Broken Soldier (2022) - full transcript

A war veteran suffering from PTSD befriends a teenage girl.

As a condition of your
release says you are required to attend

weekly therapy sessions
and maintain a strict adherence

to all prescribed medications.

Any violations
of these requirements,

will result in revocation
of your release.

All benefits and reinstatement
of all original charges.

Sign here to confirm
that these conditions

have been explained
and understood.

Here's a list of the pharmacies
close to your housing

that should accept Medicare.

Mr. Brenner,
are you listening to me?

Do you understand
what I just told you?

Yes, sir.

Yeah, I'm telling you.


- Live while you're young.
- Yeah.

Work it out.

Yeah, exactly.


Penelope, get your bag.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.


No, it's not.

Let's go.

Guys love to do that.

Hey, um, would you buy us
a case of beer?

He's not even gonna do it.


Where's she going?

Dude's an asshole.

Hi, again.

Sort of.


Live around here?

Um, yeah, a couple
blocks away, you?

Uh, no, no.

Just visiting.

Weird, huh?


Hey, hey, hey!

Say excuse me.

Say excuse me!

Excuse me.

So did... did, um, my friend
ask you to buy us beer?


Yeah, that was my friend, Nell.

She's asked everyone
who's walked in here

to buy us beer.

Did she ask you?


What did you say?


That's cool.


That's cool.

Jinx, bad luck.


So, it was good
to see you again.

I'll go see my friends.


See, this one works.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Feel it actually.

- Welcome back.
- What are you all smiley about?

What have you guys been doing?

Did you find someone
to get beer off?

- No.
- Nothing.

No fucking nothing.

That asshole that you followed
into the store...

He's not an asshole.

He is an asshole, 'cause
he wouldn't buy me any beer.

- That's him, the asshole.
- Dude...

Hey, dude!

Thanks a lot, asshole!

Dude, you dropped
your bush, man.

Stop, stop.

It's okay.

That's what I thought.


Walk away!

Oh, you're a pussy, man!


Yeah, no shit.

No, not him.

You, Cabbot.

Wh... what'd I do?

He's the one that
wouldn't buy us beer.

You made him drop his bush!

Hey, I followed you.

I see.

I'm Penelope.

Now you're supposed
to tell me your name.

Uh, I'm Freeman Brenner.

Freeman Brenner?


That's strange?


I guess.

How old are you?

How old are you?

Asked you first.


I thought you were gonna say
old enough.

It is old enough.




Oh, wow.

You're old.

Hey, uh, can I stay here

Hey, where'd you go?

I went for a run.

Oh, how far?

You ask a lot of questions.

I'm curious.


Uh, everything.

So, uh, what are you doing

I'm going to the track.

Ooh, what kind of track?


Can I go with you?
I've never been.

I don't think that that
is a very good idea.

Uh, it's a great idea.

Hey, uh, what kinda candy
do you like?

I really...

Oh, hold that thought.

Hey, yeah.

No, all is well.


Yeah, but he acts kinda ageless.

Relax, Nell.

Yeah, I know how you feel.

Uh, no, I told my mom
I'm staying with you tonight.


Okay, alright.

Jeez, bye.

Uh, we'll just have to get
candy on the way, Freeman.

So it's race four, two dollar

- ...nella.
- ...nella.


Shit, I forgot.

Can I see the race form again?

Alright, okay.

Okay, three and five.

And I don't say
the horses' names, right?


See, that's the whole fun of it.

I really just want to say,

Grandpa McGee
and Amalamadingdong

but fine, three and five,


Race four, trifecta, three,
five, six.

Here you go.

Uh, race four...

You have ID?

I left it at home.

Sorry, you have to have ID.

Oh, come on.

I... if you wanna place a bet,
you gotta have proof

that you're 18.

I'm... I'm not 18,
but I will be soon.

Come on, please.

Just this once.

Fine, but just this once.

Yeah, I will.


Uh, so race four, $2 quinella
on three and five.

Grandpa McGee
and Amalamadingdong.

Couldn't resist.


Good luck!



Go, go, go, go,
go, go!

Come on!

Go, go, go, go!

Go, Amalama!

Go on, Dingdong!

Go on!

You can get it,
you can get it!

Go on, Grandpa Mcgee!

Come on!

Faster, faster!

Run, run, run!


Go, Grandpa Mcgee!

Amalama, go!

Dingdong, go!

Grandpa, go!

Amalama, go!

Go, go, go, go, go!

Go on, Dingdong!

Go on!



Yeah, that was fun.

I can see why people go
to the races now.

How'd you do?

I won.

How much?

About a hundred bucks.


If you want me
to leave you alone, I will.

I do.

You do what?

I want you to leave me alone.


The age thing,
it does not bother me.

It's not just that.

It... it... it...

I'm not in a very good...
safe place.

It's okay.

No, it's not okay.

Please, Penelope,
just stay away from me, okay?

Stay away!


Hey, man.


Hey, hey!

Get off of him!

What the fuck's wrong with you?


Do you have any availability

I do.

Where are you located, sweetie?

Prospect Park.

You don't look like
your picture.

I did 10 years ago.

Would you like me
to come in, sweetie, or?

Please don't call me "sweetie".

What would you like me
to call you?

Freeman is fine.

So, it's take care
of business first, huh, Freeman?

Freeman, are you okay?

Are you okay, Freeman?

You can go now.

It's okay.

I can stay.

Why would you stay?

You paid me.


Please leave.


You have my number.

That was the fastest turtle
I've ever seen, though.

I mean, he put him
right on the skateboard...

Shut up, dude.

Hey, man, you got a cigarette
I can bum?

Come on, man, eh.

Just one?

I'm asking you nicely.


I don't wanna take 'em.


Oh, yo, fuck!

You... you...
I know you.

You're the fucking guy
from the market.

Ooh, shit!


Fuck you!


Get him!


Come on!

Yo, you cool?

Yeah, I'm good.

Look at him.

Pussy, he can't do anything.


Ouch, Jesus fucking Christ!


Jesus, man.

Yeah, guys, let's get the hell
out of here.

Yeah, it's really dumb.

Thank you.

Um, I'm gonna see you guys.


See you tomorrow.

Bye, see you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.


I just wanted to come by
and say sorry.

I shouldn't have, uh,
I shouldn't have yelled at you.

No, you shouldn't have.

And I assume this happened,

because of your
sparkling personality.

You should know
that I'm really smart.

Not by your decision making.

How do you know
my decisions aren't smart?

Just because you think
they're wrong.

And by the way, you're in
no position to classify

what's right and wrong.

Just because you think
they're wrong only supports

that my decisions are right.

And I assume we're talking
about my decision to seduce you.

To seduce me?

You know, make you mine.

Seducing, isn't it?


You resisted and I showed you
that I was worth the trouble.

I made you see me
how I wanted you to see me.

You don't know
how I see you.

Yeah, I do.


What does it stand for?

Foster homes.

Clean slate.

I love this song.

Come dance with me.

Do you like the chicken?

Yes, thank you.

How did that happen
to your face?

He was beaten up.


I believe your mother
was asking Freeman

what happened.

I was beaten up.

By whom?

- Street people...
- Penelope!

Let him answer.

I was asked for a cigarette.

And when I said no,
the kid threatened me.

So I hit him.

I shouldn't have,

so his friend came over
and hit me back.

Doesn't look like you put up
much of a fight.

I didn't.

I was wrong.

Penelope said that you were
in the service.


What made you join up, bruiser?

At the time, I thought I needed
something regimented.


How'd that work out for you?

It didn't.

You do realize that Penelope
is only 17 years old.

Alright, she's a minor.

I do.

Penelope has told us
that you will not

sleep with her.

And that you've done
nothing inappropriate.

So there's no way
we can call the police.

You do see the dilemma here,
don't you?

I do.

We value honesty
in our family and know

that Penelope didn't have
to tell us about you.

Jane and I would forbid her
seeing you if we thought

that it would work.

We are well aware
of her independence

and resourcefulness.

Therefore, we've decided
that she may see you,

as long as it stays platonic.

Our hope is that she'll just
grow bored of you.

I understand.

Do you?

Daddy, I will sleep
with Freeman when he lets me.

No, you will not, Penelope.

Yes, I will.

And he will let me.

Uh, honey, is this really how
we're supposed to handle this?

This can't be the way.

We have to let her find
her own way.

She's gonna do what she wants
no matter what we say.

Well, at least we could
make it difficult for her.

No, daddy.

You always tell me
honesty is the best policy.

You should be proud I'm willing
to share my life with you.

Don't be smart, Penny.

We are only doing it this way,

because we feel we don't have
any other option.

This seems amazingly stupid
to let our 17-year-old

little girl date a thir...


Platonically date
a 35-year-old man.

He's a man, she's a child,
this is crazy.

It's crazy.

I agree.

Excuse me.

You were great.

I actually think
my parents really like you.

I don't think so.

Oh, they do.

They would've been
much meaner if they didn't.

I've seen 'em do it.



Go, it's good.

Come on.

By myself?

You love my daughter, Freeman?


Will you?

I hope not.

Person you met inside,

I'm talking about myself here.

Within the family structure,
now I know you're listening,

so I'm not gonna ask you
to remember this.

That person within the family
structure, he exists...

...only within that structure.

Get my drift?

Yes, sir.

I gather this is somewhat
the same reaction you had

when you received this beating.

Yes, sir.

You're bleeding.

Care for my daughter.


You wanna watch
Antiques Road Show?

It's on in five minutes.



Jane just asked you a question.

It's okay, honey...

I figured silence
was a sufficient answer.

Well, not in this house.

No, thank you, Jane,
I'm going to sit here

and read my newspaper.

Boy, I will put you down
if you condescend me

like that again.

- Really?
- Yeah, really.

You wanna go?


Hey, you wanna go, old man?

Come on, you wanna go?

You wanna go?

You wanna go?

Now I gotta go watch
this stupid show.

I'm sorry.

Do you feel better?

A little.

Well, I do.

'Cause you called me again.

We could do it again.

Free of charge.

Yeah, stay here.

It's time for you to leave.

Who are you?


And who's that?

I'm a friend of Freeman's.

Well, so am I.

No, you're a hooker.

Real friends don't get paid.

You should go.

He's gonna call me again.

Just so you know.


Why do you call women like that?


When you can have me?


I can't have you.

Calling a hooker

is just as illegal
as being with me.

No, it is not.

You don't have to pay me.

I'm free.

I want to give myself to you.

You shouldn't.

Well, I want to.

I'm not afraid of you.

I am 100 times
more woman than...

I don't understand
why you won't be with me.

I'm the one person
who likes you,

who wants to be with you.



That hooker?

You pay her!

She doesn't give
a shit about you!

You pay her, Freeman.

That's why you want me?

'Cause you think
nobody else does?

No, I want to be the reason
you change.

It's not gonna happen.

You're afraid
you're gonna hurt me?

I will hurt you.

Go ahead.

Penelope, you like me,

because I'm just fucked up
enough to be interesting to you.

That's it.

So you think something
has to be wrong with me

to want be with you.

That's just sad, Freeman.

No, I think you're 17.

You're just
a 17-year-old little girl.

I'm going.



Honey, what's wrong?

What happened?

Did that guy hurt you?

No, no.

Hey, Penny!


Hey, what's up?

Are you okay?

Yeah, yeah.

Here, here.

Take this.

Thank you.

You look so sad, hey.

Hey, whatever it is, I'm...
I'm here to make it all better.


Here, come on!

Come on.

Fuck that guy!


Uh, my God.

Hold, alright.


- It's not him, though. Is it?
- Excuse me, hey.

Seen Penelope?

Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh...

- Yeah, it's Jamie Fox.
- And take me to shows.

Hey, hey.

Penelope around?

Oh my God.

What do you want?

She's not here!

Leave her alone,
you're fucking 50 years old!

Is it fucking...

Make-out session.

I know, right?

And you drink that.

What's this...
this is the fucking...

What the fuck is he doing here?


God, leave!

Leave or I'll tell the police
that you hurt her

and you'll be arrested!

- Are you...
- Babe.

What are you doing?

Hey, what do you think
we're doing?

No, we weren't...

We weren't doing anything,

It's fine.

No, fucking leaving him alone!


Alright, Freeman, Freeman,
stop, stop, stop.

No, fuck, stop!

- Stop!
- Stop!

Come on, I... let's...
let's leave.

I wanna leave with you.
Let's go.

Let's go.

Penelope, don't!


No, I did.

Uh, it was pretty easy
like five pages.

I'm at Freeman's.


Uh, he's... he's out.

Um, went for a run.

Well, yeah, you've made
that pretty obvious.

Don't be so concerned.

Wait, one sec.

I'm back.

Yeah, I know.

Don't be so concerned.

Yeah, I'll probably
stay here tonight.

Uh, listen.

No, I'm gonna go.

Okay, till morning, bye.


Hi, how far did you run?

Not far.

How far?

About 8, 10 miles.

That is very, very far.

Hey, uh, can we sleep
together tonight?

I mean sleep together,
like in the same bed.

That'd be nice.

The only guy you
know with long hair.

Well, um, him.

Got a good group of friends.


I don't personally know
Lil Wayne,

that's what makes it...

- I do.
- You do?

Yeah, I've seen him
in my dreams.


Yeah, you guys know that
Mr. Crab?

He wants to fail me in math.

Fail you or feel you?

He wants to fail me.

He wants to feel you, too.

But he wants to feel you, too.

Yo, shut the fuck up, dude.

He looks like a fucking crab.

Oh, my God, the name...

He does?


Fuck, it was...


he wants to fucking fail me,

cause I haven't been doing
like any of my homework.

But my tests weren't
that bad, dude.

I got like Cs on like
all my fucking tests.

Like that's not bad.

He tells you you're gonna fail,
because he wants you

to really apply yourself.

You come apply yourself.

Get over here.


Come here.

Come on.

Take your medicine, little girl.

Jeez, you guys didn't have
enough of this fucking... wow.

No, I don't think we did.


Going all trippy.

Thank you.

Here, do you want?

- You want?
- No, thank you.

- No?
- No.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

- One little one?
- No.

- No?
- No.

Alright, fine.

You're always welcome.

Thank you.



There you go.

Hey, Penny.

Can I ask you a question?

Like a personal question.

Like a... like a probing,

in-depth kinda question.

One that like I really, truly,
and honestly wanna know

the answer to.

But if I ask it to you...

If I ask it to you...

Does that make any sense?


I'm gonna ask you the question,
but you have to answer honestly.

- Okay.
- Okay?


Because if you just fucking
pussy out and like lie about it,

then it's gonna defeat
the whole purpose about me

asking such, like, an open
and honest...

Holy shit,
can you shut up, dude?

You're talking like a mile
a minute.

Please, shut the fuck up.

Both of you...

God, you guys need to
fucking lay off this shit.

Anyway, uh...

Okay, so what I wanna ask you,
I'm very interested

that you're curious
about this whole like question

that I'm about to ask you.

I'm gonna delve into it
right now.

I'm gonna put it forth
into the world.

My question to you i...

Fucking stop?


What the fuck was I just saying?

Fucking asshole, I just fucking
lost my train of thought.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.



Penny, okay.


Okay, right, okay.

Um, before I was interrupted

by my fucking
so-called friend here,

I was about to delve
into the weird,

and I use the word weird in like
the nicest way possible.


But yes, weird
world of Penelope Ancilla.

Ms. Penny, can you fucking
answer me this question?

What the fuck are you doing
hanging out

with an insanely old
fucking crazy motherfucker?

Oh, that is a good question,
Cabbot, my friend.

That is a question I also
would like to know

the answer to.

Okay, leave her alone.

Although, I wouldn't mind
hearing the answer.

There you go!

See, you have a completely
captive audience.

We're just waiting
on your every word.

Will you just shut the fuck up
for two seconds

and let her answer...

Oh, dude, shut the fuck up.

I am, I'm gonna be quiet now,

Alright, can you please
just answer this question?



He's... he's cute, he's dark.

And he... he needs me.

Oh, and there's also this
issue with this hooker.

She uh, she wants him, too.

She may just want money,

but I think she actually
really likes him, so.



Thanks, Cabbot.

I'll... I'll see you guys later.

Adios, amigos.

Got your answer.

I wanna know
what the hooker looks like.


Okay, give me some more.



This is Penelope.

Leave a message.

Hey, um, it's me, um,
probably at play practice

or something, I uh...

I was hoping
maybe I'll see you later, so...

Okay, bye.

Vance, it's good.

Just make sure
she enters from left.



Are you one of the fathers?

Uh, no.

A... are you here
for one of the students.

I'll have to ask you to leave
if you're not.


Sir, this man is here
to escort you

off school property.

Let's go.

Let's go!

Just give me a second.


I said out!




Call the nurse.


Call the nurse.


Yeah, that... that will be fine.

Honey, why don't you come
with us?

No, I got work to do.

I hear it's great.

Grandpa, don't you think
you should go with us?


To the film.

The film we're going to tonight.

What film?


Don't you remember?

Oh, forget it.

We gotta go
if we're gonna get good seats.

I don't remember agreeing
to go to a movie.


It's a film.

And yes, you did.

- Honey, are you sure?
- No, no, no.

I... I got stuff to do.

No. Dad, go!

What's with your memory?

You getting Alzheimer's?

Fucking film.

Oh, God.

Come on.

Come, Grandpa.

Go to see your film.

It's good for you to get out.

I received an email
from school today explaining

an incident involving
a man attacking

the security guard
at play practice.

How come you didn't tell us
about that?

I didn't think it was such
a big deal.

Still, Penny.

You should let us know
about things like that.

A strange man lurking
around your high school

is important information
for parents to know.

You're right, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Penny.

I don't understand how you could
let something like that

slip your mind.

The email said...


Jane, she said she was sorry.

Keep us informed, okay?

Your mother's right.

Why don't we hear from Penny?

What happened, sweetie?

I don't think the school
would lie

about something like that.

I... I didn't say
the school lied.

I said, why don't we hear
what happened from Penny.


Well, I didn't actually see
what happened, I was backstage.

Was the security guard really
knocked unconscious?

Yeah, I guess.


Not yeah, yes.

And you guess?

I don't like the way
you're responding to this.

In fact, I don't like the way
any of you are reacting to this.

This is very serious.

A strange man,

at your school?

I guess so.

Holy shit.

Dude, it's... it's Penny's guy.

The fucking crazy guy.

Holy shit.

Uh, I guess we know
where he lives now.


That was nice.


Freeman, I'm sorry.

If you let me stay,
you won't have to pay.

I just came up with a bad
business escort slogan.

"If you let me stay,
you won't have to pay."

It's pretty clever, right?

I... I need you to go.

Isn't it time to stop
playing with little girls?

Get the fuck out!


You know what, take this!

I don't want it.

What are you doing?

You can't make me leave!

I'm not going!

I'm staying!



Please stop!


Holy shit, are you...

Oh, you better be fucking
getting this.

Dude, I am.

Shut the fuck up.

Okay, alright.

Come on, come on!

- Where are you going?
- Following her.


You guys following me?

Did you guys follow me
from Freeman's?

Uh, I... I'm sorry.


What, are you looking
for a date?

I'll tell you what.

500 for both of you.

I'll even let you
come to my place.

Where have you been?


I missed you.

I missed you, too.

I know.

It's okay.

Come on.

Coming back for you.

Oh, what do we got here?



Oh, shit.

No, shit.

Your turn.

Come on.

You look nervous.

I'm not nervous, I'm fine.

Well, you're making me nervous.

Come sit down.

No, I think I'd rather stand.

So this is a nice place.

I guess hookers make good money,

Not hookers.

Escorts do.

Yeah, escort, that's right.


And you really like Freeman?

I love him.

Even after what he did
to you tonight?

Probably more after tonight.

Hey, do you know...

I'd wanna kill him.

Oh, I do.

Oh, did you drop this?

This yours?

Where'd you get this?


It was one of your clients?

Who the fuck do you think
you are?

You entitled little fuck!

You snooping around in my place?

- No, no, no!
- Are you crazy?

No, listen to me...

Dude, get the fuck out
of my house!

No, look, it's... it's a...
it's... it's...

- What?
- Her father.

Penelope, the cute girl,
that's her father.


That's her father.

I'm sorry, I took it.

Oh, fuck.

- Good.
- Yeah?

What is it?

It's, uh...

- Shakespeare?
- No.

- Hamlet?
- Uh, no, dad.

- It's Death of a Salesman.
- Where are your gloves?

Left 'em at home.

Well, I'm gonna pin 'em
to your coat

like we used to do
when you were little.

Oh, cool, with... with a string.


Hey, asshole!

Yeah, you asshole!

Dad, dad.

You tellin' me he's not
an asshole?

He bumps into you,
doesn't say I'm sorry,

doesn't say excuse me.

That's an asshole, Penelope.

Uh, it's just the way it is.

No, it's not the way it is.

Not when it concerns you.

You listen to me.

Don't you ever let anyone
be anything but kind to you.

- Do you understand me?
- Yes, yes.

Do you know
what I'm talking about?

Dad, what's with you?

Nothing's with me.

Oh, yeah right.

Like all these questions.

Since when do you care?

I mean I know...
I know you care,

but you don't ask questions

The guy at the school.

It's Freeman, isn't it?

- What do you mean?
- Don't...

Penelope, don't bullshit me.

It was Freeman, wasn't it?

I'm not... I'm not sure.

It sounds like it probably was.


I don't like this.

Hey, come here!

You say you're sorry
to my daughter!

- You understand me?
- What?

Say you're sorry
to my daughter!

- I'm not sure...
- For bumping into me...

...and not stopping to say
you were sorry.

I'm sorry for bumping
into you without stopping.

Just say that you are sorry!

Just say...

I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

Come on, baby.

How's your play practice going?


Got me in trouble.

Not that bad, but still.


The security guard at school.

How'd you find out?

My father...

Not the school.

He knew it was you, so did I.

What happened?

I was looking for you and uh,

someone asked me if I was
a father or...

You didn't answer
and they called Carl.

He's the guard
and you assaulted him.



Couldn't you've just
walked away?

Why did you have to hurt him?

He's really nice.

I know.

You can change.

I can't, okay?

What would you do

if someone treated me
like you treat people?

People turn on you, Penelope.


But you don't have to
make them pay

just in case they might.

They don't deserve
the things you do.

You can't come
to my school anymore.

I'm sorry.

Let's do something fun tonight.

What should we do?

Yeah, that'll be fine.

Who was that, honey?


Ooh, which one?

Thai Time.


Sounds good.

Are you ready, Grandpa?

For what?

The play.



We're already late.

Not tonight.

Dad, just get up,
put on your coat, and let's go.

You said you wanted to go.

Why aren't you going?

'Cause I don't wanna go.

And I said I didn't wanna go.

Just get off your ass!


Don't say you wanna do it
if you don't wanna do it.

I didn't say I wanted to do it.

You can't even get your coat on.
Come here.

I... I... it's alright.

Oh you're... there you go.


Yeah, you look very handsome.

- Do you I look chic?
- Yeah.

You look chic.

You look like a chick.

Oh, God.


Wow, I've never seen the city
like this before.

Do you come here a lot?

I used to.


Not a long time.


I can stroll
in the line of fire.

Step over bodies.

Charge a sniper,
but I could never...

Never felt...


Safe enough to actually...
to step inside the park.

Until now.

Man, I missed this view.

You have to come
to my play tonight.


We could...

We could get you like, uh,
a disguise,

we could get you a cap

or you could sit
in the back row or something,

like we can make it work.

You don't have to wear
your hat.

We know you.

It was you.


It was.

What were you thinking, Freeman?

Why would you do something
like that?


What possible
reason could you have to assault

someone like that?

He was only doing his job.

Tom, we cannot possibly go
to the play with him.

Yeah, yeah, we can.

Come on.

We'll talk about it later.

We gotta get going.

Honey, are you listening
to anything?


We cannot
take him to the play.

We can't...

I would like an answer
from him.

Freeman, why?

Just tell me why?

Honey, we gotta go.

He'll wear his hat low.

Just put your hat down.

Come on. Let's go.

Fine, but I honestly don't see
how we can take him

to the play.

They're obviously
gonna recognize him

as the man who accosted
the security guard.

It's just a high school play.

Oh, I cannot figure you out.



Freeman is looking
way too suspicious.

He's fine.

There's no one here.



Thank you for coming.

Nice disguise.

Very mysterious.

You were great!

Thank you.

You were wonderful tonight.

I really think you have a gift.

Thank you, mom.


Not that I would encourage
acting as a career choice.

I've heard that only one percent
of the actors make a living.


Nice, it was marvelous.

Yeah, you were awesome!

Thanks, Cabbot.

What are you doing here?

I just wanted to come
and see you perform.

Oh, cool.

Um, are you gonna come
to the cast party?

we're gonna have dinner tonight at home.

But it's the cast party,

everyone from the play
will be there.

Well, have dinner first and...

then after dinner, you can go
to the party.

Honey, no...


Let her... let her go.

I didn't plan dinner.

Ah, I got it all covered.


Yeah, come on.

Let's go.

Oh, thank you.

So weird.

Something smells wonderful.

Hello, Mrs. Ancilla.

My name is Elly.

Your husband
hired me to prepare

a small dinner party for you
and your family.

Oh, that's great.

Honey, oh, that's fabulous!

Thank you.

Oh, I'm... I'm delighted.

Yes, would you like something
to drink?

Ooh, I would love a drink.

Um, white wine would be great.

Dinner will be served

Thank you.

What is going on?

It looks like your father
has hired someone

to throw us a dinner party.

I couldn't be more delighted.

What a fabulous surprise!

Dad, I don't understand.

Penelope, what's wrong with you?

You're acting so strange.

Your father did this for you.

Show some gratitude, young lady.

Uh, that woman...

She's a...

She's a what?

She is here to prepare you
a special meal.

I am baffled
by your behavior tonight.

Dinner's ready.


I am famished.

And I have a wonderful husband.


That woman...

Just go to the dining room.


Just go into the dining room.

We'll be right there.

No, I'm not going anywhere

Just do what I say!


It's okay.


I see these pictures every day.

I can't remember the last time
I actually stopped

and looked at them.

Look at my baby girl.

That's a cute little girl.

My baby.

Tried to give Penelope
a sibling.

For years we tried,
but it just didn't take.

You know anyone who's tried IVF?


It's good, huh?


In vitro, it's a miracle
for some people.

Not so much for us.

Needles, injections,
countless tests,

drugs, hormones.

It was just fucking brutal.


we had to make
a very difficult decision.

To keep trying, keep subjecting
ourselves to pain,

and suffering,
and heartache or to walk away.

So... so we decided to walk away.

It was the bestest one...

It was...

it was the only decision
that could have been made.

You know what I mean?


I do.

I'm gonna go see how
Elly's doing with dinner there.

Just take your time.


Here's my gorgeous actress.

Very, very formal.

Where's Freeman?

Uh, I don't know.

There he is.

Let's eat.

But honey,
there are seven settings.

Yeah, Elly's gonna be
joining us.


Oh, how nice.

Shall we sit?

Come on, sit.

I just wanna say
a couple things.

I wanna thank everybody
for being here.

Elly, thank you for this
wonderful meal.

It smells delicious.

Thank you...

Penelope, you were
spectacular tonight, baby.

I couldn't believe how powerful
and graceful you were

on that stage.

It was beautiful, baby.

It really was.

I'm so proud of you.

And I'm lucky to be your dad.

Jane, uh...

You look beautiful tonight
as usual.

The reason why
we're all here tonight,

we're all gathered here is...
is to say goodbye.

To, without sounding too cliché,
but to...

To make the world
a better place.

And Freeman, as you
so eloquently put it

earlier this evening, it's...
it's an important night.

It is.

It's an important night
for all of us.

Is there anything you'd like
to add, Freeman?

This is the most people
that have ever gathered for me.


For pretty much anything.

Thank you.

Freeman, they're gonna kill you.

I know.


Let's leave now.


Penelope, what are you
talking about?

Who is killing whom?

You're really scaring me.

Daddy's gonna kill Freeman.

Honey, tell your daughter
you are not killing Freeman.

Tom, tell her.

Tom, this is not funny.

We have company.

This is not a funny joke.

Soup's getting cold.

I'm calling the police.

You will sit down now!

Sit down!

Why is she here?

Why is Cabbot here?

Why are they here?

She is a hooker, dad.

- Penelope.
- Penelope.

Sit down now.

Let's eat.

Please sit down.

Soup's delicious, Elly.

It really is.

Penelope, what are you
talking about?

Elly, she's not a... a caterer.

She's a call girl.

Freeman calls her.

I don't know
what she's doing here.

We're all here,
because there's no one else

who cares.

There's no one else
who will notice.

I think it's actually
a pretty good turnout.

Thank you.

What the hell is going on here?


I don't even know
where to start.

You invited a call girl
into our house

who is sleeping
with our daughter's boyfriend

whom you plan on murdering
after we all have a fine dinner.

This is not happening!

And you.

You should not even be here.

I definitely should be here.

I mean, I'm the one who found
Mr. Ancilla's card

in Elly's client rolodex.

I knew you looked familiar.



I would like you to leave.


Did you hear me?

I will not have you
in my house.

This is my house!

My kitchen!

My husband!

You slept with my father?

Yes, I slept with your father,
your husband,

and Cabbot, and Freeman,
because that's my job.

Get out of my kitchen!

I'm really sorry
that so many people got hurt.

I'm sorry it got complicated.

You hurt people every day.

Yeah, well, then

Freeman and I would be
perfect for each other.

Shameless tart.

Mom, they're gonna kill

I know, sweetie.

I'm really, really sorry.

Elly, pass me the scotch please.

I know what you're doing, dad.

And if you do this,

I will call the police
and you will go to jail.

Penny, you're not gonna call
the police.

That's not how we do things
in this family.

We're open and we're honest.

And I haven't been.

I did it this way,
because I want to be.

I want us to start over.

Me, you and your mom.

I'm sorry for what I did.

I'm gonna put the past,
all of it behind us.

I didn't wanna do this
behind your back,

because that would be dishonest.

Do you... do you hear yourself?

You sound ridiculous.

Is it?

Would you have wanted me
to do this without you knowing?

No, I don't want you
to do it at all.

Why? It's the most human thing
we could do for you,

for Freeman, for all of us.

Freeman will be dead.


How can that be the best
for anyone?

Freeman knows.

Right, Freeman?

You realize
this is the only way?

He doesn't love you, sweetie.

He's incapable of that kind
of emotion.

Now I'm sorry, sweetie,
but ask him.

No, no.

You don't know how he feels.

You don't even know him.

I know enough.

No, you don't.

I know him.

I love him.

Sweetie, I'm sorry.

- You do not love him.
- Don't say that!

You have no right to clarify
what love is or isn't,

you slept with that
fucking hooker.

So did Freeman.


Stop this now!

I have had enough!

This is ridiculous!

You do see that, don't you?

What I see is that everybody
wants Freeman to die.


That's what I see.

I don't.

You don't want him
with our daughter.

No, but I do not see the need
to kill him.

Honey, what the fuck?

Look, he's not gonna go away!

Okay, if it's not Penny,
it's gonna be someone else.

Shut up, Cabbot.

You don't know shit.

I don't even know
why you're here.

Shut your mouth.

No, I'm... I'm a part of this.

Shut your fucking mouth!

Shut your fucking mouth!

Shut up!

What do you think, Freeman?

Pay attention.

What do you think?

About what?

Whether you should
continue on living?

No, lots of people feel
like they don't belong,

that they deserve to die,
but that doesn't mean

we have to go around
killing all of them.

I realize that,

but they're not
with my 17-year-old baby.

You understand?

Pay attention to
what's going on here.

This is what Freeman wants.

I'm doing this for him,
not to him, for him.

You understand?


No, I don't really...

Tell her.

Just listen.

I agree.


You can leave right now.

I don't wanna leave.

Won't you miss me?

Baby, of course,
I'm gonna miss you.

But this is better for everyone.

Not for me.

You have to trust me.

It will be.

I don't wanna do this anymore.

But this is your fucking idea.

Yeah, I know, I changed my mind.

Look, I don't... I don't care
if you changed your mind,

you fucking whore!

Freeman, stop!

Someday you'll understand, baby.

You're wrong.

I'll never understand.

You're welcome.

Come here.

Come here, come here,
come here.

Come here.

Come here.