Brother (1997) - full transcript

Newly discharged from the army, Danila goes to his older brother - a gangster and a killer - to start a new life in St. Petersburg where he's soon situated in the criminal world and asked to kill someone. There his new life starts. He meets new people, including a girl, and becomes a big fan of the rock band "Nautilus Pompillius," but now he is a killer, and realizing killing is easier for him than living makes him understand he is going the wrong way.

Hey, what is this song?
- Stop!

Stop! Stop!
Who let this freak come in?


Throw him out!
You get money for that!

- Bagrov.

Danila Sergeevich.

Was born in 1975.
Vokzalnaya street, 22.

Place of work?
- I have recently served at he Army.

Where did you serve?
- In the Army.

Will you join us?
- No.

You fractured his guard's arm and almost
knocked out his eye.

Had you not been sober, I'd have put you
in prison.


If you do not find a job in a week
I will register you.

Did I really fractured his arm?

No, dislocated.

That who was crying,
who was he there?


What was the song?
- "Wings" by Nautilus.

Bagrov Sergei Platonovich,
was born in 1942,


Was killed in the prison in January
of 1982.

My classmate.

Do you have a compact-disk of Nautilus

What do you want? Get out of here!
Or I'll call the militia.

Would better chop wood than blow
your face.

You'd better stay in the Army.

Here, fool, you will be killed soon.

You still switch on your piece
of ironmongery!

Will die in the prison as your
good-for-nothing father.

The only hope I have is My Vitenka.

Probably an important person there
In Leningrad.

Look at that, everybody small
is very pretty


- OK, I've seen.

But look once more!

Well, you'd rather go to your brother
in Leningrad.

I'll die soon, but he was there for you
instead of your father

It's your blood.

He is the closest man to you
in all the world.

My Vitenka!


'Who hasn't been to Moscow
hasn't seen beauty.'

Chechen was dismissed.
It's necessary to kill him.

He's taken all of the market.
Listen, what he says:

'Everything was mine in the past.'
He takes from our places.

At the meeting we
have come to the agreement.

Ours don't want the war,

but he is Paramon's relative.

This Chechen is here!

In short, fifteen.

You know me, my prices are real.


This money, of course, are good
but for the Chechen...

Here I stick my neck out.

How much?
- Twenty. Ten now.

One week for preparation.


Tatarin is an insolent fellow.

He's taken a lot in advance.

Stay at the market, don't catch
his eye.

'Take burden for youself,
to fall not when you'll run.'

Miss, do you have "Wings" of Nautilus?

No. It's sold out very quickly.

But come again, we'll have more.

Have you got anything else?
- Sure.

Here you are, "Titanic na Fontanke"
with Grebenchikov.

And this is "Account for ten years".

"Friends sing the best songs."

How much is this?

This is 75800, and this is 78000.

OK, assholes, how is it going?

You have got alarm clocks?

Well, everyone gives 50 now!

From you, nit! I said from you, nit!

And what did you think?

- But I haven't...

Confiscate goods!

I haven't sold anything yet!
- I said I'd confiscate!

But, sun, I, I... I've sold

I have sold nothing!

I have told you!

City? City is a terrible force.

And the bigger is the city,
the stronger is its force.

It carries away. Only a strong man
can get out.

And so...

What is your name?
- Goffman.

- German.

A! Well I don't like Jews a lot.

What about the Germans?
- The Germans? OK.

What is the difference?
- Listen, why do stick to me?

Where have you taken me?
- My motherland.

My ancestors lie here.

Sit down.

Take it.
- Wait!

What is this?
- I got presents for my brother.

OK, it's not destiny.

Oh! Give me.

She is pretty.

Girl, how do you do?

Tickets, please.

No, ticket.
- Tickets, please.

No, ticket.
- Your tickets, please.

Listen, you are not Russian, do you?

I tell you in Russian:
I don't have ticket!

Pay a fine, please!

Listen, what fine? I am an invalid.

Pay a fine or show the ticket!

Listen, there is no truth in standing up,
Sit down.

But if you don't have tickets you
have to pay a fine.

Listen, don't you understand, do you?

Come on, come on!

Pay a fine!

Brother, don't kill!

Take the money, take everything,
do you hear?

Don't kill, brother! Here you are!

You are not my brother, blackarse nit!

How much is the fine?
- Seven.


Oh, fellows, fellows! It's not 'Nahra'!
'Norah', 'Norah', do you understand?

In short, you have to go such way.


Hi! Ooh! You player is cool!
Give me to listen.

And what do you have?

Is there anything normal?

Are you dumb?
- No.

You have an excellent player
but dressed badly.

Do you have LSD? And money?

Do you have money?
- No, I don't.

OK, I am Kat. You can always find
me here.

If you have money, come here.
OK, bye!

It's open!

Kneel! Hands forward!
I am looking for my brother.

Bagrov Victor,
he lived here.

I am his younger brother. I am in
Leningrad only for two days.

Mother gave me his address:
Moika, 1, apartament 8.

Hi, brother.

It's not Leningrad, but Petersburg.

Piter is a beautiful city but province.

It's necessary to go to Moscow.
There is all force in Moscow.

When I'm through here
I will go to Moscow

How is mother there?
- OK.

Here you are for you from her.

You drink, drink. But I got a business

Take it at first time.

Dress well. Rent an aparament
or room.

Not more then hundred, and then
we'll see.

How is at the Army?
- OK.

Mother wrote that you had been
at war.

Oh, no, I was a military clerk
in headquarters.

But can you shoot?

We were at the shooting-ground.

Hello, do you have "Wings"
of Nautilus?

OK, give me what you have.

He is a Chechen ex-terrorist.

They went to Piter from Moscow too.

They have captured everything, brother.

I have told you.

This one has taken the market and now
suppresses the Russians.

I have a part in that business,
do you understand?

He knows that we are weak now,
and he suppresses.

He has bought everyone there,
you know,

...and he's killed those he couldn't buy.

And now is my turn, Danila.
If I don't pay...

So either them or us.
So, brother.

He likes to go around the market
on the day.

To look through his possessions, skunk.

This is the best place.

He has got his guard always with him
- two or three fighters.

Everyone is caucasian.
With guns. Beasts!

In general, it's not simple.

Look closely, think, how you can go.

Better I'll give YOU money. 2000 dollars

Don't come to me, it's dangerous.

If something happens call me.

Take this gun with charger
and sixteen hundred.

We'll sort things out later.
- I am fine without it.

Hello, this is us. Tatarin wasn't there.

How much the potatoes?
One and a half thousand.

How is your trade?

Don't ask.

This bandit and his fellows
are looking for you.

Listen, German,
I need to rent a small room... the center, something quiet.

Ask yours, ah?

Take it.


So have you found your brother?
- Yes, I have.

- It is Zinka, open!

What Zinka? Go away from here!

Are you crazy, old man? Open!
Zinka, I am telling you!

Fool! Have lost your mind! What?

What do you want?
- I have brought a tenant.

Take it!

- And what do they go?

Well, old man, have become mangy
without me?

Hey, listen, dear! Buy watermelon.


Surely! Look, just wonder!

I ate seven yesterday myself. Myself.
- OK.

How much?
- Six thousands.

Oh, thank you! As you please!

Ah! What is happening?!

That man with watermelon!

Maybe you need any help?

Go, go! I will find you.

It wasn't Tatarin, it was a young man.

He did everything professionally.

The Chechen is dead and he ran away.

Took the yellow tram and went.

I shot this skunk.

He killed Shisha.

Shisha? Was killed?

I don't know exactly.
He was taken to hospital.

But why did you shoot,
if it's not Tatarin?

But I...

We have to pay Tatarin

Stupid asshole!

And that that he killed Shisha
was very good.

We won't be suspected.

Well, Tatarin!

'His life is hung by a thread,
but he thinks about profit! '

You have to be taken to hospital.

I can't go to hospital, German.

OK, German, we will break through.

Zina! Zina!

Oh, had I met you in 1943
in the environs of Kursk!

Go away, fool, go!
- Zina, come here.

Get more strong vodka...

...and bandage, and this...


And antibiotics.

And take something for the old man,

...for him not to bore.
- OK.

German, you are clever.

Tell me, what do we live for?

Oh, everyone decides for himself.

There is a proverb:

'What is good for a Russian
is deadly for a German.'

So I live to disprove it.

Do you have a girlfriend?

What about Zinka?

You've got in the eye
because of her?

All right.

German, you are good man.

The kiosk was closed.

Why are you not going? Come on!

What happened to your face?


Maybe you need my help?

No, I will be fine.

Where is your fellow-traveller?

Jumped at the corner of Srednyaya and 18.

He was on for a long time.

A long time.

Why didn't you call the militia?

Shoots neatly.

Yes, that is.

Look, be careful, if you lied me,
I will punish you.

'Not the one who is rich
is happy...

...but another who has got
a faithful wife.'

Good afternoon.

Where were you? A new CD
of Nautilus has come out.

Is called "Yablokitai". All sold out.

But there's something else.


Tatarin? It's me.

We have to meet. I've got business.

Who did this?

Ah, my husband. When he was drunk.

They were looking for you.

I told them that you had jumped at

How is your wound, closed up?
- Yes, all right.

I'd like to eat!

Let's go to my place.

What about your husband?

'He's overeaten pears.'

What is your name?
- Danila.

My name is Sveta.

This is "play".

This is "stop".

Rewind back and forward.

This is "volume".

Did you understand? Did you?

Give me the phone.
- What?

- Neighbours will pick it up.

Give me to call! Me to call!


Tell me.
- I don't want!


Hello, brother. Get me the money, OK?

Danila! I am looking for you.
Where are you?

Hello! Brother, I don't hear you.

Call me again.
Phone number is 311-05-36, OK?

Hello! Danila? Hey, brother.

Where were you?

Everything is OK? Come to me at once!

Take a car!

No, I am going to the concert today,
nautiluses sing.

I will be tomorrow.

OK, don't get offended!

Maybe I will tell you somewhen.

Let's go we are late.

- Hi!

Did you like it?
- Yes.

I thought you didn't like such music?
- It's the party!

I see you are dressed well, something new.
Have you got money?

I will have tomorrow.

Well, I know where there is cool hemp.

Will smoke as adults?
Here you are, call me.

Is she your mother?
- No.

Ah, OK, bye.

Who is this sucker?
- An acquaintance.

Brother, you did well.

Helped me and many people.

Only Russian people will trade now.

What about the Germans?
- What Germans?

Will Germans trade?
- What Germans?

Well, the Germans.
- Why the Germans?

Brother, I have a proposition to you,

...let's start
the firm "Bagrov Brothers".

Sounds good?

No, tell me do you like it?

What are we going to do?
- Business. Everything in general.

But there is one problem -
a competitor.

Kruglyi. This is his nickname.


Well surprise. Surprise!

Ah? Can I come over?

Is it possible to listen to your CDs
here as well?


Where is "play" button here?
- It is green.

What is it?
This is Nautilus live in concert.

Anniversary. Very rare.
I have got it.

There are Shevchuk, Kinchev,
Nastya - everybody.


No. I can't today.

I am resting.

I said no.

Well. I don't have time
to talk to you!

That's it! Bye!

- Ah?

No, my friend at work
asked to replace her.

Rat, gave me a bad copy!

Where did you serve?

At headquarters.

Who are you?
- I am Danila, and who are you?

Me? Pavel Eugrafovich.
And where is Svetka?

Svetka? She is out.

And you, Pavel Eugrafovich,
listen to me very carefully.

Now you give me the key.

And will forget number of this house...

...and the phone number for ever.

Ah, fucker!

Why do you punch in my balls?

The key.

If I see you once more
I will kill you.

We'll see who will.

Kat? Hi, It's me Danila.

Do you remember? With player?

You gave me phone number
at the concert.

Said: "Will have money call me".

Yes, I do.

Ah, is it you?
I was thinking which Danila?

...what player? Give me the money.


Well, what about a half of a doze?
Let's smoke?

What are they singing about?

It's not all the same for you?
Singing well.

I don't like it.

He likes Nautilus, stupid.

Your american music is shit.

Well, why are you arguing?

I told you your music is shit
yet you argue.

And you all are...
Soon your America will fall away.

We'll get you all.
Do you understand?

Why did you bore him? He is the French.
Let's go.

What is the difference?

Do you have contraceptives?
- What for?

Why 'what for? ' Do you think

...I will give you money?

Ah, Zhanna has.

What are you doing?
- To sober up.

Well what about you? Let's go!

- Dania?

Help, brother! I got ill.

You have to come
and sort this out urgently.

Yes, just behind
Pribaltiyskaya hotel,

...on Vasilievskiy, at five o'clock.

"Volvo" will be there, two guys in it.
They will tell you everything.

They are brainless, but you look out
there for yourself.

Brother, as for me, I am brainless too.

I have a headache. I can't.

Brother! If you won't help me I'll die.


It is a part of our common business.

I can't talk on the phone,
Dania, understand?

Take everything with you.

Do not think about money.
Help, brother!


How do you do, bandits!

We found this skunk only

He is tough.
Was hiding for almost half of the year.

He's back now.
Lives at his friend's house.

I think, we'll get to the main entrance
and wait.


Listen, do you have a tablet from


There is secret passage.
Directly from the flat.

I have checked up.
And the door to the loft.

It is possible there.

Why are we three?

We are with Utyug together...

And do you have guns?
- And what did you think?

Such money have we gotten!


Makar, you?
- Quiet, skunk!

On the floor! On the floor!

Where is he?
- Who?

You haven't understood, sun of a bitch?

Do not shoot!
Went to the underground for vodka.

Will come soon. Do not shoot,
it is not necessary!

There is nobody.

Well look, skunk!

Utyug, tie him up!

Do not flash before a window!

Do you have music?

Do you have music?

On the floor!

Guys, I, probably, came in wrong
place, probably, I have to go higher.

It is not him!

Who is it?

What is your name?
- Stepan.

You, Stepan, do not be afraid.

We will not touch you.

You only sit quietly and do not twitch.

Is it OK?
- OK.

Who are you?
- Director on the "Radio 1".

Director? I saw one director,
he made this clip...

They are all pederasts!

Nobody will touch you here.
I am responsible for you.

You sit quietly.

We wait for one fellow,

...we will talk,
then we will let you go.

If anything's wrong, bitch,
I will shoot you in the eye.

Do you have a tablet from
headache, Stepa?

No, I don't? - It is a pity.

Look, you will pay for your mistake
with your life, bitch!

'Birthday', tell, 'birthday.'

Today is my birthday!

How much time does it take from
the underground?

15 minutes.

If he doesn't come in five minutes,
You will die.


- Hi.

Do you celebrate here?
- No.

- Slava! What did I tell you?

To the top and to the left.

Oh! Excuse me!

I will be in a minute.
- Quiet, skunk!

Pleasant appetite!

Hi, guys!
- Hi.

Look, do not fall! Take my hand.

- Hi.

What do you want?

Do you have a tablet from

I have a strong headache.
- Better drink vodka.

No, thanks, I would like a tablet.

Well let's go.

Come on.

Take it, my treat!

May I sit with you for a moment?

Sit, certainly.

Did you want to run away?
We have nearly been killed!

If I did I would.

Well, let's go through the back entrance.

Utyug, sort him out.

Wait, I'll do it myself. Give me.

Colt revolver!

Quiet, quiet! Come on!

OK, OK! Everything is over! Let me go!

Come on. It's over, it's over.

You see that?

However I don't like directors.

But you are good - you are a normal fellow.

Listen, do you know, Butusov?

I like their music very much.

Is it true that their new album
"Yablokitai" has come out? Yes?

And do you have it?
- Yes.

Listen, would you give me a copy,
OK? Will you?

My name is Danila.

Will you help me, OK?

Well I... can I go?
- What?

Let's go have a drink.

- Ah?

He is my friend Stepa.

Well can I go?


Come to us.
I'm sorry that's happened.

Well what do you look at?

I have saved good
people. And this feeble too.

God is the judge for you.

German, they are there, in the crypt,
near the fence.

Bury them humanly.

- Hi.

Is your husband at home?

On business trip.

'Husband - to Tver,
and wife - to door? '

May we come in.

I told you:
"Do not lie to your husband."

It's not Christian-like.

Well, OK. I truly do not know,

...where he lives and what he does.


He has been here for two days,

...but he himself had found me.

I have already sent him away.
I am telling the truth.

'Lf you like honey then do like cold.'

Let me go!
- Don't move!

She resists!
- Scums!

Do not touch me, skunks! Let me go!
- Ooh, bitch! I will kill you!

- Lie down!

I'll kill the skunk!

Yours came. Asked for you.

Indeed I do not know
Who you are and where you live.

They did not believe.

The main of them with round face

Was speaking in proverbs all the time.

Let's sing?

I am a tone deaf.

Yes, I understood.

He said he had served at headquarters?
Military clerk?

At first Shisha, then two have
just disappeared.

And now Mole has been killed.
So simply!

'Live longer - will see more.'

Yes. Dania, is it you? Something's happened?

Yes, it has, brother.
Are you alone?

Well, I will come and tell soon.

Will come over.

What do you want?
- Old man, sell me the rifle.

One million.
- Get it.

Money in advance.

- Here's one million and two hundred.

Get me all the cartridges.

Number five. For ducks.

If you lie quietly - I'll let you go.

OK. I understand.

Weapons on the floor!
Arms to the head!

Everyone lie down on the floor!

Vitya, get up!

Do not shoot, brother, please,
do not shoot!

What do you say, brother?
Get up, it's over.

Forgive me, brother!

Do not shoot, please,
do not kill me.

- Do not shoot.

You are my brother!

You were for me instead
of my father.

I called you Daddy. Come on.

And remember, I have punctured my
leg when fishing?

You carried me to home
ten kilometers.

And remember, I got
frightened by a catfish,

...and you laughed at me?
Do you remember?

You promised!

I keep my word.

And you tell them:

I will kill everyone who will touch
my brother! Go!

It was him who set you up.
- I know.

Forgive me, brother.
- Well, come on.

Where is the money?

In his suitcase. He's taken
everything, skunk!

And you go home to the Mum.

She is already old.
She needs help.

Here, give her money.

Get fixed up in a job in militia.

Uncle Kolia is the chief there,

...the father's classmate.
Do you remember?

There is a place there.

Don't take the train.

Go away from the city
on the passing cars.

Well, brother, good bye!

God let us see one another.

You stinker have forgotten?
- Pasha!

Forgotten, what did I tell you?
- Pasha! Pashenka! Pasha!

- Pasha!

- Pasha!

I will break your habit to fuck
with everybody!

I will make
your slink eat shit!

Where is he?

Where is this rat, a?

I am here!

Well, here he comes, tough guy.

Well, brother, how are we to divide
the bint?

You are not my brother!

- Remove your hands!

Now, Pasha, come on, now, quietly.

Now, Pasha, now, wait.


Come on, shoot!
Kill everyone! Well?

You are a tough guy!
What is it for you... kill a man?
Military clerk!

- Go away! Get a towel.

Sveta, I am here for you.

Now, Pasha, come on.

I have money. Let's go.

Come on, Pasha.
Quiet, quiet. Now.

Now, Pasha, now.

- Go away, I've told you!

And don't come here anymore!

I do not love you.

Now, Pasha, now.
Everything will be OK.

Come on.

It's over, over, Pashenka, it's over.

I've got a vinyl for you.

Well, It is... As you have money, give me,
for treatment,

...and here you see now...

You said - city is the force, and yet
everybody is feeble here.

- City is the evil force. Strong comes
and becomes feeble.

The city takes force.

And that's happened to you.

Here you are. Take it.

Come on. Take it! A lot of
money here. Live.

'What is good for a Russian - is
deadly for a German.'

Well, German, good bye.

Thank you.

Guys, did you see Kat?

Look in the "McDonald's".

If you are looking for the money
it's useless.

I did not take it.

What are you going to do?
- I don't know.

Maybe to "Piramida",

...maybe "Planetariy",
but it's expensive there.

Penkin is singing today.

It's early to think about it now!

Pinnoccio, get 60000.

Let's take LSD.
My treat in the evening.

I am going away.

Well, what did you want then?

To say 'good bye.'

Well bye.

Take it. For Penkin.

What is that?

Is it for me?
- Well, bye!

Maybe do you need something?

Well, can I go?

I have recently served at the Army.

Where did you serve?

You know I was a military clerk
at the headquarters.

Who do you want to be?

Me? I do not know.

A driver.

Listen, may I turn on the music?

I haven't listened anything for
along time.

Go ahead!

Look! A lot of it came down.


Where are you going?
- To Moscow.