Broken Ghost (2017) - full transcript

Subtitles by explosiveskull

Get 'em!

- Hills.
- Yeah.


Oh, yeah.

A river!


You know? I think
your vision's getting better.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Then can I drive
for a bit?

Yeah. Nice try.

So we're almost there.

You want to swing
by the school and...

get your bearings for tomorrow?

No, I'll just get
my bearings in the morning.

- Imogen, I...
- Mom!




- Hey, hey!
- Hey.

- Made it.
- Yeah.

I'm a bit
behind schedule, sorry.



- Hello.
- Hey!

- How are you stranger?
- I'm good, Dad.

- How are you?
- Good.

- I'll get it.
- Yeah?



what have you been doing
for the last two days?


- Here we are.
- Oh.



- Good?
- Wow.


It looks great.


Let's get started
on the rest of the house.



- What do you think?
- It's amazing, Dad.

It's a really good, yeah.

Watch that step.

I met a guy
while I was walking.

Danny Chapman, he was fishing.

He's the local chief of police.

And he said that the last owner
was the artist.

Oh, so those are his sculptures.

- Mm-hm.
- I like them.


Hear that?

Raccoon. I think.

- Mating?
- Uh, maybe.

It's not a ghost.
There is no ghosts.

- I wouldn't care if there were.
- See? That's the spirit.

That's the spirit, man.
You get it?

Yeah. Okay.

Spirit, we got it.

- Thank you!
- Mm-hm.

I don't know
which one to look at.

- I don't either.
- C'mon.

You said you'd stop.

I know, I know. But...

I mean, it's over, right?
We're starting a new life.

What if she came down?


Christ! I've got you!

Jesus! What are you doing?

What the hell were you doing?

I was trying to open it.

- Why?
- To see where those angels go.


It's okay.

It's all right.

Oh, God!


- Where's the remote?
- Where did you put it?

I don't know. What...?

Hey, guys?

What's all the noise?

It's just
the TV's going crazy.

It's nothing to worry about.


Oh, my God.

Where's the remote?

Are you meeting someone?

Yeah, some kid
from the student council,

said to meet him on the grass.

- I'll wait with you.
- I'm okay.

I love you.

Hey, Jason! Jason!

Hey, my man!

Sup, dude?

Good, man. Good.

Hey, are you new here?


Need help?

I'm actually waiting
for someone.

I'm someone.



Why'd you move out here?

My mom bought a drugstore.

Cool. I like drugs.

I don't.

I was kidding!


So, what are you into?

I don't know.

Well, it was nice
talking to you.

Sorry, I'm just...

Too cool for me.

No, that's...

Just remember,
it pays to be nice.




Your book.
Grace. Sorry.



Hi. Sorry I'm late.

- I'm Eugene.
- Hi!

I'll take you
to your locker first.

Do you need to grab my arm?

Oh, no.
I just go slower on stairs.

All right.

So you're not scared?

No. It's beautiful.

You know,
if you overlook the quirks

and the lousy internet.

I always wanted to look inside.

I mean, not to be morbid
or anything. Just to...

I don't know, pay my respects.

Well, come on over
for dinner sometime.

Did you know the family at all?

Joanne came in here
before her MS got too bad.

That's when he started
coming in for her meds.

What was he like?

He seemed nice.

He didn't talk much.

You'd never guess
he was capable of...

well, you know.

So, Will's an artist, too?

- Yeah. Mm-hm.
- So cool.

Hey, Imogen.

That's not my name.

So why'd you answer to it?

I didn't.

So your mom
just got confused?

- Must be all the drugs.
- Fuck off!

Leave her alone, man.

She's weird.



You little bastard.

Why so hostile?

I want to be friends.

Can you just leave me alone?

See? You're doing it again.


Oh, Imogen, Imogen...

My name's Grace.

I changed it.


I never liked it.

What's the real reason?

Sorry I'm late.

- I had to get a new...
- It's okay, just go.


It's the only bar.

- Interesting.
- He's a good guy.

- Hello, Cath.
- Tony!

- Hello.
- Sam.

- A pleasure to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too.

Sam just bought
the drugstore.

Thought you'd want to offer her
a welcome drink.

We can do
one better than that.

How about a welcome dinner,
and we'll see where it takes us?

My place or yours?

I'm married.

I guess it'll be my place.

She moved
into the old farmhouse

on O'Hare.

definitely my place.

What can I get you?

Uh... tequila soda
with some lime, please.

Coming right up.

Grace, it's your first day,
for God's sake.

But it's already started.

And you are overreacting.

You look so different,
no one will ever know.

What's happened?

You called her Imogen.

I'm sorry. But I don't think
that he heard me.

No, he did.

He spent the whole day
calling me Imogen.


But it's just this one boy.

- Yeah, and when he finds out...
- He's not going to.

We cannot stay here.

- Imogen.
- It's fucking Grace!



What the fuck.


Yeah. Yep?


I'm sorry.
I should have explained.

- I should have warned you.
- Yeah.

I've moved Grace's things
to the other room, obviously.

- Good.
- And...

I think I've figured this out.

Now. If you look,

there are two alternatives
for him, right?

In the first one

they're at peace. You see?

And the girl...

the girl is happy, see?

The other future,

the one that he chose,
is madness and carnage.

See the way it leads
to the angels?

He is a good artist.
He is a really good artist.

He was a psycho.

Paint over it.

A shotgun? God!

I found it in the attic,
I'm taking it to the cops.

Hey. Hey!

Do you know
what day it is today?

I think I've got the bigger one.

Happy anniversary.

Happy anniversary.

You know, um...

I heard that they're setting up

an adult learning center
in town.

- Mm-hm.
- Cath mentioned it, and...

I just thought maybe
you could teach there.

You're a brilliant teacher.

I'm not a teacher anymore, Sam.

I don't want to teach.

The only reason I taught was
to help you finish your degree,

which I wanted to do, for you.

I know, I was just thinking
it might be nice

to have help with finances

- and that we could find a way...
- Oh, okay. Great. Yeah.

Okay, so you talked to Cath
about our family.

Did you speak to her about...

- Imogen?
- Yeah.

Did you call Imogen "Grace"?

Yes. Yes, I called her Grace.

Okay. It's not a silly question,

because Grace told me

about at school,
at home, in the car.

How hard is that to remember?

You were the one that came up
with the name Grace.

This is... important.

What are you doing?

Hey! No. Come here,
come here. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Oh, fuck!

I'm sorry, baby.
Now, look at me, please? Please.

I'm sorry.

No. It's just...

Come here. You cold?


That feels good.

I love you,
you know that?

I love you.

I love you, too.

These suckers
are driving me insane.

I am going to have to get traps.

You know, the bartender
tried to pick me up tonight?


Were you tempted?


It's okay.

We still have Viagra.

I'm just tired.

You know...

I keep having this fantasy.

A stranger,

from out of town...

is looking at me...

across a crowded room.

He nods.

And leaves.


I get up and follow him.

I get in my car.

And he gets in.

And he says: "Drive."

Then what happens?

I drive.





- Mom?
- Fuck!

There's someone
in the house.

Oh, fuck!

He's calling my name.
My old name.

Okay. Um...

Were you having a dream?

- No! I wasn't.
- Grace.

I swear,
there's someone in the house,

I wasn't dreaming.

Okay, I'll check it out.

All quiet in the Western front.

She's asleep,
so you can sleep in her bed.

Go away, Dad!

I'm not gonna hurt myself.

I know.

I wanted to make sure
you didn't get lost.

Dad, you know I have a better
sense of direction than you.

Yes, that's very true.

Your gran called.

Asked how you were.

Just tell her to stop sending
those stupid old pictures of me.

Why don't you give her a call
and tell her yourself?


Where are you going?

Don't know!


Be careful!

The bunker war
between the Montana chapters

of Bandito Nation and Black Dawn
appears to be over

as leaders from both gangs
met in Missoula last night.

The conflict was inflamed
by the reported disappearance

last month of two longtime
Black Dawn members.

Bandito Nation leaders continue
to claim no involvement.

News of the truce met
a guarded response from police,

who indicated an alliance bet...


You must be Grace?

- Yeah.
- You just missed her.

- Damn.
- That's okay.

I can take you home.


So why did you come here?

We wanted to move
to the country.

This place was going for cheap.

Do you know why?

some guy murdered the family.

It wasn't some guy.
It was the father.

He was about to make it big
before Joanne got sick.

He set up his studio in a room
in the house to be close to her.

How do you know that?

He told me.
But he couldn't work.

He had his wife
and a little girl

to take care of.

So why did he kill them?

I figured he blamed them.

What did he do?

One day,
he goes into Joe's Hardware,

buys a hunting knife,

goes straight home
and stabs them.

His daughter first,
right in front of Joanne.

- How old was she?
- Twelve.

Joanne is watching her baby die,

and her in a wheelchair,
just helpless.

Then he cuts her throat.

And hangs himself.

Not right away. Get this.

He stayed in that room
for a whole week.

He slept in that room,
right next to their bodies.

And then he hanged himself.

Which room?

Don't know.

I know.

So you want to come inside
for a second?

Maybe next time.

Hey, I didn't mean
to freak you out.

It's fine.

People are way scarier
than ghosts.

- Hey.
- Hello.

You okay?


She needs to go to school.

Yes, definitely.

Is this your new project?

- Mhm.
- Huh.

Are you copying the painting?

Well, I'm re-imagining it...

- in three dimensions.
- Hmm.

You hate it?

Is it a bit derivative?

And you wonder why
I can't perform.


The first time
in a long time

that I've felt inspired...

and you come in...

And it's my fault?

Well, you're not helping.

Sorry for asking questions.


- My God, that isn't funny!
- What?

Get rid of it.

I didn't put that there.

I don't want to go.

Well, you have to.
It's the law.

What about home schooling?

You want me
to quit my job?

No, but Dad's home
all the time. Maybe...

Working. I work.

I know,
but maybe you could just...

You're saying my work is ugly,

that it's not real work.

She didn't say that.

I'm consumed every minute
of every day.

I don't switch off
at five o'clock.

I still have to be a good Dad,

and I have to be a good husband.
And I want to be those things.

Grace, in the car.

I'll call you.

I'll be working
and then cooking.

Don't cook for me,
I'll be at Tony's.

You look great.

I'm sorry. I know
that you're going through a lot.

I just don't want...


it just sucks.


It sucks.

Should I make
a Skype appointment

for you to speak with Cassandra?

I don't need more therapy.

Send Dad.

Hey, Grace.

Where were you yesterday...


Did you hear me, Grace?

At the tone,
please record your message.

Come on, Will. Pick up.

This is pissing me off.

He's just being a baby!

If you need to go,
I can stay.


Screw him.

Need help?

I'm okay.

- Sorry, I thought...
- No, I... I know.

So, uh...

you hear about
the abandoned house

in Boulder River?

It's a bit of a hike
but totally worth it.

If you want, I could take you.

- You'd love it. The river is...
- I...

can't go.
It would just be a blur.

but if you change your mind...


You lose something?

Give it back.

- Excuse me?
- My iPad.


- Did you take it?
- No.

Yes, you did.
It was just right there!

I didn't take
your fucking iPad.

I've been nothing
but nice to you,

but for some reason,
you have it in for me.

You're a psycho.

Don't worry,
I'll get it back.


You want to go grab a drink?

I'm headed to the gym.

Good on you.




Did you knock on the door
and get back on your horse?


Um, here.

I thought you could use this.
It's my old one.

You can have it
until we find yours.



You know, I...

always wondered
what it's like inside.

He had a real...

death fixation.

I guess.

So your Dad paints too?

- Yeah.
- Is he famous?

No. I mean, he's sold stuff.


Can I see some?

Maybe another time.
He's working right now.

Sure. I've got homework
to do anyway.

So, I'll get out of your hair.

Hey, I know Brandon's giving you
a hard time.

He's a creep.


And if you want to go
to Boulder River, let me know.

We'll take Charlie.


My horse.


Another one.

Here you go.

Thank you.



Is that an invitation?


Did you enjoy my drink?

I figured one more
would take you over the limit.

So you're performing
a community service?

I'm going home.

Me too.

- Where's that?
- Calgary.

Keep driving.



Hey, I've got to go.



All right, I'm going.

All right, fuck you.
I'm leaving.






The radiator's cracked.

It's lost all the coolant.

What were you doing here?

I got lost.

Our place is the very next road.

I took a wrong turn.

Going to have to get it towed.


- Grab your stuff.
- Yeah.

What's this?

I don't know.

Have you got everything?




Yeah, I'm in here.

Just now, did you draw a hangman
on the bathroom mirror?


I've been here
since we got back.

Then it must be Imogen.

She's just trying
to mess with us

and get us
out of this house.

I don't know.


How did this hat
come to be near your car?

- You don't know?
- I don't know.

I don't know.

Hey, it's okay.

Oh, come on.

Don't worry, I'll sort it out.



We just wanted you to see.

Imogen, Imogen, Imogen.

You've got to see this.




Can I help you?

Oh, I'm just looking
for the owner of this truck.

That's me.

Excuse me.


I'm going to walk home today.

- Are you sure?
- I'll be fine, Dad.

Okay. Bye.



Oh, hey.
I can't find my key.

- It's okay. I've got it.
- Thanks.

We need to order
some more vitamins today.


Oh, shit.
The starter cash is gone.

And a whole lot of oxycodone.

I'm going to call the cops.


And then I got up
to go to the restroom

and I must have left
my bag on the table.

Who else was in the bar?

Not many people.
Tony, a couple of other guys.

They were there
the other night... Cath?

- Lui and George.
- Mm.

I'll have a word with them.

No, it wasn't them.

There was this one other guy
who was there,

and he kept looking at me.

Describe him.

I don't really remember.

- so dark in there.
- You don't remember

what he looked like?

All right.
Well, maybe Tony will.



- We need to find a new house.
- But...

- We're not in danger.
- What?

He's just trying to make
his presence known.

- He?
- And show us it's not Grace.

Are you listening
to what you're saying?

You just confirmed the presence
of a ghost in this house.

So do we...

We leave.

We're leaving.

We're leaving.

- No.
- I want to leave too.


You don't care at all
how we feel.

of course I care. Of course.

I moved halfway
across the country.

I gave up
that commission, remember?

- Yes, I remember that.
- Yeah.

We didn't know at the time

that this is what
it would be like.

Like what?

- No one's been hurt.
- Not yet.

I can't believe
I'm debating you on this.

if he wanted to hurt Grace,

he could have.
He went for the camera.

- He was protecting you.
- Protecting? Jesus.

I'm being logical.
There is no reason to go.

- And I'm doing my best work.
- Good for you.

You keep doing your best work.
We'll find a place in town.

In town? I thought you said
we we're leaving?

I just bought
the drug store.

We cannot afford
to move right now.

I hate this town!

Shut up!

You go and do
whatever you have to do.

I'm going to be working.

I hear you.

Come on!

Come on, Sarah,
you lost the dare.

What is it? Wait.

We've got to find Imogen.

- Get down.
- What?

I want to see.

Just walk in.
It's not like she can see.

Imogen! Imogen!

Imogen! Imogen! Imogen!

Where are you going today?

School's the other way,
you know.

The big blue building.

I know you're blind,
but you're not that blind.

I found your iPad.

I looked through
your Nana's holiday snaps.

I know you're albino.

And I did some web surfing.

I found your video.

Some people
are just such assholes.

What do you want?

What I've always wanted.

Just to be friends.

No cameras this time.
I'll keep this our secret.

Turns out Tony
has some security footage

for us to review together.

Oh, that's great.
From inside the bar?

Yeah, and outside.

Now a good time?

Yes. Let me just get my stuff.

Hey, Cath, I've got to go answer
some questions.

Did they find the guy?

I'm sorry. I didn't want
my husband to know. I've...

never done anything
like this before.

It was a stupid thing to do.

Do you know who he is?

You let a stranger
get into your car?

And then you drove off with him?

He was a trucker.

He said he was from Calgary.

Does it matter?

I don't want to press charges.

We need to release this footage.

No. Please.

You won't be identified.
We're only interested in him.

What did he do?




Grace, what the hell's wrong
with you?

I didn't do this.

- This is hours of work!
- I didn't do this!

Yes, you did.

- What are you doing home?
- Dad!

The video is up again.

It's not.
I've been checking every day.

I've been checking. It's not up.

It is. He found it.

- Jesus Christ.
- We have to move.

we don't have to move.

You just deny it.

He recognized me.
He'll tell everyone.

- And did you admit it?
- I didn't have to.

Then you deny it, Grace.

Dad, we have to move!

Grace, where will go,
fucking Mars?

This will follow us everywhere.

I don't know!
We just keep moving.

Listen, you were stupid
enough to screw around.

Now you have to live with that.
We all have to live with that.


How was work?


- You?
- Good. Fine. Yeah.

I think our ghost
likes the news channel.

Who likes news?

- Oh.
- Mm.

Did you do any house hunting?

No. Why?

Did you change your mind?


Is the car running okay?

Yes, good as new.

I need to do homework.

Grace, if you're scared,
I can...

- I'm not scared.
- Grace.

Um, I...

I'll get the clip down.

And I'm very sorry
for the way I spoke to you.

My name is Imogen Day.


a video went up of me online.

And, um...

I tried to start over.

But it's a sick fucking world.

So, uh...

to everyone who has tortured me
for this past year...

you won.

I hope you're happy.

Grace, come on.
We're going to be late.

What have you done?

I wanted to look like me again.

I thought the point

was that you didn't want
to look like you?

I don't care anymore.

what if the video's up?

Well, fuck them.

I didn't do anything wrong.

They can all just go to hell.

Abandoned house tonight
at seven, okay?

You okay?




You look amazing.

...were leaked online.

Mayor Larson questioned
the timing of the revelations

that appear a month out
from county elections.

She defended the record
of this administration

and its effort...

Police have confirmed

the man pictured is Jason Adair,

former stand-over man
and convicted felon,

seen here talking to a local
outside Tony's Bar.

Adair is wanted for his part
in the killing of three members

of the Black Dawn
motorcycle gang in March.

And was, in fact,
believed to be dead

or in deep hiding until this...

Never going to be
afraid again.

Never going to be ashamed.

Never going to let them
get away with it.

Because if you do...

they'll just fuck you over
again and again.

And it's not fair.

You just have to stop them.

You ready to come inside?

Not yet.

Are you scared?

My house is scarier.


if I do this,
you promise to leave me alone?

I promise.

You haven't told
anyone else about me?


You swear?

I swear.

You fucking liar.


You told Eugene.

You're both fucking liars!


So I told Eugene.

But that's it.

If you want to keep it
that way...

- I don't care.
- Hey!

Hey, don't be stupid.

Come here.

Ah! Fuck!

You want to rape me?

You better just kill me first.

You have a death wish?


You're crazy.
You can't even see me.

I can smell you.






Who the fuck are you?

You fucking pigs.

what is your emergency?


...and convicted felon.

- Oh my God.
- Seen talking

to a local outside Tony's Bar.

Who is he with?

...Adair is wanted
for his part

in the killing of three members

of the Black Dawn
motorcycle gang in March.

Adair reportedly has
a contract out on him,

and was, in fact, believed
to be dead or in deep hiding

until this video surfaced.

If I could get closer,
I could make it out.

It's likely he is
still in the Livingston area.

They are calling on the public
to remain vigilant.

If anyone has information
or believes they've seen Adair,

- contact the police immediately.
- I've got to go.


See you tomorrow.

Oh my God.

I'm so sorry.

Why would you do this, Sam?

I... I don't...

I was...

I was frustrated, and...

I was hurting. And I just...

We haven't been good...

So you punish me
because I couldn't fuck you.


I fucked up.

So at a bar...

you pick up this guy
who's a murderer, a killer.

I didn't know that.
I didn't.

So you just pick up
a stranger.

What's going on?

Nothing. Go to your room.

Oh my God. What happened?


I want you to stay,

and I want you to look
at the man in these pictures.

You look at his face.
You see this guy?

Will, please don't.

He's a friend
of your mom's.

He did t... Shut up!

He did time for manslaughter.

Then when he got out,
he killed more people.

Then he fucked your mother.


Because I couldn't.

And I couldn't because of you.

Do not make this about her!

Ever since
that fucking video surfaced

I can't function.
I am not a man. I can't work.

You can't work because
you fucking ran out of ideas!

- Grace!
- Stop blaming my fucking video!

I have done everything
for you two.

I moved us
across the fucking country!

We moved
because you were ashamed of me!

You both make me feel
so ashamed.


- I have fucking had it with you!
- Will!

- Will!
- Fuck!


- Fuck!
- Stop it!

Will! Will.

Put that thing down.

Put that down.






Ah, fuck.

Come on. Come on.

What have you been doing
for the last two days?

I keep having this fantasy.

A stranger from out of town

is looking at me
across a crowded room.

Dad, we have to move!

Grace, where will we go,
fucking Mars?

This thing is going
to follow us everywhere.


- Jesus. I'll get my mom.
- No.

She knows first aid.

- No.
- You need a doctor.

they'll call the cops.

I know a guy that can help me.

I've just got to get to him.

And then what?

I don't know.

Find another roof?

You told me hiding is shit.

Yeah. You have
no reason to hide.

I have no choice.

By the way...

when I said, "Fuck them,"

I meant, fucking ignore them.

Not fucking kill them.

So why did you stay?

You looked like
you needed some help.

Anyway, I'm going to take
a leaf out of your book.

And do what?

I'm going to become
somebody else.

But I need your help.

There's a couple of bikes

dumped in the reeds
by the river.

I'm going to need you
to dig up the keys.

And then I promise
I'm going to leave you

and your family alone.









Hey, hey, what happened?

I don't know. I...

I can't feel my legs.


- I can't feel my legs.
- Wait. What?

I'm going to call 911, okay?

I'm sorry.


I called you Imogen. I meant...

No, no, no.

It's okay.
I want you to call me Imogen.

That's my name.

Subtitles by explosiveskull