to take them.

See you uncle.

Bye bro!

Learn how a son should be seeing him.

He is taking good care of his dad like a mother,
even after doing such a respectable job.

Uncle washes his dresses,
will you wash?

What, shall I wash your clothes?
Stop your fight like kids.

Kavya, what happened to your seat
at Raos academy?

They are saying it is very difficult
to get a seat there bro.

It seems the decision would be in the hands
of Chief Secretary. I found no source to contact him.

Catch him somehow. It is like Kavya becomes
a Collector by taking coaching there.

Your sir is there..

Sir will not meet anyone now,
you please go

If needed say who is your favourite. I will make
you get a snap for you by your hand on their shoulder.

Hey, come on leave
Who are you?

Sir, my sister is preparing for IAS.
She is very intelligent.

You will know by seeing these certificates
that she has many academic records.

What do you want me to do then?

Sir, she would get a seat in Raoís academy
if you recommend her. Please sir

Many talented are in waiting and
no seats. You may go.

Sir, please do not say so. You keep any test
if required. Ask how many ever questions

and she will immediately answer those sir.

Hey, do not irritate much and
leave from here.


Sir, my sister is a very good student. I will
not leave from here unless you recommend her.

Really! Driver, drive the car on.

Ok, I will have a word.

Watchman, who is he?

No idea madam. He came to
meet Sir for some seat for his sister

He is here from the morning without eating any food.
He is not listening to, how much ever said.

Hello, Police station

You will sit here..
I will bring you carrier

Hey boy..

Hey son..



is it true?

Very happy sir.

What dad..?

Looking at your merit, they confirmed
a free seat for you at Raoís Academy.

You earned a Laptop day before with
your brains and now is this free seat.

When you think of how to help your dad,
he waits for the time to play satire on me.

God who gave me a daughter like Kohinoor diamond
has given me this weight as bonus to balance the weight.

Hard work is of Bruce Lee
and now the credit is to some other?

Hey, what is that?

It is our Rambo fellow uncle.

Hey, Go aside.. useless fellow

We will go. Seat has not just come so.
It came as Karti had risked his life.

What are you saying?
Yes aunty.

Thank you bro, thank you so much.

What has he done in this
for saying him thanks?

I filled the application, right sister?

Even the peon would fill it up
throwing ten rupees to him.

Peon would do and you would do.
Will the seat come?

It is all the sentiment of my hand.

It is all the talent of my daughter.
I will go and inform uncle, baby.

Ok dad.

Hello.. uncle.
Go away.. idiot


Why do you get so insulted by him, son?
Why donít you say that this is all because of you?

Mom! Dad has only wish in life and that is
to make sister as a Collector with his hard work.

Let us give that to him.

I feel jealous looking at your dad, son!


Because he is your life.

Sir, it is like sister is become
a Collector now.

Yes, we need to make all our fighters get flats
in Film Nagar society saying to your sister.

Yes, you take two.

Master.. Our hero

Congrats blockbuster Brahmaji sir.

You received the prestigious
Film fare award. How do you feel?

They said I am finished and fell down.
They wrote in websites that I was even selling sites.

Just one film ìKiller policeî has closed all
mouths by releasing and becoming a blockbuster.

It has brought me this black lady
as the best action hero.

I am the reason for that, right?

How is that?

It was us, right son?
This is the right track.

Reason for all this is the power driving me,

Patalam Baba?

Patalam Baba?


When he hits on the hands, lines would be changed.
Hitting on the head, fates would change.

He hit me everywhere. With that my career
thought have burnt out has turned.

Hail Patalam Baba.

When we risky shots risking our lives,
this bloody fellow says Patalam Baba now.

He and This fellowís mother and father.

Another main reason for this success

He would tell
He will tell now.

My grandmother Muniamma.

Your grandmother?

She with a wish for me to get hits
when I was flowing away with flops

She had adjusted with one time meals and was
adjusting just with seasonal fruits for the second time.

Will the old lady without fruits eat Parota instead
of fruits, you bloody. This fellowís grandmother!

grandmothers.. grandmother!

Brahmaji sir, reason for this film to have
become such a big hit is the action part.

They are saying all the credit goes to the
team of danger David. What do you say?

Now, he had to tell.

Danger David or my foot, he knows nothing
other than eating water melon with the big belly.

I have composed all my fights.

But, they say dupes are used in fights and

No dupe, no rope. It is only hope.
Hail Patalam Baba.

Do you leave out using like
a fruit draining out the juice?

This fellowís entire family!

Hey Karti, some girl by name Ria has put all
your footage in Police dress on the Face Book.

It is become very famous with lacks
of likes and countless comments.

Will that bloody girl to get famous
put me into risk? Catch the address.

Brucelee, your quoting should be like
a warning to all those who use and throw.

See, how it goes.

Do not even consider as a girl.
You should beat her very hard.

Ria, Ria Rao.

Hey where is Ria?

Wow, super cop!

Sir, autograph!

Come on stop! Tell where is Ria?

Oh my god... I just cannot believe
that I am such a huge fan of you.

We are able to sleep happily even without
an AC because of Police like you.

How is that?

I mean, we are able to sleep in safety.

Sir, one selfie.. please.

Silence, do not disturb him.
Sir, I want to show you something.

Please come. We are designing a game on the
name of Super Cop keeping you as the role model.

How is that?

You are the hero of this game like
the Spider Man and Super Man.

In fact, you came here yourself while we were
thinking of how to invite you for the game launch.

Ok, why have you come here sir?

To wash out.

He means to ask.

You had put my footage on Face Book, right?
To know as to how you got that idea.

What is there is ideas, they come so easily.

Will we get such a footage always?

thus, I have uploaded.

How dangerous is this, if the Police sees it?

Oh, your constable is tensed thinking about the jealousy
of your Superiors knowing your popularity, right?

Am I constable?

I understood the track of this baby. She herself
would fill up the answer like mercury, if a pause is given.

Anyway, game would be ready in a week.
You should come and launch it.


Can I have a selfie with you?

We had come to ask and bash her up. But,
why is the mouth not opening up?

This is called the ladies weakness.

Yes, the girl looks a bit weak.

Have you understood so?

Tell me Ravi

Sir, there is no link between
Grand Palace killings and the Terrorists.

There is a big conspiracy behind this sir.
I got that evidence.

Do not discuss such topics over phone.
Where are you now?

At Secunderabad.
Come immediately to Alwal.


Tell me Ravi

Deepak Raj is behind this attack sir

Deepak Raj

Where is the evidence?

Sorry Ravi.

There would be three stages in
the Police department in my view.

Stage one is the heat, the young blood.

Stage two is soft, we get softened.

Stage three is shameless,
we will have nothing like shame at all.

I am in stage three.

Police for me is the one making the department
prestigious without compromising at any stage.

I doubted when I was called to come here.
Thus I have not brought the evidence.

Even the loyalty should flow out with
his blood and truth should come out.

Take him.

One second.

Message to his dad saying to be going out
on work and be back in ten days.

Marthand, issue is too sensitive.

Look to that none focusses on us.

What is that following, what are those photos?
What is designing a game on me?

Somehow, the kick given by fans
is completely different.

She is not a fan to you bro,
but to your uniform.

Say you are not a Police, then the fan would
Become a propeller and you are blown out.

Enough bloody, fans will never
change so as per the position.

It is true, look that girl is calling me up.


Hi sir, where are you?

I am at the shooting.

I mean.. I am in Shoot out

Can I come?

I from a long want to see the action in live.

Our Director will not agree.

Oh.. Director General of Police, right?

Yes, you say it all correctly.

Sir, I need to speak a bit with you.

I too want to tell
an important matter to you.

Ok great.. If so, please come
to Gandhi cafe in the evening.

I will come there immediately
after the pack up.

Pack up?

I mean lockup

Yes, I will come after pushing
the criminals into the lockup.

Ok.. ok great. Thankyou bye.


bro, I too would come

Why you, idiot?

I want to see her reaction,
when you say the truth.

Babaji, I want to remove that David
and his whole batch for the next film.

Why ?

They are speaking by giving
an eye contact.

Will you remove me too if I give?
Take me off.

Enough Babaji.. You are god..

If we remove them, entire batch would
be roads without a work. Idiots!

Hey leave the rope.

This time blockbuster Babaji..

Hey get me down,

Hey David, where are you?

Hail Patalam Baba!

For the Super Cop video game, I need some
footage of challenges faced by the Police,

techniques to tackle criminals,
daring in duty and firing with revolver.

I want some footage like that..

I am just asking casually,
why are you so crazy about Police?

I mean obsession.

Why do you ask sir?
They risk even lives for the profession.

Even the stunt men are the same,
in the same track.

Why about them now sir? It is always a doubt of
Police returning home after going out having a coffee.

Stuntman goes out even without a coffee.

It is a risk if some rope cuts in a risky shot.
Thus you design game on stuntmen instead of Police.

We will give great footage.

What to do sir..

Are they helping for the nation
other than helping the heroes?

The Police would do duty even in their sleep.

Looks like she has some sleep problem.

What is your next operation sir?

Next operation

That is..

My next operation is stamping down
the illicit liquor

Are you investigating on that?

Is anyone else doing that?

Even my journalist friend is seriously
investigating on the same matter.

Actually if you involve me in this operation,
I will take some footage.

Am I not saying that, it is all very difficult?

No please.. please!

I mean to say, it is a problem
with my superiors.

Please involve me somehow.


Tell the main matter

What is that sir?

My friend has got a serious problem.
Why donít you show him to a Doctor?

The main problem is with
another girl crazy about Doctors.

Interesting, please tell.

My friend is a junior artist

and has performed great one day in the Doctor getup.
That girl after seeing that has fixed on him as a Doctor.

He continued so with his love on her.

Is it better now to tell his original
profession and ask her decision?

Or is it better to hide for now and say slowly
as the reaction would be horrible?

Is it better not to tell or
tell slowly part by part?

Is it better not to tell or tell

May be even the existing friendship would
be gone saying it straight is a small doubt.

Another doubt is that there is
a chance for her to hate cheating her.

One more doubt is that she would never see his face
if she feels nature is important than closeness.

Major doubt is that she would sandal him either
it is said or not said or even said part by part.

You said the same I said by mixing it up.

None has said what was to be said here.

What to tell bloody,
shall we say cheers when she rejects?

Yes. Correct, you donít say.

How is that..

You donít tell the truth bro

you mean to celebrate if she somehow gets to know
the truth herself and avenges on me permanently.

Why he is coming..

Good evening sir.

What fellows,
have you got your remunerations?

Yes sir and thus are we having drinks.

Then you go to sleep. No scope
for other matters for these idiots.

Bye guys.


What man?

You have put a bar in the car itself.
There is a drunk and drive check to the left

In the right?
Not even the speed breakers

Thanks dude

Bye sir..

Have you seen how much
has he insulted us?

That is why I booked him up.
How is that?

Checking is in the route he is going now.

Please blow sir.

All would have kept that in their mouths.
I will not blow.

Whole media is watching sir.
We canít help, blow it.

Please sir! Sir this is not tasting, but the testing.
Blow it, breathe out sir.

You are acting better in the test
than the sets sir.

What does the meter say sir?

You would have hit a century
with a ten more sir.

Oh missed out..

Pay the tomorrow in the court
and take the vehicle sir.

Shall I call the auto sir?

Not required. You come bloody,
they wontedly trapped me into this.

Hail Patalam Baba!

Sir, we got him caught.
Test even for us sir.

Why for you man?
Please sir. Please sir.

Ok, come

Hey Giri come..
Aa.. ok.

Hey super..


Sir.. Now I am..

Metre is broken..

Hey.. wow..

Yes. Yes.

See him Giri..

Hello.. Where are you sir?

Where are you?

Why are you talking so?
Why are you talking so?

Are you in the library?

I am in the liquor factory.

Why did you go there?

Me and my friend have cleverly
caught the illicit liquor factory

Medchal 35A, Phase2. You can seize the stock
and arrest the criminals if you come here.

Leave them and you come out
from there first.

you come here.

It is a risk if someone sees you.
Oh shit, they have seen

Hello.. Hello.

Why have you lied that they saw us?
For him to come fast.

Where are the girl?

Hello boss, where are the girls?

Who are you, bloody?

Leave about me, where are the girls?
Who are you?


A police in full form,
though is not in the uniform.

Criminals will have to sleep in
the central jail when he enters.

She again is into
sleeping problem even here.

Hey, kill these three

Inform to all the channels and
ask them to come immediately.

Police Station!

Sir, come. I was the one who called you.
Your officer there is handling all singly.

Our officer, who is he?

He is the one.

what are you so in the uniform?

Will I come naked if not in uniform?
I am Ramji, CI of Madhapur.

Enough, stop it.

I am Ram G and my surname is G.

All dramas and again are these.
You and your bloody moustache.

Oh no, it is original.

Which station are from bro?

Which team, is it the special squad?
Crime branch or under cover?

Once the crime comes into my route,

I will not see whether it is Civil, criminal, public,
private, political, personal, this station or that station.

It is just the frustration!
Look bro, I need to talk to you

- Master, where are you?

I am here at the shooting.

Does your father has any second setup?

No, my dad was like the fire.

Your mom then?

Like the salt,
a second name to the loyalty.

How did the mistake
happen then master?

Which mistake?

Master, we will talk
in the evening with drinks.

This is a big news.

Ok come early..

Ok master

That CI is giving a build up like hero in front of
the media. Is the work yours and credit his,

you too come sir.

you hold on. Criminals would escape
if I enter. I have a lot to still do.

Does that mean you are under cover?

Some times

You just are into work
and not the publicity.

You are really great sir.

She made me falls a move
You got to keep me away from her

Keep it down, break it down
Watch you waiting for baby girl

Let me tell you this
You broke my heart, yeah..

She made me falls a move
You got to keep me away from her

Keep it down, break it down
Watch you waiting for baby girl

Let me tell you this
You broke my heart, yeah..

Hey Ria you are so cute

Hey Ria, you are drowning me

You are the perfume drizzle of sunny morning
You are the noon drenching my noon

My evening of necklace road, loneliness in moon light
You are the music disturbing my midnight sleep

See anytime, you always stay around me
You seem as the colour changing day and night

See anytime, you always stay around me
You seem as the colour changing day and night

See anytime, you always stay around me
You seem as the colour changing day and night

See anytime, you always stay around me
You seem as the colour changing day and night

Falling falling falling falling
Falling falling in love

Falling falling falling falling
Falling falling in love

Hey Ria, you are so cute

Hey Ria, you are drowning me

Falling baby..

Falling baby..

She made me falls a move
You got to keep me away from her

Keep it down, break it down
Watch you waiting for baby girl

Let me tell you this
You broke my heart, yeah..

What is the secret of
your beauty and glamour?

So many unseen and
unheard shining stars

Your look is an Alaska summer
Your smile is Sahara winter

Your love is Versace flavour
Ready Shower oh Baby, baby

See anytime, you always stay around me
You seem as the colour changing day and night

See anytime, you always stay around me
You seem as the colour changing day and night

See anytime, you always stay around me
You seem as the colour changing day and night

See anytime, you always stay around me
You seem as the colour changing day and night

Falling falling falling falling
Falling falling in love

Falling falling falling falling
Falling falling in love

Hey Ria, you are so cute

Hey Ria, you are drowning me

I will shut down all such illegal businesses.

Whoever is behind such, will catch
them by here and bury them down.

Once I take up a case, it is like
he is into the lock up. Have you heard?

Sir, you donít take all these seriously.

I am like your pet dog,

I went into a trance when the
media people put a mike before me.

This is done by another fellow.

Who is that fellow?

Give me time for a weak,
I will catch him.

Do you need a weak time bloody?


Al-Jihad has given statement of not having
any links to the Grand Palace killings.

Though this fellow is corrupt,
has come in correct time.

They had put Justice Rambhupal as
single judge commission to enquire this.


this is a matter related to my life. Catch the
proper contact and buy that Judge at any cost.

Hey Ram G

Know fast about that guy
who seized my factory.


It is been a week
since Ravi put a message.

He would call me once a day wherever he is.
No idea what may have happened?

What would be there uncle? Police department
would have many missions and secret operations.

Yes sir.

Bruce Lee became very familiar these
days about the problems of the Police .

and the problems of being like a Police

Hey come here..
It is true.. right?

Donít be tensed bro.


you at my house?

I thought you were an employee
to make the company proud.

I never thought you
would make even us proud.

Sorry sir, please be seated.

Ramchandra Rao, there is an important
reason for me to come to your house.


I think you know. He is my son.

Come sir, please be seated.

Thankyou uncle..

Rahul is the only son of us.

He is done MBA at the Harvard.

When we were searching for his matches
in our circle, your boss has said

that it was not to increase the status
to bring in a daughter in law,

but to bring in a daughter
which we do not have.

I liked that very much.

He had seen your daughter the day before
in the function and proposed her to Rahul.

He has agreed to that very happily.

We will be very happy if you say ok.

I am not understanding what to say sir.
I am in dilemma whether this is true or not.

Baby Kavya!

This is the matter of your life.
Do not feel any compulsion.

Say ok only if you like our son.

Say baby..

What would a girl say
more than that?

Who is that young man?

He is our son sir.

Is it? What does he do?

He works for films.

Oh sorry son.
I donít watch films that much.

He will not be seen even if you watch.
He is a dupe for the heroes.

Not a dupe sir, a stuntman.

Both are the same

That means the real hero
who does the original risks.

Thanks madam, all will
not have knowledge like you do.

Ramachandra Rao, let us fix the engagement
After civils exams are done for your daughter.

Okay sir.

Not sir, but you should
call me brother in law now.

Oh, entire colony is come here.
A good news for you all!

I and your Ramachandra Rao
are going to become in laws soon.

Have you seen? Chairman Sir himself has come
and requested to give my daughter to his son.

That is my bringing up.

It is like Dhoni taking the cup
when Kohli hit the Century.

Your life is these satires only.
You will lose that hand and leg in some fight.

Baby, say to your hubby and ask him to give a
job in handicap quota. He would live on your grace.

Brother have a coffee..

Kartik, how is he? Did you like him?

Have you not seen him?
you have seen, right?

He is like Junior Bruce Lee, sister.
He is great.

Yes.. He is super.

Ok, as you selected for me,
I will select now for you.

You do not have that chance.
Selection is already done.

Is it?

Who is that girl?

Flies on the topÖ shh!

Nothing as such, sister

Looking at your shyness,
I feel matter is gone too long.

It is circling there itself like the ring road.

Hey, introduce that girl to me, please.

To introduce, I need to clear
a matter there first.

What is that?

I have been feeling tensed to say
you a matter these days.

I am struggling and
am spending sleepless nights.

I am worried,
please tell what the matter is?

Nothing, but this Police job is not in my track.
Thus I have decided to resign for that.

After resigning.
I am thinking to join at Danger David sir.

I would get great money doing the
same risks I do in the field with them.

Daily remuneration of 2800, 1200
for breaking the glass,

1500 for a jump, 1800 by doing the falling,

double call sheet after six, pick up
and dropping from them,

three varieties of snacks daily, two varieties of
nonveg, Tea, Coffee, biscuits, snacks..

Who is crying?

Hey, what happened?

What more to happen?

When we are sleeping happily with the courage
of your presence, now will you make us sleepless?

Hello, I will buy you tablets
if you donít get sleep.

What would you buy? When I am
designing a game on you, you resign?

I thought you are the correct solution
for this society full of pollution.

And now doing so, what is it?

Stop that, I said it in some depression.

You should meet a psychiatrist in depression,
but should not go aside.


Ok.. Promise,

I will not resign to my job till I retire.

Wow, I have a dream from long back
to drive a Police bike.

Just give me a call
whenever you feel like to drive.

I was frightened when you said to resign.

I was frightened seeing your reaction.

Do not let that thought come again.
No, never


This is.. here.

Wow, nice! I thought only
this thing was less for you.

Donít you have any shame to
sit back of a girl riding the bike?

Who are you sir?

What idiot? I just thought dad,
but you have even forgotten Telugu now.

Shut up..

Uncle, you are mistaken.
He is a Police officer.

Police officer? Has he said so to you?

So, there are even such tricks with us.

What nonsense are you doing?
Be silent.

Are you playing tricks, bloody?
Do you know who I am?

Why are you troubling us?

Hey, what are you blabbering in Hindi?
Shut up!

Are you harassing the ladies? I will push you in
and break your bones. Come on, get out from here.

Go, get aside.


I understood it all.

What have you understood?

His son too may be just like you.

This is the advantage with you.

You catch it all very easily.
The others will not have any strain.

Make it fast.

Where has this Bruce Lee fellow gone?

I have called him master. He is coming..
You bloody..

When I am asking for him,
his father has called.

Yes uncle!

Hey black Dinosaur! How many times have
I said not to call me uncle?

Where is the shoot?
Seven Acres sir.

Is my son there?
No idea what would he say, if I say no?

He is here sir.
Is he there?

Give him the phone once.

Why did I get trapped so?

Uncle, we tied rope to Bruce Lee,
he cannot come down till half an hour. Sorry.

He is trying to manage something.
Let me go to the shooting spot.

take another one.

You already had four sir. Look,
how is he seeing for money?

Will anyone expect money from the Police?

He says as a Police there.

Are you directly into doing the
duty here wearing the uniform?

Added is this moustache.

That fellow pulled it then and now you
are pulling it. What are you thinking, bloody?

Saying bloody?

Hey, who is that? Hey, stop!

Sir, SP sir is in line.

Make it fast.

They are playing dramas.

I will clear out their matter right now.

Not just pulling the dead body,
you need the body language too. Pick it up,

body language too. Pick it up,

That means he was a real Police.

I unnecessarily hit that fellow.

Hey black dinosaur


You are like a bull and what am I uncle
to you? Where is my son?

Uncle, that is..
Tell me

That means, he is not here. Right?

You lied to me that he was here, right?
I know that he is not here.

Dad, you at our shoot?

Take the Godís offering father.

I came to see how they look. - Now I have
the glass breaking. See how I do it.

Not required, I will leave.
Ok dad.. bye.

What time would you be coming home
What happened to you dad?

Nothing.. Nothing.

That means there is guy like
my son similar to this dinosaur.

Good Morning sir

Where are you?
Festival shopping sir

You are buying clothes for festival, instead of catching
the guy who seized my factory? You bloody pig!

I enquired in all stations secretly about him sir.

I am unable to understand
who he is and why he has come sir.

My doubt is that he may be under cover sir.



Girlfriend for you!

Not my girlfriend sir.
His girlfriend is here.

You keep watching her. My men
are coming. - Ok sir..

Leave me..

Thank God, a headache is gone.

Sir, we brought that girl to our Hawala dump.
I am coming

Okay sir..

One second master..

Where are you?

Why are you speaking so again?
Where are you?

I am at the Hawala dump.

There is a lot of money here.
You can seize it all if you come here.

Why did you go there?

This time they brought me.

Where are you exactly?

To say exactly, they brought me with many
turns from Inorbit. I cannot say correctly.

Ok, you keep your phone on. I will follow the location
tracker app. Send location from that phone.

Superb sir.
That is why you are a Police.



Hey, who are you?


You will not get sleep by taking even the
sleeping pills if Sir targets you.

if possible or his dead body
if not to our Sir.


Are you having Dum Biryani sitting under the fan
in the station, when your officer bashing up here?

You guessed it correctly,
who are you madam?


I will tell you an address.
Come immediately with force.

Mess is started again.
Hey, put the Biryani in the refrigerator.

Sir.. entire media and Police
are coming there.

Shift that Police fellow immediately
from there with that police guy..

Ok sir..

What is this sir?
You always come slowly like a sleepy Hippo.

Have you seen the money? Mind blowing!

Where is the sir, madam?

There he is

Sir, our ratings are growing
because of your ridings.

You have been bashing up in a row.

I too am being bashed up.

What have I done in this? I got the
phone in time as their time went bad.

Who is there behind such
a big Hawala racket?

What if who is there behind and in front?
God is there above all.

You are fearing to someone sir.

Ok, you do one thing.
Write that these have done all this.

What are you going to do
with all this money now?

We will seize it first.
Court will then decide what to do.

Sir, you stop your undercover job. I am unable
to see that fellow taking the credit every time.

Leave all those aside. You know how much
I was into tension, thinking about you.

How is that?

You know how tensed I was?

How is that?

You know how tensed I was?

Mega, mega, mega meter
Mega meter is in you

You are my lucky meter
Let us print the love poster

Hey Kung Fu Kumari, you are asking
The route to in lawís house hourly

Hey Kung Fu Kumari, you are asking.
The route to in lawís house hourly

Hey Nan Chakku girl,
wanting you
Ferrari asked to elope in it

I roamed the whole globe and put a break
at you, because you are very much liked

I melted like the ice and said I love you
Because you came as a breaking news for my life

Mega, mega, mega meter
Mega meter is in you

You are my lucky meter
Let us print the love poster

Mega, mega, mega meter
Mega meter is in you

You are my lucky meter
Let us print the love poster

Oh my cute, cute
Oh my naughty hotty

Come on, come on let us
just go to Pluto, Pluto

There is a town for the sweet cheeks
My speed are jumping for the sweet like an ant

A shape has shot up in the manly muscles
My age is become like a resound in Dolby

Embrace me a bit like my body tattoo
I will be lifelong like diamond on your neck

You have spread like the Kajal of my eyes
I will reserve berth in your dreams and sleep

Into the hugs of enter the dragon
I will ask moon light to come like a flight

Mega, mega, mega meter
Mega meter is in you

You are my lucky meter
Let us print the love poster

Mega, mega, mega meter
Mega meter is in you

You are my lucky meter
Let us print the love poster

The cute globe of earth would become reverse
If love between us has not happened

The blue sky would have blasted out
If it had slept blocking us

In your sixer eyes and perfumed kisses
My silly shyness is hiding out into darkness

I will lay my bed in your starry wings
You are my single coloured butterfly

I am your grown up babe like Cheetah
Who shower smiles for only you

Mega, mega, mega meter
Mega meter is in you

You are my lucky meter
Let us print the love poster

Mega, mega, mega meter
Mega meter is in you

You are my lucky meter
Let us print the love poster

How much is the loss?

How much is the loss?

What am I to do sir? He is put
all his focus on you sir.

Who is that fellow? Who is it?

Deepak, next Monday is
the judgement of Grand Palace case.

He is saving like the Ambulance
coming before dying.

Hello sir.

I tried judge Rambhupal in various sources.

He is too adamant and
is not listening to anyone.

You should say like it is heard.

Sound should tear the ear, cross the eardrum
and the meaning should reach his mind.

Then he will hear to it.

Kavya, come fast.
Just two minutes please.

My uncle said mass violence too
is an important topic.

That is fine. Shall I write for or
opposing multi culturism?

Do whatever you feel is correct.
But, be cool.

Be cool and cut the vegetables.

Even those doing Karate and Kung Fu
are giving advises to would be Collectors.

Education is not needed to give advises.

To hell bloody

Bye dad

All the best baby.
You should do the last exam too greatly.

Thanks dad.

All the best sister.

See you..
Careful baby



You carry on

Are you shocked that
I have come directly?

I am surprised thinking why have
you come even after knowing about me.

I came to test your values.

You have been so strict and sincere in such a long
service as you did not have any correct fellow.

But Rambhupal, you too are a human. You too have a family
and will have a daughter. Where is your daughter now?

Nice ringtone.

Even your daughter is involved
into a big case like me.

I drugged your daughter forcibly
and made her get caught to the Police.

There is no evidence to what I did. But there is
drug content in the blood of your daughter.

You rascal..

Where is my daughter?

Madhapur Police station.

Good morning, come in sir

Have you arrested anyone in drugs case?

Yes sir.. there, they are in the lock up.


Are you relaxing that your daughter
is not in the cell?

I ruined the lives of four girls
just to threaten you.

Now my life is in danger. Life of your daughter
is into further more danger.

You have to take a call.

I will let you go from this case.
Do not harm my daughter.

Thank you Rambhupal. Your daughter
will be in your house in just half an hour.


Sir, we do not know anything.
They trapped me into this case forcibly.

Please sir, help us. We beg you sir.

Inspector, release them.

Sir, do you not know the rules? FIR is filed. They
have to be produced in the court tomorrow.

I will give the station bail and the rest
can be seen in the court tomorrow.

It is already four and why has
Ammulu still not come?

Hey, call her once.

It is coming as switched off mom.

What would have happened?

Here, Ammulu has come.

You know how tensed were we, sister.
How did you write the exam?

I wrote it well bro.

That means it is now that our Ammulu
is become the Collector, right?

Where have you been for so long?

I had been for a film with friends
after the exam, mom.

You are tired baby. Go, take some rest.
Ok dad..

Dad has only wish in life and that is
to make sister as Collector with his hard work.

That means it is now that our Ammulu
is become the Collector, right?

I know that you will not go to a film without
sharing about the exam to us, sister.

It is about you and your future that mom,
dad and me think about every moment.

Can we be alive if anything
happens to you?

Why sister?

Anything may have happened,
I am there to take care of that.

Tell me sister.

When we were coming out
after the exam..

They disqualify for IAS,
if there is a Police case.

I cannot become a Collector now in my life.

Thus I wanted to die.

Sir, he is the one who seized
our drug factory.

He is the same one who got
our Hawala money caught sir.

Not with the girls idiot,
here comes the man.

I was searching for you and
you have directly come to me.

I can kill you in a second.

But, I got disturbed
many times thinking of you.

For revenge to cool down,

I should see the visual of men chasing and killing
like deer chased and killed in Discovery Channel.

I will show you how the hunting is.

Once I start neither requests will be heard
nor the reactions be seen till the end.

It is only resound.

This pen drive is the evidence to
prove that he forcibly gave drugs to the girl.

Sir, I all these days broke my head to find
out whether you were Interpol, undercover or CBI.

You have completely targeted him with full focus
means confirmedly you are counter intelligence.

Leave aside about my details and take off the case
on these girls and book a case on him with these details.

Otherwise your track and details..
No sir,

it is already half wet here. I would immediately
close this false case and push this dirty fellow inside.

Admit him in the hospital before pushing him in.
He would go into a coma if it is delayed.

Hey, look about those.
Where is he gone with so much work at home?

He would have had some work hubby.

You always talk for him so.

Hey.. not that side.. get it this side..

You know that today is the engagement of sister, right?
Where have you been for the whole night bloody?

You anyways have become fit for nothing.
Sister is going to such a big house as daughter in law.

Do you have the responsibility at least
to take care of all these works?

Useless fellow, what are you fit for?

Why would this mad guy hug,
when I am scolding him?

One minute.

The case filed on you is withdrawn.

You will become a Collector now.

Is this gift enough for your engagement
or you need anything else?

You are a big gift for me in life bro.
Thank you!

What sister..

Come sir..

Here sir..

He is my son and my life.

Whatever I do is for him.
Who, who did this?

It is sure that he is a Police, but knowing where
he came from and which department he belongs to.

Know about it.

Malini i am sorry..

Do not touch.

I will consider you as my husband only if you kill that
fellow reason for our son to have been into coma.

All the best.

Are you happy at the engagement
when my son is fighting in death?

He is my blood.

I will not breathe with heart till I find out
and kill the guy reason for this.

I understood now how would the marriage be
when the engagement is being done so grand.

Not all those, but I fear
what happens to you with this issue.

I will finish his entire family, before killing
him and make him know the mistake he did.

If someone attacks my family,
I will not just safeguard putting my life

but will show him death closely.

Please sir, donít kill me.
I will fall on your feet.

If you tell where you hid the 10 crore rupees
you robbed from the bank, I will leave you.

Else I will not harm you,
but will finish your entire family.

I will tell, but we will share it 50 ñ 50.

Deal ok, tell me.

I hid it in the warehouse
of Golden Bakery.

He did not say, but tried to kill.

I could not help, collect the body.

Ok sir..

Hello Marthand sir
Hello Bakul, you need to fly down
urgently to Hyderabad.

What is the matter?

Not on the phone,
we shall talk personally.

Ok sir, I am coming.

Bakul Lal Naik, Patna North Zone DCP,
corrupted encounter specialist.

Professional Killer!

Not just my businesses,
but has also put life of my son in danger.

None from his family should be left alive.

Remember, I am being nominated to Legislative Council.
Handle carefully and leave out no evidence.

Bakul is not just
an assassin, but also a cop.

A specialist in finishing the work
without leaving any clue.

That is good.

Before killing he and his movements
are to be observed.

Bakul sir, this is the office
where his girlfriend works.

Sir, that girl is his girlfriend.

Sir, he is that Police fellow.

Why have you called me to come urgently?
To give you a surprise.

What is that?
Come, I will show you.

Hello, please tell if there is any.
I will get prepared.

How will it be a surprise when said?
You drive fast. - We are going.

Where is he?
Sir, we missed the route.

Close the door properly.

Thank you.

I understood what the surprise is. May be some illegal
activities are taking place inside. You brought me to ride.

Hey, this is my house.
Oh sorry..


What is this crowd?

Our relatives are gathered..
I think any occasion right?


What is that?

Hi everyone,

This is Karthik.
Sincere Police in the entire city

And the terror making the criminals sleepless.


Karthik, I liked your courage, commitment,
concern and your loyalty.

Thus I thought of giving a surprise
by proposing before everyone.

All these days I was thinking
to marry a Police officer only.

Now I am fixed to marry
this Police officer only.

Now, your turn.
Do you like our Ria?

Ria, just come aside for two minutes.
I should speak to you.

No, no!

Our Ria proposed in front of all.
You too should tell the reply right here.

Just two minutes! I will take her
and bring her back.


To take her so, you need permission of
her father. He will come here in some time.

Yes Karthik!

He is coming from Delhi just to meet you.
That is my dad.


Why have you reacted so like
a thief being a Police?

He is stunned as I had never said him that.

why have you not said?
Situation has not come and I have not said.

This situation would not have come
if you would have said.

He is not just an ordinary Police Officer.
He is the Director General of intelligence Buro

Designation is very powerful sir.

Person is more powerful. He likes his
moustache and hates others cheating.

I will leave now sir.

He is coming for you and
how can you go, sit.

I have an urgent operation,
I need to go.

Let us get that postponed
saying to brother.

That is not Police operation,
but a piles operation.

At this age?

Not for me, but to my dad. He is
experiencing hell from ninety days sir.

Just wait for two minutes son,
you can meet him and then leave.

I cannot wait sir, please

When he got the piles,
how come pains are coming to you.

Who is he and why is so much security there?

I have a known hacker.



I will send you a house address.
Find out whose house is that.

Ok sir..

Hi.. Dad, this is Karthik.

I have never seen such a salute
in my entire career.

Was in a bit tension sir and thus.

Why tension?
Piles to my dad

He has the pains

Which batch are you from?

Chintal Basti batch sir,
was there from childhood.

What I asked was the service batch.

I just remember services,
but not batches sir

He got nervous seeing you.
I will relax him.

Come on, we will go to the backyard and talk.
Sir, that is one second..

What is this?
Come on, go

You have not come aside when I asked.
Why should I go, I will not.

Please.. Please. Go..

Come on young man

Ria, you donít be tensed. He would
be liked for sure to brother in law.

Sir, that house is of IB chief Bharadwaj.

Thank you Stephen.

This is the house of
Intelligence Chief Bharadwaj.

Let us vacate this place.

You look to be very much tensed.

Why are you cheating my daughter ria..
you said Iím police officer.

I know that you are a stuntman.

I know your batch, your house
the brand you drink too.

I am the IB chief and I find out everything
happening behind my daughter every minute.

Shall I say the truth?
I came from Delhi for listening to that.

I tried many times to say sir. But always stopped
by thinking how your daughter would react to that.

I understood that fear was the love.

Even just before when I wanted to take her aside
and say the truth, she has not come sir.

If you give permission,
I will take Ria to a side,

say her the truth without any fear
and get relieved from this tension sir.

Donít say.


I am going to give you a mission and
you do not reveal to Ria till you complete that.

What is the mission sir?

You know Deepak raj, who went
into coma because of your hitting?

He is the son of Jairaj.

Son of his second wife.

Does Jairaj has a second wife?

There is also a second angle.
He is a criminal.

He is done many murders.
He killed all those who came in his way

and the officers who carried out enquiries on
him. But, he left no evidences for anything.

I am unable to believe Jairaj, making daughter
of his employee as his in law did all these.

He wanted to gain a positive image by
making your sister as his daughter in law.

Because he has a political ambition

and is soon filing nomination
for Legislative Council.

Later he is going to join
even in the Central Cabinet.

Thus his file had come to our
department for a casual enquiry.

Only then I came to know
a few surprising facts about Jairaj.

Chairman and founder
of Vasundhara Laboratories

This Jairaj used to behave as
a reliable man at Harischandra Prasad,

Harischandra Prasad has got his only daughter
Vasundhara Devi to a London best business man.

Rahul is the son born to those two.

Husband of Vasundhara died in a road
accident after two years of Rahulís birth.

Harischandra Prasad could not bear his daughter
as a widow moving in front of his eyes.

Jairaj, observing this has come
forward to marry Vasundhara.

Harischandra Prasad with this was very happy
and put his daughter and company in his hands.

But Jairaj was married by then
and also had a son.

He took care to hide this truth
from the world.

Son of Jairaj had threatened the Judge
appointed in the recent Grand Palace killings case.

That means there is some link for sure
with the Grand Palace Killings case to Jairaj.

As expected if Jairaj becomes a Central Minister,
he would become more powerful.

We need to prove him
as a criminal before that.

His main strength is Vasundhara Devi,
Chairman of Vasundhara Laboratories.

He is half dead, if his real face
is opened up at her.

Only you have the chance of getting
close to Jairaj through your father.

Thus I have selected you for that mission.
What do you say?

Not just him, but even his photo will not
exist in the house my sister would step in.

He would see Madmax 4D in IMAX unable
to understand the plan we implement.

Brother is come.

Ria, I liked Karthik.
Good choice.

Thanks dad..

Come on take me

Come on take me

Come on take me

Come on take me

You are me and I am with you

Nothing like just me

I am with you, I am in you
I am not in me

Take me to some where
Take me, I will follow you

Take me to any universe
To that place where no one is seen

On the ground you walk,
I followed like the shadow

I breathed the air that came touching you

Making you and me into us as a couple

Why is the word us, when we are one?
No distance when both hearts are joined

When I am saying to be yours forever

Take me to some where
Take me, I will follow you

Take me to any universe
To that place where no one is seen

I just knew me for some time before

Now, I completely forgot myself

Because your dream is filled my eyes

I am not listening though am called with my name
I am not even looking even someone is patting

Whatever I do, I do not remember about me

Take me to some where
Take me, I will follow you

Take me to any universe
To that place where no one is seen

Is an IB officer who hit my son
and closed down my businesses?

Iqbal, for me to be nominated to Legislative
Council, IB should give a report on my conduct.

Let us stay silent till that comes.

After that, nobody should
be left alive in his family.

I will contact you myself at the right time.

You have done many risks all these days for us.
Now, for your sisterís life, we will be behind you.

Thank you master.

What is the next plan Bruce lee?

I should join the company of Jairaj.

Whenever your dad asked to join,
you said no

and now if you suddenly say
to join will he not get a doubt?

Hail Lord Venkateshwara!

Hail Lord Venkateshwara!

Hail Lord Venkateshwara!

Take the Godís offering father.

You used to start your day with body buildings.
What is this sudden changeover, is it hangover?

Realisation father!

Pakalampadu Patalam Baba came into
my dreams and took a class.

He said I am left as a stuntman and would
have been Superman by listening to you.

I foolishly asked what the difference was.

I decided after he detailed saying that stuntman
jumps down and Superman flies up.

What have you decide?

To follow your footsteps, if you show
mercy on me. I want to join in your company.

Is it any wrong father?

Nothing wrong. I am happy, get ready.
We will go to bossís house and speak.

Mr Rathnam

It seems there are some event organisers
known to our Macha Mutyam.

Call them and finalise
the wedding arrangements.

With thirty percent commission,
we can buy an acre at Thullur.

Madam, if you do not mistake me
saying as an elder

I will take care of all as this is the one and
only marriage taking place at our house.

Hello, we will not cut our hair as it is ours.
Anything has to be done by the experts.

Mr Rathnam, why trouble for you?
Just relax and enjoy.

Thankyou madam..

Sir, this is the Bangalore site
and this is of Calcutta.

Bangalore backyard is very good.

Have a look sir, Calcutta front yard
is more superb.

Ok, finalise both. We will look for time
and go for registration.

Ok sir.

Mr Ramachandra Rao has come.

Send him in.

My son is got into senses after so long and
Wanted to join our company and I brought him.

If you consider a bitÖ

You are great, it will be a support to us
if our people are with us in the business.

Good decision Karthik!

Thank you madam.

Hubby, you would anyway
get busy with politics.

So, if Karthi is with us

I am there like your right hand madam

Your right side looks empty sir.
I will adjust there as an assistant.

Correct! Karthik, he is Mr Macha Mutyam,
an expert into cost cutting.

He is planned our company dinner
in just 50 lach rupees.

Fifty lach rupees?

Lachs are only fifty,
but varieties are a hundred.

Unlimited drink,

Crabs, Pigeon snack, Rabbit gravy and so many
varieties that place in plate will not be enough.

Place will not be enough even in the stomach
and thus they would take and throw in the dustbin.

We shall give vegetarian meals with
an expense of just five lachs.

Health of employees and
our wealth will be saved.

Good idea.
Bloody idea!

If Dal and Rasam are served workers
will be disappointed and depressed.

Let us do a Satyanarayana Pooja that day.
All employees would feel devotional.

If the rest is given to employees fund,
it would be of use for studies of their children.

Many employees with two kids are able
to get only one kid educated.

Very good idea. Mr Macha, this is final.

Do as said by Karthi.

Ok madam

Ramachandra Rao,
you gave an employee like a gem.


Explain all our work details to Karthik.
Ok sir

Mr Muthyam, what you said was correct.

But, if hair is put in the hands of incapable,
we will be left with a clean shaven head.

What are these extras just in the entry?
What a loss because of you?

What is the loss for you, boss?

Not for me, but to the hotel fellow.
At least 30 percent.

He would have squeezed,
that means I have saved.

Still, you should not forward
saying relative and all.

You should show the hierarchy respect.
Whatever is the idea you get, say first to me.

I will forward that after filtering.

It is a risk to us once we take a reverse.

Even if it is a risk,
I should get all the credit.

Promise on Lord Hanuman.

Oh, you locked me so. Something boss!

What is this boss, like calling
the adjacent guy in a bar.

If I call dude to boss instead of boss,
it is an insult to you only.

I see, then boss is fixed.

Ok, what is this file in hands like Panchangam
in the hands of a priest? Oh my God!

Hey, never finger this file.
This is purely personal.

Sorry Boss

Very good Karthik
Thank you sir

You have successfully joined into chamber.
What is your next move?

To make the next move, I need
a dummy fool from your department sir.


Though he cannot work he
should have the strong will.

He should have confidence
even he has no common sense.

There is a guy like the perfect
package for all these qualities.

He comes keeping his brain in
deep frizz while coming for duty.

Interesting, who is he sir?



Mother is Honda and Father is Maruthi.
Son coming in collaboration is Suzuki,

Suzuki Subramanyam.

aka Peter,

aka Pakodi

FrustrationÖ unable to bear

DepressionÖ unable to hide

InnocenceÖ. Unable to believe

All operations he took up till date
are failures.

He strongly believes in
all the wrong ideas he gets.

He is crossed border to catch Afghanistan
Terrorists and has put a barber shop.

With the frustration that no customers for
six months, he forcedly shaved beard of one.

With that they shaved his head
and made him sit on a donkey.

He till then has not understood that
none shaves their beard in Afghanistan.

I need such a person going ahead blindly sir.
Where is he?

In the bar

Will he drink so early in the day?

Not for drinking, but to trap
a gangster by name Tiger Bhai.

He is been working there as a waiter
and is waiting in the same bar.

Why did you bring leg pieces when I asked
for egg whites, Brainless fellow!

By mistake, I will replace sir.

Why did you bring egg whites when I asked for
leg pieces, you bloody! Useless fellow!

My mistake, I will replace sir.

It will be enough if you just replace, right?

Two mistakes.

As I am starving for a success in
my career, I am bearing this.

Hey Pakodi,

Share Bhai has come. Take
Chilli Chicken and chilled beer.

Yes, Share Bhai and Beer Bhai will come.
That Tiger Bhai will not come at all.

It is Tiger Bhai, who came.

Why did you say Share Bhai then?

What do you say Share in English?

Have I served him for a year
without knowing that?

What idiot,
shall I newly tell you the order?

I should tell you a new matter,
you are under arrest.

Without knowing that you were Tiger Bhai,
I fed the militants who crossed the border for a year.

Suzuki Subramanyam aka Peter aka Pakodi. Though
I have no success, I did 16 undercover operations.

I was side tracked as bad luck is in my back pocket.
I will get into main track now by pushing you in.

If you are undercover,
all these are my cover.

We are the undercover to cover you sir.

Undercover for the undercover?

Do not under estimate diamond as is light
and department guy as he is short.

Thank you guys.

I am very happy about my first success.

This is your last mission.
This is the last job I will be giving you.

That means, are you dying sir?

Suzuki sir, last mission for you

That means, am I going to die sir?

You will be retiring next month.

Oh my God! It is true. I forgot about the
age being busy with the missions.

You should be very alert in this mission.

I am into form with my first success.
I will rage up now sir.

Not needed,
just follow Karthik and that is enough.

IG sir has asked me to follow you, keeping
aside my seniority. What should I do?

You should do acting.

There should be content in the character
and I will sit in that putting a tent there.

Your acting should be very simple,
natural and convincing.

Stop it. I gave performance as
a workless barber for one year.

I withstood the troubles as a waiter
at the bar for two years.

I begged on the shore of
the Musi River for three years.

I sold dry fish in hot summer
without slippers.

Not even one could find
me out as undercover.

What have you achieved doing all these?

It is dirty acting with expectations.
It is natural acting doing for happiness.

Take any creature in this nature
and I will show you living as that.

Is it?

Then the monkey. Show us how it
behaves in different situations.


Monkey in anger.

Monkey in fever

Cunning Monkey

Toddy drunken monkey..

Monkey feeling cold

Wow, super! Bruce Lee, when asked
to bring an actor you brought an animal.

Bruce Lee, when asked to bring an actor
you brought an animal.

You maintain the same energy. You will have no
opposition. Our mission will have no taking back.

What if it differs?
You will not be there.

Have you thought this
Uganda Yugandhar is dead?

Will you not inform me that my
niece is into coma till I call you?

There is Face Book, Twitter, Skype
and the WhatsApp calling for the latest.

Will you still be here, when
the technology is so developed?

Why have you come back from
Uganda leaving out the lands?

What lands bro, you bought
1000 acres spending a lach.

Added it is a great danger
with those black fellows.

They chase for even egg, bread and coriander
like in Temple Run and killing.

You drove me to Uganda to get relieved of me.
then there Linda was stuck to me..

She does not know the difference
between a keyboard and a remote.

What about you?

What are those engagements
in that house when my niece here is in coma?

Tell me..

Instead of catching the guy beating my son,
do you hit my brother?


Malini, listen to me. Please!


Sorry madam. I dashed without seeing
Ok, leave

When I dashed her, why do you say ok sir?

You tell me madam. Ask madam to say.
It is ok

Say the same in smile madam

I will slipper, if you still follow.

Thank you.

Have I done as you said?

You did improvising it.

But why did I do?

You till date have used brain
for all the operations.

Please just use the body for this,
it would be enough.

Hey Giri, send these photos
immediately to PRO Venu.

Madam, This wedding card is 5000.

We get a twenty percent.

Is it the commission Mr Mutyam?
Discount Mr Rathnam.

This is with dry fruits and almonds.
It would be very good. Just 10, 000.

I think a lot would come,

as discount Mr Mutyam.

This too is expensive, but

Dark angle came into light
from the life of Jairaj!

Hey idiot!

I read the published as it is sir

What is this Jairaj?

It is all Trash!

I am entering politics, right? Cheap trick
Graphics by the opposition people.

Yes madam, sir is like the fire.

Smoke has thus come out..

Mr. Ratnam

I ate the salt of your father. I cannot
bear when something is going wrong.

I understood it all madam.
What Karthik?

They look like wife and husband
looking at the body language.

When this sadistic husband is torturing
that soft wife, sir seems to be compromising them.

Expression in the face does not look so.

He is a sadist and not an artist to
give the expression you expect.

Correct! The happiness in the face for sadist
when torturing is seen like torch is put on his face.

Exactly, I remember it now. When I went to the hospital
as a friend was not well, this couple was seen.

When he was torturing his wife linking
with the Compounder,

I had compromised them saying
wife is like a Goddess.

Such should not be said
but are to be hit with the sandal.

Sir, RP sir is on the video conference
from Malaysia.

You relax, I will attend the conference call.

For the family, sir is given the clarification.
What about for the public madam?

Mr Ratnam, who would care about such
silly news coming in the yellow magazines?

Madam, we are calling from ABN.

Will you raise voice against the illegal
relation of your husband or support him?

Stop it that is all a fake news. Do not spread
the rumours being a responsible channel.


Madam, we are doing half an hour show
Wife at home and lover at the hospital.

We will cover you for 20 minutes,
if you come to our studio.

No, that is all trash.

Who are you? From N TV?
No sir, from TV5.

It is about Jairaj sir,
who is recharging at an age to relax.

You said that was a yellow magazine.
Now the matter has spread to media.

What would public think about sir?
How would they feel?

Boss, I got an idea to solve this problem.
I got a doubt to say it to you or madam.

You promised on Hanuman and gave a word to
this brother. You need to tell me that idea.

Simple! What if we bring that sadist husband
and soft wife in front of the media

and make them say that are husband and wife?
Problem will be solved.

You said half and I said half.
But the whole credit is mine.

Love you raja.

Jai, calls from all the channels
regarding this matter.

I am not understanding what to do?

Relax.. Vasu, I said you to leave it, right?

Not leaving sir. I got a wonderful idea.

If you use by liking that, you should
present me with an Alto car.

I will give you an Audi car.
Tell what is that?

If we bring that sadist in the photo
and that site,

Sorry that lady in front of the media and make them say
to be husband and wife and also that sir is genuine,

all the doubts will be gone into the gutter.

Very good idea.

Mr Ratnam.

track their addresses.

Sir, Audi car!

It is bad sir. Why do you beat me
so saying to buy me an Audi car?

Actually I had to kill you
for giving such an idea.

I will handle this..

Idea given by Macha sir is no way bad sir

Actually they do not know each other.

That means do you both have a relation sir?

That girl is a Face Book friend of mine.

Who is that girl?

Means.. Aunt.

That is when I put message asking how she was,
she replied saying her son is not well.

When I went to hospital for consoling, some bloody
guy took photos and published in the magazine.

Why donít you tell the same matter
to madam clearly sir?

You know about ladies, right?

Yes sir. They give life if believed
and take lives when they get a doubt.

Thus we need to do something and see
that Vasundhara doesnít get any doubt.

I would somehow catch that unknown
and make him agree to act that husband character.

You convince your Face Book friend and somehow
make her agree to act in the wife character.

We will make them both sit as husband
and wife in front of the media.

Thanks Karthi, you be on that job.
Ok sir,

Sir you go..

Why has that IB officer come here?

Which IB officer?


What is that guy an IB officer?
He is the son of my plant manager Ramachandra Rao.

Bloody, he is the same officer who
closed down your liquor factory

and closed down your Hawala hub and also
the one who hit your son and sent into coma.

I have seen him with IB Chief.


Ramachandra Rao

Come to my chamber immediately

Okay sir..

Is your son a Police officer?

I am asking you.

Why do you laugh, tell me.
Is your son a Police officer?

He is not even passed Inter.
How can he become a Police officer sir?

No, he is lying.
He is a Police Officer, I have seen.

Oh! I now understood whom you have seen.

I, myself was confused being his own father.
No surprise in you being confused.

What are you saying?

There is a Police Officer
who looks same as my son.

He even has a girlfriend.

He speaks nonstop in Hindi.
My son doesnít know any Hindi.

Are you sure?

How can person failing Inter and working
as stuntman become a Police Officer sir?

You can go now..
Ok sir.


I am sending the details.
Carry out an enquiry.

Hello.. you.

Do you know..
Who is he..

my Bruce lee..

What is he doing?

He is stunt man..

When do you know from?
Oh, I know from my childhood.

By the way who are you?
What do you want..?


Yes Sudhakar. Sir his name was Karthik..
He is Stuntman..

Thank you.

What his dad said was correct.

There is another person looking like this.
But we cannot take chance.

Hello sir..

I am sending a photo. Hack the IB main server and
check whether he is there in the employee data base.

Sir, I found him. His name is Vikram Kumar.
IPS 2012 batch.

Thanks Stephen.

Confirmed, both are different.

Hello sir..

As said by you, they hacked
and searched the IB server for you.

We created your ID as an IB officer.


Why are you still here?
Have you not still caught him?

My target is to catch you, idiot.

Idiot, you call Chairman Sir an idiot?

Enquiries should be done on criminals like you
and not on Police like me.

Sir, he is that fellow.

Bad news! I sent your son into Coma
and I will send you to Tihar jail.

Get Ready

Good news sir.

Sir, he said bad news and this guy said good news.
This fellow is him sir.

That stranger has agreed. If you make your Face Book
friend agree, it is like the scene is all set sir.


Not Like,
See that one

Hi Ria,
Where are you?

In Kalamandir
Turn back once.

Are you surprised?

I was shocked.


When I was thinking it would have been better
if someone was there to say second opinion on this shirt

and you correctly came in time.
Come, you can see and say it.


Where is brother?

He may have been to the trial room, mom

How is it?

It is dirty, very bad

You can be however in normal times. It is the marriage
of your sister and you should be decent.

What are you talking again?

This is the final warning,
if you talk again I will shoot you.

Sorry sir. You are that Police Officer, right?

You too are there madam? Carry on!

Ria, you try out this dress.

This is not good.

No.. This is my first gift.

Oh ok.. So sweet, ok I will try it.

What is this shirt, so bad? Try this one.

Call from David master, I need to go.

Try this first.
Please sister.. I need to go.

Try this and go.

Excuse me..

Please open the door..

Oh thankyou..

Can I go now? How is this?

Superb, blasting.

What is this, who is that girl bro?

Is it your mom? Hello Aunty!

Hey, this girl..
Is it your sister?



Has the entire family come?
Where is uncle?

He had piles operation, right?
Has he recovered?

Oh no..

Does father have piles?

Actually I and my dad are thinking
to come your home and discuss about marriage.


Who is this girl, son?

You wait mom. Mine too is the same question.
Who are you?

Who am I?

I will tell.

Friend of the Police officer
who looks same as you, girlfriend.

Sorry baby, even I was confused before
and now you are confused.

He is not your guy, but our guy.

I do not believe all this.

Your guy talks fluent in Hindi and
my fellow murders it. If required test him.

I am not understanding what is all happening.
Is this true?

Dad, what is she saying?


This is so strange.

I just watched dual roles only in films,
but never thought I would experience it.

If you donít mind, I will take a photo
and send it to my boyfriend in WhatsApp.

He will be really shocked.

Sorry uncle, sorry aunty
I need to search where he is.


Let us see the saris there. Come on.

Hey, say the truth. Is another one
there just like you?

Yes, he is there. Have a look.

That means is that your girlfriend?

She is so cute.

Why are all these dramas?

You could have introduced
to all of us, right?

Main matter should be cleared
for introducing to you.

Are you mad? Shall
I act as a wife to some stranger?

If the same was said in our Uganda, they would have
killed the husband and made a pickle of him.

Do not try all such with my sister.
Shut up!

Malini, Vasu is got a doubt.

If that is not cleared,
my plan of 20 years would be spoilt.

you always say plan, what is that?

Harischandra Prasad while dying has put all the
major shares on the name of his grandson Rahul.

He has put me just as his guardian
till he gets married.

After that the entire property goes
onto his name.

Your situation then is like security dog till
then and a street dog after that.

After the marriage of Rahul, I will create an accident
and finish the entire family along with Vasundhara.

If it was a high society match, there would
be issues like investigations and enquiries.

But if it is a middle class match they
would jump in joy because of their luck.

They adjust thinking fate was
bad when they die.

Thus I selected the daughter of
my company employee.

You had thought so much for our future.

I am ready.

Linda, I will call you back in an hour.

Hi brother in law

Is he your brother in law?

Your brother in law is inside.
Please do not mistake him.

He has the sight problem.
Prestige problem to wear spectacles.

Ok, where is your husband?

He has the ego problem.
He doesnít come unless called.


Suzuki Subramanyam aka Tukaram,
He transformed as the sadist husband now.

Doubt. Infinity

Sadism. To the peaks

Ego.. Unbearable

Why are you shouting, idiot?
Do you think I am any deaf?

Oh no, I have not thought so.
Why are you shouting then?

Cool down brother in law..

Bloody, how dare you touch me?
I am your brother in law?

I am your brother in law, elder to you.
If you can touch me i will kick off you..

Who are you all?
Have you come for donations?

No sir, we came on
an important work with you,

What is that?

Look at this once.

Bloody, what is this dark angle?
From how long is this going on?

Tell me how long is this happening?

Do not hit brother in law,
sister is like fire.

Then you cook on her. You idiot.

From how long is this going on?
Why are you hitting her without any fault?

Why are you feeling when I hit her?

Why are you talking so
with such a great man?

What is this bloody? He is shown concern on you
at the hospital and now you are showing on him.

Are you both planning
to show me a movie now?

Hubby, it is five lachs.
You bought in like at Germany.

I do not care..

Tukaram sir, you are unnecessarily imagining
whatever. Our sir is a public figure.

But my wife is a private figure.

You are misunderstanding.

I am telling as a wife,
he is a very great man

And is also got Padmasri
in recognition to that.

Opposition people used this photo
to showcase him bad.

Though your husband looks cunning,
you look very genuine.

What do you want me to do?

You should have a press meet
and say publicly.

You want me to make all public,
that happened in private till now?

Not that he has a relation,
but you should say there is no relation.

Still, what are these issues
on our marriage day?

Your marriage day?

It is so in the script.

In the script written by Lord Brahma.

I will think tonight in my drink
whether to come tomorrow or not.

Karthik, he is over acting a lot.

I will kill him if he is seen again.
Send him away from here immediately.

Ok sir..

Coming Vasu

Good Morning madam

Good Morning Karthik. How are you?

Where are you going so fast Muthyam sir?

New sites have come from Pune
and I need to show them to Sir.

Oh god..

You said sites and why are the items here?

So are these what you show to Sir
daily on the name of sites?

No sir, these are the sales girls
selling us the sites.

They are not like sales girls,
but look very obscene.

Be quiet Mr Ratnam,
you always get such waste doubts.

Mr Macha, you can leave now.

Not that madam..
you can leave

Thankyou madam..

They look a bit different as
said by Ratnam sir, madam

Looking at this, may be what
they wrote in the magazines too is true.

Mr Ratnam!

I served your dad and cannot see
when you are being cheated madam

What do you mean Ratnam sir?

You doubt that those are not husband and wife
and sir himself has set them up for acting?

I was into a confusion till now,
but it is now confirmed.

Doubt number 1, some fellow had come
called sir as brother in law.

Doubt number 2,
if she was hit sir is shivering with anger.

Doubt number 3, when valuables are
being broken he is getting angry.

Doubt number 4..
Mr Ratnam,


stop it now. Something is wrong.

Everything is wrong madam

you go the marriage anniversary in the night.
Observe whether they are real husband, wife or not.

Oh.. Oh god..

We had to commit that psycho as husband
as you slipped your tongue then.

Now we are having to continue
that as the file has missed.

No way to escape sir, as it is our need.

But, that fellow should not put
his hands on him.

Why do you feel her as your wife sir?

She is just your Face Book friend, right?

Whatever but she is a lady.

Ok, you keep watching in the webcam

and I will control the over action
of that mental fellow.

Go and somehow catch that bloody fellow.

I will take care of him, you go
and make your Face Book friend agree first.

Impossible, I cannot tolerate his torture.

He is just disgusting.

Please Malini, Vasu has got a doubt.
Please co-operate.


Ok, this better should be the last time.
This is the last time.

Thank you so much Malini.

Brother in law, he confused me like a
new app in the morning. Now I got a grip

and will squash like Candy Crush.

If they does any extras, will mix
cocaine in the Coke, they will die in coma.

Put the webcam in on. I will watch it all.

Deal done brother in law.

Bring faster, like a bride!

My friends are came


Hi, buddy..
hi dude.

Happy marriage anniversary bro.
Happy marriage anniversary bro.

Thank you dudes. Come.

All these are my childhood friends.

Hello.. hi.

You would have passed Degree, by the age
they were in diapers, right brother in law?

Do not search for logics,
you will miss magic.

Happy wedding anniversary Tukaram sir.

Thankyou very much..

Our Vasundhara madam has
sent this gift for you.

Oh.. Thank you.
Hey, take and keep this inside.

Madam, this is your marriage day.
Can we see your marriage album?

That is.. Album got burnt
in the fire accident.

Buddy, let us start the party.

PK must come, right?

You mean PSPK, Is Pawan Kalyan
coming for the party?

It is not PSPK who is coming.
Just PK, my friend. There he is come.

Happy wedding anniversary..

Thankyou PK

His name is PK. He has recently
come from the neighbouring planet.

He settled here..
because of missing his vehicle.

When all say astrology looking at the palm,
my friend says it looking behind the palm.

Do you think I am a joker like
in a rummy game.. I will not believe.

Today morning I saw a piracy CD
of PK movie..

This is the original story
behind the PK movie..

When Rajkumar Hirani met him in a bus,
he narrated his story to him casually.

He seriously made it into a film.

I will not believe..

I will make him believe.
Stretch your hands


The place you live is Uganda,
your wife is Linda

and she completely ditched you.

No it is a lie.

I am in a meeting,
can I call you later Linda?

Half proof has come and now
I will show you the full proof.

To send some into coma by mixing cocaine
in coke, he is out cocaine packet in his pocket.

This is peaks PK sir. Do you say what is
in pockets just by catching the hands?

Oh my God!

All this looks like a setup.
I do not believe.

Will you believe if I say
your where about?

Tell me.

Stretch your hands.

Maniratnam, your father name is Sivaratnam.
Your grandfather name is Navaratnam.

Ratnam is the common capital for all.


This Maniratnam is a bonded
slave to the family of Vasundhara Devi.

He is now here to find out a secret

This is peaks to the peaks
and is sensational.

Oh my god..

I remember by secret PK bro.

If required I will catch your feet.
You catch the hands of my wife

And say whether there is
someone else in her heart.

I helped so many people.
You are my friend.

Come on!

What is this meaningless thing? Even if
my sister agrees for this test, I will not agree.

Who are you to agree, bloody?
Catch PK.

Why do you just go away
without saying anything?

I cannot break families by telling.
Ethics are wealth for me.

No problem, tell.
My heart is like the granite.

Then listen this..

Another one is seen in your wifes life.

He is a very tall guy
and dangerous man.

He stepped in a company as an employee
and has married the daughter of the Chairman.

Yes.. This is correct..

Oh no..

Not all those, but say the name.

His name..

Signals are not clear Tukaram.

Is this any cell network for
the signals not being?

You said all my details non-stop
like a news reader

And why are you getting struck so now?

Tell PK, Please tell PK..


Tell that name..

PK please. Please PK..
No.. no.


This man kept His mind as an open book.
This lady is hiding in her Mind.

Who is in that first, bloody?
Is it that dark angle fellow?

Tell.. Who is he? Tell.

Oh my..

Stay cool..
Hey.. what ?

Mr Tukaram all these should be taken sportive.

If I take it sportive, my house would become
Uppal stadium with her boyfriends.

Tell me bloody, who is that fellow?

Do not hit her..

No violence..

Oh god..

Hey Tukaram, stop man.

Where will you go?

No.. no.

In this place


Tell me


Hey I will kill you..

Do you torture when asked to act like the
husband as she got a doubt, bloody?

She is my wife and she is
everything to me.

Do you manhandle her, bloody?
I will kill you

Stop it.

Vasu, that is..

She is..

You have cheated me
for all these years.

Do not try any further.

Tomorrow is the marriage of Rahul.

Once that is over, you just not need to resign
for all your designations in the company,

but also withdraw your Legislative
Council nomination.

Else, I will have to open up.

Mind it!

Thanks bro! It is not that one is more
and one is less. All have smashed it up.

Subramanyam sir, you were awesome.

Medal is guaranteed for you.



He is unconscious as was
tortured for many days.

What is the condition sir?

Doctor said he will be alright
within two to three days.

We had known about Marthand from the
person who hacked IB server and arrested him.

Your under arrest..

Marthand changing as the approver has said it
all in detail about the Grand Palace Killings.

Duplicate medicines being released into market by
Jairaj on the label of Vasundhara Pharmaceuticals

So Many people are dead
by illegal drug testing

An employee by name
Shyam Prasad knowing about this matter..

He has complained at the drug control
board and with an evidence

Officer from Delhi for enquiry

All those details are in this pen drive.

I will take action on this
as a drug control officer.

Jairaj knowing this before with
a plan that the case would come on him

if only those two are killed and cleverly planned
a dupe attack and made it look like a Terrorist act.

A boy working in the hotel found the
Pen Drive and he gave that to Ravi.

Jairajís chapter will be finished once your
brother is into consciousness.

Your mission is completed.

Thank you sir.

There is yet another bigger mission
in pending now.

What is that sir?

It is to tell my daughter that
you are not a Police.

Be careful!

My nephew Deepak woke up from coma.

Get well soon Deepu.
Your dad is very much worried

Sir, that Marthand fellow has said
it all in the investigation.

We all will have to go into the jail
once that Ravi fellow is conscious.

He focussed on your son and made him sit
in a corner. Now he has focussed on you.

He seems to do whatever
he is planned sir.

A selfie for safety

It is not possible in Cherlapally jail.

Why are you silent sir,
What shall we do now?

Silence is unpredictable.

It is difficult to estimate the silence.

It is further difficult to estimate
the loss from that.


are you Riya..

We admitted Karthi in the hospital.

What happened?

He got 3 bullets in the shootout with gangsters.
Situation is too critical.

he actually wanted to come out from Police job.
But has continued for you.

When he said to join as a stuntman,
I said no.

I did a great blunder.

It is a lie that there is another one
like me.

I am not a Police as you are thinking.
I am a stuntman.

I tried many times to tell this with you.
But could not say it.

It was not to cheat you.

Reason was the fear that
you would go away. Sorry!

I am loving you
not your profession

Love you

Hey Bruce Lee, your looks hit me
with a googly

Hey Bruce Lee, your looks hit me
with a googly

Hey Bruce Lee, Keeping hand so
I am your family

The blanket covered has shaken
My hunger grew seeing you

You beat hard in the heart
Come on, will teach you romance

Whose punches has the extra kick,
He is my would be husband Bruce Lee

Hey Bruce Lee, your looks hit me
with a googly

This babe throws light into the eyes
She is the tempo trolley of hot beauties

The hot breathe of him asks to say
good night in the morning

I am the mango jelly,
Sprinkle groundnut and jiggery on me

Eat slowly and heartily daily slowly

Bruce Lee is the one enjoying
removing the flowers in hairs

Hey Bruce Lee, your looks hit me
with a googly

Hey Bruce Lee! Keeping hand so,
I am your family

Your mass looks make mind go mad
You shot bullets in to the heart

Your dance steps are sensational
Even the pea hen goes spell bound

Hey dear babe,
shall I bring palanquin?

I will marry you and you are
my wife for sure

With whose looks would I flourish is
my ravishing Bruce Lee

Hey Bruce Lee, your looks hit me
with a googly

Hey Bruce Lee, Keeping hand so
I am your family

I killed many officers investigated
on me in the initial stages.

But, you have come very far.

How do you think would I
leave you, bloody?

How much was I hit by small boss,
because of this fellow?

He should not be alive now sir.


I should kill this fellow.

Correct sir. Kill him to relieve your anger
and empty the whole magazine.

today is no enemy day for us.

No enemy will be left for us from today.

How is that sir?

Vasundhara with son and daughter in law would land
in Aurangabad and leave to Shiridi by road.

Their mobile networks will be blocked

and they cannot contact anyone.

Nobody else too can contact them.

They going to visit God will be
going directly to the God.

Take this body and throw it
in the Gandipeta River.

Why are you tensed baby?

I am not getting the signals when
I am trying to speak with Karthi.

Even my phone is not working.
It is surprising.

You are thinking who am I, right?

I am son of Jairaj.

I am son of Jairaj.

My dad and your husband has
planned a sketch to kill you all.

My men can do that work, but
do you know why did I involve?

Because of you I lost the identity
as Jairajís son for 25 years.

I will not just take my revenge by killing you all now.
I will become the King for your whole empire.


Are you still alive?

Both you father and son will go waste with
joints loosened with the shocks I would give.

Why are you silent sir,
What shall we do now?

Bruce lee.. They are planning to kill you..

Master.. Do what I say?


This is body bullet remote..

You will operate it..


Empty the whole magazine.

I am a fighter. Till I finish the mission I take
up there will not be any interval but only climax.


Tell me Mr Ratnam

Sorry sir, the entire family
has died in the accident.


They collected the bodies on
the highway and sent by Cargo sir.

They will handover
if you come and sign sir.

I am coming immediately Mr Ratnam.

Hey Macha, you had seen
a business man in me till date.

Now you will see the actor in me.

Sir, very bad has happened sir.





Business man in you has got the Padmasri.
Now Oscar should be given for your performance.

I need to have the last look
of Vasu and my son.

Please open the box.
Sorry sir..

I said open the box..

Open it..

Hey open it please..


How was the shock?
Have you enjoyed or not?

Are you the Police guy?

What is this bad thought sir?

It is wrong to think about killing madam giving you
a great life and her son and my sister, right sir?

It is wrong..


You bloody dog! How can I let all this happen
when I am there? I will not let it happen.

Sir, a mistake has happened sir.

I would make you run on the streets and hit.
I will shed your blood, idiot!

You had shown only dual characters
so many years. I showed you dual role.

Have you not understood?

It was me who hit on your businesses
as the Police officer.

And it was again me who exposed
you before madam joining as the PA.

Your son has died for
the mistakes you did.

After knowing about you,
I thought were a bad fellow.

I just came to know that
you are even a murderer.

I hate myself for being the wife to
a fellow like you all these years.

Hey Ram G, finish him.

What to finish, my Dosa?

What man..

He is not your CI Ram G,
but my master.

What are these twists over twists
like one plus one offer sir?

To know about your day to day schemes, I locked your
Ram G in and put my master in his place with you.

that third box is waiting for you.
IB chief is safe.

Hey, once my brother opens his eyes, a non-bail able
arrest warrant will be issued on your name.

Your matter will be shattered with that.

Sir, he is a fighter and
is thus hitting very hard.

We are left now with just one way.
We will run away abroad in special flight.

We will have many sites there.

I will not leave the guy who killed my son.

Sir, ruthless people like you should
not have such revenges and emotions.

He showed me my sons dead body.

I will show him what I am.


Where is my dad?

Ramachandra Rao


Ramachandra Rao, I called to say
a few facts about your son.

What has he done sir?

He is done a lot.

He sacrificed his education for his
sisterís education in childhood.

Have you not understood?

Understanding you cannot educate both,
he wontedly scored low marks.

As you cannot make your daughter as a Collector with
your single earning, he turned into a stuntman.

He had arranged everything himself for your daughter to
become IAS and took care that you do not come to know that.

Do you know why?

That is to give you the satisfaction that
you made your daughter as a Collector.

I could not believe all these when your
daughter was saying it all to us.

But I am believing it now.

He risks for anything if your family is touched.

What if I kill you in front of his eyes?

Sorry Ramachandra Rao!


You just showed me
the dead body of my son.

But I will show you
the death of your father.

I am giving you 15 minutes time.

It is your choice whether
you join your father in hospital

and save him or your girlfriend in our custody
at the stud farm in that time.

Choice is yours..

I am leaving this country now..

Good bye!



He sent your son into coma
as he just touched his sister.

Bodies were sent in boxes
when tried to kill.

You have directly stabbed his father
in front of his eyes.

I feel excited to see the finishing you
will be given sir, sorry sir worried.

We are escaping from this country
in half an hour.

Half an hour means 30 minutes.

Anybody would fear about
the family before dying.

But I have the courage
that you are there, son.

Nothing will happen to you dad.

Nothing will happen to you dad.

I know well that you would take great
care of the family even if I am not there.

Every father thinks his son
to become great,

But never thinks of him
to become a great human.

Where did I miss you, my son?

How did you bear when I insulted you
so badly without understanding about you?

I see your love on me behind every
word you say me, father.

Son, you have done so much for our family.

Similarly now forgive this father too.

Love you dad.

Love you dad.

Nothing will happen to you dad.

Kill that girl..

Yes sir..


Mega star..

Are you getting shocked
thinking what is this?

Hello.. Bruce lee..

Sir where are you?

I am in photoshoot for 150th film.

Sir, I got a problem.
I remembered only you.

What is that?

Do not worry..
I will take care.. Ok.


I promised your boyfriend
to bring you back safely.

It is just a time gap,
there will not be any gap in timing.

Sir, how is my dad?

You brought him in time.
Nothing to worry.

Operation is going on.

Thankyou doctor..

Why are you staring me so?

Yours is just the same style
as my boyfriend.

How is that..

Yours is just the same style
as my boyfriend.

How is that..

My boyfriend too has
got the same style as yours.

This is correct metre..

This is also same..

That means he is just
reflecting as it is, then.

Sir, Megastar coming for me!
I am really lucky, thank you sir.

There is our guy coming

Thank you sir. You helped us
coming in the last minute.

It is ok, how is your dad?

Out of danger.. He is safe sir..


By the way your selection is super..

It seems you excel in horse riding?

Oh no sir,
it is just by watching your films

Come on let us have a ride..

Sir with your permission..

Thankyou sir..

Boss, it is not that easy to match your
stamina and catch your speed

Fuel for this stamina and
speed are my fans

They would be waiting for us.
Thank you, see you.

I said these waste images are
not needed and said we shall go abroad.

No more sites in your life now,
it is only fights for food at Cherlapally jail

DCP Ravi Prakash is handed over this evidence.
You are under arrest

Sir, this is last operation and first blockbuster
of my career. Give me the chance to arrest sir.

Thankyou sir..

Hey, a person cheating under cover or mass massacres,
the one doing crime can never escape even in dreams.

You getting bankrupted is confirmed,
you getting closed is confirmed.

This is the power of uniform.

Though these words are from me,
this stamina belongs to the Mega power behind me.

Catch the moral too along with the mobile.

You will be dead in a second if you are encountered.
Even that punishment is not enough for you.

Every second you take a breath, you should live
in a fear of when you would be hanged.

You should wait in fear in the jail for bail

That will not come, you will go.

It is not me, whom you should feed first.
But to your brother.

I dreamt of you to become a Collector
and he made it come true.

Every house is happy with a son like
you who shares responsibilities of parents.

You are a real fighter..

Thankyou madam..

Even I am happy,
if you sign on this application.

What is this?

You should become a Police officer, right?