Broken Law (2020) - full transcript

This is a story about a guard named Dave Connolly whose loyalty to the law gets tested by his younger brother Joe who has a criminal background and in desperate need of his brother's help. Being the older brother, Dave feels a sense of obligation and decides to help Joe, however, during that process, he meets and falls in love with a girl named Amia, who happens to be the victim of his brother's previous crime. In order for this whirlwind romance to work, Dave must keep their relationship a secret. So, not only is Dave's loyalty to the law tested but his loyalty toward his brother is also called into question. Over the following couple of weeks as Dave's little white lies begin to unravel he is about to discover that you can break the law and possibly get away with it but you can never break the law of attraction and no matter how hard or fast you run, karma will always catch up with you.

All right,
Where are you?

Where are you?

All right yeah, nah
I'm coming up there now

Look at this cunt.
Look at the walk on him.

The 'Joy walk, what.

I think he's looking well
though, Looking healthy,

he's lifting.

Look at this shitebag.

Jesus, nice fucking bus, mate.

You cheeky bollocks,
it gets me from A to B.

- Serious question though.
- What's up.

Did you take it up the hole?

You'd like to hear all about it,

wouldn't ya, you dirty fucker.

Get up out of that.

So Charlie Manson, what's
it like being a free man?

It's liberating mate,
liberating, yeah.

You were saying
you have a bit of a

job going on, a
few quid and that?

Hey, listen, we'll have
a chat about that later

we're going to get you
proper smashed tonight.

No, no no.

What? I'm not taking
no for an answer,

get that into you.

You two fuckers have been on the

session all day haven't you?

Damn right bro.

Fuck it, let's go. Demons.

Let's get the fuck out of here.

Let's get some fucking
weed in you, man.

The sesh awaits us lads!

Hey Joey,
meet Pete by the way.

Pete's old fells ran
Doyler's Gym back in the day,

didn't make much of a boxer
out of the cunt though.

- Go way out of that.
- Hell, you can't even throw a slap.

All right pal?

How are you getting on?

Hanging out with
this fucking maniac

All good, all good,
You know yourself.

Here, get that into ya.

You'll be Moonwalking
to Daniel O'Donnell.

I'm good mate, I'm good,

I'm not sniffing tonight
mate, there's no way.

I'm giving you a fucking
olive branch mate

- get that fucking-
- I appreciate it mate

- Don't fucking insult me!
- I can't be doing it.

It's a red light,
just fucking do it

You really are taking it
up the hole aren't ya?

Get it into you for fuck's sake.

Ah ya bastards

Welcome home

Joey Coco.

It's been a fucking while man.

That is lovely boys, I
have to say that it lovely.

Let's get this
session going bro.

Look at this cunt,
milling the bag.

Told you, Dr. Wallace
would look after you.

You're making him all red now.

Joey Coco is back boys!

Wallace will look after you
bro, Wallace will look after ya

Here, girls. I'm
looking for erections.

- All right
- Where are you going?

Where are you going's
more important

Yeah I've got a sad story,

he's just got out of prison

I did yeah, me mot left
me while I was in there

- How are you doing, Joe.
- So what do you want us to do about it?

Whats the chances of
getting in the back

and giving him a blowy?

Fuck off.

So what are you
looking for here?

These look a bit pricey.

No harm in looking.

The rent I'm paying on my place,

I might as well be
paying a mortgage.

I suppose

Swap over for few minutes

I'm telling you, you
should do what I did.

Get yourself a missus
with a good job.

How do you thing me and Caroline
are getting away with it?

Only four months ago we
were living with her mother

Nearly drove me to
drink that woman.


Did I ever tell
you about the time

the mother walked in on us?

Me riding the hole off her.

No, I think you
spared me that one.


I could of swore
I told you that.

Ah here, what was that?

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Right, We'll get after it.

Afternoon, guard. I know
what you're going to say.

Switch the engine
off there please.

Can I see your driver's license?

Where are you going
in such a hurry?

No place in particular.

Just out for a drive

You do know there's
primary school, about

two kilometers from
here and that the

kids will be getting out soon.

That's good to know.

You might also
see a white cross,

if you're driving
slow enough that is.

You get the picture.

Have you been drinking or
taking an illegal substance?

Absolutely not.

What kind of an
accusation is that?

Okay, calm down nobody's
accusing you of anything.

What's your name and your ID?

I'm just about sick
of this pestering,

wasting my time and yours.

Of course, you've probably
nothing better to be doing.

Okay, Ms. Lynch,

I'm going to need you to
give me the keys to your car.

Are you having a laugh?

Do I look like I'm joking?

Thank you.

Now just relax and I'll
be back in a moment.

For fuck's sake. I'm fucked.

Okay, Ms. Lynch, I'm going to
need to sample your breath.

Do you mind explaining yourself?

There's six months salary here.

All I need is your name.

May I see that
check for a second.

Just your name is missing,

and we need never
speak of this again.

David Connolly.

Ms. Lynch, you're under
arrest for attempted bribery.

This check will be entered
as evidence of the charge.

For fuck's sake.

Are you fucking kidding me?

I need you to step
out the car and

accompany me to the station.

And no time
off for good behaviour?

Whoever he was, he
must of had it coming.

Yeah, you could say that.

Oi! You pissing on my gate!

Get out of that you dirty tramp!

- What you fucking call me?
- Here we go.

Come down here and
say it to my face.

Yeah, thought so
you fucking windbag.

Go back to fucking Offaly.

He's a fucking headbanger man.

Oi, what's this
gig he's on about

Here, stall it. Come
here for a minute.

Come here, Joey. Come
here for a minute, son.

What's up?

Joe, you're one of the most
trustworthy fellas I know.

I knew it, I knew
it, it sounds dodgy.

Like what the fuck, just
be straight with me man.

Just hear me out man.

At the end of the day,
we're fucking broke.

We're fucking broke as
the Ten Commandments.

Tell him, this
lads barely getting

two days a week on the site,

Fuck off.

and I'm bleeding living
on me Ma's couch.

- It's hard times man-
- Fuck that though bro!

You know what I
mean? Look around.

There's nothing in this
country for lads like us.

For lads with criminal records,
do you know what I mean

I knew it. I fucking
took one look at yous,

I knew this was
going to be dodgy

Joey, bro, come on.

I'm trying to keep my head down,

I'm only just out the
fucking door boys.

- Just listen to him
- Can you hear me out bro

Let's get this job
done right, we'll

have a bit of spare
change in our back pocket

and get the fuck out of Dodge.

What'd you say?

Look at him! Useless he
is like a bag of shite

Get that in ya bro.
Come back to life.

Here's to your health
bro, to your health

I love you bro

Happy returns.

Ah, fuck, man. We missed you.

Missed you too bro.

Look at you, you fucking
handsome bastard, there.

Check this one out.

I'm going to get up
there mate, I love ya

Back in a minute.

Sweet mother of divine Jesus.

- How does that feel?
- Fine, yeah its good.

Get up, you horny bastard, yeah.

fuck off mate I'm
kind of busy in here.

Give her one from me!

I'm losing it now.

Come here, we're
heading off now, yeah.

We'll see you in the morning.

Yeah, go on, yeah. I'll
see in the morning. Yeah.

You better be
fucking there, yeah?

Right, go on.

You all right? Sorry about that

There's a wrong way,

and there's the way
you're fucking do it here.

You don't put your
hand on me bro.

I wasn't giving
you confrontation.

- I said good night. Now fuck off.
- Just, shake me hand

Ah shake me hand mate

That's that so, good night.

All right? Think you're
a hard man do you?

Whoa what's the
fucking story boys?

What is the story?

I don't know you and
you don't know me.

Easy does it, yeah?

Don't put your hands up near me.

What's your fucking
problem mate?

Don't fucking smile at me.

I can't help, but smile,
what's wrong with you?

You don't fucking scare me,
you think you're a hard man?

Easy, what the fuck's
your problem, and what's

going on with his face as well?

The fucking size of ya.
You don't scare me, man.

You and my fucking misses,
look at this size of him.

Was that your missus, was it?

All right calm down there
mate and I know what

you're mad about, I get it.

You know what I mean?

I took good care of her bro.

You know what I mean? I took
good fucking care of her

Why don't you just
suck him off there,

and make him feel better,
how'd you feel about that, bro?

You're not so fucking
hard now, are you?


You're fucking breathing, yeah?

You're a hard man now, are you?

Oh, yas cunts..

You touch my woman,
you fucking cunt.

Oi! What the fuck!

Jesus Christ.

Look at the fucking
state of you.

Ah, fuck

Here, slow moves, chill out.

Jesus Christ, the end
of me fucking shift.

He hit me with a fucking
crowbar or something man.

The boy's are here,

we'll be here all fucking night.


What's going on here?

The boy got a bit of a hiding
in the yard this evening.

Do you know this man?

So, you're out then?

So I'm out then,

and it's no thanks
to you either.

Does Mam know you're out?

What the fuck are you
playing at there tonight?


the guards wouldn't ask me
a question like that now.

I see you never lost your
sense of humor, anyway.

I thought they might
have beat some of that

attitude out of you inside.

What was that?

You heard me.

Couch there, you can
throw yourself on.

I'll get you a pillow and
a blanket or something.

It's seven o'clock good morning,

I'm Ellen Butler. Almost 6500-

adults were recorded homeless in

Ireland in the month of June.

The Department of Housing
figures also reveal

that 107 adults are homeless
here in the Midlands...

Dave, hi

- Well Mum
- Good

Did you got any post?

Post? Oh, I did, the invitation.

Yeah, they said the
Chief Superintendent

is going to be there

Well that's no surprise.

Always ready for a
photo opportunity.

Well, you've got two weeks
to find yourself a new dress.

Hmm, indeed

They want me to say a few words.

Oh, that's lovely, your
dad would be proud.

It's real, don't worry.

I know Mrs Smith



So, there you go.

Will there be anything else?

Next please.

How can I help you?

I'd like to apply
for a personal loan.

Okay, you know you can
do that online now?

Oh yeah, well I was
just in the area,

so I said I'd pop in.

Okay, what's your
account number?

This is my account number and
the, anything you might need

Oh wow, you came prepared.

Oh sorry.

Jesus, don't be sorry.

I wish all of our
customers were like you.

So it says here you
work as a guard?

Is that still the case?

Yeah, it is.

Okay, let me just get you
some forms to fill out.

Okay, grand.


so you can just fill these
out and come back to me,

there's a place over there
and there's a pen also.

Okay thanks.

Oh, sorry.

Thank you.

Next please.

Everyone get the fuck down.

Down, down. Everybody down.

Get the fuck down, get
the fuck out of my way.

Stay down, open
the door. Hurry up.

Don't even fucking
look at me. Down.

I swear to God. You
fucking test me...

I'll put a bullet
in your brains.

No one try nothin.

Are ya crying?

Hurry up!

Keep crying. Test me. Test me.

Where's the fucking rest of it?

- In the safe
- Go and get it! Get in there.

Get that money will ya.

Don't fucking look at
me. Keep an eye on them.

Stay the fuck down,
don't fucking move.

don't fucking move.

What the fuck is that?

What the fuck is... Fucking.

I'll blow your fucking head off.

Trying to record
me were ya? Yeah.

Go on, I dare you. I fucking
dare you. What the fuck?

The cheek of you. Try that
again. Try that again.

Come on. Ah, fuck.

Okay everyone relax. Okay.

Everyone stay down, I'm a guard.

Just everyone relax.

Go, go.

Put the gun down, put the
gun down and let her go.

Back off man.

- Let her go.
- You fucking put your gun down.

Put the gun down and let her go.

- You're not going to shoot me
- Let her go!

You are not going
to fucking shoot me!

You okay?

Some lad nearly gave me
a fucking heart attack.

Came up at me from behind.

Where the fuck is he going?

Jesus Christ.

Put it down!

Put it down now!

Fucking bastard.

That's not clear ID lads.

Camera quality is shit.

Should've been
upgraded years ago.

Yeah. And not one operational
camera on the street either,

surprised that spot
wasn't hit sooner.

Are you sure you're okay?

Yeah. I'm fine,
you saw yourself?

So, just run it by me again?

You know you, you said
you left the center

What happened after that?

Yeah, I, I gave chase to him

for a couple of streets

and yeah, I got down

the end of one of them and yeah,

he just went over the fence.

Sorry lads,


Yeah, speaking.

Yeah, absolutely, yeah.

Look lads, I have to
take this, all right?

So you just get yourself home.

We'll go through
this again tomorrow.


All right.

Well done lads.





Get the fuck...

Get the fuck up

Get the fuck up and
clean this up too.




Look, I know I shouldn't have,

but it was my first
time having a drink

since I got out,

We're fucking taking this back.

How are you going to do that?

Get the fuck out of my way.

And clean up this shit after ya!

I have to head into work.

I'll be back in the afternoon.

If you're stuck for
something to wear,

I'll leave a few bits
on the couch for you.


It's risky.

You holding me here like this.

Look, it's just till
we sort something.

Leave your phone off, all right?

If you need me use the landline.

Joe, don't make me regret this.


I don't want the Ma to
know anything about this.

Yeah, obviously.


You in?

Yes I'm here.

You having a cup?

No I just had a cup,
kettle's boiled.

You look awful.

Yeah, it's been a
bit of a mental week.

You're running yourself
into the ground,

You're going to make
yourself sick, you know that?

You still drinking
this fake milk shite?

It all tastes the
same after a while.

Any news on the place?

No, not yet, still looking.

I don't know why you're
paying rent across the way.

When you can be upstairs in
your bedroom, saving money.

I'm not moving back in with you.

I just need to find
myself a rich woman.

You need to find
yourself a social life,

working all the hours
that God gave you.

It's ridiculous, David.
Absolutely ridiculous.

I need the overtime

"Overtime" Where did I
hear that one before.

I hear the credit center
was robbed yesterday.

Look you know I can't say
much about that at the moment.

I know, I know.

You all right? You seem
in bit of a weird mood.

It's Joseph.

What about him?

I haven't heard from
him since he came out.

Have you called him?

Can you just-

I don't have time to be
dealing with his problems.

Look, you are his older brother.

The least you could
do is try and help.

I'm done trying to
straighten him out.

If you want to mollycoddle him
all your life then go ahead.

Okay. But it's about time.

He grew up and started
treating people with respect.

Jesus. Where is
this coming from?

Where's it coming from?

My father's legacy.

Our name has been
dragged through the dirt

and you don't seem to care.

I'm fucking sick of it.


And what the fuck
happened to him?

Why did he go off
the rails like that?

I don't know,
David. I don't know!

Why does anybody
go off the rails?

Look, I'm busy, I
have things to do.


I'm the one who has
to do all the work,

you just sit there...

I don't want to
talk about it anymore.

Fuck it. I'll talk to
you at home about this.

Is everything okay?

Yeah, I'm sorry, I'm
here to make a statement.

Do you know who you were
supposed to be talking to?

Wait, you're the
guard that almost

got me fucking killed yesterday.

What the hell were you thinking?

I don't know, I was just-

You were just what?

Trying to be a big fucking hero?

You almost got my
head blown off.

Hey hey hey folks, folks.

Keep it down.

What's going on?

No, this guy-this guard almost

got my head blown off yesterday.

Madam, madam, would you just-

Trying to save me,
big fucking hero.

Would you step into my office.

I'll be within one second.

I'm sorry.

You're fucking sorry,
are you fucking joking?

Madam, madam, office please.

So I'll be within
one second all right?

Dave, the fucks going on
here? You look like shit.


- Where are you going?
- I have to go see Byrne.

Take a look at that.

Tell me what you see.

Would it pass?

You'd have me.

Look's the part doesn't it.


Popping up all over the country.

Nobody knows where from.

What a fucking headache.

Anyway. How are you?

You look like you
didn't get much sleep.

I'll survive.

Jesus what we were thinking.

You could have got
everyone killed.

I wasn't really, it just,

it all kind of happened so fast.

You know?

Aye, well,

We don't fancy losing you.

Like we lost your father.

You know what Dave?

We're not the most
popular profession

in the world right now.

And for good reason.

When I first started here,

with your father in fact,

Jesus we were so
wet behind the ears.

we thought we could
just stroll up the town

in our uniform and everyone
would just jump into line.

How naive we were.

Look, David, I want you
to do me a favor, right?

Now, Amia, if you want
to go up to reception

I'll be with you in
two minutes, all right.

You all right? You're
looking a bit pale.

Yeah I've had better days.

Okay, I have to
drop this lady home.

Will you stick around I need
to ask you a few questions?

No chance.

I was just chatting
to Byrne there.

All right, fair enough.

How is she anyway?

She's grand, I think she's just

regretting the outburst
earlier you know.

Look, I'm heading off home now,

I can drop her
off along the way.

If you want, save you the trip.

I don't know if
that's a good idea.

Look, I kind of want to
apologize to her properly anyway.


You okay?

Excuse me, there's no
need to break the window.

Ah, Mrs Connolly, how are
you, you're looking well.

I'm Wallace, I'm Joe's
friend, I was just calling-

Joe? Where is he?

What do you mean, where is he?

Have you seen him?

Is he not here?

No, he's not here.

Don't fucking lie to me, you.

I told you, he's not here.

Where the fuck-don't
you fucking lie to me

Where is he?

I don't know where he is?

You don't know where he is?

No I don't.

If you're lying to me, I'll
come back with a knife,

I'll stick it up your throat

and I'll cut your head
off, do you understand?

I'll be the last
face you ever see.

Understand? Say yes.


Look, I'm really sorry.

No, no, no, I'm sorry

For what?

Going off on you earlier.

No, look, what I did
yesterday was stupid.

I could've got somebody killed.

Well, you didn't.

Look, it's probably
none of my business

but that guy at the
barracks earlier

Oh, that.

We were arguing about money.

Look, you don't
have to explain it.

No, no, no. I know I don't.

I had a gun to my
head and all he's

worried about is how much
compensation we'd get.

It looks like you're pretty
well set up here anyway.

Look's that way.

Look, anyway, if you
need anything at all,

you know where I am,

I'm Dave, by the way.

I know.

Look, take care.


Hey ma.

Joesph, thank god.

Sorry Ma, I've been meaning
to call you since I got out.

Where are you?

I've been worried sick.

Just been at a friends, you know

to just to clear my
head and that, you know,

Ma, you there?

Joe, somebody called by
earlier on, looking for you

He wouldn't believe me

when I said I didn't
know where you were.

Don't worry about him, did
you let him in the house?

Of course I didn't. Who is he?

Don't worry about him,
he's just some eejit

I used to know.

I'm really worried Joe.

Please, come home.

I know, I will, I
just need a little bit

of time with that, you know?

Look Ma, I have
to go, all right?

I love you and that,
all right? Bye.

Yeah, what's up?
Seen that cunt yet?

Right keep your eyes
and ears peeled,

You hear me, and ring
me back straight away.

Right, go on.

How'd you know she's not lying?

She's not.

Sure, he was asking
me where he was

before I got the
chance to ask her.

The little prick is looking
at me texts and all.

Most trustworthy
person you know?

Jesus fucking Christ I
need my head examined.

He better surface.

Yeah, he will. And when
he does I'm going to

bury him below the
surface, now rack them up.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

There's a bleeding ball
missing you fucking thicky.

Don't be giving me them looks.

Following a
report of an incident

in Newtown place on Tuesday.

Some CCTV footage
of the attempted

robbery has been released online

and is now going
viral on social media.

In the video released on
the Irish times website.

We can see an off-duty
member of An Garda Síochána,

David Connolly, risking his
life to prevent the theft.



How are you?

Yeah, I'm not that great.

I'll be honest I thought it'd be

the last person
you'd want to see.

I know, I just, I didn't
know who else to talk to.

You have trouble sleeping too?

Yeah. I just keep replaying
it over and over my head.


Yeah, I was the same.

How are you now?


Ah, fuck.

Sorry, this is wrong.

Yeah, no, this is a bad idea.

I should bring you home.

I don't want to go home.


What are you smoking?

Look, I can flush, flush it if

you want me to,


I can tempt you?


You're telling me,
never in your life,

have you smoked a joint?

No, not even a cigarette.

No way.

I knew you were a dry shite

but you're actually
fucking tragic.

Give me that back.

How the fuck are
we related, mate?

What do you call
that stuff anyway?

Mean green,

the guard killing machine.

I think we've a lot of
that in the station.

fuck off.

- Yeah.
- You're joking me.


What? Like, evidence lock-up?

- Yeah.
- Oh, you swine

Yeah, there's all
kinds of shit in there.

Jesus, you might come
in useful yet, brother.

You'd have a field day in there.

I wouldn't last one
night, I'd self destruct.

What happened that time?

With your man.

What time are you on about?

The time you left your man in
the hospital for two months.

Don't go killing me
fucking buzz now, copper.

What's this shite
you have on here?

Don't touch that man,
leave that track on

- Leave that tune on
- You've had your chance now, though. Let me see here

Jesus, typical guard, no taste.

Oh, me trousers! I have to
wear this to work tomorrow.

I hope they can fucking smell
it on you in the station.

This is fucking...
oh, Damo Dempsey.

Who are you trying
to fucking kid.

You don't listen
to Damo Dempsey.

You hadn't even heard
of Damian Dempsey

until I introduced you
to him, you little prick.

That's actually fucking true!

Fair play to you.

You have done one or
two good things for me.

Oh, tune

Give me that.

Never gets old.

Oh Damo

C'mon, give that over here,

No, you've had enough.

Man, I'll fucking arrest
you for possession.

You're a guard and all.
Look at the head on ya.

Oh Jesus Christ.

You don't look so good.

You know drugs are illegal, bro?

Fuck you.

Here, do you want
another hit off of that?

Get that fucking
shit away from me.

Go on, It'll make
you feel better bro.

Oh my God.

What have you done to me?

That's some of the finest sticky

you're going to smoke man.

You all right?

Oh fuck, stop.

Stop it, oh fuck.

Oh fuck.

What's up with you now.

I forgot I've got a friend
coming around in a while.


Any chance you can
make yourself scarce?

Where am I supposed to go?

I don't know.

Just think of something.

I'll go fishing.

How's that sound?

Have we any food?

You're a disgrace.

What are you thinking about?

I'm just a horrible person.


Because I'm married

and I'm in bed with you.

Yeah, but you're unhappy.

You know you've
told him, he knows.

Yes, but it doesn't
make it right.

Look, it's not
ideal for me either.

It's crazy we've only
known each other a week.

Yeah I know, it
feels like longer.

If the robbery
hadn't have happened

I would have never met you.

You okay?


What's wrong then?

Nothings wrong.

That's what's wrong.

Who are you stalking now?

Your Ma.

You're wasting your time man,

That Fucker's on
the beach somewhere

in Barbados, drinking tequila.

While we're drinking this shite.

Probably laughing his
bollocks off at us.

Yeah, well I'm going
to string hin up

by the bollocks when I
get him, wait and see.

What the fuck?

There's a video here.

What is it?

- It's us on CCTV bro!
- Fucks sake man.

You can notice your
fat head a mile away.

Yeah no shit Sherlock.

You can fucking see everything.

That's not good for us, man.

We're going to be all
over the internet.

I wanted to be done
with this shit.

David Connelly, son of
David Connelly senior,

who died in the line of
duty twenty years ago.

Sound familiar?

Amia, how are you?

Wait, what happened?

Did he hit you?


Yeah, just calm down.

Where are you now?

I'll come and get ya.

For fucks sake.

You nearly gave
me a heart attack.

Got a fright did you?

What kept you?

I forgot the fucking sugar.

Can't send you fuckin nowhere.

Here, take that.

What's in the bag?

Fuck off.

You said you only
wanted a coffee.

That was a fucking hour ago.

I'm feeling peckish now.

Tough shit.


Here, ya bollocks.

I knew you wouldn't forget me.

You know I love my chocolate.

So you keep saying

Jesus man, we're
like two pigs here,

scoping the joint.

Any still?

No sign of him yet.

How can we even be
sure Joe's here?

There's only one
way to find out.

Ah. Here.


Recognize her?

What, who the fuck is it?

Jesus Christ, man, you've a head

like a fucking sieve,
it's that woman

from the credit center.

Ah, fuck off.

I'm not messing. I scoped the

the place for three weeks

Are you fucking serious?

Definitely, 1000%.

What's the odds
she lives here too.

No man, sorry,

too much a coincidence.

All those bastards
are in there together.



Think about it.

How the fuck did
Joe's brother know

to be at that credit
center that day?

Hero, me bollocks.


- I've an idea.
- Which is?

Let's just say we can kill
two birds with one stone.

With the whol match
against Dundalk to follow

in two weeks after
the mid-season break.

Wonderful atmosphere.


Hey, it's Amia.

I'm here to see Dave.

Dave's not here love, sorry.

No I know, he's coming
here now though.

How are you?


You know Dave?

Yeah, I just-he's
coming here now.

- He told me to meet him here.
- He's on his way here now.


Crap-sorry. Come on
in then in that case.


Just straight through there.

Great, sorry, I hope
I'm not intruding.

No, I was just, you know,

chillaxing a bit -
have a seat there.

Oh, great.

Sorry about the mess.

No, no.

So you're Joe?

I'm Joe,

one and only.

He's told me loads about you.

Has he now yeah?
nothing bad I hope.

No, no, just like a little.

Well he's a guard so
he's a fucking liar,

you know, do you want a coffee

or something while
you're waiting?

No, no thanks.

You sure? Orange
juice or a water even?

Some water would be great,

Water? One water coming up.

So, are you two like
an item or what?

No. No, no, we're just
seeing each other.

Not very long actually.

Gotcha. Ah sure give it time.,

It might grow into true love
even with somebody like Dave.

You okay?

Yeah. No, its just your tattoo.

This one.

- Yeah.
- Do you like it?

You know I recognize
it-have we met before?

Don't think so no, I
would have remembered.

You sure, cause I've
definitely seen that somewhere.

I dunno.

It's, it's an original
design I got that years ago.

Looks nice though, doesn't it?

Are you okay?

You're Dave's brother.

Yeah, I'm Dave's brother, Joe.

Oh my god it was you.

What was me?

It was you at the credit
center, it was fucking you.

You had the gun to my head,

- I know that tattoo I saw it before.
- Calm down, just calm down.

Let me just explain
here for a second.

No seriously, please just
let me explain it to you

Come on, ah fuck!

Oh, you stupid fucking bastard.

Oh fuck.

No, no, no.

- Amia.
- Get the fuck away from me.

Where are you going?

I don't even know
who the fuck you are.

Amy what's wrong?

What's wrong.

Stay away from me or I'll
call the fucking Guards.

I didn't even fucking know
you were with her man.

Calm down, let me fucking
explain it to you.

Get off me. Fucking get off
me. Back the fuck off me.

Get off me you fucking prick.

Back the fuck up,

Who the fuck do
you think you are?

Go on, shoot me,
you fucking coward.

I fucking will shoot
you, I fucking will.

Do you think you're fucking
better than me or something?

With your fucking uniform on?

You haven't got a
fucking clue man.

I don't have a clue.

That's fucking rich
coming from you.

Our father's probably turning

in his fucking grave
because of you,

you fucking waster.

Our father was twice
as much of a fucking

scumbag as I am, open
your fucking eyes man.

What are you even talking about?

What am I talking about?

She hasn't told you, has she?

Told me what?

This is fucking unbelievable.
she hasn't fucking told him.

This is fucking commic
man, your da', my da'

was a fucking scumbag
who was on the take

with a smack dealer.

You're full of fucking shit.

I'm full of shit,
I'm full of shit,

mate everyone fucking
knows about it, except you.

He was caught with
his fucking pants down

during a fucking raid,
and those pigs that

you work for, they
fucking covered it up.

How do you feel now,
you fucking hero boy?

You're off your fucking head.

I'm off my fucking head, yeah.

Ask the ma, I'm fucking
sick of this, ask her!

I want you gone from here.

Get your shit and be gone
by the time I get back.

I fucking will be gone
when you get back!

You fucking prick.

Hey blondie, we're
looking for directions.

Where do you want directions to?

To my back boot.

Fuck off

Where you going,
don't go like that.

Here don't go like
that, I'm only messing.

Where are ya going?

Want a lift?


Jump in.

Fuck off.

- C'mon
- Fuck off

Get in.

I know you want to.

Mam where are you?

Is it true?

Is what true?

About dad?

It's true.

I'm sorry.

How the fuck could
you lie to me?

How could I lie?

I wasn't much older
than you are now.

And I lost my husband.

I had nothing

and nobody to turn to.

How could I

So that I could bring
up my two little boys.

What the fuck are
you looking at me for

You're making me nervous.

You're coming down off the coke.

That's what's wrong with you.

I need something, I
need fucking something.

Cause I can't think.

You want to take a
fucking Xanax and relax,

take this right here.

Don't knock these
people down, please.

Watch where you're
going will you.

Don't drive sussy now.

Will you fucking shut up, man!

Watch were you're
going, will you watch

where you're fucking
going in life

What the fuck are
you flipping for?

You're getting me
fucking nervous now.

You're getting me into
all sorts of shit.

What if she's not involved?

Well she fucking
is now all right?

Do you want to get
the money back? Do ya?

You want to get the
fucking money back?

I'm not used to this shit.

Yeah, well listen. She's
a part of the plan now

and the plan is to
get that money back.

So shut the fuck up will you.


Oh fuck, that's today.

Yeah, look there is there
any way we can reschedule?

I'm just up to my eyes
here, I don't know.

Right, okay.

Look I, I said I do
it so I'll do it.


I don't fucking like this man,

my dad will go spare
if he finds out.

Relax, we'll be out
of here in no time

You didn't fucking
need to hit her.

Shut the fuck up
you little pussy.

Where the fuck am I?

Stay the fuck down.

We're not kidnapping you.

We're just asking
you a few questions.

He threw me in the
fucking the boot.

It looks like kidnap to me.

Fair enough.

That was a bit over the top.

Who are you?

Nah, nah, nah, I'll be
asking the questions

Now, if you give me
truthful answers?

You can walk out that door.

And none of us will
try and stop you.


give me a big smile.

Good girl.

I don't usually like
blondes, but you're cute.

Hi Dave.

Yeah. Cliff. Nice to
meet you, how are you?

You all right?

Are you nervous?

Yeah, a bit.

Well don't be because
this is prerecorded.

It's not live.

So anything you feel
uncomfortable with

we can take it out at
the end, all right?

Just deep breaths,
relax into it.

Just me and you having
the chats, all right?

Forget about everybody in
the room, that's what I do.

All right. Do you
mind? Thank you.

Dean, is the mic okay there?

Okay, good to go.

Thank you.

Now you may recognize
the next guest

from the video that went viral

on social media during
the week, he's a member

of An Garda Síochána
who risked his life

at gunpoint in order
to prevent a credit

center robbery. But
there's more to this.

Man's extraordinary
story than meets the eye

because 20 years ago
to the day, in fact

his heroic father who
was also a member of

An Garda Síochána
tragically lost his life

in the line of duty.

And we're delighted
to have here today.

David Connelly, David,
you're very welcome along.

I have to ask you, first of all

how have you dealt with
the recent turn of events?

I mean, has it all sunk in yet?

No it's been, it's been
a bit mad to be honest.

Well, I have to say
I'm so sorry to hear

about your father's murder.

And we've been told a special

commemorative plaque has
been made in his honor

to mark his anniversary. You
must be very proud of him.

Oh yeah, of course.

Yeah. I was only 13 when
it happened, but yeah.

All my life growing up, I
wanted to be just like him.

Well if you don't mind me
saying, you have him so proud.

I'm not sure I would have shown

the same courage
in that situation.

I was just doing my job.

Oh fuck.

Fucks sake's Dave.

Did anybody ever tell
you you have lovely eyes?

I'll take that as a no,

Oh, here we are.

Well would you look who it is?

You've not been
answering my calls

I was beginning to think
you were avoiding me.

Why is she there?

Look, I don't care
what your reasons were

for doing what you did.

I just want that money back.

I'm might give you a share.

If you get it back to
me within the hour.

I don't fucking have the money.

The guards took it
back, you fucking dope.

Listen to me, you
little fucking cunt.

If you don't get the
money back to me.

I'm going to cut her
fucking head off.

Now, when I call you
back in a half an hour

and that story better change.

How are you for a guillotine?

What's your pin?


What's your fucking pin.

Four one's.

Here Pete, check that out.

Look at me.

Look at me,

we want straight answers.

What's your connection
to the Connelly brothers.

I told you,

I didn't even know
Dave's brother was there.

I didn't even know he was
involved in the robbery

Why were you at
the apartment then

To see Dave.

We're seeing each other.

No, no, no, I'm on
your profile here

and it says your married
here to Frank McNamara.

Explain your way out of that.

So you're fucking each other?

While Franks at home with
his dick in his hand?

Dirty little slag.

Is there's room for one
or two more, is there?

Oh go fuck yourself.


Yeah, go fuck yourself.

Say that again.

Say that again.

Sorry mate, sorry.

How are you guard?

Sorry, I need to
speak to Dave Conolly,

I'm his brother Joe.

He's not here.

You tried his mobile?

Yeah, of course
it's turned off man.

What is it, an emergency?
A family matter?

It just doesn't matter.

Do you know where he is?

He's out doing a TV interview.

Might explain his
phone being off.


fucking prick.


Ah, come on, come on.


You fucking thick cunt, you.

We done?

All right, Dean? okay.

Okay. Good to go.

- Yup.
- Dave, that was great there.

Fair play to you, very natural.

- Thank you so much.
- Yeah.

I have to go, keep in touch,
and mind yourself, alright?

Yeah, chat soon.

Can you take that? Great cheers.

Well done, David,
you were great.

We'll have the kids
queuing around the

blocks of Templemore
trying to get in.

Don't ever ask me to do
you another favor again?


I know all about my father.

Get the fuck out of my way.


What the fuck are we doing?

So, do you want kids?

Do you want Frank's kids?

Can Frank cum?

Don't fucking move.

Are you off your fucking
head or something?

Now it's kidnapping.

This is serious shit, man.

What? Like,
backstabbing your mates?

Well I wouldn't know
anything about that would I?

Where's your little
fucking sidekick then?

Joe, Joe!

Go on Pete!

What the fuck?

Give me that, Didn't
think I'd see that again.

Get up you piece of shit.

On your fucking knees,
ungrateful little bastard.

Joey Coco.

- Joe-
- It's okay.

Look at me, look
at me, look at me.

Jesus, Wallace.

Get up, Joey.

All that drink, all
that fucking drugs yeah?

He's getting us back, man.

You fucking bastard.

You broke me heart Joey.

How do you know her?

How do you fucking know her?

She goes out with
my brother I think.

Yeah. We know that, she was
at the robbery that day.

Wasn't she?

Mate, she wasn't involved
in the fucking robbery.

How would she be involved,
think about it for a second.

Fucking chill the beans man
I swear to fucking God ..

Oh, for fuck's sake. Wallace!

Get back!

Get the fuck on your feet.

Guys please stop.



You're going to
fucking kill him!

Shut the fuck up.

Now what?

Stay down! stay the fuck back.

Hello there.

Who's this?

Keep an eye on him.

I'm the reason you won't be
sleeping comfortable tonight.

You're Joe's friend.

Oh, friend would be a stretch.

What are you doing
with Amia's phone.

I'm here with your brother,

and Frank McNamara's wife, you
know Frank's wife I take it?

You're lying.

Say hello.

Dave what the fuck is going on?

Amia, what...

Where's our fucking money.

I hope you're not as
stubborn as your brother.

I'm starting to lose patience.

- What money?
- What?

What money are
you talking about?

Here, hold that,
put it on speaker.

Give me that.

Get up.

Get up, get the fuck up.

Tell him what I'm doing.
Tell him what I'm doing.

He has a fucking gun to my head

Wait, wait, don't-

I'm going to blow her fucking
head off, do you hear that-

Wallace! Wallace, man!
He's fucking talking.

Well, speak up!
Speak up! The fuck.

Look, I have it, I have
it. I have the money.

Ah, you do, you you? Get down,

of course you fucking do, yeah.

- Right, you listening?
- Yeah I'm listening

- You listening to me?
- Yeah I'm listening!

Meet me at the back
of the car park across

the old parking lot in
one hour and I swear

to God if you don't
have the money,

I'm going to kill
somebody, I swear to God.


Is it on?

It's on, yeah.

What's going on?

I thought you were off?

What's in the bag?

You shouldn't have
fucked us over man,

This is all on you Joe.

And now we wait.

Don't be going any notions now.

We don't want this
thing going off

accidentally on purpose.

You know what I mean?

You got yourselves
into this mess.

What do you need me for?

You're getting
your fucking money.

Extra insurance.

How we looking Pete?

I don't trust this, man.

Take a few deep breaths
bro, chill, relax.

For fuck's sake, where is he.

If I see more than one
car pulling in here

with him, I'm through that
fucking gate, Wallace.

Shut up, you, you whingebag,

you've my head melted

Fuck off.

Shit, here we are.

Is it him?

What does your
brother drive you?

- Dickhead!
- Its him.

- Are you sure?
- Yes I'm sure.

Right, its him, what do we do?

You'll do nothing,
just shut up and relax.

Have you got the money?

Yeah, I have it.

Are you alone?


Do you have a weapon?


Right, get the
fuck out of the car

Pete, go and check out the bag.


Yeah, you.

It's all there?

Yeah, it's all there.


You have your
money, let them go.

All right, come on, out you go.

Get out.

Get the fuck out.

Take it easy, man.

Look at this cunt.

You've some fucking
balls on you mate.

Think you can just
take our money?

Must run the family, what?

Wallace, we have
the cash, c'mon.

Nah, nah, he's not
getting away with this.

This cunt has caused us
some serious fucking hassle.


Scumbag pig.


You should have
gone with your dad.

Wallace, man! We have the
fucking money lets go!

Jesus fucking Christ!

Oh god, oh my god.

Oh shit.

Snap the fuck out
of it mate, C'mon!


Fucking bastards!

Keep him awake.

What the fuck?

No way.

He's wearing a fucking vest!

Oh my God.

Jesus. Get up, get up, get up!

You all right?

You don't want me to drive then?

No, I'm all right.

Some people grow up

idolizing different people
throughout their lives

whether it be football
or superheroes

or musicians or whatever, but

I always want it to
be like my father.

For some reason, I could
always admire him but

never fully relate to him.

I'll be honest.

It was only recently that
I really got to know him.

He's not just a heroic
story to me anymore.

He was a human being

with human needs
and human flaws.

And I think that's something
that we can all identify with.

We also

have a tendency
sometimes to overlook

the real heroes, the ones
who don't get the headlines

but who play just as an
important part in our lives.


I'm not

great at these things.

So I just want to thank everyone

for coming out and
remembering my father and,


That's me done.

Can the Connelly family join
us for a picture please.

And Richard, come on, join us.

You're a good friend.

believe these

criminals are
responsible for a large

number of counterfeit
bills in circulation

around the city over
the last few weeks.

Each note has a subtle
mark that can be identified

under an ultraviolet
light, and anyone who

is suspicious about the
source of their money

is encouraged to contact
their local guard immediately.