Brother (2019) - full transcript

Because he wanted to protect his little brother from a father too violent, Teddy, a young man without history, is accused of the murder of his father and is sent to a closed educational ...


Bye, Teddy.

You're beautiful,
my little one. Grannie's with you.

Let's go.


How are you, Andy?

Did you sleep?

He cried all night.

Anything to tell me?

Maybe it's too soon, but...

do you know a psychologist?

He's fine. There's no need.

Mrs. Lecorgne,

I think Andy needs help.

You have custody in his mother's absence,

but I want him in therapy.

Their mother abandoned them.

Did she abandon them,
or flee your son's violence?

Well, it may take weeks
to locate his mother's phone.

In the meantime,
call this number, Mrs. Lecorgne.

He's a good therapist.

It's your last year in high school,
right? I saw that in your file.

- I'm going to jail?
- No, not jail.

I'm not a cop or a screw.

I'm your case worker.

We're going to a YCC.

Know what that is?


A Youth Custody Center.

It's a center where...
I think there are 12 of you right now.

Twelve youth like you,
all awaiting sentencing.

And it's a six-month stay.

Go on.

Fuck that! I won't calm down!


No way, I'm not your dog!

Here's your chair! Woo!

What's the problem?

- Enzo, what's up?
- Nothing!

- Quit staring!
- He isn't.

- What's up?
- Look down, fucker!

This is your room.

Almost a nice view of the park.
Put your things here.

Come on, pick up the pace.

Backpack, too.

Uh... Empty your pockets
so I can search them, please.

Can I call my brother?

Soon. Even faster if you don't screw up.


I put your sheets there.

- Nothing in your pockets?
- No.

Your bags...

- Any hash?
- No.

It'll help if you don't jerk me around.

- Do you smoke or not?
- No.


Hey, guys! A new arrival.

Is he lost or what?

What's your name?

Give me a smoke.

- Your name?
- Leave him be.

- Joker.
- Wimp.


Aah! Aah! Enzo.

It's not a fight! We're sparring.

- Let go!
- Breathe.



Chill, Enzo.

- Back to it?
- Yeah.

- Sparring, okay?
- Okay.

Guys, listen up, please.

Meet Teddy, your new companion.

Do the introductions.

I'll be right back.

No worries.

Heads bare at the table.

Hurry it up now.

Thanks. Good luck.

Thanks, Papou.

I'll start.

I'm Pablo Escobar.

Shut up.

Try condensed milk, Pablo.

You need to bulk up.


I like your new haircut.


Sit down.

- Introductions first.
- We told you to sit down.

- Introductions...
- Can it and sit.

Watch your tone, okay?

We're not friends, so if you could stop...

I'm Bob the Rapper, get it?

Go on, show your stuff.

A quick one?

♪ To make love when we want, we manage
And on the parking lot... ♪


Have you got it?

Got it?

Thanks. No one else?

Why so quiet?

Spill your guts.

- Damn fag!
- Leave him.

Can the others introduce themselves?

I'm Moïse.

I'm 15, a thief,
and I banged Vélo's cousin.

Her mom was like this!

Calm down!


Okay, forget it.
We have Bob, Silas, Biggy, Rayan...

Bilel, aka Vélo...

Uh, Unsal, Moïse...

Who's he?

He's Teddy.

First black ever called Teddy!

Pretty sick.

You know you've taken my place, boy?

Excuse me. Hey!


If you can say your name
and sit down, that's great.

Set this dickhead straight.

Dumb cocksucker.

My place.

- It's reserved?
- Hey!

It's my place! Move!

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Give him his place!

Change places.

- I'll fuck you up.
- Calm down.

Hands off, you!

- Just calm down.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, hey, hey.

He touched me!

That's my place!

- Fuck this!
- Chill!

- Fuck it!
- I said stop yelling!

Take that place over there. You go now!


Drop the threats. Sit down.

Take a seat. Hurry it up.

Drama queen.

- Motherfucker.
- Feel better now?

Good night, bitch.

Zip it, Enzo.

Okay, Teddy?


If you need anything, say so.


Good night.

Calm down, guys.

Why're you here?

Not pleased to see me?

Why come to meet me? I'm not a baby.

Mom's in Amsterdam.
We're gonna live with her.

What? Don't lie. How do you know?

- That's your phone?
- Yeah.

Here, hide it.

She calls from a masked number.

Don't let Dad see it.

Come on, I know a shortcut.

You cheated to get ahead of me.

I bet Mom's faster than you.

Even on my old bike, we're even.

What's up?



Come here.

Andy, you too.

Where were you?


Where were you?
Aren't you studying for exams?

Look at me.

Aren't you studying?

Andy! Come here!

Come here!




- Hello, ma'am.
- Hello.

I'm Claude. We spoke on the phone.

Ah. Come in.

Hello, Andy.

I'm Claude, your brother's psychologist.


Are you angry?

With Hannah?

No, with your son.

A problem with your daughter-in-law?

I told Bertrand not to marry
a girl from Guiana.

He didn't listen.

Are you angry with your son?



He was violent.


I know.

What about Teddy?

He's my grandson.

And him?

What diploma has he got?

He's like Sharky in Street Soccer.

Yo, he'd left Michelin!

Yo, I'm serious.

Merguez sausage
with the end cut off.

Seen the tire ad?

So, what diploma?

Titanic's here!

I got a diploma.

Which one?

The Titanic one!

At the tacos place,

I had an XL size
and got a diploma. I ate for free.

Wild, man!

Did my mom call the judge?

Uh, I don't think so. Shall I ask?

- Hey, Igor.
- Yeah?

What diploma does a case worker need?

Play school.

Three years after high school.
Want to be one?

No, never.

Oh, yeah?

You must be rolling in cash.

I do this for the money?

You bet.

Oh, yeah, sure.

What do you make?

- 4,000 a month.
- Sure.

Hold on...
Really want to know why I'm here?

Go on, tell us.

I believe in you.

I do!

I believe you're the future of France.

Hear that?

I'm not French.



You're Parisian? What am I?

- Paranoid!
- Good one!

Come on, we're all thieves
and motherfuckers.

I was in a home. I'm no motherfucker.

We're all innocent.

Innocent or not, you're no motherfucker.


He says you are.

That we all are.

True, he's innocent
and spends his life with guys like us.

Innocent? Maybe he's been here 40 years,

locked up for fondling kids like us.

Go on! Get lost!

- Seriously?
- Yeah, seriously.

Stop! A race. One, two, three, go!

Balls to that! Come on, fuckers!

Listen to me, okay?

♪ It's 4:00 a.m.
I break into the place ♪

♪ I don't make a sound
I'm quiet as a cat ♪

♪ I tell myself it's a gift
The whole place just for me ♪

♪ I go downstairs
Then a light comes on ♪


♪ Bottle of rosé ♪

♪ Pump gun on his lap ♪

- Waiting?
- He took aim.

- The motherfucker!
- The motherfucker has nothing else to do?

He's a motherfucker when you rob him?

What, Negro wimp?

- Don't call me Negro.
- Chill.

Shut up, albino.

Clam up, Gyppo.

Good morning, everyone.

Time for our two hours of daily happiness.

Let's go. Caps off.

Good morning. Let's go.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Good morning. Your hat.

Thank you, sir.

- Good morning. Good morning.
- Good morning

You, too. Not in my class.

Mythomania and mythology
have the same root.

But who knows where that root is from?

Teddy, do you know?

- It's Greek.
- Yes.

Kebab fan!

Not gastronomy, etymology.
He's right.

Last time, we talked about Philomela,

- You were pretty interested.
- Yeah.

Unsal, can you tell us
the story in your own words?

Uh... It's about a guy
who rapes his wife's sister

and cuts out her tongue.

Yes, so she won't denounce him,
he cuts out her tongue.

So how does she manage to testify?
She's stubborn.

Since she can't speak, she starts to go...

So a severed tongue
makes you laugh...

You turn tragedy into comedy,
but that's not it.

So, what does she do?
Teddy, you had a good idea.

- She weaves the story.
- Yes.

The black can talk!

He's nuts!


Lowlife Tintin.


Chill, my boy!

No, no. No "Tintin," no "black," nothing.

You don't control words, okay.

What do you mean by "lowlife"?

I know, ma'am.

- Can I say?
- This'll be good.

Uh... Blacks and Arabs.

Shut up!

- Goodbye.
- Bye.

Wait, Teddy.

Come and see the director with me.

We'll see if you can sit your GED.

No use.

You're wrong.

Lost something?

What is it?

Hey. My beanie.

- What beanie?
- For my head.

Same color as that.


- What the hell?
- Fuck him up!

Cut it out!

Enzo, calm down.

Back off.

Sit down. It's okay.

- Hands off!
- Sit, I said.

Come on.

That guy needs calming.

Slap him around a bit.


do you get along with your grandmother?

It's not about the fight?

No, I'm not a case worker.

I see your brother.

How come?

I'm looking after him
because he needs supervision.

- How is he?
- Worried about you.

And your mother?

She left months ago.

Why did she leave?

He used to hit her.

Do you feel she abandoned you?

Why all these questions?

Angry with her?




I don't want to see
anything like this again.


Yes, ma'am.

All of you!

- Yes, ma'am!
- You understand?

I don't know what came over you.

And I don't care who did it.

But you'll all clean it up.

We'll buy a new beanie.

You're still laughing?

You find it funny?


Your cap, Teddy.

Try it on.

Not bad.

It suits you.

What a looker!

Keep it on.
You look stylish in this blue hat.


I don't get it. It seems cool.

You're old trying to be young.

- He got you!
- Sure did.

Okay, I'll shut up.

I'd like us to try psycho-boxing.

What for?

It can help you.

Who says I need help?

Teddy, it could save a lot of time.

This whole cap thing
was to talk about that?

You don't have to.

Teddy, ready when you are.

All good?

Teddy, your gloves...

You do them like this.


It's English boxing, without touching.

We don't hurt each other.

We spar, and we don't let off steam.

Igor will observe.

Hit my glove
to see how hard you hit, okay?

Hit it.

Not so hard.

Even softer.

That's good.

You can decide to stop at any time.

A round lasts 90 seconds.

Any problem, we stop, Teddy.

All right? Any questions?

- No.
- Good.

We'll walk in circles
to get to know the ring.

When you feel you're ready,

hit my gloves and we begin.

Go on.

I don't want to.

Why not?

Why so many questions?

It's my job.

So we stop?



Square up.

Go on.

Come on.

Go on, Teddy.

We're waiting.

Let's see you.

We're here for you.

Okay, thanks. Stop.


Forget it. He's out of it.

Let me handle it.

You protect your head.

Know why?

He'd hit the back of it.

Your brother, too?

Not before.

Before what?

Give it here.

Where does this phone come from?

It's mine.

What did I say about phones?


They're not allowed.



Your mother gave it to you?

What did she want?

Give me her number.

Give me her number!

Andy, go upstairs.

Go upstairs. Move!

What did she want? Huh?

What? Where is she?


Shut up!

Why tell him that?

Where is she? Tell me where!

Where's your mother?

Stop, Dad! Stop, Dad! Let go!

- Stop!
- Get off me!

Get up!


I decide here!

Me alone!

You hear? I decide!


This is France.
Please leave a message.

Hello, France.

I haven't heard from the boys.
Could you call me?

At 0-0-3-1-0-6-3-5-5-7-7-7-2-1.

I'm really scared.

Call me, please.


Yes, Grannie?

You've been
in your bath for ages.

Nearly done.

Hurry now.


Open the door.

I'm in the bath!

Let me get out.


I'm in the bath. Just a second.

Hey, newbie.


What's up?

Don't give me that look.

Old fart.

I'm Mo.

Who are you?


Welcome, man.

My lighter.

- What?
- My lighter.


Just messing.

Go on, bro, play.


You're from Wazemmes?

- It's my hood.
- Yeah.

Biron's family.

His cousin?

He told me. What's your tag?


A dirty tag?

Why are you here?

Why don't you speak?

Leave him be. He never speaks.

Forget it.

Guy will walk all over you, man.

No one impresses me here.

Hear that?

Thinks he's big.

I like to impress.

Found yourself a girl?

Out in the woods?

Looking tight.

- Doing okay?
- Yeah.

- Cool. How's things?
- Same old.


- It's Mo.
- What?

Mauricette likes it wet.

Don't call me that, bro.

Tough, are you?

You play the woman?

You will with my fat dick up you.

Shut it!

- What was that?
- What?

Keep it clean, okay?

Look down.

Mo, chill.

- I told you, look down.
- Mo!

Is there a problem?

No. Just getting acquainted.

Playing foosball.

He talks too much. Your new girl.

Who do you mean?

Your girlfriend who looks like Pink.

Watch your mouth. Stand up.

I'll explain a few things.

You don't get it yet.

Respect the case workers.

Come on, let's eat.


Gross again.

Look at that loser.

When can I call?

When it's allowed.

I'll get a phone like Enzo?

What phone?

Phones are banned here.

- Hey.
- I don't have a phone.

Got one or not?

What is this, bitch?

Watch it!

- Why'd he say that?
- Olivier, check his room.

He's not searching my room.

- Stay right here!
- Stop.

I don't have a phone!

- I don't, okay! You're dead!
- Hey, stop. Eat.

Enzo, we'll check.

Just believe me!

I don't have a fucking phone!

- I heard you talking.
- I like myself!

Don't you? You never talk to yourself?

Just eat, Enzo.

- I don't have a phone.
- So why get mad?

I don't have one.
It's his big mouth!

Come out when I call you!

- Give me the keys, Papou.
- They're still looking.

Hey, hey, hey.

Stay in your rooms.


I'm gonna waste you.

I'll come to your room tonight
and jump on your head with both feet.

You won't sleep. You'll suffer.

I'll get my phone back, bitch.

Wear a hat to bed?

Good night.

Get into your rooms.

It took balls, ratting on Enzo.

They took his phone.

My towel, please.

Chill, buddy. We're alone.

You're safe. Remove your hands.

Only men here.


why are you here?

And you?

I ask the questions.

I like to know who I'm dealing with.


Why are you here?

Don't bust my balls. Give me my towel.

Know what?

Maybe the others are right.

You're a rapist, right?

A fucking rapist.

I can get a woman without that.

You have balls.

I like that.


Why are you here?

I killed my dad.

Respect, man.

You're hot stuff.

And you?

Me? You want to know why I'm here?

I'm here 'cause when I was a kid,

my folks used to beat me a lot.

I grew up, and now I hit others.

One day, I hit a bit too hard

and ended up here.

I'm bulking up.

We're in the same boat.


Now that you're my guy,

steal Enzo's file.

- I don't steal.
- Seriously?

He wrecks your mom's photo,
shits in your bed,

and you won't steal his file?

What kind of loser are you?

Look up, bro!

My guy doesn't look down when I speak.

Respect me, bro.

You'll steal his file.

Follow me.

Get a bunch of onions
and a spade.

Hey! Hey! Yo!


Seriously, Silas? You aren't smoking now.

- Put it out.
- I don't want to...

Stop arguing and do it.

Put that thing out.

What the hell?

- I'll waste you!
- What?

- I'll fucking waste you!
- Hey, hey, hey!

You're not wasting anyone!

Talk about my mom! I'll...

He's from something called ASE.

That's social services.

Are you dumb? Go on.

I didn't know.

He lost his mom at three in a car crash.

Father unknown.

He was in several foster homes.

He's a thief and a dealer.



That's all?

I don't want to know more.

Shit, we stole it,

did a fake fight, and you won't read it?

Learn to read and do it.

It's personal.

It's done now. Keep going.

He beat up the father
in his foster family.

That's it?

You'd like me to read yours to the others?

- Well?
- Threatening me?

- You big shot. Unsal!
- Yeah?

He thinks he's hot stuff.
Read this for me, please.

I know a guy
who dressed like that.

You look like fucking Cupid,
you bum.

Stupid Cupid.



What file?

- Got files?
- What are you talking about?

None of your fucking business.

What files?

I spoke to Roger.

Who's that bastard?

He asked when you'll be home.

Get what I mean?

Shut your mouth!

You're an expert slut,
aren't you, little bitch?

He'll shut him up.

The voice declares
that we know Enzo's secret.

A fag fucked by Roger, his foster dad.

What the hell?

He stabbed me with a fork.

- Shut up.
- He's crazy.

- What happened?
- No idea.

Send the fag home to Mom.

Shut up!

- Stay with them.
- Sit down.


It's too much.

Watch this.

Want salt?


What's going on?

I gave him salt.

I'm not hungry anyway.

Too much salt on your ravioli.

What's up, Enzo?

- Enzo, hey, hey! Calm down.
- Calm down. Enzo, stop it.

Don't touch me!

Don't touch me.

Do I step in?


- Don't touch me!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey.

Calm down, okay?


It's normal.

Go on, let it all out.

What is this?

That's good. I'm proud of you.

Don't stop.

That's it. It's good.

Want to try again? Go on.

That's it!

Smelling good
won't make you pretty.

Quit busting our balls.

Get dressed.

Fucking hell.

Enzo, get to your room.

Night, Roger.

I'm not in the mood today.

Get to your rooms, guys. Hurry up.

Come on, move it.

Enzo, get into your room.


Everyone out!


Move it!

Everyone out! Move! Out of your rooms!

Everyone out.

I'll teach you jerks.

Move it!

What are you doing?

I'm not moving.

Stop pissing me off, okay?

Think you're not moving?

Stand in line.

And zip it.

A straight line.

If some of you were jerking off, too bad.

I just want to know
who put shit in Enzo's bed.


- How was it?
- Salted.

No answers?

He has a nasty red ass.

The porno bitch doesn't wash.


Good idea, a wash.

What are you doing?

You want washed? Here.


Papou knows lowlifes need hosing.

Shut the hell up!


I don't want your comments.

Just kidding, Papou.

Yes, Papou. What's he good for?

No one's answering?

Nothing to say?

You won't answer?

Look at me.

Nothing to say?

Maybe he had diarrhea and farted.

The runs.

You don't get it.

Stop, guys.

You want to laugh?

No one's laughing here.

You asked for it. Here.


Andy? Finally!


Are you okay?

- Are you okay, Mom?
- Yes. And you?

Yes. I missed you, Mom.

I missed you, too, sweetheart.

- Where are you?
- Amsterdam.

Why are you at Grannie's?

- Where's your brother?
- He's gone.

What do you mean?
I've been calling for two weeks.

I was worried sick.

Where's your dad? What's going on?

I have to go, Mom. Sorry.

No, don't hang up, please.

I love you, Mom.

Lots of kisses.

Andy! Andy!

See that porno? Dongs everywhere!

Totally hardcore.

You never give up.

Dongs everywhere.

The worst is that he doesn't
even jerk off, just watches.

Some really big asses.
Got my appetite going.

Why grab his neck?

Fucking Bob.

Don't react like that.

Come back, Papou!

Papou just split.

He split?

Just finish eating, okay?

I'm totally with you.

Keep your comments to yourself.

- We won't miss him.
- True.

- That's for sure.
- Everything okay?

Hello, ma'am.

- The auxiliary is here.
- I'll be right there.

- Bye.
- Shut up.

Go on.


- Papou's left?
- What do we do?

Yeah, what?

About what?

With him gone, there's no boss.

Yeah. Think you'll be the new boss?

What a joke.

Piece of shit.

No way.

No more hosing, too bad.


Calm down!

Sit down.

- Move it.
- Or?

Or we piss on you.

Chill, man.

- What's up?
- I don't know.

Stressed out?

Just sit down, please.

- He's hot.
- I'm boss now.

A newbie?
What are you playing at?

Do I look like I'm playing?

- He's edgy.
- He's hot.

You're sweating.

- Stop sweating.
- Hands off.

I'm boss now. Watch.

Stop right now!

Stop it!

I'm boss now!

Who's the boss now?

I still can't sleep.

Come here.

Why don't you like Mom?

God alone knows.

Go to sleep.




What about Teddy?

Go on.


Go on.


Come on!

Step it up!

I want 30.

Keep going.

Go for it!

Come on! Come on! Come on!

Here we go.

Walk in circles like last time.

Remember where we stopped?

The feeling at the back of your head.

Does it ring a bell?

Dive back into your feelings...

Back into your body.

Very good.

What did she want?

Give me her number.

What did she want?

Why tell him that?

Dad, stop! Stop, Dad!

- Stop!
- Get off me!

Get up!

Up, I said!

You, too?

You'd abandon me?

Get up! Up!

You and your little brother...

I'm in charge here!
In charge of everything!


Get up.


Hey! Stop!

Calm down!

Whoa! Stop!


When were you going?


Hey! Stop!


Teddy, calm down!

You'd abandon me?

Would you?

I decide, okay?

I decide!

You go nowhere.

Are you blocking or not?
You good?

Where is she? Where's your mother?

Answer me!

- Calm down!
- Okay?

Hey, Teddy...

Teddy, you with me?


Breathe now. Calm down.

Is it good?

Thanks, Grannie.

Is everything okay here?

It's okay.

Your mother called.

I didn't tell her you were here.

I saw your lawyer.

There'll be a reconstruction with Andy.

I don't want to.

I don't want to.

Stay strong, my boy.

I'm proud of what you're doing.

Hey, hey, hey. It's the cops.

Free Moïse!

Fucking cops!

Free Moïse, you assholes!

Hey, gypsy!

Lost your caravan?

Fuck you, damn Turk!

- Shithead!
- Ignore him, Unsal.

- That motherfucker.
- Anyway, I did it on purpose.

Look after this.


We'll make a movie tonight. Hide it.

You suck at this. You have choices.

What's going on?

Guys, I feel creative tonight.

Let's shoot a video for Roger.

See? Motherfucker!

Don't move, motherfucker!
Don't move!

Film this.

- You're not filming.
- Don't move!

- Beat the fuck of him. Bastard!
- Don't move! Don't move!

We'll call it Bitches Like Broomsticks.

Go on, bro, film it.

What's going on?

- Let me shit!
- Open up!

- Open the door!
- Where are you going?

Are you crazy?


What are you playing at?

Don't look at them like that, Enzo.

Stop that.

Hey. You've done six months.

- I've got nothing to lose.
- Yes, you do.

You turn 18 soon.

It's jail if you screw up.

Hey. Listen to me.

Fuck that!

Try to last two weeks.

- Enzo.
- Hands off!

Two weeks.

- Hey, boys...
- Try to last that long.

Tell me, where did you go last night?

Get lost, asshole.

This asshole saved you.

Fuck that.

What now?

Don't worry.

Mo's in the director's office. He's out.

Forget the director.

I'll see to him.

I'll do it old-style. I'll waste Mo.

I'll waste him.

I'll waste him.

Then I split, far from here.

How will you go?

My problem.

I'll come, too.

Got the video?

Give me the video,

or I'll leave you here

to rot with these jerks.

Got a girl, Teddy?

Who's the bottom?

Shut it!


Come with me, please.

What happened yesterday
is serious.

Staying silent won't help you.

Nothing to say?

You're sure?

I opened the door.

What did you see?

Nothing. I'd just showered.

You crossed the room to open the door.

I can't talk.

So you know something.

You know I can't talk.

Enzo was naked.

I can't talk.

And the video?

What video?

I'm not stupid.
There's a video shot with a phone

by someone who saw it all.

We're not allowed phones.

Listen, one of your pals said it was you.

No phone.

So I'm lying?

Look at me!

Got the video?

You need proof to accuse me.

- Teddy...
- Don't act smart.

- You're wasting your time.
- Can I search him?


Stand up.

Let's split. Got the phone?

No, I hid it.

Get it.


Kneel, or you get it.

Kneel, motherfucker.

Who's the bitch now? Huh?

I'll waste you!

You're dead meat!

I'll waste you, get it?

Hey. What the hell?

Want to fuck up your life? Shoot.

Go ahead. Do it.

Want to rot in jail?

Did you think of your mom
while doing that?

Fuck, that's enough!


What the fuck are you doing?


What's going on?

Back off.

What's going on?

Get inside.


What is this?

Move it!

Go taste my shorts!

Come on.

Move it.

It's okay. You're with me.

What are you doing?

Hey. What are you doing?

There's a car.

What's your problem?


Little bitch.

We're asking for shit. Hurry.

It's not working.

It's working.

Shit, the cops!

Speed up!

Get off!



Wait here for me.

I'll get a car.

- We fucked the bastards.
- Shh, shh, shh.

I'll dump this thing.


Shh. Shh.

I've missed you, Teddy.

- We're going to Mom.
- What?

Get your things. Hurry.

We're going to Amsterdam?

Put this on.

Where is that jerk?


- Someone.
- I know him?

Stop asking questions.


What's this crate? Huh?

It's him?

- Who's he?
- My brother.

Get out.

- Who're you?
- Piss off!

Chill with my bro.

It's not summer camp!

Don't be a bitch, I found you a car, okay?

Make him get out!

No, you get out.

No bro, no car. Up to you.

What if the cops show up? Huh?

We run.

That simple.

- Let's go.
- Crazy.

Start it up.

Less scared now, babyface?

What's your name?


How old are you, Andy?


Why Amsterdam?

Not your problem.

Give me a break. I'm talking to him.

I'm asking him stuff.

To see Mom.

Your mother?


She lives there?

She's Dutch.

Yeah, your mom's Dutch?


- Teddy?
- If he says so.

You mean, two black guys have a Dutch mom?

- Is she blonde?
- No. She's normal, like me.

She must be cold there.

Where are your parents?

I've got none.

How were you born?

You plant seeds for plants.

I was planted.

I popped out of the ground.

This tall right away.

I don't believe you.

We'll call it
Bitches Like Broomsticks.

Film it!

What's going on?

- Let me shit!
- Open up!

Forgotten how to drive?

You serious?

Fucking useless car!

Let's split!


- What?
- Get up.

We there?


Where are we?

Crossing into Belgium.

No worries with the cops.

No cops in Belgium?

Yeah, but Belgian ones.


They're all at the bar.


They're French.

- Maybe off to Amsterdam.
- Think so?

- I'll ask.
- Go on.

I need to pee.

Come on, then.

You piss with your tiny dick?

Where's the toilet, please?

There. It costs 50 cents.

Go. How much?

Fifty cents.

- Costs a lot to shit.
- Well, yeah.

You get paper for that, too?

I'll take a pack of Camels.

- What?
- They're not going there.

That's 'cause you're black.

Why not?

We aren't going to Amsterdam
to pick up lowlifes. Huh?

- Nice car.
- Uh... Yeah.

- You good?
- And you?


Heading where?

Breda, man. Sorry, gotta go.

- Say where?
- Breda.

What the hell?

You called my pal a lowlife. Right?



- We never said that.
- Who?

- Huh?
- Who?

Why insult my black buddy?

We never said that.

- You didn't?
- No, no.

- You didn't?
- No, I didn't.

- You didn't?
- No, no.

Take a look.

- Is it pointing at you?
- No.

Get out.

Out, fucking bitch!

Get out. Take your bag.

Come on.

- I'm still waiting.
- I'm taking you home.

Whose car is it?

I didn't like Enzo at first,
but he's cool.


When do I go back to Grannie's?


But I have school.

You'll go in Amsterdam.

My Dutch is no good.

Finished busting my balls?

Climb in.

Let's go, guys.

How did you wipe?

Shut your mouth!

What's up?

You're dumb.

Or is it deliberate?

What did I do?

You had to hold them up?

Without this car,
we'd be pushing your crate.

It's my fault now?

If you're not happy, get out.

What do I do without paper?

Go on, wipe his ass.

I'm waiting for paper.


Look, it's the sea.


Where does your mom live?

I don't know.

Maybe in that block.

Or maybe in that big one.

That one, I think.

- The penthouse, with a Jacuzzi.
- Oh.

Little towels, warmth...


Give me the phone.

Yeah! I love Amsterdam!

Guys ride without helmets here!
They're crazy.


Sweetheart, are you okay?

Fine, I just arrived in Amsterdam
with Andy.

You're in Amsterdam?

I was worried. I'd had no news.

I can't come right away.

I'm at the hospital. It's nothing serious.

Meet me at home in two hours.

I'll send the address.

What did she say?

We'll see her tonight.

Not until tonight?



What'll we do all afternoon?

I don't know the city.

Let's look around and eat.

No money.

Your brother and I have some.

Take what you want.
My treat for my birthday.

- Really?
- Yeah.

- I'll get cakes?
- Whatever.

Ever boned a chick?

- Loads.
- Sure.

What does "bone" mean?

Just eat your cake.

What'll you do now?

Open a coffee shop.

Eighteen calls for a drink.

Come on. Come on.

He's too young, stupid!

It's only beer, man.

Come on.


You're just a big kid.

Just cut the crap.

What crap?

The coffee shop's a joke.

It's Amsterdam, man.

It's only weed, not coke.

I'll make a fortune.

Then I'll get myself a place,
a proper house.

A house with a garden to grow my weed.

I'll have a wife and kids.

That'll be my life.

You can stop by anytime.

I can't imagine little Enzos.

Don't worry. They won't mess up like me.

How about you?

I think we'll stay.

They're dancing.

Too many people.

Great place to find a girl.

Are you shy?

With people, yeah.

- You're shy?
- Yeah, man.

I'll show you.

Watch me. Here goes.

Excuse me.
Can I dance with you?


Enzo, come on!

Enzo, come on!

It's Amsterdam!


He's too young to drink.

Had a good puke?

It's like soup.

With lumps.

Is that her?

Well, is it?

What are you doing?

Let's split.

Andy, your belt.

- And Mom?
- She's not here.


Didn't you see her?

You saw Mom?

All this way for nothing?

Didn't you see her?

Your belt.

You don't know what it is,
not having a mother.

Your mom's here,
you don't even go see her.

We only have one mother.

There's only one who gave birth to you.

I'd love to go to a city to see my mom,
but I can't do that.

I've no family, nothing.

Go on, tell her you love her.

Go on.

Go see your mother, please.


Wait here.

Andy, let's go.

My darlings, you're here.

I'm so glad to see you. I've missed you.

Are you okay?

Come here.

Come in.

Come on.

Is it a boy or a girl?

It's a girl.

You live alone here?


I did it for you.

Where were you when he beat me?

I had to protect her.

If I stayed, I could have lost the baby.

- And you forgot us?
- No.

Of course not.

I'd have come to get you.


I was never able to reach you
at Grannie's.

I spoke to Andy, but he told me nothing.

You never asked.

- Andy, come on.
- No, let go.

Come on, I said!


Let go of him.

You have to explain.

I have nothing to explain.

Tell me what happened.


How are you?

Enjoying Amsterdam?

Why are you here?

Shit, you're cops.

Is Teddy up there?

- Is he with his brother?
- I don't know.

You don't know?

- Are you high?
- No, I'm not high, bro.

Fuck it.

Where is he?

- I'm talking to you.
- No idea.

- It's not you I care about!
- Hey, Teddy! Hey!


Teddy, come down!

Let go of him!

Let go. Just let me go.

Let go!

Hey! What are you doing?


Back off!

Teddy, please!

Back off!

Don't screw up.

Back off, I said!

Will you come with us?

We know what happened.

You know nothing! Get lost!


Teddy, come back with us.

It's all behind you now.

Dad, stop!


I decide!

Where is she?

Where's your mother?

Answer me!

I decide, get it?

Dad, stop!

Dad, stop!


Andy told your grandmother everything.
It was self-defense.

Andy will be okay.
He's too young to go to jail.

I didn't mean to.

I just wanted to tell him to stop,
and then it went off.

France must ensure the health and sanity
of every one of her children...

She must protect minors,
especially delinquent minors

Preamble to the ruling
of February 2nd, 1945

Subtitle translation by Ian Burley