Brother (1960) - full transcript

Set in 1926 when Japanese tradition was much stronger, this standard drama looks at the inner workings of a small family, especially the relationship between a sister and brother.

Official Entry to
Japan Arts Festival 1960

A Daiei Motion Pictures Production


In a better mood? Wanna take this?


I feel sorry for you.


Just because.

Stop following me.

I don't need no umbrella.

Take it with you.

I'm taking the paper one.

A woman's umbrella?
People will laugh at me.

I wish I took our father's.

You shouldn't.

I don't want him to nag on me later.

Every time it rains

a rib would break, but

mine never gets repaired.

My poor umbrella.

I'm sorry.

I forgot...

It's not your fault.

What's for lunch today?

Nothing fancy.

Bonito flakes, again.

It's no fun.

Broken umbrella...

bonito flakes for lunch.

That woman won't do anything for me.

She's our mother.


Produced by Masaichi Nagata

Original novel by Aya Koda

Script by Yoko Mizuki

Planning by Hiroaki Fujii

Cinematography by Kazuo Miyagawa

Art Direction by Tomoo Shimogawara

Lighting by Yukio Ito

Editing by Tatsuji Nakashizu

Music by Yasushi Akutagawa


Keiko Kishi

Hiroshi Kawaguchi

Kinuyo Tanaka

Masayuki Mori

Takaya Hijikata
Hikaru Tomoda

Kyoko Kishida

Noboru Nakaya

Kyoko Enami

Noriko Hodaka

Jun Hamamura

Akira Natsuki

Kisao Tobita

Kouichi Ito

Hikaru Hoshi

Directed by Kon lchikawa


It's a girl.

' Nd.!

Let me go! No!

I'm not blind.

You can't fool me!

Don't be stubborn!

- She's still young.
- Yes indeed.

No! I don't want to!

No, no!

If you want to interrogate me,
do it here in front of everybody.

Whatever. Move it!

Sorry for the fuss.
Please excuse us.



Where in Mukoujima?

Your parents' occupation?

You tell me later.

Gimme that package of yours.

This is mine.

What's inside.

I'm sure you've got
some suspicious things!

What if you find nothing wrong?
Tell me what you'll do and I'll open it.

- Yes I am.

Don't hit the desk, hit me if you dare.

Cut it and tell me what you bought!

Here's my shopping list.

- Who wrote it?
- My mother did.


Medicine for rheumatism,
stomach medicine.

Toothpaste, soap.

Your mom's suffering from rheumatism?

Hair dye.

Your mom's ill and still dyes her hair.

Then to the clog shop...

Then to confectionery store.

For yourself?

None of your business.

Got sisters and brothers? How many?

- Got one brother?

Here are the receipts.

I'll open just for the record.

"World-Class Hair Dye"

Is this any good?

I'll remember the sound of that
whip for the rest of my life.

May I ask for your business card,
for future reference?

Sorry for taking your time.

Everything's settled now.

Are you a staff from this store?

This is your way out, from the back.

It's over there.

- No, not at all...

As if I were a criminal.

Then, will you accompany
me to the back door?

Oh, it's just you, sis.

What are you doing down there?

Our beloved mother is having a guest.

Our father's in the study, writing.

I couldn't find my place in the house.

You do have your place in the house.

It pisses me off.

Talking in whispers with that

pretentious religious friend.

What a selfish illness she's got.

Even with blood-related children,

there are good times and bad times.

You just don't know because

you've never had one yourself.

Since it's God's blessing,

with both my body and soul in pain,

I have tried hard to love
these children but in vain.

When I first came to this house,

it was hard to please the daughter,

who was old enough to understand.

At times she would be truly hateful.

A daughter is indeed

very difficult to deal with.

But as they grew up,

the daughter became more obedient,

while the son became more and more

rebellious with age.

Oh yes, a boy grows up to be

too much to handle for the mother.

His father spoiled him,

and let him have his own way.

Now he has become a wild thing

and gives me trouble.

But he used to be such a good boy.


And his sister used to be rather vicious.

You know,

instead of just observing them,

you should give it a try and hit them.

It's no problem.

Blood-related or not,
now they're your children.

There's no reason to hesitate.

I am so hungry!

Had to go shopping so I'm late.

I'll make dinner quickly.

What a drag.

You're slow 'cause your legs are fat.

Shut up! Watch your attitude kid.

To hell with being late,

I've got a reason.

Hey, you're doing mighty good
with your bad mouth.

Say what?

You bastard!

Father always picks on me
for using bad language,

but he'll be knocked off his feet

listening to you talking
like this in public.


You're in a rotten mood.

What do you expect?

They accused me of shoplifting,
threatened me with a whip.

I gave them a rant.

At the department store?

They looked down on you
'cause you're young.

Mother should've gone shopping herself.

She sent you, right?

It was for the whole family.

You're like a housewife.

She sleeps all day

and always pushes you around.

Please don't...

I'll try my best to go to church.

See you then.

Please take care of yourself.

My goodness,

17 already.

She has one more year
to finish high school.

Time passes so quickly.

- Thank you for your help.
- Leave it to me.

My best wishes to your husband.
I always appreciate his great works.

I apologize for him not
being able to greet you.

It's been nice seeing you.

Please take care.

Thank you very much.

Is that you, Gen?

I'm home.

Can I have a word with you?

Come here.

What took you so long?

Here... the receipts and the change.

We'll get to that later.

Hekiro-san's just met a friend.

He'll be back before dinner.

I'll get dinner ready right away.

I said I wanted to talk to you.

I've just learned from Mrs. Tanuma...

You told me that you met her
at Ginza the other day.


You had a lengthy talk with her,
said things you shouldn't have.

I was thinking you just met
her for a brief moment,

and made a fool out of myself.

It never occurred to me
that you would tell a lie.

Being too honest like me

sometimes gets me in trouble.

Do you remember what you said?


Then think for yourself

about that conversation,

and let me know the truth about it.

Did I say something wrong?

Why ask me? I'm not the one
who was there listening.

That day, my fountain pen was broken,

so I asked you to take it to Maruyoshi

to have it repaired. Am I correct?


You are.

You told Mrs. Tanuma

that it was not your father's,

but your mother's. Repeatedly. Right?

You purposely said that

I sent you on an errand after school.

Didn't you complain that

because of my request

it'll be dark by the time you get home?

Why don't you say something?

You can't, can you?

You know,

I don't want to believe that

you're saying bad things
about me behind my back.

But if you cannot help

talking behind my back

then I guess it can't be helped.

Be honest with me.

Instead of complaining to Mrs. Tanuma

why don't you say directly to me?

Mother. You seem to get it wrong.

I've met her at Ginza but...

Am I making up stories then?

Or are you implying that
Mrs. Tanuma is lying?

Mother, that lady is fooling you.


how dare you...

We should, as good Christians,

never talk about fooling anyone.

How can you...

Mrs. Tanuma isn't that kind of lady.

Then you would

believe everything she says

and not listen to me.

You tell me that Mrs. Tanuma
isn't that kind of lady, but

I wish you could tell her that
Gen isn't that kind of girl!

That day, Mrs. Tanuma

asked me: 'Where are you going?
Is that pen your father's?'

All I did was answer her.

She said that it'll soon be dark,

that I was a good girl to do the errands,

that hers would never do that for her.

Take it as you like,

but I'm the one who
actually talked with her.

Now I am certain.

She is such a spiteful person, a liar!

Instead of feeling remorse,

you would bite my head off!

Giving me that kind of look
won't do you any good.

Look at you both...
Hekiro-san and you...


Still awake?

You'll get bitten by mosquitoes.

Are they mine?

Every night, sewing my kimonos.

Put'em away.

Just look around you.

I've seen your friends the
other day and was shocked.

You're the only one to
have a tuck at the waist.

It's ok. I'll stay home for summer

and wear my uniform to school. No hurry.

You'll look stupid.

You're not good at sewing.

That's natural. No one teaches me.

Don't be proud about that!

With my textbook, nothing's impossible.

The stitches may be rough,
but you can still wear.

What a pity.

Take it easy.

You grow too fast.

You're driving me crazy.

My sincere apologies.

For pity's sake.

I am very sorry.

And very grateful.

I'm getting up too then.

What's the use?

Well, I can help you thread a needle.

Don't take me for a grandma.

I'll keep you company.
I feel responsible.

You're pretty useless, just sitting there.

I'll help you with something.

Like fetching water.


How many have you got there?
One bucket for each kimono.

How many?
All that you've got.

Gee, that's a lot.

Ok then. I'm giving you my harmonica.

A harmonica for me?

No thanks. Playing harmonica
would thicken my lips.

You're vain.

Stop it.

Father's still awake? Working?

Just go back to sleep.

You can't keep yourself awake.

- And you?
- Not me.

How obstinate of you.


Are you in?

Oh, I'm coming.

I'll join you at the riverbank.

All right. We'll be waiting.

Who's that?

Who are they?

They don't look familiar.

- They're my seniors.
- Where are you going?

I knew you wouldn't keep your
word about fetching water.


What's in your hand?

Show me.

I'm not blind.

What's in your hand?

Show it to me.

When did you start
hanging out with Nakada?

Show me that jackknife.

One more suspension from school
and you'll be labeled a delinquent.

You were also accused of shoplifting.

I'm innocent too.

Never pulled my classmate's
leg to break his arm.

They don't trust you.

I accidentally bumped
into him, that's all.

Just one accident and
you're labeled delinquent.

It's no reason to turn to Nakada.

They approached me.

Those people are looking for
every opportunity to drag you in.

My apologies for making you worry.

I'll pay better attention in the future.

I'm fully aware of the amount of care
you're giving me, sister.

Come on, please.

Be a good boy. Listen to what I say.



Look, there he is.


Catch him!

I'm home.

I'm home.

Good evening.

Hekiro-san's not home from school yet?

He's late.

He's having a word with your father.


I'm not feeling well.

Would you mind preparing
dinner by yourself?


Bring me some hot water
for my medication.


Is cold water all right?

You must have some warm water.

- Whatever.

How can you be hungry
on a day like this?

If anyone can be hungry...


How dare...

Dinner doesn't matter.

You take care of it.

But no thanks for me.

A day like this?

Something happened?

Hekiro-san committed a theft.

I've just come back from the police.

The police?

You'll be expelled from school?

It happens so often,

so they kick you out for the
sake of other students.

What do you mean so often?

You broke someone's arm...

It wasn't my fault. Why
do you keep saying that?

- So what?

Then your bad company
got you into a fight.

You've been badly beaten up.

It was revenge.

Look at you.

They've ruptured your eardrum.

You've lost your hearing in one ear.

Each time, mother had to
make trips to your school.

Shut up!

After losing that fight, you were

threatened to join the gang, remember?

Don't bug me, it's too late.

They're too stupid to tell
if it's a joke or not, and

label me a criminal.

Stealing is not right.

Not right maybe... but it's only a joke.

It's fun to see them getting all excited.

There's no offense in stealing.

What do you mean
no offense? It's theft.

Well, basically...

you opt for small items.

Mother calls me a bandit, but

I'm not. It's different.

They expel me for just one notepad.


they just like to make
a fuss about everything.

You've got a nerve to steal other

people's property and call it a joke.

That's not right.

Not right.

I know it's not

But come to think of it...

- Hey, tell me.
- What?

Can you really think of me as a bandit?

Maybe not a bandit,
but it's theft that you did.

Yes, I did.

Stealing doesn't necessarily
make you a bandit,

but still, stealing is stealing.

You have no brains.

It's different.

Anyway, for you, things are
changing for the worse,

that's for sure.

I don't care anymore.

I'll leave it up to you and him.

Let him pick his own school.

All my hard work in getting him

in a Christian school was for naught.

How many times does he want to

get us into trouble?

Each time I'd bring a box of sweets

to his victims, teachers and school,

dragging my aching feet.

Then finally, the police call me.

They hold me responsible
for his behavior.

Put yourself in my place,
apologizing again and again.

I'm not blood-related.

I have to care about my own reputation.

It was also the police's opinion.

When there's a kid like him,

the father is to be blamed the most,

not the mother.

I don't have enough strength to manage

such a difficult household.

That's why I have to ask for God's help.

All an ignorant believer can do

is to praY-

That kind of boy is often

physically weak,

psychologically twisted in nature,

and is raised by an alcoholic father

in a family where

the parent's love for the child

is inconsistent and

easily influenced by mood and feeling.

They were sympathetic to me

for being a stepmother.

In a situation like this,

trying to do the right thing alone

is just not possible.

We have to tackle this problem as one,

otherwise, delinquency is

hard to put right.


I've told you that I'm not eating.

I can't get a lump in my throat.

Go get Hekiro. It's dinner.

Now I am feeling

sorry for Hekiro.

I regret having put him

through a cruel situation.

Instead of anger,

I feel a great sadness.

Look how lenient you are.

The problem with Hekiro-san
is much more serious.

You're spoiling him.

The police said that's what
made him delinquent.

Enough with the police.

Is the police your teacher?

If you think austerity will solve
everything, you're wrong.

You may hide behind the police
to find your peace of mind, but

to me, the police has
nothing to do in this.

I won't let others meddle with us.

And your prayers?

These people don't know
how to be grateful.

Before getting into this
parental love thing,

I'm more worried about lunch,

shoe laces,

those practical, everyday things.

Are you blaming me for
not making lunch for him?

How I wish I could...

with these hands and feet.

Without your telling me so...

It's my rheumatism... How can you...

I'm not telling you to swallow
your pain and work for him.

I'm not forcing you anything, right?

I know that it is Gen

who takes care of Hekiro.

Am I wrong?

I think that Gen is of much help to us.

Am I wrong?

And it's good for Gen to work at home,

but she is definitely too young.

Being 2 or 3 years older

isn't enough to take the responsibility.

I want you to give Gen some
instructions, at the very least.

Wouldn't that be

love, according to your religion?

What about Hekiro?

Now he...

We have to put Hekiro in a school.

I can do it.

I'll apply for vacancy.
How about the Buddhist one?

Not that one!

A Christian school is supposed to
love thy students. Not expel.

Isn't that paradoxical?

God prefers

a contrite criminal to a born saint.

That's what I read...

Don't call me a criminal!

In a time like this

what's the deal with food,

clothes and shoelaces?

You can worry about later.

All I can do is to pray to God!


So you're the sister.

You must be Gen-san.

On your way home?

I always wanted to meet you.

Today's a lucky day.

I see that...

your commuting time to Kojimachi is

about the same as Hekir0-kun's.

A bit far, but

a walk on this riverbank is refreshing.


with rain it must be...

Who is it?

I'm from the authorities.

Your brother's last incident...

that's when I made his acquaintance.

Because of the fine weather

I asked him for a walk today.

Is he in trouble again?

No, it's nothing.


tell your sister that everything's fine.


I have to stop for some shopping,

so I have to go now.

See you very soon.

What were you up to?

Never mind.

Then why were you two together?

Didn't he want to come here?

Tell me.

Drop it!

Not you, too.

"What next?"

"What else?"

Are you a cop?

Shut up!

Hi! Nice meeting you the other day.

Is this your school?

What a coincidence.

A nice surprise.

Let's take advantage of this coincidence

while we walk

and talk a bit about Hekiro-san.


I am not forcing you anything.

What are your questions?

We can't stand here talking.

I'm Rokuro Shimizu.

People are watching. Let's walk.

It's nothing urgent today, but

we should form a relationship,

for the sake of your brother.

People find your father's work somber.


a connoisseur can

appreciate its greatness.

What time does your father wake up?

- Yes.

Your mother attends religious meetings?

Yes, sometimes.

What a job...

It must be tough for you.



it's a nice thing to get along
well with Hekiro-kun.

Since my name Rokuro Shimizu

is a bit similar to Hekiro-kun,

I feel there must be a
connection between us.

Looking for something?
That's my drawer.

Nothing special.

Did you find an evidence of theft?

How disgusting.

Don't get me wrong.

It's just that...

You're acting strange, sister.

Quite strange, these days.

Are you seeing him?

Is he stalking you?

Hey, tell me the truth.

That rat!

A real bastard!

He targets a girl.

What did he tell you, sister?

Well, no...

he just...

follows me.

He doesn't tell me anything.

When did you meet him?

How many times did he follow you?

He appears from time to time.


He'd be in the train, or
standing on the riverbank.

Sister! Are you an idiot?

Don't you get it?
He's trying to set you up.

Did he talk money?

He didn't.

Then something more embarrassing?

Why are you crying?

He asked about family matters.

Once would be enough.
Why follow you around?


That's why he creeps me out.

He's trying to seduce you, sister.

Oh no.

Can't be.

Don't talk stupid.

She's flattered. Idiot!


Who's to blame?

Is it my fault?

Seduce? Don't talk vulgar.

Being seduced is vulgar.

We're even.

How old are you?

Can't you tell?

Hey, listen.

Your father's a famous writer.

You have a delinquent brother
and a stepmother.

You're not beautiful,

just stubborn and stiff.

You deserve to be seduced.


Beautiful girls

are hard to seduce.

Nakada said so.

Also, a mother is cowardly, so

when people call her son delinquent,
she'd easily give them money.

Ours is square so she'd
settle everything with faith.

Nakada said your mother

will never open her purse.

Said she's a brave mother.

He doesn't intimidate me at all.

You're the only one who's scared.

I'd gladly poke fun at him.

What an insult!

Ugly, stubborn and stiff, so what?

A nasty stepchild, so what?

Enough with that filthy guy!

Who would let him seduce?

What a mockery!

So what?

Hey. miss!

What do you want?

Are you running away?

I'm running errands.

Let's sit in that shrine and talk.

About what?

Well, it's hard to tell while walking.

All right, I'm listening.

I have to talk about your brother.

Also, I'd like to talk about his future.

And I have a special
request to your father.

What are you looking at?

Get cracking!



What have you got to say?

Something got you angry?

What do you want from my father?


I'd like to have his autograph.

You stopped me for such a trifle?

Or let him write one for you and

you can give that to me as a present.


I'm afraid I cannot.

He always refuses saying
he is not a calligrapher.

Let alone writing for his own family.

Please, do me a favor.

And didn't you just say you
wanted to talk about his future?

About your brother...


As I said before... hmm...

Isn't your name Shimizu?

Aren't your initials R. S.?

What's T. for...?

No, this...

hmm... comes from my office.

That's why.

Whose is it then?

I mean,

it's for official use...

And you're using it for private, I see.

- Let's put it aside.

I'll excuse myself.

What's that for?

Please, no yelling...

Please. Let's sit down and talk.

I'm leaving.

Hey, take it easy, will you?

Talk about the future...

Have a seat.

What's wrong with you today?



Get the ping-pong table from the barn.

Is that a love letter, sister?

From a stranger.

You've become popular lately.

Mrs. Tanuma's here

You've been watching

a line of ducks, right?

He tried to make a pass
at you at the shrine?

'Seeing you walking with a
man along the riverbank

under the cherry trees
makes me sad...'

What's that?

He's sent me more.

Some kind of a bad joke.

Sister, listen to me.

Don't ever think that
someone's in love with you.

At my age, it's natural to
receive letters like this.

- You are.

What if he starts stalking you again?

Keep cool.

Oh, are you worried

about that one?

There's never an end.

Unless you've been enjoying your dates.

You're innocent and dumb,
giving me too much trouble.

Look at you.

Ask anyone.


Are you telling stories about me?

I just asked Nakada to take care of you.


my goodness.

All those ducks showing up...
now it makes sense.

Don't give me more trouble.

Mind your own business.

May I come in?


Can you get me my medicine?


Excuse me... who are you?


sent you some letters.

Have you read them?

My letters.

I am

from that iron factory...

May I accompany you for a while?

I was

on my way to town

to go see a movie.

Who's this?

You know him?

He's the one who sent letters.

Oh I see.

So it was you.

She's busy right now.

I'm her brother.

May I help you?

Leave her alone. You got it?

He's from there.

He's always black with oil,
so I couldn't recognize.

The iron factory.

I'll excuse myself.

Go ahead.

Be my guest.

This is my sister.

She's not delinquent.

My pals from my new school.

Great, great!

Well done for a beginner.

I just wanted you to give this a try.

Now you know how exciting it is.

This is fun, isn't it?

You'll join us?

A piece of cake.


She's a good player.

Heavier than it looks, right?

That's why

sometimes it attacks furiously,

sometimes it walks like a lady.

Anyway you like.

Take it.

Got to get her medicine.

I'll be late.


can you pay for me?

I'm... in debt.




Hekiro-san ran up a
bill at the pool hall.

He set me up and took me there.

Now the owner of the hall
would recognize me.

If he's behind in his payment,
I would lose my face.

I told the owner that I will
never take care of his debt.

Did you pay?

I didn't have enough.

Give me some money.

What's up?

What's the matter with Hekiro-san?

You get more and more distracted

these days, you're annoying me.

What have you been up to?


Mrs. Tanuma visited us
to arrange your marriage.

My marriage?

Well, here goes.

You have to take things one at a time.

He is

a competent bank clerk

soon to be transferred

to the New York office,

looking for a strong-minded girl

to live with abroad.

I never appreciated strength in a girl,

but this time, it helped.

What do you think

of this future husband?

(Payment Bill)

I just couldn't say no.

Your brother told me your father will

pay for him when he comes for fishing.

But I thought that maybe your brother

didn't tell your father, so...

- Yes.

- Yes.

Give me some money.

What now?

He's almost drowned the other day

sculling on Ookawa River.

After sculling, he turned to motorboats.

He'll soon have enough.

If he were able to focus on one thing,

it would have been... easier.

Ping-pong, billiard,

then sculling, and now motorboat.

He's gone a bit too far.

I can no longer keep up with his bills.

You pay for him, father.

I always do.

Don't take it personally.

No, it's not just about money.

He's all play and no study,

even gave up his new school.

Now he's playing rough.

At that age, his youth is beyond control.

He's just a bit overwhelmed.

Instead of worrying about others,

why don't you care about yourself?

Even without your help,

Hekiro will do fine.

I'll bring money tomorrow.

Anytime will be fine.


It was the boathouse owner.

I see.

I am always the last to know.


As long as father is in the know.

I am without power, anyway.

When it come to Hekiro-san,

it's impossible for me

to join you three.

Don't forget to sharpen

all the kitchen knives.

You can't keep a kitchen tidy, can you?

Watch that fire.

I'm being picky

to prepare you for marriage.

I'm turning down that offer.

What is it that you don't like?

So you choose to refuse.


Oh... if you insist.

Don't think that there will be
a constant supply of good offers.

You're hysterical, sister.


Why ride a boat when you can't swim?

And you make me pay for that!

You idiot!

I can tell from your voice
that it's no joke.

Don't take it out on me

and blame me for everything!

Get married and go away, sis!

Stop acting like a victim! It stinks!

I can't stand it!

Hey, watch out.

Don't come this way.

Shut up.

Be gone!

You're annoying like an old maid.

You stupid!

Idiot! You idiot!




What a thing for a brother

to do to his older sister.

Take this!


What's wrong with you?

Stop n!


What's wrong with you two?

What a pity.

Everyone in this family

has gone crazy.

A young maiden gets

into a terrible fight.

If you have time to moan, why don't you

scold or console him and
show more concern?

If you really do, he'd stop boating.

Don't say that.

Hekiro loves boating.

Be careful when you play.

You're not a kid anymore.


Clean the ink.

Hekiro, you do it.

You threw it.

It's all right, mother.

Clean it up!

Don't pull!

It's hopeless.


Oh, sister, I'm sorry.


hurt this poor animal...

You? Where are his parents?

Hekiro-kun called for his
sister instead of his father.

You'll talk to my father later.

Is it your horse?

Can it be cured?


Can it be cured?

It's fallen off the bank
and broke its legs.

Do you know a veterinary?
Or a dog doctor?


I am awfully sorry.

A crippled horse would be useless!


Call a veterinarian, Hekiro-san, quick!

They're for the money.

Tough luck.

Why don't you choose
a quieter pastime?

Let's go now.

Poor thing. It's my fault.

I feel sorry for that horse.

And you're making father pay, again.

I wish I were the one to be crippled.

I'm useless anyway, compared to a horse.

Enough with feeling down.

I've apologized to the owner.

Leave everything to your sister.

You are a sound woman, sister.

You don't understand...

a boy who turned delinquent,

my boredom of doing nothing,

this misery.

How about listening to records?

Music? No thanks.

If only I could run away
and go for an adventure.

Let's go home.

I don't want to.

I have to prepare food.

Go home alone.

You're always preparing food.

You all need me to do that.

Go marry a guy-

I won't.

You won't because of me?


I don't like his work. A bank clerk.

Neither do I.

Always counting pennies.

The first star of the evening.

I have this dim feeling of sorrow...



dim feeling of sorrow
is too much for me.

I'd be better off with a terrible grief.

You'll catch cold.

Our home is a lonely place.


almost forgot I had to meet a friend.

Catch you later.

He's late.

The moon's out. I'll go to
the riverbank to look for him.



He might come back
at 2 or 3 am, or

simply not for the night.
Making a fuss won't help.

Don't catch cold.


Just lose it!

'Let me teach you boy.'

Be a man!

Don't be afraid of
losing your virginity.

To Hell with virginity!

I'll come along with you and

make a toast for you tonight.

Off we go!

Off we go!


you will be leaving,


I would very much like

to stay here with you

Ho, yoo-hod.!

It's tuberculosis.

(medical terms)

(medical terms)

(medical terms)

It was a bit too late.

How is my illness?

We have to give you a treatment.

You need to be hospitalized

right away.

Right now?

Wait a minute, doctor.


would be the percentage of

my survival?

You have stiff shoulders.

You're 17, right?


Willing to fight
against your illness?

You know, doctors will

never give up

the patient's survival
until the very end.


Please have a rest over there.

You are his sister?


Have a seat.

It's preferable that I talk to a parent.

Why didn't you consult a doctor earlier?

All I can say as a doctor
is that I regret that.

Is he that bad?

If your father was too busy to see me,

your mother could.

She is suffering from rheumatism.

I am in charge of my brother.

Is your mother bedridden?


Is it ok to walk this much?

This may be my last walk
out on the street.

Sister, I...


I can't eat this.

I might...

infect other people.

Yesterday a lazy bone,

today I'm bad news.

(Photo Studio)

- Let's take a photo.
- What for?

For a souvenir.

A 17-year-old consumed by
sickness would be no joke.

In no time I'd be bedridden

and look like a sick person.

Today I'm just happy being

able to walk on my two legs.

You're awfully vulnerable.

Vulnerable? No.

In fact, I'm stronger than ever.

Listen, sister.

Think about father.

We'll take a photo for him.

In a few hours I'll be bedridden.

It'll take years to be cured.

I'm better off dead.

Don't be angry, sister.

You get on my nerves.

As if you're going to die.

You're about to be treated.
Your despair annoys me.

You'd be better off angry.

Rather than being pitied for.

Have you got money?

Just for one photo.

Do you have hot water?

What's that?

Buckwheat flour.

A thank-you gift from the noodle shop.

You've signed autographs again.

Let me do it.

Buckwheat flour

won't help us pay hospital bills.

What about the publishing house?

Late on their payment, again.

They might pay us tomorrow.

Shouldn't you urge them once more?

Rather than keeping quiet.

I'll wait another day.

It's been

July, August, September, October,

January, February.

Over 7 months already.

He needs a change of air.

That disease requires plenty of care.

I don't want to be criticized for

putting all the burden on Gen-chan

and letting her grow old.

People would blame me anyway.

We can't force Gen to marry

when she says she doesn't want to.

We can't let Mrs. Tanuma down.

She's the only person who'd understand.

This time someone's willing to marry
her, knowing she has a brother with TB.

You seem to be preoccupied with Hekiro,

but has it never occurred to you that

your daughter is getting older?

I know for myself, as a second wife,

that marrying late

means hardship in life.

For a girl,

happiness walks away

as she gets older and older.

I know.

Now, leave me alone.

Hekiro might be full of impudence,

but he is faint of heart.

I believe he still needs our backup.

A hospital is generally a sinister place


I want to put him in a good one,

and let him breathe some clean air.

You don't understand a thing.

Hey, Hekiro-kun.

Getting well?


How's your new retreat?

And getting better.

Yeah... Doctor calls me

"sprouted roasted bean."

This is my girlfriend.

She's a boat-club fan,

and wanted to come with me.



Where's my sister?

She's out with a visitor.

I saw them at the entrance.

Was that...

someone other than Mrs. Tanuma?


A fine young gentleman.

Why didn't she...

tell me?

Hot water bottle?

I've just prepared it.

You should have known.

Why riding a boat?

I was sending Mrs Tanuma off and

she introduced me to a man.

I didn't meet him in secret.

Mother had a hand in this.

I didn't like him at all.

He won't say a word on Hekiro-san
nor on the care needed,

and only spoke of his relatives
and his good acquaintances.

You are pathetic,


You clearly know that he is no good.

Why compromise?

Why hesitate and put off your answer?

A country official who can
only brag his good blood.

Such a cheap man, subject to labels.

Are you in a rush?

Cut it. Your fever will go up.

I won't object if he's a good guy.

It's for my sister's sake.

Don't get me wrong.

I'm not saying this because
I need you to nurse me.

I wish you all the luck.

You'd rather worry about yourself.

Like today, you...

Don't change the subject. I meant...

I know.

Shut up and have a rest.

I won't speak with you.

You've come this far so

don't rush, take good care of yourself.


I'll argue with you once you recover.

What's wrong?








Temperature check... again.

Isn't that in fact useless?

You do useless things

to get your salary.

Isn't that odd?

What's odd?

You're all hiding something.

Shall I call your sister?


She's a bother.

Did you tell her to go home, again?

I don't see her around anymore.


Get me the hospital director.

I'll ask him myself.

I won't ask you.

Throat TB can be cured.

They said it's tonsillitis at
the hospital in Shonan.

Our hospital director has

the same diagnosis.







Singing is bad for your throat.

Always the same song, day and night.

I still can sing

as loud as that.

All right then.

I'll ask the director to come.


I hardly recognized you.

You are truly attractive.

You look like a princess.

I'm flattered.

Getting married?


Not at all.

Are you sure?


I'm embarrassed.

My brother says

he wants to see me wear Shimada.



Believe me.

He asked me to, out of the blue...

Oh, I see.

The other day,

he said he won't make it

to see you marry someone.

I won't marry.

Oh, I wonder.

I'm telling you,

marriage is not

the only goal in life for a woman.

You won't be punished by law

for not having a husband or child.

He's been aware of his throat.

Though not about his bowels yet.

He's just asked for the director.

How do I look?

You really wore it for me,


This is very heavy.

And people stare at me.

I felt uneasy.

You look majestic.

Imagining that, for your marriage

you will look

just as majestic as you do now,

I can rest assured.


here's some advice.

You should

put on

a softer face, sister.

Shimada is

a mighty powerful hairdo.

I'm amazed.

It's heavy. I'm wearing it down.

I can't sleep with my hair like this.

What do you want for lunch?

I wonder why they

let me eat anything I want.

They say it depends on your condition.

Then I guess there's also

a situation in which all of my
questions can be answered.


Well well.

I have to change the hot water bottle.

How's my throat?

It'll be fine. Are you worried?

Doctor, you're lying out loud.

Don't be nervous.

You're surely in a bad shape now,

but you're over the worst.

You just didn't notice.

Come on.

Nobody is telling me the truth.

There is a time for a doctor

to tell his patient the truth.

There is a period where a patient

loses belief in his doctor.

That period is the most important

for both the patient and the doctor.

You've once almost made it to recovery.

With the same courage and effort,

we can fight again...

I don't care

if you don't tell me anything.

I wish you told me I have little hope.

You'll be cured.


Another question.

Is it true that

you can cut off the throat and

send food through a tube?

What a knowledgeable man.
Who told you that?

Is it true then, that for me,

when the drugs stop working,

there's at least one alternative?

You don't trust me, do you?

I wish I could have that operation.

It's perfect for a lazy guy like me.

All or nothing.

I like it.

Once and for all.







The sin between

parent and child.

I'll stop by to pay the bills.

There's no need to be so punctual.

This is the only thing I can do for him.

Give this...

to the nurses and staffs.

You must be tired, but

now comes the real fight.

Throat or bowels, come what may.

I will give him full support.

How are you doing, son?

I'm glad to see you're doing fine.


Try doing everything that

you can do in a bed.

Have all the fun while staying here.

Next time we'll talk about fishing,


Udon hot-pot, by request.

Want some?

Let's have it... now.

All right.

A big treat, with

sirloin meat,

fish loaf, green onions and prawns.

I chopped the noodles for you.

Is the pot from the noodle shop?


Did you borrow?


You bought from them.

Why don't you eat with me, sister?


It's all right if you don't want to.

I just wanted to eat together.

Oh... I'm sorry. I'll eat with you.

Never mind.

Let's eat together.

I said never mind.

You're too good-natured.

I put you through a test.

The exam's over now.

I don't mind.

I won't catch it.

I really don't mind.

Have all you want. For the rest...

It's all right.

I am ill-natured compared to you.

With all the care you're giving me,

I'm miserable enough to test you.

Thank you sister.

I owe you

for all the tenderness you've given me.

Won't you have some more?

Talking too much must have tired you.

Have some rest, then.


I can't swallow anything.

It's your mother.


How have you been doing?

Thank you for coming.

I know your feet hurt.

I have been

in very good shape

all this time.

They told me so.

I've brought you some fruit.

I hope you like them.

Oh, what fruit?


I was wondering what

would make you happy.

Oh, canned fruit!

It's peach.

From abroad.

Father's here, too.

Yes, just now

in front of the director's office

he said: 'since you've come,

take your time and talk
with him in my place.'

Because he's already seen you.

Today, he has to work all night.

Once finished,

he will come visit you

for more talk tomorrow.

That's what he told me just now.

I wish I could come a lot earlier.

With the temperature dropping,

it's getting hard for me to walk.

I understand you.

The hardest part is that you can't move.

I feel sorry for you, mother.


Where's the can opener?

Let's open it right now.

After eating that, he should...

He is already tired today.

It's all right with me.

Come on.

Stay a while.

These words coming from you

mean a lot to me.

Deep inside...

this chest of mine is rotting.


Can you hear?

When you knock on it like this,

it sounds just like it's hollow inside.







We hear this song day and night

from out of this window.

Before coming here today,

I was so determined

to encourage Hekiro-san

to have faith.

To make him a Christian

and send him to Heaven.

But I see that

he's already reformed himself.

He no longer needs my prayers.

Jesus saved that boy

before I could do anything for him.


Thank you very much.

I feel that

I owe you a lot but...

even then, my hands and feet

won't work...

I truly feel sorry for all of you.

Have some sleep.

What's the matter?

I can feel with all my heart

the blessing of being alive.

Everyone is so nice.

I was a bit late

coming to realize that.

You know...


always wake up at midnight and

can't go back to sleep for a moment.

And that moment is

the worst.

Let's invite the nurses and everyone

for tea today at 12.

A tea party with everyone.

That sounds nice.

It must be fun.


Let's treat everyone with peaches

to say thank you.


can you wake up at half past 11?

If I oversleep?

Then, how about tying

your wrist with mine?

L will pull to

wake you up.

Let's use that piece of ribbon.

Good idea. I'd surely wake up.

I hope everyone would come.

They'll be happy t0-

I'll go and tell them.


Be sure to wake me up.


Good night.

Good night.


There's one thing I wonder about.

Sister, have you ever

fallen in love with someone

or not?



Why do you ask me that?

For no special reason.

Have you never, ever?

I have this feeling that you have.

I haven't.

I see.

If you haven't...


If I haven't, then what?

It's no fun.

Neither for you

nor for me.


Did you pull?


Something's wrong with Hekiro.

Hey, Hekiro.

How do you feel?

Do you understand me?

It's you, father.

And sister's here too.

Want some water?


It's me.

It's your mother.




It's me.

It's me.

Your mother.

Stop calling him.

That's enough.


He passed away.

My condolences.

He passed away at 1:50.


She has anemia. Let her rest a while.



Take a rest.


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