Broken Promises: Taking Emily Back (1993) - full transcript

Biological parents sell their baby then harass the couple that wants to adopt her.

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- Sean?
- Pam, it's all right. I'm with you.

Sean, what's happening?

- It's the baby, isn't it?
- Everything's going to be okay.

Oh, God, don't let it be
the baby.

Oh, God!

Pressure dropping 60 over 40.

We're losing the baby here.

Unit of packed cells is in.

Is this her husband?
Let's get him out of here.

No, I'm staying.

Clamp, let's go.

- She's my wife.
- We're going to have to do a hysterectomy.

She's losing a lot of blood.

Get the husband out of here.


Looks like we're sing the baby.

Christmas started in the desert.

A beach is nothing but a desert
with an ocean next to it.

- Am I right?
- You make sense of everything

just to have your point of view.

Hawaii Claus?
That could be a concept.

Rudolph surfing t-shirt.

I get it.
I absolutely get this.

He's concurring with it.
It's brilliant.

You wouldn't get a headache
if you ate more of your dinner.

- Oh, don't start!
- No! Save room for pie.

That's right, fresh pumpkin.
Shot it myself.

That's my favorite.

Goes good with whipped cream.

- Do you like whipped cream?
- Oh, you bet!

When I was a child, I...

I could eat the whole pie!

I'm sure you could.
Just like you're doing now.

When I was a child, I...

I, uh...

Pamela, where's the child?

There is no child, Uncle Al.

The child should be here for Thanksgiving.

Uncle Al, remember?

Yes, I remember.

Pamela had the baby
the day before my birthday.

I lost the baby, Uncle Al,

It's okay, sweetheart.

I'm so sorry, Pamela.

I just want it to stop hurting.

It takes time.

How long?

How long, Terry?

I don't know.

I wish I could tell you.

Everybody's different, I guess.

I'm sorry. I just...

I just need...

I don't know what I need.

When I think about it...

It feels like it was yesterday.


I try not to think about it.

Mikey was three when he died.

I just wonder why I didn't...

Why I didn't spend every minute
of those three years with him.

I'm sorry.

At least you never
got to know your baby.

I'm so sorry.
It was so selfish of me.

No, it isn't.

Maybe it is,

- but so what?
- Yeah, I mean,

what are friends for if we can't
each other miserable, huh?

You know, I never had
any children of my own.

Never thought I'd be very good at it.

Uncle Al, you never got married.

I'll get the pie.

Maybe if we hadn't waited
so long to have a baby

I wouldn't have all those complications.

I don't think it's a good idea
to keep going over this all the time.

It's not as easy for me
to come to grips with it.

I know.

You don't know.

You know, you protect yourself.

Just 'cause I don't go on about it
doesn't mean I don't have feelings.

I was there in that delivery room too.

And for the nine months.

Well, for the last four anyway.

And you noticed I'd gotten big as a house.

You were very sexy for a house.

Do you love me?


I just don't wanna lose you.

It isn't a good idea to think of adopting

as a way of helping
you recover from a loss.

Mrs. Garcia, I can assure
that my husband and I are interested

in adoption because we want
to give a child love and a home.

And I presume you're
interested in an Anglo infant.

The average wait
is approximately seven years

if you qualify.

And why wouldn't we qualify?

Well, your age doesn't
put you at the top of the list.

If you're willing to adopt an older child

there are children waiting as we speak.


I would take a toddler
but I want to raise a young child

so I can have an impact.

All kids need love
no matter what their age.

Here's the address
of the Hillside Orphanage.

Why don't you stop by and take a look.

Now, I would definitely go

with the berry and moss green.


We have to take into consideration
the size of the room

and the way the light filters through.


Uh, hon, can I call you right back?

Yes. Thanks.


I went to the Hillside Orphanage today.

- What do you think?
- Well, these kids are a little old,

they're practically adults.

They need love
and we have love to give.

It's as simple as that.

No, it's not that simple.
Nothing's that simple.

Isn't this moving a little fast?

Well, I guess if you're
standing still it seems like it.

Can we talk about this later?

- You must have sold your zeros.
- As a matter of fact, I did.

How was work?

I made an invaluable contribution
to mankind decorating Helen's house.

- Well, Helen thinks so.
- Who gives a damn?

You know, I'm gonna go for a swim.
You wanna race?

I don't believe you.

I'm having a list compiled
of attorneys who specialize in adoption.

You are?

It needs to be done right.


- Why did I think this was gonna be easier?
- I see. Uh-huh.

I cannot believe
how many attorneys there are.

Okay, thanks.

Yeah, okay.
She says that, uh

they put ads in small town papers

in Nebraska, Oregon,

I think the Dakotas

and they also contacted lawyers,

and it took them a year.

A year?

So, it's been a week
since I sent the letters to the lawyers.

Where do they get these babies anyway?

And why do these lawyers
charge thousands of dollars

just to arrange these adoptions?


people who can't have babies want them

and people who can, don't.
Why do you think it's so strange that

- people wanna work something out?
- I just think it's creepy--

All these lawyers
manipulating people for money,

and women charging
for their babies.

It just gives me the creeps.

Look, what are you so mad about?

You know what?
I'm just feeling sorry for myself.

Because I'm never going to be
a mother to anyone excepts dogs...

- and my husband.
- Well, why don't you have a baby?

Or don't, I don't know but don't begrudge
me something that's so important to me.

I'm not begrudging you, Pam.

And I can't just have a baby.

You know what a touchy
subject it is for Terry.

He can't even talk
about what happened to his, you know...


I'm your friend and I want
you to be happy.

I just, you know, I'm just
feeling sorry for myself, that's all.

Does Terry know how you feel?

I don't even know how I feel.

Look, we agreed when we got
married not to have kids.

So, he didn't want
to open his heart up

to another baby,
and then have, you know...

I think he feels guilty about what...

Look, I love the guy.

I want to be with him.

It doesn't matter to me
whether or not we have children.

- I'm sorry.
- Oh, don't be sorry.

Don't be anything.
Oh, hell, just be yourself.

Come on, let's just...

Just, you know, whatever about this
adoption I'm with you all the way.

Just never talk about it again.

Okay, fine.
I'll never talk about it again.

- Thank you.
- Fine!

Now, about me adopting a baby...

Have you heard anything?


You know, we could go somewhere.

Mexico, New York.

- I don't want to go anywhere.
- We could get Terry and Ella

sail down the coast of Baja.

I don't want to go anywhere.

You know what I want.

Look, if you wanna go, just go.

You know I'm not going to do that.

You've reached the Chaney residence.

Pam and Sean are not in right now.

Please leave a message after the beep.

Hello, Mrs. Chaney.
My name is Russell Madden,

and I'm an attorney
and I received a letter--


Hello. Don't hang up.
It's the machine.

Just a minute.




Mr. Madden...

Mr. Madden!

$3,000 for one meeting?

Well, it covers one meeting

and a retainer to look for another child
if this one doesn't work out.

Tell me about the father and the mother.

Well, these people are homeless.

They can no longer take
care of their child. It happens.


Well... tell me about them.

I mean... I mean the baby.

- Is this all right?
- Yes, it is.

The good news is that they liked
your picture and resume very much.

There's a strong chance
that they'll select you.

I don't like the idea
of competing couples

especially if I'm paying $3,000.

There are a lot of lawyers who charge
a lot more than I do, Mrs. Chaney.

You're free to shop around.

Have you gotten any other calls?

- No.
- And do you know why that is?

Because toddlers are impossible to find.

Look, we both know you wouldn't
be here if you had alternative.

Well. Can you tell me about them?
I mean,

the baby?

Why are they homeless?

I need some details.

Here's a detail. It's a big one.

The parents think
their daughter is a living angel.

It is excruciatingly painful
for them to give her up.

I'll give you $1,000 for a meeting.

Look, here's a stack of interested
wannabe mommies and daddies.


If you're as good a mother as you
are a negotiator you should do very well.

Isn't this a little fast?

I mean, you just met this guy this morning

and now we're adopting a baby.

They are considering other couples.

Great, we're auditioning
for a homeless couple.

I can't believe you just
wrote this guy a check.

You don't know anything about him.

I've waited a long time for this.
I'm not going to let this pass me by.

What country is this?

Where are we?

Just stay on Alameda
until you get to Santa Fe

and then make a right.

It looks like la agonia
in Mexico City.

Can you imagine being homeless
and trying to raise a child here?

Have you thought this through?

What we could be getting into?

This isn't like giving somebody
on the corner a couple of bucks.

- This is a lifetime commitment.
- I know, I know.

I just...

I just have the feeling that we're
going to meet our child today.

This child could have diseases.

Be disturbed mentally.

What about drugs?
A lot of these people use drugs.

They're homeless.
It doesn't mean that they're drug addicts.


Don't tell me there aren't going to be
emotional problems... Psychological stuff.

Okay, I'm committed to this meeting.

Maybe it's a dumb idea,
maybe it isn't.

Great. A lot of good
locking it will do.

Sean, will you sit down.

You look unbalanced.

I feel unbalanced.

I think we are unbalanced.

Look, I don't think we should
get our hopes up about this.

I just wish you'd gone about it--

In a more intelligent,
business-like manner

and not follow my feelings.

And maybe the child
will be damaged. I know.

Maybe the parents won't choose us.
I know.

Maybe we won't want the child.
Maybe the child won't want us.

- I know.
- Maybe we just slipped over

into the wrong dimension.

My God.

They're here.

Sean, look at the child.

Oh, she's beautiful.

Hey, how you doing?
I'm Gary Ward.

Sean Chaney.
This is my wife--

Pamela? Right?

- Do you like Pam or Pamela?
- Either.

All right.
You know, I had an aunt named Pamela.

I imagine that's why I wanted to meet you.

- How are you?
- That's not really why I wanted to meet you.

I got other reasons why
I wanted to meet you.

This is my wife, Lily.

And this little angel here--

this is Emily.

Hello, sweetheart.

- Mr. Chey, Russ Madden.
- Is this all right--

- this kind of transaction?
- Done all the time.

Hello, sweetheart.

Oh, it's okay.
She's just shy.

Uh, you know--
living on the street...

The kind of people we meet...

She'll warm up, though.

Is this good here?

Why don't we get this table?
Sean, why don't you

give me a hand with this table there?

We don't need this thing.

All right.

There. Now, Lily
why don't you sit right here?

Honey, is that good?

I'll sit here, across from you guys

and you can get a look at us.
Pam, Sean, I imagine

you wanna sit over there so...

so we can get a look at you.


Oh, I got menus for everyone.

You know, we're real hungry.
We've been on the street a long time.

Tired too.

Ain't we tired?

Does she walk?

- Well...
- Oh, yeah, yeah.

When she can, but she don't have to.

You know, the shoes we get her
are kinda big so she can grow into them.

It's hard for her to get her balance.

We could buy her some shoes that fit.

Maybe we can lay
down some ground rules here

just so everybody understands
exactly what we're doing.

This is basically an introduction.

You understand that.

The Wards are under no obligation
to assign or deliver their child

nor are you allowed
to pay them for this interview.

That's settled. Let's eat.

All right.

- Here you go, honey.
- Who had the banana splits?

I got one of them.

That's mine. Thank you.

Um... she's very quiet.

Oh, no, she's noisy.
She'll talk your arm off.

How many other couples
are you interviewing?

That's not really the issue here.

The Wards have the right--
indeed, an obligation--

to try and find the best
possible parents for Emily.

Hey, look.

I know you think we look like hell.

All right, and the fact of the matter is,
we do look like hell.

But that don't mean we ain't
worth nothing, all right?

And it don't mean
that we gotta give up our little girl

to just anybody who drives
in here with a fancy German car.

It's not our intention
to make you feel--

Yeah, I'm just messing with you,
all right?

I appreciate that car.
I'm a mechanic.

- It's a fine car.
- I'm sure the Wards wanna know

what kind of a home
you can provide for Emily.

Right, Mrs. Ward?

Well, we have a room
that's all decorated.

And she would have
her own bathroom.

And I work at home.

A good education is critical.

She, would, of course go
to excellent schools, camps...

- Have a fund for college.
- And music lessons, gymnastics.

Wow. All the advantages, right?

Education-- now,
that's the key to all of it.

Ain't it, Sean?

Yeah? What about love?

- I'm sorry?
- Well,

I mean, all that stuff you

talk about sounds real nice, but

Emily likes to be loved, don't you?

Of course we would love her.

- We would love her.
- You know what's funny?

Everybody always says
the same thing--

right?-- as though
that's taken for granted.

- What do you think, Sean?
- Well, I just think

they're trying to tell you
that they'll try and do

whatever's best for the child.

Everybody's trying to do what's
best for Emily, including us.

Don't you think for a minute
that it don't hurt us

that we got into this situation.

We could help you with the situation.

We could certainly help Emily.

Honey, you got those
photographs we took?

You got those pictures?

All right. Here.

You, uh,
you take these pictures of us, okay?

We couldn't lose touch now, right?

I mean, after all,
I am her daddy

and Lily here is her mom.

No, I, I understand.

What... you're choosing us?

Well, yeah.
You like her, right?

Well, yeah.

She's, she's beautiful.
We want her.

The ice cream and bananas wash off.

Does that mean you like her?

- Yeah, well, um...
- We want her.

We, we like her.

- Yes.
- We want her.

All right,
then you should take her, then.


You mean right now?

Well, she's here right now.

You're serious?


We can do this?

It's legal.

Hey, take her home,
try her out for a couple days.

Honey, give me the baby, okay?

Come on,
we're going to give the baby to Pam.

Come here, Emmy.

All right, you will go to Pamela, okay?

Come here.
That's a baby.

Aw, yeah...

Now, you're going to go
with these nice folks.


You're going to go with Pam.

Honey, it's okay.

- Oh, yeah.
- Mommy!

Well, she's, uh...


It's okay, honey.

This isn't going to work.


Why don't you come
with us to our house?

It might be easier for her there.

- Pam...
- That's an excellent idea.


We ain't got any money for the bus.

We'll take you, we'll take you
back wherever you'll need to come.

We'll take you wherever you want to go.

Good, this is good.

Let me get to work on the paperwork and

if anybody needs me, contact me.

We're parked right around the corner.

- That green car?
- Yes.

Pam, we're going to take
these people and this baby

now to our home?
Is this a decision?

What else can we do?

Hey, Em,

might be your lucky day.

The, uh...
The room's up here.

I'll go make some coffee.

Hey, that'd be great, Sean.

I could use a cup of coffee.

Do you have a crib?
I mean, does she sleep in a crib?

No, she don't need a crib.

It all must seem very strange for her.
I just want to make it easier.

Uh, she's a little dirty.

I don't want to mess up your...

It's all right.
It's all right.

Okay, here we go.

Hey, you sure had this room ready quick.

It was for my baby.

- I lost her.
- You lost a child?

About a year ago.

Oh, man.

There is nothing

like the pain of losing a child.

That's all right.
There we go.

We put them all warm...


You want a baby?


She'll be all right.

- Mommy...
- She's... she'll be all right.



Look at the bunny.

Look at the bunny.

Hold on.
There you go.

Look at the bunny.

- See the bunny?
- It's okay, honey, it's okay.

She's all right.

Uh... I, I'm...
I'm going to, um...

I'm going to be outside, all right?
I'll wait.

You hurry up.

- You can kiss your daughter good-bye.
- I will.



Come here, baby. Come here.

It's all right, baby.
It's okay, it's okay.

It's okay... shh.

It's okay.

Now you sleep, okay, baby?

You sleep good.

When you wake up here

you're going to think
you're in heaven.


It's okay.


It's okay, sweetie.

She's all right now.

- She's all right.
- Here, let me get her.

Here we go, yes...

That's my girl.

Look at these bears.



- How you doin'?
- Good.

You doin' good?

You sure are fun to play with.

Want to get in there?

Look at this.

Look-- Oh, look.

This guy's riding a rainbow.

- How about it?
- She had a crib once.

She liked it.

Isn't that fun?

- Isn't that fun?
- She likes it.

Want to go to sleep?

Let's sit down.
I'll show you this little rabbit.

There we go.

Good girl.

It's just going to be for a couple days,
right? It's no big deal, right?

Hey, there,
hey, there, little girl.

Hey there, sweet girl.

You are so lucky.

I sure wish somebody would adopt me.

Oh, my God.


You have to be sure.

You have to be sure.

you know, it's what's best for the child.


Um, I just...

I just-- You got real kind eyes,
and I just, um...

Well, I don't want any...

Anybody to be mean or nothing
to my little Emily.


I just trust that you'll be nice to her.


Okay. Hey, thanks a lot.

You know...
you know where we live at now, right?

Don't be a stranger, okay?

Oh, Pam, you better roll your windows up,
lock your doors

till you get back to your side
of town, all right?

You don't have to be so smart.
They's nice people.

They were?
Don't it bother you that somebody--

just 'cause they got a little luck--
think they're better than you?

No. They got our baby.
They better be nice.

Aw, gee!

We been put out.

We spent up all the money.

Hey, we got two more nights here!

- We spent up all our money.
- Well, right, yeah,

we spent up all our money on the damn bus

trying to find Emily a home.

- We could go to the shelter.
- No, we can't go to the damn shelter.

The shelter's closed this time of night.

No! No! No!

It's okay, it's okay.

Come on.

Don't cry.

Come on.
Here, sweetheart.

It's okay.

All right, shh....

- It's okay.
- Mommy...

Is she all okay?

No problem.

Hi, honey.

Oh, don't cry.

They didn't leave a manual, huh?


Honey, honey.

Honey, what should we do?

Get the picture.

Lookee. Honey.

Here, sweetheart

- There.
- Here you go, sweetheart.

Here's mommy and daddy.

- Can you see it?
- Isn't that better?


You want some cereal?

Look what I have for you.

There you go.

No, wait, wait, wait.
You want a bite?

Come here.
See this?

Know what this is?

Spoon. Can you say spoon?

Can the kitty cat eat it?

I guess not. Whoops.


They're putting up your fence so
you can't go head first into the pool.

No swimming yet.

How am I doing?

Look what I have.

Want a bite of banana?

What are you looking at?

You're very stubborn.
You must take after me.

I'm going to smooch you again.

I'm going to get you.

Well, that's three.

- 'Nother one.
- 'Nother one?

No, I don't think 'nother one.
I think three's enough, actually.

Come on, let's get you out of there.


That's very good.

Want to put one in?
You can put it in.

Throw it in there.
All right.

And what's this? Ducky?

And what's that?

And we'll throw that one in

and this funny one over here.

You want to throw this little one?
Throw it in.

Good girl.

And the alligator.
How about the baby?

- Baby.
- Okay!

How about that baby?
Oh! Not that baby.

I didn't mean this baby.

Well, how about this baby?
You want to get in there?


You don't?
How come?

You want to get
in the bathtub with the soap?

Hello! Anybody home?

Do you want
to get in the bathtub?

Stop that short person!

Got you!
Got you, sweetie pie.

Hi. You're just in time.

- Is she housebroken?
- Oh, you might find out.

Ooh, we're going to take a bath.

Look at her little ringlets.

What's with you?
Three days you don't call or write...

- You don't ask for my advice.
- Did you see her run?

Did you see her walk?
Three days ago she wouldn't or couldn't--

I don't know which-- walk.

Her first bath?

First bath?
Oh, that's funny.

That's very funny.

we've had our hair examined for head lice

and we've been to the pediatrician.

What did he say?

She. Helen Cromwell.

Ooh, do you like it?

She said Emily may have
developmental problems

and she's a little anemic,
but otherwise, she's terrific.

She's so gorgeous.

You know, I know
this is going to sound crazy

but don't you think
she looks a little like Greta?



Greta? Your dog Greta?

You know how Greta

has those incredible eyes, and...

You're comparing my child
to your dog?

Greta's a beautiful dog.

You're so nuts.

Look at the bubbles.

Do you like it?

Uh, no, it's not.

Just a minute.


What does he want?
Oh, God.

Please don't let him want her back.

Come here.

- Take her.
- Take her?

- Just, just...
- What do I do?

Just watch her.
Hold her.

- Hold her?
- Hello.

Uh, hi, Gary.

Hi, yeah.

Oh, she's great.
No, she's wonderful as a matter of fact.

Very happy.

Well, uh, we been figuring
on picking her up today.

- Oh?
- It don't seem like such a good idea

right, 'cause I'm trying to get this job

so, uh...

Lily and me, we,

we decided that we liked
you guys so much that we, uh...

We want to try the 30-day thing.

- The 30-day thing?
- Yeah, it's, uh...

Well, look, the lawyer,
he's got all the papers

and, uh, but, uh,
we haven't got any money

to get me on a bus
down to the office.

Well, I could pick you up.

That would be great.


Okay, I'll be back in two or three hours,
all right?

- Aunt Ella is gonna take care of you.
- I am?

The diapers are in the bedroom

and the food's in the kitchen.


She's not battery-operated, you know?

No. Right, right.

Hi, honey.

Uh, you better not, uh...

Hi. Thanks.

Let me, uh...

Just to make sure you're...
You know, safe--

Hey, kid.

Want to go shopping?

I petitioned the court for what's
referred to as a baby-sitting contract

which makes you the legal
guardian for 30 days.

If at any time,

the Wards wish to cancel this arrangement,

they have the legal right to do so,

and you must relinquish the child.

I understand.

What rights do we have?

Let's not worry about that right now.

You're a worrier, Sean.
I like that.

I don't like this guy.

They are the parents.
They have to be involved.

- We don't have any choice.
- Just stay as clear and clean

of this as possible. I don't want
it to blow up and you get hurt.

Yeah, I'm a big girl, remember?

- Thanks for coming.
- Okay.

Going back to work?

That's what some of us do.

Hey, you don't have to be smart.

You know, I got something you want.

Go on.
I'll be fine.

I have to tell you that part
of my job is to dissuade the Wards

from going through with this adoption.

Why would you do that?

We have a nice home, lots of love to give.

This is not about you.

I've met the couple

and frankly,
I'm concerned about Mrs. Ward.

She's very depressed
about the loss of the child

and she clearly
is intimidated by her husband.

But surely you can see
that the child's better off here with us.

It appears that way

but if the natural mother is being coerced

I will have to recommend

that the court not order this adoption.

I ran these people
through a national database.

Who, the parents?


Looks like they promised
Emily to another family.

Promised her to another family?


What's that going to do to Pam?

Well, if they are con artists

it's a lot better to get out of it now

before she's in so deep.

What, so you just blow it off?

What about you?
How deep are you?

Pam is my life.

Well, here's your life

- with a new complication.
- Ahoy, the boat!

Prepare to be boarded.

Prepare to repel girls.

- You should be so lucky.
- Yeah.

Emily decided to give you guys a shot

against my better judgment, I might add.

At least one of my girls has some spirit.

Here you go, sweetheart.

Why don't you put this on

so we can stow you below and we'll
hit the high seas, okay?

Low seas, please.

Around the harbor
within walking distance to shore.

I told you we weren't gonna
get outside the breakwater.

Oh, stretch that one back.

Here we go.


Honey, you're scaring her.

What's she scared for?
I haven't done anything.

Well, it's all new.
Just take it easy.

Okay, here, why don't you do it yourself?

That's it. Do it yourself.
That's it. Yeah.

Watch it. Emily?

- Emily!
- Stop her!

Come back!

Look out!

- Wait!
- Grab her!

Help her!

Somebody get a hand on her!


Oh! My champion dock diver!

She's fine.

She's just a little scared, that's all.

- Let me have her.
- It's okay, it's all right.

It's just a little boo boo.
She's fine.

- That was so scary.
- Look at her. She bumped her head.

- She's okay.
- She just bumped her head.

- She's a little scared.
- It's okay, sweetie-pie.

Just let her calm down
and we'll be ready, okay?

There. Okay.

You're overreacting.

- I'm sorry.
- That's all right.

Oh, sweetheart.

See you.
I'll go with her.

Yeah, that's a real good idea, right?

We'll just have Emily down here so

she can stand on the street with us.

What are you thinking?

I can't help it.
I want my baby.


I can't help it.
I want my baby.

Yeah, why don't you
just go and get her, all right

and you can figure
it all out without me.

Why do you have
to be so mean all the time?

I ain't mean.

Yes, you are.

I didn't mean to be smart.

They're just getting used to her.

We call them up now,
that husband, he don't want her.

He'll be down here to the Santa
Fe restaurant in about ten seconds.

What do you think?

I ain't never been
away from her this long

since she was born.

Yeah, well, that ain't no answer.

Where you going?

Lily wants to see Emily.

This is a really bad idea.

Look, at least this way
he's not showing up here.

- We have some control.
- You're stuck between him and the state

- and he knows it.
- I'm stuck?

- You know what I mean.
- Yeah, I think I do.

Hey, Pam,
what's with the band-aid?

She had a little fall..
She's fine.


The reason I called you is, uh...

I want you to come see something.
I want you to understand a little bit--

What I understand is this
is very hard on Emily, you know?

This confuses her.

Hey, you know, I guess
we're a little confused to

You know,
it ain't easy, you know

ripping a kid away from her folks.

- It's a lot of pain.
- I understand.

It's just that whatever's
best for Emily...

Right. Come on, I want to show you...
They're fine, okay?

Come on with me.
I want to show you something.

You know, the adoption lady, Garcia?

She was snooping around.
She said she was going to check

- on your home environment.
- Yes, she did.

- Everything's fine.
- Yeah?

she said she thinks that...

Emily should stay with Lily.

She thinks I'm forcing her to give her up.

Hey, it's okay.
As long as you're with me,

you're fine.
Come on. Come on.

Well, this is it.

This is where we stay sometimes.

This is a prize place.

All right-- guys fight over this place.

Guys can get real feisty
about staying here.

You know, let me tell you something.
That welfare check that we get...

for Emily?

That will get us about

15 nights in that motel you saw us in

and then after that we'll just

go to the shelter and get
about seven nights there

before they kick you out.

Then besides that we just...

we'll sleep out in the open on the street

and come here if it rains.

Emily drew these?


This is for Emily?

Yeah, that's her bed.

I got to get out of here.

How can you even think
of taking Emily back?

Because we love her.

All right-- hey,
you don't know nothing, Pam.

You may be smart,
but you don't know nothing, all right?

What do you think
Lily's life's gonna be like

without that baby, huh?

- What does she got to live for?
- What about Emily?

What about Lily?

What about us?

Guys like me,
getting out of the service...

Get in a little trouble
doing something stupid

going to jail for some stupid thing

just trying to support your family.

You know, you get out,
can't get no kind of job.

The jobs you do get-- some idiot's
just going to spit on you.

Hey, I got self-respect, all right?

All right, I'm as good as your husband is.

It's just nobody give me
a chance growing up, and all.

What do you want me to do?

Emilio just fixed this one up.

Now, I can get this working car for $500.

You want me to buy you the car?

No. It's a loan, all right?

No. You can't do jack
in this town without a car.

Lily and me--
we can sleep in it.

You know we're not supposed
to have any financial dealings

- between the two of us.
- Well, whoa...

Yeah, all right.
Okay, fine, fine. Yeah.

You want to get technical?

That's fine.

Hey, I can get technical,
you know?

Anybody can get technical, right?

- Fine. We'll be technical about it.
- Gary, wait a minute.

Wait? Wait for what?

What? Till we're dead?

I'm not a young man.
Wait till hell freezes over?

The point of giving up the baby
was so that we could get ahead.

Now-- hey, you know, if I can't get ahead

by giving her up, I might just keep
the one thing in this world I love.

I wish there was something
I could do.


Well, maybe you ain't
as all sweet and nice as you look.

What do you mean?

Well, I think that maybe you
or Sean are abusing Emily.

Don't be ridiculous.
She had an accident.

Yeah, right.
Well, I'm taking her back.

- You can't!
- Ah, well, I can't?

Right, are you quoting the law now?
Quoting the law?

Right, you think you're going
to just take our child

and leave us to rot in the gutter.

Lily, come-- Please, Lily,
don't let him do this.

I'll buy you the car.

What'd you say?

I'll buy you the car.

Okay, let's taste that.

Ooh, that's candy.



Look at this.

Don't say a word-- just 'cause
there's chair stuck on my rear end...

Sean should be here

and see his daughter in cake face.

Yeah, well...

He couldn't get out of a meeting.

- Oh, men and their meetings.
- He's trying to distance himself.

Oh, yeah? Wait till he finds out
about the car you bought.

What is he, my father? Look,
if I think it's worth spending some money

to get rid of these people, who cares?

Because maybe you
haven't gotten rid of them.

- Do you want me to help you?
- No. Just make sure

Emily doesn't see him.

- What are you doing here?
- You're having a party?

For Emily, yes.

And Lily and I didn't get any invites.

That's not very nice.
The baby-sit throwing a party

you don't invite the child's
own flesh and blood?

Please... please, Gary, just leave.

Just leave before Emily sees you.

Hey, I got responsibilities

to see that nobody hurts my little girl.

You can see that she's fine.

Where's Lily?

Lily's sick.
She can't walk

and we only had bus money
for one person.

I had a job interview
this morning, and, uh

I was on the bus
for like three hours to get here

and my ulcer's acting up.

- So, I don't--
- What do you want?

Well, I did a dumb thing, Pam.

You know...

You know that car we bought?

I know I shouldn't
have trusted that Emilio.

Son of a bitch sold us
a car that doesn't run.

You know, I learn this lesson
over and over again, right?

But you know,

it wouldn't have hurt if we'd
bought a more expensive car.

You know, one that runs, but...

there I was,
trying to save you more money.

You want me to buy you another car?

Well, no.

No. I'm a mechanic.

Hey, I'm a better mechanic than Emilio is,
all right?

It's just that he's got tools...

And I don't.


Wait a minute.
Let me get this straight.

They promised the child to who?

Mr. and Mrs. Eric


If I get a really big one,
will you pop it for me?

Ooh, I better get the phone.


- Ella, hi. It's Sean.
- Yeah.

- Hi, Sean.
- How's the party going?

Well, it's going fine
except your wife ran off

in the middle of it.

Where did she go?

Well, you know,
that guy came over.

Who, Ward?


Where did they go?

I don't really know.

I told her. Damn it.

Is everything okay?

No, it's not.

Are you all right?

- Why wouldn't she be all right?
- What's going on here?

We're fine, let's just go home.

Hey, your wife's just helping us out,

All this just to keep Emily, right?

This son of a bitch promised
Emily to another couple.

- Wait, that ain't true.
- There's Mr. and Mrs. Eric Brady,

of Reno, Nevada.
Does that ring a bell?


How could you do this to Emily?

No, we didn't do nothing.

I can't do this.
I can't stand it.

- No, just shut up.
- Let her talk!

That couple from Reno

they's got Debra Mae.

They call her Natalie.

What, you've done this before?

Before that it was our little boy, Joey.

We don't know where he is no more.

Lily, how could you do this?

We ain't got no choice.

- Have you ever heard of birth control?
- We don't believe in that.

- No, that's murder.
- That's what they do for a living.

- They suck in people like us.
- You don't know nothing about...

Let's just cut through this right now!

You want something?
You want my jacket? Here,

take my jacket.
You want my shirt?

- Stop it.
- How about my pants?

You want the car?!
You've got the biggest--

I don't want...

Get out of here!

You found the biggest
suckers of them all!

I ain't no con man!

Just leave town for six months...

- You get out of here!
- until we have Emily.

Hey, I love my kids!

Take the car and leave!

I love my kids!

You get out of here!
Go on, get!

Go on, get!

Just go, okay?

- Just go.
- Get in the room.

Get in there.

Go on, get out of here!

I'll talk to you at home.

Come on!

Big guy!

Go on, rich man!

Get out of here!

You too, Pam!

- That was some stunt you pulled.
- That was no stunt.

This guy's never going away.

If this loses Emily
I'll never forgive you.

You'll never forgive--

You'll never forgive me?

There's a twisted,
manipulative bastard out there

threatening our lives,
and you'll never forgive me.

I'm not gonna lose this child.

- You may have to.
- What did you say?

There be a choice.

Why? Are you giving up?

I am not gonna spend the next

being blackmailed.

What's the alternative?

Give up Emily.

- You're crazy.
- It's the only thing that makes sense.

This guy is crazy.
It's not going to work.

Let's just let it go now.

It? It?!

Give Emily up?

Let's start this over.

I don't like this lawyer.
I don't trust him.

We'll get a new one
and we'll do it right.

What in God's name
is going on with you?

You lost a...

We lost a baby.

We wanted to adopt to fill that void.

It made sense.

- This doesn't make sense anymore.
- Who cares if it makes sense?

- Why does it have to make sense?
- Another baby would fill the void...

They're interchangeable.

Babies, they're specific.

This very specific little person

is my child

and okay, maybe at first
she did fill a void

but right now what I feel

is her need, not mine

and if I thought that she would be

better off with Lily

I'd do that.

I would,

but she needs us.

She needs us

and if she can have been here
for the last two weeks

and you can't feel that

then I feel sorry for you.

If he's a con artist, why
don't you get the authorities involved?

Call the cops,
the adoption agencies, something.

At least with a con artist you can set
the price, make a deal and be done with it.

This guy's much worse.
There's no order to it.

Should I just drop the main?

Pam's so nuts about this baby...

It makes it easy for him.

I think she'd rather...

Break up the marriage
than give up Emily.

How can I even begin
to think that irrationally?

I wish I could, honest to God.

That will put me right there with them.
I mean, what makes me smarter

if I do the same dumb thing
as everybody else?

I mean,

there are five billion people
in the world

and most of them don't give
any thought at all

- to having a child.
- A lot of bobbing and weaving in there.

I guess I don't want to take the chance.

Somehow, you put
all of this into it...

Then suddenly, she's gone.

That's what I know about having children.

You put everything you have
into them--

all your love--

make them the center of your universe.

One day you get a phone call

and you know that your child is gone,

your marriage is over,

and your whole life...

just stops.

It sucks.


- Lily?
- I ran away

'cause Gary's scaring me
and I had to run away.

I don't mean to bother you,
but I'm just... I, I...

I'm just scared.

Where are you?

St. Adele's Shelter.

I'll be right there.

It's Lily.
Can you come with me?

Oh, you found it okay.

I'm not too good with directions.

The parking must have been terrible.
I'm sorry.

You know, Gary always said no decent
woman would ever walk these streets.

It was fine, Lily.
We got here just fine.

I had to get out of there.
I ain't sure what to do.

What happened?

Where's Gary now?

Well, I don't know.

The last time he came here...

I don't know.
The last time I was here,

he came looking for me
and they wouldn't let him in

'cause it's just women and children.

Oh, he was so mad.

I ain't sure whether they'll let me stay

'cause I ain't got a child.

You don't think he would go to the house
and try to take Emily, do you?

Oh, no, I don't think so.

He... Gary's not a mean person.

He's just--
Life don't work...

so good for him, you know?
For me neither.

Can't you leave him?

Isn't there someplace you can go?

- Your family?
- Oh, God, they's worse than Gary.

They got no sense.
I ran away when I was 14.

I don't want them,
they don't want me,

but... Gary and me...

He takes real good care of me sometimes.

He makes real good love.

And, uh...
Sometimes he works

and we lived real good
a couple of times...

You live by giving up your babies.

You think it'd be better
for me-- for us to keep 'em...

I mean, to see me sitting here
with three babies

and down there
at the camp building, and...

Lily, I...

I know that you...

You don't believe in birth
control, and I understand,

but maybe you should.

I mean,
how are you ever going to get out of this?

It's too late now.

You're pregnant?

Oh, Lily.

No, but, I, I...

I'm going to think that...

after this one I'm going to...

I might leave Gary.
I'm going to figure something out, and...

And what are you going
to do with the baby?

I want you to have it.

I know what you're thinking, but...

I just got a real good feeling about you

- and your husband.
- Lily...

No. Gary don't want it

and even if he did,
he ain't fit to be no daddy

and he ain't fit to be my husband neither,

and I ain't fit for nothing
or nobody neither, so...

I guess me and...

I guess me and Gary belong together.

You're coming home with me.
Come on. Come on!

- Now, I... what are...
- Just get your stuff. Come on.

- Gary comes and tries to get Emily...
- Don't worry about it. Come on.

Where's Ella?

Where's Ella? Ella?


I was just standing there
looking at these children.

Too young, too poor, too...

I just started crying like a baby.
I don't even know why.

I guess I do.

Yeah. I'm sorry, honey.

It's not my fault, you know.

Look, we've had a good run.


Oh, look,

I've loved you better
than anybody could be expected

to love a terminal adolescent.

- I appreciate it.
- And

I don't think the way you
handled what happened to you

was necessarily the only way to handle it.

- Maybe not.
- Fine. You know what?

I won't bring it up anymore.

Just... fine. I thought
that you'd want to know the truth

but we can live our lives out.
We can, you know,

race each other in our walkers.
Fine, but...

there are kids out there that need us,


need people that can give them the love

and don't say anything cynical about it.

I know you'll say something cynical, but

we have the love,

so, I... I just thought that we could...


never mind.


You know, everything is always backwards.

It's 'cause it takes too long to grow up.

I mean, think about it...

people who should be doing one thing...

not doing it.

Kinda like this whole business
of the wrong people having children.

Just don't tell me because I want
a baby you want a divorce.


the fact is is that...

I had this wonderful child

for a while.

And then I had this death...

And I...

What I've been doing is holding
onto the death.

Oh, honey, I'm sorry.

Oh, God. I don't mean

- to be dredging that up for you.
- You're not listening to me.

Maybe it would be nice
to have a creature around that

doesn't have fleas
and scratch the furniture.

You would have a baby?


I want the baby.

Oh, my God.

Let's go to bed.

I thought we were
adopting Lily's baby.



Look at you smiling.

That's my girl.

You're going to be very happy.

I bet you're happy.

I didn't wake her up.
She was already awake.

I'm sorry.

I'm going to miss you.

I'm gonna miss you so much.

Just stay with her for a minute and

turn out the light.
She'll go back to sleep.

Hey, Pamela,
you got my wife in here somewhere?

- Get out before I call the police.
- Wait!

The police?

Why? Sean ain't here?

Look, it's all right.

Don't worry. I mean, uh...

We're all family. There's no
need to close the door in my face.

I can see you're a strong woman,
Pamela, you know,

but, uh...

if I want to come in there enough
I'm going to do it.

Don't you think?

Okay, we'll just...
Leave the door wide open. Like that.

Just so that, you know,
if I have to leave here fast

in case you get too rough with me.

Come on, Pamela,
you gotta have a sense of humor.

Well, this life is hard enough
without a sense of humor.

Lily's not going with you.

Yeah, I know that.
I'm not gonna--

I ain't going to force anybody
to do anything they don't want to do.

I could go up there and grab
Emily and carry her out of here

but I'd have a hell
of a time carrying Lily.

Stop making her scared
and get out of here

and you ain't taking Emily.

Hey, silly Lily.

I just come here-- I just come
here to apologize to you, okay?

Now, I'm sorry,

I'm sorry that I yelled at you,
all right?

But, you know,
sometimes I'm an idiot.

But I just can't live without you, mama.
You know that.

I'm mad at you, Gary.

Yeah, well, you ought to be.

I mean, hell, I'm mad at myself.

Come on,
how do you expect me not to turn to mush?

You standing up there
on the stairs looking all pretty?

Just like in the movies.

Frankly, Scarlett, I do give a damn.

Come here.

Lily, you don't have to go with him.

Come here.

Come here.

Come on.

I told them about our baby, and they...

Well, they said they was going
to find somebody who's going to get it.

You what?
That's good.

Well, it is a friend of Pam's.

Well, that's real nice.

Now, it will be just like a big family.

That's good.

Come here.

Lily, please don't go with him.

Please don't go.

Pam, he ain't nothing but a big, old dog

with a lot of bark.

- Hey, look, don't you ever leave me.
- I missed you.

Don't you leave me.

- Hey.
- What?

- I got something to show you.
- What?

Come here. I'll show you.

You're crazy.

You sure did make
Emily's room real beautiful.

So long, Pam.
Thank you.

- Come on.
- What?

- Here, let me show you.
- What?

Where did you get that?

Don't worry about it.

- You haven't been a bad boy, have you?
- No, I ain't been a bad boy.

- You haven't?
- Don't worry about it.

- Madam.
- I can't believe this.

- Go on, get your big booty in there.
- Oh, my God!

Oh, you look good in there.

- You like it?
- I... I...

I can't believe this.

Sean? Sean?

Here. Take your child.
Don't wake her up.

You'll be sorry.

Go on.

Put her in the forward bunk
and put up the rough sea straps.

Rough seas?

Do you like her?

She's peaceful and beautiful.

Get used to it. She's yours.

Do you like me?

I guess you're okay.

I'll take that as an enthusiastic yes.

I don't want to have a child without you.

I want the package.

I want a daddy and a mommy and a baby

and I'm willing to fight for what I want

and I know you are too.
I know you.

Are you going to let me teach you to sail?


- And I can golf on Sunday?
- Mm-hmm.

And I can try to figure
out the meaning of life?

- Yes.
- So I can tell her

- before she gets too old?
- Yes. Yes.

I see what you mean by rough seas.

As an attorney selected
by Mr. and Mrs. Sabin

I wanna be as clear as possible.

And, of course, as an officer
of the court, you understand?

we understand and we appreciate it, sir.

Now, we've gone over the document.

The Sabins will be responsible
for the costs of prenatal care

and will make the arrangements
for and assume the costs

of the birth itself.

Mrs. Ward will refrain
from the use of alcohol

cigarettes, drugs,

medications of any kind not
prescribed by the obstetrician

and mutually agreed upon.

Now, diet and other general
health considerations...

What that means
is no more banana splits, right?

That's not specifically...

Yeah, well, I see.

The Sabins have
prenatal visitation at times

also mutually agreeable.

Do you understand the document?

Do you agree?

- Yeah.
- Very well.

Then upon signing

and after the usual
six-month waiting period

your child will become

the child of Mr. and Mrs. Sabin.

One million dollars!


Mrs. Ward?

I'm Orin Moser

and this is my wife, Betty.

Hi. Bet.

I've been really looking
forward to meeting you.


Well, I...

I guess the big day's
getting close, isn't it?

I'm afraid you have the wrong place.

I don't think so.

- Gary Ward?
- Yeah, that's right.

We're going to be
the parents of your new baby.

Maybe he didn't tell you it was tonight.

He didn't tell me nothing about it.

Well, we are.

You know, I've got...

I've got the cash right here.

Sorry that you folks are in such straits.

The baby's going to somebody else.

It's already been promised.

Everything has been signed
at the lawyers and all.

That's not possible.

No, um...
See, I gave him a car.

- I'm sorry.
- I gave him a car.

No. No, I'm sorry.

No! I gave him..!

Hey, Orin, you're early.

- I'm early?
- Hi, Betty.

Yeah, you're early.

You son of a...


It's for you.


Yes. It is.

Uh, where?

I don't know, honey, but...

I can't tell yet,

but you got to do something so
he doesn't have power over you.

I just can't, Pam.

It's me.

I got to quit having babies myself.

She's got an 18-gauge I.V.
with a thousand L.R.

Okay, we only got about four minutes.

Let's give her a 50 demerol I.V. push now.

Okay, we gotta get that baby out now.

How are you feeling, sweetheart?
Do you still want the tubal ligation?

I know you signed the papers but are you
sure you know what you're getting into?

You'll be all right, honey.
They're gonna take good care of you.

- Don't leave me. No!
- The waiting room's out there.

No, Pam!
This is going to be my last baby. No!

Look, why don't you just stay here,
down there, come on.

Come on. Let's go.
Let's go.

We got to get this baby out now.

Let me get this out of here.

You're a great help.

It's a good thing you are a little tired
and you came in after safety pins.

How's that? Good fit?
Is it your size?

You need to put this on.

You ready?

- Towel.
- Towel.

We're going to make
our incision right there.

Pitocin running?

I want the pitocin
running wide open.

We're losing the baby here.

Let's get him out of here.

No. I'm staying.

Let's go.
She's a fainter.

- Get her out of here.
- Keep your mask on.

Thank you.

Cut here.

Hey, Pammy.

You know, no one has ever
been in here with me, ever.



How you doing?

You ain't going to feel
any more pain any longer.

You're going to see.

Okay. Table down.

We're doing fine.

We're doing just fine.

Any minute now.

I'm glad you're here.

Okay, baby's out.

Baby boy.

You did it!

It's not too late to change
your mind about the tubal ligation.

Just do it.

- Lily, you're sure?
- Yeah, just do it.

- Just do it.
- Do it.

Oh, God.

Oh, look.

Look, look!

Hi. Pam, Sean, and Emily
aren't in right now

but leave a message at the beep.

Hey, pick up the phone.

- Hey, pick up the phone!
Hold on tight.

Hold on. There you go.

You ain't going to get away with it.
Answer the damn phone!

They took my car.

They beat me up.
Th beat me up.

You think you got me when
I wasn't looking right, Pam?

Well, you self-righteous bitch.

You and that pencil-neck
you got for a husband.

They took my money.

They took the money
I got for the new baby.

I had a whole carton of cigarettes
in that car, right? In the glove box.

Hey, you better fix this.

Let's see his face.

Turn him this way.

Look at that.
That's your little brother.

Look at them-- all those
funny people out there.

I think more like a linebacker.

Look at him...
Look at the hands.

- Hey, you got my wife here?
- I'm sorry?

- Ward. Mr. Ward's wife.
- Mrs. Lily Ward.

- Are you a relative?
- Am I a relative?

Mr. Ward is the father.

Can you see the baby?
Say "baby."

- Can you say "baby"?
- Can you say "baby"?

- I can't do this.
- Just hold her no matter what.

- You need any help?
- Maybe.

Next time you use my phone
to spew your self-pity

I'll slap you with a restraining order
so fast your head's gonna spin.

- Just a minute.
- I don't know where he finds guys like you.

- I guess everybody's gotta make a living.
- I'm taking back my kids.

All right?
Emily and the baby.

And you and your cheapskate
friend can kiss--

- I don't think so.
- Mr. Ward is well within

the six-month probationary period

and is prepared to charge
you with kidnapping.

My attorneys are getting
a court order right now

We're through being
manipulated by this guy.

We'll get at least temporary custody,
and I'm gonna hold out

and I'm gonna sue you for harassment
and whatever else I can find.

And since you don't have
any money I'll be happy to include

anyone else who's helping him.

I don't think that's a very
constructive attitude.

The law didn't anticipate
guys like this using babies

to compensate for the fact
that they can't keep it together.

All right, so sue me.
I'm going down and I'm taking my kids.

- You want me to call hospital security?
- Yeah!

Go ahead.
Call hospital security.

Go on. Call them.
Now, go on. Call for security.

Would you like me
to call for hospital security?

Call them, go on.
You're supposed to fix this for me.

We're in a complicated
situation right now.

- You said you'd get police.
- I know, Gary. Just a minute.


You have a beautiful baby boy.

Right, and yeah,
you're just gonna take him too, right?

Before you do anything, Gary,
wouldn't you like to see Lily?

Well, I see we got us another lawyer.

Yeah. He's useless.

Right, but we're going
to get our babies back.

- Don't worry about it.
- What's his name, Gary?

I don't know.
Put anything.

There's a lot of names.
We just got to pick one, right?

Before we give him away, you mean?

And then think we ain't
and then maybe we do.



Aw, Gary, you know what.

Ain't it something about us
having all them pretty babies

and then we don't even keep...

We ain't got a single one of them?

Yeah, well, we're gonna.

- We're gonna.
- No, we ain't...

'Cause I got myself fixed, Gary.

What do you mean fixed?

I mean I can't have me no more babies.

I just can't do it no more.

Well, what,
did Pam make you do this, right?

What are you, her dog?

No. I... I ain't her...

You listen to me 'cause
I did this for myself.


I did this by myself.

I cannot keep having babies

that I neither keep nor take care of,

Don't, Gary. No.

Don't, Gary. No.

I ain't playing, okay?

I ain't playing.

I did this. It's done.

And there ain't nothing
you can do about it.

Hey, you had no right to do
that without talking to me.

We don't have no right to keep doing this.

Okay? Those babies...

They don't have a chance, you know?

For them.

They can't help us none.

They can't.
They're just little babies.

How they gonna help us
figure out how to get along?

You know the best thing
we can do for them, Gary?

The best thing

is to give them to somebody

who's gonna give them
a chance in this life.

You know, I'd give them anything I had.

I'd give them anything I had,
but I ain't got nothing.

I ain't got nothing.

I need to talk to my little girl.

It's all right.

It's all right, isn't it, Gary?

Emmy, you want to go for a walk?

Well, come on.
We'll go for a walk.

- You want to play horsey-horsey?
- Hmm?

Horsey-horsey. Up.



I'm still your dad.

But I'm an old broken daddy, all right?

You're going to get a brand-new
daddy that works, okay?

He works real good.
He don't fix.

And he's going to buy you a mockingbird...

And a horse and cart,
and a diamond ring...


you help me out, all right?

And you just decide what are you gonna do.


Hey, how's my son?

He's beautiful.

Oh, he looks like me, huh?

There's some resemblance.

Maybe you'll keep me in mind, then.

- Going someplace!
- He's going someplace.

That's our girl!